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February 28, 2013

Cafeteria struggles with diminishing utensils By Alicia Candela

them in the long run. Junior Stefany cents per cup, a small round plate The recent rise in diminishing Carty expressed her opinion about or bowl is $3.75 each, medium cafeteria dinner-ware has caused the loss of cafe utensils and said, sized plate or bowl is $5.45 each David Reiley, director of dining services, to speak out about the and the large plates are $6.79 each. “I think it’s laziness and people not buying their own issue that directly effects utensils.” how much Aramark and The more cups and plates that are stolen, Other students students pay for dining the more students will have to pay for the like junior services. Harrison McNab Reiley has noticed meal plan. are angry about that many students take the situation. plates and cups from the “People just take them and just cafe and do not return them. Reiley Each time students remove leave them in the halls laying said this is a big issue and students utensils from the cafe it costs Aramark twice as much to get more around. People need to use plastic need to be aware of it. “I know everyone here wants to feel at home plates and cups, according to Reiley. cups instead of taking the cafe cups, that’s why they are there. If people The loss of cups and plates also and that is my goal as well. But do take the cafe stuff they need to offering all you can eat from 7 to effects the cost of the meal plan. The more cups and plates that are return it. Regardless, it’s not fair for 7 most days of the week does not everyone else to suffer.” stolen, the more students will have include a ‘to go’ option when you Reiley encourages students to can come to the dining area to eat,” to pay for the meal plan. Students have noticed that this is be cooperative saying, “Lets work Reiley said. together to get this issue under He explained plastic cups are 90 a problem and feel that it affects



Photo by Alicia Candela Chris Dodsworth uses a cafe cup before returning it.

control and hopefully we can provide some great food experiences without money being wasted on this.”

Sigma Chi gets chance to return to campus By Emily Hill

The Sigma Chi Theta Mu chapter, suspended in 2005, has the potential to re-surface as a recognized group on the Spring Hill College campus after years of operating without the approval of SHC but with the approval of the national office. According to Joe Deighton, vice president and dean of students, a decision will be made in the next few weeks to forbid or allow the fraternity on campus. Several weeks ago Mike Greenberg, vice president of

Sigma Chi international, visited SHC to discuss the possibility of revitalizing the fraternity. “He pretty much apologized for his fraternity’s bad behavior and lack of communication and asked if there was any way we would listen to his plea,” Deighton said. Sigma Chi’s sudden interest to become a recognized group stemmed from Greenberg’s new responsibilities received in June 2011. “I was given a charge by our president to re-establish fraternities

operating in an un-recognized manner,” Greenberg said. “I think we have an exceptional group of young men fulfilling leadership roles on campus. It’s the right time, right place and right moment,” he said. Since March of last year Greenberg and Deighton, along with other faculty and staff, have discussed the possibilities and have listened to a variety of opinions. Greenberg said he had no difficulty in speaking about the fraternity due

to his strong belief in the group. “I can’t make a better past, I can only make a better future. When you believe in a group of individuals you believe stand for the right things, it’s easy to talk about them,” Greenberg said. All responses to the issue are being evaluated. “There are strong opinions on both sides of this issue,” Deighton said.

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february 28, 2013

What’s going on in the world? Deadliest Balloon crash in decades kills 19 in Egypt In Egypt tourists love to take hot air balloon rides to experience the birds eye view of the desert. An explosion happened on Tuesday morning when the balloon was preparing to land. Aboard this air balloon ride were 21 passengers, 19 of which died, making it the world’s deadliest hot air balloon accident in at least 20 years. BP’s billions at stake as courtroom showdown starts After almost three years, the BP case is still going on. One BP Lawyer argued that the Gulf Oil Spill was a “multiparty event.” Billions of dollars are at stake while the judge tries to weigh negligence and financial penalities. BP is fighting to limit fines while the critics are waiting for the landmark punishment. Obama says budget cuts are a self inflicted wound This past Tuesday, President Obama has pressured Congress about the acrossthe-board spending cuts. These cuts are set to begin on Friday and the President is worried that this could worsen this country’s economy. If Congress is unable to come up with a different plan by Friday then this will cause the federal government to step in and slash its budget by $1.2 trillion over the next decade.



