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Springhooligan Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam | March 29, 2012 | Volume 94 Issue 8

Philanthropy event raises money for cancer By BrandyJONES Lifestyles Reporter

Delta Chi Fraternity held its second Earth Ball tournament on Saturday March 24 at Spring Hill College’s Dorn field. Ten teams consisting of fraternities and sororities as well as some unaffiliated teams signed up to compete. Each team gets to play at least two times. The cost to enter for each team was $80 for the sororities and $40 for the two fraternities that participated. Earth Ball, is a game that consists of a huge soccer ball, literally the height of a person and at least three people wide being kicked, pushed and hit across a field into opposing sides. “To fill it up we used a hair dryer. It took a long time, but not nearly as long a time as it takes to deflate it. It takes about five guys sitting on it to get all of the air out of it,” said Delta Chi, Edwin Burgess, who helped run the event. Burgess says they got the idea of Earth Ball from another Delta Chi Colony. “I think we got it from University of Florida. It is sort of a coastal thing, Delta Chi Earth Ball,” said Burgess. Delta Chi see EARTHBALL on page 4

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Student debt surpasses one trillion dollars



Female melodramas from a guy’s perspective

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‘Bountygate:’ Harsh penalties for Saints

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3/26/12 - 4/14/12

Figure/Ground Exhibition

Senior art majors Jacqueline Dunsworth, Stacey Gallodoro and Caitlin Murphy are exhibiting figurative and landscape paintings in the Eichold Gallery March 26 - April 14. A closing reception will be held on Saturday, April 14, 4 - 6 p.m..


Sevice/Immersion Program Interest Meeting Are you interested in being apart of next year’s International Service Immersion Program? Join Campus Ministry for an informational meeting on Thursday, March 29th at 12:15 or 5 p.m. in LeBlanc A. They will discuss trip possibilities for next year and answer questions you have about the program.


‘Developing Your Personal and Professional Power’

Hillianstaff EDITOR(s) AllisonPATRICK KatelynGARDNER

March 29, 2012

On Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 3 p.m., BP America is partnering with The YWCA of Greater Mobile to present both the Women’s Money, Power and Leadership Summit and the “Miss Representation” documentary film screening scheduled for March 29-30 at the Mobile Marriott. The main theme for the summit is “Developing Your Personal and Professional Power.” For more information contact Rhonda Lucas at


SHCURS Presentation Techniques Workshop Students interested in presenting at the Undergraduate Research Symposium will learn presentation strategies from Drs. Dorton, Reed, and Ruiz-Limon on Tuesday from 4 - 5 p.m. in Quinlan Hall, room 301. For more information about the symposium including the downloadable application visit


SAFA’s 3rd Annual Story Starter Film Competition Screening The Student and Filmmaker Alliance is a non-profit organization dedicated to encouraging students to become more active with their creative community, as well as promoting research, service, and technology, mainly through film and video. This event will take place on Tuesday from 6 to 7:30 p.m. in Ben May Library located in downtown Mobile.


Anchor Splash on Deck Delta Gamma Fraternity is sponsoring their annual Anchor Splash on Deck event which will be held on Dorn Field at 1:30 p.m. This event involves numerous water activities such as a slip-n-slide, fish toss, water balloon dodgeball and much more. The last day to sign up for teams will be this Friday in the cafeteria.

4/15/12 - 4/25/12

A Collective Portrait by Kimberly Nichols Kimberly Nichols will show a collection of oil paintings and Holga photography in the Mini Rotunda Gallery in the Fine and Performing Arts Center. The opening reception is from 6 to 8 p.m. on April 15.




The Phi Mu Earth Ball team defeats the Delta Gamma Fraternity on Saturday during Delta Chi’s philanthropy event. Photo by KeliMAZZA

Walk With Heroes TKE is sponsoring a 5K run/walk to raise money for St. Jude’s Hospital. Awards will be given for the best dressed super hero themed team. The individual or team that raises the most money will be given awards according to placement. Registration for this event costs $10 per person.

4/20/12 - 4/22/12

Homecoming on the Hill

Alumni will return to the campus for the annual Homecoming on the Hill event April 20-22. Class years ending in 2’s and 7’s will be honored, including alumni celebrating their 50-year reunion. Events include a delta river boat tours, a reception to honor the 1992 Badgers baseball team that won the Gulf Coast Athletic Conference championship.


March 29, 2012


Gingrich, Santorum team up, aim to create Social media takes over the classroom a pornography free American moon colony ByAliciaCANDELA they can win the candidacy and go on to beat President Barack Obama. The duo promises that if they are elected they will fight for the American people. Here are a few of their specific campaign promises: By CoraALLEN -There will be HUGE job creation News Editor especially in the labor sector for the Republican presidential candidates building of a 30-foot wall on the border Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum have of the U.S. and Mexico. Job creation will teamed to create a “super-candidate.” also come from the creation of offshore With Mitt Romney running away with drilling facilities, one every 2 miles in the majority of delegates, Gingrich and American waters. Santorum are making a final attempt for -Gas will be $1 a gallon despite any the candidacy. The two announced today market fluctuations or international crithat they will be running on a Gingrich ses. Santorum President and Vice President -The budget will be balanced with ticket. no bi-partisan bickering. Even though Santorum has more -They will maximize the speed and delegates than Gingrich, Gingrich is re- impact of medical breakthroughs, but ported as saying “If we’re going to do only for the wealthy. this then I’m not going to be on the bot-Poor people will ALWAYS be detom, I’m going to be in charge.” Santo- nied healthcare no matter what, but they rum replied to Gingrich, saying, “while will pay 50 percent income tax. I resent the homosexual connotations, I -The sanctity of life will be held in don’t have a problem being the VP can- the highest regard and is the cornerstone didate, I just want to change America for of the platform, except when it comes to the better.” the death penalty. Changing America for the better is -There will be absolutely no welfare exactly what the dynamic duo plan on programs and the money currently spent doing. Their new campaign platform on these programs will be spent on deis a combination of the two conserva- fense programs. tives’ individual platforms and is called -America will be completely rid of all the Contract with America Faith Family pornographic material and homosexuals. Freedom. American Exceptionalism and A vote for the ultra conservative suDefense platform. The duo thinks that per duo is a vote for America, family, miswith their ultra-conservative super powers siles, and income inequality.

Comm Arts Department to host liquidation sale April 21 MOBILE, Ala. – As part of Homecoming on the Hill, the Department of Communication Arts will host a nondigital liquidation sale from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday, April 21 in Moorer Hall. Communication arts and graphic design will be moving from Moorer Hall to the former WHIL studio in the Rev. Gregory F. Lucey, S.J. Administration Center. The department has been fully digital for more than two years, and there is not room in the new space for non-digital items. Rather than discarding these items, the department is offering these items for sale to alumni and the general public.

Items for sale include: darkroom equipment, old cameras (some collectible), analog equipment, photographic equipment and accessories. They are also accepting donations for bundles of albums and CDs; they have about 1,500 albums and thousands of CDs from the old WTOH and WHIL music libraries. All proceeds will be reinvested into the communication arts department and its activities. The sale is open to the public, and checks and credit cards are accepted. For more information, contact the Department of Communication Arts at (251) 380-3840.

