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The Squiggly Newsletter Issue No. XVIII - December 11, 2008

Walmart Store #1004 - Bradenton, FL

You think our store remodel was tough? While Alex worked in Store Planning, he worked in over 90 Walmart Stores in 16 States doing low profile conversions in Electronics and the Connection Center. He also helped either open or expand four stores!

From Dave’ Dave’s Desk... We had a wonderful Blitz Day here at #1004. I am proud of you all. We had many compliments from customers on how we handled all the madness. We also had several customers complaining about other stores and how disorganized they were, thanks to all of you we were not “one of those” stores.

Alex left Walmart in 2006 to work for Best Buy- but shortly after came back to work for us as an Assistant Manager. Eventually Alex would like to move up with the company as a Co-Manager, and a Store Manager, but he is happy at #1004 for now.

I hope you all had a little time to spend with your loved ones this past Thanksgiving, for most of us they are the reason we work as hard as we do. As always thanks for all you do.

Dave Johnson Store Manager *****************************

My $hare Bonus Finally! Our bonus checks are here just in time for the Holiday Season! Many will use this extra money to pay off bills, buy presents for loved ones- or put it away in your savings accounts. Eligible full time associates will receive about $359- for those keeping track- our My$hare bonus checks have totaled about $950 so far this year! Keep up the great workwe still have one more quarter to go!

Gabor 3rd Shift Support Manager

Written by : Support Manager Gabor

SpotSpot-Light Manager Alex is one of the newest editions to our management team at #1004. He came to us from the Osprey store to take over after Assistant Manager Jim’s promotion. Alex’s career in retail began as a cart pusher for Shaw’s Supermarkets in New England. He moved on to Home Depot for about two years before he came to Walmart. This is actually Alex’s second time around with us- he originally started with Walmart in May 2001 in North Reading, Massachusetts. He’s worked in over 11 Walmart Stores here in Florida and in the New England area. In that time, he was a Training Coordinator in Personnel, an Assistant Manager, and the Field Setup Supervisor for Store #3474.

In his private time, Alex is a huge hockey fan. He tries to get up to St. Pete Times Forum every time the Bruins play. He has a 4 year old Pitbull/Hound named Dixie, and a 13 year old German Sheppard named Oakley. His message to our associates: “What better way to dazzle our customers, than to provide stellar service in every transaction and conversation we have with each and every customer!” *****************************

Walmart Stocks For the dates: 11/26/08 through 12/09/08

High: $58.21 (12/05/08) Low: $53.01 (12/01/08) Current: $55.81 (12/09/08)

Past Store Managers

Steve Schultheis

In the 21 year history of our storewe have had ten Store Managers. I thought it would be interesting to find out what some of our past Store Managers have been up to since they left #1004. I was able to get in contact with some of them- here’s what they had to say:

After Steve left our store, he transferred to the Lake Worth Walmart. He was then promoted to a Regional Personnel Manager, overseeing 95 stores. Today he works in Bentonville as the Director of Planning and Execution for Jewelry and Accessories. Early in his Walmart career, Steve discovered a more efficient way to pack boxes at the warehouse- saving Walmart over one million dollars in labor and supplies. The company was so impressed by this discovery that they established a scholarship in his name that is awarded annually to a Walmart intern at the University of Florida.


Doug Stone (1992 - 1993) After Doug left our store, he was promoted to the TLE District Manager over our area. He’s still at Walmart, and recently celebrated his 20 year anniversary with the company. He’s currently the Market Technical Specialist in Market 57, which is in Northern Florida. He says “Hello” to anyone that remembers him at #1004.

(1996 - 1998)


Our Past Leaders at #1004 Manatee Avenue Location (1987 - 1996)


Eric Short (2001 - 2004) Eric has been with Walmart for over 19 years. After leaving our store, Eric managed the SR 64 Store for three years. He was then promoted to a Pharmacy Market Manager for District 182, and now lives in Auburn, AL. He wants to wish all of the associates at #1004 a very Happy Holiday Season, and a Happy New Year!