Sigma Chi negotiates return Continued from page 1 “There are people who think we should not let “We would draw into that agreement what we them back, that the organization has behaved poorly think would be a pretty secure statement that if we and we should not bring them back as members of decide this is not working, the national office would our Greek community. Then there are those who say have to guarantee us they would withdraw their they’ve been operating for six-and-a-half years, these charter and not encourage our students to operate are not the same guys who violated the policies,” he underground,” Deighton said. said. The main concern Deighton has is the security of “In the end, I think Sigma Chi wants to be back the students. “What weighs on my mind probably on our campus and they think they could revitalize more than anything is if they are somehow able to this group, work with the guys that are truly engaged function and they are not following our policy and for the right reasons, or filter out some of the guys procedures, I worry greatly about the safety of those that aren’t students,” he engaged said. In the end, I think Sigma Chi wants to for the The fraternity be back on our campus and they think right has had the they could revitalize this group... reasons, opportunity and start to re-appear with a good core nucleus of men that could have a on campus before. According to Deighton, an successful fraternity,” Deighton said. expansion process took place in 2009 and Sigma Greenberg believes a successful fraternity is Chi was invited to participate but chose not to. extremely possible with the group of students Although an expansion process began in 2007, the affiliated with Sigma Chi. “This group of young group was suspended for a minimum until January men is leading your student government and is part of 2008 and therefore could not participate. Since of numerous campus organizations,” Greenberg said. their demise in 2005, the group has functioned as “We currently have five organizations unan unrecognized student organization contrary to recognized. That’s down from eight, and hopefully policy. we will be down to four very soon,” he said. According to a Springhillian issue from November If the fraternity is allowed back on campus, the 2005, the director of student involvement at the group would have to undergo training and would time, Dan Mitsven, said Sigma Chi was revoked due have specific parameters to how they would re-enter to “an alcohol related incident” after an “ongoing the community. These parameters, according to investigation.” Deighton, include an agreement with the national office.

Carnival cruise ship passengers file class action lawsuit By Briana Collines

Passengers aboard Carnival’s Triumph cruise ship have filed a class action law suit against the company. According to CNN, Matt and Melissa Crusan of Oklahoma have filed the law suit on behalf of the other passengers. They stated in court filings, “Carnival knew or should have know that the vessel Triumph was likely to experience

mechanical and/or engine issues because of prior similar issues.” Lawyers for the Crusans are arguing that Carnival should have known Triumph was likely to experience mechanical or engine issues because there were two separate incidents that occurred in January in which the engine, and other mechanical parts of the ship, malfunctioned. They also claim the ship could

have been towed to a closer port instead of Mobile. The case was filed last week in the U.S. District Court in Florida. The lawsuit alleges that conditions on the ship “created a severe risk of injury, illness and/or disease.” The lawyers are also saying that passenger’s emotional distress is now resulting in physical distress such as nausea, headaches

and nightmares. Claiming health issues as a direct result of the Carnival cruise ship catastrophe may be the only way the Crusans might have a case. According to Carnival’s policy, passengers are not able to file a class action lawsuit but the Crusans’s are hoping that can be voided due to the circumstances. The couple has not specified how much they

are suing for but want all damages that are legally allowed. Carnival spokesman Vance Gulliksen said he was “unable to comment on the pending litigation.” The company has already promised all 3,000 passengers aboard a full refund, a free cruise to use in the future as well as a $500 voucher.





february 28, 2013

Students are on the edge of the fiscal cliff Opportunity Grant are two main sources that still have the ability to be cut more than 8 percent under . sequestration. Therefore, us college students are at the edge of this fiscal cliff, and a decision made by Congress on March 1 determines our fate. Unless Congress avoids these automatic cuts, educational funding By Emily Hill will be cut. The U.S. Department of Education website states the FSEOG The fiscal cliff deal at the end of Program provides need-based grants last year took issue with tax revenue to help low-income undergraduate and such, however many issues were not resolved including the automatic students finance the costs of spending cuts known as sequestration. postsecondary education. The grants This whole fiscal cliff thing can get are given based on need. Why would Congress start educational cuts with confusing, so pardon my definitions the neediest? Reducing the amount if you’re a fiscal cliff pro. A of grants low-income students sequestration is defined as the act of taking legal possession of assets until receive will make it much harder for students to afford college, or even a debt has been paid or other claims stay in college. A sudden change in have been met. the amount of financial aid received Federal work study and the greatly affects many aspects of a Federal Supplemental Educational

student’s life. I just don’t understand why Congress would put our nation’s students in such jeopardy. Why not cut the amount of money colleges spend on frivolous things? Like make colleges spend less on campus ground operations, because I know we don’t need a new set of flowers planted for each month. If Congress goes through with this budget cut, many students could lose their Federal work study. Again, many students put funds from work study towards tuition or groceries. If students’ work study gets cut, they will struggle to afford necessities. These may seem like obvious implications of Congress’ actions, however it seems Congress simply doesn’t get it.

