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GROSVENOR Equitie A rubber breakpoint safety tether for use in the stable, yard or float. Strong enough to secure your horse but provides an instant, reliable breakpoint.

Horse & petwear washbag Wash rugs, saddle cloths, girths, bandages, dog bedding etc in the washbag to prevent animal hair clogging up your washing machine and protect it from buckle damage.

Borstiq Brushes

Quarter-marking Stencils

These brushes are in a league of their own - made in Sweden from hardwood and natural fibres they are of superior quality, eco-friendly and ergonomically designed.

As used by Andrew Hoy at the London Olympics! You too can personalise your horse with highquality brush/spray stencils in fun designs. Made in England, they are magnetic for easy storage. Brush on or use with colour sprays.

Equishave A non-clogging razor for safe and easy trimming.

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Clipping Stencils

Micro-fibre coat shine mitt

Re-useable clipping stencils in a range of designs; adhesive for

Removes dust and creates amazing coat shine.

easy application.

V-tie Re-useable velcro safety tether. With a firm breakpoint, ideal for restless horses.

Silicone Plaiting Bands Super stretchy and tear resistant. Stronger than traditional plaiting bands.


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Smart Grooming Tidy manes & tails the humane way

Smart Grooming Show Prep Products

BEFORE Revolutionary grooming tools, including mane and tail thinners which give the pulled look in minutes without discomfort, and coat thinners to remove excess hair from horses and dogs. AFTER

Idolo Tether Tie Teach your horse to tie up safely and confidently with this revolutionary system that works on the basis of pressure and release.

For an immaculate show ring finish. Made in the UK and used by the UK’s Team Harvey professional show team. Coat shine, quarter-marking and plaiting sprays, detanglers, make-up and more.

Cotton Canvas Bags Roomy, strong, eco-friendly bags.

Stocks Beautiful cotton and silk stocks and scrunchies handmade in England exclusively for Grosvenor Park Products in Australia.

Sun Protection Shades Sun protection shades for your horse made in the USA with materials offering 90% UV protection. Fullface shades, eye shades and nose shades available.

Chester Jefferies Riding Gloves The finest quality gloves handmade in England since 1936.

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the ultimate holiday destination!

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Photo: FEI Julie Wilson


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Tanja Kraus Horsemanship

The Tail End The Idea Of Order Next Issue


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the secret is out!


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5 NEW & IMPROVED! NOW 1200 Denier

1200D X-Calibur Summer Synthetic Rug & Combo 1200 Denier Waterproof Outer, Fully Bound, Cotton Lining, Shoulder Lining & Gussets. Rump Darts, Short X-Over Surcingles, Removable Leg Straps & Quick Clip Chest Fittings. PLUS Synthetic Satin Lining in Combo Neck. Sizes: 4’3” - 6’9”

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Eureka Summer Rug & Combo

Fully Bound with Secure Chest Fittings, Velcro Neck Fittings, Shoulder Gussets, Tail Flap, Removable Leg Straps. PLUS Wither Protector on Rugs, and Synthetic Satin Lining in Combo Neck. Sizes: 5’0” - 6’9”


Showcraft Diamond Mesh Insert Summer Combo

Showcraft “GOLD” Rug & Combo 18.5oz Mid Season Ripstop Canvas Rug, 100% Waterproof Double Waxed Treated, 3 Way PVC Chest & Neck Fittings, Shoulder Gussets, Rump Darts, Tail Flap, Wither Protector, Removable Leg Straps, PLUS Synthetic Satin Lining in Neckrugs/Hoods. Sizes: 4’3” - 6’9” Neckrugs & Hoods: $24.95

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ISSUE #34 DECEMBER 2015 The Stable Magazine would like to wish all of our readers a very Merry Christmas! We hope you all enjoy our December issue. Be sure to check out the Christmas Gift Guide to find perfect prezzies for all of the horsey people in your life - see page 54! In this issue you will notice that we have new articles that will be a permanent feature within The Stable. See our new ‘Straight From The Horse’s Mouth’ pages for a personal snapshot from Loz and Sam, ‘What the Fetlock’ – each month a new random WTF moment will be posted, AND our new ‘Name & Shame’ of the month – goes without saying! As of January we’ll also be including a new Trades and Services directory - so you can find who and what you’re looking for all within the pages of The Stable! We are expanding (like my Stockhorse in a lush spring paddock!), and while we will still be covering all of the events that you love, we’re also introducing other new and exciting articles. The Stable Magazine would like to commend all the tireless efforts of the equine rescue organisations across our country, so to show our support we will be running an article each month on a rescue of our choice, giving an opportunity for them to further showcase the amazing work they do. Like us on Facebook and follow Loz and Sam on their travels, fun, photos and sneak peeks of our upcoming issues will be posted. Stay connected, and click ‘like’ at Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas and a HORSEY New Year!

Sam & Loz

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Horseriding & Huts & we had a ball!

Whether its relaxation or adventure you are looking for Chum Creek Horseriding and Huts has got you covered. Dog friendly, kid friendly, BYO horse or chose one from the menu, you will find something for everyone. We absolutely loved this place and so will you, the world’s greatest pessimist could not find fault here!

there! Well! Hello e h this cut it w s d n ie fr We made ! n our trip o t n e id s k re Chum Cree

e & m Na

e am


we want to hear from you!


If you’re still sitting there thinking, ‘do they mean me?!’ - THE ANSWER IS YES!

things that make our

blood boil!

Congratulations Denis Barden – Horse Killer, you are our number one name and shame of the month. Anyone who is interested in the story behind this can go to:


We can’t wait to show you around, check it out on page 28!

The Stable Magazine

We would LOVE to hear your thoughts on this issue. Drop us a line - email and let us know what you enjoyed, what you didn’t, what YOU would like to see in the pages of The Stable - and feel free to tell us about your horses too. (Who doesn’t love a bit of horse chatter?!)


Our Photo Show competition has been extended until January! Get your entries in for a chance to win!


r fo Hmmmm, some of you may think that

we are a pair of ‘Negative Nancy’s’ for this article. We don’t want you to get your mistletoe in a bunch, but giving animals as a gift hasn’t always had the best track record. These are merely points to consider before you give into the nagging of your children and stick a pony under the Christmas tree.

a p on y


ert l a cute

stmas? i r h C

We loved this video so much we just had to share! Check out this news story from 7 News Melbourne on ‘Jakarda Angel’ a little foal bred by Lynda Wishart in Bannockburn in Victoria. Watch at: videos/10153790962744301/

Re ad it an d te ll us w hat yo u th in k it’s on page 46 of th is iss ue .

christmas cheer!

Wishing each and every one of you - and all of your four-legged friends the very best Christmas break you could hope for! Thanks for reading The Stable - we look forward to sharing a VERY exciting 2016 with you!

With the current situation in S.A, we felt it necessary to offer some of the information that is available on preparing for bushfires and what to expect if your area is under threat. A huge thank you to Quest Equine Welfare ( for their fantastic and comprehensive article - we couldn’t have said it better ourselves. There are too many people who deserve credit for the hard work going on right now to assist the affected animals and people of South Australia. If you’d like to do your bit and donate or support the cause, make sure your money is going to a reputable, registered charity or directly to help those in need. Check out the Quest Equine Welfare article page 86 in this issue.



ed r a ep r p be for bushfire

f etlock? !

W T f ?!

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saw this on Facebook.

Not sure what the deal

is. THink he needs a tan - and some clothes!

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...that got us giggling

Don’t you en... hate it wh Don’t you hate it when other horse owners abuse your kindness? Yes - I really wanted to spend three hours picking up horse manure and hair after letting you use my paddock.


- grumpy pony owner 12

The Stable Magazine




Yep. Seriously. From around the belly to the neck. The shoulders are apparently the tricky bits. A brilliant video - but please, do not try this at home!


Treat your horse to a lovely Christmas coat with

Equinade Showsilk Glo-Colour Shampoos


Available in bay, chestnut and black to enhance colours. Glo-White Shampoo highlights white markings and is excellent for grey or white hair.

Available from your local produce or equestrian store.

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Clinton Anderson

& Ian Francis

‘Two Legends’ @ QSEC

Saturday 19th December & Sunday 20th December Clinton Anderson is returning to Australia to put on a two day training demonstration with his mentor, Ian Francis. Be prepared for 2 days of inspiration, innovation, motivation and education as Clinton and Ian present the techniques that have made them so successful. The itinerary for the 2 day demonstration is as follows:

DAY 1:

DAY 2:

• Gaining Respect and Control on the Ground with Clinton

• Trouble-Free Trailer Loading with Clinton

The best training foundation begins on the ground by teaching a horse to respect and trust you as his leader. Clinton demonstrates how fundamental groundwork exercises help to establish yourself as a trustworthy leader to your horse and give you control of his feet and mind. The skills you teach your horse on the ground carry over to training him under saddle and set the horse up for success.

• Demonstration with Ian - Educate your hands, Educate your feet Developing your awareness which in turn improves the rider’s feel, timing and co=ordination.

• Gaining control of your Horse’s Five Body Parts with Clinton No matter what discipline you do with your horse, to succeed you must be able to control his body from his nose to his tail. Clinton explains how to soften and supply a horse’s five body parts - head and neck, poll, shoulders, ribcage and hindquarters - for ultimate body control and increased performance.

• Demonstration with Ian - Building your toolbox The tools to develop a basic education which allows us to develop performance and show horses and do long term maintenance.

Clinton demonstrates how to use the Approach and Retreat Method to build a horse’s confidence to willingly loading in a trailer. You’ll learn how Clinton’s trailer loading method can be used in any situation in which a horse doesn’t want to step on or go in an object, including getting your horse to cross streams and step onto bridges.

• Demonstration with Ian Form as it relates to function A study of the shape a horse needs to be in to perform quality manoeuvres and how to set a horses form up for success.

• Problem Solving Under Saddle with Clinton From time to time, all horses misbehave under saddle. Clinton addresses common problems that are likely to crop us, such as buddy-sour horses, barn-sour horses, horses that jig, horses that buck, etc., and provides a commonsense approach to correcting each problem.

• Demonstration with Ian - Advanced Manoeuvres Bringing feel, time and balance and form and function together.

At the conclusion of both days, Clinton and Ian will be available for question and answer time and to sign autographs.

For further information and to purchase your tickets, visit


The Stable Magazine


The Stable Magazine




MJB Got Faith

Robert and Katherine Crowther were last week sentenced after 13 horses in their care were surrendered to NSW RSPCA. Inspectors attended the property in Atholwood after a public complaint raised the awareness of these horses.

As Briannah’s foal grew her dad figured that he could explain that there was no way that MJB would ever race as he was “a runt from poor breeding stock” and that his daughter would then be happy to sell him. Briannah’s parents were financially over committed and although they couldn’t really afford to keep the horse, figured that they would give him a shot.

The couple readily surrendered the horses and RSPCA Inspectors said that the couple ‘they knew that they were in the wrong’ after 13 horses were removed and another horse was euthanised on the property. The sentencing took place at the Inverall Local Court where the couple received $8800 in veterinary and boarding costs, prohibited from owning more than three horses combined for a five year period and issued with a good behaviour bond under the prevention to Cruelty to Animals Act.


11 year old Briannah Carsey had a dream to breed her very own racing champion, in the Spring of 2013 her foal was born, an Ohio Standardbred that she named MJB Got Faith.

MJB was so slow he barely qualified to compete but by some miraculous turn of events not only did he win his first race, he actually won all four needed to qualify him for the State Championship held in Columbus Ohio. With the blind faith of an 11 year old girl behind him this, ‘no good, no pedigree’ colt defied all odds and won. MJB Got Faith earned a cool $100k - half of which Briannah has donated to charity.

Check out the video here:

So far eight horses have died and owners are being warned to keep an eye out for the symptoms. Rapid breathing, sweating, muscle tremors and severe weakness all being symptoms of the animals that have already been effected. The only link between the deaths was the common Marshmallow Weed which had never proved fatal in Australian horses, though it is known to cause a muscle disease in sheep. Unsure as to whether it is the cause as owners are unable to verify if their horses had or hadn’t actually eaten the plant. Vets are asking that if any horse is showing any of the clinical signs to seek treatment immediately and researchers are also asking for help to gather information about this mystery illness.


The Stable Magazine


New South Wales

ultimate e h t in g in s li ia Spec e Trail Riding, s r o H r o f s t c u prod ure riding, Pleasure & Leis r, Natural Endurance Gea and Hoof Care. k c a T ip h s n a Horsem ck maybe!” a b e b g in id “Gone R Mount-Ease Mounting Block

The 3-Step mounting block. This is a lightweight, easy to move, horsefreindly circular mounting step. It has a large hand hole in the back so you can easily move it around. Available in black and in a range of bright colours including pink, blue, green, purple and red. FROM


Cashel Fly Masks

Cashel Saddle Bags

Cashel Fly Masks are extremely well fitting using top quality materials and a well thought out design. We can highly recommend this fly mask for comfortable fly protection for your horse. Available in a range of styles and colours.

We have a massive range of top quality Cashel Saddle Bags for your horse from the USA, both leather and synthetic. And many other styles and brands to FROM make sure you can take whatever you need with you on the trail!




“Gone Riding be back maybe!”

Talk to our qualified Equine Podiotherapist for more information on the new Scoot Boot and fitting details! 03 5775 1657

Visit or drop in to our store in Mansfield, in Victoria’s High Country – where the trails are on top of the world!

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GutzBusta Slow Feed H 速

Round Bale Sl






SLOW FEED HAYNETS % Simulate grazing % Reduce boredom % Reduce stable vices % Reduce choke % Reduce hay wastage

Email: or phone Nikki on 0418 282 097 The Stable Magazine

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low Feed Haynets


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Large Medium

Float/snack size with a 1-2 biscuit capacity

Also available:

3-5 biscuit capacity, or half a small bale

Full small bale size

Round Bale Available for 4x4, 5x4 and 6x4 round bales (Available in 4cm only)

Mini hay nets in 2 sizes: (Small – 1-2 biscuits, Large – 4 biscuits). These are made from 36ply netting and are a diamond pattern with the holes being 2.5cm x 3cm.

