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Health & Wellness

Cibc First Caribbean Intl Bank hosts its 8th Walk for the cure.

Cheryl Stanislas shows off her natural hair products.

Canned Vs Fresh Vs Frozen Produce. Is your produce always fresh?


St.Lucian Hub Vin Jwenn Li - Come Find It

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Wake me up when September ends! This month has been one of disaster and despair. My heart goes out to the Bahamians who had to face the most gruelling storm in their history. Saint Lucia should count their blessings once again for being spared the havoc from a Hurricane once again. After the carnage to neighbouring island Dominica, I think most Saint Lucian’s were watchful of the incoming hurricane Dorian. I still believe some of us need to be more careful and prepare earlier. The supermarkets’ shelves ran out of some essential supplies. This normally happens when a severe weather system is approaching; therefore, you must stock up early. The aftermath of Dorian in the Bahamas was unfortunate and heartbreaking. Dorian should teach us a lesson that we should always be prepared, not only for storms but generally in our daily life. We can not take the little things for granted. It was quite upsetting to see some persons were angry that they had to open their businesses late due to hurricane warnings. I want to implore to Saint Lucians and any of my readers who can be affected by any storms to take heed and precautions. If you are speared, thank God, don’t be grouchy, the next disaster can be right on your doorstep.

Aaron Joseph

Cheryl Stanislas


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Cibc Walk 8th For the Cure St.Lucia world travel awards

Lucian Corner Feature Music - Pedro Photo Of the month

Photo Of The Month Marigot Bay

Pozé Kò - Rest yourself Sulphur Springs

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KinkyCurlyMe Cheryl Stanislas

Health & Wellness


Canned Vs Fresh Vs Frozen Produce

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Top Ten Uses for Baking Soda.


The St.Lucian Hub Magazine

Quick News Some of the most exciting Saint Lucian news from various news sources.

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The St.Lucian Hub Magazine


The Sir Arthur Lewis Community College and the University of the Virgin Islands are collaborating for the advancement of higher education for Saint Lucians.A Memorandum of Understanding between the two learning institutions was signed on September 18 and will allow for joint faculty research and student exchange. Vice President for Business Development and Innovation, at UVI Dr. Haldane Davies, said one of the more significant areas of cooperation is the seamless transition of students from SALCC to attend the UVI. “UVI is fully accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education which is one of the six regional accrediting bodies

across the United States of America that’s recognized by the US Department of Education. Our colleges and schools also have individual professional accreditation. Our School of Nursing is the ACN accreditation, our School of Business ACSB accreditation, our School of Education INCATE accreditation and our School of Medicine, which is currently being developed.” Every student of the SALCC who enrols at UVI to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree will receive an annual scholarship of approximately USD$6000 from UVI. Chairman of the Board of Governors of the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College, John Calixte, welcomed the opportunity. “As Chairman of the Board of

Governors of the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College, I am confident that this relationship will redound to the benefit of all involved. UVI can be assured of quality graduates from this institution earning degrees in multiple disciplines that can only help grow our economy and our society. I am also grateful for the offer of a scholarship to students who will be attending the university. On behalf of the Board of Governors, we do thank you for making that opportunity available to our students. I also want to thank you for the opportunity to allow them to work at the university and to be paid for their services.”

The St.Lucian Hub Magazine


The finest travel brands in Latin America have been unveiled at a star-studded gala ceremony in Bolivia. The elite of the travel industry assembled for the World Travel Awards (WTA) Latin America Ceremony in the administrative capital, La Paz, to find out who amongst them would be crowned best of the best.— 14 July 2019 - La Paz, Bolivia

