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Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam | September 27, 2012 | Volume 95 Issue 4

“All we do is win”

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September 27, 2012

Upcoming EVENTS 9/27 Chamber After Hours SHC Seniors are encouraged to join Mobile Area Chamber of Commerce members for Business After Hours. Cost is $5 for members and $10 for potential members. When: 5:30p.m.-7:30 p.m. Where: Floor Traders, Mobile AL





10/2 Ignatian family teach-in for justice Come to an informational meeting about the Ignatian Family Teach-In to see about traveling to Washington, D.C. in November to discuss social justice issues with other Jesuit college students. When: 4 p.m. Where: Student Center room 210

10/11 Faculty Forum Assistant Professor in the Fine & Performing Arts Department, Wanda Sullivan, will present “I’m an Artist, Not a Little Girl! But I Can’t Stop Painting Butterflies!” When: 7 p.m.-8 p.m. Where: Bedsole Conference Room (BL 201)

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The women’s volleyball team has two consecutive wins and looks ahead to Friday’s conference match.




The SpringHillian Staff - Awkward Family Photo


Lady Badgers Ginny Hicks and Savannah Becnel return a serve at the Tuesday night volleyball game. Photo by MatthewLaBORDE


Curious about what the Inside scoop of Junior SGA Vice President has in store Michelle Perez’s jewelry making for the year? Look inside to find business. an interview with Payton Tanner.



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September 27, 2012

| neWS

SHC launches new mobile site By ThomasWILL Staff Reporter

Papyrus sparks debate about celibacy By BrandyJONES Design Editor

the Gnostic thought world,” said Carmody. In “The Nag Hammadi Library,” the gospel of Phillip uses marriage metaphorically. It says that the disciples were married to Jesus through spirituality. According to Carmody, the gospel of Phillip wasn’t talking about marriage as husband and wife but as marriage through spiritual enlightenment or marriage as otherworldly.

Gnostics down played the importance of the body, including marital sexuality. Many Gnostics were celibate—especially among the A papyrus that dates back to the fourth group’s leaders,” said Switzer. century is believed to give definite evidence that “We only have pieces of each line and early Christians believed that Jesus had a wife. without the entire context we don’t really have The papyrus, according to an article in the enough to fully interpret it,” added Carmody. Crimson, the Harvard University newspaper, As far as the debate on priests and celibacy contains four lines written in an ancient goes, Carmody said that people are jumping script of Egyptian Coptic that the gun by applying the scrap to translates to “Jesus said to them, the celibacy debate. “If you could We only have pieces of each line my wife…” Although the statement prove somehow that Jesus was is not concrete evidence that Jesus married it would cause you to and without the entire context we was married, it contradicts a wide revisit this [the debate].” don’t really have enough to fully held Christian belief that Jesus was Carmody said that the four celibate. Gospels can be used to strengthen interpret it. According to the article, Karen the argument for priesthood L. King, a Harvard Divinity School celibacy in that they exclude any professor, said that the findings bring up When asked about Gnosticism, Dr. John mention of Jesus having a wife but include questions about Jesus’ celibacy as well as Switzer of the theology department had this Jesus’ mother and siblings. The Gospel’s also debates about the legitimacy of the rule that to say: “‘Gnosticism’ is a common name for a talk about several of the other disciple’s wives. Roman Catholic priests must remain celibate. family of religious movements that pre-existed “The Gospels never say Jesus was married. It “Karen King said that it shows that there Christianity but which also had a tremendous was more through implication that they were was a debate about whether or not Jesus was influence upon certain strains of Christianity really quite clear. There has been no discernible married. The fact that there was a debate on in its early days. It’s very different from a reason for his wife, if he had one, to be left Jesus’ being married is not good history. Just Catholic sacramental understanding that sees out.” because someone was suggesting something the physical world as the created gift of a As for the question of if the new findings happened or did not happen is not good loving divinity.” might change belief on Jesus’ divinity, Switzer enough,” remarked Dr. Carmody of the “The religious goal of the Gnostics was to said this: “When a new discovery takes place theology department at Spring Hill College be released from the physical world in order like this there are often all sorts of wild and author of “Reading the Bible: A Study to return to the pure spiritual realm where speculations about contemporary doctrine. Guide”. souls had lived prior to coming into physical This interesting fragment shouldn’t scandalize Carmody said, “We should look at it in existence. I would caution us from rushing to us, or surprise us, or worry us. It should the context of the other Coptic writings that judgment concerning the Christian community intrigue us and help us understand the rich we already know.” The other Coptic writings that may have produced this fragment, if it’s world of early Christianity that serves as the that Carmody is referring to are “The Nag authentic. Jesus appears to refer to someone foundation for what we believe today.” Hammadi Library,” which is a book of Coptic as his wife. He could be speaking in a parable When asked what she thought about the documents discovered in the deserts of Egypt (perhaps about the church as a whole) or he new findings senior Jessica Logan had this to and are written on velum. could be speaking of a particular woman. If say, “It really can’t be interpreted to give us “I do not think that the scrap of writing is it’s a woman to which he’s referring, I would much insight into Jesus’ life. Not to mention from those books precisely but I do believe have questions about whether a Gnostic there is much stronger evidence to the contrary that it is written in the same thought world, community is responsible for the text. in the much older full texts that we have.”

