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50 TO WATCH highlighting San Diego’s visual artists

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Welcome to the second edition of 50 To Watch, a regional exhibition and national

catalog featuring San Diego’s professional and emerging visual artists. This edition was juried by Jenna S. Jacobs – Curatorial Manager of Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego and Christine Knoke Hietbrink – Director of Exhibitions and Chief Curator of Mingei International Museum. Producer of 50 To Watch, The Studio Door is an arts incubator dedicated to the creative marketplace and the promotion of contemporary artists. The core of our activities is to assist artists with the business side of selling art as well as creating opportunities to bring greater attention to San Diego’s visual artists. Located in the heart of North Park along the 30th Corridor, The Studio Door showcases an art gallery, artists studios and art-to-market programming to help visual artists navigate the world of creative commerce. Additionally, The Studio Door is a community partner to the region’s artists, arts organizations and art industry. The Studio Door highlights include national exhibitions, an annual Open Studios San Diego weekend and the biennial 50 To Watch publication. Exhibition Dates : April 1 - May 15, 2016 Opening Reception: April 2, 2006 Publication Launch: May 14, 2016 Third edition of 50 To Watch scheduled for March 2018 “California has already contributed to the history of art in America but she is destined to add far more brilliant pages, not in individual effort, but in the great number of artists who will take part in making here a culture which is not yet imagined.” – Maurice Braun, notable San Diego Painter (1928)


ANISA ASAKAWA As the daughter of a botanist, I inherited an intense curiosity and love for flowers. During my childhood in Hawaii, my mother’s flourishing garden seemed like a fantastical jungle full of bizarre colorful plants. As an artist, I aim to recapture this sense of wonder for the natural world where reality and imagination intersect. My current series of paintings celebrates a harmonious relationship between humanity and nature. Using flattened patterns and colorful brushstrokes, I create an abstract botanical space which simultaneously engulfs and opposes the space of a grounded feminine figure. This spatial tension creates a vibrant energy and fantastical environment that I long to live in. Painting is my escape into a Wonderland rabbit hole where only curiosity and fascination remain. 6

Morning Glory I Acrylic on Canvas I 40” x 30”

Daffodil I Acrylic on Cradled Wood Panel I 16” x 12” 7

Lonely Walk I Mixed Media I 10” x 10”


Hollywood Visit I Mixed Media I 14� x 11



My work has been published in artist mixed media magazines since 2006. My paintings are narrative and personal involving photos from my family’s photo album. 9


The “paint what you love” philosophy has resulted in a multitude of animal-related pieces, and has now evolved into my Last Connection series. These paintings depict the incredible devotion that dogs offer to their homeless owners. Most of these people have lost the ability to connect with other human beings, and their dogs give them the emotional connection that we all need. 10

Dinner For Two I Watercolor I 38” x 30”

Last Connection 12 - Heart to Heart I Watercolor I 22” x 24” 11

Eucalyptus Tree Dream Two I Oil on Canvas I 20� x 20�


The two paintings featured are from the 2016 series titled Tree Dreams. The new series is a departure from the purely abstract work from the previous years, and came about following a move from Nashville, TN to Southern California. The move brought with it a total change of the diverse landscape and the various botanical species of the region. The paintings in the series are depictions of these new surroundings and are taken from photos and sketches by the artist then rearranged to create the fantasy landscapes. The use of warm bold colors is the result of seeing the subjects bathed in the richness of the California sun. The positive reaction to the new work will bring a continuation of the new style and subjects as the paintings get more complex and refined. 12

Cyprus Tree Dreams I Oil on Canvas I 24” x 24” 13


Although I often work in color, black & white photography remains a favorite medium for exploring and experiencing the history of our surroundings. Nature, along with the march of time, etch an indelible signature on our world; be it the glacially slow winnowing and smoothing of rocks and stone or the inevitable decay of wood. For me, monochrome photography has a unique ability to tell that story and reveal a beauty that is too often overlooked.

Long Ago Gone I Photography I 10� x 13� 14

Forgotten Promise I Photography I 8” x 8” 15


Art is a communication. I like to tell stories with my paintings to capture the imagination of the viewer. When I’m painting I imagine I’m writing in a language, and make strokes that resemble letters - sometimes I use actual words as hidden messages in a painting. My ongoing goal is to continue to dig deeper into my psyche and soul to uncover universal truths about what it means to be human and alive at this time of world history. The underlying story I want to tell is that all matter vibrates with the energy of consciousness, and we are all connected through beauty and love. I am interested in the way we change our environment and the way our behavior affects each other through interaction and observation. I want to show how things are related to the space they occupy. I want my paintings to be more than the reality of description, and I strive to fill viewers with a sense of joy.

