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February 29, 2008 - Volume I - Issue 6 - Dexter High School - 2200 N. Parker Road - Dexter, MI 48130

Photo by Maria Brundage


Friday, February 29, 2008


The Rostrum

Hannah Montana not just for preteens Lisa Ritchie staff writer

Finding her newest role model-to-be in a 15 year-old pop singer from the Disney Channel, junior Misty Gautz eagerly awaited the release of her new idol’s movie, “Hannah Montana: One in a Million.” Miley Cyrus, better known by the stage name of Hannah Montana, became an overnight sensation after her show’s first season with Gautz riding front seat on the fan bus. “I just think she’s really down to earth and a normal teenage girl that anyone can look up to,” Gautz, who has been a fan for three years, said. “I have her CDs, clothes and things from her concert. I just admire how she handles teenage life even though she’s famous.” Not everyone shows as much support as Gautz for the teenage pop inclination, however. “She’s terrible at singing, she’s worse at acting, and she sucks at life,” junior Jordan Markin said. “She’s pretty hot though.” Markin said he thinks Cyrus’ good looks play a large part in her overnight fame. “It’s a lot like Hilary Duff, no talent in any way, but she’s definitely nice to look at.” Even though Gautz said she is a fan, she can agree with Markin in some aspects when it comes to Cyrus’s concerts. “They’re good, “ said Gautz, “but half of the time, it isn’t her.” In January 2008 a video was posted on YouTube that showed Cyrus ushered off stage and replaced with a double. Cyrus confirmed a couple days after the show that a body double appears approximately one to two minutes prior to the end of the song in order to allow her to remove the Hannah wig and costume and transform into Miley Cyrus. Co-starring with Cyrus on Disney’s “Hannah Montana” is her father, Billy Ray Cyrus. Some believe his is finding a way to appeal to the younger generations after having his prime take place in the 1980s. “I didn’t even know who he was till the show,” Gautz said. Seeing Cyrus’s face on every billboard, on every product in the grocery store and every other commercial, it is clear to Gautz that Hannah Montana is becoming a mainstream celebrity. “I’m going to be a Hannah Montana fan forever,” Gautz said. “She’s not just a fad. She’s a great musician that will make it to the top.”

photo by Jeff Leonard

Hot or not: Ugg boots have became very popular among students. They all have fur inside of them, but they come in all different sizes.

Opinions vary when it comes to Uggs Joe Sayre staff writer

As she walks through the halls between class, senior Kim Melinsky sees Ugg boots and becomes more and more agitated. She turns a corner and yells at the girl wearing them. “Untuck your pants! You look dumb!” she yells. Unfortunately for Melinsky, Ugg boots, since being introduced two years ago, have became increasingly popular. “They’re ugly, and they’re not attracting anyone,” she said. “I really have no idea why they caught on.” With new features like fur, poofy balls and buttons, Uggs have reached a wider variety of people. Ugg even has a men’s line, although it has yet to catch on. Despite the criticism, junior Ashley Sharp loves her Uggs. “I wear them because they’re warm,” Sharp said. Sharp also defends tucking her jeans into her Uggs. “People don’t understand why we tuck them in,” she said. “We tuck them in so our pants don’t get mushy, not to look sweet.” Sharp has a simple message for all the Ugg critics, “ You’re just jealous!” Also imitation Uggs have become popular. Girls not looking to pay full price can take advantage of the lower prices of the imitation Uggs. Also many imitation Uggs come with features available on real Uggs including extra fur, poofy balls and different colors. But many Ugg fans resent these imitation Uggs. “I totally hate them. They’re not even cute!” Sharp said. With the appearance of imitation Uggs it has become apparent that uggs are not just a fad. Many Ugg critics have begun to accept the fact that Uggs are becoming a permanent fashion. Melinsky said, “I had really hoped that Uggs would just be a fad, but it looks like they might be here a while.”

photo Kansas City Star/MCT; photo illustration by Derek Wooton


All We Are OneRepublic

Where Do You Go To Peter Sarstedt

“The honesty, lyrics and memorable tune make this song stick with me”

“This song was amazing in ‘The Darjeeling Limited’

- Emily VanDusen, staff writer

-Casey Hall, staff writer

Blueberry Yum Yum Ludacris

In My Car The Pack

“An inspirational song with a super fly beat.”