If you go to SHC’s Web site from your smartphone or other mobile device it is going to look a little different now that Spring Hill College has launched its own mobile Web site. The site can be accessed by entering into the Internet browser on any smartphone or mobile device, though entering should automatically be redirected to the mobile site as well. A shortcut is available to download directly to a mobile device, and more information on how to access the site is available on Spring Hill’s full website at mobile/how-to. Spring Hill is using the same template system as many other universities and colleges, but still has a look as unique to SHC as its full site. It looks entirely different from the full site, but it allows browsing through SHC’s online material in a simpler, much more compatible way from a smartphone or mobile device. “My overall goals with the design were to make this site compatible with the current full Web site, while not overloading it with large files,” said graphic design student Abbey Roam, who helped design the mobile site. “I implemented my designs into the Kurogo theme. Chris Hughes, Director of Web Services for Spring Hill College, showed me how to check my design choices and make sure they performed properly on all platforms, while he took care of the technical issues.”

NEWS |4 SGA Vice President Payton Tanner

September 27, 2012

By LindseyFRECHOU Student Editor



What are you hoping to see SGA accomplish this year?





My favorite aspect of SGA would have to be working with all of the cabinet members and senators. They are a great groups of students that are so dedicated to representing their fellow classmates and helping to make the Spring Hill experience fun and enjoyable for everyone!

I am hoping that SGA will really just be involved in a lot of areas around campus to really show the students that we are here for them. I would love to see students become more interested in our organization and feel comfortable coming to any one of their SGA representatives with their concerns. As Vice President, are you working on any new projects for the Hill?


I am currently just coming up with more ways to get our name out there to the school. I am trying to out together small events that SGA can sponsor to engage students in more activities on the Hill. i am also very interested in having SGA teams at all of the fraternity and sorority philanthropy events!

Q: A:

My main focus as VP is just to keep things on track. Everyone has so many ideas and there is so much potential to get some great things accomplished this year. I see my role as being someone to aid in the process of making sure that goals get met!

While the country’s president visited New York, Iran blocked Internet access to Google and Gmail. The Iranian state television network, quoting Abdolsamad Khoramabadi, the official secretary of a government group created to monitor the Internet for banned content, announced on Sunday that Iran would completely restrict access to Google and Gmail inside the country. “Due to the repeated demands of the people, Google and Gmail will be filtered nationwide,” Khoramabadi said. “They will remain filtered until further notice.” These demands of Iranian citizens are most likely linked to the inflammatory YouTube video mocking the Prophet Muhammad. Google, which bought YouTube in 2006, has refused to take the video off of the website. It has, however, banned the video in some countries. Google has come under heat from Iranian officials in the past.

It received criticism for taking the name Persian Gulf out of Google Maps, and a top police official has labeled the Web site an “espionage tool.” This national firewall has already seen adverse effects. Most Iranian government departments and universities rely solely on Gmail for online communication, meaning that internal correspondence has been momentarily halted. This move is the latest in a recent history of Internet censorship in Iran. Iran has been designated an “Enemy of the Internet” by activist group Reporters Without Borders since 2006. This move is worrying for Iranian citizens, especially because it closely follows announcements that Iran will plan to completely block off all Internet access inside of the country and launch its own national Internet. Iranian officials have expressed interest in completely isolating the country from the World Wide Web. Senior official Ali AghaMohammad announced in 2011 that the government had plans in

place to create a “Halal Internet” that would only provide access to Web sites that conformed to Islamic values. The country has been testing its nationwide Internet since May of this year. Though Iran claims that a move to a national Internet would be implemented in order to protect the sensitive data of Iran’s military and banking industries, this has been widely recognized as the latest attempt in exercising total control of Internet expression. There have been many reports that Iran has been using experimental methods to monitor the communication of political dissidents, and widespread protests occurred in 2009 after Iran increased the monitoring of online social networks like Facebook. Iranian officials have expressed hopes to move to the national Internet by March 2013, which will surely be met with resistance by Iranian citizens who have experienced extreme censorship for years.

How is the working together of SGA and Public Safety going? Are you planning on pairing with any other clubs or organizations?


What is your main focus as VP?

Iran looks to get national Internet By CaleFINTA Staff Reporter

What is your favorite aspect of working with SGA?

We are so happy to say that we are partnering up with Public Safety to support their efforts to raise money for their RAD Kids program! We are helping to create coupons and flyers for all of the restaurants that students and community members can go to on certain nights and a portion of their bill will go to raise money for RAD Kids. We are also planning to partner with CPB for some of our Badger Brawl events.

U.S. House Chaplain visits SHC By MariahHOLLIDAY Staff Reporter

Fr. Patrick Conroy, S.J. talked about his life experiences at a public lecture held in LeBlanc on Monday, Sept. 24 at 7 p.m. Conroy was elected to serve as the 60th Chaplain to U.S. House of Representatives on May 25, 2011. Conroy’s position as the House’s Chaplain is unique because he is the first Jesuit priest to ever hold that position. Conroy said, “I was very hesitant in accepting the position when it was first offered to me, but I trusted my spiritual side and believed that God sent it into my life for a reason.” As a chaplain, it is his duty to say the prayer after all of the House’s business has been handled. Although he earned his degree in law and once was extremely passionate about political science, Conroy said he is not in the meetings to be political. “I believe that God placed me in this position to let go of my political background,” he said. Conroy allots time to personally get to know Congress members. He said, “I like them to know that I am always available to speak to them. I have come in contact with so many people that I wouldn’t have if I had just stayed in my office.” Before becoming Chaplain of the House of Representatives, Conroy spent many years working with young people, a time he remembers fondly. He said, “I know how it feels to be them because I was once one of them.” After being ordained a priest, Conroy worked as a high school theology teacher. He also worked for eight years as a college campus minister at Georgetown University. There, he ran a program that served as a retreat for college freshmen to express their fears and concerns. Conroy said, “I loved it. I opened up a platform for young people to be happy while being honest to themselves and their peers.”


