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In this month’s Sticks Exclusive Interviews with Apprentice winner Lee McQueen and the UK’s Youngest Olympian, MK’s Gabi Down Win a Family Flight at Panshanger Aerodrome worth £99 BBC Radio 2’s Janey Lee Grace writes on Herts Holistics We review the Shefford Tandoori on it 25th Anniversary and road test the Jaguar XJ3.0 D Plus pages of event listings across Herts, Beds & Bucks


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In this months issue: Lee McQueen Interview Gabi Down Interview Meet Herman & Spice Win a Family Flight Janey Lee Grace-Herts Holistics Legal Column Feature on Tom Beard Restaurant Review - Shefford Tandoori Road Test Jaguar XJ 3.0D Events Listings

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Exclusive interview with Apprentice winner Lee McQueen After working his way through the business, Lee ended his career at Capita as the Sales and Delivery Manager, heading up the IT recruitment division. On leaving in Jan 2008, the division turned over £32million and had around 30 staff; also setting up an academy within his division, designed to recruit staff with limited experience and using strong training and development methods develop them into fully fledged sales consultants deployed within the business. In 2008, Lee beat 20,000 candidates to land a role with Lord Sugar by winning The Apprentice! The Apprentice tests you in every way, stamina, business acumen, team work, confidence it was a great experience. Most recently Lee set up along with Simon Sugar a business for Lord Sugar called Amscreen, a digital media business. As Development Director he is responsible for the development and integration of the business both commercially and internally to enable Amscreen to become the UK market leader in digital signage.

Lee is now director of his own business Raw Talent Academy,we managed to catch up with Lee while he was on a recruitment drive in Herts for Watford based The McGinley Group You will always be remembered for the CV incident on the apprentice but what did you take from the experience? “I learnt so much from the gruelling 12 week process and to win it was outstanding. To set out your goals and achieve them is incredibly rewarding. It really inspired me.” After winning the show what did you end up doing for Lord Sugar? “I was primarily involved with building a team of sales professionals and the development of new and existing customers for both the site acquisition and the advertising sales for the business; ensuring that Amscreen grew the network and the media that is displayed on it. Today sales is a platform to go on and achieve in business. Having recruited sales people for most of my career I’m convinced that every business should have a Sales Academy.” So was that when you had the idea of starting Raw Talent Academy? “My passion is about helping others to realise their potential and provide them with a Yes I was looking for keen candidates with an excellent work ethic, and looking to actually match the candidates to jobs.” You have been in Watford recently working with the McGinley Group, tell us about this.


“We were delighted to have been chosen as the recruitment partner for the McGinley Group in helping them source new talent for their business growth throughout 2012.” “This project is hugely important to me. In many ways Watford is my old stomping ground, I was born not far away and spent a lot of time in Watford growing up. It is a great opportunity for me to give something back. With unemployment and the economy the way it is this is a great opportunity for top quality individuals with the raw attributes and drive and passion to succeed to start a career with a great Watford based organisation. The candidates do not need a degree or A’s and A stars all over their CV, just the right attitude and a will to succeed. “The Raw Talent Academy process allows the McGinley Group to take a look at prospective employees through business tasks and real life situations as opposed to judging candidates purely on their CV’s. With the academy tasks designed specifically to suit the McGinley Group and their criteria for future employees it allows them to see first-hand what the candidates can do, both individually and when part of a team.” “We had 600 people apply and we brought the top 35 to the day. Out of the 35, 7 people have been offered positions and 2 more are pending so not a bad day” How do you see the next 12 months for Raw? “The company is only about 18 months or so old and we want to do more of these audition days, we have had 5 so far also would of course like to expand the business and go nationwide.”

For more details about Lee go to:


Interview with Gabi Down

Mentioned by the BBC website as one of “The Ones to Watch”, Milton Keynes schoolgirl Gabi Down will be the youngest member of the ParalympicsGB team - at 14 years old she will be taking part in the women's team epee event alongside Gemma Collis and Justine Moore on Friday, 7 September at the ExCel centre. Gabi was born with a condition called skeletal dysplasia which means that her bones are not properly formed. She was born with only two toes on her right foot and had it amputated when she was three. The one thing that hits you about Gabi is her smiley face and she has confidence and honesty beyond her years. The Sticks caught up with Gabi in between her overseas training trips as she prepares for the London 2012 games to ask her about her life and fencing career so far.

How long have you been Fencing? I only started just over 2 years ago. How did you start? I was invited to Stoke Mandeville National Junior Camp in 2009 and I tried fencing and fell in love with it because of the speed and the chance to hit someone. What other sports have you tried? Athletics, gymnastics and basketball which I still play occasionally and which, like fencing, is fast and furious. What is so special about the Touché fencing club in Towcester that 3 members of the ParalympicsGB team from there (Gabi, Gemma Collis and Craig McCann)? It is a welcoming club with very experienced coaches in the shape of Baldip Sohota and his wife Hilary who enthuse confidence and offer great training. It is a great place to come to. Baldip has just been appointed assistant coach to the ParalympicsGB Squad.


What are you doing training wise on the run up to the games and is it hard to juggle this with your school work? I’m training 2 hours a day Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, 4 hours on Saturday and 6 on Sunday when I’ m not competing in competitions. Schoolwork I have to fit around training and the competitions but the teachers at Oakgrove School help me catch up when I get back but it is worth it. Where have you been competing recently? Since April I have been to Canada, France Ireland, Italy 3 times, Poland 2 times, Hungary and Germany. Who Is your Sporting Hero? My sporting inspiration is team-mate David Heaton, who will be competing at his 5th Paralympics Games in London. In addition to his sporting achievements, David always has time to help other people on the team. And non sporting Heroes? Love One Direction and Peter Andre. And finally what are your hopes for the future? To go to as many championships as possible and to be selected for 2016 in Rio.

You can find out more about Gabi and the ParalympicsGB team at ______________________________________________________________________________________________ To advertise your event, show, restaurant or business on our website or in our digital magazine

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Richard Wallace, Son of Local Bookshop Owner, Launches his First Children’s Book, the Tales of Herman & Spice

Local author Richard Wallace practically grew up in David’s Bookshop which his father, Paul Wallace, owns. He started working there nine years ago at the age of 15 on Saturdays and during the holidays; currently he is the second-hand book buyer for the shop. Richard went to The Priory School in Hitchin and then onto Liverpool University where he read history. This is his first book. The Tales of Herman & Spice is a volume of three entertaining and exciting children’s books written and illustrated by Letchworth author Richard Wallace. Herman and Spice are endearing characters that children from as young as four to as old as 80 will enjoy. These two cheeky chaps, one as round as a pudding bowl, the other pot-bellied, have plenty of adventures that are brought to life with charming illustrations on every page. In one tale, Herman & Spice go Horse Riding, they set off on horseback only to discover halfway through the trip that one of the horses is actually a very hungry lion! In another adventure, The Problem of PC Pudding, they visit the policeman’s house to discover him immobile from eating too many cakes! They resolve this problem by putting a wheel on the policeman’s tummy and pushing him around like a wheelbarrow! Whether in the air on a vintage biplane or on the back of a lion, these two find themselves in amusing situations that readers of any age will take pleasure in.

You can pick up your copy of The Tales of Herman & Spice price £4.99 at David’s Bookshop is located on Eastcheap in Letchworth


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WIN A Family Flight Package at Panshanger Aerodrome WORTH £99 North London Flying School are based at Panshanger Aerodrome and have been teaching the world to fly since 1993. They are approved by the CAA as a Flight Training Organisation (FTO). Just in time for the summer holidays, they have launched a new flight package that includes an aerodrome tour, flight for 3 people (2 adults and a child or 1 adult and 2 children) for 30 mins over Hertfordshire. The package also includes lunch in the Out of the Box cafe bar, flight certificate and associate membership. Panshanger Aerodrome is located between Hertford and Hatfield just off the A414 and is a great day out for the family during the summer holidays. There is a special mid week price of £99 or at the weekend for £120.