Lifestyle Reporter

Not only has social media been used as a leisure activity, but now it is being used as a tool in the classroom to engage students in class discussions. Social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, and even Youtube, are being used to engage students into discussion topics or to get them involved in the classroom. Teachers are getting Facebook and Twitter accounts to have class discussions with their students online. Some professors like Chris Dodsworth, have been using Facebook to have class discussions. “I use Facebook to engage students in philosophical and theological dialogue and to alert others to things I find important, “ says Dodsworth. Dodsworth also uses Youtube as a learning tool in his classes. He refers to Youtube as “the deliverer of funny and cute cat videos. Youtube is one of the greatest inventions ever.” Other professors like John Switzer, don’t necessarily use Facebook to communicate to students much, but to make

their opinion about certain matters well known. “I do occasionally have to speak of politics when discussing the teaching of the church, but I don’t preach my own political philosophy. I simply offer my opinion quickly when asked so not to dominate the discussion” stated Switzer. Switzer feels that bringing his political opinions into class “isn’t really a fair exercise of power.” Switzer also has a political blog and a twitter in which some students follow him. Seeing how useful Facebook can be to keep in contact with professors, students express their concern about professors being on Facebook. Junior Breanna Ortner praises the thought of teachers using Facebook saying, “Honestly I think its kind of nice to be friends with my professors on Facebook. I can see their statuses and photos and things, and it reminds me that they’re, you know, human.” Social media has done well to serve its purpose in helping students be interested in class discussions. It helps professors to know how to keep the class engaged in the discussion.

‘Bathroom Peeper’ haunts local bookstore

By BrandyJONES Lifestyle Reporter

Books A Million associate Jerome Griffin says that a man popped out of the urinal, when he entered the Books A Million bathroom at Bel Air Mall. “I was just minding my own business and adjusting my pants when up pops this guy’s face from the toilet. It scared me to death,” says Griffin. Griffin is not the only associate to notice the “Bathroom Peeper”. Associate Kathleen Fox also noticed the same guy peering at her as she sat down in the female restroom. “He was really tall and bearded. He had like this nasty looking scar going over his right eye and from what I could see no teeth. But honestly, I couldn’t see that much detail because I was scared,” said Fox.

“Our customers have noticed him. We have talked to corporate about him, but we haven’t heard back from them yet,” said Assistant General Manager Michelle Larson. General Manager Charles Miller declined to comment. “We hope they get him exercised or something. He’s creepy. You can do your business without his face popping out at you,” said Fox. Both Griffin and Fox say that they have refused to use the bathrooms at the store because of the “Bathroom Peeper”. “I haven’t seen him in any of the other bathrooms, just ours,” says Griffin. “He doesn’t scare me. I just tell him to get out so I can do my business. Plus it is really funny when he scares the customers,” says associate Camille White. White said that he has seen several customers run, screaming from the bathroom. “Its especially great when we get a nasty customers. I am sure to let them know that we have a functioning bathroom.”



March 29, 2012

Graduate admissions tests to undergo big changes By CoraALLEN News Editor

The Medical College Admissions Test or MCAT will be undergoing some changes that will affect freshman, and possibly sophomore pre-med majors. The new exam, which is aimed at making the test more relevant for tomorrow’s doctors, is scheduled to be introduced in 2015. According to, the revisions claim to “preserve what works about the current exam, eliminate what isn’t working, and further enrich the MCAT exam by giving attention to the concepts tomorrow’s doctors will need.” The new exam will reflect the ever changing and growing knowledge of natural science as well as recent changes in medical education. A section called “Psychological, Social, and Bio-

logical Foundations of Behavior,” will be added to recognize the importance of socio-cultural and behavioral components of health. According to, medical schools are now looking for more well-rounded applicants from a wide variety of backgrounds, so a Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills section will also be added to the test. Many people believe that the new more “holistic” test will be more difficult than the previous one. According to Kaplan test prep, students preparing for the new test will “have to learn more curriculum for it, and earlier than their predecessors,” Which they say is “a potentially tricky predicament for underclassmen already juggling busy class schedules.” Under the current recommendations by the Association of American Medical Colleges the test will

also become longer, adding 60 minutes to the already five and a half hour test, making it a total of 6.5 hours. Kaplan says that “Colleges face a tough task ahead in implementing a new pre-med curriculum that satisfies these new requirements.” According to a recent survey of medical school admissions officers, 67 percent believe that colleges should consider revising their curriculum to better prepare students. This is only the fifth time that the AAMC has made changes to the MCAT since it was first used in 1928. The GMAT, an exam used for graduate business school admissions, will be undergoing changes that will affect those taking the exam after June 5 of this year. On this date, the GMAT will introduce the new “integrated reasoning” section

that is designed to measure the student’s ability to use and evaluate different sources and types of information. According to, these changes are being made because “Today’s businesses and organizations demand managers who can make sound decisions, discern patterns, and combine verbal and quantitative reasoning to solve problems.” The Graduate Management Admissions Test or GMAT will also be undergoing changes. These changes go into effect on June 5 and are the biggest changes to the test in more than a decade, according to Business Week. The GMAT which is the primary tool for business schools to evaluate MBA applicants, will replace one of the two writing sections with an integrated reasoning section. The new section is aimed at evaluating test takers abilities to analyze information

from a variety of sources and develop strategies based on that information. The integrated reasoning section will be scored separately and utilize a new audio component for some of the questions. Senior Josh Ledet who will be taking the test after the changes go into effect says he is pleased with the replacement of the writing section with reading comprehension because “I can read well, but my writing skills are not on point.” According to Business Week, the organization GMAC has spent more than $10 million to develop the new questions. President and Chief Executive of GMAC, Dave says “These questions are really microcosms of what goes on in the MBA classroom, and it will help schools identify students [who] will thrive in the classroom, not just survive.”


Photo by BrandyJONES

usually hosts a big philanthropy event each semester. Last semester they hosted dodge ball, which according to Burgess, was not as successful as Earth Ball. According to student Courtney Gibson, it was one of the best advertised philanthropic events that she has seen: “I usually miss out on the other events because I find out about them too late,” said Gibson who participated as member of the Pigeon Boys, an unaffiliated team that played in the first two brackets. “I have never played before and the thought of a ball bigger than me sounded pretty crazy. I figured I would join in, and it is for a good cause, so why not,” said Gibson. The Pigeon Boys did not have any subs so its six members had to play the entire time for both rounds. “We were pretty tired. It is a lot harder than it looks. You definitely need a couple of people to get the ball

up and going,” said Gibson. She says that she will probably participate in the event again. In order to promote their event, Delta Chi proudly displayed the Earth Ball last Thursday outside of the Burke Library on the Rydex lawn. “Next semester we hope to get the ball out in the beginning of the semester so the incoming freshman can see it,” said Burgess. Delta Gamma, Christie Domangue played on one of the two Delta Gamma teams. “We got like four or five goals in the game I played. The ball is light as air. It is a lot of fun,” said Domangue. The ball, according to Domangue, tends to run people over. “I was fortunate enough not to get run over, but I did knock some other people over,” said Domangue. For Domangue, the Earth Ball event is her favorite philanthropic activity. The entire event was hosted by the Delta Chi fraternity

in honor of the Jimmy V Foundation for Cancer research. A foundation started by ESPN and legendary North Carolina State University coach and Jim Valvano in 1993. “The Jimmy V Foundation is the national organization that Delta Chi supports. We are sort of encouraged to donate around a certain amount of dollars each semester and with this event we have certainly met our goal,” said Burgess. Burgess says that the Delta Chi's raised around $840 with the event. According to Burgess, the schedule for the event was set up in different brackets. There were five brackets in all and each team played one another until the two final teams faced off for a winner. The winner of the final bracket was Phi Mu's team, Mary, Mary Martha.