September 27, 2012


SGA and Public Safety team up to help kids By MariahHOLLIDAY Staff Reporter

The Spring Hill College Public Safety and Student Government Association (SGA) are pleased to announce that their new program radKIDS will now be the first in the Mobile area. Chief Todd Warren, Director of Public Safety and Security, and the SGA worked extremely hard to get the program implemented. Warren said, “I am really passionate about helping kids and I believe that there is a lot of talent here to run the Complementing the Rape Aggression Defense (R.A.D.) Women’s Self-Defense program, radKIDS began in 1998. It is a program designed to educate

children from the ages of five to 12 on how to use knowledge, skills and power to protect themselves from violence and harm. Public Safety officer Laury Rowland will be the instructor of the program. She said, “I’m thrilled at the opportunity to help facilitate a new program that will benefit the community. The opportunities of this program are limitless.” Rowland said that the program will empower the children to become more confident in dangerous situation. She also said that the program will boost their safety skills and self-esteem. Rowland explained

that the children will learn in a fun-filled, activity-based environment that includes lectures, safety drills and muscle memory exercises. Some topics

If we can help at least one kid return to safety, then I know we have been successful. discussed are home, school and vehicle safety, self-realization of personal power, good, bad and uncomfortable touch along with many more. According to radKIDS Web site, the program

has been very successful, with about 74 children using their skills in order to return to safety after being abducted. Rowland said, “If we can help at least one kid return to safety, then I know we have been successful.” RadKIDS is a program to get not only little kids involved, but also students on the campus. SGA has teamed up with Public Safety to get students that are interested involved too. SGA President Gabriel Wagner said, “Getting involved with radKIDS will make the student body feel good as a whole knowing they had a role in bringing the service to the kids.” Public Safety and SGA will host several fundraisers for everyone to

become involved with RadKIDS. There will be a silent auction and benefit on Oct. 27 during family weekend. Rowland said, “There will be a variety of prizes for everyone, such as gift certificates, furniture, gift baskets along with several other items.” Public Safety and SGA will also be hosting four fundraiser nights throughout the month of October where participating restaurants are giving a percentage of total sales to the radKIDS program with the presentation of a coupon. All proceeds go toward purchasing equipment and educational materials for the program. Rowland ensures that many more fundraisers will be hosted in the future.

Economy of the 2012 election By MatthewLaBORDE Reporter

The current state of the economy is weighing heavily into the decisions of American voters for the 2012 election, and that issue alone could decide who becomes our next president. Young people, particularly ages 18 to 29, are becoming more aware by the current economic issues pertaining to their lives. According to a new national poll released by Generation Opportunity, a non-partisan, non-profit group that aims to mobilize young Americans on economic issues, says that “89 percent of young adults say the poor economy impacts daily life, 84 percent say key life decisions are now in jeopardy.” Students at Spring Hill are certainly concerned with the upcoming election. Junior Michael Kernahan explained, “My primary concern from an economic standpoint is job creation. The unemployment rate is currently 8.1%, up from the 7.8% when President Obama took office. Taking a broader look indicates that while gloomy, the job market has some bright spots. Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney, as one part of his plan to create jobs, focuses on small business. Small businesses represent the overwhelming majority of all firms in the United States and we need to get them hiring.” “Millions of young Americans are paying the price, in a very personal way, for failed leadership and failed policies,” said Paul T. Conway, president of Generation Opportunity and former Chief of Staff of the U.S department of Labor. Check out the info graphic to the left of the story, you can see how economic policies have affected long-term buying

decisions of young Americans. As far as jobs go, employers added 96,000 jobs in August. The average for jobs added in the January-March quarter was 141,000 jobs. Romney has publicly criticized the Obama administration for allowing the national debt to creep up to 5 trillion dollars while the average household incomes have shrunk by $4,000.

Millions of young Americans are paying the price in a very personal way, for failed leadership and failed policies. Facing a current unemployment rate of 8.1 percent (dropped .2 points since August), the incumbent Barack Obama has work to do. After all, since 1936, no president has been reelected when employment exceeded 7.2 percent. However, according to John R. Wright, a political scientist at Ohio State University, “Unemployment and the Democratic vote move together. Higher rates of unemployment … lead to larger vote shares for Democratic candidates.” The reason being that public opinion polls have shown that voters think that Democrats are “better able to deal with unemployment than Republicans are.” On the other hand, Romney is out to show voters that he is the right man to fix the economy. He is aiming to help the

