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Nice to meet you. We thought it was about time we introduced ourselves. We are Tyler Malnerich and Summer Estella. The Spot Magazine is our creation. Tyler came up with the idea while on vacation in Los Angeles and upon his return to Colorado, took it to Summer. It was then that the idea of The Spot Magazine was put into motion. A lot bigger project than either of us could of have ever imagined. We toughed through it and after six months our vision became a reality. To our amazement people actually liked it. With over four thousand readers our December issues made us excited for the second. With just as many readers in the January issue has made us realize that this is going to be a long running reality Thank you all for reading and remember to keep reading as we keep creating..

Tyler S. Malnerich & Summer Estella

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sidewalks BY KRYSTAL MYERS I rather enjoy my short 4 block walk to and from my apartment and school at Mesa State College. It’s peaceful and very serene with many trees, and there are sidewalks the entire way. Sidewalks are something that I always take notice of; how wide they are, how old the concrete is and where it needs repaired, whether there are weeds growing in between the slabs, or if someone walked on it before it was dry leaving their footprints. That is something I am always jealous of; I want to leave my footprints in a new sidewalk somewhere. Sidewalks are something that I grew up not having many of in the very small mountain town where I’m from. There was no roller-skating down sidewalks, no leisurely walks free of stones and uneven footing; there wasn’t even a good use for sidewalk chalk. These were only dreams that floated I rather my short 4 block along the enjoy dirt roads that lined town. In walk to and from my apartment my current evolving metropolis of Grand and schoolthough, at Mesathey Stateare College. Junction abundant. I like It’s peaceful and very serene new concrete the best, but Iwith really like the many trees,that andyou there older ones canare findsideon side streets walks the entire way. Sidewalks as well. I love to utilize these devices that are something that I always take most people grow up taking for granted, notice of; how wide they are, how so I am always happy to see them clear of old the concrete is and where it other pedestrians, free for meare to gingerly needs repaired, whether there stroll along. weeds growing in between the slabs, someone walked onto school Theor tripif from my apartment itonly before it was dry leaving theirdependtakes me about 4 minutes, footprints. That is something am the timing ing on how cold it is, and if I Iget always jealous of; I want to leave on the crosswalk correct. I usually take my my in a new sidewalk timefootprints though, trying to collect my thoughts somewhere. for the day and plan my schedule out while

I sipSidewalks on my traveling coffee mug are something that and search Ithrough grew upthe notplaylist havingon many of in I have nomy iPod. the very small mountain town ticed that the same cars are usually parked where I’m from. in the same spots.There Whenwas theyno are not there, roller-skating down sidewalks, no I am curious as to where the people who leisurely walks free stones andgoes for drive those cars are.of The same uneven wasn’t evendisappears houses footing; for sale.there When the sign afrom good use for sidewalk chalk. the front yard, I wonder who bought it These were the onlyowners dreams that not to sell. or if perhaps decided floated along the dirt roads that The sun warms mycurrent face against lined town. In my evolv-the constant chilly breeze on the way there, and I ing metropolis of Grand Junction feel it breathe onabundant. my neck asI like I walk home though, they are new the best, butthere I re- are no awayconcrete from it. Surprisingly, ally like the older onesold that you barking dogs, cynical men on front can find on side streets as well. porches, or homeless people toIavoid. I calove utilize these suallytowander downdevices Belford that to 10th Street, most people grow up taking for cross the road (after carefully looking both granted, I am always happy to ways for so traffic), buy a bottled water from see clear of store, other use pedestrithe them convenience the crosswalk ans, free North for meAvenue, to gingerly to cross and stroll continue my along. journey to school.

I attempt to always use the crosswalk. I have heard of way too many pedestrian/vehicle accidents on this street to be careless about crossing it. On a daily basis, I am witness to at least one, if not more, near accidents involving a dumbass student on a cell phone who almost gets clipped by a semi; I always think to myself “There’s a crosswalk douche bag.” Granted there are some drawbacks to using the crosswalk. First of all, as any user could tell you, it’s SLOW!!!! Sometimes it seems that I could walk back, get my car, and drive to school before this light changes. Second, at certain times of the day the traffic is mild enough to cross without playing Frogger. And third you are just as likely to get hit by a motorist in the crosswalk as out of it.

