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18/02/2014 08:40

WELCOME. Summer is coming! Say goodbye to deadlines and get ready to have some fun. We’ve got loads to tell you about this issue - firstly, a quick introduction from me! I’m the new editor here at Student Magazine. I’m a former Sheffield student who’s spent the past five years working for award-winning newspapers and magazines. I hope you enjoy my first issue! We’ve got you a great line up of artiste interviews, reviews, festival previews, fashion news, food reviews and much more! We’ll be taking a break for the summer too so our next issue will be out just in time to welcome you back to the city in September.




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05/11/2013 17:01

Interview The news that Brody Dalle was working on new music caused a flurry of excitement last year and even more so when she revealed she was planning to release her first solo album in 2014.

Did you ever consider a different career path? This is the only job I’ve ever had and I love it.

The former Distillers and Spinnerette front woman has had a long, wild career in music – being signed at just 15 years old and spending her 20s touring the world – but has reaching her mid 30’s, being married to Queens Of The Stone Age singer Josh Homme and motherhood calmed the punk icon? Chic caught up with Brody Dalle when she stopped off in Sheffield for her first ever gig at The Leadmill…

You wrote all of the songs on the album and most of the instruments we hear are played by you – Is there anything you don’t do? I should probably play piano – the possibilities are endless. This could be my next challenge. I learnt guitar age 12 though and I’ve always played instruments and had fun with them. My husband is a sick bass player too – not many people know that about him. When I first met him I was green with envy. I picked up the bass because of him. I thought I’ve got to be able to do that.

Welcome to Sheffield. How’s the tour going? Are you missing home? So far so good. I love the UK. The weather is great – I like the rain. I live in LA now and I’m so sick of sunny days. I’m really excited to be in Sheffield for the first time. Tell us about your new album, Diploid Love? I write about what’s going on in the moment. Diploid Love is a deeply personal album to me. It’s about living life and creating it. It explores ideas of the modern age, triumphing against the odds and even spirituality. It took me a couple of years to write and record the album. I didn’t want to rush it. What’s your favourite track on the album?

For sure. This is the longest I’ve been away from home, I’m one week in to a three week UK tour. I speak to my kids two or three times a day over Facetime and I’ve wrote them postcards too. It’s nice to be able to read a book, magazine or watch a show though without being climbed all over or hit on the head with a pillow. What’s next for you? I’m back in LA for a while but I’ll return to the UK later this summer as I’m playing the Leeds/Reading Festival. That will be rad. Words: Jessica Fogarty

Parties for Prostitutes. It’s a fun song. Was going solo always something you planned to do? It’s never something I planned but now I love being a solo artiste. I used to be jealous of the likes of PJ Harvey. She’s on it. I wanted that freedom. It’s like the first time you learn to drive and you get the independence of your own car. You can travel across the country and do whatever you want to. Do you miss the company of a band? I’m a live performer so I have a band with me on tour. I’m only on my own when I’m in the studio. The independence is what I love – if I want to play the drums, I play the drums.

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I’m playing the Leeds&Reading FestivaL

That will be rad. "


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Call Grace today!


E of E British boys, playing music and attracting female attention. Just another young band jumping on the One Direction bandwagon, right? Wrong. E of E are something new.

And it is his powerful vocals that provide the drive in the band’s tracks. “I’m falling for you, darling,” he sings, in a voice so hopelessly romantic he could have leant it from Jared Leto.

The band from the Black Country, consisting of Tom Harris, Dan Bremner, Luke Bradley and Nicky Waters, are currently supporting super-group McBusted on their UK tour, playing to over 380,000 fans over 32 dates.

The band’s influences range from Maroon 5 to Guns n Roses, but there’s a distinct sound of Lawson (Lust even borrows the “she knows” hook from Juliet) and You Me At Six in their music.

Despite their good-looks and boyish charm, the fourpiece are not a conventional ‘boyband’ – they write their own songs, play their own instruments, and have a recognised frontman in 17 year old Tom.

E of E’s music is loud and bouncy, filled with soaring guitar solos and stadium-ready choruses. Fans of McBusted are in for a treat. E of E support McBusted at Sheffield Motorpoint Arena on May 19. Words: Reece Darwent

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Serocee GQ MC

Boxfresh presents:

The night began with Jus Now and Serocee getting the crowd ready for the nights events. With pulsing music, strobes and some of the best drinks offers you could find on a Friday night, the night was an epic collaboration of all the things you’d need for the weekend.

Toddla T What do you get when you cross Boxfresh, the original bastion of British streetwear, the infamous Tuesday Club with Sheffield’s finest DJ Toddla T, all supported by some of the UK’s hottest DJ’s? An unforgettable night of jungle, electronica, drum ‘n’ bass and house and one of the best music events to hit Sheffield so far in 2014. Boxfresh is 25 this year, and as part of the brand’s immense 25th birthday celebrations, Boxfresh presented Toddla T x The Tuesday Club: It’s a Sheffield Thing at Sheffield University Union on the 28th March. It brought together an all-star party line-up, with Toddla T, Andy H, Shy FX and MC GQ, Melé feat. Slick Don, Jus Now with Serocee, Flako, Bok Bok and MC DRS. Spread across two rooms, Toddla T, The Tuesday Club and the supporting DJ’s managed a jam packed night of some incredible sounds to keep the party going until 4am.

Having Toddla T back in his home town, the Steel City, was not to be missed. The Radio One DJ smashed his set with sounds old and new, including his newest release, Acid. The crowd went wild as the Sheffield lad returned to the stage, welcoming him home in true Sheffield style. One by one the DJ’s took to the stage, all with their own style and performance. The highlight of the night for me was Londoner, Shy FX, with his drum and bass set. His mix of old school and d’n’b kept the crowd dancing and the atmosphere electric. It’s fair to say that Boxfresh, The Tuesday Club and Toddla T created an unforgettable night. With just the right mix of people, DJ’s, drinks and venue, it’ll take a lot to beat the night on the rest of their birthday tour. Words: Millie Hamnett

To find out more about Boxfresh and their 25th anniversary events, please visit www.boxfresh.com

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THUMPERS Having just toured the US, London based Thumpers are set to have a big summer ahead of them. We caught up with one half of the pair, Marcus Pepperell, to talk about the forthcoming album…

Words: Molly Murray How are you, what’re you doing with your day?

used to drive around together. Our experiences of Blur and Rage Against The Machine were in the car, it can be a powerful way of experiencing music. You can control your musical environment and there’s a real atmosphere of freedom when you first start driving, so I’d like the album to be listened to in the car. Hopefully it’s a good driving record.

Hmm, pretty good. Working on new songs for us and remixes for other people. It’s sort of a day off, but it’s always the most creative, mixing work and a day off. It needs your whole engagement, but you can’t really complain, making music on your day off isn’t bad. I read that you first became friends in year seven – what effects does such a long friendship have on the music making process and vice versa? Yeah, well we met when we were 11 and started our first band together at 15. It has a huge effect really, I couldn’t really imagine it otherwise. Especially when we were sort of allocating our instruments. John was lucky, he was sort of given the drums, but we instruct and help each other with instruments. It’s difficult to imagine our friendship without music.

You seem to have a predominantly DIY approach to everything which is great; what are your thoughts on DIY in music today and has your signing to SubPop in the US hindered your ability to keep it up? No, SubPop pride themselves on giving freedom, it’s part of their ethics, we love them for that. They just want bands they sign to release albums straight away with few barriers, which is the ideal creatively rather than a band sitting on an album for ages.

It definitely intensifies the friendship for better or worse really, we’ve gotten into a rhythm and it’s important to know when the other has had enough.

In a way it’s easier for bands today to do things for themselves, you can record yourself without a studio easier now. Although touring and releasing is harder on your own.

You’re releasing your new album, Galore, in the UK next month. What can people expect and how do you ideally envisage people listening to it?

You’re heading off on tour in May, are you excited/apprehensive about people’s response to the album so soon after the release?

John and I were just talking about this, actually. The album’s about ‘firsts’ as you grow up; we grew up together and when we were old enough we

Well it’s already been released in the US and we’ve just toured there, it was the first time the crowd knew the music before the show and knew the

page #12

lyrics – there are a lot of lyrics. It’s natural to be a bit apprehensive but we’re excited for the crowd to be more involved. Our ethos is really about an inclusive, communal feeling. I always get a summer feeling listening to you, what are your plans for summer? Any bands you’re hoping to catch? Well we’ve got the album release in May, then touring and then festivals. I can’t say much about festivals yet, but we’ll be playing one like every weekend. We’re playing Secret Garden Party. There are loads of bands I’m hoping to see; Wild Beasts, Findlay, there are loads! The best thing about being in a band is you get to see the best bands around. You’ve got previous band experience (the pair were previously in Pull Tiger Tail), but do you feel back at stage one of being a new band with Thumpers? Yes. It’s totally distinct. There was a long time between the two, about 18 months to two years. We needed to decompress, find a genuine place musically to express, rejuvenate.

What advice would you give to new or even not yet formed bands? Definitely record as much as possible before getting involved with the music industry world. Find your aesthetics and goals, the more unified you feel and the more confident in your identity, the better. How’s London treating you? A lot of bands make it big locally before making the big move. What provoked your decision to head to the capital? We’ve spoken about Warwickshire being our hometown a bit so I think people associate us with it, but we’ve been in London for about ten years, since we came down to Goldsmiths. We’re very much a London band, but Warwickshire was a phase for recording. We’re excited to have you in Sheffield for your Leadmill show, May 24. Have you had much experience with Sheffield thus far? We’ve played there loads, I love Sheffield! We played with Blessa there before, they’re a great band. Screaming Maldini are really good too. We’ve played Tramlines and Beacons before as well. Yeah, I really like Sheffield.

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28/04/2014 15:28

Drenge Following their hugely successful debut album last summer, we caught up with Eoin Loveless, one half of Drenge, mid-tour to chat about their success thus far and what’s next.

page #16

Words: Molly Murray

Hi Eoin! How are you? I hear you’ve got the day off. I’m currently watching our merch guy making a wrestling character on the PS3 that looks like someone off of a Louis Theroux documentary we watched the other day.

switching off really, our minds are on it all the time with constant ideas. But it’s useful to be able to discuss it straight away rather than holding onto creative ideas to bring up with a bunch of other stuff at a band practice or something. What are Drenge’s summer plans?

I first heard about you through word of mouth, then all of a sudden you were front page of the Guardian and supporting The Rolling Stones – such a massive response must’ve been pretty overwhelming. A little under a year on, how are you finding the on-going buzz around you?

Lots of festivals, every weekend, with not much to do on weekdays. Draw visual stuff for the next album too I guess.

The best thing is not to pay any attention. I tend to just ignore it and get on with the job at hand of touring and making music.

No idea. We played Plug recently and to our surprise sold out the big room. I want to play Leadmill, and the small places we used to play. Hopefully before the end of the year.

I hear you’ve been recording between shows – can you tell us anything about the new material? Any wild, unexpected turns in direction… One of the weird things is when people come up to you after shows and tell you what they do whilst listening to your music. These two guys once told me that listening to the album was like their sexy time out whilst they were getting off with their girls. The vibe for the next album is one to cry with their girls to. It’s definitely our take care album. You’ve been touring non-stop since the album release – is it still fun? Do you feel the live show has developed since releasing the album? It’s still fun because we switch around countries. In the UK the crowd tends to be more into it, and we’re playing bigger venues. In the US we’re playing bigger cities, like Portland, where it’s half empty and other than two mega-fans who’ve been waiting to see us since the release, nobody really knows us or just can’t be arsed to get involved. The variety keeps it fun and keeps it varied between easy, big, small, difficult, but also stressful. Do you think being brothers makes it harder to disengage or break from band life? Yeah. We’re quite quick to suddenly talk about band stuff at the table. There’s no way of

Any idea when Sheffield will next have a chance to catch you?

I’m always enthralled by your lyrics, can you shed any light on the writing process? I don’t want to crush any element of mystery… My advice would be not to take it too seriously or at face value, which I know some people do. It’s meant to be tongue and cheek whilst also being aggressive and violent. I want to know about ‘I Don’t Want To Make Love To You’. I think it’s brilliant, where did the idea to do it come from? Well a while before we started Drenge, I heard The Dead Weather’s cover of ‘I Just Want To Make Love To You’; it led into one of their own tracks. It was really trudgy and dark. I tried it out but I just couldn’t sing those lyrics, it was too cheesy, so I decided to change it around. There are tons of great bands happening in Sheffield at the moment, any favourites? Yeah there are loads. Best Friends, Blessa, Avida Dollars, Seize The Chair. All my mate’s bands basically. Finally, I think we should finish with something positive. Any words of wisdom or inspiration? Just keep going.

page #17

Ones to Watch:


Sheffield’s biggest inner-city music festival is set to return for its sixth year, with a mouthwatering line-up set to grace the city’s music venues and performance spaces, fronted by pop superstar Katy B.

