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December 2011 | The Design Edition | TheStreetFashionista

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Photoshop Training … p. 4 Vector Training … p.5 Layout Design Training … p.6 Value to you rOrganization … p.5 Next in her Education … p.7 Skills and Proficiencies … p.7

Below: Magazine spread designed by Vanessa Street


What I wore to my ProStyleMakeup Interview

fashion forward

Fashion Job Interview Wear When I went to the ProStyle Makeup Interview, I made to sure to dress for the industry. There are five simple tips to keep in mind when you are dressing for a make-it-orbreak-it interview. Photograph from Ian McCausland

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-->I have recently been employed as a summer intern with a makeup academy called ProStyle Makeup. I am hired as their marketing intern and also I am hired to improve their organization to increase efficiency. But I was sure to dress for the industry. This beauty industry opportunity requires that I look good, so I dressed for my position. Here are five simple tips to keep in mind when you are dressing for a make-it-or-breakit interview: REMEMBER YOUR INDUSTRY STANDARDS. The fashion and beauty industries are all about the looks, so dress to impress, but with flair. Wear the bold floral dress. Add the chunky bracelet. Swipe on some gloss. It’s your time to shine, it’s your time to create your own image, and in these industries, image is everything. Employers want to see that you are presentable, so they can rely on your image to reflect their own. WEAR FLATTERING CLOTHES. If your khakis are too tight (as in I’m seeing panty line) then do not wear them. And I don’t care how large you think your breasts are, for an interview keep them covered. You want your clothes to flatter your body so your interviewer immediately thinks, “Well doesn’t she look so good!” This is especially important in the fashion world because, well, this industry specializes in creat-

A white dress with tiger print, and I layered a black belt over it to accentuate my waist. I also accessorized with my black ring with rhinestones and my dangling chain earrings.

Fashion editor: Vanessa Street; Style: Vanessa Street; Design: Vanessa Street

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December 2011 | The Design Edition | TheStreetFashionista

TheStreetFashionista | The Design Edition | December 2011

Photo Composition Training

Vanessa’s Overall Value to Your Organization

Vector Creation Training

Basic Photoshop plus ingenuity equals superb work

Vanessa learned the basics of Adobe Photoshop in the ART 109 course and built upon those skills through experimentation with the program. She learned how to digitally enhance any photo through Camera Raw editing feature in Adobe Bridge, and she would transfer those photos into Photoshop for further treatment. Her favorite in class exercise was color exercise; she learned about different color combinations (warm vs. cool, complimentary), shading, tinting, and so on, and how color can change the entire design aesthetic. And through the abstraction exercises, she combined multiple photos to create a self-portrait of herself flying, applying only a few filters to further create a unique look. There are no limits to enhancements she can make to photos to make an image perfect for your organization. 4

The power of learnning about vectors

Left: Kitty Litter by Vanessa Street

Below: Devil Diva by Vanessa Street

Why do you need her at your organization? For her...

Vanessa’s first exposure to the vector art world came in the ART 109 course, and her aptitude for creating vector illustrations using Adobe Illustrator knew no limits. She has always had an immense interest in logo design, but her skills were limited because of her limited avenues for creation. Then through the course, she successfully created her first professional logo for one of her clients using Illustrator.

In the course she learned about the power of typography, like the uses of serif and sans-serif font, and how to effectively incorporate type with images. Most importantly, while working with vector illustrations, she learned the vital difference between raster images and vector images, and that there are appropriate uses for each depending on the purpose of the design.

• Creativity and greatly developed design skills • Crucial critical thinking skills Above: “Betrayal” by Vanessa Street • Solve your Below: “Chef of the Party” Logo by Vanessa Street communication problems • Attractive logos, layouts, photo compositions, and other essential design elements 5

TheStreetFashionista | The Design Edition | December 2011

December 2011 | The Design Edition | TheStreetFashionista

Layout Design Training


Vanessa has always had a passion for layout design, so she was most excited for this aspect of the ART 109 course. She created a newsletter spread from start to finish with only the help of an online tutorial. From that exercise, she learned a lot of the aspects of InDesign. From there she learned about layout grids and how to use them to increase efficiency. She utilized a style sheet to recreate a feature spread from the popular lifestyle magazine Glamour. She even created a concert poster utilizing both Photoshop and placing text with InDesign. She was already skilled in using Microsoft Publisher, but can now take her layout design to the next level using Adobe InDesign.


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From flyers to magazines and more

What’s Next For Vanessa’s Design Education?



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Above: Patriotic Princess by Vanessa Street Left: A vector illustration Vanessa created from scratch Opposite Page: “A Golden Mic Affair” Concert Poster by Vanessa Street

A8-ConcertPoster-VStreet.indd 1

Next she plans on developing her web design skills, and also effectively incorporating all of her design abilities with her interest in advertising. Vanessa has only just begun to uncover her interest and abilities in the field of graphic design.

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December 2011

Graphic Design Self Promo  

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