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Issue 77 March 2020

In this edition of The Sticks Interview with Comic Rob Beckett Q and A with Strictly’s Graziano Di Prima Russell Grant’s March Horoscopes Cheese Column Advice from Consensus HR Curwens Legal Column Art Column Gift Ideas Big Barn Food Column Wine Column Plus pages of events listings across Herts, Beds & Bucks



Welcome to the March edition of The Sticks Magazine! The most talked about magazine in Herts, Beds & Bucks With over 16,000 readers a month

In this issue:

Interview with Comic Rob Beckett Interview with Strictly’s Graziano Di Prima HR Column from Consensus HR Curwens Column Russell Grant’s March Horoscopes The Trouble With ‘YOU’ Art Column Gift Ideas Cheese Column Big Barn Food Column Wine Column Listings – Herts, Beds & Bucks

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Contributors: Terry Sullivan, Sharon Struckman, Toby Archer, Russell Grant, Matthew Pinto–Chilcott, Marilyn Comparetto Helen Froggett-Thomson See you in April! Editor & Sales: Terry Sullivan Tel: 07756 274444 Email: thesticks9@gmail.com www.the-sticks.co.uk .

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Rob Beckett - Wallop! Interview by Brian Donaldson

Rob Beckett’s comedy has long been packing a solid punch, so he’s found the ideal title for his new touring show in Wallop! The London comic is a regular face on TV, having been a team captain on 8 Out Of 10 Cats, hooked up with Mr Ranganathan on Rob And Romesh Vs., narrated Celebs Go Dating and made numerous appearances on The Jonathan Ross Show, A League Of Their Own and The Graham Norton Show. Meanwhile, he’s recently been announced as the host of two upcoming programmes: an E4 show which commentates on the week’s social media activity, and Head Hunters, a daytime quiz show for the BBC. As he prepares to hit the road for the first time since his wildly successful 2015 tour, Mouth Of The South, he’s making a few promises. “As a word, ‘wallop’ just isn’t used enough but I use it quite a lot. I think it sums up me and my show. ‘Here it is, have a bit of that’, we’ll enjoy ourselves and then go home. I’m very much in it for the audience and to do whatever it takes to be as funny as possible for an hour and a half as opposed to delivering a message or narrative or life-changing view of the world. My show isn’t going to sort out Brexit, but it will take your mind off it for an hour and a half. Essentially, the show is all about the funniest things that have happened to me or I’ve thought of since the last tour.” As a father now of two toddlers, the temptation for Beckett might have been to make Wallop! his ‘new-dad’ show. He’s more or less resisted that. “Though I have kids, it’s not my ‘I’m gonna talk about my kids for 90mins tour’. I love the kids and that’s going to be the hardest thing about going on tour. It’s not really about the things my kids have said, it’s more about my new relationship with my in-laws and my own parents. The show is about family. I’ve always wanted a whole family to sit down and laugh at my stuff; before it was more of a happy accident because my comedy is quite accessible, but now, all ages can get a lot from it.” Coming from a very large family (“everyone’s my cousin in south-east London”), where Rob is the second youngest of five brothers, he’s noticed an overcompensating tendency for those siblings to stop him from getting ideas way above his station. “The level they go to in order to keep my feet on the ground is actually quite rude. It’s really odd how much they don’t talk about my job. If I worked at Sainsbury’s they’d ask me more about my work. They almost go out of their way to not turn me into some sort of showbusiness dick, and it’s not spoken about. They’re all proud, though, don’t get me wrong.” His mum is also no doubt very proud of her lad’s achievements, but in Rob’s eyes has a funny way of showing it: “My mum always likes to have a go: ‘if you could get a degree in annoying . . . you’d have a degree in annoying.’ Thanks mum. If she could get a degree in analogies . . . I don’t think she’d get one.” 4

While his feet might be planted solidly on terra firma, that doesn’t mean that Rob Beckett won’t have ideas and nurture dreams about where his career might be headed in the future. “I want to do stand-up forever; I’d love to fill my local, the O2. It would be a dream of mine to have that many people in one place coming to see me. That would be amazing.” His natural flair for shooting the breeze with anyone who comes into his orbit means that one day he can see himself fronting his own talk show. “I love hosting and presenting TV, and I’d really love to have a chat show later on in my career when I’ve calmed down a bit. I don’t think I’d get that much out of the guests at this point, but later on when I’m a bit more tired, I think I’d be a good chat-show host.” In terms of the ideal TV show he’d loved to have appeared on, Rob mentions Game Of Thrones (“I saw Ed Sheeran and I think I would have ruined it as well”), and namechecks Match Of The Day (“to get on that, I would suddenly have to have a full career as a footballer”). While a big fan of football, he has recently got heavily into boxing. “It’s the comedy equivalent of sport, though obviously boxing is way harder. In performance terms, a singer has a band and an actor has a crew, but in stand-up comedy and boxing you’re out there on your own. To do all that and then get punched in the face? I’m in awe of them.” It’s been ten years since Rob Beckett first launched his career in the stand-up game, and nine years since he took third spot (“I prefer to call it runner-up!”) in the prestigious So You Think You’re Funny competition which culminates each year at the Edinburgh Fringe. So, what would he say to his younger self, a decade on, now that he has a wealth of experience in stand-up comedy and the wider entertainment world in general? “There are loads of things I would have told him not to do, but he wouldn’t have listened. I was just enjoying it and ploughing on, and obviously you make mistakes. But through throwing yourself into stuff and making mistakes you learn invaluable lessons. I had come from a working-class background and had no idea about the industry and I didn’t even know the Edinburgh Fringe existed, so I went in not giving a shit. Both parents were so supportive and there was no pressure, but maybe if you had been to Oxbridge or Durham and your parents had funded your education, they’d be saying ‘why are you going to the Edinburgh Fringe? You should be off being a barrister!’ So there was no expectation on me . . . But mainly I’d say to him, ‘cut your hair because it’s an absolute disgrace!’” Where to see Rob Beckett - Wallop Monday, 2 March - St Albans Arena www.alban-arena.co.uk Sunday, 5 April – High Wycombe Swan www.wycombeswan.co.uk Sunday, 19 April - Milton Keynes Theatre www.atgtickets.com Friday, 29 May - Watford Colosseum www.watfordcolosseum.co.uk


Q&A with Strictly Come Dancing professional Graziano Di Prima who is about to embark on a UK tour with his fiancée Strictly Come Dancing professional Graziano Di Prima is preparing to dazzle and delight audiences with stunning new dance show Havana Nights which tours the UK in Spring 2020 – the tour opens early March 2020. Twenty-five-year-old Graziano will be joined by fellow Strictly professional and fiancée Giada Lini on this first solo UK tour. Havana Nights promises an exciting mix of Latin dances with individual performances from Graziano and Giada, as well as entertaining group numbers with their supporting dancers. You have been dancing since the age of 6, at what age did you realise dance would become your career? I realised that dance would be my career when my dad told me to start working with him on a farm, it was a really hard job and I felt it wasn’t for me, so in that moment I decided to start teaching dance and that meant I was able to afford my private lessons, I wanted to do competitions and reach a high Latin level, to make my passion also my dream work. You proposed on stage in Watford, was there a reason you chose this date and location, was the proposal spontaneous or planned? It was a special day for me…my birthday (7 May) and yes, it was a detailed planned day. It was really hard to hide everything from Giada as she knows all about me and I tell her everything, so just thinking where hiding the ring was really hard! You’re going on a national tour with your fiancée Giada, will this make your first solo tour even more special? What’s the favourite thing about touring with 6

your fiancée? I think that’s the best part of it, when a Dancer - dances, they play different roles, with Giada it is really easy. When I interpret the role of the romantic man, I always think about her, now she’s here alongside - so everything will be much easier! What can fans expect from the tour, any surprises for Strictly fans? There will be a lot of surprises. We are building the show with our friend and Strictly mate Neil Jones. He has such good ideas, everything will be set in a bar in Havana and the show is a mix of Latin dances and songs, energetic, romantic, funny and full Latin dancing moments!! Your 2019 live final dance with Johannes Radebe will go down in history as Strictly’s first same sex partner dance, how did you feel about the reaction this performance provoked? I was not expecting all those beautiful reactions and I’m so happy because the people really loved it, I felt everything was so natural (also because of my friendship with Johannes). I’m so glad Strictly introduced the same sex dance in the show and we were able to dance together. Tell us about your other favourite moments from the 2019 series. Every Saturday night was full of beautiful emotion - in particular when I danced with my favourite singer Andrea Bocelli! That was a dream. Also, the Strictly Christmas Special dancing with Chizzy. That was great fun. You’ve toured the world as a dancer, do you have a favourite place? I love so many places but one of my favourites is Brazil. I’ve been there during the Olympic games and I just loved the country and people so much! And of course, dancing in Blackpool is always special. I’m looking forward to seeing new places in the UK as well on this tour. Website: Twitter:

www.havananightstour.co.uk @_HavanaNights HAVANA NIGHTS TOUR 2020 4 March - Stevenage @ Gordon Craig Theatre 01438 363200 https://www.gordon-craig.co.uk/ 5 March - Milton Keynes @ Stables Theatre 01908 280800 https://stables.org/ 11 March - St Albans @Alban Arena 01727 844488 https://www.alban-arena.co.uk/ 22 March - High Wycombe @ Wycombe Swan 01494 512000 https://wycombeswan.co.uk/Online/