When these crossings began to become a problem a few years back, the local police department started handing out tickets to jaywalkers. They stood in the parking lot of a fast food joint across from the college and reprimanded offenders. When this failed to stop the continued disuse of the crosswalks they started writing tickets. This struck me as something Barney Fife did in Mayberry. Isn’t that who inhabited one of their two cells most the time, jaywalkers? The ticketing went on for some time regularly until I think the cops either got bored with it, or were pressured to focus on real problems like the Valley’s Meth Boom, but eventually it was almost nonexistent. Friends of mine have heard rumors of people still receiving tickets from an officer, but I have never seen it. If so, he must be the Lone Ranger type; he’s going to maintain order! There will be no jaywalking in front of the college!

In this new world of the Lone Ranger jaywalking officer, I have a new found safeness in walking to and from school. I do it freely and usually with no fear of becoming a paraplegic from being mowed down by some random driver who is messing with his satellite radio. This day felt like it would be a great day for a walk. The sun was bright and considerably warm for early February. The wind was crisp and slightly cool, which had turned my ears and nose red by the time I reached my classroom. The day of classes was fairly uneventful if you don’t count the meeting with my advisor telling me that I won’t be able to graduate for another year. I struck out on my way home, excited for the possibility of taking a nap when I got there. The day was so nice I did not put in my earphones, deciding to take in the sounds of the early afternoon. My hands tucked into my sweatshirt, I made my way down the once beautiful sidewalk thinking about the new concrete that would replace it when the construction was over. I came to the large metal pole and pushed the silver, cold, shiny metal button, then waited for the signal to change. When the stick figure man and his timer replaced the hand, I began to walk through the walkway designated by the large white painted pattern on the street. The timer ticked away as I walked casually across. I was about half way when through when I caught sight of a car in the corner of my eye. I took me a moment to realize this was a car not stopping for the pedestrian in the crosswalk. It was a Ford of some sort with a ski rack or something; it looked black and white, kind of like a cop car. “Oh shit that cop car’s about to plow me over!” rushed through my head, but not registering. Its lights weren’t on so there was no emergency; he just was going to run me over. I froze and closed my eyes hoping he would miss. I began to peek when I heard the squeal of tires. I slowly opened them to see the cop waving apologetically to me and motioning me to continue. I stood and stared for a second, my crossing signal was over and I was now holding up traffic. I finished crossing and he drove on. If he would have had a cowboy hat I’m sure he would have waved it in the air while yelling “High Hoe Silver, Awwayyy!” So much for the safety of the God Damn sidewalk. Perhaps I should have slammed my hands on his hood and screamed “SCREW YOU!”, but I didn’t, I really didn’t want to get a ticket. My serenity broken, I will skeptically walk the sidewalks, and from now on I will take my chances playing in the oncoming traffic.



Well, folks, a new year is finally upon us, and I have returned from a short absence to bring you the latest and greatest in music happenings around the Grand Valley, complete with just the right dose of attitude and brutal honesty that you will come to know and embrace. There’s quite a bit to look forward to, so without further adieu, here we go! First of all, I just want to give a big shout out and a cyber-high-five to all the local promotion companies and musicians who do so much for the growing music scene in Grand Junction and the surrounding areas. You all know who you are, and I along with many others greatly appreciate the tireless efforts you put into giving our town plenty of excellent musical events to partake in. You are the reason I get to combine my passions for writing and music in these monthly articles. So give yourselves a nice pat on the back, celebrate. You do great things! Let’s go back in time to Saturday January 16th. If I may quote the great Tom Waits, I went out “lookin’ for the heart of Saturday night,” not really expecting to find anything remotely interesting going on in downtown Grand Junction but boy, did I find it! Forth Yeer (from Denver, CO) was rocking the stage at Tenacious Brother’s Pub like nobody’s business. From the second I walked through the door, looked up and saw six sweaty, tattooed, (mostly) shirtless guys jumping around on that stage, I immediately decided that I liked them. No, I loved them! Granted, part of this could be because I am, after all, a 22-year-old girl who grew up around musicians and have quite the weakness for them, but I digress. The energy put out by the boys of Forth Yeer was completely infectious and their interaction with the crowd was unmatched by anything I’ve seen since Social Distortion came to town last September.

