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The CORINTHIAN 1986 Volume XII Richmond, Virginia

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The Senior Class of 1986 Dedicates this Corinthian to

Janet L. Rice

Janet Rice, coach of Steward's champion field hockey and girls' basketball teams, is far more than teacher and coach - she is confidant, mentor and friend. Her skill and enthusiasm as a coach draws every ounce of effort and spirit from her athletes. Her wonderful sense of humor and her quick wit are legend at Steward. Miss Rice sponsored the Upper School Student Council this year. In the past she has been a class sponsor, taught, coached, acted in plays and sung in musicals, and created the legendary Mecca Motown Mommas. She keeps the faculty busy with "in service" sessions, and always gives Steward 110%. Her field hockey team won the state championship in its division, and her girls' basketball team, which played most of the season with only 6 players, won the regular season championship of LIS. The team lost the state championship by only one basket. Janet Rice is a favorite of the Steward students, from kindergarten through the Senior Class. She is fun, demanding, warm, thoughtful, caring and kind. Thanks, Coach.


Coach advises field hockey players to go for the goal.

Sandy Szilassy, (left, clockwise) Juruth Neumann, Jennifer Keller, Stephanie Kay, and Mr. and Mrs. Harbaugh keep JR under control.

In this photo, the original Mecca Motown Mommas heat up StuntTalent Night.

Janet Rice, Debbie Franks, and Sandy Szilassy in a moment of pleasant memories, at the 1985 graduation.

JR isn't sure she likes the way a play is going in practice. Stephanie Kay and Judith Neumann prepare to go in.

Memories with JR 3

Paul R. Cramer, Headmaster The 1985路86 school year was a busy one for Mr. Cramer. He served 8S president of VAIS (Virgin ia Association of Independent Schools) and traveled the state of Virginia frequently. We missed him at Steward during his trips. Mr. Cramer, born in Amherst. Massachusetts. is a graduate of Deerfield Academy and Williams College. His graduate work was done at John Carroll Univers ity, Case Western Reserve University, and Springfield College. He taught at Deerfield Academy in Massachusetts, The University School in Cleveland. Ohio. and was Associate Headmaster at Wilbraham & Monson Academy in Massachusetts. This is his eleventh year at Steward.

'4Balance, perspective and humor, and Jack."



Jean A. Miller

Gay E. Hurst

Carolyn S. Rhea

Head of Lower School. Study Skills, Computer, B.A., Towson State College, M.E<!. and M.S., John. Hopkins Univ.

Middle School Coordinator, Math, Typing/Compu",r, B.S., Ab ilene Chris路 tian Univ.

Director of Studies, Upper School. Eco路 nomies, Government, B.A., Vanderbilt Univ., M.A.. Univ. of Noeth Carolina

Doris Burbank

Barbara Koenig

Neil Turnage

Resource Director B.A., Westhampton College M.Ed .. Univ. of Richmond

Librarian B .A., Southern Methodist Un iv., M.A., Univ. of Wash ington , M.L.S. , Univ. of Washington

Athletic Director, Soccer Coach, Director of Plant Maintenance, S.1.S., Virginia State University

STAFF Charles Archibald Accountant Where's Archie? Who's Archie? Is he here yet? Payday! Always 8 grin and a wave.

Anita Harbaugh Administ rative Assistant Hey, Harbie! Mom. Rules is rules. Grand Central Station. Bully, bully, Mr. T! Loyal fan/ devoted coach. Schumchild. Burnley!

Debbie Draudt Secretary Receptionist Healer of hurts. Can I have some aspirin? Let me check your file. Sign this notebook, pi ..... This dumb copy machine! The Drought.

Mary Ellen Saville Director of Development Good cooking! Tennis, anyone? Get off the phone! You 're doing WHAT? What DO you do? Make us look good. Can you raise enough for ...


Bonnie Anderson

Susan K. Bright

B. M.E. , Longwood COilege Music. K路12 Recorders. Sure. the show wiU be ready in lime. How many classes do you teach today? Magic fingers at

B.S., Longwood Coilege Art, K路 12 Now, look here , shorty! Art is fun! Art majors 7th period. Life drawing wit..h Shauna. Kindergarteners with scissors. Set construction. Sean under the pumpkin.

the piano. Red

lights make the notes disappear!

FACULTY Ian M. Coddington B .S ., Virginia

Commonwealth U. Physical Education, Coach, V. Soccer The walrus. Blonde librarians. Turkeybird. The cowboy.

Back exercises on the mats. Ray Bans. Troop 444. Confidence course. Colorado skies & skis. Big words at all costa.

Jane C. Edwards B.S., East Carolina Univ. M.S .. Univ. of Richmond Kindergarten Shhh - t he magic button is on the wall! 4X4 truck. Tiny hande, tiny boots, giant imaginations. Activity centers. Stories, puppets and projects. Alway8 8 gentle vo ice. Tender guide for tender years.

E. Courtney Fisher B.A., University of

Linda S. Filicky B.S., Virginia

Commonwealth U. Third Grade Calm and 8ure. Be organized! Did you take your green folder

home? Did you bring your green folder back? Extended days. Mike and Leslie. You can do it! Multiplication tables are fun.

North Carolina First Grade Good listeners. Morning circle Lime and calendar. Who hae which responsibility? Goofs on the daily schedule. Who has lost a tooth today? Watching our garden grow. Nature hikes. Learning French and customs of France.

Sn8ckless Jason.

Kathryn H. Geranios A.B., Hunter College M.H., Univ. of Richmond 6th, 7th Grade English Where are the Camelot pictures? I can't read your handwriting. Mrs. G. Chalk our skirt. My very

favorite word! Reading/science reports . KneesockB and boots. Talking with your hands. Greek, Greek, Greek.


Pamela A. Hall B.A., Westhampton College Latin

We have a lot to do today. Boat club stories, and The Vear of lhe Flood. Nat's neverending A's. Third declension nominative singular.

Parva. Latin helps with your SATs! Latin is not dead! Bye, Sandy. Which ending, Mrs. Hall?

Catesby Jones B.A., Hampden Sydney College History. Coach, J .V. Soccer, J .V. Basketball. 8·page testa. Animal Farm. Soccer Rub. Strange messages

Susan T. Lewis

on his calendar.

Valentine's party. Good girls.

B.A., Univ. of Virginia

M .Ed ., Univ. of New Hampshire Sixth Grade Soft speaking. Sick out. Robbie Rabble. Stop that!

China. China. Prefnes! Science Museum.

Not going bald - Ed ia.

Hunger study.

Book a month.

Let's go hunting.

Mr. Tidy Desk. Kill the rell New house blucs. Golf pre·empted

Reports! Punky, the Killer. Friday reading time. Don't be messy -

by BASKETBALL'!?! Electric ties. Husband of MMM.

it pays!

dedicated, caring and special Cynthia Liffick B.A. , Transylvania Uniy. M .S., Dlinois Univ. Science, "The Liff." Emily

Dickenson. Loft cleaning. Set destruction. Four chapter tests on 8 pages. Chanteuse. Arobics with JR. Requizzes! Frog. Insanity. Afterlife. Wintergreen. "Joseph."

Herbert M. Lord Jr. B.S., Ohio State Univ. Fourth Grade

Extended day. Sununex camp. Everyone's friend Kickbe.ll. Pass the }X)IX'Om! Movies on the VCR. Stories and funny jokes. Birthday parti....

Piz7a. Social studies oonversations. Thomas Jefferson and the StabJe of Religious

Freedom. J~ Spelling testa

Karen Lukhard

Martha S. G. Lyle B.A., Longwond College English Americns Studies papers in the Junior Class. Style. Worldly Wise. SAT! You make your own luck! Deadlines. Romeo and Juliet. 9th grade pizza. Gardening. Southern drawl. Poetry.

B.A., Westharopton Col. M.Ed., Univ. of Richmond Math, Algebra, 'I\Jtoring Shorty. Algebra can be ftm. ~~.


multiply. I'm serious now. How do you study for a math teot? I'm afraid to look at these leota. At least someone did the homework. Driving on bed roods. Corey,


• • •


John A. Makay B.S., V.C.U. Science Photo Club. The darkroom. Where is the milk key? Where is the MILK? Study hall. Mndel building. Always there with a camera.

Jean T. Martin B.A., Westhampton College Fifth Grade. Preparing for middle school. Book reports. Plays. Haste makes waste. Don't stare at the wall. Hard work. Take away. King's Dominion. Cleaned up desks. Paying attention.


Norva J. Meyer

Fred S. Ostrow

B.S., IndiaM Univ.

B.S., V.C.U.

M.A., Arizona St. Univ.

Science Mark 'l\\'ain is coming.

History This is 8 vitally important year for you. Not 8 test, just a quiz. What quiz? History is people like you. Imagine you were there. High .tandaros. No heading? Idiot points. Essays. Long da)~. Always al Ihe

Talent show announcements. "Do nows" must be done now. Rent·an·Ostrow. Debate

discussion club. Physics. Jay's ankle al Model UN. Food bags from Ukrops. Piano playing.

games. Cheerleaders.

building a strong Spartan foundation. Janet L. Rice

Thelma Pbillips B.S., Longwood College English

BA, Westhampton Col. Physical Education Coach. Field Hockey, Girls' Basketball. Rice Krispies .

No pain, no gain,

Senior deadlines. Do it right. Journal• . Tbe Red Pen. The old

Soccer Saturdays. Walrus. Fruit

war injury. Literary magazine.

Rollups for Oacre. Stretcb out.

Gardening . Fuzzy. You CAN write! Laughter and tears.

Jane Fonda workout. The fire chief and St. Agnes weekend. Hockey, b'ball champs!


John Penn Turner B .S., V.C.U. English, History Coach, Cross Country. Mr. Magic. The dancing cane. Hop 'n drops.

Shelby FWgers B.A.. Longwood College


First year -

Small but mighty. Say what? No habla. Que? Translate this sentence. Would you repeat that? WHAT tense? Drawing class with talented people.


Room Change? OK. Any more soccer cuts? Space Pandaa. Art of Magic. Spring break at Disneyworld. Don't mention the train. Is it over yet?

Helen C. Walker B.S., Westhampton Col. Second Grade

Nature Walks. Gardens.

Plays. Spelling test8. Math baseball. Reading groups. Leg operation . Computer games with school subjects . Mr. Coddington. Hot dog days. Horses. Good citir.ens.


8th grade?!

Omigosh! Weekend at

Jenny Lynn Witter B.S., Ball State Univ. Math, Science Loose mice! 7th grade sc ience projects. Baltimore trip. Bab~illng

cl.... Stuffy's trips wilh Ihe cheerleaders. Cheerleading uniforms. Letters to students from Indiana.


Martha G. Woodle B.A., College of

Judith K. Woodson B.S., Loyola Univ.

French Behave in those halls! French only, please .

Restaurant adventure.

Your homework. please. WHY were you late?? And in France, they ... Only a quiz??

William and Mary Math Seventh grade math in a closet. Notebooks. Alternate Programs. May I go sharpen my pencil?

[ need a calculator! Problem of the Week. Very strange office. Permanent ink on the

board!?! Tl\tm in off-campus papers!

Board and Committees

BOARD OF TRUSTEES William R. Waddell, President Dr. Richard A. Mateer, Vice-President Paul J. Kelley, Secretary Linwood R. Robertson, Treasurer Barbara V. Anchell David C. Moore R. Michael Amyx Dr. R. Peter Mooz Marion Chenault Marshall L. Norton Max H. Goodloe Jr. Oscar J ames Peterson III Anne M. Grier William T. Steele III Dr. Martha E. Kolbe Coleman E. Trainor Ann Carol Marchant Henry L. Wilton Robert L. Massey

ACADEMIC COMMlTTEE Carolyn Rhea Gay Hurst Jean Miller Neil Turnage Thelma Phillips Patti Woodle Norva Meyer Cindy Liffick Sbelby Rogers

DISCIPLINE COMMITTEE Martha Lyle Fred Ost row Neil Turnage


The Lower School


Professionalsoory-teller Frances Caffrey reaches the exciting part of a folk tale.