More than 60 acts will play across three days, including The Cribs, Deap Valley and Ms. Dynamite, as well as a late-night DJ set from Radio 1’s Annie Mac. Tramlines attracted over 95,000 music-lovers last year, and has prepared fifteen sites for 2014, including Devonshire Green’s Main Stage, Folk Forest and the Tramlines-exclusive Busker’s Bus. On top of that, the festival will host a larger-thanlife dance/electronica takeover of the University of Sheffield venues, featuring DJs from around the world.

In a world of Ed Sheerans and Ben Howards, 21 year old acoustic guitar troubadour Lewis Watson faces stiff competition for success. But his music has attracted acclaim from Radio 1, and he is set to light up this year’s festival with his folky-pop repertoire. After a three year hiatus, The Rifles returned with their latest offering None the Wiser at the beginning of 2014. The Chingford rockers incorporate soft harmonies with rhythmic guitars, making for a sound not too dissimilar to The Courteeners or The Enemy. Sheffield native Toddla T presents his project, the Toddla T Sound, at Tramlines Festival for the third year in a row. The BBC Radio 1 DJ has toured his show at festivals worldwide last summer, and the added live vocals of Shola Ama create a truly memorable piece of art.

Annie Mac

25/26/27 JULY 201 4

Tickets are priced at £28 (plus booking fee) for the three-day weekend, and are available now from Gigantic. Those in and around the city can also purchase their tickets, booking fee-free from The Harley or The Leadmill.

North London alt-rock four-piece Shy Nature include Tramlines as part of their summer festivals list, and are certainly not to be missed. With exuberant melodies and deep, twentysomething romance-ridden lyrics, fans of Vampire Weekend or The Maccabees should be sure to check them out.

Words: Reece Darwent

page#18 #18 page


lobal superstars Arctic Monkeys are set to join Blink 182, Paramore and Queens of the Stone Age in headlining this year’s Reading and Leeds Festival in August. The Sheffield rockers, whose latest offering AM was voted Album of the Year by NME magazine, return to the festival for the fourth time. Drummer Matt Helders said: “We’ve got a lot of history with the festival. It’s the first festival I ever went to – we all went together as kids. We were 15 or 16 and it was a big deal going to a festival like that on your own”. They join a line-up that already includes Manchester indie four-piece The Courteeners, who make their third appearance at the festival, and danceduo Disclosure. Last year’s breakout act, The 1975, will also make their second appearance at the festival, having seen their debut album reach Number One, as well as selling out a string of UK shows.

Arctic Monkeys

The band said: “We grew up going to Reading & Leeds Festival. It’s so humbling knowing we are going to play such a prestigious slot there this year. We cannot wait.” Jake Bugg, Metronomy, You Me At Six and Warpaint, as well as Radio 1 DJ Annie Mac, are also confirmed to play the three day festival across the Bank Holiday weekend.


Words: Reece Darwent

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Oil burner gift set with three oils

Situated in Sheffield’s Orchard Square, Evolution is a home and well-being store stocking everything from furniture and home accessories to incense, oils, jewellery, gifts and more

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Trading and operating ethically are at the heart of Evolution. They are a Buddhist business, which means that all business decisions are guided by the Buddha’s teachings on kindness, generosity and honesty. Evolution has grown from a London market stall in 1980, through temporary shops, to a chain of shops across the UK and Eire.

i heart moustache cushion cover

Their aim is to make profit to give to the charity that owns Evolution, the Windhorse Trust. The Trust distributes the money to a variety of Buddhist projects within the Triratna Buddhist Community, as well as to social projects closely connected with countries and companies that supply their goods.

WAS £9.00 NOW £6.00

Evolution sincerely believes that even on the High Street, business can be done in an open and honest way. They believe it is possible to pay suppliers a fair price for their goods and to make sure that they have safe working conditions. They also believe that it is possible to offer customers an honest price without loading on a premium because goods are ethically traded.

blue zigzag pattern throw

The store is open Monday to Sunday, and the mid-season sale is now on. New stock will be arriving at the end of the sale period, May 25.

WAS £30.00 NOW £20.00

Evolution Sheffield, Unit 19, Orchard Square, Sheffield, S1 2FB. 0114 2768766

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9 Orchard Square Sheffield S1 2FB WWW.EVOLUTION STORES.COM

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e all love to hear emerging artists and discover fresh talent. But sometimes there’s even more of a thrill in hearing an established performer, with a great track record, do something really unexpected and create a new career landmark.

Can you introduce your new (splendid) album ‘Holy Ghost’? Why that title? Well, thank you. I love this record and in the process of waiting to make it, I’ve spent a lot of time getting to know Holy Ghost. And I think it sounds better than Holy Spirit.

That’s where Marc Ford comes in. The fabled former lead guitarist with the Black Crowes, who has been the leader of his own bands, a session player of choice with Gov’t Mule, Ben Harper and many others, and producer of acclaimed acts from Ryan Bingham to Phantom Limb, has switched gears to deliver what will undoubtedly stand as one of the finest Americana albums of 2014.

How would you describe a typical recording day at Rockfield in Wales and the Shed in Bath, with your fellow Limb members? It all went so fast and easy. At Rockfield we spent three days tracking. We all set up, got our sounds and knocked ‘em out. I would sing the song for them and then when everyone was getting their parts together we would hit record and have it, usually in the first or second take. These guys are such great players. I mean, they can all play circles around me. They’re genius is in what they didn’t play. They all serve the song.

Ahead of his gig in Sheffield this May, we caught up with Marc Ford to find out more about the Holy Ghost…

Your wife Kirsten is on vocals, and your son Elijah, on guitars...Have you ever thought, “This is what life was made for”? It most definitely is amazing having family involved. You know, it was credited a little wrong regarding Elijah’s role. He sang on every track. We tracked the record sitting face to face with acoustic guitars.

Words: Jessica Fogarty

page #22

He has a huge presence on the record. We recorded Kirsten’s vocals later on sending files back and forth. I will say this, when family sings together, it is so easy. Everything just seems to blend naturally. It is what life was made for. Who and what has helped you the most get to where you are today? Family and friends and Holy Ghost What are your biggest career regrets and your most awesome memories? Getting to play with long time heroes like Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Page and Plant, Booker T. I learned so much from just being near these people. The relationships that were made and most of all the music was always so much fun. If I have any regrets, they would be about me and my inability to handle situations, which I took personally, and then made bad decisions. And then, it all got me here didn’t it? What do you miss most about of your glorious days with The Black Crowes? Again, the music was always the main thing. The adventure, realizing the boyhood dream of “making it”. It was all very exciting for a while. What kind of music do you listen to these days? I usually stay to the things that have always inspired me. As for new records, I love Richard Thompson’s ‘Electric’ and Dr. John’s ‘Locked Down’ I heard some of Beck’s new record today and it’s beautiful. Are you looking forward to touring, to support the release of ‘Holy Ghost,’? Yes, we’re starting the tour in Camden at Jazz Cafe and after we run through Europe we’ll finish with a week or so in the UK. You can get the dates on my website marcfordmusic.com. Marc Ford will be performing at Corporation, Sheffield on May 27. Holy Ghost is out now – available on Amazon and iTunes.

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www.butlersbalti.com 0114 276 81 41 44 - 46 Broad Lane, Sheffield, S1 4BT. Open Sun-Sat 5:30pm til late page #24

‘‘We are now shop based with a fabulous range of treatments, but we can also arrange mobile appointments for three people or more...’’

0114 272 01 73 10% Student Discount* www.rubysnailsandbeauty.co.uk *Valid student ID must be shown

16 Campo Lane, Sheffield, S1 2EF page #25

facebook - ‘Rubys Nails and Tanning’


After the End by Amy Plum Release 6th May 2014

Very Wicked Things by Isla Madden-Mills Released May 2014

Sins and Secrets by Jessica Sorenson Released 2014

World War III has happened and left the world suffering with nuclear radiation. A lucky few have survived the past 30 years after escaping to the Alaskan Wilderness, hiding from who or what might be out there.

Cuba Hudson is a great football player, filthy rich and lives a life of never wearing his heart on his sleeve. But then she showed up. Ballerina Dovey Beckham was born on the poor side of town, determined to do whatever it takes to succeed, even if that means surrendering her body.

Two years ago Lola ran away from the dangerous life she’d been in since she was born in order to stay alive. She was forced into changing her name and reinventing herself, playing a secretary by day and an escort by night, living a double life to survive. Things seems to be going okay until a ghost from the past shows up.

Juneau returns from a hunting trip to find everyone else in her clan has disappeared. For the first time she leaves the boundaries of her land to find them, uncovering something horrifying: World War III never was. The World is intact. Everything has been a lie. Juneau is now lost in a modern-day world, searching for her friends and family, while someone searches for her. Someone who knows the truth about her past.

One day, she meets him and her tears apart all of her plans, becoming the girl who starts to shatter. Cuba Hudson then meets her and she offers something he’s never experiences…love. They both face the sting of betrayal and face sacrifices, should they love or let go?

page #26

The sexy Layton Everett comes back into Lola’s life without any warning. He knows who Lola really is but even worse, he used to work for her family’s sworn enemy. Lola has worries he’s back to finish what started two years ago, trying to stay away from him. But, this proves hard when she becomes attracted to him more than she wants to admit.


22 Jump Street Released Friday 6 June Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum team up once more in the sequel to their 2012 comedy box office smash, 21 Jump Street. After making their way through high school, the federal pair are tasked with going undercover again, but this time at a local college. Featuring Dave Franco and Ice Cube, expect to laugh-out-loud as the hapless cops attempt to repair their strained relationship in order to crack the case.

PULP Released Saturday 7 June Florian Habicht‘s film unveils the deep affection that Sheffield have for Brit-Pop icons Pulp, and the effect the Steel City had on their music, and frontman Jarvis Cocker’s lyrics in particular. Described as “funny, moving and occasionally bewildering,” Pulp features a career-best live performance from the band exclusive to the film. The opening night at Sheffield City Hall is set to be attended by the director and Pulp band members, and will be live satellite broadcasted to cinemas nationwide.

How To Train Your Dragon 2 Released Friday 4 July The first of two How To Train Your Dragon sequels (with HTTYD3 set for release in 2016) and based on the book by Cressida Cowell. The film tells the story of Hiccup (voiced by Jay Baruchel), a young Viking who doesn’t fit with his family’s tradition of heroic dragon slayers. Written, directed and produced by Dean DeBlois, who co-directed the hugely-successful first film.

Grace of Monaco Released Friday 6 June Nicole Kidman plays Grace Kelly in this French-American biography, detailing the trials and tribulations of the former Hollywood superstar’s marriage to Prince Rainier III of Monaco (Tim Roth). Directed by French-born Oliver Dahan, the film opened the prestigious Cannes Film Festival in May. Expect glamorous costumes, gorgeous locations and an inspired portrayal of the Prince from Roth.

Jersey Boys Released Friday 20 June Clint Eastwood-directed, Jersey Boys, tells the story of four young men from the wrong side of the tracks in New Jersey, who came together to form the iconic 1960’s rock group, The Four Seasons. Starring Christopher Walken and John Lloyd Young, and featuring tracks from the band’s popular songbook, the film focusses on frontman Frankie Valli and his rise to fame. With the majority of the cast taken directly from the Broadway production, this is certainly one for purists. Transformers: Age of Extinction Released Friday 27 June The fourth film in the Transformers series, Age of Extinction focusses on a cash-strapped, patriotic mechanic (Mark Wahlberg), who discovers a dormant Optimus Prime. Featuring explosions, muscles and seminaked women, Michael Bay sticks to his tried-and-tested formula for a Transformers film. Words: Reece Darwent

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Words: Sam Whitaker

rare and deliciously juicy. The spicy garlic and chilli potatoes were great with the hot sauce that had sat tantalising on the table since our arrival but it was the creamed spinach that really brought the whole meal up a notch. It’s not often that green veg comes out fighting but that spinach really surprised me. Originally ordered as the token green to stave off feeling too guilty about the rest of our indulgence, creamed spinach (Espinacas en crema if you’re feeling fluent) is a must.

Found unassumingly on Glossop Road in the very heart of Broomhill, La Vaca is a family run restaurant that brings South American steaks to Sheffield with style. Proudly boasting locally sourced beef from Yorkshire, La Vaca really knows its way around steaks. With a menu that goes above and beyond, La Vaca gives you the choice of cuts: Rump, Ribeye, Sirloin, T-bone and Pan Handle. Beyond that weights range from 8oz to a colossal 30oz. If that wasn’t enough, the owners of La Vaca even know their cows, or at least enough to know the breeds from Chile and Argentina are Hereford and Angus, the same as our local cows, really making South Yorkshire a perfect little South American counterpart. Beef isn’t the only offering though, with Costillas de cerdo, spicy pork ribs, which we shared to start. Grilled rather than slow cooked they were completely removed from the BBQ sauce drenched ribs that have become the common staple these days and they really benefitted from it. The pure flavours of the pork were prominent, slightly seasoned and perfectly grilled. I’ve been threatening to visit La Vaca for months after hearing mention of it and I now wish I hadn’t left it so long. For main I opted for the Ribeye and the guys on the charcoal grill can only be described as masters of their craft. It was a perfect medium

A couple of glasses of the house red washed the whole evening down nicely and La Vaca is now the place I’ll recommend at any excuse.