Our hay nets are made in various sizes to suit your needs – Small, Medium, Large and Roundbale. They are made from UV Stabilised, 48ply, pre-stretched polyethylene netting. They are tough, durable and easily repairable if your net is unfortunately snagged on a piece of wire etc. Our hay net hole sizes are either 4cm square or 3cm square. The 4cm sizing suits your average horse that just needs slowing down a little more. The 3cm sizing is for those extra voracious eaters and ponies. The sizing of the holes makes these nets safe for minis to large horses. The Stable Magazine 19



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Clinton Anderson & Ian Francis 19/20 December 2015 QUEENSLAND STATE EQUESTRIAN CENTRE (QSEC) CABOOLTURE QLD

Watch as Clinton & Ian present the techniques that have made them so successful ADULTS 17YR AND OVER $100 PER DAY | CHILDREN 13 TO 16 $55 PER DAY | CHILD 12 AND UNDER FREE

Tickets at 0741686082

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Hoof Health! The Secret Is Out While it technically isn’t a secret, understanding the various factors that contribute to maintaining hoof health is fundamental in order to achieve highquality hooves. As the competition season kicks off and you ramp up your training regime, keeping your horse sound for increased activity is of utmost importance. Of course, your horse isn’t going to be able to “hoof it” through that cross country course without strong, healthy feet! Look at the outside AND the inside of the horse To start, you need to identify what’s going on outside and inside the horse. The appearance and integrity of the hoof is a mirror of the health and nutritional status of the horse. It isn’t difficult to visualise how a horse in poor health could suffer from hoof problems. Likewise, animals confined to a small area, such as a stall or yard, can develop low quality hooves, which may be a result of poor environmental conditions. Standing in piles of manure is not only unhygienic, but the moisture can break down the intracellular cementing substances that ultimately hold the hoof together. So, grab your rake or “poo vac” and get cleaning! In addition, regular attention by a farrier every four to six weeks is an essential part of hoof care - don’t forget! Also, offering daily exercise or turnout will help to promote blood flow to the hooves. Those who know about Kentucky Equine Research (KER) are aware that we go on and on about providing horses with nutritionally balanced diets. Sorry to sound like a broken record, but the same message is implicated in the


The Stable Magazine

quality of your horse’s hooves – and it doesn’t have to be complicated! High-quality basic nutrition is the foundation of hoof health. Use a fully fortified feed designed for the class of the horse you are feeding, and feed according to the manufacturer’s directions. If are you feeding below the recommended rate ensure your horse is receiving a vitamin and mineral supplement to top up those essential nutrients in the diet. Why not make it easy for yourself and contact KER’s Nutrition Consultation Service and receive a FREE diet analysis for your horse!

Nutritional building blocks Once you have ensured your horse is on a nutritionally balanced diet that meets the energy requirements for the horse’s workload (maintenance, light, moderate or intense) or physiological state (growing, breeding, late gestation or lactating), we can look at the essential nutrients for hoof growth. There are several key nutrients that are vital for proper keratinisation, which is the process that builds hoof horn (see picture). >

Protein & Amino Acids  

The hoof wall is about 93% protein on a dry matter basis. Amino acids (AA’s) are the building blocks of protein, including keratin, which is the primary protein associated with the equine hoof. Essential AA’s (e.g. methionine and lysine) cannot be synthesised in the horse’s body – look for high-quality protein in diets, such as full fat soybean meal, for the provision of these essential AA’s. Methionine is a sulfur-containing essential AA linked to hoof quality.

Minerals  

Fatty Acids 

Fatty acids are components of complex lipids, which form the intercellular cement that binds the individual cells of the hoof. Lipid material is responsible for forming the extracellular permeability barrier – this barrier controls the hydration state of the hoof and, ultimately, its hardness.

Zinc is involved in the health and integrity of hair, skin and hoof. Zinc is important in the synthesis of collagen, keratin and intercellular cementing substances, as well as immunity and antioxidant activity that protects cell membranes from damage. When selecting a hoof supplement look for chelated (organic) zinc. o Chelation is the process that binds a mineral to an amino acid, which enhances absorption of the mineral in the horse’s body. o Zinpro Performance Minerals® organic zinc used in KER Bio-Bloom has been shown to enhance hoof growth. 0

Vitamins 

Biotin plays an important role in cell-tocell adhesion and therefore strengthens the hoof wall when supplied in adequate quantities. Although the biotin requirement for normal horses is 1-2 mg per day, studies have shown that supplementing the horse with 15-20 mg of biotin per day can generate a significant improvement in hoof condition.

Image courtesy of Zinpro Performance Minerals®.

The Stable Magazine 23


Hoof Health! The Secret Is Out What’s the bottom line? While some poor quality hooves are the result of genetics or conformational factors, many can be related to inadequate nutrition or poor hoof maintenance. A balanced ration is the easiest approach to maintaining the quality and condition of your horse’s hooves. It is recommended to have your horse’s total ration analysed by an equine nutritionist to identify any deficiencies that may be contributing to bad hooves. Remember, hoof growth is a slow process and when making changes to the horse’s diet to improve hoof quality and strength, keep in mind that it will take at least nine months for the entire hoof wall to be replaced. If everything is being done from a nutritional and environmental standpoint, and hoof quality is still poor, it is worth supplementing your horse with the essential nutrients that contribute to hoof health. Look for supplements that are designed to complement a nutritionally balanced diet and contain nutrients that are research proven to improve hoof health. KER Bio-Bloom consists of a synergistic blend of biotin, chelated zinc and methionine at levels shown to be beneficial for optimal hoof growth and development of a strong hoof wall. Providing your horse with a combination of these nutrients is more beneficial than feeding straight biotin alone. Bio-Bloom also provides lecithin and full fat soybean meal, which contain essential fatty acids and quality amino acids to produce a strong hoof horn.

For more information or help with formulating your horse’s ration contact Kentucky Equine Research’s FREE Nutrition Consultation Service on 1800 772 198 or email


The Stable Magazine

“KER Bio-Bloom consists of a synergistic blend of biotin, chelated zinc and methionine at levels shown to be beneficial for optimal hoof growth and development of a strong hoof wall. Providing your horse with a combination of these nutrients is more beneficial than feeding straight biotin alone. Bio-Bloom also provides lecithin and full fat soybean meal, which contain essential fatty acids and quality amino acids to produce a strong hoof horn.� The Stable Magazine 25



JANUARY ISSUE OUT 1/1/16 Read it FREE online at The Stable Magazine


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my ipad before he gets his hooves on it!


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as Christmid Gift Gu e Did you hear?!

e JANUARY issue of The

ble will be out on New Years day!



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hestable gazine www.t

The Stable Magazine





The Stable Magazine

Where can you find the ultimate horsey holiday destination to relax, unwind and de-stress? Where the kids and your partner have plenty to do and where you can even bring your own horse to enjoy riding across beautiful countryside? Just over an hour from Melbourne, this beautiful retreat is one of the area’s best-kept secrets... Until Now. The Stable Magazine 29



t was a misty morning on the day we set out for Chum Creek. The

township, just outside Healesville in Victoria is a beautiful area, with state forest surrounding the highways as you make your way up into what seems to be an almost untouched bush land. Light fog and a drizzle of rain had set in; but the sun was breaking through the tall gum trees, promising a lovely Spring afternoon - and there was no better place to spend the day than our destination; Chum Creek Horseriding & Huts. > >


The Stable Magazine

Harness your potential.

James Bufton - 1994 Graduate Owner and Director, Bufton Farming Group

Marcus Oldham Equine Management Program Scholarships

We are looking for ambitious and determined students with a passion for the equine industry to apply for our SCHOLARSHIPS.



As Australia’s only independent agricultural and equine management college, Marcus Oldham offers students a unique educational experience.

Australian Thoroughbred


Australian Equestrian


Plasvacc Equiplas Equine Study


Virbac Animal Health Equine Management


Since 1962, Marcus Oldham has built an enviable reputation both nationally and internationally for preparing business leaders who pursue successful careers in the farming, agribusiness and equine management sectors.

DIPLOMA OF EQUINE MANAGEMENT • One year industry recognised program • Skills in business management, equine science, training and handling, horse husbandry, breeding and much more • National and international study tours • Strong industry network and alumni • Excellent employment and entrepreneurial opportunities

HOW TO APPLY If you love the equine industry, we’d love to have you. Our Scholarship Program is open to those studying the one-year Equine Management Program in 2016. Applications close Thursday 19 November, 2015. Refer to our website for further details.

Visit for information on how to apply, application closing dates, interview dates and scholarship sponsors. Free Call 1800 623 500 or email


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Driving down the winding dirt road, our expectations of the property were high. Having looked at the Chum Creek Horseriding & Huts website we were very eager to get there and take a look around. From the moment we entered the gate at 221 Heath Road Chum Creek, it was though the rest of the world just slipped away, you know without a doubt that you have found a hidden treasure. I’m not even sure that there are words to truly describe just what a remarkable place this is. If you appreciate a bit of history, a working horse property and a slice of paradise, then Chum Creek Horseriding & Huts is your ultimate destination. Tucked away at the foot of the Toolangi State Forest you’ll discover a hideaway that you can call your own for as long as you choose to stay. We were greeted by the very friendly face of Ruby the resident dog, a real character who is extremely eager to show you around. Ruby is more than willing to go on all sorts of adventures with you and miraculously seems to just pop up wherever you go! Owners Catherine and Clancy were just as welcoming and I can fully appreciate why they are so proud of what they have created at the Hut. They were kind enough to show us around the property that they have lovingly restored since taking it on a couple of years ago. The Chum Creek Hut was used as the base for trail rides into the State forest for more than two decades and has now been transformed into luxury country accommodation, combining a wonderful rustic feel with all of the creature comforts. As you step inside the Hut you are instantly at home, surrounded by beautiful decor in a retreat that offers stunning views of the surrounding landscape. Catherine has made amazing use of the space to allow couples and families to gather around the original fireplace, or retreat to one of

> >


The Stable Magazine

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three bedrooms adjoining the central living room. The Hut is spacious and yet cosy, and no matter the weather it would be a delight to stay, relax and unwind. The hut is ideal accommodation no matter the season - whether you’d prefer to enjoy a sun drenched landscape, or light a fire on a crisp winter’s night. It’s almost like being transported back in time it would be top of our list for a holiday, away from phones ringing and the sounds of traffic passing by - although you could most definitely curl up on the comfy couch at night with your iPad - or better yet, a good book and a block of chocolate!

“Tastefully blending old-world charm and modern comfort together in one unique package. The open plan living areas provide a spacious retreat for all guests whilst maintaining a very private and intimate setting. From the design and layout, right down to the furnishings and decor, this quaint little hut is pure magic.” You can choose to bring your own horse - the adjoining paddock to the Hut is available for your equine friend, and we can guarantee he’ll be as chuffed as you are about his living quarters. As Catherine says, “People love having a barbecue on the deck and your horse can be right there - or having a bath after a day’s riding, and watching your horse grazing in the paddock from the tub!” Did we mention the tub? There would be NOTHING better than a relaxing bath in the Chum Creek Hut! >


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The bathroom boasts a spa bath, and with the candles on the window flickering as you look out over the decking to the paddock, it makes the perfect after ride treat. Each of the 3 bedrooms further compliment the space with an ambience of relaxation; the beds all look so extremely inviting I think they could put an insomniac to rest. Catherine has impeccable taste and it shines through within the space she has created, every detail is perfect and everything is exactly as it should be. One feature of the hut is Chief, whose skull adorns a plaque above the fireplace. But don’t be mistaken; Chief is no gimmicky cowboy ornament. As Barry puts it, ‘he was just one of those big, beautiful horses’, obviously a much-loved family member who passed on, but is always remembered. A jar of Peacock food and fresh potted herbs can be found in the kitchen, sprigs of lavender decorate and fragrance the hut, and from what we read on the cushion on the couch (No hour of life is wasted that is spent in the saddle!), this is just heaven.

Seasonally, guests are even treated to beautiful home made preserves. “We make our own jam from blackberries here and our own homemade tomato sauce from our own tomatoes. We try to use as much as we can from our garden.” “Families are saying that after the first 24 hours, it’s the best thing ever. There’s no TV!” Catherine explains. The hut is also equipped with colouring books and board games, and allows great capacity for quality family time out. >


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“We put a sketch pad and some beautiful pencils out, and people just sit down and start drawing the trees, or the horses in the paddocks, and guests are loving that,” explains Catherine. “Who has time to sit down and do something like that at home? Everyone is so busy!”

It’s a bit of a step back in time, really. You have all the modern comfort that you need, but you don’t have all of the technologies and things that you don’t really need. Catherine and Clancy have really put the time and effort into the hut, which had been used as a central point for trail rides for the last fifteen or so years. “All that was standing was the fireplace,” Clancy explains. What the couple have achieved with the hut is nothing short of amazing, but they aren’t quite finished. Another building on site is the Cattleman’s Hut, a stone’s throw from the doorstep of the beautifully renovated space we’d just seen. This is one of the couple’s future projects. Boasting a beautiful old loft, the Cattleman’s Hut was one of the original buildings on the property - and we can’t wait to see what magic they’ll work on it! It is sure to be just as amazing! The paddocks outside the Hut just seemed to be an endless 150 acres of rolling hills providing the perfect setting for all the local wildlife. Kangaroos line the hilltops and although we weren’t lucky enough to see them, there are deer that regularly make themselves at home grazing the paddocks. After our tour of the Hut itself, Clancy took us to meet Frank, resident horseman, farrier and horse trainer. >


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Clancy can be quoted saying that ‘Frank is not just a horse trainer, he is a Master Horseman’; a compliment of very high regard. With his quiet manner and gentle approach it’s no wonder he has such a great reputation when it comes to handling horses. Clancy explains, “Frank is very proud of his horse hut too, so we must go and have a look at that.” So we did. “We love having Frank here working with horses. For people to come and see someone training, it’s great. For any large horse riding business, there’s different kind of really important positions. We see Frank as our Horsemaster. He helps not only maintain the horses, through trimming their feet, and breaking them in, training them and working them, but he’s also heavily involved in choosing them too - filtering through, training them. So that’s the kind of job for our Horsemaster.” > >


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Frank’s Hut, where trail rides depart is located opposite the hut, complete with yards, seats and the obligatory row of helmets for trail riders. Whether you’re up for a whole day in the saddle, just want a nice plod around some pretty scenery, or even if you feel like a trip to the pub, there’s a ride to suit you. Is there anything else that could be packed into this property?

It makes it so appealing too, having a horse trainer on site who is able to help you work through some of your horse’s problems. So don’t think that this retreat is just for accomplished riders; in fact, It’s very reassuring to have help on hand if required. Oh, and did we mention there’s an arena behind the house that guests are able to utilise? If trail riding on the Chum Creek horses is more your style, you can choose an hour trail ride to the top of the hill (more about that later), two and a half hour rides, and then day rides to the pub, or day rides to the wineries. We continued our tour with a trip to the top of the hill, from which the views are spectacular. We met the horses, who were all extremely friendly and more than willing to hang around and join in the conversation. One young bay gelding in particular provided endless entertainment stealing the show over the picturesque view (that he was constantly blocking whilst photo bombing endless shots!). All of the animals on the property were well cared for, affectionate and at ease with visitors walking amongst them. And again, every time you turn around - even at the top of the scenic hill, there’s Ruby, faithfully following us from location to location, happy to be out and about. > >


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As Clancy tells us, “Ruby comes on every trail ride.” Although the property is the ideal getaway for the horse enthusiast, you don’t need to love horses to appreciate what’s on offer. (Or, if you’re dragging the non-horsey partner or the kids, there are other activities close by to keep them occupied...) Aside from beautiful surroundings, the local township has enough to keep everyone in the family happy. There is golf at the RACV Country Club, Healesville Sanctuary is always a fun day out, Badger Creek Weir is a great spot for a picnic and walking the trails, Maroondah Reservoir Park, Healesville Racecourse, restaurants, cafes and wineries; there’s a lot packed into this one little town! The Chum Creek Hut is so animal friendly, even your well behaved family pooch can stay.