Amelia says "Computers expect too much of me!"

Lower School Grandparents' Day . .. The circus! Kites flying sunshine and fun. Spring Break! Kickball. Trip 00 Disney World. Pumpkin Patch Pickin'. Two front teeth. Hamsters and guinea pigs and fish. Computers. Music class. Art with Mrs. Bright. lU!cess. Fruit breaks. Cruising t he James. Safety assembly. Pets assembly. Father's Day. Mother's Day. Jump for Heart. Build that playground! Gardening. Building cities from boxes. And above all, lots, and lots, and lots, of . .. .

STUDYING! Brookie and Christie show how, in these photos.

Lower School Student Council: (First row, left) Sam Proffitt, Thomas Walker, Jason South, David Buxton, WeUy Sanders, Kiersten Brown. Second row: Christy Hall, Annie Lippert, Shara Buxt<>n, Cheryl Mayers, Adam Walker, Ollie Walker, Erica Helzel. Third row: Mrs. Walker, sponsor, Ben Seeman, Michael Carpenter, Brian Gill, Kathy Tregaskes.

Paul Levermore thinks it's fun to learn with Mr. Lord.


Preston W. Adamson

Brooke C. Bates

David C. Buxton

Ann M. Carpenter

Kendra L. Fleming

Eiren R. Gardner

Nicola B. Lewis

Coleman Me. Perrin


w. relte III

Joshua M. Ritchey

Class of 1998 Rider C. Royall

Welly L. Sand...

Chad L. Whitten

Preston Adamson knows there is more tosehoolthan work.

Kendra Flem ing works hard because she knows it pays off.

Eiren Gardner and Chad Whitten lis路 ten carefully to a story. When Mrs. Edwards tells a story. everyone listens.

Kindergarten Class 12

Kiersten H. Brown

N. Marcy Seelig

William D. Jones

Shawn G. Lewis

Samuel T. Proffitt

R. Gordon Smith Jr.

Jason P. South

Thoma. D. Walker

Sam doe, hi' carefully, too ..

J880n giV8I!!I hiA work serious attention . ..

Shawn thinb throll!!h a problem.

Building skills and developing talents

A loaf of bread, a jug of milk .. .

First Grade

The lunch hour is for fun!

and a good friend to share lunch with - great!

Class of 1997 13

Kristen C. Dyke

T. Berkeley Goodloe

Adam B. NOrWn

Lonnie P. Nowell 1lI

Erica G. Heltzel

Catherine E. Shomo

L. Amelia ManIKIn

H. Olga Wal.lter

Mrs. Walker's class works in a cheerful, bright and colorful environment which contains study centers for many interests. Free time is often spent reading on the couch, working on the in-class computer, or feeding and observing the fish , small animals and nature hike "finds". The class also includes M. Elizabeth Burkhart, not pictured.

Second Grade 14

Class of 1996

Stacey L. Brittain

Cheryl A. Mayers

Charles F. Tale

Hope Crosby

Nathan A. DeBardeleben

N. Patrick E. Meyer

Forreat C.N. Perrin

Kasey L. Hampton

Cabell C. Fisher

Christopher T. Slaydon

Michael J . Seelig

J . Tyler Turpin Helen B. Wintermeyer. Not pictured: Leslie A. FilicIy, Shawn M. Powers.

Soccer line boys.


Class work, projects, done by the growing students

Valentine's Day fun.

of the 3rd grade. who grew in knowledge as well as size.

Third Grade

Class of 1995 15

Jeffrey S. Ancbell

Brian N. Dyke

Elvin G. Ridley

Shara C. Buxton

C. Robin. HaakeU

Curtis J . Roberto

Fourth Grade 16

Ched R. Campeau

Kimberly J. Cornett

Jonathan L. Lev ....ur

Paul A. Levermore

Micheel H. Cullinan

Juatm G. Morgan

Jam.. Me. SchneU

Benjamin M. Swift

Bu il Taimpris

Adam D. Walker

R. Hunter Wilaon

Brent W. Witter

Class of 1994

not pictured: Jenny Johnson

Richard R Anderson

Michael E. C81penter

Christina M. Hall

Todd K. Hersey

William A. Royall m

Benjamin G. Seeman

Shannon L. Davis

Annette M. Li~pert

Jill A. Seifert

Fifth Grade

Brian H. Gill

Michael K. Malarkey

Jacob T. Stanley

Janice A. Hagen

William R Nicol Jr.

Kathleen C. Tregaskes

Class of '93

Artbur B. Wright



This familiar sight, a Domino's Pizza delivery, made many lunches more exciting.

Was it the music selection or a joke that made Kate Porter, Elizabeth Brown, Jennifer Glazier and Anne Scott giggle?

Middle School dances were always a hit; Nicole Althizer and Andy Rayner debate the question of whether or not Andy will agree to dance.

Jo hn Cabell Chenault prepares to flip a rubber band. Will he get caught?

Nicole Greene and Joanne Konstantinakos, the fashionplates. on campus.


Vicky Jones, Elizabeth Brown and Kate Porter keep the 6th grade academic standards high - and have fun doing it.

MS Student Council: Bottom row: Mrs. Bright, sponsor; MicheUe Anderson, President; Heather Teachey, Secretary; Michael Ward, Treasurer; Mrs. Hurst, sponsor. Top row: Malik Redman, 6th grade; Fitz Totten, 7th grade; Sara Braxton, 7th grade; April Grant, 6th grade. and Shehwar Quershi. 8th grade representatives.


V. C.... l Adamson

Charles N. Bowen

Elizabeth S. Brown

Tyler B. Carlo

Jeffrey T. Girardi

Jennifer L. Glazier

April F. Grant

Scott Hartzler

Victoria A. Jones

Cynthia M. Mathews

Mark E. Metzger

S. Macon Parker

Jeffrey A. Mercuri

Kate Porter

Faiaal Qureshi

Jonathan B. Slaydon, Delaney C. Thmage, Michael J. Ward. Not pictured: John A. Harler Jr., Christopher E. Trainor.

Sixth Grade 20

Class of 1992

Many activities kept the sixth graders busy during the 1985-86 school year. Their many talents contributed to the Middle School and the athletic program. 21

Nicole C. Altizer

Michelle Anderson

Brian Baldef'8on

Sara M. Braxton

John C. Chenault V.

Josh L. Crump

Allen B. Gill

Jason D. Hanchey

Douglas V. Hinckley

Lee J . Kallman


7th GRADE 7th period burnout


Hang Loose, dudes!

Elise L. Lev....ur

Carrie E. Meyer

Brenda C. Lippert

John Ross Narron

Robert L. Mack Jr.

Anne B. Scott

Heather Teachey

Lael R. Meem

Josbua Silverman

Fit. R.


7th grade rulz. "Heather and Sara are mad at each other, again!" Fitz looks like a raccoon. John Ross's old war injury. The Science/Reading reports. Awesome. Cotillion. Elise's grades. Michelle's voice. Recorders. The Ski Trip. Carrie's sports. The Grateful Dead. Jane Fonda's Workout. Lael's horses. Wordly Wise. A Day No Pigs Would Die. Michelle's laugh. Mr. Jones's tests. 7-1 math in the computer room. Mrs. Brite's hectic art class. P.A.C. Time. The up-coming 8th graders. Be casual' IT you do t hat again, I'll ... I'll ...


Class of '90


Sherryl A. Beloff

David E. CartAlr

Robert Cosby

Nicole Greene

Ricky Horwitz

Katie Jeffries

Joonne Konstantinakoa

Seth M. Koplin

Preston R. Nash

Karl L. Palmer

T. Shannon Trice

Carl T. West

Kevin L . Wood

Shehwar Quereshi

Andrew F. Rayner

Project Businesa dasa members Shehwar, Andy, Seth, Carl and David work on econom路 ic principles.

Shannon and Nicole "how their sunny dispositions.

A cold winter day C8U8e8 David to hurry into the main building.

Recorrlers confuse Carl, who plays piano and other instruments without. problems.


Preston decorates himself It a dance, but. Bobby would ratber not.


Very "into" biography projects, Jonathan and Malik became the people they read about.

Josh Silverman and Jason Hanchey use history study time differently.

Mrs. Anderson's recorder class was fun; lack of music stsnds gave the 8th graders a chance to put their feet up.

Rappin' David Carter

Josh relieves tension before SRO.

Seventh graders gave demonstrations as they showed their talents in English class. Brenda, John Cabell and Michelle tsught the class how to operate a camera, shoot a bow, and make spaghetti.


MIDDLE SCHOOL was fun, work and play in 1986. One of the biggest hits was the series of dances held in the auditorium. Thanks to the DJ, Matt Smith, there was plenty of good dancing music which Fitz and John Ross (top,left) enjoyed. Notice Fitz's new hair style. Even the teachers got into the act, as Mr. Coddington shows (top, right) as he dances with Heather. The fun and excitement is obvious in the above photos of sixth graders. (How did Chris Slaydon get into the picture, above left?)

Acting as chaperones were parents as well as teachers, who had as much fun as the students in their own way.

John Harler, Cindy Mathews and Jeff Mercuri clown in front of the stage, where Matt had his stereo equipment.



Upper School

The Clamdiggers: Kirhy, Keith, Bo Cook and Travis (top left). Jennifer Keller 's birthday was reason enough for her friends to decorate the "short hall" (top right) . Can t hat be Kirby - studying?! (above, left). Mr. Ostrow liked to take his classes into nature (above). Lonely, but never for long (above right). David Morris and Keith Snow learned to love word processing (below, left) . Bo Cook bubbles into tbe telephone (bottom, left).

US Student Council (from left) - President Curt Nichols. Vice-president Chris Schmidt. Secretary Anne Hanson. Sponsor Miss Rice. 9th grade representatives Carrie Smyth and Bill Kane. Not pictured: Treasurer Chris Davis. Junior representative Ross Amyx . Kern Smith and Corey Turnage from 10th grade.


Sarah P. Bagby

Benjamin C. Banks

Heidi Biralh

William B. Duggan

Matthew T. Ellis

Kevin B. Bradley

Richard A. Bronson Jr.

Class of '89 \

Sean C. Franzese

\ Randolph P. Grymes 30

Andrew J . Bloom

Joel D. Hagman

Sean E. Harris

Carey P. Hickerson

Kerry M. Hurst

William C. Kane Jr.

C. John Knorr

Edward T. Martin

Matthew F. Montgomery

Andrea Proaki.

John E. Rice

J. Paul Seiberlich

Robert David Shuman

Carrie A. Smyth

S. Nicole Taylor

Peter F. Webb

M. Ashely Wilson


Easy, Joel - class is almost over! Finals are when?!

Science classes are not


passing notes, Heidi!

Your freshman year has been the year of island visits, JV basketball winning a game, Makay's science class, Wordly Wise, seeing Peter's mom at the store, Sean H's jokes in history, Science Museum trip, Kerry VS . John, Ashley, Joel's chicken pox, Nicki and Sean, Andrea prospecting, Ox, Blooming impressions.


William F. CaJliott, Jr.

Judson D. Carlo

Max W. Cohen

Shauna Croes

Christopher T. Davila

William F. Eck

Nicholas P. Fabiato

Jennifer C. Cronk

Class of '88 John D. Gibrall

W. stewart Jones

stephanie C. Kay

Jennifer J. KeUer

Christopher L. !.evermore


Katherine M. Lucas

John H . Miller IV

Judith Neumann

Ann C. Nichols

Clare E. Odom

Kern A. Smith

Matthew M. Smith

Ronald E. Spillers

Corey T. Turnage

"You put THAT?!??!!"


Jacob A. Wimett

Scott Wright

Yo, dude!

Can this be Corey?? Mr. Average?? Mr. Soccer Himself'?? Studying???

Lovable Lloyd looks lonely.

The Nick ... Mokawee.





R Shy, retiring Sophomorettes.

