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November 11, 2010

Volume 91, Number 9 Mobile’s 1st Collegiate Newspaper

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Energy Men’s basketball open Pell Grant shortfall will drinks are their season with a win see effects next school year part of a new health concern JACOB BROWNING News Editor There is a $5

KATELYN IKNER Co Editor-in-Chief The combination

of alcohol and caffeine drinks, like Four Loko, is causing concern across college campuses. According to an article on FoxNews. com titled “NJ college places ban on boozy energy drinks,” Ramapo College, a college in New Jersey, has banned drinks that combine alcohol and caffeine. This ban is due to several incidents that resulted in 23 intoxicated students being hospitalized after drinking Four Loko. Ramapo College President Peter Mercer called Four Loko in a article, “a ‘cynical product’ whose only purpose is to get the drinker intoxicated quickly.” Another incident related to Four Loko occurred at Central Washington University. According to a FoxNews. com article titled “HighAlcohol Energy Drink Sickens More Students,” nine students were hospitalized after an Oct. 8 party where 50 students were discovered drinking Four Loko. Some students at the incident had bloodalcohol levels between 0.12 to 0.35 percent. Spring Hill College’s Nurse Melton described what happens to the body when under See DANGEROUS page 3

Photo by Keli Mazza The Spring Hill College basketball team began their season at home against Voorhees College.

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billion shortfall for the Pell Grant for the next academic year. Ellen Foster, Director of Financial Aid, warns students not to worry since the effects won’t be felt until the next academic year, 2011-2012. She also says that there is not much information available yet as to how it will affect the Pell Grant for certain. “When we go to this conference we’ll have a federal update and we should know something very soon. They should have it nailed down by December the third. When we come back into town, we should bring back some news with us,” said Foster. Along with the shortfall, two grants are being canceled, the Academic Competitiveness Grant (ACG) and the SMART Grant. According to Foster, losing the SMART Grant will not affect many SHC

students. “We didn’t have many of the majors in the high need areas that this grant intended to target,” said Foster. But the $150,000 or so per year the ACG brings to Spring Hill may be missed. All of this information is available on Badgweb, according to Foster. “We’ve been trying to keep everything posted that might impact our students. And we put it there right away,” said Foster. It is still too early to tell how this lack of funding will affect SHC or if the college might compensate students who lose funding. “I think that overall the whole country is in the same situation and I don’t know when we get the final numbers what Spring Hill will decide to do,” said Foster. Look for more information on Badgerweb sometime around the beginning of December.

The Luck of the Irish in downtown Mobile KYLIE BABB Ads Editor/Staff Reporter

College Dives

In every city there The SpringHillian’s tour of Mobile’s college hangouts is that “spot.” The spot that offers a great environment, fun people, cold Callaghan’s is in a quaint drinks and of course the part of town where the perfect burger. In Mobile, environment is relaxed this spot is Callaghan’s and comfortable for the Irish Social Club. afternoon lunch crowd or Photo courtesy of Callaghan’s Located at 916 those who are looking for a Live music can be found at Callaghan’s. Callaghan’s has been Charleston Street, See CALLAGHAN’S page 2 serving the people of Mobile since 1946.


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Campus Briefs Last Chance for Fall Ball Tickets This Thursday at lunch will be your last opportunity to purchase your Fall Ball tickets! You can pay with either cash or credit card but you’ve got to hurry! Special Deal on Basketball Tickets Friday, November 12 at 7 p.m. The Spring Hill College men’s basketball team will travel to The University of South Alabama at the Mitchell Center. USA’s ticket office will offer a “special” rate of $ 5.00 for all Spring Hill College students, faculty, staff. All you need to do is to show your valid Spring Hill College I.D. at the ticket windows of the Mitchell Center when you come to the game. Student Advisory Board Meeting Do you have any ideas or suggestions? We will be organizing an Intramural Student Advisory Board! The board will: be an open forum for students to initiate, discuss, and express their thoughts and concerns about regulations and policies, as well as help in the delivery of a successful and competitive Intramural Program for all participants. The first meeting for the Intramural Student Advisory Board will be held on Monday November 15th at 5:15pm. Quick Health Tip!

Proper handwashing is the key to a healthy winter. When the weather gets colder, the chances of getting sick skyrocket.

Jacob Browning News Editor

Callaghan’s offers award-winning burger Burger” by the Lagniappe and Mobile Bay Monthly. There are a few booths along the sidewall and tables fill the rest of the room. The shuffleboard is a popular spot for those looking to pass the time while they wait for their meal or just want to hang out and enjoy a cold brew with friends. There is also a good

become regulars. On Wednesday and Thursday, Callaghan’s offers their L.A. cold pint after work. burger. It is made with Conecuh sauCallaghan’s was opened in 1946 sage and has been featured in both USA by Woodrow Callaghan. After WoodToday and Travel and Leisure magarow died his daughter took over and zine. For those who aren’t into a hefty then in 2003 John Thompson, the curburger and would prefer something a rent owner, bought Callaghan’s. little lighter, the salads at Callaghan’s According to Thompson, the are also delicious. They come with clientele is what makes Callaghan’s grilled or blackened chicken or shrimp unique, the customers at Callaghan’s and are a great selection. As for the range from college kids to the elderly burger, when asked if he could divulge crowd. Thompson said, “We have the secret to the best burger in town, white collar, blue collar or no collar Thompson said, “Sorry, can’t at all.” give you the secret on the burger, then Walking into Callaghan’s, it wouldn’t be a secret.” there is an immediate feeling of After an afternoon at Calcomfort. Whether you have been laghan’s Irish Social Club and a taste of there a thousand times or it’s your their perfectly made burger you can’t first step into the historical building, resist another visit. Callaghan’s is the everyone is welcome with open arms. “pot of gold” at the end of the rainbow. The walls are covered with old family Photo courtesy of Callaghan’s Whether it be Sunday afternoon or Callaghan’s attracts big crowds to live music events. photos and signs that depict the Friday night, Callaghan’s offers that “Luck of the Irish.” amount of outdoor seating for those fun, laid back environment that everyThe back wall is lined with a who want to enjoy the weather. one looks for when enjoying a cold beer wooden bar that has barstools invitCallaghan’s is in a historical and Irish burger that couldn’t be better ing you to sit down and have a drink or neighborhood where most of the neighif a leprechaun made it himself. enjoy the burger that was voted “Best bors walk over for a bite to eat and Continued from page 1