No need to trawl the internet for your next holiday destination, we’ve already found it. For the ultimate of getaways the only thing left for you to do is make your booking.... Go on – We guarantee you will NOT be disappointed. Visit the Facebook page at:

or contact Catherine at to secure your booking now.

> 44

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? s a m t s

i r Ch

why it may not be such a good idea...


t’s every little girls dream; waking up on Christmas morning to find a pony under the tree. Most parents would love to be able to give their child that thrill - But then reality sets it - this is not a toy that can be discarded when the novelty wears off. While I am sure that there are many people who would not allow this to happen, the truth is that it’s an all too common occurrence. The thought of buying a pony needs careful consideration before the actual purchase. Statistics show that a percentage of ponies end up being taken to the sale yards (where they end up in the hands of the first person willing to pay a meagre sum for them, with no guarantee of a good home) or suffer a worse fate of being neglected and left in paddocks unattended. Don’t get me wrong, there are so many well cared for and loved ponies who are kept as pets or riding ponies, but the other side of this story is sad but very true. If you are considering buying a pony as a gift ask yourself these questions: y Has my child shown considerable interest in ponies? y Has he or she attended horse riding lessons for a reasonable period of time?

y Does he or she understand the care involved? (Owning a pony is not all about riding!) y Has my child shown a proven track record of working hard to meet the needs of a horse or pony? y Where will you keep the pony? A backyard is not sufficient space. An acre per horse is the recommended stocking rate for land area. y How will you feed the pony? A proper, nutritionally balanced diet for your pony is required. Sufficient roughage (grass or hay) must be provided at all times, plus the addition of hard feed if grass or hay doesn’t meet your horse’s nutritional requirements. y Can you afforded vet bills for the pony? Routine costs include annual dentistry check ups, vaccinations, and worming, plus a little extra on hand is always required in case of an emergency.

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HORSECARE y If you already have a property, is it adequately fenced? Barbed wire is not recommended. Ay wire fencing must be strained correctly. y Does your fencing ensure safety of your pony? y If you already have horses, do you have the additional space, time and finances required for another equine? y Do you have time to check on your pony at least once a day? Whether you plan to keep your pony at home, or at another agistment, you need to be able to ensure you are able to check and tend to your pony every day without fail. y If you buy a pony who has behavioural issues or doesn’t quite turn out to be what you expected, are you willing and able to seek the professional assistance/ training that may be required? The initial purchase of the pony is not all that you require. In addition to cost of feed, farriers, vet bills, vaccinations, dentistry, worming and grooming equipment, you also need to kit your pony out with tack that fits. Yes, ponies also need to have their saddles fitted by a professional. Your little rider will also require an Australian Standards approved helmet (new is always a better option), and a back protector should be a priority purchase. A second hand helmet might seem like a good idea, and can still be an option if in very good condition; however, once a

helmet has absorbed an impact the inner foam can compress and it is much less likely to be effective in a fall. The cushioning will also degrade over time and will not ensure adequate protection.

Here’s what to allow for the first twelve months (an annual price guide, if you like) plus an estimate for your initial requirements:

Pony - Obviously the initial purchase price is variable, however, if you are looking for a ‘been there, done that’ safe, educated, mother’s dream pony, with a great temperament, expect to pay no less than $3000 (no guarantees!) You might well be able to pick up a pony for you child for somewhere under the $500 mark, but buyer beware. Often, you get what you pay for. Investing a couple of hundred dollars in a vet check prior to purchase is also a good ideas, to verify that the pony is fit and suitable for your purpose.

Initial costs: Pony- $3000 Vet check - $300 Saddle & Saddle fitting - allow $1000 for purchase and fitting. prices vary, but fitting is incredibly important.

Floating/Transport fee - up to $400, depending on whether you will move the pony yourself or if paying for professional transportation. Note: If you are a first time pony owner or inexperienced with towing living animals, we highly recommend engaging the services of a professional, transport company.

Bridle - $50 Bit - $40 Saddlecloth - $60 Halter & Leadrope - $20 Grooming Kit - $30 Feed Bucket -$10 Storage Bins For Feed -$80 Rug (if required) - $150. While generally hardy, some ponies may require a rug throughout the colder months, depending on breed and climate.


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s i c n a r F n a I DVD COLLECTION





t e s h c a e 5 6 1 $

alsovailable... a



ALL FOUR FOR $550 - SAVE $110


Learn as Ian (6 times High point and 6 times AQHA

Working Cowhorse Champion) rides and evaluates Clinton Anderson’s two futurity prospects in both herd and fence work. For any rider wishing to advance his horse on cattle for Cowhorse, Campdraft and Team Penning - a comprehensive DVD.

THREE FOR $440 - SAVE $55


Available at Contact Ian Francis 0741686082 The Stable Magazine


HORSECARE Initial costs: Some people have some pretty crazy ideas about what is acceptable when it comes to keeping ponies. We have heard some absurd stories ranging from, ponies don’t need dentistry because their teeth are smaller, you don’t have to feed a pony because they stay fat all the time, owning a pony is just like owning a dog and all sorts of other ridiculous things. At the end of the day, regardless of size you are still purchasing a horse and your pint sized horses requirements are the same as that of a large horse, just in smaller portions. There is a wealth of information available to all and its all courtesy of the internet, there really isn’t any excuse to not seek the information that you require to guarantee to well being of your new friend. Any Equine Veterinarian would spend a few minutes on the phone helping you with your queries or concerns, I call my vets randomly with questions and they are always very helpful. So how do you choose an appropriate pony? There’s more to it than picking the colour that you like or choosing the little fat fuzzy one because it’s cute. If you don’t know what to look for, again hire the services of

someone who does. A lot of trainers and horse handlers have a wealth of knowledge and usually can suggest a few places to begin your search. There are a lot of equine rescues across our country and most are very selective when matching their horses/ponies to new homes. They have usually spent a period of time getting to know the animals in their care and may also be a good place to start. If it sounds expensive that’s because it is, without a doubt ponies and horses can cost a small fortune. If you don’t have the funds or the required time for a pony you probably shouldn’t get one, it is far cheaper and less time consuming to go on trail rides every weekend. If you don’t have the knowledge then you need to be willing to learn, we all started somewhere. I literally went trail riding, bought the Trading Post news paper on my way home (yes in the olden days, when it was in print) and within two days had my very first horse. Ask for help if you don’t know what you are doing. There is no such thing as a stupid question, the stupidity lies in not asking it.

am e r d the


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y t i l a e r e th

Pro 250 POWERFUL 250 WATTS MOTOR • • • • • • • • • •

Professional single speed clipper Designed for horses, cattle and large dogs Runs at a quiet 68 decibels CE approval with S.A.A. approved electrical cord and plug Comes with two carbon steel blade sets Standard 1mm blade set gives a close 1-2mm clip length Spare 3mm blade set gives a longer 3-4mm clip length Weight approximately 1300 grams Lubricating oil Cleaning brush

• • • •

Special screwdriver Spare pair of carbon brushes Operating manual with warranty 12 months local warranty




Proudly distributed by National Equestrian W H O L E S A L E R S

National Equestrian W H O L E S A L E R S

National Equestrian Wholesalers THOMASTOWN VICTORIA The Stable Magazine




Photonic Therapy Photonic Therapy Photonic therapy is an advanced form of traditional complementary medicine using light to stimulate recognised acupuncture points. No needles are used. Photonic Therapy involves safe, low frequency red light (not laser) which supports the healing of conditions and injuries in people and animals. Photonic Therapy draws together scientific principles from the disciplines of mathematics, physics, biochemistry and bioenergetics. It is easy to appreciate how photonic therapy promotes healing in people and animals by reviewing the basic understanding of how Skin, Acupuncture and Light works.


Our skin has bioelectric sensing systems and as the largest organ of our body, has three main functions – protective, sensory and thermoregulatory. Humans are not alone in having bioelectric capability as this also exists in the skins or outer coverings of fish, reptiles, and mammals. By touching our skin we can change its electrical potential. When skin tissue is compressed, a well is formed which is negatively charged at the bottom and positively charged at the top edges. This is due to collagen, a subcutaneous connective tissue, which has components that are piezoelectric (responds to change in pressure) and pyroelectric (responds to changes in temperature). Collagen registers the difference between the positive and negative charged areas of the skin and this helps the body to recognise, via the nerves to the brain, whether the touch was by a soft point (a finger), a sharp point, a gentle or a severe intrusion into the skin.The electrical potential of a person’s or animal’s skin can be used to assist in healing. The skin can be


stimulated by light on known acupuncture points instead of needles.


Acupuncture is a therapy which stimulates healing through the properties of the skin. Acupuncture has been used for healing people and animals throughout history. Significant knowledge has been gathered for both intradermal methods (piercing the skin with Bian stones, fish bones, bamboo splinters, silver, gold and stainless steel needles, flower drums, seven star hammers) and externally applied techniques (massage, acupressure, cupping, moxibustion). Acupuncture, as a therapeutic modality is as strong, if not stronger, than western medicine. The World Health Organisation accepts that acupuncture works, and recognises 2,066 accepted acupuncture points. An acupuncture point is slightly more positive (5 to 45 millivolts) and slightly more acidic (the reduction/ oxidation potential is a basic measurement of the acid/base potential of the tissue)

The Stable Magazine

than surrounding skin. By stimulating a set number of acupuncture points, with light or other methods, the healing of a range of illnesses and injuries in a person’s or animal’s body can occur.

Light Interacting With Skin Western medicine has long accepted the reliability of electromagnetic diagnostic tools. It is widely and clearly understood that the application of a magnetic field on skin induces an electrical field. Applying light to tissue induces an electrical field directly and safely. Collagen, within the skin, converts light energy into a charge which is detected by the nervous system. It is the pyroelectric effect of collagen which facilitates the action of infra-red light, just as it facilitates the action of cold packs, hot packs and warming gels. Light penetrates tissue in relation to its power and wavelength.

What is Red Light (Photonic) Therapy and how can it assist your horse? We at The Stable asked Wozen Photonic Therapy these very questions, so read on to find out how acupuncture without needles can assist in the areas of pain menagement, skin conditions and a range of other ailments.

When red light is placed on an acupuncture point it promotes the AMP cycle (the cellular energy cycle) directly. The attracted white-blood cells release the hormone serotonin, not histamine, increasing the circulation in the vicinity of the wound, reducing pain and changing the acidity (the redox potential) of the tissue. By applying a red light to the area and making it negative in relation to the surrounding tissue, the wound subsequently heals and scarring is minimised.

For more on Photonic Therapy, and to watch brilliant instructional videos, visit the WozenPhotonicTherapy website at

PHOTONIC RED LIGHT THERAPY Ad design by The Stable -


Acupuncture without needles The Horse Info Pack contains several different elements for assisting a wide range of horse conditions. Contained within a flash drive are detailed instructions for more than 40 horse conditions which can be easily printed for use in the stable and at events. In addition, the pack includes a 52 minute video demonstrating how to assess ailments and concerns in horses, and an interactive presentation which provides comprehensive descriptions and diagrams of photonic therapy for horses. Safe and easy to use.

DESIGNED TO ASSIST: GENERAL CONDITIONS: • Anxiety or Nervousness • Arthritis • Diarrhoea or Scouring • Equine Viral Diseases • Exercise Induced Pulmonary Bleeding (EIPH) • Eye Disorders • Performance Maximization

• Performance Stress Recovery • Stomach Ulcers • Tetanus • Tying Up (Azoturia) • Scars • Wind Sucking (Cribbing) • Wound Healing • Urinary Problems

SKIN CONDITIONS: • Hives • Itchy Skin • Excess Sweating • Lack of Sweating (Anhydrosis) • Cushing’s Disease FERTILITY & BREEDING: • Cystic Ovaries or Ovarian Colic • Lactation Increase • Lactation Reduction at Weaning

• Induction of Labour • Increase fertility in both sexes • Neo-natal Constipation in foals • Prolapsed Uterus • Retained Placenta EMERGENCIES: • Calming • Colic • Stop Bleeding 0414 515 400 Wozenphotonictherapy is your one stop shop to help with pain management and other ailments for yourself, family, horse & dog.

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TuffRock EJF supports synovial joint fluid, cartilage, ligaments, tendons & bones for normal, healthy freedom of movement in horses of all ages. Just one 50 gram scoop a day (per 350+ bodyweight) in feed can support; Collagen Types 1, 2 and 3, Healthy Mucosal Linings, Normal Gut acid, Toxin Removal. Use with Conditioner Plus when needed in the evening when worked hard to help maintain normal physiology. Search ‘TuffRock Australia’ on Facebook for more information or email

Handy ng Fillers! ki oc St The safer way to tether your horse! Equitie provides an instant, reliable breakpoint should your horse panic. Equities are: • Strong yet flexible • Easily moved • Weather resistant • Made in England

Ideal for the stable, yard or float! Available in pink, blue, black and lilac. Groom in style with the Noble Outfitters EquinEssential Tote, which fans are giving

DRINK UP KER Drink-Up is a highly palatable blend designed to encourage horses to drink water. Drink-Up is a scientifically formulated, complex combination of ingredients which work together to increase a horse’s willingness to drink. 54

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perfect five star reviews. An array of compartments keeps all your grooming equipment and show preparation products easily at hand, while a mesh base allows dirt and spilt liquids to fall through.

Pictured in Blackberry. Available from Saddleworld & independent stockists. RRP $79.95.

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RRP $34.95


Keep your feet dry, warm and clean in these versatile, waterproof all rounders. Perfect for the stable, out in the paddock or even in the saddle. Come with a built in spur rest. European sizings.

National Equestrian Wholesalers range is available through most major retail outlets and you can order through your nearest stockist or online:

IM EQUESTRIAN LEATHER BELTS Available in 7 colours. RRP $39.95

EQUINADE MIGHTY BRIGHT Equinade Mighty Bright is an amazing rinse that will whiten, brighten and remove stains from tails, manes & coats. It is designed to remove yellow tinges and stubborn stains without damaging the hair. Equinade Mighty Bright can also be used to reduce the intensity of brassy, red tones and soften harsh grey tones.


Proud-Aid is a distinctive formulation to aid in the prevention and treatment of Proud-flesh It also aids in the treatment of scratches, wire cuts, mud fever, skin irritations and other skin disorders in horses. A must have item in every tack room!


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Thiamine (Vitamin B1) supplement used to treat the symptoms of thiamine deficiency including hyperirritability and nervousness in horses.

DRESSAGE DIVA! Perfect for the divas in your life! Get it in on a black t-shirt OR a white one, on phone cases and more. See the range in our Red Bubble store!




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EQUINADE GLO-SHO CLEAR ENAMEL An easy, fast drying, brush on clear enamel finish for show hooves that has been designed to enhance the natural appearance of your horse’s hooves. Available in 250ml & 500ml tins with a handy brush cap!



Have peace of mind knowing your horses always have something to eat for longer periods AND that you are saving up to 46% on wastage when using a GutzBusta® Slow Feed Hay Net over your round bale. Have healthier, happier horses! Sizes available: 4 x 4 round bale -$127.50; 5 x 4 round bale - $137.50; 6 x 4 round bale - $147.50.

