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January 28, 2010

Volume 90, Number 1 Mobile’s 1st Collegiate Newspaper

Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam

Spring Hill’s administration considers changing housing »Housing options on campus may be different next year because of proposed “Learning Communities” DAN CRISCIONE Co-Sports Editor

The administration wants to rearrange housing next year. While nothing is set in stone as of yet, the plans will be made official soon, unless students bring forth suggestions. As the plans stand now, upperclassmen will be able to choose from the Fairway apartments, Mobile, New Hall, Walsh (doubles), O’Leary, and Toolen (singles). Next year’s freshmen will live in Viragh and Skip’s Place in what are being called “Learning Communities,” with the freshmen overflow (if there are any) in one floor of

New Hall. For those that don’t know what is meant by “Learning Communities,” they are simply groups of students who live together. The administration plans to pick the communities by student interests. Healthy Living, for example, could be a community. A group of freshmen interested in the Fine Arts could be another. The administration feels these communities will bring more success to the students. Associate Dean of Students, Margarita Perez, says “The donors for Skip’s/Viragh donated the money for these Learning

Photo by Doug Bruce Dan Boice and Adam Leibold sit in their room in Skip’s Place, currently an upperclassmen hall.

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The Mobile Experience: Senior Bowl »The Senior Bowl series article begins The SpringHillian tour of the city of Mobile, Ala.

ALYSE GRANIER Contributing Writer

ALEX DEL RIO Co-Sports Editor

When someone thinks about a football town, Mobile, Ala. may not be the first city that comes to mind. But even though this city may not be known as a football town, tucked away on Virginia Street in Midtown Mobile is the city’s very own “Field of Legends” that has seen some of the finest football talent in history. Ladd-Peebles stadium, original called Ladd Stadium, was built in 1948 with the help of a local banker who wanted to create a permanent memorial for his mentor Ernest F. Ladd.

Alpha Sigma Nu begins service work on campus

Photos by Doug Bruce The 2010 Under Armour Senior Bowl kicks off Saturday, Jan. 30 at 3 p.m at Ladd-Peebles Stadium.

Ladd was the former president of Merchants Bank in Mobile. It wasn’t until 1997 that the stadium was renamed to Ladd-Peebles stadium after longtime civic and community leader E.B. Peebles. Peebles played a key role in bringing the Senior Bowl to Mobile,

as well as starting the Mobile Arts and Sports Association. The Senior Bowl is one of the premier events featured at Ladd-Peebles stadium. The Senior Bowl was started in 1950 by a Nashville businessman named Jimmie Peare. Peare wanted

to showcase the nation’s finest collegiate football players as well as give those players an opportunity to be coached by selected NFL coaches. The inaugural Senior Bowl was played in the Gator Bowl in JacksonSee LADD-PEEBLES page 3

Alpha Sigma Nu (ASN), the International Jesuit Honor Society’s Spring Hill Chapter, seeks to identify itself with the students as well as the mission and identity of the college. Induction into ASN is the highest honor Spring Hill College confers upon an undergraduate student. On Dec. 2, 2009, ASN held its induction and welcomed 23 new members and a special faculty honoree, Dr. Margaret Davis, to the honor society. There are currently 34 ASN members and four officers dedicated to service projects and programs throughout the campus and community. The officers for the 2009-10 academic year inSee ALPHA page 4


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Campus Briefs

Science Olympiad to be held at Spring Hill Six high schools and 14 middle schools will send teams to the Regional Science Olympiad at Spring Hill College on Saturday, Feb. 6. For more information on the Science Olympiad at Spring Hill College, contact Dr. Charles Chester at (251) 380-3071 or e-mail Production change for Alice in Wonderland The Spring Hill College Department of Fine and Performing Arts has announced a change for the spring theatre production. Alice in Wonderland by Andre Gregory and the Manhattan Project will be held March 18-21, 2010 at 8 p.m. at the Arlene Mitchell Theater. Admission: $10.00 Students: $5.00. Forinformation: call 251380-3861 The SpringHillian has new look on the Web The SpringHillian college newspaper staff is debuting a new look on the Web. Earlier this month, was launched, giving the staff a more updated look. Beginning this year, images of the previous 10 issues of the newspaper can be found at thespringhillian. Be sure to check it out! Spring Hill featured in book through pictures Spring Hill College is featured in “Mobile Bay: Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow,” a new full-color book that chronicles the Mobile Bay area’s past, present and future since the dawn of the camera age. The book is available wherever books are sold for $49.95.

Kendrick Dunklin News Editor

The Spring Hill community raises money for Haiti relief efforts Spring Hill College has raised over $4,000 to assist in the recovery of the disaster in Haiti, according to Maureen Bergan, Director of Campus Ministry. Campus Ministry sent out an e-mail to the Spring Hill College community and solicited donations from students, faculty and staff to assist in their fundraising efforts. Nearly $1,500 in donations was raised through the St. Joseph Chapel’s “Poorbox.” The Donnelly Scholars, a program for firstgeneration college students, took up collections outside the cafeteria for several days and raised nearly $600. At Spring Hill’s Martin Luther King Memorial candlelight Liturgy and Celebration, the campus community collected almost $200 for the Haitian Project and its school, Louverture Cleary, according to Bergan. “Aimée Maier, a 1990 alumnae who worked at the school KENDRICK DUNKLIN News Editor

and is on their board of trustees, contacted us about supporting the school. Louverture Cleary serves very poor students, but they are academically high achieving students,” said Bergan. “Because the school was not damaged in the earthquake, it has served as a feeding center in Haiti.” On Jan. 12, Haiti was struck by a magnitude-7.0 earthquake, the country’s most severe earthquake in over 200 years, according to CNN reports. The epicenter of the quake was just outside the Haitian capital Port-au-Prince. It has been estimated that the death toll could reach 200,000. Donations are still being taken through various charitable organizations, including the American Red Cross, UNICEF, the Yele Haiti Foundation and the Hope for Haiti Now Fund, which has raised more than $58 million with the help of celebrity-led telethon on Jan. 22, according to CNN reports. Celebrities that assisted in the telethon included George Clooney,

Alicia Keys, Justin Timberlake, and Beyoncé, according to CNN. Spring Hill freshman Jasmine Hill donated money through the text messaging service of the Yele Haiti Foundation. “It was pretty simple to use text messaging to contribute to the Haiti disaster relief, and I was more than glad to offer the help,” said Hill. “Although, I was more than willing to help, I don’t think it will ever be enough. Yeah, money can help with some of their problems, but they need more than money to help them emotionally. It’s just a tragic situation, and I think that everyone should contribute to the relief efforts, even if it’s just sending up a prayer. I think we should all do what we can.” Proceeds from fundraising efforts of Spring Hill College will go to the Jesuit Refugee Service USA, which is an international Catholic organization that aids refugees, forcibly displaced peoples, and asylum seekers, according to the Jesuit Refugee Service USA Web site.

Spring Hill prepares leaders in health care JASMINE WILLIAMS Staff Reporter

Spring Hill College actively engages in the health care reform debate by educating students to become critical thinkers on the issue. In a small and vocal circle of about 12, the students in the health reform class meet with a team of Spring Hill professors to discuss a topic that seems more important now than ever before. The class is taught by a team of professors: Dr. Ferry in philosophy and theology, Dr. Brandon in philosophy and theology and Dr. Landi in political science. The professors’ objective for the students is to build a working knowledge about the health care systems and the three health care policies in question and to become critical thinkers with a moral imagination.

The ultimate goal: How can we make things better? Although half of the class consists of pre-health majors, the other half is very diverse—consisting of political science, international business, secondary education and a variety of other majors. With the health care reform debate dominating the news, it is important for students of every discipline to have a general knowledge about the health care system. With a diverse team of professors, the health care reform class is able to offer something for every discipline. The class discusses the moral issues of euthanasia, empathy and the common good; the business aspects of market theme, economics, and value base competitions; combined with a general knowledge of the myths and obstacles

involved when planning a health care system. Current student and pre-med major Senyo Amedo thinks that the class is vitally important for someone aspiring to work in the medical field, but also for anyone wishing to effectively contribute in the debate. Amedo states, “After taking this health care reform class, my hope is that I

will have better educated myself on the subject that’s been plaguing our nation’s government for the past couple of years and also be able to contribute and have intelligent and wellinformed conversations.”  Dr. Brandon hopes that by educating students in every facet of the health care system it will help

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Community Mass Student Mass Dean’s Cup Ping Pong Tourney

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Sunday, January 30, 2010

Student Mass

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Monday, February 1, 2010

Meditation Group Mardi Gras Dinner

5:30 p.m. 5:00 p.m - 7:00 p.m

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Heather Salazar David Reiley

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

CPB Comedy Showcase

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Praise and Worship Cloister Social

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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Taste of the Hill Praise and Worship

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Special Notices •

Mardi Gras tickets will be sold outside of the cafeteria until tickets are sold out.