March 29, 2012

New debt research published: 2011 student debt reaches above $1 trillion By BrandyJONES Lifestyle Reporter

According to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, started in 2010 by the DoddFrank Wall Street reform and the Consumer Protection Act, student debt in America officially surpassed $1 trillion in 2011. With this landmark, debts in student loans have grown larger than credit card debt. According to a source in a Global Post article, the higher debt numbers could be accredited to more students entering college; a statistic that the Common Data Set posting for Spring Hill College supports. In the years of 2008 to 2009, there were a grand total of 1,534 students attending Spring Hill College. In 2006 and 2007, there were 1,446 students. So which is it?

Higher debt inflation or more the numbers in how much a stu- will double on July 1, 2012. The college graduates? dent could borrow. In the years loans will go from 3.4 percent to Spring Hill College finan- 1994 and 1995 a student could 6.8 percent. The rates affect fedcial aid department director El- only borrow around $17,125 eral subsidized student loans. As len Foster has reported that she for all four academic years. Now of now the cost of the interest has noticed an increase in those that number has increased. The rates varies with republicans listing the cost at around $7 seeking more financial aid. “The aver- “The average student debt at Spring billion with the 3.4 percent and democrats listage student debt at Hill has not doubled or tripled. I ing the cost for that same Spring Hill has not doubled or tripled. I have not seen a significant increase in percentage at around $3 have not seen a signif- the amount, because the amount that billion. Foster says that the interest rate argument icant increase in the can be borrowed is limited, ” is still in discussion. amount because the “As long as the federal amount that can be borrowed is limited,” said Foster. department of education has in- grant program is not cut then we She said that students at Spring creased it. A student can now get can give the students the opporHill College who seek financial anywhere from $12,000 per se- tunity to get all of the federal assistance have borrowed the mester and that number changes grant money that we can possimaximum. The difference is in with the circumstances of the bly give,” said Foster. As for lowering one’s student how much money the students student,” said Foster. are allowed to borrow. According to an article in debt there are several steps that “When I started working Time Magazine by Kyla Webley, can be taken: “The best thing here in 1993, I started noticing the interest rates on student loans for a student to do to offset his

or her debt is to work on getting outside scholarships,” said Foster. There are several non-federal and federal scholarships listed on BadgerWeb under the financial tab. CFPB also has a listing on their website on how to lower student debt. As for applying, Foster says not to be discouraged if one does not receive the aid that was applied for; “Just keep applying. It is worth the effort to seek outside scholarships because every $500 received is $500 that the student does not have to pay,” said Foster. When Congress specifically took away the SMART, and academic competitive programs, the amount of grant money allotted by the federal government changed. This increased the amount that a student has to pay.

Construction on underground teacher lounge complete

By MatthewLaBORDE Sports Editor

Recent construction and loss of water around campus has been a result of the building of an underground teachers facility, said upper administration officials last Friday. Spring Hill College released a statement early Friday reading: “We apologize for the lack of water and temporary road blocks; but, as a college, we believe that our faculty members deserve the best treatment and commodities.” The new, two-story underground facility that sits in a steel capsule located underneath the cafeteria will house a brand new workout facility and spa. The state of the art facility is meant to be a relaxation haven. Also, the “meeting room” has the old recreation center swimming pool complete with a grotto, and a bowling alley “just for the hell of it.” The new lounge also features a full bar and assorted collection of beers from around the world.

It is alleged that a secret elevator located somewhere in McKinney’s, will transport tired and stressed out faculty who are looking to get away. It is also rumored that an unlimited supply of Mckinney’s original recipe chicken tenders are personally delivered to the hungry faculty members every 30 minutes. Students are outraged by the news. Junior Emily King has her own theories on the operation. “To avoid interacting with students, I heard the teachers took all of the extra money from Mardi Gras ball to start building the facility,” she said, “I also heard it has a PF Changs and a Cold Snap.” The new facility was allegedly overseen by director of maintenance William “Tyler” May in response to coercive pressures from unnamed faculty members. Dr. Don Culberson, a biology professor at SHC, who is said to be the brains of the operation said, “Faculty members recognized the need for an easy, centralized meeting location where they could get together and make plans for all exams and papers to be due at about the same time… and to eat PF Changs, of course.”




every NPOUI




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March 29, 2012

Television shows engage audience to think cognitively teresting and suspenseful it is. But, “Weeds” isn’t standing on a pedestal over other popular shows among college students like “Arrested Development,” “Breaking Bad,” and “Mad Men.” These shows are just simply raising the bar for television. I read an amazing article from the New York Times last year for English 101 that states that television is making us smarter. According to Steven By MatthewLaBORDE Johnson, the author of the artiSports Editor cle, “For decades, we’ve worked I’ll admit it; I’m becoming under the assumption that mass addicted to the show “Weeds.” culture follows a path declining I can’t stop watching it and I’m steadily toward lowest-commonamazed at how complicated, in- denominator standards, presum-

ably because the ‘masses’ want dumb, simple pleasures and big media companies try to give the masses what they want.” He’s right. We presume that, as a society, we want simple and easy to understand television. Quite the contrary, as a culture we are starting to demand television that requires more cognitive participation. We can use “Weeds” as an example. Following the story lines for “Weeds” requires you to mentally invest in each character, and each thread. Johnson calls this the “Sleeper Curve,” which he says, “enhances our cognitive faculties.”

“Weeds” and “Arrested Development” do it in such an interesting way, though, tracking the lives and relationships of each character—always maintaining suspense and consistent conflicting situations. Before each episode, in the case of “Weeds,” it reminds you of what happened in the last episode, all while including small clips from earlier episodes to remind you of certain conflicts that will reappear in the current episode you are watching. The same person that may argue “children who play violent video games may be more of a violent person in his older life,”

Make Spring Break memorable not forgettable

By AllisonPATRICK Co-Editor

With Spring Break next week, you probably have all these crazy thoughts rolling around in your mind about how epic your break might be. But take a step back, are your weekends at the Hill as epic as your break might be next week?