Mrs. Phillips and Mrs. Meyer - in the same day! Let's party! Take a walk on the wild side. LAB QUIZZES! Make-up quizzes in Biology - no, Steph, not that kind of make-up. Laser shows at the Science Museum. NO field trips? Ahh - Baltimore! Bus riders . .. can I get a ride home? When do you get YOUR license? It's your birthday. You say it's your birthday. When we get OUR Senior Lounge ... This year has been OSS! MRS. LYLE and Mrs. Meyer in the same day??? Rising Juniors!

Can this be Judith?? Miss Average?? Miss Field Hockey Herself?? Studying??? 35

Ross C. Amyx

Robert K. Boniface

Clifton "Bo' Cook

Martha G. Fay

â&#x20AC;˘ Isabel S. Fitzgerald

Mark A. Mayen

Cary W. Hall


David R. Lold

J880n Krumbein

Harrison Hubard In

Class of '87 36

In trouble again!?

Gnarly beach bums at their best.

E. Keith Mooney

Travis F. Reuling

Joseph J . Muse Kirby J. Newman

J. Christopher Schmklt

Keith E. Waddell Robert "Bo" Steele

Kieran B. Wagner

Nathaniel L. Wells

The athletes' class. HOW many girls in the Junior Class?? Most important year. Eating in class. Bo in a suit. Who wrecked which car. Girl troubles - who, us? Concerts. Nat's grades. Silly Mooney. Ross? - 55 MPH?? Arnold! Brnnng! - Isabel, will you help me rewrite?! The Pumpkin-Mobile! The Half-Mark! Papa Bo Cook!





David Christopher Baker Elon College Northside Crusade", ... The Court ... rooting behind Westbrook . . . rush 84 in Hampton ... rush '85 in Richmond . . . freak king ... Jerry's ... the dumpster ... G.L.. . . GW . . . the Best. .. The G Club ... Byrd Park ... Snow's PA ... the shelter ... Busch, a good cheap ale .. . back in Nam ... the cruiser ... Surf City Man ... Littles .. , Safeway parking lot .. . turtle traps ... "What a freak" ... livin' fo r the weekends ... Transylvania ... Crack me a ski ... the Marriott ... Pretenders concert in Williamsburg ... Ain't nobody gonna call the Fuzz in this neighborhood? Vee Has,,' ... 100 down 360 . .. summer of '69 ... the fence post ... Sugar Man ... "USA" ... the stang ... security patrol ... "You think you're KING" ... The Rover is in the shop .. . You're insane ... What men? When did this happen? ... Chicks allover the place ... Spaceman ... Bugman ... nosemllD . . . MX missle ... Texas Longhorn .. . Boomsucker . . . VCU Commons ... Pullin' an all nighter ... subdivisions ... playing B-ball at Seminary ... Celtics rule over Lakers ... Beachweek '85 ... those are not the same girls ... sandpiper ... the Snowmobile ... Beach '84 ... FM ... pretty tough job · .. two dates on the same nigbt - it a lmost worked .. . firehouse ... basketball road t rips ... Toad · .. " R ight On" ... ODU B-ball camp ... Give it to Charlie . .. Snow's chocolate pudding ... flying pizza ... the moon is shining ... the underwear .. . half court shot ... Bo's music ... the Chief . . . no pain ... t he maroon jacket ... eats in five seconds ... never gets tired ... the rope swing . . . "Can't take a back seat to any other backcourt duo'" ... I will be jammin' next year ... t he play . . . Gibbon's game '85 - Baker 32, Mayers 27 . . . playin' at UR . . . ICE . .. the franchise .. . Bo's hair · .. Three Chopt . .. thumbs up ... it'. pretty scary ... the Frig ... Christchurch '86 .. . "Shoot the-! . .. the Indian's goin ' crazy! ... I didn't say anything ... pretty good refs ... Coach · .. Mooney's slam at Huguenot Academy ... "Stop trying to be 60 coon" ... Mooney's mouth ... sis: minutes ... green shoes . .. 4 Teehs ... turlin' after games ... Graduation party '84 ... Gnduation party '85 ... the five year plan ... YOU LAUGHED .. . more homework ... "Really have a lot of time'" . .. Commonwealth Conference Soccer Champs '84 ... first team all Conference Soccer '84 · .. first team all Conference Basketball 84·85 ... second team all Conference Basketball '85-86 ... the Wave . . . catch air ... sunrise on the James . . . the Hair Piece ... Anne's excuses ... Anne's weekend stories ... t he Senior IOUll-.Se .. . "It looks better without a ceiling" ... "He ain't got no sense" ... the boys of summer .. . Scratch and sniff midnight movie ... Super Bowl Party I ... Super Bowl Party II ... use your left hand .. . waaaaa ... "Ready to play" . .. bigger kegs ... You're late . .. GW in DC .. . five minute run from Washington Monument to Union Station ... paddle boats ... the Rover gettin' stuck behind the Fairgrounds ... BB hunts .. . The Stones ... "Mick's cook" ... Ca", concert ... the Dude . . . gas cells ... food cells .. . The Hollywood Knights ... " Get your feet outofthe chair" ... the lamppost .. . Mr. Holmes ... the world's longest kisser ... " I think we broke the record" ... Curt's shooting touch . .. Curt , the world's greatest athlete . . . the Magic Man ... Almost gettin' kicked out of the Holiday Inn ... The Bull ... later, everyone . .. Thanks Papa .. .

His resolve is not to seem, but to be, the best. -Francis Due De La Rochefoucauld It's a mistake to foul the Bake. - Keith Snow


Mary Lyndal Browning College of William and Mary The love of my life ... again .. . Susan and Hollis ... stories ... my hair is made of crisp violets ... Evadne, H.D .... littJe black dress . .. Camelot. .. . indiscretions ... Appletree Farm ... dream world ... Sandy, go ,home ... my eighteenth b-day party . .. sniffer ... afraid of me? ... never ... secrets ... plans ... It never lasts ... beach, shower, boat. bed. fireplace, woods, hot tub .. . sweet -R 路 .. if I follow you home, wiU you keep me? ... no . .. maybe . .. O.K .. .. not now ... he figured those out in a hurry ... I bite .. . gorilla ... pygmie ... moteef ... mohair . . . Thunder . . . Feb. 8. 1986, .. mubalu .. . RNA ... DNA, .. Begging your pardon .. , 180 at red light ... I'm not worried about it 路 .. Scruff ... Puff . . . 'rigger .. . Roo ... he looks good in black ... soft little lips ... Faerie Puck ... Oh. really . .. baby ... too much water .. . I have a great body, and don't you forget it ... Sweet Dreams. , , P,C. , . , respect, , ,G randpa Snow . .. ADW .. , WAC , , . These Dreams ... 21 .. , the curb, , . waiting for Kelly . .. silent talking. , . reality , . . 2 obligations in life. , . pretty in pink, , . they didn't break me ... my time on the edge, , , TOT ... 7DA . .. Comin~ in at 5:45. ' , [ tell ya! ... those eyes ... Peace Frog, .. the doors . . . betrayed. , , Do you trust me , , , , Kiss of the violet, .. Mr. Mojo Risin' ... no one will ever know . .. oilville ... rock in' with the rhythm of the rain, .. Brip ... talks ... LGB . .. Queen Mab ... growing apart ... be's trouble .. . b-ball games .. . Coach, th.e bench, and me ... She's going through that too! . .. don 't,! get another on~? ... .. . Kill . .. X -rated folder . .. March 2, 1985 ... shave . .. had 1t 'lUes ... the pistol - 21 . Sure .. . Ca~'t kiss .. : go home . . . his left leg twitche<;l! . , , skunk. : . angel. , , Sweet Mary .. . stake out, , . advlce . .. Hdton Head . .. USMC, , ,up until 5:30 a .m. wlthDKS ... we raced down to the sea ... dill and garlic .. . Christopher . . . Dave ... it ain't over yet ... Curt and the midnite movie. , , You'll never know what you missed. , .. heroes ... 1can't resist . . . player/mgr . . . E.P... . walks ... BS ... the guest ... Smitty ... Mr. O .. .. Mr. 0 IJ .. . mother/daughter talks at 2 a.m . . , . New York State of Mind .. , the mooche ... natural woman .. , rock a little. , , rebel ... suga r . . . riding bicycles in the dark .. , don't you forget about. me, . , blue ... laid back, .. the real me ... driving at night ... I don't know ... but anyway. , . soul ... 13 rears is a lont: time .. . sisters ... Justice and Independence. , . support. system . .. 1b ANS, agam . .. tender IS the night . , . set them Free ... nocturne 路 , . To Anne - bright darkness, black light, and us misguided children will survive, no one saw me the way you did ... imagiste ... who sh~uld I be today. ': in the mi~dle ... positive ~iDts ... harsh .. , last dance ... sea garden . " revolution . .. Suzanne, It was youTldea .. , New Year s Eve - Shea - Happy New Year, DarHn'! ... I'm always waiting for them to grow up! ... "few hea.rt.s survive" ... anything . . . always ... for you . , , my bands keep the gold they took . .. James Dean ... if they only knew ... slipping away .. , '1'0 the Class of '86 - you've got style, class, nerve, and spirit .. . Hold on - Keep on - Rock on , , , I love you all . . .


Appearances often are deceiving. -Aesop Nothing is given so profusely as advice. - Francis Due De La Rochefoucauld

James Christopher Davis Eastern Carolina University RODT ... Rush Road Tri:r. 85-86 . .. The Santana '85 Experience ... Georgetown Adventure .. . What. office r. 8 ticket for ay Walking? ... "XTC is what I need" ... Meet you at St. Stephens .. . Beach Week '84, '85, '86 ... Look a~ those rings around the moon ... Strawberry Hills '85, '86 .. . Hell Rides ... Shots till You drop . . . The remains at WaUy's ... U ofR no bust . .. Late night golf

cart expeditions ... Country Club Blast ... Brother 0 ... Almost t~e last adventure 0!l the Ja~es ... The Jade ... Weekend Blowouts ... Sorry Anne ... the MUllchles ... the ground 18 breathmg ... smoothness of 15 1 and Absolute . .. I'm going to the library. Mom, ha -ha ... I want to be a rug ... HUM Peak Brigade ... Randolph and Mathew's "X" houses ... I think this is a freak ... The Dead Experience ... The Chill Pill ... Finally ...

Everybody got mixed feelings about the function Ilfld the form , everybody got to deviate from t he norm. -Neil Peart There is nothing you con say to make me change my mind ... Goodbye - Pink Floyd Better get up late and be wide awake. than get up early and

be asleep all day.

- Anonymous


Anne Jason Hanson Longwood College Summer '83 ... corruption ... QuaJUrs at Doug's . . . the good ole daysl .. . portable toilets .. . Granny's ... Robb's Dad's office . . . transanne/ cruisanne ... the river cabin . . . l'm freakin .. . XTC . . . U of R . .. Darn! We wanted to go downtown ... road !.rip to Chapel Hill ... "look at the pretty houscs" ... careless whisper at Marrial ... Tokillya right ... "Oh, it's just a little cut - get me 8 bandaid. I'U be fine" ... thanks, Mark . .. Kelly there's a plant in the hall . . . Sailing takes me away ... screaming in the street .. . "Va. are you sleepy yet" ... "me either!" ... At 5:04 Susanne spoke ... Marty's hot tub panies .. . YES senior party'84 ... Susanne, you're supposed to take your clothes off when you take a shower! ... Ted shooting Steven ... Anne Latus's cookbook ... bleah! . .. the river - ah. it's a fie ld ... losllight in the universe ... dead night at Livelles ... Jay's ... John's philosophies ... Hatteras ... Lemon shark story ... liAnne, I think I'm in love" .. . "Laura, I think they played a t rick on us" .. . "Come on DeadrnobiJe" . . . New Hori zons ... Oct. 2,1994 ... Let's go swimming, .. famous last words. , . b'tatoes ... love that Thpperware ... "Ah, Pam, I think they're dead" .. , big quack attack, .. Well , let's at least buy a shirt , , . love that Tupperware .. , "Pardon me. do you have dreams?" , . , tanning at the Tomes. , . Susanne falls in . . . crashi ng Steven's brother's bache lor party", Curt "the stud" ... hard times parking lot . . . Econ major ... punching fights with Bake ... Summer '83 .. . let's hear it for Coordination , .. mobile in the Cadi , . , Dottie's Mercedes . , , "Oh, it's a work truck!" ... Pippy , .. running out of gas ... Party .. , New Yo rk t rips, .. John, you rascal! ... blue dinos . . . Et Shuffie , .. Scandals ... VAJS choir ... Spyro Gyro. ' . ''When was your brain ever ready for school on Monday?" ... my party ... love triangle . . . The Jade . , . Frankies . . . "00 you want the gooney?" ... " I want the gooney ... Sandy's famous theories , . , The Village ... "What are you? Modeling?" . , , "This is my sister Va, and her boyfriend Alex" ... my burping . , . that picture is not going in the yearbook ... Bernley . " Now, Coach, behave .. . The Lounge, .. looked better after our interior decorating . . . Mary - "they hide in the light 80 you can 't see their fears" ... we're both t he same, , . I'll always be the re! .. , Sandy - thanx for all of your help and support. , . Curt - thanx for listening! ... Susanne - 路路Winter. Spring, Summer or Fall. all you have to do is call, and [,U be there , Y" [ will; you've got a friend" ... Thanx Mom and Dad for everything ... Now. tell me about the army!

