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Issue 76 February 2020

In this edition of The Sticks Q and A with Gloria Estefan Q and A with Ed Byrne Russell Grant’s February Horoscopes Cheese Column Advice from Consensus HR Curwens Legal Column Art Column Valentines Gift Ideas Big Barn Food Column Wine Column Plus pages of events listings across Herts, Beds & Bucks 1


Welcome to the February edition of The Sticks Magazine! The most talked about magazine in Herts, Beds & Bucks With over 16,000 readers a month

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Q and A with Gloria Estefan Interview with Ed Bryne HR Column from Consensus HR Curwens Column Russell Grant’s February Horoscopes Family Fortunes Art Column Valentines Gift Ideas Cheese Column Big Barn Food Column Wine Column Listings – Herts, Beds & Bucks

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On Your Feet! The Story of Emilio and Gloria Estefan Q&A with Gloria Estefan

‘Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free…’ Ah, how times have changed. It’s not so easy to set up home in the United States of America these days if you’re trying to escape poverty and political meltdown in your country of birth. But back in 1960, when their little daughter Gloria was just two years old, Jose Farjado, who had been imprisoned after the revolution in Cuba, and his wife, also called Gloria, managed to flee the country and start a new life in Miami. And that, for Gloria, the daughter of Cuban immigrants, was the start of her realisation of the American Dream. On Your Feet! is the true story of how a shy young singer became the most successful Latin crossover performer in the history of pop music selling over 100 million records along the way. But it’s also an inspiring love story. Because, almost 45 years since they first met and after 40 years of marriage, Emilio Estefan, the man who encouraged her and was so ambitious for her, is still by her side. In addition to 38 number one hits, Gloria recorded the Oscar-nominated song ‘Music of My Heart’ and has received numerous honours and awards over the course of her illustrious career. In 1975, Emilio Estefan invited Gloria to join the pioneering Miami Sound Machine of which he was a founding member. The band became celebrated for fusing infectious Cuban rhythms with American pop and disco. Combined, they have won a staggering 26 Grammy awards. But it wasn’t always easy. Originally confined to Spanish speaking venues and radio stations Gloria and Emilio’s journey progresses from its origins in Cuba onto the streets of Miami and finally to international superstardom. But along the way Gloria was involved in an horrific bus accident and she and Emilio found themselves facing the possibility that she would never walk again. What have you been most pleased with about how On Your Feet! has been received? “Simply that people seem to love it. There’s actually a group of fans called The Feeties, who are teenage girls or in their early 20s who have seen it, like, 100 times. And there are others who have written to say they were entertained or cried or were reminded of different times in their lives through the songs. That’s the point of the show - to connect with people on a very human level, which is what we’ve always tried to do through our music. It’s been 4

phenomenal. It makes grown men cry. [Laughs] Personally, seeing grown men cry is my favourite thing. I also love how it surprises people. They go in expecting one thing and they come out feeling everything we’d hoped, which is a connection and having been on an emotional journey besides just the pure entertainment of the music and what they already know about us.”

Has any dramatic licence been taken with true-life events? “It’s all true, although maybe not always at the moment you see it happening on stage, and some of the songs aren’t in chronological order - they’ve been moved around to suit the story. The only thing that’s not true is Emilio having a six-pack, as he does in the show. [Laughs] It’s in there somewhere but washboard abs he does not have.” How involved were you in developing the script with writer Alexander Dinelaris? “We spent a year and half talking it through with him, then he said ‘You guys are a nightmare to write for because there’s no conflict’. My reaction was ‘Really? Let me introduce you to my mother!’ I loved and adored her but she was very rough on Emilio for the first 12 years of our marriage. She was the protective Cuban mum thinking ‘Gloria’s going off with a musician, is he marrying her for her or for her voice?’ The book that Alex has done is spectacular. Of course, once a director gets involved they shape things, but Alex is a phenomenal writer and we’re lucky that we hired him before he won the Oscar [for Birdman]. As well as scheduling issues, he’d have been way more expensive!” Is it strange seeing yourself played by someone else? “It was weird at the beginning, I’ve gotta say, but it’s an early version of me so it’s cool. And I’d never say ‘Hey, do it this way’, I just give as much backstory as I can rather than have someone try to clone me. I’m probably the worst judge of who I am because I’m inside myself, not on the outside looking in, and so I don’t know how I come off to other people.” Have you learned anything about, say, your habits and quirks from watching it? “Not really because they whisk through it so fast they don’t have time for habits. What’s impressive to me is how much love and devotion anyone who has played me in the show so far has put into it and how much they identify with me. These have mostly been Cuban-American girls so they’re kind of telling their own story too and that makes me very happy and proud for them.” How has it been bringing the show to the UK? “It’s been fantastic. The cast is amazing. Christie Prades, who was in the original Broadway production, has been loving it because she has a whole different energy to play off. The book is brand new to the English cast and the acting choices they’ve made are spectacular. And Philippa Stefani, who is performing at certain shows in London and is headlining the UK tour, is just wonderful.” What are you most proud of about your career as it’s depicted in the show? “That we stayed true to who we were. What I tell every young artist is ‘They’re gonna try and change you’. One time they even told Emilio ‘Lose the singer!’ 5

because it was the time of bands with male leads. Yes, Fleetwood Mac had two female singers but they also had male singers and yes, there was Madonna and Cyndi Lauper but that was a new thing in music. The record company even told Emilio to get rid of the horns and the percussion section. But we said ‘This is who we are’ and we fought to stay true to that. I’m proud that we were able to manoeuvre our way into the business without compromising. I remember saying ‘I can deal with failure if it’s something you really believe in but dealing with success when you’re making music you don’t like or that’s not true to you is gonna be really hard’. We stuck to our guns and learned we’re our best cheerleaders.” What’s the most fun number in the musical? “There’s a couple of really big numbers. Tradición is spectacular and then of course there’s Conga, where you literally see how it grows and grows then explodes in joy and includes the audience in it.” And what’s the most poignant song in the show for you? “Most definitely the one I co-wrote with my daughter Emily called If I Never Got To Tell You, which in the play is when my mother comes to visit me in hospital after the tour bus accident. My daughter couldn’t be in the show because she hadn’t been born during the timeframe. I tried to wedge her in there somewhere in any possible way and then she ended up being in it in a very natural, beautiful way through the only original song written specifically for it. It’s a very poignant song because it’s my mum telling me the things she wished she’d told me. She hadn’t spoken to me for two years after I took my sister on the road with me. She’d been punishing me for that.” Have you changed any of the songs? “I’ve done a lot of layers and added new things to old material. With Mi Tierra I’ve done some English language ad-libs because I don’t want to lose the non-Spanish-speaking audience. I want them to know what’s being sung because it’s advancing the story. I also rewrote some words for a song called Famous because of where it comes in the narrative.” You have a huge LGBTQ following. Have you encountered any drag queen Glorias over the years? “Of course! I love them. They’re far more fabulous than I ever could be and far more out-there. The other day in Miami a friend of mine had her bridal shower at a drag brunch. When we walked in the drag queen who was headlining went ‘Oh my God, the patron saint of drag queens has just walked through the door’. That’s one of my favourite introductions ever. We ended up doing the Conga with them and it was a blast.” When did you first get hooked on music? “I was just four or five years old. I was actually quite shy, but music was my love and it would transport me. The old Cuban standards were always playing in our house and I sang as soon as I could talk. Music was big in our household. My mother performed in school shows and she won a contest to do the Spanish dubbing for Shirley Temple’s films, but her father wanted her to pursue an academic career instead. And my own father had two brothers who sang and played guitar. So I guess music was in the gene pool. Then I started listening to the British Invasion. I remember pulling into a laundromat 6

parking lot with my mother and hearing Ferry Cross The Mersey. My hair stood on end and I didn’t want to get out of the car, I was so enraptured. That song really is like a Bolero in its rhythm. British bands were listening to a lot of Latin music and The Beatles recorded Besame Mucho. All that mixing of sounds had a huge impact on me and I had all this musical vocabulary to draw from.” You met and began working with Emilio in 1975. Did you know back then you were on to a winning thing? “I’m a bit psychic and early on I remember telling Emilio ‘I think we’re gonna be famous and I think we’re gonna be famous all over the world’. I believed so strongly in the music and I didn’t know how it was going to happen, but I just knew something was gonna happen.” As you say, Conga is one of the high points of On Your Feet! When you released it in 1985 did you realise it’d be such a huge hit? “Yes, I did. It was written when we were travelling from Holland to England as part of the Dr Beat promotional tour and when we got home we began performing it in our live shows even before we’d recorded it. People were reacting to it as if it was already a hit so we knew we were onto something. Funny thing is, it didn’t do well in the UK because Black Lace’s Do The Conga came out before our song did.” What prompted the decision to go from Miami Sound Machine to Gloria Estefan and Miami Sound Machine, then just Gloria Estefan? “That was Emilio’s idea. I didn’t want him to add my name to the band because we were successful and I was happy with my bandmates, nor did I want it to be just ‘Gloria Estefan’. But he was like ‘People are identifying with you, they think you’re beautiful and sexy, they need to know your name’.” It sounds like he doesn’t have a big ego… “Exactly. That’s why we’ve been able to have a successful marriage and a successful career. He does what’s best for the artist and that’s why people love working with him. With a lot of producers you have to get past their ego but he finds what’s special about them, he finds amazing music and then he makes it happen for them. He doesn’t need the accolades.” How was it being hailed as a 1980s sex symbol? “That was tough for me. I never hid the fact I was married and had a kid [son Nayib] and growing up I never felt sexy at all. But I learned to embrace what people felt was sexy and that seemed to stem from allowing people to see who I was and how music made me feel. I think that’s a sexy thing, when someone is confident and you can tell they believe in what they’re doing.” The show illustrates just how varied your music has been… “That was always the intention. The tricky thing is that the business wants you to continue with more of the same. Our biggest challenge when we put out Conga and it was so massive was that we wanted to release Bad Boy second and the record company went ‘But it sounds completely different’. We went ‘Exactly’ and talked them into it. Then we wanted to release Words Get In The Way and they went ‘But it’s a ballad!’ But we thought ‘If we don’t take this risk now we’re gonna be locked into this dance thing’. After that song become huge it freed us up but yes, every time you create something you can’t let it paralyse you. You have to move forward.” When putting together On Your Feet! How tough was it for you to revisit the 1990 bus crash that could have ended your career? “It’s strange because I remember more the aftermath than the actual crash. I’ve spoken to a lot of people 7

