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Linking the Past to the Present (part 2) - By Clare Robinson-Cox ……………………………………28

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Beautifully illustrated for us by Maurizio Molinari

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Watchman V by Helen Reaney

This year has been a very difficult one for our beloved Breed with a lot of negative press both in the UK and overseas. However I feel compelled to write about this subject because it shows the Breed at its very best.

The Staffordshire Regiment based in Lichfield Staffordshire, not far from where I live, have its mascot as the Staffordshire Bull Terrier. The current Watchman is Watchman V who was bred by my best friends, Karon and Wayne Jackson. What a truly remarkable honour. This dog has for many years served his country at many events promoting the Regiment. but also the Breed.

In one of the photos you will see Karon with the young Watchman V with the outgoing Watchman IV who was

bred by another couple of good friends, Steve and Christine Whitehouse.

Earlier this year Watchman V, along with his handler, Greg Hedges. was put forward for the Westminster Dog of the Year and anyone could vote on-line for him. Everyone on social media shared the post to encourage people to vote and as the day drew close no one knew how he and his handler Greg would do.

Social Media went into meltdown when the results were announced. He’d gone and won it. What a truly fantastic achievement for the Breed, the handler, for Watchman, and of course for Karon and Wayne Jackson.




Watchman V by Helen Reaney




There was a worthy winner in Westminster today as Sgt Watchman V, a six year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier who is the mascot of the Staffordshire Regiment, won a convincing victory after being voted for by the public in the annual Westminster Dog of the Year competition’s ‘paw-blic’ vote category.

Sgt Watchman V, who is much loved by the people of Staffordshire, entered the event with Amanda Milling MP for Cannock Chase, but was also supported by Andrew Griffiths MP for Burton, Gavin Williamson MP for South Staffordshire, Michael Fabricant MP for Lichfield, Christopher Pincher MP for Tamworth and Jeremy Lefroy MP for Stafford.

The competition, organised by the Kennel Club and Dogs Trust, took place today (Thursday, 8th September), in Victoria Tower Gardens, Westminster, where the winner of the Paw-blic vote was crowned alongside the overall competition winner. Sgt Watchman V

showed he really is the people’s pooch after receiving a staggering number of votes via the Kennel Club’s website. This year was the toughest year yet for MPs and their canine candidates with a record number of votes in the run up to the big event. The worthy winner, Sgt Watchman V, beat over 20 paw-litical opponents to scoop the paw-blic vote title, following a well-fought social media battle for victory.

The MPs entering the competition campaigned hard, canvassing for votes from the public. This year, the event focused on the need for education to ensure that children understand how to act safely around dogs.

The public was asked to vote for the political pooch they deemed to be the most deserving based on their canine credentials through their canine CVs which include a series of questions put to the MP and their dog.





Amanda Milling, MP for Cannock Chase, said: “Watchman did a fantastic job and did the county proud. Winning the public vote was by no means a small task. It is a testament to his importance to the people of Staffordshire and the Black Country, including veterans of the Staffordshire Regiment and 3 Mercian. He also has a very local connection to Cannock Chase as his family line is from Cannock.”

Watchman handler, Greg Hedges, said: “Taking part in the event has been a great experience and the competition has done important work to raise the profile of many of the issues facing Watchman’s four legged friends. Thank you to everyone who voted for Watchman, it is such a joy to know so many people gave him their support.”

Watchman has also won local praise. Michael Perks, owner of Head 2 Tails Grooming and Pet Supplies in Hednesford, offered his congratulations on winning first place and has offered Sgt Watchman V free grooming and food for the rest of his life.

Leading the opposition in second place at the event was nine month old Lurcher Milo, belonging to Rebecca Harris, MP for Castle Point, with a place in the (trophy) cabinet awarded to a Dogs Trust rescue Dachshund puppy, Fiona, and Liz Saville-Roberts, MP for Dwyfor Meirionnydd in third.

Press release from the Kennel club for further information 13







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Stafford Rescue USA - Updates THE STAFFORD KNOT, INC. 501(C)3

By Kelly Cromwell

Dempsey entered into rescue on July 23rd of 2016. His heartbroken owner had become increasingly disabled and was very worried that one day his own health would require a higher level of care and that Dempsey’s fate would be decided by others. Though extremely unhappy to see his best friend of 10 years go off to live with others, it was important to the man that Dempsey find a home deserving of him.

Dempsey - July 23rd, 2016 Adopted - August 11th, 2016

I picked up Dempsey as my new foster on a Saturday and, boy, what a GREAT dog! You see, Dempsey was 10 years old. He had been living as the single pet of a single, disabled man for his whole life. I was worried. Would he be ok living with my dogs? How is he going to tolerate sleeping in a crate? His original owner reported him to be polite, housebroken and, to his knowledge, good with other animals...and he was right! Dempsey walked into my house and was immediately welcomed by everyone. He LOVED my three Staffords and put up with my pushy Australian Cattle Dog. He was indeed housebroken, well-trained and seemed to even like my cats! He even accepted sleeping in a crate. Easiest foster ever!

I worked with him for a few weeks, trying to make sure there weren’t any hidden ‘secrets’ that Dempsey was holding onto, but really… I couldn’t find any. He was very good with other dogs, polite when meeting strange dogs, very tolerant of my roommate’s grumpy Border Collie, and shared treats and bones. Good job, Dempsey:)

Dempsey was happily adopted on August 11th by a wonderful family with two other senior rescue dogs. They worked with a trainer to help everyone integrate politely and are currently one big happy family! 17

Continued THE STAFFORD KNOT, INC. 501(C)3

Stafford Rescue USA - Updates

Mini, along with her sister Rocket, was initially rescued in August of 2013. I was contacted by her breeder, who reported that she had placed both sisters with an acquaintance who was interested in showing the girls in conformation and flyball. After a few months, and several attempts to contact the lady for updates, the breeder learned that the lady had given the dogs to someone she owed money to and that they were, in fact, not in a good situation. Thankfully, the breeder had retained ownership and demanded that the dogs be returned. They were picked up from a back yard in Florida and found to have been tied out or kenneled with little shelter, missing hair and underweight. I agreed to foster the girls, and their breeder drove them from FL to MD to start the first leg of their journey back to health.

Mini (formerly TNT) and Rocket Rescued initially August 2013 Mini Re-homed July 13, 2016

Mini had some skin issues that were easily treated with a course of antibiotics, but otherwise was the PERFECT dog and soon found her new home with a fellow veterinary technician.

Sadly, that owner found herself as a new single mother, living in a third floor apartment with a new baby, and was having a very hard time walking her dogs with a new babe-in-arms. She reached out crying, having to admit that she was failing at providing adequate care for all the lives she was responsible for. I took Mini back as a foster and VERY happily, she was placed the very next day with my good friend and her mother. Mom had recently lost her beloved cat and was missing her cuddle buddy. Well‌.let’s just say Mini was quite happy to fill that vacancy and they have been inseparable ever since! Way to go Mini!


