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February 2013

Knights Flying High A recent upset victory over Avon has Ellington thinking toward the post-season. The Knights, and Matt Anderson (shown here) will begin NCCC tournament play next week. Photo by: Brendan Faherty,

+RFNH\&R2SV6LJQ2I1HZ,FH$JH %\1DWH2ZHQ The Sports Department 7KUHH\HDUVDJR(QĂ€HOGDQG)HUPL+LJK Schools were the respective tournament champions of their hockey leagues. They were two more titles in a long list won by WKH5DLGHUVDQG)DOFRQV Two years later, neither school had enough players to form a full team, so

the longtime town rivals had to merge to form a co-op. This year, there was enough to room to add players from two more schools. It is the way of Connecticut high school hockey, especially in north and central Connecticut, where slashes are as common in separating co-op team names as on the ice. The high school hockey landscape in

Inside The Sports Department Jon Buzby discusses how you can prevent running up the score. See page 3. Check out how your boys basketball team is doing. See page 14.

Connecticut has evolved drastically over the last several seasons. The CIAC has three divisions of 57 teams, down from 63 in 2009-10. Of the 57, 23 are co-op teams with players from two, three or even four schools. Lack of numbers is the familiar reason ZK\$QGLW¡VQRWMXVWVFKRROVODQJXLVKLQJ at the bottom of their league that have had trouble putting together enough bodies for a full program. )HUPLDQG(QĂ&#x20AC;HOGDUHWKHSULPHH[DPSOH of the trend. 2QH\HDUDIWHUWKH\PHUJHG)HUPL(QĂ&#x20AC;HOGWRRNRQ(DVW*UDQE\DQG6WDIIRUGWKLV season. Stafford had been with Rockville and Manchester, but that tri-op fell apart due to lack of numbers, and all three schools found new partners this season. â&#x20AC;&#x153;If we had kept Manchester, we would have had 11 hockey players,â&#x20AC;? Rockville athletic director Steve Phelps said. The Rams ended up with Bolton, Coventry and Lyman Memorial-Lebanon and have ridden a deep team to an 12-1-1 start. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Co-ops are the new norm,â&#x20AC;? said coach Paul Dowe of Tri-Town, the oldest co-op in WKHVWDWH)RUPHGLQLWKDVSOD\HUV from Somers, Ellington and East Windsor. â&#x20AC;&#x153;The only way to survive as a high school organization is to co-op with other towns.â&#x20AC;? 7KDW¡VDGUDVWLFFKDQJHIURPWKHSDVW â&#x20AC;&#x153;I grew up in Manchester and my older brother played a lot growing up,â&#x20AC;? Tolland DWKOHWLFGLUHFWRU3DW&R[VDLG´<RXMXVW GLGQ¡WHYHQWKLQNDERXWFRRSLQJZLWK another town. â&#x20AC;&#x153; Steven Grigorian, the vice president of South Windsor Arena, said he saw co-ops VWDUWWRH[SDQGDURXQGĂ&#x20AC;YH\HDUVDJR ´,W¡VUHDOO\DOOLQWKHIHHGHUSURJUDPÂľKH VDLG´(QĂ&#x20AC;HOG\RXWKKRFNH\XVHGWREH

the largest in the state and have 500 kids. Now they have about 100.â&#x20AC;? And as players get older, hockey gets PRUHH[SHQVLYH%HWZHHQLFHWLPHDQG equipment, a family can be on the hook for a hefty bill. ´+RFNH\LVDQH[SHQVLYHVSRUW,JLYHWKH parents a lot of credit,â&#x20AC;? Dowe said. The advent of indoor facilities such as 6WDU+LOOLQ7ROODQGDQGWKHEXEEOHLQ(DVW :LQGVRUKDVH[SDQGHGWKH\HDUURXQG availability of sports such as lacrosse or soccer that are far cheaper than a season of hockey. ´7KHH[WUHPHFRVWLVVRPHWKLQJWKDW¡V DUHDOLW\LQWKLVGD\DQGDJHÂľ&R[VDLG â&#x20AC;&#x153;People are very cautious with discretionDU\PRQH\,I\RX¡UHJHWWLQJ\RXUVHOILQD VLWXDWLRQZKHUH\RX¡UHVSHQGLQJWKRXVDQGV of dollars, maybe the parents start looking in other directions.â&#x20AC;? 1RWRQO\LVHTXLSPHQWH[SHQVLYHDQG often needs to be replacing as players get ROGHUEXWJHWWLQJSUDFWLFHWLPHLVQ¡WFKHDS either. ´,W¡VH[SHQVLYHDVKHOOWRUXQDULQNÂľ said Bob Croteau, general manager of Bolton Ice Palace. Crouteau says most of the high school teams take ice time in WKHDIWHUQRRQW\SLFDOO\FKHDSHUVLQFHLW¡V considered â&#x20AC;&#x153;down time.â&#x20AC;? ([SHQVHVIRUPRVWWHDPVDUHSDUWLDOO\ provided by the school through the town's board of education, with the rest getting VSOLWDPRQJWKHSOD\HUV6XIĂ&#x20AC;HOG*UDQE\ Windsor Locks skaters all pay the same amount, most of which goes towards ice WLPHDFFRUGLQJWR6XIĂ&#x20AC;HOGDWKOHWLFGLUHFWRU Mike Bosworth. See â&#x20AC;&#x153;Other Optionsâ&#x20AC;? Page 11



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Timothy Edwards Captures &5$/*LUOV%DVNHWEDOO7LWOH The Timothy Edwards Middle School girls basketball team capped a memorable season ZLWKDQH[FLWLQJ 41-40 victory over Ellington in the championship game of the Connecticut River Athletic League. Timothy Edwards held a 17-point lead at halftime and then fought off a furious Ellington rally in the The girls from the Timothy Edwards Middle School bassecond half to claim ketball team show off the trophy after defeating Ellington to win the CT River Athletic League playoff championthe title. ship. See many more photos at

7ROODQG V(OOLRWW Signs With Con YHUVH&ROOHJH 7ROODQG+LJK senior Mariah Elliott signed her National Letter of Intent to play soccer at Converse College in Spartanburg, South Carolina on Wednesday, )HEGXULQJD Photo by: Lifetouch Photography brief ceremony at the school. Elliott, who was a four-year varsity SOD\HUDW7+6ZDVUHFHQWO\QDPHGWR All-Area Girls Soccer Team and was a two-time All-CCC selection and helped lead the Eagles to two CCC East titles. She said she had considered Eastern Connecticut State University, but once Converse contacted her the thought of playing Division II in a warm weather climate was too appealing. "I love South Carolina, it's beautiful down there and its warm,'' Elliott said. "The more I started looking into it the farther Eastern started VOLSSLQJ&RQYHUVHLVGHĂ&#x20AC;QLWHO\P\QXPber one and has been for a long time.'' Converse College is a Division II program which competes in the Conference Carolinas. Elliott said she hopes to play XSIURQWDVHLWKHUDIRUZDUGRUPLGĂ&#x20AC;HOGHU

Vernon Lax Open +RXVH The Vernon Lacrosse Association (VLA) will be hosting an open house at WKH&HQWHUJ\PQDVLXP +DUWIRUG 7XUQSLNH LQ9HUQRQRQ6XQGD\)HEUXary 24th from 4:30pm to 6:30pm. 7KHER\VSURJUDPLVRSHQWRER\VJLUOV in grades K-8 and the girls program is open to girls in grades K-6. Website address is (PDLOTXHVWLRQVWRYHUQRQODFURVVH#

South Windsor <RXWK+RFNH\ &RDFKHV*DPH$ 6XFFHVV 7KH6RXWK:LQGVRU<RXWK+RFNH\ Association's Annual Coaches Game was played Sunday Jan. 20 at South Windsor Arena Over 30 coaches and assistant coaches participated. Over $600 was raised for the Susan G KoPHQ&DQFHU)RXQGDWLRQ The coaches had a great time, with the Gold team winning, 6-5. All the kids had a fantastic time as well, cheering RQWKHLUFRDFKHV7KHSDUHQWVHQMR\HG listening to their kids trying to coach their coaches. Proceeds came from GRQDWLRQVDUDIĂ HDQGDKDOIWLPH chuck-a-puck competition.

