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Stay hungry. Stay foolish. As the senior class departs for plans outside of Dexter High School, The Squall gives the senior class four words of advice: “Stay hungry. Stay foolish”. As the road ahead of you has no boundaries, remain focused and thrive off learning but remember your youth. See page 4 and 5 for more senior memories and advice.

Photos by Candice Wiesner & Stella Rodriguez


2 Class of 2010: what’s hot from then to now


Thursday, May 27, 2010

Cornerstone gs

trends editor


er d i Sp Everyone



Creekside Classic hybrid

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Every kid wanted be the first in e r thetoking a square. u The most competitive, q e S zi 4- intense game on the z playground. Li


Mill Creek e and roller skatesh Perfect for quick and easy mobilization.

Every day we would A run home to get : L online and talk to AOthe friends we just left 20 minutes ago.


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ke o P


Thank you Steve Jobs for providing the d most technologically o iP advanced/future-forward technology to our school.


’s ga n Xa

Dexter High School Along with this th trend was the o G daily sacrifice the & es seniors made to the o u emo/goths sitting under Em liqthe stairs at lunch. C

k o o r eb te ro c t C Fa wi T cs


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ag with the click of m a miniature button. Ta Awesome.

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b r o nts te b e t a g p Po n re o y a r Sp qu ar S H


is h You could c a feed your pet

n o

l” s o o s ie Save the o on“Hey Arnold”, o d b h T hundreds e n Ba you have in Sc od “Doug”, “All Ba ed e i l That”, “The d t y i e l closet. One an daythe m Bo “O ick Amanda Show”, and e they’ll be Li B Rocko’s Modern Life”. N worth millions.

r ers o z t Ra oo Sc


eA” an ls n c l i bo classic, er Do h educational istelevision Am irl show “Wfor young children. G

sprinted ur n outside i a make claimstoeither th r r T A e on the spider or the h T train at recess.

Bates k il

Caitlyn Rize


ts people are e p embarrassed to eo

admit they had a N Neopet, but the games were just so fun.

r lo o C

s le For those b a days mom

ch was just too n Lu tired to pack your lunch.

el ” n ies an v“Johnny h moTsunami”, C l ey na “Brink”, and n i “Zenon: Girl of the is ig 21st Century”. D r “o n o le ite o ap am N yn D






.O Consumed

s Common sideti effects include i r io procrastination, en lack of motivation and


the lives of r” & 0 senior a 6 boys since t 3 x the beginning of va A o B their sophomore year. “



diminishing attendance.

Boat shoes seen as seasons change Erin McAweeney blog editor

Everyone wants to make a good first impression and it’s a widely known fact that a girl can use one glance at a guy’s shoes to define him as a person. Senior Stefan Elslager said boat shoes are the way to go. “My shoes say I’m ready to mingle,” Elslager said. The sneaker-dress shoe hybrid is joining the ranks of controversial shoes worn by high school students along with Uggs, Crocs and moccasins. Elslager owns a pair of moccasins as well, but said his boat shoes are his favorite.

“They’re the everyday walking shoes,” he said. In the halls, the presence of boat shoes, also known as deck shoes, are becoming more apparent, and surprisingly the trendy footwear is being sported mostly by boys. Elslager said that he was not the first of his friends to own boat shoes. Senior Lauren Gardner could be considered a shoe enthusiast, owning boat shoes, Uggs, Crocs and moccasins. “Some people call me a trendsetter,” Gardner said when asked about her fashionable shoes. For Gardener it’s all about the functionality of the shoes however, “They’re comfortable and stylish,” she said. Like Elslager, Gardner was first introduced to the shoes by friends. “When I first saw them I liked them; they looked comfortable.”