"Lose you r dreams and you will lose your mind." " I guess my feet know where they want me to go."

- The Rolling Stones -James Taylor

"And the kids, they dance and shone their bones while the politicians are throwing stones, singing ashes to ashes they all fall down. ashes to ashes, they all rall down," - The Gratefu l Dead


Kelly Paige Massey Longwood College 1985 HOCKEY CHAMPS ... All Stars ... " Coach" ... Steak n' Ale ... Don't eatthe pencil , Curt · . . there's 8 plant in the hall . . . kill St. Anne's . .. They look like men ... Bryan, Brian and Brian · . . rednecks and pick-up trucks .. . parties, Hank and Bud ... Lee-Davis parties ... sun COWltl)' • .• quarters ... you must be 21 ... Mary, let me do the talking . .. New Year 's Eve .. . Mr. Ostrow's twin brother ... ] hate English ... 5 year plan .. . yo Keef. get yo feeLs out de chair ... Dr. Sheaf .. . Heather's dribble ... hockey and hurriClUle Gloria ... Norfolk ... Coach and her socks . . . who's higger - R., B ., M? , .. Dec. 15, 1983 ... Mrs. Knowledge ... he looks good in black . , , Mustangs · . . G randpa Show ... hot tubs .. . I can't believe his parents came home ... March 2 ... DCB and the back seat ... world's longest kisser ... he had mono then? . .. Alabama ... Mary Hollis .. . (to Ross,,· .. · .. ) ... pink carnations ... the trip home from Wintergreen . . . R.C .A.... who's Clayton? · .. Don't forget about me ... these dreams . .. David's singing ... Heart ... Jack ... biology requizzes ... Corey's morning hugs .. . 3:00 am phone calls ... Sandy's tigger . .. Ashley and John · .. Barbie and Ken ... mountain music ... Keith when he's 80 ... Martha's idears ... the chief .. , peop le are strange ... the Doors ... Bill and Jim ... small Curtis ... slave day ... look out! the cu rb! · . . if you can't go around it, go over it , .. the peop le in D'Lites, , ,whatdidy'aUdo? .. , you were in there two hours ... talk to me ... out in the snowmob ile ... J ,p, and the App le Tree Farm . .. Keith, what's the definition of a circle? ... It's round ... diamond and sapphires .. . almost Paradise . . . but not quite . .. Kabob, , , Would you like anything .. , Kelly, is it time for that yet? . .. long days and short nights ... I love children . , . 1 hate children . . ,light my fire ... KLE-4-me ... why me? · .. it's nice to be liked just the way you are ... obsession ... Ralph at the make-up counter ... sugar lips . .. waiting for the sun ... lover 's moon ... Mr. O. and the musicals ... Steph . .. the Easter bunny ... Kaw ... pictures with Santa Claus ... everyt.hing and anything pink . . . it's only love .. . he won't go away ... THF ... U.T .M .... he's gain' to be a cowboy ... from your sec ret admirer .. . who are you? .. she looks like a bumble bee ... baskettball games ... SIU -BTB ... gOing 100 down Patterson .. . southside . .. northside's best , , . the bag!. , , RNA .. . DNA ... flagpole syndrome .. . the country squire ... fighu with David in the lounge . . . they took the ceiling ouL! ... Peter Cottontail ... Anne's house . .. Helter-skelter ... Amie and her weekends ... weekendatJ .M.U . . .. Sandy's Super BowlPw:LY ... the Dude ... spring break in the middle of winter? . ', ' Frenc~ cla58: . . Mrs. Moss .. . Ms. Smith .. . Curt-space patrol ... Jason S ... Carey and Carne .. . kldnappmg J .K. on Halloween . . . I can't believe we're Seniors .. , Graduation 6-4 -86 ... Class of '86 ... To my class: the Low Rider, Adam, Chris, Annie, Yam, Sandykins, Curtie, Keef, David, Morris, Mary. m'( bestest friend ever. , . I love you all . . . to Mom and Dad and Douglas, thanks (or everything. A friend is long sought, hardly found. and with difficulty, kept. -St. Jerome The fem.a.le woman is one of the greatest institooshuns of which this land can boste! - Charles Farrar Browne

Being entirely honest with oneself is


good exercise.

-Sigmund Freud


Curt McDonald Nichols George Mason University The Steward School ... Jack . .. Knowledge ... born to disrupt . . . I n-schoo l-suspension. -beats class!! ... A si nging school is 8 happy school ... cast parties . . . A Latin joke! . . . All teachers say IDEAR . .. Nat'~ in love .. . Drama rulz .. . Foxcr~ft with Watters ... Hey 'T' get a job ... "Corey my one and only ... D. J. Mooney ... Small CurtIS ... Phredd . . . Phred ... Very funny Mary .. . Raah - Kill, Dest.royy ... Bo, can you do Dr. Ruth also? ... I'll have her home early ma'am .. . fam ous last words ... How was the moyie? ... Huh? ... Dh yeah, the movie .. . WeU the lounge looked pretty shabby - 50000 ... nothing WONe than "homeless seniors" ... Cliff Notes!!! M oi? , .. Shaba-ba-bazzz ... Super Bowl Parties . . , Dolphins are destined ... Thanny ... Alex and I sing'~ the Clash ... My throat hurts ... EXEMPT ... itis new! ... BEWARE OF FEMALE JOGGERS · .. I can't help it - I'm a back seat person ... Frhe jury room ... you LAUGHED ... hidden anchovies ... that-was Cold Snowman ... hLet me nyou 'dis . . . Biiig " M" ... good question Dave · .. Adman ... raquetball lessons ... slave days . . . revenge!! . . . the oyster festivals ... sounds pretty profitable . .. NERD!!! ... grow some hair Zak!!! ... the puddle at t he Freer Gallery .. . Drug Fair . .. Hiep ... Hipe Ding ... The Army?!!! ... Yo Soul, let's go to a movie ... too tired man ... Kimmy, Kime, Kimmie, Kimi ... 'Defin itely', no way man . . . Shut up 'Liz . .. Kelly can I borrow a pen ... Why does she look SO mad? .. . Your life serves no purpose Eck ... you are a gnat in the wind · .. Yo Holmes ... John had a great weekend ... Yam ... Wait, William we could drag her across Goochland, or maybe . . . The Dead at Hwnp ton ... Kelly and Ross - and Mary not too far behind · .. Ed's version of "Goin' gets tough" .. . Anita K. Nichols ... has a nice ring to it! .. . Parker, what's up ... It's punk nightat Lively's .. . Floatin'down the river ... And we were Trippin'! - and Enin' ... Virginia's going to be a mode l in Tokyo - and later in the South of France . . . But it's just tobacco ... and once a month ... Goony Hands . .. Tyroniooos ... Work Hard? ... maybe tomorrow, but not today . .. Chief ... Ha·a·a·altk .. . Mayers vs. the ENTIRE girls' field hockey team ... Mark I gota great date lined up for you tonight ... Ob that's right" it'. Friday - too bad!! · .. "The Dude" ... the Santana Rush .. . Out of 70 Squash players in America. Christopher is ranked .. . " I'm bummin' hard" ... Iloss' 24 hr. parties ... I blew it definitely .. . Kangaroooo . . . My father told me to never talk to stran gers ... Andre for the Holidays ... Ginger: that girl has soooouuulll ... Why are you late Cun? .. . Ross drove .. . The Amyx school of OFFENSIVE driving . .. Fabj· a· tooo . . . Uhhh. I don't drive .. . Senior Skip Week ... Spring break in Florida . . . "We will survive" . .. GRADUATION .. . " We did survive" .. . booouuunnncccee paaasss ... 21 .. . The immortal early halftime ... But Sandy. that'. girls' b-ball .. . That'. cool ... Sno-mo ... you can't play tennis ... The Bakerman .. . Bake has a 90% shooting average ... coach, let us shoot the other 10% ... where is your calculator . .. Mr. Nichols ... The Doors .. . Kelly, can I borrow your caleula"'r? . .. The Beatles ... The Talking Heads ... "PSYCHO KfLLER" .. . 13 years in one building . .. October 2, 1994 ... Don't forget. Anne ... My final words: Remembe r the past, live in the p resent. conquer the future . .. Thank!!, Mom .. .


Don't get in tI habit of lying. Or pretty 800n you'll start believing yourself. - Fred Ostrow

If a man does not keep pace with his companions. perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music he hears, however measured or far away .. . - Henry David Thoreau

William Swift Robertson North Carolina Wesleyan Yam ... Worn ... The Five Yea r Plan ... class of '86 ... The day, what day? Oh ... That day WedneRday ... mumble ... The Power will prevail!, , . Are YOIl experienced? ... DUDE ... Ce iling man/ pa inter ... Loo ks like rain .. . VEPCO ... The music will never stop ... 10-4-84 ... That night ... MissiR!'Ii ppi '-(a ir Step-uptown tootaloo ... Ed: Homeboy ... T rian kept a rollin' ... Doug a nd his Cooler ... Dot .. . s ugar ... paper? ... I have never ~en Greatful Dead written that way hefore . .. Can you COPE? .. . Va ... The Mighty Quinn . . . t know you wiU miss mewhen I'm gone 路 .. Basketball on Sundays ... The Dead Zone . .. Dancing in the streets ... The kids, they dance and !!ihake thei r bones ... if you ca n have the best, have it ... we live in a wMld of illusion . .. Curt we could tie her to the fro nt of the car and drive into a wall ... You ca n't go back. and you can't sit st ill. if t he lightning don't get YIJU t hen t he thu nder will ... w me folks t rust in reason ... some trust in might, I trust in nothing 'cause I know it'll co me ou t ri~ht . . . Phil sang! ... ease t he pa in. and love will see you t hrough .. . The Hampton Crew ... Dead 84 . . . .Jerry C. and the ooys .. . it's that t ime again ... The Spring Tour . .. Aiko Aik o . . . Hey now ... So these are the best years of my life 路 .. The times they are a cha ngin ' ... Waiting is the hardeR" part. ... silly ::;ibon ... GO'l'HPI3 . SSDD ... Brown eyed WI}men . . . Wake up to find you are the eyes of the ..... orld ... everyth ing i,q better when wet ... has it k ic ked in yet? .. . a~k him . he has a hrown jacket ... as I loo k in the mirror the lines a n my fa ce are getting cJearer ... I'm not they are ... Really! Well . moybcaliUle ... another delivery to Honey Tree . . CS&N '8.1) ... teach your children well .. . opposites attract. Len 7.ep . ~ . goi ng mobi le . . . Take a walk on the wild side . ...J oe Wals h '85 ... U()('k y Ml. way .. We have to leave ot9:oo ... it's nine, let's go ... Thanx Ric h,you were always home ... Rl'lhamas '85 路 .. Road trips wi t h Doug ... I Creatrully Dedicate . .. Frea kin' . .. That ain't wurkin' . . . green for green ... I didn't df) it ... I'm nrlta lways righ t, but I hove never been wrong . .. KM bad Co ... The Beam . .. the turbo charger . .. B;valie r ... At '.east I'm enjoying the ride .. . Don't let it bring you down ... The Hydro ... XTC ... strangers just stopping strange rs to shake their hands ... Dun't sit cryi ng f) ver the good timeR you have had ... Keep the faith ... InDeed ... give me 8 hreak ... Stewa rd - Its heen real and itR heen fun . . . Let's keep up that Steward Spirit - I'm counting on you!! . If Yf)U get confused, just Iisle n to the mu~i c play. -.Jerry Garcia Break fin lhrough to the other side. . . - .Jim Morrison There is nothing left to do hut smi le. s mile, smile. Rohert Weir Ho ld on 'till that (l Id secf)nd wind comes along.