middle class, and, in an interview on “60 Minutes” said that he would create business conditions that would “add 12 million new jobs in four years.” In addition, Romney wants to take federal programs and make them state programs, in order to ensure that they are specifically tailored to that state’s particular needs: “So, for programs like Medicare, I want to take dollars from those programs, give them to the states and allow them to craft the programs particular to their states.” In a closing statement in the “60 Minutes” interview, Romney had this to say about his ability to run the nation’s economy: “If you’re looking for a leader to guide an economy, you hope that you have someone who didn’t just study it in school, but someone who actually lived in the economy.” However, Obama leads the polls over Mitt Romney on the issue of who would be better for the economy over the next four years. Even though, in a similar poll, a majority of Americans believe that the economy is worse off than it was four years ago when Obama first took office. “Today, or economy is growing again,” the president said in his party platform, “Al-Qaeda is weaker than at any point since 9/11, and our manufacturing sector is growing for the first time in more than a decade, but there is more we need to do.” Democrats say that Obama has cut taxes by $3,600 for a typical family, and vows to keep taxes at their current rate for Americans earning less than $250,000 per year. Romney has vowed not to raise taxes on middle-income families, and has said he will not lower the share of taxes paid by high-income individuals.



September 27, 2012

Keeping our Badgerland beautiful

By LindseyFRECHOU Student Editor

Weekend nights at the Fairway Apartments always lead to good times, tons of laughter and pounds of shattered glass. Public Safety is all for keeping the good times rolling, but the creation of

a potential new law on campus will help to get rid of the glass problem. Outside of the Fairway Apartments, there are so many pieces of shattered glass it seems like an entire new Badgerland could be built out of them. One senior even went so far as to begin collecting the shards of glass and saving them in a jar. After she has enough collected, she plans to make them into a vase or sculpture, hoping to prove that beauty can be found anywhere, even in the most unlikely places. Chief of Public Safety and Security, Todd Warren, explained that the glass has become a safety hazard and is an issue that needs to be addressed. Public Safety is not sure when and if the law will be passed, but they hope that students will not only support the

law, but also help in writing it. I am a fan of this new law because I believe it will keep our campus beautiful and help students avoid unnecessary injury. Some students are worried that the banning of glass bottles will only add to the restrictions on their social lives and lead to more rules and guidelines. Warren explained, “I really want student input on this so they won’t think I am suggesting something that is just another rule.” While we sometimes like to make Public Safety out to be the big bad wolf who finds joy in taking away all of our fun, I legitimately believe that they want the students of Spring Hill to have a fun-filled college experience, but are first and foremost concerned with our safety and well-being. Many students are in support

of this new law. I do not live in the apartments, but I can imagine how annoying it would be to walk outside on a beautiful day only to find broken and empty beer bottles covering my porch. Public Safety equates a lot of the mess at the Fairway Apartments to irresponsibility, so if we want to avoid anymore restrictions we need to stop throwing glass bottles off of the balconies of apartments and acting careless. Warren joked that the Public Safety office was a fan of aluminum cans because they would probably hurt less when a student threw it at them. Ouch. Sorry Public Safety. I really do think banning glass bottles on campus would be a positive thing, because the over excessive litter can often reflect poorly on our school. We have such a beautiful campus and have

such pride in being Badgers, who wouldn’t want to keep Spring Hill litter free? Let’s start taking steps together to keep our campus looking brand spanking new. On the weekends, we could bring trashcans out to the more populated areas so students won’t have such a difficult time finding a place to throw out their litter. Maybe a group of students could get together monthly to start cleaning up after a weekend full of festivities. But let’s start with keeping glass bottles in our rooms so they don’t cause an injury or end up shattered in the doorway of someone’s apartment home. Or if worse comes to worst and you really just need to break a bottle, you could always turn it into art.

Oh badgers, y’all are hysterical “You take our noses... We take your life.”

Congratulations to Kelsey Johnson, our hilarious photo caption winner of the week! We still have free BayFest tickets left. Want to win one? Check us out on Facebook.


September 27, 2012


Festival mayhem: the language of music

By BrendanPECHON Staff Reporter

If you didn’t know, I am an avid fan of music. I am absolutely enthralled with the concept of music being largely a universal medium, meaning that no matter where you go in the world, you can almost always convey a message to someone through music. You don’t need lyrics in the same language you speak to understand what music is trying to convey. In a way, music speaks for us. It can describe the mood we are in and the actions we enjoy taking. Although I am a punk fan by my very nature, I have begun to resonate loudly with the language of electronic music. According to Forbes magazine, “Young people are now more interested in the chorus and beat of a song over the

words, something that house music has capitalized on.” The electronic genre has recently exploded into the mainstream, creating massive demand for new concerts and venues. The ultimate music event, the music festival, gathers up to hundreds of artists to perform in a short period of time, nearly overloading attendees with music. We in Mobile have BayFest to look forward to, but BayFest quivers in comparison to the new US festivals that have erupted into global gatherings of music enthusiasts and common concertgoers alike. Some of the large scale festivals, such as Summerfest, which has taken place annually since 1968, have ticket sale expectations in the millions for 2013, according to

The major electronic festivals in the U.S.

having just recently been founded, with Electric Daisy Carnival emerging just two years ago, are breaking records within the first

You don’t need lyrics in the same language you speak to understand what music is trying to convey. In a way, music speaks for us., a large database of collected studies. Contrasting, electronic festivals,

years. Electric Daisy Carnival alone sold 135,000 tickets in 2010, and is expected to sell another 130,000 tickets this year. “In addition, the

Ultra Music Festival, an annual outdoor electronic music festival that occurs in March in Miami, sold out 150,000 tickets last year. This years festival sold out 200,000 tickets with 73 days remaining (last year it sold out 34 days before),” according to Forbes. With average ticket prices at $475 for Ultra, the profit gained from these festivals is absolutely immense. Festivals are becoming widely created, with the first CounterPoint Festival occurring this weekend in Atlanta with an expected attendance at over 60,000 people, myself and some fellow Badgers included. I am writing this

Hey, you know what you should do?

opinion, not only to express my excitement, but also to examine in depth the culture and language of these 60,000 plus individuals. I will be keeping an online photo log of my experiences at this festival, noting what makes these events explode with such high demand. It is my intent to display the human connection through music, and the power that musical language has over our very existence. Be sure to be on the lookout for a follow-up article in next week’s issue. Until then, consider widening your dialect with something new, and fully embrace what it is trying to communicate to you.