Associates of the Month ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺

April (TLE) Charlie (Instock Supervisor) Christiane (Housewares Manager) Cindy (Electronics) Deborah (3rd Shift Stationary) Geoff (Unloader) Hedwig (Instock 1) Jeni (Instock 3) Jon E. (Instock 1) Kayci (Support Manager) Lori (TLE Manager) Marianne (Accounting) Marilyn (Safety Coordinator) Melissa (Inventory Control) Michael (Garden Center) Pam (CSM) Robert “Sr.” (3rd Shift Pets) Viviana (Pharmacy)

Manager of the Month ☺ Assistant Manager Richard *****************************

John Perry (1987 - 1989) Jack Thompson (1989 - 1991) Al Fuller (1991 - 1992) Doug Stone (1992 - 1993) Cortez Road Location (1996 - now)


Laura Rush (1993 - 1996) Rick Soltis (1996) Steve Schultheis (1996 - 1998) Jim Bennett (1998 - 2001) Eric Short (2001 - 2004) Ray Korsch (2004 - current)

Happy Hanukkah! We’d like to wish all of our associates of the Jewish faith a very Happy Hanukkah!

FUN FACT: Tabasco sauce takes over three years to make! Since 1868, the process has remained the same: the peppers are harvested, mashed, and then mixed with salt and vinegar. The mixture is then poured into white oak barrels and distilled for over three years before it is bottled and shipped out to stores worldwide. Page 68

Anniversaries 12/01/2008 - 12/15/2008 ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺

Wreaths Across America On Saturday, December 13th, all National Cemeteries will hold a ceremony honoring our nation’s Veterans called, “Wreaths Across America”. Volunteers from all around the country will meet at each National Cemetery to place a Christmas wreath on every grave. This is a program that Walmart participates in. This week our company donated $85,000 and 6 trailers full of wreaths (that’s 20,000 wreaths!) to help with this great event. Assistant Manager Ginger will attend the ceremony at the Florida National Cemetery in Bushnell. She has an open invitation to any associate that would like to help her place wreaths. If you would like to volunteer, please see Ginger. “Remember the fallen; Honor those who serve; Teach our children the value of freedom.”

16 Years - Karen N. 15 Years - Lois A. 11 Years - Howard M. 9 Years - Claire L. 8 Years - Helen G. 8 Years - Fay B. 6 Years - Donna S. 3 Years - Emma S. 3 Years - Franklin S. 2 Years - Sharon S. 1 Year - Janet L. 1 Year - Tonya P.


SpotSpot-Light Associate Lisa is a jack-of-all trades working overnights in the Jewelry and the Seasonal Departments. She is known for her friendly nature, and willingness to help anyone out. She came to Walmart about three years ago from Papa John’s Pizzawhere she worked as an Assistant Manager for ten years. She met her husband Brian there, and they’ve been married for over 13 years. Lisa has two daughters, and she loves to spend time with her family and friends. For those that may not know- Lori (TLE Dept Manager) is her sister. Lisa would love to move up with the company when the time was rightshe would also like to maybe explore jobs in the medical field doing ultrasounds.

2008 Food Drive It’s that time of year again where we ask all of our associates to please help out with our annual food drive. All next week (December 13 - 19) we will be collecting food items in the break room to donate to needy families for the Holiday season. Please give whatever you can. The biggest needs are peanut butter, rice, beans, and canned vegetables/tuna. All food will be donated to St. Joseph’s Food Bank in Bradenton. On Thanksgiving they helped out over 700 Bradenton families! Let’s help them re-stock their inventories for the Holidays. Please, no perishable or breakable items, or any items that will easily damage. Thank you!

Marilyn Safety Coordinator

FUN FACT: President Bush and Vice President Cheney cannot travel together at anytime in the same car or plane. In England, Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Charles, and Prince William are not aloud to travel together either. This is to avoid a break in the line of succession should an accident occur. Page 69

Holiday Party

Retro WalWal-Mart A look back at what Walmart use to look like‌..

All associates are invited to join us in our annual Holiday Party. The party will take place at the same location as last year (see below). Catering will be by Wild Monkey Gourmet. Cost is free to all associates, $7 for your guest. Dress is casual, but please dress up if you would like.