Changes to IR35 Rules for the Private Sector Currently, the IR35 rules apply where an individual (worker) performs services for a client, through an intermediary (typically a personal service company, or PSC). These individuals are referred to as 'off-payroll' workers. From 6 April 2020, it will become the responsibility of the client to determine whether IR35 rules apply for every individual working for them through a PSC. The client will also become responsible for paying employer National Insurance Contributions for off-payroll workers, and making sure the correct income tax and NICs are deducted from the fees they pay them. “Employers need to ensure that they are always up to date on the Employment Law changes as with the change of Government and the reviews that have taken place recently, it is easy to not be fully aware of what is required as an employer. Additionally, with the introduction of Contracts having to be issued on day one of employment, many employers will need to look at their recruitment processes to ensure all the relevant information is obtained during the interview process”. Comments Matthew from Consensus HR. Half of UK employees on the hunt for a new job in 2020 Accreditation body, Investors in People (IIP) recently conducted their annual survey of 2000 UK workers, and found that 24% of respondents were already actively job hunting, while a further 32% were considering a move - up 8% on last year's poll. 23% were unhappy with their current roles, 28% cited dissatisfaction with pay, 23% felt they were not valued, and 18% cited lack of career progression. 76% reported feeling stress at work, increasing to 80% for women. Working relationships proved important, with 47% stating they'd rather have a friendly workplace than a 3% pay rise. Indeed, 25% admitted to staying in a role for a friendship, rather than enjoyment of the job. Through these findings, IIP expressed concerns about increasing disillusionment in the workplace, and that employers could be facing a "new year recruitment crisis". “This is a very interesting survey and demonstrates how the world of retaining employees is forever changing. Employers need to ensure that they communicate with their teams on a regular basis - not just the day-to-day “Hello” but a structured Performance Review (Appraisal) process that allows their team to express their opinions and thoughts.” Comments Matthew from Consensus HR

If you need HR advice contact: Consensus HR www.consensushr.com 01438 310062 8


Parliament offering us a reduction in taxes? It’s not a typing error – so read on…… An All-Party Parliamentary Group has just published a report containing radical recommendations to reform Inheritance Tax (IHT). At present the standard level for most estates is 40% on the value of your estate over £325,000. If your estate is worth less than £325,000 you do not pay IHT. This is part of a wider overhaul of the tax rules and regulations in an effort to simplify them. The report highlights that less than 5% of estates pay IHT and that IHT suffers from perceived unfairness and complexity. The recommendations are intended to deal with these issues, as well as encourage intergenerational fairness. It also specifically comments that it wants to “ensure the UK’s competitiveness in attracting wealthy people to live (and die) in the UK”. The report’s key recommendations include •

• • •

A complete replacement of the current IHT measures with a new set of regulations, including reducing the tax to a flat rate between 10% and 20% but retaining the current £325,000 nil rate band (albeit renaming it a death allowance) all reliefs other than spouse and charity exemptions would be abolished (so no agricultural or business property relief) taxing lifetime gifts at the time they are made - at 10%, subject to a £30,000 annual allowance which cannot be carried forward (and gifts to trusts would be taxed in the same way) Using residence, instead of domicile, as the basis for determining whether IHT is charged on a worldwide estate)

We are nowhere close to any of these regulations being approved and implemented by the Government, but the suggestion is that reforms will be coming in the foreseeable future – so be prepared. If you would like any more information on IHT issues and estate planning – which is best done when preparing or reviewing your will, please contact our Private Client team. Curwens have offices in Royston, Hoddesdon and Enfield. www.Curwens.co.uk


Russell Grant's Monthly Horoscopes March

ARIES (March21st-April20th) Flattery will get you nowhere as March gets off the starting blocks. When talking with an employer or other professionals, it's best to be honest, even if it means challenging their ideas. A stimulating conversation on the 4th marks the beginning of a fruitful friendship. Your moneymaking potential soars on the 5th so use this opportunity to enjoy more creature comforts. Take advantage of a last-minute sale. On the 9th, a stressful Full Moon could prompt you to change jobs. There's only so much nonsense you can stand. Your leadership ability will be greatly appreciated by a team of creative people on the 14th; the team has been longing for clear instructions. Joining a prestigious social club on the 22nd will pay off handsomely; you'll make many influential friends. One of these will recommend a talented adviser; it would be wise to make an appointment on or around the 24th, when the adventurous New Moon prompts you to change your aims and objectives.

CANCER (June22nd-July23rd) Don't let a morose friend or romantic partner steal your sunshine on the 3rd. By maintaining a positive attitude, you'll attract some lucky opportunities. Planning a relaxing vacation at a seaside location would be a good idea around the 8th; you'll enjoy some time away from your usual surroundings. The Full Moon on the 9th could trigger an argument. Resist the temptation to get drawn into a heated debate on social media; your words could come back to haunt you. Joining forces with a cultured person on the 11th will improve your career prospects. You could be offered a wonderful job with a forward-thinking company on the 20th; you'll welcome the chance to lead a team of innovators. Be more selective about the company you keep on the 22nd; you're tired of tolerating the offensive views of small-minded friends. On the 24th, the New Moon will urge you to launch a daring product or service; it will be highly popular.

TAURUS (April21st-May21st) Don't make an enemy out of a respected expert on the 3rd; it's important to stay in this professional's good books. It may be necessary to issue an apology on the 4th, when you realise you made an embarrassing mistake. A unique piece of clothing or jewellery is worth purchasing on the 8th; you'll cherish this item for years. On the 9th, the Full Moon could prompt you to abandon an unrewarding romance or creative project. It will be easier to perform your job after the 10th, when you're given a clear set of instructions. Work hard to sign a new client, customer, patient or patron on the 20th; this deal will lead to a series of horizon-widening business trips. You'll be asked to take on a new role near the 22nd; don't be surprised if this leads to a change in the way you view your world. The New Moon on the 24th is the perfect time to rest, relax and recharge your batteries.

LEO (July24th-August23rd) You'll have to rethink the terms of a partnership on the 4th; be as flexible as possible. This relationship is worth preserving. An intriguing opportunity will come your way on the 5th; you're the perfect person for this energising new role. Presenting something beautiful and unusual to the public will get an enthusiastic reception on the 8th; this is no time to copy old formulas. On the 9th, the Full Moon will prompt you to ask for a rise or to increase your fees if you run your own business. If this doesn't work out as you'd hoped, start looking for a different source of income. A passionate encounter will make the 14th a night to remember; wear something that makes you feel wonderful. On the 20th, you'll get an opportunity to share your expertise with some-like minded enthusiasts. A casual romance could take a more serious turn on the 22nd. If you're already in a committed partnership, let your lover relieve you of some responsibilities. The New Moon on the 24th sets you thinking about taking a trip overseas.

GEMINI (May22nd-June21st) It will be necessary to cancel a trip or make alternative travel arrangements on the 4th; try to be flexible. The 8th is ideal for showcasing your creative work. Submit an article for publication, display your paintings at a gallery or upload some musical contributions to social media. On the 9th, a challenged Full Moon could bring a secret to light. Be willing to admit the error of your ways and ask for an apology. A stalled official matter will move forward once again on the 10th, much to your relief. The 16th is perfect for job interviews and professional reviews; you're sure to make a great impression. You might decide that it would be a good idea to begin a serious course of study on the 22nd; it will take a long time to complete, but your hard work will pay off. The sociable New Moon on the 24th urges you to attend a party. You're sure to cross paths with some interesting people.

VIRGO (August24th-September23rd) An old health issue could flare up at the start of March; don't put medical matters on a back burner. Getting a professional opinion will be helpful. A loving partnership gives you the courage to take a creative risk on the 8th. The Full Moon on the 9th urges you to forgive someone who hurt you long ago; holding this grudge is robbing you of inner peace and happiness. You could finally get a job offer on the 10th after a longer than expecting waiting period. Working with an artistic colleague will be rewarding on the 16th; you bring out the best in each other. The 22nd warns you against burning the candle at both ends; taking better care of your body is critical. Let your


romantic partner introduce you to something unfamiliar on the 24th, when the New Moon rewards adventurous behaviour. Taking a romantic trip would be a very good idea on the 29th; you and your amour will enjoy a break from the pressures of home.

you should criticise them. It may be necessary to return an expensive item that you purchase on the 4th; it would be best to hang on to your receipts. Falling in love at first sight is a distinct possibility on the 8th. If you are already in a relationship, arrange a lovely surprise for your partner. The Full Moon on the 9th could mark the disappointing end to an official matter; prepare for a disappointment, but don't let it get to you. You'll have to push harder than usual to get your point across on the 14th. Ambitious behaviour will pay off nicely on the 20th, when you could be chosen for a special reward, prize or bonus for which lots of other people had had high hopes for. On the 22nd, get into the habit of putting as much of your income into savings as possible. The New Moon on the 24th could find you welcoming someone to your household.

LIBRA (September24th-October23rd) Don't let friends or family intimidate your romantic partner on the 3rd; it's important to side with your lover. It will be necessary to rethink a creative project on the 4th; try not to grumble too much. Money from a dividend, partnership or other type of financial settlement will arrive on the 5th, allowing you to indulge your love of creature comforts. If you're looking for love a would-be wooer could sweep you off your feet on the 8th; it's wonderful to be worshipped. On the 9th, the Full Moon brings some embarrassing secrets to light. Be prepared to take responsibility for some past misdeeds. A confrontation with a relative will erupt on the 20th; don't let anyone treat you in a discourteous way. The chance to develop your artistic talent will arrive near the 22nd; accept an offer to learn from a respected expert. The New Moon on the 24th is ideal for entering a business or romantic partnership.

