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Sport Medicine, Sport Injuries, Injury Treatment of Mike Ryan Fitness Mike Ryan is a devoted and true professional in the athletic training arena. As the Head Athletic Trainer and Physical Therapist for the Jacksonville Jaguars he has risen to the top of his profession. He is unique and well qualified in sports medicine with dual degrees as a Certified Athletic Trainer and as a Registered Physical Therapist. He is not only distinguished in rehabilitating professional athletes but over the many years of our friendship he and I have shared a deep passion about the prevention of injuries in sports at all levels particularly the weekend athlete and in our very vulnerable young athletes.

Today is an exciting day in Jacksonville, FL. Today is the 4th annual 26.2 With Donna Breast Cancer Marathon with thousands of runners of all ages competing in this amazing event. From the 1 Mile Fun Run, to the 5 km race to the 1/2 marathon to the “big race�, the marathon, all the runners have two things in common: 1. They are raising money and awareness for a very worthwhile cause: Breast Cancer 2. They will be sore tomorrow.

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