Continued THE STAFFORD KNOT, INC. 501(C)3

Stafford Rescue USA - Updates

Rocket stayed with me for several months as she had a lot of missing hair, skin issues and a chronic, advanced urinary tract infection that required extended treatment. Rocket is a very sweet dog, but also a bit of a brat. She could get testy when challenged by other dogs and was not safe around cats, so I knew she would need just the right situation. After months of medical treatment and training, I was considering calling her a permanent member of my family when a very close friend of the family lost her heart-dog, a pitbull named Bella, to a very aggressive cancer. Lindsay does hospice foster for dogs in need, but the loss of her precious Bella left a vast hole in her life. One day, soon after...Rocket looked at me and I just knew. She was supposed to live with Lindsay. I called my friend and said “You are going to think I’m crazy, but...I think Rocket is supposed to be yours. I think Bella wants her to come help you.’ We both cried, Lindsay was ecstatic and came over that evening to take Rocket for a sleepover. That sleepover turned into the most wonderful little family I know. Rocket...the grumpy, sassy little brat is also the BEST hospice foster sister. She loves to cuddle and is very gentle with the old dogs that come through her household. Most of all...she cuddles Lindsay’s heart and has taken up the mantle that Bella left for her as The Special One.

Mini (formerly TNT) and Rocket Rescued initially August 2013 Mini Re-homed July 13, 2016



Thanks to you, our supporters from all over the world, TSK was able to raise over $2000 in our online rescue fund raisers and from donations in 2016! This money, and all profits we raise each year, gets donated to Stafford rescues worldwide. If your rescue has not yet been recognized, or if you have a special case you need help with, please contact TSK and let us know. Our goal is to help the Staffords in need, no matter where in the world they are located. We can’t help them all, but with your continued support we can help many.






by Christine Crews

I remember the first time I saw her; she was a chunky red and white puppy, the last puppy left in her litter. She seemed to have a permanent smiling expression on her face, and I thought she would be the perfect companion for my husband. We picked out the Staffordshire Bull Terrier breed because of their silly personality and their big hearts with enough love and sloppy kisses to go around. We realized when we brought her home that Maezie was all of these things, and more. The little dog who was originally meant to be a couch buddy for my husband, quickly bonded to me, and made it clear the couch life just wasn’t for her; she wanted a purpose and was happiest when she was learning new things. What started out as teaching her a few cute party tricks, quickly escalated into obedience classes, agility classes, and rally classes. As we trained more and more we were finally ready to enter shows. We began to travel more and spent many weekends together competing in Agility, Obedience and Rally. Maezie and I made many friends

and teachers during our training and travel and Maezie loved to show her stuff to anyone who would watch. After a year of traveling and showing, I learned about the Staffordshire Bull Terrier National Specialty, a show where over one-hundred dogs of Maezie’s breed would come together to compete in Conformation, Agility, Rally and Obedience. The location of the show for 2016 was St. Louis, Missouri at the ‘famousto-the-dog-world’ Purina Farms, a place I had always dreamed of visiting, and now was my chance to go with my furry partner and best friend, Maezie. I had my entire trip planned in my head well over a year in advance only to find out a month later I was pregnant! I canceled all of my plans figuring traveling with a dog and a baby just wasn’t feasible, but Maezie and I continued to train and show locally for the remainder of the year, and the remainder of my pregnancy. Maezie finished 2015 as one of the top 10 in her breed for both Agility and Rally, I felt she really deserved the trip to show her stuff. After the birth of a happy, 22




by Christine Crews

healthy baby boy, and surviving the sleeplessness of his first few months of life I decided we would brave the trip after all, two dogs, my husband and a 5 month old baby… Maybe it was the deliriousness from all those months lacking in sleep, but we were heading to St. Louis, Missouri to Purina Farms after all. I could see Maezie’s excitement building as we started loading the car. She was very familiar with watching us puzzle piece all the dog show gear into the car, and there was nothing she loved more than a good road trip. Her whole body wagged as we loaded the crates, beds, bowls, food, toys, treats, all this on top of all the gear needed for a 5 month old human infant. The car was packed full, but Maezie happily claimed her spot in the back and laid in her bed in the car while we crammed in the last of the odds and ends. Maezie was happily asleep before we ever made it to the highway for the long 16+ hour drive ahead of us.

Terriers’ role of being a “nanny dog” and checks on the baby frequently to make sure he’s ok. Between the dogs and the baby, our 16 hour trip turned into an 18 hour one. We arrived in Saint Louis in the early afternoon which gave us enough time to get to Purina Farms and set up all of our things before the events started the next morning. As we pulled through the gates we saw the iconic red roofs that Purina is known for. The grounds were immaculate; I dubbed it “Doggy Disneyland” jokingly with my husband. Finally after driving all through the night and into the next day, we were here.

The drive was long, but thankfully uneventful, Maezie looked forward to all of the rest areas where people would smile and tell her how cute she was. For the most part she slept the whole trip except for when the baby would fuss I would see her stand up and peer over the back seat to make sure he was alright, Maezie has always lived up to the Staffordshire Bull 23




by Christine Crews

We spent the next few hours roaming the quiet building. We were one of the first to arrive to set up and the building was almost empty, aside from the crisp white rings that were already set up for the shows starting in the morning. We took advantage of the quietness and did some quick training in the hallways. We practiced our heeling, our sits, our downs, then spent some time just exploring while Maezie sniffed around the building. I wanted her to be settled and comfortable, so after our training I was happy to let her sniff, roll, and we ended our evening with a quick game of fetch while watching more people trickle in to set up.

The quietness of Purina was quickly gone as we got to our hotel. We decided to stay at the “host hotel” which is where the majority of the other competitors were staying. When we got out of the car there were dogs everywhere! Dogs in the parking lot, dogs walking with their owners down the sidewalks, dogs in the lobby, the hallways, no matter where we turned there were dogs everywhere! Maezie and I took a long walk with the baby in tow while my husband hauled all of our gear to our room. It’s mind boggling all of the things needed for two dogs, two adults, and a baby for a weekend stay in a hotel! Maezie happily greeted all the new people and dogs with her full body wagging. She had always loved traveling

and staying in hotels, but this was her first time being at one with so many other Staffordshire Bull Terriers and she was just smitten with all the attention she was getting around the hotel. We scoped out dinner to go and had a quiet evening eating in the hotel room, saving a few bites for the dogs, of course. The next morning as the alarm went off at a way too early 5am, it was evident Maezie knew today was all about her! She bound out of her crate and jumped at the door as I grabbed her leash and dashed for the elevator as soon as the door opened. After a short car ride, we were back at Purina Farms ; this time the quietness of the building we saw the day before was gone and replaced with people and dogs filing in, the bustle of everyone setting up the last of their things, people playing with their dogs, dogs bring groomed, and people chattering to each other and their dogs. Our first event of the day was Rally, a type of Obedience where there are signs in the ring telling the handler what they are to do. Some are as easy as ‘sit’, others are much more complicated like having the dog back up while staying in heel position or requiring the dog to work away from the handler. The handler gets to walk the course and get familiar with the signs before bringing the





by Christine Crews

dog into the ring to compete. I felt myself get a little nervous walking the course, with a new baby at home, Maezie and I hadn’t trained as much as I would have liked in the months leading up to the show. I reminded myself I had come for the experience, not the ribbons and Maezie sure didn’t know if we came in first or last place; as long as she got a biscuit when we were done she was happy. I got Maezie out of her crate and warmed her up with a walk around the building, and then we warmed up back in the building, waiting on our turn. Finally our number was called and we stood at the ring entrance as the judge invited us in. The judge looked and asked “are you ready?” I took a deep breath and answered “Ready” as I looked down at Maezie. She looked back at me with her silly Stafford smile and we made our way around the course together. We did each sign as a team. Our performance was not perfect but we made it through the course, both smiling together from beginning to end. As we finished and the spectators started to clap and Maezie wiggled her whole body with excitement, I knew the whole trip was worth it.