Competition For your chance to win a family flight package, simply answer the question below and email:

Question: What is the postcode for North London Flying School? Closing date for entries is 13th August 2012. For more information on the North London Flying School, please visit the website at

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Holistic Herts The recent Wellbeing Festival at the Rudolph Steiner school in Kings Langley was an amazing testimony to how fabulously ‘holistic’ Hertfordshire is, I was thrilled to be asked to be one of the speakers at the event along with three other Hay House authors – motivational coach John Whiteman (who used to live in Bovingdon) David Hamilton who takes the scientific approach to how the mind heals the body, and Davina Mackail – a dream expert who commented after the event….


had the pleasure of giving a talk on "the creative genius of our dreaming mind" at the Kings Langley, Steiner School Wellbeing day last Saturday. The calibre of stands and produce was far higher than I've seen at most of the larger MBS events I attend throughout the year. There was plenty of free entertainment and reasonably priced treatments on offer from well established practitioners. The food was also excellent, healthy, and delicious. All this set in the beautiful historic and faery like gardens of the Steiner School. If you go do visit the kindergarten area although be warned once seen you'll want your children to attend !

This school definitely has a vibe of wellbeing throughout and that translated into a great day for all. This is an annual June event and well worth putting in your diary to remind yourself in time for next year." Davina MacKail author,The Dream Whisperer If you missed this event you missed a treat as one visitor said… There were lovely treatments and so many good stalls, the lunch was so healthy, the classes and therapists were amazing , I have to say the friendliest mind, body, spirit festival I've been to and all local ! Beverley Densham from Beds The exhibition area was a showcase to a wide variety of Hertfordshire businesses including Riverford Organics Home Delivery, Dawn Golten Homeopathy, Fresh-nutrition with Sarra Moore, Weston A Price Foundation based in Hemel Hempstead and Honest 2 goodness Bakery to name just a few.

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For anyone who wanted a little TLC there was a wide range of treatments and therapies on offer in the calm of the lovely ‘mushroom’ building which usually houses the kindergarten, for just a ten pounds taster fee, clients were treated to massage and hand treatments courtesy of Caroline Hubble, Donald Maclean offered Kinesis Myofascial Integration and Kelly Lowen offered some very popular Reiki Drumming! There were workshops on EFT (emotional freedom technique) with Tamara Donn and Biodynamic Gardening with Julian Payne a teacher at the Rudolph Steiner school. Dena Schwartz led a workshop on Natures Pharmacy for animals ( and David and Lin Serlin led a workshop on The Law of Attraction, The Power of Positive Affirmation. For those who wanted to get physical there was an Astanga Yoga session with Andrea Symons, Eurythmy with Smadar Bunzl and an awesome Gong Bath with Gong master Gordon Coxon – if you want to experience the full session check out my retreat day on Saturday 21st July So don’t wait till next year’s Wellbeing Festival to sample some of Hertfordshire’s best holistic treatments and services, next month I’ll do a round up of great independent health shops too so feel free to contact me if you’d like to give your local health store a plug or indeed tell me about any brilliant therapists / practitioners / ethical natural businesses who may want to be involved in next years Kings Langley Wellbeing Festival. Email me:

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9 Reasons to make a will There is a large percentage of the population who do not have a legally-binding will. Given the relatively low cost of having one professionally prepared there is no excuse. 1. so you get to choose who benefits from your estate - without a will, the intestacy rules apply and there is no provision for unmarried partners - if a couple die together and have no children, there is a presumption that the younger survived the elder, so everything goes to the younger’s relatives 2. to ensure your wishes are binding - the executors dealing with your will are required to comply with certain rules 3. to make sure the funeral arrangements you want are clear - it is still important to make your next of kin aware of your wishes as the funeral may take place before your will is even found 4. to have your say about your children - you can appoint legal guardians - if you want someone to care for your children who would not usually be considered their next of kin then you can explain your reasons 5. to safeguard your business - you ideally need to consider in advance tax points such as IHT (Inheritance Tax) relief - decide who to leave as the majority shareholder – although this would also need to be in accordance with any shareholders agreement 6. so you can give to charity - many charities rely heavily on bequests - these gifts are free of IHT 7. to enable you to make minor bequests - the intestacy rules simply split your estate into percentages - you may prefer to make individual bequests of personal items eg jewellery 8. so you can choose your own executors - you can save money with less professional involvement if you appoint friends or relatives - you can avoid overburdening your next of kin as there is a presumption they will deal with the estate if no will 9. to take advantage of some tax planning - getting professional advice on a will includes reviewing your IHT position and how it will get paid

If you would like to make a will, please contact our James Blakemore on 01992 631461 or email him at Curwens LLP is your local firm of solicitors offering most areas of legal advice – based in Royston, Hoddesdon, Cheshunt and Enfield.

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Feature on Tom Beard Hertfordshire’s Tom Beard has been an actor, writer and comedian for over ten years, writing for BBC3 and also appears regularly on BBC Radio 5live. Performing his own material on the front line of stand-up comedy takes him through venues on land and sea, from Mexico to Egypt, via Skegness. He has worked with a broad array of amazing comedians ranging from Stephen Fry to Noel Fielding and Peter Kay to Jim Davidson. Varying writing projects see Tom produce many weird and original works, from pod-casts to children’s theatre to international holiday resort shows. Tom also enjoys performing his Christmas pantomimes in number one theatre venues across the country. Tell us a little bit about LP Creatives LP Creatives are a theatrical production company delivering new and exciting children’s shows. We strive to mix traditional themes with a fresh feel to encourage existing and new audiences to come to the wonderful world of theatre. What advice would you give to young people who are interested in a career in acting? To work hard, never give up, to learn from all your experiences and enjoy every single second of it. Try to stretch all your skills and capabilities and don’t set your sights on doing ‘Hollyoaks’ acting, really try to go from and to extremes. There’s a lot of psychological and deep emotional work involved, along with the physicality aspect which people don’t really give credit for as good actors can make their work seem effortless. Always be grateful for any work you do and happy that someone can see in you that you have what it takes to make what’s written down on paper live. Also it’s very important to be nice to and thank everyone from the people who clean the auditorium to the chief executives. You never know who might want to employ you in the future! It’s nice to be important but it’s more important to be nice and be nice on the way up ‘cos you never know who you’re going to meet on the way down! Who is your favourite pantomime character to play? I’ve played quite a few characters both good and bad but my favourite has definitely been ‘Gaston’ in Beauty and the Beast. He is the perfect baddy as he has evil intent but is actually a complete idiot that everyone can laugh at. He is self opinionated, arrogant and think s he is much better than he is. When I went to Disneyland on holiday recently, I went on a machine there that asked you various multiple choice questions and told you which Disney character you were. I was Gaston. Don’t really know what that says about me (see above) but I like it!!

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Who have you enjoyed working with the most and why? I have worked with so many people from all corners of the entertainment world that I still keep in touch with (thanks to social media mostly). To name my favourite person would be impossible really, but the people I have enjoyed working with are all the ones that really relish the role they have and love pantomime for what it is, really good family entertainment! What is the funniest thing that has happened to you on stage? There are loads of funny things that happen, mostly stuff the audience don’t see. Actors like to play practical jokes on each other during shows: Nipping is a good one where you pinch someone really hard as they are trying to do something serious or sing. The peg game where you attach a peg onto another actors clothing – the person with it on at the end of the show is the loser. Also a wandering eye during some eye contact is a good one to throw people off. The funniest things are mainly the kids we get up on stage from time to time. It’s a cliché but they really do say the funniest things and it is always nice to go with that as I am just a massive kid at heart (and mind) Which one person would you like to work with in the future? I’ve always wanted to work with Brain Blessed. I just think he’s fantastic. I’ve never met him but I think if I did I might turn into a wobbly jelly. He has such stage presence and skill as a storyteller. Which is your favourite place in Norfolk and why? I’ve worked around Norfolk and it’s all nice. Pantomime at Sheringham, two years panto for Norwich Theatre Royal and also a summer season tour at Great Yarmouth. My favourite place has to be Norwich though, it has such great memories for me and the audiences there are fantastic. Even just walking around there you forget that it is a city as people are very friendly and it is all nice and clean. People seem to have respect and love for where they live there.

You can see Tom in 'Fairy Tales of the Unexpected' FAIRY TALES OF THE UNEXPECTED!! - Two new and exciting shows, six stories, four performers, altogether, two amazing shows. With a modern twist on classic interweaving fairy tales,these shows are aimed at children from 3 upwards with more than enough tongue in cheek content to keep the adults and older children involved. From 'Little Red Riding Hoody' to the naughty 'Gingerbread Man' you'll see them all and follow their journey as the tales unfold and interweave. The shows are fully interactive, lively and very, very funny. Featuring big and bright costumes with a full set and crazy props, they are two-blinks-andyou'll-miss-it productions. Lots of live action, lots of singing, and maybe even a custard pie or two!! Think you know fairy tales? Think again..! See it on Thursday 16th August at The Hawthorne Theatre,WGC Friday 17th August at Wyllyotts Theatre, Potters Bar

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Restaurant Review

Proprietor Salim Miah and Chef Shidul Islam are celebrating 25 years of running the award winning Shefford Tandoori restaurant, unsurprisingly located in the market town of Shefford in Bedfordshire. In the last 25 years they have been visited by many celebrities from the world of football and TV including the late George Best, Paul Gascoigne, England and Arsenal midfielder Jack Wilshire, Wales and West Ham player Jack Collinson and Eastender’s star Ross Kemp.