EDITORIAL POLICY The Springhillian is published weekly from September to May, except during examination periods and vacations. The views expressed within do not represent the views of Spring Hill College students, but are the views of the individual columnists.

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BadgerZone |


September 27, 2012

Freshman students Vanessa Salcedo, Louis Nettles, Juan Soto, and Matias Jimanez help convince SHC to pledge to vote pro life.

Senior Madilyn Holmes receives a tattoo from Freshman Erin Bosarge at the Art League booth on Thursday, Sept. 19.

Sophomore Maddie LaForge returns the ball at the volleyball game.


September 27, 2012

Students compete in basketball at Anchor Slam.

| BadgerZone

Students chat as they watch the Lady Badgers volleyball game on Friday, Sept. 21.

Members of Panhellenic stretch before their game. at Anchor Slam.


September 27, 2012


I just want to wear sweaters and coats but the universe isn’t playing along. -Zooey Deschanel @ZooeyDeschanel

I hope Obama and Romney appreciate how many Facebook friends we’ve lost over them. -Molly McNearney @mollymcnearney

Whoever is naming nail polish colors must be drunk. Just had to pick between “My pants are on Fire” & “I’m not really a waitress.” -Brittany Snow @Brittanysnow

On my way to go get an iPhone 5! If only I could find a way to fit this bulky, stupid iPhone 4 in my pocket first. -Ellen DeGeneres @TheEllenShow

I feel like a true victim every day that I don’t get to eat french fries. -Nick Kroll @nickkroll

Hope everyone’s lives are as great as they look on instagram. -Natasha Leggero @natashaleggero

Can’t wait to not go to the Emmys. -Steve Carell @stevecarrell

In the replacement refs’ defense, I’ve always hated the rule that you have to catch the ball to get the touchdown. -Morgan Murphy @morgan_murphy

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September 27, 2012

Artist Spotlight: Pretty Lights

By: BrendanPECHON Staff Reporter

“A slew of other artists have disrupted the market with free giveaways as well, including Pretty Lights, a deejay.” –Forbes Magazine Pretty Lights, or Derek Vincent Smith, has been disrupting the music scene since 2006, and will continue to do so on the Coca-Cola stage at BayFest on Oct. 5. In an interview concerning the reasoning behind his free musical gambit, Smith states, “Sh** has to change some day. I’m just trying to take it one step at a time.” These steps are making waves, as many artists have begun to offer their albums at “pay what you want” rates. Smith takes it a step further by providing all the songs on his label, “Pretty Lights Music”, free to download from the label’s website. This not only includes every song Pretty Lights has produced, but also artists on his label, such as Gramatik, Paper Diamond, SuperVision and others, possibly free of charge if you wish not to pay for their albums. How can the Pretty Lights label afford to give all of its content away for free, you may ask. Well, humble readers, it is because Pretty Light’s show is more than just music. Smith not only controls the music and how it plays, but also the light show and the on-screen visualizations. Smith keeps a heavy touring schedule with nearly daily shows for months at a time. Not only that, but Smith is always reaching out to find extremely diverse music. “I strive to have some sort of emotional resonance in each track I create, so that every song changes you,” said Smith in an online interview. In the same interview, Smith also revealed that he is a large fan of “Gossip Girl.” Be ready to see more from Smith when Pretty Lights hits the stage in two weeks. Until then, check out my CounterPoint updates for his live set in Atlanta this weekend.

App of the Week By: ThomasWILL Staff Reporter

RedLaser is this week’s App of the Week. One of the bestselling bar code readers in the app store; it is available in the Apple, Android and Windows Phone app stores. Not only can you use this app to scan QR codes, but it can also be used to help find shopping deals. Just scan an item’s bar code and the app will look online to compare it with prices of the same item around the area. RedLaser has been rated as a top shopping app by USA Today, CNN Money, PC Magazine and the New York Times. “If you have one shopping app on your iPhone, this is the one to have,” said Digital Trends.


