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Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam | January 26, 2012 | Volume 94 Issue 1

Time to cut the wires By AliciaCANDELA Lifestyle Editor

Walsh dormitory renovations took place over Christmas break, instituting the first wireless transformation in the school’s history. After seeing how much the technological world is changing, Spring Hill is starting to make a few changes of their own, starting with the Internet. Most people have heard that Spring Hill is in the process of having a wireless network across campus and what most students are wondering, why it hasn’t happened yet? Margaret Massey, the head of the Internet Technology department says, “It all depends on the funding.” The process of making Spring Hill a wireless campus has been in the making for a while but it wasn’t until over the Christmas holiday that the plan was put into action. During Christmas break wireless Internet was installed in Walsh Hall. This was a nice surprise to the freshmen who live in Walsh but it did take some time. Since Walsh residents were unfamiliar with the log in system, it took some time getting used to. The log in and password is the same as the wireless network in the library. see WIRELESS on page 4



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Internet censorship: Is the BCS still a controversy? Right or wrong?


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January 26, 2012






Habitat for Humanity Build Saturday, 1 p.m., Campus Ministry Come and help Habitat for Humanity roof and frame a house in the Hillsdale neighborhood. The building will take place from 1 to 4:30 p.m. this Saturday. To sign up to help contact Colleen Lee at


Engaging the Next Generation Thursday, Feb. 2, 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Join Mobile County Commissioner Merceria Ludgood who is partnering with Mobile United/ Leadership Mobile, Mobile Area chamber of Commerce, Mobile Arts Council, Mobile Museum of Art, Spring Hill College, Legacy 166, The City of Mobile, HandsOn South Alabama, The University of South Alabama, and the Mobile Area Youth Professional Association, to present Engaging the Next Generation: A showcase of community organizations. The event is free and open to the public.


Busy Persons Retreat Starting Sunday, Feb. 5, and ending Thursday, Feb. 9, 1:30 p.m to 12 p.m., Campus Ministry Take a little time for your spirituality. Campus Ministry will once again offer the Busy Persons Retreat on campus. The retreat will be held from February 5-9. Planned around your busy schedule, you are asked to commit to 30 minutes of personal prayer and 30 minutes with a spiritual director. In the evenings there is a 30minute prayer service with the other retreatants that you are asked to attend.


Creagan Concert series Thursday at 7:30 p.m. in the Eichold Gallery $10 admission for general public and $5 admission for students.


HillianCONTACT The SpringHillian a: 4000 Dauphin Street c/o The SpringHillian Mobile, AL 36608 e: p: 251.380.3850 f. 251.460.2185




Geraldo Vega shows his frustration with the ethernet wires that were once the only way to connect to the internet inside the student housing complexes. With the current wireless Internet being installed, students will be able to use their laptops wire free. Photo by KeliMAZZA

MS Walk

Saturday at 8:30 a.m. near Rydex Commons, Student Center Sign up at the Student center information desk. Donation, 10 dollars. Includes T-shirt and donation to Multiple Sclerosis


On Thurdays, Jan. 19, Residents of Skips Place reported a suspicious male sitting in his car behind the dorm. When public safety arrived the man ran away toward St. Paul’s and then returned. The suspect was identified as Michael J Gold, white male, bald, 56 years old. He was driving a gray Nissan Sentra. He was banned from the campus including the golf course, so if anyone sees him please call public safety immediately 251-380-4444. His intentions are unknown, but they are suspicious and of concern to the Public Safety Department. Please be aware of your surroundings, walk in groups and don’t hesitate to report anything that does not look right. Spring Hill College Department of Public Safety will offer two Rape Agression and Defense courses on the dates below. For questions and to sign up please contact Ms. Donna McSweeney at dmcsweeney@, or Officer Laury Rowland at Class size is limited to 10 participants. 1st Class Feb. 9th, 16th, & 23rd, 5 to 9 p.m. 2nd Class March 13th, 20th, & 27th, 6 to 10 p.m.

3 January 26, 2012


Political quizzes bring self-awareness By CoraALLEN News Editor

There are countless numbers of polls and YouTube videos aimed at proving how utterly ignorant the majority of Americans are. It is not hard to find a statistic about American voters not knowing the issues or where candidates stand on them. One of the more famous videos showed campaign volunteers for then presidential candidate Obama agreeing with political platform that they thought was Obama’s, but that were really former President George W. Bush’s. While there are a number of plausible causes for voter apathy in the United States, Photo Courtesy there really is no excuse for being uninformed. In the internet age, there is a wealth of information available at the touch of a button. Through the use of interactive websites, anyone can become more politically self aware, without ever having to crack a newspaper or sit through news broadcast. There are a number of political quizzes available on the Internet that are aimed to help the average American find their political “category,” or the candidate that most aligns with their stance on key issues. While it is unlikely in any election that a candidate will meet exact qualifications, it is important to at least have a grasp of where one stands on the issues. Even if none of the candidates impress voter, the quiz will force whoever takes them Photo Courtesy of to think about where they stand on certain issues, and what is important to them. The first type of quiz is aimed at finding the candidate with the most

similar views as the user in the upcoming presidential election. USA Today’s Candidate Match Game is very interactive and user friendly. It only takes about 15 minutes and it will give a rank of which candidates most agree with the responses answered. It has a number of key issues and lets the user rank which are most important to them. The game then uses these rankings and answers to find a candidate match. It is loaded with good information. After the results are revealed, the user is then able to see the candidates’ statements on the issues, and how important they are to them. While it is impossible for any one quiz to be completely accurate or comprehensive, this match game really does a good job of customizing answers by which issues are important to each individual taking it. This quiz can be found at www. u s a t o d a y. c o m / news/politics/candidate-match-game. There are a few different types of quizzes, some are run by certain parties or candidates, and others ignore key issues. There is no perfect quiz. These should be used for consideration, as a jumping off point in the quest for the right candidate, not as the end of the candidate search. The next type of quiz that will help individuals align themselves on the political spectrum and with key historical figures, (not necessarily with a candidate) is called “The Political Compass” at This test takes about 20 minutes and goes beyond the inadequate left, right economic spectrum, and takes into account personal views on social issues as well. Web viewers will see a“dot” on a graph with 4 quadrants, how left or right it is depending on the responses on how the government should (or shouldn’t) interact with the economy, how low or high you are depending on the importance of the state vs. the citizen. The results also show where the user aligns in comparison with historical figures like Hitler, Stalin, Ghandi and Margaret Thatcher. The test will do a better job of explaining your results. Even though the Republican Primaries don’t make it down to Alabama until March 13, and the Presidential election isn’t for another 10 months, it is important to be politically self aware. Even if the quizzes don’t motivate those who take them to vote, they will force them to evaluate their political stance, and possibly make them realize that they don’t fit into that category that they always thought they did.