The shoes exude a preppy, Hampton summer get-away feel, and as summer approaches, more people are vying for the boat shoe over a classic flip-flop for beach visits. “They’re a good alternative to sandals. They’re all season wear,” Gardner said. While one can imagine the footwear being paired with a polo and khaki pants, the growing trend can be found with a more casual outfit. Elslager prefers his with khaki shorts but said, “They go with anything.” The most popular brand of boat shoes is Sperry TopSider, the self-proclaimed creator of boat shoes. In 1935, Paul Sperry combined a white soul with a moccasin upper to create the $100 innovation. Seventy-five years later boat shoes are now ranging from $39.95 to $435.


get involved

Thank you everyone, for everything

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Alexander Dobbs

get-involved editor

I’ve done some good things. I’ve done some funny things. I’ve done some things I should have gotten in a lot of trouble for. I’ve done some things I have gotten in a lot of trouble for. I’ve done some bad things (namely an entire week recently spent in Mexico), and along the way I’ve had only a couple regrets. With it all, I like to think I have done it up big, and I have had a damn good run in my 18 years of life. And as a new chapter for me begins, I just want to say thank you to everyone who has made my life everything it is. Thank you Mom and Dad, for birthing the amazing, rare, wonderful, creative, intelligent, loving and beautiful human being that is me. Thanks for giving me everything I could have ever wished for and more. Thanks for always being there for me. And thanks for giving me a great life and the opportunity to have an even greater one. Thank you friends, for everything. I am not going to give you each an individual shout-out. You don’t need it. You have the stories, and you know who you are. Thank you, Zachary Lindke, Daniel Quinn and Ishmael, for showing me a new way to view the world. Even though you twisted, turned and screwed my brain in unimaginable ways, thanks. Thank you, Annalise. You kind of suck sometimes, but you’re still an alright sister. I guess. Thank you nurses, doctors and heart surgeons at St. Joe’s Hospital who saved my dad’s life when he got sick last spring. Thank you, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico for my senior spring break and the greatest week of my life. Thank you, Jamie Dudash, for being the most motivational and inspirational coach I have ever had the pleasure of performing under. You made the hardest thing

I have ever done, running crosscountry for a nationally-ranked team, into an athletic and life experience. And even though I left you for Friday night lights at Al Ritt, you made an impact on my athletic career and my life. Thank you Camp Michigania, for giving me a week to look forward to every summer. Thank you, Cheryl Wells, for being crazy and for being crazy awesome. You’re a woman who does the impossible on a daily basis, and I have no idea how you have any time for bathroom breaks, eating, sleeping or breathing. Thank you, Rodney Satterthwaite. You taught me about journalism in Intro., and you have let me write for the amazing publication known as The Squall for the past two years. Not only have you made me a better writer, but more importantly you have shown me that if you find something you truly love, go for it. You love journalism, you teach and spread journalism on a daily basis, and you are one of the happiest and funniest people I know. You showed me that “do something you love and happiness will follow,” is a truthful cliché. Thank you, Kit Moran. You are an awesome principal who always puts the kids first. I can’t say anything besides these last four years wouldn’t have been nearly what they were without you. Thank you Randy Swoverland. I know you despise The Squall so you will probably never see this, but thanks. Thank you Mrs. M. I would try and spell your last name, but my attempt wouldn’t do you justice. You are a funny, intelligent and inspiring person. Thanks for being a teacher I will never forget. Thank you lunch ladies, specifically for stromboli and more specifically for always being able to make me smile. Thank you Madame Lund, just for being you. I have loved my life up to this point. Let’s hope I continue to love my life for the rest of my life. I didn’t hit everyone or everything in this list and so for everyone above and for everyone I missed, thank you everyone for everything.

Students umpire little league Dave LaMore assistant opinions editor

Freshman Nick King doesn’t just hear from complaining parents at home. He also hears from them at home plate. King is a new umpire for both baseball and softball in Dexter’s Minor and Major Leagues. The Minor League is for third and fourth graders, while the Major League is for fifth and sixth graders. “It’s a new experience for me, and I know I make mistakes, so I do not take it personally,” King said of the criticism he recieves as an umpire. King is not alone. Sophomore Ryan Kimball also gets critiqued on a regular basis at his umpiring job but says the key is keeping his composure and staying calm when making calls behind home plate. “People will usually question calls, but you have to act professional,” he said. “No matter what, parents and coaches will always disagree because the calls will be going against one side or the other.” In particular, Kimball was involved in an argument with a coach when it was his first time behind the plate. “The coach was angry because the pitcher threw a strike, even though I had already called time for the batter,” he said. Kimball said he made the right call and there was nothing he could do about it. “The batter called time and I gave it to him, although the pitcher did not see it,” he said. With the difficult responsibilities behind the plate, King however, prefers umpiring in the outfield. He said being behind home plate can be too much pressure, and making calls in the outfield relieves some of that stress.