Hong Kong Wok Located, perfectly, in the oriental cuisine centre of Sheffield, London Road, Hong Kong Wok’s unassuming exterior doesn’t scream for your attention, but like most good things; it’s what’s on the inside that counts. The restaurant has only been open four years and this is instantly recognisable with the modern, clean cut décor, spacious white and red with glossy black tables. The staff are welcoming and make sure you’re seated with enough space. However, through the evening, as more customers come in, it becomes apparent the restaurant has a kind of seating plan with international customers at one side of the restaurant and locals at the other. Nevertheless, this didn’t distract from the friendly atmosphere. But I think that could be my one and only negative comment about Hong Kong Wok. The food was not far from perfect. There were four of us eating and we decided to make a pick ‘n’ mix banquet of our own. To start, we ordered salt and chilli chicken, shredded duck and aubergine and green pepper tempura. The

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chicken was battered golden and crisp, not too heavy, and the mix of salt and chilli was perfect, the heat didn’t over-power but was still present to give it the kick you wanted. The quarter duck was succulent and finely shredded and although the pancakes were a little too moist, it didn’t ruin the juicy duck. Unlike the chicken, the tempura was battered a little heavier than what I expected but the vegetables maintained their moisture and were a refreshing accompaniment. For our mains, a standard chicken in curry sauce, crispy shredded beef with chilli and the famous three roasties were ordered. We’d all heard from friends about the three roasties from Hong Kong Wok and had to try it for ourselves. A dish of two types of roast pork and roast duck, they were all tender and soft with a crispy, roasted coat. Again the beef with chilli, like the salt and chilli chicken, was seasoned to perfection and wasn’t too hot and overpowering. The chicken curry, although a standard dish, you could not fault, the curry sauce had the ideal consistency and the chicken was delicious. Between the four of us, we also got a dish of fried rice and a dish of plain noodles, which

were the ideal choices for side plates. Even though we had less than one main each, there was still more than enough to go round and we even had to leave some, something I hate doing. Desserts and tea were free too, but we were all too full to accept. As for value for money? For the generous portions of food, four bottles of oriental beer and one bottle of wine, the bill totalled £84. Between four people, I’d say that it’s excellent value for money. We paid £90 and left the change for tip, although the waitress didn’t actually return our change after paying – a little bit cheeky, but brushed aside after the wonderful evening we’d had at Hong Kong Wok. Words: Catherine Taylor Hong Kong Wok 200-204 London Road Sheffield S2 4LW 0114 2588694

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You choose the sub, you choose the deal!


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news Battle of the Bands Hallam students battle it out to raise more than £500 for Sheffield Children’s Hospital Charity. Students from the Sheffield Hallam Society of Arts, Invocation and Media (A.I.M) came together in order to raise money for a local children’s charity. More than £500 was raised from the Battle of A.I.M event hosted by final year students studying Events Management at Sheffield Hallam University in a bid to help The Children’s Hospital Charity raise much needed funds. Event organiser Anna Morton, said: “All of us thoroughly enjoying helping the charity and it has giving us real hands on experience of events management. What’s more, we know we are truly benefiting people from across the region by putting on their events.

The Children’s Hospital Charity Director, David VernonEdwards, said: “The students have shown true enthusiasm putting on events like the battle of the A.I.M. It has been a pleasure working with the students this far and they have truly helped to make a difference. “The money raised will be put towards our Make it Better appeal to transform the hospital.” The Children’s Hospital, Sheffield, is one of only four stand-alone children’s hospitals in the UK and is considered a centre of excellence in many areas including neuroscience. If you would like to make a difference and take on a challenge contact The Children’s Hospital Charity at support@tchc.org.uk or call 0114 271 7203.

“Personally, I wanted to support the charity as my little cousin has been treated several times at the hospital and have seen the incredible work they do.”

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Words: Jessica Fogarty

Powered alcohol set for US release The American government have recently approved the production and sale of Palcohol, a powdered liquor available in six alcoholic flavours, including rum and vodka.

If made available in the UK, it is believed that Palcohol could become popular with students, as it could be discreetly taken to places where alcohol is either unavailable, or overpriced.

The powder is available in small sachets, and can be transformed into an alcoholic drink by simply adding water.

The company have already stressed the importance of using the product responsibly, and even increased the volume of the powder to discourage the snorting of it.

Former chemical engineering student, Mark Phillips, came up with the idea while at University, and originally intended it to be a cheaper and more practical way to transport alcohol. Palcohol packages weigh about an ounce, and are currently available in six different varieties: rum, vodka, cosmopolitan, mojito, margarita and lemon drop.

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It is not yet known when, or if, Palcohol will be made available in the UK, but health organisations here are already considering the implications. Words: Jessica Fogarty

Shellac nails



Student Discount

Throughout May when producing this advert with valid NUS card*

Wigs & Warpaint Training Academy Now re-opened with government funding and private hairdressing and barbering courses up to level 3 NVQ We also offer private fast track courses enquire within for prices and availability

”Welcome to the award winning Wigs and Warpaint” www.wigsandwarpaint.co.uk

8 Fitzwilliam street Sheffield S1 4JB

0114 270 0336 With selected stylists . Not in conjunction with any other offer. 30% discount for students

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STUDENTS GET 10% OFF AT SHEFFIELD’S NEWEST VINTAGE STORE Words: Jessica Fogarty Have you spotted the new Vintage treasure trove that’s opened its doors in Sheffield? Mooch Vintage has set-up-shop in the former Bang Bang Vintage store on Westfield Terrace. The rails are full with well-selected pre-90s vintage and true vintage pieces, plus a range of independent brands including Tilly’s North Wing and Yorkshire Tee – printed t-shirts with ‘Yorkshire born and bred’ and ‘Sheffield strong as steel’ logos.

“We’re going to be hosting Yorkshire themed events this summer too, including a Yorkshire Vintage Fair where we’ll be serving up Yorkshire beers and tea and cake, to customers while they shop.” New stock arrives in store weekly, and students can take advantage of ten per cent off with a valid student ID card. Visit Mooch Vintage at 19 Westfield Terrace, Sheffield, S1 4GH.

“I’m really proud of where I’m from so I wanted to make sure Mooch represented that too” says owner Wayne Stocks. “As a global sales manager for a hotel chain, I’ve travelled the world with work over the past nine years, but Sheffield has my heart. “Mooch has travelled too, exhibiting at vintage fairs across the country, but it’s great to put my feet down back in my home city and open the boutique here.” Why Mooch? “It’s the name of my cat and it just fell in to place. I love the Yorkshire slang ‘How mooch?’ and ‘let’s have a mooch around’ so it’s really fitting.

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CUTTING /// CLUB Cutting Club is one of Sheffield’s oldest – established hairdressing studios. Established in 1986, the expert team of stylists have worked together to forge one of the city’s most prestigious salons. Formally located on Devonshire Street, the salon is now sited on the first floor of the striking and iconic Sinclair Building. The name itself is synonymous with quality, taste and a name ensconced in the history of Sheffield. The simple, sleek design of Cutting Club is flooded with natural daylight making it both invigorating and relaxing. As well as traditional treatments for men and women – cuts, colours and re-styles – Cutting Club also offers a range of unique treatments including a Brazilian Blowout Intense Boost, KeraStraight and the Digital Ceramic Permer.

Brazilian Blowout Intense Boost This is a 30 minute blow-out protein infusion treatment that will repair, re-hydrate and renew your hair from inside out – lasting 30 days. Student Magazine readers get 20 per cent off the Brazilian Blowout Intense Boost and any other treatment or product in the salon, on production of the Cutting Club advert.

Fed up of fighting frizz? KeraStraight strengthens, eliminates frizz and straightens. At the same time, adding an ultimate gloss and shine to your hair lasting four months. Is your hair dull, dry, damaged, curly, wavy, frizzy or unmanageable? This is the solution for you. Student Magazine readers get £30 off the treatment, plus a free shampoo and conditioner to take home worth £35.

NEW: Digital Ceramic Permer Due to customer demand, Cutting Club have installed a Digital Ceramic Permer – imported from China. The perming treatment will work on any type of European hair, although it is particularly effective on Chinese, Japanese and Korean hair. The treatment involves heating the hair to 120° to get a wavy, digital perm. Student Magazine readers can take advantage of an exclusive offer - £50 off the treatment on production of the Cutting Club advert. Cutting Club, 1st Floor Sinclair Store, 266 Glossop Road (opposite Swim Inn). Call 0114 273 0905.

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Words Are Weapons


any of you will know Manchester rapper Chronikill as a hip hop artist, rap battler and former top dog at Don’t Flop and BLAM!. Having branched out to host grime clash events across the UK over the past two years, Chron is now bringing Words Are Weapons to Sheffield for the third time. Originating in Manchester, Words Are Weapons draws MCs from the North, South, East and West head to head, spitting bars over heavy grime and DNB beats. Words Are Weapons has previously featured the likes of Dialect, Marvin, Zen and Inc but also provides a platform to showcase new talent at each event.

Grime vs a cappella ...It’s the defining divide between your usual rap battle event and Words Are Weapons. If you want less arty-farty poetry and more fast paced punchlines, grime clashes are the one. There’s something about a live DJ that brings the event together in a very different way to the other (now overly middle-class) leagues. Chronikill is bringing Words Are Weapons to Bar 27 (near London Road) at the end of this month, co-hosted by Psychosis Holochaust. The event will feature eight clashes between MCs hailing from Sheffield, Manchester, Bradford,

Words: Abby Rose page #38

Location: Bar 27 Time: 2pm - 7pm Date: Saturday 24th May Price: £5 adv. £10 on the door

Southampton, Birmingham and Derby. The main events confirmed so far are Kannan (Sheffield Scumfam’s newest member) vs Vigilant - both pictured above, and DNB clash Frisko vs Kuedon . Which other Sheffield MCs do you want to see at the upcoming event? Contact Chronikill on Facebook: WordsAreWeaponsUK or Twitter: @Chron_i_kill or @WawGrimeClashes and voice your opinion.

Quote of the month

“I’m not an asshole i just don’t give a fuck a lot” Tyler The Creator

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Out in the F


rom dishing out demos on the streets of Sheffield to becoming the proud owners of five number one selling albums, Arctic Monkeys have come a long way, and so has their music.

psychedelic difficult third album, ‘Humbug’, was unleashed, sorting the men from the boys, and marking their maturity from adolescence. ‘Suck It and See’, the band’s forth album, is a casual punch to the throat, relaxed yet rough, ready to serenade you, only to show you the back of it’s hand three minutes later, weirdly leaving you pining for more.

Starting out as thrashing motor-mouthed youths, the Arctic Monkeys didn’t just explode out of the gate, they demolished them all together. Ladling up critical acclaim like a big-boned bloke at an all you can eat buffet ‘Whatever People Say I Am That’s What I’m Not’ went on to become the fastest selling debut album in UK music history! Their next outing, ‘Favourite Worst Nightmare’, was another belter following on from Alex Turner’s observational wise cracks, the album (this time including stories of mind-invading, dressing room infiltrators with a dodgy fashion sense) seemed to lull fans into a false sense of security before their

Now there’s ‘AM’. The proof of Arctic Monkeys rise from gang of teens pointing and laughing to rock n roll heroes spinning tales of electric ladies and unleashing space-age solos in equal measure.... like real men! Words: Dave Purdy

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Chic meets Sheffield DJ and producer, DSL - a 23 year old underground artiste and weekly resident on Nasty FM.

Words: Jessica Fogarty

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What is your music background?

Juno Download Dubstep and Grime Chart, have been highlights for me.

I have both of my parents to thank for my taste in music. They always had music on around me from a young age - from reggae to UK garage (UKG) and neo soul. This had a big influence on me. I always knew I had an interest in music but I never knew how I wanted to express it. It was in my teens that I decided I wanted to produce. Who are your influences? I found a lot of influence from old school hip hop and how they sampled tracks to recreate new ideas. But being fortunate enough have a well rounded taste in music I found influences from many other genres too, like UKG and bassline which I spent the early stages of my productions making. What have been the highlights of your career? Up to now it would be hard [to say] as I feel I’ve achieved a lot in a small space of time through producing and DJing. But having my own radio shows pushing the up-north grime and UK G sound, as well as seeing my last release in the

Have you worked with any big industry names? Being mainly an underground artiste I don’t really rub shoulders with many industry names; but I supported Bluey Robinson and Misha B, which coming from my background was crazy. I always stay true to grime, bass and UKG and play it everywhere I play though. I’ve also been supported by DJ EZ and Toddla T. What are you working on at the moment? I’m working on lots of new material to put together for a possible release this year, and I have just become a weekly resident on Nasty FM (www. nasty.fm) every Tuesday 4pm-6pm playing music from myself and the best across grime, UKG and bass. What are your plans and dreams for the future? My goal this year is to have a successful EP release and continue to be one of the few niche outlets specific to grime in Sheffield, via radio every week, sets, and bookings.