Photo Courtesy

Gulf Coast Technology Council scholarship goes to SHC student Spring Hill College sophomore Jacob Taylor from Semmes, Ala. has been awarded the Gulf Coast Technology Council Scholarship for 2012. Taylor is a management/marketing and computer information systems major. As part of the scholarship, Taylor will attend many of the GCTC meetings throughout the year, allowing him an opportunity to network and learn more about new technologies, as well as career opportunities along the Gulf Coast. The Gulf Coast Technology Council has created the GCTC Scholarship Fund for local college students majoring in technology. Designed to help ensure a growing technology talent pool, the GCTC Scholarship Fund will foster the education of local technology students and keep that talent pool in Mobile for years to come. The GCTC started the scholarship fund as part of its mission to grow a highly skilled technology workforce in the Mobile area. This scholarship fund will create a venue for local companies to meet potential future employees. The Gulf Coast Technology Council’s goal is to foster the long-term growth of technology in the Gulf Coast and to position the region as a global leader in the creation of technology-based jobs.  GCTC is a program of the Mobile Area Chamber of Commerce.  


4 January 26, 2012

WIRELESS continued from page 1

It is surprising that Walsh was the first dorm to be wireless and many people are questioning why Walsh received wireless Internet while other dorms were left untouched. According to Massey, “Walsh has low ceilings, no new wiring, long hallways and of course it was all within the budget.” It is all about taking baby steps and Walsh was the first step to the installment of a completely wireless campus. Massey said that “residence halls are our first priority.” First, the IT department wants to make all the dorms wireless so it is beneficial to the students, then the department will worry about the other buildings on campus. In the past, students have tried to install personal routers so they can have access to Wi-Fi. Massey explained that “personal routers conflict with each other as well as the network.” The conflicting routers have caused the Internet to go down and inconvenience students who have homework to do. As of right now there are 20

wireless modems scattered around campus and Massey reports that “so far everything is working great and is easily compatible.” A wireless campus affects students greatly and most students are anxiously waiting for the moment that Spring Hill becomes wireless. Sophomore Carlee Sinkus expresses her thoughts about a wireless campus saying “I’m surprised it hasn’t happened yet and it is important for us to have it. The only concern I have is that whenever we do have wireless will there be a problem with everything being on the same network?” A survey will be sent to students at the end of the year regarding the installation. Massey says, “It is all up to the students and what they want.” Other changes will hopefully take place by next October. Microsoft office 2010 will be installed on all the computers and there will also be e-mail outsourcing. The big thing right now is wireless Internet. Still, there is not an exact time frame of when this will happen. In the end, it all depends on the funding.

Small fire breaks out on campus black smoke from the third floor of New Hall’s common room. It A fire broke in the shrubbery must have been a big fire because near New Hall parking lot last firemen were trying to put it out Saturday, Jan. 15 at 3 p.m. for almost three hours. Students gathered in Spring While brush fires occur naturalHill College’s New Hall parking ly in some parts of the country, it is lot to get a better glimpse of the flames as firefighters arrived on the scene. Bystanders were allowed to view the fire from a safe distance as Residence Life administrators responded to the scene. The flames could be seen from the top of the trees that line the area near the New Hall parking lot. In addition, thick black smoke clouds filled the sky and attracted highway viewers to take a look as well. No one was harmed in the fire due to its distance from the dormitory. Officials are still trying to find out details as to possible reasons for the sudden outbreak of flames. Junior Olivia Lynn Bourgeois stated “ I noticed Photo by GabrielWAGNER by KatelynGARDNER Co-Editor

very unlikely that this fire was caused by natural occurrences. Brush fires are common during harsh droughts and hot summers. . It is likely that the fire was caused by human activity. Students should refrain from having campfires, or extinguishing cigarettes

Senior Bowl game on Saturday


By MatthewLaBORDE Sports Editor


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2 MOBILE AREA LOCATIONS 3725 Airport Blvd., Mobile, AL 36608 7869 Cottage Hill Rd., Mobile, AL 36695


The 2012 Senior Bowl, happening on Jan. 28, will feature the top National Football League draft prospects and other notable collegiate players. Played at Ladd Pebbles Stadium in Mobile, Ala., the game is a vital part of the pre-draft evaluation for NFL teams. Top college athletes will get an important chance to compete in front of NFL scouts and coaches. Some notable players in this year’s contest include Kellen Clemens, (Boise St. QB) Russell Wilson, (Wisconsin QB) and Kendell Wright (Baylor WR). This game, with its rich tradition, remains very important to locals. Freshman and Daphne

local Colin Bodet thinks “The Senior Bowl gives the citizens of Mobile a great opportunity to get a taste of college football in their city.” Players go through one week of practice before the game, conducted by NFL coaching staffs. The one-week practice gives the college athletes a chance to get a feel for how a week of preparation goes in the NFL. The annual football event is hosted by the Mobile Arts and Sports Association. It is also a large charity event, bringing in more than 7.7 million dollars in donations that have been given to local charities throughout the Gulf Coast according to the Senior Bowl’s official website.

