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In this special Christmas edition you will find this years most desirable gifts for people of all ages. With descriptions of each product, you will be sure to get the right gift for all your loved ones this Christmas

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We were backstage at BRMB Live 2010 with artists such as: Olly Murs and Mcfly. Unfortunately we couldn't interview them, so we decided to give you some of the information that not many people know about their favourite artists Olly Murs, From: Witham, Essex Information: Olly supports Manchester United, but used to play semi professional football for Witham Town , he has been a contestant on Deal Or No Deal before and won ÂŁ10

The Wanted, From: London Information: The band, formed by Max, Siva, Jay, Tom and Nathan. Was formed in 2009 and released their first single in August where it became Number 1 across the UK charts since then they have performed everywhere including BRMB Live & X factor Shayne Ward, From: Manchester Information: Shayne auditioned for the X Factor back in 2005 and soon become the favourite to win, since then he has released 3 albums, even after taking a 2 year break in his career. He has now signed a 2 year deal with Syco Music Mcfly, From: Mixed Locations Information: The band consists of Tom, Danny, Dougie and Harry the band was formed by Tom Fletcher after he auditioned for Busted but failed to get in. They then became famous as a band back in 2004, one of their first gigs were supporting Busted on tour, since then they have released 8 albums and performed all over the world. Including BRMB live 2 weeks ago. All Images Copyright Š and are the property of BRMB Radio Station, Birmingham

Chart Position 1


Song Title

X Factor Finalists 2010



Ellie Goulding

Your Song



Love You More


Olly Murs

Thinking of Me



Only Girl (in the world)


Take That

The Flood


Far East Movement

Like a G6


Katy Perry




Make You Feel My Love


Rihanna Drake

What's my name


Black Eyed Peas

The Time


Cee Lo Green

Forget You


Mike Posner

Cooler Than Me


Bruno Mars

Just The Way You Are


Mcfly ft Taio Cruz

Shine a Light


Alexis Jordan




Just a Dream



Raise Your Glass


Cheryl Cole

Promise This


Saturdays ft Flo Rida


At the top of the charts this week are the X Factor Finalists with the song Heroes. All of the proceeds from the song will, as usual, be donated to charity. The big question on everybody’s lips though is, will the X Factor winner be Christmas number one, or will there be a repeat of last year? Let us know what you think by visiting our website

Headphone Hats: £24.99 We’ve no doubt you’ve seen other hats with built‐in             headphones before, but most of them are ill‐fi ng and            unstylish, thus rendering them useless , however these        headphone hats, at under £30  provide a crisp yet clear sound  for any iPod, mp3 player or phone to plug into... and they come  in a range of  5 styles.  Wobba Water Ball: £4.99 Yes, by the picture all it looks like is a ball and your right  that's all it really is, un l you throw it onto water then it  bounces across the surface. Perfect for playing catch in the  sea or  a swimming pool, well good for summer weather.  Heated Gloves: £29.99 For nearly £30 these gloves may be too expensive, that is if they  were normal gloves. These   specially manufactured gloves have  hidden hea ng elements built into the fingers and palm of the  inner casing of the glove, allowing you to turn  them on and let them heat up to a toasty 33.o   All powered by a 9V ba ery!    The UlƟmate FesƟval Kit: £24.99 Its kind of like a survival kit for fes vals but  includes over 18 mini fes val essen als     including: lip balm, a PVC poncho,        pock‐ et‐size  ssues, face wipes, a tube of sun‐ screen, a keychain torch, toilet seat     co‐ vers, an ‐bacterial hand gel, a travel tooth‐ brush with paste, chewing gum, an emer‐ gency blanket, a mini first‐aid kit, a glow in  the dark whistle, travel size Kiss My Face®  shower gel, deodorant and shampoo.  All Images © 

Sound Asleep Pillow: £17.99 Perfect for anyone who loves listening to music in  bed, but hates wearing headphones. This pillow is  made to solve that problem , it comes with a mp3/ iPod jack which allows you to listen to your music   whilst going to sleep. 