I have seen how you Badgers get down on the weekends. Maybe its time for a real break and relax for once from your exhausting regimen of procrastinating, cramming, learning, and wild parties at the Fairways. Next week you should be concentrating on how to get rid of those dark circles under your eyes. Yes, Spring Break is a great time to let loose with some fellow badgers. But letting loose can lead to damage to your health, friendship and even your common sense. To help make your Spring Break more memorable, here is a list that I recommend: 1. Have fun, but don’t lose control. Accidents happen in unfamiliar areas, so mix a little

common sense into your day and have a safe week. 2. Badgers do love their water so drink water preferably before every activity. It it isn’t water that makes you less intoxicated; it makes you less dead. 3. Take care of your friends. Never go anywhere alone. If you go out in a group, stay together and leave as a group. 4. Think about everything before you actually do it. If there is a Spring Break inside joke you want to remember for the rest of your life, write it down, do not ink it on your lower back. 5. Stay smart. Just because you’re taking a break from school, doesn’t mean you should take a break from using your brain. 6. Protect your organs. Do

not forget your sunscreen. The same concept applies to your liver. 7. Pack light. This is just a week, so just pack the important stuff (phone chargers). 8. Go grocery shopping. Stock up on healthy snacks. This saves money and calories. Just because you are on Spring Break does not mean you have to take a break from your diet. 9. Last but not least, bring some homework (even if you might not get to it). Remember, this is just a week off. You still need to come back. Take care and travel safe. Get the rest and relaxation you deserve and get ready for the last few weeks of your Spring 2012 semester.

may say the same for these television shows like “Weeds.” But, these shows are more of a reflection of realism in our culture rather than a show that advocates sex and drugs. Johnson goes on to explain how shows like “Frasier” are perfect examples of shows that do the thinking for us. He says, “they say witty things to one another and avoid lapsing into tired sitcom clichés, and we smile along in our living rooms, enjoying the company of these smart people.” So, shows like “Weeds” and “Arrested Development” are doing more good for us than bad.

SUBMISSIONS The SpringHillian publishes guest submissions at the discretion of the student-editors and section editors. Submission should be no more than 300 words, and editors reserve the right to edit the submissions for length and content. Original articles should be mailed or delivered to: Student Editor Communication Arts Spring Hill College 4000 Dauphin Street Mobile, AL 36608

EDITORIAL POLICY The SpringHillian is published weekly from September to May, except during examination periods and vacations. The views expressed within do not represent the views of Spring Hill College and are not the views of the faculty, administration, staff or students, but are the views of the individual columnists.

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March 29, 2012


Searching for justice in the Treyvon Martin case men? I think the details speak for themselves. Over a month ago, on the night of Feb. 26, Martin was shot by Zimmerman in an open area where witnesses who called 911 caught the entire struggle on audio tapes. Although suspicion of Zimmerman’s motives are still in question, this case has not gone to trial and it has been a month since the shooting. According to ABC news, By KatelynGARDNER Martin was unarmed, carrying Co-Editor only skittles and a bottle of iced tea. When Zimmerman, a neighIf you’ve turned on the borhood watch volunteer, spotnews lately, you’ve probably ted Martin he immediately called seen the smiling, innocent face the police, telling them that a of 17-year-old Treyvon Martin suspicious, black man was cirplaced alongside a terrorizing cling the gated community with picture of George Zimmerman his hands by his waist, wearing dressed in what looks like an or- a grey hooded sweatshirt. After ange jumpsuit. Is this a case of listening to the 911 tapes, you racial profiling or is the media can hear the sound of screams spinning the news to victimize which end abruptly as a gunshot a harmless neighborhood watch- is fired. If this isn’t enough evi-

dence to at least arrest Zimmerman, then what is? Zimmerman’s defense: a Florida state law that allows for a subject to use lethal means when threatened also known as self-defense. In accordance with Florida’s “stand your ground law,” found on Florida’s online state legislature website, a person can use force (that is not deadly) if there is a reason to believe that it is the only means necessary to defend him or herself against another’s imminent use of unlawful force. The website stipulates that deadly force can be used when a person “reasonably believes that such force is necessary to prevent imminent death or great bodily harm to him or herself or another, or to prevent the imminent commission of a forcible felony.” This state law almost gives someone the right to kill an unarmed assailant on the basis of suspicion

which is what happened in the Martin case. The attorneys for Zimmerman say that he had sufficient reasons to fight back against Martin. The ABC news story quoted attorney Craig Sonner who says that Zimmerman “’suffered a broken nose, and had an injury to the back of his head.’” Whether or not Zimmerman was attacked will have to be argued by the evidence. Still, there are many facts that point to Zimmerman’s wrongdoing such as his pursuit of Martin even after the 911 dispatcher tells him to wait for the police. He also let his assumptions get the best of him by assuming that Martin was “up to no good” based on his appearance. It seems odd to agree with Fox news’ Geraldo Rivera who argues that Martin should not have been wearing a hooded sweatshirt. It was raining, the weather permitted a

hood, and plenty of students on campus sport a “hoodie” regardless of their ethnic background, so I think Geraldo’s argument is severely flawed. No matter how someone is dressed, I don’t think it justifies a killing, especially since Zimmerman was bigger in size, had a gun and called for police back-up which was on its way to assist Zimmerman. President Obama along with numerous celebrities such as P. Diddy, Jamie Foxx, Ludacris, Nelly, The Dream and Frank Ocean are in support of finding justice for the Martin case. But what constitutes justice? Trial. Zimmerman has not been captured, and officials say that they cannot find any evidence against him. Sign the petition on titled “Prosecute the killer of our son, 17-year-old Trayvon Martin” to at least let the courts decide.

Letter to the Editors I am always stressed about school and I love throwing back a cold one. You know, the classic badger problem of spending the same amount of money on liquor as I do on my SHC tuition. Your article on binge drinking in he March 22nd issue enlightened me to my drinking problem. I never understood the harmful effects of drinking half a handle of Taka Vodka by myself on a typical Friday night. The article enlightened me SO much that I think Spring Hill College should be a DRY* campus. Public Safety should be allowed to search all dorms and fridges and seize the alcohol, preventing other students from binge drinking also. Just a thought.

Life on the Hill



March 29, 2012

Photos by AliciaCANDELA

Photo by AliciaCANDELA

Photo by BrandyJONES

Top: Carolina Dominguez, Chel- Bottom Left: Marina Brooks sea Audibert, and Hans Acquista- and Ashlea Wattenbee sit on the pace all stop to chat with Father bench by Java City and enjoy the Salmi outside of the Student Cen- beautiful sunny weather. ter.

Bottom Right: Students gather on Spring Hill College’s Dorn Field to watch Delta Chi’s Earth Ball event.


March 29, 2012


Photo by BrandyJONES

Springtime for Badgers Top: Students dance to the “Cupid Shuffle” at the Delta Chi Earth Ball event on Saturday. Top: Joe Remo plays his ukulele at the Delta Chi Earth Ball event.

Bottom: Alex Sierra stacking cans at the Minute to Win It event on Sunday, March 25 in the Student Center.