The Office of Admissions will be hosting Senior Open House on Friday, Jan. 29.

SHC is going to take over the University of Mobile on Saturday, Jan. 30 starting at 5 p.m. Make sure you wear your purple.

New Orleans residents who would like to cast an absentee ballot for the New Orleans mayoral race may do so by Feb. 2. You can get absentee info at: or

Get your 21st Annual American Cancer Society Chili Cook-off tickets in advance for only $10 ($15 at the gate) from Dr. Sharee Broussard. The event is Feb. 27 in Bienville Square/LoDa

Ladd-Peebles Stadium is Mobile’s ‘Field of Legends’ Continued from page 1

ville, Fla. Due to poor attendance at the initial event, a group of Mobile businessmen led by E.B. Peebles and Finley McRae were able to lure the contest to be played at Ladd Stadium in 1951 where it has been played ever since. In addition to the bringing the Senior Bowl to Mobile, Peebles created the Mobile Arts and Sports Association. MASA is the parent organization to the Senior Bowl and was created to promote the social, recreational and artistic life of the city of Mobile and its citizens. MASA is a non-

profit organization dedicated specifically to public benefit. MASA has become the sponsor of the “Food World Senior Bowl Charity Run” which has grown in support year after year. Through the Senior Bowl and the Food World Senior Bowl Charity Run, MASA has contributed over $7.7 million to local charities. Ladd-Peebles stadium has played a home to more than just the Senior Bowl over the years. The GMAC Bowl kicked off its inaugural game in 1999 which featured TCU beating East Carolina 28-14. The GMAC Bowl has includ-

ed several NFL stars including LaDainian Tomlinson, Byron Leftwich and Ben Roethliberger. This year’s matchup included Sun Belt Conference champion Troy against Mid-American Conference champion Central Michigan in a double-overtime nail biter won by Central Michigan 44-41. During their 2009 inaugural season, the University of South Alabama Jaguars called Ladd-Peebles stadium their home. The Jags boasted an undefeated season in the first year of their program’s recent history. The Jags crushed their opponents a combined total of 321-

41 and hope to continue their success next season. In addition to all the collegiate attention, Ladd-Peebles also plays home to several high school teams and games. B.C. Rain, LeFlore, Murphy and Williamson are all local high schools that call Ladd-Peebles home. The Alabama-Mississippi All-Star Classic is another high school game that is showcased in Ladd-Peebles stadium. The game includes the top high school prospects from each state respectively as they battle it out for bragging rights in the Deep South. Several notable

Alabama-Mississippi All-Star Classic alumni have made it to the NFL including Carnell Williams, JaMarcus Russell and Steve McNair. 1/ 2 wi Off th D th epo is Ad sit


apartments The Convenience of an Apartment The Comforts of Home

Our 2 & 3 bedroom townhomes are convenient to schools, dining, & hospitals


Bring in this Ad & receive a monthly student special. 2500 Dauphinwood Dr. Mobile, AL 36606 251.479.0125


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Single rooms may be a better option for upperclassmen Continued from page 1

Communities. It’s hard to say ‘no’ to the donor.” Students have argued against that, saying, “Well, what about the Delta Gamma pod?” That possible pod, like all other pods, would be communities with people who have something in common. Skip’s Place is the newest, most expensive and arguably the nicest dorm on campus. There is a long selection process to get a Skip’s Place pod two weeks before the rest of housing sign-ups. Thus, showing upperclassmen interest in living in Skip’s. But in the eyes of the administration, singles are prized more than Skip’s Place rooms are, which is why the administration feels that giving upperclassmen singles in Toolen will help make things go easier, due to the size of the rooms in Toolen. Plans for renovating the bath-

rooms have also been set up. But still, an upperclassman living in Toolen? Junior men’s golf superstar, Eddie Smith and sophomore softball slugger, Monica Zeringue both say, “Toolen is for freshmen. That’s all there is to it.” Zeringue also added,“You get rewarded as you gain upperclassmen status. That’s why everyone loves Skip’s. Freshmen won’t appreciate it.” Pat Dolan also said, “I just don’t understand why freshman boys don’t want to live in Toolen. Yeah it kind of sucks, but it’s so fun. It’s a freshman dorm. It’s not supposed to be super nice. That’s what Skip’s is for; a nice dorm for upperclassmen.” One idea brought to Perez was the new student center. While the idea behind living communities is for people of similar interests to meet in

their common room, why not have people from the whole campus meet in the new Student Center? Rather than just a pod of freshmen getting to know each other really well, how about a group of freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors all getting together? The living community is designed for freshmen to meet each other. But on such a small campus, would people not meet anyway? The use of flyers to make new groups or organizations was another idea brought across Perez’s desk. Perez says that the administration is open to any ideas that students have and their ultimate goal is to make all the students happy. She may be contacted at mperez@ and says students should feel free to e-mail her any other suggestions.

Students find ways to make health care better

Hill College, the students of the health care reform them to actively particiclass will continue to pate in the government meet not in hopes of solvas well. He states, “It’s ing this ongoing debate, about building a working but in hopes of educating knowledge to see through themselves so that they the [nonsense] it’s about too may become leaders citizenin health ship “I wouldn’t say my views have and any changed so much after being in and other disthis class, however and perhaps learncipline. most importantly, I have been ing Amedo how to able to develop a sturdier foun- states “I dation of my views. share wouldn’t - Senyo Amedo power, say my to views build strong leaders and have changed so much effective follower-ship.” after being in this class, As far as the health however and perhaps care reform debate, most importantly, I have President Obama’s adbeen able to develop a ministration is still work- sturdier foundation of my ing to reform the current views. I would definitely health care system. As consider myself an active for the health care remember in the health form debate and Spring care reform debate.” Continued from page 2

Alpha Sigma Nu seeks students who demonstrate excellence Continued from page 1

clude Luciana Gomez, Anna Pate, Alyse Granier and Allison Symulevich. As part of an effort to align with the mission and identity of the college, students and Jesuit ideals, ASN members celebrate their theme for this year: “It’s not just an honor, it’s a vocation.” Last semester, ASN members participated as volunteers in service proj-

ects, including the 38th Presidential Inauguration of Father Salmi and the Green Keeper’s Farmer’s Market on the Hill. Spring Hill College representatives, Anna Pate and Father Michael Williams, were also in attendance at the 31st Triennial National Convention at Saint Louis University October 8th through the 11th. Father Williams was selected for the honor to serve as a National Board Member for the next four

Provided by Alyse Granier

and a half years. This semester, members will organize Alpha Sigma Nu Week, an event celebrated by all Jesuit Honor Societies across the country. Alpha Sigma Nu, in coordination with Campus Ministry, will participate in service activities, a Jesuit cookout and an address from a highly esteemed speaker for ASN’s Last Lecture Series starting this spring.  In accordance with its national chapter, the Alpha Sigma Nu Jesuit Honor Society seeks to identify the students of the Jesuit institutions of higher education who demonstrate exceptional commitment to the ASN pillars of scholarship, loyalty to Jesuit ideals and service to the campus and community. Junior and senior students who rank academically in the top 15% of their class are eligible and only 4% of each class are inducted. 

Provided by Alyse Granier Above: Inducted new members of Alpha Sigma Nu from back (Left to Right): Fr. Salmi, Elizabeth Coppejans, Kelli Duncan, Ally Slivka; AJ Castleberry, Emily Williams, Jennifer Griffin; Janel Davis, Colten Biro, Rebecca Zitnik, Megan Blanchard; Ellen Broering, Margaret Davis, Colby Melvin, Dayna Shonk, Andrew Bovine; Jimmy Rapp, Spencer Robichaux, Justin Harrison, Chris Smith, Elizabeth Hieb; Cory Bronenkamp, Austin Pharo, John Koch and Ryan Nocito. Left: Six Greek presidents were represented among ASN members: (Back) Allly Slivka (Pan-Hellenic), Rebecca Zitnik (Tri Delta), Anna Pate (Phi Mu), Ryan Nocito (Tau Kappa Epsilon), Ellen Broering (Delta Gamma) and Spencer Robichaux (Lambda Chi). 