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EQUIFEAST ULTIMATE The only calcium and magnesium free antacid, probiotic and prebiotic blend to support both the stomach and the hindgut in a simple to use supplement format. From $1.40 a day

4 DVD Set

4 DVD Set

3 DVD Set

4 DVD Set Perfect to tuck into a Christmas stocking, the Noble Outfitters range of mix ‘n’ match peddies and gloves in bright colours and ‘horsey’ prints are the perfect blend of fun and practicality. Both are lightweight, breathable and machine-washable.

A great gift idea; hours of entertainment packed with training tips, hints and information. DVD SETS - $165 each.

SPECIAL! 3 DVD SETS - $440 - save $55 All 4 DVD SETS - $550 - save $110!

Available from Saddleworld & independent stockists. From RRP $19.95

Contact Ian Francis 0741686082

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Fall in love with Peppermint Kiss, Breyer’s 2015 Holiday Horse. Dressed in luxurious crimson and feathers, and adorned with peppermints and candy canes, choose from the Traditional scale Peppermint Kiss (RRP $79.95) or the resin Stirrup Ornament (RRP $29.95). Sure to delight horse lovers and collectors of all ages!

Available from, Horseland, Saddleworld & independent stockists.

Holistic ​support for healthy joints and natural freedom of movement. Powder for dogs of all ages, highly palatable, added too feed once a day. Supporting joints, muscles, tendons and ligaments.

Visit for more information. Search ‘TuffRock Australia’ on Facebook for more information or email


HORSE STUFF BIG BAG A big bag for carrying your riding gear. You’ll be amazed how much it holds!

Horse themed shoulder bag decorated with diamonte horseshoes and with zip and an adjustable shoulder strap. RRP $59.95.

National Equestrian Wholesalers range is available through most major retail outlets and you can order through your nearest stockist or online:


The Stable Magazine

This roomy bag folds down flat to fit inside a smaller version of itself, also included in the price. The smaller version makes a handy carry bag.

25% OFFLY!


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IAN FRANCIS Learn as Ian (6 times High point and 6 times AQHA Working Cowhorse Champion) rides and evaluates Clinton Anderson’s two futurity prospects in both herd and fence work. Ian will talk you through step by step as he assesses the pair and describes what Clinton needs to do to address any problems and to keep the horses advancing to a competitive level. For any rider wishing to advance his horse on cattle for Cowhorse, Campdraft and Team Penning - a comprehensive DVD. Single DVD - 2 hours - $70.

EQUI-JEWEL Equi-Jewel is a scientifically formulated, high-fat, low-starch and cool-energy feedstuff with added vitamin E, selenium and calcium. Equi-Jewel is the original, research proven stabilised rice bran conditioning supplement.

Contact Ian Francis 0741686082

EQUIFEAST BREAK FREE Designed after extensive field trials this unique formulation utilises the power of chelated calcium to help horses poisoned by high oxalate pastures to manage their calcium properly leading to excellent bone quality, improved movement and a greater sense of wellbeing. Loading from $3.66 a day. Maintenance from $1.28 a day

EQUINADE LIQUID LEATHER SOAP Saves you time! With one application, leather is cleaned, preserved and conditioned! Contains glycerine, lanolin and a carefully selected blend of premium waxes and oils to clean and nourish all leather articles. Available in a handy 500ml pump pack. The Stable Magazine 59

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RRP $33.00

Grooming Kit with Body Brush, Dandy Brush, Curry Comb, Mane Comb, Hoof Pick & Brush plus zip bag for storage in Red or Blue with scattered with colourful stars.

$9.95 $6.95

National Equestrian Wholesalers range is available through most major retail outlets and you can order through your nearest stockist or online:


Designed in the UK and hand-crafted from top quality vulcanised rubber, Rockfish wellies are as tough as they come, but cute enough for the catwalk. An extra cushioned insole provides comfort, while an adjustable gusset fits wider calves. Stay dry and look awesome with five styles and colours to choose from.

Available from Saddleworld & independent stockists. From RRP $129.95


The Stable Magazine

The unique chelated calcium calmer that helps your horse to focus and concentrate. Improved decision making and judgement, increased stamina and faster recovery after work. Absolutely no sedation (unlike magnesium).

Loading from $3.66 a day. Maintenance from $1.28 a day.

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Gifts to help yourself and your


four-legged friends WOZEN PHOTONIC THERAPY

DOG & PEOPLE PHOTONIC THERAPRY KIT The Dog Info Pack consists of a Flash drive containing detailed Adobe PDF booklets (Microsoft and Mac compatible) for assisting over 35 different dog conditions. Each booklet provides full instructions and clear visual examples of the specific points for each condition in an easy to use format that can be either printed or viewed from computer, e-reader or smart phone. The Dog Info Pack also contains a support file which provides more in-depth information. People Book: Some conditions able to be addressed include Headaches, Back, Knees, Sciatica, Neck & Shoulders, Viral Infections & many more.

0414 515 400

World’s​first energised volcanic poultice superior leg support after hard work & great for floating. Supports any swellings, torn muscles, bowed tendons, wounds, greasy heel, rain scald, insect bites or after needles. Search ‘TuffRock Australia’ on Facebook for more information or email



Great Gift Idea! Heaps of creative designs! Check out the range of high-quality re-usable stencils suitable for brushing and painting shapes onto your horse’s coat. They are made in England from heavyweight rubberised magnetic vinyl, so you can easily store them on the shed or float wall! They contour to the horse, work like traditional quartermarking templates and can be used to build up a symmetrical pattern on the coat. Use either with colour sprays or brushed on as a traditional quarter marking stencil. The Stable Magazine


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Powerful immune system support that works miracles for allergies like Queensland Itch, hay fevers and eczema. Brilliant to support healing after injury and fabulous effects to keep infections at bay.



HORSE KIT The Horse Info Pack contains several different elements for assisting a wide range of horse conditions. Contained within a flash drive are detailed instructions for more than 40 horse conditions

From $3.70 a day but maintenance often as low as 75 cents. Look smart in a matching ROM saddle pad and ear bonnet set in one of this season’s elegant colours — opal green, wine red, sky blue or poppy. Saddle pads are anatomically shaped and available in dressage or general purpose styles. Ear bonnets are beautifully crocheted with smooth cotton yarn.

which can be easily printed for use in the stable and at events. In addition, the pack includes a 52 minute video demonstrating how to assess ailments and concerns in horses, and an interactive presentation which provides comprehensive descriptions and diagrams of photonic therapy for horses. Safe and easy to use.

0414 515 400

THE CATCHBALL A safe, soft, durable, air-filled rubber ball with coloured spikes that’s easy to grab and throw. A fun toy for both stabled and paddocked horses. 28cm diameter.

RRP $29.95 Available from Horseland, Saddleworld & independent stockists. Saddle pads RRP $69.95, ear bonnets RRP $29.95.


The Stable Magazine

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The ultimate in grooming made in Sweden, ergonomically designed, and oh-so-luxurious!

Great Gift Idea!

h Kit Borstiq Banana Brus (5 pieces) - Just $125


Create a soft, shiny, healthy coat, with long lasting shine and fantastic lingering fragrance. Easily untangles knots and seals the hair strands to prevent staining and discolouring. Available Sizes: 500ml with spray, 1lt, 2.5lt. 5lt, 20lt

Includes three bananashaped Borstiq brushes, a mane/tail/massage comb and a hoofpick with stud spanner. It all comes with a stylish hemp tote bag. A 200gsm poly cotton ripstop weave with sturdy mesh inserts offer horses & ponies protection from harmful UV Rays, Flies, Coat Fading whilst allowing for airflow to keep them cool on the hottest days this summer. 4’3” thru to 6’9”.




RRP $74.95

National Equestrian Wholesalers range is available through most major retail outlets and you can order through your nearest stockist or online:

Gentle GI action to naturally support dogs with sensitive stomachs, picky eaters or symptoms like itch, hot spots, reflux, stomach pain, bad breath or loose stools, bloat. ​

Visit for more information. Search ‘TuffRock Australia’ on Facebook for more information or email

The Stable Magazine 63

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Australia’s FREE Online Horse Magazine

Christma *








BIO-BLOOM TUFFROCK CONDITIONER PLUS Some horses need help and support maintaining their condition. This can be due to stresses such as stabling, preparations, pre-training, floating, racing, competing, increased workloads, breeding, pasture changes, adjusting to different feeds. It is with these stresses in mind that we developed TuffRock Conditioner Plus, supporting horses of all ages. Made in a liquid form, paste over tongue or add to feed. Show condition from inside out.

Search ‘TuffRock Australia’ on Facebook for more information or email

EQUIFEAST ESSENTIAL DAILY CARE Zero calorie feed balancer with full spectrum vitamins and minerals plus essential oils and limiting amino acids for fabulous hooves and coat. EDC is magnesium free as so many Australian diets over supply this important but potentially dangerous mineral. From 87 cents a day.


The Stable Magazine

A dual-action supplement designed to promote and maintain healthy hoof, coat and skin condition from the inside out. Bio-Bloom is the ideal hoof and coat supplement for all types of horses.


MOULDED VINYL PLAYBALL 15CM This classic shaped horse playball is made from very strong, hard vinyl and will withstand many hours of horseplay! The moulded mouthgrip allows the horse to easily pick it up and throw, or it can be used as a ground playball Diameter is 15cm so this is a great toy for minis, ponies and foals - or for any horse! It can be filled with sand or water if ON SPECIAL! extra weight is desired. Was $28.95 - Now $24.95!

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as Gift Guide *













The wozenphotonictherapy “Super Red Light” was developed to address the larger areas on animals.

The finest quality gloves, handmade in England. Everyday and show gloves available in various styles. Custom-made gloves a speciality!


0414 515 400

SHOWCRAFT DIAMONTE STIRRUP LEATHERS Quality Black Stirrup Leathers with “Bling Insert”. Available in 1”x 50” (Childrens) and 1 1/8”x 56” (Adult) sizes. RRP $39.95.

Luxury competition shirt with all-over print, standup collar with crystal application and tie loops.


National Equestrian Wholesalers range is available through most major retail outlets and you can order through your nearest stockist or online:

The Stable Magazine 65

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GUTZBUSTA® SALT LICK NETS Don’t let your precious salt lick be wasted, trampled or weathered! Use a Gutzbusta Salt Lick Net! These are available with or without a pink rock salt lick. So you can add your own salt lick if you wish, or purchase a pink rock salt block from us. GutzBusta® Salt lick Nets will enable you to hang your salt lick off the ground. No rope goes through your salt lick, so it won’t fall to the ground as it gets licked away. Less wastage, no fuss!



A perfect present for the cowgirls and cowboys in your life - also a fantastic family night out. Featuring live bands, foods, refreshments and children’s rides. Book your tickets now:



Horse themed hand bag decorated with sparkling diamonte horseshoes with zip closure and double carry handles. RRP $59.95.

National Equestrian Wholesalers range is available through most major retail outlets and you can order through your nearest stockist or online:



The Stable Magazine

Let your horse PLAY! An Equi-Ball is the perfect gift for your horse or pony this Christmas! Available NOW in a 110cm size, plus new smaller size 63cm for the littlies!

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If you think so too, order the shirt! Available in mens, women’s, unisex, scoop and v-neck styles for under $30!

A premium blend of waxes and oils, including coconut oil to preserve and protect all leather goods, naturally. Creates a luxurious softness. Perfect for show season! Keep your leather supple and enjoy the beautiful coconut aroma!


9 $59 FREE with delivery!

HORSE FLOAT ANNEXXE The ultimate present - perfect for weekend shows and your next horsey camping trip. Comes with a full 2 year warranty.

For more details please call Warren at Betta Marquee today on 1300 627 189

NUTREQUIN An economical blend of essential everyday nutrients to meet requirements of horses and ponies that are aged, recovering from illness, growing, working or breeding. The Stable Magazine


ecreTArY: egan Hyde


ASON OFFIcer: l Pickering

STOP PRESS: Come, join us if you can, Open Day and Social at

New England Brumby Sanctuary (NEBS) Sunday 6th December. New foals, horse handling, BBQ, a great family day out. Gates open 10 a.m. More info.?? contact

OrSe cONSuLTANT: hilip Snell

eLFAre OFFIcerS: onya Rhodes egan Hyde

rehoming. Website will have updates. It’s been another progressive and productive year at STB. A group of The fertility control trials to date are erriment all round and a very beautiful paint mares from Oxley Rivers showing excellent results as we go into ete with candles was a big hit OmmITTee memberS: N.P. arrived in August and all in foal, our second year of research. Treated red in Cowen the goodies and thanks chelle ourney to join us; it was a lovely to date, two adorable new fillies have mares have not fallen pregnant, groups allum Snell arrived and more are expected. We are settled and contented and the argery Boylan also accepted four Brumbies from stallions are not showing any interest in ecently from Townsville arin Ross Carter the ladies. ent which resulted in the death the RSPCA that were the subject of SAVE THE BRUMBIES INC. Protection & Preservation of Australia’s wild horses a neglect case. These horses came er hitting a deceased horse ONOrArY AuDITOr: Progress results have to go before from CHARITY KNP. CFN 17516 Tax Deductable Non Profit Organisation ABN 62 101 380 939 ain Sanger raised concerns aboutREGISTERED eter the scientific community for approval cull was conducted despite All new arrivals have settled well and before information is formally released he locals and wide media ember of the WSPA are now in good condition. Most will to the public. We will keep you all vidence BN 62 101that 380 the 939 horse was be added to our fertility control trials updated in 2016. has many hundreds of wild egistered charity CFN 17516 and we have the extra nd management non existent. Australia hasis many thousands of wild brumby horses. bonus of three separate Slaughtered andrep. ground and left to die; tiny foals e can do about it.from Ourair Qld. ax Deductable groups perish oflocal starvation without their dams. of horses; i.e., Guy act with the authorities on Profit Organisation Fawkes N.P., Oxley Rivers Jill Pickering the ABA has of the Australian This is thefrom shameful attitude Government; it N.P. and Kosciusko N.P. ng methods of control forand thethe carnage is barbaric and cruel continues. er, we can only hope they take Brumbies from different The small percentage of horses that are trapped ‘humanely’ areas of the country vary nquiries via email: haveare further news becomes loaded onto as trucks and transported to abattoirs. The terror considerably in istype and of these wild horses as they face eventual death horrific. this could be of interest to est: This Several peopledue are to keen is directly the failure of our Government to hone: (02) 6655 2224 the outcomes of the trials. nic atinstigate our Bellingen Sanctuary a long term national management policy of control, Adoption program n, Carlos Tabernaberri. preservation and protection Our for the Australian Icon, the ATrON: will continue in 2016 ded Brumby previous clinics have Horse. This is the reality and we ask “Why?” ndrew Stoner xperience however we need as weanlings become other nations wild horse sanctuaries and controlled etiredInMP mbers of participants before available and any others breeding programs are an integral part of Government Policy; is tohere, cover the costs involved. we consider suitable forare in Australia such policies are non-existent, bullets Mares With Foals New mares withNew foals eible gratefully acknowledge theor months to consider the easy solution. nimal public assist It’s been another progressive and productive year at STB. so ifloving anyone is who interested Save the Brumbies is a candlelight in the immense darkness comment by the end of the year. urther information. Sponsored th funding these magnificent A group of beautiful paint mares from Oxley Rivers N.P. arrived that engulfs the Australian wild horse, we receive no Important: Dotwo take a fewnew minutes of NPWS News: ake part for those who do in August and all in foal, to date, adorable fillies have orses. Government Funding and we rely on a caring and aware your to access NPWS four website arrived and more are time expected. We also accepted Brumbies es and observers are always public to continue our work.There’s Come with us and to share the not much add from the from the RSPCA that were the subject of a neglect case. These and read the Draft Plan. Your input is riety of in inteddream, by accommodation Mid we Coast askPrinting, you, “Why not?” horses came from KNP. previous reports. Plan of Management vital; public opinion should be taken into 8 Hyde Street, Bellingen All new arrivalsaccount have settled well and arefinal now Plan in goodiscondition. for KNP should be available for public before the released.