A typical Wal-Mart Softlines Dept in 1971. Gotta love the mannequins!

Date: Thursday, December 11th, 2008 Time: Doors open at 5 PM Dinner served at 6 PM Location: Bayside Banquet Hall 4628 119th Street Bradenton (Cortez Village) ***If you haven’t alreadyplease pay Marilyn as soon as you can for your guest.***

The Wal-Mart Camera Dept in 1973. Yes- Camera Department, Later it became the Photo Lab.


CMN Donations Month to Date: $2,446.85 Year to Date: $66,056.97 As of 11:59 PM - 12/08/2008

A typical Service Desk in 1984.

We are ranked 7th out of 3,500 Walmart Stores We are the #1 Store in Florida for CMN Donations!

More to come in the next issue!

FUN FACTS: In Iceland, it is considered rude to tip your waitress. You will get fined in Singapore for not flushing a public toilet after using it. In the United Kingdom- it is against the law to die while you are in Parliament. A law passed in 1760 that is still on the books makes it illegal to put pretzels into bags in Philadelphia- this law is obviously not enforced anymore. Page 70

Inventory Preparation 90 Days Out Walmart associates have the opportunity to contribute in controlling cost in several ways. Shrinkage, (or unaccounted inventory loss) is one of the biggest impacts on profitability in our business. However, shrinkage is controllable and some causes are easier to control than others.   


Customer & Associate theft of merchandise or services. Pricing Discrepancies Failure to follow operational guidelines for each associates job function. Inadequate Safety Procedures. Inventory dollars lost due to inaccurate markdowns. Failure to check-in merchandise before it goes onto the sales floor. Damaged goods.

Theft is most often thought of a form of shrinkage, but paperwork is actually the bigger cause of shrinkage. It occurs when errors are made processing invoices or billing paperwork, incorrect counts taken on price changes, or if incorrect shelf labels are in place. All of these contribute to shrink. We are less then 90 Days away from inventory. Phase II inventory management has given us a head start in preparing for inventory. By this time backrooms should be inventory ready at all times. We need to begin test scanning by the end of December.

Susie Grocery Co-Manager

From Ray’s Desk….. Our Divisional Manager, Rosalin Brewer, has asked that we focus on 5 things for the remainder of the 4th Quarter and for the 1st Quarter of next year. If we execute these points well, we will achieve our goals. 1) Expense Control. We have to be very critical of what we are spending at store level. Everything from wages to how many pallets of grocery sacks will impact our profit line. Simply ask yourself, “Is this expense absolutely necessary?” If the answer is no, do not incur the expense. 2) Backroom Program. Every associate in our store is impacted by the success of this program. Phase I deals with making sure the backroom is neat and organized. Phase II deals with making sure every item in the backroom has a location I the system. Please, if you do not understand this program in any part, ask one of your managers. 3) Weekend Business. We have been struggling to achieve the same comparative sales on the weekends. This is a big deal because a majority of our dollars sales come on the weekends. Our priority each weekend has to be: 1, Instock on the side counters. 2, Features full. 3, Great customer service. 4, A great checkout experience. If we can do these things, we will have all the weekend business we can handle.

4) Price Impression. When our customers walk through the door they should see prices on features everywhere. It should be screaming value. Our role in this is to ensure that we are signing all items correctly and with the right fixture. If you are spending $100 in markdowns on a item, don’t you want to tell your customers? Rollbacks, Sem’s, and clearance features have to have the right signing to the “WAS” card. Additionally, we have to get flags and signing to the side counters to let our customers know the incredible values. 5) Grocery Presentation and Instock. Our customers want the merchandise when they are here. They only want to make one trip. They want food to be clean and fresh. It should be inviting. All of these points are extremely valid and demand our support. Let me simplify them with one comment: Create a store in your mind that you would want to shop at, and then make that a reality in our own store. Thanks for what you are doing. Have a great Holiday Season.

Ray Korsch Store Manager *****************************

Early Pay Day We will be paid one day earlier on December 24th, due to our next payday falling on Christmas Day.