could change my life and I am forever grateful for each day we have together, especially days like these where everything seems to come together perfectly. We had a very successful weekend with lots of blue ribbons, trophy’s, and dog toys; but the best moments of the trip were spent sitting in the grass outside of the show building watching the dogs happily chase my husband up and down the rolling hills while I sat with the baby, who would giggle every time Maezie would come up and lick his toes. As we started our long journey home, I couldn’t help but think that, win or lose, I was driving home with the best dog at the show … my silly, wiggly, wagging, smiling little friend who has opened up so many doors for me, but has helped me make so many new friends, and always has extra kisses waiting for me on both the good days

Here I was with my supportive family, my amazing dog, and all the friends we had made on our journey, both old and new, I wasn’t prepared for how much a 14” tall dog Published in First Coast Magazine, Jacksonville FL. October 2016 issue.









By Clare Robinson-Cox (HAMASON)

In the first part of this article, published in the June 2016 edition of The Stafford Knot, I explained how I am linked back over 80 years of our breed through my father – Harry Robinson – and one of the Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club’s founder members – Gerald Dudley. That article focused mainly on Gerald and some of my memories of him and also shared some of the memorabilia that was passed on to my father when Gerald passed away. The following article, or Part 2, is an “interview” with my father about his time in the breed, the dogs he, along with my mother – Maureen – have owned and bred, and his thoughts upon our Breed today.

My introduction to Staffords was at a very early age. I was raised by my grandparents and my uncle had kept a Staffordshire Bull Terrier from as far back as I can remember, the first of which was a mahogany brindle dog, top size, with a head like a dustbin lid, full of spirit and a fearless dog that caused a few problems whenever he managed to get out of the garden!!

Our own first Stafford was a white bitch with a black patch over one eye, registered Patchy Lass, this was in 1968. She was the

daughter of Champion Game Flash and was given to us by my uncle.

I started to go around the local shows in 1970 and saw a young red dog that I admired very much. He was doing some winning and later gained his title Champion Rockmere Rip-ItUp. I decided to try to get a puppy bred on similar lines but could find nothing available. Then, in January 1972, I found out that Gerald Dudley was going to mate his Champion bitch, Sanville Red Rhapsody to Champion

This is a photograph of Patchy Lass with our daughter, Clare.

Rockmere Rip-It-Up. From this mating we acquired a red bitch, the first Stafford that I took into the ring, later to become our first Champion Red Rapture of Hamason and our foundation bitch. She won the first time out and gained her Junior Warrant with over 50 points and was awarded 3 C.C.’s and 4 Reserve C.C.’s.

Champion Red Rapture of Hamason JW – “Smokey”.






By Clare Robinson-Cox (HAMASON)

Early in 1973 we bought a brindle bitch pup, a daughter of Rockmere Red Dan, himself a winner at open and championship shows. Dan was a half brother to Champion Rockmere Rip-It-Up as they were out of the same Dam – Rockmere Vernport Shina. When this bitch, registered Dark Demon Lass of Hamason, was 18 months old in 1974, we mated her to Sanville Red Ranger, sire of Rockmere Rip-It-Up. There were 3 pups in this litter, a brindle bitch, a brindle dog and a red dog, which we kept. This dog went on to become our first home-bred Champion Hamason Red Rambler, gaining his title when he was just 2 years old, winning 1 Reserve C.C. and 4 C.C.’s. We retired him after he gained his 4th C.C.

We mated him in 1975, his first mating, to our Champion bitch Red Rapture of Hamason and she produced four pups by him. I gave my uncle a dog pup – Hamason Red Rajah. He was never shown himself but produced several top class winners including Champion Red Prince of Hamason, The Red Avenger and Steeleye Sting.

We also kept a red bitch from this litter and she turned out to be our second home bred Champion Hamason Red Radiance, a top class show bitch, very rarely out of the cards. She was not shown until she was 13 months old but in the cards the first time out and a Champion by the time she was just over two years old. Champion Hamason Red Rambler – “Simba”

Out of 8 times in Open Bitch she won 3 C.C.’s and 4 Reserve C.C.’s and was never shown again after gaining her title.

The first mating for Champion Champion Hamason Red Radiance – “Biddy”

Hamason Red Radiance was to a brindle and white dog Champion Sundow Swashbuckler and a brindle bitch pup went out to Canada, later to become Canadian Champion Hamason Sure Surprise. This bitch was responsible for several Canadian winners including Champions.

The second mating for Champion Canadian Champion Hamason Sure Surprise

Hamason Red Radiance was to red dog Champion Brocliffe Benjamin. From this mating we kept a red bitch, Hamason Red Rosita. She was a fine specimen and a winner at Open and Championship shows, however, she was a nasty tempered bitch in the ring and always proved to be a bit of a handful, spoiling her chances of perhaps winning higher awards, so I retired her 29




By Clare Robinson-Cox (HAMASON)

We mated Hamason Red Rosita back to her Grandsire, Champion Hamason Red Rambler and from this mating we kept a red dog, who later became our 4th Champion Hamason Red Reknown. He won 3 C.C.’s and 1 Reserve C.C. and was rarely out of the cards at Championship shows throughout 1984, 1985 & 1986.

We sent the litter brother to Champion Hamason Red Reknown to Belgium where he too gained his title Belgium Champion Hamason Red Rebellion.

Hamason Red Rosita – “Sheena”

We had already exported a red bitch pup in 1980 to the same family in Belgium, Mr & Mrs D’Hayer. This bitch was by Champion Red Prince of Hamason out of Hamason Red Tina. She also gained her title in Belgium Champion Red Ruby of Hamason.

Belgium Champion Red Ruby of Hamason – “Ruby”

Champion Hamason Red Reknown – “Benjy”

Belgium Champion Hamason Red Rebellion – “Rebel”





By Clare Robinson-Cox (HAMASON)

We had kept the litter sister to this bitch, Red Rhapsody of Hamason. She was a beautiful bitch who gained 1 Reserve C.C. but was tragically killed in an accident before she was 2 years old.