AQUARIUS (January21st-February19th) It will be difficult to get your message across on the 4th; wait until the middle of the month to make an important request or presentation. Domestic pursuits bring tremendous pleasure on the 5th; this is a great time to add some decorative touches to your home. Hosting a family reunion could also be on the cards. The Full Moon on the 9th might shed light on a financial shortage so be ready to juggle your budget. You'll be handed some serious responsibilities involving a member of the family on the 22nd. The New Moon on the 24th brings new and helpful information; you'll be given the authority to manage a financial account. On the 30th, you'll be inspired to pursue a personal goal. Take this opportunity to apply for a job, ask for someone's heart or launch a business from your home. An offer of help from an accomplished business-person will arrive on the 31st, causing you to breathe a sigh of relief. With their assistance, you can move mountains.

SCORPIO (Oct 24th-Nov 22nd) You'll be prompted to change the way you deal with a stubborn relative as March gets underway; old ways and means simply aren't working any longer. Love is in the air on the 5th; this is a great time to find a partner or enjoy a rendezvous with your amour. A surprise gift makes your heart sing on the 8th; it's nice to know you are held in such high regard. The Full Moon on the 9th could mark the end of a frustrating situation; you're ready to sever ties and strike out on your own. Praise from an important person on the 14th lets you know you're on the right path; be proud of your progress. It may be necessary to take control of an ailing relative's affairs on the 22nd; put your organisational skills to work. On the 24th, the New Moon could inspire you to put yourself on a demanding health regime. A business trip at the end of the month should prove profitable, giving you a chance to network and make new contacts.

PISCES (February20th-March20th) Avoid spending money on status symbols at the start of the month; they really won't bring much pleasure. Your personal power will be at an all-time high on the 8th so take this opportunity to ask for favours, apply for grants and promote your interests. On the 9th, the Full Moon will cause you to look at a relationship in a whole new light. Stop putting your business or romantic partner on a pedestal; it isn't helping your union. It will be much easier to process paperwork and deal with bureaucracies on the 10th; requests will be processed more speedily. A friend will urge you to pursue a cherished dream on the 14th; this is advice worth taking. Spending more time on solitary pursuits will become an increasing priority on the 22nd; making it a good time to scale back your social schedule. An unusual moneymaking opportunity will become available on 24th, thanks to a potential packed New Moon.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov23rd-Dec21st) Avoid social media like the plague at the start of March; it's easy to make sarcastic jokes that you will come to regret in times to come. Spending time with family will be deeply satisfying on the 8th. It will also be good for attending a reunion or meeting with a favourite relative. On the 9th, the Full Moon will prompt you to take responsibility for someone else's mistakes. Trying to sweep this matter under the rug will only make a difficult situation more complicated. A lucrative opportunity to work from home will arrive on the 11th; don't be so quick to turn down this arrangement. You'll have to fight to get what's due to you on the 20th; don't be afraid to cause a commotion. It may be difficult to get the training you seek on the 22nd; be prepared to apply to a course several times before you are accepted. The New Moon on the 24th is ideal for starting a romance or rekindling an old one.

www.russellgrant.com Call Russell Grant's Psychics & Mediums now on 0906 539 1526 (ÂŁ1.50p per min + phone access charge, 18+) or pay by Credit/Debit card on 0207 111 6162 Calls to 0906 cost ÂŁ1.50p per minute plus your phone providers access charge;18+ only. All calls are recorded for your protection & safety. This Entertainment service is regulated by PhonePayPlus and is provided by Russell Grant Astrology Ltd.

CAPRICORN (Dec22nd-January20th) Don't be too hard on a relative at the start of March; just because you don't agree with their choices doesn't mean

Customer Services 0808 206 4514




The Trouble With ‘YOU’: Using Compassion to Diffuse Conflict We’re all familiar with random acts of kindness, but how do kindness and compassion translate into our daily dialogues? We’ve all been there. Someone’s said something to us which has hit a nerve. Our instinct is perhaps to explode in indignation, outrage and a huge desire to defend ourselves. Unwittingly creating a cycle of conflict. We all know that ‘communication’ is the key and cure to pretty much everything. It’s such a big topic but I’d like to share some thoughts on having the best outcome to the next situation which creates discomfort or potential upset, using compassion and kindness. The first thing we need to remember is that we have a choice about how we react, regardless of how poorly expressed the other person is. So you have the opportunity to take responsibility and make it better. Communication can be broken down into: Receiving - active being empathetic









Transmitting - expressing what we want to say, in a way that can be heard without judgement or offence. Both of these elements are present in compassion. Being mindful of our needs and those of others. But it’s not always easy. What we receive/hear is open to a lot of interpretation by us – our past experiences and assumptions kick in. So it’s tempting to react- jump into action quickly without thinking about our feelings or considering our needs. Or theirs. How often is the phrase ‘you’re not listening to me’ at the start of something pretty negative? It’s clear that the feeling of not being heard is the root of many conflict situations. The easiest way to diffuse a difficult situation is to show you’ve heard what they’ve said. But how? The temptation is to start with ‘You.....’ but this simple word is loaded with accusation and when people feel defensive their instinct is to interrupt and talk over each other. Voices raised. Just take stock and start again. It’s never too late to be compassionate. Step 1) Listen properly. Be present in the moment. Show you’ve heard them and try to see it from their point of view. Step 2) Express yourself. Explain how you feel about what they’ve said (starting with ‘I’...) Step 3) Move forward. Try to find some way to resolve. Discuss possible outcomes or solutions which works for both parties. Simples?! Well no, it’s not. But if you try just one element, showing you’ve heard what someone has said by repeating back and remembering to start with the word ‘I’ rather than ‘You’ will attract more kindness and compassion into your life. What’s not to like?



Perhaps, Perhaps It’s Doris! Friday 15th May 2020, 7:30pm Lytton Theatre Stevenage An evening of Entertainment with a special afternoon preview offering FREE TICKETS for Residents in local care! Local performer ‘Aimi P’ will be paying to tribute to Doris Day in an evening to celebrate songs from this legendary singer’s career. In her tribute evening Aimi will sing some of the best loved songs by Doris Day including early Jazz standards ‘Fly me to the Moon’ and ‘Dream a little dream’ to musical and film numbers such as ‘Pillow Talk’, ‘Secret Love’ ‘The Black Hills of Dakota’ and the tribute title itself ‘Perhaps’. The show will be a relaxed table show on Friday 15th May 2020 at The Lytton Theatre, Vardon Road, Stevenage, SG1 5PZ where there is a licensed bar. The show starts at 7.30pm Tickets £12 full & £10 concession available from 2nd March via www.ticketsource.co.uk/lovely-old-time-productions For any enquiries please email lovely.old.time.productions@gmail.com Hertfordshire born and based, Aimi is known locally for a variety of entertainments in various venues including The Gordon Craig Theatre, Stevenage Town Centre Gardens, Hampson Park and most recently a performance in the town centre for the Christmas Light switch on. Aimi P has had local and European success with her first one woman show ‘Truly Andrews’ based on her idol Julie Andrews and hopes that a Doris Day inspired evening will be a hit this May, one year on since Doris passed away. A big part of Aimi’s work includes entertaining residents in care homes all over the country and she will be offering FREE TICKETS to any local care home for a special preview performance at 2.30pm. Tickets for this are LIMITED and only available directly from Aimi in advance via messenger on 16

https://www.facebook.com/perhapsitsdoris/or lovely.old.time.productions@gmail.com Aimi’s talents are not limited to tributes of iconic females as she gigs regularly in Hertfordshire and is soon to be releasing her very own debut pop singles.

Social Media Email – lovely.old.time.productions@gmail.com Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/perhapsitsdoris/ Perhaps Perhaps Facebook Event https://www.facebook.com/events/170355697601571/ Aimi P - https://www.facebook.com/aimipentertainer/ Truly Andrews Show - https://www.facebook.com/TrulyAndrewsShow/


Artist Profile - Jean Picton Looking back in art history the ‘Great Masters’ have endowed us with valuable records via their visual images of historic events, landscapes as they existed then, portraits of people who were held in high esteem, depictions of religion and more .. the list is endless. However, when the camera was invented the artist’s role started to change dramatically, opening up opportunities to experiment more widely. Art was then developed in a broader sense with the result that colourful visual experiences via paintings in the styles of expressionism, impressionism and abstract art, to name but a few, began to be appreciated and purchased by the general public. Art is so wide and so deep and is now greatly used within a wider sphere where colour and mark making is used to simply bring a vibrant window of light, colour and joy into the purchaser’s home. This is exactly the realm in which Jean Picton’s artworks fall within, with the fantastic bursts of colour, filled with floral delights displayed in a flamboyant, loose abstracted style. After gaining her art degree Jean applied to the Digswell Art Trust for a fellowship and was accepted. It was this opportunity that opened up a period of time when Jean was able to immerse herself in experimentation, ultimately developing her own style of painting. Up until this point Jean had not contemplated selling her paintings. The Digswell Arts Trust is a charity that for over fifty years has focused on artists in the early phase of their careers, they currently have two trusts based in Digswell and Letchworth in Hertfordshire. Jean Picton describes her current body of work: ‘I feel my work is more about “painting” than “flowers”. The subject matter is just a means to explore the skill of tonal values, composition and the drawn line. I have moved through various phases in my development from minimalist poppy images to more complex structured paintings, exploring a deeper resonance of colour. I visited India in 2011 which left a lasting impression on me. The intense colours I saw around me challenged my thinking as to how I could replicate the importance of the relationship of colours to each other thus creating movement on canvas. My latest works are the result of this thinking. I have taken the abstract form to a larger scale, intensified the colours by adding a resin finish, thus improving the 18

“movement” within the work. Where I am now, is proving the most exciting of all my careers, watch this space!’ A chance meeting on a train, with an editor of an art magazine who was interested in her life story that opened up a new world of opportunities for Jean. The article that was later published in a magazine was seen by a major art publishing company who took Jean’s work on to sell. It is very easy to understand how inspired the editor was at the first outset, as Jean had spent her entire life in the world of ‘the arts’.