Peace Corps reaches high in volunteer numbers JASMINE WILLIAMS Op-ed Editor

Peace Corps has not seen this many volunteers since 1970 with 8,655 Americans serving in 77 host countries according to a Peace Corps press release. (The Peace Corps has hit record numbers of volunteers with almost 9,000 Americans serving in 77 host countries according to a Peace Corps press release. The Peace Corps has not seen numbers like this since 1970.) More college students are participating in volunteer programs like Peace Corps as a result of the economy’s downturn, according to previously published “SpringHillian” articles. A number of these volunteer programs having seen a drastic decrease in funds and a drastic

increase in volunteers. For the Peace Corps, however, this is not the case. According to the Peace Corps press release, $400 million was allocated to Peace Corp programs and Peace Corp states that it is continuing to grow. Several volunteer programs including the Jesuit Volunteer Corps cited receiving more applicants than placements according to previously published “SpringHillian” articles and the Peace Corps is no different. In 2010, according to the Peace Corps press release, 13, 5000 applications were submitted for volunteer positions, but there are more Americans applying to serve than there are positions available. At Spring Hill College, Mrs. Ashley

Dunklin, coordinator of academic advising and support services, helps assist students in answering questions about their career path. Why are Spring Hill students applying for volunteer positions like Peace Corps? Dunklin says “part of it is the job market. Some just want to give back and are used to doing so, so often at Spring Hill. A lot of our students just have awareness for the need for service.” In the past year, Peace Corps cited a diverse amount of volunteers, all from various age groups, backgrounds and different programs of interest. “Not necessarily just undecided students who are interested in opportunities like this,” Dunklin says. “I have a lot of nursing students, business

students and students with all sorts of majors who want to do service. One with a major is more than likely going to try to incorporate this major into their service to practice and use their skills.” Dunklin received her undergraduate degree in International Studies and Cultures and has always felt personally connected to programs like Peace Corps. “I always wanted to volunteer. I always received pleasure and gratification from helping others and was always interested in learning and exploring different cultures.” Dunklin stated. “Things happen in life and I wasn’t able to do it. But the desire to travel and do something to help others that desire never goes away.”

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The dangerous combination of alcohol and caffeine drinks Continued from page 1

the influence of a drink that combines alcohol and caffeine. “The presence of both substances affects the absorption and metabolism functions of the body, leading to higher levels of caffeine in the blood stream and longer lasting effects of caffeine on the central nervous system.” Melton believes that the popularity of this drink is because “there is a false assumption that caffeine will help someone sober up. Sobering up requires lowering the level of alcohol in the blood stream by absorption or excretion.” Four Loko is in a 23.5-ounce can and sells for about $2.50. It has an alcohol content of 12 percent, which is equal to five or six beers. According

to the “High-Alcohol Energy Drink Sickens More Students” article, “The caffeine in the drink can also suspend the effects of alcohol consumption, allowing a person to consume more than usual.” The combination of alcohol and caffeine drinks first came on the scene about five years ago when high-caffeine energy drinks like Red Bull came onto the market. People began mixing these energy drinks with alcoholic beverages, which lead to the creation of such drinks as Four Loko. Senior Evan Lindley has drunk Four Loko. Lindley said, “I drank it once and I’ll never drink it again. My heart was going to jump out of my chest because of all the caffeine. I felt like a crazy person! Never again.” Washington

Attorney General Rob McKenna is calling for a ban on the alcohol-caffeine drink. McKenna said the reason for the success of such drinks as Four Loko is due to good advertising. McKenna said, “They’re marketed to kids by using fruit flavors that mask the taste of alcohol, and they have such high levels of stimulants that people have no idea how inebriated they really are.” According to the “NJ college ban on boozy energy drinks” article, the National Alcohol Beverage Control Association spokesman Steven Schmidt said there is a lot of concern about the alcohol and caffeine combination drinks. Currently, the federal Food and Drug Administration is looking into the safety of these drinks.

Margarita Perez 380-3025

Public Safety Reports

At 10:30 a.m. on October 28, 2010, a Public Safety patrol officer found that someone had destroyed two directional/informational signs in the Nan Altmayer Place parking lot. At 3:10 a.m. on October 31, 2010, a Public Safety patrol officer found that someone had broken a window glass in the second floor north staircase of Toolen Hall. A work order was submitted to Plant Operations to conduct the necessary repairs. At 3:40 p.m. on October 31, 2010, a Public Safety patrol officer found that someone had damaged the Academic Affairs sign that is located at the Lucey Administration Center. The sign was found to have been removed from the wall. The sign was recovered and a work order was submitted to Plant Operations to conduct the necessary repairs. At 3:42 p.m. on November 2, 2010, a student reported that someone had entered his unlocked vehicle which was parked at the New Residence Hall parking lot and removed his vehicle’s radio. The radio was described as a JVC stereo, black in color. The information concerning this incident was forwarded to the Mobile Police Department for follow-up investigation. At 10:30 a.m. on November 6, 2010, a student reported that someone had taken her laptop computer from within her unlocked room at Skip’s Place. The computer was described as a silver Mac Book Pro. The Mobile Police Department is investigating this incident.