In 1988 we mated Champion Hamason Red Reknown to a brindle pied bitch we had, Joban Pied Wonder. This bitch was from a halfbrother/half-sister mating by Hamason Red Rajah and though never shown, she was a strong bitch, full of breed type and quality. From this litter we kept a red dog, Hamason Red Royal, initially the smallest in the litter of 8 but matured to be a strong, top size dog. He did well in the show ring, but unfortunately, due to my own ill-health, he was not shown for very long.

Hamason Red Royal – “Sam”

From 1990 to 1996, I did not venture into the show ring due to my health problems but in 1996, we acquired a red bitch, Red Rosina of Hamason, by Boxer’s Red Delight out of Lady Melford, both of whom were line-bred back to the Hamason line. She was to be our last bitch and though shown lightly, was never in the best condition as she suffered from phantom pregnancies at every season.

Since 2007, when we lost Red Rosina of Hamason, we had not had any dogs and though we still had an interest in the breed, it was not until November 2010, when I was invited to judge the prestigious Stafford of the Year competition, organised and held annually by the Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club, that we again came into direct contact with the breed again.


Red Rosina of Hamason – “Molly”




As many of you may now be aware, it was at that show that a chance meeting with an old friend, Jeff Ford, led to our daughter and son-in-law acquiring their first Stafford, Jefmor Fire and Ice of Hamason. Our interest in the breed and the show scene was re-ignited and, along with Clare and Spencer, we started to become regulars at shows around the country again. Spencer handled this red and white bitch with some success, gaining her Kennel Club Stud Book Number in May 2015.

Spencer is currently handling her granddaughter, Studstaff Sugar and Spice of Hamason who has had a fantastic start to her show career, very rarely out of the cards and gaining her Junior Warrant in July 2016.

Jefmor Fire And Ice Of Hamason – “Tess”

Studstaff Sugar And Spice Of Hamason – “Rosie-Mae”.

Though we don’t travel to shows as regularly as we did a couple of years ago, we do still enjoy our days amongst Stafford folk and looking at the winning dogs of the day. Reflecting upon my time in the breed, and the knowledge I gained from the pioneers of the breed I knew well, such as Gerald Dudley, I still believe that today we have too much variation in type with too much emphasis put on an animal with a bold head and too little consideration is paid to the conformation. There is also a noticeable difference in strength and bone of the animals today, particularly amongst bitches. This lack of bone and body, coupled with the large heads and sometimes over-zealous search for a dog that is “fit” rather than a dog that is “fit for purpose”, could possibly lead to more serious health issues and problems whelping, similar to those we now see in other breeds. Back in the 1970’s I remember being told by Nap Cairns, Clare Lee’s father, “these dogs are not bred to chase rabbits and they should not look like they are built for that purpose” – a pearl of wisdom that should be noted and observed by quite a few of today’s enthusiast.





I also see a lot of animals with poor back ends resulting in an almost crippling type of movement. Many a dog looks good when standing, and an expert handler can ensure that faults such as poor toplines and gay tails are hidden – both faults I am sorry to say, appear to be on the rise in the ring at the moment. The topline and tail are actually the spine of the animal – if the spine is not correct then neither its conformation nor movement can be first class. But when such an animal is on the move, these faults become apparent and most keen ringsiders can soon spot this without having to be too much of an authority on the breed.

Some animals reach higher placings than they deserve, put there by people who pay too much attention to the wrong end of the lead, but once again, the ringsiders are not so easily fooled. Such people only mislead themselves and gradually bring harm to the breed that they profess to love.

To those who feel fainthearted and disillusioned at what you sometimes see, press on, if your dog is worthy he will get noticed and come out on top.

I see a lot of new faces coming into the breed, which is to be encouraged to ensure the succession of the Stafford. However, a word of caution as some of these people want to get too far much too quickly and I think a bit more patience coupled with a great deal more knowledge would serve both themselves and the breed to advantage.

As we have recently celebrated 80 years of KC recognition of the breed, spare a thought for the stalwarts of the breed who, in the mid 1930’s, pioneered and fought for the recognition of the Stafford we know and is still one of the most popular Terriers today and long may it continue.

I hope you have enjoyed this article and what was for me, and my Dad, a nostalgic trip down memory lane.







Scottish Round-Up 2016

by Melanie Sinclair

This was an excellent year for Scottish Staffords with three new champions being made up in 2016. Tia, James and Alison Elrick’s Champion Ruadonis Delilah’s Delight JW ShCM gained her crowning CC from Caroline Dewar at East Anglia in May; following her first the previous May from Dave Levy at Southern Counties and her second, where she also went BoB, at the SBT Club Show in November 2015 under Colin Powell.

Jen Johnstone and Kenny Brown were celebrating at Blackpool when Patrick McGlynn awarded their bitch Revelry Custom Made JW ShCM her crowning CC. It was a double for Scotland that day as you’ll read below. Billie was awarded her first CC by Wynny Southworth at Belfast in September 2015 and her second by Terry Wood at the Northern Ireland Club Show where she was also BoB. Ch Revelry Custom Made JW ShCM was awarded a fourth CC very shortly after her third by Paul Martin at Windsor. She also has 5 RCCs.

Willie and Christine McLelland’s Champion Rochlawie Behold The Hour JW received his 3 CCs in quick succession from Liz Stanway (SSBTC May 2016), Partick McGlynn (Blackpool June 2016, also BoB) and the final one from Mikey John at Darlington in September, making Robbie a champion just a day out of Junior!

At the start of the year the breed was represented for the first time in many years in both categories of the SKC Open Dog of the Year Competition, with Mike and Maggie Ritchie’s Northsaltire Nice One Sam making it through to the final round of Pup of the Year and Ruadonis Young Pretender at Meleestaff ShCM in the final round of adult dogs. We have also had a good number of breed judges at General Open Shows, several of whom attracted bumper entries. In April Tracy Hamilton (Shawrigg) had an entry at LKA Scotland of 23 dogs over 3 classes, her BoB being James and Alison Elrick’s Ruadonis Delilah’s Delight JW ShCM (not then a Champion) who then went on to G1. John Herd (Feregait) judged the Staffords, the Terrier Group and BIS on the same day for Falkirk. (Both shows were held simultaneously, a new arrangement in 2015 repeated successfully this year). Ruadonis Delilah’s Delight again went BoB, Group 1 and finally BIS at Falkirk! 36


Scottish Round-Up 2016


by Melanie Sinclair

Eric McPhail (Scorguie) judged Staffords in May at Carluke and found his BoB in McLelland’s Rochlawie Behold the Hour JW from an entry of 15. Andy Mayren (Fergiestaff) judged Staffords and Mini Bulls at St Andrews and Cupar, awarding BoB to Gary and Teri Owen’s Kyraloebis Viva La Juicy at Tagstane. The remainder of the Terriers were judged by Archie Bryden.

Lorraine Rollin (Seenworstaff) judged 5 classes of Staffords at Dundee Canine Society in June (Scotland’s largest Open Show, held in Camperdown Park, and well worth a visit) attracting an entry of 20 and awarding Best of Breed to Wendy Milne’s Incredible Strength of Strathmorbull who also went Group 3 under Carol Ridley (Jagstaff) who judged the Terrier Group.