It all began in 1954 when Jean was invited to become a Windmill Girl at the famous Windmill Theatre in the West End of London. During her time there she worked with greats such as Harry Secombe and Bruce Forsyth. This led on to Jean being invited to the USA in 1970’s to represent the UK and ‘Britishness’ due to her popular cabaret act. Jean went on to perform at venues such as the Chicago Hilton Hotel, and the Carlton Hotel, New York. Whilst in USA Jean also became a regular on the Joey Adams Chat Show - ‘Coast to Coast’. In the 1980’s when Jean returned to England she was often seen on British TV, consequently Jean worked on shows such as ‘Hi-di-hi’, ‘Eastenders’ and appeared in many TV adverts. At the same time Jean was working on the British cabaret circuit as an established performer. Upon retiring from show business at the beginning of the 1990’s Jean began painting as a hobby but quickly realised that she had a talent for art. Because of this Jean decided to take art seriously and this led to Jean attaining a BA Hons degree in Fine Art in 2002. Since gaining her Degree, Jean’s ‘new- found’ style has gone from strength to strength. As a professional artist Jean’s work sells not only in the UK but also Ireland, France, Spain, Portugal, Germany and as far away as North America, Mexico, Hong Kong, Australia and New Zealand. Jean Picton’s artwork is currently for sale in over 150 galleries around the UK and can be purchased more locally in ART @ MG – Mardleybury Gallery in Datchworth, Hertfordshire.

Marilyn Comparetto FRSA https://www.mardleyburygallery.co.uk


Gift Ideas

Playing Together for a Healthier Planet Geomag World’s upcoming launch of their new Green strategy will refresh popular existing lines such as the iconic worldwide success story of the magnetic construction toy comprising of magnetic rods, metal spheres and panels from Geomag World Classic and Panel Collections.

Boasting a use of 100% recycled materials to provide lower environmental impact. For years the company has been working to increase the sustainability level of its production process, using 100% renewable energy and reducing industrial waste to almost zero. 2020 marks the start of this exciting milestone come to fruition taking bold steps forward, other brands are yet to.

Since 1998 Geomag World has become a pastime for the whole family, reuniting parents and children in an activity of extraordinary creativity, so why should that be any different? Playing together for a healthier planet the new Geomag World Classic and Panel Collections will use magnetic rods, panels and bases made using 100% recycled plastic. Not to mention the cardboard boxes which also now have a high percentage of recycled materials. Yet another amazing novelty, the new storage boxes for your rods and spheres available in every play set. It provides a practical, durable and pocket-sized edition so you can carry your Geomag play pieces with you anywhere you go, what’s more they are also made from 100% recycled plastic. Without compromising on superb quality and play value; powerful magnets, quality materials and strong constructions meet great colours to achieve 100% Geomag World.


Exploring the incredible potentialities of magnetism, adding movement and magical effects to your creations. Achieve a limitless number of shapes, geometric figures and models of every kind. Geomag World offers a wide range of colours and styles to present a whole new way of playing. While Geomag Classic is an inventive system of simple construction made of rods and spheres, Geomag Panels offers new found stability, versatility and design potential, taking your child’s imagination to new heights to create the most unique masterpieces of all time.

The Classic (60-93 pcs) will be available to buy online from March 2020 at GeomagWorld. The Classic Panels (52-78 pcs) will be available to buy online from June 2020 at GeomagWorld.

Trampolining Re-imagined

Standing the test of time, the traditional trampoline has long been a household activity and popular outdoor play product for the family. Not much has changed in 2020 and with trampoline parks booming it’s clear children are looking for more than a regular bounce. In what’s expected to be the most exciting outdoor product launch this season, Plum Play has reinvented the trampoline experience, challenging the traditional flat bed. Plum has created an entire new trampoline category, introducing a revolutionary new play pattern to inspire and capture Gen Z’s love of high-energy sports and freestyle play.


The BOWL Freebound Trampoline, set to launch this February, offers a unique space where children can express themselves in a safe environment and explore new movement. With cues taken from extreme sports and urban landscapes children can enhance their skills and discover freebounding! Transforming the jumping mat into a new curvilinear form the Plum BOWL trampoline has three cutting edge unique features, CURV, FLEX and BOWL.

The CURV creates a new contour play pattern encouraging dynamic movement in boundless directions. Think Trampoline Park, Skate Bowl and Velodrome; this new jumping mat innovation changes the way children bounce, allowing them to use both the flat mat centre and trampoline walls. Rusting springs and the noise that comes with them are also a thing of the past. Super soft FLX bungees are silent, each held by a FLX secure clip the bungees work in unison, powered by movement. Each bungee creates a quad formation connecting the frame to both of the upper and lower perimeter of the CURV; this keeps the mat taut whilst providing bounce performance as children use the trampolines sides to perfect their tricks. The new iconic BOWL shape delivers on both form and function, the unique BOWL experience inspires freestyle play in the ultimate safe space, providing an environment where kids can challenge themselves, learn new skills and ultimately build confidence. “Designed and tested to be the most thrill-seeking trampoline experience. We’ve created a unique freebound environment… The BOWL is the safest way to bounce.” Jonathan Schaffer, company founder and extreme sports enthusiast Hi-tech specs also include a printed track mat; that allows children to visualise their movement and can be used as markers to enhance freebounding across the CURV. The extra thick, super soft feel safety net protects both the user and trampoline interior. Protective safety padding is divided into eight separate sections for easy installation with each section meeting to unite the pad for durable cushioning. Plum Play are taking the trampoline back to its roots. A brief look at the trampolines history reveals that both leisure and professional training have played equal roles in the trampolines timeline; with NASA famously using the trampoline to improve balance and give the feeling of weightlessness. Initially invented by a teenage gymnast in the 1930’s to enhance acrobatic skills, perfect tricks and strengthen muscle, we can identify these benefits are identical to what children love about this product today. With the campaign hashtag #whatcanyoudo Plum have let ambitious kids do the talking. From skater to gymnast, ballerina to freerunner these real personalities bring the BOWL trampoline to life, whilst telling their stories. 22

Grace, an inspiring ballerina tried out the BOWL; “I like trampolining because it’s much easier to jump and practice on than a hard floor is. It just feels really nice to like let loose and when you do it, you realise that you can do stuff, if you work hard at it” Eddie who loves trampolining, gymnastic and parkour said the following after jumping on the BOWL. “You jump from ledge to ledge doing flips and amazing stunts and I just love the thrill of doing that. I use it to overcome the fear of taking my skills from the trampoline to the ground. It’s really exciting it gets my blood flowing and my heart racing” Hear more from the children testers: https://www.plumplay.co.uk/bowl For £1500 the BOWL has a diameter of 4.16m and a 2.58m height frame. Supporting up to 120kg (18stone 9lbs) the trampolines durable structure has a 10year warranty. Are you ready to try the new wave of freebound trampolines?

More about Plum Play Passionate about play, Plum help to nurture curiosity and creativity by creating a safe and fun environment, allowing children the freedom to play and the parent peace of mind. With over 30 years experience Plum products are designed for every stage of childhood, great quality and kind to the environment. From 12 months plus to teenage years and beyond, Plum will help you discover the best products for your child’s development through play and create a childhood of great memories. Plum BOWL: https://www.plumplay.co.uk/bowl Website: https://www.plumplay.co.uk/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/plumplayuk Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/plumplayuk/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/plumplayuk


The Cheese Plate named finalist in Shop of the Year 2020 The Guild of Fine Food’s annual Shop of the Year awards, an accreditation scheme which recognises and promotes excellence in independent retail, has announced its finalists for 2020 and The Cheese Plate in Buntingford, Hertfordshire is among those in the running to win the Specialist Cheese Shop category. Having had its written entry reviewed by a panel of respected industry experts, The Cheese Plate will now undergo two further rounds of judging, including an announced visit from one of the judges and a mystery shop carried out by Insight6. From the overall shopping experience and financial performance to staff training opportunities and environmental initiatives, the panel of highly experienced judges, which includes Edward Berry of The Flying Fork, Stuart Gates, former managing director at Fortnum & Mason and senior buyer at Harrods, award-winning retailer Tracey Colley and food writer Patrick McGuigan will rate, score and provide feedback on every aspect of The Cheese Plate before agreeing on an overall category winner. A Newcomer Award will be given to a worthy category entrant that has been trading for less than two years and any entrants considered to be leading the way with new ideas will be put forward for the Innovation Award. 'We are over the moon to have been shortlisted for Cheese Shop of the Year 2020. To be in the Top 5 in the country is a huge achievement for us! We entered to showcase our lovely little shop and to show our support to all our wonderful customers, wholesalers and local businesses who work with us and make our shop what it is today. We cannot wait for the rest of the judging process and we have all our fingers crossed that the judging panel love our shop as much as we do.' Hope Archer, Events Coordinator Shop of the Year 2020 will reach its exciting finale on Monday 9 March, when the world of fine food gathers at Fodder Farm Shop and CafÊ in Harrogate, to find out the winners of each category.

