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diferentes January 29, 2010 VOLUME III ISSUE 5 DEXTER HIGH SCHOOL 2200 N. PARKER ROAD DEXTER, MI 48130



Friday, January 29, 2010

Hot and Not

Derek Jeter

A2 rap concerts rock

T iger Woods


flip phones



Going on a winter vacation

Going to the tanning bed

Kid Cudi & Wiz Khalifa

Lil’ Wayne & Drake

Mr. Moran Dexter Warewolves “Jersey Shore”

Connie Chelsea Vampires

Sexting/phone sex

The Squall, print edition

pattern prints

cheetah prints


Staff Writer

Ann Arbor has never been recognized as a popular destination for hip hop. However, this winter, two upand-coming musicians may have started a new trend with their performances at the University of Michigan, making Ann Arbor a hip-hop haven. In early December, Pittsburgh rapper Wiz Khalifa filled Studio 4 on South Fourth Street, and in January, Kid Cudi sold out the Michigan Theater in under 10 minutes. On Dec. 2, Studio 4 packed in hundreds of college students and even a couple faculty members, social studies teacher Ryan Baese and science teacher Jessica Kreeger. “We didn’t even stay long enough to see (Khalifa),” Kreeger said. “I wasn’t very comfortable with the age of the rest of the audience.” The concert was packed with students and had few over-21 attendees. The bar was empty while the dance floor was covered. GoHardy and 18-year-old rapper Treezon opened the show. Khalifa is notorious for starting his shows late, and this concert was no exception. “He didn’t even come on the stage until around 12:30 a.m.” senior Mason Mabry said. “It was pretty hyped up when his openers kept yelling out his name. The whole crowd kept chanting for Wiz.” Khalifa’s performance was nothing less than crazy, resulting in a moshing audience that destroyed the

stage’s lights. Khalifa performed late into the morning, finishing his set around 2 a.m. Cudi performed at the Michigan Theater on January 11. “The concert was awesome, and (senior) Alex Watson rocked the stage in the pre-concert dance competition,” senior Jono Jebson said. “I knew right then, it was going to be a good night.” Roughly 10 girls were invited to the stage, to compete in a dance-off in front of the large crowd. The concert was opened by Cleveland rapper Chip the Ripper and rap group The Higher Concept. When Chip’s set was finishing and Cudi’s was preparing to start, the over-excited crowd pushed from the back and piled into the aisle ways. Due to the safety hazard of the crowded aisles, Cudi could not to perform until it was cleared out. Half an hour later the “Kid from Cleveland” took the stage and rocked the audience with hit songs from his album “Man on the Moon”. The concert ended around 11:30 p.m. cognizant of the fact some students had classes the following Tuesday. With famous music bars such as The Blind Pig and Millenium Club, Ann Arbor has been on the music scene with a variety of genres for a long time. However, hip hop has not always surfaced as one of the most popular. Following the stellar performances by Khalifa and Cudi and their subsequent turnout, the mold is beginning to change.

“Real World”

Sex on the dance floor


Nick Gonet

anime Hallway, OCD PDA

Performing for the crowd: Kid Cudi sings at hisi sold out Michigan Theater show in early December


get involved

Friday, January 29, 2010

FAFSA helps students find aid Steve Ferguson

staff writer

Like most students who want scholarships, senior Sara Douglass’ counselor told her that she should start filling out a Free Application for Federal Student Aid form. FAFSA is a government organization which, based on a form a student fills out, determines how much money a student can get in financial aid. Another student also pursuing financial aid is senior Rachelle Alcini. “I went on the FAFSA website and started filling out my application,” Alcini said. Some ways to get scholarships are by getting good grades, being a good athlete and being good at other extracurricular activities the school offers. But for the average student or those who have

never played sports, there are alternative ways to get financial aid and also sites showing scholarships that the average person may not even know existed. Some suggestions for the best way for students to receive scholarships, according to counselor Larry LeBlanc are, “First, through academic achievement such as GPA, class rank, rigorous curriculum and exceptional standardized test scores. Apply to colleges that provide you the best academic, personal and social fit.” LeBlanc also suggested students should be resourceful by using the web to search scholarship and college sites. LeBlanc said, “Most often, students don’t begin their search in a timely manner. Second, they may not be diligent and persistent in their search, resulting in missed deadlines.” According to LeBlanc, a good website

to search and apply for scholarships is At Fastweb students can search for a variety of scholarships available based on their interests and education goals. Once they find scholarships, they can apply for them on the site. Fastweb also offers tips on financial aid so students can get the most benefit from it. Douglass said, “Now I am just sifting through the sites my counselor gave me to look for scholarships that I can apply for.” For current seniors and even juniors, Douglass has some advice. “Apply early so you can let colleges know that you are interested in scholarships,” she said. Alcini agreed. She said, “I would say if you want to get your scholarships out of the way, you should start early.”