In July Claire Crossman (Pendlestaff) judged at Greenock and awarded BoB to Patrick’s Welshstaff Last Gap, Ty was also awarded his Stud Book Number this summer. Jen Johnstone (Revelry) judged Larkhall Canine Club in July and found her BoB in Rochlawie Behold the Hour JW. In August Spencer Cox (Hamason) attracted an entry of 18 Staffords for Upperward of Lanarkshire (their best Stafford entry ever !) and for BoB chose Ruadonis Young Pretender at Meleestaff ShCM who also went G4 under Helen Reaney (Rolenska) who judged the Terrier Group and BIS.

October saw Julie Gray (Aberstaff) judging an entry of 23 at The Terrier Club of Scotland Open Show, with Ch Rochlawie Behold the Hour JW going BoB and on to Group 4 under Bob Blackley from an impressive line up of terriers. This was another show with a great atmosphere with the chance to catch up with terrier enthusiasts from all the breeds from as far afield as Morecambe.

The Stafford Class was reinstated by Perth Canine Club and Tayside, Lochee and District increased the number of classes, although sadly some societies have dropped the class due to low entries under non breed judges. It can be more difficult to attract a big entry in Scotland with less dogs around and the greater distances to travel, however it has been very encouraging to see the entries this year under breed judges. Long may this trend continue, and it can, with the support of Stafford enthusiasts in Scotland and the good people willing to travel to judge the dogs too. Kenny Brown (Revelry), Lesley McDonald (Tusselstaff) and Angie Isles (Luthais) all have appointments in December which I am sure will be well supported.



Scottish Round-Up 2016


by Melanie Sinclair

North of Scotland Club

This year the North of Scotland Club committee welcomed several new members, great news when the club covers such a wide geographical area. The Club Awards for 2015 were awarded at the Limited Show at the end of November and saw Puppy of the Year go to Rochlawie Behold the Hour (now JW and Ch), Junior of the Year jointly awarded to siblings Ruadonis Delilah’s Delight JW ShCM (now Ch) and Ruadonis Young Pretender at Meleestaff ShCM and Stafford of the Year also won by Ruadonis Delilah’s Delight. The new Award of Veteran of the Year was won by Gary and Teri Owen’s Crashkon No Stoppin’ Me Now at Tagstane. This year we will again see a close call with Scottish dogs of all ages doing very well.

Teri Owen (Tagstane) judged the Limited Show and her BIS was Boath’s Luthais Born to Reign, RBIS Rochlawie Behold the Hour (also Best Puppy in Show), BOS Rochlawie Bonnie Lass (also RBPIS). Christine and Willie McLelland went home very happy that day! Shona McConnachie (Calgacus) judged the Special Awards Classes which the club are finding to be well supported giving up and coming judges much needed numbers.

The Open Show in March was judged by Derek Moore who travelled from Ireland to judge the dogs. A great day was had by all and as usual Karen Jackson and crew in the kitchen fed the crowd handsomely! 38


Scottish Round-Up 2016


by Melanie Sinclair

Best in Show was Johnstone and Brown’s Revelry Custom Made JW with BOS and RBIS going to Patrick’s Welshstaff Last Gasp. Best Puppy in Show was the dog, Donald’s Vanayres Gambler. The Special Awards Classes were judged by Michael Findlay and were well supported by exhibitors.

The North of Scotland Championship Show was held back to back with SKC in August, and arrangement which seems to work well. The club had its biggest ever foreign entry under Jimmy Byrnes (Lackyle) who awarded the Dog CC to Hugonet and Kolsek’s I Hate My Name Des Espoirs De Wallieux making him up to Champion, having received his second CC under Steve Halifax the day before! Jimmy awarded the Reserve DCC to Robb’s Caymenstaff’s Blackthorn. This was an emotional moment for the Robbs who are new to showing and have thrown themselves into the pursuit wholeheartedly. The scale of their achievement became clear when they heard the cheers from the crowd! Angie Isles judged the SACs classes in the lunch break, a last minute stand in due to a family emergency, and her first appointment. A Theatre Nurse to trade she kept her cool and did a super job. The catering was again outstanding with oodles of home-made goodies including Stovies with Beetroot, Steak Pies and Carrot Cake. The venue by the sea is picturesque and if time permits a lovely walk can be had with your dogs. Sponsorship for this show was generous and exhibitors enjoyed complimentary shortbread and the chance to win some great prizes. The club also hosted Staffie Smiles Rescue and Scottish Staffie Rescue, and the winner of BPIS, Gordon Jack and Marnie (Tusselstaff No Angel) generously donated their huge bag of Royal Canin to rescue. The afternoon saw bitch judging commence and Jimmy found his Bitch CC winner and Best in Show in Nettleworth No Kan Doo with the Reserve going to Mann’s Nerotoro Cosmic Girl. This show will revert to having two judges from 2017.



Scottish Round-Up 2016


by Melanie Sinclair

Scottish Club The Scottish SBT Club held their Champ Show back to back with SKC in May, again an arrangement that works very well giving exhibitors the chance to show under more than one judge the same weekend. The change of venue was well received with ample parking and a spacious hall. The raffle was up to the usual standard with some excellent prizes including a TV! The moment that made it for me, and judging by the cheers everyone else too, was when Robbie, Rochlawie Behold the Hour JW was awarded his first CC by Liz Stanway (Waystaff) who was judging the dogs. It seemed for a moment that the roof might come off! Liz awarded the Reserve Dog CC to Lewis’ Kenstars Apollo.

Jayne Winrow (Jayneze) judged the bitches and awarded the CC to Lewis’ Welshstaff Mysterious Girl, who then went BIS. Mann’s Nerotoro Cosmic Girl was awarded the Reserve. Best Puppy went to the dog, Freeman and Davis’ Kylestaff Moonlight Shadow.

The Club’s Open Show was held on 29th October and the judge for the day was Gary Nicholson (Ballindonna). For Best in Show he chose Ruadonis Young Pretender at Meleestaff ShCM, RBIS was Chapmeek Ice Patrol at Ashstaff and BOS Rochlawie Bonnie Lass. Best Puppy in Show was James Ford and Lauren Williams’ Dajast Sweetie with Jam N’ Loz, who was also the furthest travelled dog at the show having come all the way from Wigan! This was another show with a fantastic atmosphere and the highlight for me was the number of children in attendance and the super young handlers. Our breed is in safe hands for the future!

Generals – SKC May, Border Union, SKC August Shaun Stone had his first CC appointment at SKC in May this year, and his judging was very well received. Exhibitors really felt that they got their money’s worth and it was noted that one or two newer exhibitors were treated with real patience. Shaun awarded his Dog CC to Hugonet and Kolsek’s I Hate My Name Des Espoirs De Wallieux (who has won all his CCs in Scotland) and the Reserve to Corcoran and 40


Scottish Round-Up 2016


by Melanie Sinclair

O’Donovan’s Molru alright Dave. The Bitch CC and BoB went to Quigley’s Rapstaff Wheeler Dealer at Cilledoire with Winwood and Tunnah’s Nerotoro Stella receiving the Reserve. Best Puppy was the bitch, Belterstaffs She Wore Prada. There was a good atmosphere round the ring and the usual cheers for the winners!