Follow them on social media or visit their website on www.thecheeseplate.co.uk


Will knowing that billions of male chicks are shredded at birth change what food we buy? Do we want cheap food and ignore animal welfare and the cost to the environment? Or should we have a complete understanding of the food we buy to make the right buying choices. Unfortunately, a great deal about our food and farming practices are hidden. Did you know that around seven billion male chicks, not wanted for meat or eggs, are killed around the world each year, usually by gas, or in shredding machines. In the UK a further 35 million female egglaying chickens are killed every year when only 14 months old as they reach their first moult, a natural process normally lasting 2 months where they stop laying eggs to build up their nutrient reserves. (It is cheaper to kill and replace them than wait for them to start laying again). Sustainable beef regenerating soil? Likewise, thousands of male calves from specially bred dairy cows are killed at birth because they can’t produce milk, or convert feed to meat quickly enough to be ‘viable’. These are some of the little known, and rather nasty consequences, of a worldwide cheap-food policy where science has been used to produce as much food as possible as quickly as possible. It is often cheaper to kill unwanted animals and process the ‘nutrients’ in to human, or fish, food. Ever seen ‘reconstituted meat’ on a food label? “Meat slurry is more malleable than dark meats and eases the process of meat distribution as pipelines may be used”. Wikipedia. YUK! This issue has been raised because France have banned the culling of unwanted male chicks by the end of 2021. Apparently big business backed scientists are desperately trying to either work out the sex of the chick before hatching or modify chickens to only lay female chick eggs. How many chickens get to their second birthday? No wonder Veganuary was so popular this year! It seems odd to me that tax-payers money has been used to subsidise many of these practices under the premise that; ‘People want cheap food.’ Taxpayers are paying to subsidise cheap food, then pay again as water rates rise to remove agricultural waste and pay again with the rising NHS cost of food related disease. Unfortunately when people read the above they can over react and become vegans or vegetarians, often detrimental to their health.


What they, and we all, should be doing is spending a little more on buying meat, dairy and eggs from local sustainable farms that do not follow the practices above. These are farmers that need direct trade to make a better return than the average 9p that farmers get from every £1 spent of food in the supermarket. Such farms are almost going back 50 years before Cheap Food Policy and intensive factory farming. A time where farmers worked with more traditional varieties of animals such as chickens that did not lay as many eggs or cows that did not produce as much milk as modern breeds. These animals however are more versatile and produce a better product. Milk that has more nutrients, cows that produce male calves that can grow to produce quality beef and graze on pastures where the soil is regenerated from manure. These are traditional sustainable mixed farms using little or no chemicals and synthetic fertilisers and often employ and connect with more local people. Unfortunately, these farms are rare as EU food policy has deemed that small mixed farms are unviable and have directed subsidies at intensive high output farming. Those that have survived, or are starting up, can thrive if they can sell their produce direct to local people at ‘like for like’ supermarket prices. The more customers the more food they will be encouraged to grow. Many people think we have gone too far down the ‘cheap food policy’ road dominated by supermarkets and big business. At BigBarn we think we can use technology to encourage change. Change to an enlightened society where we make healthier, more sustainable, food buying choices. And buy from local, more sustainable, farms. To help please use our shared Local Food Map to find and buy from your local food outlets. The more you buy and support your local producers the more they will be encouraged to increase their range of products. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

www.the-sticks.co.uk To advertise your event, show, restaurant or business on our website or in our digital magazine Call 07756 274444 Or email thesticks9@gmail.com Prices from £10 per month


Wine Trends to Look Out for This Year Full-bodied Chardonnay Just like fashion trends from the past tend to make comebacks, so too do wine trends. Full-bodied Chardonnay was the toast of the 1980s, but many of the styles made were too oaky and buttery – and soon fell out of flavour. As a reaction, winemakers started creating lean Chardonnay wines with little or no oak maturation. But now, many consumers are asking for more full-flavoured Chardonnays and winemakers are increasingly starting to use oak maturation and malolactic fermentation to create wines that pack more punch. It’s important to note, though, that these bolder Chardonnays of today are much more balanced than the wines of the 1980s – so give them a go!

D'ARENBERG THE LUCKY LIZARD CHARDONNAY 2015 £19.00 A flourishing bouquet with pineapple, pear drop, honey suckle, raw cashew and a hint of seaspray. In youth there is a reasonable volume of fruit, although the palate still manages to appear taught with a sorbet like freshness to the acidity.

The growth of Grenache More British people than ever are falling in love with Grenache with a huge increase in sales of the red variety in the last 12 months. Grenache was long considered the poor cousin to Shiraz and was mainly used in wine blends or to make fortified wines. However, in recent years, winemakers have started to play and experiment with the variety. Their new and exciting takes on the variety has helped Grenache to shine on its own.

LA MOTO GARNACHA 2018 £14.50 Deep ruby in colour, this pure Garnacha has an expressive nose of ripe black cherry and plum with layers of subtle spice, toast and balsamic. It is concentrated and complex, yet extremely elegant.


Vegan-friendly wines With more people than ever going green with their diets, there has been an increase in demand for vegan-friendly wines. Many wine lovers are surprised when they find out that wines are not necessarily vegan-friendly due to winemaking techniques. However, winemakers have been quick at reacting to this rise in demand by using vegan-friendly fining agents when making their wines.

Preservative-free, biodynamic, natural & organic wines Consumers are moving towards living a more sustainable life and want to consume products with minimal intervention in all areas of their life – including what they drink. Because of this, we are seeing a greater demand for preservative-free, biodynamic and organic wines.

J MOURAT COLLECTION ROUGE 2018 IGP VAL DE LOIRE 2018 ÂŁ11.50 This wine packs a juicy cherry nose with a little kick of fresh sweet oranges. The fruit is ripe, sappy and jewel-bright: redcurrant and cranberry, with a pencil-graphite slender minerality that betrays the presence of Cabernet Franc.

For more advice on wine or to buy the above

CAVAVIN The Wine Shop, 22 Maidenhead Street, Hertford, SG14 1DR Tel: 01992 558 311 Email: sales@cavavin.co.uk www.Cavavin.co.uk



Newman, Authority and Power - Thu 5 Mar A talk marking the recent canonisation of St John Henry Newman, and exploring the nature of power, faith and authority. St Albans Cathedral Sumpter Yard

Herts Listings Berkhamsted Half Marathon & 5 Mile Run Sun 1 Mar The Berkhamsted Half Marathon and 5 Mile Fun Run are routed through the beautiful Chiltern countryside. Berkhamsted Cricket Club, Castle Hill, Berkhamsted

National Trust Watford and District Association - Thu 5 Mar Speaker: Janet Seward. Greer Garson, from London to Hollywood: the true story of Mrs Minever. Greer Garson started life in a London Suburb and died a much-loved Hollywood Star. Stanborough Centre, 609 St Albans Road, Garston, Watford.

Ensemble Hesperi: Take Note Ensemble Chiltern Arts Festival 2020 - Tue 3 Mar The Temple of Apollo: Jacobite Secrets of London James Oswald - The Poppy and The Narcissus from ‘Spring’, Airs for the Seasons Giuseppe Sammartini - Sonata VI from 12 Trio Sonatas James Oswald. Church of St. Peter and St. Paul, Tring

Memories of Letchworth - Fri 6 Mar Join us in celebrating our wonderful town by sharing memories and experiences of Letchworth. Letchworth Library Broadway Letchworth

Ware Operatic Society presents Anything Goes - Tue 3 to Sat 7 Mar Music, dance, laughs and the age-old tale of Boy Meets Girl - no musical puts it on stage better than Anything Goes. Hertford Theatre, The Wash, Hertford

Evening Concert - Fri 6 Mar Nigel North and Michal Gondko (Renaissance Lutes) uonare in Compagna: Lute Duets from Renaissance Italy Music by Francesco Spinacino, Joanambrosio Dalza, Francesco Canova da Milano, Pietro. Benslow Music Trust, Ibberson Way, Hitchin

Piccadilly Revellers: Concert, Cabaret and Dinner - Chiltern Arts ’20 - Tue 3 Mar Michael Law cabaret singer Louise Cookham vocals Martin Wheatly multi-instrumentalist Members of the Piccadilly Dance Orchestra 7pm Concert, 8pm Dinner, Step back in time to the high society. The Gatsby, Berkhamsted

Jumble Sale - Sat 7 Mar Lots of bargains at our annual jumble sale. 50p entrance per adult. Refreshments available. St Michael’s Primary School, St Michael’s Street, St Albans BCS Hertfordshire .helloworld@Herts Computing Fair & Fun Day - Sat 7 Mar Join BCS Herts in association with the University of Hertfordshire for the third annual .helloworld@Herts Computing Fair. New Chapman Lounge, University of Hertfordshire, College Lane, Hatfield

North Herts Association of the National Trust- Weds 4 Mar This month’s meeting is at 7.30 pm, with a talk by Stephen Marshall entitled “Southwell Workhouse”. Some background on the poor laws and social conditions in the early 1800s will set in context why it was built and how it operated. It was in social use until as recently as the 1980s though in a different format. As usual, it will be held at Christchurch, Bedford Road, Hitchin, SG5 1HF. Non- members welcome, £2 on the door. (Membership of National Trust not necessary). Tea and coffee served during the evening. Second-hand books and homemade preserves are on sale at every meeting. Further information from Secretary Mrs Colette House, 01462 815585

Hoddesdon Music Club French Horn & Piano Recital - Sat 7 Mar Ben Goldscheider, who at the age of 18 reached the final of the 2016 BBC Young Musician of the Year Competition will be giving a French Horn recital accompanied on the Piano by Richard Uttley. URC Church, Mill Lane, Broxbourne Birds of Prey talk - Sat 7 Mar Abbots Langley Library will be holding a talk on birds of prey, this talk is suitable for all the family. Abbots Langley Library, High Street, Abbots Langley

Patagonia - Wed 4 Mar A welcome return by Ann and John Aallington who will be giving an illustrated talk about Patagonia. Potters Bar Horticultural Society meeting held in the small hall at Elm Court, Mutton Lane, Potters Bar