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Liberal Arts receives budget cuts

By Bridget Fleischut

One day I was browsing through and I saw a headline that caught my attention. The headline read, “Governors, stop bashing liberal arts.” It was an opinion article By Alicia Candela about student loan debt and how most people suffering from student loan debt have liberal arts degrees. Florida Gov. Rick Scott, and Texas Gov. Rick Perry, both agreed to introduce plans that would require state institutions to charge less for STEM degrees (science, technology, engineering and math). From what I understand from this article is that the governors are favoring a certain type of major because those who major in technology or math are able to get a job more so than a liberal arts major. The article by LZ Granderson stated that communication majors have a lower

employment rate than mechanical engineers and computer science majors. At one point in the article Granderson mentioned that by the government not helping liberal arts majors financially, this lures students away from the liberal arts field. My opinion is that the government should have no say in what someone wishes to study. Also if the government is going to help engineering and science majors, then they should also help the rest of us. The way I see it, us liberal arts majors could have chosen not to come to college. Then there would be even more unemployed people in this country. Although I am not a science major, I still feel like I am getting a good education and that is the most important thing. The government needs to realize that although some students are not going into the medical field or the technology field, at least we are getting an education. Someone with an education has a better chance at getting a job than someone who does not have an education.


february 28, 2013




Top 5 new products By Bridget Fleischut

1.Google Glass might change the future.

The voice-controlled glasses are meant to be worn all day and capture a person’s life through photos and videos.

2. Xperia Tablet by Sony is the first tablet

that can go in the shower. The tablet is the worlds thinnest tablet only .26 inches thick. It is expected to go on sale in May and will range from $499- $599.

3. Google Chromebook Pixel is

a touchscreen aluminum laptop with a 12.85-inch display. The touchscreen made out of Gorilla Glass is the biggest feature since it has twice as many pixels as a standard HDTV. The laptop includes three-year cloud data storage of one terabyte. Chromebook Pixel’s price ranges from $1,299- $1,499.

4. Galaxy Note 8.0

by Samsung is similar to the Apple iPad Mini, but goes one step farther because it has a stylus, or a pen, that is able to write, highlight and draw. It is set to be available to the public in April.

5. Slate 7 is a stainless steel Android Tablet with

a 7-inch display. The tablet comes in gray or red, a front and back camera and includes Beats Audio. It is expected to sell in April for $169.

By Kamrey Nichols

Why is the Harlem Shake back? By Briana Collins

About a week ago while on one of my many homework breaks I ended up on YouTube and saw a myriad of Harlem Shake videos. I was a bit shocked to see the dance craze was back. I remembered the Harlem Shake that was made popular by several hip hop artists from Harlem back in 2001. I clicked on the video and was confused. This new Harlem Shake is nothing like the original. This new trend is inspiring people all over the country to post their own over the top videos. It was started with a little help from producer Harry Rodrigues, also known as Baauer. The Brooklyn native released the song “Harlem Shake” in 2012. The song became popular in dance clubs with electronic music fans. The Harlem Shake movement started when comedian Filthy Frank used Baauer’s song in a YouTube video posted Feb. 2. The video showed Frank and his friends dancing around wildly in Power Ranger costumes. Almost instantaneously, copycat videos were being posted. All the videos start

in the same way. One person starts dancing either alone or while others in the background are going about their business, not paying any attention to the person in the foreground dancing. Once the beat drops the background becomes filled with people, usually in bizarre costumes and masks, dancing empathically. This craze has been copied in offices, schools and there are even videos of members of the armed forces participating. During the Badger Brawl game Saturday against University of Mobile, Badgers packed the stands to participate in making their own Harlem Shake video. My favorite Harlem Shake video would have to be the University of Georgia’s Men’s Swim and Dive team that recorded theirs at the bottom of their pool which you can find by searching “UGA men’s swim and dive Harlem Shake” on YouTube. Take a study break and check out the Springhillian’s Facebook page for some of our favorites.