June saw the beautiful Border Union come around, the only Scottish Champ Show to be held outdoors, and the weather was relatively kind. Ann Goddard (Tophouse) was judging and she awarded the dog CC to Ch Staffash the Hurricane, who has won the CC here before, and the DRCC to Hirst and Bibby’s Taraiel Busta Rhymes JW. The Bitch CC and BoB went to Nedorolik’s Roughnecks Little Angel and the Reserve to Sem and Ullaflaen’s Celuna’s Know it All. The Best Puppy was the dog, Wall and Webb’s Manark Mad Max. This show makes for a great day out with all the stalls and the lovely setting in Kelso.

In August Steve Halifax (Jackstaff) judged Staffords at SKC. There was also a Rally Obedience ‘Have a Go’ Activity running which attracted one or two Staffords. Hugonet and Kolsek’s I Hate My Name Des Espoirs De Wallieux won the Dog CC and Best of Breed with the Reserve going to Donna and Stewart McCallum’s Puppy Chapmeek Ice Patrol at Ashstaff, Bertie was also Best Puppy, another one for whom the roof was raised when he was handed his award! Bev Harrison and Jane Roper’s Ch Trawden Ice and Spice won the Bitch CC, having not long won her third. Runner up to Alice, winner of the BRCC, was Dave McKimm’s Biggleswick Fifty Fifty. Another emotional moment when Dotty was handed this award! Best Veteran was Fletcher and Seedhouse’s Jsy Ch Granitangel Zircon PdH.

Thank you to Brooke Boyle who supplied photographs for the article, she is a talented young lady who manages school, showing two dogs and taking photographs! Thank you also to Jackie Smart for the photographs that she supplied.






STAFFORD SEMINAR IN SWEDEN by Helen Reaney There were around 25 people in the room which suited me. A small group is more informal and you can always manage to answer all questions. Everyone who attended got involved, I made the Invited by Nicklas Nuland of the Swedish SBTC seminar very light-hearted, which after the seminar everyone said they liked so much, I have been to do a breed specific talk, I travelled to Gothenburg on Friday 30th September. I arrived at invited back again to do the same seminar in 5.00pm greeted by Nicklas, and taken to my hotel. February 2017 when I judge in Stockholm.

I had the evening to myself which was great as it The seminar lasted about two and half hours gave me a chance to finish off my preparations and with the power point presentation taking about an have an early night.

hour, a short break and then we went through the photo folder of dogs I saw as breed type and Saturday, I had the morning to myself and I travelled the short journey by tram into Gothenburg photos of dogs with merits and demerits i.e. – light eyes, un-even bites, and head shapes. This to do a bit of sightseeing; my last visit to this beautiful city was in 1978 when I was just 16 years section proved very interesting, as the 25 who old. The city is beautiful and I took loads of photos attended got very involved in what they saw as the merits and demerits of each photo.

some of which I have included. The weather was Swedish Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club Breed Specific Seminar October 1st 2016

mild and sunny and people were so friendly and always happy to help with directions.

Nicklas collected me at 2.30 and we travelled to the venue and he helped me set up the computer and PowerPoint presentation. With the permission of Lynn Caswell, I could use The Staffordshire Breed Illustration along with information sourced from the Staffordshire Bull Terrier Heritage Centre, my previous presentation booklet I did for the Kennel Club and plenty of photos which I had collected to highlight certain areas of the Standard. My good friend Jonas brought along his bitch who would be my demonstration dog and she was as good as gold for the hour she was on the table.

I enjoyed my 2nd Breed talk and I very much look forward to repeating this in February 2017 after judging with Archie Bryden who is also attending doing a short presentation on Health in the Staffordshire Bull Terrier.











HEALTH TESTING INFORMATION Remember, if you choose to breed from a carrier you must test the entire resulting litter to determine clears & carriers. Thus if you choose to keep a carrier from that litter, the same must be done for each subsequent litter resulting from breeding carriers. If you sell carrier pups, please consider spay/neuter so that more carriers are not produced. With the advent and ease of genetic testing, many of these diseases could be eliminated by only breeding clear to clear. To use a known carrier requires an extra step of responsibility. There is no excuse to breed an untested dog.

TESTING FACILITY FOR L2-Hga & HC Animal Health Trust Address: Lanwades Park, Ken0ord, Newmarket, Suffolk, CB8 7UU General Enquiries

Phone: 01638 751000 Fax: 01638 750410

E-mail: Canine DNA TesQng

Phone: 01638 555621 Fax: 01638 555666


To order DNA Tests online, please visit:

Paw Print GeneCcs hVps://

850 E. Spokane Falls Blvd. Suite 200 Spokane, WA 99202 Phone: 1-855-202-4889 E-mail: VetGen (Veterinary GeneCc Services) 3728 Plaza Drive, Suite 1, Ann Arbor, Michigan, 48108 USA Phone: (734) 669-8440
 Toll Free: (800) 483-8436 (US & Canada)
 Fax: (734) 669-8441
 Email: 47



HEALTH TESTING INFORMATION Remember, if you choose to breed from a carrier you must test the entire resulting litter to determine clears & carriers. Thus if you choose to keep a carrier from that litter, the same must be done for each subsequent litter resulting from breeding carriers. If you sell carrier pups, please consider spay/neuter so that more carriers are not produced. With the advent and ease of genetic testing, many of these diseases could be eliminated by only breeding clear to clear. To use a known carrier requires an extra step of responsibility. There is no excuse to breed an untested dog.

TESTING FACILITY FOR HC: Animal GeneCcs Inc. (USA) Address: 1336 Timberlane Road, Tallahassee, FL-32312 – 1766, USA Website: Contact Details: Phone: 800-514-9672 Email: Animal GeneCcs (Europe) Address: 1 Mount Charles Road, St. Austell, Cornwall, PL25 3LB, ENGLAND Website: Contact Details:

Phone: 44 (0)1726 247788


Paw Print GeneCcs 850 E. Spokane Falls Blvd. Suite 200 Spokane, WA 99202 1-855-202-4889 hVps:// OTHER TESTING FACILITIES FOR L2-Hga and/or HC: FRANCE:






HEALTH TESTING INFORMATION Remember, if you choose to breed from a carrier you must test the entire resulting litter to determine clears & carriers. Thus if you choose to keep a carrier from that litter, the same must be done for each subsequent litter resulting from breeding carriers. If you sell carrier pups, please consider spay/neuter so that more carriers are not produced. With the advent and ease of genetic testing, many of these diseases could be eliminated by only breeding clear to clear. To use a known carrier requires an extra step of responsibility. There is no excuse to breed an untested dog.

