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The Squiggly Newsletter Issue No. X - August 21, 2008

Walmart Store #1004 - Established 1987

With the help of Co-Manager JoeJim came to Walmart and entered the Assistant Manager Training Program. After his training- he became an Assistant Manager at our store. His future goals are to move up with the company and become a Co-Manager- then a Store Manager.

Tropical Storm Fay As I am writing this article- Tropical Storm Fay is building strength near the Florida Keys. It will soon become a Category 1 hurricane. Our store has been very busy this past weekend- not only with Back to School sales- but now we also have a hurricane scare. Most of our water, batteries, and flashlights are gone- I hope each of you are prepared and bought everything you and your family needs for hurricane preparedness. I wrote a few newsletters back that our area has been immune to hurricanes in the past- but as I watch the news updates- it looks like Fay is going to hit just a little bit South of us- which means we will probably still get major storms on Tuesday night. Before you leave work today- we need you to please make sure we have all your current information on file with the Personnel office. Address, phone number, emergency contacts, etc. Management will keep everyone up to date and informed on what is happening. If we get hit by a major portion of Fay- please remember safety is the number one priorityboth at your home and at work. Please note our Hurricane Emergency Hotline number: 1-800236-2875. If our area is evacuated and our store needs to close- this is the number to call for any and all updates about our store. -Support Manager Gabor

Written by : Support Manager Gabor

Jim has been married for 14 years and has two sons. He is involved with his church’s Youth Program- he is also the church’s treasurer and holds a position on the Vestery. In his off time- Jim loves to work in his yard with his family- plus go to the beach.

SpotSpot-Light Manager Jim started his retail career in 1987 on of all days: Black Friday. He needed a job to help pay for collegeso he applied at Gayfer’s Department Store in Pensacola. While in college Jim also worked for the campus TV station as a reporter and the main weatherman. He graduated Troy University with a Bachelors Degree in Broadcast Journalism and Advertising. Jim continued working for Gayfer’s and slowly worked his way up with the company, first becoming an Assistant Manager, then when Dillard’s bought-out Gayfer’sJim was promoted to the Store Manager. After living in Mississippi and Alabama- Jim and his wife moved to Palmetto. He started working for Stein Mart as an Assistant Manager.

Jim would like to add that retail is all about the customer and the service we give to them. If we follow the “5 Step Checkout Process” daily- our store will be very successful. The community of West Bradenton is very lucky to have a store like #1004- we have very knowledgeable and hardworking associates. We all make a great team for Walmart. *****************************

Month to date: $3,165.80 Year to date: $43,752.92 as of 11:59 PM - 08/17/2008

FUN FACT: When the American Colonies changed from the Julian Calendar to the Gregorian Calendar in 1752, the date changed from September 3 to September 14- everyone lost 11 days. The date also changed when we acquired Alaska from Russia on February 6, 1867the next day the date changed in the Alaskan Territory to February 18, 1867. This was due to Russia still using the Julian Calendar.

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Ripken Autograph

New Madden 2009 Cover

08/13/2008 - 08/24/2008 ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺

13 Years - Charles M. 11 Years - Linda H. 11 Years - Christine M. 8 Years - Debra E. 7 Years - Barbara P. 5 Years - Roberta T. 2 Years - Pamela P. 1 Year - Nicole K. 1 Year - Sukie O. 1 Year - Barry S. 1 Year - Rebecca M. 1 Year - Cory M. 1 Year - James R.


Ginger’s Funny Corner With school starting up this week, Rachel’s mother has been finding it harder and harder to get her daughter out of bed to get ready for school. Every morning for the past week Rachel refused to get out of bed. “I can’t go to school! The kids make fun of me, the teachers hate me, and I have way too much work!” Rachel yells. “Rachel, you have to go to school, you’re the principal!” her mother replies. * “You can tune a piano- but you can’t tune-a-fish”

When the opportunity presents itself, I like to auction off some of my autographs for our Children’s Miracle Network Fund. Last time it was a John Travolta autographed photo- my current auction is for a first edition copy of “Parenting Young Athletes the Ripken Way” signed by Cal Ripken, Jr. Ripken retired from baseball in 2001 after playing with the Orioles for 21 seasons. He broke Lou Gehrig’s record by playing 2,632 consecutive games- and is only one of eight players in baseball history to achieve 400 homeruns and 3,000 hits. His autographed baseballs, cards, and bats sell for hundreds of dollarshere’s your chance to own one for a lot less. Sign-up sheet is in the break room on the corkboard. Auction ends Sept 6th. 100% goes to CMN!!!

