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Attracting Abundance into our Lives You’ve just been thinking about someone you’ve not had contact with for ages and astonishingly, they text you. Did you generate this? Some believe that you did. That we’re all connected in a universal web of consciousness. We are comfortable with a myriad expression that suggest that there is a cause and effect. ‘What goes around comes around’ and ‘you reap what you sow’. We’re all familiar with ‘Karma’. Many people believe that there are ‘universal laws’ which guide our experiences. The opportunities presented by the laws of attraction and abundance are rich and rewarding. You’ve probably seen them in action but brushed them off as a fluke. So, this is a reminder that we can harness this ‘energy’ and deliberately attract positive things into our lives rather than constantly firefighting or fearfully anticipating the negatives.

How does it work? Simply. Put it out there. This relates as much to people as it does to ‘things’. We are magnets. Our beliefs about ourselves, however generated, cause a spiral of activity which will create an energy that is you. Our presence in this world will vibrate with those thoughts and bring more of them back into our lives. What we focus on will be attracted into our life. So we need to take care when expressing ourselves. Ask, Believe, Receive. Be clear about what you want and ask for it using positive language, believe you are worthy of receiving it, indeed, act as if you’ve already got it notice when it manifests in your life and be thankful Surely if it’s that easy why isn’t everyone doing it? Perhaps we are but putting a misleading request out there for the universe to hear and return. We often think in negatives. Don’t be fooled into thinking that your negative thoughts or underlying beliefs don’t matter if you keep them to yourself. Your beliefs become thoughts, thoughts become words, become actions, habits, values and finally your destiny. Many of us are not so good at deciding what we want and asking for it. We’d rather it was bestowed on us because we ‘deserve’ it - rather like the best Christmas present ever. A complete surprise yet completely perfect. But as they say, life isn’t like that. You need to give it a chance. A few direct clues. Write them down. Tell friends about them. Imagine they’re in your life already. Prepare yourself to receive them. And prepare to be amazed! 18