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Opinions & Editorials

Jasmine Williams Opinions & Editorials Editor

Something old, something new, something borrowed I spent my weekend in a world of “something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue.” That is right; my best friend from high school got married this past weekend. It was a classic American wedding, complete with my friend’s dream wedding dress. I don’t know if it has anything to do with the fact that I was raised in the Deep South where tradition rules, but I have always dreamed

of a gorgeous, perfect wedding dress that was made for me. Or, maybe it is because I am addicted to shows like “Say Yes to the Dress,” “Four Weddings” and “Bridezillas.” I just cannot help but be hypnotized by these television shows when they go into the room with the big, white dresses. Having my love for the big, white wedding dress, I would seriously question anyone who would go with any other choice. That is

why I was completely shocked when I ran across an article on, titled “Brides buck tradition and ditch the white dress.” In the article, Ariel Meadow Stalling cut up a lime-green dress she found off EBay and paired the lime-green dress with a blue corset. Of course, my immediate reaction would be “why would anyone do that?” “Who would trade a gorgeous, white wedding dress for a used, old prom dress?” Stallings said

on her wedding day she wanted to feel her best, “And that means wanting to wear the color you feel best compliments your skin tone and your hair.” I mean, I can completely sympathize with that, in my opinion, I am one of the palest people in the world. But, I will be the first one signing up for a spray tan when my big day comes along to look my absolute best in my white dress. Although lime-green and blue is

not in every wedding dress designer’s collection, designers are beginning to play with colors that are not traditional. Designers have begun playing with blush, ice blue, gray, latte and red. I mean I can completely understand some reasons for not wearing white, like if you were getting married for a second time and you felt like you have already done the traditional, white wedding dress. In the article, Bridal Consultant

Susan Rogers said a lot of young brides “are just looking for something nontraditional.” But, I can assure you that if I am a young bride I will not be one of those testing the waters of the wedding dress tradition.

KATELYN IKNER Co Editor-in-Chief

Money is the motive ‘Tweet’ gains national attention As a senior, I am that it is in and with news constantly bombarded moving to the internet and with the dreadful question, newspapers drastically “What are you doing after downsizing. this?” Like I don’t already Growing up in know that when all “this” a single parent home, I is over in May that grew up knowing I am expected to firsthand that do something. everyone in the Preferably I’ll get a world does not job or go to graduate have a lot of school. money. This isn’t In a meant to come conversation with of as a sob story my roommate because I do not recently, she told think for a JASMINE WILLIAMS me that after second that Op-ed Editor “this” all she my sister or wants to do is make money. I missed out on or needed Money is everyone’s anything. It is just the facts motive in life. Considering of life and I know what it myself to be a minority in a is like to live pay check to majority of ways, money is pay check. But money was not the end goal in my life. never our motive. First of all, if money While I would was my primary goal, I love so much to land a job am definitely in the wrong right after graduation as a major. Journalists don’t reporter in a decent-sized make that much money to market, I am not sure how begin with, especially with realistic that is at this point the economy in the state in my life.

Amongst the random chatter soup However, in less of the “where I’m at”, “what I’m doing” and than 30 words, she managed “what I think” of my Twitter news feed, I to get a reaction out of more found some political controversy. people than I ever could just One of the people I follow openly shouting the same thing in a admitted that she had an abortion. On top of crowded mall. that, it was a worldwide trending topic. After I admit. She could the shock of her confession wore off, there have found a much more was something in me that brought a smile constructive way to DEMARCO WILLS to my face about the situation. I just had express her views Co Editor-in-Chief to applaud such and courage. tell her story. I have to respect Bravo, I “Social media isn’t just for catching the fact that she stood up and up with old friends. It’s literally a say. Not because did it. marketplace of ideas where if you I’m pro-life The “I had an abortion” browse long enough you can find or pro-choice, trending topic was featured something that you don’t like or like but because it on CNN Monday morning. for that matter” takes some real According to the broadcast,

See SHAPE page 5

See SOCIAL page 5

The SpringHillian Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam


Spring Hill College 4000 Dauphin Street Mobile, AL 36608

gumption to put yourself on the world stage in such a way. These days, with social media, we can become celebrities in our own right. We can now stand at the spotlight of controversies with a few key strokes. Her one tweet set off a whirlwind of comments. Followers and non-followers alike were giving her a pretty hard time. I know Alabama is conservative in a lot of political issues, but they were seriously letting her have it.

Phone: (251) 380-3850 or 380-3840 Fax: (251) 460-2185

this campaign was started by Steph Herold, a reproductive justice activist. Herold identifies herself as very pro-choice, but it is not her claim to simply create a one-sided campaign. She wants to end the stigma associated with women who get the procedure in an interview she had with It’s her goal to not only shock people with such a bold statement but to spark debate and initiate a discussion about the topic.

800-742-6704 251-380-4000

Advisor Stuart Babington

Page 5 The SpringHillian November 11, 2010

Opinions & Editorials

Social media raises issues What kind of friends do you have? Continued from page 4

She believes the controversy over

abortion isn’t as dually divided as people would make it seem. There are many things that are taken into consideration for reasons people choose to abort or not. This campaign comes in light of the results of the recent midterm elections. With Republicans taking the House and many governor’s seats will “chip away at abortion rights” according to the CNN report. Therefore, she started this campaign in order to create discussion about such a tough topic, and I think we all can take a few notes from Herold’s playbook. Especially here in Alabama, we like to hold our tongues at times to keep from ruffling a few feathers. How do we expect anything happen if we’re not expressing our views? I’m not one to condone recklessly posting anything so drastic in a status update or a tweet. But let this act show that, there are people who pay attention to what we put up on these websites. Social media isn’t just for catching up with old friends. It’s literally a marketplace of ideas where, if you browse long enough, you can find something that you don’t like or like for that matter.