- Billy.Joel


David Keith Snow Radford University Snowman ... b·ball rulz , . , Pivot Man , .. 5 yr. plan ... side view rolz ... ca ll me Mike ... fishin' freak . .. collar collision ... Corona . . . Donut man, .. skim it ... PoiaT Space ... Bodacious ... P.A. rulz ... • t Byrd Park ... Lanc.ster (Gooc hland Chew) rulz ... fire name.t Rush ... Jim Kee ... Professional ceiling remover ... grave digger ... Jim Bob ... 'h breed ... Wa8ll Chief ... So ·'kill , destroy! ..... Anne's 8 trip ... 5:30 B.m. wfMLB ... "Remember Taco Bell, Curt?" ... "Never hit a goal post" ... "What's the score, Bake?" . . . Jamie's truck ... Spotlightin' .. . in a cupat Heart · .. Mooney's hands . . . The Dude ... Three Chopt jam ... Wildman's camero ... Va. Wesleyan road trip .. . Hit a poll Chief ... Picture of Anne and me ... Quadruple date .. . Vettes rule ... rope swing at Pembroke Farm ... pointy chin ... Sarnac '84 ... GVFD Co. 1 ... The Machine ... 85 mph down Broad ... Jamie's Corvette jammed in third. gear .. . W's 00 Broad ... " Roll down your window?" . , . 1 turfin' Olds that weeble·wobble6 ... 10 pointer on mopeds ... Two Pyro's . .. 5500 reward ... 90 in. ~ ... shakey legs ... 18 to 15 ... VH Feb. 13, '84 ... JW $80.00 worth ... 3 fie ld w/JB ... "Oh, Mrs. Knowwwledge." ... "Stop trying to be so cool!" ... Friedday ... The airpiece · .. Walk off the court ... U laughed ... movie at the Ridge ... R the P ... you or·?!·! ... Bryan Adams ... 26 gJasses of champagne ... toll booth runner .. . weeknights at the Jade ... brown Pinto , , , " Let's puU 'em over!" . .. Gone! ... only for 20 seconds at Bill's house ... stief ... John Booth . Jimi Hendrix ... CDC! ... " We can go to the Firehouse" ... more bup ... Wooo! ... Barrar ... Rubo's parties ... NBF Rubo ... U won ... tomato 'n cheese ... cereal man . .. Ronnie . .. dam, no lounge ... 85.00 camouflage coat from the flea market . .. klutch killer ... Crouch! Huuuh! .. . Ryland . .. shocka . . . "Dis ain't no 'fuckeahoe" ... John Holmes ... More Scanners ... 40 Ibs .. . Country boys can survive ... Journey . . . Ambulance ... "00 for the world's record" . .. Radford. rulz ... Mr. MX .. . thumbs up ... Iota time ... more homework ... ho-madeskimboards ... I can't drive 55 ... thanx for the grades. Mary ... WhoTees side yard ... Kevin's 3rd door . .. Margo ... 31 · .. I luvchocolat.e! .. . Jamie's .357 ... Bake's barfing experience at my hOUAeoffBL, in a bag. , . I'll be back ... laughing jury at the mock trial ... Cu rt's imitations ... Curt. and Mooney battles in PreCal .. . Mary and Kelly ... Gary's cheap rims ... study hall jam sessions .. . outside with Mark · .. red lites rule ... training center parkin' at the river ... turn pale ... almost booted at Holiday Inn ... Lori's J.D. experience ... Rilo .. . Paaa .. . Curious ... Well, I'd like to spit some BeechNut in that dude's eyes and Ahoot 'em with my 01' 45 ... R.B. ... Right on! ... G .W. and G.t. You can do a lot in a lifetime, Hyou don't burn out too fast, You can make the mORt of the distance, First you need endurance -, First you've got to last . . . - Rush



Alexandr a Nathalie Szilassy University of Virginia We're out ... ossom ... School's gone ... Senior lounge, yeah , right ... study halls actuaUy in the halls ... what time does school start? .. . I don't really care . .. homework, what homework? ... the chart . .. we're in the groove now ... report cards. geart ... the fun never stops . . . positive points · .. negative points ... Eeeeck . .. no chance ... Safeway in slippers ... Jeff ... Lucas Road . .. on the comer . .. Hi , Mickey. J ohn and Robert . . . next in Hanover Street ... put the hood up ... gross video tapes ... Ukmps ... nice room! ... Apple cores ... .....hat a miracle, take a pict ure ... the Exorcist ... the eyes . .. true friends ... Jude (the wrestler) ... Jen (weak arms) ... Kate (mmmmm) . . . Stepb (shua shaporsh shapine) . . . Hanson (average athlete) . .. Coach (t he singer) · .. great friends ... shhh, don't tell anyone. It's a secret ... poignant ... Friend1y's ... the van ... Nov. 9, 1985 ... Norfolk ... room 224 . . . Kaw . . . the blowdryer . . . Oreos ... Rainbow St . . .. It'. OK, Coach ... the beach . .. tricky waler ... she didn't step on your head, Steph .. . pushed out of bed to the floor . . . that's gay ... you're fake ., .. Roc~y IV .. . nic.e ~ictu~. screen . .. I LOVE hock~y · .. the greatest sport ... Hockey CHAMPS 83 and 85 . .. we dId It, Klkl. .. mud fights . . . you d Id that deliberately . .. the last time around . .. stick! ... in your face ... Olympics: the dream, the fight, the ultimate goal .. . B·ball regular season champs ... we just couldn't get it. Coach . .. 40· 42 · .. that's net fair, but lair is fair ... I choked big time .. . my own little area set upin five seconds ... walks on the beach ... Hilton Head . .. Great Gallopin' Garlic ... Jeregen 's . .. love will find a way • . . J ain't waitin' . . . the two brothers .. . Virginia GenUeman . . . a happy team is a singing team .. . corner master store ... for good luck .. . SIU, BTB, KGM .. . What do these mean? ... what muscles do you use? ... none of your business . .. fine . .. Are we having fun yet? ... I think 80 ••. in depth talks with Coach . .. genetics ... 199 points ... five kids ... 1 mean ten . . . no problem ... I forgot ... now I remember .. . confidence . .. iced tea . . . triangles .. . what play? .. . the pressure · .. Steak and Ale ... level 1·4 ... puppy dog lace ... bear ... the circus .. . Rex ... Frisky . . . chemist·ry for idjits . . . yes sir, Mr. Ostrow, sir ... the lif .. . spoons ... Oilville ... Short.y .. . Woody . . . cheetah . .. T .. . Borderline .. . Sovran ... Hardee's . .. bugs in my hot chocolate .. . Sunny . . . Smiley ... Wendy's suicide Bap . .. E .T. Shuflle ... big D ... be tough . .. don', worry, I'll fail ... natural, average and learning athletes ... dynamic duo . . . wavelength ... whimp you wousse ... eye contact ... Mary, are t h ose new clothes'? .. . Anne , are you sick? ... prom night 99 % · .. Poo, my best friend ... secret phone code ... dermitions ... what does that mean? .. . Washington ... Hawaya ... final exam.s .. . the few, the proud, the seniors . .. Class of '86 .. . Breaklast Club ... To Mrs. Phillips and Mrs. Rhea: Thank you for all you r time, love and support. To Anne and Mary, the friends who always had the answers; to the people whom I will miss t he most, you guys kept me going and have added so much to my life; to my closest friends, Coach , Jen, Jude, Steph and Kate. [fyou have anything really valuable to contribute to the world, it will come through the expression of your own personality, that single spark of divinity that sets you off and makes you different from every living creature. -Bruce Barton

Do not attempt to do a thing unless you are sure ofyourselfj but do not relinquish it simply because someone else is not sure of you. - Stewart E . White


Adam Benjamin Vogt Radford University Class of '86 Rulz ... walkin on the moon ... WRY rulz ... the adman . .. wo rks for me .. . britches from Britches . .. wrong page, Nick ... JAFO . .. Lads! . . . James! . .. Dream on ... there's 8

scratch on my car! .. . a hubbs ... the preppy memo book . .. No. 1 Prep . .. The Lemon Rulz ... OPUS is aW8 ... hey, Junior! ... Awesome! ... Git off! ... KenyaLla Mondatla . .. Regatta De Blanc .. . B,G.O .. .. 5-dents ... 5:29 ... you hafpenny? , . Hey 'T ' . .. Hey, Mr. Turnage - shut up. Adam ... Yo Lambien ... Ferrari 30B GTS I ... Ferrari mondie! cabriolet . . . Hey A. J . ... watch the fl ex ... Hey, man, can you flex your pees? ... Did you see Brook today? ... Cheese-e-feet ... Knowledge!, , . Hey, M r. C ... Yuppies - Young Urban Preppies ... the power of the pyramid will prevail! ... Weejuns ... t he shush door ... Rinse! .. . I'll sign it! . .. Chicken bomb ... Are you safe, Mis!:! Graden ko? ... Run how fa r? . .. Lou, (like the way you part your head .. . they're coming to take me away, ha hal . .. To all my friends ... T he Bake ... Snowman ... Scruffy . . . Keeks ... Boz .. . Small Curtis . . . Big 'M' ... Trip ... The Dude ... Yam ... San ... Hang loose and party hardy! . .. G.L. ... G.W. . . . Be a brick this weekend ... You laughed! .. . You're late! ... Hey, Adam, you going home right after school? ... Can I have a ride? .. . " Ferrari ... an investment in pride, excellence and success."