Over the years the restaurant has received many rave reviews from food critics so we decided The Sticks should pay it a visit to offer our opinion on the food. Before we ordered we had the usual poppadams – the tomato, onion, garlic and coriander accompaniment was very refreshing and not at all over powering. For starters I ordered the mixed Tandoori starter consisting of tandoori chicken, lamb and a seek kebab - the chicken and lamb were so tender you hardly needed a knife and the kebab moist and perfectly cooked. My colleague had Chat Puri which melted in the mouth and left a wonderful spicy taste.

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For main course we had Chicken Chana (cooked to a medium heat), which offered tasty moist meat with chickpeas and well-balanced flavours and chicken Hindi Bakara, a wonderful rich garlic dish, Niramish (a mixture of dry vegetables and one of my favourite dishes) - this was one of the best I have ever had. The vegetable rice contained lots of vegetables and the large; garlic naan was a real treat.

There is a tempting array of ice cream desserts, including traditional kulfi – we can recommend ‘Rocky’ and ‘Fiorentina’!

The Shefford Tandoori gets a big thumbs up from us and is well worth a visit - after 25 years they still have a winning team and know how to offer good service and amazing food all in one package. 8 High Street ,Shefford ,Beds SG17 5DG 01462 816151/813352

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ROAD TEST Jaguar XJ 3.0D Portfolio LWB Price: £69,535 Mention a Jaguar XJ and you would be forgiven for immediately thinking of big powerful V8 engines. Admittedly, there are two such engines in the XJ range, but most customers are expected to plump for the 3.0-litre diesel. It’s far lighter on fuel, but can still haul the XJ to 60mph in just 6.0 seconds, and is therefore the focus of this review. No company knows more about finetuning adaptive damping than Jaguar, and it shows in the way the XJ glides over rough surfaces. It’s also an absolute breeze to place on the road with pin-point precision thanks to its accurate steering. This, plus strong grip and minimal roll through bends, means it's all too easy to forget you’re driving a car that is well over 5 metres long. Refinement is first class, and the pleasingly low levels of road- and wind noise mean you can conduct conversations with your distant companions in the back seats without the need to raise your voice. There’s some gentle chatter from the diesel engine at idle, but even when you accelerate hard, there’s not much more than a low grumble from the twin exhaust pipes. The XJ is built almost entirely of aluminium, so rust is never going to be a problem, and inside it appears to be very well constructed from excellent materials. Unsurprisingly, the XJ comes with all the latest electronic driver aids, and all occupants are protected by a multitude of airbags. On top of that, the bonnet is spring-loaded to help protect pedestrians in the event of a collision. There’s no shortage of security deterrents, either, so the light-fingered fraternity would do well to look elsewhere. The fat, comfy, hide-covered seats and door cappings trimmed with ever-so-slightly wiggly stitching hint at hand-built quality, while the lavish veneers, old-school bulls-eye air vents and ebony and chrome detailing punch home the old-money message. These traditional ingredients are complemented by Jaguar’s signature, rising rotary gear selector, a touchscreen command centre and digital instruments. In the front, there is loads of head- and legroom, but shimmy your derrière into the rear, and things aren’t quite so impressive. You sit very low, and there’s not a great deal of headroom, although the swathes of leather, carbon fibre, gleaming chrome and oceans of legroom (with an extra 125mm in long-wheelbase cars) are all very nice. At least you can pack an awful lot of bulky luggage into the 520-litre boot. All XJs are lavishly equipped, with leather-trimmed, electrically adjustable front seats, dual-zone climate control, twin glass sunroofs and a touchscreen central control panel all standard. Even so, there are still lots of additional toys to choose from, including a sublime Bowers and Wilkins stereo upgrade and a rear-seat multimedia package that features two 8-inch LCD screens and touchscreen remote control. The Jaguar XJ’s somewhat controversial styling may divide opinion, but there’s no denying is great refinement, lavish comfort and engaging driving manners. Fuel: 39.2mpg CO2: 188g/km

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HERTFORDSHIRE Harry Potter Studio Tour- Fri 13 Jul, Sun 15 Jul, Fri 27 Jul, Sun 29 Jul, Fri 3 Aug to Sun 5 Aug, Fri 10 Aug to Sun 12 Aug. Harry Potter Studio Tour Start time: 10:00. Warner Bros. Studio Tour, Studio Tour Drive Leavesden Studios, Leavesden. Hertfordshire WD25 7LR Tring Chamber Music - ’Elgar and Shakespeare’s Kingdom’Friday 13 Jul 7.30pm (doors open 7.00pm) Tickets: £14 Concessions: £12 Under 18‘s: free Season Tickets: ‘4 Concert’: £48; £40(conc.) ‘3 Concert’: £39; £33(conc.) 01442 822732 The Grass Roots Court Theatre, Tring Hertfordshire HP23 5QY SoulSisters Acoustic Show- Friday 13 Jul Hear your favourite covers on acoustic guitar with Donna Mackay, Andrea Wilde & Hayley Marcus as the SoulSisters 8.00 till 11.00pm free entry. “Why would anyone want to stay in when you could be here and listen to the SoulSisters Really Talented! Fantastic evening, great entertainment, great vocals. The White Hart, Baldock, Hertfordshire SG7 6AL Pete Cater Big Band, Tribute to Buddy Rich - Friday 13 Jul Drum virtuoso Pete Cater first took to the stage as leader of his own big band while still a teenager. He has had his current band since 1995, appearing throughout the UK and Europe. Pete and his band will be immediately recognised by millions of television viewers following the ITV1 special ‘Ronnie Corbett’s Comedy Britain’, in which Pete and his band make a cameo appearance with Ronnie and Miranda Hart. Pete Cater, undoubtedly one of the UK’s greatest jazz drummers, is experiencing huge interest in his current project, recreating the music of the legendary drummer and bandleader Buddy Rich featuring classic arrangements of ’Norwegian Wood’, ’Love for Sale’ and the show stopping medley from ’West Side Story’. BOX OFFICE 01923 859291.The Radlett Centre, Radlett Hertfordshire WD7 8HL Darragh Morgan on violin and Mary Dullea on Piano Benslow Music -Friday 13 Jul Part - Spiegel Im Spiegel. Schumann - Violin sonata in A minor, Op 105. Enescu - Andantino Malincolico. Franck Violin sonata in A major. Bar opens 7.30pm. Tickets £10 / FREE for full time students. Box Office: 01462 459446, tickets also available from Hitchin Initiative and David’s Music, Letchworth. Peter Morrison Hall, Benslow Music, Benslow Lane, Hitchin Hertfordshire SG4 9RB The Pepper Foundation Pepper Rock Show 2012 - 24 Carat Pepper- Friday 13 to Sun 15 Jul, Wed 18 to Sat 21 Jul Pepper Rock Show - 24 Carat Pepper .Suitable for all ages, it is a complete evening out, with live acts pre and post show also food and a bar in the marquee. In the theatre a two hour show with state of the art stage lighting, sparkling sound and an amazing stage set which will combine to provide a musical night out to remember. There will be a family day on Sunday 15th July with a children’s entertainer and a balloon race. Evening gates open 6.30-11.30pm Show 8.15-10.15pm on Sunday gates open 3.30-8.30pm, Show 5pm-7pm Fri 13 July All tickets £10,. Fri 22 July tickets £15 No Concessions, Sat 21st tickets £20 no concessions Box Office 01442 977292 Centenary Theatre, Berkhamsted School, Kings Road, Berkhamsted HP4 3BG Benington Village Fair- Saturday 14 Jul The annual Fair is a typical, traditional, English event with small stalls, games, attractions, food and drink and all the proceeds go to village organisations and charities. 2pm 5.00pm. Entry free of charge. Church Green, Benington, Hertfordshire SG2 7BS