5 January 26, 2012


“CLAYWORKS” to be on exhibit at Eichold Gallery The Eichold Gallery at Spring from 6 to 8 p.m. Thursday, Feb. exposed to visually break up the Hill College will host an opening 23. A gallery talk is set for 7 p.m. pots’ surfaces. reception for “CLAYWORKS” The show will be on display “My goal is to retain and acFeb 20 - March 9. cent the inherent spontaneity and CLAYWORKS raw beauty of wet clay in the finfeatures ceramic ished pieces,” Solberg says in his stoneware vessels by artist’s statement. “Another goal is artist Chuck Sol- to have each piece demonstrate a berg of Saint Paul, clear and true connection to the Minnesota Solberg hand. Each piece is a unique, oneworks on “My goal is to of-a-kind vesthe potsel designed retain and accent ter’s wheel and constructt h r ow i n g ed by me.” The the inherent large sculpspontaneity and Eichold Galtural veslery is riht here sels. These raw beauty of wet on campus large pieces clay in the finished and is open 9 are cona.m. to 4:30 pieces,” structed p.m. Monday from separately through Friday. All exhibits held thrown clay sec- in the Eichold Gallery are free tions, which are of charge for students. For more joined together and information on the Eichold Galthen distorted by lery or this exhibit, contact Wanda paddling. The seams Sullivan at (251) 380-3863 or and joints are left

Dr. Gary Anderson to deliver Lecture Dr. Gary A. Anderson, Hesburgh Professor of Catholic Theology at the University of Notre Dame, will deliver the 2012 Hesburgh lecture at Spring Hill College’s Byrne Memorial Hall Thursday, February 2, 2012. The lecture is sponsored by Spring Hill College and the Christus Theological Institute. The 7 p.m. lecture, “Charity to the Poor in the Biblical Tradition,” will examine surprising fea- Photo courtesy tures of Biblical religion that have Testament/Hebrew Bible.  Anled to a fundamental commitment derson’s most recent book, Sin: A to the History, (Yale University The book was named “Best wellPress, 2009) treats the being book in Biblical Studies” way in which metaphors of the by Christianity Today. for sin change from the poor First to the Second Temin both the church and the syna- ple period and how those changes gogue. decisively shaped the way Jews Anderson completed his doc- and Christians came to view the torate at Harvard University and effect of sins and how they might has placed special focus on the be forgiven.  The book was named study of the Book of Genesis and “Best book in Biblical Studies” by the priestly literature of the Old Christianity Today.  Anderson is

currently working on two books: one on the theology of charity in Biblical and post-biblical Jewish and Christian sources and another on the Tabernacle narratives in Exodus and their influence on the rest of the Bible. The Christus Theological Institute is a grassroots consortium of bay area churches joined in the quest to promote a deeper understanding of our Christian faith, which is housed at the College. The Hesburgh Lecture Series is named for Rev. Theodore M. Hesburgh, C.S.C., President Emeritus of Notre Dame. The Hesburgh lecture is hosted in conjunction with the Notre Dame Alumni Club and is free and open to the public. The lectures, hosted by Notre Dame clubs, have perpetuated the example of President Emeritus Rev. Theodore M. Hesburgh, C.S.C., as a lifelong learner.

Photo by Michael Latady- Seniors stop for a photo op in Piza Italy

Seniors try to establish Italy Center scholarship

In spring 2011, Spring Hill needs,” said Ellen Broad, a senior College welcomed its inaugural education major from Chicago. “I group of students to the Italy was fortunate enough to go to ItCenter, a study abroad initiative in aly in the summer of 2011, but it Bologna. While students partici- would have been nice to have had pating in program are able to apply a scholarship to fall back on.” their scholarships and financial aid Fundraising activities Gerntoward tuition, room and board, hauser and Stewart have planned they are include To donate contact: responcollecting Dr. Samantha Church (251)414sible for donations p a y i n g 3208 or To learn and hosta i r f a r e more about the project, e-mail ing a comand other munity travelling dinner for expenses out of pocket. Spring Hill alumni, students, facTwo Spring Hill seniors ma- ulty and staff. joring in communication arts proTo donate to the Spring Hill pose a scholarship specifically for College Italy Center Scholarstudents attending the Italy Cen- ship Fund, contact Dr. Samanter. Caroline Gernhauser of New tha Church, interim vice presiOrleans, La., and Emily Stewart dent of advancement, at (251) of Mount Juliet, Tenn., hope to 414-3208 or schurch@shc. raise $5,000 that will help to ease the burden of these out-of-pocket edu. To learn more about the project, e-mail Gernhauser and costs. “When researching the Italy Stewart at ic.scholarshipfund@ Center I was not able to find a scholarship to help my financial


6 January 26, 2012

Young voters on the rise be prepared once I enter the voting booth for the very first time. So I suppose I am now on a quest to do my homework and learn everything I can about the potential candidates. I recall just four years ago when the country was mesmerized by now President Obama. His campaign focused on “change” and many people, including young college students, immediately bought into it. I can see how young people want to get involved with the thrills of a By AllisonPATRICK campaign. I see that all too often Co-Editor on campus as various students With next year’s presidential run for student government poelection right around the corner, sitions. This was a historic elecmany young, first time voters, like tion in itself, having the first Afrimyself, will have a hand in se- can American actually receive the lecting the next president of our Democratic nomination. If you country. I realize the importance visit President Obama’s website, of having the privilege to vote, there is actually a link attracting but I also know that I must do my the “Young American.” Here you homework ahead of time so I can will find links to register to vote,

and actually join the “movement for change” as a volunteer. The website even states, “The 2012 election will depend on us, as a generation of young leaders, to get the word out about the kind of politics we want to see. We’re the ones we’ve been waiting for, and we’re greater together.” Well, the Obama administration might be the current residents of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave for one more year, or perhaps he might be reelected. It will be up to the voters, like myself, to decide. Well, President Obama will not be the only person on the 2012 presidential ticket. So I must continue to do my homework on the other guys. The Republican frontrunners, at least the ones prominent in the news right now seem to be Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, Ron Paul, and Rick Santorum. States across