How to apply for FAFSA Step 1: Gather required documents and information listed on site before starting to fill out the application Step 2: Fill out the FAFSA form Step 3: Once the application is filled out check results online and make corrections if needed Source:

Football players become Santa's helpers Emily Pap

staff writer

Sophomores Alex Tachian and Tucker Whitley were some of the football players who volunteered to help set up for the Dexter Lions Club Christmas tree fundraiser. For the past 30 years, the Lions Club has put on their annual Christmas tree selling fundraiser that raises money for everything from football scholarships to sponsoring basketball tournaments. Their primary goal however is to set up eye exams that help the blind and senior citizens. Tachian and Whitley were responsible for doing jobs such as unloading, hauling and setting up the trees, which took about five hours. They also assisted in stacking certain types of trees into different piles according to their type. This was Tachian’s fourth year volunteering and Whitley’s second. “It feels good helping the Lions Club out since they help others,” Tachian said. “I like the satisfaction of knowing that what I’m doing is going to help someone in some way.” There were a total of 20 volunteers from the Lions Club who helped run the fundraiser in shifts from noon to 8 p.m. Monday through Friday. There was also an estimated 900 trees sold. According to varsity football coach Tom Barbieri, “It was very successful this year. We got the trees unloaded and drilled in record time.” Barbieri also participated in helping move the trees. This was his ninth year volunteering with the fundraiser and he said getting involved with this project is a great way to give back to the community of Dexter. “I think the football players should give back to the great community we live in,” he said. “The community supports us on game nights by cheering us on, and this is our way of saying thank you, so to say.”

photos by Kent Sprague, photo illustration by Kayla Samuels


the spread

Friday, January 29, 2010

Homosexual in Dexter: Kruzel comes out as a sophomore

Kristi Hughes

the spread

Friday, January 29, 2010

G. L. O.W. Club helps promote tolerance

Coleen Hill

health editor

Walking around school wearing all black, not speaking, trying to voice a right without saying anything at all, senior and President of G.L.O.W. (Gay, lesbian, or whatever) Nick Hart participates in The National Day of Silence every year. “We stay silent and wear black all day,” Hart said. “It represents the silence homosexuals face in schools. People don’t really see it because people are too afraid to come out. People use ‘fag’ as a negative word, and it’s hard to come out in that environment.” Hart said he is all for equality and that is why he supports this club. By involving himself in this day, he along with other students in this

opinion editor

Former Dexter High school student Caleb Kruzel

club are sending out the message that people shouldn’t feel alone and people have a place to go where they will be welcomed. “I want kids to have a safe place to go, no matter what they are,” said G.L.O.W. adviser Angie Scott. One event the G.L.O.W club plans this year is a new project called the no-name-calling day. “We would have people sign a pledge saying they will not use hurtful words during this week,” Hart said. “We plan to display the pledge on the wall for everyone to see.” Being a part of G.L.O.W, Hart has even influenced some students to be a part of the group. Junior Taylor Golub came out to her classmates as bisexual a couple of years ago. When she did, she said many people looked at her as if she was suddenly different.

“People stopped talking to me because of it,” Golub said. “It made me feel like a freak. After I became friends with Nick, he showed me that if people don’t talk to me, then I shouldn’t care what they think. He also saw how I had strong feelings about gay rights and suggested I join G.L.O.W club.” And Hart said students don’t have to be homosexual in order to be a part of this club. “It’s really a part of equality, Hart said.” “To be a part of it means you support the equality of individuals,.” Unfortunately Hart said G.L.O.W has not been very active yet this year. G.L.O.W has had meetings, but they are not as frequent as they used to be. “It’s, really unfortunate that it is not at the top of peoples’ priority list,” Hart said. “This needs to be a passion for people. Not pushed.”

came out as a homosexual his freshman year at DHS. After he came out, Kruzel said sometimes he was a little

Freshman faces attackers through online harassment

lonely. “At first my straight guy friends were cool with it, then they started dwindling away,” he said.