who have also been involved in accidents and they agree there must be some mechanism in our brains or our spirits where you remember before and after but you don’t remember the actual moment of impact. I was awake for it and afterwards, as I lay on the floor, I was in so much pain I was praying I’d faint but I never did. I remember everything except the actual breaking of my back.” What got you through the painful process of rehabilitation? “I grew up taking care of my wheelchair-bound father so I knew what my family might have to face with me. I didn’t care about getting back on stage. I just wanted to be independent and walk again. I said ‘Ok, if I end up in a chair I’ll figure out a way to deal with it but I am gonna fight my hardest for that not to happen’. Then I started getting all these letters from people. They kept throwing the song Get On Your Feet back in my face and I said to Emilio ‘I never did this for the fame so what if this is the sole reason I became famous? What if I have the opportunity through my perseverance to somehow inspire people?’ I rehabbed like six or seven hours a day, first in the pool because I couldn’t walk, and I had biofeedback attaching electrodes to the muscles so they wouldn’t die.” How did it feel when you first performed on stage again? “Oh my god, it was euphoric. It was how I imagine climbing Mount Everest would feel. I had overcome so many obstacles and I’d worked so hard. It was just amazing.” Now with your story being retold on stage, have people mentioned to you about how it has inspired them? “They have and it’s wonderful. There was a man who ran a company with 20 employees. He told me: ‘My wife took me to your show on a Broadway weekend and I went along reluctantly because it was the fifth show and I was Broadway-ed out. But because of your show I now have a 60-person company because I’d given up on my dreams of making it bigger, then seeing it really inspired me.’ Another person wanted to start a swim programme for special needs students but they’d never gotten around to it, thinking ‘This is never gonna happen’. Then they started it after seeing the show and it’s been incredibly successful.” Direct from the West End, Philippa Stefani will play ‘Gloria Estefan’, George Ioannides ‘Emilio Estefan’, Madalena Alberto will play ‘Gloria Fajardo’ and Karen Mann, Gloria’s grandmother, ‘Consuelo’.

On Your Feet! is directed by two-time Tony Award® winner Jerry Mitchell (Kinky Boots, Legally Blonde), with choreography by Olivier Award-winner Sergio Trujillo (Jersey Boys) and book by Academy Award® winner Alexander Dinelaris (Birdman). The show features some of the most iconic songs of the era, including ‘Rhythm is Gonna Get You’, ‘Conga’, ‘Get On Your Feet’, ‘Don’t Want To Lose You’ and ‘1-2-3’. See On Your Feet! At Milton Keynes Theatre Tue 11 - Sat 15 Feb Tickets From £13 Box Office: 0844 871 7652 ATGtickets.com/MiltonKeynes 8

Interview with Ed Byrne By Jason Barlow

A household name teetering on the brink of national treasure status, award-winning comedian Ed Byrne enjoys worldwide acclaim for his standup. With 25 years under his belt, Ed has parlayed his on-stage success into a variety of notable television appearances. A regular on Mock The Week and The Graham Norton Show, Ed has recently co-presented Dara & Ed’s Big Adventure and its follow-up Dara & Ed’s Road To Mandalay, and managed not to disgrace himself on Top Gear or whilst tackling one of The World’s Most Dangerous Roads. As a semi-professional hillwalker himself and fully paid-up humanist, he also brought a refreshing warmth and honesty to BBC2’s recent hit The Pilgrimage. But the Irishman is still best-known and best appreciated for his stand-up performances. A quarter of a century at the comedic coal-face has equipped Ed with a highly evolved story-telling ability and a silky mastery of his craft. Yet his wit, charm and self-deprecatory observational humour is often underpinned by a consistently hilarious vitriol and sense of injustice at a world that seems to be spinning ever more rapidly out of control. Having recently hit a new peak with shows such as the sublime Spoiler Alert and reflective Outside, Looking In, which explored the minefield that is modern parenting and a generational sense of entitlement, Ed’s new show If I’m Honest digs ever deeper into a father’s sense of responsibility, what it means to be a man in 2019, and whether he possesses any qualities whatsoever worth passing on to his two sons. Occasionally accused of whimsy, If I’m Honest is a show with a seriously steely core. Gender politics, for example, is something Ed readily engages with – deploying his customary comedic zeal. ‘I’ll admit that there are things where men get a raw deal,’ he says. ‘We have higher suicide rates, and we tend not to do well in divorces, but representation in action movies is not something we have an issue with. It was Mad Max: Fury Road that kicked it all off, even though nobody complained about Ripley in Alien or Sarah Connor in Terminator 2. Of course, social media means this stuff gets broadcast far and wide in an instant, which emboldens people. ‘The problem with men’s rights activists is that it’s not about speaking up for men’s rights, it’s about hating women. If you’re a men’s rights activist, you’re not going to care about the fact that there’s an all-female Ghostbusters remake. That’s nothing to do with men’s rights or female entitlement. That’s everything to do with being, well, a whiny baby.’ As ever, Ed manages to provoke without being overly polemical, a balancing act that only someone of his huge experience can really pull off. 9

‘I did stuff about Trump and the Pizzagate right wing conspiracy,’ he says, ‘and a couple of the reviewers said, “Oh, I would have liked to have watched a whole show of this”. And I think, ‘well you might have, but the average person who comes to see me would not like to see that’. I like to make a point or get something off my chest, or perhaps I’m talking about something that’s been on my mind, but the majority of stuff is just to get laughs. ‘People who come to see me are not political activists necessarily, they’re regular folk. If you can make a point to them, in between talking about your struggles with aging, or discussing your hernia operation or whatever it is, you can toss in something that does give people pause as regards to how men should share the household chores.’ He continues, ‘It’s not that I feel a responsibility, I think it just feels more satisfying when you’re doing it, and it feels more satisfying when people hear it. When a joke makes a good point, I think people enjoy it. It’s the difference between having a steak and eating a chocolate bar.’ Ed, who broke through in the mid-1990s when the New Lad became a genuine cultural phenomenon, doesn’t want to submit to any unnecessary revisionism, but admits that if the times have changed, he has changed with them. He reflects a little ruefully on one of his most famous jokes. ‘There’s an attitude towards Alanis Morrisette in the opening of that routine that I’m no longer comfortable with, where I call her a moaning cow and a whiny bint… slagging off the lyrics of the song is fine, but there’s a tone in the preamble that I wouldn’t write today.’ The new show also takes his natural tendency towards self-deprecation to unexpected extremes. ‘I do genuinely annoy myself,’ Ed concedes. ‘But the thing of your children being a reflection of you, gives you an opportunity to build something out of the best of yourself only for you to then see flashes of the worst of yourself in them. It’s a wake-up call about your own behaviour.’ When I challenge him over the degree of self-loathing he displays, he disagrees. ‘Self-aggrandising humour is a lot harder to pull off than self-deprecating humour,’ he insists. ‘A lot of people get really annoyed when Ricky Gervais is selfcongratulatory. I always find it very funny when he accepts awards and does so in the most big-headed way possible. I think it’s a trickier type of humour to pull off, talking yourself up in that way. ‘So no, I don’t think I’m being massively hard on myself. The fact is when you’re the bloke who is standing on the stage with the microphone, commanding an audience’s attention, you’re in a very elevated position anyway.’ That said, If I’m Honest brilliantly elucidates the frustration that arrives in middle age – and lives up to its title. ‘I’m bored looking for things, I’m bored of trying to find stuff, because I can never find it, and it is entirely my fault,’ Ed says. ‘Nobody’s hiding my stuff from me. Although my wife did actually move my passport on one occasion’. 10

He insists that, while the show might have mordant and occasionally morbid aspects, it’s also not without its quietly triumphant moments. ‘I thought I was being quite upbeat talking about the small victories,’ he says. ‘You know, finding positivity in being able to spot when a cramp was about to happen in your leg and dealing with it before it does. I was very happy with myself about that.’ Age, it seems, has not withered him. Especially now that he’s figured out how to head off ailments before they become a problem. ‘You see comics who are my age and older but are still retaining a level of “cool” and drawing a young crowd. I can’t deny that I’m quite envious of that. But there’s also something very satisfying about your audience growing old with you.’