Saint Lucia is thrilled to be nominated by the World Travel Awards for four global titles that could see the destination being named the best among the world’s leading destinations. In the 26th annual World Travel Awards (WTA), Saint Lucia will vie for the titles of: World’s Leading Honeymoon Destination 2019; World’s Leading Island Destination 2019; World’s Leading Wedding Destination 2019; and World’s Most Romantic Destination 2019. Voting for the WTA World categories is now open and runs until midnight on October 20, 2019. Industry partners and the public are invited to vote and encourage friends and family members to do the same, as the nominee gaining the most votes in a category will be

named as the winner. World Travel Awards is the preeminent leader in the travel and tourism industry recognizing and upholding excellence across all sectors. Saint Lucia has won the World’s Leading Honeymoon Destination Award ten times, with the most recent honour bestowed in 2018. The destination has also won the Caribbean’s Leading Honeymoon Destination Award, ten times in the last eleven years. The red carpet World Travel Awards Grand Final Gala Ceremony – the world’s premier gathering of tourism VIPs – will take place on November 28, 2019 at Royal Opera House Muscat, Sultanate of Oman.


The St.Lucian Hub Magazine

Government considers development of sea port facility in Vieux Fort The Government of Saint Lucia and MSC Cruises are in discussions on the development of a port facility in the south of the island. Prime Minister Hon. Allen Chastanet revealed that successful talks have been held with the third largest cruise ship company in the world. “The emphasis by my government is to improve the quality of service for cruise passengers in

MSC Cruiseship leaving port. Castries but not to expand the quantum of it. All of the increases in the size of the ships would be facilitated in Vieux Fort. I think having two ports certainly augers well and gives us that additional room.” The prime minister added that developing the south of the island provides the opportunity to develop home porting—the port from which a vessel primarily operates or is permanently based. Bird’s eye view of the Port of Castries.

The St.Lucian Hub Magazine


Cibc First Caribbean’s walk for the cure in it’s eighth year. CIBC FirstCaribbean International Bank started its journey to help fight cancer through its annual initiative “Walk For The Cure”. This year the theme for the walk is “Walk for the Cure - because everyone knows someone”. The event has raised over US$2.2million over the past seven years across the region. Saint Lucia has contributed close to EC$500,000 of that total. In 2018, the bank raised EC$75,000 locally and channelled the funds to persons living with cancer through the two local cancer support organisations; The St. Lucia Faces of Cancer and The St. Lucia Cancer society. Funds are raised to support persons in need of treatment and facilitate the acquisition and subsistence of equipment used in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer patients. CIBC FirstCaribbean’s Country Manager Mrs Ladesa James-Williams said that across the bank’s 16-member footprint, year number eight is expected to surpass its target of USD$550,000. Mrs James-Williams went further to say this year’s national target is set at EC$100, 000. She said that despite last year’s financial success, we could do better by way of our walk numbers. Mrs James-Williams cited partnerships as the single most effective

element in the growth of Walk For The Cure. “This year, we have brought into the fold, groups and individuals whose networks are vast and whose mass appeal is high among young people,’’ she disclosed. One such partner is Wavemaker Photography, through its head James Adjodha; will lead a social media campaign driven by the hashtags #everyoneknowssoneone and #758walkforthecure. The campaign will include personal testimonies from friends, local celebrities, and family members of loved ones who have felt the pain of seeing their loved ones live with cancer. The purpose of the campaigns is to give hope, honour the memory of loved ones, share survivors’ stories and highlight the value of family and community support. In issuing a plea of support to the entertainment sector, well-known event promoters EpicEvents, and carnival bands – REDUNLIMITED through their foundation along with JUST4FUN have pledged their support to the walk. A list of longstanding and new corporate partners include: Harbor Club, Massy Stores, Digicel, RCI, Wavemaker Photography, Vybz

Radio, Harris Paints, National Conservation Authority, SocaFit, BDO, St Lucia International Financial Centre, Bluewaters, Johnsons Hardware Ltd, Automotive Art (St Lucia) Ltd, Brice & Co Ltd, LUCELEC, WLBL – Piton Malta, Travel & Leisure Centre, Sea Island Cotton Shop, Courts/Unicomer, Touch Therapies Day Spa, Beat Envy and Vivre la Belle, Lumnat, Excel Signs, Flow, Fitness trails St. Lucia, KPMG, Atwell Dalgliesh, Bel Jou Hotel & DD Auto Imports. Registration is open at all CIBC FirstCaribbean branches, Massy Stores, The Cancer Society and Radio Caribbean International. Fundraising activities are ongoing with opportunities for public participation. The public is encouraged to make contributions in any amount at the Walk for the Cure donation tins at all CIBC FirstCaribbean branches, or via direct deposit to account # 106995550. For more information on the Walk for the Cure and how you can support, kindly contact Ms Serbrina Hassell at 456-1110 or Mr Kestan Jn. Baptiste at 456 1521.