the nation are currently hosting primaries in which voters of that particular party go out and vote for potential candidates. What do I know about these candidates? Honestly, not much, just what I see in the news. I began to investigate the candidates by visiting each of their websites to see what I could discover. They all seem to have a message for creating a “better America.” This sounds great, but what is the magic behind the candidate that will make me cast my vote? Like most people, I do want a better America. I want our next president to be able to relate to the common American, and to understand our day to day struggles. I want our next president to be able to lead our nation proudly and be able to work with other countries for the betterment of our own. Our next president should be one

that has honesty and integrity. I also seek a person who can communicate with all Americans and do so when making decisions that affect all Americans. No, I don’t think I am asking too much when it comes to attracting my vote. I suppose we are lucky though, growing up in a generation where we have a multitude of social media. We can now rely on sources such as Twitter and Facebook to receive current updates on the candidates and see what they are doing. Now I appeal to all young voters across America. Start doing your homework now, get involved if you wish in a presidential campaign, but remember it’s our duty as Americans to get out and vote. Begin your homework as I have, and continue seeking out the best person for the President of the United States.

Has fiction become reality? The new scene of reality television involves topics such as family feuds, female brawls and celebrity-centered drama. New seasons of “Jersey Shore,” “Mob Wives,” “Teen Mom” and “Keeping up with the Kardashians” (just to name a few) regularly display violence, overindulgence and promiscuity in a way that glamorizes self-gratification and desensitizes our society in many ways. Now, I am not one to stand on a soapbox, especially since I By KatelynGARDNER indulge in these shows frequently; Co-Editor and in a way, support their mesTelevision has taken a sharp sages and give them publicity. And turn since its debut of reality let’s face it, the greater majority shows like “Survivor” and “Big of college students would rather watch a show that relaxes their Brother.” mind than one that stimulates

it after a long day of classes, internships and work. But are these shows warping our views of society? “Girls today are bombarded with media--reality TV and otherwise--that more frequently portrays girls and women in competition with one another rather than in support or collaboration,” stated developmental psychologist, Andrea Bastianti Archibald in an article in the Archibald goes on to say that “This perpetuates a ‘mean-girl’ stereotype and normalizes this behavior among girls. We don’t want girls to avoid reality TV, but want them, along with their parents, to know what they are getting into

when they watch it.” Shows that display women as uneducated, ditzy and oblivious have also risen in numbers. During “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” the girls from the cast of “Jersey Shore” attempted to answer questions such as “Who is the head of the Executive Branch?” The questions seemed difficult for the girls to figure out while most of us learn about the president and his responsibilities at an early age. The entertainment factor of these shows increases with every punch. Women who make up the cast of “Mob Wives” seem to live for the violence they portray. This “reality television” that continues to enthrall us, has turned into a

WWE Monday night brawl. If television is only driven by drama, where do we turn for entertainment? Although these shows can become scheduled into our daily lives, there is one question to keep in mind. Does this type of reality reflect our own lives? Or will the children who watch these shows become victims of their blatant disregard for morality? In the end, it is the responsibility of us adults to interpret what we see as purely fictional. If we can see this “reality” as fake, then we will be able to rule our lives by our own personal standards instead of succumbing to what someone else views as reality.

7 January 26, 2012


Battle over online piracy is far from over

By CoraALLEN News Editor

The recent shutdown of, a file-sharing site based out of New Zealand, and the charge of its kiwi operators with piracy is a foreshadowing of what is to come in the looming battle over international copyright laws. Congress fired the first bullet with its Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA), and the Senate’s Protect International Property Act (PIPA.) The two bills which are aimed at putting a stop to the sharing of illegal music, movies,

and software sharing have received large amounts of very public criticism since they were announced. Despite the shelving of SOPA, and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s decision to delay the PIPA vote temporarily, this conflict is far from being over. The long journey through unchartered law making waters begins. The bills, although well intentioned, are very deeply flawed. The idea to make it harder for foreign sites to steal digital media or sell counterfeit goods is something that not many people would have a problem with; however, giving the Justice Department power to demand that search engines remove links to offending websites is a problem. Fear mongering headlines aside, it is easy to see why people are shouting about their first amendment rights of free speech. Clauses in the bills could potentially give the U.S. Attorney General unprecedented powers of censorship that could derail entire services or domains like eBay or Craigslist. The bills could also set

EDITORIAL POLICY The SpringHillian is published weekly from September to May, except during examination periods and vactions. The views expressed within do not represent the views of Spring Hill College and are not the veiws of the faculty, administration, staff or students, but are the views of the individual columnists.

SUBMISSIONS The SpringHillian publishes guest submissions at the discretion of the student-editors and section editors. Submission should be no more than 300 words, and editors reserve the right to edit the submissions for length and content. Original articles should be mailed or delivered to: Student Editor Communication Arts Spring Hill College 4000 Dauphin Street Mobile, AL 36608

precedent for more bills of this kind to be introduced. The arrival of new technology, especially when it involves mass communication, almost always brings new legislature. I am really a little surprised by how long it took for something like this to be introduced, especially with the power and wealth and influence of the film industry, but it has finally come. Now it is time to see our legislature in action. Something like this is exactly what I need to re-enforce my confidence in our government. That doesn’t mean that I agree with the bill, or that I think that Congress knows what it is doing; it simply means that I think the process created for making laws works. Let me explain. The moment these bills were introduced there was a public outcry, everyone from IT nerds, to huge tech firms like Google and Wikipedia, to celebrities like John Stewart were shouting about the first Amendment, urging citizens to take action. Congress was listening. Political support for both