Caring For Australian Wild Horses

reSIDeNT/TreASurer: an Carter

Ice PreSIDeNT: effrey Carter

ecreTArY: egan Hyde

ASON OFFIcer: ll Pickering

OrSe cONSuLTANT: hilip Snell Horse Available: STB SAXON WeLFAre OFFIcerS:

onya Rhodes egan Hyde


Horses offered for adoption this year have found good homes with the exception of gelding STB Saxon. He’s at our Bellingen Sanctuary, rising 3 y.o. and a superb youngster. Well handled and loves people. Contact Jan Carter at Save The Brumbies for info.

OmmITTee memberS: Stable Magazine 68 TheCowen ichelle

Christmas Cheer To All!




New England Brumby foals, horse handling, More info.?? contact in Most will be added to our fertility control trials and we have the extra bonus of three separate groups of horses; i.e., Guy Fawkes N.P., Oxley Rivers N.P. and Kosciusko N.P. Brumbies from different areas of the country vary considerably in type and this could be of interest to the outcomes of the trials.

Our Adoption program will continue in 2016 as weanlings become available and any others we consider suitable for rehoming. Website will have updates.

It’s been another progress productive year at STB. A beautiful paint mares from N.P. arrived in August and to date, two adorable new The fertility control trials to date are showing excellent results as we go into our second year of research. Treated mares have not fallen pregnant, groups are settled and contented and the stallions are not showing any interest in the ladies. Progress results have to go before the scientific community for approval before information is formally released to the public. We will keep you all updated in 2016.

We hosted two visits from local TAFE students

studying animal welfare and also environmental issues. Education and awareness is part of our policy; we cater for study visits regularly at both Sanctuaries. Young people love to meet the Brumbies and learn more about them.

Meet our young volunteer, Jade Mitchell, now helping Jan at Bellingen with the horses.

‘This pony is all mine’ says Tommy

STB Tommy, alias Ranger found a wonderful new home in Bangalow with Beate Sommer who runs a retreat for people needing R. & R. Her horses are part of the therapy process and Tommy is an ideal addition to her mob as his temperament is so lovable and gentle. Anyone wishing to visit contact email: beate.sommer@

eservation of Australia’s wild horses Snippets & Snorts

December News

December 2015 eDITIO We hosted two visits from local TAFE students

STOP PRESS! Education and awareness is part of our policy; we cater studying animal welfare and also environmental issues.

WSNEIGHER: Another interesting snippet from W.A. comes

from Cheryl Hedges, proud owner of STB Ayla. Now competing in Endurance events Ayla is leaving those Arabians well behind. This game little mare passed all her vet checks with flying colours and finished a commendable fourth from a large field in her first event. Congratulations to Cheryl and Ayla and thanks for showing horselovers what our Brumbies are capable of given the chance. STB Tommy, alias Ranger found a wonderful new home in Bangalow with Beate Sommer who runs a retreat for people needing R. & R. Her horses are part of the therapy process and Tommy is an ideal addition to her mob as his temperament is so lovable and gentle.

Jade gives STB Jock a workout

for study Sanctuaries. YoungBrumby Come join usvisits if youregularly can, Open at Dayboth and Social at New England Jade is a great rider, confident and experienced. She people love to meet the Brumbies and learn more about Sanctuary (NEBS) Sunday 6th December. hopes to make a career in horses and working with our them. New foals, horse handling, BBQ, a great family day out. Brumbies giving volunteer, her heaps ofJade practice. Jade doesn’t Meet ouratisyoung Mitchell, now Gates open 10am. mind cleaning up manure either !!!!!!!!!!!! helping Jan at Bellingen with the horses. For more info contact

Support the horses this

Adam’s Rave

Christmas ... some gift

Rudolph is gearing up and getting ready to visit us, I’m keen to meet him with my reindeer ears and my empty hay net which I hope will be filled with goodies to beautiful eat on STB Calendar 2016, photos ... Christmas morning. Our birthday STB was logosocaps ... that giant party cool and Sunflower Pony book ... very carrot cake sure made us all happy. Lulabelle and Maggie Sunflower Filly book ... disgraced themselves and had a New release The of Sunflower big fight about a...piece cake left Brumby, the story of Adam. over. (Lulabelle won.) Visitors were not impressed them. I’ve books. been Kids love thewith Sunflower told to keep my Ravegives shortSTB ‘cos Jock a workout Jade All of the above ... $20.00 each including postage there’s lots of news to report in and packing. Jade is aso great She this issue I justrider, want confident to wish youand all aexperienced. very Merry Christmas hopes to make a career in horses and working with our and hope thatfor Santa stardust over the wild 10%wediscount twowill orsprinkle more orders. Brumbies is giving her heaps of practice. Jade doesn’t Brumbies out there and keep them safe.

ideas for you:

TMAS CHEER TO ALL ‘This pony is all mine’ says Tommy

STB Tommy, alias Ranger found a wonderful new home in Bangalow with Beate Sommer who runs a retreat for people needing R. & R. Her horses are part of the therapy process and Tommy is an ideal addition to her mob as his temperament is so lovable and gentle. Anyone wishing to visit contact email: beate.sommer@

ome, join us if you can, Open Day and Social at Sanctuary (NEBS) Sunday 6th December. New Another interesting snippet from W.A. comes BBQ, a great day out. Gates open 10 a.m from Cheryl Hedges, proud ownerfamily of STB Ayla. Now competing in Endurance events Ayla is leaving those Arabians well behind. mind cleaning up manure either !!!!!!!!!!!! This game little mare passed all her vet checks with Go STB Ayla No. 123 out in front

An interesting snippet from W.A. comes from Cheryl Hedges, proud owner of STB Ayla. Now competing in Endurance events Ayla is flying and finished a commendable from a leavingcolours those Arabians well behind. This game littlefourth mare passed all herfield vet checks colours and finished a commendable large in herwith firstflying event. fourth from a large field in her first to Cheryl Congratulations to Cheryl andevent. AylaCongratulations and thanks for and Ayla and thanks for showing horselovers what our Brumbies are showing horselovers what our Brumbies are capable of capable of given the chance.

STB Mascot Adam.

Support the horses this

rehoming. Christmas Website ...will have updates sive and some gift the chance. Agiven group of The fertilityideas control trials to date are for you: m Oxley Rivers STB Calendar 2016, beautiful photos showing excellent results as ...we go int STB logo caps ... d all in foal, our secondSunflower year ofbook research. Treated Pony ... The Stable Magazine 69 Sunflower Filly book ... w fillies have This is just an exerpt from The Save The Brumbies

Newsneigher - for more info and to get a copy of the full newsletter, visit the Save the Brumbies website.


What Happened In

Adelaide Words: Anna Sharpley/FEI Photos: Julie Wilson/FEI


The Stable Magazine



hane Rose created history by taking first and second places at the Adelaide International 3 Day Event, second leg of the FEI Classics™ 2015/2016 series.

Holding on to first place with his Dressage leader, Felicity and Elizabeth Wischer’s CP Qualified, and testing the owners’ nerves by using up his fence in hand, he claimed victory for them with a 1.50 penalty lead. He then jumped clear on Michelle Hasibar and Brett Jones’ Virgil, and it was this round on the Vivant gelding that seemed to please him the most.

“The only way to win is to have horses that don't knock the poles down,'' declared a delighted Rose. Disappointing Dressage scores aside, Rose has challenged the Rio 2016 Olympic Games selectors to ignore him at their peril. He intends to take both horses to Europe next year with a run in the Aachen CIC three-star on the radar as a hope-to-be Rio warm-up. New Zealander Clarke Johnstone also came to Adelaide with Rio on his mind and his third place and classy performance riding Balmoral Sensation, that jumped clear in the tough final Jumping phase, put a shot across the bows of the UKbased Kiwis. Johnstone, who campaigns the talented grey in 1.50m Jumping classes, intends to head to the UK in April or May next year. We predicted that Western Australian Sheep farmer Sonja Johnson would be in the hunt in the end, and indeed she was. Johnson was in two minds to come, as her horse suffered a bad overreach not long before it was due to travel to the event.

“He really had a poor preparation, as I have only been able to ride him for a few days.''

Shane Rose & CP Qualified

But once on the start list they both gave it their best shot, and Dressage aside the slight in stature, but big in heart Thoroughbred produced one of just four final phase clears to move from 15th place after the Dressage to fourth. Sonja Johnson and her tough little Thoroughbred will not be far from the selectors’ minds when it comes to making Rio team decisions. Michaela Martindale again proved the benefit of a clear stadium Jumping round, and moved from 16th, to 12th and then to fifth riding her Queensland-bred Hanoverian, Kinnordy Gatow by Gymnastik Star. Katja Weimann would have been disappointed with her two fences down aboard BP Flamboyant, which left her in sixth place after such a promising start. All 24 who completed the Cross Country phase passed the final veterinary inspection and it was also pleasing to see how well international traveller Fernhill Present (stable name Hilly) looked on the final day. Alice Dunsdon (GBR) was well received by the crowd that certainly appreciated her effort to get to Adelaide and Hilly lowered one fence to finish in 16th place.

The Stable Magazine



Shane Rose & CP Qualified Shane Rose & CP Qualified

Christine Bates & Adelaide Hill

Katja Weimann & BP Flamboyant


The Stable Magazine

Horses Inside Out

Australia Tour 2016

World Renowned Anatomy and Biomechanics Expert Gillian Higgins from Horses Inside Out will be hitting the shores of Oz in 2016 to bring her amazing Horses Inside Out Extravaganza to us. She will also be running some one and two day workshops in WA and VIC

E v en in g Extravaganz a: Fri 8th April WA & Sat 16th April VIC One Day Owners Work shop: Sun 3rd April WA CPD Course for Equine Therapists: Tues 5th & Wed 6th April & Fri 15th April VIC Biomechanics Workshop: Tues 12th & Wed 13th April VIC

To find out more about these events check out our facebook page: Event Organiser: Jessica Blackwell 0407 850 0033

The Stable Magazine


SUMMERPREPARATION OUT&ABOUT The sun shone again on the final day at Victoria Park Grandstand with a best-ever crowd attracted to the event. Children were admitted free this year and nonhorsey families were given a wonderful introduction to horse sport.

e h t n i t n e v e y n a s a d o o g s a e v o l I d “This is n a t i f o d u o r p e r a e world - w coming here.''

veryone: e r o f it id a s Shane Rose


The Stable Magazine


Betta Marquee is proud to release their 2016 Model

Horse Float Annexe JUST


with FRE





The new model is now 2.5m x 2.5m x 2.5m square and has a full PVC roof to make it waterproof. The new model also has a centre pole at the front to help strengthen the frame in wet weather. Our horse float annexe is great for sleeping in overnight at an event, camping or just getting out of the sun and into the shade during the day. The horse float annexe comes with an aluminium frame with adjustable quick release roof poles and adjustable height from 2.1m to 2.4m, which will fit most horse floats or caravans. Our annexe is the ultimate in convenience. The annexes are easy to set up and just takes two people. Due to their compact nature, they pack away easily.

Set-up time is approximately 10 to 15 minutes. They are constructed with commercial grade Rip stop nylon. At the base of the walls there is PVC mud or water splash backs in grey. All three walls can be removed with zippers and this allows you to use the annexe as an awning during the day. You will require an annexe channel (not supplied) to be either screwed or riveted to side of horse float or caravan. Then just slide the storage bag of the annexe through the aluminium channel - that’s all there

Comes complete with set-up instructions, storage bag, sewn-in lining bag, pegs, tie down straps and two removable curtains. • Total weight: 19kg (including the alloy frame) • 50% fly screen / clear windows with outer cover • Available in two colour options: off white/blue and off white.

is to it! The frame has Quick release clamps with 28/25mm alloy used with steel joints.

For more details please call Warren at Betta Marquee today on 1300 627 189 The Stable Magazine


The range of premium quality Equinade

Leather Care Products Equinade Glycerine Leather Soap A soap cake containing a high glycerine content to help soften leather while it cleans. Ideal for: saddles, boots, harness, bridles, apparel and upholstery. Available in a 220g tub.

Equinade Natural Leather Dressing Made from the finest natural ingredients including lanolin, paraffin and bees wax. For all leather goods. Use to waterproof, seal and form a barrier of protection from the rain and drying heat. Available in 200g, 400g, 2kg, 3.5kg.

Equinade Coconut Leather Conditioner Equinade Coconut Leather Conditioner is a premium leather care product that will preserve and protect ALL leather goods. Now available in a handy 220g tub, the formula has been enhanced to be more absorbant to deeply penetrate leather fibres. For Best Results apply after cleaning leather with Equinade Leather Soap.

Equinade Leather and

Deluxe leathe with lanolin. Pen fibres quickly fo pliability. Does stitching. Resto and ensures saddlery. Availa 1lt, 2.5lt,

Equinade Light Nea

A premium qu oil which is h to remove a Restores le original softnes and preserves 500ml, 1lt, 2.

These pro Premium quality animal and leather care products

Sharing in the caring of horses for over 30 years 76

The Stable Magazine

Ad design by The Stable -

e Original d Saddle Oil

er oil blended netrates leather or softness and s not damage ores dry leather s long life to able in 500ml, 5lt, 20lt.

Equinade Liquid Leather Soap Cleans, preserves and conditions. Suitable for the finest leather. Cleaning agents remove sweat, grime and dirt whilst the lanolin and waxes preserve leather. Available in a 500ml pump pack.

e Premium atsfoot Oil

uality neatsfoot highly refined ll impurities. eather to its ss, repels water s. Available in .5lt, 5lt, 20lt.

Equinade products have been sharing in the caring of horses for over 30 years. Equinade is an Australian owned company and all of our products are Australian made for Australian conditions. Choose to use premium quality products from the Equinade range which cater for Leather Care, Coat Care, Hoof Care and Animal Health.

oducts are available from your local produce or equestrian store. The Stable Magazine


The Stable Magazine’s









Grooming Coat Sheen Body Spray





3 x 500ml packs of Equiheal HOOF-SOLE-HIDE






1 x Small 4cm GutzBusta Hay Net - valued at $21.95!




NRG ProPlaits & NRG No-Nots



RIDDEN CLASS: Dressage/Flatwork




1 x gorgeous leather bridle






Winner’s choice of WTP bit!