TESTING FACILITY FOR HIP, ELBOW, PATELLA, EYE AND CARDIAC CERTIFICATIONS*: Orthopaedic FoundaCon For Animals (OFA) Address: 2300 E Nifong Boulevard, Columbia, Missouri, 65201-3806 
 Website: Contact Details:

Phone: (573) 442-0418 Fax: (573) 875-5073 Email:

*NOTE: A Board Cer0fied Cardiologist must perform all Cardiac exams. A qualified licensed Veterinarian can provide X-Ray films for hips, elbows and Patella.

Coat color tesQng for those wishing not to produce blues, dilutes or black and tan (tan pointed markings in any color or paVern) can be found at many labs worldwide now including VetGen, PawPrint GeneQcs & DDC Veterinary Labs in USA. * NOTE: a CAER or PHPV test done by a canine ophthalmologist is NOT the same test as the DNA test for HC - BOTH tests should be carried out

For DNA parentage tesQng please contact American Kennel Club in USA



THE HEAD OF THE STAFFORDSHIRE BULL TERRIER By W. A. Boylan (written around 1950) Reprinted from Staffordshire Bull Terriers – A Dog Classic reprint – Nimrod Press LTD, Edited by Major Count V. C. Hollender 1952, 1988 reprint

Although fifteen years have elapsed since our breed was placed upon Kennel Club register, I have not seen any marked tendency toward getting a definite type of head for the Staffordshire.

We still see different types of head – namely, Bull, Terrier, and even a type that resembles the Mastiff, in fawns. The former two types even break up again and vary. This is caused by either too blunt or too sharp a foreface, or is due to lack of stop.

Well, what is the correct head? It is obvious that the Bull-type head must of necessity be carried with a Bull-type neck, accompanied by a body built to carry it, and that, in turn, on four well-boned legs. This all goes to make weight, and when our maximum is 38 lbs., we have to be very sparing in size and build to obtain this.

This brings us to the Terrier-type head. Here we have the head more finely made and usually carried on a lighter neck, body, and with lighter bone. But this type of specimen does not lack agility that is usually found with the Bull type. Although we have this Terrier-type head, quickness and strength, it is not just enough if one was in battle, to overcome an opponent who was built with the correct Stafford head.

My own personal idea of the correct head is described as follows:

Looking from the top, it should look pear-shaped, foreface neither long, thin or square at the front, but of about onethird of total overall length of head from tip of nose to occiput bone, which is found at the top and at the back of the skull. Sideways, the foreface is about as deep as it is wide. This type of head, with a good stop and set with neat rose ears, is the ideal. It can be quick to punish, with ease of movement. The circumference of skull should be about the approximate height at the shoulder. This should also coincide with the circumference of the neck.

I should like to mention a few words about the size of a bitches’ head. In considering this we must remember that the maximum weight for a bitch according to the standard is 34 lbs., secondly, that a bitch must be feminine. If we are to encourage a skull of seventeen inches for bitches, then they will either be overweighted or out of balance. For a 34 lb. bitch, I think a skull of sixteen inches is ample and correct and strong for her size. If we have a dog carrying a bitches head he would be automatically penalized. I maintain that the same should apply if the bitch has a dogs head.

If we can get a definite type of head encouraged we shall then, I think, give the newcomer a clear picture of what is wanted, and avoid much confusion as we see when a full-sized dog gets his C.C., and next to him, with res. C.C., a small animal who is of different Type entirely, just because head properties are so much different, when in spite of size, the smaller one should, in fact, be a replica of his C.C. winning brother.

Let us hope that the new standard will help us to obtain our objective. 50


THE PET SHOW by Clare Robinson-Cox (Hamason)

The Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club were invited to represent our wonderful breed at the annual Pet Show, held at the NAEC Stoneleigh in July 2016.

We were honoured and delighted to attend and we also invited a few prestigious guests to join us to promote our dogs.

We were joined by The Staffordshire Bull Terrier Heritage Centre, Room For 1 More Stafford Rescue and Buddy – The Rescue Dog.

We spent the day chatting to lots of people, those that own Staffords, love Staffords, and even those who only know the breed by reputation. It is a great feeling when these people leave us, amazed that the breed they know of through the media, bears no relation to how wonderful our dogs actually are.

Here are a few photographs taken across the two days in July to give you a feel of the event.

Buddy The Rescue Dog having a lie down on Nicola’s lap

Buddy and Nicola waiting for the crowds 51 The show opens



THE PET SHOW by Clare Robinson-Cox (Hamason)

a bite to cer grabbing en p S d an re Cla

Sue and Keith w ith Beau and Ellie

one of own to meet Rosie lying d tafford lovers our younger S


g his Oscar modelin at – it new Cool Co kend! was a hot wee

Lots of people wanting to get close to the dogs

Buddy accepting a treat from a young gentleman

Rosie having

ate a rest in her cr 52



THE PET SHOW by Clare Robinson-Cox (Hamason)

gy and Sam

eg Trevor with P

escue, ore Stafford R M 1 r o F m o o R ey do good work th promoting the

Oscar in his favourite place – on his Mom’s lap

Rosie taking a closer look at the goodies on the stall

nne with Sam Trevor and Ly e enthusiasts meeting som

dy taking care stall

Sue and Man

of the




THE PET SHOW by Clare Robinson-Cox (Hamason)

Oscar with Clare and Joan – and Spiderman

L-R: Clare, Helen, Mandy, Lynne, Joan & Judith Tess

A great day was had by all and the dogs loved all of the fuss they got.

If you want to know more about The Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club, here is the link to the website:

The Staffordshire Bull Terrier Heritage Centre is located at Albert Street, Wednesbury, WS10 7EW and they also have a FaceBook page: %20centre

Room For 1 More Stafford Rescue can be contacted via their website:

Buddy The Rescue Dog has his own FaceBook page:



RESCUE ORGANIZATIONS WORLDWIDE If you wish for your registered Stafford rescue to be featured in TSK free of charge please contact



w w w. s t a f f i e s o n l i n e . o r g . u k







SEASON’S EATINGS Ingredients 2 tbsp honey 2 tbsp treacle 2 tbsp veg oil ½ cup milk ½ tsp allspice 1 ½ cups wholewheat flour ½ cup oatmeal ½ cup Brewer’s Yeast


3 cups plain flour

¾ cup yellow cornmeal/polenta

1cup turkey (or chicken) stock

4 tbsp butter or margarine

Dried or fresh mint and sage (however much you think your dog will like!)

1 tbsp dried Italian Seasoning

Small amount milk/egg for glaze


Pre-heat oven to 325F

Combine all ingredients in a large bowl and mix into a dough (will be ever so slightly sticky)

Knead on a floured surface for 3 minutes

Roll to 1/4” thick

Cut into 3-4 dozen small biscuits (depends on size of cutter)

Place on an ungreased tray and glaze with milk/egg

Method Pre-heat oven to 350F Mix wet ingredients together in a bowl Bake for around 35 minutes

Mix dry ingredients in gradually Roll out to 1/4” thick Cut out 3-4 dozen small biscuits (depends on size of cutter) Place on an ungreased tray and bake for around 20 mins. Will keep for a few weeks in a tin! Can be made more delicious by dipping in melted carob!