measures has dwindled in recent weeks, culminating in the likely death of both bills. One time advocates have pulled their endorsements, it would be political suicide to back the bills at this point. To me, this is a positive thing. Even though it is most likely for self-serving reasons, Senators and Representatives took public opinion into account and basically killed the bill before it could go anywhere. If you’re like the big bosses at Hollywood studios and in the record industry you might be thinking that something still needs to be done to prohibit the flow of online piracy and counterfeit wares. Well don’t worry, this effort certainly isn’t over. Another wonderful thing about the lawmaking process, Congress will keep trying and trying until they come up with something acceptable. Attempt number two has already been introduced into the House and it is called the Online Protection and Enforcement of Digital Trade Act (OPEN.) Contrasting with SOPA

and PIPA, OPEN would give authority to the International Trade Commission rather than the Justice Department. It would also focus on foreign based websites and include an appeals process. This is unlike SOPA which would allow the Justice Department to impose sanctions, including removing entire websites, after only accusations. OPEN has received support from technology giants such as Facebook, Google, and Twitter, but doesn’t go far enough to appease the Motion Picture Association which claims that it goes too easy on online piracy. So the debate between Silicone Valley and Hollywood will continue, as will the lawmaking process. What will emerge will likely be molded from the impending clashes between the behemoths of American Industry. It will be a long drawn out highly publicized battle, but the bill that will emerge is likely to have a very small effect, if any, on our ability to legally, or otherwise, download songs and albums.

Life on the Hill



Top: Badgers fans enjoy the basketball game last Saturday, Jan. 21. Bottom Right: Peyton Tanner leaps for joy after winning dodgeball. Jill Taliancich runs to great Tanner as the celebrating of their win begins. Bottom: Suga Ladies Carolina Dominguez and Chelsea Audibert prepare to launch the ball during the dodgeball game hosted by the Immersion Program.

January 26, 2012

9 January 26, 2012


A look back at the week

Top: Caitlin Lutz and Alannah MannixSlobig show their support for the Badgers during an at-home game. Bottom: Badgers Meredith Bodet, Rebecca Van Galder and Mary Catherine McKinley flock to the pasta station to enjoy the Dining Room’s newest dish.


10 January 26, 2012

TOP EIGHT Facebook invasion


Albums of

1 3


“21” TAYLOR SWIFT “Speak Now”



“Born This Way”

4 6

JASON ALDEN “My Kinda Party”

5 7



“Tha Carter IV”


“Pink Friday”



“Sigh No More”

By AliciaCANDELA Lifestyle Editor

With all the changes happening across the web, social networking sites such as Facebook try to keep up with the rapid pace of the Internet. Over the Christmas holiday, Facebook presented a new feature called timeline. Timeline is an updated version of someone’s profile and is more detailed than what used to be the Facebook wall. Timeline gives users the chance to post certain life events such as trips they went on in the past or what hobbies they started. According to sophomore Regan Williams, Facebook timeline is an interesting feature: “Timeline lets you go back so far and shows all that you have posted since you joined.” So in this case if there is something you posted in the past and now regret, because of this new feature, it will haunt you! On the other hand, timeline has good features. The profiles are better designed and more organized. The new features allow Facebook users to keep their friends updated on what is happening in their life and around the world. This can be seen as a disadvantage to some

people but sophomore, Jenny Jones, sees the new changes as an advantage. Jones stated, “It gives me an opportunity to reconnect with my family and they also can see what I am doing.” When asked if whether or not Facebook has become invasive, both Williams and Jones agree that they do not see it as an invasion of privacy. It is something to which people who use social networking grow accustomed. People who use social networking sites have to be aware that what they put on the Internet stays on the Internet. Whenever we use the Internet we think of it as a comfort zone. We then say things we would not say in person and this can lead to trouble in the future. The timeline feature is a good feature but users must be aware of what they are posting and to never reveal too much information. After asking which layout is the best, both Jones and Williams agree that the timeline layout is better than the previous one. Privacy is an issue regarding Facebook, but no matter what, users have to be careful and not be too open online.

Gaming world debates: Which game is better? By MatthewLaBORDE Sports Editor

2011 was an unprecedented year for the gaming industry, seeing the release of two highly anticipated first person shooters: “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3” and Electronic Art’s “Battlefield 3.” The question is, which game is number one? Both games shattered the market. “Call of Duty” sold 6.5 million copies within the first 24 hours of sales. “Battlefield 3” sold 5 million in the first week, making it “the biggest first-person shooter launch in the history of EA,” according to the publisher. Gamers aren’t concerned with the numbers, however. Dedicated fans of both series look more into the game play than anything else. Both titles

bring revolutionary advancements in video game technology. “Call of Duty” boasts about a fast-paced, “run and gun” type shooter that is quick and fun. The game constantly rewards its players for completing different objectives, which adds addictiveness to the game. The maps are small, and the fighting is close combat. “Battlefield 3” differs from “Call of Duty” in that it is an open world, tactical shooter where strict teamwork is extremely important. The creators at EA provide its users with a realistic war situation that forces the player to immerse fully into the complexity of the game. Critical reception of the two games has come down to the distinction of realistic, Battlefield, versus unrealistic, “Call of Duty,” which is a driving

factor in the debate. “’Call of Duty’ is the better game because of how arcade-like and unrealistic it is,” said junior Joe Rowe, “I find it more fun running around like a chicken with my head cut off in ‘Call of Duty.’” This unrealistic, haphazard type game play is a major part of the games appeal. Much is accredited to “Battlefield’s” style of play, in comparison to “Call of Duty’s” fast, intense and intimidating game play. “The people [who play] ‘Call of Duty’ online are way too intense,” said senior Ben Franklin. “‘Battlefield’ is way more fun because it’s simple to pick up and is very balanced.” On bf3vsmw3, a fan generated website whose goal is to settle the debate, 77 percent of voters chose “Battlefield 3” over “Modern Warfare 3.”

