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Teaching, learning and caring is central to our core purpose atThe Springfields Academy. We strive to be the hub of support services for our young people and their families To achieve this, we depend on the most motivated and passionate staff. People with ideas and approaches that can move mountains and change the world for our students.

We make tough decisions and practice radical honesty. Failing does not matter. What does matter is being afraid to fail – and, therefore, not taking risks. At the heart of our school is a commitment to help our young people be all they can be. To nurture self-respect and responsibility. To instil a self-belief that spills into everything they do and all they aspire to be.

The Springfields Academy Curzon Street Calne SN11 0DS Tel: 01249 814125 Senior Leadership Team: T H P Williams, J S Lynch, J Hamp, M Piggott, G Keily, S Hobden, M Thomas. The Springfield Academy is a limited company. Registered in England. The registered number is: 7736212. The company registered office is: Curzon Street, Calne, Wiltshire, SN11 0DS.

The SpringďŹ elds Academy Manifesto A world class specialist sports college & vocational training centre

The Springfields Academy Manifesto 2012/17 A World Class Specialist Sports College & Vocational Training Centre

An Academy you can believe in

A school that believes in you

The Springfields Academy is an outstanding, high-performing Specialist Sports College – the first school of its kind to achieve this specialist status. Our mission is to support pupils complex learning and emotional needs, equipping and enabling them to achieve their full potential.

At The Springfields Academy, learning is everything. It is knowledge and confidence. It is success and self-respect. It is your future.

Our Mission. Our Manifesto. Our Academy is driven by a determination to stay at the cutting edge of innovative education. Our passion for learning drives us to become involved in policy developments at a national and Government level. Our achievements have been recognised on a global scale. This is a school that is revolutionising education for our students; a place with the needs of young people at its heart; a place you can believe in.

02 01249 814125

Our pledge, in this School Manifesto, centres on your learning. On enabling, supporting and encouraging you in your education. We aim to equip you for life both at, and beyond school by deploying the most motivated and passionate tutors to help you learn in the most innovative, exciting ways. You’ll have opportunities to achieve qualifications in subjects that inspire you. Access to people who want to help you build your independence and sense of responsibility. Our vision is to help you believe in yourself so that others will believe in you too.



The Springfields Academy Manifesto 2012/17 A World Class Specialist Sports College & Vocational Training Centre

What we strive for…

and how we’re making it happen

At The Springfields Academy, we focus on providing:

• We offer joined-up outreach and in-reach services to provide young people with additional support and an appropriate curriculum in outstanding facilities – with the minimum of fuss.

• outstanding learning and caring in an environment where everyone is valued, and success is celebrated. • a safe, challenging and stimulating setting where students can achieve their full potential by developing independence and responsibility.

Our pledge is for continuous improvement. • excellent relationships with parents, carers and external agencies – to ensure our 24-hour curriculum acknowledges and reflects the culture, language and heritage our children bring from home.

• Our extensive on-site therapy supports the most complex individual needs. • Groundbreaking personal, social and academic assessments lead to relevant, accurate and informed outcomes. • We collaborate with schools worldwide so our students understand and appreciate international diversity. Yet at Springfields, our pledge is for continuous improvement. This is not a place that stands still, or ‘plays safe’. Our commitment to equipping our students for the future, through innovative, 21st century schooling, is outlined in the following pages.

• through our Specialist Sports Status, to be a centre of excellence for the delivery of Physical Education and Community Sport. 01249 814125


The Springfields Academy Manifesto 2012/17 A World Class Specialist Sports College & Vocational Training Centre

In the five years from 2012 to 2017, Springfields aims to build on our achievements so far. Our focus on the following areas demonstrates our pursuit of ‘true’ excellence across all aspects of school and community life.

Leadership and Management At Springfields, our team of professionals is pivotal to the happiness and success of our students. Our manifesto pledges to: • Provide world-class consultancy support for all staff • Ensure procedures are clearly defined, with clear roles and responsibilities – enabling leaders at all levels to thrive and drive key strategies

Staffing Our pupils deserve only the best. At The Springfields Academy we aim for tight teams of smart people who have a positive impact. These are our key areas of focus: • School-determined staffing structures that enable the school to be managed effectively and the curriculum delivered. • Outstanding, professionally-qualified, well-motivated and dynamic staff who show a genuine concern for the people around them and whose positive actions have an impact on boosting morale. • Rigorous performance management systems with a huge emphasis on CPD to meet the extreme challenges of supporting our most complex students.

Leadership, management and staff • Offer support in tackling under-achievement, through one-to-one personalised programmes • Set aside dedicated time for professional development • Improve the work/life balance

06 01249 814125



The Springfields Academy Manifesto 2012/17 A World Class Specialist Sports College & Vocational Training Centre



We believe the level of school-based resources and support available to children should not be dependent on where they live. Pupils should not bear the brunt of the strain placed on school budgets and resources caused by ever-changing Government initiatives.

It is essential that our Academy is accountable for the trust placed in us by parents / carers and the local community, and for the large sums of public money we receive. It is equally important that this accountability enables Springfields to demonstrate our strengths, as well as areas for development. In this Manifesto we pledge to:

Funding and Accountability Even as we face a period of serious economic restraint, our Academy will strive to ensure that: • Funding is made available to meet the demands of the Academy’s population • There is recognition of the additional expenditure required to meet initiatives dictated by Government.

• Provide a rigorous accountability system so that all staff are challenged and supported to become the best they can be. • Develop systems that do not rely on unnecessary paperwork and assessments, but ensure maximum contact with pupils. • Introduce reporting systems that allow parents and students to see a range of information – such as examination data, pupil progress and attendance rates – at the press of a button. • Maintain our support for the current system of external quality assurance of all aspect linked to ‘raising standards’

• We develop a pro-active, well connected ‘Charitable Trust’ that ensures a considerable flow of revenue to allow for greater innovation and site development 01249 814125


The Springfields Academy Manifesto 2012/17 A World Class Specialist Sports College & Vocational Training Centre


Our goals

Springfields is determined to offer a wide spectrum of qualifications, driven by personal needs and aspirations. This is how:

• To ensure 100% of students attain greater than a 2+ national curriculum level increase within each Key Stage in all subjects, with 50% of leavers achieving 5 A* – C

• A 24-hour curriculum for the 21st century, with new technologies at the heart of all learning and caring • Giving staff the flexibility to innovative and develop a true sense of ownership of the part they play.

The Curriculum – our goals • Equal access to a range of qualifications – enabling measurable pupil progress • Student access to high quality, independent information advice and guidance • Developing students’ recognition of the need to relate to local, national and international circumstances and knowledge.

10 01249 814125

• To empower leaders and managers at all levels to make greater use of monitoring and evaluation procedures • To gain full National Autistic Society accreditation • To develop a VLE for all students at The Springfields Academy and the wider community • To provide outstanding 21st century facilities, lined to our specialisms • To support schools and Academies nationwide by sharing our outstanding practices, ethos and expertise


The Springfields - Manifesto  

The Springfields - Manifesto

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