Erin McAweeney

and Dexter were very different in terms of the reaction to him being gay. “When I first started going to Washtenaw, the big difference I noticed was that at Dexter everything about you matters, but the people I know at Washtenaw aren’t

quick to judge,” Kruzel said. “But Dexter is like any high school. It all matters.” Kruzel said that he thinks discrimination against him wasn’t as bad as it was for some other people who came out while going to Dexter High School because he had a lot of other friends who didn’t let his sexuality matter. “I had a great support group of friends, which made it a lot easier for me,” he said. “Sometimes, I was pretty lonely because being in Dexter I hadn’t met any gay people, which made it a little hard.” Kruzel said people didn’t show discrimination directly toward his face. “It was mostly

people talking behind my back,” he said. “But sometimes I avoided people in the halls just to avoid confrontation with certain people.” According to Principal Kit Moran, no incidents of gay discrimination have been brought to any of the administrators attention. But in order to try and prevent discrimination in the schools Moran said, “(The administration) supports a gay, lesbian, transgender club.” The Gay Lesbian or Whatever club (G.L.O.W.) is an organization students can turn to if they are feeling discriminated. In an event that an incident of discrimination against a students sexuality did come up, Dean

of Students Ken Koenig said, “We would treat the situation just as we would treat any other bullying situation.” Koenig said that if anyone thinks they are being discriminated against for any reason they should talk to an administrator or another adult in the school. Kruzel said he doesn’t worry much anymore about facing ridicule for who he is. He said he is now more comfortable with himself at Washtenaw, and he doesn’t let any kind of sexuality define him. He said, “What people don’t understand is that after high school it won’t matter.”


after his sophmore year at Dexter, and said Washtenaw

different faces of discrimination in


Kruzel switched to Washtenaw Community College

blog editor

The growing number of teens with Internet access and social networking site users has given birth to a new form of bullying; online harassment. Stealing lunch money and swirlies in the toilet are a thing of the past now that Facebook and text messaging plays a bigger role in teen life. The modern bullying tactic has created a new level of harassment that can quickly turn from teasing to discrimination. In mid-November and December Dexter High School was home to its very own Facebook feud, all starting with a picture comment. The victim, a freshman girl, said she and the attackers had never talked in school before, and she was surprised by the initial comment, made by sophomore Emily Deljevic, on a controversial picture of the freshman. “I was shocked that people I had never met could be so mean to me,” the freshman said. Deljevic and five to six other friends targeted the freshman because of the “annoying” pictures that she had been posting on her Facebook page. Deljevic said she and her friends continued to bicker once the freshman and her friend retaliated back.

“(The freshman) was equally harsh in her words,” Deljevic said. The dispute spiraled out of control after a Facebook group was created dedicated to hating the freshman girl, and more students became involved in the online fight. Comments quickly turned from quarreling to racist words that the freshman found highly offensive. Deljevic said once racist terms were used, she felt it was going too far. “I never wanted to cross into racism,” Deljevic said. The freshman said she started to dread going to school, but she was able to find support from friends and family. “It didn’t hit me that hard because I had people with me,” she said. Eventually help was brought to the freshman from parents of different students. Because the freshman and her friend fought back, the school could do nothing, but the Facebook arguing was subdued after the girls had a talk with school officials. “It’s not as bad, but it didn’t stop completely,” the freshman said. She said dirty looks in the hall continue, but neither side ever confronted each other in the hallway. One thing both girls agree on is that online harassment has become the most prevalent form of bullying. “It’s a lot easier, and people are more confident (when they bully) on the Internet,” Deljevic said.

Counselor Kristie Doyle was not surprised by the most recent incident of online harassment. Doyle said she finds the most common form of online discrimination or harassment is between girls who usually start out as friends, girls with stronger personalities and girls who use texting or Facebook as the main tool of communication. Doyle said the tendency of online harassment to escalate to harmful discrimination is the non-human interaction that no other form of bullying offers. “It’s much easier to say nasty things to a screen rather than a face,” Doyle said. Doyle suggests taking 24 hours before taking any action. “You need to take time and calm down,” Doyle said. “The problem is that (harassing online) is so quick and you can’t take it back.” Doyle suggests a few steps to avoid an uncontrollable harassment situation. “First of all, don’t get friends involved,” Doyle said. “Kids have to realize it’s not just them, it’s their friends who continue to run with it.” Doyle also suggests getting help immediately. “We can usually solve things quickly and easily.” Most of all Doyle said students need to separate themselves from the dependency on technology. “Bottom line is that we need to get back to face-to-face talking,” Doyle said. “Technology is great, but as far as personal communication, it’s not the best form.”