Kelcee Smith Opinions & Editorials Editor

Opinions & Editorials

Page 5 The SpringHillian January 28, 2010

‘That’s how the Shore goes’ A rolling stone gathers no moss »MTV’s Jersey Shore stoops to a new low in the reality television world

ABBY COWART Co Editor-in-Chief

“We’re beatin’-upthe-beat, that’s what we say when we’re doing our fist pump. First, we start off by banging the ground, we’re banging it as the beat builds ‘cause that beat’s hittin’ us so we’re fightin’ back, it’s like we beat up that beat.” This novel thought, along with many others originally spoken by DJ Pauly D, has started a trend in reality television that has taken the country by storm: anybody and everybody can

have their own reality show. For those people who have seemingly been living under a rock for the past two months, I am referring to MTV’s latest hit reality show, Jersey Shore. The series follows eight young adults as they move into a beach house and spend their summer living the good life in Seaside Heights, N.J. During their summer stay, MTV crews captured the drama, tanning, drunkenness and hilarity that ensued as the group juggled work, friendship, love and nightlife on the Jersey Shore. Now don’t get me wrong. I’ll admit that I found the fist pumps, fist fights and complete lack of appropriate clothing on the Jersey Shore wildly entertaining. How could I be anything but completely and utterly glued to my television screen every Wednesday night wondering what crazy antics Snooki and

J-Woww were going to get into next? Whether my interest was driven by my inability to imagine a world in which working out, tanning and the obnoxious usage of hair gel is normal or the fact that the show was like a train wreck that I could not seem to take my eyes off of, it really doesn’t matter. The important thing I took away from Jersey Shore’s two month stint on MTV was an awakening to the current state of entertainment in society. Jersey Shore aside, the content of almost all of today’s reality television shows is most often, to put it nicely, rather disturbing. When the decade opened, shows such as Survivor and Big Brother seemed to pose little harm to the

perceptions of the youth in society. See REALITY page 6

The history of bricks on the Hill »Kelcee tells the history of one of Spring Hill College’s major pathways


Once upon a time, in a land not so far away, there was a great hill from which many springs flowed. Atop

The SpringHillian Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam


this hill sat a fine institution, one you might be familiar with. It was the first in the land and certainly the first of its kind, specializing in education with an emphasis on spirituality. At the time of our tale, the college had acquired its 22nd president, Fr. William J. Tyrrell S.J. He was a delightful man undoubtedly adding his personality and charm to the college. It was later written by respected historian, Charles J. Boyle, that, “many of his [Fr. Tyrrell] achievements served to reinforce the Catholic entity of the college.” After spending several years learning about the students and gathering in-

formation from the residents, Fr. Tyrrell decided to begin a grand project, one that would bring people closer to God and last for over 100 years. He was to build a grotto and leading to it a wonderful path. Fr. Tyrrell had a serious trouble, however. He hadn’t collected enough resources to even begin such a project. Luckily, there was a man who knew the college well and he was willing to aid Fr. Tyrrell in his endeavor. His name was Major Patrick Hannon. Major Hannon supplied the college with enough sup-

Spring Hill College 4000 Dauphin Street Mobile, AL 36608-1791

Phone: (251) 380-3850 or 380-3840 Fax: (251) 460-2185

See BRICKS page 6

»Senior Lindsey Worley discusses changing times

Change: not only is it the epitome of life, but it is what college is all about. As a senior, I have gone through so many changes at Spring Hill that it is difficult to think of them all. However, I didn’t anticipate so much change when I decided to come to SHC, but the important thing is that I did come. And so did you. This reason unites us. The Jesuit tradition of education, though, is probably what drew most of us to SHC. An old heritage drifts about in the air here and we can all feel it. We love the fact that knowledge and its acquisition is our main focus, and has been SHC’s focus since the start of this school. Lately, though, there have been many changes on campus both good and bad. When I arrived, Skip’s was under construction. New Hall was still new. The pooleteria was still a pool. Students could drink without fear. Also, I was given the opportunity to have a say in what the new campus

center would be like. I realize now I was only told I had a say. The campus center was moved to the gym, which despite my complaints of a bouncy floor, lack of the sandwich toaster and the “long” distance, actually is quite a clever way to remind me that I didn’t go to the gym this week. And then, I said goodbye to Fr. Lucey and hello to Fr. Salmi. Suddenly, our student voices were powerful once more—and Fr. Salmi actually walked through Toolen and saw the toolshed it truly is. Things are changing, and the air suddenly feels a little different. Personally, I’m looking less now at the campus and more about my inner changes. I will never forget my own changes from an anti-social freshman to a senior who is confident enough to move out into the world when I graduate this May. So, ask yourself, where would we be without change? How could we possibly discover the confident senior inside ourselves if we let the anti-social freshman sit in our room and never have a word for or against anything? I believe that it is our calling in life to be constantly changing ourselves for the better, so maybe we should apply that change to the campus. Let’s make changes that are important to our community and to our souls. 2010 is our year.

800-742-6704 251-380-4000

Advisor Stuart Babington

LINDSEY WORLEY Co Editor-in-Chief

Page 6 The SpringHillian January 28, 2010

Opinions & Editorials

Have a little respect Reality television, not too real at all »Elizabeth Farren asks Spring Hill to think before acting Continued from page 5


I think Aretha Franklin had it right; all she wanted was just a little bit of respect. Essentially, that is all any of us want: to be treated with respect. So why, then, do we treat others so poorly? Okay, for the most part, humanity is respectful and caring toward one another. However, I have recently come across moments around the Hill that have made me wonder about my belief in humanity. What is particularly disheartening is that many students have become increasingly inconsiderate. I first started to notice this trend when I ventured over to the As You Like It production held at the Arlene Mitchell Theatre. I found people talking and eating throughout the entire production. I do not know about you, but I do not have the guts to get up in front of 75 people quoting anything Shakespearian while in costume, even if it is the classic “to be or not to be.” But seriously, who are you to be listening to your iPod, eatPrinter Signature Offset

ing food or talking and texting throughout the performance? Just because you might be required to come to the performance for your class does not give you the right to be disrespectful. On the note of disrespect, I do not understand why a pastime of many people on campus is violence. Not just violence, but overall disrespect for our campus. Spring Hill is the third oldest Jesuit institution in the United States and its campus is considered by many to be one of the most beautiful. But what I find frustrating is that I have spent several mornings on the weekend finding door decorations sprawled on the hallway floors while my flip flops become covered with cheap, old beer and wine before I even reach the elevator. And to top it all, the mountain of trash outside the trash room has doubled over night. Not only is the greasy box from week-old pizza kind of gross to open my door to every morning, but this heap of your leftovers is part of the reason that some students had to vacate their rooms in New Residence Hall due to gnats. Not only is this disrespectful to students and your ‘family,’ but also to the staff of Spring Hill who diligently work so that we can have a clean and comfortable environment to live in. Last week, however, I came across the largest display of disrespect I have seen on the Hill in quite some time. It is part of the reason I have finally written this. I was attending a

Even MTV’s The Real World, in its first few seasons, didn’t seem to encourage the reckless and downright disrespectful behavior promoted in the shows of 2008 and 2009. For the last few years, it seems as if the goal of reality television has been to mislead and persuade the impressionable minds of the youth in America. These shows, with outrageous plots and unrealistic story lines, have captivated young audiences around the globe, blurring lines of perception and creating false impressions of reality at record speed. With these shows gaining fans and popularity every day, what choice does a television producer have? Stick with the faux-reality trend that has proven success or be unique and create something real? Needless to say, drama and exaggeration pay the big bucks. Fauxreality it is.

I can’t predict exactly where the trends in reality television are headed, especially not on MTV. Time and time again, the channel has created shows surrounding topics that I never imagined someone would have ever invested money in to produce. But I’m really not trying to pick on MTV. Honestly, it is a channel that I find myself flipping to rather frequently and watching more than I probably should. My goal is to raise awareness about this looming problem and explore where the issue is headed. If the past is any indication of the future, I am a little afraid of the nonsense that might make its way into our televisions in the years to come. I know that many people do see through these ridiculous shows’ absurdities, but how can I be so sure that the younger teenagers that tune in have the maturity it takes to decipher the “reality” shown on television?

I’m not suggesting that we completely rid our lives of the “shows that make you dumber,” as my brother-in-law likes to call them. They are entertaining, and quite frankly, they make me feel just a little bit better about myself. Sometimes, I think it is a good thing to take an hour-long escape from life each week and tune in to someone else’s “reality.” However, I also think it is important for the youth of society to remember where “reality” ends and real life begins. In real life, it is not common to be 16 and pregnant, have a teen crib or be a teen mom. I guess real life is not interesting enough to be shown on television, so it must be exaggerated. That’s understandable. However, I do look forward to a time when a reality show actually does what its title implies and depicts something real. But until that day comes, I guess I must leave you with a fist pump, because “That’s how the Shore goes!”