St Nicholas School Elstree SUMMER FAIR- Saturday 14 Jul Come along to the St Nicholas School SUMMER FAIR! Bouncy Castles, Go Karts, Face Painting, Beat The Goalie, Tombola, Photo Booth, Gifts & Goodies, BBQ & Beer Tent, Craft Activities, Raffle, Candyfloss, Hook a Duck AND MUCH MORE!!! 11.30am - 2.30pm £1 Entrance / Under 12’s FREE ALL WELCOME! Tel: 0208 953 3015 St Nicholas C of E VA Primary School, St Nicholas Close, Elstree WD6 3EW Vintage and Classic Vehicle Display - Saturday 14 Jul The event will see its 18th year in Hoddesdon town centre and is as popular as ever with visitors and exhibitors alike. Over 150+ vehicles will be on display ranging from early 1900 vintage to modern day classics including Ford Capris, Cortinas, Escorts alongside Jaguars, motorbikes and scooters. Live music will be performed in the town centre by local bands. 10.00am-4.00pm, Free to all, High Street, Hoddesdon EN11 8UB Hertford Museum Stores Open Day at the Seed WarehouseSaturday 14 Jul Go behind the scenes at Hertford Museum stores. Discover how we store and care for our vast and varied collection, visit the Roman corn drying oven and learn more about the fascinating Foxholes Farm excavation, visit our new reference library and see some of our volunteers in action conserving collections in the workroom. 11.00 am - 3.00 pm The Seed Warehouse, Maidenhead Yard, The Wash, Hertford, SG14 1PX St Albans Bach Choir- Saturday 14 Jul ST ALBANS BACH CHOIR Conductor: Andrew Lucas; Soprano: Katherine Boyce; BackBeat Percussion Quartet; Piano: Peter Holder; African Drums: Bi Do Irié. AFRICAN SANCTUS: David Fanshawe. An unorthodox setting of the Latin Mass harmonised with traditional African music. Tickets: £25, £20, £15 – reserved; £10 – unreserved and concessions (see for details). Available from the Cathedral box office on 01727 890256 or from the Ticket Secretary on or 01727 753173 St Albans Cathedral, Sumpter Yard, St Albans AL1 1BY Hertfordshire Chorus Summer Concert- Saturday 14 Jul The most substantial work in this concert is the glorious Mass in G Minor by Vaughan Williams. With organ accompaniment, the choir will perform Britten’s dramatic and emotional Missa Brevis, a beautiful piece for upper voices, and also his second setting of the great hymn of praise - his Festival Te Deum. As well as Lobet den Herrn by Bach, the choir will sing short pieces by two of the UK’s leading contemporary composers. We enter Jonathan Dove’s awesome soundworld of shimmering choral writing, sweeping vocal lines and lively organ accompaniment with his Ecce Beatam Lucem, and step into the emotional core of James McCarthy’s exciting new work 17 Days, with his a cappella setting of Charlotte Mew’s poem A quoi bon dire.The programme also includes two organ solos by our virtuoso organist. 7:30pm, TICKETS £15 Senior citizens £12 Student/schoolchild/JSA £5. Ticket line: 0870 4580445, St Mary’s Church, Potters Bar EN6 1QQ Watford Filmhouse- Friday 20 Jul The Lemon Tree. Certificate PG. The intriguing story of a Palestinian widow who must defend her precious lemon tree grove against the new Israeli Defence Minister when he moves in next door to her and threatens to have her trees torn down. The great thing about this film is the way the political theme, interesting enough on its own, is entwined with the private dramas going on in the lives of the widow, the lawyer she engages to fight her case, and the minister’s wife, who is

brought to perceive the human cost of a political decision in which she is implicated. Does David stand a chance against Goliath? Doors and bar open at 7.15pm. Film at 7.45pm. Tickets: Members £3 Non-members £5. Membership £10 per annum. Members’ Booking Line 07981 819686 or email The Pump House Theatre, Local Board Road, Watford. WD17 2JP

Longbow in the Hunting Zone, Make something special in the Bushcraft Camp, explore the woods ona treasure hunt and take part in Games in the Arena. Then relax and enjoy three great shows: the Warrior Demo, the Owl Display and the Storywalk. Enjoy lunch under the Feasting Shelter with food freshly prepared from local produce. Celtic Games has been awarded the Inspire Mark by the committee of the London 2012 Olympics. Don’t miss this one off experience! 10.00am to 5.00pm. £15/person online booking only at Contact 01438 718543 Celtic Harmony Camp, the Iron Age Settlement, Brickendon Lane, Brickendon. SG13 8NY

Highfield Park Summer Fete - Saturday 21 Jul Come and join us for a fun day at a traditional summer fete, there will be lots to do in the lovely setting of Highfield Park. Enjoy a wide range of craft stalls and attractions including coconut shy, donkey rides, ride on steam engine, beer tent, food, tea and cakes, ice cream and lots more. Parking is Free. Time: 2pm - 6pm. There is no entrance fee, but we hope you might be able to make a donation to help us improve facilities in the Park. If you require more information please contact us via email of telephone 01727 847242. Highfield Park, St Albans AL4 0RA

Musical Family Picnic- Sunday 29 Jul A musical family picnic in the beautiful grounds of Benslow Music in Hitchin. Please bring your own picnic and seating. Music by local groups: The Folk (young, fresh and dynamic, acoustic pop with a twist of folk!); Celtic Krystal (with jigs and reels); and Jump the Vortex (gentle folk music with accordion and violin). Fun and games for children Prize for best dressed teddy Cream teas and ice-cream Raffle Licensed bar - indoors if wet, sorry no dogs. A fundraising event organised by The Friends of Benslow Music. TICKETS are only £4 in advance and £5 on the day (FREE entry for accompanied children under 16). Gates open at 2:30. Benslow Music, Hitchin, Hertfordshire SG4 9RB

Beauty Day- Saturday 21 Jul The Maltings Shopping Centre will be hosting a Beauty Day on Saturday July 21st between 11am and 4pm. Whether you’re preparing for your holidays, or a summer party, a wedding or you just fancy a pick-me-up; make sure you head down to Maltings Shopping Centre as they understand that everyone likes to be pampered. Demonstrations will run throughout the day, where shoppers will be given expert advice including make-up tutorials, hair styling techniques and even a makeyour-own bath bomb workshop. There will also be free mini hand treatments and mini facials to really unwind! Between 11am and 4pm, Completely free The Maltings Shopping Centre, 28 The Maltings, Saint Albans, AL1 3HL

The Magic of Colour -- pen and ink drawings by Gillian Romeo- Wednesday 1 Aug to Friday 31 Aug Gillian Romeo trained and worked as a graphic designer before deciding to spend more time on fine art by producing mainly commissioned portraits for clients. She says: "While doing this work, I started to experiment with what I call a scribbling technique by using fine art ink pens and acrylic ink. It was an exciting discovery for me working in this way, as I realised with the ink pens and acrylic ink I could draw in bright and vivid colours, which set off an explosion of ideas in my mind creating a unique style of my own." Open Monday to Friday 10.00 am to 5.00 pm. Saturday 10.00 am to 3.00 pm. Admission is free to all Galleries.Letchworth Arts Centre. 2 The Arcade, Letchworth Garden City Hertfordshire SG6 3EW

Codicote Village day - Saturday 21 Jul Our Annual Village Day begins with a parade down the High St and is followed by entertainment all afternoon with stalls, fairground rides, games and a full program of activity in the main arena. Fun for all the family. Free Entry Codicote Sports & Recreation Ground, Bury Lane, Codicote SG4 8XY

Artists’ Network Bedfordshire Exhibition - Wednesday 1 Aug to Thursday 30 Aug The Artists’ Network Bedfordshire is a vibrant artist-led organisation promoting original works of art and craft created by Bedfordshire-based artists. The work produced by its members covers the complete spectrum of visual arts -- from watercolour and oil painting, through ceramics and sculpture, to photography, beadwork and hat making. Founded in 1995, Artists Network Bedfordshire aims to make art and artists more accessible to the public. Open Monday to Friday 10.00 am to 5.00 pm. Saturday 10.00 am to 3.00 pm. Admission is free to all Galleries. Letchworth Arts Centre. 2 The Arcade, Letchworth Garden City Hertfordshire SG6 3EW