Discrimination Poll 1) How tolerant of others would you describe yourself? A. Extremely - 44% B. Moderately - 49% C. Barely - 7% 2) How tolerant do you think Dexter is towards diversity? A. Extremely - 9% B. Moderately - 64% C. Barely - 27%

3)Which do you think receives the least tolerance at DHS? A. Sexual Preference - 54% B. Gender - 7% C. Race - 26% D. Religion - 13% 4)How well do staff members at DHS encourage diversity? A. Extremely - 22% B. Moderately - 58% C. Poorly - 20% 5)Do you think Dexter is behind other local areas with regards to tolerance? A. Not at all, Dexter is progressive - 15% B. Yes, Dexter lacks modern tolerance - 36% C. Dexter is even with tolerance - 49% 6)Have you been a victim of an intolerant act or hate crime? A. Yes, several times - 8% B. Yes, but not severe - 21% C. No - 71% 7)Have you ever witnessed an intolerant act or hate crime? A. Yes, several - 29% B. No, rarely - 47% C. No, never have - 23% 8)Do you view the word “gay” with negative connotations? A. Yes - 35% B. No - 61% 1053 students surveyed, poll conducted by Toliver Rogers



Friday, January 29, 2010

Staff Playlist “Young Forever” by Jay-Z “Because Jay-Z=BOSS.”

Kristi Hughes Opinions Editor

The Best of 2009

Nick Gonet Staff Writer

“Safety Dance” by Men Without Hats

staff writer

With so many quality films released this year, and an endless list of trashy television shows to choose from, it was a struggle compiling the best of the best, and in the given word count. We chose our best based on our opinion, and the opinion of others by tallying the number of references made throughout the school day. There is no longer a day that goes by where we don’t hear the word “Avatar” or about Snooki’s poor form. Enjoy.

“Yes” by LMFAO “It makes me want to rage and party.”

Morgan Quist

“Avatar”- With a $300 million dollar price tag and a 14-year process getting it to the big screen, “Avatar” deserves to be a top film of 2009. While James Cameron shot “Avatar” in a warehouse turned soundstage and transformed actors into Na’vi through a regimen which changed their walk and posture, viewers were also transported to the world of Pandora.

“The Hangover”I love stupid, drunken comedies like this one. As over-quoted as it may be, I think if I limit myself to watching this every three months, it will never get old. And as if Bradley Cooper weren’t sexy enough (even my mother drools over him), his laid back character’s hair blowing in the wind en route to Vegas, donning aviators truly is the cherry on top. And who doesn’t know a guy like Alan and not love him?

“Cause we can dance if we wanna.”

Marshall Kellenberger Staff Writer

“Starstruck” by Lady GaGa “It’s a better dancing song than Tik Tok.”

Alex McMurray Staff Writer

“Like a Prayer” by Madonna “It’s really important to pray.”

JoJo Parin Co-Photo Editor

“BoysBoysBoys” by Lady Gaga “Cause I’m a free bitch, baby.”

Caitlyn Rize Trends Editor

Photos by Ross Chamberlain

“The September Issue”- Why not throw a documentary in here? Anna Wintour, editor-in-chief and queen-bitch-on-wheels at “Vogue” allows cameras to document the making of their biggest issue ever, (September 2007, 840 pages) filming photo shoots, meetings, fashion shows and the hierarchy at “Vogue.” I enjoyed this movie because I see clothes and people as art, love the fashion industry, and find it compelling that one woman can single-handedly reign over the entire $250 billion fashion industry. However, this film is interesting for all-It is fashion opening its doors for outsiders to see that fashion is more than meets the eye and that they are welcome to join “the cool people.”

“True Blood”- A flawless combination of vampires and sex. I was a little skeptical of the vampire trend for a long time (I still refuse to ever pick up a “Twilight” novel or watch a “Twilight” film) however, HBO usually puts out a pretty good series, so I decided to give “True Blood” a try. Instantly I was sucked into the mysterious world of vampires. Although overly graphic at times (sexually and/or bloody) , the part fantasy, part comedy, and part horror series never fails to emmerse me in a pool of emotions.

