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Live & Work

International internship program


Often a company has a project that requires specific knowledge of a language, market or profession. Knowledge that is possibly hard to find within our own country, but is most certainly available in other countries. Recruiting talent abroad is an expensive and time-consuming process, and the necessary network to find the right candidate is often lacking. For this reason companies often choose to outsource the recruitment process to the party with the largest international network: AIESEC. AIESEC has a database of over 6000 students from over 110 countries with a wide range of academic backgrounds.

Live & Work is a unique internship program by AIESEC and The Student Hotel. Together we take care of the entire recruitment process, administrative formalities, all-inclusive accommodation and social activities for your interns. This way, we make it easy for your company to attract the best international academic talent.


OUR INTERNS ARE FROM A WIDE RANGE OF ACADEMIC DISCIPLINES Business • Accounting • Business Administration • Marketing • Human Resources • Economics • Finance

Technical Technical • Information Technology • Life Sciences • Engineering


• Developmental Studies • Social Sciences • Journalism and many others

• Cultural Education • Linguistics Education


what we offer With the Live & Work program, your company enjoys the combined benefits that AIESEC and The Student Hotel have to offer. AIESEC starts with the recruitment and selection of the interns, they take care of all administrative formalities and their services continue throughout the entire internship. Furthermore, we believe that the wellbeing of your intern in very important to get the most out of an internship. That is why the Live & Work program includes accommodation at The Student Hotel; an all-inclusive international, social environment where your interns feel right at home. The extra services and facilities on-site allow your interns to completely focus on their work.




AIESEC takes care of the entire process, before, upon and after arrival of your intern.

The Student Hotel has modern facilities and extra services to ensure a carefree stay for your intern.

To ensure a social stay, The Student Hotel offers campus life with lots of extras and places to make new friends.

• Drawing up a profile of the internship

• Fully-furnished rooms with a private bathroom

• Shared live-in kitchens

• Recruitment and selection

• High-bandwidth internet

• Lounge area & Games room

• All formalities, such as visa and insurance

• Flatscreen T.V.

• Restaurant/bar

• Personal bicycle

• Gym

• All expenses for gas water and electricity

• Library and study rooms

• Coordinating travel and arrival

• Social activities • On-site staff and security



Selection • We draw up a profile of the internship and desired background of your intern(s) • After a maximum of four weeks we present a number of candidates that match the profile • Your company selects the intern(s)


Evaluation Apart from the continuous contact during the internship between your company, the student and AIESEC, there are two evaluation moments with you, the intern and us.





Together with the intern, AIESEC takes care of all necessary preparations:

We take care of the reception and support in the Netherlands:

• Logistical preparation

• Reception upon arrival at the airport

• Visa application • All other documents and licenses needed

• Organizing social activities • We help out with all formalities, such as opening a bank account

What others say Dominik, Czech Republic about The Student Hotel

I love life here at the hotel. A couple of friends recommended The Student Hotel and I was convinced immediately. All facilities I need are available: a bar, laundry room, gym, a nice lobby in which I can play billiards and table tennis with friends.

Nike European Headquarters about AIESEC

Nike has been working with AIESEC trainees since 2001. The trainees have been instrumental in all areas of our online direct-to-consumer business, from website production to logistics and marketing analytics. We have been pleased to build a strong relationship with them, which brought to the promotion of several of them to full-time contracts.

Woger Trading International about AIESEC

The international mindset of AIESEC IT trainees are an ideal fit for our company: they feel perfectly at home in an international company and quickly understand challenges that arise in an e-commerce environment. Working with AIESEC has been very fruitful.

ABOUT US AIESEC is established in over 110 countries & territories

The Student Hotel offers the most comfortable and carefree student accommodation.

AIESEC is a non-profit organization founded in 1948 as a result of World War II. The objective of our organization is to develop leadership and cultural understanding in educated young people, so that they can have a positive impact on society.

The Student Hotel is a brand and formula by City Living. The formula – all-inclusive student accommodation – enjoys international success. Going abroad to study or for an internship might be the most defining stage in your life. We know from our own personal experience that living on your own is a big part of this journey. It’s a unique and deeply exciting experience, yet often an equally uncertain and difficult one too. Especially if you go abroad.

The international internship program is an important tool in obtaining our objective. For participating students as well as the students who organize the program in the Netherlands, it is a unique way to gain cultural and professional experience.

For more information: Phone: +31 20 4228669

Live & Work- TSH International Internship program  
Live & Work- TSH International Internship program