The victorious Gold team won, 6-5. Courtesy of: South Windsor Youth Hockey Association - Print Edition



+RZ7R1RW5XQ8S7KH6FRUH By Jon Buzby The Sports Department

Three times in the past two weeks, I went to local high school basketball games and witnessed teams running up the score. I've also seen it happen plenty of times in recreation and travel league games, where coaches refuse to control players, resulting in embarrassing the opponents even more. In these situations, all three teams had leads of more than 25 points heading into the fourth quarter and continued to play starters and press full-court. (YHQZKHQWKHVWDUWHUVĂ&#x20AC;QDOO\FDPH out, the substitutes were pressing and running-and-gunning as if trying to score 100 points, even though none of the teams were close to doing so. And the coaches did absolutely nothing to discourage it - in fact, they encouraged it. No matter what level of sport, running

XSWKHVFRUHLVQRWRQO\XQQHFHVVDU\LW¡V downright unacceptable. In baseball, coaches should not tell players to quit hitting or pitchers to stop WKURZLQJVWULNHV%XWSOD\HUVGRQ¡WQHHG to stretch singles into doubles or doubles into triples, or try to intentionally work ZDONV,QIRRWEDOOSOD\HUVFDQ¡WMXVW lay down untouched with the football EHFDXVHWKDW¡VHYHQPRUHHPEDUUDVVLQJ to the opponent (an unintended consequence of the 50-point rule in Connecticut high schools). But coaches should not be calling trick or long pass plays on offense or blitz on defense. 5LJKWQRZLW¡VWKHPLGGOHRIEDVNHWEDOO season and lacrosse is right around the FRUQHU,QERWKVSRUWVLW¡VYHU\HDV\IRU teams to avoid running up the score. Once the game is out of reach, coaches can insert all the reserves and instruct them to pass the ball for one minute or more when on offense. After a pre-established time, the team can run a set play until they score or turn the ball over. This takes time off the clock while forcing players to still play hard and work RQH[HFXWLRQ%XWLWDOVRDYRLGVVFRULQJD ORWRISRLQWVDJDLQVWZKDW\RX¡YHDOUHDG\ proven to be an overmatched opponent. )LQDOO\FRDFKHVVKRXOGLQVLVWWKHZLQning team never run a fast break. ,W¡VSHUIHFWO\Ă&#x20AC;QHWRSOD\KDUGRQ

defense, but it should be in a packedin zone without any type of press or pressure defense on the perimeter. The challenge to the defenders can be to try and limit easy shots and not allow the offense to get rebounds. ,W¡VWKHFRDFK¡VMREWRFRQWUROWKHWHPSR with a large lead and to make sure the players in the game are willing to do so. ,IWKHSOD\HUVDUHQ¡WZLOOLQJWRIROORZWKH FRDFK¡VLQVWUXFWLRQVMXVWOLNHLQDQ\VLPLODUVLWXDWLRQWKDW¡VZK\WKHUH¡VDVHDWRQ the bench for that player to sit and watch the rest of the game.

$QGKHUH¡VDKLQW%HIRUHVHQGLQJWKH SOD\HUVRXWRIWKHKXGGOHWRH[HFXWHWKDW plan, the coach might also let them know that if they get benched for not following instructions, the bench is not only where WKH\¡OOVSHQGWKHUHVWRIWKLVJDPHEXW DOORIWKHQH[WRQH5XQQLQJXSWKHVFRUH against an opponent is embarrassing for everyone involved on both teams but no more embarrassing than for the coach allowing it to happen. Contact Jon Buzby at JonBuzby@ and follow him @JonBuzby on Twitter.

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Student Athlete of the Month 6SRUWWrestling (160 pounds) 1LFNQDPHâ&#x20AC;&#x153;Eâ&#x20AC;? $FFRPSOLVKPHQWV: Two-year wrestling captain *3$ 96 +RZGR\RXSUHSDUHIRUDPDWFK" Listen to music and clear my head of everything other than my match. 7KRXJKWVRQWKHVHDVRQ"7KLVLVLW,¡P going to go out and give 100 percent and have fun. )DYRULWHFDUHHUPRPHQWPinning someone in a half-nelson with both of my feet off the ground. :KDWDUHDZHUH\RXVWURQJHVWLQ" What area did you improve the most LQRYHU\RXUFDUHHU" My strongest area is shot defense. As I have grown in wrestling, I have found the crossface to aid me when I need it most. /RRNLQJEDFNZKDWDUH\RXJRLQJWR PLVVWKHPRVWDERXWZUHVWOLQJIRU\RXU WHDP"2YHUDOOZKDWDUH\RXJRLQJWR PLVVWKHPRVWDERXWKLJKVFKRRO" I am going to miss my teammates the most. I have wrestled with some great people over my four years. Similarly, I am going to miss being able to see my friends whenever after I leave high school. :KDWLVWKHWRXJKHVWFKDOOHQJH\RX¡YH RYHUFRPH" Learning to adapt to different





Vernon Parks and Recreation

+RW6KRWV&RQWHVW &RPLQJ8S %\$P\/RFDQGUR 9HUQRQ3DUNVDQG5HFUHDWLRQ The Vernon Parks & Recreation Department is hosting the CT Recreation & Parks $VVRFLDWLRQ¡V%DVNHWEDOO6KRRWLQJ&RQWHVW ´+RW6KRWVÂľ0RQGD\)HEIURPWR p.m. at Skinner Road School. The winners of each division will represent Vernon in the statewide contest. ParticiSDQWVPD\VKRZXSDW$1<WLPHEHWZHHQ 6 and 8; it's free and no pre-registration is required. 3/($6(EULQJFRS\RIELUWKFHUWLĂ&#x20AC;FDWH $JH'LYLVLRQV DJHDVRI %R\V %R\V%R\V*LUOV

*LUOV*LUOV +LS+RS'DQFH&ODVV This is a dance class for anyone ages 5-12. The dance students will learn choUHRJUDSKHGURXWLQHVWR+LS+RS5 %DQG Latin music. The class will fuse the elements of hip hop dance which will include Breakin', Poppin', Lockin' and Latin. This JHQUHRIGDQFHLVJUHDWH[HUFLVHDVZHOO as a chance to learn and use memory skills. Get yourself ready to have fun! 'HWDLOV)UL0DU$SUDW9HUQRQ7HHQ &HQWHU QR $JHVSP $JHVSP)HH5HVLGHQWV $35; Non-Residents $40 - Print Edition