1 x 100g tub of PROUD-AID





Prescot Diamonte Horseshoe Shoulder Bag, valued at $59.95

Horse Argyle Long Socks


FIRST PLACE PRIZE: KER Jacket, KER Saddleblanket, KER Haybag, Free Diet Analysis, & feed scales

The Stable Magazine








$50 Gift Voucher for shopping online at


$50 Gift Voucher!





TuffRock EJF (Equine Joint Formula) 2.5 kg





A brilliant Horsezone Jacket!





‘Picture Perfect’ Collectable Breyer Model Horse Set

Every class is FREE to enter! Enter your photos online using our entry form at

Entries close January 20th 2016. Results will be published in the February issue of The Stable.

ENTRY TERMS AND CONDITIONS: Entry is FREE for as many photos as you would like to enter. Photographs entered in The Stable Magazine’s Photo Show must be taken by the entrant, or, if they are photos by a professional photographer, written permission from the photographer is required to allow entry of their photo in this competition, as well as permission to publish it (with a credit!) in the event that it receives a placing or special mention. Photographer’s permission slips MUST be emailed through to competitions@ prior to the closing date of the comptition (20/1/16). It is the responsibility to the entrant to ensure photographer’s permission. The Stable will accept no responsibility for publication of images submitted by entrants whatsoever. Entry forms must be complete to be accepted. Judge’s decisions are final. Results to be published in the February issue of The Stable Magazine.

PRIZES First place in each class is awarded a prize from the class sponsor. Ribbons awarded to 6th place in every class.. But wait! There’s more! Turn the page to see our PRIZE PACKS!


The Stable Magazine


The Stable Magazine’s 2015


BONUS CLASSES Every photo entered in The Stable’s 2015 PHOTO SHOW will also receive automatic entry into the following BONUS CLASSES:

THE STABLE’S CHOICE BONUS CLASS: THE STABLE’S CHOICE Our favourite photo will be awarded a gorgeous 2015 Photo Show Rosette and a prize pack including a Stable Magazine t-shirt and showbag.

EQUINADE READER’S CHOICE BONUS CLASS: EQUINADE READER’S CHOICE A 2015 Photo Show Rosette and and Equinade Prize pack consisting of Equinade Protein Conditioner, Equinade Coconut Leather Conditioner, Equinade Hoof Grease and Equinade Glycerine Leather Soap will be on it’s way to the winner of our Equinade Reader’s Choice Class. The top 10 finalists will be added to an album on The Stable Magazine’s Facebook page and a public vote will be held to decide the winner! > 80

The Stable Magazine

Design by The Stable -



The comprehensive vitamin, mineral and protein inclusion has been designed for:

| Pregnant and lactating mares | Weanlings and yearlings | Spelling horses

Features of Feed and Breed: | High quality digestible protein for muscle and bone growth

| Yea–Sacc®, a live yeast which improves fibre digestion and slows starch fermentation

| Chromium yeast helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels

| Vitamin E for immune and reproductive functions.

| Magnesium for hardening bone | Full fat soya contains essential fats for a shiny coat

Please visit for more information. Feed and Breed can be supplied in 20kg bags, 1 ton bulk bags or bulk. Yea–Sacc® is a registered trademark of Altech Biotechnology Pty Ltd

The Stable Magazine


The Stable Magazine’s 2015


MAJOR PRIZE PACK One lucky winner will be the recipient of our MAJOR PRIZE PACK - as well as having their photo featured on the cover of The Stable’s February 2016 issue! Every photo entered will be considered for our February 2016 cover image and in the running to win our MAJOR PRIZE PACK - including all of the goodies shown below!


R 2015






KY KENTUC EQUINE : CH AR RESE er Horse Wat ts: en m Require Facts 5 Important

spr ing clean


ing chooSHs OW


Escapades ’s en of childr




Showcraft Summer Ripstop Rug - Valued at $49.95!







1 x small 4cm Gutzbusta® Slow Feed Hay Net



wjump FEI Sho



Drink Up


! s plus the chaonvceer! WIzN ze our c ing pri be on Ama horse to ur for yo

blema w.thesta


The Stable





Pack including NRG Team Prize

NRG ProPlaits, NRG No-Nots, NRG Pink Noze & NRG Pro-tect.

Roma Buzz Away Fly Mask


KER Haybag, Free Diet Analysis and feed scales

$50 Gift Voucher!

WINNING TONGUE PLATE BIT - WTP bit of winner’s choice! Horsezone cap & $40 listing voucher Equinade Prize Pack Leather including Coconut ine cer Gly r, ne Conditio Grease Leather Soap, Hoof ner. and Protein Conditio


The Stable Magazine

g $50 Gift Voucher for shoppin plies! online at Kingston Horse Sup

Microfibre Coat Shine Mitt

3 x 500g packs of Equiheal HOOF-SOLE-HIDE

Formula) 500 gm TuffRock K9 JF (Canine Joint






Uniquely formulated to aid in the prevention and elimination of proud flesh • Minimizes scarring and promotes healing in the treatment of cuts and wounds. • Helps protect from gross contamination and invasive dirt from entering the wound. Ad Design by The Stable -

• Aids in the Treatment of wounds, scratches, wire cuts & other horse disorders

• Bandaging is not necessary but recommended.

Proud-Aid is a distinctive formulation to aid in the prevention and treatment of proud-flesh. It also aids in the treatment of scratches, wire cuts, mud fever, skin irritations and other skin disorders in horses. Proud-Aid is a smooth textured paste that is easy to apply and is non irritant to the horse. It helps protect from gross contamination and invasive dirt from entering the wound. Proud-Aid dries rapidly, stays in place and can be used without bandaging.

Showjumping Instructor “Just wanted to say how impressed I am with your product, my horse has had a huge proud flesh problem since early this year and I have tried numerous medications (none have had the results that I am now seeing since applying Proud Aid a week ago, it has reduced the proud flesh by half already). I have just ordered my second jar and will highly recommend your product to anyone with similar issues I have had....thanks again for making available such a great product!”




8 Conducted state clinics for Vic, Tasmania and WA, showjumping and eventing squads. 8 Assistant at national clinics in all states. 3 1 2 8 National coach for Youth Olympics 2005, and assistant coach at WEG 1998. 8 Riders on both National and State squads.


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Equines & Bu I

n times of crisis, people worry not only about their

family and property but also about their livestock and pets. There are steps that horse owners can take to prepare themselves in case their property ever lies in the path of an advancing bush fire. The key to survival is forward planning and self-reliance. As As all Australians know, the fires during the Black Saturday event showed us that no one, and no creature is ‘safe’ from an uncontrolled bush fire. Fires leaped highways, lapped at the city fringes, engulfed entire towns, and travelled at a speed that outpaced our emergency service communications and warnings. Areas that we traditionally believed to be safe were not. It was a horror that not only affected thousands of families, but also decimated, and left both domestic and native animals dead and mortally injured. We all must learn from the Black Saturday fires, the magnitude of the devastation, the impediments faced when attempting to mount relief efforts, and the unpreparedness of authorities for an event of this scale. One thing that was driven home during our latest major fire event is that at the end of the day, when the crisis hits, you are on your own. The Country Fire Authority emphasises that bush fire protection strategies include forward planning. You are responsible for developing a survival plan for your family and horses.

Leave or stay? ... it’s your decision The first and most important thing to decide is whether you intend to stay on your property if there is a bushfire. Assess your risk from a fire and understand how safe your property would be if a fire occurred in the immediate area. If you decide you will leave, with or without your horses, you must do it early on a high-risk day, and in advance of knowing there is fire in your area. The announcement of a Total Fire Ban should be the trigger for your decision.

Late evacuation can be deadly.


The Stable Magazine

ushfire The risk of losing life and property during a bushfire is influenced by: • the location, aspect and accessibility of your property; • the amount, type and location of surrounding vegetation; • the condition and placement of buildings; • availability of water; • your physical capabilities and those of family members and/or employees. Everyone’s situation differs according to the size and nature of their horse enterprise. That’s why each and every horse owner needs to develop an individual survival plan - coolly and calmly, before the hot weather arrives.

Have a plan If you live in a high risk area it is essential to develop a fire safety plan before the fire season. This may include: • A plan for early evacuation of horses to a safer district. Horse evacuations present unique problems. Make arrangements ahead of time for a place to temporarily relocate your horses. Options may include show grounds, sale yards, parks, racetracks, pony club grounds or placement with family and friends; • Identify several possible retreat routes from your property in case fires block your escape. Decide in advance which horses you will evacuate and make sure they are suitably trained for transport;<ul> • Identifying a ‘safe’ area on the property where horses can be placed if evacuation is not possible or practical. This area should be as large as possible and may be a closely grazed paddock or be created from several paddocks by opening gates. Ideally it should have a dam with clear access. An alternative ‘safe’ area might be a large well fenced sand ménage - provided there are no trees or buildings nearby that will burn readily; • Posting your plan in a clearly visible place together with the telephone number of the local fire brigade and your property’s CFA map reference; • Making sure that everyone who lives, works or agists at your property understands the plan; • On days of Total Fire Ban, putting your horses in the designated ‘safe’ area or, if you work away from the property, you might do this the night before; • Contacting the CFA Community Service Facilitator in your area; • Having an annual meeting with neighbours, friends or other mutual interest groups to discuss fire contingency plans and establish ahead of time who will check on and help whom and which resources will be shared; • Setting up a bushfire emergency plan with the landholder if your horses are agisted; • Leaving horses in well grazed paddocks if they are on ‘weekenders’ in highrisk areas, or moving them to a safer location during the fire season.


Many thanks to Quest Equine Welfare for allowing us to re-publish this article. For a wealth of articles on a range of horse welfare topics, visit the website at While you’re there, check out the wonderful work they do and please consider taking a look at how you can get involved and assist Quest Equine Welfare in their efforts.

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Equines & Bushfire Reduce Fire Hazards  Remove all fire fuel such as excess grass, sticks, leaf litter etc. for 20 to 30 metres around buildings; 

Store hay, straw, shavings, scrap wood, fuel supplies and chemicals safely away from important buildings;

 Clean roof surfaces and gutters regularly;  Create firebreaks in strategic locations;  Develop a grazing plan to reduce fire risk;  A well maintained garden and well watered lawn will help protect the house;  Use fire-resistant plants on your property;  Post “no smoking” signs in and around the stable and in vegetated areas as appropriate;  Make sure chainsaws and other equipment are fitted with an Australian or new Zealand Standards approved spark arrester;

 If you live in a high risk area, invest in a rainwater storage tank, a sprinkler system and a fire fighting pump, and consider erecting fireproof fencing, i.e. steel or concrete posts, particularly if you own a stallion; 

If your fences are electrified, make sure the remainder of fences are ‘horse proof’. Often power is out during a bushfire.

Maintain a Fire Cache Tools to have on hand at your property:

A ladder long enough to reach the roof of buildings in case of a roof fire;

A minimum of 30 metres of pre-connected garden hose, (or adequate length to reach all parts of your buildings), with a spray nozzle;

 A shovel for clearing vegetation and throwing dirt;

Prepare an Evacuation kit  Wire cutters and a sharp knife;  Torch  Portable radio, and fresh batteries;  Water bucket;  Extra lead rope and head collar;  Woollen blanket and towels;  Equine first aid items; and  Whatever else you feel is essential for the first 24 hours. Store the kit in an easily accessible location and don’t use if for anything but emergencies.

 A rake for clearing vegetation;

Identify your horses

 Water buckets;

Permanently identified horses, (micro chipped, branded or identified by a drawing, which includes whorls and white markings), will be more speedily reunited with their owners if separation occurs during a disaster. In an emergency, at the very least, be prepared to ‘paint’ your name and phone number on the horse itself using livestock grease crayons like the ones used to number horses in endurance rides, or clip similar details on its hair coat, or paint its hooves. Neck bands, hip stickers, and identification tags on leather head collars can also be useful.

 A torch;  A battery-powered radio for monitoring news. Keep these items together in an easily accessible place. Don’t let the tools be used for any purpose other than fire fighting. Mark them with red paint if necessary. Make sure everyone who lives, works, or agists at your property know where the cache is located.


The Stable Magazine



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Equines & Bushfire 

When fire strikes You should plan on the basis that you will receive no official warning that a fire is coming. You must be aware that firefighters will be concentrating their efforts on controlling the fire. When fire comes your way, your personal safety and that of the people working with you must be your first concern, so:  Try to remain calm and alert, think clearly and act decisively;  Pay attention to weather conditions and fire behaviour. Watch for a sudden change in wind direction or speed, a dramatic change in air temperature or humidity, or smoke and ash or burning embers dropping around you;  Monitor weather forecasts and media broadcasts, especially ABC radio and local community radio stations for emergency information;  Maintain good communications with the people you’re working with. Give clear instructions and make sure they are understood;

If fire threatens Decide quickly. If you decide to evacuate with or without your horse/s, this decision must be made very early. Late evacuation is a deadly option. Once the fire is close, visibility will be very poor and travel will be hazardous. Fallen trees, power lines, abandoned cars, and even firefighting vehicles can easily block roads. Even quiet horses may panic in a float filled with smoke or when exposed to the noise of sirens.  Wear safe attire. In the event that a fire threatens you, whether you decide to evacuate or stay, the right clothes can help shield you from radiant heat, burning embers and flames:  Cotton fabrics are essential. Synthetics can melt and cause serious burns;

 Co-operate with fire-fighters and other emergency services. Your safety and the safety of other civilians and emergency personnel are their paramount concern. If your property is closely threatened by a bushfire and you cannot move your horses to a safer district:  Fill troughs, baths, sinks and metal buckets (plastic ones melt) with reserve water for later use;  Turn off power and gas and disconnect electrical fences;  Remove all equipment from your horse. Rugs burn, plastic headstalls melt, and metal buckles may get hot;  Move your horses into your previously identified ‘safe’ area;  If you take horses out of stables, close the doors to prevent them running back into their perceived safe area;

 Wear long pants, a long-sleeved shirt with sleeves down or a woollen jumper, and a wide brimmed hat;

 If you are shifting fractious horses when a fire is very close, a temporary blindfold over the eyes may help;

 Sturdy leather gloves, while cumbersome, are essential to protect your hands from painful and disabling burns;

 If hoses are still operational, wet tails and manes or drench the horse in water if it has to pass near or through fire. Early veterinary literature based on stable fires suggests that this will protect a horse from serious burns for about half a minute afterwards.

 Leather boots are the safest footwear. Tennis shoes or rubber shoes will melt, causing serious burns;  Wear a damp cotton scarf or handkerchief ‘bandit-style’ to shield your nose and face;  Goggles will help protect your eyes from smoke and burning embers. A word to the wise - condition your horse to your strange appearance ahead of time! Fire-Safe Gear for Horses

The same principles for fire safe clothing apply to your horse: Don’t use synthetic (nylon or plastic) halters or lead ropes. These may melt and cause serious burns to your horse and its handler. Leather halters and cotton lead ropes, while generally not as strong as nylon, will be safer. Don’t use nylon fly masks or other synthetic tack or equipment.