People shape the world Continued from page 4

However, if NBC, Fox, ABC or any other news organization offered me a job I would not turn it down. But making a little over $20,000 a year and working crazy hours, money still isn’t my motive. What is my motive, at 21-years-old, I want to accomplish so much in life. You may think I am slightly crazy but one of my lifelong dreams is to shave my head, travel the world, do community service and live the neo-hippie lifestyle that I always felt was for me. I would love to work as a coordinator or director for a company whose mission is service with people who are as passionate as I am. I would love to work for a college whose mission is also service to others. To be able to write and tell a story that people will care about. To impact the

world with something that is so small to us, but so significant to someone else is my dream. To shake the world like Blake Mycoskie and TOMS shoes, but money is not my motive. Does this mean I wish to live in a shack or abandon shopping forever? No. I just don’t define success as money, cars, clothes and you know. My dream is to live like I have always lived, moderately. I dream that one day my mom will worry free of me, that someone else’s life will be impacted simply because I lived, that I may always be surrounded by the unconditional love and support of my family and friends, that I may leave Spring Hill College debt free and that I will not be stalked by Sallie Mae for the rest of my life. While I do need money for most of these things, money is not my motive.

Printer Signature Offset

2610 Lakeview Road Hattiesburg, MS 39401 Phone: (601) 544-4445

Sometimes, only other people like you understand what you’re going through at any particular moment. That is why we have friends. Your friends make you who you are, they understand you and they even influence your decisions whether you feel like they do or not. Sometimes this is a good thing, sometimes it’s a bad thing. For me, my friends provide a support system away from my family as well as a distraction when I need one (and sometimes when I don’t need one!). According to, the definition of a friend is: “(Noun), a person attached to another by feelings of affection or personal regard.” This describes all of my friendships, does it describe yours? According to article “Good Friendship, Bad Friendship Characteristics,” bad friends will often want everything done their way, acts like they are above you in some way and encourages you to make bad choices. The article is written for parents to watch out for their children’s developing friendships, but I feel it also applies to adult friendships. Have you ever had that pushy friend that doesn’t want you to do anything that they don’t want to do? “Good Friendship, Bad Friendship Characteristics” goes on to describe good friendships. Good friends respect your opinion, support you in your activities and make you feel good. Friends should be there to pick you up when you’re down.


That’s what your family does, right? And what else is a friend, but someone who steps in as your family when you are away from home? EHow published an article titled “How to handle bad ALICIA BARBOUR friends,” that Life and Culture Editor gives tips on how to avoid bad friendships without terminating the friendship. The first piece of advice is to avoid discussing any issues while you’re angry. Dealing with touchy subjects while either party is angry is generally a bad idea. Secondly, you should let your friend know that you are not happy with their action(s). You should explain how they hurt you and why you didn’t wish to discuss it immediately. If you do follow these steps and make amends, don’t hold a grudge against your friend! If you do hold a grudge, obviously something didn’t get solved from your last talk and you need to have another one…or go ahead and hit that big red ‘terminate’ button. Goodmorningandgoodnight. com has one of my favorite quotes on friendship, written by Ed Cunningham. “Friends are those rare people who ask how we are and then wait to hear the answer.”


YOU interested in being the next Student-Editor of

THE SPRINGHILLIAN? Applications are being accepted for the spring 2011 position of student-editor of the weekly campus newspaper, The SpringHillian. To be considered, interested applicants should submit a resume and cover letter (explaining your reason for wanting to be considered) to the Division of Communication Arts. The application deadline is Tuesday, November 30. It is reccomended that the student-editor be enrolled in the class CMM400/401 during the spring 2011 semester. EDITORIAL POLICY

The SpringHillian is published weekly from September to May, except during examination periods and vacations. The views expressed herein do not represent the views of Spring Hill College and are not the views of the faculty, administration, staff or students, but are the views of the individual columnists.

SUBMISSIONS The SpringHillian publishes guest submissions at the discretion of the student-editor and section editors. Submissions should be less than 500 words, and editors reserve the right to edit the submissions for length and content. Original writings should be mailed or delivered to: Student-editor, The SpringHillian, Communication Arts, Spring Hill College, 4000 Dauphin Street, Mobile, AL 36608.

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Life & Culture

Alicia Barbour Life & Culture Editor

Get to know sophomore Danny Zekert National Novel ALICIA BARBOUR Life and Culture Editor Sophomore Danny

Zekert spent part of his summer apprenticing under pop artist, Marcos Marin. Zekert got the opportunity while he was in Miami this summer, at a gallery for an internship. “I received the opportunity when I was working at my internship in Miami, where I stayed with Mikey Bustamante. Marcos was in Miami for a show and came into the gallery where my internship was. I was able to hang out with him all day; we went to lunch and I helped him transport paintings. While at lunch, he mentioned an upcoming show in Lisbon, Portugal and said that he had a lot of work that needed to be done. At this point, I half-jokingly said, ‘If you need help, I’m your guy.’ He responded ‘Dan, I like that, you come work for me in France in July.’ I called my dad and we discussed the possibility and

decided that it was an opportunity of a lifetime and that I would be receiving so much experience artwise that I would be a fool to turn it down. So I booked my flight and arranged the details.” During his nearly five-week apprenticeship, Zekert spent most of his time in Lacoste, France. He also spent five days in Lisbon, Portugal. Zekert described an average day in Lacoste, “I would wake up every day and go to the local bakery and buy breakfast for my boss. Then we would figure out what we were going to do that day as far as a plan. I would measure, prepare the canvas, build the frame, stretch and staple the canvas according to his needs. While we didn’t produce every single day, we consistently produced.” “A big part of art business is who you know,” said Zekert. “While in Lacoste, Pierre Cardin, my boss’ benefac-

tor was holding a festival for Lacoste. So my days consisted of work and

the Opera, plays and ballet performances while in Lacoste. Zekert also found himself traveling to many other places in France on errands for Marin as part of his apprenticeship. He visited places such as Marseille, Lacoste, Paris, Montecarlo, Barcelona, Madrid and Lisbon during his apprenticeship. Back at Spring Hill, Zekert plans to declare his major as Art. He is a member of the Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity and acts as the PR Chair. He is from Saint Louis and attended DeSmet Jesuit High School. “Before I graduate, I want to lower my handicap in golf and crash a wedding,” said Zekert. However, after college, Zekert is not sure of his plans. “I definitely want to do something I can be creative in, but not be constricted by a traditional job setting. I know I don’t want to be a politician.”