The Slanket: £24.99 You may or may not of herd of this genius  idea. The concept is very simple, it’s a     blanket with sleeves hence the name, “the  slanket” it was made for the blanket lovers  that hated reaching their arms out to grab  the remote or popcorn whilst your nice and  warm, which is probably everyone and its machine washable!  Perfect Badge: £4.99 this clever li le design of a badge makes it look like a normal  school prefect badge, however the R has been cleverly        misplaced to spell the word Perfect,  it even comes in a very  stylish black box which makes it great for gi s, or just to  prove how perfect you  are.   Hug A Mug: £9.99 Cupping a hot drink isn’t as easy as they make it look  in the adverts and holding it by the handle simply  isn’t as comfor ng, especially when you burnt your  hand trying to cup the mug. Sound familiar? That’s  why the “Hug A Mug” is here! This mug has strong  insula on inside the mug which allows you to hold it  without burning your hands, it also keeps your drinks  warmer for longer. Oh and it has no handles. 

All gi s wri en here were from... 

The Perfect Christmas Look As Christmas is around the corner girls, its this time of year to get your perfect Christmas dress. This season it’s all about elegance, lace is perfect for this Christmas as it is demure, (something we can’t say about all clothes). It will give you an elegant look which defines your figure at the right places. If you don’t like lace a classic black dress will be just as good, as long as you feel comfortable in it. Don’t forget to accessorise with matching shoes and clutch. A plain simple clutch will do the job; killer heals will not only boost your height but will make you feel happier and get you in the partying mood. To complete your look do a classic beehive or even a bouf with curls. And finally don’t forget to add a cheeky smile as it’s Christmas.

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Winter Fashion Keep warm This winter in the ho est trends  2.  1.  2.  3. 

1. 3.

River Island‐£44.99  TopShop‐£68.00  Next‐£50.00 

Furry boots 

Keep your lips looking  lush this winter with  NEW Vaseline lip ther‐

2. 3.


1. 2.  3. 

Forever 21 ‐£26.80  Next‐£38.00  George @asda‐ £17 

X‐mas party dress 

River Island   Animal Jewellery  Ranging from £5.99— £14.99 

Amazon Kindle If you know a keen reader who doesn’t like to carry a hefty book on their travels, the Amazon Kindle could be right for them. With a battery life of one month, a non-glare screen and enough space for 3,500 books, the Amazon Kindle is ideal for the keen reader Price: £109 from Amazon

iPod Nano 16GB

The newly redesigned version is a multi-touch device which is smaller and lighter than ever before. It can be clipped on to your sleeve or trousers and includes a built-in pedometer and FM radio. It is also available in six colours Price: £143 from Argos, Amazon and HMV

iPhone 3GS 8GB pay as you go

These days mobile phones do just about anything and the fastest and most powerful iPhone yet is no different. High demand, however, means stocks are low and Tesco Direct and Vodafone have already sold out, but it is still available at Amazon Price: £419 from Amazon

Sony Bravia 32-inch Widescreen TV with Digital Freeview

This television has fantastic sound and picture quality and with the use of a light sensor, it will automatically detect the brightness of the room and optimise the picture for the best viewing results. Price: £349.99 from Dixons and Amazon

Canon Digital IXUS 130

This stylish camera will be perfect for the budding photographer with its ultra thin design and high image quality. It is also available in silver, black, orange and pink. Price: from £124.90 from

Vtech Kidizoom Video Camera

This camera allows the kids to record videos, take photos and edit their creations. Other features include face-tracking technology so that moving animations can be added to a moving picture. Price: from £39.99 from Toys R Us

Sony VAIO EB3JOE/WI Laptop

This new laptop has an LCD screen and an integrated webcam with face recognition technology. It is also available in a range of colours. Price: approximately £550 from BT Shop