The music was loud, distorted, and full of spunk. They played mostly original songs (some notable favorites of mine are “Spank Bank”, “Cheap Beer”, and “Last Man Standing”) along with a few crowdpleasing covers such as a rowdy rendition of Charlie Daniels’ “The Devil Went Down to Georgia” and Iron Maiden’s “Hallowed Be They Name”. They seemed to be genuinely enjoying themselves and I’ll be damned if that crowd didn’t have just as much fun as the band did. These guys are no joke. They party hard and rock even harder. Their hard rock, punk and Southern rock style makes them one of the most energetic and raucous up-and-coming bands you’ll see around here. They’ll no doubt leave you wishing the show didn’t end, and every bone and muscle in your body will be sore for days. That, my friends, is what a live show is supposed to be. Forth Yeer consists of six megatalented dudes, three of which are guitar players. One might initially think that’s too many guitars for one band, but they each bring their own unique element to the show. There’s Aaron on vocals, whose voice is raw and gritty, and couldn’t be more fitting for Forth Yeer’s sound. Then you have Tay, Tony, and Jerry on lead and rhythm guitars (respectively), Logan on bass and Ty on the drums. Together, they form a perfect union of heavily distorted riffs, gripping intros, and guitar solos so fast you’ll think the Gods of hard rock possessed Tony and Tay. And get this: these guys are not your typical cocky rock stars like so many bands seem to become once they hit the big time. I could very well tarnish their badass image by saying that they are truly the friendliest and most down-toearth group of guys I can ever remember meeting. I had the pleasure of getting to hang out with them after the show and at a later after-party. They are absolutely hilarious, and are never the ones to pass up a late-night jam session complete with a banjo (Tony’s newest musical undertaking) and freestyle rapping.

I don’t care who you are or what kind of music you’re into; go see this band live and you’ll be glad you did. They’ll be back here in April, once again at Tenacious Brothers Pub (brought to you by Johny Wrong Presents). So go out, buy them a drink, and get down and rowdy with Forth Yeer, because they’re well worth the last five dollars in your pocket. A word of advice, though: Guys, leave your girlfriends at home (there’s a good chance they’ll ditch you for the band), and ladies, dump your douche bag boyfriends. Forth Yeer will win you over from the moment they take the stage and strum that very first chord. February should be another fun-filled month of local shows and events. We’ll have a calendar for all you music aficionados to check when and where your favorite bands and newcomers are playing next. I welcome your comments, questions, rants, or anything you might have to say. You can email me anytime at Until next time, fellow music lovers, rock on!


TOMMY GOOD SERGEANT JR. Since 496 AD every February we celebrate our love for our intimate others by sending them flowers, pictures of hearts, doves, and cupids, heart shaped boxes of chocolate, and greeting cards professing our love for them. For over 1500 years we have spent time and money in appreciation for the ones we love, but what about the ones we hate? Our ex-girlfriends, ex-boyfriends, in-laws, and family members. That creep at your gym that always stairs at your ass while you’re working out or the neighbor that calls the cops anytime you have more than two people over. What about your teacher who assigns extra homework every holiday because they are bitter, lonely, spiteful people with nothing better to do during Christmas break than grade the same crappy book reports that they have assigned to an ever intellectually depreciating student body every year for the past 30 years of their sad and pathetic lives? Don’t these people deserve some attention also? I believe they do. This February 15th will be the first ever Anti-Valentine day, so don’t spend all of your hard earned beer money showering your sweetheart with undeserved gifts hoping to get them to do that thing in bed you’ve been begging them to. They aren’t going to do it

anyway, believe me I’ve spent a million pesos trying. This year you have someone more important to acknowledge… the person you loath! We all know them and we all are them. Here are a few gift ideas for Anti-Valentine day.