Bricks of the past are now lost Continued from page 5

port to finish the project in the year nineteenhundred and three. Fr. Tyrrell was so grateful for the man’s donations that he named the path in his honor: Hannon’s Way. Let’s fast-forward to the present day...This story begins with a girl, a woman you might say. One who is familiar with all the sounds of construction on the same hill of old. One Wednesday morning in January, the girl See THINK page 7 was delivering mail, like 2610 Lakeview Road Hattiesburg, MS 39401 Phone: (601) 544-4445

she always did every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. This day was different though. Instead of passing over the unique and deeply rooted bricks of the past, she found herself trudging through mud and sand. She looked to the west and found the beautiful Grotto of Lourdes still in place, but when she looked to her right she saw that the path had been stripped as far as the eye could see. Dozers and Bobcats were piling the culture of her home into a green dumpster. At first the girl Advertising Manager DeMarco Wills

was disappointed, she knew the historical importance of the path, but she was a veteran in this community and she also knew the ways of those in charge. The lane would be replaced of course; it was a high traffic area, but why rip it up now? She wondered at what cost an institution would pay for a conventional, modern road, apparently at the cost of a historical landmark. She talked with many people about the

event, from other students to faculty on campus, and all were appalled at the site. Some were even unaware of the whole ordeal and were even more frustrated to hear of it. This story, though, has not yet been resolved. We wait in suspense as this chronicle reveals its conclusion. If you have any opinions or thoughts concerning Hannon’s Way and its destruction, please e-mail hillian@ Photographer Doug Bruce

Opinions & Editorials

Page 7 The SpringHillian January 28, 2010

Think before you act No Regrets? Not for Kendrick Continued from page 6

person that dressed so controversially. But why think party when, about an hour about that when you have after my arrival, someone years before that worry came dressed in a rather controversial outfit. Stereo- becomes legitimate? There are still people that were typically, I do not fall into highly offended by this the groups of individuals person’s action, and I just who would be particularly wish for thirty seconds that offended by this costume, the individual had thought however I was. about how offensive they I was not just were being. At no point, slightly offended, but can anyone assume that greatly offended. And just because we are in the honestly, my offense grew worse throughout the night Spring Hill bubble does not and into the following days. mean that people cannot be offended. Not only was the evening I just ask that filled with people supportyou think. That is all I ing this individual in their ask: think before you eat choice, but there was conthrough your next perfortinuous reinforcement by mance or listen to your people having their picture taken with the individual in favorite band while you watch a play. Please rea very joking manner. member that the other 19 Later, some these doors down the New Resipictures were posted on dence Hall corridor actuFacebook for essentially ally belong to thirty other anyone to see. I will be honest, if I saw any of these residents and finally think about what you are doing pictures up on Facebook before you choose the most or any other aspect of the controversial and disreInternet, I would probably specting action that any not hire any of the indiperson can create toward a viduals in the pictures and particular group. I would not hire any one

Hillian Poll The SpringHillian newspaper staff has begun engaging Spring Hill College students in a weekly unscientific poll, always found on the newspaper’s Web site, Last week, we asked students to characterize the type of Web sites they visit most frequently. Students were given the choices of research-based sites, video-posting sites, music-downloading sites, information sites or socialnetworking sites. Here are the results: 75 percent of the respondents spend most of their time on socialnetworking sites. 15 percent of the

respondents spend most of their time on informationbased sites. 10 percent of the respondents spend most of their time on musicdownloading sites. This week’s poll question, found at hillian, is: Of the possible housing changes being considered by Residence Life, which do you like the most?

• •

Upperclassmen in singles in Toolen, and doubles in Walsh. Some other option for upperclassmen. Leave it alone. It’s OK the way it is.

»Kendrick suggests that you try to live life to the fullest, or die trying


People say never live life with regrets, but is that actually what we do and believe? Well, if you don’t believe it, you have wasted most of your life regretting something you have done in your past. I am one of those people that believe that everything happens for a reason. Yeah, negative events transpire in our lives to make us question our very existence, but why regret what happened? A negative situation should always be something that makes you question why you did what you did, and it should make you fix the mistakes from your past. Usually, we criticize people for their poor decisions, and we often neglect the powerful, inspiring, and great things they have accomplished. For example, Whitney Houston is one of the greatest singers of our time, but her past drug use has often shadowed her mu-

sic career. Tiger Woods is probably one of the greatest golf players to walk this earth, but his accomplishments have been outshined by his recent… well, we know the story. The late Michael Jackson’s life has been plagued with stories of drug use and molestation charges, despite being the greatest pop singer in the world. Britney Spears is one of the greatest… never mind, I think I went too far went that one. But you get the point. The poor decisions of these celebrities have plagued them for a while, but they pull through and allow themselves to continue living their life to the fullest. Whitney came back better than ever with her latest album. Michael Jackson’s death resulted in millions more albums sold and a televised memorial service that could rival that of past presidents. I’m sure that tiger Woods will pull himself out of the hole he dug for himself to continue his reign as the king of golf. I am saying all of this because we should all do the same. We are all going to make poor decisions in life, but those decisions should allow us to pull ourselves up to a higher point. When I was a freshman, I admit that I thought college was a place for me to let loose. I thought I was able to do what I wanted to do be-

cause I was no longer under the hold of my family. I definitely put my social life before being a Spring Hill College student. Of course, I hit rock bottom, and paid the ultimate price for my behavior. Naturally, I did not let the consequences keep me down. I came back a beast and I was determined to make it through. Now, my educational achievements have never been better and I am proud of my accomplishments at Spring Hill. I may not have been the smartest student to walk Spring Hill’s campus, but I will put myself in the league of the most determined. Of course, people said what they wanted to say about me then, and they still say what they want to say about me now; me being a fifth year student. But, I didn’t care then and I really don’t care now. Until they can walk in my shoes and pull themselves out of the struggles I’ve pulled myself through, they can take their opinions and shove it where they feel it is necessary. I look back at everything I’ve been through thus far, and I can honestly say that I am proud of myself. Yeah, people talk about me, but their words are just my motivation to keep going stronger. I look back at my life up until this point, and I don’t regret anything. Maybe, you should do the same!


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life & CulTure

Katelyn Ikner Life & Culture Editor

Delta Chi joins the Spring Hill College community »Delta Chi Fraternity discusses its recruitment and expansion onto the Spring Hill College campus They are looking to have between 30 and 40 Delta Chi fraternity men become the charter chapter of Delta Chi at officially joined Spring Hill’s Greek community on Spring Hill. Their standards for these men are that they Saturday, Jan. 23. have a 2.9 cumulative GPA Junior Dan or higher and are involved Criscione and freshman on campus. Delta Chi plans Alan Corder accepted to recruit using a number bids from Delta Chi on of different methods this Saturday with sophomore semester. Predominantly, William Tillman following they plan to offer three on Sunday. Dan Catalano, scholarships to nonDirector of Expansion and affiliated males on campus. Colony Operations, and “We also try to meet as Justin Sherman, Director many people as we can for of Chapter Services, the next two upcoming were the primary tools of weeks so we can build a recruitment for this week. Catalano plans to train the great fraternity at Spring Hill,” said Catalano. first two members of the The new member Spring Hill chapter of Delta program lasts eight weeks, Chi to help the fraternity much the same as any recruit over the next two other Greek organization weeks. “Delta Chi aims to create another values based on Spring Hill’s campus. A new member educator fraternal experience for will be chosen from the the undergraduate men men recruited by Delta Chi at Spring Hill,” Catalano at this time and he will be explained. ALICIA BARBOUR Staff Reporter

Photo by Kelcee Smith Clockwise from top left: Fraternity Bid Night, TKE’s crest, DX’s crest, and LXA’s crest.

trained to run the Associate Member program after Catalano and Sherman are gone. The new member educator will be trained extensively through workshops, informational binders, and retreats, as well all executive board members and committee chairmen.