Samsung Galaxy Tab 16GB

This fantastic touch screen device features two cameras, Wi-Fi surfing and much more. This would make an ideal gift for that person in your family who wants all the latest must-have gadgets. Price: approximately £450 from Amazon, Curry’s and PC World

iPad 16GB Wi-Fi

The Apple iPad was launched in May this year with huge success, making it one of the musthave gadgets this Christmas. Price: approximately £430 from PC World, Comet and

Nintendo Wii Console (black)

The console had huge success in 2009 and with the latest addition of the Wii Fit Plus and Balance Board and Motion Plus Controller, it is sure to be on many Christmas lists this year. The new version is great for having fun with your friends, while improving your balance and strength through various exercises. Price: £179.99 from Amazon

Call Of Duty: Black Ops. Call Of Duty are back, with the number one waited game of the year. This time they're focusing on the present tense and have even bought back zombies with 3 new maps including the arcade style Dead Ops. The game will also allow you to play old zombie maps such as “Nacht Der Untoten”. Online has once again got better with another 14 new maps and a whole new range of weapons and killstreaks such as the new RCXD, Valkyire rocket launchers and the return of the Dogs. This is one game that you don’t want to miss out on. FIFA 11 FIFA has always been about delivering the most realistic depiction of the sport of soccer. FIFA 10 brought us the very first Virtual Pro, a feature that allowed you to create a player, put him on a team, and then watch him progress as you used him in any of the game's modes. However FIFA 11 takes to the next level with something called Personality Plus. The game is perfect for everyone who likes football and is great to play online against friends and other football fans, or offline in career mode and virtual pro If you like football and FIFA this is another game that should be on your Christmas list, if its not already. Assassins Creed, Brotherhood This new game is set in 16th century Rome and is spotted with dilapidated buildings, each requiring you to bring them back to their former glory. The character you play, Ezio, has changed very little since his last job, his skills set unchanged, therefore, leaving little to distinguish him from his prior form. This ensures that armed scraps are still very rigid and escaping unwanted attention is an option, the most effective of which is still jumping into a hay cart, but it is probably best to stay and fight.

Grand Turismo 5, (PS3 Exclusive) you'll see where those six years since the last instalment proper have gone; they're in the light refracting across the headlights, in the reflections that glisten across the perfectly sculpted bodywork and in the rivets and nuts that are each perfectly placed and painstakingly rendered. Forget photo-realism; catch it from the right angle and Gran Turismo 5 looks better than the real thing. This could be the best thing that is ever to happen to Play Station, as this could be the number 1 game of the year. This should also be on your Christmas list as the price to pay is no where near the amount of work that has been put into this game. Oh and it’s exclusive to Playstation 3 Halo Reach (Xbox 360 Exclusive) The final Halo game developed by Bungie, Halo: Reach, has been described as 'The most anticipated game of 2010' by Microsoft. The game, which is set a few weeks before the first Halo game, doesn't follow the story of the Master Chief, but instead the story of a squad of Spartans (Noble Team), a highly trained group of super soldiers. The new instalment of the popular game again offers a fantastic multiplayer function based upon the strong foundations of that seen in Halo 3. The multiplayer function on Halo may be a little difficult to get used to if you haven't played it before, but once you're used to it, there is a huge treat in store for you. Medal Of Honour This new game is another of the First Person Shooter genre such as Call of Duty. As a result of this there are reminders of other games of its sort, but that doesn't take away from its solid form, despite it not bringing anything new to the gaming scene. The game is set in Afghanistan after the attack on the World Trade Centre and follows a group of super soldiers whose mission is to kill members of the Taliban. Throughout the game you play several characters, for one of which you are nicknamed 'rabbit' and your team mates also have similarly amusing nicknames including 'Voodoo' and 'Preacher'. Another one for the Christmas list.