Twitter @DSL_OFFICIAL Facebook DSL UKP Instagram DSL_Official Soundcloud/Mixcloud DSL OFFICIAL.

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o t n e m t f s Li sty ys na esda PM Tu om 4 fr 6pm to



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tips & tricks BLACK COW PURE MILK VODKA Firebox.com £29.99

The world’s only pure milk vodka. Say goodbye to the usual Russian fire-water or the own brand version you regularly buy and hello to this s(moo)th flavour. It is reassuringly British and completely unique. It has a sweet creamy taste with little hints of vanilla and cinnamon. It is delicious to sip neat or mix in a long drink or cocktail. Whatever tickles your alcohol fancy, this will not disappoint.

Diet Chocolate Firebox.com £3.99

The weight is over. This is part of your 5-a-day chocolate consumption so eat as much as you like as it has “diet” on the label. It’s a great source of refined sugar and low in salt, containing 430 calories per bar. Do you like to watch your

figure? Do you want to be able to eat what you want and not feel guilty afterwards? This is the bar for you. This taste exactly the same as regular chocolate as it contains the same ingredients and will work towards slimming if combined with exercise too (obviously). Remember that chocolate makes you happier and it is a known aphrodisiac. So enjoy!!

Misfortune Cookies Firebox.com £11.99

Can you handle the bitter taste of disappointment? These cookies tell it how it is, crack them open to face your reality. Regular fortune cookies are boring and full of anecdotes directed at anybody and nobody.

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The cookies have always tasted like cardboard covered in some form of artificial sweetner. We think you deserve to crack open a fortune that will disturb you and force you to look deeply at who you are and where you are actually headed. They will tell it how it is. You can deal them out to your unfortunate friends or sit alone and open up your hopeless reality.

tips & tricks Words: Catherine Taylor

Fitness Apps There’s literally an app for everything. We use apps to wake us up in the morning, to help us study, to show us what to cook. All the things your mum would do if you brought her to uni with you. Apps can also help us exercise and keep healthy, but a lot of the time they require input of everything you’ve done afterwards, what you’ve eaten and when, and that’s just a hassle (and we all lie about how much we’ve ate) but here at Stu-Mag we’ve found some of the best, easiest and free apps to be your new fitness friend, and who doesn’t want to be fit for summer?

Run the World


A fun and inventive spin on other fitness-tracker apps. With Run the World you can set real-world goals by using your location. As soon as I opened the app it suggested a 28 mile challenge from Sheffield to Leeds over seven days. Each separate run shows you how far you have travelled in your target distance.

Need a distraction from your work? Pick up your phone to play a game? Not anymore, Fitocracy app makes working out into a game. It has more than 800 different challenges in and out of the gym and the more you complete, the more points you earn. The more points you earn, the healthier you will be.

Daily Yoga It’s crossed everyone’s minds at least once! All of the celebs do it and they all look super fit, but how on earth do they do it? Well Daily Yoga lets you learn in the comfort of your home. It offers dynamic yoga sessions through videos and voice guidance. The step-by-step instructions make it ideal for beginners and catalogues more than 45 sessions and 3,000 poses.

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trusper tips

We can’t get enough of Trusper at the Student Magazine HQ. Here’s some of our favourite Trusper tips this month…

Foods to Promote Hair Growth

How to make Raspberry Lemonade

- By Alice Johnston on Trusper Blueberries: Like little pockets of Vitamin C, these increase collagen which surrounds the hair follicles, making them strong.

- By Ashley Boyer on Trusper Blend 1 oz package frozen red raspberries, 10 cups of sparkling water, chilled 1 oz can frozen lemonade concentrate, thawed Ice cubes, fresh lemon slices and/or fresh red raspberries.

Fish: Three per cent of your hair is made up of Omega Acids, which your body cannot produce. Find them in salmon, sardines and trout. Walnuts: Not only high in Omega Acids, but also Vitamin E, which protects the hair from DNA damage.

Serve in glasses over ice. Garnish with lemon slices and/or fresh raspberries.

Oysters: Lack of zinc can lead to hair loss – eating oysters can prevent this.

Student Money Saving Tips - By Michelle Jean on Trusper -

1. Leave your cards at home: After a few drinks, it’s inevitable we are going to get out our cards and spend, spend, spend! Leave your card at home, just make sure you take out enough cash to last you the night.

2. Make a packed lunch: Don’t splash the cash on expensive sandwiches and overpriced drinks and chocolate – bring your lunch to Uni with you.

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3. Have a shopping list: Knowing what you are going to buy stops you from buying everything in sight. It’s easy to grab everything that looks appealing, but ultimately you don’t need.

Peanut butter fans pen a pop-tastic tribute “I’ve worked in the food industry for over a decade, with some brilliant brands, but this is the first time a community has ever created a song in honour of the product. I think it’s brilliant and Chris and Django are both very talented.”

Two peanut butter fans have shown that they are simply nuts for the world’s first peanut butter flavoured hot drink by penning a musical tribute to the product. Chris Mohan (21) and Django Holder (18) of Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts decided to create a spoof in honour of Peanut Hottie after trying it for the first time. Written by the dynamic duo to the tune of the Franz Ferdinand classic ‘Take Me Out’, the song features lyrics such as “so if you’re thirsty, there’s something new here waiting for you…” and is named in honour of the drink’s tagline ‘Take me home’. Since its launch in October 2013 Peanut Hottie has been revolutionising the British brew and has created a legion of devoted fans. Although not the first tribute to the product, it is the first song to be written about it with fans previously using it in recipes and writing letters of thanks. Lisa Gawthorne co-creator of Peanut Hottie commented, “Since our launch in October we’ve developed a real fan following amongst customers with people regularly tweeting about enjoying the product or engaging with us on Facebook.

Chris added, “I’d heard about the product online and really wanted to try it, so I went in search. As soon I had my first cup I was addicted, the sweet taste is brilliant and it makes a great alternative to your bog standard brew. Then I saw the tagline on the jar which read ‘Take Me Home’ and thought I could have a bit of fun with it. “I enlisted my bandmate Django and in the space of an afternoon we had written the lyrics. Our next step was to enlist the help of some friends to create a music video we could send in. Neither Django or I expected anyone from Peanut Hottie to respond to our email, but they did to say they liked the song. It’s now become a sort of unofficial anthem for all Peanut Hottie lovers, which is brilliant!” Find out more at: Facebook.com/peanuthottie and watch the video at: Youtube.com/ watch?v=hPBaGUrXqLs We want to hear musical tributes from you Sheffield students too! Tweet us @thestudentmag.

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0114 268 7627

Sharrowmills, Ecclesall Road, S11 9PL

• M.O.T.s

• Exhausts

• Servicing

• Repairs

• Brakes

• Engine diagnostics

• Shockers

• All work guaranteed

10% STUDENT DISCOUNT! Valid NUS Card Required

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Moorwood Farm, Riggs High Road, Stannington, Sheffield S6 6GR

Riding Tuition

Horse Equipment

Riding Mornings

Riding Wear

Pony Parties


Luxury Holiday Home

www.cottage.moorwoodequine.co.uk Also find us on holidaylettings.co.uk Contact Amanda Denton 07818 413980 0114 2305414

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Moorwood Cottage, Riggs High Road, Stannington, Sheffield S6 6GR

SPORT Words: Jessica Fogarty

Your boots were made for walking

Get Walking Week runs from May 3-10 – a festival designed to help the nation discover the wonder of walking. Only a third of us are active enough but it doesn’t have to be this way – walking is an easy and fun way to improve health and wellbeing and it’s free too, all you need is a good pair of shoes to get going. To help us all get more active, the national festival is encouraging everyone to get outside and get walking this month, whether it’s making short journeys on foot instead of in the car, making time for an after work stroll or planning a weekend walk with friends and family. Get Walking Week is supporting Britain on Foot, a call to encourage more people in Britain to get active in the great outdoors. Find out more at www.ramblers.org.uk/gowalking/get-walking-week.

Be a star! The sponsored Starlight Walk in aid of St Luke’s takes place on Saturday, May 17, from Endcliffe Park to Forge Dam and back. Now in its fourth year, the Starlight Walk will once again bring together many hundreds of people from across the city to raise vital funds for St Luke’s. You can walk in memory of your loved ones, walk for someone who is unwell, whether or not they’re being cared for by St Luke’s – or just walk for fun and

page #52

fitness! The walk itself starts at sunset at 8.45pm, but there’ll be music, food and drink from 6.30pm, as well as a warm-up session from 8.15pm, so head down early and join the fun. The Starlight Walk is open to anyone aged five or over. Entry is £15 for adults. Register now – visit www. stlukeshospice.org.uk/events/ starlightwalk2014.  

Race for Life


how cancer who’s boss by taking on a 5k or a 10k Race for Life event. Run, walk or dance your way through the course and help us say “cancer we’re coming to get you.” The 5k Sheffield Race for Life takes place on Sunday, June 8 from 9.30am.  Adult entry is £14.99, but it is of course all for a good cause – Cancer Research UK. The course starts outside the Oasis at Meadowhall and heads out onto the surrounding roads. It follows the outskirts of the shopping centre and then heads down to run along the picturesque riverside before heading back. Sign up at: www.raceforlife.cancerresearchuk.org.

Race ready Sheffield fitness expert, Radek Kalas, is advising those who are taking part

in Race for Life this year to be well prepared and not to take the distances they’ll cover lightly. Each year Race for Life organizes 5K and 10K runs nationwide to help raise funds for Cancer Research - Racers are encouraged to walk the distances if they aren’t capable of running but Radek feels that some people may take the distances for granted. He says: “5K can be a challenging distance if you are not prepared, although this isn’t a competitive race and you can walk the distance, people will want to finish the race and do the best they can. “I encourage anyone taking part to prepare by starting their training around now so they have plenty time to build up their distance gradually. “I would suggest training around three times a week starting off with a mix of jogging and walking. “Another thing they need to remember is to drink plenty of fluids while training, especially as the weather warms

page #53

up over the summer.” Radek also suggests doing body weight exercise as well to build up your general fitness levels and core strength.  “A good strong core can really help with your running,” adds Radek. Body Transformer BootCamp is offering a free training week to anyone who has registered to run Race for Life this year. All you have to do is bring your printed receipt down to them and they will get you registered. To find out more, contact Radek Kalas at radek@ bodytransformerbootcamp.co.uk or at 07921196881. www.bodytransformerbootcamp. co.uk.

PERSONALS // The Sober Date Drinks on a first date are always that little bit precarious. You don’t want to be THAT girl. That end-of-the-night make-up. That unsexy slurring of the words. More Lindsanity on a bender than classy catch who can handle her night cap. But sans alcohol? Forget it. What if there are awkward silences, I think in horror? Or small talk about the weather to fill up the gaps? And there won’t be that hazy drunken glow, I note disappointingly. That post-drink first kiss. That electric brush of the knee. Sobriety certainly isn’t seductive, I think as I inwardly shudder. But stone cold sober was exactly how I found myself a fortnight later on a late afternoon coffee invite from Mr. R., a late night dalliance in the vomit-stained floors of my local and a flirty Facebook exchange the day. It can’t be any worse than my last alcohol-fuelled dates, I reassure myself in the days leading up to the date. I think

back to that dreaded first date where I’d blanked out, finding myself still in my dress and heels the night before, drenched in sweat, only for the drunken confessions I’d made hours earlier jolting me out of my hazy drunken confusion. That date where he helped my staggering self to a taxi a few hours in, promising to call, never to hear back from him again. That disastrous three or four pre-drinks before late afternoon cocktails… But navigating dating without a drop of the devil’s juice in sight certainly isn’t any simpler, I note on date night. The free flowing conversation facilitated by alcohol was noticeably absent, for one. Those dreaded awkward silences and forced laughs at his not-so-funny tales. I wasn’t entirely surprised when he sporadically texted me the days after until they eventually petered out. Perhaps I was a little hasty in assuming that I could meet Mr. Right sans a tipple-or-two. There’s nothing more seductive than giving him the eye on the dance floor and emboldened by alcohol, finally making that move. See you on the dancefloor… Words: Salma Haidrani

page #54

Mrs X I slipped into my tight fitting black dress that hugs me in all the right places, I flicked my bouncy, just blow-dried blonde hair down my back and slicked on some red Chanel lipstick. I glanced at my watch, as the hand hit 12 I heard a knock at my door.

Michael helped me out of the car and accompanied me to the lift. “Thank you Michael, I can take it from here,” I said, leaving him at the doors of the lift. I looked in the mirror behind the lift doors and took a deep breath, I can do this, I told myself. I haven’t seen him for four months, four long months. He broke my heart without a second thought and left me to pick myself up without so much as an ‘Are you ok?’