The St.Lucian Hub Magazine


Two customers left and right along with Managing Director Donna Wellington & Mark St Hill of Cibc First Caribbean Intl Bank paying tribute to the loved ones suffering from cancer.

Some of the sponsors and staff of Cibc First Caribbean at the Walk For The Cure Launch

The St.Lucian Hub Magazine

The Lucian Corner In this section, learn about the Saint Lucian history, culture and music.

Let her inspire you



The St.Lucian Hub Magazine

FEATURE MUSIC - PEDRO he doesn these three things; work, church and spend time with the family. He is a worship leader at his church, Greater works international ministries in Bisee, Castries. Pedro manages Pinky’s Boutique and a Barber Shop in Castries on Manoel Street next to the Dennery Village Bus Terminal.

or knife, but my bible and my music. Music has been a gift from God. I have travelled around the Caribbean region, performing and spreading the word of God through my music.

This is what the humble Curtis Julien had to say when The St.Lucian Hub interviewed him.

Primarily I am a gospel artist, but I added a Caribbean twist to the music. I mix my gospel music with contemporary reggae, soca and hip-hop beats. My primary genre of music is gospel-reggae as most of my songs are recorded on reggae beats.

What influenced you to become a musician, and where did your journey start?


edro whose real name is Curtis Peter Julien, is a vibrant artist from Millet, Anse La Raye. He grew a passion for singing and writing music from his youth. Growing up in the church, he was exposed to the Christian faith, and Pedro gave his life to Christ at the age of ten. He released two songs in 2004 “End of times” and “Full up my head”, and his music was featured on a compilation CD for Christ, put together by Patrice Regis and Warner Francis. Pedro is a family man and a man of God. He states that

My journey started by listening to my sister Ava Luncheon sing at church. She warmed my heart every time she sang, and everyone in the church enjoyed hearing her glorify God with her talent. Ava writes music too and has greatly assisted me with my craft. She has a new song released on CDbaby. com called “You are my song”. If anyone told me that I would be singing and writing music today, I would never believe them. I never had any official voice training; everything came naturally with the talent God gave me. When I write and record music, I leave everything on the paper, I do not put my trust in the gun

What is your primary genre of music?

You released an album on September 13th. Can you tell us more about your album? My album is called “End Of Times”, it is a compilation of several songs recorded over the years with various producers. Safras, lynx studio, Patrice Regis, Warner Francis and Leebo, are some of the producers I worked with over the years. I released two singles “Give Jah”, and “What dem fighting for” on radio station Rizzen FM 102.1. Where can the album be found? The album can be found on

The St.Lucian Hub Magazine


Lyrics End of times - Pedro We living in the end of times That’s why everyday you hear another yute die It’s the end of times Yutes die by the gun some die by the knife It’s the end of times We tellin them it’s too much of the fussin and fight apple music, google play music and I also retail the album, and persons can contact me via mobile 7587128020 and 7587198272 or email at How do you plan to market the music? I am using CDbaby, social media and also through my sister Ava Luncheon who lives in Hawaii to market my music. Ava helps me advertise and market the music on the international market. How do you balance your music with my daily life? It comes naturally, I try to prioritise and organise my schedule as best as I can. Once I can make time to spend time with family and spend time with my God, I am alright. What advice do you have for young persons in general? Don’t ever give up on your dreams. If anyone told me that I would be a singer or worship leader today, I would say that they were lying because I could not sing to save my soul. It is all about taking the talent God gave you and putting it to good use.