“Umping in the outfield is easier, and I don’t get criticized as much,” King said. “It’s less stressful and you make fewer mistakes.” Although the two are criticized by parents and coaches, both say they enjoy the job and the money that comes along with it. Umpires are paid based on what type of game they are officiating. If it is a Major League game, King and Kimball will receive $25. If the two umpire a Minor League game, the price per game is $20. Umpires have flexibility when it comes to working as well. They contact chief umpire, parent Charlie Gagne, and let him know their availability. Based on their schedules with extracurricular activities and school, their days to umpire will fit accordingly. In King’s opinion, the money and the flexibility are the biggest incentives in umping. “I like the money,” he said, “I’m going to spend it on food, clothes and other things,” Kimball agrees but said he plans to save the money until his birthday. “I turn 16 this summer, and I’ll need money to buy a black Ford Escape so this job helps out,” Kimball said. Although the umpires are sometimes criticized by parents, coaches and even players from time to time, they only learn from it. “You develop a pretty tough skin,” Kimball said. “At first it’s heartbreaking (hearing the parents complain), but after that you get used to it.” Learning new rules, patience and confidence are just some of the things that King has learned since umpiring baseball and softball games. He said, “I’ve learned many things about the game, and it has given me more confidence in my calls.”

Photo by Marshall Kellenberger

Play Ball: Sophomore Tucker Whitley umpires a Little League softball game from behind the plate. Students who ump say they earn money and learn valuable lessons about dealing with conflict.


the spread

Thursday, May 27, 2010

the spread

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Donevan leaves country for college Ali Krips

nation. But why not get the education towards home? “I want to go (to college in Canada) because staff writer it is a really good school, and it’s in a great Many seniors plan to further their education location that you just can’t find in the US,” in college. It’s the next big step after the four Donevan said. “It’s in one of the coolest cities years in high school. And often this future in the world.” Along with the great location, Donevan university is close to home. As for Liam Donevan, he chose to take chose this school because it is one of the a different route--in Canada. Donevan best public schools in the world. According is attending McGill University located in to the school website, “Montreal is lively, sophisticated, Montreal, Quebec, one of the fun and world’s top 25 most researchaffordable. With intensive universities. Founded in 1821, McGill is I’m confident I made an international reputation one of the oldest universities the right decision.” for academic in Canada. It has over 34,000 excellence, students, with international offers students comprising one-fifth of Liam Donevan, McGill innovative, the student population. senior flexible and According to Donevan, it’s interdisciplinary about a 10-11 hour drive, located programs.” at the foot of Mount Royal in But for downtown Montreal. With almost Donevan it came 20 percent of its students coming from 160 countries around the globe, McGill down to what school was the best for him. has the most internationally diverse student “When I went there for a tour in April, it just body of any medical-doctoral university in felt like a good fit, definitely a place that I would want to be,” he said. Canada. Plus Canadian tuition is quite a bit cheaper Donevan is now a part of the diverse student body and got there by getting a 30 on his ACT than in-state tuition at most schools in Michigan which he said helped him make his and having a 3.7 GPA. He could probably get into just about any decision. And he’s sure of it. He said, “I’m school in Michigan, not to mention in the confident I made the right decision.”

So while the rest of the high school is sitting in class (suckers), I have devised a list of things for

Sarah Akbarifard blog editor

Things to do when you’re bored

Color streaks in hair V-cut shirts Shants Being lazy Peacoats on boys “Alice in Wonderland” Classic Pizza Thursday Touch phones





graduation after graduation party. Not only do

Floating down the Huron--There’s nothing

they give you something to each weekend, but

better than grabbing a group of your friends

they are an excellent way to hang out with some

together on a hot day, grabbing a few tubes and

friends before they leave for college. So don’t be

going floating down the river. It’s relaxing and

a party pooper. Go to grad parties.

It’s finally here. The one thing we have all been yearning for from the start of the school is bound to be a good time. But watch out for

2009-2010 Highlights Steve Ferguson staff writer

Swine flu- In mid 2009 the swine flu pandemic spread across the world. On Nov. 19, 65 million doses of the H1N1 vaccine had been administered. At the end of the pandemic, 622,482 people were infected by the flu ,and 14,286 had died from it.