&76FKRROV:HOO$KHDG2I)HGV,Q8QLĂ&#x20AC;HG6SRUWV By Jon Buzby The Sports Department

In what could become landmark regulaWLRQVWKH86'HSDUWPHQWRI(GXFDWLRQ¡V 2IĂ&#x20AC;FHIRU&LYLO5LJKWVUHOHDVHGJXLGHOLQHV for K-12 schools to provide opportunities for students with disabilities to participate on athletic teams. I say â&#x20AC;&#x153;could becomeâ&#x20AC;? because now LW¡VLQFXPEHQWRQVFKRROVWRWDNHWKHVH guidelines a step further and offer students with disabilities additional athletic opportunities beyond the traditional varsity teams. Why? Because what these new guidelines essentially state is students ZLWK'RZQV\QGURPHIRULQVWDQFHFDQ¡W be kept off a team because they have a GLVDELOLW\+RZHYHUWKH\FDQVWLOOEHFXW because they're not good enough. Just like any other student. And if they are cut, or in PRVWFDVHVZRQ¡WHYHQWU\RXWLQWKHĂ&#x20AC;UVW place, in many schools around the country he will not have the opportunity to compete on an athletic team. )RUWXQDWHO\&RQQHFWLFXWVFKRROVDUHZD\ ahead of the game.

$SSUR[LPDWHO\KLJKVFKRROVPLGGOH schools and several elementary schools statewide offer students with and without disabilities the opportunity to participate RQ6SHFLDO2O\PSLFV8QLĂ&#x20AC;HG6SRUWVWHDPV Special Olympics athletes team up with 8QLĂ&#x20AC;HGSDUWQHUVSHHUVZLWKRXWDGLVDELOLW\ to create an opportunity for competition similar to that of a varsity team. It also creDWHVRSSRUWXQLWLHVORQJDIWHUWKHĂ&#x20AC;QDOKRUQ sounds. ´8QLĂ&#x20AC;HGVSRUWVLVDOODERXWWKH8QLĂ&#x20AC;HG SDUWQHUVZKRPDNHVXUHRXUDWKOHWHVGRQ¡W get bullied in schools,â&#x20AC;? said Beau Doherty, president of Special Olympics Connecticut. ´,W¡VDERXWWKHSDUWQHUVZKRDVNRXUDWKOHWHVWRGRVRFLDODFWLYLWLHV,W¡VWKHFDSWDLQ of the high school football team telling his WHDPPDWHVRQWKH8QLĂ&#x20AC;HGEDVNHWEDOOWHDP who are at a segregated lunch table to sit with them. That is, to me, why we do it.â&#x20AC;? 'RKHUW\EURXJKWWKHFRQFHSWRI8QLĂ&#x20AC;HG Sports to Special Olympics founder Eunice Kennedy Shriver in 1982 while working as the training director for Special Olympics 0DVVDFKXVHWWV+HWKHQZRUNHGFORVHO\ with Special Olympics Incorporated staff XQWLOLWZDVRIĂ&#x20AC;FLDOO\HQGRUVHGLQ ,QLWLDOO\8QLĂ&#x20AC;HG6SRUWVWHDPVZHUHSULPDUily made up of adult athletes. But in 1992, Doherty had become the assistant director at Special Olympics Connecticut and approached the Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference with the idea of makLQJ8QLĂ&#x20AC;HG6SRUWVSDUWRILWVRUJDQL]DWLRQ 7KHVWDWH V8QLĂ&#x20AC;HG6SRUWVSURJUDPFXUrently boasts a participation of more than

1,300 athletes and partners in 120 schools throughout the state. At the middle and high school level, students compete in VWDWHZLGH8QLĂ&#x20AC;HG6SRUWVWRXUQDPHQWVLQ soccer, basketball, volleyball, and softball. At the elementary level, students engage in non-competitive athletic activities designed to develop skills in a variety of sports. 8QLĂ&#x20AC;HG6SRUWVQRWRQO\JLYHDWKOHWHV with a disabilities the opportunity to play a FRPSHWLWLYHVSRUW,QPDQ\FDVHV8QLĂ&#x20AC;HG SDUWQHUVGRQ¡WKDYHWKHVNLOOVWRSOD\RQWKH WUDGLWLRQDOMXQLRUYDUVLW\RUYDUVLW\VFKRRO WHDPEXWZDQWWRUHDSWKHEHQHĂ&#x20AC;WVRISOD\ing a team sport. The CIAC mission statement says the organization â&#x20AC;&#x153;believes that interscholastic athletic programs and competition are an LQWHJUDOSDUWRIWKHVWXGHQW¡VDFDGHPLF social, emotional and physical development.â&#x20AC;? Cutting students with disabilities from teams with no alternative programs to MRLQGRHVQ¡WDFFRPSOLVKWKDWPLVVLRQ%XW KDYLQJD8QLĂ&#x20AC;HG6SRUWVSURJUDPGRHV ´8QLĂ&#x20AC;HG6SRUWVZDVVSHFLĂ&#x20AC;FDOO\GLVcussed during the conference call as DQH[DPSOHRIWKHW\SHRISURJUDPWKDW FRXOGRIIHUWKHEHQHĂ&#x20AC;WVRISDUWLFLSDWLRQIRU

students with disabilities that are provided by traditional Interscholastic athletics,â&#x20AC;? said Kevin Charles, president of the National )HGHUDWLRQRI6WDWH+LJK6FKRRO$VVRFLDWLRQV´7KH1)+6EHOLHYHVLQWKHYDOXHV of participation for all students. Providing programs for disabled students adds value WRWKHLUHGXFDWLRQDOH[SHULHQFHV7KH 1)+6DQGRXUPHPEHUVWDWHDVVRFLDWLRQV will work together with the Department of (GXFDWLRQ2IĂ&#x20AC;FHRI&LYLO5LJKWVWRHQKDQFH participation opportunities for all students, including those with disabilities.â&#x20AC;? Bringing together students with and without disabilities on teams is a natural way WRDFFRPSOLVKWKHJRDOVRIERWKWKH1)+6 and the CIAC. Teammates quickly become friends, on and off the court, and ultimately, those friends become advocates for people with disabilities. $ELJKLJKĂ&#x20AC;YHWRWKHPRUHWKDQWZRWKLUGV of Connecticut high schools and middle VFKRROVDOUHDG\RIIHULQJ8QLĂ&#x20AC;HG6SRUWV $QGIRUWKRVHWKDWDUHQ¡W7KHEDOOLVQRZLQ your court. Contact Jon Buzby at and follow him @YouthSportsBuzz on Twitter.