The Emmys: A dismissable event By: AislinnSHELVIN Staff Reporter

The 64th Primetime Emmy Awards celebrated the best in television on Sunday night and since the Emmy’s don’t have the allure of movie stars that make the Oscars and the Golden Globes intriguing, the show focused on pre-taped and pre-planned bits to keep the audience invested. In between there was an abundance of awkward moments, though. Host Jimmy Kimmel’s opening bit that featured him crying in a bathroom because of a botched Botox session and “Girls” creator Lena Dunham eating cake, naked in a stall was more bizarre than funny. Pre-taped interviews with nominees in Writing and Directing categories that were meant to be quirky and silly, were instead a series of awkward silences. And producers of the show were so strict about speeches going over their allotted time that the writers of “Homeland” and the producers of “Modern Family” were not only played out with music, but were entirely cut off from the microphone and cut out of the camera shot, midspeech. Producers of awards shows are infamous for cutting off winners in “minor” categories, aka when a major star doesn’t win, but “Modern Family” had just won in the Outstanding Comedy category and they deserved more than 30 seconds for such a big occasion. Despite the winners being unceremoniously cut off, junior Claire Sheils was pleased to see “Modern Family” pick up multiple awards during the night. She said, “It’s seriously the best show on television right now. It’s always hilarious.” “Modern Family” was one of many repeat winners of the night along with “The Amazing Race” and “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” which won its tenth consecutive Emmy in Variety. When Jon Stewart was announced as the winner, Jimmy Fallon and Stephen Colbert hilariously tackled him to the floor on his way to the podium, where Stewart tested the show’s five-second delay with an expletive-laced acceptance speech. There were other humorous moments, too. Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Amy Poehler incited laughter after Louis-Dreyfus won Outstanding Actress in a Comedy Series for her HBO show, “Veep” and started reading

Poehler’s acceptance speech at the podium instead of her own. Ricky Gervais, Seth Macfarlane and Melissa McCarthy all provided big laughs as well while presenting at the ceremony. And Jimmy Kimmel started a Twitter frenzy by having “30 Rock” star, Tracy Morgan lay on stage, asking everyone watching to tweet, “OMG. Tracy Morgan has just passed out on stage at the #Emmys. Turn on ABC now.” As with any awards show, there were some surprise winners and snubs. Jon Cryer won Outstanding Actor in a Comedy Series for his long-standing role on “Two and a Half Men” beating out favorites Louis C.K. and Jim Parsons, who won the award the previous two years for “The Big Bang Theory.” Cryer appeared genuinely shocked on stage stating, “Something has clearly gone terribly wrong.” C.K. was obviously a crowdfavorite though and he ended up walking away with two Emmys for his FX show “Louie.” The Drama category was a tight section too, with “Mad Men,” “Homeland,” “Downton Abbey” and “Breaking Bad” all vying for multiple awards. Surprisingly “Mad Men” which came in to the ceremony with the most nominations, walked away empty handed in the major categories. Jon Hamm was upset in the Lead Actor category again, but this time by Damian Lewis of “Homeland.” Claire Danes won for “Homeland” in the Outstanding Actress category and the Showtime drama took the top prize in the Drama category as well. It wasn’t a huge shock to see “Homeland” pick up so many awards, but it wouldn’t have been shocking for “Mad Men,” “Breaking Bad” or “Downton Abbey” to win Outstanding Drama Series either, which goes to show how strong television has been this past year. The medium has really had resurgence in the past few years giving a whole new meaning to the term “Must-watch TV.” The most touching moment of the night was no doubt when Michael J. Fox presented Outstanding Comedy Series. As he came out on stage to present the final award, the crowd gave him a heartfelt standing ovation. Fox returns to television next year in his first series since “Spin City” ended in 2000. Fox has gone through a very public battle with Parkinson’s disease, which will be the premise of his new show and his appearance on Sunday was a sign of good things to come.



September 27, 2012

Michelle Perez: Dorm room entrepreneur By: MattLaBORDE Staff Reporter

The culmination of a love for all things artistic and a unique sense of fashion may lead you to a single dormitory tucked away in Skip’s Place. What you will find is a hobby-turned-business exemplifying a certain ingenuity that is unmatched on Spring Hill’s campus. Then, you will meet junior Michelle Perez, who creates, designs and sells hand made jewelry out of that very dorm room. “All of these skills are selftaught,” Michelle says as she gently lays a one-inch piece of gold-filled wire on top of a small steel block. She hammers away at the small wire and then adds some slight alterations. She holds up a triangle earpiece and shows it off: “You see? Just like that.” Michelle’s dad was a creative man. He even made jewelry out of shells that he would find on the beach. Like her father, Michelle’s love for creative endeavors led her to the craft of jewelry making. She buys supplies from all over; other jewelry makers, Michael’s craft store and conventions in New Orleans. Michelle realized her potential for the craft while walking one day through a jewelry store: “I saw this jewelry, and I thought, that looks really easy to make, so I decided to buy some stuff and I really started to like it.” Michelle’s style of jewelry is adaptable and distinctive, combining different influences ranging from her interest in African tribal culture to anything that she finds inspiring to her on any given day. Talking about her own jewelry, Michelle describes her approach as “very inconsistent,” explaining how she doesn’t have a set style. “As far as my interests in life go, I’m all over the board, and that’s very much how my jewelry is.” Her adaptive creativity in her craftsmanship was illustrated in a story: “A girl showed me a $200 necklace by Stall & Kessler and didn’t want to pay that much for it. She liked my jewelry and trusted me to make something similar, and

it turned out to be one of the coolest things I’ve ever made.” Michelle sold that necklace for $65. The business side of the hobby started during the summer of 2011. “I got on Facebook and uploaded an album of things that I had made, not thinking anything of it,” she explains, “I was terrified. I thought I would be judged beyond compare, but within a day I sold 90 percent of what I had put up.” That boost in morale caused her to keep creating, and to keep selling. Since that time, Michelle has opened up a store on the popular site Etsy,