“Every time I hear it, I really do feel like I’m in my car.”

-Leah Gibson, photographer

- Candice Wiesner, head designer

3 StuCo raises money for cancer research The Rostrum

Rachel Butler staff writer

A pi le of pla s t ic ba g s f i l le d w it h mone y lay on t he g rou nd i n E ng l i sh te ac her a nd s t udent c ou nc i l adv i ser D eb Ma r sh’s r o om e a rly Tue sd ay mor ni ng, Feb. 12 . A s p e ople c a me to t he e a rly-mor n i ng me et i ng, t he r o om w a s so on f i l le d w it h sm a l l pi le s of qu a r ter s, n ic kel s, p en n ie s, d i me s, a fe w bi l l s a nd p e ople c ou nt i ng mone y c ol le c te d for Pen n ie s for Pat ient s, a f u nd r a i ser u se d by m a ny sc ho ol s to r a i se mone y for t he leu kem ia a nd ly mphom a so c iet y. “It ’s a go o d c au se,” ju n ior Jo c ely n C oa s t , v ic e pre sident of s t udent c ou nc i l a nd le ader of t he Penn ie s for Pat ient s f u nd r a i ser sa id . “S o m a ny p e ople a re a f fe c te d by c a nc er.” Ever y ye a r t hou sa nd s of p e ople a r e a f fe c te d by c a nc er, a nd i n a n ef for t to help, s t udent s h ave b e en empt y i ng out t hei r p o c ke t s for t h r e e we ek s i n supp or t of Pen n ie s for Pat ient s. Ma r sh sug ge s te d t he ide a at a s t udent c ou nc i l me et i ng, a nd e ver yone at t he me e t i ng t houg ht it w a s a go o d t h i ng to b e i nvolve d i n. “It ’s lo c a l, so it help s p e ople i n e a s ter n M ic h iga n. It ju s t m a ke s sen se for u s to do it ,” C oa s t sa id . “It w a s a go o d opp or t u n it y for u s to ge t i nvolve d .” A c c ord i ng to Ma r sh, t h i s i s t he f i r s t t i me s t udent c ou nc i l h a s b e en i nvolve d i n t h i s f u nd r a i ser, a nd 95 p er c ent of t he mone y go e s d i r e c t ly to t he c a nc er pat ient s for t hei r me d ic a l c o s t s. She sa id t h i s re a l ly help s fa m i l ie s who h ave a c h i ld w it h leu kem ia or ly mphom a w it h a l l t he e x p en se s. “I wou ld hop e t h at s t udent s wou ld w a nt to help ot her p e ople,” she sa id . O ne p er son who h a s showe d a n ent hu sia sm for