“Jersey Shore”- Easily one of the most talked about, mocked and quoted shows of 2009. I especially enjoyed this show since my family goes to the Jersey Shore every summer. I’ve been going to Club Karma since I was 14, so it’s interesting to see what goes on at the shore when I’m not around. When I’m at the shore, they call me “The Opportunity.” Also a great experiment in human behavior and interaction and an extremely entertaining show for Guido champs and behaviorists alike. Watching this show can benefit everyone by showing what the real world is like. Not every place on earth is as charming and perfect as Dexter. The Shore is where it’s at.

“Keeping up with the Kardashians”- A dysfunctional family at its finest, and a beautiful one at that. This show combines drama (break-ups, heartbreak, surprise weddings and pregnancies) as well as comedy (the Kardashian mother spiking her own son’s drink with male enhancement pills, Bruce Jenner’s infatuation with toy helicopters) to create a great show suitable for the entire family. Who can resist a group of beautiful B-list celebrities overcoming the daily hurdles of fame?


Friday, January 29, 2010

Design a Snowman for The Squall Current event quiz

Thomas Griffith twitter editor

I went around the school to find out if students know the world in which they live. Here are the questions and a random sample of answers. Test yourself. The correct answers are at the bottom of the column. 1) The New York Department of Health and Mental Hygiene came out with a how•to guide to what? •Freshman Madison Gilbert: IDK •Sophomore Lauren Rose: brush your teeth •Junior Kevin Paulan: live longer •Senior Alex Kantola: help people 2) What country just opened what is now the world’s tallest tower? •MG: USA •LR: England, no, wait, China •KP: Istanbul •AK: Thailand 3)Where was the terrorist that attempted to attack an airliner coming into Detroit from? •MG: Iraq •LR: Was he foreign? ... Iraq •KP: Middle East •AK: Dearborn 4)Where will the World Cup be located this year? •MG: China •LR: Germany •KP: Brazil •AK: South Africa 5)What fast food restaurant did a woman cause $3000 of damage at? •MG: McDonald’s •LR: McDonald’s •KP: McDonald’s •AK: McDonald’s 6)A German woman divorced her husband for doing what? •MG: gambling •LR: adultery •KP: cheating •AK: sleeping 7)A United Airlines pilot admitted to being what on a flight from London to Chicago? •MG: doing drugs •LR: getting with a stewardess •KP: doing the dirty •AK: smoking the m.j. Answers 1)Heroin 2)Dubai 3)Nigeria 4)South Africa 5)McDonald’s 6)Cleaning too much 7)Three times over the legal drinking limit

Do you feel like your good ideas are never noticed? Are you very artistically talented and want the world to see? Submit a picture of a snowman into The Squall. Only the best will win. We want to see your best and most creative ideas and apply them to a snowman to be published in the next issue of The Squall. We only accept greatness so if your design is horrible it will be burned


and thrown in the trash and will never see the light of day. We want something that screams perfection, something that will spice up The Squall and make everyone want to read it because of your design. Submit your designs to Mr. Satterthwaite’s room (407) or Tyler McCarthy at and your design may be considered. Make us proud.


Friday, January 29, 2010

On a snow day ...

Alex McMurray


staff writer

Stay out as late as possible. Once you find out there’s a snow day, bundle up and get ready for some night sledding at Cardiac Hill in Loch Alpine. Nothing says snow day like the night before school. Remember, night sledding doesn’t just stop after three runs. It goes deep into the night. If this is not possible, because the decision to close school was made at 4 a.m., wake up to one of the best surprises you can encounter in life: a snow day.

Do not wake up in the morning, forget it’s a snow day and prepare for school. Nothing in this world is more frustrating than missing out on as much sleep as possible. So if your alarm is still on for the next morning, chances are you’ll wake up early in the a.m. And out of habit, prepare for school. Hopefully you’ll have a sibling or a parent awake to stop you from leaving the house. If not, embarrassment ensues. Know your snow days.

Sleep in. After extreme sledding, one should be completely exhausted. Exhausted enough to stay in a coma-like sleep until at least what is considered lunch time. The euphoric satisfaction one wakes up to after sleeping for double digit hours is priceless. It also means a good day in store.

Do not spend the day gaming. Unless the roads are as dangerous as ever, don’t stay cooped up in your house playing video games. Snow days are a celebration. The joy of no school must be spread. Though some gaming is acceptable, save it for right before bed, when there’s a guaranteed time slot for the perfect amount of gaming.

Build a snow fort near the road; assemble artillery of snow balls. After a good night rest and sleeping in, it’s time to attack the streets. This requires many snow balls and an accurate arm. Drivers-by are your enemy, and the snowballs are your grenades: light ‘em up.