“Hello Gisele,” the driver of a black Bentley continental purred. He’s dressed in a three piece suit and a top hat. Who am I? My name is not Gisele, and no, I am not a high class escort. I am an ordinary girl with some more than ordinary tales of men. All you need to know about me is that I am going to be honest, brutally honest, in every one of the stories I will divulge with you. I will start at the end, as it seems a common place these days, then I will go back to the beginning. So, where was I? Ah yes, the driver. “Thank you Michael. I’ll be out in a moment,” I waved and disappeared back inside my house. I spritzed some Chanel No.5 onto my wrists and shook my glossy mane as I sprayed some more. No outfit would be complete without a pair of black Loboutins, so I painfully slipped my feet into my favourite ones and left the house. The journey to the restaurant was filled with small talk between Michael and me. “How have you been Gisele? It’s been a while,” Michael asked me, glancing briefly in his rear view mirror.

And now, out of the blue, he wants to see me again. This, from the man who never made any effort to see me or show me how much he cared for me. So what does he do? He has his driver pick me up and drive me to my favourite restaurant to meet him. I pinch my cheeks to give them some colour, and smooth the creases in my dress down. So why am I here, you may be thinking? Surely, if a man breaks your heart and doesn’t bother to contact you for four months you would immediately walk away right? Of course, you would be right. But I have loved this man like I have never loved before. It was an all consuming, passionate, intense, joyful, painful, enveloping love. The only way he was able to make me feel so depressed was to make me feel so alive in the first place. I didn’t hesitate in saying yes when he asked. After what felt like an eternity the lift reached the 34th floor and the doors opened. Before I had a chance to compose myself, I saw him, leaning against a wall, looking devastatingly handsome in a crisp white shirt and black suit, his brown hair slicked back, his eyes fixed on me.

“I’ve been fine Michael, absolutely fine.” It was true. I have never enjoyed life more since having my heart broken by Drake. It took me being away from him to realise just how bad he was for me, and how much happier I could be on my own.

He smiled at me and started walking towards me, “Hello Gisele,” he murmured in my ear as he held me tightly. “I’ve missed you.” Every hair on my entire body stood to attention, his touch electric. I had missed it.

“That’s very good to hear,” he smiled.

I knew then, that this night would change everything.

I nod. “Thank you.” We pull up outside my favourite restaurant. A skyscraper with the restaurant located on the 34th floor of a new, modern building.

PERSONALS page #55

Remember the Date Struggling to find work after university? Fancy becoming your own boss? Take a leaf out of Sheffield economics graduate Lauren Nicholson’s book. She’s moved away from a career in investment banking to launch her own business – Remember the Date – a quirky card company designed to rival industry giants Moonpig and Funky Pigeon.

Where did the business idea come from?

Where are you based?

I have a forgetful friend who never remembers to post a card on time. I loved the concepts of Moonpig and Funky Pigeon but I wanted to take it one step further so customers can pre-order all of their cards for the year ahead.

I’ve been given free office space for this year in the University’s Enterprise Building, but I still have an in-house studio too. Since its launch in April, what has the response been so far?

Tell us about your quirky designs? I’ve been overwhelmed by the response. There were 35-40 sign-ups in the first two weeks and orders have been coming in faster than predicted. It’s also surreal to be doing interviews with radio and magazines. It’s great that so many people see potential in Remember the Date.

The designs took inspiration from the Innocent Smoothie drinks. They are funny and different. There’s no sentimental verses either. They’re simple, cheese-free messages. How have you funded the business?

With four in ten graduates struggling to find work after university, what advice would you give to those considering becoming selfsufficient?

I’ve had some funding from the University Enterprise and The Prince’s Trust but I’ve also had to beg, borrow and steal. Well, I’ve not stolen yet. How long does the card creating process take? It’s a two minute process to create a card. Customers can log in through Facebook too. You can pay for all of your cards in one go, or we have a reminder service so you know when you have a celebration approaching then you just pay for each individual occasion as and when. It sounds a lot of fun, but it must be hard work too?

Work hard to stand out from the crowd. I did a lot of research before I decided to do this and I know that Remember the Date is truly unique, not only because of our carbon neutral printing status but we also promise free delivery anywhere in mainland UK. I believe that if you have the drive and ambition to do something, you’ll find a way to do it. www.rememberthedate.co.uk Facebook: Remember the Date Twitter: @rememberthedate

I never stop working. The hardest thing for me was giving up clothes shopping. I need to invest all of my time and money to the project to make it a success so I haven’t treated myself in over a year. Words: Jessica Fogarty

page #56

Meet the team...

Jack Bee

Gary the elephant

Bryan the bird

Clive the goldfish

The over-worked packing operator — he loves perfection so refuses to hire anyone else.

As a rather savvy elephant, Gary knew he couldn’t do it all on his lonesome. His enormous capacity for remembering dates was simply not enough to build a business model around.

Planner, artist, one of those general goody-goody types.

Forgetful and dozy, he may be, but he also has bags of potential (plus Gary owes him a favour).

Dates for your diary: • May 6 > No diet day • May 9 > Lost sock memorial day • May 11 > Eat what you want day • May 14 > Chicken dance day • May 22 > Goth day • May 28 > Hamburger Day

page #57

The teeth straightening specialists

Now that’s something to smile about. We are now offering discounted orthodontic treatment for students. Dr Sonil Kalia and Dr Chin Fung (Victor) Leung

481 Ecclesall road . Sheffield . S11 8PP 0114 2678797 www.orthoscene.com Student discount now available for NUS card holders

page #58

page #59

LISTINGS MUSIC Monday 12th May Bungalows and Bears: Semi Detached Present… BEATY HEART – LIVE – Beaty Heart will be returning to Bungalows this month, bringing their “dazzling mosaics of sound” [Guardian] back to stage! 8pm – late. Free entry. Leadmill: Shag – The concept is simple. Are you shagging? Debating it? Or simply out of bounds? Get the wristband to match and let the fun begin. 11pm. Price: £4

Wednesday 14th May Greystones: Clive Gregson An amazing producer, singer,

guitarist and songwriter who has toured extensively with Jools Holland. 8pm. Price: £10.

Spiral Earth Awards. Patsy will perform her original and unique music. 8pm. Price: £10.

O2 Academy: Barrence Whitfield & The Savages – A full-throttle soul screamer in the spirit of Little Richard, Wilson Pickett and Solomon Burke. 7pm. Price: £12.50.

Friday 16th May

Thursday 15th May

Hallam Union: An evening of salsa – Do you like to dance? The Salsa Society is hosting an awesome evening of Salsa. All abilities are welcome and it promises to be a fun filled evening of dance, music and salsa. 7pm. Price: £3 advance, £4 on the door.

Plug: Jump Around – A night of student anthems, chart and dance music to get you going. 11pm. Price: £4. Greystones: Patsy Matheson – Patsy was recently voted ‘Best Female Singer’ in the 2013

O2 Academy: Parka – With their EP out soon, Indie pop five piece Parka come to Sheffield with their modern blues twist. 7pm. Price: £6.

Bungalows and Bears: Lionel Vinyl’s Early Doors Social followed by Plenty Vibes – PV play the best in hip-hop, funk, motown, disco, big beat and electronica. Follow @ plentyvibes to keep abreast of all their movements. 5pm – 8pm. 8pm – late. Free entry. Plug: Rock, Paper, Scissors tour – The Thin Lizzy Experience, Sack Sabbath and Hi-On Maiden are bringing their tributes to three rock giants to Sheff-town! The ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors Tour’ has been named so because that’s how the running order will be decided


page #60

PLUG STUDENT NIGHT on the day! So if you want to be sure of seeing your favourite band you’ll have to be there from the off as any of the three could be on first, second or third! 7pm. Price: £11.

Sunday 18th May

Plug: Propaganda – Game of Thrones special SJ set ft. ‘The Knight of Flowers’ Loras Tyrell (Finn Jones).

Bungalows and Bears: Sunday Swing Thing – End your week on a high with a variety of head nodding, toe tapping, finger snapping and hip twisting Swing & Jazz rhythms, from vintage to electro. Joined by Sheffield’s finest Lindy Hop Dancers. 7pm – late. Free entry.

Saturday 17th May

Monday 19th May

Greystones: King King Smoking hot, powerhouse blues rock at its very best, with a cracking line up and fresh new angle on the full- blooded blues sound. 8pm. Price: £12. Bungalows and Bears: Strangeways – Hans and guests play an eclectic carefree mix of indie, pop, hip hop, electronica lo/glo fi and whatever else takes their fancy… 8pm – late. Free entry. Plug: Shuffle – Full of floorfillers, house and chill-out. 11pm. Price: £5.

Greystones: Open Mic Acoustic Evening – A fantastic line-up of the best and most enthusiastic local talent. 8pm. Free.

Greystones: Eliza Gilkyson - a politically minded, poetically gifted singer-songwriter, who has become one of the most respected musicians in folk and Americana music circles. 8pm. Price: £14.

Wednesday 21st May Greystones: Amanda Shires + Big Convoy (acoustic) – Touring in support of brand new album Down Fell The Doves, anybody who caught her last show in 2011 knows this is a night not to be missed. 8pm. Price: £9.

Leadmill: Shag – The concept is simple. Are you shagging? Debating it? Or simply out of bounds? Get the wristband to match and let the fun begin. 11pm. Price: £4

Thursday 22nd May

Tuesday 20th May

O2 Academy: Pop will eat itself – After reforming in 2011 with principal songwriter and cofrontman Graham Crabb, a new era dawns for alternative rock band Pop Will Eat Itself. 6.30pm. Price: £15.

Plug: Spanked! – Get your dancing shoes on for a night of student anthems, chart and dance music to get you going. 11pm. Price: £4.

page #61

Plug: Jump Around – A night of student anthems, chart and dance music to get you going. 11pm. £4 entry.

Friday 23rd May

Bungalow and Bears: Lionel Vinyl’s Early Doors Social. 5pm – 8pm. Free entry. Followed by Tanya и Julija – Bass, hip-hop and electronic music from our very own Russian dolls! 8pm – late. Free entry.

Plug: Ashby, AKA Pipeline, Invisible Grease, Without Perception and Losing Streak – Another awesome bundle of local bands to get you up and dancin’. £6 pounds, five bands, one night. 7pm. Price: £6.

Plug: Propoganda - Your glamorous indie rock ‘n’ roll party! Featuring two incredible rooms of music, insanely cheap drinks. 11pm. Price: £4.

Plug: Shuffle – Full of floorfillers, house and chill-out. Doors: 11pm. Price: £5.

Leadmill: Foxes – Following news that the Grammy winner, Foxes, sold out the Scala, she’s back with more UK dates. 7.30pm. Price: £10.

Saturday 24th May Bungalow and Bears: Speedball. A true rock n’ roll shindig. Like Clint Eastwood with the grit between his teeth. 8pm – late. Free entry.

Leadmill: Thumpers - Having just toured the US, London based Thumpers are set to have a big summer ahead of them. 7.30pm. Price: £7.50.

Sunday 25th May Bungalows and Bears: BUNGALOWS QUIZ (from 4pm). With ASBO-A-GO-GO! Followed by: JESS GASCOIGNE

– DJ - then afterwards one of B&B’s favourite DJ’s down to carry on the Bank Holiday fun and games. 8pm – late. Free entry.

Monday 26th May Leadmill: Shag – The concept is simple. Are you shagging? Debating it? Or simply out of bounds? Get the wristband to match and let the fun begin. 11pm. Price: £4.

Tuesday 27th May Harley: Only Real plus special guests – Only Real brings a fresh, young-at-heart vibe to the stage. 7.30pm. Price: £5. Plug: Spanked! – Get your dancing shoes on for a night of student anthems, chart and dance music to get you going. 11pm. Price: £4.


page #62

Wednesday 28th May Queens Social Club: The Subways are currently writing and recording their fourth album and are set to be playing some major gigs but not before they visit Sheffield. 7.30pm. Price: £10. Greystones: Blair Dunlop What has marked him out from his peers is his ability to craft meaningful songs that connect with everyone who claps ears on them on a deeply emotional level that belies his age. 8pm. Price: £10

Thursday 29th May Plug: Jump Around – A night of student anthems, chart and dance music to get you going. 11pm. Price: £4.

Friday 30th May O2 Academy: Sex Pistols Experience – They have perfected the look and sound down to every last detail. As dynamic, explosive and exciting as the real deal. 6.30pm. Price: £10. Bungalow and Bears: Lionel Vinyl’s Early Doors Social (5pm – 8pm) followed by: Rough Shag. Rough Shag returns this month with a headliner soon to be announced. Sheffield’s own This Party Kills are already confirmed to bring their dark

and delicious noise to the small stage. Free entry.


Plug: Propa Local – An entire room is devoted to Sheffield bands and Sheffield music. 8pm. Price: £5.