Arizona Jack I Oil I 30” x 40” 16

Avian Observatory I Oil I 24” x 20”



Inspired by the mysterious and ever-changing Aurora Borealis (northern lights), photographer Lance Chang uses distortion and blur to enhance the movement and dreamlike quality of his images. Through this distortion, Chang allows viewers to tap into their own fleeting and familiar recollections to shape the story behind the image. His art

fire 1138 I Digital Pigment I 8� x 12� 18

is sometimes beautiful, sometimes dark, and often evokes memories of childhood fairy tales. Chang’s watercolorlike prints are included in the permanent collection of the National Museum of Dance. He earned his B.A. from the Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara and works in Southern California.

fire 1219 I Digital Pigment I 8” x 12” 19

I am Trapped in Byways of Contradictions I Oil on Canvas I 48” x 48”

NATHANIEL CLARK These paintings are part of an on-going series entitled “Travels in Undiscovered Lands”. The theme allows me to explore different attitudes towards the construction of a painting, for instance color relationships, composition, etc., and a variety of narrative content while maintaining continuity between the images. I begin with an impulse towards creating an illusion of space, using compositional geometries that feel right at that moment, and with little conscious intentions the images slowly evolve on the canvas. It’s like setting a stage for an unknown drama. The 20

I Gaze at The Beginnings I Oil on Canvas I 48� x 48�

characters begin to enter as the stage takes form, and as the painting finds its life, the characters and the stage evolve with each other, until at some point, often several years later, further work on my part feels futile. Sometimes they suggest an interpretation, but I try to avoid speculating upon meanings. My painting activity deals with the abstract elements that make a work visually interesting. I try not to think about what the emerging images might signify. 21

I am Lost in The Abyss of My Ancestors I Oil on Canvas I 48” x 48”


I am Led to a Valley of Strange Torments I Oil on Canvas I 48” x 48”



Spirale Vaticano I Photography I 18.2� x 26.6�

I have always been fascinated with the art of photography and that curiosity has propelled me to develop a passion for capturing the details of the beauty around me. My interest began as the family photographer on vacations we took around the world. After graduating from Brown University this Spring, I plan on dedicating more time to pursue this passion. I am really looking forward to both refining and expanding my portfolio as I continue to find extraordinary moments at home in San Diego and abroad.


Biplane Perspective of Coronado I Photography I 17.2” x 26.6”


Lark I Acrylic and Ink on Paper I 14� x 20�

CHRISTOPHER CONROE I do not think that the subject is always the source of inspiration for the painting. So painting is not merely a depiction of some observable object, no matter how dramatic. It is not entirely an escapist, nor playful act either. How well I can become engrossed in the act of painting and bring together valued qualities in the expression may be part of what inspires me. Valued qualities can be weird and bizarre as much as they can be beautiful or cute. 26

Tensity I Acrylic and Ink on Paper I 14” x 20”


Pure Blonde I Oil on Canvas I 36” x 36”


The pure love of color, texture and light sparks the passion that drives my art. Light against dark, texture upon texture and distinctive marks all work in unison to challenge me to bring each painting to a higher level. The human spirit’s ability to rise against adversity is a constant inspiration. I look for it in history, music, literature and human kind. My work is intended to convey this optimism. 28

Awaken I Oil on Canvas I 36” x 36”


LION! I Acrylic I 18” x 24” The White Ghost I Acrylic I 16” x 20”

KENDA FRANCIS Animals in Graffiti Hopeful for health and space for all living things, Kenda’s mixed media images show stenciled animals as part of urban landscapes, in a modern graffiti style. The contrast of natural objects against urban environments shows animals in places and spaces where they clearly don’t belong and obviously won’t prosper. The messages from artist to viewers are both written and artistic. Colors, drips, and brush strokes are as dominant as words, terms, statistics and symbols, adding to the layers, imagery and intention of the work. Kenda’s work is a roar for the animals, to speak in ways viewers may hear, to radiate a vibrant and passionate growl to defend our paradise. 30


Snowfall I Encaustic, Crushed Glass on Acrylic Panel I 12� x 8�

LINDA FRUEH Most of my work begins with an interesting material, a color or two, and the intent to express a mood or state of mind. I prefer simple compositions that put the focus on color and texture. Encaustic is a beautiful medium for this given its sculptural quality. The two pieces featured here capture moments filled with emotional meaning: a frozen field under a snowy sky, and a dreamlike suggestion of summer trees and the joyful play of children fading into memory, partially obscured by time. 32

Memory I Encaustic, India Ink I 12” x 12”


Mother Nature Speaks Out I Watercolor I 10� x 14�


Overview I Acrylic I 28� x 30�


My artwork reflects who I am, and often reflects events and feelings that I am experiencing at the moment. I am passionate about color, lines and shapes which tend to dominate my work. For the most part, my work is figurative, but sometimes I explore different styles or use familiar mediums in a more exotic fashion. 35

After The Rain I Oil on Canvas I 36” x 48”


