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Stratton ABC Foundation cares for 14 children living in a home at Chompoo, Saraphi, in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Aged between 6 & 14, the children receive regular education at community schools, help w ith homework and additional English language tuition. Children at the home pa rticipate in character and skills development projects which are also made available to local community children. Foundation funds pay for the following: Basic accommodation Sufficient staff Home cooked healthy diet Education T r ansportation Ar t and Craft Workshops Garden projects

We need you to cont r ibute money or time, to ensure we can continue our work.

Objectives 1.

Family home style care and accommodation, including adequate personal space. 2.

Suitable education 3.

4. 5.

Healthy diet

Create better future opportunities in life

P romote English language learning & use in r u ral communities 6.

Monitoring & maintenance of high standards of care

Long term aims We also need funding to help achieve our long te rm aims Register as a Children’s Home (Cu r rently registered as a Foundation) I ncrease numbers of children cared for by the Foundation to 25, w ith increased facilities at a purpose built home; including facilities for use by local community children; with the possibility of additional similar sized homes. P rovide teaching resources to the community to promote learning and use of English language. P rovide discount cards for sponsors of the foundation similar to a club membership scheme I nclude Autism as a specialist care function of the Foundation by providing a home for Autistic children and appropriate t raining for people to care for Autistic children either in thei r own home or at the Foundation facility.

These are just some of the things happening at the stratton abc foundation.

The Stratton ABC Foundation..Aims and Objectives  

List of Aims and Objectives and reasons why we need your help

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