No matter what the people do no matter what they say Now is the time that you really need to pray Take time when u pray for the yutes of today Cuz the yutes of today have really gone astray They left jesus christ and they went another way With guns in their hands like a big holiday When you pass on the streets innocent slain Cuz the yutes of today the don’t care Everywhere you pass you see abomination You see one man holding another ones hand That type of thing will bring curruption They want to support that in my nation But soon time now the government understand Create a plan to interest the yute man It’s time that you stand with ya bible in ya hand To burn out all abortion Every young girl wants to have abortion To see de doctor with their knives in their hands Cutting the feotus of the young one Well that type ah ting brings down a nation Soon time now the government understands Create a plan to interest the yute man Stop killing the babies please put a ban For the future generations

When I write music, I leave everything on the paper, I do not put my trust in the gun or the knife, but my bible and my music.


The St.Lucian Hub Magazine

The St.Lucian Hub Magazine



The St.Lucian Hub Magazine

Photo Of The Month

Marigot Bay - St.Lucia

The St.Lucian Hub Magazine



The St.Lucian Hub Magazine

Poetry Written By SleepyThePoet Lost in a world with so much going on in it, There’s much to do but just don’t know in which place I fit. Learned a few things growing up and continue to learn every day, But some of the things I’ve learned refuse to stay. I’ve learned that feelings mean nothing sometimes, And beliefs play a bigger role than that of your heart or your mind. It’s crazy that what could make us happy we tend to have to let go of, This makes things so confusing, so can we get a few answers to come down from up above? Still, we’ve got to take things slow, respect others decisions, Even when you believe that winning them over is part of your life’s mission. Love and life is beautiful and truly easy, but humans make them hard, Hence why different beliefs always have us keeping up our guard. Lost in the world where certain things only I could see, I feel found when you’re with me.

Old Time Ting Calabash Pot

The image above demonstrates a calabash bowl made from the calabash plant. Calabash was an important plant in the history of the early settlers. The plant was not used for food but it was used to make containers and instruments.

Lucian Phrase Mové tan - Bad Weather (Hurricane, Tropical Storm etc)

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Events Big People Party

Arts & Heritage Festival

Date 5th October 2019

Date 18th - 20th October 2019

Venue: Sandals Golf & Country Club Cap Estate , Gros-Islet

Jounen Kwéyòl Date 27th October 2019

Bliss - Miami Vice Date 5th October 2019 Venue: Little Havana, Beausejour (Darren Sammy Cricket Ground)

Cibc First Caribbean Walk For The Cure Date 6th October 2019 Cibc First Caribbean International Bank hosts its eighth walk for the cure. Rodney Bay Branch in Rodney Bay, Gros-Islet.

October Fest Date 6th October 2019 Venue: Pigeon Island Taste a select few of the premium beers from around the world at this event.

La Maguerite Flower Festival Date 17th October 2019 On this day, the festivities begin with a church service, then a parade is taken to the streets after which the ‘grand fete’ is held.

On this day various towns across the island display the preparations of local food and culture.

St.Lucia Bill Fish Tournament Date 29th October - 2nd November 2019 Venue: IGY Rodney Bay Marina The Tournament attracts over 130 anglers to the island from all over the world.

The St.Lucian Hub Magazine

Happy Creole Heritage Month 2019

The St.Lucian Hub wishes all Saint Lucians a happy creole heritage month.



The St.Lucian Hub Magazine

PozÊ Kò - Rest yourself Take in the sceneries and enjoy the ambience of the top hot spots on the island.

The St.Lucian Hub Magazine


St.Lucia Sulphur Hot Springs Sulphur has an unpleasant smell, but it has some remarkable healing properties. The use of the sulphur hot springs can be traced back to the ancient Egyptian and Roman eras. Saint Lucia has its own sulphur hot springs located in the world’s only drive-in volcano. People from all over the world come to enjoy the health benefits of the mineral bath, and have claimed it is worth the trip! This is what one visitor had to say. “This feels so relaxing, I feel like a new woman, I feel like I have been born again.”

Should you make the trip? During hot spring baths, the body absorbs a tiny number of minerals predominantly sulphur and other minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and lithium. The visitor said she felt as if she was born again. Sulphur baths relax the muscles and the mind and can improve sleep. Don’t be surprised to feel sleepy after taking a dip.