Hamilton as the eccentric history teacher, or that guy with the long cornrows. There is much more than meets the eye with Hamilton. He was born in “New York City, New York, at a time when computers weren’t even a gleam in Bill Gates’ eyes.” As a child he attended reform school where, Hamilton said, “I would be lucky to see my parents once a week.” Then “it was on to North Miami High, home of the fighting Pioneers. Then it was to the University of Miami, home of the fighting Hurricanes. Every school I went to it was the ‘fighting’ team; Fighting ‘Canes, fighting Badgers, fighting Vols for a while because I

DEMARCO WILLS Co Editor-in-Chief

The solution to getting those first 100 pages written for your novel could be solved this November. At 12:01 a.m. November 1st, participants in the National Novel Writing Month, better known as ‘NaNo’, accepted the month long celebration’s 50,000 word challenge. This challenge asks writers to simply just write a novel: no rereads or no revisions. Writers are given the strenuous task of writing 175 pages, which is 50,000 words, or more by November’s end. According to NaNo’s website, this exerPhoto contributed by Danny Zekert cise “values enthusiDanny Zekert spent almost asm and perseverance five weeks as Marcos Marin’s over painstaking craft, apprentice in France. NaNoWriMo is a novelmy nights consisted of writing program for evgoing to events.” Zekert eryone who has thought attended events such as fleetingly about writing a novel but has been scared away by the time and effort involved.” Because of the got my doctorate at the University of of community colleges including November 30th deadTennessee,” said Hamilton. Brevard State Community College, line and the strenuous home of the “Fighting Titans.” task of writing 50,000 Hamilton has authored a words, the process of dozen books on subjects ranging rereading and editing from baseball to scientific explorers, would consume too though he has trouble naming a much time. favorite. The creators of More recently, Hamilton has this celebration encourbecome known for his hairstyle and age mistakes to be made range of tattoos. in order for authors to “Where do I get it done? My focus more on the plots wife does it, actually. She’s a very good cook, a very good hairstylist and and characters of their novel, but to meet the sometimes she’ll do the hair while she’s cooking. That’s why sometimes deadline most impormy hair is a little redder, because you tantly. NaNo started 11 Photo courtesy of Facebook got that pasta sauce in there,” said years ago in 1999 by Hamilton has been teaching at Hamilton. Spring Hill since 1991. His tattoos are more than skin Chris Baty, an aspiring novelist at the time. deep; to Hamilton they represent He started teaching at SHC in 1991, symbols of his life. See NANO on page 8 before this he taught at a number See HISTORY on page 7

Get to know: Professor, Dr. Neil Hamilton JACOB BROWNING News Editor Many people see Dr. Neil

Writing Month

Life & Culture

Tips on booking flights ALICIA BARBOUR Life and Culture Editor With the holidays

(Thanksgiving and Christmas) fast approaching, students who want to fly home for the holidays in the cheapest way possible should begin thinking about purchasing their plane tickets. encourages travelers to book their flights well in advance, but last minute plane tickets can also come fairly cheap. “When flying with national airlines, it’s nearly always cheaper the earlier you book. Buying last minute tickets are another way of finding cheap deals. However, last minute deals are never quite ‘last minute.’ In fact, if you wait for too long they most likely raise

the price again as they know someone will always be willing to pay a higher price. You can actually find last minute tickets more than two weeks before the trip, so start looking earlier.” Junior Ellen Broad gave this advice on booking plane tickets, “I usually book my flights a month and a half in advance. Usually the prices are around $280 dollars, but this year I was late and my tickets were about $500 for Thanksgiving. It’s best to try to fly on weekdays, if you’re a frequent (expert) traveler, like myself, I would suggest signing Sky Miles or a mileage program to reap the benefits.” Broad uses See HOLIDAY on page 9

History teacher speaks on his life experiences Continued from page 7

“I wanted to pay tribute to my days in Miami. Another pays tribute to when I was into Oriental Philosophy. They pay tribute to different stages in my life. I didn’t get one for my reform school years,” explained Hamilton. Hamilton can be found supporting the Delta Alpha Chi’s. Sometimes a very loud exclamation of “What about David Allan Coe?” can be heard echoing across campus, this is probably Hamilton. Delta Alpha Chi is an organization celebrating the music of country artist David

Allan Coe. When asked what David Allan Coe is about, Hamilton quickly responded. “David Allan Coe is a man who was and in many ways still is at the cutting edge of outlaw country music and has been completely screwed by the Nashville establishment and he needs respect. I am proud to be affiliated with Delta Alpha Chi on campus,” said Hamilton. “I am, so to speak, the faculty advisor to Delta Alpha Chi, which is the largest fraternity on campus. We had 35 turn out to our membership drive last spring,” explained Hamilton.

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Greek Weekend Field Day

The purple team and white team line up in preparation for the ball passing challenge. Left: The orange team tosses a balloon back and forth. Right: Mackie Duhon and Stephanie Harris link arms to pass a hula hoop around a circle of people. The Gray team won the field day event.

Ashley Derenbecker and Abby Berger work together to be the first team to shave their balloon without popping it. Photos by Alicia Barbour