Photo by BrandyJONES

Photo by KatelynGARDNER



March 29, 2012

‘Pretty Little Liars’ versus ‘The Secret Life’ By KieferGINGLES and MatthewLaBORDE Sports Reporters

With all the talk surrounding the season-two finale of “Pretty Little Liars,” I sat down with my girlfriend and watched the episode as she anxiously waited for the much-anticipated big reveal of A’s identity. This is what I got from it. Right from the start, suspenseful music sets the tone for a group of attractive young girls to ponder the mystery behind the death of a friend. The heated discussion is interrupted by an equally attractive brunette who drops some inside knowledge on the girls, but not before she finds it necessary to bully some poor girl out of her untouched cup of toffeeflavored frozen yogurt which she mistakes for peanut butter (because the two flavors are so easily confused). After the intruder awkwardly walks out of the door, the girls get a group text from this mysterious A saying, “You still have something that belongs to me. Bring it, or one of you leaves in a body bag.” I must say I appreciate the wonderful grammar used in her text which even includes the comma…impressive. For some reason, and I can’t imagine why, the extremely threatening message leaves one girl with a feeling of uneasiness: “I don’t know about you guys but ‘A’ talking about body bags makes me very nervous.” The girls are invited to a masquerade ball, and in a revolt against clichés, there is a note attached that says “Be there when the clock strikes midnight.” The invitation is especially significant to one girl who walks away from the group with the accompaniment of heart-pumping, dramatic music which builds up to the big reveal that she always won at hide-andseek when she was little. Through some strong investigation, the girls get a lead on their friend’s death and take a trip to an airport to the middle of nowhere. When they pull up to an exaggeratedly creepy, neon-lit motel, the owner pops up in the passenger window (as if that’s the normal custom) and asks if they are checking in. A couple girls wait approximately two minutes before sneaking back into the motel lobby to try to get a peek at the registration log. The girls casually separating gives a silhouetted creeper the perfect opportu-

Photo by AllisonPATRICK

Writers Kiefer Gingles and Matt LaBorde stage a photoshoot mocking popular female dramas.

nity to sneak into the bathroom while one showers. The person escapes just in time to not be caught and spies on the girls through a hole in the room next door, but they rush away from the motel because they are scared of being caught for their snooping (apparently they couldn’t place the registration book back where they found it). We’ll overlook the fact that this place still uses a registration log for checking in. The girls mingle around the most elaborate ball ever put on by a high school with the most beautiful people to ever attend one school. While the others are having their romantic and passionate kisses, one of the girls and the obvious outsider named Mona, takes a trip back to the motel, having pieced together that their dead friend went there to spy on A. In room two of the motel, A’s secret lair is revealed, lined with photos of the girls and random Barbie dolls and clown masks (to up the creep-factor just a little more). As to not draw any suspicion from the other girl, Mona is completely casual in the ridiculously eerie room. The girl deducts that Mona is A just before she is knocked unconscious with an effortless blow. Mona, the self-proclaimed genius, has her foolproof plan of driving to the top of a mountain and getting the other girl to join her terribly-punned “A-Team,” spoiled by an incriminating eavesdrop. After a moderate catfight, Mona falls off the cliff, but police find her hardly bruised and alive. It turns out Mona was the omnipresent force behind all the trouble, capable of the crimes because of her

intelligence (which seems questionable at best) and an obvious disorder. Mona maintains her composure in the mental hospital with the help of her “toffee tango” lipstick, which is so irrelevantly alluded that it obviously has a deeper meaning; possibly a terribly desperate correlation between Mona and the girl who took the frozen yogurt. In the season-concluding hook, another poor girl named Maya is falls victim, and it appears that Mona was only a pawn in the elaborate scheme. So the killing isn’t over yet: it looks like this extended cheesy suspense-thriller, complete with the beautiful women and overlydramatic compositions, is just getting started. Awesome. I went against every “man code” and watched the newest episode of “Secret Life of the American Teenager.” Unfortunately, I watched it all alone, with no woman present, which makes it that more depressing. But, here’s my analysis: I’m just trying to figure out what the big fuss is over these female melodrama/ soap operas. There is a huge fan base for this show; however, it has declined due to the creation of a more powerful -yet still horrible- show called: “Pretty Little Liars.” So, my first question was, “WHY do people watch this show?” I cannot even IMAGINE what draws people to it. Is it the teen pregnancy? Is it the horrible dialogue? Or is that character Ashley, who seems to me to be a spawn of Satan? I’ve noticed a few things about the show: the writing is awful, the acting is below average and everybody sleeps around.

Why is this Jack guy living in the same house as his ex-girlfriend and her mother? Who knows, maybe the show is just THAT bad. Amy’s character is interesting, she got pregnant while being a sophomore in high school, yet she is blinded by her “love” for Ricky when she tells her mom: “My life could not get any better than this, mom, I’m happier than I ever thought I could be. I earned this. This is like a badge of honor, this ring.” Yes, and the law of lands of the United States shall read: “In this land of freedom and prosperity, we shall award every teen pregnancy with a Badge of Honor.” Yea, right. In the episode I watched, Ben is having a cute little chat with a girl he met named Dylan about all of the things they have in common. I’m telling you, it was SUPER cute. Anyway, turns out she’s a basket case and her parents are the same way. Also, this Ben guy has an ex-wife already and he hasn’t even graduated. I’m shaking my head right now. One of the major conflicts of the episode, which isn’t really “major” or a “conflict” at all, is that Amy wants to be engaged for a long time. Everybody, I repeat: Amy wants to be engaged for a long time. Not only did I find this little tidbit of information irrelevant but then again I find myself rooting for this couple rather than every other couple in the show. Every scene in the newest episode represents some sort of traumatic situation where character A cheats on character B with character C. If you repeat this formula about six times, add two marriages (one divorce, one engagement) and throw in a few sets of weird parents and you got yourself “Secret Life of the American Teenager.” Every character blames their actions on other people. A character named Grace goes to an “overnight party” and cheats on her boyfriend with her ex-boyfriend who, to remind you, LIVES IN THE SAME HOUSE AS HER. How does that even make sense? Anyway, she tells her mom: “Mom. I’m SEVENTEEN. You should NOT have let me go to an all night party, ESPECIALLY if there is seniors there.” The poor mothers in this show seem to always be getting yelled at by their immature children.

‘Godspell’ hits the Hill By AliciaCANDELA Lifestyle Reporter

This past weekend, 12 students all under the direction of Father Campbell, participated in the production of the musical “Godspell” at the Arlene Mitchell Theater The opening night of this performance was on Thursday, March 22. It was shown through the talent and stage presence that all the cast members worked hard all semester to put on a great show. While sitting in the audience, there were certain times during the production that I got goose bumps. The casts’ enthusiasm was phenomenal, even the audience could feel it.


March 29, 2012

After talking to some of perience with the musical, they said they had a great time being a part of a musical and couldn’t have hoped for a better experience than this one.

Among the cast, sophomores Joe Remo and Marie Booth talk about their experience with “Godspell” this past semester. Remo replied, “It was such a great experience! And it was actually was my first time acting. I’ve never seen or heard of ‘Godspell’ before this production, so I cant really picture a more lovable cast than the one I got a chance to work and get to know.” Marie Booth also talks about her experience with the


of the

the cast members about their ex-

Siri the Housewife It’s that time of the year again, and we all know what that means: a good old-fashion spring-cleaning is in order. But instead of hurting your back or messing up that $25 manicure, Apple has released an application that can put your house, dorm room or garage back in order with the touch of a button. Although Siri was released as an added bonus to the iPhone4s investors, she is now taking on household chores for those who give her kind commands and appraisals. According to Apple production assistant Will Tenor, Siri has been getting irritable to users who patronize her cleaning skills or fail to give her praise after a hard day’s work. Gregory Fields, a California native who recently downloaded the app, says that he has slipped on his hardwood floors five times in

and attracts Apple users states, “Your wish is its command.” “That’s false advertising,” Fields discloses, “I have no time to waste on frivolous activities such as cleaning and organizing when I have other duties such as TiVo-ing March Madness and previewing the newest episode of ‘Swamp People.’” Although the user reviews are negative, Apple released a statement on Wednesday stating that all production kinks will be sorted out in the next month. the past week. When Apple of- To download this application, ficials investigated the mishap, you must submit a resume and they found that Fields had been cover letter that can be reviewed mistreating Siri by forcing her to by Siri prior to scheduling her as clean his boxers and forgetting a full-time employer. With a free app that cleans to re-charge her battery after insulting her on her folding skills. at no expense, it seems only nat“Now I know why Mr. Fields is ural that Siri has the right to review her future employers before divorced,” Siri stated. The slogan that sells Siri taking on the job as housewife.