- A. B. Vogt "It's a wonder I can think at all. " - Paul Simon


Edward Otman Zakaib Radford University E .Z. Rider ... The Thoreau Experience .. . 1 have no announcement to make ... Don Ho .. . midnight 8urveilance raids ... The Combat Commander . .. white bucks ... Thisby ... Eugene .. . the right sluff ... the wrong sluff ... S.O.F. World Thur ... ICA ... Huey Lewis ... Sell 222'•... Don'tshoot, Mr. Spence!! ... shoot now . .. missed 'em ... the brewry '83 ... Moosehead U.... Phil CoUins ... Mary Baby! ... skipping 1st. period for duck season . . . the high speed boat chase ... Honest - that tree just came out of nowhere! ... How does this thing work? ... The Mysterious Low Rider ... ABVoid ... Jean Claude Pi nto ... Bryan Adams ... 90]25 ... Quick - get Mary's homework ... Oexiblepecs ... yes, no what was the question again . . . baldy ... WilI·yam ... Shred · .. Lenny ... Green Thunder ... Classical Oef Leppard ... Rolex ... Ray Sans ... Preppy and Proud ... The K ·2 Expedilion ... Philmonl - '86 ... Kabul the Spy .. . Jones' Locker room Lectures ... Joe Steward ... Britches of G.Town ... Singing Christmas carols under J ones' window in November ... what's a calendar year, Mrs. Rhea? ... road trips to Potomac ... B. and Jon ... ski the mighty James .. . Ed Bauer is my favorite reading ... Alta '85 ... The Legends of Skiing Classic - Vail, Colo. '86 ... Reach Ihe Beach ... rappelling from Ihe Castle .. . The Old Man , , . Eagle Sc?ul ... Coddin~~'s real hero is ~moo .: . Waterman ... Connely Elite ... s1a!om ... tripl,e garners ... OlympIad 83 ... The Cru lsong Velucle ... The Jeep ... HOC-296 ... Ihe flight al Mary s · .. what a learning experience ... nothing but 100% cotton ... Frostbite Races ... FayC .. Fishing Bay ... the Oyster Festival ... hit the curl ... the weekend at Curl's in Urbanna ... 1441 · .. Springdale ... the confidence course .. . Coca·Co la quarters ... Corwin .. . Nerdwin . .. where's mummy? ... The Dude ... Outward Bound ... NOLS ... No, Miss Rice not the Alka·Sellzer!!! ... we paid how much for the Sr. wunge? ... Snowman's speeches ... Morris Day's Halloween Party · .. Magnum .. . assignable risk ... Southside ... Westend bubble ... high risk neighborhoods .. . the Revenge of Captain Cosm06 ... Travis and the wild stories about Constance ... Air Banzai F light Crew ... Bob the Sheep ... a state of .. . Euphoria ... After Hours ... Role of Honor .. . Knowledge!! ... The Way ... The Method ... major ... the Phi Otterness Memorial Podium .. . Edwardo ... Wacky Ed . . . "Elle~ At 165 MPH" ... iambic biameter ... ski Lrips .. . marathon layout sessions ... Herbie and t.he Roman Soldier ... It's easy to fwd Mrs. Bright when you want to · .. Roll call at 4 a.m .. .. 3·26·85 ... Travis don't hit the sandbar ... too late ... ok J'm wrong again · .. The Stewart t radition - taught well , carried on well ... the JAM SYSTEM ... The rl' &E shake · .. Traaav!!! ... Paul Hardcastle and " 19" ... ROSC ... RODT ... ROTC ... wailing for Ash ... JAFO ... JSAM ... I'm a legend in my own mind . .. Harrison reminds me of Eddie M .... Latin proverbs ... trade oft's ... The Paid Professional ... Royal Orchards . .. Anne's theories on marriage ... Rambo grams ... Capture the flag - Commando style ... Ghost Busters ... the spies who loved me ... I'm bummin' hardcore dude ... show U8 your muscle, Kirby ... 8 Feb. 1910 .. . Baden-Powell ... the Uknown Scout _.. REI . . . LL Bean ... Orvis ... Dunn's ... Land's End .. .


Building toward the future

• • •

Spartans were reminded of Steward's future during the 1985-86 school year in several ways. One, the use of the library for study halls every day, was less than ideal. Another was a symbol of the growth planned for our school the building of the addition to the Art/Science Building. We watched the breaking of the ground, the coming of supplies, the masterful work of the brick layers and other construction experts. We trudged in the mud during rainy weather, watched heavy equipment at work, and measured the growing walls. The eighth grade history class of Mrs. Meyer prepared a time capsule, which was built into the walls for students of Steward 100 years from now. We also learned of the development plan for the next 10 years, and were amazed to discover its potential. When Steward students who graduated in 1986 return to visit their alma mater, they will find a bigger school facility. We hope the spirit which makes Steward so special will grow along with the buildings.


- ----___ . _ _



. I

路 . . the Spartan Spirit.


Seeking and meeting challenges, K -12

The kite day contests we re challenging. Some kites flew, others did not. Performing (right and below) was the cause of nervous apprehension, until it was allover, and pride look over.

Mrs. Anderson's practices involved many studenta fro m several grades (below).

The jump rope requi red concentration from Chris Slaydon (above) . Upper schoolers helped the lower school during Jump for Heart.



Middle school students had a super year Brenda Lippert shows off her relaxed travelling style, on one of the many trips taken by the Steward Summer Camp. This train trip to Baltimore was part of a full schedule: Water Country, Luray Caverns, Philadelphia and King's Dominion were all visited.

The Spring Break Disneyworld trip was a great adventure for many of our students and their parents (above, right).

Alternate Program included such classes as model building and prelaw. Below, Judge Ricky Horwitz and a jury of seniors listen to the John Diamond case.


Two of the big events for the Middle School were the musical SRO, and Stunt-Talent Night. In these photos, the cast of SRO gives the audience a good time with their music and dance. The rehearsals were worth all their effort, when they danced and sang music from the 1920s, 1940s, show tunes and pop. Stunt-Talent acts were student-planned, and ranged from vocals to comedy, and from solos to group performances. Other highlights of the year for the middle school were the creation of the Iggies, lunches out with Mrs. Hurst, pizza with advisors, birthday singing and partying, science projects, the super cheer leading squad of middle schoolers, photography, Mrs. Bright's art classes, the holiday program, and looking ahead to the 1986-87 school year - there is always the future to plan.


Project Business was a special experience for the Eighth grade. Shown at left and center below, Mr. Bud Minor addresses the class including (from left) Ricky Horwitz, Andy Raynor, Shehwar Qureshi, Seth Koplin, Carl West and David Carter.

The traditional Mother's Day gifts from Steward students included scratchboard art, which were tasteful and lovely creations. Besides the squirrel being made at left, the classes learned art techniques and theory.


Rent-A-Junior Day was great fun, a8 t he auctioned jun iors kept the school amused all day. At left, Keith Moone~ shines shoes of the corporate purchasers who paid for his services. Below, Keith is joined by Ashley Wilson, an innocent bysta nder, and Coach Turnage, in cowboy hat and baby clothes. At far left below, "Rossie" Amyx simpers shyly for the camera as "she" nibbles daintily at a sandwich, and Jason Krumbein prances into class. Below, Bo Steele became the classic nerd, and Chris Schmidt prepared to dress as a Chrissy for the day. He turned out to be a cutie, but good taste fo rbids our showing you - besides, he might take revenge!

The D.C. trip was more the speed ofthe Senior Class, as they observed the Senate, went to the Supreme Court, and soaked up the Mall sunshine. The Juniors and Sophomores also went to Washington.


The innovative outdoor production of GODSPELL, directed by Cindy Liffick, was a great success. Rich Bronson, as Jesus, was perfect; the cast included students from 7-12th grades. Thanks to dedicated parents, organized and led by Mrs. Webb, the school store hada fine year. Mrs. Kay and Sandy Szilassy gave us a lot of help, and the lines moved. Quickly. Below, Alternate Programs gave Sean Harris a chance to share his gentleness and knowledge with lower schoolers; Randolph Crymes and Mrs. Phillips clown in Gardening Class.


The Steward Auction was our major fund raiser for the year. A large turnout insured its success. At left Dacre Walker goes to purchase an item. Below, some of our annual staff's favorite photos: William Robertson and Mrs. Rhea in D.C., Andy Bloom not talking, Kern looking intent in class, John Kno rr and Randolph Grymes all business. The elusive Chris Davila caught unawares, Mark Mayers, William Robertson, Keith Waddell and Ed Zakaib. Sarah Bagby is bottom right.


The Steward Faculty in action

• • •

They set high standards fo r us, push us to do our very best, are always there when we as k for help, lecture us, tease us and always keep us hopping. They are also fun, often when we least expect - who IS t hat masked man?


Mrs. Martin keeps herself and her class busy with reports and projects.

Mrs. Rhea shares her KNOWLEDGE with the seniors.

Grammar becomes understandable when Mrs. Phillips explains it.

Shades, Inc.: Mrs. Lyle, Mrs. Phillips Mr. Cramer enjoys a soccer game with a friend.

Without his gym clothes, Mr. Coddington looks a little strange. And with them ...

"The long and the short of it." says Mr. Turnage to Mr. Jones.


"The Lif" became Emily Dickinson in her Mr. Makay on the P.C.

one-woman show, liThe Belle of Amherst.."

Mn. Lyle and MnI. Phillipe in a rare moment - relaxing and chatting. 63

A familiar sight on campus was Mr. Coddington jogging.

Mrs. Koenig was available for help and advice in the library.

Lower School teachers Mrs. Walker and Mrs. Filicky plan Jump for Heart.

Kindergartene.. often heard stories, with puppets acting the parts, aided by Mrs. Ed路 wards.

Jumping rope with dangling shoelaces didn't work for Ollie Walker; Mrs. Fisher supervises. Paul Levermore receives lots of encouragement from Mrs. Fisher, Mrs. Wolker and Mrs. Filicky.


David Morris, Nat Wells, Keith Snow, Jennifer Cronk, Mrs. Rhea, Andrea Proakis.

Jay Muse, Bo Steele, Mrs. Meye r, Ashley Wilson, Carrie Smyth, John Knorr, Randolph Grymes, Kerry Hurst.

)lick Fabiato, Max Cohen, Mrs. Lyle, Jason 'ianchey.

Allen Gill, Sean Franzese, Brian Balderson, Nicki Taylor, Robert Boniface, Mrs. Rogers, Andrew Bloom.

Anne Scott, Elise Levasseur, Carrie Meyer, Mrs. Phillips, Keith Waddell.

Rich Bronson, Mrs. LifIick.

Joel Hagman, Adam Vogt, David Carter, Mr. Turner, Robbie Mack, Ricky Horwitz, Lee Kallman, Seth Koplin, Andy Raynor.

Jason Krumbein , Edward Martin, Mr. Ostrow, Chris Davis.

Jonathan Slaydon, Paul Seiberlich, Chris Trainor, Mrs. Geranios, Macon Parker, Jonathan Rabhan, Michael Ward, Shehwar Qureshi, Ross Amyx.

Advisors & Advisees 65

Mrs. Woodle, Meredith Ritchey, Vickie Jones, Delaney Thrnage, Kate Porter, April Grant, Faisal Qureshi, Brenda Lippert.

David Baker, Mr. Cramer, Scott Hartzler.

Josh Silverman, Malik Redman, Michelle Anderson, Mrs. Witter. Not pictured: Mn. And..... and Sherryl Beloff, Meg Bi,

Nicole Greene, Katie Jefi'ri( Joanne Konsta ntinakQ

Karl Palmer, Shannon Tri. Carl West. Also: Mr. Tuma and Bill Calliott, Ke : Smith, Harriso n Hubal David Lord. Mark May. Travis Reuling , ChI Schmidt, Kieran Wagn( William Robertson.

Kevin Bradley, Cassel Adamson, Mark Metzger, Peter Webb, Ben Banks, Jay Miller, John Gibrall, Mr. Coddington, Chris Davila.

From left bottom: Judith Neuman, Stephanie Kay, Sandy Szilassy, Anne Hanson, Miss Rice; Mary Browning, Isabel Fitzgerald, Jennifer KeUer; Kelly Massey, Carey Hickerson.

Scott Wright, Keith Mooney, Stuart Jones, Chris Levermore, Matt Montgomery, Corey Thrnage, Kate Lucas, Matt Smith, Mr. Jones. Josh Crump, Heather Teachey, Sara Braxton, Nicole Altizer, Fitz Totten, Doug Hinckley, John Chenault, Bill Kane, John Narron, Mrs. Hurst. (clockwise from stage, left)

Sarah Bagby, Kirby Newman, Sean Harris, Mrs. Bright, Cary Hall, Bo Cook, Ron Spillers.

Preston Nash, Kevin Wood, Jeff Girardi, Jeff Mercuri, Chuck Bowen Jennifer Glazier, John Harler, Mrs. Lewis, Kate Porter. (At left) Martha Fay, Mr. Makay, Ben Duggan, John Rice.


"Wake me for basketball season," says Bo.


1986 Field Hockey

Bottom, left: Kate Lucas, Carrie Meyer, Nicole Althizer, Kelly Ma....y, Sandy Szi1assy, Elise Levasseur, Carey Hickerson, Martha Fay. Second row: Coach Janet Rice, Isabel Fitzgerald, Stephanie Kay, Carrie Smyth, Jennifer Keller, Judith Neumann, Manager Mary Browning.


.......J~1""'路路 ...





Kelly, Isabel and Carey defend tbeir goal.


Mary kept busy with equip路 ment, water, and suiting up for occasional games.

Coacb and Judith after a rough practice.


The winners! LIS Division II champion team celebrates.

Winning is sweet!

Sandy goes for one.