Catalano is extremely excited about Delta Chi’s expansion to Spring Hill. “Becoming a founding father gives undergraduate males a chance to leave their mark on campus, while utilizing skills that they have been learning their whole lives. Founding fathers also get the

opportunity to make Delta Chi what they want it to be on Spring Hill’s campus by stepping into leadership positions immediately. As a founding father myself, it was the best decision I made in my four years at college; stepping up and leaving my footprint on campus.”


that your meal is enjoyable. The restaurant has televisions mounted everywhere for you to watch, and there is even a patio Being an avid lover of Mexican if you would rather dine outside. Twice food, I have tried almost every Mexican a week a mariachi band plays, and they restaurant that Mobile has to offer, but will even come right up to your table and my absolute favorite would, without a doubt, be Aztecas Restaurant and Cantina. sing to you. If you don’t want to eat in the restaurant, then you can also call ahead Aztecas is located in the Tillman’s Corner of time and place an order to go, and your area of Mobile. The restaurant offers a great selection of Mexican cuisine on their food will be bagged and ready when you menu, from tacos and enchiladas to fajitas get there. If I could eat at Aztecas every day I and chimichangas. Aztecas even offers would; that is just how good the food (and vegetarian options. atmosphere) is. Aztecas Restaurant and There are everyday lunch specials Cantina is located at 5452 Highway 90 and also nightly specials. My favorite West in Mobile. It is open Sunday through time to go is Wednesday night, when the restaurant offers 99 cent margaritas. Just Thursday from 11:00 a.m. until 10:00 p.m. and Friday and Saturday from 11:00 a.m. a few of my favorite things to order from until 11:00 p.m. For more information Aztecas include the queso dip, a chicken about the restaurant, you can call (251) quesadilla, and fried ice cream. 661-5509. So if you are in the mood for The food is very inexpensive. something a little more authentic than the Dinner for two people is usually under $20.00, including the tip. The staff is very Taco Bell drive-thru, then try friendly and they take their time to ensure Aztecas. MEGAN WIGAL-HARRISON Staff Reporter

Photo by Doug Bruce Aztecas Restaurant, is located in Tillman’s Corner and offers a variety of Mexican cuisine.

Life & Culture

Page 9 The SpringHillian January 28, 2010

Get To Know: Brad Tuggle »Tuggle is headed to Tuscaloosa to join the University of Alabama faculty KENDRICK DUNKLIN News Editor

Many University of Alabama fans were excited after the 2010 BCS National Championship Game, yet one Spring Hill College professor had more than just a championship title to be happy about regarding the Crimson Tide. English professor Brad Tuggle, of Decatur, Ala., is leaving Spring Hill to accept a teaching position at his alma mater, the University of Alabama. Tuggle feels excellent about the move to Tuscaloosa, but assures that the move is nothing against Spring Hill, but more of a personal decision. “I heard Lane Kiffin say when he became the head coach at USC that it was his dream job. That’s kind of how I feel about Alabama. It’s my alma mater and I’m a big sports fan,” said Tuggle. “I thought I would be at SHC forever because I didn’t know that the job at Alabama would come through. This is the only job I would have left

Spring Hill to take. It’s a very good move for me and my family.” Tuggle attended Austin High School in Decatur, Ala., where he was quarterback, and he was selected for The Birmingham News’ Academic All-State Team, according to The Birmingham News. As an English major at the University of Alabama, Tuggle was selected as a Rhodes Scholar, becoming University of Alabama’s 15th recipient, according to University of Alabama News. Through the Rhodes Scholarship, Tuggle obtained his master’s degree in Renaissance English Literature from Oxford University. “Every American usually either loves Oxford or hates Oxford. I fall into the first category,” exclaimed Tuggle. I got to work with some of the top notch scholars in my field. Even to this day, I still have a really sort of worldwide network of friends that is really nice to have.” Before coming to

Photo by Doug Bruce

Spring Hill, Tuggle was a professor at the University of the South in Sewanee, Tennessee. He is currently working on obtaining his doctorate in Renaissance English Literature from the University of Virginia. “I am looking at the way renaissance English poems helps us to think about some complex intellectual problems, and one of those problems is the problem of emotion and our emotional connections to literature,” said Tuggle. Tuggle has enjoyed his time at Spring Hill, and explains that the experience has been wonderful. “I’ve really enjoyed this English department. I love being in the English department because there are so many really smart and good teachers here and everyone takes teaching really serious around here, as do I,” stated Tuggle. “As far as the interactions I’ve had with students, I’ve loved pretty much every minute of it. I really enjoy being able to have one-on-one contact with my students, and that’s really what they expect. So, I really like it because it’s more of a personable education than what you get at some other places, so that’s been really enjoyable.” Tuggle also knows that some students find him to be one of the more difficult ones, yet he feels as though it is his job to provide a challenge to students. “I hold myself to high standards and I hold my students to high standards. I would hope that undergraduates would look at Spring Hill as a place to change and develop,” said Tuggle. “You can only get a real sense of an underSee TUGGLE page 10

Mardi Gras Parade Schedule

Jan 29 6:30 Conde Cavalier Parade Jan 30 6:30 Pharaoh’s Mystic Society Parade 7:00 Conde Explorers Parade Feb 4 6:30 Order of the Polka Dots Parade Feb 5 6:30 Order of the Inca Parade Feb 6 2:00 6:30 7:00 7:30

Mobile Mystics Parade Maids of Myth Order of Butterfly Maidens Parade Krewe of Merry Mates

Feb 7 6:30 Neptune’s Daughter Parade Feb 8 7:00 Order of Venus Feb 9 6:30 Order of LaShe Parade Feb 13 12:00 12:00 5:30 6:00 6:30 6:45

Floral Parade Mystic Revelers Mystics of Pleasure Mystics of Time Coronation of Queen to King Felix III Mystic Order of Shadow Barrons

Feb 14 2:30 5:00 5:30 8:15

Joe Cain Parade Le Krewe de Bienville Parade Les Femmes Cassettes Parade Coronation of King Elexis

Feb 15 3:30 MLK Monday Mystics Parade 6:30 Infant Mystics Parade 7:00 Order of Mystic Magnolias Feb 16 12 12:30 1:00 1:30 1:30 2:00 6:30

Krewe of Kroc Knights of Revelry Parade King Felix Parade Comic Cowboys Parade Orange Beach Parade Mobile Area Mobile Gras Association Order of Myths Parade

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life & CulTure

English professor Badgers adventure into Mobile decides to ride the tide »The new Badgers on the Town program exposes students to Mobile culture

Continued from page 9

about the Jesuit education at graduate education if you are Spring Hill. Because I care constantly being challenged about each of my student’s mental development, of and if you are constantly course, because that’s what challenging yourself. What education is all about. But I’ve tried to instill in stuI’m just as concerned that dents is that it may be hard work, but you can walk away they are spiritually and physically well-developed.” knowing that you have ac Besides teaching at complished something.” Spring Hill, Tuggle likes to Students rarely see run, he is a fan of the GrateTuggle upset, but when ful Dead, he plays guitar, he asked what makes him tick, sings, but his main hobby is he explained that it is when playing with his son, Jackhis life gets out of balance, son. “Being a new father has and he based his theory on been the most joyous thing wisdom from his father. ever. What is interesting, be“The key to whatever happiness I may have is balance. I ing an English professor, is take my work very seriously, the way in which it changes my outlook on literature, but I also take my family just in terms of when I come very seriously. So for me, across a poem about famwhen I would be most unhappy, is if I was all work or ily, there’s a way in which I just get it more now. So, it’s even if I was all play. Basichanged me for the better,” cally, I get mad if things get Tuggle stated happily. out of skew,” stated Tuggle. Tuggle is a huge “My dad used to say sports fan, but there is only that life is a three-legged- stool. The three-legged-stool one team that has him glued to the television screen. is perfectly balanced. Ac“There is only sport cording to my dad, that was and one team that I care one’s mental, physical and about, and that is Crimson spiritual well-being. That three legged stool is the way Tide football. That is the only sport I watch!” Tuggle that I think about educaexclaimed. tion, and the way I think

SUDOKU Fill in the grid so that every row, column, and 3x3 box contains the numbers 1 through 9. Answers for the puzzle will be in next week’s paper.

KATELYN IKNER Life & Culture Editor

Many Spring Hill College students find themselves asking this question each weekend, “What is there to do in Mobile?” The answer to this question is provided by the new program, Badgers on the Town. Badgers on the Town is an offcampus program sponsored by Student Activities. According to Jennifer Stallings, Director of Leadership and Involvement, the concept for Badgers on the Town was created after several focus groups were held. These focus groups concentrated on how to improve the students’ Spring Hill experience. What was found from these focus groups is that Spring Hill students are not taking advantage of what Mobile has to offer. As a result, Student Activities pulled their funding together and created

Badgers on the Town.