I am fascinated by the human form and the perception of a foreign culture by examining its archetypes, by comparisons and through exploration of its myths. Often I am asked “why such interest in Japanese culture”, particularly that of the demi-monde of the geisha and oiran, also known as the “willow and flower world.” Besides the sumptuous kimono and beautiful patterns that my subjects wear, I am seduced by the artifice created by the image. Geisha are women dedicated to the traditional arts of dance, music and tea ceremony. They are affable, brilliant coversationalists on the surface, but below the mask lies a complex, hidden world; one of sensual games without actual sex. By combining images of chaste sensuality and the blatantly erotic I attempt to convey feelings of the promise of desire unfulfilled. A world that is transitory and fleeting; beauty, tinged with melancholy. 36

Irezumi I Oil on Canvas I 18” x 24”



My submission to The Studio Door’s “50 to Watch” blends two of my current projects, “Water” and “After” into an organic investigation of the fluidity of time, space and matter. “Water” focuses on the beauty of human and animal interaction with water, either as a space to live or as something to survive. “After” is aimed at capturing the moments in time following a main event. If the event is the inhale, then After is the exhale.

Water II: Untitled I Photograph I 16” x 24” 38

Water II: Rise I Photograph I 24” x 16” 39

Coronado Regatta I Acrylics I 30” x 40”

JOAN HANSEN Joan Hansen paints with passion and an eye for color. Interwoven through her work are threads of organic line and luminous color. The organic line symbolizes her love of nature, and the luminous color expresses her continuing passion for the vibrancy of life. Joan paints many genres including American and European landscapes, seascapes, wild and domestic animals, florals and viticultural scenes. It intrigues her to capture the illusive choreography of Nature’s eternal dance of light and shadow. 40

Relaxing Afternoon I Acrylics I 27” x 36” 41

RED-MG-J6TRF-6GPC I Digital Archival Ink-jet Print on Paper I 21.1” x 27” 42


I have been told that, as a draftsman, I made a better biochemist. So I now create purely abstract images out of random elements of color, geometry and line that are generated by computer programs that I code and execute. The results, when displayed on a computer screen, are largely unpredictable. But every once in a while, an image will evoke a strong emotion and press my artistic “SAVE ME” button. My images are created in a fixed aspect ratio (height-to-width) and can be scaled to a variety of sizes. Images are captured as direct-to-digital files, then printed with large-format, archival pigment ink-jet printers on paper, canvas, plastic or aluminum sheets. My methods descend from a long line of visual art, from early automatic drawing all the way to today’s amazing computer graphics technology. As a process, aleatory visual art -- guided by Monte Carlo or random choice – appeals to me because seemingly random results are often surprisingly playful and playfully joyful.

RACE TO THE LAGOON-MG-J6TR8-6Q97 I Digital Archival Ink-jet Print on Paper I 12.7” x 25” 43


It was once said to me by a very good friend that “an artist’s job is to make pretty.” I believe this to be true when you expand this sentiment to also mean making, expressing and inspiring beautiful ideas. I seek to do all of this with my artwork and have recently been channeling these efforts through the renaissance era furniture veneering art form of marquetry. By mosaicking hand cut wood veneer together to create paintings out of wood I can use the unique character and brilliant three dimensionality every unique tree offers me in it’s grain. After a career ending severe latex allergy prompted me to rethink how I could re-purpose my skill sets I’d developed as a painting contractor I’ve since dedicated myself to creating new artistic approaches and techniques for marquetry, painting with tinted shellac and also self-leveling resin. I’m very much interested in using natural patterns in wood grain, which are the result of water moving through a tree, to represent oceanic textures.

The Electric Mexican Blanket I Wood, Dye, Resin I 24” x 48” 44

The Double Rainbow Quadriptych I Wood, Tinted Shellac, Resin I 48” x 48”



VICTORIA HUCKINS My art is my journal. It’s my attempt to record time. I create to reflect on memories. I create to let my mind wonder. I create to please myself.

Poppies I Acrylic/Mixed Media on Canvas I 36” x 48” 46

Gingko I Acrylic/Mixed Media on Canvas I 30” x 30” 47

In-Between #21 I Digital Ink and Photographic Textures I 24” x 30”


I have always been fascinated by the nature of change and how it plays out in our daily lives. We see our own temporality when we wake up each morning and look groggily into the mirror. And we see its unsettling effects around us in the seasons, weather, and landscapes. I work in digital inks and photographic textures, as a way to explore transitions, evolutions and rebirths. All of these are manifestations of underlying forces of change. My pieces focus on its different personalities. Change is not single abstract entity, but rather more like a dysfunctional family, one composed of loosely-connected manifestations, each with its own unique way of arriving unannounced, moping around, slinking to the background or suddenly demanding everyone’s attention. In some way we all live with this family. What better way to understand our common lineage than with portraits of our favorite (and not-so-favorite) relatives. 48