See Ed Byrne on his If I’m Honest… tour

Fri 7th February - Palace Theatre, Watford Tel: 01923 225671 Weds 26th February - St Albans Arena Tel: 01727 844488 Fri 28th February - Aylesbury Waterside Tel: 0844 871 7607 Sat 29th February - Wycombe Swan Tel: 01494 512000 Sun 28th June - Wycombe Swan Tel: 01494 512000 Tues 30th June - The Grove, Dunstable Tel: 01582 60 20 80 Weds 1st July - Gordon Craig Theatre, Stevenage Tel: 01438 363200

Ed Byrne is touring nationwide. For more information, please visit http://edbyrne.com/


Employment Law Changes 2020 As it's important for businesses to have a good understanding and to be prepared for changes to legislation wherever necessary, we will be looking at four employment law changes coming into effect in 2020. A New Right to a Written Statement of Terms - Currently, employees who have been continuously employed for more than one month must be issued with a contract of employment within two months of their start date. From 6 April 2020, contracts will be a 'day one right' for all new employees and workers, and will need to contain additional details for the first time, such as details on working days and hours, paid leave entitlements, probationary periods and conditions, and training entitlements. Improved Benefits for Agency Workers - Agency workers will benefit from improved rights this year. From 6 April 2020, the Swedish derogation, which currently provides an exemption to equal pay for agency workers, will become unlawful. Agency workers who have completed 12 consecutive weeks of work will be entitled to equal pay to workers directly recruited by the employer. Additionally, from this date and until 30 April 2020, agencies must provide a written notification to its workers with existing contracts still reflecting the Swedish derogation, informing them that this provision is no longer valid. Adjustment to Holiday Pay Reference Period - From 6 April 2020, the holiday pay reference will increase from 12 weeks to 52 weeks. Calculation of holiday pay has been complicated, particularly for those with variable hours and seasonal or atypical roles. Under this change, to calculate the average weekly pay, employers will be required to look back at the 52-week period that a worker has worked, discounting any weeks not worked or where pay was not received. It is hoped that this will simplify the calculation process and even out the variations in pay for workers. New Parental Bereavement Law - The new Parental Bereavement (Leave and Pay) Act 2018 is scheduled to come into force in April 2020 (to be confirmed). The new law will give bereaved parents the right to two weeks of leave following the loss of a child under 18, or a stillbirth after 24 weeks of pregnancy. The leave, which must be taken before the end of a period of 56 days as of the date of the child's death, can be taken in a single two-week block or two separate weeks. Bereaved parents with a minimum of 26 weeks’ continuous service will also be entitled to statutory parental bereavement pay. Those with less will be entitled to two weeks of unpaid leave. “Employers need to ensure that they are always up to date on the Employment Law changes as with the change of Government and the reviews that have taken place recently, it is easy to not be fully aware of what is required as an employer. Additionally, with the introduction of Contracts having to be issued on day one of employment, many employers will need to look at their recruitment processes to ensure all the relevant information is obtained during the interview process”. Comments Matthew from Consensus HR 12


Is 2020 the year of Veganism? An increasing number of people are adopting the ‘vegan’ lifestyle choice whether it is for health, religious or personal beliefs with an estimated 600,000 vegans now in the UK. An Employment Tribunal has now clarified that it is also a philosophical belief protected by law. The Vegan Society defines veganism as “a philosophy and way of living which seeks to exclude… all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to, animals for food, clothing or any other purpose…...” In the tribunal case, Mr Casamitjana made a claim against his ex-employer (The League Against Cruel Sports) arguing he was sacked because of his veganism. The League Against Cruel Sports defended the claim on the grounds that Mr Casamitjana was sacked because of gross misconduct; specifically his failure to follow express instructions from management which was unrelated to any specific belief system. They also argued that, in any event, veganism was not a protected characteristic under the Equality Act 2010. Under the Equality Act 2010, a religion or philosophical belief is one of the protected characteristics under which an individual is protected from unfair treatment. The other characteristics are: Age, Disability, Gender reassignment, Marriage & Civil Partnership, Pregnancy & Maternity, Race, Sex, and Sexual orientation Norwich Employment Tribunal ruled ethical veganism does satisfy the test required and was "important" and "worthy" of respect in a democratic society. So Veganism will need to be added to the list of philosophical beliefs – and employers will need to be made aware. Mr Casamitjana was successful in demonstrating that his belief in Veganism was: •genuine; •a substantial aspect of his life and behaviour; •of a significant level of cogency, seriousness and importance; •worthy of respect in a democratic society (and not incompatible with human dignity or in conflict with the fundamental rights of others); and •not an opinion or view point based on the present state of information available Employers should already be aware that they must not discriminate directly by treating an employee less favourably than another because of their religion or philosophical belief. This case is therefore a timely reminder that all employees and workers should be treated fairly to avoid not only potential claims under the Equality Act, but also possible claims for constructive or unfair dismissal. For advice on how to deal with all employment issues please contact a member of our employment team on 0808 168 5588 or by completing our online contact form. Curwens have offices in Royston, Hoddesdon and Enfield. www.curwens.co.uk 13

Russell Grant's Monthly Horoscopes February 2020

ARIES (March21st-April20th)

CANCER (June22nd-July23rd)

Both your public and private lives will reap rich rewards around the 2nd; there will be lots of reasons for rejoicing on this magical day. After making an appearance at an important party, head off to a romantic hideaway with your partner. If you're single, you could meet someone special at this festive occasion. Your charm, wit and good looks will be evident to everyone on the 7th. This is an excellent time for auditions, job interviews and dates. The Full Moon on the 9th will bring news of an engagement, marriage or pregnancy. You might be celebrating this happy event with people from another culture. Valentine's Day promises to be a happy occasion, whether you are single or attached. Toast your love with your nearest and dearest. You will be rewarded for your hard work with a pay rise or a lucrative job offer on the 21st. The New Moon on the 23rd is ideal for taking a relaxing vacation.

Working with an experienced person will turn out to be exciting and energising at the start of February. Going on a business trip together will be informative and profitable. The 7th is ideal for making a professional presentation. Your audience will be both charmed and impressed with you. A payment will be larger than expected on the 9th, when the Full Moon rewards you handsomely for a job well done. Valentine's Day is best celebrated at a romantic hideaway; it will be difficult for your lover to keep their hands off you. Are you single? Let a relative set you up on a blind date. Push your best friend or romantic partner to try something new on the 21st; your encouragement will help them realise a cherished dream. The New Moon on the 23rd is ideal for publishing and broadcasting ventures. Sharing your expertise will be an enriching experience in more than one way. Avoid getting into a power struggle with someone you love on the 28th.

TAURUS (April21st-May21st) LEO (July24th-August23rd)

A friend will invite you to go on holiday with them on the 2nd; you'll make wonderful travel companions. Splash out on a gourmet restaurant on the 3rd, as you're sure to enjoy whatever is on the menu. Your unique ideas will get a popular reception on the 5th; feel free to set yourself apart from the crowd on this electrifying day. The Full Moon on the 9th marks the satisfying conclusion of an emotional family matter; this is a great time to forgive a relative's misdeeds. Valentine's Day will find you making a glamorous entrance at a restaurant, theatre or party. If you're looking for love, you could find it with an attractive colleague. The New Moon on the 23rd is perfect for launching a group project. Working with fellow artists will be especially rewarding. Beware of blurting out secrets on the 28th. You don't want to betray a mentor's trust by telling stories about their personal life.

Hard work will pay off handsomely on the 3rd. Don't be surprised if you're given a bonus, pay rise or other perk as thanks for your excellent contributions. If you're unemployed, you could be offered a splendid position on the 5th that draws on your artistic abilities. The pay won't be stellar, but the less tangible rewards will be significant. The Full Moon on the 9th finds you reaching a personal goal; this is cause for celebration. Treat yourself to a romantic adventure at this magical time. Valentine's Day could find you getting engaged or married. If you're already in a serious relationship, your partner will give you a beautiful gift. Are you single? Be willing to give up your independence to a cultured, sophisticated love interest. Your charisma reaches an all-time high on the 19th, when you draw admiring glances from every corner. The New Moon on the 23rd is ideal for making a personal or professional merger.

GEMINI (May22nd-June21st) A rewarding job with lots of perks could come your way on the 3rd. Stop doubting yourself and accept the position; you won't regret it. On the 9th, the Full Moon will find you signing a contract or entering a creative partnership. This deal will give you lots of stimulation, as well as rewarding companionship. Valentine's Day could have an exotic flair. Going to a restaurant that specialises in foreign cuisine will be a real treat. Are you single? You could find love with someone with an exotic and attractive accent. The New Moon on the 23rd marks an exciting career opportunity. This would be a great time to join the ranks of a large employer, like a hospital, university or government agency. The 26th is perfect for making a public presentation; people will be receptive to your creative approach. Raising money for a good cause is especially favoured at the end of February.

VIRGO (August24th-September23rd) Let your romantic partner pamper and pet you on the 2nd. A little tender loving care will bring out the best in you. If you're single, this would be an excellent time to make your move and launch a new relationship. The sparks will be instantaneous. More money for luxuries will become available on the 7th, thanks to an investment or partnership. The Full Moon on the 9th allows you to rest, relax and reflect on your accomplishments; this is an excellent time to withdraw from public view. Valentine's Day will be glorious if you take extra time with your appearance; prepare to receive many flattering compliments. It will be necessary to change some of your expectations about romance on the 17th; stop clinging to some fairy tale notion. The New Moon on the 23rd marks a joyous new phase of a romance. There's a good chance you could get engaged or married at the end of February.


on the 9th finds you getting closer to a business or romantic partner. It's a wonderful time to let down your defences. A breath-taking gift could be given to you on Valentine's Day. Are you single? Take this opportunity to splash out on some creature comforts. Promoting a creative project is highly favoured on the 21st, when you could get funding, publicity or both. On the 23rd, the New Moon brings excellent news about a community concern.