Friday 9th – Saturday 10th May

Plug: Propoganda - Your glamorous indie rock ‘n’ roll party! Featuring two incredible rooms of music, insanely cheap drinks. 11pm. Price: £4.

Saturday 31st May O2 Academy: Weekend Kicks – A fun loving four piece indie band who are fast becoming a must see on the Sheffield music scene. Combining catchy sing along anthems with soulful and intricate storytelling. 6pm. Price: £6. Plug: Shuffle – Full of floorfillers, house and chill-out. Doors: 11pm. Price: £5. Leadmill: The Crookes – The Sheffield-based dreamers, described as “one of the most hardworking and prolific bands of the underground” are back in their hometown. 7.30pm. Price: £9.

page #63

Sheffield City Hall: Last Laugh Comedy Club - LAUGH! With the finest stand-up comedians. EAT! Fill your belly with food available on the night! BOOGIE! Shake your booty and dance into the early hours. DRINK! Bar open until late. 7pm. Price: £16.

Weds 14th – Saturday 24th May The Lantern Theatre: The Importance Of Being Earnest, The Dilys Guite Players – a ‘trivial comedy for serious people’. 7.30pm. Price: £10.

Thursday 29th May Sheffield City Hall: Frank Skinner - Following a sell-out London run comedy legend Frank Skinner takes his brand new show to venues nationwide. 6.30pm. Price: £27.50.




F U L L U N D E R C A R D F E AT U R I N G T H A I B O X I N G & K 1 F I G H T S









07 TH SEPTEMBER 20 1 4

Tickets: Standard in advance £30 | On the door £40 | Under 16’s £15 | VIP ringside £50 Location: Sheffield Octagon Centre Western Bank, S10 2TQ

Doors: 3.30pm (show starts 4.30pm) Arrive early to avoid queues

For general information or tickets contact 07833 923 635page or 07753 #64 938 505 www.showdownevents.co.uk f u w



page #65



F U L L U N D E R C A R D F E AT U R I N G T H A I B O X I N G & K 1 F I G H T S



生活小竅門 生活里需要各種各樣的小竅門,下面是本月最受 歡迎的一些

如何調製覆盆子檸檬水 作者:Ashley Boyer 將1盎司的冷凍覆盆子和10杯蘇打水、一盎司的 檸檬濃縮液,冰塊、鮮檸檬片和/或者新鮮的紅色 覆盆子均勻攪拌。加冰即可飲用。可以用檸檬片 和鮮覆盆子裝飾。

學生省錢指南 作者:Michelle Jean 1.別帶卡出門:喝上幾口后,很容易忍不住刷 卡,刷卡刷卡!把卡留在家裡,保證帶足一晚上 要用的現金就行了。 2.自帶午餐:別把錢浪費在昂貴的三明治和飲料 上 – 自己準備好中午那餐。 3.寫一份購物清單:計劃好要買的東西可以防止 你看見什麽買什麽。琳琅滿目的超市很容易讓人 買一些不需要的東西。

有助於增發的食物 作者:Alice Johnston 藍莓:就像一包包的維他命C,其飽含的膠原蛋 白會包裹發囊,令髮絲堅韌。 魚:頭髮百分之三的營養來自歐米茄-3脂肪酸, 這種物質不能從人體得到。可以通過三文魚、沙 丁魚和鱒魚身上獲取。 核桃:不僅飽含歐米茄脂肪酸,更含有大量可以 防護髮質免受DNA損害的維他命E。 牡蠣(生蠔):身體缺乏鋅元素會導致落髮 – 吃 生蠔可以補充鋅元素。


穿上你的跑鞋走起來 作者:Jessica Fogarty Get Walking Week從5月3日持續到10日 – 這個 節日希望幫助大家發現走路的力量。 只有三分 之一的人有充足的運動 – 走路是一項簡單又有趣 的方式,免費增進健康,你只需要一雙舒服的鞋 子而已。 爲了是全民更健康,國家節日總局鼓勵大家這個 月出門走一走,不管是以步代車短途旅行還是下 班后散散步,還是計劃這個週末的家庭活動。 Get Walking Week響應Britain on Foot的號召, 鼓勵更多的人到戶外走一走。更多詳情: www.ramblers.org.uk/go-walking/get-walkingweek。


參加Race for Life活動,用5千米甚至10千米的路 程宣佈:不被癌癥擊敗!笑對人生,邁步前進: 放馬來! 5千米的生命賽跑將於6月8日早上9:30在Sheffield 舉行。成人入場費£14.99,當然所有收入將捐獻 給UK 癌癥研究中心(Cancer Research UK)。 早上在Meadowhall的Oasis店面門口集合出發, 路線為從郊區開始一直到風景如畫的Riverside, 最後原路返回。 網上報名: www.raceforlife.cancerresearchuk.org


為幫助St Luke’s救濟院的贊助活動Starlight Walk將於5月17日,週六舉行,路程從 Endcliffe Park開始直到Forge Dam,并原 路返回。 今年是活動的第四周年,Starlight Walk希 望能召集城市上下的朋友們參加活動,為St Luke’s救濟院籌款。 為了逝去的親朋摯友 ,爲了周圍與病魔戰 鬥的人們,或者僅僅爲了自我心情的調整和 健康 – 走起! 活動正式于晚上8:45開始,音樂、食物和酒 水6:30開始供應,活動開始前有半小時的熱 身課程,歡迎大家踴躍加入! 5歲以上均可參加,成人入場費£15。 網上報名:www.stlukeshospice.org.uk/ events/starlightwalk2014


Radek Kalas是來自Sheffield的健身專家,他建 議即將參加今年生命賽跑活動(Race for Life) 的朋友們要充分準備好熱身活動,對長跑路程不 可小覷。 每年的生命賽跑都會組織全國範圍內的5千米或者 10千米的長跑活動幫助癌癥研究中心籌款 – 參賽 者如果無法堅持可以以步代跑,Radek認為很多 人並沒有給予跑程足夠重視。他說:“毫無準備的 狀態下跑5千米是一個極大地挑戰,儘管活動並沒 有比賽性質,可以以步代跑,但是大家都希望最 好地發揮自己的潛能。” “我建議參加活動的朋友現在就開始訓練,這樣就 有足夠的世界循序漸進。” “我建議大家現在開始每週訓練3次,從慢跑和快 走開始。另外要注意鍛煉期間要攝取充足的水 分,特別是炎熱的夏天即將來臨之際。” Radek建議大家同時開始進行體重訓練以增強體 質。“體質的增強可以促進跑步進程。” 塑身組織BootCamp為今年參加活動的朋友提供 為期一周的免費訓練。只需要帶上你的報名繳費 憑據即可參加。更多詳情請聯繫Radek Kalas, 郵箱radek@bodytransformerbootcamp.co.uk; 電話:07921196881。 www.bodytransformerbootcamp.co.uk.


趕快加入 只需 £14.99* 網上註冊: www.be-xfitness.co.uk




腳踏車課程 自由地帶課程

雪橇運動 胡鈴拉舉 拳擊課程 鐵人訓練



永遠不會一個人 – 全新 GYM 體驗 我們 在: Unit 4 Flora Street Retail Park, Sheffield, S6 2BF Be X Fitness

Be X Fitness


Call today on: 0114 2322263 页#33





网上订餐即可 享受9折优惠: WWW.MERDOCS.CO.UK

足三兩牛 肉漢堡

土耳其烤肉 串+薯条

購買任何一款 披薩,第二件 披薩只需

購買任何兩 件披薩,即 獲免費披薩 一件!



中午開始營業,至深夜,一周七天營業。 快來領取學生優惠卡,更多的優惠等著您!


*all major credit cards accepted



C U T T I N G /// C L U B Cutting Club是Sheffield歷史最悠 久、設施最完備的美髮沙龍之一。 成立於1986年,由專業的團隊組成 最盛名的沙龍。 前地址位於Devonshire St,如今已遷址 到標誌性建築Sinclair Building二樓。建築 名字本身就富含寓意:品質、品味和歷史 (Sinclair一詞也有優秀的意思)。Cutting Club內部簡潔現代的裝修清爽宜人。 除了傳統的男士及女士服務外 – 理髮、染髮 和造型 - Cutting Club還為顧客提供獨到的 護理服務,例如巴西直發、坷拉直發以及電 子陶瓷燙髮。


30分鐘的蛋白質注入護理將修復每根髮絲, 令頭髮吸收充足的水分,秀髮煥如新生 – 效 果持續一個月。 讀者持Cutting Club廣告券將享受包括巴西 直發護理在內的任何護理的8折優惠!


坷拉直發一次解決脆弱、毛糙、捲曲三個煩 惱,并令你的秀髮散發出柔順光澤,效果 可持續4個月。如果你的頭髮缺乏光澤、乾 枯、受損、捲曲、毛糙甚至難於打理,坷拉 直發護理將是你的救星。 讀者持Cutting Club廣告券將享受該護理減 免£30的優惠,并贈送價值£35的洗髮護髮 套裝。


應顧客要求,Cutting Club從中國引進電子 陶瓷燙髮裝置。儘管是針對中國、日本和韓 國等亞洲顧客的產品,本陶瓷燙對任何歐 洲髮質也有相同的效果。護理將對頭髮進 行高達120攝氏度的加溫以獲得波浪式髮型 效果。 讀者持Cutting Club廣告券將享受該護理減 免£50的優惠。 Cutting Club,

地址: 1st Floor Sinclair Store, 266 Glossop Road (opposite Swim Inn 對面). 電話: 0114 273 0905.



M O O C H V I N TA G E Mooch精品復古店新開張,學生可享受9折優惠。

作者: Jessica Fogarty

有沒有留意到西街飯廳旁邊新開了一家復古精品 店?Mooch復古精品店在Westfield Terrace原本 叫Bang Bang地方開張了。貨架上盡是精選的前 90年代風格的服飾,還有各種經典復古商品。 另外還有獨立的品牌例如Tilly’s North Wing和 Yorkshire Tee-print的T恤衫,印著“土生土長約 克郡人”(Yorkshire born and bred)和“堅如鋼鐵 的城市Sheffield”(Sheffield strong as steel)醒 目的標語。 “作為一個謝村人我非常自豪,所以我希望Mooch 可以代表謝村精神。”店主Wayne Stocks如是 說。

名挺合適的。” “今年夏天我們將會舉辦以約克郡為主題的會展活 動,包括約克郡復古集市展,期間我們會為購物 的顧客提供約克郡啤酒喝茶點。” 每週都會有新貨到,學生持有效學生卡還可以享 受九折優惠。 Visit Mooch Vintage at 19 Westfield Terrace, Sheffield, S1 4GH.

“我曾經是一個連鎖酒店的全球銷售經理,過去九 年間由於工作的關係周遊了全世界,但是我的心 一直沒有離開謝村。” “Mooch也曾經在各個城市的復古市場上參加過展 覽,不過我很開心終於能夠在自己的家鄉最終落 下腳來,開了這家精品店。” 爲什麽叫Mooch?“其實是我的貓的名字但是覺得 挺合適的。我喜歡濃濃的約克郡口音版本的‘How Mooch?’(How much)或者‘我們到處逛逛吧’ (mooch一詞有閒逛的意思),所以覺得作為店


每 OP 日晚 EN 上 6P 6点 M 至 -2 凌 AM 晨2 DA 点 ILY RESTAURANT


点心10英镑4碟 DIM SUM 4 FOR £10

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To book call 0114 228 8980 or visit gentingclubsheff ield.com CASINO | LATE BAR | RESTAURANT | ENTERTAINMENT

Genting Club Sheffield, St Paul’s Place, Arundel Gate, Sheffield S1 2PN

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龍虎少年隊2 – 喬納·希爾和查 寧·塔圖姆再次聯手出演2012年 票房大滿貫影片的續集 – 龍虎 少年隊。結束了高中生涯后, 當地警方繼續派他們做臥底, 這次是在當地的大學。同台主 演還有戴夫·弗蘭科和艾斯·庫 珀,準備好爆笑一場,看看這 對倒楣搭檔是如何扭轉兩人間 急轉直下的關係,從而破案 – 6 月6日,星期五。

摩納哥王妃 – 妮可·基德曼在這 部法美兩國拍攝的傳記片里扮 演格蕾絲·凱莉,記錄了這位前 好萊塢明星與摩納哥親王蘭尼 埃三世(蒂姆·羅斯飾演)兩人 充滿困苦與磨難的婚姻。由法 裔導演奧利維耶·達昂執導,該 片在五月的戛納電影節隆重登 場。準備好享受一場華服美景 的盛宴,當然蒂姆·羅斯飾演的 親王更是不容錯過 – 6月6日, 星期五。

