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The Squiggly Newsletter Issue No. XXIV - March 5, 2009

Walmart Store #1004 - Bradenton, FL

She also recalls one of her more interesting jobs working in an ALF House (Assisted Living Facility).

From Ray’s Desk… WOW! What a great inventory number! Thank you so much for contributing all year round to these results. Overall, we ended up a .58% Shrink of total sales. The scary part is this still amounted to about $550,000 in loss. We have to set goals right now to improve on this number. Here is a quick breakdown of the top and bottom performers. For those in the top: great job! For those in the bottom: Use the resources that we have to reduce your departmental loss. Develop a short term and long term plan to make a positive impact. Top Shrink     

1) Electronics: -$167,916 2) Cosmetics: -$61,353 3) Pharmacy: -$57,737 4) Jewelry: -$30,633 5) Sporting Goods: -$28,054 Top Performers


1) Frozen Food: +$309 2) Optical: -$167 3) Dairy: +$1,461 4) Chemicals: -$1,380 5) Luggage: -$170

Don’t forget we are already moving on from our great performance. Shrink started the minute we received our numbers on inventory day. Thanks again for all the wonderful things you do for our store and company. Ray Korsch Store Manager

Written by : Support Manager Gabor

Patty has been with her husband for over 10 years. She has four children, 2 grandchildren, and one more grandchild on the way. When not at work, Patty enjoys spending time with her daughter and granddaughter, but most of the time loves to go fishing out on a boat. Cooking is another one of her hobbies, and she always manages to over cook on the holidays.

SpotSpot-Light Manager Patty started her career with Walmart a little over two years ago in the Produce Department at Store #528. She helped out in various areas of the store- and ended up as a cake decorator for a while. A few months later she was promoted to the Department Manager of Shoes. Management quickly noticed Patty’s potential and she was quickly accepted into the Assistant Manager Training Program in Melbourne, FL. After graduating the program last December, Patty became our newest Assistant Manager, currently over Softlines. Patty’s first job ever was working Produce in a grocery store called Bells.

Patty originally went to college to become a teacher- but found herself a mommy a little early on. A few years ago, she completed her classes to be a Paralegal, and was even on the Dean’s List- but decided that wasn’t the path she wanted to take. Patty’s says she is still learning, and is really happy with Walmart. She would eventually like to work on the Market Team. “Anything is possible with Walmart- you just have to have faith, time, patience, and understanding. With those four things, and with a good outlook on life- the future is up to you.” -Patty

CMN Champion

Walmart Stocks

Jane’s Funny Corner

We are in the process of recruiting a Children’s Miracle Network Champion for our store.

For the dates: 02/18/2009 through 03/04/2009

An Interview with an 80 Year old woman:

High: $50.02 (02/20/2009) Low: $47.38 (03/03/2009) Current: $48.49 (03/04/2009)

The local news station was interviewing an 80 year old woman who had just gotten married for the fourth time.

The CMN Champion would be responsible for performing administrative duties on a weekly basis, communication of all activities to the store, participation in fundraising events, organizing and leading monthly meetings, and representing our store at the Advisory Board Meetings at All Children’s Hospital. The position in not “job coded” in anyway and therefore no monetary increase would result from accepting this role. The acceptance would require at least a 1 Year commitment.


My$hare Bonus It’s bonus check time again! It looks like the payout will be $311.85 for qualifying full time associates. Please refer to one of the many printouts you can find around the store for the specific amount you will be receiving. Look for the bonus on your March 19th paycheck.

CMN Donations Month to Date: $20.00 Year to Date: $19,934.65

“He’s a Funeral Director.” she answered. He then asked if she wouldn’t mind telling him a little about her first three husbands, and what they did for a living.

☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺ She paused for a few moments, explaining that she’d first married a banker when she was in her early 20’s, then a circus ringmaster when in her 40’s, later on a preacher in her 60’s, and now a funeral director in her 80’s.

If you are interested in this role, please meet with myself, or your Co-Manager for discussion. We will begin the interview process on March 13th and conclude by the following Friday. Not all associates interested will be interviewed. Ray Korsch Store Manager

The interviewer asked her questions about her life, what it felt like to be married again at 80, and then about her husband’s occupation.

Daylight Saving Time Believe it or not- it’s that time of the year again. It’s time to set your clocks and watches one hour ahead this Saturday night (early Sunday morning).

The interviewer looked at her and asked why she had married four men with such diverse careers. She smiled and explained, “I married one for the money, two for the show, three to get ready, and four to go!”

As of 03/04/2009

FUN FACT: During Medieval Times, most Kings and Queens of various European countries went for months without taking baths because they claimed Royalty didn’t “get dirty”. Queen Elizabeth I (1533 - 1603) regarded herself as a shining example of cleanliness. She declared that she only bathed once every three months, and that was because she wanted too, not because she was dirty or sweaty. Page 99

What is Integrity?

Volunteerism Always Pays

When we ask people what integrity means, most say it means being honest. But what does honesty mean? In my years of experience I can state that integrity is defined in many different ways by many different people. People use their own morals or ethics to define their own integrity definitions. Integrity plays a major role in the retail industry. Do customers and associates that take merchandise without paying for it have integrity? These questions we cannot answer, we are not here to judge people for their perception of what is right or wrong. We can make business decisions when handling these matters with the understanding that this person is taking merchandise without paying for it. I encourage each associate to reevaluate what integrity means to them, and challenge others to do the right thing for the company. Aggressive customer service is the program and always remember we cannot judge others of their ways.