LIBRA (September24th-October23rd) Your job prospects are looking good as February gets up and running; if you're unemployed, you'll get at least one potential packed employment offer. This would also be a good time to launch a business from your home. Working with a daring partner will bring a success on the 7th. You'll benefit from your other half's pioneer spirit. The Full Moon on the 9th is ideal for throwing a party. Add a dash of glamour to this gathering; your guests will be grateful for the diversion. Valentine's Day will be especially romantic. You special someone will be especially attentive, working hard to make you happy. If you're single, you'll have your choice of admirers. Pick the most original suitor; you won't be disappointed. Apply for a grant, loan or scholarship on the 21st, when your financial prospects will be especially good. The New Moon on the 23rd will prompt you to start a health regimen. The results of this programme will be plain for all to see.

AQUARIUS (Jan 21st-February19th) Working for a large organisation like a hospital, university or government agency could be profitable on or around the 2nd. You will appreciate the stability of a regular income, as well as significant perks, that come from this employer. A generous relative could give you the money for a household expense on the 5th. The Full Moon on the 9th marks an exciting turn of events in a relationship; you could get engaged or form a new business-based partnership. Valentine's Day gives you a special glow and you'll have no problems attracting more than a few admiring glances. The 21st is perfect for moving to a new place, renewing your lease or paying off a mortgage. On the 23rd, the New Moon brings a lovely money-making opportunity. This job might allow you to work from home or set your own hours. The 29th is perfect for having a heart to heart discussion with a relative.

SCORPIO (Oct24th-November22nd) A powerful attraction between you and an unusual person will be evident on the 5th. This is an excellent time to embark on a relationship. On the 9th, a fulfilling Full Moon will draw attention to your professional accomplishments. Don't be surprised if you're given a promotion or high-profile job. Valentine's Day might find you spending a quiet evening with your amour in the comfort of your own home. Make the occasion special with flowers, candles and a gourmet meal. Are you single? A heartfelt confession of love could reach your ears on this wonderful day. Open your heart on the 20th; your honesty will be greatly appreciated. The New Moon on the 23rd is perfect for launching a creative project or going on a first date. Alternatively, you may decide to take a relaxing seaside vacation. Beware of getting drawn into a nasty argument on social media around the 28th.

PISCES (February20th-March20th) An influential friend will promote your interests on the 2nd. If someone offers to write a reference, set up a blind date or arrange a job interview on your behalf, you should take them up on their offer immediately. An important person will be impressed by your gracious behaviour on the 3rd; be unswervingly polite to everyone you encounter. Give yourself a reward for reaching a health goal on the 9th, when the Full Moon yields admirable results. Take yourself off to a private hideaway with your lover on Valentine's Day. If you're single, you may prefer to embrace your freedom than look for love. It may be necessary to think again about some personal plans on the 17th; be flexible. Your star power will be evident to everyone on the 19th; have fun basking in the spotlight. The New Moon on the 23rd is perfect for changing your appearance. Updating your hairstyle, expanding your wardrobe or undergoing a cosmetic procedure are all possibilities.

SAGITTARIUS(Nov23rd-Dec21st) Money for furniture, artwork and other household items could arrive on the 2nd. Take this opportunity to buy things that are not only pleasing to the eye and stimulating to the senses but also comfortable and easy to live with. You'll attract lots of admiring glances on the 7th; this is a wonderful time to attend a party. The Full Moon on the 9th brings the satisfying conclusion to a legal matter; you'll be able to make some exciting plans because of this decision. A minibreak will be a great way to celebrate Valentine's Day; head for a nearby beauty spot with your amour. If you're single, you will meet someone special when you're out and about. Are you looking for a new place to live? You'll find a beautiful piece of property at a price you can easily afford on the 20th. The New Moon on the 23rd is ideal for relocating. Alternatively, you might add a member to your household.

www.russellgrant.com Call Russell Grant's Psychics & Mediums now on 0906 539 1526 (ÂŁ1.50p per min + phone access charge, 18+) or pay by Credit/Debit card on 0207 111 6162 Calls to 0906 cost ÂŁ1.50p per minute plus your phone providers access charge;18+ only. All calls are recorded for your protection & safety. This Entertainment service is regulated by PhonePayPlus and is provided by Russell Grant Astrology Ltd.

CAPRICORN (Dec22nd-Jan20th) Your powers of persuasion are very strong on the 2nd. Take this opportunity to negotiate and finalise a contract, ask for a date or make a sales pitch. Your expertise will command a good price on the 3rd; use this extra income to take a series of short pleasure trips. The 7th is perfect for buying beautiful artwork and furnishings. If you're looking for a new place to live, you'll find somewhere right up your street. The Full Moon

Customer Services 0808 206 4514




Family Fortunes The Pleasures and Perils of Passing The Baton Family relationships are a minefield for many, littered with loyalties and expectations, assumptions, betrayal and disappointment. Now compound the challenges by imagining working with your parents, children or your spouse and you have a recipe for some interesting life experiences. How can you turn this potential for pitfalls into something akin to pride and joy? As someone who has worked with my parents, my children and my husband, (not all at the same time) and who has a keen ear for the experiences of others who run family businesses, here’s some points to consider. The most difficult thing many find is open and empathetic communication. Inadvertently copying the parent and child styles of dialogue can create an imbalance. Once suitable for directing the lives of your children, it becomes an issue when that ‘commanding’ manner lingers into adulthood. Parents think they know best. And perhaps they do, but like any workplace relationship, you have to respect the other person’s choice to make decisions and act independently. If you are lucky they will consult but they will soon stop if they get told what to do. Better if they learn from an open conversation about the pros and cons of decisions they need to make. Trying to create opportunities to ask the other generation for their input and opinions on non-critical matters helps them learn about considering different viewpoints and the more experience party can use these discussions to share vital experience they have gained. A sole trader who has grown their business from scratch, into one which supports two or more members of the family and perhaps some non-family staff is likely to be used to doing things their way, unquestioned. This can raise significant issues when the next generation want to make their stamp on a business. The inevitable feelings of redundancy from the original kingpin will surface as they see their ‘baby’ (in this case the business!) taken away from them. A careful and sensitive approach from the emerging offspring is necessary to mitigate this issue. Involve the original founder with some strategic areas you know are of personal interest to them and try to incorporate their input to make them feel valued and respected. Handing over the business should ideally be done over a two or three year period. It’s taken the original boss years to get their experience and insight and it’s unreasonable to expect the next generation to know everything overnight. Patience and respect need to be continually revisited. Working out a plan together for sharing the knowledge on the key roles and responsibilities is critical to sustained and consistent success. Some of it can be gained from the parent and other areas would be best found outside the business to give the new director external perspective and most importantly, new ideas with which to take the business forward. 18


Artists Profile - Robert Hale Of the many fine artists, we’re proud to exhibit at Mardleybury Gallery, a painter whose style is varied but always instantly recognisable. Life and Training Born in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, as part of a large working-class family, Robert was encouraged by his parents in his early love of art, and they supported him studying for a Diploma in Art at Amersham College. His plan at the time was to become an illustrator but it was painting he fell in love with. He went on to study at Slade School of Art, graduating in 1985. Although Robert exhibited in the ’85 Degree show at London’s Serpentine Gallery and the Leicester Schools show, art took a back seat while raising a family. He remained in the art world, though, working for a Fine Art shipping company, and travelled widely, indulging his lifelong passion for visiting galleries and museums. In the late 1990s, however, encouraged by his wife Sue, Robert set up a studio to concentrate on painting. Choice of Media Robert works in a wide range of media, including oils, acrylics, watercolours and charcoal, on surfaces ranging from canvas to paper. He doesn’t necessarily restrict himself to one medium per picture, often mixing his media to create a variation of marks. Since his student days, Robert has always mixed his own paints, and now often mixes large amounts at a time to store for future use. Though this began as a money-saving strategy, he finds that the time he spends mixing is time in the studio to think, surrounded by his work, which sometimes inspires his best work. It also has the advantage of allowing him to control the mixture and speeding up the drying time. Influences and Style Early on, Robert developed a fascination for the Post-Impressionists such as Pierre Bonnard, Edouard Vuillard and particularly the German-Danish painter Emile Nolde, whose free-flowing, vigorous brushwork and boldness Robert loved. He also found a passion for David Bomberg (more for his portraits, figures and landscapes than for his geometric work), Frank Auerbach and Leon Kossof. 20

The latter two used thick paint, and Robert came to recognise this as the technique he wanted to explore. His approach, especially in oils, is to build up layers of paint into something approaching relief, also cutting into the paint and adding different media over them.