get involved

Friday, February 29, 2008

t he f u nd r a i ser i s F rench te acher A my Ol m s te ad. “I’ve a lw ay s b e en i nto c om mu n it y ser v ic e,” she sa id , “a nd it ’s a go o d c au se, so I ju s t w a nte d to help out.” Ol m s te ad , ne w to DHS la s t ye a r, sa id she w a s su r pr i se d at how l it t le c om mu n it y ser v ic e t he h ig h scho ol w a s i nvolve d i n c ompa re d to her e x p e r ienc e i n h ig h scho ol. “ We d id a ton of c om mu n it y ser v ic e when I w a s i n h ig h scho ol,” Ol m s te ad sa id. “Re a l ly pu sh i ng it w it h t he k id s a nd let t i ng t hem k now ent hu sia s t ic you a re ab out it help s.” Ol m s te ad sa id her e x p er ienc e a nd pa s sion for doi ng c om mu n it y ser v ic e i s what ha s made her so de vote d to r a i si ng t he mo s t mone y for t h i s c au se. A f ter t h re e we ek s of c ol le c t i ng c oi n s, Ol m s te ad r a i se d $ 231.7 8, t he mo s t mone y r a i se d a mong te acher s. A lt houg h some te acher s l i ke Ol m s te ad ro se to t he o c c a sion a nd r a i se d a lot of mone y, s t udent c ou nc i l w a s a l it t le d i sapp oi nte d i n t he re su lt s t he y got f rom t he f u nd r a i ser. “I e x p e c te d t hat we wou ld get $10 0 0 but so fa r we’ve c ome up ver y shor t ,” Ma r sh sa id. By t he end of t he t h re e we ek f u nd r a i ser s t udent c ou nc i l r a i se d $ 597. By ma k i ng t he f u nd r a i ser a c omp et it ion a mong te acher s for ic e c re a m, Ma r sh a nd t he memb er s of S t udent C ou nc i l e x p e c te d to get a lot of mone y for t he cha r it y. “I t houg ht t hat wou ld help, but it se em s t hat it ha sn’t at a l l,” Ma r sh sa id. But C oa s t a nd Ma r sh sa id t he y a re opt i m i s t ic for ne x t ye a r. She sa id now s t udent c ou nc i l k now s what w i l l work wel l for ne x t ye a r. C oa s t sa id , “I t h i n k t hat w it h t he e x p er ienc e we got f rom t he f u nd r a i ser t h i s ye a r, ne x t ye a r it w i l l b e e ven b et ter.”

photo by Rachel Butler

Makin’ change: While counting money from Pennies for Patients, freshmen Kelsey Heilman, and sophomores Lindsay Fischer and Elizabeth Reynolds determine the class who will win ice cream. French teacher Amy Olmstead’s class won the competition by raising $231.78.

Key Club reaches out at soup kitchens, hospitals Sarah Akbarifard staff writer

photo by Katie Johnson

Lending two hands: Serving food at Ypsilanti’s Salvation Army soup kitchen, seniors Marianne Vu and Bekah Williamson spent their Valentine’s Day helping others who are less fortunate. The Key club also volunteers their time at Bates reading to students and editing their journals.

It’s the feeling senior Andrew Monson gets when he’s volunteering. A good feeling inside. A feeling that he’s just accomplished something good with his time instead of staying inside and watching TV or sitting on the computer all day long. This is the feeling Monson said keeps him involved in Key Club. “I joined key club my freshman year,” he said. “One of my friends mentioned it to me so I decided to join.” Now, in his fourth year of club membership and also vice president, he’s more than happy that he did. According to Monson, volunteering is the main aspect of Key Club, and members do everything from helping with the Relay For Life in the spring to reading to elementary students at Bates. Almost every week, members of Key Club go to Bates to read stories to the young students and also do things such as edit the journals students write. While Bates is only a couple miles from the high school, members don’t find transportation a concern. “Us older members normally transport the younger members to the locations that we are volunteering at,” he

said. “We try about once a month to help out at the Salvation Army soup kitchen located in Ypsilanti.” Monson said while at the soup kitchen, members help the cooks get food together and serve food to the individuals. The whole process takes two hours, give or take. Senior and Key Club president Gina Steffey said she truly enjoys volunteering at the soup kitchens and finds it be one of her favorite projects the club does. “Last year we went to Mott’s hospital and played games with the patients,” Steffey said. “We played Bingo and parents of the patients were really appreciative of us, and I truly learned from the experience. One parent even told us that their child was waiting all week for us to come and play games with her.” Ultimately, every time Steffey volunteers she said she has a good feeling inside of herself. “I definitely plan to keep up with volunteering as well through college,” she said. Monson said he also plans to volunteer when he attends Central Michigan next fall. He said, “Volunteering is something worth the experience. You don’t really want to do it at first, but afterwards the feeling you get is unbeatable.”

the spread

Friday, February 29, 2008 factinabox

The Rostrum

Hopkins plans to marry young It’s common for high school girls to dream about the perfect guy, the perfect dress or the perfect wedding day. But while most girls are still dreaming, these fantasies are on their way to becoming a reality for sophomore Jordan Hopkins. Hopkins met Johnathan Ogar, a senior at Saline High School, last summer at a water park. A month ago, the two decided they wanted to tie the knot. “We went out to dinner, and we had been going through a bunch of hard stuff, and he was like, ‘I don’t wanna let you go, and I know we can’t get married right now, but will you marry me?’” Hopkins said with a smile on her face. “I said, ‘Yes.’” Aware of her young age, Hopkins said she is waiting until she graduates high school before getting married. “I suppose it’s unusual,” Hopkins said. “But I don’t think it’s that horrible. We’ve made it through a lot of tough situations together already.”