Movie review: “MAMA” By Summer Ranaldson

It has been a while since a horror movie has scared me out of my seat. I am a huge fan of horror films and do not have to wait for Halloween to go see a scary movie. Well this film “Mama” is a drama and horror film mixture. It has a lot of great scenes and the acting is superb. The two children in the film, Victoria and Lilly, do a great job at acting as well and are very convincing. However, just when you get comfortable watching the drama, here comes the scenes that make you jump in your seat. Uncle Lucas and girlfriend Annabel in the movie do a great job at acting in this drama-meets-horror film. They are surprised how the evil has suddenly showed up at their doorsteps after the children have arrived. The images in the film were great at keeping you scared with great storytelling. I think the ending could have been better, but honestly it is a good movie without dead people, monsters, zombies or other typical horror movie characters. I think if you want to be scared and still go to sleep at night, “Mama” is a must-see. If you go to see the film during super matinee 4 - 5:30 p.m. you can see it for $5.50 at Carmike Wynnsong 16 on Schillinger Road South.

Life on the Hill

campus life 6



february 28, 2013

Left: SHC Tri Delta’s Leslie Simoneaux, Ainsley Messina, Ellie Heffernan and Megan St. Germain enjoy a weekend in Dallas, Texas at the Tri Delta Leadership Conference.

Photo courtesy of Ellie Heffernan

Photo by Summer Ranaldson Above: Students Melissa Menendez and Chelsea Audibert take pictures at the photo booth Saturday.

Below: Hans Acquistapace acts as dealer during Friday night’s SGA sponsored Casino Night. Jamie Britnell and Megan Gietl enjoy the night’s festivities.

Photo by Summer Ranaldson

Above: Senior Melanie Johnson poses with the Badger. Johnson was one of three seniors honored during Senior Night after the women’s basketball game.

Photo by Alicia Candela



february 28, 2013

7 campus life

Left: Badger fans pack the stands Saturday to watch the SHC Badgers take on the University of Mobile Rams.

Right: Brett Williams and Nick Grant at Badger Brawl.

Below: Konstantin Wertelecki explains a table game during Casino Night to Ashley Ledet and Margarita Perez.

Photo by Summer Ranaldson Photo by Summer Ranaldson Below: A spirited Badger fan enjoys himself at SHC’s annual Badger Brawl.

Photo by Alicia Candela

Photo by Summer Ranaldson

Photo by Bridget Fleischut

Left: Kelsie Ramires, Shelby Fritscher, Tara Montegut and Erena Connon enjoy Monday’s baseball game against the University of Mobile.





New 3D pen

february 28, 2013

MAC and Rihanna collaborate Briana Collins

By Bridget Fleischut

It’s only February and 2013 is already turning out to be quite a busy year for to fund a project. Their Imagine being able to Rihanna. The singer won her seventh original goal was to raise draw objects in the air Grammy, the official music video for $30,000, which they instead of just write them her song “Stay” was released a week ago on a piece of paper. A quickly made in 48 hours. and already has over 29 million views on Now with more than company based in Boston YouTube, she’s preparing for her upcoming called WobbleWorks created 13,000 donors, their “Diamonds” tour and has just finished a three-dimensional printing Kickstarter page has raised revealing her collection for British retailer more than one million pen called 3Doodler. The River Island during London Fashion Week. pen is almost like a glue gun dollars.  In addition to all of her existing projects, This pen will transform but instead of glue, the pen Rihanna can now add a deal with MAC the way people create ejects plastic that hardens Cosmetics to the list. immediately allowing the artwork. With the pen This is the first time the cosmetic brand a child can draw a 3D plastic to almost float in animal, an entrepreneur can has teamed up with a celebrity on a longplace. The refillable one term project. According to an interview create their own jewelry inch strands come in many with Women’s Wear Daily, MAC has or architects can draw a different colors to create collaborated with other celebrities in the an infinite amount of model of a building. The possibilities are endless. The past however, this is the first time the brand sculptures. has worked with a celebrity for an extended pen is expected to sell for To raise funds to manufacture the pen, $75, which will include the period of time. “We always say that MAC pen, electrical outlet charger likes to go on a date but doesn’t really want the creators started a to go into a relationship,” said Estée Lauder and extra strands. Kickstarter page, where Cos. Inc., MAC’s parent company. people can donate money

Rihanna and MAC have collaborated on a four collection cosmetic range called RiRi [Hearts] MAC that will be available to the public later this year. The first product to launch will be a lipstick, RiRi Woo, which will be a color similar to MAC’s existing Ruby Woo. It will be available online and at Rihanna’s “Diamonds” tour performances in Brooklyn on the fourth and fifth of May. The remaining three collections will be released in the summer, fall and one in time for the holidays. In the Women’s Wear Daily interview, Rihanna expressed excitement in her ability to be active in creating the line. “I really got to play…you can mix different textures with different colors and different greens in different eye shadows. I learned so much about the detail of makeup and what makes things look different…Every little detail is important,” said the singer. RiRi [Hearts] MAC will be available online and in stores starting in early May.