The battle between Netflix and Redbox By AliciaCANDELA Lifestyle Reporter

Photo by AliciaCANDELA

Spring Hill’s performance of “Godspell” included student actors who devoted long hours to practicing and perfecting their roles for the musical’s premiere.

The musical “Godspell” tells the story of the Gospel of Matthew. It tells the stories of Jesus and his disciples, the miracles of Jesus, the Beatitudes and ends with Jesus’ death. For opening night, overall there were no mistakes and it was clear that the cast knew what to do at a specific time.

musical saying, “ It was a great experience, not only did I get to be a part of a musical that I love but I also got really close to the cast and Father Campbell. We’re family now!” Overall the cast did a good job putting on the play and their hard work and dedication to rehearsals really paid off.

Now since Blockbuster is slowly going out of business, there are two new movie venues that are taking over, Redbox and Netflix. Redbox could be seen as a “vending machine” for DVDs. It is a big, red machine that lists all the movies that can be rented for $1. Some students at Spring Hill have been using both Redbox and Netflix for certain reasons. “I use Netflix because its convenient and affordable,” says sophomore Robert Robinson. On the other hand, sophomore Fritz Boudreaux uses both Redbox and Netflix for different reasons. “Netflix for movies that have been out already or if Im too lazy to go pick one up. Redbox if I want to see a current movie that Netflix doesn’t/wont have for a while.” Then there are two other students, like Jacob Taylor and Konstantin Wertelecki, who are either strictly for Redbox or Netflix. Both of which are loyal to either of the two no matter what type of movies they offer.

Taylor speaks on behalf of Redbox saying, “I use Redbox more because I don’t have time to get a lot out of Netflix.” Redbox also has current releases.” Wertelecki supports the use of Netflix saying, “with Netflix you can keep the DVDs as long as you like without the fee building.” According to, there are more than 29,000 locations nationwide and there are more than 1.5 billion discs being rented everyday. predicted that by 2007 there would have been over 9,100 locations. states that Netflix is the “world’s largest online DVD rental service offering more than 15,000 titles. “ Netflix started out in Scotts Valley, California in 1997 by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph. Both thought that it would be a convenient to rent and sell movies on the internet. The constant battle between Netflix and Redbox will continue for a while. In the end, it all depends on how often you watch movies to choose which venue is best for you.



Top 5

April Fool’s Pranks April Fool’s Day is on its way, and it’s officially the season of pranks. Got an annoying co-worker who just doesn’t pick up the slack, prank ‘em. Or what about that little sister or brother who seems to never listen, try some of these tricks and watch the good times roll.

Do the Splits

1 2 3 4 5

Pull a classic April Fool’s prank this year. Find a scrap of cloth, then place a dollar on the floor and stay nearby. When the victim comes by and bends down to pick up the dollar, rip the cloth loudly. Most people will reach back to see if they ripped their pants during the bend to fetch the money.

You Smell That Too?

Get a gang of people to help you pull this prank on your victim. Throughout April Fool’s day, when each person is around the victim, they should pretend to smell something funky. Ask the victim if they smell it too. After several people in a row do this, the victim will become paranoid that it is them who smells.

Document Panic Has your victim been working on a research paper? It’s time to prank. Carefully hide the document in a safe place, then create a fake document with the same name. Fill the document with random text or a funny story. At the bottom put “April Fool’s!”


For this prank, the victim’s bedroom door must open to the inside, and they need to be a sound sleeper. Quietly tape newspaper across the door jam, covering it almost to the top. Fill the gap between the newspaper and the door with Styrofoam peanuts, popped popcorn, crumpled newspaper, or even water balloons. Watch and wait.

Faucet Trick Have a roommate that is always leaving a dirty sink? Want to get them back? Try this joke for a classic April Fool’s prank. Tie a rubber-band or place tape around the sprayer of your faucet and watch your victim get sprayed. Beware of tricking yourself on this joke.

March 29, 2012

‘American Idol’ competition heats up By KieferGINGLES Sports Reporter

Well the results are in, and season 11 of American Idol has officially began the top 10 showdown and tonight someone else will go home, leaving only eight contestants. It’s hard to argue that this season has more talent in the top 10 than probably any other before, but of course it hasn’t been without some controversy. Top-13 contestant Jermaine Jones was disqualified from the show after it was discovered he had outstanding warrants for his arrest in his home state of New Jersey. It’s debatable whether or not the “gentle giant” should have been disqualified, and Jones himself claims to have not known he was in violation of any rules. The warrants were for two counts of giving a false name, one allegation of a fight, and one for driving with a suspended license. The warrants were over a year old. During an interview with People Magazine, Jones said, “I did not know I was breaking the rules, because before I went, I had to obtain a lawyer and take care of some fines before I could go. I just thought everything was taken care of.” Despite one contestant’s surprising removal, the show has gone on with extraordinary talent. Some of this season’s favorites are Colton Dixon, Heejun Han, Hollie Cavanagh, Jessica Sanchez, and Phillip Phillips. Coming from Murfeesboro, Tenn., Dixon has a remarkably tender voice and his unusual, punkstyled haircut makes him stand out from the other contestants. In addition, the 20-year-old’s strong spiritual praise could make him even more appealing to viewers. Han is certainly the standout contestant on this season, if not for his vocal performances, defi-

nitely for his spontaneous and goofy personality. In last week’s performance, Han began in a tuxedo and a slow piano melody before stopping the pianist mid-performance and ripping off a layer of clothing, exposing a funky t-shirt. He picked back up with the upbeat song “My Way” by Billy Joel. Although it wasn’t his best performance and judge Steven Tyler was certainly not a fan, it perfectly summarized Han’s fun-loving attitude. Sanchez, the youngest contestant on the show at 16 years old, is nothing less than impressive. After last week’s performance, Steven Tyler’s said, “When God gave out vocal chords you were at the front of the line.” Sanchez’s powerful performance of Billy Joel’s “Everybody has a Dream” nearly brought the judges to tears and secured her spot in the top nine. Last week’s contestant who was voted off the show and just missed the much-awaited move into the American Idol mansion was 26-year-old Erika Van Pelt. For the remainder of the season, contestants will all live together as they prepare for their weekly performances. “I haven’t really gotten into this season of American Idol, but the few times I’ve come across it on TV, I’ve been amazed at the talent,” said junior Amy Ellis. She continued, “I think I’ve been most impressed with the really young girl [Sanchez]. When I saw her sing I couldn’t believe that voice was coming out of such a little person. With a surprise “Happy Birthday” performance for Steven Tyler by Aerosmith lead guitarist Joe Perry in last week’s results show, it’s hard to imagine tonight’s comparison, but there’s no telling who will be sent home. For more information on contestants visit, and to watch the live episodes tune in to Fox on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 7 p.m.