Do you volunteer for an organization in your community? Walmart encourages associates to volunteer in their community by making contributions to those same organizations. A mere 25 hours of service can get your organization qualified. Some places that qualify are:

February 2009 LP Totals: 5 Apprehension Totaling $280

Tracy D. Store Asset Coordinator

☺ Tax-exempt organizations ☺ Public and Private schools ☺ Churches and other faith based organizations For a full list and all the details, go on to the WIRE, then go me@Walmart - Get Involved Community. Thanks and Happy Volunteering! Al B. Assistant Manager ☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺

Great Inventory! I wanted to thank each and every associate in the store for working really hard over the past couple of weeks to get us ready for inventory. Your hard work and dedication paid off greatly. We had an awesome inventory! Christina Little GM Co-Manager

Safety is a Choice Sad to say- after a our huge celebration with an Ice Cream Social, we had three associate accidents. This year we can make a difference in our bonus by being accident free. Be aware of your surroundings. Know where buggies and pallets are in your work area. Know who and where the people are that you work with. If there is water or debris on the floor in the backroom- treat it as if it were the sales floor and clean it up so no one falls or slips. Work at a safe pace but remain productive. If your co-worker is not working safe, you need to say something. This is not the time to be silent. We can do better than last year if we care enough to be. Personally, I would love to have ice cream again with anything I can think of to put to top: hot fudge, strawberry, triple berry, pineapple, caramel, butterscotch, peanuts, coconut, whipped cream, and cherries. Did I miss anything? Let me know- be accident free and we will do it again.

Marilyn H. Store Safety Coordinator

FUN FACT: “The Flintstones” currently sell Flintstones Vitamins, and Fruity Peebles Cereal, but did you know that in the early 1960’s they endorsed Winston Cigarettes? The Flintstones characters appeared in several black and white television commercials for Winston Cigarettes- and most of the 1st Season episodes ended with Fred and Barney enjoying a cigarette. How times have changed. Page 100

Needles & Syringes


Super Sandwich Bales

Occasionally you might find a syringe in the restroom or on the sales floor. You should follow universal precautions when disposing of the syringe. Do the following: Put on a pair of vinyl gloves.

02/23/2009 - 03/04/2009

Did you know that by not maximizing the recycled material in a Super Sandwich Bale we will lose money? In the month of July 2008 our super sandwich bales were 68% cardboard. This is $1.1 million in potential lost revenue. Please make sure to have a minimum of 40 inches of recycled material in the super sandwich bales.

Uncap an empty plastic bottle, such as a soda or water bottle. Using tongs, pick up the syringe. Place the syringe into a plastic bottle. Do not put the syringe in needle first. Do not hold the bottle with you hand. Place the cap back on the plastic bottle.

☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺

18 Years - Victoria S. 14 Years - Asst. Mgr. Tiger 14 Years - Don S. 13 Years - Robert C. 10 Years - Rodney C. 10 Years - Melvin E. 8 Years - Terry F. 8 Years - Dennis K. 7 Years - Russell J. 3 Years - Pamela D. 3 Years - Le’Va W. 2 Years - Linda C. 2 Years - Steve C. 1 Year - Kevin C. 1 Year - Erne M.


Notes from Personnel Dispose of the bottle in the compactor. Remove the gloves and thoroughly wash your hands. Marilyn H. Safety Coordinator ☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺

BIG SECRET! One of our managers has a big secret!!! Who could it be? What’s the big secret? Stay tuned- all will be revealed next week!……… ☺

When you clock-in and see the message, “See Personnel”, please see personnel right away! It is to your advantage to take care of this as soon as possible so you will be compensated correctly for your time worked. There are also a lot of coming in the next two Please check the list Please don’t let your become late.

CBL’s weeks. often. CBL’s

Diane K. Store Training Coordinator

Susie Gordon Grocery Co-Manager ☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺

Pound for Pound I wanted to thank the many of you that have told me you were going to join me in this endeavor. I want to report that in the last 7 weeks, I have lost a total of 23 pounds! I did gain back 3 pounds during inventory due to quick fixes of sugar and soda, but am back on track now. With 4 weeks left- I don’t think I will meet my challenge of another 25 pounds, but I don’t plan on stopping on April 1st. I will reach my goaland I hope those that have joined me will as well! If you need a little encouragement- come talk to me- I’ll get you fired up! Ginger V. Assistant Manager

FUN FACT: Have you ever looked at a zipper and wondered what the letters YKK stands for? (Okay- maybe it’s just me) The YKK found on most zippers stands for Yoshida Kōgyō Kabushiki-kaisha Company. They are the world’s largest zipper manufacture, and have factories in 68 countries, their largest one is in Macon, Georgia. Page 101

N024 - VOL 01 ISSUE 24  

1) Electronics: -$167,916 2) Cosmetics: -$61,353 3) Pharmacy: -$57,737 4) Jewelry: -$30,633 5) Sporting Goods: -$28,054 Patty originall...

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