Five ways a college student can save money By Summer Ranaldson

Gas prices are rising. College tuition goes up every year. College students can find ways to save money with this economy during 2013.


If you don’t wait until the last minute to buy a college textbook then you have options to buy books online rather than at a bookstore. I am not saying don’t buy books out of the bookstore, but am suggesting buying books that are cheaper. When searching online, different websites like Amazon, Book renter, Chegg, Cheapest Text books, Book closeouts and Text books offer prices that can be cheaper. I bought a book off of Amazon for $185.00 for a Spanish course and this price was significantly less than the price of the same book at a bookstore. If you want to sell your book back and wait till the last minute check sites like eCampus to sell back books as well.


If you are on a meal plan then you definitely save money because that costs less than purchasing your own food. When you get tired of eating the cafe food, a couple of local restaurants offer discounts. If you do not mind

fast food, Burger King offers 10 percent off when you show college ID and Pizza Hut will give you 10 percent off pizzas and they accept badger bucks. Subway offers 10 percent off and on certain days of the week offers a discounted meal for $5.00, and if you select the meal of the day then you get a drink,6 inch sub, cookies or chips. If you get back from the night club late and every place is closed then Waffle House offers 10 percent off as well.


During holidays, we tend to wait to the last minute to book flights. The Booking Buddy website offers a search engine to search for the better deal for spring break trips or typical trips to home during holidays. Booking Buddy gives you an option to check Expedia, Travelocity, Kayak, One Travel, Cheap o air, Priceline and Orbit websites to book flights for travel. STA Travel is another good website where a student can get discounts to travel international if you decide after graduation to go backpacking through Europe.


If you are searching for cheap gas then download apps from Google Play called Gasbuddy or Cheap Gas Quomens. This app can be used on iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, and android phones. These two apps provide location, address, city and area for the cheapest gas station in the area. According to the Gasbuddy, gas can be more than 20 cents more in an area and with this app it can help you make the better choice.


After studying Monday through Friday, I know everyone likes to unwind and be entertained. Well even if you are on a budget, most movie theatres offer discounts to college students. If they do not then you can go to Carmike Wynnsong 16 on Schillinger Road South during matinee. Matinee is on Sunday through Thursday for $8.25 and super bargain matinee from 4:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. for $5.50. If you do not have time for a movie and rather wait till you go home then theatres like Cinemark and AMC offer student discounts on Thursdays for college students.


february 28, 2013


What’s “in” for spring? By Kat Jakuback

It might still be chilly outside, but this fashionista is already looking forward to spring. In addition to the perennial floral patterns that have been decorating spring 2013 runways, this season is sporting fierce gladiator-themed heels, geometrically shaped purses, and almost over-the-top bracelets…almost. Focus has shifted from the comparatively docile boyfriend cardigans and pencil skirts of winter 2012 to “The Statement Piece.”Here are a few tips to help you get the most out of your spring wardrobe: 1. Ditch the baggage: Time to shelve the luggage that you’ve been toting around all winter, this spring is all about the clutch. Be economic about your space and opt for the box clutch or the envelope bag over a classic tote. These can serve a dual purpose: not only is it a sneaky way to eliminate some of the clutter that tends to accumulate in larger purses, but it can also be a finishing touch to a great outfit! 2. Channel your inner Katniss: Running ten minutes late to Stats class? No sweat, just throw on a pair of skinnies and a plain tee and swipe on some red lipstick and a bit of mascara. Not only will the pop of color instantly brighten your complexion, it’ll look like you spent a lot more time in front of the mirror than you really did. It’s so easy, it’s almost cheating. (I use Rimmel #024 Red Diva) 3. Black is the new black: Good news, ladies: you can keep that LBD out for the springtime. Keep it light by pairing black outfits with pastel accessories, or go monochromatic with some white accents. 4. Nail it: Try something unusual on your nails. Swipe on a plum, pistachio, or orange for a splash of color, or experiment with multi-colored manis. 5. Put some spring in your step: Invest in a pair of floral pumps. These can be worn to class with jeans for a casual-chic look or dressed up to accompany a business casual outfit. 6. Go big or go home: Whether you’re rocking a dramatic necklace, a stack of chunky bracelets, or a new pair of heels, don’t be afraid to get a little carried away. Bigger is better this season, so accessorize away, but make sure you’re allowing enough space between jewelry that you’re not drowning the outfit in bling. 7. Put a ring on it: …or two, or three. 8. Play with patterns: Keep it tame with floral dresses, pastel blouses, and sailor striped skirts, or go bold with some of the patterns trending on the catwalk. Lacy, snakeskin, and checkered—oh my! Stick to accents (like the essie Snakeskin Magnetic Collection) or deck yourself out in your favorite pattern (run by Target for some under $30 dress options). 9. Ditto with colors: Spring isn’t just about pale pinks and whites, up the ante with neon shoes, jeans, tees, purses, etc. 10. Own it: It doesn’t matter what you’re wearing if you’re not wearing it with confidence. Experiment in front of a mirror until you’ve found something that makes you feel comfortable and wear it fearlessly!