“John Madden Football” is a video game that first appeared in 1988- and in it’s 20 year run has become one of the best selling video games ever. Up until 1999- John Madden was featured on the cover of the game each year- but since then the cover has featured a different football player each year- Garrison Hearst, Michael Vick, and Shaun Alexander are some examples. For Madden 2009- Bret Favre is featured on the cover wearing his Green Bay Packers attire- the problem is that the Packers traded Favre to the Jets on August 7th- five days before the game was released. Walmart announced that Madden fans can be the first to receive a NEW Madden cover with Brett Favre wearing his Jets attire. New cover will be available free of charge at the Photo Department for anyone purchasing a game at Walmart. Those customers who have already purchased the game can bring in their receipt for a free cover photo on their next visit.

FUN FACT: In 1936 Charles Pogue invented a carburetor that could get 200 mpg. He drove his Ford V8 1,879 miles on just 14 gallons of gasoline. Pogue’s carburetor was bought by the Standard Oil Company- later showing up in some U.S. tanks in North Africa during WWII. Pogue became an instant millionaire- but strangely all of his original blueprints for the carburetor have gone “missing“…….

Page 35 Christina was trained at our store, and then became an Assistant Manager at Store #1171. In 2006she transferred to the Palmetto store. Earlier this year- Christina was promoted to Co-Manager at our store. She would love to one day become a Store Manager, but for now she’s focused on learned everything she needs to know.

3rd Shift Tailgate Party Join us this Sunday night at 2:00 AM Hot Dogs, Cheeseburgers, Potato Salad & more $3.00 Donation for Lunch Added Bonus: Wear your favorite sport team’s jersey that night for an extra $2.00 Donation All donations go to 3rd Shift’s Children’s Miracle Network Fund *****************************

New Avon Park Walmart Walmart Store #3887 in Avon Park opened on August 13th. Avon Park is located near Sebring and Lake Placid in Central Florida. The Sebring area was once in our Market. The new Avon Park Supercenter is located at: 1041 U.S. Highway 27 N. Size: 190,819 square feet Store Manager: Brian Lemelin

SpotSpot-Light Manager Christina is a self proclaimed “Military Brat”. She was born and raised in Athens, Greece. She then moved to Germany where she meet her first husband. In Germany, Christina worked at Burger King and the Army & Air Force Exchange Services on the military base. After five years in Germany, her family moved to the United States. Christina began her career with Walmart at Store #553 in Slidell, Louisiana as a part time cashier. She worked in numerous areas of the store- Front End, Accounting Office, Personnel Office, CSM, and was also a Support Manager. She then transferred to Store #528 as an overnight CSM. Christina helped open Store #3474 as a Training Coordinator- and then went into the Assistant Manager Training Program.

In her spare time, Christina likes to go bowling, swimming, and decorating her house. She has three awesome sons, 14 years old, 12, and 10. Her fiancée has six children, with three still living at homeChristina has one big happy family. She is currently engaged with her wedding set for Spring 2009. *****************************

Walmart Stocks For the dates: 08/07/08 through 08/18/08

High: $59.37 (08/15/08) Low: $56.96 (08/07/08) Current: $58.83 (08/18/08) *****************************

My$hare Bonus Checks Great News! Our My$hare bonus figures are out! The payout will be around $425 for full time associates.

FUN FACT: Caesar Salad is named after it’s creator Caesar Cardini, not the Roman Emperor. The Italian born Cardini created the salad and dressing in his Tijuana restaurant in 1924. In 1948 he trademarked his recipe and introduced it in his California restaurant. His family still sells his original recipe dressing in most stores (including Walmart) as “Cardini’s: The Original Caesar Salad Dressing”

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A Different Type of Walmart

SpotSpot-Light Associate We need Spot Light Associates! Do you or one of your co-workers have an interesting story to tell? Don’t be shy, let us know! We are currently looking for a few Spot Light Associates to be in the next few issues! Fill out a pre-interview form found in the break room and then drop it off in the comment box. You get final approval on your article before it gets printed. It’s that simple! *****************************

$25 Mislabel Winners Week 24: Joy (3rd Shift TLE) Week 25: Hedwig (Grocery) Week 26: Angela (3rd Shift Instock) Week 27: Helen (3rd Shift Crafts)

We all know what Roswell, New Mexico is famous for- supposedly a UFO crashed there in 1947. Every single business in Roswell has some kind of alien theme- including the local Walmart. Their whole store is painted green with numerous aliens throughout the parking lot and the store. There is even an alien in TLE changing a tire, plus one alien named Ray holding a watermelon……

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***************************** With the help of Co-Manager Joe- Jim came to Walmart and entered the Assistant Manager Training Program. After...