Shaving cream the juniors cars--So we’re

year: summer. And while the rest of the school the drunks. They’ll getcha

School dances- Some parents started complaining about the way students were dancing. They said students’ dancing styles were inappropriate and rules should be made to fix the problem. Because administrators began enforcing these rules such as no grinding or no dancing front to back, attendance at the dances dropped significantly.

Haiti earthquake- Jan. 12, 2010 a 7.0 magnitude earthquake struck Haiti killing 230,000 people, injuring 300,000 and making 1 million homeless. Also approximately 250,000 residences and 30,000 commercial buildings collapsed and were severely damaged.

done with school, and the junior class is still

will have to get up each morning at the crack Cedar Point-- While most of get to go to

sitting in their 70 minute classes. So why don’t

Sandusky for our senior trip, no matter how

we all venture back to the school and have a

many times you ride the Dragster and get hung

little fun with their cars? Plus, we can get back

upside by the Raptor, it never gets old. Not to

at the ones we’re not so fond of by writing “X” in

mention, taking the trip down to northern Ohio

car marker. Sound like a good idea? I think yes.

with your friends and blaring ridiculous music

But in reality, I’m just kidding … maybe.

of dawn, study for their little math tests and do homework sheet after homework sheet, we seniors will be able to sleep until noon and do what we want.

What was the most memorable thing about senior year? Football games Obama Visiting Ann Arbor AP Classes Harry Potter prom Alex Everneeeeee Senior Survivor Homecoming St. Patrick’s Day Spring Break Luke Hattie falling at


June and even the beginning of July is full of

Sounds like uber fun for them, doesn‘t it?

Jessica Deljevic staff writer

Skinny jeans Leggings Sweats Big shirts Ugg boots/ shoes Plaid Justin Bieber Converse shoes Robot Unicorn Attack “Glee”


us to do since we’re now officially on summer

Senior Poll (based on 145 responses) What types of trends will you remember?

never gets old either.


the assembly Movies filmed here/ David Schwimmer Tour De Dexter Mosh Pit Jeff Dinser breaking his finger at the assembly Gore-illaz Finally realizing we get to leave

Hot mess Mediocre Chaotic Rankshnuff Awesome Amazing Epic Crazy Blah Paradoxical Umtameable

Unbelievable Ridiculous Fake Fresh Party Holla Energetic Tubular Classy Long Nice

Clean Up DHS blog- On March 22, 2010 anonymous community members created an anti-Squall blog. The blog criticized articles that were written in the newspaper and asked for more administrative oversight of the paper.

Volcano erupts- The Eyjafjallajokull volcano in Iceland erupts on April 14, 2010 causing ash clouds to cover Iceland and spread to Europe. The ash clouds also caused thousands of flight delays.

National Guard provides post-graduation opportunity Jack Nixon staff writer

If you could describe senior year in one word what would it be?

Health care- U.S. government passes a universal healthcare bill.

Once senior Aaron Schantz goes to Western Michigan University, he will be joining the 370 year history of our country’s National Guard. He will drill one week out of every month during his time at Western. The National Guard has been deployed in almost all of the major United States wars and conflicts and Schantz is more than happy to join with pride. And Principal Kit Moran said military service can be a good option for some students. “For some it’s not a bad choice,” he said. “I think for some students it is a viable option,” adding he thinks every student should get at least a two-year education beyond high

The economy has not been kind to recently school. Counselor Gerry Holmes also said Schantz college graduates and the military offers formal job education and on-the-job experience. choice is one that can benefit many students. Once soldiers have fin“I think the adished training, there is a vantages in the miliguaranteed job waiting for tary are that students I thought it sounded them, which Holmes said can get prepared,” she said. “They have like a good opportunity.” many students like. “It’s a good way for a chance to grow and (students) to earn a colbe independent yet Aaron Shantz, lege education if they are still have the neces senior uncertain they are ready or sities paid for. It can able for college,” she said, give students a sense “Sometimes students may of belonging that also go in because of family they might not get in issues, and the service may high school or after seem inviting to them.” college.” Holmes said any student waiting to enroll For Schantz, enrolling for National Guard duty was a chance to serve. “I thought it in the armed services needs at least a high school diploma. sounded like a good opportunity,” he said.