果醬樂團(PULP )—弗洛萊 恩·哈比希特揭露了Sheffield 對英倫搖滾樂團果醬產生的影 響,闡述了這座鋼鐵之城曾如 何影響了果醬樂隊的音樂,尤 其是主唱賈維斯·卡克的歌詞。 被評論為“有趣、感人、時而 撲朔迷離”,影片中包括了一 段獨家拍攝的現場演出。屆時 導演以及樂隊成員將會出席在 Sheffield市政廳(City Hall)舉 辦的首映禮,將會對全國影院 進行現場衛星轉播 – 6月7日, 星期六。

馴龍高手2 – 馴龍高手續集系 列的第一部份(第二部份將於 2016年上映),根據葛蕾熙 達·科威爾同名小說拍攝,講述 主人公小嗝嗝(傑·巴魯切爾 配音)如何掙脫格格不入的傳 統家庭英雄形象--屠龍者--的 束縛。曾經共同參與導演第一 部并獲取巨大成功的迪恩·德 布羅斯挑起大樑,同時擔當編 寫、導演、製作 – 7月4日,星 期五。


澤西男孩 – 克林特·伊斯特伍德 執導,電影講述了六十年代四 個新澤西工人階級出身的男孩 追求美國夢,最終組成了風靡 幾代人的四季樂隊的故事。克 裡斯托佛·沃肯和約翰·勞埃德· 楊主演,插入樂隊最受歡迎的 單曲,該影片著重描述了樂隊 主唱弗蘭基·維拉的一夜成名。 大部份演員來自百老匯劇院, 絕對適合喜愛音樂劇的純粹主 義者 – 6月20日,星期五。

變形金剛:絕跡重生 – 變形 金剛系列的第四部,絕跡重生 講述了一個身無分文的愛國技 師無意間發現了沉睡中的擎天 柱。硝煙場面,肌肉男和半裸 美女,邁克爾·貝繼續採用這 一系列極其奏效的拍攝手法吸 引觀眾的眼球 – 6月27日,星 期五。


末日之後 艾米·普拉姆 著 – 2014年5月6日出版 第三次世界大戰使整個世界遭 受于核輻射。一小群人從危險 的戰爭里逃亡至阿拉斯加荒 野,僥倖存活了30年至今。 朱諾一天打獵回來后發現族裡 的所有人都消失了。爲了找到 同伴們,她第一次越過邊界, 卻發現了令人恐懼的事實:第 三次世界大戰從未發生,世界 完好如初,所有的一切都是個 謊言。 朱諾迷失在現代都市中,隻身 尋找著家人和夥伴。與此同 時,那些對朱諾的過去瞭如指 掌的人,也正在尋找她。

非常邪惡的事情 伊斯拉·馬登米爾斯 著 – 2014年5月出版 古巴·哈德森是一個出名的足球 運動員,極其富有,從不對任 何人任何事流露感情,直到遇 見她—芭蕾舞者達薇·貝克漢 姆,一個出身貧寒,立志無論 如何要成功的女孩,儘管這意 味著要奉獻出她的身體。 在遇到古巴的那一刻,達薇所 有的計劃都被打亂了,曾經刀 槍不入的她,意志力一點點被 削弱。古巴則從她身上嘗試到 從未得到過的東西……愛。當 背叛,自尊漸漸出現在愛情 里,他們需要做出抉擇:繼續 愛還是放棄愛。


罪與秘 潔西卡·索倫森 著 – 2014出版 爲了生存,勞拉兩年前從出世 以來就遭受的危險生活中逃 離,改頭換面,過著白天是秘 書晚上是妓女的雙重生活。然 而這一切平靜都被來他 – 一 個來自過去的靈魂 - 的出現打 破了。 性感迷人的萊頓·埃弗雷特毫 無預兆地闖進勞拉的新生活, 他知道勞拉的一切歷史,更糟 的是,他曾經效勞于勞拉家族 的宿敵。勞拉試圖遠離萊頓, 擔心他的到來是爲了完成兩年 前未完成的任務。然而對萊頓 的情不自禁讓這一切變得困難 起來。

e e k a C k a麒k CCAKE ‘R’ USC a饼e屋 e Cak C a k e

S p e c i a l i s t s



reshly Bake everyday 每日新鲜烘焙




凡 在 本 店 消 费 £ 5 以 上 when u spend min £5 on our product




美食专栏 香港茶餐厅 位于Sheffield中餐林立的伦敦路,香港茶餐厅 (Hong Kong Wok)腼腆的门面并不大吸引顾客 的注意。不过老话说得好:酒香不怕巷子深。

美食專欄 La Vaca 位於Glossop Road上Broomhill中心位置的一家不 起眼的小店,La Vaca是一間家庭經營式餐館, 主營美式牛排。所有原材料牛肉都來自約克郡本 地,La Vaca對牛排的文化可謂深諳其中。絕對 是“高大上”的菜單,包括各種部位的牛肉任君選 擇:牛後腿排、牛肋眼、西冷排、T-骨牛排和其 他。從8盎司一直到30盎司的分量選擇如果依然 無法滿足你,店主對牛的瞭解將會給你帶來驚 喜,至少他知道產自智利和阿根廷的牛種與我們 到當地的牛種一樣都是赫里福德牛和安格斯牛, 令南約克郡聽起來儼然南美的縮影。 當然牛排不是唯一的選擇,我們點了經典菜 Costillas de cerdo(辣排骨)作為前菜。慢火碳 烤而不是傳統煮熟,令經過燒烤醬醃漬的排骨肉 輕鬆完整地從骨頭上脫落,成為餐桌上的主食。 肉質的鮮嫩以及醃料的配合恰到好處。 自從第一次聽說La Vaca以來我一直揚言要來光 顧,如今的感覺是相見恨晚。主菜我點了牛肋 眼,那些在碳烤爐旁邊工作的人簡直是這門手藝 的藝術家。我的牛排正是我想要的3分熟,汁多 肉美。配菜里的大蒜和辣味土豆非常吸引人, 但是把整到菜提到最高水平的是奶油菠菜。奶油 綠色蔬菜的做法不常見但是令我印象深刻,爲了 降低我們一大堆肉食動物的罪惡感,奶油菠菜 (Espinacas en crema,如果你會讀的話)必須 一試。 幾杯紅酒下肚,完美的結束了整晚的盛宴。La Vaca自此成為我的力薦牛排店。 Sam Whitaker

尽管只有4年的经营历史,香港茶餐厅开张不久就 获得了一致好评。现代化的内部装潢、红白交接 的喜庆色彩和亮锃锃的黑色餐桌,简单大方。服 务人员很周到,会确保你坐得舒适。然而到了晚 饭时间,越来越多的顾客光临,很明显服务人员 有意将外国友人安排在一边而中国人在另一边。 虽然这种安排并不影响友好的氛围,而我也只能 就这一点对其吹毛求疵了,因为对食物实在无从 挑剔。 我们一行四人,决定试试pick ‘n’ mix混合自助 餐。前菜点了椒盐鸡、香酥鸭和灯笼椒天妇罗。 椒盐鸡外层呈恰到好处的黄金色,外脆内酥,椒 盐的味道点到即止,辣味不过火却又刚好过足 瘾。香酥鸭多汁味美,被小心翼翼地撕成细条 状,尽管卷鸭的薄饼有点黏糊,并不影响鸭的肉 质。相对于椒盐鸡,天妇罗的外层面皮有点厚 重,不过灯笼椒的质感没有被破坏,依然鲜嫩。 主菜我们点了咖喱鸡,干炒牛肉丝和闻名的三烧 拼。朋友们告诉我们必须试一试这里的三烧拼, 这是一道包括两种烤法的猪肉和烤鸭的传统粤 菜,烧肉和烤鸭外焦里嫩,叉烧软嫩多汁。干炒 牛肉丝于椒盐鸡有异曲同工之妙,味道恰到好 处。咖喱鸡虽说是老生常谈的一道菜,永远不会 出错,但是咖喱汁的浓度和肉质的嫩爽还是值得 一提。另外我们还点了一盘蛋炒饭和清炒面--完 美的配菜。 尽管每个人都没有吃足一道完整的主菜,我们都 饭足酒饱,甚至不得不剩下一点。饭后甜品和茶 点都是免费的,但是我们实在吃不下了。 實惠方面?如此慷慨的分量外加一瓶紅酒和每人 一隻青島,總共下來£84。四個人平攤下來非常 划算。我們付了£90打算剩下的找零做小費 – 儘 管服務員有點厚臉皮地沒有找零,不過在香港茶 餐廳度過了這樣一個美好的夜晚,還計較什麽 呢? 香港茶餐廳 地址:200-204 London Road, Sheffield, S2 4LW 電話:0114 2588694 页#23




更多艳 遇,从头 开始 BARBER BARBER 美发 // 剃须 // 发量稀疏治疗 // 现金礼物卡 // 学生8折优惠 HELLO@BARBERBARBER.CO.UK // 0114 256 9955 MEADOWHALL, SHEFFIELD, S9 1 EN // WWW.BARBERBARBER.CO.UK 页#21


Nourish 的宗旨是為顧客提供新鮮健康的快餐食品。 目標是寓教於食,向食客們解釋爲什麽我們的食物 是健康食品。我們不會以顧客們的健康為代價做生意, 而是希望盡自己的微薄之力讓大家的生活更健康, 而我們的微薄之力在於為大家提供美味又健康的食物。 Nourish 招牌漢堡

土耳其肉 丸子&保加 利亞小麥

炒雞蛋, 聖女果 &羅勒

烤紅薯 配白乾 酪&韭菜

印度 蔬菜 沙拉 雞肉沙拉 火腿芝 麻菜配 芥末醬 三明治

墨西哥 雞肉卷

罐裝葫 蘿蔔西芹 甜椒配蘸醬

草莓藜 麥酸奶罐


良心快餐 營業時間 週一至週六 7:30 ‒ 18:30



亮點介紹 北倫敦另類搖滾四人樂團Shy Nature 今年夏天將光臨tramline音樂節,絕 對不容錯過。生氣勃勃的旋律,20幾 歲年輕人愛情故事的歌詞,喜歡Vampire Weekend 或者 The Maccabees 的朋友必須一聽為快。

Sheffield一年一度的盛大音樂節即將迎來它的第 六個年頭,一行令人期待的音樂人已經摩拳擦 掌,流行音樂巨星Katy B領銜表演。

Ed Sheerans和Ben Howards正紅得 發紫的如今,21歲的民謠歌手Lewis Watson想要成功需要經過激烈的競 爭。然而他的音樂已經成功吸引了 bbc一號電臺,并應邀成為今年音樂 節的表演嘉賓。

為期三天的音樂節有超過60場演出,包括樂隊 The Cribs, Deap Valley 和 Ms. Dynamite,當然 還有來自Radio 1電臺的深夜D-J表演。 去年音樂節吸引了9萬五千多音樂愛好者參加, 而今年準備了15個表演場所。包括位於Devonshire Green的主場,Folk Forest以及tramline獨 家贊助的藝人巴士。

經過3年的沉寂,The Rifles帶著一 首新作None the Wiser回歸2014的 舞臺。這隻來自Essex的搖滾樂隊加 入了吉他的柔和伴奏,創造出不異于 The Courteeners或者 The Enemy的 音樂。

更重要的是,本屆音樂節將于謝大舉辦一場大型 電子舞蹈,將有來自世界各地的D-j參與表演。 三天通票票價£28(包括手續費),Gigantic現已 開始售票。市區里的同學可以直接去The Harley 或者The Leadmill直接買票,免手續費。

來自Sheffield本土的Toddla T帶著自 己的標誌性表演 Toddla T Sound,連 續第三年參加音樂節。去年夏天bbc 一號電臺已經在世界範圍內宣傳他的 演出,而Shola Ama的加入獻唱更是 讓該演出錦上添花。

25/26/27 JULY 2014

Annie Mac

作者:Reece Darwent



電話 : 0114


樂隊專訪 : Drenge 繼去年夏天成功發表首張專輯以來,Drenge又開始了 巡演,我們在途中採訪到Eoin Loveless,兩名成員之 一,看看他對目前的獲得的成功有什麽感受。

Hi Eoin!最近怎麼樣?聽說你在休息。


正在看我朋友在PS3製作一個摔跤手的角色,酷 似Louis Theroux紀錄片里的某個人。


我第一次聽說你們的 時候你們還只是一個新建的 Sheffield樂隊,突然之間你們成了衛報的頭條, 還加入了滾石唱片 – 這種劇烈的變化是不是讓人 不知所措?快一年了,對這種狀態有沒有適應些 了?

很多假期,很多週末,平時也沒有什麽做的,著 手下一張專輯的製作吧。 什麽時候再來Sheffield?

最好的做法是別去想它。我只專注在自己的工作 上,無視其他。

不清楚,我們本來打算在Plug演出的可是所有 的場地都租出去了。我還想在Leadmill和其他我 們曾經表演過的地方演出,希望今年年底前有機 會。

聽說你們正在錄製唱片?有沒有什麽新聞可以透 露?曲風有沒有大變化?