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life & CulTure

NaNo program encourages aspiring writers Continued from page 8

Write In” program which hosts It began in the San Franplaces where writers can come in, cisco bay area and was originally socialize with other participants scheduled to take place in July and work on their novels as well. but was changed to November in Also, there is a NaNo club 2000 in order to take advantage representing Mobile and Baldwin of dreary weather. county area that is affiliated with In its first year, there were the official NaNo organization. only 21 participants, but this The regions site didn’t mention number has jumped well beyond any upcoming events at this time. that considering the total number Participants are to sign of words written totals over seven up on the NaNo official website, million according to nanowrimo. From there, you com receive an email that verifies the With taking the challenge, account and users need to affiliate Baty wants people to learn that with a specific region. writing is not an isolating experiIf someone reaches the ence and 50,000 word This challenge asks writers to simply just encourcount by Nowrite a novel: no rereads or no revisions. ages them vember 30th, to get their Writers are given the strenuous task of writwinners refriends in- ing 175 pages, which is 50,000 words, or ceive a certifimore by November’s end. volved in cate and a web NaNo. badge verify“As you spend November ing they completed the badge. writing, you can draw comfort The prize may seem insigfrom the fact that, all around the nificant, but Baty believes there is world, other National Novel Writ- something more to gain. ing Month participants are going “To actively participate in through the same joys and sorone of our era’s most enchanting rows of producing the Great Fran- art forms! To write without havtic Novel. People meet throughout ing to obsess over quality. To be the month to offer encourageable to make obscure references ment, commiseration, and the to passages from our novels at kind of raucous celebrations that parties. To be able to mock real tend to frighten animals and small novelists who dawdle on and on, children,” Baty said on the NaNo taking far longer than 30 days to website. produce their work,” Baty said. NaNo sponsors its “Come

Student Reaction

How do you keep your energy levels up during finals? “I go on long runs because it keeps my endorphins up. I get crazy amounts of energy from working out in massive amounts. Also drinking lots of water is important to stay hydrated and keep my brain working.” - Emily Landrieu Senior

“When I get super stressed, I dance around my room and sing and try to burn off some nervous energy. It helps me get out my frustration from lots of studying.” - Gabby Diaz Sophomore

“I go on caffeine binges, massive amounts of caffeine keeps me going and going and going and going and going and..... CRASH!!!” - Javier Portal Senior

“I take a nap; just a quick 15 or 20 minutes can rejuvenate me and give me the energy I need to finish that last cram study session.” - Samantha Nack Sophomore

Life & Culture

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Coming up this week in Mobile... Date




Thursday, Nov. 11

Trivia Night

7 p.m.

The Blind Mule

Friday, Nov. 12

Artwalk Poetry Stage LoDa Artwalk

6 p.m. 6 p.m.

Cathedral Square Cathedral Square

Saturday, Nov. 13

Market on the Square

8 a.m. - 12 p.m.

Cathedral Square

Sunday, Nov. 14

2 Voices - 1 Message

6 p.m.

Orange Beach United Methodist Church

Jazz Brunch

11 a.m. - 2 p.m.

Ozio’s Pizzeria

Holiday flights can come cheap James Hay interview will be aired on FOX Nov. 16 Continued from page 8 to book her flights. If you have flexible travel dates, you can usually get cheaper tickets, according to Life123. com article “How to Get the Best Airfare.” “If you have strict restrictions on the dates you can travel, you probably won’t get the best airfare you could have if your travel dates were flexible. If you can keep your travel plans flexible and depart or return even one day earlier or later than your original plans, you’ll increase your chances of getting a better airfare deal by staying outside peak travel times,” reads the website. The website goes on to insist that booking ahead will get you cheaper travel tickets. “Another strategy to help you get the best airfare is being willing to fly early or late in the day. The first

and last flights of the day tend to be the least popular and yield the best price as a result. If you’re willing to get up early and/or get home late, booking these flight times can get you the best airfare when have other limitations, like strict travel dates,” continues the website’s advice. There is good news if you purchase a ticket at what you think is a low price and then notice that the price has fallen even farther. “Many major domestic airlines include a guarantee in the fine print of your ticket; if you purchase your airfare and the price drops for the exact same itinerary-the dates for travel must match your original dates-the airline, upon request, will issue a price-difference voucher that can be applied to future airfare purchases with the airline,” reads “How to Get the Best Airfare.”

what came next. “I was contacted by John Kerr saying that Fox 10 was interested in doing a story on James Hay joined the reigns of bullying and heard about my talk. I activists standing against bullying was shocked. I just couldn’t believe when he hosted the “Bully and something I had done was gaining so Teasing Prevention” week Oct.25-28. much attention.” Hay hasn’t stopped there though. But Hay does not plan on In an interview this past week with stopping here. “I have been sitting Fox 10’s Lenise Ligon, Hay discussed down with Margarita Perez about plans for continuing the fight against future plans of doing some small bullying. things in the course of the semester. In high school, Hay had given I do not plan on stopping here. I just similar talks about bullying, but after hope someone feels inspired enough the suicide of Rutger’s University to continue this.” freshman Tyler For Hay’s “I just really want to thank everyone for all of the Clementi and local fame, other students help, support and interest.” Hay said, “It would he says have been impossible without them.” in the month “Lenise was of September amazing. and October, Hay knew it was time She’s so fierce and I love her. She was for him to once again speak out. great and she really seems to care While slightly apprehensive about social injustice.” about the outcome of his talk, “Face As far as Hay’s worries about YOUR Fear: Speaking Out Against backlash after his talk, they were just Bullying” on Oct. 25, Hay stood by the that, worries. “I just really want to belief that anyone who accomplished thank everyone for all of the help, anything great did not do so in support and interest.” Hay said, “It silence. The standing ovation Hay would have been impossible without received following his talk proved this them.” to be true. But is there more greatness According to Hay, the bullying to be achieved? segment will air on Fox 10 News on “The week was huge!” Hay November 16th at 9 p.m. and he hopes explains. “We handed out about 300 this won’t be the last people hear blue ribbons and had about the same from him. Hay says “It has fueled my amount of signatures on the pledge.” drive and ambition to go to law school Hay was not prepared for and fight for social justice.” JASMINE WILLIAMS Op-ed Editor Spring Hill College senior

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Amanda Hymel

Photography/Sports Editor

Saints plow through Panthers for win AMANDA HYMEL Photography/Sports Editor The New Orleans