By Audrey Hubery

I have been asked to write a report on the BEST EVER WEEK END OF THE STAFFORDSHIRE BULL TERRIER CALENDAR . What a fabulous get together of 13 - yes 13 countries to take part in FUN & GAMES. Winning is NOT the aim although it is a fantastic feeling. It is about bringing countries together with their teams of Staffords . The International Match was on the 8/10/16 Venue Van Der Valk Hotel Tiel. This was a brand new venue which opened its doors to The Dutch Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club weekend of activities. I would like to thank the hotel staff for their hospitality. This event has been going for 4 yrs and started off with 7 countries. WOW look at it now. I want to thank everyone on behalf of team U.K and supporters for giving us a great weekend

The 3 judges for the MATCH were Jodie Sing [Australia ] Dayna Lemke [U.S.A.] & Jaci Mc Lauchlan [ U.K.]

The countries taking part were CZ. DK. FR. GER. IT. NL.NO.POL. RO. SLO. SP. SW. & U.K.

There were fabulous staffords in all of these countries The handlers, some wearing country colours, looked very smart . They sure have upped their game with presentation.

The Match began with an introduction by Martin van Aken { chairman } Then the music began with the introduction of all countries taking part with the collection of the countries’ flag by team managers. I must say there was a tear in some eyes at this point.

The judging began at 10:15. With a team from all 13 countries, first being the class, dogs under 2 yrs. All 3 judges began their appraisal of all dogs and had to put their scores on their own score sheets. These were all totaled up at the end of every class.

Second was class Bitches under 2 yrs. Same procedure. Then there was a break to add scores on the big screen. NAIL Biting stuff. Team U.K. on top at this point.

Next class was dogs over 2 yrs. By now the whole room was electrifying  with music and applause.  Another break to add the scores on the screen.

Last class was bitches over 2 yrs. Then the total scores were added up, with precision I may add.

A very long wait for results to be announced and the awards DRUM ROLL  . . . . . TEAM U.K. WON AGAIN!

Three times team U.K has won the International Match  Well done team UK. The Party began.

I would like, as team manager for team UK., to thank all the countries taking part, and their supporters for taking part in this fantastic event.  You did your countries proud   A huge thank you to the Dutch Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club for organising the whole weekend, and of course your Championship show the following day was a huge success also.

Thank you to all the judges for the outstanding 2 days of judging - Well done.

The next event for the International Match & Championship Show is 7/8 October 2017 . Make a note and hope there will be more teams taking part.




By Audrey Hubery



FROM THE EDITOR “The average Stafford is a nicer person than the average person.” Hello Everyone Firstly, I would like to welcome you to the Winter edition of the Stafford Knot and I hope you enjoy the read. I had my first Stafford back in 1988 and fell in love with the breed it wasn’t until 1993 when I purchased Valglo Pacquesa that I finally got into showing and worked through the ranks to become a Championship Show Judge. Judging all over the world I have seen many beautiful Staffords and made many new friends. With Social Media as the main tool of communication these days one would wonder why people still do magazines, whether it be on-line as this is or in actual print to buy over the counter. There will always be a need for magazines such as this, we need more input from overseas and I am hopeful that we will get a report from New Zealand and Australia for the next edition. This last 12 months we have lost in the UK and no doubt the world over some very respected people in the Breed who were great mentors to me and it has become apparent to me recently that I am now one of those old-school people in the breed now helping the new exhibitors and lovers of the Stafford as those who have passed away did back in the early 90’s with me. The Breed in the UK is going through a lot of change, registrations are down to under 5000, with over 70% of those being registered as Blue …… the other colours are slowly ebbing away but the concern for me is the fact that how many of these Blue’s being registered are from health

tested parents. In my breeding lines my bitches have the blue gene so it could happen that somewhere in the future a Blue will occur. Education is important worldwide to let people know that we do have health issues and we as custodian of the breed should ensure that we pass on our knowledge and explain to the puppy buyer that whatever colour you are looking for ensure you go to a responsible breeder who has bred from health tested parents. The Stafford Knot Auction page has done extremely well during 2016 and I am hopeful it will do so again in 2017, its all for a great cause worldwide. The next edition of the Knot will be in June and we would welcome any articles on the breed which you would like us to consider using We are looking for people to join us and I wish that I knew more about web design and Apple Mac packages but sadly I don’t so it anyone is able to come on board and help us we would love to hear from you. On behalf of the team I would like to wish you all a Very Happy Christmas and Happy 2017 and look forward to the next edition of the Knot.




FROM THE EDITOR “A Stafford teaches a boy fidelity, perseverance, and to turn around three times before lying down.”

Hello fellow Stafford fans - thank you for supporting TSK and for your continued participation in not only this publication, but also in sharing our Illustrated Breed Standard project and our online rescue fund raisers. Wow what a year it has been! The Stafford Knot, Inc. has been able to publish several HUGE article packed issues and each one receives more hits than the last. We are breaking records with this publication! Our Illustrated Breed Standard and Judging Seminar project has now been used in over a dozen countries and has been translated into many languages as well. Thank you to all who have requested the use of the seminar. We would love to hear your feedback as we are always looking to make improvements. Maurizio continues to amaze us with his generosity in updating images as we request. THANK YOU to him - why not show your support of this talented artist by purchasing his book if you haven't done so already! It would make an excellent holiday gift. Look for Maurizio Molinari on FB and send him a message. He’s a super guy and would love to hear from you. The fund raiser auction page on FB has been an enormous success as well. We have managed to raise more money this year than last which is great news for Stafford rescues around the world. I have cleaned out my own personal collection by placing many items on auction for rescue, along with newer items I have made, and donations from others from all over the world. Please be sure to look on there often as we run the auctions all the time year round. We have some excellent items coming up donated by Mr Mansel Frayne and more items I have sewn and embroidered along with fun things donated. You often hear people in the dog world being critical and complaining how unhappy they are with how

things are going. People can be quite rude to one another, clubs aren't always run the way you would run things, judges make decisions not everyone agrees with, people get angry, hurt feelings, etc…..but also on the flip side remember these few bits EVERYONE who enters a show wants to go home with a prize. Nobody enters to lose. Try to be happy for the winners and congratulate them if you can or say nothing at all until in the privacy of your own home. Be a good sport. Judges are human and most do try to make good choices for the breed. If a new judge needs a little mentorship offer them our seminar or answer questions they may have. If a judge clearly has no clue or plays games, don't enter under them again. Most people are kind and if given the choice will volunteer and offer a helping hand. Its usually only the few loud ones who won’t join in. Let them be loud and move on. Their actions do not reflect on you. Some people you will meet through Staffords will become lifelong friends. Others pass by your life in a flash. Try to focus on the ones who stick. Those are the people you look to when times are difficult and they will be there. Try not to focus on the negative folks. They will zap you of all the good inside you. Don't allow that to happen. Life is far too short. Forgive if you can but move on. —Lynn Caswell (Wavemaker) Sr. Editor, Creative Director 62






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The Stafford Knot - December 2016