Benefits from Sulphur Baths. •Reduces stress and increases production of endorphins; a feat similar to exercising. •Relieves pain. Many people have claimed that they feel less pain after taking a dip in the hot springs. •Effective against skin conditions.The sulphur from the bath is recommended to treat skin

conditions such as eczema and rashes.

Other Benefits

•Helps relieve digestive problems; •Lowers cholesterol; •Lowers blood pressure; •Helps with premenstrual issues and female reproductive disorders.

Approximately 0.25 per cent of your body weight is sulphur, and it’s one of the most plentiful minerals in the body. It is known as ‘nature’s beauty mineral’ because the body needs it to manufacture collagen. Collagen keeps your skin with structure and strengthens your bones. Sulphur keeps your skin elastic and beautiful. After learning all this, what do you think? Is it worth it to come to Saint Lucia for some sulphur therapy?


The St.Lucian Hub Magazine


Cheryl Stanislas I consider myself to be a very motivated individual who achieves anything I set my mind to.

The St.Lucian Hub Magazine


This month we place 27-year-old Cheryl Stanislas the owner of KinkyCurlyMe on our spotlight. Cheryl hails from the village of Dennery, and she considers herself to be a very motivated individual, who would achieve anything she sets her mind to. This is what she had to say when we interviewed her. The natural hair community is growing rapidly worldwide. Why do you think this is happening? I believe this is happening because people are beginning to realise how versatile and beautiful having natural hair is. There are many products and a lot more information available to the dangers of chemicals.

Why do you use natural (organic) products, and why do you believe it is beneficial? I believe using natural products is beneficial not only to the hair but the whole body. The products used on the hair are expected to be absorbed to serve its purpose. Using natural products is better on the environment and the general health of the hair and scalp.

What is your business about? KinkyCurlyMe is all about providing an avenue where women, men and children could find a safe haven of hair products they can depend on. We aim to provide our customers with all the products needed to maintain and care for their hair.

+1 758-722-9159.

The hair and beauty industry is very competitive, what influenced you to go into this business? I must admit that the industry is competitive however, I believe one should focus on their brand and help improve their clients’ life by offering good quality products and service. I am passionate about all things hair, and I needed to earn a living to help provide for my daughter. There was a high demand for good quality natural hair products. Many natural products claim to be natural but sometimes it is the opposite. Because persons were constantly looking for product recommendations I decided to build this brand to help them.

Where is your business located? We do not own a store as yet. However, our products are produced in Marisule, Gros Islet and marketed on our Instagram and Facebook pages under the handle KinkyCurlyMeSlu. Persons can also contact me via email and telephone

Tell us about your hair care line? Currently, KinkyCurlyMe offers nine hair products. We provide anti-itch growth oils, wash day products and also maintenance products. Our products contain


The St.Lucian Hub Magazine

natural and organic ingredients, handpicked to serve their intended purpose in each product. How did you learn to make such amazing products? I can proudly say I am self-taught. I spent months doing research with lots of trial and error before being able to offer the products to the public. You have established your business in Saint Lucia do you plan to export your product to other markets around the world? Yes, I would love to export my products to markets to international and regional markets. Hopefully, I will be able to soon. What has been the most challenging obstacle you faced from the conception of the business? The mostchallenging obstacle has been to accept customers from other countries who are interested in my products as it is costly to ship items out of the country. Where can persons get your products, and how can persons contact you for more information? I can be contacted via email and telephone +1 758-722-9159. To place an order, you can visit our Facebook or Instagram page @kinkycurlyme_slu. There, you can find more information about our products.

NEW New addition to the KinkyCurlyMe brand •Scalp scrub •Shampoo •Conditioner •Deep conditioner •Hair Mask *Contains natural and organic ingredients

The St.Lucian Hub Magazine


Satisfied Customer: Your product keeps my hair moisturized and shiny.

The Oil Collection Nourishes The Hair Follicles. Herbs hand picked to assist with dandruff, itchiness, growth, shine and overall health.