Michelle creates her jewelry in the comfort of her own dorm room. It’s a small Skip’s place single decorated in a way that could only fit her unique style. In these photos, Michelle gives you a special look into the making of her craft. Michelle uses different tools, string, and wire to create different pieces.

which specializes in all things handmade and vintage. The title of her store: Michelle’s Market. Her move to Etsy came with caution when she learned that the e-commerce site takes a certain percentage off every purchase; but, after some quick investigating, she remarked, “It turns out that they only take about 20 cents off a $23 item,

really cool and rewarding to know that somebody from Arizona will be wearing an earring that I made.” To Michelle, she is just happy to know that her clientele extends beyond her close friends and family members: “Most of my sales have come from people I don’t know, or from people whom I haven’t seen in years, so I guess the stuff I sell is pretty cool after all.”

her craft grew more intense as she got more serious: “it just became more and more fun to get more and more into it.” Balancing being an entrepreneur and a Spring Hill College medical student has been difficult, but Michelle somehow manages. “Being pre-med is extremely challenging, but I like being challenged, I like taking on a lot

so I figured I’d give it a shot.” Michelle has 15 sales on Etsy already, a number she considers a success. What’s more impressive, however, was that one of her first sales was from a person in Arizona. “It’s

Michelle hosted her first trunk show this summer at her home in Metairie, La. “It was a huge success,” she said with a smile on her face, “I had about 30 people come and a lot of them I didn’t know.” Michelle’s passion for

of things at once.” That’s right, she enjoys the responsibilities. Michelle is a resident’s assistant, a teacher’s assistant and a tutor. Oh, and she is the president of the Spanish Club. Her love for education may

even surpass her love for jewelry. “I love being pre-med, thinking that one day I could be a doctor is just a dream.” A dream that, at one point in her life, she didn’t feel like she could accomplish: “I just have a lack of confidence when it comes to my academic abilities, but I’m a very hard worker.” Michelle’s work ethic gives her the contentment she needs to carry on: “It gives me satisfaction more than making jewelry does, knowing that I’m working my butt off, and that I’m appreciated for my dedication rather than my natural abilities.”

Michelle’s jewelry market can be accessed by visiting her Facebook page or you can go directly to her Etsy page at shop/MichellesMarket



September 27, 2012

Opinion: Saben vs Bryant ByBrandyJONES Editor

Among the usual statements of “Roll Tide” from fellow Alabama fans, I hear people comparing Nick Saban to Paul ”Bear” Bryant. People are saying that Saban is the new Bryant. As a fourth generation Alabama fan with a family of uncles who mostly follow the Crimson Tide, save for those two non-traditionalists, I believe he actually has a way to go. Saban has a closer bet at reaching the Gene Stallings 97-61-2 record for the head coach position of the Crimson Tide. Don’t get me wrong, Saban is well on his way to being mentioned alongside greats like Stallings and Bryant, but he is not there yet. Bryant served the Crimson Tide for 25 years. He had six national championships and 13 conference championships when he retired. He has the record of 323 wins, making his all-time record as a coach 323-85-17. He won the AFCA Coach of the Year three times and the SEC Coach of the year 12 times.

Bryant led greats such as Pat Trammell, Lee Roy Jordan and Joe Namath. He was also

information. I have, however, been around long enough to watch the first Saban reigned

His defense is strong and after last year’s fiasco with the LSU team his field goal

presents itself. He coaches all the time. Winning or losing you can still see him on the

named Head Coach of Sports Illustrated’s NCAA Football AllCentury Team. I may not remember all of the games, or for that fact most of them because I wasn’t born yet during his reign as head coach. My family remembers. They can spout off Bryant’s stats for the next three years and still not be finished with all of the

game and hear the comments. Stallings won four SEC western division championship awards. He won the national championship in 1992 and the SEC championship that same year. Saban’s score with Alabama thus far has been 59-12. He has won at least four SEC Championship awards.

kickers have gotten better. Although I believe that the rumors that he had the guys kicking from one side of the football field to the other on Thanksgiving weekend are untrue, he must have done something to get those field goal kicks. Saban, like Bryant, doesn’t run the score board up even though the opportunity

side line giving advice, sometimes animatedly. The difference, Saban is more animated on the side line. He smiles, he frowns, he snarls, he jumps any quick close up from the side lines during the game can tell a seasoned viewer just what Saban thought of that play. Bryant was a single faced coach. He was often seen behind the side lines with a

rolled up copy of the game plans in his hands while watching the most recent play with the same expression, win or lose. He received his nickname “Bear” because he wrestled a bear when he was in college and was bitten. He was known for his stoic nature and deep, growly voice. Saban’s last year’s national championship re-match against LSU clearly showed just how well his reign as head coach has gone. And although he has some coaching traits similar to Bryant, I wouldn’t break out the celebratory hounds-tooth fedora just yet. He still has more national championships to win and several more wins to rack up before he is ready for that. And if this football season is anything to go by then he is well on his way. Sadly, so are the days filled with grown men tantrums and the loud chastising of inanimate objects.

Spring Hill Rugby vs. Louisiana Tech 12:00 p.m. on Dorn Field


September 27, 2012


Going back to the old days By CaleFINTA

Expert Analyst

The Saints are stuck between a rock and a few bad Aaron Brooks memories. Should fans have seen it coming?