According to Hopkins, those situations include going to different high schools. “I think it’s important because we’ve had to work on trusting each other,” Hopkins said. “I think we’ve matured a lot together.” Another struggle she said they’ve had to deal with is their parents. Hopkins said they’ve talked to her parents about the engagement, and they’re happy for the couple. “They really like him and know he’s a good kid and stuff,” she said. “They’re just excited.” Ogar’s parents, however, have yet to receive the news. When the couple first started dating six months ago, Ogar’s parents told him he couldn’t see her anymore. “His family is a lot different from mine,” she said. “They’re more strict and religious, and they don’t quite agree with things in my past.” But Hopkins said it’s just another thing they’re working on. “Now, his parents know we’re serious,” Hopkins said. “I think they’ll come around. We have two years.” Unlike her parents though, Hopkins said some of her peers were shocked. “I’ve dated

Getting Together Joel: Getting a group of people together and including the person you are interested in is a good way to get comfortable with each other. After a few group hang outs, try having a one-on-one date with the person. Rachel: Tell the person. There’s no point in stressing out and being like, “Oooh, I wonder if he likes me,” when you probably both like each other. The worst they can say is no. Just tell him or tell his friends to tell him. Classic date ideas: bowling, ice skating, concerts, water parks and of course, the big three: a movie, a nice dinner and a dance or game. Factboxes by Shantal Daratony Source:

the spread

Dating and Relationships BLIND DATE

Looking into each other’s eyes: Sophomore Jordan Hopkins stands with her soon-to-be husband Johnathan Ogar. The couple met at a water park last Photo courtesy of Jordan Hopkins summer.

Michelle Chirby copy editor

The Rostrum

a lot of people and had some pretty interesting relationships last year, so I think they’re kind of skeptical,” she said. “But I think people wanna see us get married. A lot of people are already inviting themselves to the wedding.” No wedding plans are underway, but Hopkins has a few things in mind. “He’s going to college first at Eastern, but he wants to get married in the church his parents got married in,” she said. “And we want to go Hawaii for our honeymoon, but we haven’t worked out the legit details.” Hopkins also said she wants a summer wedding. “I used to live in Florida, so we want to move back there once we’re married,” she said. Though two years is a long time to wait, Hopkins said they’ll make it through. “I think it’ll be good. I love him a lot, and we want to get married and have a family and stuff. We have a great time together,” she said. “Plus, it’s not like we’re married yet. If we don’t want to be married after two years, then there’s no harm done.”

Meet seniors Joel Snider and Rachel Ariyavatkul:: your guides to dating and relationships. Look for them elsewhere on the spread.

How did you guys meet? Was is a set up or did you two get together on your own? Joel: We got together on our own. It wasn’t a set up. Rachel: Well, I had a crush on him, but I didn’t want to tell him, so I told (senior) Phillip Huddleston to invite him to one of our get-togethers, and that’s how we met. How long have you been dating? We have been dating for two years.

Recognize the cover? Joel and Rachel are mimicking Annie Leibovitz’s iconic picture of John Lennon and Yoko Ono. Taken just hours before Lennon was killed, it ran on the January 1981 cover of Rolling Stone.