11 January 26, 2012

The countdown: Badgers prepare to defeat Rams By KatelynGARDNER Co-Editor

The Badgers are ready to take on the University of Mobile with the women’s basketball game at 5:30 p.m. and the men’s basketball game at 7:30 p.m. in the Arthur R. Outlaw Recreation Center tonight, Jan. 26. The men’s and women’s basketball teams have been preparing for the game and have plans to defeat the Rams once again. This year, the 2012 Badger Brawl allows students to compete against each other in order to benefit many different programs. On Monday, Jan. 23, Badger Brawl week kicked off with a first annual dodge ball tournament hosted by the International Service/Immer-

sion Program which will be going to Belize over the Mardi Gras break. LifeSouth Community Blood Center held a blood drive on Wednesday, Jan. 24 which allowed students the opportunity to win up to five points for their Badger Brawl team. The drive lasted from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. and was held in LeBlanc C for students to come and go as classes resumed throughout the day. Come out tonight to support the basketball teams and win free prizes, shirts and much more. Display your school spirit by wearing purple during the game tonight. Purple out for your Badgers as they take on the victory!

1 FRESHMAN Austin Puntila

2 3



Temple Run A fast pace journey across an ancient temple, jumping over fire breathing statues, sliding under roots of trees, and trying to escape from the guardians that want to devour you! The guardians are after you because of an ancient idol you took. One mistake, you end up dead or the guardians are a step closer to you. To dodge the multiple obstacles, you swipe the direction you desire to take. You can swipe up to jump, down to slide under, and left or right to turn. Be careful, it is much easier to mess up a swipe than a tap. When wanting to turn, keep your swipe in the middle of the screen, if you swipe too low it will misunderstand your swipe as a slide, which will end in your death.


Along the way of your escape you collect coins. To collect the coins, tilt your device for the coins that appear on either side of the path. You have a chance to collect hundreds of coins. You are probably asking, what do I do with these coins? With these coins you can purchase power-ups, a coin magnet, invisibility, double and triple coin value, even different characters. They can each be upgraded to become stronger and more valuable. You can also purchase a resurrection after death that you trigger by double tapping on the screen. When you do this, it will save you from your next death. You may also pay cash for coins, but it really is not that necessary, the coins you earn

in the game should be more than enough. According to 148Apps, “Run, don’t walk, to the nearest App Store and pick up Temple Run for absolutely nothing.”

Photo by AllisonPATRICK

Where do you hangout on the weekends? PUNTILA: “Definitely Super China Buffet.” ELLIOT: “Golden Corral because you get the best food for the best prices and I like to see what is going on downtown.” What do you prefer Facebook or Twitter? PUNTILA: “Facebook because I can creep on people. You can’t do that on Twitter” ELLIOT: “Facebook because I can get the scoop on what is going down at Spring Hill”

SENIOR Seth Elliot

What is your favorite movie? PUNTILA: “The Dark Knight” ELLIOT: “Braveheart”


12 January 26, 2012

Changing the scene: Books to movies By BrandyJONES Lifestyle Editor

Adapting is defined as an action that makes something suitable for a new use or purpose. When a book becomes a movie it is adapted. Whether the adaption is suitable or not is yet to be determined. The first adaptation of a book to the screen goes all the way back to 1896 with Du Maurier’s book “Trille and Little Bille.” What followed were years of books being converted into movie formats. “I don’t think you get the full effect of the book when you see it in a movie. I think the books are way better than what is scripted in the movies. I think if you are going to redo it then you should do it exactly as it was written,” stated freshman, Tiara Dixon, when asked how she felt about Hollywood adapting a book into a screenplay. The trend of adapting books into movies has been kept up today. For instance, Stieg Larson’s “Girl with The Dragon Tattoo” is up for its second adaptation. The first one was made and released in Sweden in 2009. Larson’s book is the first of a trilogy. The American movie version of the book was

released on Christmas of 2011 to the silver screen. Also released to the silver screen was Stephanie Myers’s “Twilight” series. In 2011, released in movie format, was Sara Gruen’s “Water for Elephants” and Pittacus Lore’s “I am Number Four.” For some authors, like Stephen King and Nicholas Sparks, more than one of their books are released into movie format. Sparks alone has had six of his novels adapted to the big screen. Myers’s “Twilight” series has had four movies adapted from the four books and a fifth movie due to be released on Nov. 16 of this year. “I preferred the Twilight movie better than the book because I was able to see the words come to life and the action was phenomenal,” stated junior, Lisa Marlow. Freshman, Jane Carriere, also said that she loved “Breaking Dawn Part-1.” Carriere stated that she felt it was very close to the book. J.K. Rowling has had eight movies adapted from the seven books of the “Harry Potter” series. “With ‘The Deathly Hallows,’ everything was word for word, and ‘Breaking Dawn Part-1’ turned out to be pretty good too,” stated senior, Stephanie Jones. The silver screen formatting

doesn’t stop at movies. In 2010, the first season of “True Blood” premiered on HBO followed by L.J. Smith’s “The Vampire Diaries.” Then, George R. Martin’s “The Game of Thrones” debuted in 2011. What is coming out now? “The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn” by Herge, and Jack Kerouac’s “On the Road” will both be coming to

Photo by ErinTHOMAS

“The Hunger Games” will debut on the big screen this March. 23, 2012.

theaters this year. Also coming to the big screen is “The Woman in Black,” written by Susan Hill and starring Daniel Radcliffe. Radcliffe also starred in the “Harry Potter” movies and Suzanne Collin’s “The Hunger Game” series.

