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March 2011 Volume 9, Issue 5

Egyptian Protests Cause Beiber Fever Hits Denison To those who thought a Justin Beiber movie would never be popular, there’s Widespread Unrest only one thing to be said: Never Say Never. Jamie Branscum Copy Editor

Not only have the recent revolts in Egypt spread to other countries, but the idea of democracy in surrounding Middle Eastern countries worries Israel. Egyptian masses have revolted against their government. The middle class is disappearing, and the gap is being filled by starving citizens. “Weaker” classes of the Egyptian people have

little food and fresh water to consume. The uprisings are something that the U.S. encourages. “We support the universal rights of the Egyptian people, including the rights to freedom of expression, association, and assembly. And we urge the Egyptian authorities not to prevent peaceful protests or block communications, including on social media sites,” secretary of state Hillary Clinton said on January 26th of this year. U.S. foreign policy

seems to have been set up, since the Progressive Era, to democratize other countries. This seems to be the case concerning U.S. intervention in Iraq and it’s now continuing in Egypt. However, Israel is not happy with the Egyptian people seeking better democracy, because the “Muslim Brotherhood” in Egypt might be the ones to have more domestic influence. This might only mean trouble for the Jewish people of Israel. Continued on P10

Mikayla Ross Staff Writer Coming all the way from Stratford, Ontario in Canada, Justin Beiber was discovered officially from YouTube singing all different types of genres. Playing instruments and singing since he was a little kid, Beiber has won the hearts of many people all around the world. “What’s not to love about Justin Beiber?” junior Austin Ratcliff said. Beiber sure does have plenty of fans to keep his career up in the sky for a long time. He was discovered by a man named Scooter Braun, who is now one of his managers, and then Beiber was soon introduced to the famous R&B singer, Usher, who is now Beiber’s mentor. His first hit “One Time” became the song that opened him to stardom in the music industry and gave him celebrity status. “It makes me happy that America is giving him credit for his voice,” junior Samantha Kuneman said. Everyone deserves some

UIL Academics: A New Kind of Competetion Cina Catteau Editor-in-Chief Bogged down by homework, studying, and tests, few students would describe academics as something they do for fun. However, some of the spirited and challenging aspects of extracurricular activities like sports, band, and theater are also present in academic

competition. For a select few, participation in UIL academics offers the benefits of competitive experience, teamwork and intellectual improvement. “UIL Academics provides friendly competition, and it looks marvelous on a college application. Being part of a team means that I have to actually work and study to contribute to the team’s overall

achievements,” said junior Paisley Watkins, who participates in UIL spelling and vocabulary. Just as the basketball, football, or softball player strives to prove his or her excellence, academic competition is a conduit for students to show that they can excel and succeed. The meets themselves are actually very competitive, especially

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the district meet. Only the top 3 students in each subject, out of about 20, move on to regionals. Students in these meets are typically the best in their school at their subject, making the competition fierce and the reward immense. continued on p11

kind of acceptance for their talent, but some people always wonder how far is too far when it comes to this famous singer. Continued on P4

Upcoming Events April 1 Baseball and Softball Games v. Greenville Baseball Home, 7:30 PM Softball There, 5:00, 6:30 PM April 2 Prom Distrit UIL Academics Meet April 4 McKinney JV Tennis Tournament There April 5 Baseball and Softball Games v. Mount Pleasant Home, 5:00, 6:30, 7:30 PM Spring UIL Concert Auditorium, 7:00 PM April 5-6 Golf District Tournament Links at Lands End in Yantis, TX

Black Stories: A ‘Whodunit’ Take on Storytelling Emmi de Vries Staff Writer The first and most important question: What is a black story? The answer to that is fairly easy, though I admit that the name could be misleading. Essentially a black story is a tricky and morbid riddle that is meant to be the beginning of a challenging and often funny game. The name black story refers to dark or in this case black humor, and has NO racist meaning. Black stories can be played with almost any number of participants. To start a game, one person, called the story master, has to tell a black story. This can consist of just two words such as He died or it can be a whole sentence. Therefore it is necessary to tell a story that already exists. It is important that the criteria for a black story is met, which means that the story line has to be fixed before the actual game starts and that the phrase given already hints on the final solution. As the story is eventually told, the other players have to guess what “happened” to reach the setting of the story told, since it is only a fragment of a bigger tale. To achieve this, they can ask the story master questions. He or

she is the only one who knows the story and is therefore ALWAYS right. The questions, however, are only allowed be ones that can be answered with either “yes” or “no” like “Did the woman see a murder?” The story master must always answer, but he or she can tell the other players if a question is misleading, such as “Was the person in the bathroom before the murder happened?”, when it is irrelevant for the course of the story. Now that you know the rules, how about a little example. The black story is: Because the moon was shining with intensity, she never got to know who the murderer was. In a real game, you would now be thinking about questions to ask me, but since that is not possible I will simply tell you the solution so you can try it with some friends. So here’s what happened. The woman was laying on the beach and started reading a crime thriller, when she dozes off. While asleep, the tide, which is controlled by the moon, swept the book away and the woman never got to know who the murderer was. So you see that the solution isn’t always obvious and the skill to think outside of the box is required. Of course, I didn’t tell you all of this just for

fun, because now that you are experienced in the game of black stories I thought it would be very entertaining to let you all play. At the end of this explanation I will give you a black story, and because you can’t ask questions I will also give you a few hints. Then it’s your turn. Think about it, talk to friends and try to find the solution. If you come up with something just write it down and leave it with your name and grade in the comment box outside of room 105. The person who gets closest will be awarded with a prize, so just give it a try. Maybe your idea is the right one. Now here is your story: A man walks out of a subway tunnel. He runs across nobody, while heading to a tall office building. He goes inside and rides the elevator to the top of the building. When he reaches the roof he exits the elevator and jumps without hesitation from the edge. Halfway down in his fall however he hears a telephone ring somewhere inside. His last thought is: I shouldn’t have jumped. The big question now is. Why? I will give you a clue. It is not important who is calling and the man didn’t preplan the suicide. Now with all being said, I wish you luck and will wait for your thoughts.