Do not forget to involve Lady Gaga in your day. Lady Gaga might be the best thing to happen to mankind. Her music is phenomenal, her style is unmatched, and she’s downright entertaining. If you need a song to put you in the right mind set for an entire day without school, any Lady Gaga song will do the trick, literally ANY song; she’s amazing.

Finish the day off with a Christmas movie, preferably “Elf”, starring Will Ferrell. Bundle up, bring the hot cocoa, invite a buddy or two, and enjoy the show. Will Ferrell embraces the spirit of Christmas, and puts on a performance of a lifetime in this classic Christmas story. This PG-rated movie is sure to put a smile on your face and end your day with a warm feeling.


You have seen “Avatar”. Do you believe that Turuc Mac Tah would select you to ride him?

Yeah, just because he would choose me.

No I’m too good for him.

It’s kind of strange how the smart boards have a self destruct button right?

I haven’t seen the button.

What the f--- are you talking about?

How do you feel about the drug dogs coming on Jan. 29?

What is your favorite page in The Squall?

How many episodes do you plan on tuning in to the NBC show “CHUCK” this season?

‘Nuff said.

Brian Zhou (12)

Photos by Ross Chamberlain

Do not do what you don’t want to not do if not doing what you want to do is not possible on another day.

Caitlyn Molloy (11)

Ian McCarthy is a homo

Leonid Traskos (10)

uPage editor

Megan Flocken (9)

[ ] Ian McCarthy

Do not do homework. The night before, you should know if it’s a snow day or not. So put the beloved Uni-Ball pen down and pick up the sleds and snowboards. If you have a test on the predicted snow day, studying might not be an awful choice because there’s always a chance that school is a go and all hopes and dreams go down the drain.

They are? Doesn’t bug me.


I have never seen “Chuck”.

Freshman parent

Prepare a glorious cup of hot cocoa. Take your time on this luxurious drink. And drink it with pleasure. Don’t rush it. Slowly cook milk over a blazing hot fire, add a Hershey’s bar or two, then, when it’s time, add the cocoa powder. Finish the drink by topping it off with whipped cream and marshmallows.

No, because I am afraid of heights.

I love riding things. Everyone wants me to ride them.

My child will never see this movie made by the DEVIL.

Yes, because they are $5000, and if they had one, Mrs. Wells would press it.

Do they really? Holy crap. Ha ha. We’re screwed.

Not near my child. I send my kids to a public school, but they will be sheltered.

I don’t care my drugs aren’t in school ... ha ha I’m just kidding.

I don’t really care.

The uPage.

The uPage. It’s the funniest and most entertaining. Ian McCarthy is the most skilled writer on The Squall.

Whatever Ian McCarthy writes is good.

Anything not written by Alex Everard. His articles are immediately burned in this house.

No, I have never seen it.

Can’t say that I have heard of it. What is “CHUCK”? Do you know about it?

None. My children are forbidden to watch TV. It corrupts their minds. Though I hear “CHUCK” is good.

I don’t watch “Chuck”.

Run stoners! RUN!

FINALLY! But my son is allergic to dogs just like he is to dirty dancing.

QA &


Aaron Gilman staff writer

with teachers

Jamie Dudash and Craig Rafail AG: How does a smart board make a student smarter? JD: By using their head as a stimulus. CR: They’re very new, and it exposes kids to technology. I learn from the kids on how to use it. AG: If you see a student with the their cell-phone out in the middle of your class, what’s your choice of punishment? JD: With sleight of hand, confiscate students cell-phone and put in drawer. Pull out old cell-phone from drawer and place in front of student. Then pull out hammer and smash old cell-phone in front of them. CR: Stop checking your phone. You don’t have any friends anyway. AG: If someone fails your exam, do you give them a second chance, or let them suffer? JD: Suffer. CR: Most of the kids who flunk my tests don’t care so they don’t suffer anyway. AG: Why? JD: Each situation is unique. AG: If a student talks back to you, what do you do? JD: I would be so shocked, I would ask them to step outside and have a conference. CR: I would laugh at them and that usually stops them. AG: If I were to challenge you to a duel, what would be your weapon of choice? JD: 1988 Nike Zoom Air spikes with 5/8’’ razor sharp spikes. CR: Guitars, because I know I would win. White Power

The Rostrum, January 2010  
The Rostrum, January 2010  

The Rostrum, January 2010