Where would you show off your Oscar if you won? katie therkelsen “I would put my Oscar on the mantle for others and myself to admire.”

Tripp Drummond “If I won an Oscar I would hang it up, frame it and marvel at it evertime I walked into my house.”

dana abrams “I would show it off to all my friends and brag about it.”

Clara Morris

“I would use it as a lawn ornament.”





february 28, 2013

Weekly sports news: Around the states in sports By: Matt LaBorde

Tom Brady signs new deal with Patriots

Manti T’eo disappoints at NFL combine

The future Hall of Famer reached a deal last Monday that will most likely keep him in New England for the rest of his career. The contract-extension will put him through until the end of the 2017 season, the same year that Brady will be turning 40 years old. Junior Severin Chambers, a native of Boston, Ma., voiced his excitement over the deal, “I could not be more excited to see the best quarterback money can buy continue to play for the New England Patriots,” said Chambers, “Tom has stuck with the team throughout it all and I would have been ashamed if he would of left. He is a true Patriot.” Brady will receive a $30 million signing bonus, which will be paid throughout the next three seasons.

Just when media scrutiny resulting from Te’o’s fake girlfriend scandal diminished, his name hit the headlines again – this time regarding something real: his performance at the NFL combine on Monday. T’eo upset scouts when he ran a mediocre time of 4.82 seconds in the 40-yard-dash, one of the many events that the players are put through in the combine. Te’o was disappointed by his performance, noting that he had been running in the 4.5-4.6 second range before the combine. His time was the seventh slowest among linebackers. T’eo will get a chance to redeem himself during pro day at Norte Dame next month, where he is expected to perform at a higher level.

Chicago Blackhawks continue to streak

Big win, big crash at Daytona 500

The Hawks defeated the Oilers in overtime on Monday night, 3-2, and improved their record to 16-0-3. The Blackhawks are having the best start to a season in NHL history, earning a leaguebest 35 points and having no losses in regulation time. The Hawks were in the midst of a six game home stand and finished 6-0-1. Despite having some issues at the goalkeeper position, backup goalie Ray Emery has exceeded his team’s lofty expectations. After Monday night’s win, Emery’s record in goal extends to 8-0-0. The Hawks are slowly separating the gap between themselves and the rest of the Central Division. They are now 14 points ahead of the St. Louis Blues. Hockey fans on campus have their eyes on the Blackhawks. “I have been streaming the games online to see them play,” said Jack O’Connell, a freshman from the south side of Chicago, “I’m excited to get home to watch the Hawks in the playoffs. If they this up, they will hoist their second Stanley Cup in three years.” O’Connell also encouraged other students to jump on the bandwagon, noting that the sport is the most intense: “Is there any other game out there that if you don’t like someone on the other team, you can fist fight to work out the problems? I didn’t think so.” The Hawks will play the St. Louis Blues tonight.