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What makes this trend so popular is that the movie version of a book can bring its huge following of fans over to a new medium or vice versa. Both the book industry and the movie industry make large profits off of adapting a book into a screen play. Such is the case with both the “Twilight” series and the “Harry Potter” series. Now, with the “Game of Thrones” series preparing for its second season, the fans of the book will tune in to HBO to watch their favorite characters immortalized on the screen. With the emergence of new book-based movies, come re-released books with movie tie-in covers. Unfortunately, with an artistic medium there are certain liberties allowed. In movies there is only a certain amount of time for the story to be told. So when a screenwriter is adapting a novel that is over 500 pages long to fit a 95 minute movie, scenes have to be cut. The cutting of a scene can be a touchy topic with certain audiences. Fans of the book that see the movie because they love the book tend to dislike it when scenes are cut or dialogue is changed. “Though I personally didn’t read the ‘Harry Potter’ books, I

have heard people say that a lot of the movies strayed or didn’t include certain things,” stated Stephanie Cochran when she was asked her opinion on the matter. “I have read ‘Pride and Prejudice’ and I loved the movie version with Keira Knightley. I felt it was very close to the book,” stated Stephanie Cochran. Sharon Kling had this to say about the movie “The Help,” based off of the novel by Kathryn Stockett: “I read the book and I loved the book, but when I saw the movie they had reversed certain things that had happened in the book. I didn’t like that.” When asked how she felt about Hollywood versus the book, Kling said that more often than not the book is better than the movie. When it comes to public opinion on whether or not Hollywood is giving the books justice in their movies, the populace is split. With some movies like “Twilight,” Pride and Prejudice” and the last “Harry Potter” movie, the opinion is positive. With others like “The Help” and “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Askaban,” the opinion is negative. Either way, it is a trend that will be here as long as there are great books and fans that love them.

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13 January 26, 2012


Season 2012: Badger sports update

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Men’s Basketball Update

Lady Badgers face adversity, down in numbers By MatthewLABORDE Sports Editor

By MatthewLABORDE Sports Editor

The Spring Hill College men’s basketball team, currently sitting at a 10-6 record, looks to improve going forward. The badgers have had a tough start to the season, facing a troublesome road schedule. They have played 10 games on the road with a record of 5-5. They currently have a conference record of 5-4. The men’s team is playing well at home, getting major contributions from freshman center Jake Thelen, who is their leading scorer. “He’s a smart kid, he’s got a very high basketball I.Q , and he is very unselfish,” said Coach Robert Thompson of his starting center, “we’re very fortunate to have Jake with us.” With an impressive home record of 5-1, Thompson hopes that if they can continue to take care of business at home, then they have a chance at winning their side of the conference, saying, “we just have to take it one game at a time.” The team has a home match up against the University of Mobile tonight at 7:30.

Photo by KeliMAZZA

Winning only one game in their conference (record of 1-8), the women’s basketball team are dealing with some troubling issues but hope to make a much-needed turn around. The lady badgers are facing problems with numbers as they have decreased from 13 players to only nine, losing two former top scorers. “Anytime you lose that many players during the season it’s tough but our kids are still fighting hard day in and day out,” said coach Karen McConico. McConico is hopeful, however, hoping to get a surge of energy from her players: “I have chal-

lenged our girls to give me all they have for the rest of the season and commit extra time in the gym and see where we end up.” One major problem has been a lack of consistency through games, which is a testament to their overall record of 6-11. McConico is looking forward to a game where all of her players will come ready to compete on the same day. Yet, McConico believes in the work ethic and dedication of he team, saying “I love how hard my girls are playing right now, we have had to overcome a lot and I think they are stronger because of it.”

Men’s Baseball looking to have impressive season By MatthewLaBORDE Sports Editor

With the opening game only a week away, the baseball team is at full speed and they are ready to go. Despite a losing record of 18-35 in the 2011 season, the team is feeling confident about the one approaching. “I feel that our team has the best shot in the conference. We have depth in pitching and in practice we are hitting the ball well. If everyone stays healthy, we should be good,” said pitcher, Dan Pitfield. Dan is excited to be a member of the pitching staff this year. Most of the players feel the bullpen could really be the team’s biggest asset.


Head coach, Frank Sims, agreed that this has been a successful preseason. When asked to elaborate, he said, “We are going to have good pitching depth and we will be defensively strong. As long as the bats pull through, we should have no problem.” The additional pitchers added to the roster should definitely help the Badgers secure some more wins. If this can be coupled with some offensive support, a successful season is in the making. The schedule is filled with tough competition, but the Badgers aren’t backing down. There are some young players that will need

to step up to ensure a positive season. “We have a tough schedule with a lot of ranked teams, but with the talent we have, we should be fine,” said pitcher, James Maughn. There seems to be a confident aura around the locker room and amongst the players. The expectations are high for the upcoming season, so the next few days of practice will be used to fine tune their game. The Badgers will try to pick up their first win at Stan Galle Field against Trevecca Nazarene University on Feb. 3, marking the beginning of a promising season.


14 January 26, 2012

BCS ranking system under scrutiny from college fans By MatthewLaBORDE Sports Editor

The swift and convincing defeat of the

No. 1 ranked Louisiana State University Tigers by the No. 2 Alabama Crimson Tide has raised questions about the legitimacy of the Bowl Championship Series ranking system, yet again. The history of issues involving the

system have revolved mostly around a faulty picking methodology to decide who plays in the BCS National Championship game, and other BCS Bowl games (Sugar, Fiesta, Rose, Orange). Every year since 1998, there has been an influx of controversy that surrounds who the BCS decides is “the best.”

According to, the BCS is getting it right, saying “thanks to the BCS, the top two teams have played each other 12 times in 12 years by BCS measurements.” But if you were to ask any college football fan, they would have reason to disagree. Their case started in the aforementioned year of 1998 when a one loss Kansas State team finished third in the BCS standings but had to watch as 4th ranked Ohio State and two-loss Florida battled for a National Championship. Another example comes in 2006 when an undefeated Boise State team lost the bid because their schedule was considered too weak, meaning that they weren’t given a chance to play stronger teams. The issue of strength of schedule has also fueled the controversies throughout the years. The argument was made stronger this year when one-loss Alabama was chosen to play LSU in the National Championship, beating out an Oklahoma State team who had a decisive win over the Oklahoma Sooners, 44-10. This win not only re-entered Oklahoma State into the discussion but also seemed to be the more plausible choice over the crimson tide to get a bid for the National Championship. Okla-

homa State not only won their conference (Alabama didn’t even win their division), but they also defeated five teams ranked in the top 25 rankings. Alabama only defeated three. Change could be imminent, however. BCS executive director Bill Hancock has entered into discussions that will cover every aspect of the system: where it’s played, who plays each other, how they choose the team, and the business aspect of the current format. What could be a solution? The addition of a playoff system seems the most reasonable to critics of the current format. It would be a four team, three game system that would decide the National Champion. Still, though, these changes will not appear for another two seasons (at the least) because the BCS has a television contract with ESPN to broadcast the bowl games. Although Hancock says these discussions are broad and general, it gives hope to college football fans that change may be near. Photo courtesy of the BCS