Editorial Policy The Stinger newspaper is a student-generated publication that is produced, edited, and maintained by the DHS journalism staff of room 105. The Stinger encourages student expression and is designed to be a forum for open discussion. As part of its mission to serve as a medium for debate, The Stinger supports and accepts letters to the editor. All submissions must be signed by the author and delivered to room 105. The staff reserves the right to edit any material. Editorials appearing in The Stinger represent the sole views of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of the administration or those of the DHS Journalism Department.

March 2011

Fiction The Final Sleep Cina Catteau Editor-in-Chief Julianne went into work that day with a new kind of energy, one not related to her passion for her work nor the caffeine pills. She was always energized with a mission on her mind, and a mission was what she had now, although it wasn’t one that would lead to finishing research on Antisomnia. She felt like a stranger among her coworkers, even though she continued to be their leader. Now, her goal was opposite their’s, opposite the goal that she had worked for for years. Although she was now determined to help Zara and the people of Autry, she wasn’t at all sure how to go about sabotaging her own research facility. Her plan would start with a meeting today, at which representatives from the FDA were going to come to check progress at the lab. Julianne planned on using this meeting to plant seeds of doubt in the minds of her coworkers and the public. The morning flew by, with more positive results coming in from the lab, which now worried rather than reassured Dr. Pratt. The meeting came all too soon, and the head administrator from the FDA began his questioning. “Good morning,” the man began, as he sat down at the far end of the mahogany table. “We already received the factual results of the testing. It appears on the surface that everything is going as planned, but we aren’t here to discuss the facts that can be written down on a piece of paper. It’s obvious


that nothing dangerous is developing, but our concern today is whether something will. Facts are great, but I need to hear your thoughts. Would you consider yourself confident that the continuation of testing will still yield no negative consequences?” This was exactly the question that Julianne had been waiting for, and her coworkers looked to her to answer. “Well,” Dr. Pratt hesitated. “Do not doubt that we are all extraordinarily pleased with the progress we have made. It’s really incredible that we have gotten this far in research with so few bumps in the road. Such success, however, only makes us more apprehensive toward the future. Because Antisomnia was such an experimental product, side effects are to be anticipated, even expected. Their obvious absence so far makes us believe that we will probably face complications in the near future. Antisomnia appears to be safe at the present, but we don’t expect it to continue its flawless record.” “So these facts do not really accurately depict the expectations that you have for the medicine?” questioned the leader, still confused. “No, I wouldn’t say that the statistics we have gathered can really provide an accurate prediction for the continuation of our testing. In fact, we at the company would recommend that the production of Antisomnia be delayed by at least a few months, until we can get a better understanding of what long-term side effects we may be dealing with,” Julianne replied. “I guess that’s all we needed to know,” the man replied. “To be honest, I am shocked that you display such a lack

of faith in your own medicinal skills. You yourself developed the medicine, and yet you are expecting it to fail?” “History has shown that the first attempts hardly ever yield a viable result,” Julianne said coolly. Her coworkers looked at her incredulously, shock written all over their faces. Julianne knew that her behavior was completely contradictory to the confidence she had been exuding for months, but she remained firm in the conviction that her decision to help Zara was the right thing to do. The meeting was dismissed after a few more words, and Julianne tried to hurry back to her office, but was quickly caught by the arm by her angry vice president. “What in the world was that?” he exclaimed. “You know as well as anyone that this project has been going perfectly. And now, there’s no way that this is going to get done on time, and even when it does get done, no one is going to trust it. How could you do this to us? More importantly, why would you even want to?” “I’m just not so sure about this anymore,” she said, carefully averting her eyes from his angry face. “I’ve been thinking, and I don’t think I can be part of this anymore. I know I’ve done everything to get this started. But now, I don’t think I can do anything but try and stop it.” His face, flashing from angry to confused, settled on resignation as he took in her words. “Fine. If you want to be crazy, if you want to abandon this project that has limitless potential, you go ahead. Get out of here. But believe me, I am going to make sure that with or without you, this project is not stopped.”

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March Is Celebration of Women’s History Month Jamie Branscum Copy Editor

“From the first settlers who came to our shores, from the first American Indian families who befriended them, men and women have worked together to build this nation. Too often the women were unsung and sometimes their contributions went unnoticed. But the achievements, leadership, courage, strength and love of the women who built America was as vital as that of the men whose names we know so well,” President Jimmy Carter said. President Carter officially announced the week of March 8th to be National Women’s History Week.

In his speech, he quoted Dr. Gerda Lerner, “Women’s History is Women’s Right.” Some women in America have fought endlessly for their equal rights, while some women were content to let men rule on the issues of the household and country. I agree with Carter and Lerner when it comes to women’s rights and acknowledgement. I am glad I can receive an education, work on a school newspaper, stand up for what I believe, and don’t put up with a patriarchal society, while at the same time let the men make the important decisions of the house. But, of course women should have a say. However, I agree in

part with the other side of the argument. But, not to the extent that men can “force” their wives to do what they say, and “punish” them if they do something wrong. National Women’s History Month should be something praised by all women. Finally, after petitioning the government for voting rights, working to prove that we are equal to all men, and standing up for our welfare and what we believe, women have finally moved ahead of the norm. Now, women in 2011 and on should remember the women who fought for the rights of women in America today, like Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Lucretia Mott,

Offensive Bracelets Used For Breast Cancer Awareness Kayla Robinson Staff Writer It seems like there’s a boy sporting a breast cancer awareness bracelet in all of my classes. At first this got my attention because I didn’t expect so many males to be concerned with a primarily female problem, but

as I got closer to reading the writing on the bracelet, I was taken aback at the bluntness of the slogan. “I love boobies” in fun letters on boys’ wrists just seemed creepy. I

March 2011

decided to look it up, and typed in the words cautiously, afraid of what I’d find. I was redirected to a website for the Keep a Breast Foundation, dedicated to breast cancer awareness and

fundraising. It had crossed my mind that the bracelets had something to do with breast cancer, with the slogan’s similarity to “Save the Ta-Ta’s” or, in my opinion the more offensive, “Don’t

and Abigail Adams. Abigail Adams once said to her husband President John Adams, “Remember the Ladies, and be more generous and favourable to them than your ancestors. Do not put such unlimited power into the hands of the Husbands... If particular care and attention is not paid to the ladies, we are determined to foment a rebellion, and will not hold ourselves bound by any laws in which we have no voice or representation.” To read the whole letter from Abigail to John, visit abigail.htm.