Neptune’s Daughter and Order of Isis parades. Food will be provided at the museum. Tickets for this event are $1 for students and $5 for faculty and staff. Extreme Bowling at Florida Lanes will be held on Feb. 26 from 10 p.m. to midnight. Tickets for this event will be $5; this will cover the cost of the game, shoe rental and bowling ball rental. According The first Badgers to the Florida Lanes on the Town event, Web site, Extreme Skate Night, was held Bowling consists of “an on Thursday, Jan. adventure of lights, 14, at Sunshine Skate great music and wild Center. Tickets for bowling challenges.” this event were free. On March 20, the However, students had Badgers on the Town to provide their own event, Cirque de la transportation to and Symphonie will be held. from the skate center. This event will consist When asked of a night at the Saenger what she enjoyed the Theatre listening to the most about skate night, music of the Mobile freshman Gabriela Diaz Symphony. Cirque said “it was something de la Symphonie is a off campus to do and it unique event, because was something different during the performance that I would have really an aerialist will done here in Mobile. I perform along with the have never skated on symphony. Tickets for roller skates before so this event will be $5. I thought it would be The last event something I had to at for the spring semester least try once.” will be Friday Night The next Badgers Fireworks at the on the Town event is Baybears on April 16. Parade Night, which Students will enjoy will be held on Feb. 8. a Mobile Baybears This event will be held game at Hank Aaron at the Mobile Carnival Stadium, followed Museum located on by their Friday Night Government Street fireworks. The game from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. will begin at 7:05 p.m. Parade Night will be and will be directly an opportunity for followed by a fireworks students, faculty and show. Tickets will staff to learn more be $2 for the Friday about the museum, Night Fireworks at the as well as enjoy the Baybears event.

Badgers on the Town will be holding several off-campus events in an effort to get SHC students out and about in Mobile. These events will range from fun events to cultural events and will be fit for a college budget. Stallings hopes Badgers on the Town will encourage SHC students to “jump in to and see the exciting things around Mobile.”

Life & Culture ‘Bring ‘Em In’ review GREENBERRY TAYLOR Contributing Writer

Lookin’ for somethin’ to open those sinus passages? Well, look no further than the album “Bring ‘Em In” by Mr. Buddy Guy. This album features some of the funkiest guitar you’ve heard in a good while. Guy teams up with some of the sickest guitarists around, including Keith Richards, Carlos Santana and John Mayer, just to name a few, in order to take the funk level to “five-toe” status (five toes makes for a whole foot. A funk smellin’ foot). Comin’ out of the gate, Guy rips it up on “What Kind of Woman is This?” If the guitar licks from this aren’t funky enough to bust up your sinus pressure, get ready, cause it only gets nastier from here. Carlos Santana proceeds to absolutely destroy “I Put a Spell On You,” shredding till it seems like the man may have gone insane and lost the concept of start and finish. If Santana ripping it up doesn’t get you going, than Guy’s rough, raspy voice is sure to. The energy this cat brings to the table is what has made him a “blues legend.”

But don’t think Guy focuses all of his energy on “setting it off.” On the song “I’ve Got Dreams to Remember,” featuring John Mayer, Guy slows it down. Mayer’s soft voice, along with his delicate guitar soloing, mix perfectly with Guy’s raw voice and energetic guitar playing. So pure. Now, no Buddy Guy album would be complete without a jam for the ladies. And Guy knows how to do it when it comes to the female gender. Soul Singer Anthony Hamilton is featured on the track “Lay Lady Lay,” along with steel pedal guitarist phenom Robert Randolph. Even though Hamilton laces the track with his Temptation-esc voice, Guy even brings his voice down to a more intimate level. He ain’t no stranger on how to play the game. Fan of the blues or not, this album is the mad notes. This CD is perfect for a cruise with the windows down or if you’re looking to kick it on the porch and sip on some ice cold adult beverages. If you’ve never given the blues a chance, this album could very well be the one that lets you “Bring ‘Em In.”

Page 11 The SpringHillian January 28, 2010

Evan’s cinema preview for 2010 »Evan gives his recommendations for the top movies coming out this year EVAN PARROTT Editor Emeritus

10. Inception Release Date: July 16th Cast: Leonardo DiCaprio, Ken Watanabe, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Michael Caine Why you should see it: Nolan’s return. “The Prestige” and “The Dark Knight” director Christopher Nolan returns with the story of a CEO-type executive who finds himself becoming involved in a blackmailing scandal. The story is said to explore the architecture of the human mind. This is Nolan’s first film since “The Dark Night” and it will be very interesting to see if he can continue his success. 9. Hereafter Release Date: December Cast: Matt Damon, Bryce

Dallas Howard, Cecile de France. Why you should see it: The Academy will. “Hereafter” tells the story of three people: a blue-collar American, a French journalist and a London school boy who are touched by death in different ways. With films such as, “Mystic River,” “Million Dollar Baby” and “Invictus,” Clint Eastwood has become one of the premier directors in Hollywood. He takes a stab at the supernatural in his upcoming film slated for the end of the year. It is pretty much a guarantee that it will be up for the Academy Award for best picture. 8. The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader Release Date: Dec. 10th

Cast: Georgie Henley, Skandar Keynes, Ben Barnes, Will Poulter, Gary Sweet. Why you should see it: This could be the end of the series. Edmund, Lucy and their pesky cousin Eustace find themselves on a fantastic Narnian ship captained by King Caspian and headed for the very edges of the world in a journey where they’ll encounter slave traders, dragons and merefolk. This movie would be higher on the list if not for the turmoil that the film has had over the past two years. Disney dropped the franchise after losing a significant amount of money on 2008’s “Prince Caspian.” However, Fox Walden saved the series and has put $140 million See EVAN’S page 12

MSU tastes a new culture »The Multicultural Student Union brings different cultures to the Spring Hill campus DEMARCO WILLS Ads Editor/Staff Reporter

The Multicultural Student Union will be hosting its Taste of the Hill social event on Thursday, Jan. 28. It will take place in Byrne Hall. Taste of the Hill is similar to Mobile’s International Festival. Countries are brought together from six different continents to give students a taste of each of their cultures. There will be booths spread across the top floor of Byrne where each country will be represented. At each of these stations, students will be able to sample a particular country’s local cuisine. There will be a copy of the recipe for each of the foods available in

case people are interested in making it themselves! The title of this event does not imply only the presence of food. Chelsea Mack, social programming chair of MSU, said, “I really want people to have a cultural experience.” This experience is indeed provided. Along with the food being served, MSU has scheduled cultural performances from some of the countries being represented. Some of the performances include a traditional Belizean dance, a Vietnamese song and an African welcome dance. For students to know the country they are traveling to, the flag of a particular country will

be posted in front of the booth and maps will be available. Certain stations will have activities for students to participate in. The Japanese booth will give students the opportunity to roll their own sushi, and the Indian booth will have an artist drawing temporary tattoos. The food and activities have all been provided by various stores and vendors from around Mobile. MSU hopes that students will come out and enjoy the food. Even though the food is the main focus for this event, the organization wants everyone to learn something about another country’s culture.

Page 12 The SpringHillian January 28, 2010

Life & Culture

Evan’s most anticipated movies for the new year Continued from page 11

into making the movie. There are new writers on board for this installment and hopefully the film will be able to take more risks without being on Disney’s tight leash. If “Treader” isn’t deemed as a financial success, there is a very good chance that will be the final Narnia film. 7. Alice in Wonderland Release Date: March 5th Cast: Mia Wasikowska, Johnny Depp, Anne Hathaway, Helena Bonham Carter Why you should see it: Tim Burton’s vision. This is a pseudo-sequel to the Lewis Carroll classic. Alice returns to the fantasy realm years after her first visit. Now aged 17 and not fitting into Victorian society and structure, she returns to a slightly haunted and overgrown Wonderland. From the visionary who brought you “Edward Scissorhands,” “Beetlejuice” and “The Nightmare Before Christmas” comes this adaptation of Carroll’s masterpiece. Carroll’s version was extravagant and strange enough by itself. Judging by the Trailers, Burton has taken the proverbial “kite” and ran with it. There isn’t any debate over whether the movie is going to be weird. The only question is how weird is it going to be. 6. Robin Hood Release Date: May 14th Cast: Russell Crowe, Cate Blanchett, Mark Strong, William Hurt Why you should see it: Gladiator meets Robin Hood. In 13th century England, a former archer in the late King Richard’s army assembles a band of bandits to confront corruption in the local town of Nottingham and lead

an uprising against the crown that will forever alter the balance of world power. Director Ridley Scott teams with Russell Crow for the fifth time in their careers. After “Body of Lies,” was a disappointment, the duo is going back to an historical setting. Early trailers look good and if this movie is half as good as “Gladiator,” audiences are in for thrilling movie.