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Ellington Parks and Recreation

Tolland Parks and Recreation

6WDUW6LJQLQJ8S)RU Spring Programs ASAP


%\5REHUW7HGIRUG (OOLQJWRQ5HFUHDWLRQ )HEUXDU\EULQJVDERXWDFRQWLQXRXVRYHUlap of winter and upcoming spring programs, all of which are important, but early registration is vital to ensure a roster slot in any of the spring programs. Winter Programming Travel basketball teams are in the home stretch of the regular season before entering NCTBL playoffs March 1-23, 2013. In-house recreation teams will continue league competition until March 9 when the annual Dick Gunn and Clare Landmann SRVWVHDVRQMDPERUHHOHDJXHWRXUQDments will be held. 6SULQJ/DFURVVH Â&#x2021;0DOHDQGIHPDOHGLYLVLRQVZLOOEHRIIHUHG in grades 3-4; 5-6; 7-8. Jan. 25 was the initial deadline to register, please check the town website (active-net registration system) to determine the available rosters VORWVWKDW0$<EHDYDLODEOH Â&#x2021;/DFURVVHSDUHQWJXDUGLDQVWHQWDWLYHO\ please set aside the following two dates, if applicable: March 16: 8am-10am: ImPACT (concussion testing); March 18: 6:30pm: /DFURVVHSDUHQWSOD\HUPHHWLQJDW(+6 auditorium. Â&#x2021;,QWURGXFWRU\ODFURVVHFOLQLF*UDGHV. 6DWXUGD\PRUQLQJDPDPDW(+6 April 20, 27; May 4, 11, 18, 25. 6RFFHU Â&#x2021;6SULQJVRFFHUSOHDVHYLVLWWKHWRZQ website to identify the current CJSA spring birth date guidelines; evaluation dates for U9-10; U11-12; U13-14 are April 8 &12

from 6-7:15pm at Brookside Park. Rain date: April 13, 9am-10:15am. Â&#x2021;,Q+RXVHVSULQJVRFFHUSURJUDPIRU and 7-8 year-olds will start April 22 and April 24, respectively, at Ellington Middle School. Volunteer coaches needed, please FRQWDFWUWHGIRUG#HOOLQJWRQFWJRY *LUOV6RIWEDOO Registration is underway (ages 6-16). If unable to register as of receipt of this column, please visit the website:, or contact either Keith Jarvis at 860-870-1320 or Jim Lavey at 860-872-5838. %R\V%DVHEDOO Please contact Jim Laughlan at 860454-4553 for further information on the OHDJXH¡VSROLF\IRUODWHUHJLVWUDWLRQV 7%$// \HDUVRIDJH

Â&#x2021;7EDOOUHJLVWUDWLRQVZLOOEHDFFHSWHGDW the recreation department from March 1-April 16. Parent volunteers needed for both the instructional and advanced t-ball programs. Â&#x2021;7EDOOGDWHV0D\-XQH DPDPDW(+6 $GYDQFHG7%DOO Boys and girls ages 6-7 who do NOT PDNHWKHDJHJXLGHOLQHDVVSHFLĂ&#x20AC;HGE\WKH Little League baseball or softball national rules. Same dates as t-ball, same fee. Time: 11:15am-12:15pm &RDFKHV0HHWLQJ Will be held on Thursday, April 25 at the UHFUHDWLRQRIĂ&#x20AC;FHVWDUWLQJDWSP7R register, please email Mary Bartley at PEDUWOH\#HOOLQJWRQFWJRY


+HOOR(YHU\RQH +RSH\RX¡UHVWD\LQJZDUPDQGDUHKDYLQJ DJRRGZLQWHU,W¡V)HEUXDU\VRZHDUHLQ WKHKRPHVWUHWFKZLWK6SULQJMXVWDURXQG WKHFRUQHU$WOHDVWWKDW¡VZKDW,NHHSWHOOing myself. So what are you going to do to make the PRVWRI\RXU)HEUXDU\")RUWKHVKRUWHVW month of the year it sure packs in a lot Groundhog Day, Presidents Day and of FRXUVH9DOHQWLQH¡V'D\ 7KHUH¡VVWLOOSOHQW\RIVQRZWREHIRXQGIRU VNLLQJRUVOHGGLQJ,W¡VEHHQSOHQW\FROG HQRXJKIRULFHVNDWLQJLFHĂ&#x20AC;VKLQJRUHYHQ LFHFOLPELQJLI\RX¡UHLQWRWKDW,I\RXMXVW feel like hiding till the snow melts, learn to knit, sew, paint, write a book, learn a language, improve your computer skills, you can do all that and more from home with our many online programs. )HHODVLI\RX¡YHKLEHUQDWHGHQRXJKDQG need some human interaction? Then come RXWDQGH[HUFLVH\RXUEOXHVDZD\OHDUQ self-defense, take a yoga class, learn pilates, play basketball, take a safe boating course, learn to belly dance! There are plenty of activities available for everyone LQWKHIDPLO\WRHQMR\DQG\RXFDQUHJLVWHU

online without additional fees! With Spring of course comes spring cleaning, please keep us in mind when you start yours as we are always looking for donations for our White Elephant Sale which is Saturday, April 6 from 8 a.m.-noon in the Tolland Recreation Center. All proceeds ZLOOJRWREHQHĂ&#x20AC;WWKH5HFUHDWLRQ6FKRODUship fund. All donations should be usable items, not MXQN'RQDWLRQVDUHWD[GHGXFWLEOHDQGZLOO be accepted at the Recreation Center during regular hours and on the weekends by appointment. There are always plenty of good bargains to be found for smart shopSHUVDQG\RXEHQHĂ&#x20AC;WDJRRGFDXVH$Q\ question call the Recreation Department at 860-871-3610. 'RQ¡WIRUJHWWRVLJQXSIRURXU6XPPHU Solstice Sprint Triathlon Saturday June :HKRSH\RXFDQMRLQXV,I\RXGRQ¡W feel like running, biking and swimming, how about volunteering? We always need SHRSOHWRKHOSQRWMXVWZLWKWKH7ULDWKORQ but with many of our programs and activities. If you are interested give us a call at 860-871-3610. +HUH¡VKRSLQJWKHUHVWRIZLQWHULVPLOGDQG spring comes early! Until then behave and we hope to see you out and about.


Student Athlete of the Month

Student Athlete of the Month 6SRUW Indoor Track $FFRPSOLVKPHQWV1&&&LQGRRU[ UHOD\FKDPSLRQVL[WKSODFH1&&&LQGRRU mile *3$4.0 +RZGR\RXSUHSDUHIRUDPHHW" I always sit with Spencer on the bus on the way to meets. Also, I always talk about our upcoming races with the people I run with. 7KRXJKWVRQWKHVHDVRQ"This was a great season. The boys team won the NCCC championship meet and we have a lot of really good runners going to the state class meet. )DYRULWH&DUHHU0RPHQW7KHĂ&#x20AC;UVWWLPH, broke 5 minutes in the mile. It was one of the last meets of the season and I knew ,SUREDEO\ZRXOGQ¡WKDYHDQRWKHUFKDQFH to run under 5 minutes but me and two other teammates all broke 5 minutes in the same race. :KDWDUHDZHUH\RXVWURQJHVWLQ":KDW area did you improve the most in over \RXUFDUHHU"I was always willing to work hard during practice and stay focused GXULQJUDFHV,KDYHPRVWLPSURYHGP\Ă&#x20AC;Wness which has really helped improve my performance in races. /RRNLQJEDFNZKDWDUH\RXJRLQJWR PLVVWKHPRVWDERXWFRPSHWLQJIRU \RXUWHDP"I will miss the people on the team the most. Everyone was friendly and we were all very good friends even outside of practices. :KDWLVWKHWRXJKHVWFKDOOHQJH\RX¡YH RYHUFRPH"Being patient was the toughest challenge for me. At the beginning of my running career I was frustrated when I GLGQ¡WVHHLPPHGLDWHUHVXOWVEXW,UHDOL]HG