In-Between #20 I Digital Ink and Photographic Textures I 24” x 30”


Fresh From The Wormhole I Oil on Panel I 64” x 42”

DANIEL KETELHUT I draw and paint to lift the veils of the everyday and catch glimpses of a world which seems strange and unfamiliar, but is reflective of what is in many ways a more substantial reality – the inner, subconscious world available to us all. The imagery in my work arises from a combination of free association and conscious control. My work begins by scribbling on the surface to create a tangle of seemingly random lines. From this “mess”, I allow my intuition to pull shapes and forms which I find simultaneously mysterious and compelling. I hone these images with successive layers of color, line, shape, and form until I feel that, while not “finished”, the time has come to stop working on it and allow it to be what it is. 50

Rain Song I Oil on Canvas I 36” x 36”


Groupe de danseur une fleur #1 I Digital Painting on Metal I 18” x 24”

BJ LANE I interpret what I see…the people, places and events that make an impact on my existence. Ballet is but one collection I have created in my lifetime. It includes both painting and sculptural pieces. Influenced by my older daughter and her love for the dance, I experienced the Ballet through her twelve-year internship within a Ballet Company. Although she ended her “career” as a dancer many years ago, I continue to maintain the connection with the Pasadena Dance Theatre and I have an open invitation to visit the studio, and regularly 52

Groupe de danseur une fleur #2 I Digital Painting on Metal I 18� x 24�

draw and paint the company dancers. I attempt to capture the ballet with its line, movement and emotion, and then recreate it in a two (and sometimes three) dimensional process. Using multi medium processes, these pieces have developed through the artist eye‌experienced first hand, interpreted through drawing and painting in the dance studio, explored through extensive play with paint and texture, developed and then re-interpreted through digital media. 53

Guitar 3000 I Digital Painting I 34� x 34�

DC LANGER I love the way it feels to paint with light. My experience as a musician allows me to express the passion found in music, especially jazz music. 54

Home At Last I Digital Painting I 36� x 36

Having been born with an extraordinary perception of color, I am compelled to use vibrant colors in my art. I love color and I’m not afraid to use it. 55


Splatter_2 I Mixed Media I 24” x 20” Splatter_1 I Mixed Media I 40” x 30”

From the beginning the process of marks on paper struck me as magical. That magical process has led me from crayons to oils, acrylics and mixed media. Painting fills me with accomplishment and integrity; it has become my language for translating inner vision to outer reality. I work quite deliberately, capturing figure and form using traditional techniques. Recently I have been experimenting with releasing that energy and letting the paint fly. Literally. Thus my ‘Splatter’ series. A visual metaphor for life. There will be spills. Make the most of them. 56



Illuminated Manuscript I Fabric, Thread, Buttons, Paint I 31” x 21.5” Threads of Thought I Fiber Art I 39” x 38.5”

VIVIANA LOMBROZO Memory is a recurrent theme in my work, and here I explore ideas about memory through textiles. Cloth is a fitting metaphor for memory for its long association with the body throughout a lifetime, and even at death, with the use of the shroud. Fabric is rich in information. Its origins, its maker, its culture are all “woven” into it. Clothing also helps to delineate the barrier between public and private space. 59

CRISINDA LYONS I am obsessed with the medium of kiln-fired fused glass. I am mesmerized by how glass transmits and reflects light as nothing else does. I am inspired by the patterns, both literal and random, found in nature and space. I love strong colors and sparkle that add light to each piece. I use various techniques to create depth, movement and unique patterns in my glass. Fusing glass is fascinating because it is a form of surrender; you are really co-creating with the glass. I love the surprise each time I open the kiln and see my vision made real. In 2015, I participated in themed group exhibitions and was selected as a featured artist for a national catalog. These projects made me look beyond my normal inspirations and experiment with more layered and sculptural techniques. To achieve this, I have been incorporating new textures, shapes and layers in my work. In expanding my creative world, I have become more connected with the images of the world around me.


Pewter Garden I Fused Glass I 10” x 10” x 3.5” Stiches I Fused Glass I 12” x 15” x 2”


Inlet I Stainless Steel and Wood I 28” x 69”

Metropolitan NJ/NY I Stainless Steel and Wood I 28” x 69” 62


I work in a wide range of mediums, adapting techniques to suit the intended outcome. My creativity is driven by a passion to explore content and find a point of difference in the use of materials and application. The end result is uniquely original. Wood and stainless steel, two opposing materials have been utilized collaboratively to form my most recent series of low relief sculptures. While each piece makes a notable statement, each piece gives a sense of calmness and serenity. Hand selected pieces of timber reveal the composition within the linear and curvilinear grain. Shape, form and patterns emerge in my work. Positive vs negative spaces richly influence each piece, with harmonious portions. It is the Strategic placement of each wooden component and the mounting onto the stainless steel backing that ultimately breathes life into the work. Each integral step of the process is therapeutic and an enjoyable part of a labor of love