Evan’s Top 5 picks for 2010: 5. Toy Story 3 4. Shutter Island 3. Iron Man 2 2. Twilight: Eclipse 1. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows 5. Toy Story 3 Release Date: June 18th Cast: Tom Hanks, Tim Allen, Joan Cusack, Don Rickles, Wallace Shawn Why you should see it: Pixar. As Andy prepares to depart for college, Buzz, Woody and the rest of the toys are troubled about their uncertain future which soon lands them in new territory and at the mercy of a room full of untamed tots at a local day care center. I would dread most trilogies, but DisneyPixar has not given anyone any reason to doubt them. “Toy Story 3,” is the 2010 installment from the perennial blockbuster producer that has been Disney-Pixar over the past decade. “Finding Nemo.” “Cars,” “Wall-E” and “Up” have set the bar extremely high and there is no reason to expect anything different this year. 4. Shutter Island Release Date: February 19th

Cast: Leonardo DiCaprio, Mark Ruffalo, Ben Kinglsey, Michelle Williams Why you should see it: Scorsese and DiCaprio team up again. In 1954, two U.S. marshals are summoned to a remote island off Massachusetts to investigate the disappearance of a patient from a fortress-like hospital for the criminally insane. Once inside, one begins to doubt everything, even his own sanity. The directingstarring duo is back for the first time since their best picture winner, “The Departed.” This is Martin Scorsese’s first thriller since 1991 hit film, “Cape Fear.” DiCaprio has good taste and is very selective about what films he makes. These two things lead me to believe that this will be one of the movies of the year. 3. Iron Man 2 Release Date: May 7th Cast: Robert Downey Jr., Mickey Rourke, Gwyneth Paltrow, Sam Rockwell, Don Cheadle Why you should see it: See if the movie can be more than just a blockbuster. Having revealed his Iron Man identity to the public, billionaire inventor Tony Stark is unwilling to share his technology with the military, but forces outside his

control plot against him. Superhero sequels have been hit or miss. Actually, aside from “Dark Knight” and “Spiderman 2,” they have all been horrible. We will have to see if a revamped cast will be enough to ensure the series isn’t two movies and out.

Cast: Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, Emma Watson, Helana Bonham Carter Why you should see it: The beginning of the end. With dark forces everywhere, Harry, Ron and Hermione set off on their mission to locate and destroy the remaining Horcruxes contain2. The Twilight Saga: ing pieces of Voldemort’s Eclipse soul and along the way Release Date: June 30th learn of the mysterious Cast: Kristen Stewart, three “Deathly HalRobert Pattinson, Taylor lows” which they also Lautner, Ashley Greene require. Splitting the Why you should see book into two parts is it: Everyone else will. As a very wise decision on Seattle is ravaged by a behalf of the producstring of mysterious killers and that’s not just ings, Bella is forced to because it will double choose between her love their profits. The two for Edward and her friend- movies will ensure that ship with Jacob — knoweverything J.K. Rowling ing that her decision has wrote in her 750-page the potential to ignite the novel will be represented ageless struggle between on screen. This should vampires and werewolves. cause the film to avoid My opinion is that there the rushed feeling that wasn’t enough plot in the was present in “The books to make three movGoblet of Fire” and “The ies, but the production Order of the Phoenix.” company seems to think The movie should also other wise. Flocks of teen- be consistent with “The age (and sometimes older) Half-blood Prince,” as it girls will be going to see retains its director and this one. If you want to writers from the previunderstand all of the refer- ous installment, which ences on “The Soup” and has been rarity for the “Chelsea Lately,” I suggest series. With six films you go see it as well. in the books and only two remaining, it will be 1. Harry Potter and the interesting to see how Deathly Hallows: Part 1 the series will conclude Release Date: Nov. 19th Harry’s story.

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Coca-Cola Meet the Senior Bowl Players

3:30-6:30 p.m.

Mobile Convention Center

The Molly Ringwalds Rapper Webbie

8 p.m.

Soul Kitchen Club Miami

Dan Criscione and Alex Del Rio

Sports Editors &

Mobile: Football City, USA?

Page 13 The SpringHillian January 28, 2010


»Football success is on the horizon for the Port City JIM LOVE Contributing Writer

It is a privilege to write for The Springhillian again this semester. I look forward to making some more bold sports predictions this semester, and I hope I can pick a Kentucky Derby winner for everyone this year. What a month it has been for football fans in Mobile. Alabama won its first national title since 1992 three weeks ago, the Saints are going to their first Super Bowl and the Senior Bowl is this weekend. Mobile may well be Football City, USA right now. Not all Mobilians are Alabama fans and not all Mobilians are Saints fans, but our fair city probably has more people that are Alabama and Saints than any city in the United States. Birmingham and Montgomery have too many Falcons fans. No one in Biloxi or Jackson roots for the Crimson Tide. Everyone in New Orleans and Baton Rouge may be thrilled about the Saints, but they were all devastated when Alabama beat LSU and won the SEC West again this year. This is a semi unrelated tangent, but if there is a Football City, USA, there must also be a worst football city in America. That honor would definitely go to my native Washington, DC right now. The Redskins are coming off a

disgraceful 4-12 season, which is even worse when you consider that they played every other team that finished 4-12 or worse this year. Every fool in Washington now thinks that Mike Shanahan and Bruce Allen will be the saviors of our beloved Redskins, yet they forget to consider that not even Joe Gibbs could save the team from its losing ways. Shanahan is an average coach at best that was relatively worthless in Denver after John Elway retired. Furthermore, Washington, DC is stuck rooting for the woeful Maryland Terrapins, who are coming of off a 2-10 season that included an overtime win over James Madison. To make matters worse, Coach Ralph Friedgen will be back again and he is now officially the largest coach in college football after Mark Mangino and Charlie Weis got fired. Sorry about that tangent, now on to the Senior Bowl. This weekend marks the 60th Senior Bowl to be played in Mobile. The game is an annual exhibition featuring the best graduating senior college football players from around the nation. This weekend’s game should only add to the excitement for Mobilians that love football --- that would be every Mobilian of course. The South team has a roster that is a who’s who in the SEC. Alabama will See MOBILE page 16

The rugby team in action against Southern Mississippi. The Badgers crushed the Golden Eagles last Saturday 28-7.

Lady Badgers continue to struggle »Women’s basketball team looks to find its rhythm in the new year DAN CRISCIONE

Co Sports Editor Spring Hill’s Women’s Basketball team has been on a six game losing skid, dropping to 2-14(06) on the season. Last Thursday, the Lady Badgers jumped out to a 9-2 lead, but went into halftime finding themselves down 23-13. The Lady Pilots of LSU-Shreveport never looked back as they won the game 51-30. The Lady Badgers shot just 21.1% on their home court. The Lady Badgers then took on the Tougaloo College Bulldogs Saturday, Jan. 23. Sophomore transfer Jackie Higgenbotham

got the Badgers out to a 12-2 lead as she drained three straight 3-point baskets. The Bulldogs came back, taking a nine point lead on the Badgers with six minutes remaining in the half. The Lady Badgers clawed back to take a four point lead into the half. The Bulldogs proved to be too much for the Badgers by opening the second half on a 9-0 run and would not allow the Badgers to get within as much as three points for the rest of the contest. Head coach Ray Fron said, “some areas of our game are great. We just need to fix a few things”

Coach Fron also said, “we went from a very experienced team last year, to a very young team this year. Once we figure each other out, we’ll be fine” The Lady Badgers are also plagued with injury. Two starters are out with injuries right now, and another player is out with a knee injury. When asked about his team’s injuries, Coach Fron said, “an injury just means it’s someone else’s turn to step up” The next game up for the Lady Badgers is away at Loyola UniversityNew Orleans tonight at 5:30 p.m.

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Baseball Badgers eager to put the ball in play »Badgers baseball teams looks to make noise at the conference and national level ALEX DEL RIO Co Sports Editor

With the arrival of the spring semester, the Spring Hill Badgers’ baseball team will embark on their 2010 season with high expectations. After a mediocre 27-28 record last season, the Badgers hope to turn things around and gain national recognition with the leadership of their captains Ryan Cummings, Justin Harrison and Brad Holstein. Brad Holstein, junior first-baseman, hopes his efforts can help the Badgers this season. Holstein averaged .330 at the plate and led the team with 12 homeruns and 64 RBIs last season. After an emergency position swap that landed him at third base, Holstein earned the GCAC Gold Glove as well as finishing the year All GCAC at third base. At short stop,

sophomore Ryan Cummings hopes to secure the infield with his defense. Cummings is coming off a strong season where he averaged .315 with eight doubles,

in centerfield with senior Justin Harrison. Harrison is coming off an excellent season, committing only one error in 111 chances. At the plate, Harrison hit .327, adding 50 runs with

Photo by Doug Bruce

four triples, and four homeruns. Defensively, Cummings closed out many tight innings turning 28 double plays last season. The Badgers return another GCAC Gold Glove

Word Jumble!!!