-RH7DIW Indoor 7UDFN that if I kept working hard I would eventually get the results I wanted. )DYRULWHDWKOHWH":KLFKDWKOHWHGR\RX PRVWPRGHO\RXUJDPHDIWHU"My favorite athlete is Travis Rice, a snowboarder. I look up to any athlete that works hard to achieve what they want. 5HG6R[RU<DQNHHV"8&RQQPHQRU 8&RQQZRPHQ"<DQNHHVDQG8&RQQ women. )DYRULWHEDQGPRYLH79VKRZ"My favorite singer is Kid Cudi. TV show: either The Walking Dead or Workaholics. :KDWLV\RXUIDYRULWHVSRUWVZHEVLWH WRIROORZ",UHDG2XWVLGH0DJD]LQH¡V website and Transworld Snowboarding ZHEVLWH,ORYHUHDGLQJDERXWH[WUHPH sports. +RZGR\RXEHOLHYHVLWHVOLNH7ZLWWHU DQG)DFHERRNKDYHFKDQJHGKRZ\RX ZDWFKDQGIROORZVSRUWV"I think that these websites have made it easier to follow more than one sporting event at a time. 3ODQVDIWHUKLJKVFKRROI will attend the 8QLYHUVLW\RI9HUPRQWWRPDMRULQHQYLURQmental science and I plan on hiking the Appalachian Trail after college.


1LFNQDPH Sammie, "Chunks" $FFRPSOLVKPHQWV All-Academic Team every season, CCC East champs in socFHU&ODVV0Ă&#x20AC;QDOLVWLQEDVNHWEDOOLQ All-CCC East and team MVP for softball. *3$ 3.5 +RZGR\RXSUHSDUHIRUDJDPH" 5HOD[OLVWHQWRPXVLFDQGKDQJDURXQG with my friends. ([SHFWDWLRQVIRUWKHQH[WVHDVRQ 7KRXJKWVRQWKHVHDVRQ I am really H[FLWHGWRKDYHWKHRSSRUWXQLW\WRSOD\ EDVNHWEDOOLQFROOHJHQH[W\HDU1H[W season I am looking forward to developing some new friendships with my new college teammates. The season has been awesome: great teammates, great coaches, and great memories. )DYRULWHFDUHHUPRPHQW Playing in WKHVWDWHĂ&#x20AC;QDOVDW0RKHJDQ6XQODVW season. Our varsity team last year had great chemistry which really helped us get there (along with a lot of hard work and determination.) It was an awesome H[SHULHQFH :KDWDUHDZHUH\RXVWURQJHVWLQ" What area did you improve the most LQRYHU\RXUFDUHHU" My strongest DUHDVDUHP\DELOLW\WRORRNIRUWKDWQH[W pass to an open teammate and my outside shooting. The areas I have improved the most are my post moves and my ballhandling. /RRNLQJEDFNZKDWDUH\RXJRLQJWR PLVVWKHPRVWDERXWSOD\LQJIRU\RXU WHDP"2YHUDOOZKDWDUH\RXJRLQJWR PLVVWKHPRVWDERXWKLJKVFKRRO" I am going to miss playing with my senior teammates. They have been my best friends since kindergarten. The thing I'll miss most about high school is being

Samantha 2OVRQ %DVNHWEDOO 6RFFHU  6RIWEDOO able to represent my school in three different sports. :KDWLVWKHWRXJKHVWFKDOOHQJH\RX¡YH RYHUFRPH" I suffered from a severe concussion that I got during a dirty play in a VRFFHUJDPHP\MXQLRU\HDU,WWRRNPHRII WKHĂ&#x20AC;HOGDQGLQWHUIHUHGZLWKP\VFKRROZRUN for over a month. It was really tough coming back from that and getting back into a normal routine. )DYRULWHDWKOHWH":KLFKDWKOHWHGR\RX PRVWPRGHO\RXUJDPHDIWHU" I can't decide who I like better...Kevin Durant or Caroline Doty. I think my game is most modeled after Swin Cash. 5HG6R[RU<DQNHHV"8&RQQPHQRU 8&RQQZRPHQ"5HG6R[DQG%27+ UConn men and Women, )DYRULWHEDQGPRYLH79VKRZ" Tyga; Saw (the whole series) ; Criminal Minds :KDWLV\RXUIDYRULWHVSRUWVZHEVLWHWR IROORZ" ESPN, SportsCenter +RZGR\RXEHOLHYHVLWHVOLNH7ZLWWHU DQG)DFHERRNKDYHFKDQJHGKRZ\RX ZDWFKDQGIROORZVSRUWV" So much information so fast now. Always up to date. 3ODQVDIWHUKLJKVFKRRO I'll either be attending Suffolk University or Western New England University to play basketball and to study forensic science.




7KH,PSRUWDQFHRI 6WUHWFKLQJ &HUWLĂ&#x20AC;HG$WKOHWLF7UDLQHUV $7&¡V DUH allied health care providers trained in the prevention, evaluation and rehabilitation of sports injuries. They work under the direction of a physician and they are board FHUWLĂ&#x20AC;HGQDWLRQDOO\DQGOLFHQVHGLQ&7 Visit for more information. &HUWLĂ&#x20AC;HGDWKOHWLFWUDLQHUVDW(QĂ&#x20AC;HOG+LJK 6FKRRODQG(QULFR)HUPL+LJK6FKRRODUH SURYLGHGE\+DUWIRUG+RVSLWDO5HKDELOLWDWLRQ1HWZRUN UHKDEKDUWKRVSRUJ  IRUPHUO\(DVWHUQ5HKDELOLWDWLRQ1HWZRUN +DUWIRUG+RVSLWDO5HKDELOLWDWLRQ1HWZRUN ++51 DQG7KH6SRUWV'HSDUWPHQW have partnered to bring readers a monthly column on sports medicine topics. Readers may submit questions related to LQMXULHVWUDLQLQJDGYLFHUHKDELOLWDWLRQRU any other sports medicine topic. Submit questions to: 1LFROH)RQWDLQH$7& 6RXWK:LQGVRU +LJK6FKRRO ²QGUHJHU#KDUWKRVSRUJ Greg Zimbelman, Physical Therapist, ++516RXWK:LQGVRU ²J]LPEHOPDQ# %HFDXVHVFKRRO²DJHGDWKOHWHVVHHP so nimble and quick, an often neglected activity for these athletes is stretching. 6WUHWFKLQJSURPRWHVĂ H[LELOLW\DQGKHOSV all athletes, regardless of age, prevent LQMXU\$QGVWUHWFKLQJVKRXOGEHGRQHLQ WZRSKDVHV²before activity and after activity. 7RJHWWKHPRVWEHQHĂ&#x20AC;WIURPDVWUHWFKLQJ UHJLPHQPXVFOHVVKRXOGĂ&#x20AC;UVWEHZDUPHG up. A good warm-up includes a few minutes of activity such as brisk walking or slow running (this can even be in place). There are a few general â&#x20AC;&#x153;rulesâ&#x20AC;? for VWUHWFKLQJ)LUVWVWUHWFKLQJLVQRWD speed sport: it needs to be done slowly with control over the movements being performed. Second, bouncing should not occur during a stretching activity. The end point of the stretch should be a 5-10 second hold when resistance is met. Third, if an athlete is recovering from an LQMXU\WKHDWKOHWHVKRXOGKDYHLQVWUXFWLRQV