Potters Bar Antiques & Vintage Fair - Sun 8 Mar Over 55 stalls with a huge range of antiques including silver and enamel, quality and costume jewellery, decorative antiques, mid-century homeware, china, glass, ephemera, kitchenalia, books. Wyllyotts Theatre, Darkes Lane, Potters Bar

Tin Church Coffee morning - Wed 4 Mar A great place to catch up over a Fairtrade filter coffee or tea. Homemade and handmade products, cards, bric-a-brac, books, plants etc on sale. The Tin Church, Church Hill, Bedmond, Abbots Langley

Monday Afternoon Concert - Mon 9 Mar Tom Caldecote (clarinet) All audience members are invited to join us in the Main House for a home-made tea after the concert, included in 30

the admission price. Benslow Music Trust, Ibberson Way, Hitchin

point of the church calendar, when we are invited vividly into the contemplation of the suffering, death, and resurrection of Christ. St Albans Cathedral, Sumpter Yard

“Hertfordshire Birds” – Mike Illet - Wed 11 Mar Illustrated talk organised by Watford Local RSPB Group. Mike Illet was one of the four joint authors of the widely acclaimed “Birds of Hertfordshire” and is a committee member of the Herts Bird Club. Stanborough Centre, 609, St Albans Rd, Watford

“365 Days of Colour” by Nick Bailey - Thu 19 Mar Nick Bailey is a garden designer, author, columnist and presenter on BBC Two’s Gardeners’ World. His second book, ’365 Days of Colour in your Garden’, forms the basis of his talk. The Cloisters, Barrington Road, Letchworth Garden City

T.S. Eliot: Hope in the Wake of Devastation - Wed 11 Mar The world which T.S. Eliot inhabited did not seem a fertile one for finding faith in God. Of all the seismic shifts that might have caused damage to Christianity’s place in western life. St Albans Cathedral, Sumpter Yard

Diana Ross/ Motown Tribute Night - Fri 20 Mar In association with Hot Pepper Entertainments, Aubrey Park Hotel are proud to present our Diana Ross/ Motown Tribute Night. Aubrey Park Hotel, Hemel Hempstead Road, Redbourn

Charity bridge drive - Fri 13 Mar Calling all bridge enthusiasts: enjoy an afternoon playing your favourite card game and enjoying a lavish home-made tea while helping to fund raise for Garden House Hospice Care in Letchworth Settlement, 229 Nevells Rd, Letchworth Garden City

Rock for Heroes - Fri 20 Mar Following on from our hugely successful first year of touring the incredible new live music experience Rock for Heroes. Wyllyotts Place, Potters Bar Vivaldi Squared - Lea Singers - Sat 21 Mar Not many people know that Vivaldi wrote at least three settings of the text Gloria In Excelsis Deo, and that only two survived: RV 588 (rarely heard) and RV 589 (the famous one). St Nicholas Church, Church Green, Harpenden

Sprig of Thyme - Stevenage Choral Society Spring Concert - Sat 14 Mar We’re on the move! This concert picks out songs from different countries. John Rutter’s collection of English Folk song settings - Sprig of Thyme. St. Martin’s Church, Knebworth The Anti Wedding Show - Sun 15 Mar Fed up of seeing the same wedding themes? Feeling despondent because you can’t find specialists who have the skills to realise your vision for YOUR unique day? Hitchin Town Hall

Grand Charity Quiz - Sat 21 Mar Expand your mind and test your knowledge, all in a good cause, at Letchworth Howard Rotary Club’s charity Quiz Night. St George’s Church Hall, Norton Way North, Letchworth Garden City Rumpelstiltskin & The Snail Of Destiny - Sat 21 Mar Poor Polly Buckwheat, the Miller’s daughter, is in a bit of a pickle! If she doesn’t turn a roomful of straw into gold by morning, the greedy King will turn a bit nasty. The Old Town Hall, High Street, Hemel Hempstead

Ware Antique & Collectors Fair - Sun 15 Mar Ware Antique & Collectors Fair: 30+ tables offering antiques and collectables Doors open at 10am to 4pm £1 entry (50p concessions) Free Car Parking Food and drink available. Age Concern Hall, Priory Street, Ware

Potters Bar Horticultural Society Annual Ploughman’s Supper Quiz - Sat 21 Mar Our Annual Ploughman’s Supper Quiz Night. This is a fun quiz not restricted to horticulture. Tickets are £10.00 per head with tables limited to 8 people. 7.15pm for prompt 7.30pm start. Large Hall, Elm Court Youth and Community Centre, Mutton Lane, Potters Bar

The Art of Pruning - Wed 18 Mar A welcome return by Neale Holmes-Smith who will give an illustrated talk on the art of pruning. Neale has been a horticultural lecturer for over 40 years. Potters Bar Horticultural Society meeting held in the small hall at Elm Court, Mutton Lane, Potters Bar The Sorcerer and Trial By Jury - Wed 18 to Sat 21 Mar Can you sue someone for breaking off an engagement? In Gilbert and Sullivan’s courtroom farce Trial by Jury, it’s a very serious crime! Queen Mother Theatre, Woodside, Walsworth Rd, Hitchin

Chipperfield Choral Society Spring Concert Elgar and Mozart - Sat 21 Mar At our Spring Concert we will be performing The Music Makers by Elgar and the Vespers by Mozart. The Music Makers is a setting of a poem by Alfred O’Shaughnessy for contralto solo, chorus. St John’s Church, Boxmoor, Hemel Hempstead

Engaging the Mystery of Christ for Holy Week - Thu 19 Mar Holy Week is the high 31

Drag Queen StoryTime - Sat 21 Mar Hitchin Library is very excited to be hosting a Drag Queen Storytime with the fabulous Ruby Violet. Hitchin Library, Paynes Park, Hitchin

Tempsford Museum and Archive - Sun 1 Mar This months exhibition will be Tempsford Weddings - a display of photographs of the weddings and marriages of Tempsford people over the years. Stuart Memorial Hall, Tempsford

Potters Bar Horticultural Society Annual Spring Show - Sat 28 Mar Our Annual Spring Show where Members show flowers & fruit they have grown. There is also the opportunity for members and family to show cakes and preserves that they have made. Large Hall, Elm Court Youth and Community Centre, Mutton Lane, Potters Bar

Luton Music Club - Ivana Gavríc - Mon 2 Mar In this third instalment of our Beethoven survey British pianist Ivana Gavríc plays the early A major sonata and the ever popular Appassionata, with the Viennese master exploring the colours. The Bear Club Mill Yard, 24A Guildford St, Luton

Harpenden Choral Society Presents Dvorák’s Requiem - Sat 28 Mar Harpenden Choral Society is pleased to present a performance of Dvorák’s Requiem, featuring the King’s Sinfonietta, with soloists Alison Langer (soprano), Emma Stannard. St Nicholas Church, Church Green, Harpenden

Alpine Garden Society Bedford branch - Mon 2 Mar We are a small group of keen and friendly gardeners who are interested in alpine plants (plants that grow in mountains). Wilstead Village Hall, Wilstead Daisy Pulls It Off - Tue 3 to Sat 7 Mar Oodles of spiffing fun awaits. It’s jolly hockey sticks at the ready as Daisy Meredith, a plucky girl from a poor background, is the first pupil allowed to attend the posh Grangewood School. Sharnbrook Mill Theatre, Mill Road, Sharnbrook

Concert of orchestral classical music - Sat 28 Mar We are delighted to present an exciting programme of Russian music composed in the 19th and 20th Centuries. St Francis Church, Church Road, Welwyn Garden City Artur Cimirro Piano Recital - Master Music Weekend Festival - Sat 28 Mar Headlining the festival and making his UK debut, Artur Cimirro will present a piano recital featuring a wide repertoire from Bach to Beethoven, Chopin, Liszt and Rachmaninov. The Clarendon Muse, 70 Rickmansworth Road

The Strange Case of Jekyll & Hyde - Wed 4 and Thu 5 Mar The President Of The United States has fallen, impeached for corruption and now awaits trial. As the American senate slides into chaos, election fever grips the nation. Luton Library Theatre, Luton Central Library, St George’s Square, Luton Wednesday Health Walks - Intermediate Mon 2 Mar - Wed 4 Mar Join our friendly ‘Walking for Health’ leader on the 1st Wednesday of every month for an intermediate walk across the Downs. Dunstable Downs - Chiltern Gateway Centre

Jumble and Recycling Sale – Sat 28 Mar Our latest sale will be held at the Cuffley Scout HQ which is located at the end of Church Close, Cuffley Family Bushcraft Workshop – Sun 29 Mar Calling all adventurers! Join us at our beautiful nature reserve RSPB Rye Meads and learn survival skills together as a family. Rye Meads Nature Reserve, Rye Road, Hoddesdon

Dreams and Nightmares Gallery Tour - Mon 2 Mar Join co-curator Victoria Partridge, Keeper of Fine and Decorative Art at The Higgins Bedford, for a tour of ’Dreams and Nightmares’ exhibition. The Higgins Bedford, Castle Lane, Bedford

Beds Listings

Fine and Decorative Art Tour - Thu 5 Mar Take a tour of the internationally renowned Cecil Higgins Art Gallery Collection. Highlights include Gothic furniture designed by William Burges, linocuts by Edward Bawden, European porcelain. The Higgins Bedford, Castle Lane, Bedford

Theodor Kern: Portraits - til Thu 19 Mar A new display of Theodor Kern’s oil paintings. Austrian born artist Theodor Kern (1900-1969) started his early painting career in the early 1920s. Wardown House, Museum and Gallery Going Higher Art exhibition - til Sat 7 Mar Going Higher is an exhibition that displays the work and experiences of people who identify as disabled through physical or mental health. Bromham Mill, Bridge End, Bromham, Bedford