Image taken from the U.S. Embassy


Let Cancer Steal Second Base.” Well. That’s all fine and dandy for women to be proclaiming their love for their breasts, and I’m all for preventative measures, but the fact that boys are sporting the $4 bracelets in school is enough to make me feel self conscious. It’s a wonderful cause and a very clever tactic on the foundation’s part by getting peo-

p l e to talk about breast cancer. Women should be proud to wear these bracelets and warn others to get checked, but teenage boys should refrain from expressing their “concern” for women’s wellbeing.


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Beiber Fever (Continued from P1) Many people know about the overobsessed fans that grovel at anything having to relate to Justin Beiber, but some say that this obsession has just gotten out of control and become “quite frankly, annoying.” “They need to stop, I think the girls need to chill out over Justin Beiber and I think he is getting cocky,” sophomore Hayden Cottingame said. With time, it’s possible that the “Beiber Fever” will subside a little, but at the moment, it seems completely impossible. Justin Beiber was one of few to sell out the Madison Square Garden, and to top it off, he sold out in approximately 22 minutes. This is the part where people question if this 17 year old pop star has become an addiction rather than just a phase. “The only thing I don’t love about Beiber is that he’s two years younger than me,” Kuneman stated with a smile. Don’t let his age fool anyone. Beiber is in fact taken at the moment. He’s dating the singer, actress and wizard, Selena Gomez. Of course, it’s not known how long this relationship will last, but right now, he’s taken. “I think the only thing I don’t like, is that he’s dating Selena Gomez: I want to be that “One Less Lonely Girl” he’s singing about,” junior Taylor Jones said. With a smooth voice, a signature mop of hair, and a string of hits, Justin Beiber has accumulated millions of fans and sold 3.7 million albums in the United States just last year. That’s without

March 2011

his new movie “Justin Beiber: Never Say Never” out. Now, with this movie already in theatres, that number will possibly go up. “I love everything about Justin, his smile is so cute,” junior Lexi Ellis said smiling. Now Beiber’s handlers are showcasing another side of the pop sensation: Christian icon for the tween set. Beiber has never shied away from faith. He was singing Christian songs on YouTube before he became famous and even displayed his faith in his movie. His new song “Pray” ends with a written message, “God speaks in the silence of the heart. Listening is the beginning of prayer.” “He’s a win. He has a voice of Jesus and Phil Collins put together. America wouldn’t be America without Justin Beiber: I mean, have you seen his hair?” junior Hayden Chapman said. As much as Justin Beiber is a famous icon for many, he is, as well as every other celebrity, just a normal person. He likes to hang out with his friends when he can and eat junk food, and just have fun like any teenage boy would. A person should never judge before they have a chance to get to know the person firsthand. Everyone faces certain problems and hardships and being famous with paparazzi following a person’s every move can be even harder to face and to live a normal life. Either way though, whether it’s singing on YouTube or at the Madison Square, Justin Beiber has, all in all, become a win for millions.


Did Sketchers just rip off TOMS Shoes? They’ve developed their own line of BOBS, the spitting image of the altruistic slip-ons. Kayla Robinson Staff Writer TOMS. Not many teenagers could have survived the last few years in a school without seeing a pair of the immensely popular canvas shoes sported by drama majors and non-theatrical people alike. The TOMS fan base has grown with the promise that consumers are helping children who are not provided with foot protection. These promises increased the amount of customer indignation at the new Skechers brand BOBS that have claimed to be twice as good. The company founded by Blake Mycoskie, TOMS, is named for the original idea behind the organization, “Shoes for Tomorrow.” Mycoskie fell for the underprivileged children in Argentina in 2005, sparking the One for One design put into place by the TOMS company a year later. Each time a customer buys a pair of TOMS, the company distributes a pair of their Argentinafarmer based canvas shoes to one of 24 third world countries, in order to protect children from cuts and infections that could potentially be fatal. Schools in these countries often have dress codes that include

shoes, inhibiting a great number of children from being able to attend school and gain an education. Being provided with shoes not only protects the children now, but ensures them a promising future. As of September 2010, this organization has given 1 million pairs of shoes. TOMS goes beyond donating shoes, though, by advocating and starting movements to “raise awareness of the impact a pair of shoes can have on a child’s life.” One such movement is the One Day Without Shoes campaign, encouraging everyone to live as the shoeless children always have on April 5, 2011. The center of the debate between canvas shoe charities is with t h e new

Skechers brand BOBS, an acronym for Benefiting Others By Shoes. This January, Skechers decided to pair up with the charity Soles4Souls, which has been active since 2005 sending new and gently worn donated shoes to third world countries. The Soles4Souls organization was started by Wayne Elsey, when he resolved to help others after hearing of the living conditions after Hurricane Katrina. With each pair of BOBS sold in Skechers stores, two pairs will be donated to Soles4Souls, which will then send the shoes to children in need. TOMS fans feel that BOBS ripped off the canvas design, and are not the same as TOMS. “BOBS s h o u l d

find their own design,” sophomore Ryan Shumaker said. The shoes are almost identical to TOMS, down to the position of the tag and the designs. Some diehard TOMS fans relent a fraction when they learn that BOBS also donate shoes to underprivileged children. “I think that BOBs are easier to get, and cheaper, but I think (the TOMS company) shouldn’t sue because either way it goes to kids in need,” sophomore Kaila Powell said. The aversion seen in TOMS customers towards BOBS may be overridden by the general public’s compassion for anyone attempting to help impoverished children in other countries. “They still go to a good cause and they are still really cute,” Powell said.