Robert describes his work as being “about processes that are spontaneous and accidental”. He makes no plans, using whatever media and techniques work best to bring out the image emerging from the paint. His most characteristic work is about figures and emotion — as he puts it, “I like to build up and break down my images, abstractifying the work to try to create a mystery and intrigue that attempts to give a presence going further than basic representational observations.” It’s rare that Robert uses naturalistic colours for the subject, instead expressing mood and emotion through the choice of colours. So, what are Robert Hale’s paintings really about? Robert explains: “I try to capture emotions and atmospheres in my pictures. Using many different materials helps to keep the processes fresh and constantly experimental. The pieces are evolved and developed not planned and executed, a way of creating that is always exciting as the route to the finished product is never predictable but a journey through at times agony, pain and despair through to wonder, joy and huge contentment.” Written by Nick Blatchley copywriter, on behalf of Robert Hale and ART @ MG Mardleybury Gallery www.nickblatchleycopywriting.co.uk 21

Valentines Gift Ideas 1. PyroPets (Kisa - The Cat, Voffi - The Dog, Hoppa - The Rabbit, Einar - The Unicorn or Ugla -The Owl) £12.50-£27.00 from 54Celsius. For him or for her candles provide the perfect back drop to your Valentines Day plans, but unlike your standard everyday candle the ingenious creators of the PyroPet collection go above and beyond to create candles so engaging, they steal the show. Beautifully artistic, geometric animal sculptures which each reveal a fantastic surprise as they burn! From Icelandic designer Thorunn Arnadottir the founder of the PyroPets, light the wick and watch this space as the profile of your animal begins to warp. As the melting wax peels back to reveal a menacing flame and scorched aluminium skeleton. Each PyroPet offers a burning time of approximately 6-20 hours, made from paraffin wax, a cotton wick and aluminium. 2. YuYu Pure Japanese Collection, £45.00 from YuYu. Who wouldn’t love the large spread of blissful heat from the YuYu Bottle this Valentine’s Day? Measuring 81cm in size the YuYu is the world's first long hot water bottle that can stay warm for up to 6 hours thanks to the bubbles on the surface of the bottle which count not only as a massaging feature but also create air pockets allowing the bottle to stay warmer for longer. Eco-friendly, biodegradable, fair trade, flexible and beautifully soft, with an elongated shape. The YuYu can be effortlessly wrapped around your body as the genius strap provides endless opportunities to wear, enjoying hands free heat application as you tie the YuYu around your waist, back or shoulders. 3. Varidesk Pro Plus 36, £365.00 from Varidesk If you are looking to make an investment this Valentine’s Day on something more than just a novelty gift, surprise your loved one with the gift that keeps on gifting. Ideal for workaholics who need to strike that right balance between work and home life to feel healthier, happier and even more productive. The two tiered design is ideal for a dual monitor setup allowing the separation of a laptop and monitors from your keyboard, mouse and other accessories. Using a spring loaded boost and 11 different height settings, no assembly or installation is required, as the ProPlus 36 sitts comfortably on top of your current desktop. 22

4. Capsulier Lite, £75.00 from Amazon For the coffee connoisseurs among us the revolutionary Capsulier Lite is the latest gadget which would make a fantastic gift idea for him or for her this Valentine's Day. Allowing you to make your own reusable and sustainable Nespresso pods - the world's first single-push, mess-free capsule maker is an ingenious way to make superb tasting coffee so you no longer need to rely on shop bought coffees or the local barista. Capsulier’s expertly designed capsules save you money and reduce waste, are mess-free and preserve the aroma and flavour of your favourite coffee. The easy to use stainless steel capsules can be reused time and time again in place of single-serve coffee pods. Simply load roasted and ground beans into the Capsulier, close the lid, and push the lever, you’ll have a capsule ready for use in seconds.

5. ION8 Beauty Leakproof (350ml/500ml) £11.99- £12.99 from Leakproof Maintaining a healthy intake of water is hard but the benefits are second to none. Being hydrated helps flush out toxins and helps skin stay radiant. The ION8 Beauty boasts a one touch system, so you can open these drinking bottles with just one hand, meanwhile the added lock ensures peace of mind when throwing into a bag. Made from BPA free, phthalate free, non-toxic TRITAN, this versatile drinks bottle with a soft-touch ‘frosted’ textured grip is odour resistant and easy to hand wash, offering effortless hydration thanks to the vented, smooth liquid flow. Get your skin ready for the day ahead and stay hydrated with one of ION8’s no-spill water bottles, the perfect size for your lunch box or handbag. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Think all things Pinkster on Valentine's Day Whether you and your partner are sharing a romantic day together or you are gathering friends for Valentine's Day, Pinkster Gin will add some spark. Give your partner or best friend an elegant and sophisticated gift, that you too can enjoy and create these simple Valentine cocktails at home: Pinkster 70 cl bottle - the original pink gin made with real raspberries which is deliciously dry with a hint of fruit and an exceptionally smooth finish. Perfect to enjoy with your loved one at home. RRP £36.00 for 70cl available from www.pinkstergin.com, Marks & Spencer, Fenwick, Harvey Nichols, Selfridges and Majestic Wine, Ocado, 31Dover.com, Master of Malt. 23

Pinkster 'Gin & Jam' 50ml Pinkster Gin 15ml lemon juice 15ml sugar syrup 1sp raspberry jam A handful of raspberries Shake all the ingredients in a cocktail shaker filled with ice. Shake and strain into a Rocks glass filled with crushed ice. Garnish with fresh raspberries

Pinkster Royale - Perfect for a Valentine's cocktail this raspberry liqueur is made from gin-soaked recycled raspberries. Best of all there is no added sugar so just add to a flute glass and top up with your favourite fizz to make the Pinkster Royale Fizz. RRP ÂŁ25 Available from www.pinkstergin.com/pinkster-royale

Pinkster Peerless Hamper - RRP ÂŁ65 - includes a 35 cl Pinkster bottle, 35 cl Pinkster Royale bottle, 1 x Gin Jam, 1 x Boozy Berries, 1 x Buttermilk fudge 1 - the ideal present for the Gin lover in your life. Available from www.pinkstergin.com 24

Eating in at The Cheese Plate This Valentines evening why not spoil the love of your life and say I love you with cheese ..... our amazing romantic Valentines Fondues are back just for you. First sitting is 6.00pm – 8.00pm and second sitting from 8.30pm 10.30pm, spaces are limited so book your evening soon. A Cheese Fondue will be followed by a delicious pudding and a complementary bottle of Fizz at only £50.00 per couple. Or why not come to one of our Cheese and Wine Nights with six personally selected cheeses accompanied by six personally selected fine wines. There will be a relaxed and informal discussion on how each wine works with the cheese. Extra drinks are available for purchase. The evening starts at 8.00pm so arrive around 7.30pm, the evening will end at 10.00pm. It only costs £30 per person including a glass of fizz on arrival. You can either book onto one of our public nights or hire us out for a private function.

Why not take a trip to see us and eat in at our specialist Cheese shop, based in Buntingford, Hertfordshire? The award-winning cheesemonger and cheese shop offer an extensive range of over 280 cheeses both British and Continental and specialises in artisan cheese. Why not take a table at one of our window seats and enjoy lunch or afternoon snack, perhaps a Cheese plate Rarebit or Croque Monsieur with a glass of wine? The Cheese Plate has become the place to eat out at and visit in Hertfordshire. Toby Archer’s passion for all things cheese and his knowledge of this wondrous invention have stood him in good stead to be a judge at The World Cheese Awards in Birmingham, so whenever you visit you will be in good hands. To make a booking please call on Toby on Tel: 01763 271533 or Email: Toby@thecheeseplate.co.uk or pop in and see us. You can also find us on social media or go to www.thecheeseplate.co.uk 25

How Do We Fix the Food Industry, Together? Most experts agree that we have an unsustainable and rather sick food industry. Luckily we have a plan to fix it, especially if we can all work together. What is wrong? Consumers have become disconnected with where their food comes from and more influenced by supermarket special offers and marketeers than what is healthy and in season from local producers. Farmers only get an average of 9p in every £1 spent on food in the supermarket and over half the grain we grow in this country goes to feed animals to produce meat, dairy and eggs. For the last 30 years Western food policy has distorted market forces in the food industry by subsidising cheap, unhealthy food and supporting environmental damage. As a result, in the USA 40% of food is wasted and the food system is effectively bankrupting the health system. In the Uk 30% of food is wasted and 20% of NHS spend is on food related disease. Taxpayers are paying to subsidise cheap food, then pay again as water rates rise to remove agricultural waste, and pay again with the rising NHS cost of food related disease. So where do we want to be? We need an enlightened society where consumers make the right food buying choices and are enthusiastic about food and cooking. Where marketeers’ promotions for unhealthy food are ignored. Sustainable grass-fed meat is preferred to cheap imports or low animal welfare meat. And cooking simple healthy meals from low cost seasonal, local, or home grown, veg is the new trend. This seems a very long way from where we are now so how do we get there? At BigBarn we have been asking this question for 19 years and believe that with the younger generation’s growing passion for change there is a solution. With the food industry this means three elements that are interconnected and as each grow, act as a virtuous circle. 26

They are Enlightenment, Trade and Buy-in. We see the first, and most important strand of enlightenment is to get food growing and cooking in schools. Over half our schools already have a veg patch or garden, and tricky academic subjects can be brought to life in the veg patch. Let’s build a better, local, food industry Our ‘Crop for the Shop’ initiative also means schools can sell what they have grown to make money for the school. When running this project, we saw how every child’s attitude change from ‘I hate carrots’, to, ‘Those are really tasty’, and one child said, ‘I am going to grow some at home as my mum is really unhealthy’. If every child left school knowing how to grow veg, were enthused to cook it, and even sell some to local shops, we would see some really positive changes to health, as well as community building as shops and schools grow and trade healthy food. The second way to enlighten society is to share food knowledge. We have found that nearly every community has an expert on most cooking skills like bread making, basic cookery, etc, and many local people want to learn about these skill through a course. Love food and cooking To meet this need BigBarn is setting up a course database so that course providers can register their skill and local community venues like farm shops, or village halls can book them to run a course for local people. A small fee can be charged for the course provider and venue to share. Please register here to receive updates on this initiative. Our third way to enlighten people, and link to the element No. 2, is local food trade. The more consumers buy from local producers the more they learn about the produce and by buying encourage more local production. To help this process we host and share a constantly updating Local Food Map viewed by typing in a postcode. All those listed can add to their icon and webpage to enlighten readers and encourage trade. So far 90 partner organisations share and promote the map and some even add their members. This increases visitors to the map and number of food outlets on the map. All making it more powerful to all stakeholders and encouraging buy-in to a more sustainable, local, food system. Exciting times! And desperately needed to get us, our farmers, and our community, healthy and wealthy. Please spread the word and register here to receive updates on progress. Or email info@bigbarn.co.uk to get the investor prospectus coming soon.