The image below shows the devastation which will occur on Coronation Street next week. To mark the 50th Anniversary of the show, there will be a tram crash on the street resulting in four major characters being killed off. The end of the street where the corner shop and post office are located will be badly damaged after an explosion causes a tram to veer off the viaduct and crash onto the famous cobbles of Weatherfield

Xmas Tv Shows Doctor Who Christmas Special: A Christmas Carol (Christmas Day, BBC 1, 6pm) It's nearly been a year since one of the best loved actors to play Doctor Who, David Tennant, left our screens, handing over the lead role on the extremely popular show to Matt Smith. This Christmas cracker promises not to disappoint with a guest appearance from Michael Gambon. Come Fly With Me (Christmas Day, BBC 1, 10pm) The new show from comedy duo Matt Lucas and David Walliams is a 'mockumentray' comedy series about life in an airport. The much loved actors play all of the characters in the show from the pilots to the check in staff and will be must watch family viewing this Christmas. The Royal Family: Joe's Crackers (Christmas Day, BBC 1, 9pm) The famously funny show returns once more for another Christmas special. This year we will see the whole cast return for the one-off special in which Jim Royle (Ricky Tomlinson) spends yet another holiday in his favourite armchair after injuring himself, leaving Barbara (Sue Johnston) to organise the family's day. EastEnders (Christmas Day, BBC 1, 8pm) As usual EastEnders has a big treat in store for its viewers over the festive season. This year the love triangle between Stacey, Janine and Ryan is planned to come to a head in spectacular fashion on Christmas Day. Top Gear Christmas Special (Boxing Day, BBC 2) Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond will once again grace our screens for the Christmas special which will see them taking the path of the three wise men in the Middle East in a range of sports cars which are completely unsuitable for the terrain. A new episode of the popular motoring show is due to be shown on December 21st with the Christmas Special being shown on December 26th.

This week’s top news is England’s attempt to have the chance to host the 2018 World Cup. England are currently favourites to host the World Cup, with their rivals being Russia, Netherlands and Belgium and also Spain and Portugal. England has David Beckham, Prince William and David Cameron representing them in Zurich. Many fans are confident that football’s biggest showpiece will return to England in 2018, only to host it though. Football – Manchester United came a away with the biggest win in the Premier League this season, a 7-1 demolition of Blackburn, with Dimitar Berbatov getting five goals! Berbatov got the rout going after two minutes, to make it 1-0. He then added to his tally in the 27th minute. He then grabbed his hat trick just after half time, on the 47th minute. Berbatov then got his 4th and 5th in the 62nd and 70th minutes of the game. Park and Nani had both added goals to make the score and emphatic 7-0 to Manchester United, Samba then grabbed a consolation goal for Blackburn, to make the score 7-1. Since the Premier League was formed Berbatov is only the 4th ever player to score 5 goals in a single game.


Formula One - Sebastian Vettel recently became the youngest ever World Champion in Formula 1, where he clinched his title by winning on the last race of the season, in Abu Dhabi. Vettel had been driving in Formula One since 2006, where he drove for BMW Sauber. He has been with Red Bull Racing since 2009, and clinched the world title with his second season with Red Bull. In his first season with Red Bull he came second in the overall world rankings. Ashes 2010 – The first test ended a draw at The Gabba, with Alastair Cook getting an amazing 235 (n.o) and Jonathon Trott getting a very respectable 135 (n.o) with England ending the day 517/1. Therefore the test ended in a draw. England and Australia, will now battle it out for the first test win of the series at Adelaide. England will be hoping to regain the Ashes, but it will prove to be a very hard challenged with Australia adamant not to lose on home soil. England will also be happy to hear that Australia have axed fast bowler Mitchell Johnson for their squad, as he failed to deliver at The Gabba failing to even get a wicket. This could prove to be good or bad news for England, depending on how his replacement performs on the Second test in Adelaide.

Next Issue will be available to view in January 2011, It will include a review of the Clothes Show Live as well as all the latest news from the technology world, including the travel of the future. We will of course have all the regular sections throughout the magazine including the must see television over the following weeks So check back at the start of January when the exciting new issue of the magazine will be available for your viewing

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