NYC I Stainless Steel and Wood I 23� x 61� 63

Tickled Pinkless I Oil on Canvas I 36” x 18” Pretty Please with a Cherry on Top I Oil on Canvas I 30” x 15”

RACHAEL ANN MCDONALD My work is done almost exclusively in oils. I think what draws me to oil painting is my love of color. Oils allow me to explore this world of depth, warmth, coolness, and light. Playing with color allows me to give life, vibrancy, and personality to familiar objects and showcase them in a way that makes the observer experience their very essence and uniqueness. The world is so much more than we normally take notice of in our everyday life. There are so many shades of Reds, Yellows, and Blues, and I love exploring the impact that color brings to each element in the painting. My idea of a perfect day is a day spent with my canvas, paints, and brushes, and it is through my art that I share my passion, love and joy with others. It is my hope that when people experience my work, that they also look at the ordinary with new eyes and appreciation for the beauty that surrounds us all. 64


Gears to Nowhere I Photography I 14” x 20”

KATHLEEN MCLAUGHLIN I have been always been interested in what Americans choose to dispose of and what they choose to restore. My photography allows for a critical interpretation of societal and cultural views of rust, waste, garbage and the environment we create. Constantly being challenged by the increase of subjects for new artwork, I am, unfortunately, finding new items waiting to be recycled. My photo venture is, simultaneously, fascinating and disheartening. Although, I do snap a few images of flowers, landscapes, architecture, and family, my primary focus has been on the details of life – the close ups – the many images we quickly walk by while texting. 66

Undercover I Photography I 24” x 16”


Tempest I Photography I 20” x 16” Crown of Ideas I Photography I 20” x 16”


As an artist, Patrick McMahon’s primary medium is photography. With his diverse background in art, writing, music, and engineering, he is able to approach creative expression from a range of viewpoints. His photographic work has been exhibited nationally for over twenty years and featured in numerous group and solo shows. He has also conducted expressive arts seminars throughout the country. His recent work explores the universal through the macro lens. Extreme closeups when enlarged become expressions of his soul, and for the observer, windows into other worlds.



Longing I Acrylic on Canvas I 46” x 36”

SUKHYUN (ESTHER) MIN I would like to put on canvas the aesthetic of nature that represents my current life as an artist. Nature’s landscapes are not only objective, but also malleable, as I embrace each moment. As the ever-shifting mood changes, the artist must be vigilant to touch each unique atmosphere. The waves within the desert demonstrate the beauty of a women’s shape, and symbolize the long history of women. The resemblance between women and nature is inseparable as beautiful as they are. 70

The Way for Tomorrow I Acrylic on Canvas I 50” x 50” 71

Expectations ... IN THE WIND I Bronze I 40” x 27” x 13”

MAIDY MORHOUS “Art is a form of communication between the artist and the viewer. Art is about vision, and how that vision is expressed is what can create a strong emotional pull for the observer.” I am inspired by the depth and breadth of bronze sculpting. The soft malleable aspect of clay allows my work to develop naturally, while the strength and power of the cast metal evoke both sensuality and passion. I begin with an idea, an emotion, an abstract concept. As the piece develops, my original concept evolves, solidifies, or in some cases, changes completely. My artwork is embedded in social critique, political and cultural issues. The resistance to the oppression of socially inscribed narratives and socially dominating practice presented sublimely to the viewer and open to interpretation. I realize now, that the pride of being an artist comes not from what one sells, but the inner peace one derives from the act of creating. 72

Zip It! I Bronze I 17” x 11” x 4”


Political Show I Mixed Media I 60” x 48” Left of Center I Mixed Media I 24” x 18”

BARBARA MOSHER I like to consider myself a connoisseur of color. My paintings are filled with vibrant colors connecting with the innermost feelings I am feeling when I start to paint. My paintings speak a universal language of emotion. My paintings are diverse in range and somewhat of an enigma. They are simple and powerful. Colorful and moody. Mysterious and happy. I pick up my brush with no fear or hesitation and allow the essence of the theme to come through. I gain inspiration from many places, but ultimately I want the viewer to resonate with the painting and know it is coming from an artist that is in awe of the world around her. 74


C02 350+ I Oil/Flashe Acrylic I 48” x 36” Wind Shear I Oil/Flashe Acrylic I 48” x 36”


The use of color and line expresses my inner reflections about the struggle of people to deal with urbanization, climate change, and natural disasters. While my work as a prominent immigration attorney requires a heightened use of language, I feel that through painting I can rely on color and composition, not words, to express emotions. 76



Teem Osborn is a lifelong, self-taught, mixed media artist who has only taken his work seriously the last few years. His unique and quirky style is simple, naïve and embraces the Expressive Arts principles. Teem uses tempera paint, recycled paper, pictures and found objects in his creations. His breakthrough as an artist came with his many uses of masking tape which he recycles from the trash. Teem creates sculptures of animals, figures, creative oddities and also covers countless items with his painted masking tape. Viewing life through the artist’s lens, Teem is greatly influenced by current events, popular culture, and other artists. He believes the process of creating art, and the emotions it unleashes, forms a connection with the viewer. Teem hopes to transmit his smile, laughter and ironic perspective of life through his art and, that for a moment, you will feel his joy and utter amazement that he is finally an artist.