Is Ribera Del Duero the region to knock Rioja off this high perch? Three great red wines from Ribera del Duero, a sometime challenger to Rioja for Spain’s best tempranillo red wines. Britain alone accounts of 25% of all wines exported out of Rioja, bottles from this region account for around half of all the money the British spend on Spanish wine each year - we really do love this region. RIBERA DEL DUERO CRIANZA PAGO DE LOS CAPELLANES 2016 £26.50 The nose is intense with a pleasant balance of wood and fruit with notes of vanilla, ripened cherries and plums. Secondary aromas of leather and liquorice are also present. The texture in the mouth is smooth with balanced flavours echoing the nose. Ribera wines underscore the purest expression of Tempranillo, Spain’s most well-known grape; big, bold and textured, but with plenty of rich, old-world sensibility. The region is home to some of Spain’s most sought after and applauded wines. Ribera’s are crafted to age, developing complexity over time, yet balancing acidity and generous fruit, they’re unequivocally food-friendly wines to drink young. The spices, dark fruit and smoky flavours of Ribera enhance anything off the grill, roasted meats, and rich pastas. Ribera del Duero wines can best be compared to Cabernet Sauvignon from the Napa Valley thanks to those rich and bold flavours but tend to be more refined and Old World in style, more balance and less overpowering oak.

ALTREJO ROURE RIBERA DEL DUERO 2018 £14.50 Deep ruby in colour, this wine offers aromas of black cherry, blackcurrant, forest fruits and fresher raspberry notes alongside subtle hints of cedar and nutmeg It was in the late 1980’s that this region really started to excel bringing wines to the international stage, Rioja is about 500 meter high, whilst Ribera del Duero is 800-900 meters high being a cooler night, but still a very warm day, What that tends to mean in practice is a short growing season leading to wines that tend to be more intense in colour, dark fruit (mulberry and blackberry) flavour and tannin, but with a balancing, focusing freshness.

PROTOS NEGRE ROURE RIBERA DEL DUERO 2017 £19.50 The nose is very expressive, powerful, complex, fresh fruit, sweet spices, creamy oak, red berry notes. Taste is fruity, toasty with round tannins and good finish CAVAVIN The Wine Shop, 22 Maidenhead Street, Hertford, SG14 1DR Tel: 01992 558 311 Email: sales@cavavin.co.uk www.Cavavin.co.uk 28



Herts Listings Tin Church Coffee morning - Wed 5 Feb A great place to catch up over a Fairtrade filter coffee or tea. Homemade and handmade products, cards, bric-a-brac, books, plants etc on sale. The Tin Church, Church Hill, Bedmond, Abbots Langley

Organ Concert on the refurbished Peter Collins organ - Sat 1 Feb Official re-opening of the Peter Collins organ after major works to clean and overhaul it. Guest organists include Terence Atkins, Robin Coxon, Richard Harvey, Dr Robert Manning and Drew Sellis. St John’s United Reformed Church, Somerset Road, New Barnet

National Trust Watford and District Association - Thu 6 Feb Speaker: Natasha Courtney. The Essex & Hertfordshire Air Ambulance Team. Natasha collects funds and is a great help to the Essex & Hertfordshire Team. Stanborough Centre, 609 St Albans Road, Garston, Watford

Hildegard: Radical Woman of Faith - Sat 1 Feb Hildegard of Bingen was an extraordinary woman – a religious leader, visionary, naturalist, poet and composer. St Albans Cathedral, Sumpter Yard

Camp Confidence & Dinner for One - Fri 7, Sat 8, Fri 14, Sat 15 Feb We’re delighted to announce our next supper evening of entertainment. This will comprise of two very funny shows, and we look forward to sharing them with you. 4 Station Road, Buntingford

Winter Market - Sat 1 Feb Welcome to our next ’first Saturday in the month’ event. We will have our usual popular stalls of homemade cakes and marmalade, bric-abrac, toys and books and cards. Letchworth Free Church Hall, at bottom of Leys Avenue, Letchworth Garden City

A Day with Klee - Sat 8 Feb Come and enjoy a day painting retreat in the Friends Room at the Grade II listed Paul Klee inspired Jellicoe Water Gardens in the middle of Hemel Hempstead Suitable for all. The Friends Room, Jellicoe Water Gardens, Waterhouse Street, Hemel Hempstead

Hansel and Gretel and other stories - Sun 2 Feb Presented by: The Wheels on Debussy and Matthew Sharp A one-man musical, storytelling show for children 3+ and families. Hitchin Library, Paynes Park, Hitchin

‘Kipps’ - A Tring Park Musical performance Sat 8 Feb Arthur Kipps is an easy-going working-class lad, who is happiest with his banjo. Markova Theatre, Tring Park School Mansion Drive, Tring

Ware Priory Wedding Fair - Sun 2 Feb Welcome to the wedding fair at Ware Priory, a venue steeped in history. The wedding fair will feature some of the leading companies from East Hertfordshire and beyond covering every aspect of your big day. Ware Priory Singers at the Barn - Sun 2 Feb Live Music at Singers at the Barn, Barn Theatre, Handside Lane, Welwyn Garden City

Simon de Montfort and England’s First Revolution - Sat 8 Feb Who was Simon de Montfort, what did he believe, and how were his actions significant to the history of this country? St Albans Cathedral, Sumpter Yard

Marco Marconi Piano concert - Mon 3 Feb Marco Marconi (jazz piano) and Mark Wade (double bass) Internationally acclaimed artists (Italian pianist Marco Marconi and American bassist Mark Wade) team up to present classics. Benslow Music Trust, Ibberson Way, Hitchin

The Naughty Fox - Sat 8 Feb Snuggle up with comfy creatures: Honk, Splash and TaWit TaWoo as they teach The Naughty Fox a very important lesson: it’s better to share. The Old Town Hall, High Street, Hemel Hempstead Monday Afternoon Concert - Mon 10 Feb All audience members are invited to join us in the Main House for a home-made tea after the concert, included in the admission price. Benslow Music Trust, Ibberson Way, Hitchin

The Surprising Global Legacy of Anne Frank - Tue 4 Feb Join Gillian Walnes Perry, the cofounder (along with family and friends of Mr Otto Frank) of the Anne Frank Trust UK, as she shares the legacy of Anne Frank today. St Albans Cathedral, Sumpter Yard

St Albans Scout and Guide Gang Show - Wed 12 to Sat 15 Feb Award winning theatre show by youth members of the Scout and Guide movements. Alban Arena, Civic Centre, St Albans

The Drowsy Chaperone - Wed 5 and Fri 7 Feb A ‘musical within a comedy’ with Music & Lyrics by Lisa Lambert & Greg Morrison and book by Bob Martin & Don McKellar. Hertford Theatre, The Wash, Hertford 31

Booster Cushion Childrens Theatre presents: Big Book Tall Tales - Mon 17 Feb The story takes place in a forgotten tattered library with the Rainbow caretaker talking about his favourite books and the 6ft tall book he finds. Hatfield Library, Town Centre, Hatfield

“Birdwatching in Yunnan” – Jeff Blincow Wed 12 Feb Illustrated talk organised by Watford Local RSPB Group. Highlights the superb birds seen on a trip to South West China in the winter. Stanborough Centre, 609, St Albans Rd, Watford Born Survivors: Three Young Mothers and Their Extraordinary Story - Wed 12 Feb Among the millions of people sent to Auschwitz II-Birkenau in 1944, Anka, Priska, and Rachel pass through the concentration camp’s infamous gates with a secret. St Albans Cathedral, Sumpter Yard

Going underground trail and craft - Mon 17 to Fri 21 Feb Look down and you’ll be transported to another world. If you look closely enough, you’re bound to spot a minibeast or two. Ashridge Estate Visitor Centre, Moneybury Hill, Ringshall, Berkhamsted

‘Open Door’ Coffee Morning - Thu 13 Feb Open Door is our coffee morning held on the second Thursday in every month, in Letchworth Free Church. All refreshments are free, and you will find a very warm welcome and friendly conversation. Letchworth Free Church, at bottom of Leys Avenue, Letchworth Garden City

Fab Science February Half Term Holiday Camp - Wed 19 Feb Fab Science presents: Our Diverse Planet! At this camp, we will be discovering some crazy creatures, investigating animal adaptations, learning about ecosystems and how to protect our amazing world! Hillmead Primary School, Woburn Avenue, Bishop’s Stortford

Jumble Sale in aid of Cats Protection Hemel Hempstead & Berkhamsted - Sat 15 Feb Jumble sales are great fun so come along and bag yourself a bargain! Books, toys and games, clothes of all shapes and sizes (some of them nearly new) from baby to adult, shoes, bric-a-brac. The Village Hall, Potten End, nr Berkhamsted

Meet Astrid Lindgren’s Pippi Longstocking – storytelling performance - Thu 20 Feb Nine-year-old Pippi is strong, brave and fearless. When she comes to live in her new home with her monkey and horse but with no parents and no rules, she brings mischief, chaos and confusion. St Albans Library, The Maltings, St Albans