Saints plowed the Carolina Panthers 34-3 this past Sunday at Bank of America stadium. Drew Brees tallied a great 253 passing yards with two touchdowns. The beginning of the game was filled with mixed emotions from Saints fans during the first couple of plays. Julius Jones made a 54-yard run on the very first play and things were looking promising from the Carolina 26 yard line. The Saints made a first down with ease, but Brees was unbalanced with one of his throws, and the ball found itself in the hands of Carolina Panther Richard Marshall. Opportunity was knocking hard at Carolina’s door and Marshall sprinted 66 yards the opposite direction. The Saint’s defense cleaned up the mess and kept the Panthers to a 20-yard

field goal by John Kasay. on the list was Shockey causing an injury to the The Panthers who did not return to the quarterback’s throwing made the first strike game after a hard hit by shoulder. Clausen came and the Saints couldn’t Charles Godfrey. into the game to fill in respond when given the The Panthers for Moore, but was unball after the field goal. put Kasay to work once able to cause any damNew Orleans was forced again and the kicker atage to the Saint’s defense to punt on its next postempted a 40-yard field and produce successful session, but the drives. Saints were given With 2:49 left in the another chance game, Drew Brees sooner than they threw a 19-yard thought. On the touchdown to rookie punt return, runJimmy Graham, makning back Jonathan ing the score 14-3 Stewart fumbled in the favor of New caused by a raging Orleans. Right beDarren Sharper hit. fore time expired for The Saints recovthe first half, Garrett ered the loose ball Hartley made an apPhoto courtesy of pearance and kicked on the Carolina 27. The first injury of the Saints defense prevented the Carolina a successful 31-yard game was on Stewart Panthers from scoring a touchdown. field goal, pushing the as he was taken to the lead to 17-3. goal in order to close the locker room with a head In the third quargap between the winning ter, Hartley proved his injury. Saints. Kasay missed Opportunity was now consistency with a 36his mark, but the Saints pounding at the Saints’ yard field goal after a11could not score either on play drive. The Saint’s door and Brees led his their possession. team to a 7-3 lead. Afdefense showed versatiliWith an already strugter the turnover, Brees ty when Jabari Greer had gling offense, the Panconnected with Jeremy a 24-yard interception thers suffered a signifiShockey for a 7-yard return for a touchdown cant loss when Sedrick touchdown on third and off a pass intended to Ellis sacked Matt Moore, Dante Rosario. This was goal. The next injury

the Saint’s first defensive score of the 2010 season. After another failed attempt by the Panthers to make their way down to Saints’ territory, Ladell Betts finalized a 52-yard drive with a one-yard touchdown as he leaped into the end zone for a 34-3 lead. In the contest against the Panthers, the three points scored against New Orleans were the fewest given up by the Saints since the win against the Oakland Raiders in 2008. Louisiana native, Brooke Turlich, commented on the game and said, “Hopefully we can roll with this win and show everyone why we are the defending Super Bowl champs.” The Saints are now 6-3 and have a bye game this weekend. Drew and the crew play home at 3:05 p.m. against the Seattle Seahawks (4-4) on November 21.

Les Miles goes extra mile with LSU AMANDA HYMEL Photography/Sports Editor LSU and Bama

will always be long time rivals, but for the 2010 season, LSU has been given bragging rights after a close 24-21 victory. LSU is known for its strong defense, but offense showed its capabilities also with 433 yards against Alabama. The game was neck and neck up until the very end, but the Tigers left the stadium roaring with victory. LSU has been struggling with quarterbacks lately, but Jordan Jefferson

decide to peak during one of the most thrilling games for LSU this year. Jefferson threw a beautiful 75-yard touchdown pass to Rueben Randle in the third quarter for a 10-7 lead. Randle had another huge play when he hauled in a 47-yard pass on a third down. The game changer for the Tigers came in the fourth quarter, however when ‘Bama was leading LSU 14-13. The Tigers faced a fourth and one situation and DeAngelo Peterson made a 23-yard gain, getting

the first down and then some. Steven Ridley made the score 19-14 when he scored a touchdown driven from Peterson. The Tigers made a gutsy call and decided to go for the two-point conversion that ended up being the best decision they could ever make. The score was now 21-14. Greg McElroy for Alabama was a little shaky this past Saturday night, throwing a pick and losing a crucial fumble. The Tigers were also able to quiet down Alabama’s key player, Mark

Ingram who was not that impressive. LSU head coach Les Miles has most probably knocked out Alabama from hopes of winning Photo courtesy of a consecuHead coach rivals Nick Saban and Les Miles tive National shake hands after a close 24-21 game. Championa shot at the title. ship with this being the LSU plays ULM at second loss of the season for ‘Bama. LSU will have 6 p.m. on Nov. 13 while to lose twice and Georgia Alabama plays Mississippi State at 6:15 p.m on will have to beat Auburn ESPN2. for the Roll Tide to have

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SSAC West division volleyball champs AMANDA HYMEL Photography/Sports Editor The volleyball

team is now the undisputed SSAC West Division Champions after wiping out University of Mobile and clearing out Belhaven University. Both matches had a 3-0 decision in the favor of the Lady Badgers. Last Thursday, Spring Hill College rammed the Mobile Rams down with all three matches won (258, 25-13, 25-12) at the Arthur R. Outlaw Recreation Center. Right side hitter Yiting Cao easily scored 18 points for the night and recorded 16 kills, building an at-

tack percentage of .379. Freshman setter Taryn Nash had 29 assists out of a total of 32. Nash also dug deep literally and totaled eight digs for the Badgers. Out of the 75 points scored against the Rams, SHC scored 45 of them from an astonishing 37 kills and five aces. Defensively, the Lady Badgers came up with 37 assists and three blocks that denied the Rams from victory. University of Mobile committed 27 errors, tallying a -.066 attack percentage. With dreams of clinching the Division Title, the Lady Badgers

this past Saturday. Cao decided to take it further than the Mobile match and delivered 20 kills compared to her 16. Cao also had two service aces to go along with 14 receptions. A duo of freshmen helped the team out also. Taryn Nash distributed 29 of 35 assists while Meredith Donald had 11 digs and 14 receptions. On this past Saturday, the team managed 46 Photo by Amanda Hymel kills, leading to a .370 Right side hitter Yiting Cao re- attack percentage. The corded 36 kills in two games. Lady Badgers also had made it a waking realseven aces and 37 digs. ity when the team swept The girls are now Belhaven University 3-0 the top seeded team (25-17, 25-21, 27-25) from the West Divi-

sion with an impressive record (25-4, 7-1 SSAC). Senior Megan Hammond is very impressed with the volleyball team’s successes. Hammond states, “I’m very proud. The team has come very far from where they were when I was a freshman. If they continue playing well together, I think they have a shot [at Nationals]”. These fierce Badgers kick off the 2010 SSAC Championship Tournament when they play the East Division’s No. 4 seed Columbia College (15-13, 4-6 SSAC) in Gulfport, Miss. this Friday at 1:15 p.m.