The St.Lucian Hub Magazine

Health & Wellness

Canned VS Fresh VS Frozen Produce Is there anything better than the fresh produce from your backyard garden or the local market? In Saint Lucia, we import most of the food that we eat. This means that we do not plant enough food to sustain the demand on the island. Sometimes we need to purchase canned foods or frozen foods to sustain our diet.

The St.Lucian Hub Magazine

We all know that fresh produce is the best, but there are instances when we must improvise. We may choose frozen and canned foods when:   • The produce is out of season.   • The produce has been stored for an extended period of time.   • The produce has travelled long distances to get to the food market.   •The produce is not available in your region. You may have noticed instances when you have stored food in your refrigerator, and after a few days, the produce starts to spoil. Why does this happen? Canned and Frozen foods get a bad rapport often but is the rating fair? You may be surprised, but weighing your options on its merit can help you eat healthier and cause you to save more money. Let’s breakdown the differences between fresh, frozen and canned foods to figure out which is the better choice and under what circumstances.

The hours’ count Is your produce fresh? Let’s clear the air. Eating produce harvested short distances away and eaten briefly after the journey is not bad at all. The question you

should ask is how many miles did it take for the food to get to you. The produced claimed “fresh” at your local supermarket may not be as fresh as you think. The journey can take days, weeks or even months to reach the supermarket shelves. Most “fresh” fruits and vegetables are picked before they are ripe to allow them time to ripen and develop their nutrients during transportation. This sounds like promising news, but during transport, the produce is stored in a controlled environment, matured artificially and chemically treated to prevent spoilage. This process makes the “fresh foods” less nutritious than naturally ripened fruit and vegetables.

Know your seasons Certain foods grow at certain times of the year. For example, tomatoes are produced for a limited season in certain parts of the world, such as Australia and the USA. canned tomatoes are an excellent choice in these parts of the world in the offseason. When purchasing produce at the local supermarket, it is a good practice to ensure that it is in season, to guarantee freshness. Fresh produce can lose half of its vitamins and phytonutrients during storage and cooking. The longer your produce stays in the fridge, the more vital nutrients it loses. It is better to consume fresh produce straight away after pur-


chasing the produce. A 3- 4-day time frame may be as close as you would want to store food in the fridge to minimise food waste.

Frozen facts Frozen produce has received bad reviews because of the idea that is highly processed such as pizzas & pies. Fruits and vegetables are frozen at the time of harvest to temperatures below 0° C in minutes. Since the food is frozen soon after picking, most of the vitamins, mineral content and dietary fibre are locked in with minimal processing. Freezing foods allow persons to consume fruits and vegetables that are out of season and unavailable in their region. These foods can be stored for months but are limited. Vegetables should be consumed within eight months of purchase, and frozen fruits should be consumed between four to twelve months of purchase, depending on the fruit. Advertently, frozen vegetables are submerged into boiling water to kill bacteria in a process called blanching. This process can affect water-soluble vitamins B and C and preservatives can be added to prevent the foods from expiring too early. Choose organic and BPA-free canned foods whenever possible. Studies have found that BPA (bisphenol A) is linked to severe cardiovascular problems, diabetes and other health issues. A good rule of


The St.Lucian Hub Magazine

thumb is to limit the number of frozen foods you consume.

Canned Foods Canned foods have their benefits like their counterparts; they are convenient, affordable and reduce wastage of food because of their longer shelf life. Canned foods like frozen foods are harvested at their peak, which means nutrients are secured in and is similar in terms of their nutritional value. In some cases, the nutrient content of some vegetables are enhanced by the canning process — the beta-carotene found in pumpkin and carrots, lycopene, a carotenoid. found in tomatoes may help prevent prostate and breast cancer are examples. The downside to canned foods is that they tend to be more processed than frozen foods. canned produce is usually cooked as part of the process, so that would mean the food would be lower in vitamins. When buying canned produce, it’s essential to read the label and watch out for hidden salts and sugars. Most canned foods contain extra salt to help preserve them for more extended periods. Therefore buy canned foods with labels such as “no salt added” or “low sodium”. If this isn’t an option, try rinsing canned foods before cooking them. Unfortunately, rinsing can also cause other valuable nutrients to be washed away. Similarly, canned fruits can be very

high in sugar, therefore lookout for tins that are labelled “no sugar added”, “unsweetened” or “packed in its own juices”.