-For the person that nagged, criticized, and verbally abused you until you had thoughts of murder/suicide… A Red Ball Gag so they’ll shut the hell up. -Guy\Girl that doesn’t get the point and keeps “accidently” calling you… A heart shaped box full of dog terds shaped like chocolate candies. One bite and they won’t be bothering you again! -Ex-boyfriend that has a tiny, pathetic excuse for a penis but is always talking about “Rockin’ your world”… ExtenZe. Unlike like you, he’ll feel it. -Roommate that eats your food, drinks your beer, never pays bills, and is loud and annoying… Move out and find a roommate to replace you that you found on craigslist who may or may not be a serial killer. Maybe then they’ll show some respect. -That neighbor who always calls the cops… Buy a large amount of Cocaine, do your share, then break into their house and hide it. The next time they call the cops on you, you can tell the officer that your neighbor is a drug dealer and just the other day they offered you some coke and you know.

just where to find it. Barring complete police incompetency, you won’t be worrying about them for a few years -An ex that cheated on you… An all expense paid trip to the Doctor with a note explaining how it is very important that they get tested for Herpes but don’t schedule the appointment for a month or two. That should put their sex life on hold for a while. -Your girlfriend that is always bitching that you don’t buy her nice things and whining about how all of her friends boyfriends buy them flowers and write them poetry and you don’t care about her … Dead flowers with a nice poem about a man from Nantucket. Maybe then she’ll realize that she’s just a booty call. -Your incompetent boss who doesn’t do anything right or make any good decisions but takes credit for your hard work… A copy of “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Management”. If they can read, they might learn how to do their damn job so you don’t have to.

Who do you hate? Happy Anti-Valentine’s Day everyone!



When you think of Nine Inch Nails, I can almost guarantee that the first song that comes to mind will be “Closer”. Rest assured that is a phenomenal song, but what some people miss is that it is from a phenomenal album as well. “The Downward Spiral” is one of my most cherished albums and should be a mainstay of anyone that is a fan of industrial, being pissed off and hating the world, and just plain music.

Next comes the classic of the guessed it....”Closer”, where our hero tries to find love thinking it will better him, but later in the album on the song “Reptile” we realize it doesn’t work out to well for him. This all leads up to the title track of the album in which the protagonist reaches his final breaking point and cannot take anymore. The final track of the album, “Hurt” shows once again the theme of self- destruction, and can be viewed as the “death” of the album. Oh, and not-so-little known fact but should be mentioned, Johnny Fucking Cash covers this song!

Trent Reznor, the driving force behind NIN really out did himself on this one. The album features the early framework of what NIN would come to be. “Downward Spiral” was the next step in the then short time line of NIN. “Pretty Hate Machine”, the bands first album was docile compared to the next album, 1992’s “Broken”, and it was damn near easy listening compared to “Downward Spiral”. This album would become the blueprint for the albums soon to come, and would serve as one of Mr. Reznor’s many masterpieces of his career.

So there you have it, a short explanation of the theme to the album. As depressing as it sounds, the album is really quite good, and its placed in my personal hall of fame. Trent Reznor has an amazing mind for music, and creating unique original concepts and ideas. Another example of his genius, which would be too long to include in this article but is still worth a mention is the “Year Zero” storyline. Just go over to the Wikipedia article on the album, and try to tell me he’s not a genius, I dare you.

The concept of the album explores a person who has finally hit that snapping point where they have given up on everything and are now on The Downward Spiral (makes sense now doesn’t it?) into a reckless abandon of drug usage, sexual exploits, pure hatred, and self-destruction. When you listen to how the music weaves its way around the lyrics, and the way the songs piece together as you listen to it from front to back, you realize it paints one of the most vivid pictures I have seen done with this medium of art. You can tell when this person is starting to crack, you can feel the emotions of anguish, frustration, helplessness, and finally the big break into full on not just wanting to die, but trying to die. When you think of it, the album kind of works like a freakish roller coaster through the mind of a man with no will to live. “Mr. Self-Destruct”, begins the album with the no holds barred mentality NIN has mastered, featuring our “hero” realizing his self hatred and sadness and succumbing to drugs trying to find a way out of the hole he’s in. “March Of The Pig” exemplifies the anger and flat out rage as he begins to slowly but surely destroy himself.