FUN FACTS: In 1957 Alfred Fielding and Marc Chavannes were trying to create a textured plastic wallpaper that could easily be cleaned. They ran into problems because the wallpaper always came out with hundreds of tiny air bubbles trapped under the circular textures. They found that the faulty wallpaper was good for packing and the air bubbles were fun to pop. They scrapped the whole wallpaper idea- and continued making the faulty plastic paper with the bubbles- calling it “Bubble Wrap”. Page 71

Be A Good Sport Good Sports grease the wheels of group interaction. They promote harmony. A Poor Sport, on the other hand, puts a strain on the team’s relationship. If people in the group have trouble getting along, the team can’t come close to achieving their true potential. So what’s involved sportsmanship?



Start with a sense of fair play instead of putting down others, or finding fault, or promoting yourself at their expense. Humility fits into the picture as well. This comes down to not bragging or getting a “big head” when you score, not showing off, and being big enough to ask for help. Admit your mistakes, or say, “I’m sorry”. The good sport also can take criticism without taking it personally. Sportsmanship requires that you show grace. For example- forgive teammates who foul up. Share the spotlight when you’re the hero. Sportsmanship calls for a sense of humor. Instead of taking yourself too seriously, make sure you can take a joke and laugh at yourself. Finally, to be a Good Sport you must compromise and share, rather than always having to get your way, grabbing for the best toys, or hogging the ball.

You face many moments of truth on the sportsmanship issue. When you lose. When you win. When you don’t get your way. When you’re under pressure. Even during the daily routine of just doing your job and dealing with others.

Glenn Assistant Manager *****************************

Food Contamination

Hand Washing Steps Hand washing is a key factor in preventing the spread of germs that cause food borne illness. To help prevent food borne illness, hands must be washed frequently for at least 20 seconds with warm water and soap. Any associate entering the Deli, Seafood, Bakery, Meat, or Produce areas needs to follow the 5 Step Hand Washing Process.

Cleaning is the physical removal of visible soil.

Wet hands with warm water. Apply soap to hands. Work the soap into a lather, working front and back of hands, in between fingers, under nails, and forearms. Rinse hands and forearms Thoroughly dry hands and forearms with a single-use paper towel.

Sanitizing is a treatment to reduce the number of harmful germs.

After completing this process- place gloves over your hands.

We also have a 5 Step Cleaning Process to follow when cleaning food contact surfaces, (slicers, utensils, pans, rotisserie racks, prep tables)

An apron and bouffant hair restraints must be worn at all times.

Prevention With Proper cleaning and sanitizing we are able to protect food’s safety and quality, extend the life of our equipment, and promote customer appeal.


Pre-scrape, Pre-rinse, Pre-soak Wash with soap Rinse Sanitize Air Dry




You cannot wear watches, bracelets, pins, or tags. You can wear a wedding band, but any band with jewels must be covered with tape or a Band-Aid.

Jim Former Assistant Manager

Assistant Manager

FUN FACTS: Before politics, President Ford was a cover model for Cosmopolitan Magazine. President Reagan was an actor who appeared in over 60 films. President Carter owned and operated his family’s peanut farm. President Eisenhower was a junior varsity football coach. President Hoover worked as a gold miner in Australia for several years. President Cleveland was a sheriff. Page 72

Ray Korsch Store Manager Page 73

How many Managers can you find?

Try to find all of our managers listed below in the word search above Store Managers: Ray & Dave Co-Managers: Susie & Christina Assistant Managers: Al, Alex, Bill, Bob, Connie, David, Ginger, Glenn Jane, Kinga, Mark, Patty, Richard, Sam, Tiger Support Managers: Brian, Gabor, Jolene, Kayci, Thomas

FUN FACTS: Barrack Obama is not the first President born into a bi-racial family. President Warren Harding’s great-grandfather was African-American. Abraham Lincoln’s mother, Nancy Hanks, was a Melungeon. (a mix of three races- normally European, Native American, and African-American). It is rumored, but not proven, that Andrew Jackson’s grandmother was Native American. Page 74

N018 - VOL 01 ISSUE 18  
N018 - VOL 01 ISSUE 18  

Alex is one of the newest editions to our management team at #1004. He came to us from the Osprey store to take over after Assistant Manager...