Dear Abby: Pitfalls of HS Relationships Abby Anonymous Writer Love stinks! All high school teens can pretty much agree on that one statement. There are four frustrating elements in almost every teen relationship. The first element is the stress of future plans. “Graduating high schoolers eventually leave for their chosen university which can be out of town or out of state to prepare for future careers,” an anonymous writer on www.professorhouse. com wrote. The second and usually the hardest element of high school love is the one of economic issues. Most teenagers don’t have

the money to support a “love” situation like their adult counterparts, which in turn goes back to the first elemental issue. Teenagers want to go to college so as to get a degree to help their economic situation which strains relationships because of long-distance or stress of the education process. Economics are also hard when one’s relationship gets a little “hot and heavy” and nine months later the relationship has another mouth to feed and body to clothe. Most minimum wage teenage jobs cannot pay for the expenses of a new child. “There are initial expenses such as clothes, crib, car safety seat, and stroller, continuing costs


such as diapers and food, and medical costs,” pediatric advisor Kate Capage said. The third element is Hedonism (pronounced hee-doe-niz-m). The definition of hedonism is devotion, especially selfindulgence, to pleasure and happiness as a way of life. Hedonism is not always sexual. It can be anywhere from buying one’s self something, to watching a certain television channel to make one’s self happy without thinking of what everyone else wants to watch. In its essential, hedonism is selfishness. No relationship is going work if one is entirely hedonistic. The fourth element is time. High school

students have so many responsibilities and are involved in so many extracurricular activities it’s hard to find time for another person in their lives. Between going to school, sports, a job, homework and sleep, there is barely any time to go out on dates without sacrificing something. These pitfalls can be overcome by the strongest of relationships which have five major elements: Trust, respect, selflessness, patience, and communication. These are the most important things in any healthy relationship. However, these characteristics do not come easy and must be worked on everyday.

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The Energy Drink Craze The Real Deal on Teenagers’ Caff iene Addiction Kayla Robinson Staff Writer Monster, Five Hour Energy, NOS, AMP, Red Bull, Rockstar. These are all common drinks claiming to increase energy levels, some without the well-known caffeine “crash.” Most energy drinks contain extremely high amounts of sugar, caffeine, taurine, and guarana. The energy provided by energy drinks comes not only from sugar, but from added stimulants and herbal supplements. Many teenagers consume these drinks without assessing the potential damage of the chemicals they are ingesting. Three-fifths of students surveyed who admit to drinking energy drinks have one to two drinks per day. Drinking two 16 ounce Monster energy drinks per day gives the drinker up to 320 mg of caffeine, three and a half times that of 32 ounces of Coca Cola. Students asked to provide a list of ingredients in energy drinks were able to collectively state caffeine, sugar, supplements, taurine, and carbonated water, proving the notion that those who drink energy drinks are somewhat aware of their contents. “They seem to make me crash and want to sleep eventually, especially when I don’t bring two to school,” senior Keith Calhoun said. Some students insist that the energy drinks work, providing them with the energy to get through their busy school days. “They give me energy and they taste good. I drink them all the time,” sophomore Tara Wood said. The dangers of energy drinks have not gone unnoticed by some teenagers, who have banned energy drinks from their diet. “I used to drink them until I realized how bad they really are for you,” sophomore Erin Noah said. When asked for a list of ingredients in the drinks, Noah gave a comprehensive list that included that the drinks contain “a bunch of crap.” Although some students stated that energy drinks worked for them, 80% of interviewed students agree that the drinks do not work as well as they are advertised. “They never worked. I might have had a sugar high for a few minutes,” Noah said. “They say they are supposed to give you lots of energy to work out and do stuff, but really it’s barely enough energy to burn off the calories from the drink itself!”

Find Your Learning Style: How to Study Best Emmi de Vries Staff Writer Studying and learning are the two essentials of school. Instructors teach lessons and

assign studies to the students so that they can learn material they might need later on. Both phenomenona, however, apply not only to school but to life as

well. The key to learn and study efficiently is to understand that each student is different and has a different way of absorbing information. These varying methods

501 W. Woodard Denison, TX 75020

903-465-8383 903-465-5034 Fax

March 2011

are classified into several branches of learning styles. A learning style is the way a person prefers to learn and thereby has the best chance of succeeding. The most common of those learning styles include visual, auditory, and tactile (hands-on). They can also be broken down further or students can have mixed learning styles, because hardly any person will fit perfectly in only one category. “I learn best when given examples and personalized attention. Most people don’t seem to realize it helps,” senior Zion Seale said. What he describes is an example of auditory learning. People who prefer that learning style often don’t take notes, because they remember what was said in class, though reading books might be difficult for them sometimes. According to the article “Study Tip:


Learn How You Learn” by Christine O’LearyRockey & Tara Kuther, Ph.D. a helpful learning strategy for auditory learners can be to communicate with friends, parents, teachers or classmates as well as taping a lesson to review it later. “To study I like to review and read the chapter”, freshman Haley Harbour said. Following the same categorization, Harbour would be classified as a visual learner. A characteristic for this kind of learning is the habit of reading the material and/or taking thorough notes. “I learn best when I do stuff myself or if it’s a hands-on activity, because when I do it myself it sticks better,” sophomore Itzel Valdez said. Some students don’t learn unless they can touch or do what they are learning about. This learning style is called tactile

or manual. It can be hard to be practiced sometimes, especially in school. As a solution, the website w w w. g r a d s c h o o l . suggested that tactile learners shouldn’t limit themselves to a classroom, but rather go out and experience the world. It becomes clear that in order to learn and study efficiently it can be helpful for students to know their learning style. That way they can adjust their studies to their need. There are innumerable websites in existence that can help interested students. On http:// mi-quiz, for example, students can test for their learning style. This is a free and quick way for them to discover more about their own learning and, on top of that they can also directly look up the best way for them to learn and study.