Step in Time! A Hidden Hertford Walk - Sat 15 Feb2pm Join Assistant Curator Catherine Walker as she reveals the stories behind Hertford’s famous clock faces. Hertford Museum, 18 Bull Plain, Hertford

Family Discovery Morning - Treasure Trail! Thu 20 Feb Follow an exciting trail of Discovery around the Cathedral during this free, fun Family Discovery Morning! St Albans Cathedral, Sumpter Yard

The Premier Knebworth Barns Wedding Fair - Sun 16 Feb The Premier Knebworth Wedding Fair is held in the historic and contemporary Barns set within the deer park at Knebworth House, Knebworth Park

Maggini String Quartet - Fri 21 Feb Haydn: String Quartet Op 64 No 5 in D major ’The Lark’ Rawsthorne: String Quartet No 1 (1939) Britten: Three Divertimenti for String Quartet Mendelssohn: String Quartet No 6 in F minor. Benslow Music Trust, Ibberson Way, Hitchin

Ware Antique & Collectors Fair - Sun 16 Feb 30+ tables offering antiques and collectables Doors open at 10am to 4pm £1 entry (50p concessions) Free Car Parking, Food and drink available. Age Concern Hall, Priory Street, Ware

Fab Science February Half Term Holiday Camp - Fri 21 Feb Fab Science presents: Our Diverse Planet! At this camp, we will be discovering some crazy creatures, investigating animal adaptations, learning about ecosystems and how to protect our amazing world! Garden Fields JMI School, Townsend Drive, St Albans

Charity Quiz Night - Sun 16 Feb Come along to our Charity Quiz Night, all proceeds to Rennie Grove Hospice Care. A raffle will be held on the night. No need to pre book. The Three Hammers Pub, 210 Watford Road, St Albans

Under the Virtual Sea - Fri 21 Feb Explore the sights and sounds of an underwater world plus code with Cubetto the robot through an undersea adventure. Abbots Langley Library, High Street, Abbots Langley

Head to intu Watford for half-term family fun! - Mon 17 to Sun 23 Feb If you’re looking for something fun to do with the kids this half term, then look no further than intu Watford shopping centre, Watford

The Premier Hertfordshire Wedding Exhibition - Sun 23 Feb The Hertfordshire Wedding Fair, St Albans is Hertfordshire’s 32

Race for Wildlife at RSPB The Lodge, Sandy - Sun 2 Feb Enjoy a 10k (2 loops) multiterrain route around nature reserve, taking in a couple of short, steep hills. The Lodge, Potton Road, Sandy

premier wedding fair and is the county’s oldest county wide wedding fair. Alban Arena, St Albans Herts Early Dance Session - Sun 23 Feb Helen Young leads the practise of our summer dance programme. St Stephen’s Church Hall, St Stephen’s Church, 14 Watling Street, St Albans

Luton Music Club - Mon 3 Feb The third in our series surveying the 10 sonatas for violin and piano by Ludwig van Beethoven. Virtuoso pianist John Lenehan, who has curated these concerts, appears with star British violinist Sara Trickey. The Bear Club, Mill Yard, 24A Guildford St, Luton

The Hitchin Priory Wedding Fair - Sun 23 Feb Why not visit this tranquil, period wedding venue, steeped in history and surrounded by parkland. The Wedding Fair which features leading exhibitors from the local area and beyond. Hitchin Priory, Tilehouse Street, Hitchin

Open Studio: Abi Spendlove - Thu 6, Thu 20 Feb Come and see our bursary Artist at work! Abi Spendlove, Artist-in-residence at the Hat Factory will be opening the door to her studio twice a month. Hat Factory, Arts Centre, 65 67 Bute Street, Luton

Palestine: Identity, Conflict and Religion Thu 27 Feb Palestine and its people are too often considered through a simple lens of pervasive conflict. Under the surface, however, are layers of identity which are familiar to each of us: race, ethnicity. St Albans Cathedral, Sumpter Yard

Making Fatiha - Fri 7 and Sat 8 Feb Fatiha and Toby have only met once after he saw her perform her stand-up routine in Luton in March 2019. Hat Factory Arts Centre, 65 - 67 Bute Street, Luton

Beastly Belle - Sat 29 Feb Be charmed and surprised by a new twist on an old tale, inspired by the iconic era of 1920s and 30s cinema. The Old Town Hall, High Street, Hemel Hempstead

Dunton Community Garden Coffee Morning Sat 8 Feb Come and enjoy a drink & fresh bake at our coffee morning. Chat, play or wander round the garden. The event will go ahead in all weathers, in the polytunnel or covered barn. Dunton Community Garden, Great Close, Church Farm, Church Street, Dunton near Biggleswade

Dinner Dance & Auction - Sat 29 Feb Fundraising dinner to raise awareness and funds for Admiral Nurses who provide practical and emotional support to carers of loved ones with dementia. The Oak Room, Melbourne Lodge, Brocket Hall

Neil Angilley Trio - Music in the Museum Sun 9 Feb Every second Sunday of the month, Music in the Museum: Jazz presents the very best of jazz. The trio, have worked regularly in the London Jazz scene and across the U.K. Wardown House, Museum and Gallery

Beds Listings Storytime with Mama G! - Sat 1 Feb Come and join Mama G for story time with a difference. Combining panto, drag and the traditional art of storytelling: Mama G will be sharing tales that celebrate being who you are. Lewsey Library, Landrace Road, Luton

Luton Music Club -Gildas Quartet - Mon 10 Feb This foremost British string quartet makes a most welcome return to Luton. The Dissonance is one of Mozart’s most loved quartets. Luton Sixth Form College, Bradgers Hill Rd, Luton

Hardy Plant Society, Cambs & Beds - Sat 1 Feb The Hardy Plant Society is a national organisation for keen gardeners, whether beginners or more experienced. Weatherley Centre, Eagle Farm Road, Biggleswade

Bedford School Drama presents: The Trial Wed 12 and Thu 13 Feb Written by Franz Kafka Adapted by Steven Berkoff Franz Kafka (1883-1924) wrote most of what we know as The Trial in 1914 during the first months of World War I. The Quarry Theatre, 26 St Peter’s Street, Bedford

Tempsford Museum and Archive - Sun 2 Feb This Months Exhibition - “Tempsford Familiar Faces” with a selection of pictures of Old Tempsford Familiar Characters, many never seen before and kindly donated to our archives over recent months. Stuart Memorial Hall, Church Street, Tempsford

The Hum in my Heart - Thu 13 Feb Four different stories in Four different places, each developed from the ‘local’ story and told through Kathak and physical theatre to create a compelling exploration of mental health. Hat Factory Arts Centre, 65 - 67 Bute Street, Luton

Indoor Boot Fair - Sun 2 Feb from 8.00am to 12.00pm. Redborne Upper School, Flitwick Road, Ampthill 33

Valentine’s Dinner With Live Music From Briar Rouge - Fri 14 Feb Create special memories this Valentine’s day at Shuttleworth. Enjoy Champagne on arrival followed by a stunning four-course romantic dinner in our beautiful Mansion, The Shuttleworth House. The House at Shuttleworth, Old Warden Park

children from 4 years + Wardown House, Museum and Gallery, Luton FebFest: Gulp - Wed 19 Feb The Bone Ensemble presents Gulp! An extraordinary adventure about water, dripping with fun! Maya loves water! Swimming in the sea, splashing in her paddling pool. Stockwood Discovery Centre, London Road, Luton

FebFest: Charmane - Sat 15 Feb Piggin thinks that Charmane is a kitten because that’s what he sees on the outside, but Charmane doesn’t feel like a kitten on the inside. Luton Library Theatre, St Georges Square

FebFest: Trunk Tales - Wed 19 Feb A lady, a Trunk and a collection of stories from around the globe. An interactive storytelling show designed to unleash the imagination of children from 4 years + Luton Central Library, St George’s Square, Luton

Jumble Sale - Sat 15 Feb Our ever-popular annual WI Jumble Sale which always has high quality goods including clothes for all, shoes, handbags, household linens toys, lots of books, Bric-a-brac, white elephant etcetera. The Village Hall, Pavenham, Bedford

FebFest: Little Darling - Thu 20 Feb Magical Memories of Peter Pan. ‘All children, except one, grow up’, and Michael Darling, now 40, has grown up. Hat Factory Arts Centre, 65 67 Bute Street, Luton

Valentine’s Comedy Night Special - Sat 15 Feb 4 comedians open the doors to the ups and downs of relationships. Featuring Felicity Ethinc, Blair, Murial, Rudi Lickwood. Running Time: 150 minutes Strictly 18+ Luton Library Theatre, Luton Central Library, St George’s Square, Luton

Embroiderers’ Guild Bedford branch - Thu 20 Feb Do you like textiles? Would you like to learn some new techniques or just see great work in a friendly setting? St Mark’s Church Hall, Calder Rise, Bedford The Comedy Bar - Fri 21 Feb Join resident MC Jake Pickford every third Friday of the month for an evening of stand-up comedy from the nation’s up and coming talent. Hat Factory Arts Centre, 65 - 67 Bute Street, Luton

Antiques & Vintage Fair - Sun16 Feb If you love antiques, you’ll love this fair. Packed with over 45 stalls of just about every type of antique you can think of including silver, jewellery of all types, books, small furniture. The Weatherley Centre, Eagle Farm Road, Biggleswade

FebFest: Chloe and the Colour Catcher - Fri 21 Feb Transforming theatres into a vibrant world of colour and rhyme, join Chloe on her courageous journey to unleash all seven shades of the rainbow in this extraordinary and wholly original tale. Luton Library Theatre, St Georges Square, Luton