Applicants have to pass the A.S.V.A.B. Test to be looked at for service as well. Although Schantz will be getting a civilian job after he graduates college, he said he will continue to serve his country in the National Guard. “I’ll probably be deployed either to Afghanistan or to Iraq,” Schantz said. But he said he is not too worried about going; he is willing to serve the nationand he will have graduated from Western Michigan University by then and will have a job ready for him at home. The other benefit of military service, Schantz said is employers will often give extra consideration to someone who has the leadership, productivity and commitment skills that the military will provide. For all these reasons, he said, “I am happy to do what it takes for my country.”

Thursday, May 27, 2010

During your senior summer . . .

Nick Baron Staff Writer


1. Stay up for at least 72 hours straight. Rumor is you start to hallucinate after that amount of time.

1. Get arrested. Jail is not fun.

2. Work out. Gotta look good for them college honeys.

3. Go to bed early. Stay up until at least 5 a.m. every day, weekends until 7.

3. Go floating down the river. Don’t stop until you reach Florida. 4. Get a job. If you want to have any spending money in college without doing anything illegal, you should find work. 5. Experiment. Labs, new people, etc.

2. Take college classes. If I have to explain why, then you can’t be helped.

4. Experiment with crystal meth. Drugs are bad ... mmmkay? 5. Eat fast food every day. You will become fat and broke, quickly.

Can you match these old photos to current seniors? 1









Jesse Claflin

M allorie Br yant

Jake G illis




Caroline Buck ley

M argaux Emp ey

Henr y Haley

Photos by Ross Chamberlain answers: 1D, 2E, 3F, 4A, 5B, 6C




Thursday, May 27, 2010 with two. Joey King and Marshall Kellenberger and I will spare no details on the final decision. Marshall at the beginning of this year you were crowned assistant to the uPage editor, where you literally were nonexistent I had more help from the lifeless and deflated sparty in the corner of the room than you. Many of your 5x5’s were Yes, it is very sad, but my time as uPage editor has come to an end. just awful as the uPage editor. I hate being the one who crushes humorous andimportant controversial hereis picking at the asquall and especially uPage we are about everyonesthe hopes and dreams, butall I have a jobquality. to do. And the most part of mybut leaving, successor who to fill mybrings shoes. The impossible, and it and most the likelymost Next up forJoey elimination Kevin I Skiver. You sure won the can tryWhich metask to seems the final candidate worthy. King who am pretty hasMadden never Tournament early on this year. Seeing how video games are my kind of is. But I can only hope someone will be worthy enough. written on the uPage before so I figured why not start next year. So on that note next year the uPage editor will Looking at the cast of hopefuls, I am not optimistic for the future my thing, that left me with a bad vibe towards you. This is my greatest be... Marshall. It four came downcandidates: to how IMarshall wouldKellenberger, approach voting a president. “ Who do asI think suckyou the joy andfor maybe my most proud statement a writer.would Kevin Skiver of the uPage. I see potential will not be the next great uPage editor. Joey King, Emily Pap and last and certainly least”. Enjoy Marshall and keep theOh, uPage alive, never give in the how the tables have turned. I am least Kevin Skiver. angryBefore parents. left with two. Joey King and Marshall I start McCarthy the process, I out. would like

A new uPage king is crowned

Who is the favorite teacher you’ve had at DHS?

Probably Mrs. Bauer.

Ben Schultz (12)

Photos by Ross Chamberlain

Katie Frahammer (12)

assistant uPage editor

Morgan Davis (12)

[ ] Marshall Kellenberger

Huazhi Zhong (12)