“Kill the head, the body will die,” is what Gregg Williams, the former defensive coordinator for the New Orleans Saints, instructed players to do in the infamous pregame speech before the divisional playoff in San Francisco last season. NFL commissioner Roger Goodell took the same approach when issuing punishments for the Saints in response to the bounty program set up by Greg Williams by suspending head coach Sean Payton for the entire 2012 season, general manager Mickey Loomis for the first eight games and assistant coach Joe Vitt for the first six games. Well, the head is gone, and the body is dying quickly. The Saints dropped to an 0-3 record with a loss Sunday against the previously winless Kansas City Chiefs. The Saints had an 18-point third quarter lead, but were unable to hold on, losing 27-24 in overtime. Once again, the majority of the blame falls on the defense, who gave up 288 total yards to Kansas City running back Jamaal Charles. The offensive line, which has also been problematic this season, gave up four sacks to Kansas City and was unable to create running lanes for the New Orleans running backs. The numbers look dismal for New Orleans. The Saints are dead last in the NFL in total defense and rushing defense. They have lost two games at home in the Mercedes Benz Superdome where they went a perfect 8-0 last season. The Saints are 0-3 so far this season, and the teams that have defeated them are 0-6 against other teams, meaning the Saints are giving victories away to teams that would be otherwise winless. According to NFL Network analyst Jeff Darlington, the Saints statistically only have a 2.8 percent chance of making the playoffs after losing their first three games of the regular season. This comes as a blow to Saints fans that have become used to postseason success. The Saints have made the playoffs each of the previous three

seasons, and New Orleans won a Super Bowl in 2010 with a similar offensive roster. There have been several crucial offseason changes that have attributed to this drastic departure from success in New Orleans. Most obvious is the personnel changes that have taken place as a result of the strict, unprecedented league sanctions given to the Saints by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. Suspended head coach Sean Payton is a renowned playcaller and offensive mind. Under Payton, the Saints have finished the season ranked in the top three in total yards and scoring in each of the last five seasons. Without Payton, the playcalling has been unbalanced and indicative of panic on the sidelines. In the first game, a loss to the Washington Redskins, New Orleans ran 52 passing plays, but only six rushing plays. The Saints are also operating without assistant coach Joe Vitt, who would normally be the interim coach in Sean Payton’s absence. This means that head coaching responsibilities have fallen to offensive line coach Aaron Kromer. Under Kromer, the Saints have proved to be undisciplined. The offense has been plagued with false start and holding calls, while the defense has been called for three pass interference penalties that have given up over twenty-five yards each. The offensive line has been extremely erratic, allowing constant pressure from defenders and dampening quarterback Drew Brees’ poise in the pocket. There have also been several key personnel changes on offense and defense. The Saints released former first round draft pick, Robert Meachem, which has cut down on the solid depth that New Orleans has maintained at the wide receiver position over the last four years. Meachem accounted for 23 touchdowns over the last four years and was a constant deep target for Drew Brees. Meachem’s absence has

forced former fifth-string wide receiver Joe Morgan to step in for two games while Marques Colston was hampered by a foot injury and Devery Henderson missed a game with a concussion. Morgan has been targeted six times by Brees, but has only hauled in one reception. The Saints also released All-Pro left guard Carl Nicks, who was picked up by division rivals Tampa Bay Buccaneers. This may account for some of the constant pressure that Brees has experienced, even though Nicks’ replacement is former Pro Bowler Ben Grubbs. New Orleans also bid farewell to former Super Bowl hero Tracy Porter, who is

now playing cornerback for the Denver Broncos. This has forced new defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo to rely heavily on rookie cornerback Corey White. All of these holes, in addition to the loss of defensive captain Jonathan Vilma, has left the Saints in last place in the NFC South.

This 0-3 start may have some Saints fans looking back to the days of Aaron “Backwards Pass” Brooks and the losing culture that dominated New Orleans for the majority of the franchise’s history. This distress should be temporary, though. Though the Saints may not make the playoffs this year, Sean Payton will return next year, and it’s a certainty that they will be out for blood. Look to the 2007 Patriots, who, following NFL sanctions for Spygate, put together a perfect regular season and frequently ran up scores in defiance of the league. And if there’s any team that is capable of running up the score, it’s Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints.

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September 27, 2012


Volleyball remains undefeated in SSAC play By Lindsey Frechou Editor

The Spring Hill College women’s volleyball team is 4-0 in the Southern States Athletic Conference after a win over Belhaven University on Sept. 21. The match was held at the Arthur R. Outlaw Recreation Center and the Lady Badgers defeated the Blazers 3-1 with scores of 25-16, 21-25, 25-16 and 25-14. SHC may have won the first set, but the Lady Blazers stayed in the lead the majority of the second set with a 25-21 victory for Belhaven. The final sets were dominated by the Badgers, allowing them to remain undefeated in the SSAC. Junior Captain Taryn Nash had 47 assists and Sophomore Megan Haber man-

Player dives for volleyball.

aged four blocks on defense. The Lady Badgers also dominated their non-conference match against Dillard University with an uncontested win 3-0 on Tuesday night. The individual scores of the match were 25-13, 25-13 and 25-13. Freshman Abby Allard ended with 11 defensive receptions. The team consists of seven new members and seven returners who are dedicated to daily practices and weekly weight lifting. “Our goals really are to play the best that we can and work hard, every match,” said Nash. “And since we are a pretty young team, we really want to improve or learn something from every match.”

SHC’s volleyball team celebrates after victory.

Coach talks with team members during break.


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