The lyrics to the Naked Brothers’ song “Long Distance Relationships” says “Long distance relationships will kill you.” But according to junior Jennarose Rolfes, this is not the case. When Rolfes began dating Colin Blocksma, a 2007 Chelsea High School graduate, in Spring of 2007, she knew he was going to be in the Marines. She said, however, she never knew the relationship would go as far as it did. “(Staying together) is not something I consciously thought about (when we first started dating),” she said. “(Now), I can’t imagine him not in my life.” Blocksma, a member of the Marine Corps, is currently a Private First Class and is in the last stage of training at Camp LeJeune in North Carolina. He will soon be deployed to Iraq. “There will be times when I have to go on a mission or long patrol for maybe a couple of weeks,” he said. “Then I’ll be back (home) before you know it (for a

It was really awkward when we first met, but it was sweet.” - Bret Marsh, senior

Bekah Williamson and Bret Marsh Marsh also had a few hopes for what the girl would be like. “She should be funny but intelligent. It’s also interesting for me On a chilly Friday night in February, seniors to learn about something that they like to Bekah Williamson and Bret Marsh got ready to go do that I don’t know much about,” he said. on a blind date set up by The Squall. “It’s interesting to learn about things that The purpose was to get two people who didn’t she does that are different from me.” know each other to go on a date and see if things Williamson, who had similar expectawould work out. Before the date, the attendees were tions said, “Well, he’s gotta have a good unsure of what to expect. “I’m nervously excited,” sense of humor. He should probably watch Williamson said. “I’ve never been on a real date be- ‘The Office’, because it’s kind of a big part fore.” of my life. Also he should be respectful and Though the two didn’t know who they were go- interesting.” ing with, they knew that it wouldn’t be someone that So on Friday at 6:10 p.m., Marsh they were good friends with. Though they didn’t showed up at Foggy Bottom five minutes early. A know what to expect, each had a few hopes about few minutes later, Williamson entered the building. After a few awkward hellos, the two left in Marsh’s car, heading towards an outdoor ice rink in Ann Arbor. “Well, I always thought it’d be cute to go ice skating and maybe get some hot chocolate and sit to chat,” Williamson said when explaining a perfect date. “Nothing too big, but nothing superficial.” After driving around for about and hour, Marsh admitted to being a little lost. He pulled into a parking lot in front of zap zone. “We were a little photo by Alli Sutter lost on the way to the ice rink so we the blind date. pulled over in a random parking lot,” Marsh said. “I want to be comfortable enough around the “When we realized it was Zap Zone, me and Bekah person so I can act myself, not be placed in too many decided to go there instead.” After a complete red awkward situations,” Marsh said. “I just want to team domination, the two headed downtown Ann have a good time and get to know them. Not embar- Arbor to walk around. rass myself too much.” Marsh decided to take Bekah to a homemade

Allison Sutter staff w writer

Couples learn to adjust to long distance relationship Morgan Quist staff writer


Friday, February 29, 2008

“(The separation) makes us stronger,” Rolfes said. “We have to be honest year). All I do is train for that kind of stuff, so it’s (become) second nature (to with each other, and when (he comes home) and we see each other and spend me).” time together, we appreciate it a lot more.” Although Rolfes said she and Blocksma talk every day despite how Blocksma agrees. far apart they are and how busy Blocksma is, it is frustrating to her “The saying, ‘absence makes the heart grow fonder’ is because the only see each other once a month. But she also said being (The separation) makes us stronger, we have really true,” he said. “Since I don’t get so see Jenna every apart only makes the relationship stronger. to be honest with each day, when I do see her it’s like Christmas when you’re a litAnd when they do see each other, Rolfes said they do not fight. other and time together, tle kid. It makes me appreciate everything so much more. Instead, the fights occur over the phone. “It’s weird to have him come we appreciate it a lot You really don’t know what you have until you (lose it). home, because we fight (when we’re apart) on the phone,” Rolfes said. more.” (It’s not lost). It’s just put on hold.” “When he does come home, it’s like nothing had ever happened.” - Jennarose Rolfes, And the relationship is not even on hold although Blocksma agrees. “We (don’t) fight with each other (when I come junior Blocksma is at boot camp 500 miles away. Rolfes said she home),” he said. “We have our little squabbles, but it makes me realdoesn’t think they will break up any time soon, even when ize it’s just not worth it (to fight). We just want to enjoy each other’s he’s even farther away. company. I trust her 110 percent.” “Colin and I have been dating for 11 months,” Rolfes said. “I don’t think we’ll In fact, the couple both say that being apart makes their relationship more break up when he’s (deployed).” solid.