Open Studio: Abi Spendlove - Thu 5, Thu 19 Mar Come and see our bursary Artist at work! Abi Spendlove, Artist-in-residence at the Hat Factory will be opening the door to her studio twice a month. Hat Factory Arts Centre, 65 67 Bute Street, Luton 32

Utter! Lutonia - Thu 5 Mar An eclectic and ever-changing line-up of Spoken Word (and sometimes musical) talent from Luton, London and further a field hosted by Luton’s own people poet, Lee Nelson. Hat Factory Arts Centre, 65-67 Bute Street, Luton

lives as professional women. Luton Central Library, St George’s Square, Luton Luton Music Club - Beethoven Piano Trios Mon 9 Mar Continuing our collaboration with the Sunday night concerts at London’s Conway Hall, the curator of that series, pianist Simon Callaghan, is joined by two colleagues. The Bear Club Mill Yard, 24A Guildford St, Luton

The Mother Monologues: Resisting Austerity - Fri 6 Mar For one mother, there’s nothing that coffee can’t cure. From heartache to headaches, it’s the one thing she knows she can rely on - and she’s not alone. Hat Factory Arts Centre, 65 - 67 Bute Street, Luton

DIG! - Thu 12 Mar A perfect introduction to theatre for the very young. As the sun comes up on a new day, the garden wakes up! Leagrave Library Marsh Road, Luton

Woodland Edge Gardening Talk - Fri 6 Mar This talk focuses on the selection and cultivation of woodland plants together with design ideas and historical interest. The Swiss Garden, Shuttleworth

Solo for Two - Thu 12 Mar Two dancers, two sides of the same coin, are caught in a struggle to find their place in the world. A little robot called ‘Macheba’ joins them on stage as an interactive witness. Hat Factory Arts Centre, 65 - 67 Bute Street, Luton

Upfront Comedy - Sat 7 Mar An evening of belly laughs from the UK’s most enterprising comedy promoters. Upfront Comedy returns with an evening of high-class comedy, featuring rip roaring and side splitting laughs. Luton Library Theatre, Luton Central Library, St George’s Square, Luton

DIG! - Thu 12 Mar The Perfect introduction to theatre for the very young. As the sun comes up on a new day, the garden wakes up! Lewsey Library, Landrace Road, Luton

Textiles with Mary Hearne - Sat 7, Sat 21 Mar Spend your Saturday morning getting creative with your little ones! A range of activities focused around making, play, techniques, using your hands and your imagination! Hat Factory Arts Centre, 65 - 67 Bute Street, Luton

Homes in Nature - Sat 14 to Sun 22 Mar Learn about the different nests you may see around the reserve and discover how birds build their homes. Make a Mother’s Day card to take home in the Visitor Information Centre. Donations welcome. The Lodge, Potton Road, Sandy

P.B’s Antiques & Collectors Fair - Sat 7 Mar P.B’s Antiques & Collectors Fair in association with St Paul’s Church Bedford is a fund raising Church event. Admission for Adults is £1 Children free entry. St Pauls Church, St Pauls Square, Bedford

The Fizz - ‘Up Close & Personal’ UK Tour Sat 14 Mar The Fizz are set to burst in 2020 with the release of their highly anticipated album ‘Smoke & Mirrors’ accompanied with a string of 11 UK dates for their ‘Up Close & Personal’ tour. The Grove Theatre, Grove Park, Court Drive, Dunstable

Grand Quiz and Supper - Sat 7 Mar Come and test yourself in our Grand Quiz. Supper provided. Bring your own drinks (and a glass). Shillington Village Hall, High Road, Shillington

An Ordinary Man - Sat 14 Mar The ever popular Beezneez Theatre Company comes to The Library Theatre, Luton for one day only with An Ordinary Man. Luton Library Theatre, Luton Central Library, St George’s Square, Luton

Meet ELC Police Lady - Sat 7 Mar This free event invites you and the kids to head down for the chance to meet ELC Police Lady, who’ll be appearing at The Entertainer Store, The Mall Luton, 37 The Mall, Luton

Needle Felt Blue Tit Workshop - Sat 14 Mar A delightful workshop with felt makers Felt and Dandy where you will make a charming Needle Felted Blue Tit. Running Time: 6 hours, including a 30 minute lunch break Age Guidance: 14+ Hat Factory Arts Centre, 65 67 Bute Street, Luton

Hardy Plant Society, Cambs & Beds- Sat 7 Mar The Hardy Plant Society is a national organisation for keen gardeners, whether beginners or more experienced. Weatherley Centre, Eagle Farm Road, Biggleswade

Luton St Patrick’s Festival 2020 - Sun 15 Mar Luton Irish Forum, in collaboration with The Culture Trust, present The Hat Factory Stage as part of Luton St Patrick’s Festival 2020. Hat Factory Arts Centre, 65 - 67 Bute Street, Luton

Library Lates International Women’s Day Mon 9 Mar An event to mark International Women’s Day A panel discussion focusing on women’s voices and their journey in their 33

Indoor Boot Fair- Sun 15 Mar We are holding an Indoor Boot Fair from 8.00am to 12.00pm. (Sellers from 7am. Redborne Upper School, Flitwick Road, Ampthill

live bands performing in the Hat Factory Basement Bar. Hat Factory Arts Centre, 65-67 Bute Street, Luton Cultivating Mindfulness Practice - Sat 21 Mar We invite you to learn Mindfulness practices to cultivate your mind in the beautiful setting of the Swiss Garden. Swiss Garden, Old Warden

Antiques & Vintage Fair - Sun 15 Mar If you love antiques, you’ll love this fair. Packed with over 45 stalls of just about every type of antique you can think of including silver, jewellery of all types, books, small furniture. The Weatherley Centre, Eagle Farm Road, Biggleswade

Islamic Calligraphy with Abu Yahya - Sat 21 Mar Join in our HATCH workshops with established artists to learn new skills, creative techniques, and make your own art. Hat Factory Arts Centre, 65 - 67 Bute Street, Luton

Storytime with Chase from Paw Patrol this March at Woburn Safari Park - Sun 15 Mar Children will be able to listen to storytime sessions with Chase from hit preschool series Paw Patrol, as seen on Nick Jr., at intervals. Woburn Safari Park, Woburn Park

Mother’s Day High Tea - Sun 22 Mar Treat your mum to a delicious High Tea at the Shuttleworth House. In honour of all our beloved Mothers this Mother’s Day. Shuttleworth House, Old Warden Park

Luton Music Club- Barbican String Quartet Mon 16 Mar A welcome return to Luton from this excellent young string quartet that first played for us two years ago. St Augustine’s Church, 215 Icknield Way, Luton

Old McDonald and the Three Pigs Plus? - Sun 22 Mar Booster Cushion Theatre present a comical tale weaving the story of the ‘Three Pigs’ with the nursery rhyme ‘Old McDonald Had A Farm’. Luton Central Library, St George’s Square, Luton

Embroiderers’ Guild Bedford Branch - Thu 19 Mar Embroiderers’ Guild Bedford Branch Do you enjoy textiles? Would you like to learn some new techniques or just see great work in a friendly setting? St Mark’s Church Hall, Calder Rise, Bedford

Juliet & Romeo - Wed 25 Mar With Lost Dog’s blend of dance, theatre and comedy this duet reveals the real story of Romeo and Juliet. Luton Library Theatre, St Georges Square

Ladykiller - Thu 19 Mar A chambermaid, a hotel room and a dead woman. It’s not what it looks like, really, it’s not. It was selfdefence… and anyway the woman was asking for it. Hat Factory Arts Centre, 65 - 67 Bute Street, Luton

Gin Palace Five One O - Thu 26 Mar The Old Palace Lodge, British Red Cross and Two Bird Spirits have joined together to offer you a wonderful evening of gin knowledge, tasting and fun. The Old Palace Lodge Hotel, Church Street, Dunstable

The Comedy Bar - Fri 20 Mar Join resident MC Jake Pickford every third Friday of the month for an evening of stand-up comedy from the nation’s up and coming talent. Hat Factory Arts Centre, 65 - 67 Bute Street, Luton

The Town that Banned Boys - Thu 26 Mar “Man up and get on with it” Masculinity is in crisis; crime is on the rise and social disturbance is rife. One town thinks they have the answer to these problems. Ban Boys. Hat Factory Arts Centre, 65 - 67 Bute Street, Luton

The Trees of the Swiss Garden - Fri 20 Mar Enjoy a guided tour of this lovely garden and see late spring highlights as well as finding out a bit more about its history and recent restoration. The Swiss Garden, Old Warden

Jousting Showcase - The Training of the War Horse - Fri 27 Mar Showcasing the training of the warhorse by taking dressage back to its roots, including jousting and mounted combat. Step back in time and see how the modern-day dressage horse was formed. Keysoe Equestrian Centre, Church Road, Keysoe, Bedford

Dunton Community Garden Coffee Morning Sat 21 Mar Come and enjoy a drink & fresh bake at our coffee morning. Chat, play or wander round the garden. The event will go ahead in all weathers, in the polytunnel or covered barn. Dunton Community Garden, Great Close, Church Farm, Church Street, Dunton near Biggleswade

Soul/R&B and Jazz Singer Omar live - Fri 27 Mar Focus on Jazz present an evening of soulful music with the incredible Vocalist Omar in an exclusive collaboration with the

Heresy (Goth Club Night) - Sat 21 Mar The Culture Trust presents its second season of Heresy! A Goth/Alternative club night with 34