Steward Steward Steward Steward Steward Steward Steward Steward Steward Steward Steward Steward

Field Hockey Scoreboard St. Vincent dePaul I St. Anne's 1 St. Catherine's "B" 2 St. Margaret's I St. Vincent dePaul I Collegiate 2 St. Anne's 7 St. Margaret's o St. Gertrude's I St. Catherine's "B" Tourney 3 Marymount I St. Anne's CHAMPIONS! I

o 2 o o o o 2 I

o 1 2

o 69

Cross Country

Bottom, left: Nat Wells, Carl West, John Rice, Jay Miller. Top: Mr. Turner, coach; Kevin Bradley, Stuart Jones, Chris Levermore, Randolph Grymes, Manager Ben Banks. Not pictured: Team captain Adam Vogt, Jason Krumbein.

Chris Levermore and Adam Vogt pull away.

Jason and Nat pour on the speed.

Steward Steward Steward Steward Steward Steward Steward


Cross Country Scoreboard 42 Collegiate 25 Trinity 46 Norfolk Academy 19 Christ Church 44 Blue Ridge 16 St. Anne's Belfield 23 Christ Church

19 30 46 19 15 43 32

J.V. Soccer

Bottom left: John Harler, Chuck Bowen, Mark Metzger, Faisal Qureshi, Chris Trainor, Jonathan Slaydon. Second row: Kevin Wood, Josh Silverman, Brenda Lippert, Fitz Thtten, John Cabell Chenault, Doug Hinckley, Lee Kallman, Preston Nash, Coach Jones.

Coach wonders if the guy with the ball is on our team.

J.V. Soccer Scoreboard Steward 0 Stoney Point Steward 0 St. Anne's Steward 0 Trinity Steward 1 St. Edward's Steward 0 Stoney Point Trinity Steward 1 Collegiate Steward 0 St. Christopher's Steward 0 Collegiate Steward 0 Steward 1 St. Anne's Steward 0 St. Edward's

Lee prepares for a header.

Preston cuts behind to reach the ball.

John Chenault spots the ball.

Mark boots one.

1 3 4 6 4 7 8 4 6 4



Varsity Soccer

Bottom, left: David Lord, Travis Reuling, Matt Smith, Bill Calliotl, Peter Webb, John Knorr, Bill Kane, Manager Kerry Hurst. Second row: Coach Thrnage, Chris Scbmidt, Mark Mayers, Kirby Newman, Harrison Hubard, Bo Steele, Ross Amyx, Kern Smith, Corey 'rurnage, Coach Coddington.

Coach Coddington lays out strategy for Travis.

Being on t he bench means a rest and concentration. 72

Corey in charge.

Corey and David work closely to control the play.

Commonwealth Champions T h e r e,


H a r r




0 S


n !


p P

i n g

Ross Amyx takes a break from action.

With a team like this the coaches can relax.

Three on one is common for Corey, and no problem.

Varsity Soccer Scoreboard Steward 1 Trinity Steward o St. Christopher's Steward 3 Richmond Christian Steward 2 Blue Ridge Steward 1 St. Anne's Steward 3 Christchurch Steward 9 Tidewater Academy Steward 2 Benedictine Steward o St. Vincent dePaul Steward 1 Trinity Steward o Good Council Steward o Christchurch Steward 2 Va. Espicopal Steward 3 Richmond Christian Steward 0 St. Vincent dePaul Steward 1 Collegiate Steward 1 Benedictine Commonwealth Conference Tou r ney Steward 5 St. Vincent dePaul Steward 1 Christchurch CHAMPIONS 1

2 0 0 3 1 0 2 2 1 0 2 1 1 2 0

0 0



T E R S p

o R T S


Indoor Soccer

Peter Webb enjoys the fast-paced action of indoor soccer.

Coach Turnage scrimmaged often with the team.

This high-scoring game is perfect for all-tourney team member Corey.

Matt and Ross on the offensive.

Steward's first indoor soccer season was a winner.

Team Member. Bo Cook David Lord Travis Reuling Matt Smith Bill Calliott Peter Webb John Knorr Bill Kane Chris Schmidt Kirby Newman Harrison Hubard Ross Amy>: Kern Smith Corey Turnage





Indoor Soccer Scoreboard Collegiate Benedictine

Steward 4 Steward 2 Steward 4 Steward 4 Steward 0 Steward 5

Woodbury Forest Collegiate St. Anne's Belfield Va. Epiocopal Collegiate Fork Union Military Academy




Quick moves are required, and Kern is an expert at them.


Collegiate Invitational Tourney Va. Episcopal Steward 2 Steward


Peninsula Catholic

1 2 3

Steward 0

Woodbury Forest


Peninsula Catholic

2 4 2

Al1~Tourney First String: Corey Turnage and Chris Schmidtj Second place - Indoor Soccer, Central


Virginia private schools.


Girl's Basketball

• • •

Front: Jennifer Keller, Sandy Szilassy; Back, left: Kelly Massey, Carrie Meyer, Kate Lucas, Coach Janet Rice, Stephanie Kay, Judith Neumann, Mary Browning. Not shown: Anne Hanson, Carey Hickerson.

Sandy shoots (above) one of her many haskets of the season. The team will miss Sandy, as she goes to UVa in the '86-87 school year on a field hockey scholarship.


Jennifer Keller hands off to Judith Neumann, who returns to her native West Germany this summer. Jennifer

has been chosen part of the JuniOl Olympics team from the Richmond area, as was Sandy. Jennifer has two more years to play for Steward.

Season Champions! Girls' Varsity Basketball Scoreboard St. Vincent dePauJ Marymount Trinity St. Vincent dePaul Wilbraham St. Anne's B.lfield St. Vincent dePaul Marymount St. Catherine " A" St. Margaret's

Steward Steward Steward Steward Steward Steward Steward Steward Steward Steward Steward Steward Steward

42 51 42 68 38 43 44 31 44 54 St. Catherine's "B" 30 33 St. Anne's Belfield 53 St. Margaret's League of Independent Schools

Steward Steward

58 St. Vincent dePauJ 40 St. Anne's Belfield Regular Season Champions, Second in State for Division IT

36 34 44 32 22 24 30 44 50 51 32 32 39


56 42

When the season began, only the starting five and a 7th grader had come out for b路ball. T he flfSt few tearns actually giggled when they saw how deep our bench was - but t hey stopped laughing quickly, and came to respect the Steward Spirit. Sandy, Jennifer, Stephanie, Judith and Anne, with little Carrie on the bench, did so well that they won the season championship. Kate and Carey added help in the flu season. Well done, Champs!


Junior Basketball

Bottom, left: Chris Trainor, Michael Ward, Jonathon Slaydon, Tyler Carlo. Second row: Jason Hanchey, Malik Redman, Kevin Wood, J osh Crump, Faisal Qureshi. Not shown: Coach Charles E. Joseph, Seth Koplin.

At the sparta awards assembly, the Junior team received recognition for their work. The JV team looks forward to adding talent from the Junior team, and advises t he players to eat well, get plenty of rest, and GROW TALLER! (at left)

Preparing for practice, Mike Ward and team members wait their turn on the court. Hard work produced results, as the players learned to run plays and hit from the field . Tyler Carlo led his teammates with 17 points a game, an incredible average for a Junior player. (at right)


Junior Varsity Basketball

Bottom, left: Bill Kane, John Rice, Bill Calliott, Scott Wright, Randolph Crymes, Kerry Hurst. Second row: Coach Jones, Manager Jennifer Cronk, Chris Levermore, Nick Fabiato, Matt Smith, Stewart Jones, Kevin Bradley, Manager Ed Zakaib.

Coach Jones prays for a good game.

Steward Steward Steward Steward Steward Steward Steward


42 41 39 32

40 36

St. Vincent dePaul Richmond Christian Prince Edward's Commonwealth Christian Tidewater Academy St. Vincent dePaul Prince Edward's

60 44 55 33 41

42 70


Varsity Basketball

From left: Curt Nichols, David Baker, Matt Smith, Keith Mooney, Judson Carlo, Keith Snow, Bo Steele, Mark Mayers. Not shown: Coaches Bryce. Harbaugh.

Mark drives in for a layup.

Mooney and Baker are pleased with the call.

Bo makes sure this layup doesn't make it, (above), Judson pretends he's short (far left), and Mark prepares mentally to shoot his foul shots (left) .


Keith did more than layout for a few minutes; a shoulder injury sidelined the senior for most of the season. David Baker's feelings here were typical of the team reaction to the injury.

Steward Steward Steward Steward Steward Steward Steward Steward Steward Steward Steward Steward Steward Steward Steward Steward Steward Steward Steward

58 56 64 54 73 49 50 67 41 55 52 49 45 38 44 66 77 35 44

Steward Steward

49 56

Varsity Basketball Scoreboard St. Vincent dePaul Richmond Christian Prince Edward's Commonwealth Christian Amelia Academy Tidewater Academy St. Anne's Belfield Kenston Forest St. Vincent dePaul Huguenot Academy Prince Edward's Commonwealth Christian St. Anne's Belfield New Community Tidewater Academy Richmond Christian Amelia Academy Christchurch Huguenot Academy Commonwealth Conference Tournament Tidewater Academy Christchurch

83 53 81 88 35 39

47 79




62 62 39

43 44 66

76 48 45 79

David shoots a freethrow (below). The clock (top right) shows the kind of point spread Spartans like to see. Matt Smith listens to the coaches (above).




UNo more practices, sweat, uniforms .. ."


Spring Track

Front left: Carl West, Billy Kane, Jay Miller, John Knorr, Randolph Grymes, Matt Ellis, Nat Wells. Top left: Mr. Coddington, Kate Lucas. Judith Neumann, Sandy Szilassy, Jennifer Keller, Anne Scott, Carrie Meyer, Sara Braxton, Stephanie Kay.

This year the spring track team had meets at Trinity and St. Christopher's Schools. The meet at St. Christopher's was a state LIS meet. There four members of our team were recognized for exceptional talent in their individual event. They were: Jennifer Keller, disk, Judith Neumann, shot, Kate Lucas, long jump, and Sandy Szilassy, hundred yard dash. Managers for the team were Stephanie Kay and Ben Banks. A few years ago track competitions were a new event at Steward, but now our team is a good contender in the sport and every year gets better. This year our team pushed it hard and had good results to show for the effort.


Spring Tennis

Front left: Carrie Smyth, Kate Lucas. Thp left: Ashley Wilson, Isabel Fitzgerald, Sandy Szilassy, Carey Hickerson.

Front left: Peter Webb, Billy Calliott, Paul Seiberlich, John Cabell Chenault. Thp left: Curt Nichols, Chris Davis, Scott Wright, Matt Smith, Coach Neal.


This year the tennis team was coached by Mr. Ed Neal. Our team consisted of six girls and eight boys, a large and enthusiastic group of players. The new tennis courts at School provided space for everyone to practice skills and improve his game. The men's team was led by Captains Davis and Nichols, Senior members of the team. They will be greatly missed next year, but the team will be strengthened by some strong underclassmen. The girls' tennis team was led by veteran athlete Sandy Szilassy. The team practiced hard and played well. The combined teams' score was four wins in nine games played against stiff competition. Get tough, team!

Chris Davila shows off his winning form

"The Dude" plays an intense game

Steward Steward Steward Steward Steward Steward Steward Steward Steward

Spring Tennis Scoreboard Trinity Trinity 3 New Community 9 New Community 9 Saint Vincent dePaul 3 Christchurch 5 Collegiate- (JV) 4 Blue Ridge 0 Huguenot Academy 6


7 4

0 0 6 4

5 9 3

Matt Ellis plays the net 85

Sports Banquet & Awards

Assemblies were held to honor our athletes before the studen! body.

Below, Sandy and Kate receive honors at the banquet.


The sports banquet at the Regency Inn was a good evening of memories of a successful athletic year. Individuals and teams were honored, and the new banners were shown for the first time. Above, Mark Mayers is recognized, and Curt Nichols presents the school with banners commemorating the victorious seasons of '85-'86. The banners were donated by the Upper School Student Council.