Cannabis Crown Aspen Colorado For those of you who don’t have your Cannabis Crown tickets it might be too late. Only 1500 tickets were sold and at $25 a pop they sold out quick. I have heard there are still options out there if you want to attend but it comes with a price. I saw tickets going for $300 to $400 on craigslist. But if you are resourceful, you can still find tickets. The two day event will take place April 17th & 18th at The Gant in Aspen, Co. This First Annual Festival estimates upwards of 400 strains will be entered, as well as live music, speakers, information booths, and a raffle. The event is open to the public but if you are not a patient then you will have limited access. The focus of the conference is to enlighten people about the benefits of Medical Cannabis both health wise and economically. The elite few, Golden Ticket holders, will be allowed to help judge the various strains and vote on a ‘people’s choice’ award which helps narrow down the field for the winner of the Cannabis Crown but ultimately the winner will be chosen based upon results of testing done by Full Spectrum Laboratories. Their botanical testing services does diagnostic testing, giving the quantitative analysis of the cannabinoids in the medicine. The winner of the Cannabis Crown is rumored to win a trip to Amsterdam. And there is still time to enter your strain, deadline for entry is March 15th. High Country Caregivers hasn’t leaked any information about strains entered or how to get a Golden Ticket, but I know a couple growers that have entered strains so hopefully they will let me have a sneak peek at their gardens ahead of time. I just got my tickets in the mail today so I will see you there. If you have any questions about the event contact High Country Caregivers at 970-945-2492 open from 11 am to 7 pm 7 days a week (MST) or email at -Lady Bud

Info taken from: Saturday, January 23, 2010 ‘Cannabis crown’ coming to Aspen 3&parentprofile=1074

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Not Just Coffee by

Tyler S. Malnerich You may have heard the rumors around town that there is a new brew in town. And let me be the first to tell you that there is. Roasted, formally in Summit Canyon Mountaineering has taken over the quaint little corner of 5th and Colorado in Grand Junction. Not just brewing coffee anymore they now make delicious sub sandwiches like the Larry David and other clever names for their tasty treats. With a little bit louder music than your average coffee joint Alex Mackey (26) and Greg Indivero (22) have found their niche in our fair town. Offering great hours and a chill environment to just kick back and relax with your friends Roasted has become the place to be. To make it even better, their coffee is excellent. The idea of expansion came from really bad hours and not a whole lot of space at their previous location. Greg and Alex spent a year trying to buy out the owners of Colorado Java (the previous coffee shop in the current location) but the owners would not budge on price so the two finally gave in and bought it. As it turned out it was a great investment.

“Food is a big deal.” “ Coming from Philly I wanted some sort of deli incorporated into the new location” says Indivero. We also wanted a place that was a lot more energetic as well as a place for people to sit down and hang out. I asked the guys what sets Roasted apart from other coffee shops in the area, and to my surprise their answers were unique. “Simple” says Mackey. “Attitude and straight forward customer service” says Indivero. “ We are in the heart of Grand Junction, we are open later than most and it is a laid back atmosphere.” Says Mackey. Roasted has not only good deals like when you bring your own cup coffee is just a buck to encourage saving the planet, they also have live music when the weather permits, they also provide a stave that is your friend not just an employee. Greg Mackey said, “ We are a place for young professionals and students as well as just a good place to network.” “We have seen people get dates and jobs just from hanging out here.” If you want to check out Roasted, they are located at 502 Colorado Ave. In downtown Grand Junction. They are open Monday – Thursday from 7am -10pm, Friday & Saturday 7am -10pm, and Sunday 7am-6pm. You can also find them on facebook by just searching Roasted

Behind The Canvas With Julie Anderson by

Jessica Staley

When I first saw the artwork of local artist Julie Anderson, the only thing that came to mind was how her imagery had furnished my mind with happy feelings. Born in Delta and raised in the small town of Olathe, Julie Anderson discovered her love for art. Her family had always been into art, so when she felt the desire bubbling beneath the surface to create something she could relate to, she had the freedom to do just that. In the first grade, Julie’s family had decided to move to Rangley, CO, another small town miles away from anything. Julie continued to find her talent and dedicate deserved time to it.