An Evening of Song -Saturday 21 Jul Welwyn Garden City Male Voice Choir present a concert for Friends of Tewin. Guest soloist: Sarah Colligan. Doors open at 7.30pm. Concert starts at 8.00pm Licensed bar. Tickets £10 from Tewin shop. Tewin Village Memorial Hall, Lower Green AL6 0LE Hatfield House Battle Proms Concert-Saturday 21 Jul Pack up a picnic, stock up on fizz and join us for the UK’s premier classical picnic proms! The 12th annual Hatfield House Battle Proms Concert. As well as the usual highlights such as the Napoleonic cavalry, 200 live cannons, Spitfire display, breathtaking fireworks and a sing along proms finale, the 2012 Battle Proms will celebrate with a Diamond Jubilee Gun Salute, fired manually by a team of gunners from a vintage QF Field Gun.£29 - £33 per adult, £16 under 16s, under 5s go free. Gates open 4.30pm, entertainments begin 6.30pm, event finishes 10.30pm. To book tickets and for further information please visit or call 01432 355 416 .Hatfield House, Hatfield AL9 5NQ

Summer Fun at the Maltings! - Thursday 2 Aug, Thu 9 Aug, Thu 16 Aug, Thu 23 Aug, Thu 30 Aug The Maltings Shopping Centre in St Albans is inviting children from across the region to take part in their family friendly activities every Thursday in August between 11am and 4pm. On Thursday 2nd, 16th August and 30th August a face painter will be on hand, to transform all the little shoppers into their summertime desires. From colourful butterflies to prowling lions, all children’s wants and wishes can be catered for. In addition, on Thursday 9th August and 23rd August, families can come along to the Centre to be entertained by The All Round Entertainer with his amazing magic and balloon modelling skills. What’s more, the Entertainer will be giving all of the children the opportunity to learn their very own tricks and acts. Completely free! The Maltings Shopping Centre, 28 The Maltings, St. Albans, AL1 3HL

Folk by the Oak -Sunday 22 Jul Concert: Show of Hands- Folk by the Oak 2012: Tickets available. Start time: 12:00. Hatfield House, Hatfield. AL9 5NQ Celtic Games Experience- Friday 27 Jul to Sunday 12 Aug Step into Celtic Times for an Iron Age experience packed with fun for all the family. Spend a day living as a Celt with the Archers, Warriors, Woodsmen and Storytellers. Enjoy a special day out this summer at the Celtic Games. Shoot

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MOTOR CYCLE SHOW- Saturday 4 Aug Bring your pride and joy and exhibit FREE of charge in Letchworth Town Centre! We are looking for stallholders of Motor Cycle accessories and clothing etc stalls are £15. We have good disabled access, public toilets, a cafe and a courtyard garden! Entry FREE! from 10.30 - 16.00 THE GREEN HOUSE MARKET STATION ROAD, THE WYND LETCHWORTH GARDEN CITY

The Twits- Thursday 16 Aug Outdoor theatre production of Roadl Dahl’s ’The Twits’ 6.30 pm Adults £13 Children £8 Tel 01438 812661 Knebworth House Park and Garden SG1 2AX Hatfield Country Show- Friday 17 to Sunday 19 Aug A wonderful family day out with main arena attractions, livestock, judging, horticultural marquee and children’s activities - and much more! Contact phone: 07974 778806 Hatfield House, Hatfield, AL9 5NQ

Tiger Day- Saturday 4 Aug This ever popular tiger event celebrates the Birthday of resident tiger Amba. Lots of events running throughout the day 12pm – 4pm. Normal Admission fee applies: £10.50 - Adults and £8.50 - Children / Concessions Shepreth Wildlife Park, Station Road, Shepreth, SG8 6PZ

Super Sleuths family activities- Tuesday 21 to Thursday 23 Aug Come along and get crafty all summer long at Hertford Museum 10.30 am - 3.30 pm Hertford Museum, 18 Bull Plain, Hertford SG14 1DT

Sunday evening with live music by solo singer/guitarist Johnny Wheeler- Sunday 5 Aug Solo singer/guitarist Johnny Wheeler will be performing songs from the 50’s through to the 2000’s on this special Sunday evening. 01442 393054 Sunday 8.00pm to 11.30pm Cotterells Club, 182 Cotterells, Hemel Hempstead, HP1 1JW

Ashwell Show -Monday 27 Aug This annual country show offers a great day out for all the family. The regular highlights include the horse events, dog shows, vintage cars and tractors, superb tradestands plus beer tent and food court, sideshow and kids rides. Visitors can witness the amazing skills of the Chainsaw carver and enjoy the fabulous Falconry display, amongst other free attractions such as a free messy play tent and craft demonstration tent. This year we are pleased to confirm new attractions - DINGLE FINGLE the comedy stunt clown - Guinness World Record Holders 3SIXTY Bicycle Display team - Freddie’s Farm sheepdog and duck display and Why not try your hand in the CAKE COMPETITION - to be judged by the WI. Horse Events start from 8.30 gates close at 6pm Adults £10.00 OAP / Concessions £5 Children under 16 FREE Ringside (including all occupants) £50.00 Elbrook Meadow, Mill Street, Ashwell SG7 5NE

Classic Vehicle Day -Saturday 11 Aug A Classic Vehicle Day is being held in the pedestrianised area of the High Street of Waltham Cross. The event incorporates live music from a local band alongside 80+ vehicles ranging from 1940s to up to date classics. The event is free to visitors and exhibitors alike and is becoming more popular year after year so it is advised to register your vehicle as space is very limited, turning up to exhibit on the day is not an option but all visitors are welcome. 10.00am to 3.00pm, Free. 70s and 80s Nostalgia Quiz- Saturday 11 Aug Pull on your flares, ruche down those legwarmers and puff up that perm. Now you’re ready to relive the 70s and 80s with our Nostalgia Quiz! Come and test your knowledge or simply relive those moments in the decades that style forgot. Licensed bar, 8.00pm. Table of four: £6, from 01462 670788 Letchworth Arts Centre. 2 The Arcade, Letchworth Garden City SG6 3EW

Craft and Design Show -Friday 31 Aug to Sunday 2 Sep Traditional and contemporary crafts in leather, wood, metal, glass and ceramics. 11 am - 5 pm. Tel 01438 812661, Knebworth House, Park and Gardens SG1 2AX

The Knebworth Country Show -Saturday 11 and Sunday 12 Aug All day entertainment which may include birds of prey, working dogs, children’s entertainment as well as arts, crafts, gifts and food marquees 10am - 5pm.Knebworth House, Knebworth SG1 2AX

BEDFORDSHIRE Kite Festival- Saturday 14 & Sunday 15 Jul Our fantastic annual event is back for 2 fun filled days from 11am - 5pm on each day. Enjoy this weekend festival’s fantastic atmosphere as you’re bedazzled by the professional kite team’s show stopping displays and kite fighting demonstration. The many children’s activities will keep the kids thrilled all day, while you discover the wonderful stalls and join in the tug of war. Enjoy the taste from the BBQ, as you watch the sky light up with spectacular flying displays. Free event, car parking charges of £2/day apply. Contact: Chiltern Gateway Centre Shop Telephone: 01582 500925 Email: Website: Chilterns Gateway Centre, Dunstable Road, Whipsnade, Bedfordshire LU6 2GY

All things Healthy -Saturday 11 Aug The Hitchin Marketplace will be hosting a very special health event ‘All Things Healthy’ dedicated to creating more awareness and providing practical solutions to health conditions from Acne to Weight Control and everything inbetween. From 10am to 4pm, Hitchin Marketplace Fireman Sam comes to the Maltings!- Saturday 11 Aug On Saturday 11th August, the much-loved children’s cartoon character, Fireman Sam will be making an exclusive appearance at the Maltings Shopping Centre. Between 11am and 4pm, Fireman Sam will be meeting and greeting children at intervals throughout the day. If that’s not all, there will also be a free face painter to turn all the little shoppers into their favourite characters from the TV show. Fireman Sam and his friends have been entertaining children for over 20 years, and it’s easy to see why. Based in the fictional town of Pontypandy, the lovable fireman gets up to all sorts of adventures, from saving local residents from burning buildings, to rescuing Bella Lasagne, the absent minded Italian café owner who manages to get herself into all sorts of predicaments! From 11am to 4pm.The Maltings Shopping Centre, 28 The Maltings, St Albans, AL1 3HL

Fibre-East -Saturday 14 & Sunday 15 Jul A two day event, celebrating the use of natural fibres with the emphasis on British Wool. Spinners, weavers, knitters, crocheters, felters will not want to miss this Event! Over 80 stallholders, demonstrations, have a go marquee, sheep shearing and meet the breeds, excellent catering. Meet new craft friends as well as old ones in a very relaxing atmosphere. Visit website for full details. Scald End Farm, Mill Road, Thurleigh, Bedford MK44 2DP