Top Tweets of #BadgerProblems The road is open again but rain is on its way. Guess I’m still not going to class. #badgerproblems

Attention Badgers: Your Goodwill and Bojangles did not catch on fire. Regardless, always go to Goodwill but never go to Bojangles.

Picking up my Pizza Hut from the roadblock. #badgerproblems

As my Badger Bucks go down, my Freshman 15 goes up. #badgerproblems

| SPORTS SHC water polo falls short of title 13

March 29 2012

only four goals in the match. Scores from the Badgers came from seniors Wingbermuehle and Westendorf. Duke had difficulty early on figuring out a plan to stop the Badgers underwater tactics, which mostly involves tickling. “The whole tickling strategy seems to By MatthewLaBORDE work pretty well,” said defender Joe Sykes, “UNC and Sports Editor The Spring Hill College water polo team placed Duke both really struggled against our defense.” Support for the unexpectedly talented water polo second in the Division One National Championship last week, losing in a tight match (4-2) to rival Duke team is practically non-existent, due mostly to a comUniversity. In the water for the Badgers were seniors Ian plete unawareness throughout campus that the sport Jorgenson, Tom Wingbermuehle, Max Westendorf, ju- actually exists. “There’s a water polo team?” wondered nior Joe Sykes, and freshman Josh Burns and Andrew freshman Matthew Keller. “Yea, sometimes we lift up that old tarp in the Gaus. The Badgers applied consistent defensive pressure ‘pooleteria’ and run around in it to practice,” said capthe whole game, holding the undefeated Blue Devils to tain Max Westendorf, “but we mostly practice throwing

balls at various nets and tickling each other.” The Badgers still have room to get better. “Areas for improvement are probably in our offensive set-up (which seemed a bit chaotic at times) and general awareness in the water,” said freshman Josh Burns, “I actually don’t know what I’m talking about but that seems like something we could work on.” The freshmen on the team are looking forward to a new season: “we played our hearts out, out there. Duke has a great team full of blue chip athletes. I couldn’t contribute like I wanted to, but my teammates really played like true champions,” said freshman Andrew Gaus. The men’s water polo team will not be recruiting next season, but plans on making another trip to the big game come next March.

Privateers rally past Badgers in ninth inning MOBILE, Ala. – The Spring Hill College baseball team lost a 7-4 non-conference game to the University of New Orleans (UNO) on Monday night at historic Stan Galle Field. The Privateers (11-12) scored three runs in the top of the 9th inning to break open a 4-4 tie as designated hitter Zach Liberto led off the frame with a single off the foot of pitcher Alex Summers (1-2) that was followed by a bunt base hit by centerfielder Blake LaBlanc. Jeff Keenum then took the mound in relief of Summers and his first batter, left fielder Jake Palmisano, dropped a bunt down the 3rd base line that Keenum threw past 1st base bringing Liberto around from 2nd base with the go-ahead run. Lablanc would score one batter later off a sacrifice squeeze by 3rd baseman Cameron Wheeless and Palmisano would be brought in by a

sacrifice fly to left by shortstop Beau Blancaneaux. SHC would load the bases with two outs in the bottom of the 9th inning, but a fly ball to right-center ended the threat and the game. The Badgers had previously tied the game at 4-4 in the bottom of the 8th when right fielder Wayne Huell drove in 1st baseman Jacob Mattrella from 2nd base with a single to right-centerfield. Earlier, UNO took a 1-0 lead in the 2nd inning only to see the Badgers take a 3-1 lead off a 2-RBI single by shortstop Ryan Cummings in the 3rd inning and a run-scoring single in the 4th by starting 3rd baseman Rick LaForce. In the 6th inning, the Privateers grabbed a 4-3 advantage with a double to deep right by catcher Steffan Farrell that plated a run followed by a 2-out, 2-run single up the middle by 1st baseman Jonathan Coco that

ended the night of Badger starter Keller Douglas. Douglas went 5.2 innings with five hits, three walks and five strikeouts in the no decision while Summers lasted 2.1 innings with three hits and two strikeouts in the loss. Cory Hoffman (2-0) picked up the win in relief of UNO starter Casey Kelton, going five innings with five hits, three walks and two strikeouts. Kyle Blancaneaux added his fourth save of the year in one inning of work with a hit, a walk and no strikeouts. At the plate, 2nd baseman Brian Sims, catcher Ryan Stevens and LaForce each had two hits for Spring Hill while Farrell and Coco each had two safeties for UNO as Coco collected three RBI on the night. Spring Hill (13-19) will host the Tougaloo College Bulldogs (4-28) at Stan Galle Field in a non-conference doubleheader on Tuesday beginning at 4 p.m.



March 29, 2012

The Stage is Set



Power rankings: Final Four in New Orleans By MatthewLaBORDE Sports Editor This year’s final four comes down to Louisville, Kentucky, Ohio State, and Kansas. The showdown in New Orleans will not fail to impress, and, for once, the big men will rule the floor. Power rankings for this years Final Four: 4. Kansas Jayhawks- Defense and rebounding will be the Jayhawks best friend against Ohio State. Tyshawn Taylor is averaging three steals per game and continues to be Mr. Consistent on defense. He racked up five against Carolina and dropped 22 points on Sunday. Offensively, the Jayhawks are looking weak, shooting 24 percent from behind the arc and 64 percent from the free throw line. This tournament hasn’t been easy for Kansas, and every game has been a fight. Look for Jeff Withey to be the centerpiece for Kansas. 3. Louisville- originally my number four but they keep proving me wrong. It appears although the Cardinals have preserved some sort of season saving energy that has carried them through this tournament. It’s going to be another defensively minded game for Louisville, although they have looked fundamentally sound on offense thus far. Peyton Silva has been a good distrubitor so far and is a reliable point guard for the Cardinals. Geogas Dieng will be the centerpiece of the defense, stand

ing tall at 6-foot-11. He had seven blocks last game, so look for him to go off. 2. Ohio State Buckeyes- Jared Sullinger was the reason the Buckeyes took out number one Syracuse and he continues to be a force to be reckoned with. He’s huge, and he draws fouls, and to top it off—he shoots 81 percent from the charity stripe. The Buckeyes have been winning and winning big (by an average margin of 12 points). Look for Sullinger to dominate yet again, but also look for people like Aaron Craft on defense. 1. Kentucky Wildcats- They are the best team in the Final Four. They seem unstoppable. Looking at this Kentucky team reminds me of when John Wall was running the show, just a team with unbelievable chemistry and talent. They are my pick to win the title. Look for Anthony Davis to stand out like he has in the past. My predictions? Kentucky over Louisville. I’ve been really impressed by Louisville, and they have really proven themselves as a team who keeps on fighting, but I’m afraid the final result will be a “crash-and-burn” type of game for Louisville. Ohio State over Kansas. Kansas has defeated Ohio State once before this season, but Ohio State is a more matured team this time around. The frontcourt match up between Thomas Robinson and Jared Sullinger will be the headline here. This will be a close game that will come down to the wire. For the big game, Ohio State will lose to Kentucky.