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Senior Che The Journey to Graduation

2. SA

Registration dea dline for 2011. In most ca ses, the ACT and SAT ca n be use purpose. Theref ore, by t one or the other you sho of the testing sc ores you present for most college However, it’s al ways best application befo re hand j caution. Registe r online m/re

1. ACT

Registration dea dline for ACT is May 6, 2011. If yo u have not com pleted this test or the SAT then you should get on it ! These test sco re as a vital part o f many college applications. Stud ents can registe r to take the ACT at www.actstuden

Jerrika White Managing Editor

Well seniors, we’re nearing the end. Have you made sure you’ve done everything in your power to ensure that you are prepared to deal with life after graduation? We’ve provided you with a checklist so you can do just that! Many seniors start to slack at the most prime time of the year. Sometimes it seems like the closer we get to graduation the more forgetful, lazy, and apathetic we become. However, it’s very important to take care of these things before it’s too late!

5. Gat

If you’re still in the process you will ne up letters of recom transcripts, a nd it wo to write an e ssay ex unique quali ties The counselo that r’s offi vide you with tran



r SAT is April 8, e scores of the ed for the same taking at least ould take care u will need to e applications. t to check the just as a preat http://sat. egister/



Onlin line f e applica o ti 2011 r FAFSA on dead. This is Ju ne 30 dent is fed , a many id that c eral stua n s www tudents benefit .fafsa . .ed.g Apply at ov to day!

4.Order If you have not ordered invitations, cap, and gown you need to do so immediately. A cap and gown is mandatory for graduation and takes time for shipping.


e application eed to gathe r mmendation , ould be sma rt xplaining the you posses. fice can pronscripts.


y l p p A .

search e h t d e re rt n’t sta e then you a e v a h If you deal colleg iend. Most fr ri for you r behind, my deadlines a n re atio very f applic t, but some a is e g e l l co pas at th lready pplications t of a e v a h ou ga urself ceptin still ac on’t cheat yo sing sometime. D ation by mis deadline. c an edu s simple as a thing a

Long Waiting in TMC’s Emergency Room Jamie Branscum Copy Editor The new TMC hospital in Denison came with hopes of having more space for emergency room patients. Although more rooms are available, it seems like time in the waiting room has increased, the possible outcome of more people needing medical attention ASAP. “The hospital as a whole was built to accommodate our growing community now and into the future. As a result of that, the Emergency Department is larger than the department in our previous location. The new department has 26 patient beds plus 2 trauma rooms that each accommodate 2 beds. So at capacity, we could essentially hold at least 30 patients in individual

rooms at one time,” Media & Advertising Coordinator Jennifer M. Reed wrote. Even though TMC has made an effort to increase patient well-being in the hospital, some patients have been unsatisfied with the waiting times in the ER. “My experience at TMC…was not a very pleasant one, not that I was sick waiting to see a doctor, but I had taken my friend there as her doctor had told her to go there because of complications with a procedure she had done there a couple of days earlier. We arrived there around 10 or 10:30 AM, expecting to have to wait for a little while as there were maybe 4 or 5 patients ahead of us. As we were waiting, many more patients came: walk-ins and some by ambulances. My friend started throwing up, so the nurses gave her a cup. We asked them if they just had anything for

her to lie down on. They didn’t. Everything was full. She vomited all day in the waiting room. Had she had a place to lie down, the vomiting would have stopped. It was caused by the procedure she had done there. Finally about 5:30 (7 hours later) they came and got her and took her to a room. This was after a very nice man of the upper management who had seen us that morning noticed we were still there at 5:30. He went into the E.R. rooms, came back out and told us that someone would be out to get us in just a few moments…That day was a very, very busy one. The desk employees were very kind and compassionate, but there really needs to be less waiting time, or bring in more beds. It was a very long day for my friend,” an anonymous source said. Cases like this one are not uncommon. The number of emergencies

seems to increase, but it seems like less are being treated immediately. “We have definitely seen an influx of patients since we’ve moved. Our new hospital’s location on Hwy 75, the major highway in our region, makes us much more accessible to everyone in our service area, which was one of the main reasons we chose this location. Patients that may not have used us previously, often because of perceived distance, are now much more likely to access our services. It’s hard to estimate the average wait time because there are so many factors to consider. For instance, an ED is not a first come, first served department. Once a patient arrives they are triaged by a nurse and their level of acuity is assessed. This means that patients who are considered to have more emergent health needs are seen first. The other

factor depends on what types of tests/imaging will need to run on that patient… Of course, no matter who comes in our Emergency Department, they will be treated with respect and will be given the very best care possible,” Reed stated. According to the Washington Post in an article by Serena Gordon, average waiting times in Emergency Departments have increased all over the United States, even for emergency cases. Some times

are unacceptable to some patients, but an increasing amount of people without an emergency case are using the ED. In fact, some people even use the Ambulance for a non-Emergency situation to enter the ER faster. For non-emergent injuries and illnesses, people can go to the Urgent Care located on Morton Street in Denison.

DHS Cosmetology Department Emmi de Vries Staff Writer Hair styling, nail care, makeup, the anatomy and physiology of the human body, and common knowledge of all cosmetics is available to learn for eager students in DHS Cosmetology. The word Cosmetology comes from the Greek word Kosmetikos and is the art and science of beautifying and improving the skin, hair and nails.