photo by Ally Sutter

fudge and chocolate shop next to the Prickly Pear which she enjoyed. “The fudge shop was really fun,” she said. “Yummy ice cream. We all shared it, then went to this really cool book store with inscents.” In the end they both said the date was a success. “It was really awkward when we first met, but it was sweet. After we started driving, we got talking and stuff which made it better,” Marsh said. “Bekah was real good company and the ice cream was superb. Zap Zone was the best because it wasn’t originally planned. It was pretty rad, we played against a bunch of frat guys who were really annoying.” Though they really enjoyed the date, they but agreed that becoming friends would be the best answer. While the most awkward moment was meeting each other for the first time, Williamson agreed that it was a great time overall. “It was really fun, and wasn’t as awkward as I thought it would be,” she said. “My favorite part was owning the frat boys at Zap Zone. I had a really good time.”

Staying Together Joel: I will say that there is light at the end of the tunnel, and it is worth sticking it out if you really care about the person. Rachel and I went through a really hard time once; it was about a month of just constant fighting. Yes, sometimes we wanted to slap each other in the face and walk away, but we would never do that. Instead we worked it out, and now it has really made us stronger. Getting through the hard times has made us what we are now though. Rachel: I would say my best advice is to talk it out. Put the problem first and make it the priority and work it out. Don’t give up, and don’t take breaks. It will only make it worse. When Joel and I fight, we almost never leave each other still upset because we take time to talk and work it out.


DOWN: 1) This popular woman became the first black female television host in 1986. She is still going strong today 3) This woman was the first black female to win a Grammy (1958) 4) First black portrayal on a postage stamp (1940, 1956) 7) From 1939-1941, this black explorer accompanied Richard Byrd on an expedition to the South Pole 8) This famous golfer was the first black to win the Masters Golf Tournament (1997)

The Rostrum


Friday, February 29, 2008

Cross Word

ACROSS: 2) First black U.S. Secretary of State (2001-2004) 5) This woman was the first black millionaire 6) This guy became the first black major league baseball player in 1947 8) First black U.S. Supreme court justice (19671991) 9) “Hey, Hey, Hey” This funny guy created Fat Albert Answer Key: 1. Oprah Winfrey 2. Colin Powell 3. Ella Fitzgerald 4. Booker T Washington 5. Madame CJ Walker 6. Jackie Robinson 7. George Gibbs 8. Thurgood Marshall 9. Bill Cosby

Which Hamburger is Which? Are you a burger lover? Well here’s your test. We at the Squall have acquired six different burgers from around town. Match the burger with the name and see how well you do know burgers!



1. Krazy Jim’s Triple Blimpy Burger with American cheese, bacon, banana peppers and condiments on an onion roll B.

2. Knight’s half-pound burger with cheese 3. Burger King’s double Whopper with cheese

photos by Hunter Lyons




4. Big Boy’s Original Double-Decker 5. Wendy’s half-pound double with cheese Answers: 1. B 2. E 3. D 4. A 5. C

The Rostrum


Friday, February 29, 2008

What mythical mascot are you?

5 Things To Do/ Not To Do on St. Patrickʼs Day: Jake Larosa contest manager

To Do:

1. Wear an article of green clothing. If not, you’re green-lighted for any pinching, nipple twisting or dehumanizing remarks.

Not To Do: 1. Watch the Disney Channel Original Movie “Luck of the Irish”. Consequences of this include loss of life purpose and rectal bleeding.