- 26 -

RSPB members of £4 per vehicle. For more information Tel 01767 680541, RSPB, The Lodge Sandy Bedfordshire SG19 2DL

The Grange- Sunday 15 Jul This 3.5 acre garden surrounding a coach house and stables has been returned to a fabulous garden by the designer Timothy Careless over the last 6 yrs. A patio area, herbaceous borders, a sunken pond garden and courtyard garden, along with a woodland walk (difficult for wheelchair users). 2.00pm - 5.30pm Admission £4 children under 16 free Guide dogs only. Manor Rd, Waresley, Sandy Bedfordshire SG19 3BX

Lockdales Coins and Collectables Free Valuations and Buying-In Event Wednesday 25 Jul Bring along your coins and collectables for a free, no obligation expert valuation. You will also have the option to consign your goods to our auction or to sell them direct to us for a cash sum. Items that we are able to value are:- Coins, Stamps, Medals and Militaria, Banknotes, Postcards, Cigarette Cards, Pre 1960’s Sports Programmes, Clocks, Watches, Documents and Manuscripts, Silver, Antiquarian Books (pre1900), Maps and Scientific Instruments Times:- 11am - 3pm, sales@lockdales 01473 218588 Free admission and free expert valuations The Old Palace Lodge Hotel, Church Street, Dunstable Bedfordshire LU5 4RT

Melchbourne Feast Day- Sunday 15 Jul Fun for all the family, including Games, Tombola, BBQ, Pimms, Teas, Stalls, Bouncy Castle and entertainment by the Ouse Valley Swing Band, all in the lovely grounds of The Dower House. Entrance: £1 adults, children 50p. 1.00pm till 5 pm. The Dower House, Melchbourne Bedfordshire MK44 1BB The Black Barn Studio -Sunday 15 Jul Open on the same day as The Grange, Waresley - working studio, gallery and sculpture garden of Laurence Broderick. One of Britain’s leading contemporary sculptors. 2.00pm 5.30pm Admission by donation. Eltisley Road, Waresley Bedfordshire SG19 3BS

Dancing to Singer/Guitarist Johnny Wheeler!- Saturday 28 Jul An evening of live music and dancing to the very popular Johnny Wheeler! - The club is very pleased to welcome Johnny back to the club after a highly successful night on 25th June 2011. He’ll be providing songs from all of your favourite singers including Elvis, Cliff, Sinatra etc., with music from swing, through rock ’n’ roll to ballads 8pm 11.30pm. A friendly club with sensibly priced drinks and on street car parking. Come along for a memorable night! Non members will be signed in. Tel.: 01525 373972 Leighton Buzzard Royal British Legion, Buzzard Hall, West Street Bedfordshire LU7 1DA

Sandy & District Horticultural Association- Wednesday 18 Jul On Wednesday 18th July a visit has been arranged to Chessum’s Rose Nurseries starting at 6.30 pm followed by a barbecue at Seddington Nurseries. To book a place contact David Osborn on 01767 681733 or Non members are welcome. See our website at

Carlton British Eventing Horse Trials Saturday 28 and Sunday 29 Jul A fabulous day out for all the family, set in beautiful countryside. The event will start with dressage and continue with the show jumping and cross country on both days. Full details on the website: under Horse Trials. Stout footwear essential. Do come and join us.9am to 5pm, £8 per car & all occupants, but each car displaying a current BE membership card will be admitted free including all occupants. Carlton Cross Country, Hill House, Pavenham Road, Carlton Bedfordshire MK43 7ND

Opera gala- Friday 20 and Saturday 21 Jul Opera Brava present La Boheme Friday 20th July and Candlelit Opera Gala Saturday 21st July in the grounds of Moggerhanger Park. 7.30pm (gates open 6.30pm) £25 adults £10 for children pre booked £35 Adults on the gate. 20th July for La Boheme. Candlelit Opera Gala £27.50 Adults pre booked, £35 on gate. Moggerhanger Park Bedfordshire MK44 3RW Bedford River Festival Dragon Boat Challenge -Saturday 21 Jul Teams are invited to enter a team to race 30’ chinese dragon boats on the River Ouse, Bedford raising funds for local charities. For anyone not wanting to take part this is also a great spectator sport. Racing all day. There will be a charge for teams but free for spectators River Ouse, Bedford Bedfordshire MK40 3TF

Life & Times at Linslade Canal Festival- Saturday 28 Jul A performance of mainly songs from our canal show WHERE THE WORKING BOATS WENT. Lots of other attractions during the day too. Free event. Tiddenfoot Waterside Park, Linslade Bedfordshire LU7 2AF

Time Travellers Go... Archaeology- Monday 23 to Friday 27 Jul Let the kids get stuck into history with the chance to uncover clues and handle artefacts. Take part in a sand pit dig to unveil secrets from the past, plus plenty of hands on activities. Times: 11am-5pm Non-Member Prices: Adult £8.50 / NonMember Concession £7.70 / Non-Member Child £5.10 / Family £22.10. English Heritage Member Prices: Free. Ticket price includes entry to event plus entry to the grounds. All children are welcome to join in the Time Travellers Go… events. An additional £1 will be charged on standard admission for every child, member and non member, to help us fund this entertainment activity. Wrest Park Bedfordshire MK45 4HR

Children’s Nature Discovery- Monday 30 Jul Enjoy a walk discovering bugs, birds, butterflies and dragonflies and try some bark rubbing along the way. Children must be accompanied by an adult. Booking is essential. Limited numbers Cost: Adults free, children £4, RSPB Wildlife Explorers £3. Parking charges apply to non RSPB members: £4 per vehicle, 2pm to 4pm. For more information tel. 01767 680541. RSPB The Lodge Sandy Bedfordshire SG19 2DL Barracudas Activity Day Camp- Monday 30 Jul to Friday 24 Aug Multi-activity day camp for children aged 4.5-16 yrs of age. Huge range of exciting activites including swimming, motor sports, archery, fencing, mad science, arts and crafts and lots more. Children can try new activities, make new friends and have loads of fun! This will be our 20th year operating day camps so you can be sure with our experience you won’t find a better day camp.0845 123 5299, Standard hours from 8.30am-5.30pm with extended hours available from 8am6pm, see website for offers and prices. Barracudas, Bedford

Minibeast safari- Wednesday 25 Jul, Fri 27 Jul,Friday 3 Aug, Mon 6 Aug, Fri 10 Aug, Fri 17 Aug, Mon 20 Aug, Fri 24 Aug, Fri 31 Aug 2pm to 4pm Kids love finding creepy crawlies. They will have a great time discovering some of the fascinating minibeasts that live on the reserve. Booking essential, limited numbers. Children must be accompanied by an adult Cost; Adults free, children £4, RSPB Wildlife Explorers £3. Parking charges apply to non

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Girls High School, Cardington Road, Bedford Bedfordshire MK42 0BX Time Travellers Go... Upstairs, Downstairs- Monday 30 Jul to Friday 3 Aug Discover life in Edwardian and Victorian times, would you like to live "upstairs" or work "downstairs"? Recruiting will start for all sorts of jobs to keep the great Hall or house in order. Take part in hands on activities, butler school and traditional games. 11am-5pm Prices: Adult: £8.50 / Concessions: £7.70 / Child: £5.10 / Family: £22.10 English Heritage Members: Free Wrest Park, Silsoe, Bedfordshire MK45 4HR

Family £22.10. English Heritage Member Prices: Free. Ticket price includes entry to event plus entry to the grounds. All children are welcome to join in the Time Travellers Go… events. An additional £1 will be charged on standard admission for every child, member and non member, to help us fund this entertainment activity. Wrest Park Bedfordshire MK45 4HR A Mad Science Camp! -Monday 6 to Friday 10 Aug Mad Science Camps are the original, exciting, hands-on, interactive, science themed day camps for 4 - 11year olds. Now in our 7th year, this summer’s fabulous topics include: Radical Reactions! Super Senses! Slimy Science! Lights Colour Action! Sporty Science! Wacky Waves and Much, Much More! Check out our website for more details or call us on: 01727 824700. Mad Science Camp runs 10:00 - 15:00 Prices start at £35/child with discounts available for full week bookings and bookings of 5 or more children! Contact us on 01727 824700 or book online at: - The Firs School, Station Road, Ampthill, Bedfordshire MK45 2QU