Frances-Hoade The Forgiveness Machine Jonathan Stone. All Saints Church, High Street, Marlow

Keith Bazari Band. The Bear Club, Mill Yard, 24a Guildford Street, Luton Old Palace Lodge Wedding Fair - Sat 28 Mar Simply a wonderful Wedding Fair. The Dunstable Wedding Fair at the Old Palace Lodge and Priory church is quite simple a Wedding Fair quite like no other and certainly one not to be missed! Church Street, Dunstable

Tony Stockwell - Psychic Medium - Mon 2 Mar An evening of Psychic Mediumship with Tony Stockwell, one of the country’s most well known and respected mediums. Second Space, Waterside Theatre, Aylesbury

Spring Concert - Sat 28 Mar Danesborough Chorus and Alina Orchestra conducted by Ian Smith. Vivaldi Gloria and Magnificat; McDowell Ave Maris Stella. Woburn Parish Church, Park Street, Woburn

Stowe - Toddler Tuesday: Superworm - Tue 3 Mar Drop in for toddler fun activities and meet other families in the local community. Enjoy a relaxed catch up in the cafe with your friends in the local community, whilst the little ones play. Stowe, New Inn Farm, Buckingham

Ogg ’n’ Ugg and the World’s First Dogg – Sat 28 Mar A very long time ago there were no dogs — there were wolves, but we didn’t like them and they didn’t like us. Stockwood Discovery Centre, London Road, Luton

Hughenden - Garden Tour - Wed 4 Mar Join Hughenden’s senior gardener for a behind the scenes guided walk around the estate’s formal gardens. Hughenden, High Wycombe

Alpine Garden Society Flower Show - Sat 28 Mar Our Annual Show with plants, flowers, art, photography and embroidery classes. 11.15 - 15.00h. High quality plants of all sorts for sale from Monksilver Nursery; Wilstead Village Hall, Wilstead

Charles Ross Free Valuation Day at Buckingham Garden Centre - Wed 4 Mar After a very busy auction valuation in September 2019, we are delighted to welcome back Charles Ross Auctioneers, from Woburn, who will be offering their free valuation services on jewellery. Tingewick Road, Buckingham

Danesborough Chorus - Vivaldi, Telemann, McDowall - Sat 28 Mar The choir takes you on an adventure in musical contrasts. with Baroque masterpieces by Antonio Vivaldi and Georg Philipp Telemann. St Mary’s Church, Park Street, Woburn

Candlelit Lute: Matthew Wadsworth & Dame Evelyn Glennie - Thu 5 Mar Chiltern Arts Festival 2020 Including music from Dowland, Philip Rosseter and Robert Johnson, Matthew Wadsworth offers a haven from the hustle and bustle of everyday life with an intimate solo. Church of St. Peter and St. Paul, Great Missenden

Storytime with Marshall from Paw Patrol Sun 29 Mar Children will be to listen to storytime sessions with Marshall from hit preschool series Paw Patrol, as seen on Nick Jr., at intervals. Woburn Safari Park, Woburn Park

Mini Night Walk - Sat 7 Mar Get a flavour of one of our most popular fundraising events at Midnight Walk’s new little brother event – the Mini Night Walk! Florence Nightingale Hospice Charity, Walton Lodge, Walton Street, Aylesbury

Bucks Listings Youth Music and Art Day - Chiltern Arts Festival 2020 - Sun 1 Mar A day of interactive musical activities for children of all ages, culminating in a showcase from local young musicians. Queen’s Hall, Royal Grammar School, High Wycombe

MK Handmade & Vintage Spring Weekend Extravaganza - Sat 7 and Sun 8 Mar This huge indoor pop-up handmade & vintage bazaar has a reputation as one of the best markets in the country, and it returns (this weekend only) for its exciting 2020 Spring event. The Centre:MK Central Milton Keynes

Unbelievable Science - Sun 1 Mar Morgan & West present captivating chemistry, phenomenal physics, and bonkers biology in this fun for all the family science extravaganza! Stantonbury Theatre, Purbeck, Milton Keynes

City of London Sinfonia: Beethoven and Mozart - Sat 7 Mar Chiltern Arts Festival 2020 Ludwig van Beethoven - Septet in Eb Major, Op. 20 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Serenade in Bb Major ‘Gran Partita’ Written between 1799 and 1800. St Mary’s Church, Church Street, Old Amersham

The Phoenix Piano Trio: Into the Silence Chiltern Arts Festival 2020 - Mon 2 Mar Gabriel Fauré Piano Trio in D Minor, Op. 120 Ludwig van Beethoven Piano Trio in Bb Major, Op. 97 ‘Archduke’ – Interval — Cheryl 35

The Carters’ Pubs - Sat 7, Mon 9 Mar An exhibition on how villagers did their shopping before the motor car! This offers a fascinating insight into an aspect of rural life revealed from the research into Buckingham’s historic pubs. Buckingham Old Gaol, Market Hill, Buckingham

repotting demonstrations. Tingewick Road, Buckingham Tales Tattled & Told - Sat 21 Mar It’s time to meet the Boss! That is, the new Bard of Stony Stratford! Andy Powell brings his joyous poetry and music to Tales Tattled & Told at the Rectory Cottages, 49 Church Green Rd, Bletchley, Milton Keynes

Kent Duchaine - Sat 7 Mar Tickets £6. He wowed us again last year, so more wow in 2020. York House Centre, London Road, Stony Stratford

Craft Fair - Sat 21 Mar Our popular Craft Fair is back with some new stalls for everyone. Set in the old exercise yard of the museum, this makes a lovely setting! Buckingham Old Gaol, Market Hill, Buckingham

Waddesdon Pudding Club - Sat 7 Mar Brush away those winter blues and joins us for this exquisite tasting menu of four dessert courses and one cheese course created by our talented Head of Pastry, Craig Clark, and his team. Waddesdon, near Aylesbury

Garden Master Class Shrubs for the Smaller Spaces - Sat 21 Mar Our resident Plant Expert Chris Day starts a new series of Master Class talks covering the main plant groups, this month is shrubs for the smaller spaces. Buckingham Garden Centre, Tingewick Road, Buckingham

The Compleat Angler, Marlow Wedding Fair - Sun 8 Mar The Macdonald Compleat Angler is a Perfect Venue for a Wedding Fair with its large function rooms and idyllic location. The Compleat Angler, Marlow Bridge, Marlow

Mothering Sunday Afternoon Tea - Sat 21 and Sun 22 Mar Spend time with your family with our popular and special Waddesdon Sparkling afternoon tea served with a selection of the most delightful pastries, cakes and dainty selection of savouries. Waddesdon, Waddesdon, near Aylesbury

The Strange Case of Jekyll & Hyde - Tue 10 Mar The object of power is power.” George Orwell 2020. The President Of The United States has fallen, impeached for corruption and now awaits trial. Stantonbury Theatre, Purbeck, Milton Keynes

Mother’s Day Prosecco cream teas - Sat 21 and Sun 22 Mar If you’re looking for something that little bit extra special for Mother’s Day, we’ve got just the treat. Organise a relaxing spring day out and spoil Mum with a Prosecco cream tea. Stowe, New Inn Farm, Buckingham

Rutter: Magnificat, Britten: Rejoice in the Lamb - Sat 14 Mar An evening of glorious English music crowned with John Rutter’s Magnificat – an exuberant setting of the familiar words that epitomises his skill in writing appealing melodies. St Peter & St Paul Church, Castle Street, Buckingham

Calamity Jane - Tue 24 to Sat 28 Mar Wolverton Gilbert and Sullivan Society presents ‘Calamity Jane’ and promise you a rip-roaring, rooting-tooting time at this fabulous show! Stantonbury Theatre, Stantonbury, Milton Keynes

Stowe - Mother’s Day Prosecco cream teas Sat 14 and Sun 15 Mar If you’re looking for something that little bit extra special for Mother’s Day, we’ve got just the treat. Stowe, New Inn Farm, Buckingham

George Michael Tribute Night - Fri 27 Mar Join us for an unforgettable night - Includes a two-course meal, drink, entertainment and dancing. Two ticket types available Meal, Drink & Entertainment £34. Best Western, Buckingham Hotel A421 Buckingham Ring Road Buckingham

Q The Music - James Bond Concert Spectacular - Sat 14 Mar The popular Q The Music Show is bringing it’s James Bond Concert Spectacular to the Wycombe Swan, St. Mary Street, High Wycombe Stowe - Unlocking history - Climb Lord Cobham’s Pillar - Wed 18 and Thu 19 Mar A rare and exciting chance to view Stowe from a 360-degree position from the top of the historic Cobham’s Pillar monument. Stowe, New Inn Farm, Buckingham

JS Bach: St Matthew Passion - Sat 28 Mar Wooburn Singers & conductor Tom HammondDavies will be joined by baroque players from Oxford Bach Soloists, choristers from Taplow and Borlase Boys Choirs, tenor James Gilchrist as the Evangelist. Saint James Church, Oxford Road, Gerrards Cross

Orchid Day at Buckingham Garden Centre Wed 18 Mar Our popular Orchid Day features top Orchid expert Peter White. Orchid talks at 11am and 2pm with Orchid MOT clinic in between. Orchid Care Talks: 40 minutes, with 36



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Out now the March Issue of The Sticks digital magazine  

Out now the March Issue of The Sticks digital magazine The number one what’s on magazine across Herts, Beds & Bucks with over 16,000 readers...

Out now the March Issue of The Sticks digital magazine  

Out now the March Issue of The Sticks digital magazine The number one what’s on magazine across Herts, Beds & Bucks with over 16,000 readers...