Jimmie Johnson, after falling short of his sixth Sprint Cup title, came back to win his second Daytona 500. Last year, Johnson only completed one lap in the “Great American Race” and had to scratch early due to multicar crash. Danica Patrick set NASCAR records on Sunday, being the first woman to lead five laps at Daytona. Patrick held within the top 10 of the pack most of the day but was the target of many late-rallying veterans who bullied her around, pushing her back to the 8th position in the last lap. On Saturday, Feb. 23 at the Nationwide Series race a dangerous multicar crash sent a car flying into the fence at the Daytona International Speedway. The crash sent tires and other debris into the stands and injured 33 people. Although the wreck turned a few people away from the big race, overnight ratings for the race were up 30 percent, although a lot of that has to due with Danica Patrick’s impressive performance. However, in 184 races at the Indy, Nationwide and Sprint Cup levels, she has only won once.


february 28, 2013




Q&A: Spring Hill’s Baseball #21 Michael Moch By Summer Ranaldson

Q: What are your strengths?

Michael: My strengths would be my ability to stay cool and collected in pressure

situations, the movement I have on all my 5 pitches, and my ability to make difficult plays on the field.

Q: What do you feel you need to work on as an individual?

Michael: Increasing my strike out/walk ratio and decreasing my pitch count early on

in the game. Both require me to be more effective around the zone with my repertoire of pitches. I also need to do a better job of holding runners from start to finish.

Q: What do you feel that the team needs to work on to be successful this season? Michael:The team needs to have a better mind set before heading into games,

understanding ones roles and embracing them. Our fielding percentage must increase, because we cannot afford to make many physical or mental mistakes in this conference. When runners are in scoring position we must have a plan in mind on how to score them especially with men on third with one or no outs.

Q: What are the team's strengths?

Michael: We have a strong staff with an experienced senior rotation and a solid

group of young prospering pitchers. Our lineup has good speed and has the ability to produce runs in many ways.

Q: How long have you been playing baseball?

Michael: I’ve been playing since I was 4 or 5, so around 17 years.

Q: Where are you from?

Michael: I’m from Cumming, Ga., which is just outside of Atlanta.

Q: What are your goals for improving as a player?

Left-handed pitcher Michael Moch

Photo by Summer Ranaldson

Michael: Increasing my strike out/walk ratio and decreasing my pitch count early on in the game. Both require me to be more effective around the zone with my repertoire of pitches. I also need to do a better job of holding runners from start to finish.

Q: Where do you see the team next year?

Michael: I believe the team will have a lot of shoes to fill next year but there are many

young players here that have the ability to step up and assume big roles. The school is moving to Division II next year so this plays a large role in the fate of the Badgers success. Our NAIA baseball conference is one of if not the toughest in the country so this will prepare our young guys well for the upcoming years in Division II.

Q: Do you feel like the team has a lot of chemistry this year?

Michael: Yes, every day the locker room has good vibes before rolling into practice and games.

Q: Who inspired you to be an athlete? Who taught you the game of baseball?

Michael: If I were to credit anyone for inspiring me into athletics it would have to be my father. He taught me the game of baseball including many other sports, and he has always encouraged me to be a mentally stronger athlete on and off the field.

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Across 2. _____ Frank is responsible for the viral video Harlem Shake craze 3. Each time students remove utensils from the cafe it costs Aramark _____ the amount to replace them 6. Rihanna’s new lipstick is similar to MAC’s existing ______ Woo 10. Sigma Chi currently has _____ organizations unrecognized 11. Baseball player Michael Moch is from _______, GA 14. ______ is the new black 16. Rihanna’s first product with MAC to be released is RiRi ______ 17. Opt for a ______ this season instead of a larger bag 19. British clothing line Rihanna collaborated with 23. Download this app to find the cheapest gas in your area 24. Buy these online rather than in SHC’s bookstore 26. The act of taking legal possession of assets until a debt has been paid or other claims have been met 27. Name of crippled Carnival cruise ship towed to Mobile Down 1. Director of Dining Services for SHC 4. Boston company that created the 3D pen 5. First tablet that can be used in the shower 7. Has the potential to re-surface as a recognized group on the Spring Hill College campus 8. Texas governor Rick _______ 9. Go to the Carmike on ________ for inexpensive matinees 12. Movie that’s a mixture of drama and horror 13. _______ glass are voice controlled glasses that capture a person’s life in images and videos 15. Page where people can donate money to fund a project 18. Released the song “Harlem Shake” in 2012 20. Science, technology, engineering and math degrees 21. The Badger Brawl game was played against University of _______ 22. Last name of couple attempting to sue Carnival 25. How many years Moch has been playing baseball

february 28, 2013

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