Julie moved to Grand Junction shortly after graduating high school and sought more education from Mesa State College’s art program. In the meantime, Julie continued to create pieces for her own pleasure. Julie paints for herself and is motivated by how it makes her feel, but what she didn’t know was that other people enjoyed her work just as much as she did. When I saw Julie’s artwork, it meant something different for me than it did for her, but that’s the joy in her work; you will be able to find a meaning in her art for yourself. Julie’s work was first displayed at her graduating art show, which was held at the college. It moved on to be displayed at other locations such as Planet Earth in downtown Grand Junction, and also at her place of employment, the very fitting Artists Haven located on the highway

Julie’s artwork has become a demand amongst the local art culture thread, and is now displayed at “ Tenacious Brothers Pub” on the corner of 7th and Main. Amongst some of the pieces that grace the walls of the pub is one that is not only nice to look at, but takes me back to a certain era in my own life. There are no words to describe the feeling I had when I saw this piece. It was almost like I were being nostalgic about something I had not yet experienced. It was a simple yet euphoric feeling. When I asked Julie where her inspiration for this piece had come from, her reply “a box of dead birds” surprised me. It was that simple for her to take an object and create something that was just breathtaking. I find her art to be dark and mysterious, almost like reading a book with no ending. It left me with questions, but that’s the sheer beauty of her work, the answers are for you to harvest, the meaning is for you to find. I asked Julie what she would like to do with her art in the future and her answer was something like “wherever the road takes me,” which I found very inspirational. She’s not trying to make a huge name for herself, she is just doing what she loves to do, and if you can do that, you’re already better off than half of the rest of us.