Preparation Regardless of whether the produce is fresh, frozen or canned, the way you cook fruit and vegetables also have an immense effect on their nutrient content, irrespective of the freshness. Try to avoid cooking vegetables in boiling water for long periods since essential vitamins and minerals tend to leach out into the water. Lightly steam them instead to maximise their nutrients. Fresh produce, recently picked, is always the best option for your food. However, as mentioned before, in some instances, frozen and canned produce, when used correctly, can be nutritious options. Be sure to check the labels on the food you purchased. Nothing beats a fresh fruit out of the garden. If you are unable to grow your own food or can’t find fresh foods to your liking, then consider frozen and canned alternatives.

The St.Lucian Hub Magazine



The St.Lucian Hub Magazine

Top Ten uses for Baking Soda.

Baking soda or Bicarbonate of Soda is a hugely affordable and versatile substance that can be found in any supermarket. Baking soda has been used for a variety of purposes, including cooking, cleaning, skin care and as a toothpaste. Don’t be worried with baking soda because not only is it inexpensive, but it is eco-friendly and non-toxic.

BAKING SODA It is not possible to cover every single use of baking so we present ten useful ways to use baking soda at home.

Heartburn Baking soda is a good treatment for immediate relief from occasional acid reflux. The recommended dosage for adults is ½ a teaspoon

dissolved in a 4 ounce glass of water. It is recommended that you sip the mixture to avoid effects such as diarrhea and gas. You can now go ahead and eat that spicy meal without paying for it later.

Toothpaste To the people who are searching for an all-natural alternative to toothpaste or if you run out of toothpaste, simply dip your wet toothbrush in some baking soda and rinse as usual. You can also use baking soda to clean mouthpieces and dentures. Use 1 tablespoon in a

cup of warm water. Let items soak in the solution for half an hour. Rinse well before using.

Use as plant food Give your flowering, alkaline -loving plants an occasional shower in a very mild solution of 1 tablespoon of baking soda to 8 cups of water. This will help your plants have a fuller and healthier bloom.

Cleaning Hair

The St.Lucian Hub Magazine

A thorough cleansing with baking soda at least once a week will wash all the gunk out of your hair. Add 1 tablespoon of baking soda to your shampoo and watch how the baking soda lifts impurities and dirt from your hair and scalp. It may even lighten your hair.



Clean Jewellery

Baking soda acts as an all natural deodorant, just apply one teaspoon under each arm with a powder puff. You wont smell like flowers but you definitely won’t smell of a goat after a hot day!

Polish silver and gold jewellery Jewellery especially silver can have built-up tarnish overtime. Make a thick paste with ¼ cup baking soda to 2 tablespoons of water. Apply with a damp sponge and gently rub, rinse and pat dry. To polish gold jewellery, cover a light coating of baking soda and then pour some vinegar over it. Ensure you rinse after. Be mindful that this should not be used on jewellery containing pearls or gemstones. This could possibly damage the finish and loosen the glue which binds the stones together.

Soothe Tired Feet When your feet are hot tired and achy, treat them to a soothing bath of four tablespoons of baking soda in four cups of warm water. Besides soothing your achy feet, the baking soda will remove odor and lint between your toes.

Putting out a fire Did you know that baking soda is the main ingredient in fire extinguishers? Use baking soda straight out of the box to put out small fires that can occur in the kitchen.

Skin exfoliator Baking soda can be used on the skin to lift dead skin cells. Mix three parts baking soda with one part water. Rub the paste in a gentle circular motion all over the body. Once finished, rinse with warm water.

Wash new baby clothes Get all of the chemicals out of newborn baby’s clothing—without using any harsh detergents. Wash new baby clothes with some mild soap and 1/2 cup baking soda.


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