Date with nature Dusk watch -Wednesday 1 Aug, Fri 17 Aug An exciting evening event, experiencing the sights and sounds of the reserve as darkness creeps over and secretive nocturnal creatures begin to emerge! BOOKING ESSENTIAL Cost: RSPB members £4, non members £6- including car park and entry. 7:30pm to 10:00pm. Check for latest news and dates on For more information tel. 01767 680541; RSPB, The Lodge Sandy Bedfordshire SG19 2DL

Bat Night - Saturday 11 Aug Our popular night walk, searching for the bats that live and feed on the reserve. Please bring a torch. Must book and pay in advance. Cost; Adults £5, RSPB members £4, children £4 RSPB Wildlife Explorers £3; 8:30pm to 10:30pm. For more information Tel 01767 680541.RSPB The Lodge Sandy Bedfordshire SG19 2DL

Pantaloon’s perform The Importance Of Being Ernest and The Brothers Grimm at The Lodge- Friday 3 Aug to Sunday 5 Aug We welcome the return of the Pantaloons for their fourth successful year with 2 separate performances; The Importance of Being Ernest and The Brothers Grimm, on the lawn of The Lodge. Check below for details of order of performance. Bring your blankets, picnics and chairs and a bottle of course, to enjoy a fun performance. Tickets: Adults £12.50 Children; £8 on day. Under 7’s: FREE. Family ticket £35 (2 adults 2 children) Fri 3 Aug Importance of Being Ernest 7: pm Sat 4 Aug Brothers Grimm Sat 4 Aug Importance Of Being Ernest Sun 5 Aug Brothers Grimm RSPB The Lodge Sandy Bedfordshire SG19 2DL

Indoor Car Boot/Table Top Sale - Barton-le-Clay- Saturday 11 Aug The Next indoor Car Boot / Table Top is Saturday 11th August 2012, BARTON VILLAGE HALL. Pitches/Tables are £5 book now thru Clare (07778 291969) or just turn up sellers 9AM - Buyers from 10am please. Come and support Barton-le-Clay village hall and grab a bargain. Buyers from 10am - 2pm Adults 50p children free Pitches/Tables are £5 book now thru Clare (07778 291969) or just turn up sellers 10am.Barton-le-Clay Village Hall, Hexton Road, Barton-le-Clay. MK45 4JY

Scrapbooking / Cardmakers Workshop- Saturday 4 Aug Friendly workshop 10:30 - 16:30- come along with your scrapbooking project or card making, or start a new hobby. Beginners and experienced equally welcome!! Run by experienced scrapbooking tutor. Includes teaching sessions and use of papercrafting tools. £20 per person, £5 off if booked in advance Ring 01525 400523 or email Leighton Buzzard Bedfordshire LU7 8TD. Crafting shop onsite

Real Arts and Crafts- Saturday 18 Aug Craft fair featuring a wide range of high quality crafts including cards, jewellery of various kinds, ceramics, knitted and sewn goods, cakes, jams, pictures, picture framing, silverwork. Goods on sale have been made by the stallholder or a member of their partnership. See for full details. 9.30am to 4pm Contact 07770 344914 Woburn Sands Memorial Hall Bedfordshire MK17 8RH

Cople Music Festival- Saturday 4 Aug Proms in the playing field: Bands, Hog Roast, BBQ, Bars. Grand finale of ’Proms’ music. Bring your chairs, blankets and flags. Charity for 2012 - British Heart Foundation. Doors open 3.30pm, Entrance £2 for adults, under 16years free. Playing Field, Grange Lane, Cople. Bedfordshire MK44 3TH

The Original Flying Proms - Saturday 18 Aug Orchestral concert with the National Symphony Orchestra plus guest Soprano, with vintage aircraft from the Shuttleworth Collection overhead, ending with a fantastic Firework Finale, concert includes entry to the Swiss Garden and the Bird of Prey Centre. Doors open at 10am and the concert starts at 7pm so spend the whole day and see all of the attractions at Old Warden Park. There is extensive FREE parking on site and the site is fully accessible for disabled people. Tickets available online at or by phone 01767 627927. Prices from £27, Children under 5 Free The Shuttleworth Collection, Old Warden Park, Biggleswade Bedfordshire SG18 9EP

Classic Car & Bike Show -Sunday 5 Aug The Rufus Centre’s Annual Classic Car & Bike Show is now in its fourth year and is set to be bigger and better than ever! Join us on the field as there’s lots to get excited about, including; classic vehicles, auto jumble, beer tent selling real ales, children’s fairground rides, live band "Just Us", a village show, craft stalls, catering stalls and more! Come along from 12 noon - 4pm. Adult Entry £3, Children FREE. For more information call Steph James on 01525 631900. The Rufus Centre, Steppingley Road, Flitwick Bedfordshire MK45 1AH

The Importance of Being Earnest- Saturday 18 Aug "You must not laugh at me, darling, but it had always been a girlish dream of mine to love someone whose name was Ernest..." Everybody loves Ernest. The only trouble is, he doesn’t exist. Or does he? Oscar Wilde’s comic masterpiece gets The Pantaloons treatment in this anarchic take on the classic comedy of manners in the open-air. 7.00pm (gates open at 6.00pm). Tickets from £9 to £13.50. Box office:

Time Travellers Go... Ugly Bug Safari -Monday 6 to Friday 10 Aug Grab a magnifying glass and join our Victorian explorer for a hunt through the gardens to find a mass of fascinating minibeasts. Then create your own creepy crawly to take home. Times: 11am-5pm, Non-Member Prices: Adult £8.50 / Non-Member Concession £7.70 / Non-Member Child £5.10 /

- 28 -

01525 290333. Woburn Abbey, Woburn, Bedfordshire MK17 9WA

flanked by moments of poise, grace and fluidity. To purchase tickets online, please visit Mansion House, Old Warden Park, near Biggleswade, Bedfordshire SG18 9DX heARTwood Festival -Saturday 25 Aug A fantastic day out for the entire family! Get creative in the great outdoors and learn about our beautiful woodland in the process! heARTwood festival is a celebration of the artistic features and instalments of our beautiful Woodland Trust Woodland. The festival will feature *a Teddy bears picnic *Willow weaving crafts (can you spot our crafty creatures on site?) *Treasure hunts *Steel drum band and many more arts and crafts and learning opportunities! If your family loves nature and you fancy treating your children to a unique, creative outdoors experience, why not come down and join us? Everybody is welcome! This event is suitable for all ages. Overnight camping, poetry and bush craft for only £10 per person!! Heartwood Forest, Sandridge, St Albans Bedfordshire AL3 6JB

Country Fete- Sunday 19 Aug Held in the grounds and field behind the hospice with steam engine rides, swing boats, trade stalls, BBQ, hog roast, cream teas, children’s entertainment, fun dog show, music, dance and much more. Entrance fee: £1.50 Adults and children FREE. St John’s Hospice, St John’s Road, Moggerhanger, Bedfordshire MK44 3RJ Tribute concert- Sunday 19 Aug Outdoor concert featuring tributes to Queen, The Bee Gees, Robbie Williams, the Blues Brothers plus Cheryl Cole, One Direction, Kylie and Jessie J. Over 7 hours of entertainment set in the grounds of The Shuttleworth Collection at Old Warden Park, Biggleswade. Children’s prices from £5. Doors open at 1pm, first act from 3pm - concert will finish at 10.30pm. Ticket Line and information: 01767 627933 Mon-Fri Evenings and Weekends 01223 894566. The Shuttleworth Collection, Old Warden, Biggleswade, Beds.