Tommy Tanner (12)

to share the job the uPage editor entails. Kellenberger, I will spare no details on the final decision. Marshall, at the beginning of You must read every article on the uPage, this year you were crowned assistant to the even scanning for grammatical errors but, uPage editor, where you literally were nonreading to see if it is funny. existent. I had more help from the lifeless If it is, then you leave it alone and say, and deflated Sparty in the corner of the room “Well done. This is funny.” than you. Many of your 5x5s were humorous Then sometimes you come across the and controversial, but here at The Squall article or 5x5 that just is not funny. As and especially the uPage, we are all about the uPage editor, it is your voice that Ian McCarthy quality. must write on that article, “This is not in uPage editor Which brings me to the final candidate the least bit funny. I got physically sick and the most worthy. Joey King has never after reading this piece. Redo the whole article and make this somewhat respectable.” The point is to be easy written on the uPage before so I figured why not start next year. So on with your comments. Don’t hurt the writers feelings. That’s about all that note next year the uPage editor will be ... Kellenberger. It came down to how I would approach voting for a president: who do I think uPage editor entails, absolute page perfection. To be honest the elimination process was an easy decision. Emily, would suck the least? Enjoy, Marshall, and keep the uPage alive. God the tribe has spoken. You are a good writer, but you would have been knows we are the only page keeping this ship afloat. McCarthy out.

senior Parker for sure.

Tie between Dudash, Riethmiller and Parker.

Playing Dexter football.

Front Page Issues with Parker. Duh.

Anything that ever happened in Mrs. Schmid’s.

Don’t be a smarta-- to the upperclassmen.

Be nice to Connie.

Get out of the way.


What is your favorite memory of DHS?

Does napping count?

Mrs. Walter’s Power Points, because a two hour class with them actually making us work would have been impossible to get through.

Any advice for upcoming freshmen?

Establish your dominance early; throw someone.

Do not park in the visitor section. Ever.

Aaron Gilman staff writer

with custodian Maria Mast

Q: What do you prefer? A) Garbage B) Trash C) Rubbish D) Waste A: Garbage. Q: If you had one word to describe your job what would it be? A: Babysitter. Q: What do you call those gray bins with the open tops? A: Trash cans.

The Great Randy Swoverland.

Definitely Mr. Grannis.

& QA


Q: What would you do if the trash cans didn’t have wheels? A: Push it. Q: Does the garbage ever get heavy? A: Yes.

If you could’ve done one thing differently in your last four years, what would it be?

See my last answer.

I wish I would’ve been able to wake up in time for Key Club.

Go back to freshman year and change everything.

I guess I wish I would’ve tried other sports.

No comment.

Any last words for the school?

I’ll be back.

It’s been fun, but I’m glad it’s over.


See ya!

Thank God it’s over.

Q: What would you do if a kid refuses to throw away garbage? A: Spanking. Q: Where does the garbage go? A: Outside. Q: Why do you call Parker Latshaw a baby? A: He looks like a baby. He leaves doodie on the table. He looks like my 4-year-old son. Q: What would you like to say to the class of 2010? A: Hasta la vista, baby.



Thursday, May 27, 2010

It's time to live life Staff Playlist Dan Flowers

arts/entertainment editor

Life is a lot like a book. Each chapter leads to the next, and every tale is different from the one it’s next too. We are all the authors of own stories, choosing different themes, characters and settings in which to live our lives. But for the last four years we’ve all shared common ground within the walls of DHS. For lack of a better phrase, we’ve been dipping in each others ink. Some passages have been friendly notes, love poems or even hate mail. No matter what has been written down, it’s with us for life. So here we are now. The school year draws closer to an end and I, as well as the rest of the class of 2010, have yet to grasp the reality of our situation. For the last 12 years of our lives we have ended the year the same: counting down the days awaiting our three months of summer freedom, only to find ourselves coming right back in the fall, to the same place with the same people. But everything is about to change. Principal Kit Moran’s voice will come over the p.a. today to dismiss the senior class. We’ll walk out of the school too excited and oblivious to really think about the inevitable that is falling upon us. It’s over. Everything we are used to and comfortable with is going to change: our daily routines, surroundings and most of all our friends. Yes, the same crowd of people that over the duration of the last four years has been there for you. Through all the awkward firsts, young romances, unforgettable moments, the ridiculous high school drama, and the crazy times you wish you could relive every day, everything will just be a memory. Now, this isn’t meant to be a depressing “we’re-all-leaving,-I’m-sosad” type of deal. Far from it. What happened is over but never forget it. Keep all the memories with you, remembering everything you have done and all the good times when things get rough. Think back to the days when people actually went to dances (yes,

