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• Under 11s

I-K steal premiership IT was how grand finals should be when Phillip Island clashed with Inverloch-Kongwak on Sunday. When it came down to the final quarter Phillip Island was in front by five points – a straight kick either way would change the game. After a block buster third quarter from the Bulldogs they had hit the front for the first time in the match and were determined not to lose it. Two stray kicks only

resulted in points for the tiring Sea-Eagles and time was running out. Phillip Island supporters were counting down the time to the final siren when the ball found its way into the hands of I-K’s Michael Kennedy-Mifsud. With less than 10 seconds to go he put boot to ball and the winning score resulted. The Sea-Eagles fan base erupted while the Bulldogs stood in disbelief. Great performers for Phillip Island all day were

Keith Robinson and Kai MacKenzie while some of the better players for I-K were Zach Reid and Travis Nash.

AJFL UNDER 11 Inverloch-Kongwak 3.4.22 d Phillip Island 3.1.19 Inverloch-Kongwak Goals: K. Benson 1, M. Kennedy-Mifsud 1, J. Lawson 1. Best: Z. Reid, T. Nash, M. Kennedy-Mifsud, R. Ennoss, C. Cummins, J. Williams. Phillip Island Goals: K. Robinson 2, L. Dayson 1. Best: K. Robinson, K. MacKenzie, P. Ryan, O. Marks, F. Cousins, B. Thompson.

Soaring: Bodies were put on the line on both sides when Corner Inlet and Inverloch clashed on Sunday.

• Under 13s

Stingrays seal premiership CORNER Inlet had a rough start to their grand final against Inverloch-Kongwak.

So close: Inverloch-Kongwak’s Michael Kennedy-Misfud (in middle of huddle) is the boy of the moment after kicking the winning goal with just seconds to go. He is joined by team-mates Josh Williams (left) and Cooper Smith (seven).

The Sea-Eagles kept its counterparts scoreless in the first quarter and managed to slot through a major for themselves to be eight points up in the first. That’s when the luck ran out for the InverlochKongwak contingent as the Corner Inlet crusade began. Brock Cripps and Xavi-

er Duursma were leading the way for the Stingrays with Sam Flanders and Jake Thornell putting their own spin on the game as well. The second quarter burst had the Corner Inlet side ahead by 16 while Inverloch-Kongwak was kept scoreless for the quarter. After half time it was time for a Sea-Eagle surge. Jack Hutchinson and Kyle Reid were getting their hands on a lot of

the ball and making plays for their team. The lead was brought back to eight points at three quarter time with Corner Inlet sitting two kicks ahead. The Sea-Eagles were struggling to find legs as the Stingrays took it to the next level in the final quarter smashing through three goals. All of the seven goals for Corner Inlet came from seven individual goal kickers. This was the same with the SeaEagles three.

The well deserved 29 point win was celebrated heartily by the Stingrays.

AJFL UNDER 13 Corner Inlet 7.9.51 d Inverloch-Kongwak 3.4.22 Corner Inlet Goals: X. Duursma 1, J. Stefani 1, J. Smith 1, S. Flanders 1, B. Cripps 1, C. Cary 1, J. Thornell 1. Best: B. Cripps, X. Duursma, B. Hams, J. Smith, J. Stefani, J. Hill. Inverloch-Kongwak Goals: C. McInnes 1, L. Scott 1, J. Pryor 1. Best: J. Hutchinson, K. Reid, L. Scott, J. Vanderpligt, J. Prior, J. Roylance.

Parrots fight in finals JUNIOR football continues to impress at Leongatha with all three age groups in the Central Gippsland Junior Football League still in finals contention. The Under 10s and Under 12s side sailed through into the grand finals in two weeks time with wins over Trafalgar and Newborough

Reds respectively. The Under 10s powerered home with a first quarter score of 28. The young guns didn’t need to score for the rest of the game with Trafalgar its only kicking two goals for the game. The Under 12s had a more consistent result with hard work from the defensive players restricting Newborough Reds to only a single behind for

the game. The Under 14s headed into their game as under dogs against Newborough Blues. The Parrot’s got off to a rocky start in wet weather kicking five behinds in the first. Things continued to be hard work in the wet but the boys in green and gold continued to work. They came home with a 12 point win.

CGJFL UNDER 10 Leongatha 4.4.28 d Trafalgar 2.6.18 Leongatha Goals: D. Hanily, K. Brown, J. Burns, H. Kewming. Best: J. Burns, K. Brown, E. Lamers, H. Kewming, N. Hanily, N. Fixter. UNDER 12 Leongatha 3.3.21 d Newborough Reds 0.1.1 Leongatha Goals: J. Hume, B. Cantwell, E. Clark. Best: M. McGannon, J. Hume, M. Bentvelzen, E. Clark, T. Boler, W. Littlejohn. UNDER 14 Leongatha 4.11.35 d Newborough Blues 3.5.23 Leongatha Goals: T. Brew 2, S. Hanrahan, M. Harry. Best: S. Hanrahan, N. Trotto, J. Dunn, Z. Caughey, N. Battersby, J. Ballagh.

Hard slog: the loose ball was fought for many times on Sunday.

Injury worry for Heppell FORMER Leongatha AFL footballer Dyson Heppell may be out for the season after suffering a foot injury in Essendon’s game with North Melbourne at the weekend. The 21 year old defender suffered a minor crack in his right foot and is awaiting scans to confirm the future of his season. Heppell is a vital part of the Essendon side and will be sorely missed in the rest of his team’s season. Essendon currently sit seventh on the AFL ladder. Fellow Leongatha AFL player Jarryd Roughead has lost form in recent weeks but will hopefully find more of the ball for Hawthorn come September.

Parrots’ ball: Leongatha’s Thomas Brew rises to the occasion, flanked by Zac Caughey (64) and Jack Dunn.

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