for stretching from an athletic trainer or physical therapist. It is especially important to stretch the back and the large muscles groups of the lower body. Some easy ways to do this are: Â&#x2021;.QHHVWRFKHVW/D\Ă DWRQ\RXUEDFN place your hands on your knees and bring your knees up toward your armpits. Repeat 3-5 times. Â&#x2021;%DFNDQGOHJVWUHWFK6LWRQWKHĂ RRU ZLWKOHJVH[WHQGHGVWUDLJKWLQIURQWRI\RX DQG\RXUIHHWĂ H[HGVWUDLJKWXSWRWKH ceiling. With your hands on your lower legs or ankles, roll forward aiming you chin for your legs. Repeat 3-5 times. Â&#x2021;6LGHEHQGV6WD\VHDWHGRQWKHĂ RRU with your legs straight and spread apart. Put both hands on one shin or ankle and roll forward aiming your chin for your leg. Repeat 3-5 times, then repeat on the other side. Â&#x2021;/RWXVVWUHWFK6WLOOVLWWLQJSODFHWKHERWWRPVRI\RXUIHHWVRWKH\¡UHĂ DWDJDLQVW each other with your knees out to the sides. Put your arms on your knees and JHQWO\SXVK\RXUOHJVWRZDUGWKHĂ RRU Repeat 3-5 times. Â&#x2021;4XDGULFHSVVWUHWFK6WDQGDQGKROG onto a chair or wall with one hand. With the other hand pull the lower leg on that same side up towards your buttocks. Repeat 3-5 times, then repeat on the other side. Â&#x2021;+DPVWULQJVWUHWFK6WDQGZLWK\RXU legs crossed and feet close together. Bend forward. Repeat 3-5 times, then cross your legs in the other direction and repeat. Â&#x2021;6LGHOXQJH6WDQGZLWK\RXUOHJVDSDUW with one foot pointing out to the side. Keeping your back straight lean over that foot and return to the starting position. Repeat 3-5 times and then repeat on the other side. There are many other stretches similar WRWKHVHWKDWZLOOGRWKHMRE,W¡VQRWVR as much about which stretches you do, but that you do some. As always refer any questions to one of your health care providers.

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2VJRRG6FKODWWHU Disease And Growing Pains associated with a growth spurt and is seen more often in boys than girls. An athlete FRPSODLQLQJRIDSDLQIXOVZROOHQEXPSMXVW EHORZWKHNQHHFDSPD\EHH[SHULHQFLQJ Many young athletes Osgood-Schlatter Disease. The amount of H[SHULHQFHDFKHVDQG swelling at this bump varies from personpains after practices to-person. Swelling may also be accompaand games. When pain nied by general knee or leg pain, which is interferes with sports worse with activity. An X-ray may be used performance, does not go away after activity or WRFRQĂ&#x20AC;UPWKHGLDJQRVLV Treatment for Osgood-Schlatter Disis not associated with HDVHPLJKWLQYROYHDFWLYLW\PRGLĂ&#x20AC;FDWLRQ generalized soreness UHVWIURPFHUWDLQDFWLYLWLHVH[HUFLVHVWR in the muscles, it may stretch and strengthen the leg muscles be an indication of FUHDWLQJDEHWWHUEDODQFHRIĂ H[LELOLW\DQG LQMXU\ strength), strapping for pain during activity, <RXQJDWKOHWHVUHPDLQDFWLYHWKURXJK LFHDQG16$,'VIRUSDLQDQGLQĂ DPPDWLRQ the winter with sports activities including indoor track, basketball, indoor soccer, vol- Usually, the condition resolves when the athlete is done growing. leyball and gymnastics. All of these activiIt is important to recognize symptoms WLHVLQYROYHUXQQLQJMXPSLQJDQGSRZHUIXO that are lingering, and seek professional contractions of the quadriceps, a large advice for pain that is group of muscles in â&#x20AC;&#x153;Osgood-Schlatter Disease is not resolving and afthe front of the thigh. fecting daily activities The quadriceps concommonly associated with a nects to the lower leg growth spurt and is seen more or sports performance, as there can bone (tibia) and acts often in boys than girls. be many sources to straighten the leg of persistent knee or knee. The point SDLQ$WKOHWHVVKRXOGFRQVXOWWKHLU&HUWLĂ&#x20AC;HG where the quadriceps tendon attaches to $WKOHWLF7UDLQHUIRUDQLQMXU\HYDOXDWLRQRU the lower leg, the tibial tubercle, is very FDOORQHRIWKHĂ&#x20AC;YH,QWHJUDWHG5HKDELOLWDvulnerable to stress in an actively growing WLRQ6HUYLFHVRIĂ&#x20AC;FHVLQ9HUQRQ(OOLQJWRQ \RXQJSHUVRQDQGFDQEHSURQHWRLQMXU\ ,QMXU\WRWKLVDUHDLVXVXDOO\IURPUHSHDWHG 0DQFKHVWHU7ROODQGRU6XIĂ&#x20AC;HOGIRUD complimentary consultation. Our goal is to stress, and is termed Osgood-Schlatter help return you to activities as quickly and Disease. as safely as possible. Osgood-Schlatter Disease is commonly %\-XOLH'XWWRQ$7&/$7 'LUHFWRURI$WKOHWLF7UDLQLQJ6HUYLFHV


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8&RQQ:RPHQ&RXQW2Q0DOH5ROH3OD\HUV %\%UHQGRQ:LOOLV The Sports Department STORRS â&#x20AC;&#x201D; In Connecticut and around the country, sports fans are aware of how great the University of Connecticut ZRPHQ¡VEDVNHWEDOOWHDPKDVEHHQ through the years. But few get an inside look at all that goes into that greatness. 7KH+XVNLHV GRPLQDQFHKDVEHHQ impressive, consistent, and undeniable. What many are not aware of is the unique way the team practices throughRXWWKHVHDVRQ$W8&RQQDPHQ¡V team determined by preseason tryouts practices against the women during the season. This year, three local former high school boys basketball players made WKDWVTXDGDQGDUHHQMR\LQJWKHFKDQFH to help the team improve and get an inside look at a legendary program. 0LNH*UHVK and =DFN*UDYHV of Ellington and 5LFN\&KHQH\ of Somers are on the 15-man squad, working with WKHZRPHQ¡VWHDPDWOHDVWWKUHHGD\V every week. Through scrimmaging and a lot of drills and defensive work, WKHPHQDUHLPPHUVHGLQWKHZRPHQ¡V program. All three have formed bonds with other members of the men's practice squad DQGHQMR\EHLQJDSDUWRIWKHWHDP &KHQH\DMXQLRUZKRKDGQRWSOD\HG competitively since high school, said, ´,W¡VGHĂ&#x20AC;QLWHO\JRRGWRVWLOOEHDSDUWRI VWUXFWXUHGEDVNHWEDOO,¡YHPLVVHGLWIRU two years.â&#x20AC;? The men run sets and plays when scrimmaging and also incorporatespeFLĂ&#x20AC;FWKLQJVWKHFRDFKLQJVWDIIZDQWVWKH women to work on for upcoming opponents. The staff works with the practice VTXDGWRH[SODLQZKDWWKH\QHHGWRGR in full-court press, half-court sets, and more. So, in a way, the men are getting some of the top coaching in the nation. Particularly for the frontcourt players, SUDFWLFLQJDJDLQVWDPHQ¡VWHDPSUHVHQWVDXQLTXHFKDOOHQJHIRUWKH+XVNLHV DVWKH\DGMXVWWRWKHIDVWSK\VLFDOVW\OH of play. Sophomore center Kiah Stokes said, ´7KHPRUHWKH\¡UHDJJUHVVLYHWKHPRUH