they used to be awesome) and Friday nights in a packed student section at Al Ritt field. Bring mistakes from the past with you and what you learned from them, but don’t be afraid to make more. Let the whole high school experience and everyone who impacted your life stay with you and shape your opportunities. Most of us will be departing from Dexter next fall, and as depressing as it may sound, graduation will probably be the last time we all see each other. The way I see it, though, with technology constantly progressing and texting becoming the social norm for conversation, we’ll be able to stay in contact with those people we actually want to talk to. Not to mention we’ll be seeing all the annoying status updates from those of us who become Facebook addicts. Unfortunately, I’m sure there.. will be more than a few. In three months, all of us who are going off to college are going to have the one thing we’ve been waiting for since the first time we were grounded, sent to our room or put in time out. Independence from our parents. We’re on own, but with freedom comes great responsibility. No more doing homework to get mom off your back or reminders from dad about the early class on Tuesdays. The only person we have to account for is ourself. College is supposed to be the time of our lives. New places, new faces, later classes and a whole lot more free time. I’m sure if they could, our parents would give just about anything to go back and re-live their glory days. But they can’t, and when we’re done, neither can we. Which is why we need to make the most of the time we have. Because as cliche as it sounds, every second counts. But, we’re not gone yet. We can see the future on the horizon but we still stand in the present with three months of summer ahead of us. So, I say to fellow classmates, of all the unforgettable times we’ve had, let’s make this summer stand out. We have three months until we load the cars, until the good-byes, until the next chapter and our stories branch out. But before we start filling in the blank pages ahead of us and any of that can start, an ending to the reign of X needs to be written in the metaphorical book that is our lives.

Summer alternatives to Rothbury Nicole Minzey Staff Writer

Many students await Rothbury each year like a small child waiting for Santa. So when officials announced that there would be no festival this summer, music lovers everywhere got a feeling even worse than finding coal in their stocking. According to event producers, timing was the issue. Due to various artists recording and tour schedules, coordinators of the event weren’t able to pull it off. But don’t fret, they also said Rothbury will is very likely making a comeback in 2011. Even with the absence of Rothbury this summer, there is still a plethora of good, live music to see around

the country. Whatever your music tastes may be, there’s something for you. Top of the Park will be returning this year June 18- July 11. This is a way to discover some lesser- known local bands including Yoshi, Funktion, The Sun Messengers, The Saints of Soul and many more. Ticket prices come in a wide range of prices depending on where you want to sit and who you are seeing. Some events are even free. In addition to live music, Top of the Park also includes an assortment of other attractions ranging from yoga class to face painting. If you’re looking to see all your favorite bands in one place, and don’t mind a little road trip, Lollapalooza is perfect. It will be going on Aug. 6-8 at Grant Park in

Chicago. The line up this year is amazing. With acts ranging across all genres including: MGMT, Spoon, Lady Gaga, Slightly Stoopid, Matt and Kim and B.o.B. Tickets are already on sale and sell for $215. It’s a little pricey, but worth it. A threeday pass gets you in to see all the bands. If you have a little extra money to throw around, you can purchase a VIP pass for $850. VIP passes include unlimited access to the Lolla Lounges, VIP golf cart shuttles between lounges, viewing platforms on the main stages, Specialty drinks served all day, catered food, mini spa treatments and reserved private bathrooms. While neither of these may be able to fill the void Rothbury has left, they are worthy substitutes.

“Shine Blockers” By: Big Boi Featuring Gucci Mane Why: “Because they can’t block my shine.”

Alex Everard


“Naturally” By: Selena Gomez Why: “Selena’s hair is like ... ”

Lauren Daugherty co-photo-editor

“Stir it Up” By: Bob Marley Why: “If you’ve had a rough week or you’re just feeling down, this is the song to release your inner butterflies.”

Alex Dobbs

get involved editor

“Madder Red” By: Yesayer Why: “Yesayer will reclaim the throne from MGMT for the kings of psychedelic music.”

Max Berry

co-news editor

“I Wish You Were Here” By: Incubus Why: “I can’t even explain how much meaning this song has to me. So many memories I wish I had back.”

Dan Flowers

arts/entertainment editor

“Wavin’ Flag (World Cup Remix)” By: K’naan Why: “An inspiring song that gets me PUMPED for the summer.”

Kevin Yarows sports editor

Photos by Ross Chamberlain

The Rostrum, May 2010  

Our May 2010 issue of The Rostrum