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A completely new social network? The inspiration for Outfit Hive was really two-fold … One, we wanted to be able to see what real people like us are wearing (magazines and celebs are great but we’re talking about every day, affordable and achievable style inspiration). And two, there are so many great features out there – both social network and fashion related features – but they’re scattered. We like parts of so many websites; one site to combine them all seemed to be needed. So Outfit Hive is the bring-

ing together of many great features with some original ones too. One of the most unique benefits of this site will be finding outfit inspiration tailored to you. You’ll be able to see what others the same size, height and style as you are wearing. You can see not only individual items but what people have teamed them with to form a complete outfit. It’s also a great way to connect with friends. A main feature of the site is Outfit of the Day. This is a competition that runs for each daily topic and works

simply like this: members vote on their favourite photo that day and the one with the most votes is awarded Outfit of the Day. It’s a fun feature that helps members feel good and interact more.

The Student Magazine - March  

The must-have student accessory.

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