Women’s softball 2012 season draws near By KiefferGINGLES Sports Reporter

The 2012 Women’s softball team poses on the Avenue of the Oaks Photo courtesy of the Spring Hill College website

The Spring Hill College Softball Team has exactly one month until their season gets underway with a home game against Talladega College. Last year, the Lady Badgers finished off their season with a 12-33 record. The girls hope to improve on their record this year, and the talent on the team should give them support. “I’m really looking forward to this season. The talent we’ve brought in this year combined with the great talent we already had should improve the team. The season looks promising. The team also appears to have a strong bond this year,” said head coach, Alison Sellers-Cook. An example of this “new talent” is transfer student, Linsey

Dickerson. Dickerson comes to Springhill from Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College and will certainly be an asset to the pitching staff. Dickerson was named Gulf Coast Player of the Year three times and achieved numerous awards throughout her career at East Central High School. Springhill’s team has welcomed her with open arms and thankfully, she hasn’t had any trouble finding her place among the girls. “I like it a lot better than anywhere I’ve played before,” said Dickerson. She is aware that the team is hoping for her to produce big numbers, but isn’t letting that deter her anticipation for the upcoming season. In light of the pressure on the new athlete, Dickerson stated, “I’m excited. We all have really high ex-

pectations this year.” Representing some of the returning talent on the team is senior, Jenny Laird. Laird started in all 45 games last season, and she plans to do the same this year. She feels good about the season, and when asked what she thought the biggest assets to the team this year were, Dickerson responded, “We have some freshmen that will add good sticks to the lineup, and to go with it, we have some older girls that have great leadership.” Laird thinks this combination could result in a winning season in 2012. Hopefully the team’s camaraderie and talent will perpetuate a great year for the Badgers Softball Team.

15 January 26, 2012


SUPERBOWL •X L V I• New York Giants The “G-Men” defeated the San Francisco 49ers 20-17 last Sunday. A costly fumble by the 49er’s punt returner Kyle Williams led to a 31-yard field goal by Giants kicker Lawrence Tynes. This Superbowl match-up will be a rematch of the 2008 season where the Giants ended the Patriots perfect record.

VS. February 5, 2012

The Essentials

New England Patriots Baltimore Ravens Kicker Billy Cundiff sealed the Patriots Superbowl destiny by missing a 32-yard field goal with 11 seconds to go in the ball game. The Patriots would go on to win 23-20. Tom Brady had a sub-par game, throwing for 239 yards and two interceptions.

For kick starting your fitness resolution By KiefferGINGLES Sports Reporter

With the ushering in of every New Year comes a legion of desperate people ready to finally tackle the pounds they’ve been promising to lose. However, getting the transformation underway and maintaining the change in schedule (over an extended period of time) can be remarkably difficult. Regardless of if it’s your first time ever stepping into a gym or if you’re a previous weight room junkie ready to come out of retirement, there are certain myths that should be expelled before beginning the challenge. American Council on Exercise (ACE) polled over 1,500 ACE certified professionals and asked them what was the most pervasive myth or misconception about exercise. According to, these were the top six responses:

1. Women who lift weights will get bulky muscles. 2. Spot reducing is possible. 3. No pain, no gain. 4. Exercise requires a hefty time commitment. 5. If you exercise, you can eat whatever you want. 6. There’s a magic bullet (quick fix) out there

Women shouldn’t be concerned with becoming manly by packing on muscle if they go to the gym. With proper training which consists of lighter weights and increased repetitions, you can drastically reduce fat while building lean muscles. Attempting to target fat loss in a specific part of the body is called spot reduction, and it is NOT possible. Fat loss must occur over the entire body through effective cardiovascular exercise; granted it is more difficult to lose in some places than others. If you are a guy trying to put on muscle, you may be overdoing it. To some, the idea of working too hard in the weight room may seem absurd, but sufficient rest for your muscles is essential for growth. Although you should never let it become an excuse to avoid your routine, you should listen to your body when it aches. It’s sending you a message you shouldn’t ignore. While yes, exercise takes a commitment, it doesn’t need to consume the greater portion of your day. In fact, workouts that take an extended amount of time can produce negative results and increased injuries. There are dozens of great workout routines that can be performed effectively within anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. The idea to keep in mind here is, “Quality, not quantity.”

Eighty percent of your results will come from the kitchen, not the weight room. Regardless of how much you run, lift weights or stay active, a poor diet can be detrimental to results. Understandably, this can be the most difficult aspect of your improving fitness, but with small steps and a strong will you can succeed. There is no short cut to getting fit. While the countless products being sold in commercials and the internet may claim to be the secret cure for weight loss, they will accomplish nothing without dedication to an exercise routine. Additionally, they can be hazardous to your health. There are countless resources available on the Internet that can guide you to a successful fitness routine. With a small effort, everyone can find a workout that appeals to them. Being healthy takes a commitment, but it becomes a lifestyle. In another poll, 36,000 ACE professionals listed their single most important exercise item. So, as for a checklist before beginning your routine, some of the following are a must:: good running music, a comfortable sports bra, positive attitude, time, a workout partner, weight training gloves, lots of water, and good shoes.

BADGER ZONE | On the Spot PaulSekres

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“Inappropriate and offensive to the constitution, and would permanently scar the internet.”

“If we are limited from the web then we limit ourselves from knowledge, creativity, and connection to the rest of the world.”

“What are we in…China? “Makes me uncomfortable that Communist countries do the government keeps giving themselves more power over this. I love freedom!” what we can or can not access. It’s limiting our freedom.”



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