it helps us out. When we do rebounding GULOOVWKH\DUHWRXJKWRER[RXWJUHDWDW post defense. It makes us stay lowâ&#x20AC;Ś They help us out so much in the post.â&#x20AC;? She was genuinely appreciative of what the men players do, and Gresh can vouch for the appreciation. â&#x20AC;&#x153;The guys on the team get a lot of respect and we reDOO\IHHOOLNHDWHDP:H¡UHQRWMXVWJRLQJ through the motions,â&#x20AC;? he said. +XVNLHV+DOORI)DPHFRDFK*HQR$XULHPPDVDLGWKHLGHDIRUWKHPHQ¡VSUDFtice team came about in the mid-1990s, when former standout Jen Rizzotti - an $OO$PHULFDJXDUGZLWKWKH+XVNLHVQRZ LQKHUWK\HDUDV+DUWIRUG VFRDFK wanted to practice against men. 7KH+XVNLHVKDYHGRQHLWHYHUVLQFH Coach Auriemma said, â&#x20AC;&#x153;My players feel like WKHPHQ¡VVTXDG are) a part of RXUWHDP,GRQ¡W NQRZWKDWZH¡G be as good as we are without those guys. They do a lot more for us than I think we could ever do for them.â&#x20AC;? Senior guard Caroline Doty echoed the thoughts of her coach and added, â&#x20AC;&#x153;The guys DUHGHĂ&#x20AC;QLWHO\ ELJJHUGHĂ&#x20AC;QLWHO\ stronger. We ZRQ¡WVHHDWHDP faster than them. They bring an intensity level because they ZRUNVRKDUGIRUXV,GRQ¡WNQRZLIWKH\ NQRZKRZPXFKZHDSSUHFLDWHWKHP,W¡V OLNHZH¡UHRQHELJIDPLO\DQG,ORYHKDYing them around.â&#x20AC;? /LNH&KHQH\*UDYHVHQMR\VWKH structured basketball and also likes being involved with the UConn basketball program since he grew up rooting for the +XVNLHVDVGRPDQ\NLGVLQWKHDUHD

´,W¡VDJRRGZRUNRXW with all the defensive work we do. $QGLW¡VFRROZDWFKing games and seeing them do the things you helped with in practice. Like a drill or something defensively. When they win you feel like a part of it as someone that goes to the school and more than that now too.â&#x20AC;?

Former local high school standouts (l-r) Mike Gresh and Zack Graves of Ellington and Ricky Cheney of Somers have landed a spot with one of the premier basketball programs in NCAA hisWRU\²WKH8&RQQ:RPHQ¡VWHDP All three are regular â&#x20AC;&#x153;practice playersâ&#x20AC;? and compete against the Lady Huskies daily, keeping the team sharp during the grueling regular season schedule. - Print Edition



y Hocke ook Noteb


5RFNYLOOH&RRS*HDUV For Division III Run %\1DWH2ZHQ The Sports Department While other area high school hockey teams are scrambling to clinch a state tournament spot, Rockville's co-op team is are already in preparation mode. %ROWRQ&RYHQWU\5RFNYLOOH  HQWHUHG last weekend as the second seed in Division III, riding an eight-game unbeaten streak in which the Rams outscored opponents, 36-5. â&#x20AC;&#x153;I think the kids are starting to realize now that we made the tournament we kind of got the monkey off our back,â&#x20AC;? coach Christian StevensonVDLG´:H¡OOZRUN on on systems and special teams, some different things in practice that made if we ZHUHVWLOOĂ&#x20AC;JKWLQJWRTXDOLI\ZHZRXOGQ¡W KDYHKDGWKHOX[XU\WRGRÂľ The Rams were 9-12 last season, when they partnered with Manchester and StafIRUGDQGUHDFKHGWKHTXDUWHUĂ&#x20AC;QDOVDVWKH eighth seed. ,QMXULHVKDYHIRUFHG6WHYHQVRQWRPDNH DGMXVWPHQWVLQFOXGLQJPRYLQJIRUZDUG /LDP0F*UDWKback to the blue line. But as it has all season, the Rams' depth has paid off. ´+DYLQJWKHGHSWKWREHDEOHWRPDNH those moves has been great,â&#x20AC;? Stevenson VDLG´,W¡VQRWVRPHWKLQJWKDWZH¡YHEHHQ used to. We can move players were we QHHGWKHPDQGQRWIHHOOLNHZH¡UHWDNLQJ something away from the program.â&#x20AC;?

Seth Alexanderowicz chases down the puck for the 12-1-1 Bolton-Coventry-Rockville co-op. Courtesy of: Lifetouch Photography

7ROODQGFRRSFOLQFKHVEHUWK The Bucks (8-7) have been guided by an H[SORVLYHRIIHQVHWKDW¡VVFRUHGĂ&#x20AC;YHJRDOV VL[RUPRUHWLPHVWKLVVHDVRQ 7ROODQG(26PLWK:LQGKDPFOLQFKHGD spot in the Division III tournament following a two year absence with a 4-2 win over 6KHSDXJ1RQQHZDXJ/LWFKĂ&#x20AC;HOG)HE Before that, the Bucks lost to Newtown 4-3 DW4XLQQLSLDF8QLYHUVLW\-DQ The game was originally scheduled for Dec. 15, one day after the shootings at 6DQG\+RRN(OHPHQWDU\6FKRROLQ1HZWRZQ4XLQQSLDFUHDFKHGRXWWR1HZWRZQ to host the makeup game at its TD North Sports Center, home of nation's secondranked Division I college hockey team. The Bucks had green tape on their sticks and socks to honor those affected, while 1HZWRZQZRUHJUHHQ6+(6MHUVH\VZLWK 12-14-12 on the back. 1REUHDNVIRU7UL7RZQ It's been another tough season for TriTown, which is out of the postseason for the second straight year after making the VWDWHWRXUQDPHQWWKHSUHYLRXVVL[VHDVRQV The Terrorcats (1-13) of Somers, Ellington and East Windsor were on a nine-game losing streak culminating with a 3-2 loss WR$PLW\)HE´:HMXVWFDQ¡WVHHPWRJHW the big goal when we need it,â&#x20AC;? coach Paul 'RZHVDLG´,W¡VEHHQDVWUXJJOHÂľ &XOOHQ5REHUWV&RG\5R\&RQQRU :\OOLH5XG\2 .RQLV, and Krystian .UX]HOhave been playing well, Dowe said. Goalies Cam 3LQNKDP and $OH[ %OLHVHQHU have also been steady this season. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Both goalies are playing outstanding,â&#x20AC;? Dowe said. ´:H¡YHEHHQJHWting outshot every day.â&#x20AC;? South Windsor VWLOODOLYH The Bobcats stayed alive in the Division I tournament hunt with a 3-3 tie against :HVW+DYHQODVW Wednesday. Aiden Cain made 25 saves for South Windsor, who entered last weekend 7KH\¡OOKRVW Conard Saturday night before ending the season on the road against Northwest Catholic and Glastonbury.