Men’s basketball season is now in full swing

The Spring Hill College men’s basketball team opened the 2010-11 season on Friday night with a thrilling 82-80 win over visiting Voorhees College at the Arthur R. Outlaw Recreation Center. Spring Hill led by 10 with 1:43 remaining, but a furious comeback attempt by Voorhees (1-1) cut the Badger’s advantage to just 81-80 with 9 seconds on the clock. Junior Rico Dread of Jackson, Ala., made it 82-80 with 1-of -2 free throws with 7 seconds showing. The Tigers’ Sam Dotson missed a game-tying attempt, but Badger junior Tyler Schwab of Panama City, Fla., missed both his free throws on the other end with only to recover his own rebound and return to line with 2 seconds remaining. A final heave by Voorhees fell short as time expired. Senior center Nick Brown scored 25 points for

SHC with nine rebounds while junior Steve Edwards of Newton, Miss., scored 15 points and freshman Brandon Blake of Oxford, Miss. added 11 points. Freshman Alex Looney of Mobile’s Murphy High had 10 points as did junior Kyle Watkins of Montgomery, Ala. Overall, SHC shot 27of-62 (43.5%) from the field and 7-of-19 (36.8%) from 3-point range while Voorhees managed to shoot 43.1% (31-72) from the field. The Badgers out rebounded the Tigers 48 to 40 on the boards. The Spring Hill College men’s basketball team fell to the Dillard University Bleu Devils 78-72 on Monday night at Dent Hall. The Badgers fell behind early at 6-1 and were force to spend much of the first half trying to catch the Bleu Devils, but Spring Hill finally managed to grab a 28-27 lead with two free throws by senior center

Nick Brown of Rota, Spain, at 3:49 remaining. Tied at 35 going into the halftime intermission, the Badgers and the Bleu Devils came out of the locker rooms and immediately resumed the back-and-forth style of the first half as the teams traded baskets for the first 12 points of the period for a 41-41 deadlock at the 17:13 mark. An 8-1 run over the next four minutes gave Dillard a 49-42 lead, but SHC responded with two field goals by freshman Brandon Blake of Oxford, Miss., to cut the deficit to just 52-48 with 11:40 left on the board. Trailing by four, 63-59, at 4:42, junior Kyle Watkins of Montgomery, Ala., knotted the score at 63 by converting a 4-point play with a 3-point basket and foul shot and then Watkins put the Badgers ahead 30 seconds later at 68-65 with a 3-point play off a basket and foul.

Junior Steve Edwards from Newton, Miss., stretched the lead to five points at 3:27 with an assist by Blake to make it 70-65 in favor of the visitors. Dillard cut the lead to 70-69, but a defensive rebound followed with two free throws by Edwards made it 72-69 at 1:28. The Bleu Devils would cut it back to 72-71 and then Lawrence Etah took a steal away from Watkins and hit 1-of-2 free throws to tie the match at 72 with 1:02 showing. Freshman forward Alex Looney from Mobile’s Murphy High was called for an offensive foul with 56 seconds left that led to a basket by Kenyon Harper on the other end as Dillard took a 74-72 lead with 33 seconds left. Dillard then won possession of a loose ball with 13 seconds on the clock and Dillard’s Jermille Fluker made both free throws to

make it a 76-72 score. Blake put 25 points in the baskets for Spring Hill while Brown scored his first double-double of the year with 21 points with 11 rebounds. Watkins contributed 14 points to the Badger cause. Myron McGowen led four Dillard players in double digits with 16 points. As a team, the Badgers shot 42.9% (24-56) and 17.7% (3-17) from 3-point territory, but committed 18 turnovers in the face of 11 steals by Dillard’s defense and allowed a crucial 21 points off turnovers. Spring Hill did, however, win the rebounding battle 44-36 under the boards. Dillard was 39.4% overall from the field and 40% (8-20) in 3-point shots. Spring Hill (1-1) will next play an exhibition game at the University of South Alabama at the Mitchell Center on Friday at 7:05 p.m.

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Athletes of the Week

Men’s basketball starts off season with a 82-80 win against Voorhees College Photos by Keli Mazza

Joseph Webster Men’s Golf

Emma Pitchford Women’s Soccer


DATE Nov 12

OPPONENT West Florida

SITE SHC (5:00)


Nov 12

South Alabama

AWAY (7:00)


Nov 12

Columbia College (SC)

AWAY (1:15)


Nov 13 Nov 15 Nov 19

TBA Southeastern Louisiana Shorter University

AWAY (12:30) AWAY (7:00) AWAY (5:00)


Nov 19

Shorter University

AWAY (7:00)


MCC-Men’s Cross Country WCC-Women’s Cross Country MB-Men’s basketball WB-Women’s basketball

The men’s basketball team circles around head coach Robert Thompson this past Friday night for a pep talk. The Badgers cinched a close game with a 82-80 victory.

VB-volleyball RGB-Rugby WG-Women’s Golf MG-Men’s Golf


DATE Nov 4

OPPONENT University of Mobile



Nov 5 Nov 5 Nov 6

Voorhees College Voorhees College Belhaven University

W: 82-80 W: 85-44 W: 3-0

A men’s basketball player made a free throw for the Badgers against Voorhees College this past Friday night. The SHC crowd waits anxiously as the ball sweeps through the net.

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