WWI: Wrest at War! -Sunday 26 and Monday 27 Aug Visit Wrest Park this bank holiday weekend and learn about the important role of the house and its owner during the Great War! Meet soldiers of the period and hear stories from the frontline. Plus see Wrest Park as it would have looked during the period, as a convalescence hospital, complete with visiting camel sent from a nearby menagerie to aid the soldiers’ recuperation. Sun 26 & Mon 27 August 11am-5pm Prices: Adult: £10.00 / Concessions: £9.00 / Child: £6.00 / Family: £26.00 English Heritage Members: Free. Wrest Park, Silsoe, Bedfordshire, MK45 4HR

Harp Concert - Robin Ward- Saturday 25 Aug International harpist, Robin Ward, will be performing a programme that is an exploration of music, played on his own handcrafted triple harp. Robin’s programmes include a wide variety of music from the Baroque, Classical, and Romantic periods, as well as music from Folk Traditions, with a combination of his own transcriptions and music originally written for the instrument. Originally from New Zealand, Robin is emerging as a soloist, and has performed throughout New Zealand, Australia, and the UK. Robin builds his own instruments, and is one of only a handful of professional triple harpists in the world. Concert starts at 7:30pm. Tickets are £10 for adults, £8 concession, and a donation for children under 18. All Saints Church, Chalgrave Road, Chalgrave, Bedfordshire LU5 6JN

BUCKINGHAMSHIRE Caribbean Olympic Ball - Saturday 14 Jul 5th annual Summer Ball 2012 – this year celebrating the Olympics & 50 years of Independence (Jamaica & Trinidad) in the company of the St Lucia High Commissioner, local MP Mark Lancaster. Other invited guests to be confirmed are (MK Mayor, Jamaica’s new High Commissioner, Jamaica’s Prime Minister, and delegates from Trinidad & Tobago). On stage will be Jamaica’s Funny man Tony Hendricks, Saxophonist Lascelles James, and the Internationally Famous Mafia and Fluxy Reggae Band. We have negotiated 40 rooms at excellent rates (£70 per room) for overnight accommodation, bed & breakfast. Use code:GFOTC I-GFOTC-20120712/index.jhtml?WT.mc_id Black Tie, sit down 3 course meal and cocktail reception with wine on table. £65 per person Hilton Double Tree Hotel MK1 1ST

Kempston Fun Day- Saturday 25 Aug Fun and entertainment for families in Kempston and Bedford with charity and trade stalls, displays, arena events, fairground rides and refreshments. Profits are distributed to local needy people and organisations. The event is open to the public from 12 noon but stalls can set up from 8a.m. It finishes by 5 p.m. There is no admssion charge but there is a charge of £1 for car parking. Addison Howard Park, Bedford Road, Kempston, Bedford Bedfordshire MK42 8PN Twinwood Festival- Saturday 25 to Monday 27 Aug Twinwood Festival incorporates the Glenn Miller Festival of Swing, Jazz, Jive and Rock ‘n’ Roll. This is THE largest and best, annual, vintage music, dance and fashion festival in the UK. With air displays, hangar dances, fashion shows, comedy shows, over 150 trade stalls, dance lessons & workshops, food and bars, museums, living history, classic vehicles, camping and more. With over 50 bands and ten venues within the festival site, there is always plenty of choice to suit all musical tastes. Max Raabe & The Palast Orchestra, John Miller & his Orchestra, and Si Cranstoun, are just a tiny sample of the exquisite selection of bands who will be performing in 2012. Adult Day tickets from just £24, Weekend tickets from just £65. Camping tickets from just £32. See website for details! The event always sells out, so early booking essential. Tel: 01923 282725 Email: Web: Twinwood Arena, Twinwood Road, Clapham, Beds MK41 6AB

Life & Times at Woburn Sands Folk Festival-Saturday 14 Jul A performance by traditional-idiom duo Life & Times (Graeme Meek: guitar, bouzouki, voice; Barry Goodman: melodeon, concertina, voice) of approximately half an hour at the annual folk festival at Edgewick Farm, Woburn Sands. Free event. See Edgewick Farm, Woburn Sands MK17 8QL The Big Friendly footprint trail at The Roald Dahl Museum Sunday 15 Jul For all ages: discover fantabulous facts about Roald Dahl’s world famous story of the BFG, including who inspired the character, by following his footprints around the Museum. Free for Museum visitors, takes place all day. Call 01494 892192 to book entry tickets. 81-83 High Street, Great Missenden HP16 0AL

Chantel McGregor plays at Rhythm and Blues Fest Saturday 25 Aug Chantel has stepped out in the pro-musician world and her stunning performances are proving that this is rock blues for the new age, played by a musician born with an effortless virtuosity, peppered by flights of incendiary guitar and

Welcome to the Jungle at the Milton Keynes Theatre Sunday 15 Jul

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Welcome to the Jungle Milton Keynes Marlborough Gate, Milton Keynes MK9 3NZ

Theatre, Hounslow Hall Estate, Drayton Road, Newton Longville, Milton Keynes MK17 0BU London 2012 Paralympic Flame Festival at Stoke Mandeville Stadium -Tuesday 28 Aug On 28 August four Paralympic Flames will become one at a special evening ceremony at Stoke Mandeville Stadium, Buckinghamshire to create the London 2012 Paralympic Flame. The first flame will be lit in London on Friday 24 August with Greater Belfast, Edinburgh and Cardiff following suit over the Bank Holiday weekend. A spectacular evening will be held in Aylesbury to celebrate the Paralympic Torch and the start of the 24 hour Paralympic Torch Relay from Stoke Mandeville Stadium to the Olympic Park in London, to then open the London 2012 Paralympic Games on the 29 August. There will be a whole host of entertainment, presentations and community activities, including a flame procession. There will be live feed from Stoke Mandeville Stadium into the Town Centre on a giant screen. 5pm 10.30pm, entrance Free Aylesbury town centre Buckinghamshire HP20 2QF


BBC Antiques Roadshow- Thursday 19 Jul BBC ONE’s ever popular Sunday evening programme ANTIQUES ROADSHOW will be filming for its 35th series at Stowe House, near Buckingham on Thursday 19th July, 2012. The doors open at 9.30 am and close at 4.30pm 9.30 to 4.30. Entry is Free. Stowe House MK18 5EH MK Playday- Wednesday 1 Aug Last year’s MK Playday was the biggest yet, come and join in with the fun and games. Recommended parking at Central Milton Keynes Shopping Centre. 2pm - 5pm, Free Campbell Park MK9 4AD Godiva Awakes Celebrations- Wednesday 1 Aug 900 years after her infamous pilgrimage Godiva is travelling once again and stops in MK! As part of city wide activity welcome her to Campbell Park in style and join us for a festival held in her honour. Recommended parking at Central Milton Keynes Shopping.6pm - 8pm, Free .Campbell Park MK9 4AD

Bucks County Show -Thursday 30 Aug A one-day agricultural show with over 250 cattle and 250 sheep exhibited. We have HOYS and Olympia qualifiers for the horse showing together with show jumping, and a shopping marquee which has increased each year, together with a rural craft marquee, home and garden marquee, countryside area and lots of attractions for all the family. Contact phone: 01296 680400; Weedon Park, Nr. Aylesbury, HP19 8DA

Shakespeare in the Park -Friday 3 Aug Enjoy an evening under the stars with Shakespeare’s comedy ’Much Ado About Nothing.’ Be sure to book early as these productions sell out every year! 7:30pm, Adult/£10 Child/£7 Family/£28 Campbell Park MK9 4AD 4th Olney Vintage Fair -Saturday 4 Aug Some of your favourite vintage stalls selling original homewares, textiles, ephemera, costume jewellery and clothing from the 30s-60s. There will also be a well crafted handmade items and gifts, created from vintage fabrics or inspired by original vintage designs. As usual there will be an ’old style’ tea-shop selling homemade cakes and the period music from the 20s-50s will add to the vintage ambience. Our fairs are friendly and welcoming, its always great to see customers old and new. Children are welcome at our fairs and the venue is on one level. The fair starts at 11am and closes at 4pm. Admission is £1 for adults and is free for under 14s. Church Rooms, St Peter & St Pauls, Church Street, Olney. MK46 4AA

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Open Air Cinema -Friday 17 to Sunday 19 Aug See movies like never before in the great outdoors! See for detailed information. Please see ’Summer of Culture’ programme for details of citywide film festival activities. Recommended parking at Central Milton Keynes Shopping Centre.Campbell Park Buckinghamshire MK9 4AD MK Car Show & Suzuki Family Day- Sunday 19 Aug MK car show has been running for the last 5 years at many different venues. Every year there are many attractions and this year is no different! It is being held on an 800 acre estate on the edge of Milton Keynes and promises to be a lot of fun for the entire family. There will be plenty to see and do on the day. Including: A food village, stall and craft area, a trade area, a large arena in the middle where things will be happening all day, outdoor activities to have a go at put on by the hosts Experience the Country, things for the children to do and finally a chance to look at many different types and models of cars. Suzuki will also be there playing a big part on the day showing many of their vehicles, bikes and trailers. So come and join us for a free family day out! 10am-4pm; £1 to park; Free admission. Prices will vary for all activities, stalls etc. Still time to enter your car in to the show so for more information contact us on: 01908 630665 or email us at:

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