25 RBIs. Harrison also led the Badgers with his feet, successful snagging 24 stolen bases. Accompanying Harrison in the outfield is senior Ryan Hall in right field. Hall led the

team with a .365 batting average and 20 stolen bases. Hall also posted a school record last year by scoring 56 runs in a season. After finishing the season with a record just under .500, the Badgers will be looking to do the little things to make this year’s season more effective. “We have to win the close games,” said Holstein in response to last year’s results. “Last year we put ourselves in the right situation to win games and just didn’t close them out.” Holstein has high expectations for his team as he expects to win over 35 games and gain national recognition. The Badgers have a perfect opportunity to get some big wins and national attention with this season’s schedule as the Badgers will face three ranked opponents in their first four matchups. In their first series

of games, the Badgers will host a strong LSUShreveport team who is ranked 18th in preseason polls. Their next series of games will be against Tougaloo College followed by a game against the 23rd ranked Auburn-Montgomery. After that, the Badgers will go on the road to face their rivals, No. 14th ranked William and Carey. Hall considers playing ranked opponents early to be a great test for the Badgers to start off the season. “We want to make a big statement this season. We want teams to think twice when they come to play us, and we have the opportunity to do so by winning some big games early on.” The Badgers will start their season with a home opener Friday, Jan. 29th at 4 p.m. against LSU-Shreveport at Stan Galle Field.

Use the clues to fill the answers. The circled letters will be used to answer the question.

1. Saint’s Super Bowl bound quarterback: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 2. SHC’s new president: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 3. Name of Spring Hill’s baseball field: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 4. Mobile hosts this colligiate football game: _ _ _ _  _ _ _ _ 5. State where the new Athletic Director is from: _ _ _ _ _ _ 6. 2010 NFL MVP: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 7. Dorm Freshman boys should live in: _ _ _  _ _ 8. Last issue’s athlete of the week _ _ _  _ _ _ _

Question: What should you cheer at Spring Hill? ’


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Sports Basketball turns up heat in conference play »The Badgers hold a 4-3 conference record DAN CRISCIONE Co Sports Editor

Last Thursday, The Spring Hill College Men’s Basketball team fell to 9-5(3-2) on the season to No. 5 LSU-Shreveport. The Badgers were down 37-40 at halftime after a Marcus Coleman 3-pointer. The second half was, as Athletic Director Jim Hall says, “the way all Spring Hill sporting events should be.” The Badgers found themselves behind by as many as 9 points in the second half, but rallied back to 7472 with 0.6 seconds left. Senior Owen McNally got fouled while going for a layup, sending him to the line for 2 free throws. First Shot. Swish! Second

shot. 74-74! Overtime! The Pilots of Shreveport pulled away by as many as 6 points during the overtime period, but the Badgers clawed back to tie with 4.2 seconds left on a jump shot by Chris Dees. The Pilots proved why they are No. 5, however, by driving the length of the court and making the final basket as the buzzer sounded, handing the Badgers an 84-82 heartbreaking loss. The Badgers bounced back on Saturday though with an 88-80 win over No. 16 Tougaloo College. The Badgers built as much as an 8-point lead in the first half, but the Bulldogs came back on an 18-7 run. Senior Owen McNally hit two clutch shots to give the Badgers

a 38-37 lead at the half. The second half was back and forth with 9 ties and 4 lead changes. With five minutes left on the game clock, the Badgers found themselves down 73-68 before Patrick Grant and Marcus Coleman hit consecutive 3-point baskets within 30 seconds to regain a 74-73 lead. Coleman scored 9 of Spring Hill’s 14 final point in the contest, sealing the victory for Spring Hill, making them 105(4-2) on the year. The Badger win also ended the Bulldog’s 12 game winning streak. Next up for the Badgers is another GCAC match at Loyola University-New Orleans tonight, Jan. 28th, at 7:30.

Source: SHC Athletics

Rugby team looks to keep momentum from last semester »Rugby team gets ready to start the spring season ALEX DEL RIO Co Sports Editor

The Spring Hill rugby team kicked off its inaugural Deep South Rugby Union season with a convincing win over the University of Southern Mississippi. The Badgers took an early lead and never looked back, beating Southern Miss. 28-7. Scoring tries for the Badgers were Steven Agras, Pat Shanahan and Max Westendorf. Mike Reiter also contributed three field goals to help the Badgers win the match. The Badgers are looking to keep the momentum from a successful season last semester. Last season, they finished 7-2 with big wins over Loyola and West Florida. Leading the Badgers this semester are captains Denver Crumpler and Max Westendorf, who are confident that their team will have another dominant year. “I have the utmost confidence that we will win our

half of the matrix, and definitely give the powerhouse University Louisiana-Lafayette a run for their money,” said Westendorf. The rugby team has found success this year after struggling last year. “Last year we didn’t have a coach and our practices lacked structure,” said Steve Agras, insidecenter, about his first year playing. Success ensued with the hiring of Coach Phil Dembowski who turned the rugby athletes into a rugby team. Under Coach Dembowski, the rugby program has flourished as the team improves with each practice. “Now that we have a coach we are much more organized and have a better understanding of the game,” Agras added on the matter. This semester is first season the Badgers will compete in the Deep South Rugby Union. Last semester, the Badgers had only played in exhibition games and in tournaments. As a result of their

successful semester, the Deep South Rugby Union extended an invitation to Spring Hill to join the collegiate division. “This is a big step for our team, we are now considered legitimate and we look to make an impact in the Deep South”, Pat Shanahan stated confidently on his expectations for this season. Although this is their first season as a part of the Deep South Rugby Union, this season will not be the first time Spring Hill plays their opponents. In Spring Hill’s conference this year are Southern Mississippi and West Florida. Last semester Spring Hill beat Southern Mississippi twice and took two of three games against West Florida. “In the fall semester we learned our opponents strengths and weaknesses and this season we plan to capitalize on them,” said Zach Quinn, starting 8-man, about knowing his opposition.

Photo by: Doug Bruce Joey Cabrera gets some feedback from Coach Phil Dembowski.

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Athletes of the week

Junior Pat Shanahan shakes off tackler

Mike Reiter plows through group of USM players.

Jackie Higgenbotham

Patrick Grant


DATE Jan. 28

OPPONENT Loyola University


Jan. 28 Loyola University Jan. 29 LSU-Shreveport (No. 18) Jan. 29 LSU-Shreveport (No. 18)

Loyola University SHC (4:00) SHC (1:00)


Jan. 29 LSU-Shreveport (No. 18) Jan. 30 University of Mobile

SHC (4:00) University of Mobile

WB- Women’s Basketball MB- Men’s Basketball BB- Baseball SB- Softball

SITE Loyola University



OPPONENT Belhaven University

Jan. 25 Belhaven University (No. 12) Jan. 23 Tougaloo College Jan. 23 Tougaloo College

Girls watch the rugby game from the sidelines

Tide and Saints give Mobile reason to cheer


Photos by Doug Bruce

MT- Men’s Tennis WT- Women’s Tennis R- Rugby

RESULT 74-72 L (OT) 77-63 L 67-62 L 88-80 W

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send six players to the game --- including Javier Arenas and Terrence Cody. Auburn and LSU will each send two to Ladd-Peebles Stadium. Tim Tebow will be here and it will be interesting to see how he is received by fans that would certainly be hostile toward him in a regular season game. Since the game is an exhibition, it is hard to predict how it will be played, but the North team really stands no chance. Regardless of how close the game is,

anyone attending will see a fun game and have a chance to see some of the SEC’s best in person. After the Senior Bowl is played on Saturday, the focus will shift to the Super Bowl eight days later. Bourbon Street erupted after Sunday night’s win by the Saints and many locals from Mobile got on I-10 and headed west after the game to party --- at least I saw a few hall mates who were headed that way. The entire Gulf Coast will be partying like never

before on Super Sunday. The Saints mean a lot to a lot of people. Many of our students have parents and grandparents who have rooted for the team since its inception in 1967. The years of putting bags over their heads and calling their team the Aints are over, because this could be the year to end all of the misery. If the Saints win --- I will make my Super Bowl prediction next week --- not only will the Gulf Coast be thrilled, Mobile will cement itself as Football City, USA for 2010.

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