From left: Katie Jeffries, Michelle Anderson, Sherryl Beloff, Squad Captain Karl Palmer, and (top) Sara Braxton.

Hours of practice and hard work went into the excellent and seemingly effortless cheerleading of the 1985-86 squad. Precision was the goal, and the girls worked to achieve it. Curt Nichols (bottom, right) looks like he needs their cheering.




Bottom, Left: Anne Jason Hanson, Mary Lyndall Browning, Kelly Paige Massey, Alexandra Nathalie Szilassy. Second Row: Curt McDonald Nichols, William Swift Robertson, James Christopher Davis, David Keith Snow, David Christopber Baker, Adam Benjamin Vogt, Edward Otman Zakaib.

Guest Speaker - First Lady of Virginia, Mrs. Jeannie P. Baliles

Senior Speaker - Alexandra Nathalie Szilassy


Headmaster Paul Cramer introduces the guest speaker.

David Christopher Baker

Anne Jason Hanson

Mary Lyndall Browning

Kelly Paige Massey

James Christopher Davis

Curt McDonald Nichols



William Swift Robertson

David Keith Snow

Alexandra Nathalie Szilassy

Adam Benjamin Vogt

Edward Otman Zakaib

Junior Marshals Isabel Scott Fitzgerald and Martha Fay

On June 4, 1986, The Steward School graduated eleven Seniors. At the ceremony twelve students received awards for academic excellence and for outstanding achievements in various aspects of school and community life. Mary Lyndall Browning received awards for achievement in English and Science. Similarly, Nathaniel Wells won awards from the Mathematics and History Departments. The French award was presented to Kerry Hurst. Kelly Paige Massey won the Latin award, and the Art Department gave its award to Kate Lucas. Anne Hanson won the Drama award and Sean Harris the Physical Education award. Martha Fay received the Spanish award and was recognized as having the highest academic average in The Upper School.

Other Awards: Isabel Fitzgerald .. . The Jefferson Scholar Award, Edward Otman Zakaib ... The Headmaster's Award, David Keith Snow .. . The Stephen Daniel Pless Award, Adam Benjamin Vogt ... The James Wilson Trainor Award, Alexandra Nathalie Szilassy ... The Dixon Award.


Don't walk in front of me I may not follow. Don't walk behind me. I may not lead. Just walk beside me And be my friend.





QUALIFICATIONS: Female, straight, able to feed KAWS, able to eat at Friendly's without being taken back to the home, a circus fan, a St. Elmo's Fire fan, able to laugh at nothing, able to warn others about incoming, a Jimmy Stewart, James Dean, Harrison Ford and Sylvester Stallone fan, must have a major difference, must have a car, must live on Southside or in Raintree, love surprise balloon-a-grams, love NUNUs, see an aaarrrgggguu doctor, European Origin, worship Mecca, worship the two friends you are replacing, be a true friend, have a nickname less than 5 letters, replace the Ju and S.B. in COKAJEJUSTE over S.B., able to sing in perfect "friends are for " harmony.

Kaw . .. ba-ha ... fu-fu ... gobble, gobble, gobble ... what is that? ... Why: . .. Yo, Adrian - it's me, Rocky ... Draagooo?! ... Pressure-Cover! . .. Association games ...... What is that - Coach? ... San, can you take us home? ... Movies at San's ... Coach, Jen is asleep again! .. . Corn Flakes ... newspaper stands . . . Rice Krispies . . . Coach, is that all you can eat? ... Turn off the lights! . .. Jen, get up! .. . Hey, get on your side of.the bed ... Coach, can I drive? ..... . Steph's gotta go agai n! ... Moodies ... I wanna swim ... hair dryer ... wake up calls .. . Coach, watch that pier! . .. Duck-in, Duck-out ... Watch that wave (waves) ... socks and toothbrushes ... Look, it's raining .. : What IS this music? ... mud fights ... Hockey Champs ofl98511 ... seagulls ... Tin soldier ... dummy defense ... You lookbaad ... Quick,lock the door 路 . . Gorky Park ... Pharlap ... Rocky IV ... It's a wonderful life . . . Steph, Steph - I didn't step on your head! ... Let's get ice cream . .. Let's sing something we all know ... Watermelon . . . How much further?? ... Hey girls, up here! No, down there .. . Help me Rhonda . . . guys ... we have games Tuesday, Thursday and Friday! ... Stuffy's .. . Superman ... Hi! . . . Oreos . .. Turkeys! ... Jimmy Stewart, Paul Baby Neumann, James Dean, Sylvester Stallone, Harrison Ford . .. La-la land . .. condiments ... Superbowl parties '85, '86 ... Toys 'R US ... WiJlowby sprrrt 路 .. sprrt - kaw! ... Priazzo is here ... which cruise? ..... . Move over, Steph - fine, I'll get on the floor ... bumble shot ... t.hanx - June, Joe, Bob, Bill, Alex, Elke, Ebe, and Carolie ... wouss ... That's fake ... Jen, get up - we're at Friendly's again . .. r Know this is the way we came last time .. . Well, it's not t he way THIS time ... Only 5 people in the van and r got nowhere to sit ... wrista . .. sperrrrit! ... You get tickets - I'll stand in line ... wonder twin powers activate ... Walrus ... Have a nice WHAT? ... Coach Janet - Miss Rice! ... Not in public, guys . . . you are sooo embarrassing . . . what if we get sick ... play anyway ... get in B-ball state of mind .. . stretch ... shut your face ... ugle 路 .. Alphabits, where are my Alphabits ... Wizard of Oz ... Toto ... You brought pillows and blankets to a hotel?? . . . I do what in my sleep? .. . I get the shower at 6 a.m ... . beatings ... bruises . . . party poopers ... asleep from 3 to 6 . . . Seagull's spaz at 7 a.m . ... get out of the room ... I get it now ... Steph, don't whine .. . it's not fair ... fair is fair . .. If at first you don't succeed, try, try again ... Sandy, is this your mess? .. . Sunday Buffet ... time for church ... Snap, Crackle, Pop ... Golden Girls . .. 1get the bathroom fin;t ... That's first, Coach ... Can't you wait 'till Norfolk? ... No pain, no gain ... Hatschiii - Salude ... pop tarts .. . Rainbow street . .. Zorro . ..... don't worry, it's a personal joke .. . wnrrnrorawnrroharrhoro ... don't say it if you don't know what it means ... truck drivers ... toll booth jokes . .. I've got to get a haircut .. . Denise and Cookie ... whimpy, whimpy, whimpy ... hefty, hefty, hefty ... Aretha, Corey Hart, Eurythmics, Billy Joel, Wham, Sting, Split Enz, Police, etc.. .. Golf rulz ... Rm 224 .. . would you like to buy some peanuts . . . Hey, I've sold 50! . .. Jones - like that TIE!! ... Coddington, is that in the dictionary? . .. If we would fail ..... . Roar ... Peter Pan ... The Smurfs ... Tigger ... Fire hydrants ... the Exorcist .. . Puppy dog face . .. Get on the line . . . We love you T -h-i-s much! . .. San is babysitting ...... sign my yearbook ... "I missed again" . .. "Joy to the World" ... Steak "n" Ale ... Jen is choki ng .. . t he Hockey tape . . . Electric Dreams ... T is coaching??!!? ... "Another one bites the dust" . .. I get better looking every day ... Maybe we'll find that it wasn't wasted time! Think basketball ... dit data ... this could go on forever!! KGM ... BTB ... STU.


Corinthian Staff Editor . . ............. . .. .. . . . . . . . Edward Zakaib Assistant Editor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. Chris Davis Stephanie Kay . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Carrie Meyer Sandy Szilassy. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. Kerry Hurst Special thanks to Alternate Program class members, who learned to layout pages, crop photos, and write: Robbie Mack Lee Kallman Ashley Wilson Andrea Proakis Jennifer Keller Allen Gill Carey Hickerson Carrie Smyth Advisor . . . Mrs. Norva Meyer Photography Staff Harrison Hubard Ed Zakaib

Bo Cook Carrie Meyer

Special thanks to David Lo rd and the Photography Club, Mr. Robert Massey, Mrs. Barbara Smith, Mr. J .P. Turner

Where IS that photo?! .. . I already did that page . . . Where's the camera? .. . D eadline ? ... DEADLINE ?! ... Co nvers ion Wheel? . . . Why can't I use ink? . .. Oh - is that the margin? .. .. .. Mrs. Zakaib's goodies - thanks for the subs, cookies, drinks, support!!! ... Meyer lectures on Time and Responsibility ... ugh! . . . I AM WORKING !! . .. Long, hard , thankless . . . WE DID IT!! . . . 20 years from now . . . Where's the humor? . . . Ed, you were great! . . . Get organized ... STAY organized .. . building, building, built!



Mr. and Mrs. JamesD. Davis

Mrs. Debbie Draudt

Mr. and Mrs. Sam Hall

Gay Hurst

Mrs. Ross O. Hurst

Mrs. N orva Meyer, Carrie and Patrick

Mrs. Barbara Koenig

Mrs. Robert Leahy

Jean and Jay Miller

Mrs. Carolyn S. Rhea

A Salute to the Class of 1986 We Shall Miss You from Your Faculty, Staff and Administration



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GAYTON MEDICAL ACCESS CENTER Wish the Students of The Steward School A Successful and Enjoyable School Year.

Richmond Memorial Hospital We Care for Life.


United Medical Plan OF VIRGINIA

Congratulations Class of 1986 from United Medical Plan of Virginia

United Medical Plan of Virginia is a health maintenance organization based in Richmond, Virginia


Congratulations Seniors 1986

CONSUMAT SYSTEMS, INC. Richmond, Virginia



Best Wishes to the Class of '86

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l\1a..'ite r Development Plan I Main School Building 2 An/ Science Building 3 An/ Science Building Addition 4 Gymnasium 5 Future Gymnasium 1989 6 Future Classroom Building 1991 7 Administration Building 1993 8 Upper School 1995

9 Running Track/ Field Reno,,,,tion 1987 10 Additional Tennis Courts 1991 11 Service Building 1989 12 Future Playing Field 1993 13 Future Playing Field 1995 14 Future Playground 1991 15 VISitor Parking 1993 16 Student Parking 1995

The above is an architectural rendering of the Steward School master plan for future development. 1986 will see the completion of the addition to t he Arts and Sciences bu ilding which will include offices and a lunch room as well as more classrooms. The plans include another gymnasium, a separate administrat ion building, an upper school building and numerous additions to the athletic fac ilities. The long range plans for the School anticipate a substantial growth in student enrollment as well as growth in the campus. By 1995 the School will have completed ita expansion program, and it will ha ve one of the largest campuses of the Richmond private schools.

.C?V ,

~ FROM THE EDITOR Every yearbook is examined eagerly by students on the day it is distributed in September. Each of us looks expectantly at the pages hoping to see that the camera caught us in a great tennis shot, a finish line win at a track meet, a classic pose on the stage, a look of profound understanding in Latin class, a candid glance when we thought nobody was looking or the unconcealed joy of a first grader on the playground. But in the year 2000 when we get this book off the shelf and wipe away the dust, what will we remember? It is the hope of the yearbook staff that this book will jog a failing memory and that the events recorded here will help you recall the 1985-86 school year. If you cannot remember the other events of the year which are not seen in these pages, perhaps we can help you recall. Do you remember the great fl ood of the James River last fall, the disaster of the Challenger space shuttle, the Senior lounge scene, the new addition going up, the bombing of Libya by the U.S., our champion field hockey team . .. The successful completion of the yearbook is due to the work of many people. Our thanks to our photographers and copy writers, to the teachers who offered help and encouragment and to the coaches and staff of the School who kept us going and always helped when asked. A very special thanks to Mrs. Meyer who deserves a halo for her patience and tireless efforts in her capacity as advisor to the Yearbook staff. Without her guidance there would be no yearbook. Enjoy looking at this book now. Find a picture of yourself. It's in t here. Years from now we hope you look again and remember ... 104

Yearbook 1986 Vol.12  

The Steward School yearbook from 1986

Yearbook 1986 Vol.12  

The Steward School yearbook from 1986