March 29, 2012


‘Bountygate’ results in death penalty for the Saints

By KieferGINGLES Sports Reporter

A couple weeks ago news got out that the New Orleans Saints had been participating in a bounty-hunting scandal dubbed “Bountygate,” which paid defensive players for injuries caused to opponents. Fans waited patiently for the National Football League’s commissioner Roger Goodell to investigate the situation and announce the repercussions, but the results have been some of the most severe penalties ever levied against any professional sports team. The list of penalties for the illegal bounty program in place from 20092011 seems to never end: As outlined in the official press release issued by the NFL on Wednesday, March 21, head coach and offensive coordinator Sean Payton is suspended for the entirety of the upcoming season without pay, the Saints must forfeit their second-round picks in 2012 and 2013, general manager Mickey Loomis is suspended for eight games, and they’ll lose linebackers coach

and assistant head coach Joe Vitt for six games along with suffering a $500,000 fine. In addition, the self-admitted mastermind and coordinator of the bounty program Gregg Williams, recently hired by the St. Louis Rams, has be indefinitely banned from the NFL. Even after these punishing blows to the Saints, Goodell has said that the investigation continues and penalties for specific players involved are next on his agenda, and those could wind up being the most costly of all. The team could eventually lose defensive leaders like linebacker Jonathan Vilma and others. It’s clear that Goodell is making an example of the Saints, using the opportunity to make it clear that he has zero tolerance for dirty play in the NFL. The harsh penalties have players and coaches across the NFL talking, some agreeing with the consequences and others stating that they are over the top. Pittsburgh Steeler safety Ryan Clark had a particularly interesting outlook on the situation having played under then defensive coordinator Williams in Washington in 2004-2005. When asked by a shreveporttimes. com reporter if the Redskins had bounties when he played for Williams, Clark said, “No, and I’ve said that. We definitely had a pot from fines when guys were late or missed a play. That money would go into the pot. Guys got money for interceptions. There was certainly a pot if you had a big hit. But I’ve said this on record already. There was never a time when he (Williams) came into meetings and said,

Thursday, March 29 Softball (12) Shorter University vs Spring Hill 5pm SSAC Crossover Tournament - March 29-31, 2012 5 p.m. Spring Hill vs Emmanuel College 7 p.m. SSAC Crossover Tournament - March 29-31, 2012

Photo by KieferGINGLES

‘If you hurt such-and-such player, I will give you this amount of money.’” This is only one-of-many examples of players admitting there were benefits for big hits, but specific players were not targeted. So apparently, the real crime committed by the Saints is the singling out of certain players, but it seems obvious that well-know impact players on teams would be the preferred objects of crucial hits. Some players are concerned that this is just the first step toward a softened NFL where players are afraid to hit each other, while others are just concerned with player safety. Goodell has made it clear that the latter is his number one priority, and the extensive coordination behind the Saints’ bounty program has

FRIDAY, March 30

Baseball William Carey at Spring Hill-6 p.m. Softball Spring Hill Brewton-Parker- 12 p.m. SSAC Crossover Tournament - March 29-31, 2012 Spring Hill vs Truett-McConnell College 2 p.m. SSAC Crossover Tournament - March 29-31, 2012 Men’s Tennis Spring Hill at Huntingdon College- 6 p.m.

struck a nerve with the commissioner. While many are classifying the punishment as a death penalty for the Saints, the team will still do whatever it takes to be successful in the upcoming season, and if any team can handle the sentence it’s the Saints. It’s well-known that quarterback Drew Brees is the offensive leader, and he will be expected to step up in the absence of the team’s coaches. It is undetermined which players will be affected by penalties but recently many sources, including espn. com, have stated that it appears Payton’s former boss and mentor Bill Parcells will fill the role as interim head coach during Payton’s absence. Regardless, the Saints are determined to overcome the obstacles just as they did following the devastation of Hurricane Katrina

Saturday, March 31 Baseball William Carey at Spring Hill - 1 p.m. William Carey at Spring Hill- Game 2 Softball Southern Wesleyan University vs Spring Hill10a.m. SSAC Crossover Tournament - March 29-31, 2012 (15) Lee University vs Spring Hill- 12 p.m. SSAC Crossover Tournament - March 29-31, 2012

BADGER ZONE | On the Spot What do you hoard?


“Yu-Gi-Oh Cards”

“I collect symbols of historical “I collect shot glasses.” significance where ever I travel.”

Got something to say? We’d love to hear it. Send in your “Letters to the Editor”

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5 3

2 4 3




3 9 1 7 2

March 29, 2012





5 1 4 3 1 9 2

5 3 9 2 7 4





“Coffee mugs, I will want them forever until I buy it.”

Movers and Shakers ‘Movers and Shakers’ is a weekly series that highlights influential individuals on the Hill. By CoraALLEN News Editor

Assistant Professor Janden Richards is a small town girl who grew up to do big city things. Janden grew up in Lancaster Pennsylvania and knew she was an artist at the young age of seven. In the second grade, Janden was asked by her teacher to make holiday decorations and it was after doing so that she realized that “that’s what I was born to do.” Janden went to Penn State University for two years, but realized that she wanted to seek her fortune as an artist in Manhattan. So she packed up her things, including her husband and son, and moved to the city. She got her B.F.A. and M.A. from Hunter College of the City University in New York. Janden was able to learn from some of the best in the industry, and witness the transition to Abstract Expressionism and Color Field painting. Janden says that she remembers the first Artist in Residence Gallery that promoted women’s work, she also protested alongside Gloria Steinem to open the men’s lounge McSorley’s Ale House to women. Janden smiles as she reminisces about this time in her life. She says that she loved living on Tenth Avenue in Chelsea, surrounded by other creatives. She

Photo provided by JandenRICARDS

and some neighbors started a publication called BOX749 which she gingerly flipped through as she described a young woman that she worked with, Patricia Eakins, who was seeking her fortune as a poet. Eakins was honored as an award winning poet and novelists. Janden skims through her Facebook as she laughs about old memories. Next, Janden says that she was lucky enough to take a position teaching color in Pratt Institute’s Foundations Department. She attributes the honor of teaching at this prestigious university to being at the right place, at the right time. She says that this is when she fell in love with teaching and learning. Although she loved teaching, her life had another twist in store. The 1970s recession sent her looking for work in the business world,

and on a visit back home, she got a job designing catalogues and advertisements. In this job Janden taught herself how to do layouts, and also grew to understand the business side of design. It was this experience that helped her land a job at Crayola. Janden began at Crayola as a concept artist, she says that she was responsible for visualizing and sketching products and promotional ideas before they came to fruition. While at Crayola, Janden climbed the corporate ladder, developing a 12 person art department that produced packaging, new products and branding initiatives. As director of Art and Package Design, Janden directed contemporization programs for Magic Marker and Silly Putty among others. Her department was also responsible for the art education program Crayola Dream Makers which used teacher resource guides as a way to market their products. She directed the development of Crayola coloring books and characters. Janden also co-developed Crayola New Color Promotions where she was able to create and choose new crayon colors. It was this time that Janden says she got her 15 minutes of fame—she appeared on Good Morning America to discuss the new colors.

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