The Stable Magazine

 Remember, give your horses plenty of room to move. Past experience of bush fires indicates that horses will suffer minimal burns if given maximum space. They will gallop through flames, or around their edges, and stand on the blackened, previously burnt area and remain there until the fire has passed.  Do not shut horses in stables or small yards. Never turn them out on the road. They will be in danger from traffic and the fire. There is also the risk that they may cause a car accident, leaving you legally responsible.

The main fire-front usually passes relatively quickly (10 - 20 minutes in bushland, and a few minutes for grass fires). There is little one can do during this time. While horses might gain confidence from the nearness of humans and a calming voice, you cannot provide this assurance when smoke is everywhere and the sound of the fire is deafening. Go inside the house and do not put your own life in additional danger. Your horse will cope well on its own if it has a chance to move in open space.

After the fire has passed Deal with spot fires first. As soon as it is safe, check your horses for burns and other injuries to see whether veterinary attention is required.

Possible Problems Horses commonly only suffer facial burns, presumably obtained when they turn and run through the fire front. Other possible injuries include burns to other areas of the body, smoke inhalation, damage to coronets, and burnt and swollen eyelids, which reduce effective vision in the short-term. It is also important to check for other injuries sustained during the fire such as lacerations from running into fences etc.

First Aid Veterinarians will most probably be working under emergency circumstances and communications may be disrupted, so expect some delay before help arrives. You must therefore be prepared to monitor the progress of your horses and to administer appropriate first aid while you are waiting for professional assistance.

Skin Burns Skin burns produce severe inflammation, indicated by heat, pain, and swelling. Thus first aid must be antiinflammatory, i.e. cold water delivered by a hose or gentle sponging if you still have access to a water supply. It is also important that horses have ready access to feed and water, (if available), shade, and soft, even ground if their feet are burnt. The veterinarian will assess the degree and depth of the burns and treat accordingly. Treatment may include injections to relieve pain, reduce inflammation, and prevent infection. Intravenous fluids may be given to counteract shock. Anti- inflammatory creams may also be supplied. Check all burnt areas regularly for fly strike. The horse should be kept warm and comfortable and coaxed to eat and drink. Careful nursing is of utmost importance to recovery.

The Stable Magazine



Equines & Bushfire Smoke Inhalation

A common cause of death in fires and in the days afterward is complications from smoke Smoke inhalation.Inhalation Severe smoke inhalation can cause delayed lung damage, which may not be immediately A common cause of death in fires and in the days afterward is complications from sm obvious. Horses may appear normal after the fire, but in 3 - 4 smoke inhalation can cause delayed lung damage, which may not be immediately ob hours can become anxious, with rapid, sometimes laboured breathing and an elevated heart rate. These horses need urgent normal after the fire, but in 3 - 4 hours can become anxious, with rapid, sometimes l veterinary treatment, particularly if they have burns around the elevated heart rate. These horses need urgent veterinary treatment, particularly if th eyes, singeing of the mane and forelock, muzzle burns and a eyes, singeing of the mane and forelock, muzzle burns and a soot-stained discharge soot-stained discharge from the nose.

Re-entering Burnt Areas Care must be taken introducing horses to burned areas. There may be hot spots that could flare up without warning. Partially burned structures and trees may be unstable and suddenly fall over. Make sure the fencing is secure. Check for ash pits, (areas where root systems have burned underground), downed power lines, and dangerous debris before turning horses out in Care must be taken introducing a burned paddock.

Re-entering Burned Areas

horses to burned areas. There may be hot spots that warning. Partially burned structures and trees may be unstable and suddenly fall ove secure. Check for ash pits, (areas where root systems have burned underground), do Develop and practice your firebefore turning horses out in a burned paddock. dangerous debris

safety plan now!

Develop and practice your fire safety plan now! The distress of having a horse burnt in a bushfire can be magnified by the lack of readily available first aid measures. This can be compounded if the fire destroys The distress of having a horse burnt in a bushfire can be magnified by the lack of rea facilities and prevents any form of communication to can compounded if the fire destroys facilities and prevents any fo seek help. Good forwardmeasures. planning will This protect the be safety and wellbeing of your horses if you live in a high fire risk seek help. Good forward planning will protect the safety and wellbeing of your horse area. Carefully consider the needs of your animals when risksurvival area. Carefully consider the needs of your animals when developing your househ developing your household plan. Develop your fire safety plan now and your practice it regularly!. fire safety plan now and practice it regularly! Photos courtesy of: Danielle Hickford – Fire-affected during the Black Saturday fires. Liam Domanski – CFA Volunteer and animal rescuer during the Black Saturday Fires.

Article re-published with huge thanks to Quest Equine Welfare - For further reading on what to expect after the fires, check out After_the_Fire_Front_Equine_Care_QEW.pdf


The Stable Magazine

Thank you to our amazing volunteer Fire-Fighters

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Equines & Bushfire Resources ACT Fire Brigade ACT Fire Brigade

NSW - RFS NSW Rural Fire Service


uest Equine Welfare is making a meaningful difference in the lives of neglected and at-risk equines through

direct intervention, education, community outreach, the raising of awareness, and through hands-on rehabilitation of surrendered Horses, Ponies and Donkeys. Quest accepts cruelty and neglect cases for rehabilitative care

NT - Bushfires NT

regardless of the breed, background, age, sex, or size of the equine

Bushfires NT

be treated with dignity and respect, no matter their perceived

‘value’ in human terms. These Horses, Ponies, and Donkeys are

- a policy founded on the belief that all living creatures should

ultiimately placed into the permanent care of appropriate and

QLD - RFBAQ Rural Fire Brigades Association

compatible adoptive homes. Quest aims to promote humane standards, public awareness, and education regarding the care and responsibilities of horse ownership through community outreach, direct assistance, and through example. Quest believes that education and cultural

SA - CFS Country Fire Service

TAS - TFS Tasmania Fire Service

change are the long-term solution to improving the welfare status of equines, both at an individual and at an industry level. Quest strives to stay abreast of serious issues concerning equines in today’s society. Through social media and its website, Quest promotes understanding within the community of the ethical and informational details of pertinent issues. Aid, articles, and resources are also made freely available to the community via the Quest site. Quest works in a spirit of partnership, with energy, commitment, and knowledge, to promote and achieve the highest welfare

VIC - CFA Country Fire Authority

WA - DFES Department of Fire & Emergency Services


standards in all areas of the human ‘use’ and husbandry of equines. Equines surrendered to Quest are not placed into foster homes for the period of their recuperation. All facilities, expertise, and care is provided entirely by Quest volunteer personnel, all of whom are dedicated to working together to achieve the best possible long term outcome for each and every equine surrendered into Quest care. During their stay with us, equines in care truly become a part of the ‘Quest family’, and we hope that each of them feels the security of ‘belonging’ while they are with us.. so important.

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Is your horse re


think it was my 3rd Ken F back in 05 or 06 when a with a stunning black ho what you are doing and pu on this mare because she attention – and that was ju

Within 5 minutes she had dema in a lot of other ways – she was of her lead, leaving the owner w The horse wanted to be at the s horses, to eat grass – basically t do anything but stand quietly an to start. So the owner handed th and we ended up watching an im basically the program we were t coming 4 days.

After Ken had finished running t and asking the horse to ‘put her walked to the group together – and a lot more sweaty than whe And don’t get me wrong – that h the end of that lead – all Ken did with her was channel the energ expend, in order to get her to a be spoken to.

But this is an article about feed training, though the 2 intertwine give much thought to.

When Ken arrived back to our g questions and asked us what we someone asked a question in re temperament of the horse. Kens “there is nothing wrong with the her party clothes and she’s not

I have since heard Ken say that – and it still resonates with me. school of thought where you fed a day (whether he needed it or n really make the connection with badly and what you put in its mo growing up we heard ‘oats will m


The Stable Magazine

0412 592 033


Tanja Kraus Horsemanship

eady for his ‘party clothes’?

Faulkner Clinic, lady walked in orse, I mean, stop ut both eyes e demands your ust in looks.

anded our attention s dancing on the end without much control. stalls, to see the other the mare wanted to nd wait for the clinic he lead over to Ken mpromptu demo of there to study over the

through ground skills r manners back in’ they both a little more tired, en the day had started. horse wanted to go on d while he was working gy that she needed to place where she could

vs energy – not about e a lot more than we

group, and invited we had learned, egards to the s response was – e horse, she is just in ready for them”.

about a million times I come from the d your horse twice not), and you didn’t h your horse behaving outh. Of course while make him crazy’

and other tidbits of knowledge – but nothing really concrete. When I was younger I fed my horse twice a day and he was fine – looking back now I realize that his workload (me riding every day after school and all day each day on the weekend) required him to be fed that much. As I got older and my commitments changed, I got a new horse and started competing in dressage. Tank was a lovely boy, but had his share of ‘issues’ and it was probably around this time I started meeting people who spoke to me about what impact feed had on him and his behavior. I remember him getting to a point where he would really ‘jack up’ and I called an acupuncturist – she had a chat with me about feeds and asked me to feed a certain way for a week – a ‘detox’ if you will. She explained to me that the show feeds I was feeding him were high in protein, and if I wasn’t working him enough to use the protein, it could lead to problems like him ‘tying up’. I still didn’t really ‘get it’ (that comes much later in the story!). I remember heading to the feed store and they were out of my normal feed – so they sold me a different product, assuring me it was ‘pretty much the same’. It wasn’t – my horse went ‘off the wall’ nuts. And, you know what ? I still didn’t make the connection – I went back to the acupuncturist, the chiropractor, you name it I did it – because my horse was usually so ‘quiet’ that this behavior surely had to be a pain factor (in my mind). Then my instructor asked me what I was feeding him – and nearly strangled me when I told her. I took the feed off him and within a week or so he went back to his usual self. This is an extreme case and one that you may, or may not relate to, but the more time I spend training horses and their people, the more understanding I have of horses and their dietary requirements and how they relate to behavior. So, back to our ‘party clothes’. I start young horses under saddle, and I have had them arrive in all sorts of conditions – grass fed, hard fed, stabled and fed, overfed. I have had them dropped off in their ‘party clothes’ and I have had them dropped off just ‘looking like a horse’. I can tell you now – the ones that ‘look like a horse’ get further, faster than the ones who are

dropped off looking like they could head to a royal show. The reason for this is – horses are not designed to be fed and digest synthetic feeds. STOP! – Before you get defensive let me try and explain where I am coming from. I feed all of the horses in my care – mine, and the ones here for training. They are in no way starved so they perform, or so they are quiet or anything like that – these are methods that I do not believe in, and quite frankly don’t work. What I am saying is that the horses that are in their ‘party clothes’ are generally more reactive and less thoughtful, than those that are not. I believe the reason for this is that they have an excess of energy in their body which hinders their ability to have rational thought instead of ‘reactions’. That’s why you can feed a paddock horse hard feed or grain and see no outward signs of behavioral issues – until you do. What I mean by that is, you may be able to do many things with your horse – groom him, lead him around, even ride him with ‘no pressure’ and not notice anything – and then you may ask him to perform something new, something he doesn’t understand, or a ‘pressure’ situation (horses perceived pressure – not yours) and all of a sudden you have an (in human terms) irrational fire breathing dragon on your hands. This is because they are too ‘hot’ to think. And its not about the type of feed that you feed either – cool feeds, hot feeds, pellets, whatever – it is all additional energy. Think about it in human terms – if I fed you a body builders diet for a couple of weeks and you did nothing to increase your energy output, you would just get fat. Horses don’t only just get fat – they get reactive. Watch them in the paddock for a while – are they on edge ? Spooky ? Reactive to the slightest thing ? Maybe they do have their ‘blood up’. How do you think they are going to react when you sit up on top and ask them to do something ? This article mainly refers to a younger or inexperienced / uneducated horse. The older and more educated they get the more easily they are able to control their reactive side.

The Stable Magazine



Think about kids – you are having a sleepover or party or whatever, and at some point you decide to give them lollies, chips and soft drink. Are you a) going to give it to them half an hour before you want to put a movie on and have them quieten down and start going to sleep ? Or are you going to give it to them half an hour before they are heading outside to play games for an hour or so ? I know that those of you with kids are laughing right now at trying to get a bunch of ‘sugared up’ kids to sleep! Your horse is the same! It is energy input vs energy output – every days feed should be different! Yes – different! What energy did your horse expend today ? none ? Don’t feed him a hard feed – just hay! What energy is he going to expend tomorrow ? A big endurance ride ? Then feed him extra! How much energy is he truly expending when you ride ? Are you riding for an hour at trot and canter ? or are you just meandering through the trail for 20 minutes ? It is not always going to be that way – I am not saying ‘never feed your horses hard feed’, what I am saying is make sure the training is in there before you do. He has plenty of time to look like a stunning show horse – but make sure everyone is looking at you for the right reasons. Generally during the first week of a horse being here they get lots of hay and a small hard feed, and by the time they go home they may be up to a couple of hard feeds a day – because I ride them every day, and I mean ride them – not just walk around. I know a few older horse trainers who think I am truly mad for feeding any hard feed – young horses simply are not ready for it – but I do, mainly because I have limited grass, and I also know that they are going to go home to be hard fed – so I want them to be able to ‘handle it’ as much as they can. I know a lot of people who just feed their horses hay. Thats it – and to be honest

it is probably the best thing for them. It makes us feel good to buy the shiny bags with the yummy smelling feed, and we love how our horse whinnys out when we are feeding them – but the truth is – he is a forager – he is designed to eat grass. Plain old, grows in the ground boring grass. Heaps of it! When someone calls me with a behavioral issue one of the first questions I ask ‘what are you feeding ?’ I just worked with a mare today who had been on the skinny side just a few weeks ago when the owner bought her – and has put on tens of kilos in a very short time, and is now a fire breathing dragon. I worked with her at liberty for a while, and after getting through the squeals and the kicks at me, and the ears back, I found a really sweet little horse – who is ‘sugared up’ to the eyeballs – which the owner had already come to the conclusion that it may be the feed as she was a sweet and kind mare when she bought her. In fact the trainer that worked with the horse before me said that it was ‘the meanest horse he had ever worked with’. I did not see a horse that was mean – I saw a horse whose diet made her irrational. I could make this article go on forever – the debates will come in about ‘cool feeds’ etc etc. I want to stress that I am not against feeding in anyway – in fact I feed my horses oats (gasp!). However my horses are trained before I introduce extra energy into their systems. The reason I write this article is because maybe it may save you or someone you know an injury one day – it sounds really dramatic, I know, but Phil and I were talking the other day about some of the truly dumb stuff you see people doing with horses, and Phil said “its because 30 years ago everyone knew someone who had died in a horse accident”. And thats probably true – years ago we knew, and accepted how dangerous horses could be (the horse always kicks, the gun is always

Ask Tanja...

loaded) and somewhere along the way its turned into “I trust her with my life”. I am going to finish the article with a few facts on feeding horses that I think we sometimes forget. Fact; Horses are foraging animals. Designed to eat and digest primarily grass. Fact; Horses are prey animals. They are designed to move many miles each day, grazing on grass and other foliage which they will get different nutrients and minerals from. Fact; When we domesticated horses, we put them to work, and they worked all day. Hard. And got a cup of oats or cracked corn and plenty of hay/chaff (white) at the end of it. If they were lucky. Fact; We have bred horses to be better ‘doers’ than ever before – and we still feed them like they are stick thin. In summary; the biggest issues with horses in this day are that they are over bred, over fed or under ridden. I do not advocate keeping horses thin – come and check mine out they are all ‘well covered’. The message I am trying to get across – train them – and then put the feed into them. My mission in life (profound I know) is for horses and humans to have wonderful lives together – safe, confident, happy. Question – why do we want skinny humans and fat horses ? As humans we are often ‘offended’ by obesity in our own kind, whether this is cosmetic, or for health reasons – but we are happy for our horses to be obese – they face the same issues fat humans do – heart disease, diabetes, laminitis – we are slowly killing our horses because it makes us feel good to look out into the paddock and see them big and fat.

