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Seasonal Collections Our limited edition, Seasonal Collections freshen up your assortment and create excitement. This product serves existing customers and can attract new ones, plus it is ideal for “Kick off the season events!” We look toward Mother Nature for our inspiration on these collections, with color and fashion trends informing our process.

Fall Frolic Ships July 15th

Warm fall colors, owls, leaves and even bunnies all come together and invite us to enjoy the splendor of the season. Our beloved jack-o'-lanterns continue to bring the smiles!

Winter Harmony Ships September 15th This year a new Christmas tree works in harmony with our menagerie of familiar seasonal images to help spread holiday cheer.


Fall Collection: Foliage and Jack-o-Lanterns ships July 15th Winter Collection: Holiday ships September 15th Spring Collection: Mother’s Day ships March 15th • We provide promotional materials for each collection that are easily accessible on our website. • Styles in each group have the name of the collection on the earring card and are shipped in a red bag to make them special and to help facilitate merchandising on the display. • Ask about how you can get a header for your display to help tell each seasonal story. • The unsold units from the collections are included in your annual returns.

It’s more than an accessory, it’s a feeling It’s about feeling enchanted by the layering, movement, color and detail in every pair of Silver Forest earrings. It’s about feeling confident wearing our jewelry and having a way to express yourself. Handcrafted in the USA, we are committed to our quality craftsmanship and materials and hope our passion for design can bring joy to every occasion or just every day!

Committed to high standards and creative craftmanship for over 35 years We use surgical steel or surgical steel with 18k gold overlay on all our ear wires. Our jewelry is lead and cadmium free so customers with a metal sensitivity can buy our earrings with confidence.

We take pride in our raw materials. We use genuine semiprecious stones and crystal, glass beads and natural materials to accent our jewelry. Our metals consist of raw brass elements.

Slight variations are in every piece, giving each the unique impression of wearable art. Each metal earring shape or disk is cut and rolled out with our unique textures. We use scores of different textures and over 1,000 shapes.

We use four distinct color processes in the finishing of our jewelry. Slight color variations arise due to the different textures on the metal and how each process adheres to a particular piece of metal. Ceramic color process, a heat baked process, creates depth to each piece. The colors are opaque and because the finish is baked, the ceramic will last longer than the paint processes. Hand painted color wash, a special formulation of paint, creates a very durable, translucent finish. This color process is used to reveal the texture of the metal and have a sueded silk appearance. Epoxy gives the metal a glossy, highlighted sheen. Raku, our newest process, requires a blending of complementary colors in a specific palette to give an impression of fired clay. We begin with a base color applied to the entire component and then lightly apply, by hand with a sponge, two to three additional colors to create depth. Sometimes an additional topcoat of gold or silver sparkle is applied to create a shimmer effect.

Outstanding Customer Care

Outstanding Retail Support

Our customers are essential to the success of our brand and we take pride in prompt, friendly communication. We strive to make every one of our customers feel taken care of, whether it’s directing them to one of our retailers or assisting them with a broken earring.

We want you to succeed and we’re here to help you every step of the way. We aim to make doing business with us seamless and satisfying!

We remain committed to our brick-and-mortar strategy and do not compete with you by selling direct-toconsumer on our own website or catalog, continuing to encourage customers to visit your stores.

Customer Loyalty Program Our Buy 5 get 1 Free reward program continues to delight! It’s a simple, effective way to thank our customers for their loyalty which helps keep them coming back. Remember that our Spirit brand is also included in this program. Make sure you always have our Buy 5 cards on hand—our consumer-oriented programs help not only our customers but our retailers too!


We don’t compete with you.

Thanks to our dedicated employees, hardworking retailers and loyal customers,

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Repair & Replacement Program We stand behind our craftsmanship with a comprehensive repair and replacement program. If your Silver Forest jewelry is damaged, we will repair or replace it free of charge. If you simply lose an earring, we will do our best to replace it for you, also free of charge!

Thank you so much for your amazing customer service! I received my replacement today and was so happy. Although I am a new customer, I will now remain a loyal customer!

We support you with social marketing. Social media gives us the opportunity to showcase our signature looks. Our posts help drive customers to your retail space, create a sense of excitement and increase brand awareness. Re-posting our posts is an easy way to boost sales. Engaging with our loyal fans, and them engaging with each other, fosters a true sense of community. Pictures of our Core Collection can be downloaded from to help you get started.

Our displays bring color, movement and distinction to your store. Our product is best experienced in person, where the details of each unique design can best be appreciated, and the breadth of our well merchandised assortment admired. Our rich wooden displays are the ideal background for our handcrafted, often nature-inspired, designs.

We nurture a collectable brand. We introduce new styles throughout the year. This gives the retailer something new and fresh to offer but, more importantly, it gives our end customer a compelling reason to purchase again.

Spirit features an eclectic mix of designs, offering tailored and motif studs, elegant and playful hoops and contemporary designs that round out the collection with an updated point of view.

Our outstanding customer service and loyal following, combined with popular pricing and proudly being Made in the USA, makes Spirit a great choice for your store.

Designed and crafted by the Silver Forest team, Spirit has something for everyone. Semiprecious stones, cubic zirconia and crystals are added for color and personality, delivering everything you expect from a Silver Forest brand. All styles have a tarnish resistant finish, and the earwires and posts are Sterling Silver.

Like our other programs: • All product comes pre-ticketed with labels showing SKU number, barcode, delivery date and the retail price is on the front of the card • Display is on loan at no cost (17” turn of counter space) • Exchanges at no cost on every item that doesn’t sell within a year • We ship the fully merchandised display to you at no cost • Unconditional money back guarantee for six months • Our customer loyalty program is honored • Net 60 for your initial payment

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