Bench and Window I Mixed Media I 22” x 28” 78

Looking at Me I Tempera on Paper with Charcoal I 28” x 28”



Tape Dolls I Painted Masking Tape I 5” x 5” ea. Tape Mosaic Mural I Painted Masking Tape with Gesso on Paper I 96” x 60”


state st I Silver Gelatin Print I 8” x 10”


harbor dr I Silver Gelatin Print I 8” x 10”

JON OSIO “Draw a line around it: the other things, the things that fall outside. They are not you; they can vanish, and you will still exist.” - Dr. Irvin Yalom Death, freedom, isolation, and meaninglessness. According to psychiatrist Dr. Irvin Yalom, these are four givens we as human beings will inevitability experience throughout our lifetimes. These images are a representation of my developing understanding of the conflict of isolation I see and experience. Everyday, we, along with our neighbors, are looking for ways to confront isolation and establish our identity. Whether it be through the use of social media, joining a club we enjoy, or taking a walk around the park, we are continuously on the search for an answer. 83

Am I Your Type? I Mixed Media I 20” x 15” x 15”


Blitzkrieg I Mixed Media I 17” x 9” x 23”

ANDREA OVERTURF Spending most of my time between performing classical music and creating visual art, one could say I have both feet firmly planted in the arts. In my work I like to incorporate various juxtapositions and explore contrasts: light and dark, whimsy and drama, fantasy and concrete, strength and vulnerability, modernity and antiquity. I enjoy finding quirkiness in the mundane, refinement in the grotesque, humor in the macabre, the layers beneath the surface. Much of my work primarily falls under the broad category of mixed media assemblage. I enjoy giving new life to the discarded and forgotten and often incorporate found objects that cross my path. I tend to anthropomorphize inanimate objects, so many pieces end up having a face somewhere. I have always been inspired by oddities and curiosities. My inspiration is drawn from a wide reference of culture and periods and I seek to create pieces that have elements from many, giving the piece a feel of indistinguishable age and era. 85

Soft Light I Digital Photography I 42� x 23�


I start with original digital images and expand the dynamic range using novel processing techniques which sometimes creates ambiguities in depth. Subject matter ranges from abstract to representational. Blue Sky Squared is a composite of two images, but the other entries are all single digital photographs. 86

Square Off I Digital Photography I 42” x 23”


Blue Sky Squared I Digital Photography I 42” x 27”


Moon Plane I Digital Photography I 42” x 14.5”

Ambiguous Spot I Digital Photography I 42” x 16”


Leap of Faith I Acrylic on Linen I 72� x 30�

DONN ANGEL PEREZ I am inspired by Energy The one of Creativity The one that God Created. As an artist and architect I work compositions that integrate natural landscapes, architectural perceived surroundings and elements that seem to radiate spacial vitality. Artistically conceived and architecturally charged, the art represents a resilient creative energy that exists in constant flux. I was born in Barquisimeto, Venezuela where I lived until the age of nineteen and then moved to the United States. I attended art and architecture schools before relocating to the USA and eventually received a master’s degree in Architecture from The University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. I currently live and work in San Diego, California as an educator and self-supporting designer and artist. I work in acrylic on canvas and wood panels using modeling paste, graphite, pencils, and pastels as well as found objects for my architectural assemblies. 90

Creation I Acrylic on MDF I 24” x 24”


Vintage Winter Swell I Digital Photography I 24” x 36” 92

ANA PHELPS Capturing Stillness with my Camera Exploring the moment through Photography became my adventure in life. It has taken me around corners, around countries and around the world. This specific Collection is Ocean/ Surf Culture oriented. Some photographs have a touch of texture to convey a vintage or retro feeling, appearance and mood. Photography is an amazing medium to evoke emotions and our oceans do that on their own. Combining both and adding some digital technology tools help me document these precious moments of life. Each unique moment is a possibility and some times when all is aligned, I take my best photograph.

Old Evening I Digital Photography I 24� x 36� 93


“My goal in painting is to put down what I see, feel, and experience as beautiful in an object, person, or place. Ideally, it is sensitive, strong, and honest. It’s my joy and passion to paint.”