But, regardless... to be an activist is to need others to act as well. Maybe that’s why the Rothschild’s still managed to buy out the United States of America; because those few that did act did not have others that were willing to act with Law enforcement presenting a series of them. So that leaves James where it questions and one of which asks... “Should leaves everyone else that wants to make And the day started ever so nicely. For example... if these two bills pass the medical marijuana dispensaries be allowed a difference in whatever it is they’re You know how it does on a Sunday morning. total cost for a medical marijuana license in Palisade, CO?” This is the reality in which trying to make a difference in, he relies Wake up, blink about two to three times, will be 1000.00 plus. We’re talking about this Coloradoan cannabis culture has to on according to him... “Family. You are all yawn, stretch, look over at my lady, smile, MEDICINE here... not DRUGS. Not many face, these ridiculous notions that are tomy family,” he calmly stated. Of course and finally throw the blankets off of me know this but Senator Romer makes it aptally unconstitutional and irrational. I could this begs to question why someone and roll out of bed for whatever reason. As I pear as if he is pro-medical marijuana but tell from the conversations, body language, would call a complete stranger “famthrew my robe on this morning to stumble then behind everyone’s backs he submit and lack of general comfort ability the ily”. Of course in the Tibetan philosophy to the kitchen to freshen and awake with these new bills that will limit every patient audience grew restless and almost impaand new age sense of the word we’re all some purified water, I couldn’t help but and ever caregiver whether primary or not. tient, and with what seemed like that deep family but the kind of family Mr. Murkwonder,” what is this supposed cannabis And Travis also proposed something that breath before the plunge, Travis of God’s land means is what most have. Now call conference that I’m attending. My good many people seemed to show support Gift dispensary took the floor and the me crazy but don’t you have to be of friend the Doctor. We’ll call him; he told my for by shouting and yelling... “Get sheriff restlessness and impatience ceased and the same blood to be family? Not when lady, and me about it prior, of course but hilkey & Romer out of office.” As Travis was replaced with great focus and sense of you’re part of this community apparsomething just seemed strange about the made his exit he was cheered by the audiexcitement and an almost fearful intensity. ently. He added,” in order to co-exist with vibes and images that appeared in my mind. ence and praised with whistling, shouting, With nothing but silence coming from the the community we have to give back to Especially when I jumbled the two separate and clapping. And it was during his exit lips of those seated and standing Travis the community. Which unifies all of us things cannabis conference and. in Delta, that I couldn’t help but wonderhow this began to inform of many unconstitutional, which makes a family.” So with this noCO. I couldn’t get passed this strange notion. elderly man made his way into the Medical ridiculous, and irrational actions and ideas tion in the open I can definitely support Even as the doctor, my lady, some drifter, Marijuana culture. Probably like many othin which the powers that be are debating. that idea because of the simple fact that and me were seated at our table at Cowboy ers he found that everything else that he not only would caregivers be helping coffee at twelve o’clock on a refreshingly was treating himself with were making his not just patients but also the people For example... if these two bills pass the cool afternoon. With the sun hanging high, symptoms worse. Due to this, he made the that we all see so regularly. At this point total cost for a medical marijuana license its rays reflected off the glistening snow, safer choice for his body and mind. With during the conference I was definitely will be 1000.00 plus. We’re talking about slowly being stolen by the suns gaze in Travis exiting the “stage” he greeted James not alone in feeling charged and ready MEDICINE here... not DRUGS. Not many what some would consider a more or less Murkland with a firm but friendly handto perform whatever actions it takes know this but Senator Romer makes it ap“dumpy” town. shake and a smile. to bring a very secure and more than pear as if he is pro-medical marijuana but satisfying sense of safety to sell medical then behind everyone’s backs he submit Now for those of you that are a little out of Strange vibes and senses snapping and marijuana patients. How we can do that these new bills that will limit every patient the loop James Murkland has been fighting crackling in my brain as the audience was is by contacting the representative in and ever caregiver whether primary or not. for Medical Marijuana rights with wise words filing in. Certain people definitely stood out. And Travis also proposed something that and great confidence for many years now. And the House of Representatives at https:// Folks from God’s Gift, from the Red Moon many seemed to show support for that I it people was during his presentation of sorts Chronicle, the Watch Dog press publisher shtml, Colorado senators at http://www. by shouting and yelling... “Get sheriff hilkey asked him,” How long have you been a politiRon Bain, the owner of Sweets LLC, one Romer out of office. ” cian?” Now at face value this question seems of the well learned botanists from Primo tion/senators_cfm.cfm, and city council sort of stupid. But, when looked much more Gardens, a whole slew of activists, patients, closely the truth does indeed decide to be re- member at and concerned people of whatever medihtm. vealed. The simple truth is, like many medical cal marijuana interest. Some were there for marijuana patients and anti-marijuana prohi- Of course not many people seem to think the sole purpose of education others were bitionists he is a bona-fide ACTIVIST. This word emailing, calling, or contacting any politithere to be part of something. The proporof course is not to be taken lightly because not cal puppet will help what so ever. On the tions of which have not been experienced many choose to bear this word across their by the likes of many the inhabitants of contrary, this is one of the only ways to backs or bodies. This means to truly fight for the Grand Valley. I maintained a constant win on this house of war. Yes I said, “war.” something and be willing to one day potenscan of the strange scene I was participatThat’s what it has been ever since harry tially is a martyr in a one way or another and ing in. Different kinds of materials were anslinger decided to begin marijuana it is due to this, I assume, that Ghandi, Nelson being handed out through out the entire prohibition. But in order to win we have Mandela, John F. Kennedy, Abraham Lincoln, conference. Whether it was the new bill for to fight words with words and physical Martin Luther King Jr. and so many others died. proof. For physical proof all you need the state regulating dispensaries, growBecause of something that needed action as ers, and patients presented by Chris Romer is to take a look at Rick Simpson’s work (Senator of Colorado?), even info stating opposed to, a waiting to react. So? Where does out of Nova Scotia. What I’m saying is... quite clearly that Starbuck’s Coffee CO. And that leave us? Maybe its somewhere between we have been called to arms and we are North Force is Anti-marijuana, as well as a hopelessly foolish? 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are you ready for this ? BY TYLER S. MALNERICH

Nothing Personal, Strictly Business is HOT! Yeah I said it HOT! The debut album from Showgunz is already hitting the charts on Grand Junctions radio. Holding down the number one most requested spot for over a month on local station Magic 93.1. The first single “Eva Seen” has definitely made its mark. And the next single “Shadow Girl” is looking to do the same. Showgunz is a group that was started by The Four Front Entertainment front man Laurence Nichols (L-nix) and Bryan Robinson (Alpha Supreme) and League Syndicates LLC, CEO Joseph Greycheck. This new group features many young gunz like Pretty Boy, Lyrikal (LK), Chris, and Jay-R, The guys in Showgunz started this project five months ago, and hard work has paid off. “This album is for performing.” Says the group. “We wanted to put together an album that is what people would want to hear live.” This was a big step for L-Nix for everything he has done in the past has either been solo or in a duo. But after talking with him he seems to like it more than before. I asked the guys what they wanted people to know after listening to the album. The answer says it all “NOTHING PERSONAL, STRICKLY BUSINESS.”





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