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it and with floating would indicate some early training. Her story with PHHWV begins in they got a call from the RSPCA about a group of horses that were being kept in far from re was a lack of water supply and, in addition, a couple of the mares were nursing foals. particular, had been placed under a ‘Notice to Comply’ for Veterinary Treatment as she well. PHHWV contacted the owner and discussed the possibility of surrender. Over tiations, the owner agreed to surrender the particularly unwell mare and her foal to ng horses were taken by concerned locals, who had contacted the RSPCA in the first


Peggy’s Story

had been dealing with the owner and the RSPCA made a date and time to come and Upon arrival it was found that the mare was indeed in very poor condition, with a BCS of al of approximately 4 months was also unhandled. marewith (whose name w PHHHW Peggy is a bay Standardbred mareold born in October 2007.totally Her early years are a mystery butThe her familiarity the bit and with floating would indicate some early training.of Herfood story with begins January 2012, got had a call from the RSPCA aboutIn a th ) was happy to follow a bowl up PHHWV onto theinfloat, butwhen thethey foal other ideas. group horses that were beingthe kept in far from conditions. Therechute was a lack of water supply and, inPeggy addition, aand coupleher of thefoal mares(no over anofhour to corral foal upideal a makeshift into the float. were nursing foals. One of the mares, in particular, had been placed under a ‘Notice to Comply’ for Veterinary Treatment as she was very were then gently transported to their Short Term Carer.

thin and unwell. PHHWV contacted the owner and discussed the possibility of surrender. Over several days of negotiations, the owner agreed to surrender the particularly unwell mare and her foal to PHHWV. The remaining horses were taken by concerned locals, who had contacted RSPCA “Notice to Comply”, the initial treating Veterinarian visited to make a secondary the RSPCA in the first place.

The initial examination showed that she was quite unwell - she had elevated respiration ates and her gums were pale. A full blood work and stool sample were taken and she was anThe initial ofhadsteroids. When the and test PHHWV dose Rep who been dealing with the owner the results came back it was found that she wa RSPCA made a date and time to come and collect the horses. Upon gut albumen levels and there was the presence of faecal blood. Thankfully, faecal egg arrival it was found that the mare was indeed in very poor condition, icating that parasites were not a problem. It was hoped that having good quality feed with a BCS of about 1.5. Her filly foal of approximately 4 months old d for digestive tract), wasan alsoupset totally unhandled. The mare (whosethe namesteroids we were toldand proper care would correct things, but at h her respiration and heart rate slowed was Peggy) was happy to follow a bowl of food had up onto the float, down, she still had the faecal blood. The pre but the foal had other ideas. In the end not it tookbe 8 people over an hour the Veterinary Clinic for a full exam (such as d foal meant Peggy could taken into to corral the foal up a makeshift chute into the float. Peggy and her picion was that she either had ulcers or cancer. It was decided to begin treatment for

foal (now named PHHWV Opal) were then gently transported to their Short Term Carer. As a follow up to the RSPCA “Notice to Comply”, the initial treating sion was reluctantly made to wean PHHWV Opal. Opal was nursing frequently, but for sho Veterinarian visited to make a secondary assessment on Peggy. The ated that she wasn’t getting much milk. was also thought that she was draining Peggy initial examination showed that she was quite unwell - sheIt had Opal had already started onand solid food was decided that this offered Peggy’s best elevated respiration and elevated heart rates her gums wereit pale. blood work and stool sample were taken and she was vaccinated herA full recovery. and given an initial dose of steroids. When the test results came back was found thatcoped she was anaemic, had altered gut bonded albumen levels ell itand Opal admirably and with her new nanny. Once she had recovered out and caused the gastric ulcers. To add to her list of problems a and there was the presence of faecal blood. Thankfully, faecal egg was decided to move her to a different Carer’, dental oneexam who hadvery the time to, buccal work with her and revealed sharp points ulcers and an ulcer counts were low, indicating that parasites were not a problem. It severalany inchesfurther long on Peggy’s tongue and was a myotherapist found ans. To ensure that Peggy was not placed under strain, she Pregnancy was hoped that having good quality feed programme (designed for of mus-cle and skeletal through previously her thoracolumbar ully up negative). As been withevidence a stallion less thantrauma 4 weeks an came upset digestive tract), the steroids andshe properhad care would correct region which was suspected to have been caused by difficulty foaling. bethings, seenbuton the scan), she given a Prostaglandin injection to make sure. at the next visit although herwas respiration and heart rate With veterinary treatment, dental treatment and supporting had slowed down, she still had the faecal blood. The presence of the alternative treatments (such as myotherapy, Bowen and homeopathy), nkfully final) visitPeggy Peggy’s all returned to normal. The thought is that the unhandled foal meant could not vital be takensigns into the had Veterinary Peggy began to recover and put on weight. In the 3 years since her for a full (with exam (such scoping) but pre the suspicion was natal that andClinic birthing noassuitable or post care) followed by the stress of caring for a rescue, she has grown about a hand in height. Neglect in her early she either had ulcers or cancer. It was decided to begin treatment r water had stressed Peggy’s system out andyears, caused the gastric ulcers. To add to her along with bearing a foal whilst still so young herself, have lis for ulcers. meantand that she is developmentally a bit behind and is very fine with exam revealed very sharp points , buccal ulcers an ulcer At this time the decision was reluctantly made to wean PHHWV Opal. long legs and “rump high”. She n Opal Peggy’s tongue and a short myotherapist found evidence of muswas nursing frequently, but for duration, which indicated has been started under saddle mathat through thoracolumbar which she wasn’ther getting much milk. It was also region thought that she was was suspected to and, whilst quite “mareish” draining Peggy’s limited resources. As Opal had already started on difficulty foaling. and with a canter only a mother solid food it was decided that this offered Peggy’s best chance of could love, she is willing and hastening her recovery. ment, dental treatment and supporting alternative treatments keen. Issues with her sacroiliac The weaning went well and Opal coped admirably and bonded with y, Bowen and homeopathy), Peggy began to recover and put and suspected ovary pain mean her new nanny. Once she had recovered from the weaning it was ears since her rescue, she has grown about ashe hand height. is onlyin used for light riding. decided to move her to a different Carer’, one who had the time to was the herself, PHHWV Rep who years, along with bearing a foal whilst still soI young work with her and habituate her to humans. To ensure that Peggy collected her and rehabilitated is developmentally a bitstrain, behind is very was not placed under any further she wasand Pregnancy Tested fine with long legs her, and I fell in love with her (which thankfully came upunder negative).saddle As she had and, been with a stallionquite “mareish” has been started whilst and decided to retain her on than 4 weeks previously (embryo to be seen on keen. the y aless mother could love, shetoo issmall willing and longIssues term lease. with So now the little scan), she was given a Prostaglandin injection to make sure. At her spected ovary pain mean she is only used for horse light riding. who had so little going for third (and thankfully final) visit Peggy’s vital signs had all returned stuck in in love poor care with a p who collected her and rehabilitated her, andher, I fell to normal. The thought is that the stress of pregnancy and birthing Backyard Breeder, is a is a loved to(with retain her on long term lease. the little horse who no suitable pre or post natal care) followed bySo the now stress of family member with a promising her, stuck poor care with a Backyard caring for a foalin with little food or water had stressed Peggy’s system Breeder, is a is a future ahead of her..

PHHHW Peggy is a bay Standardbred mare b familiarity with the bit and with floating wou January 2012, when they got a call from th ideal conditions. There was a lack of water One of the mares, in particular, had been pl was very thin and unwell. PHHWV contacte several days of negotiations, the owner agr PHHWV. The remaining horses were taken place.

The PHHWV Rep who had been dealing with collect the horses. Upon arrival it was foun about 1.5. Her filly foal of approximately 4 m were told was Peggy) was happy to follow a end it took 8 people over an hour to corral t named PHHWV Opal) were then gently trans

As a follow up to the RSPCA “Notice to Com assessment on eggy. The initial examinatio and elevated heart rates and her gums were vaccinated and given an initial dose of ster r with a promising future ahead of her. anaemic, had altered gut albumen levels an 106 The Stable Magazine counts were low, indicating that parasites w

PROJECTHOPE Torry a few months after rescue

Torry before and after Torry when rescued

Short Term carer


Long Term carer

Training reps to visit and assess reports of horse neglect

Moving Horses

g Website updating / Newsletter compilin Working at an Event

PHHWV is a non-profit organisation committed to providing pe forfor iding hohope ov pr to d itte mm co on ati nis ga fit or education, rehabilitation and advocacy. a non-pro Victorian through PHHWV isequines on and advocacy. ati es through education, rehabilit Victorian equin Throughout Victoria, whenever possible PHHWV aims to:

ssible Throughout Victoria, whenever po

PHHWV aims to:

q Assist owners through education and advice to rehabilitate their own horses. te their own horses. litasick, abi reh to ice adv and ion cat q Rescue and rehabilitate any horse found abandoned, injured or mistreated. · Assist owners through edu red or mistreated. oned, sick,toinju nd aba nd fou rse ho q Provide emergency care and treatment horses. any te lita · Rescue and rehabi s. of neglected horses. horse tothe treatmenton e and q Educate community plight ency carthe · Provide emerg horses. legislation and policy. neglected y on the plight Contribute tomu thenitdevelopment of of improved government te the com · Edquca ent legislation and policy. nm gover roved imp of ent pm elo Can you help in anyway, volunteering to help out with any of the above jobs? dev the to te · Contribu Please visit our website and become a member today. s. above job of the any h wit t ou p hel to g rin tee un vol y, wa Donations can be made to Project Hope Horse Welfare Victoria, GPO box 1991 Melbourne, 3001. any in p hel Can you Become a member today. u g.a .or wv hh w.p ww te bsi r we Any you may think may be in need of help, due to neglect or abandonment visit ou asehorses Ple please phone 1300 881 606 ia, GPO box 1991 ject Hope Horse Welfare Victor Pro to de Donations can be ma GPOMeBox 1991, 3001 | 1300 881 606 | 1. e, 300Melbourne lbourn ndonment d of help, due to neglect or aba nee in be y ma nk thi y ma you s Any horse Reg No: A0027152D ABN: 96 820 500 367 please Phone 1300 881 606

Become a Project Hope Horse Welfare Member today! Visit

The Stable Magazine 107



MEMBERSHIP FORM PHHWV is a non-profit organisation committed to providing hope for Victorian equines through education, rehabilitation and advocacy.

Throughout Victoria, whenever possible PHHWV aims to: • Assist owners through education and advice to rehabilitate their own horses. • • • •

Rescue and rehabilitate any horse found abandoned, sick, injured or mistreated. Provide emergency care and treatment to horses. Educate the community on the plight of neglected horses. Contribute to the development of improved government legislation and policy.

MEMBERSHIP DETAILS Name: Business/Club or Property Name (if relevant): Postal Address: Suburb:


Phone (AH/BH):


Postcode: Mobile:

Email Address:



I have also included a donation $

Enclosed is cheque/money order payable to Project Hope Horse Welfare Victoria Inc.

for $

OR Please charge my:

for $



Card Number:

Expiry Date:

Full Name on Card: Card Holder’s Signature: OR Direct Debit (please ensure Name & Address appear on Deposit Slip): BSB: 033 624 Account: 190675

for $

MEMBERSHIP AGREEMENT I hereby apply for membership to Project Hope Horse Welfare Victoria Inc. being for the next 12 months. I confirm that I have never been convicted of an offence under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act: I am willing for my name, email and postal address to be disclosed to other members in the Register of Members and in contact regarding PHHWV volunteer tasks. Signed: Signature (Member or Parent/Guardian if under 18 years)




Melbourne and statewide, GPO Box 1991, Melbourne, 3001. Phone 1300 881 606. Visit our website to read about PHHWV Torry’s history, along with other rescue stories, 108 The Stable Magazineand learn how you can help rescue neglected horses too.

The Stable Magazine 109

TheTailEnd brought to you by...

FALLING IN SLOW MOTION Why is it that everytime you find yourself once again flung over the saddle and in mid-air, that everything seems to go into slow motion? Is it some cruel way of your brain allowing you just enough time to go, 'oh, holy crap..' - but not enough time to actually do something to fix the situation?!


f so, that is completely unfair - but a few expletives seem to be all you have the time for in a slow-motion fall situation.

Or, sometimes, it feels like it’s taking forever between the time you left the saddle, and the time you hit the ground, even if actual time equates to about one whole second. It’s those times when it feels like an eternity, and you’re somehow just a viewer watching the scene play out on a very realistic, very high definition screen. The bitch about that follows very soon after - in the impact stage, where you actually hit the ground and then spend another eternity (while your brain catches up) attempting to assess the level of pain and


The Stable Magazine

possible damage done. All very unpleasant. According to one Dr. David Eagleman, neuroscientist at Boylor College of Medicine in an article published in 2010 ( templates/story/story.php?storyId=129112147), this slow motion effect is actually the brain “going into turbo mode, and processing everything at higher-than-normal speed”. The basis of the theory is that we kick into high gear, and are then able to recollect all details clearly, which, in many falls and near-death situations (see comments on article) is one result of this slow motion effect.


SPOTLIGHT HUGE POTENTIAL 16.2hh 7yo TB Gelding $4,000

New South Wales

N Sometimes, all we have time to do is think, ‘oh, this is gonna be bad’, before our hand reaches out in front of us and the sand of the arena rushes up to meet us; but it does ring true. The minor details surrounding the fall can be crystal clear. The pink flowers in the arena-side planter boxes, or the rein slipping through our fingers as our brains try to remember everything we ever learned about ‘how to fall’. (Which, in every ‘fall instance’ seems about as useful as your instructor yelling at you to stay on the damn horse. Yup. No worries, let me just magically bounce off the sand and back into the saddle.) Some readers of Dr. Eagleman’s article insist that it is this slow-motion effect that allowed them to escape certain death - that they were able to process details more readily and thus avoid serious injury. Except for the fact when you factor in a 600kg animal with a mind of its own, and then in most cases, not a lot can be done once your bum is no longer firmly in the saddle. Great food for thought, but thanks for nothing. Come back to me when you have a solution specific to the ‘oh crap, I’m falling off a horse’ slow-motion moment. =)


New South Wales

SPOTLIGHT 3YO APPY WITH HUGE POTENTIAL 16.1hh 3yo Appaloosa Gelding $3,500 Queensland

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