Pink Bounty I Oil I 60” x 70” 94

Yasmine’s Bouquet I Oil I 36” x 36” 95


Tethered Spirit I Mixed Media I 13” x 10” x 5” FractAlien Agglomeration I Mixed Media I 40” x 18” x 12”


Julia is a professional award-winning figurative sculptor living in Fallbrook, California who is versatile in a wide range of media - steel, mesh, ceramics, concrete, plaster, bronze, wax, mixed media - and often incorporates found wood and rusty steel artifacts thus preserving history in her sculpture. Her works have been described as dynamic, edgy and dramatic revealing an artist who has melded an intellectual understanding of human physiology and anatomy with a knowledge of mechanics from her life-long profession as a medical device inventor and entrepreneur (inventing the tools that physicians use, www. MedicalDevice.com), thus creating a dichotomic style and unique, expressive body of work (www. FineArtSculpt.com). Julia creates sculpture in series that range from realistic figures to highly abstract stylized designs. She holds Open Studio, Workshop, and Artist Retreat events at the San Diego Artist Retreat she founded at her Fallbrook mountaintop avocado ranch studio and gallery. 97

Sailscape I Acrylic on Sail Cloth I 20” x 30”


Sally Samins is an abstract artist, strongly influenced by a childhood in Australia. After studying graphic arts, she became a well known sports photographer, specializing in America’s Cup yachting. After developing her artistic eye through photography, she decided to follow her childhood dream of becoming a painter and has created a distinctive style that combines strong visual composition with rich color. She creates images that convey the inspirations she derives from her native Australia’s deserts, oceans and urban landscapes. Samins work has a strong visual impact while evoking feelings of comfort and familiarity, and continuing to reveal itself in its detail. 98

Sailing Dissected Land I Acrylic I 30” x 30”



My artworks take a critical view of blending pop art and San Diego. I deconstruct the beach culture and neighborhoods that are part of my childhood and adult culture. By incorporating a positive vibe, my work reproduces familiar San Diego landmarks by arranging them into digital art. Often times these themes are combined into installations that feature stripes as abstract bases on sunrises/sunsets with different color temperatures. The color scheme of a sunrise/sunset establishes a good morning or good night, suggests the notion of good vibe, and formally unifies the disparate objects in each installation. The artworks provide clues to interpret the content. Each project often consists of multiple works, often in a range of different media, grouped around specific themes and meanings. During research and productions, new areas of interest arise and lead to the positive feeling.

Moods of Highways I Giclée on Matte Paper I 14” x 14” 100

Lovers Under The Pier I Giclée on Matte Paper I 26” x 26”


TOM O SCOTT For the past two years, Tom O Scott has scoured the remains of vehicles and rail cars at places like the Techatticup Mine near Nelson, Nevada; the Motor Transport Museum in Campo, CA; the Orange Empire Railway Museum in Perris, CA; and the Antique Gas & Steam Engine Museum in Vista, CA. He looks for scenes with eye-catching lines, texture, and shapes. But beyond that, he searches for cultural and natural metaphors that spring forth from each image, engaging the viewer’s imagination. The title is an important part of each work, not as a rigid guide, but as encouragement for the discovery of other metaphors. Scott grew up surrounded by the art of German Expressionists and Japanese and Chinese woodblock artists, and these influences are readily observable in much of his work.

Fire by the Colorado River I Photography on Canvas I 24” x 32” 102

The Magician I Photography on Canvas I 24” x 32”



I am a process artist first and foremost. In the studio, I paint driven by a primal instinct to scratch, tap, and pull acrylic from my canvases. Spatial arrangement of color and the patterns of texture provide the unifying foundation for my body of work; as opposed to a specific theme or abstraction. During the act of creation, my mind essentially focuses on the contrasting effects of combining color and texture to achieve a feeling or motion. Within most of my paintings, this usually includes the illusion of encaustic that blurs, softens and creates depth upon the surface of the canvas. This provides the viewer a gentle entry point before engaging with the strength of the harder edges and lyrical abstraction that dominate the rest of the canvas. 104

Akaw! I Acrylic I 36” x 42”


Allegra I Acrylic I 42” x 36”


Allegro I Acrylic I 42” x 36”


STEFAN TALIAN Born in 1979 and originally from Slovakia, I came to the U.S. in 2003 with an education in Culinary Arts and Marketing. Art was always a part of my life - something very special and meditative to me. I have always tried to improve my spiritual growth and look for ways to express myself. In October 2013 a friend suggested to me that I paint about my feelings and about how I see my life. I tried, and it was a wonderful experience I continue to enjoy and develop! My favorite thing to paint is the emotions of ordinary people that we all share and grow from. It’s an amazing feeling to share something I created with a lot of passion and love with others.