David Pisano opinions editor

With the onslaught of holidays we have gone through and others looming in the not-so-distant 2. Try to find a leprechaun. He can transport you to Imagination future, you may have trouble picking your favorite. Land, which is under attack by terrorists. Beware of the Wood- 2. Take gold from a pot at the end of a rainbow. Leprechauns are To help you out, this quiz will let you know which land Critters. Member FDIC, so they’re just going to get the money back from holiday icon you are most like. you. 3. Fight in the cafeteria. Everyone enjoys dinner and a show. 1. When you see a guy and a girl together, you ... Bonus points if it’s completely one-sided. 3. Use Irish slurs on this, the holy day of the Leprechaunese. a) feel inclined to shoot at them with a medieval weapon. 4. Try to hug as many gingers as possible. To them, St. Patricks 4. Eat Lucky Charms. While they are in fact magically delicious, b) run away from them to protect your marshmalDay is like Black History Month. But be sure to include the day- they belong to Lucky, and he will hunt you down and kill you in low-filled cereal. walkers (half gingers). your sleep. “They’re always after me Lucky Charms.” c) call the woman a ho ... ho ho. d) point menacingly and tell them you want 5. Search for lucky four leaf clovers. Seeing as they don’t exist, 5. Date seniors Joe Sayre or Kevin Butler out of pity. They will them. this gives you ample time to reflect upon your meaningless and wear Atreyu shirts and dark make-up, and will sit on your lap depressing life. and have dark conversations about feelings. 2. When a plate of cookies is left out, you ... a) decorate them with pretty hearts and pink icing. b) aren’t tall enough to reach them. c) devour them all greedily while in the process of breaking and entering. d) put a 6 percent sales tax on them. Ian McCarthy

Pinching people.

The color green.

Start a cult of ginger people.

I would cry.

I don’t think there is one. There’s no real point to it.

What is your stereotypical Irish person?

What really is at the end of the rainbow?

What is the best part about Saint Patrick’s Day?

On Saint Patrick’s Day, if you turned into a ginger, what would you do? What do you think is the actual purpose of Saint Patrick’s Day?

Little Irish men.

3. When you see a rainbow, you ... a) fly around looking for more couples to shoot at. b) go searching for gold that is not yours. c) whip your overworked animals harder so they fly above it, even though they’ve been towing your overweight self around the world. d) don’t ask, don’t tell.


Katelyn McGee (12)

Dara Barlett (10)

Houston Douglass (11)

staff writer


Anthony Chisolm


Having some fun with your friends and partying.

Killing people after me Lucky Charms.

I’d probably eat myself.

What’s that? ... I would be really upset. I would probably cry.

Drink away the ginger.

When Saint Patrick was born? I have no flippin’ idea.

It’s foolishness.

For being able to go out and drink green beer and get drunk.

Talks like an Irish person, red hair maybe.

Someone that is Irish with red hair and has an Irish accent.

Ian McCarthy

Like Leprechauns?

Strapping young lad who I leave alone.

Pot of gold.

A pot of gold.


Magic treasure and green beer.

Me waiting for you.

Getting drunker than a skunk.

4. Your favorite time of year is ... a) late winter. b) spring. c) early winter. d) wartime. 5. Young children are ... a) protected by the cootie shot. b) already bigger than you. c) willing to be good all year just for you. d) not eligible for the draft. Results: If you answered mostly: As: You are Cupid. You ferociously hunt down unsuspecting couples and shoot them down in their most precious moments. Bs: You are a leprechaun. You are a creepy little thief who is oddly protective of his cereal that’s not even that good. Cs: You are Santa Claus. Despite your mistreatment of animals and tendency to break into people’s homes while they sleep, you are one of the most loved people in the world. Ds: You are Uncle Sam. Your stern gaze and simple catch phrase have helped convince millions of young people that, if all else fails, at least o ne person will still want them, and even if they don’t join the Army, they can still blow stuff up on the 4th of July.


Friday, February 29, 2008




The Rostrum


March Thursday




• Forensics Tournament





















• NHS Blood Drive • Choir Concert

Ruff, Ruff: Rapper

• MME Testing

• MME Testing

• Orchestra District Festival • Film Festival

• MME Testing

Bow Wow turns 21


St. Patrickʼs Day





• Choral State Festival


• NHS Special Olympics Bowling



• 3rd Quarter Ends


• Choral District Festival • Swimming State Finals @ EMU

• German Fun Day • Senior Food Auction

• Good Friday-

• Band Extravaganza

No School

28 • Squall distribution

29 • Spring Break Begins


The Love Issue Spread - Pages 4 M 5 February 29, 2008 - Volume I - Issue 6 - Dexter High School - 2200 N. Parker Road - Dexter, MI 48130 Pho...

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