我非常喜歡你的歌詞,可以透露一下寫作的過程 么?不過我不想打破你的神秘感……

最奇怪的事情時有人聽完你的演出跑來跟你講他 對音樂的感受。有兩個人曾經告訴我聽這專輯就 像在和自己的女朋友親熱。下一張專輯估計他們 要抱著女朋友一起哭了,絕對是治癒系專輯。

我的建議是別太當回事,我知道很多人都是這 樣。最好是半開玩笑的同時又不失勁爆。

專輯發佈后你們就一直在巡演 – 現在還在進行中 么?自從專輯發表后,現場表演的效果有沒有提 高? 我們各個國家到處跑,所以很有趣。英國的聽眾 看起來比較投入,我也將在更大型的場合演出。 在美國我們都是在大城市演出例如Portland,當 時會場只坐滿了一半,有兩個超級粉絲自從聽了 專輯后一直苦苦等待我們的到來,而大部份人並 不認識我們,完全不在乎。演出的類型不同令每 次的經驗都不一樣,大型、小型、難度高、難度 低,唯一共同點是都有壓力。 作為 兄弟會不會令以後難以脫離樂隊生活? 是的。我們經常可以直接在餐桌上討論樂隊的事 情。事實上根本沒辦法停下來,我們的靈感一直 湧現,不過能夠直接與對方討論創作而不扯其他

我想知道I Don’t Want To Make Love To You這首 歌的創作靈感來源哪裡?實在太好聽了。 我們組建Drenge前不久,碰巧聽到The Dead Weather的I Just Want To Make Love To You’, 十分黑暗。我就是沒辦法唱出那樣的歌詞,太厚 臉皮了,所以我決定把它改頭換面。 Sheffield有太多出色的樂隊了,你最喜歡哪個樂 隊? 是的很多,Best Friends、Blessa、 Avida Dollars、 Seize The Chair,基本上都是我朋友 組的樂隊。 最後一個問題,我覺得我們最好以樂觀的句子結 尾,有什麽靈感沒? 持續前進。 作者:Molly Murray 页#17



剛完成美國的巡演,來自倫敦的兩人樂隊組合Thumpers正 緊鑼密鼓地籌畫即將到來的夏天。我們有幸採訪到Marcus Pepperell,快來聽聽他對即將發佈的專輯的看法……

最近怎麼樣? 嗯,都挺好的。準備自己的專輯歌曲,給別人做 混音。其實今天是該休息的,不過總是在休息那 天靈感泉湧,不過當然這不是什麽壞事。 據我所知你們初一就認識了 – 兩人之間的友誼和 音樂的共同創作這兩種關係相互是否有影響? 沒錯我們倆11歲就認識彼此了,15歲一起組了第 一個樂隊。這對我們的影響很大,很難想像如果 沒有這段友誼會怎樣,尤其是我們在樂器上的演

奏也是相互合作的。John比較幸運,天生就是打 鼓的料,我們互相也會幫助彼此研究樂器。很難 想像我們間的友誼沒有音樂會怎樣。 多多少少音樂都影響了我們的友誼,或好或壞。 我們有自己的相處模式,知道對方的極限。 下個月你們的新專輯就在英國發佈了。有什麽值 得大家期待的么?你會不會想像大家聽這張專輯 的樣子? John和我剛剛還在討論這件事。這張專輯的主


題是“第一次”,我和他一起長大的,當 我們好不容易到了年齡會一起開車出去 到處逛。我們受到的第一次音樂啓蒙就 在車里,聽到Blur、Rage against the Machine的歌,很有震撼力。你其實可 以選擇聽歌的環境,而當你第一次開車 的時候真的會有一種自由感,所以我強 烈推介大家在車裡聽這張專輯。希望是 一張不錯的車內專輯。 一直以來你們似乎都習慣了DIY的創造 方式,你對這種方式有什麽看法?與 Subpop在美國簽約后是否削弱了你們這 種自主性? 沒有。Subpop一向以高自由度自居,這 是公司的其中一個宗旨。他們只是希望 樂隊們可以盡最大的自由發揮創作,這 樣的公司對不想一輩子只有一張專輯的 樂隊來講很適合。 如今樂隊想要自由發揮創作相對要簡單 些,不一定要工作室才能錄製唱片。不 過巡演和彩排並不是樂隊自主做得來 的。 五月份又要啟程巡演了,大家會對你們 的新專輯有何感想,想到這個緊張么? 專輯其實在美國已經發佈了,而且我們 剛從美國巡演回來。很多人在看演出前 並不知道這張專輯,那是他們第一次聽 到這些歌詞 – 有很多歌詞。緊張是必然 的,但是我們希望聽眾們更投入。引起 共鳴和投入其中是我們做音樂的氣質所 在。 聽你們的歌總會帶給人夏天的感覺,今

年夏天有什麽打算?有沒有特別期待的 樂隊演出? 5月發佈新專輯,然後巡演和音樂節。 關於音樂節我還不能透露太多,不過我 們的演出跟平時週末的差不多,會演奏 Secret Garden Party。 你們倆之前都有樂隊經驗(兩人曾是Pull Tiger Tail的成員),不過作為Thumpers 這樣一隻新樂隊感覺有什麽不同么? 非常不同,那大概是一年半到兩年前的 事了。我們需要舒緩壓力,需要重新振 作創造一個純粹用音樂表達自己的環 境。 對新樂隊或者即將組成的樂隊們,有什 麽建議? 一定要在進入音樂產業之前錄製儘量多 的專輯,樹立自己的目標,精神上的自 我認同度越高越好。 倫敦如何?很多樂隊選擇在當地先做出 點作為再去首都發展。什麽促使你們一 開始就進軍倫敦? 我們不時提到家鄉在Warwickshire,所 以大家想到我們自然聯想到Warwickshire。但實際上我們在倫敦近十年了, 自從進入金史密斯大學以來就居住在這 裡。所以某程度上來講我們就是一隻倫 敦樂隊,當然Warwickshire依然是我們 的家鄉。 我們很期待你們在5月24日在Leadmill的 演出, 至今為止有沒有在Sheffield表演 的經驗? 經常在這裡表演,我超級喜歡Sheffield!曾經和Blessa一起演出過,他們 很棒。Screaming Maldini也很不錯!以 前也在Tramline音樂節和Beacons表演 過,我真的挺喜歡Sheffield的。

作者:Molly Murray





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隨後每次消費出示NUS 卡即可享受七五折 Loaf Broomhill

486, Glossop Road, Broomhill, S10 2QA Telephone: 0114 267 12 22 優惠到期即止。更多價格、預訂等信息請登錄Loafhair.com; 此優惠只適用於Broomhill分店。經理保持對 優惠進行解釋的所有權利。

www.loafhair.com 页#12

Boxfresh隆重推薦 : Toddla T 不列顛最原始的街頭時尚的堡 壘Boxfresh,遠近聞名的Tuesday Club加上酷斃的DJ Toddla T, 還有其他一行最熱門的DJ 表演 = 2014年度Sheffield最難 忘的一夜! Boxfresh今年25周年紀念, 爲了慶祝,Boxfresh特地邀請 Toddla T攜The Tuesday Club 共同演出:3月28日在謝大 union舉行的謝村本土派對。當 晚派對陣容絕對吸睛:Toddla T、Andy H、Shy FX and MC GQ, Melé feat. Slick Don、Jus

Now& Serocee、Flako、 Bok Bok 以及MC DRS。 當晚Toddla T的表演將整個夜 晚的派對一直持續到凌晨4點。 由Jus Now和 Serocee開場, 直擊心臟的音樂,狂歡的舞步 和美味又醒神的酒精飲料,正 是每個人週末再需要不過的。 Toddla回到鋼鐵之城,他的家 鄉是難得的體驗。作為BBC一 號電臺的DJ,Toddla憑藉獨特 的 風格風靡全國,他最近新發

佈的ACID也大受歡迎。村裡人 得知Toddla即將回家鄉Sheffield演出自然是欣喜若狂。 DJ們一個輪一個上場表演自己 的絕活。個人來講當晚的高潮 是Londoner和Shy FX,他們的 擊鼓貝斯組合令所有人不停地 舞動,整晚的氣氛非常High。 Boxfresh + Tuesday Club + Toddla T 絕對等同於難忘的一 夜。對的地點對的人群對的DJ 和對的酒精,還有什麼可以比 這樣的夜晚更美好?

作者:Millie Hamnett 页#11


優惠大派送 选择百味,享受优惠。 新鮮人,新鮮味!

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四分之三的臥室面積寬敞 臨近大學

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*according to NSHS

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“我們提供各種美容美甲服務, 3人或以上可預約上門服務。”

0114 272 01 73 www.rubysnailsandbeauty.co.uk 2EF

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布洛蒂·達勒 布洛蒂·達勒于去年宣佈正在創作新的曲 目,引起了一陣反響。如今她再次宣佈準 備於今年發行單飛后第一張專輯,反響更 為劇烈。

歡迎來到Sheffield。巡迴演唱會進行得如 何? 目前為止一切順利。我很喜歡英國。天氣 很好 – 我喜歡下雨天。我住在洛杉磯,已 經厭倦了晴空萬里的日子。第一次來到這 裡很開心。

這位蒸餾器和噴絲頭樂隊(Distillers and Spinnerette)前主唱至今已經擁有一段漫 長和狂野的音樂生涯 – 15歲就簽約唱片公 司,20來歲就在世界範圍內巡迴演唱 – 而 如今到達而立之年,與石器時代皇后樂隊 (Queens Of The Stone Ag)主唱喬希·霍 姆的婚姻、身為人母的生活是否已經馴服 了這位搖滾女王?

介紹一下你的新專輯,雙倍愛情(Diploid Love)? 專輯是關於當下的生活。雙倍愛情(Diploid Love)對於我來說是感同身受的創 作,關於生活,關於創作。探索了現代生 活,在逆境中生長強大甚至得到心靈上的 淨化。專輯的創作花了幾年的時間,我做 事情不喜歡趕。

布洛蒂·達勒來到Sheffield準備在the Leadmill的第一場演出,我們趁機採訪到她……

專輯中最喜歡的歌是哪首? 妓女派對(Parties for Prostitutes)。是首 很有趣的歌。 一直打算要單飛么? 從來沒有刻意打算這件事但是我挺喜歡作 為一個獨立的歌手的感覺。我一直很羡慕 PJ Harvey她們那些人,全身心投入,我想 要那種自由。就像你剛學會開車,第一次 獨立上路開往任何地方的那種興奮。 會想念樂隊的陪伴么? 作為一個現場音樂表演者,巡演時會帶上 自己的樂隊。只有在工作室錄製的時候才 會一個人,那種獨立性恰恰是我喜歡的 – 例如我想打鼓就打鼓。 有沒有想過從事其他職業? 這是我唯一的職業,也是我熱愛的職業。 專輯的所有歌都是你寫的,而且大部份樂 器伴奏都是由你演奏的 – 有什麽是你不擅


長的么? 可能是鋼琴吧 – 還有一萬種其他可能。這 可以說是我的下一個挑戰,我12歲就開始 彈吉他,一直練習各種樂器并樂在其中。 我丈夫癡迷于貝斯—很多人不知道這個秘 密。我剛認識他的時候因為自己是個菜鳥 所以很嫉妒他,因為他我開始彈貝斯,當 時就覺得我得把這個樂器學會。 會想家么? 當然想,這是我第一次離家這麼長時間, 為期3個星期的巡演至今才過了一個星期。 我一天和孩子們facetime兩三次,還給他 們寄了明信片。不過好處是現在看書報雜 誌或者看電視的時候不會有人爬到你身上 或者朝你頭上扔枕頭。 下一步的計劃是什麽? 會洛杉磯一段時間,今年夏天再來英國 參加Leeds/Reading的音樂節,一定很有 趣。 作者:潔西卡·福格蒂








電子陶瓷燙髮 讀者獨家優惠 原價£180起 持此券優惠價£130




來自巴西的膠原戴 白組分,深入修護 受損髮絲,減少分 叉,健康直發。

凡購買坷拉直發,可享受£130的優惠價, 同時免費獲得KERA系列洗護美髮套裝, 價值£35! 可省去£65,憑此券可享受優惠。

大家好 夏天快到了! 是時候告別沒 完沒了的論 文,開始找點 樂子了! 我們有好多 好消息與大家分享 – 首先自我 介紹一下,我是《紙上談英》 (Student Magazine)的新主 編Jess,曾經就讀于Sheffield,畢業后的5年間曾于知名 報社和雜誌社工作。希望大家 喜歡我的第一期成果!精彩內 容包括一些列的藝術家採訪, 書評,節日點評,時尚訊息和 美食頻道等等! 我們將短暫休息3個月,下一期 雜誌將於9月與大家見面。

06 布洛蒂·達勒

26 書評 & 新片快遞

11 Boxfresh隆重推薦:Toddla T

23 美食专栏

14 樂隊專訪: Thumpers

30 幾多錢

16 樂隊專訪: Drenge

35 Trusper生活小竅門

19 音樂節




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