Luton Music Club - Danny Driver - Mon 17 Feb In the second concert of our complete survey of the sonatas for piano by Ludwig van Beethoven we welcome back a dear friend of Music on Mondays, the pianist Danny Driver. The Bear Club, Mill Yard, 24A Guildford St, Luton

FebFest: Taleshakers - Fri 21 Feb A music and story session for children aged 0-6 and their parents and carers. Revel, Rave & Rhyme Join us for a fun filled family focused session for children aged 0-6 years and their parents. Hat Factory Arts Centre, 65 - 67 Bute Street, Luton

FebFest: Imagination Station - Mon 17 to Fri 21 Feb Free drop-in space for young people of all ages during FebFest 2020. Activities include: arts and crafts, face-painting, storytelling, music and more! Hat Factory Arts Centre, 65 - 67 Bute Street, Luton

Blunham Big Book Sale - Sat 22 Feb Come and browse and buy our huge selection of nearly new books. Enjoy refreshments teas/coffee cakes & biscuits, home made soup. All profits to Blunham Church Fabric Fund. St Edmund or St James Parish Church, Blunham

FebFest: Trunk Tales - Tue 18 Feb A lady, a Trunk and a collection of stories from around the globe. An interactive storytelling show designed to unleash the imagination of children from 4 years + Stopsley Library, Hitchin Road, Luton

P.B’s Antiques & Collectors Fair - Sun 23 Feb We will have a variety of stall holders selling Pottery, Glass, Pictures, Jewellery from all eras, Toys, Linens, Curios and much more. Parkside Hall, Woburn Street, Ampthill

FebFest: Trunk Tales - Tue 18 Feb A lady, a Trunk and a collection of stories from around the globe. An interactive storytelling show designed to unleash the imagination of 34

Visit The House - Sun 23 Feb Visit The House to learn more about this interesting building and the family that lived there. The House will be open between 10:00 – 16:00. The House, Shuttleworth Old Warden Park

Machu Picchu & Lake Titicaca. White Hill Centre, White Hill, Chesham Waddesdon Manor - Eythrope’s Spectacular Snowdrops - Wed 5, Wed 12, Wed 19, Wed 26 Feb For the first time ever, see the private parkland at Eythrope with a blanket of snowdrops. Snowdrops (Galanthus) are a welcome sight in the winter months as they herald the arrival of spring. Waddesdon Manor, Waddesdon, near Aylesbury

Luton Music Club -Berkeley Ensemble - Mon 24 Feb Regular visitors to our concerts here in Luton, members of the highly sought-after Berkeley Ensemble return with Olivier Messiaen’s haunting Quartet for the End of Time. Luton Sixth Form College, Bradgers Hill Rd, Luton

Jack and the Beanstalk - Thu 6 to Sat 8 Feb When Dame Goodbody and her son Jack are threatened with eviction by the evil Baron, they need a miracle. Luckily, magic is always close at hand during panto season! Winslow Public Hall, Elmfields Gate, Winslow

Parkland Tour - Fri 28 Feb Join us for a walk through time around the parkland of the Shuttleworth Estate. Learn about its historical features and uses as well as its modern day management and preservation. The House at Shuttleworth, Old Warden Park

Aylesbury Symphony Orchestra - Sat 8 Feb Aylesbury Symphony Orchestra - are playing Dvorak Cello concerto, with the young soloist, Dan Brandon, who is the principal cello of the National Youth Orchestra of Great Britain. St Mary’s Church, Church Square, Aylesbury

Bingo Evening - Sat 29 Feb Come on long with friends and family to play this everpopular game of Bingo. Melchbourne Village Hall, 31 Park Road

Waddesdon Manor - Artisan Food Market Sat 8 Feb Start your weekend with delicious, locally grown food and produce. Offering the very best in quality, fresh, seasonal produce all locally sourced. Waddesdon Manor, Waddesdon

The Bedford Swan Hotel - Sat 29 Feb The Wedding Fair which is open between 11,00am and 3.00pm will bring together leading exhibitors from both the Bedford area and beyond who will provide expert advice embracing every aspect of your big day. The Embankment, Bedford

Buckinghamshire Genealogical Society - Sat 8 Feb William Lowndes and William Gyles: The men who changed Winslow. William Lowndes (1652-1724) left Winslow for London as a teenager, came back as the 18th century equivalent of a Millionaire. Southcourt Community Centre, Prebendal Avenue, Aylesbury

Bucks Listings Toys From The Past - Sat 1, Mon 3 to Sat 8 , Mon 10 to Sat 15 , Mon 17 to Sat 22 Feb A selection toys, loaned and treasured from the past displayed in our old exercise yard within the museum. Buckingham Old Gaol, Market Hill, Buckingham

Banff Mountain Film Festival 2020 - Tue 11 Feb Embark on an epic adventure – via the big screen! The Banff Mountain Film Festival features a selection of adrenaline-packed films, starring athletes and explorers. Wycombe Swan Theatre, St Mary St, High Wycombe

Graft and Grow Day at Buckingham Garden Centre - Sat 1 Feb Our apple scion wood exchange, grafting demonstrations and vegetable growing day will feature members of The Mid Shire Orchard Group offering an opportunity to swap scion (apple varieties) from wide. Buckingham Garden Centre, Tingewick Road, Buckingham

Rothschild Collecting and the Treasury Wed 12 Feb Learn about the Rothschild family as collectors on this curator-led tour. Join Mia Jackson, Curator of Decorative Arts for this exclusive tour to see behind the scenes. Waddesdon Manor, Waddesdon

Stowe House Preservation Trust - Sun 2 Feb Make something special this February in our first craft cafe workshop of 2020! Learn how to make your own luxurious bath-bombs or watch your love grow with handmade plantable Valentine’s Day cards. Stowe House Preservation Trust, Stowe

February Half-Term at Waddesdon Manor Sat 15 to Sun 23 Feb Join us at Waddesdon Manor for a fun filled February half term. There’s plenty to keep you busy, from orienteering to a hands-on cookery class. Waddesdon Manor, Waddesdon, Aylesbury

The many Faces of Peru by Terry Pollard Tue 4 Feb This talk is divided into two halves the first is entitled ‘The Six Faces of Peru’ which takes in Colca Canyon & Condors,

Children’s Activities - Sat 15, Mon 17 to Sat 22 Feb Activities for children around the 35

museum with a connection to the current temporary exhibition of Toys From The Past, There is a ‘Toy’ quiz around the museum with activities and crafts. Buckingham Old Gaol, Market Hill, Buckingham

Beaconsfield Beaconsfield




Laughing Chili Comedy Club - Sat 29 Feb What a fabulous first show of the year! Headlining is Sol Bernstein - the oldish Jewish comedian in the country. With his hilarious stories and one-liners, the gags come thick & fast! Liston Hall, Chapel Street, Marlow

The 12th Bletchley Seed Swap - Sat 15 FebCalling all gardeners! Would you like to grow something different this year? We have a variety of seeds from vegetables, herbs and flowers that have thrived in our local area. Freeman Memorial Methodist Church, Buckingham Rd, Bletchley, Milton Keynes


Waddesdon Manor - Family Cookery School Sat 15 to Sun 23 Feb Have fun with the kids this half-term at our Family Cookery School. Create a delicious lunch, plus a wonderful selection of sweet and savoury treats to take home. Waddesdon Manor, Waddesdon

To be included in March’s listings

February Half Term activities at Bletchley Park - Mon 17 to Sat 22 Feb Visit Bletchley Park for some Most Secret activities during the February half term, based on Ones and Zeros! The Mansion, Bletchley Park, Sherwood Drive, Bletchley, Milton Keynes

Email: thesticks9@gmail.com With listings in the subject line By 15th February

Peter Pan - Thu 20 to Sat 22 Feb The legend of Peter Pan has been delighting children for over 100 years and this faithful new version is a festive adventure, perfect for the whole family. Stantonbury Theatre, Purbeck, Milton Keynes

Budding writers Are you a budding writer? We are always looking for interesting articles and stories to included in The Sticks Magazine

Hidden History: Secret Cold War Bunker Tour - Fri 21 Feb Join Hidden History for a fascinating guided tour of what was once one of the most highly guarded and top-secret locations in the country. Wycombe Abbey School - High Wycombe

If you have anything you would like to be considered for publishing email to: thesticks9@gmail.com

A Journey down the Thames by Albert Braithwaite -Tue 25 Feb In this presentation Albert takes us on a journey down the Thames from source to sea with some diversions, fascinating stories and various points of interest along the way. White Hill Centre, White Hill, Chesham Chamber Music Concert: Pelleas Ensemble Sat 29 Feb Pelleas Ensemble (Henry Roberts, flute, Oliver Wass, harp, Luba Tunnicliffe, viola). Our Leap Day concert features the prize-winning Pelleas Ensemble. Amersham Free Church, Sycamore Rd, Amersham Come & Sing - William Walton: Belshazzar’s Feast - Sat 29 Feb Wooburn Singers is hosting another of its popular Come & Sing days. Under the expert baton of our musical director Tom Hammond-Davies. The




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Out now the February Issue of The Sticks digital magazine  

Out now the February Issue of The Sticks digital magazine The number one what’s on magazine across Herts, Beds & Bucks with over 16,000 read...

Out now the February Issue of The Sticks digital magazine  

Out now the February Issue of The Sticks digital magazine The number one what’s on magazine across Herts, Beds & Bucks with over 16,000 read...