In the classes Cosmetology Intro, 1 and 2, students learn about the different duties and responsibilities of a job in a salon. These include working with other students or mannequins to do hair services such as shampooing, rollersets or even cutting, nail care such as manicures or pedicures, and facials such as make-up, waxing and tweezing eyebrows. In addition to that, some of the older and more experienced students get to work on

clients during school time and under supervision. “I think this is an excellent opportunity for both students and clients,” cosmetology teacher Suzanne Black said. “It gives students the chance to hone their technique/skill, plus let them gain confidence, thus preparing students for the salon.” However, not only the students, but also the clients profit from this deal, because the Cosmetology department charges just a minimal

Photo by: Lauren Hancock

March 2011

fee, which is usually enough to help to cover the cost of the product. Also, DHS Cosmetology offers free shampooing and hairstyles for senior citizens, and students do a lot of other free services for the community and their peers. “I would like to get my hair done in school because it is much cheaper than going to a salon,” junior Mariana Chavez said. Chavez is also a student in this year’s DHS Cosmetology Intro

class, and gets to work on fellow students, but not clients. There are others, however, that have been in cosmetology much longer and are looking forward to a salon career. “I have been in cosmetology since my junior year and I am in that class 2nd through 5th period on A-days and 5th period on B-days,” senior Candy Oglesbee said. With this amount of hours, Oglesbee will benefit from another offer of the DHS Cosmetology

department. She will be able to gain her cosmetology license at the end of the year, which would make it possible for her to work as a cosmetologist without going to college or beauty school. There is a lot to learn and discover in DHS Cosmetology for both students that are interested in this particular profession and clients that search for a cheap and efficient alternative to a normal salon.

Photo by: Brooklynn Allen


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“Let Your Geek Flag Fly” Geek \gēk\ –noun (slang) 1. A computer expert or enthusiast 2. A peculiar or otherwise dislikable person; overly intellectual 3. A boring or unattractive social misfit. Mikayla Ross Staff Writer On, when looking up the word “geek” these definitions seem to be not that far off the line of what some people think a geek would be, but others feel that these terms are offensive and inaccurate to what a geek really is. “A geek is a person who doesn’t care what others think, they generally care about education and try to achieve a high standard if for no other reason than to prove that they can, but are really just individuals,” sophomore Makayla Reese said. To define a geek in a more modern way, geeks are people who are passionate about what they do, and try to perform to their highest extent in order to gain the satisfaction of something they love to do. Most people think that being a geek is like being an outsider, the one that sits by themselves during lunch and reads comic books outside school and the one that wears the thick square glasses and makes excellent grades. Most picture a geek as having a nasal symptom and always blowing his/her nose. They think as if this person is a real live Steve Erkel. Of course, all of these accusations are stereotypical. “I don’t think categorizing everybody is necessary. But I guess that’s all a part of the high school hierarchy,” junior Bailey Abrantas said. High school is one of the most stereotypical places in the world.

People are judged for their individuality, their personality, and who they are. Changing oneself just so they won’t be criticized happens every single day. Even out of high school. They act differently so they can be accepted in the high and mighty group. But the people who aren’t afraid to be themselves and act the people they truly are, are considered; geeks. “Trying to be like someone else is like a rabbit trying to be a shark- it just doesn’t make sense,” Reese said. The popular show “The Big Bang Theory” has pushed the envelope up to what the world of today consider being a geek; scientific, smart, rejected by opposite sex, not high on the social rank and quite funny. It’s true that people like Sheldon and Leonard are out there, but not the real explanation of a geek. “I think the Big Bang Theory does show some examples of how geeks function, but you should always be yourself and be proud to be a geek,” senior Sid Coleman said. Being proud of who someone really is, is a quality that should be carried with grace. People should always hold themselves up high and show confidence in themselves for people to really see the true them. That is the true definition of being a geek. “To a true geek, being called one is almost a compliment, I’m proud to be a geek,” Reese concluded.

The Jersey Shore

Sensation Jerrika White Managing Editor

A summer of fun in the sun caught on tape, staring eight unconventional people. The Jersey Shore is a reality television series that premiered on MTV in December of 2009 and has since then caught the attention of many MTV viewers. The cat fights, constant flow of drama, and entertaining behavior are what seems to be keeping viewers tuned in, even after the third season. “I watch Jersey Shore because it’s funny and interesting. There’s always something going on that’s at least mildly entertaining,” senior Marissa Bruton said. There is rarely a dull moment at the Jersey Shore house, which keeps viewers entertained and far from their television remotes. However, it is the derogatory behavior displayed by the cast that has some viewers wondering if the series is appropriate for certain young people that may be tuning in to the latest hit in reality television. “I do not think that the things filmed on this show are appropriate for younger teens and pre-teens who many watch the show because it promotes inappropriate behavior in

SHERMAN (903)893-1141

DENISON (903)465-9272

Allen’s .

Air Conditioning



social situations. Mike, Snooki, and Pauly D are getting paid to set an example of getting wasted every night and it’s not okay,” senior Faith Turner said. There are several episodes in which the cast members are shown consuming alcohol at clubs, their house, and even in public. In fact, Snooki was once arrested and charged with disorderly conduct during an episode. Some feel like this sort of behavior should not be seen as a cultural phenomenon, but instead as disgusting. “Jersey Shore does not deserve the publicity that it’s receiving. They are just getting rewarded for disgusting behavior,” Turner said. Whether it’s deserved or otherwise, Jersey Shore is still receiving a great deal of publicity sparked by its growing fan base. “I have seen the cast of Jersey Shore on other TV programs like the Oscars, Saturday Night Live, The Early Show, and plenty of others. It’s pretty crazy to see how big of a deal everyone is making out of this show,” Bruton said. Various members of the cast from Jersey Shore have been seen on many other television programs other than their series on MTV, which proves the popularity of the show. This reality TV series has started a sensation: the Jersey Shore sensation.

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What’s Your Obsession?