Mighty I Acrylic I 30” x 48” 108

Detached I Acrylic I 40” x 40”


From the Breath of the Divine - Terra Incognita Series I Acrylic I 24” x 36” Relentless Pursuit of Grace - Terra Incognita Series I Acrylic I 36” x 36”

CHRISTINA ILENE THOMAS “Expansiveness, heart-centered generosity, spirituality, and joy. When painting, these feelings come alive within me. Using varied techniques of layering, textures, marks, symbols, and colors; I paint intuitively. Each painting unfolds its mystery to me as I consider each next choice. I treasure this freedom to explore, experiment, and express myself through my paintings.” “My paintings change moods, just as people do, as nature does. It takes time for me to fully express what the painting wishes to be. This sensitive, intuitive process takes time, as I contemplate and listen to each piece. My landscapes are invitations to stillness and meditation, while other paintings are just for fun, to bring a spot of color into our lives.” 110


Golden Mean I Oil and Gold Metallic on Canvas I 48� x 48�


PAUL WARD is an Abstract Expressionist color field Painter, who employs a technique for naturally blending colors, by using gravity and an intuitive design sense that does not super-impose an intellectual statement, but, 112

Reflection I Oil and Silver Metallic on Canvas I 48” x 48”

rather a free-flowing sensual aesthetic. His work emphasizes the use of color, in order to create composition and imagery that “takes on a life of its own on the canvas.” In nearly every painting, a textural focus evolves that is impossible to create with a brush. 113




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DIRECTOR OF EXHIBITIONS AND CHIEF CURATOR MINGEI INT’L MUSEUM Christine Knoke Hietbrink is Director of Exhibitions and Chief Curator at Mingei International Museum, which she joined in June 2010. Her most recent projects include curating Black Dolls– From the Collection of Deborah Neff and Three on the Edge– Architecture of Kendrick Bangs Kellogg, James Hubbell and Wallace Cunningham. She holds a BA in Art History from UCLA and an MA in Art History and Museum Studies from USC. Her previous experience includes nearly 15 years as Curator at the Norton Simon Museum in Pasadena, California.




Jenna Siman Jacobs is Curatorial Manager at the renowned Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego where she manages exhibitions, special projects, and publications. Jenna has worked with and facilitated installations for leading international artists such as John Baldessari, Liza Lou, Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller, Christo, Isaac Julien and many more. Jenna received her Masters in Visual Arts Administration from New York University and in addition to being at MCASD for almost a decade, has worked with and coordinated projects at a range of public, private and civic organizations such as the San Diego Commission for Arts and Culture, the Massachusetts Cultural Council, the Jewish Museum, and the Norton Simon Museum.


THE STUDIO DOOR The Studio Door benefits from being run by Patric Stillman, an artist, who understands how daunting it can be to create a work that artists feel have intrinsic value and then have to learn how to place a dollar value on that in order to make a living. As he was developing his own craft, Stillman was also trying to figure out how to create a business that would look to the intersection of art and commerce. “There are a lot of difficult questions that arise when you want to become a professional artist,” Stillman said. “How do you relate to galleries? How do you get in? How do you price your work? How do you pick what shows you do? And I learned quickly that by meeting and discussing things with other artists and building community, it started breaking down barriers of understanding mechanics of art and in the sense of business.” Stillman looked to his own personal experiences, saw what was most needed to help his fellow artists, and then created what he called an arts incubator. The Studio Door focuses on two things: assisting artists with art-to-market knowledge and creating opportunities that will help artists grow by providing working studio space, an on-line presence and curating exhibits like the current “50 to Watch.” “Fifty artists have been selected to represent San Diego’s visual arts and they’re being seen in an exhibition, an online gallery and going out to 2,500 galleries across the country in the form of a publication that we’ve created,” Stillman said. “The visual arts scene today in San Diego covers a lot of ground and it was important that we were highlighting many of the different styles that were available in San Diego,” Stillman said. And maybe a few things that will surprise you as well. But maybe the biggest surprise is the practical approach Stillman is taking to something fueled by such intangible things as creativity, imagination, and inspiration. - Revised excerpt from KPBS reporter Beth Accomando’s article Local Artist Creates ‘Arts Incubator’ At The Studio Door www.kpbs.org/news/2015/may/01/local-artist-creates-arts-incubator-studio-door






3750 30th Street San Diego, CA 92104-3632

Special Acknowledgments to San Diego’s Arts and Culture community for their continued support of The Studio Door, 50 To Watch, Open Studios San Diego and our other efforts to elevate San Diego’s creatives, assist artists on the journey from creation-to-marketplace, and introduce new works of art to patrons. Thank you to Christina Schulz for bringing her expertise of the publishing world to help realize this publication. For more information, please contact The Studio Door. Our staff is available to assist with any questions concerning sales, services or products offered within this catalog or on-line regarding 50 To Watch.

For additional information on 50 To Watch, please visit www.50ToWatch.com 122

ROBERT PENDLETON I Colored Laser I Digital Photography I 42” x 23”