Mikayla Ross Staff Writer

Deal or Dud? Jerrika White Managing Editor Today’s generation is living in a world full of technology. One of the main sources of these new and advanced gadgets is Apple. Along with the iPhone is the recently released iPad. Students and skeptics agree that the iPad is a costly, but is, however, a handy investment when being used for the right reasons. However, many are left wondering if the iPad is worth the money. “The iPad costs around $500 or more. I do not think it’s a reasonable cost, because they are making it out to sound like it does a lot, but you have to buy and download the apps,” senior Taylor Miller said. For $500, you have access to movies, music, games, books, and the world-wide web all in the convenience of a light-weight tablet computer. Most would agree that this is too pricey, although 3 million were sold within the first 80 days of being released to stores. Miller is concerned that one pays for the device and then has to pay for most of the features one wants by purchasing apps, which can cost as much as $2.00-$20.00, adding more and more to the official cost of the iPad. “I wouldn’t buy one, because that would just be a waste of money. I know somebody who has one and it’s only worth it if you think it is,” senior Jose Gomez said. Gomez seems to think that the iPad can be worth the money, but only if the person buying it thinks they will use all of the features it has to offer. Many agree with this theory, including Miller. “It can be worth it if you use it for the right reasons. It wasn’t meant to be used by kids and teenagers, or people who just play games,” Miller said. Some believe that the iPad can be worth the money one pays for it if it is used to its full potential. Miller suggests that the iPad is a best fit for older people who can actually use the features it has to offer, rather than kids who want the iPad for the games they can download or the 24/7 access to the ever famous social network, facebook.

March 2011

The excessive noise of the other kids on the unusually long bus ride to home was torture for her. It was getting extremely hard for her to remember what it was she needed to keep important. Soon though, bus stop after bus stop, the kids started to disperse from the Yellow Dog Express and she started to relax her tense muscles, but only a little. If the bus driver couldn’t drive any faster than he was right now, she would have already made it home walking. She tapped her foot as if she had to use the bathroom and her fingers fidgeted like they were uncontrollable. She looked at her watch: 3:01 PM. 3:07 PM. With a huge sigh of relief, she exited the bus and bolted for her house. Her feet were

shuffling lazily against the ground and her bags were weighing her down. Finally, she made it home. For her, the bus ride and walk to the house felt like she was climbing Mt. Everest: endless. She ran to the most important thing to her at the moment: her computer. She turned it on and waited impatiently for it to load. 3:15 PM After it loaded she opened up the internet and went to her favorite website. She signed in: 12 notifications, 3 friend requests, and 1 inbox. She was ecstatic that she was finally home; she had to update her status on Facebook. Facebook is just one of the many obsessions people face today. An obsession with something usually takes up most of one’s time, whether it’s the internet, a TV show, or a hobby. “I get on Facebook every morning, first thing, and it’s the last

thing I do at night,” sophomore Allie Martin said. These time consuming obsessions have become a part of a daily routine and nobody wants to be interrupted while doing this certain hobby. Most say it’s become a problem, other feel no shame, but whatever the case, it’s something that a person wouldn’t want to stop. It could even be a guilty pleasure like candy, or unhealthy food. “My biggest obsession is eating gold fish. I don’t feel like my day is complete without eating a bag every day,” sophomore Ryan Shumaker said. Food is most likely one of the top obsessions this generation faces. To some, it’s their way of filling a void. To others, it just makes them feel good. Of course, there are limits one should take so they won’t become

unhealthy with their food choices. “I could eat steak all the time, it’s so good. But one of my obsessions would have to be making my bed. I’m overly obsessed because I get really mad when people mess it up and I make them get up so I can re-make my bed,” junior Lamonica Finley said. There is a fine line between a dedication and an obsession, and many get the two confused. People that are obsessed channel all of their energy in that one particular project, person, thought or thing. Nothing else matters to them but feeding their obsession. “I love to hunt, I was basically born with a gun in my hand, I hunt as much as possible,” senior Garrison King replied. People often take their obsession as a type of possession and don’t like the idea of it being out of

their sight. It’s things like this that make just a simple love for something turn into a dangerous greed. “I don’t think it affects anybody that I have an obsession with Batman. He’s boss and I want to be just like him,” senior Carlos Garcia said. As much as some would like to think that an obsession doesn’t affect those around them, it does. Certain obsessions can affect peers and family as much as it affects the person having the obsession: whether it be a social networking website or a certain person or just a hobby. Obsession, like addiction, sets in motion a self-fueling and potentially endless cycle. Love and obsession are, in a sense, opposites. Obsession feeds on itself, is selfabsorbed, while love reaches beyond the self toward authentic contact of something.

Riots in the Streets of Egypt Cause a Global Effect CONTINUED FROM P1 “Israel’s primary concern is that the uprising could be commandeered by Egypt’s strongest opposition group, the Muslim Brotherhood, and its allies, who would presumably move Egypt away from its alignment with the West and possibly cancel the peace agreement with Israel,” an article in the Middle Eastern newspaper Al Jazeera stated. Canceling the peace agreement with Israel could mean war, seeing that major wars were fought between the countries within 30 years before the peace treaty: the Israeli War of Independence in 1948-

49, The Sinai War in 1956, the War of Attrition from 1968-70, and more. Now, Israel will be in threat of war with Egypt and its surrounding countries if the new democratic governments rise and set new foreign policies with Israel. A war in the East could greatly affect the U.S. economy, according to Yahoo news. U.S. involvement with the new Middle Eastern affairs seems unlikely to experts, but is something to be considered. Either way, gas prices will continue to rise with tensions in the countries holding oil, and Americans will feel the affects of foreign pressure.


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Track Looks Forward to a Stellar Season Cina Catteau Editor-in-Chief

The baton is passed, the hurdle is cleared, the discus is thrown, and the distance ran: few sports are as diverse as track and field. Track and field events cater to a wide variety of talents, from speed to strength to jumping ability to various combinations of all three. It takes a wide base of talent to pull together all aspects of a good track team—but that’s just what Denison High School has. “Track is different because it is raw; there is not a lot of strategy or plays like other sports. It’s really just who runs faster and who jumps or throws farther,” said Jaycee Parker, who runs the 400 m dash, 100 m

relay, and mile relay. The track team draws many of its members from other sports teams, since speed, strength, and agility are qualities that are useful in a variety of sports. This mix of student athletes creates a team unlike any other. “I love to run and compete because it’s

really exciting, and I love other teammates. Plus the team is made up of mostly athletes from other sports, so it is fun to be around a bunch of people I’m usually not around,” Parker said. Like many other sports, track now competes in a different district from last year. Hopefully, this

Katie Jane Brashier and Josi Ridenour show their inner strength. Photo by Brian Eaves

UIL Academics: A New Kind of Competetion CONTINUED FROM P1 “Students involved in UIL academics hone their subject knowledge and study skills. This is advantageous on standardized tests such as the ACT, SAT, TAKS, and upcoming EOC’s. Participation in UIL academics is a favored extracurricular activity for scholarships and college entrance applications. It’s fun, challenging, and rewarding,” said Renee Burroughs, who is in charge of the UIL science team. UIL academics encompass over 20 different events, from ready writing, debate, and current events to computer science and number sense. One of the most notable events of the competition is one-act play, which the Denison theater department frequently

will be a change for the better, and the track team will continue to excel. “I’m worried about how the competition will be different from last year since we are in a new district, but I think we will do very well this season. I am really excited and looking forward to the relays,” Parker said.

excels at. There is a UIL academic equivalent for almost every class at Denison High School, which allows students not only to participate in the competition, but also to enhance the information that they learn in their classes. “We learn tricks and new material for the calculator, number sense and mathematics that the students and I don’t have time to get to in class. This extra practice and skills actually helps the kids in their current classes as well as ensuring they are a little ahead when they go to college. Having UIL math on a college application or scholarship application looks really good as well. We have an added benefit of free math t-shirts this year,” math teacher Tiffany Cordell said, who leads the Denison math team.

Academic teams aren’t just made up of crazy geniuses and super nerds. For students of every level, it can be something new for them to try and see if they succeed in. Even if they don’t place in competition, the knowledge that they have gained from the experience is irreplaceable. “I decided to join UIL academics because I wanted to try something new, and I benefit from the knowledge that I gain,” said senior Sara Armstrong, who is on the UIL science team. Just like other activities, academic competition isn’t for everyone. However, there are many benefits to be gained and much fun to be had for those who do choose to make themselves part of these teams.


ACROSS 1. Drain off a fluid 5. In a higher place 9. Less distant 10. Dwelling

Senior Daniel McKearan teaches sophomore Sydney Muldrew some tricks before their number sense competetion.

March 2011

20. Lyrical wordsmiths 22. Terrible 23. Irritate 24. Fall guy 25. Eccentric man 26. The heavens 27. Enthusiastic kiss

12. Worthless piece of cloth 13. Pry 14. Electronic letter (1-4) 15. Sliding vehicle 16. Exclamation of contempt 18. Roughly

DOWN 2. Tag 3. Terminated 4. Source of venison 5. Take into custody 6. Horizontal structural


component 7. Gallery occupied by a church organ (5,4) 8. Wicked 10. Too 11. Exceed in weight 16. Animal with tusks 17. Have confidence in 18. Body of bees 19. Melody 20. Head of the Roman Catholic Church 21. Tall plant 22. Copies

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New High School: To Become Reality? Cina Catteau Editor-in-Chief Everyone has noticed the crowded hallways, the teachers who don’t have classrooms of their own, and the somewhat cumbersome layout of dear old Denison High School. In fact, a citizens’ committee calculated that DHS is about 225 students over maximum capacity. Concerns such as these, as well as problems with the middle school and some elementary school buildings, have motivated the Denison school board and various citizens’ committees to recommend the building of a new high school. The new high school would be built at the junction of Highways 91 and 75, north of the current high school. The current high school would become a junior high for 7th and 8th graders, and B. McDaniel would become an intermediate school for the 5th and 6th grades. Also included in this proposal is the elimination of Layne and Golden Rule elementary schools, whose students would be consolidated into other, newly renovated schools. With these changes, the school would actually have a capacity for growth, instead of being overcrowded. “A significant percentage of our classrooms are undersized, and there

are not enough of them. There is congestion in the hallways, many of which need to be expanded by several feet. The architect’s report estimates that this building has a capacity of 1,070 students, while we have about 1,270 right now, and had about 1,300 at the beginning of the year. There are also safety issues, since we have over 30 doors leading outside of the building, which we can’t keep locked because students need to go outside. This makes it difficult for the building to be completely secured,” Dr. Cavin Boettger said. A new high school would be another step in Denison’s transformation into a thriving community. New businesses are opening, and so it may seem that the time is right to also open a new school, in hopes of attracting more people to move here. The high school is often considered reflective

of the kind of city that it is in, making a newer high school make Denison also seem like a more modern town. As stated on the Denison ISD website, “Attractive and successful schools will influence families and businesses to choose Denison as a great place to live, work and raise families.” The newer schools would also run more efficiently, saving the town between $1.3 and $1.5 million every year. Although the new high school would undoubtedly bring some benefits, there are also reasons for concern. Even though the new schools may save money in the long run, a massive construction project like this one is apt to raise taxes. The bond proposal would cost the city about $80 million, and some people are worried about an increase in tax rates. The citizens’ committee calculates that an average monthly increase in taxes

“ A new high school would be another step in Denison’s transformation into a thriving community. ”

ranging from $5.59 to $30.06, depending on the value of a family’s assets. Current high school students also feel somewhat of an injustice, since their high school years were spent in the current building. A new high school would be great, but it’s hard for some student to get excited about the idea when they won’t actually be the ones who get to experience it. “I think it’s cool that they want to build a new high school, but I’m disappointed that I will not get to attend. I think when it feels good outside, more people will skip school to go to the lake since it’s going to be so close though,” junior Emilee Bizzle said. There are plenty of pros and cons to be debated regarding a new high school. Each individual who will be voting in the bond election has the responsibility to weigh these options and make the decision that he or she thinks would be for the greater good of the community. “There’s some tough decisions to be made about the scope of the project -- what we’re doing to restructure the elementary schools, what we’re doing with the secondary schools,” Dr. Henry Scott, Denison Independent School District superintendent told the Herald Democrat. “We’re in the meat of the project right now.”

“Yesterday is but today's memory, and tomorrow is today's dream.” -Khalil Gibran March 2011


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DHS Stinger Issue 5  

Denison High School's student newspaper, The Stinger. This is issue 5 of the 2010-2011 school year, published in March 2011. Staff consists...

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