In Rockville, the board of education raised funds for ice fees and coach stipends, Phelps said, with the remainder getting picked up by the players. Players IURP%ROWRQDQG&RYHQWU\DUHQ¡WIXQGHGE\ their respective schools, instead relying on money raised by booster clubs and their SDUHQWVZKRFDQPDNHLWGLIĂ&#x20AC;FXOW3KHOSV said. E.O. Smith handles the bulk of the administrative work for the tri-op consisting of them, Tolland, and Windham, accordLQJWR&R[7ROODQG¡VSOD\HUVSD\DELWRID KLJKHUIHHEHFDXVH(26PLWK¡VERDUGRI education picks up a higher portion of their SOD\HU¡VH[SHQVHV â&#x20AC;&#x153;That being said, for what our kids pay to skate is still cheap. If they were to go play in a private league and play the same 25JDPHVWKH\ZRXOGVSHQGH[SRQHQWLDOO\ PRUHWKDQZKDWWKH\DUHSD\LQJQRZÂľ&R[ said. While the decrease in numbers often leaves some high schools with no choice but to seek out other schools, there are VRPHEHQHĂ&#x20AC;WVWRSOD\LQJWRJHWKHU ´)URPDFRRSSHUVSHFWLYHLW¡VJUHDWÂľ Dowe said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;The kids make a bunch of friends. A lot of these kids become lifelong friends.â&#x20AC;? And the results on the ice can be there WRR5RFNYLOOH¡VĂ&#x20AC;UVW\HDUFRRSLQJZLWK Manchester was 2007-08, when the team won the in Division III. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Go Man-Villeâ&#x20AC;? was inscribed on a lot of car windows in the area during the title run. Per CIAC rules, any team with co-op proJUDPFDQ¡WFXWSOD\HUV%XWWKDW¡VW\SLFDOO\ not a problem, as most coaches said they XVXDOO\MXVWKDYHHQRXJKERGLHVWRSXW together a team, never mind make cuts. Junior varsity teams are rare, although some teams such as Rockville have informal scrimmages to give players who might a lot of ice time a chance to develop. Schools like South Windsor and Glastonbury have managed to stay as a single SURJUDPDQGKDYHEHHQDPRQJWKHDUHD¡V top hockey programs, although South Windsor is having an off year this season. â&#x20AC;&#x153;I think across the board, the size of our school contributes to being able to maintain a squad on our own,â&#x20AC;? Glastonbury athletic director Trish Witkin said. The Tomahawks compete in Division I for hockey and in Class LL, the largest clasVLĂ&#x20AC;FDWLRQIRUDOORWKHUVSRUWV :LWNLQVD\VWKHSURJUDP¡VQXPEHUVĂ XFWXDWHIURP\HDUWR\HDUEXWLW¡VQRGLIIHUHQW WKDQDQ\RWKHUVSRUW7KHUH¡VQHYHUEHHQ a point where Glastonbury has had to consider a co-op program, she said. %XWZKDW¡VWKHIXWXUHIRUWKHUHVWRIWKH VFKRROVVWUXJJOLQJWRĂ&#x20AC;QGSOD\HUV" Bosworth said there might come a time down the road when the state might have to look at cutting back to two divisions if the numbers keep dropping as they have been. While some area youth programs are down in numbers, the Eastern Connecticut +RFNH\2UJDQL]DWLRQEDVHGRXWRI%ROWRQ Ice Palace, has a seen a rise over the last few years. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Their numbers had dwindled quite a bit, especially in the house program and learnto-play program,â&#x20AC;? Croteau said. %XWWKH\¡UHVWDUWLQJWRJREDFNXSDJDLQ thanks to a recruiting effort co-presidents Bob Pilney and Ken Camello started when they took over the program three years ago. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Kenny and I basically put the emphasis back on young age groups,â&#x20AC;? Pilney told The Sports Department in December. â&#x20AC;&#x153;We worked really hard with a grassroots PDUNHWLQJSURJUDPDQGMXVWEDVLFDOO\EODQketed the area and tried to get kids back to youth hockey.â&#x20AC;? Those two, along with Mike Rooney, (&+2¡VGLUHFWRURI*URZWKH*DPHKDYH

KHOSHGWKHSURJUDPH[SDQG 5RRQH\VDLGLQ'HFHPEHUWKDW(&+2¡V Learn to Play program had 55 members, while Mini-Mites had 30. Once players are done with Mini-Mites, they move on WR(&+2¡V+RXVHSURJUDPWKHKLJKHVW in-house group. 5RRQH\VDLGPDQ\SOD\HUVMRLQHGFRPpetitive travel leagues instead of learn-toSOD\JURXSVOLNH(&+2$QGZKLOHLW¡VEHHQ DOPRVW\HDUVVLQFHWKH1+/ V+DUWIRUG Whalers left, youth programs are still imSDFWHGWRDQH[WHQW â&#x20AC;&#x153;When the Whalers were here, they ZHUHPRUHJUDVVURRWVWKDQWKH $+/ V  Wolf Pack or the Whale are,â&#x20AC;? Grigorian said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;The Whalers were always doing something, always giving back, and that had a lot to do with it when [youth hockey] was strong. Every little kid wanted to be a Whaler.â&#x20AC;? *ULJRULDQVDLGWKDW86$+RFNH\WKH governing body for amateur ice hockey in the United States, has made several changes to help increase interest in the game, including addressing the issue of concussions and the travel schedule for mite hockey. ´7KHUH¡VDQRWKHUELJEXEEOHRISOD\ers that are on their way [from the youth level],â&#x20AC;? Rockville coach Christian StevenVRQVDLG´,IVFKRROVFDQVXUYLYHWKHQH[W few years, you could see more (schools) going back out on their own.â&#x20AC;? (QĂ&#x20AC;HOG)HUPLFRDFK)UDQN*HQRYHVH said the Bruins' Stanley Cup two years DJRFRXOGKHOSOHDGWRDQLQĂ X[LQ\RXWK KRFNH\WKRXJKWKHUHVXOWVZRQ¡WEHUHDOized at the high school level for several years. ´<RX¡UHDOZD\VJRLQJWRJHWDFRUHJURXS of hockey players that are going to play,â&#x20AC;? Genovese said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;I played so I want to pass LWDORQJWRP\NLGVWRJHWWKHVDPHHQMR\ment.â&#x20AC;? But there are other options for players besides their local high school. While 6WHYHQVRQDQG*HQRYHVHVD\WKH\¡YH rarely lost players to select programs or SULYDWHVFKRROV'RZHVD\VKH¡VFRQVWDQWO\ Ă&#x20AC;JKWLQJWRNHHSSOD\HUVIURPKHDGLQJRXW to private schools like East Catholic, or the YDULRXVMXQLRUKRFNH\SURJUDPVDQGSUHS schools through the state. ´,QDMXQLRUSURJUDP\RXSOD\DERXW games and you can be on the ice every GD\LQDSUHSVFKRROÂľ'RZHVDLG´,W¡VD smart move to make because the cost to play in high school is about the same. Really, it depends on the family and what their goals academically are.â&#x20AC;? While more and more schools are banding together due to dwindling numbers, those closest to the game realize what a EHQHĂ&#x20AC;WLWFDQEHIRUSOD\HUV â&#x20AC;&#x153;,¡YHEHHQKHUH\HDUVÂľ*ULJRULDQVDLG ´,GRQ¡WWKLQNWKHUHLVRQHJDPHTXLWHOLNH KRFNH\,W¡VYHU\GLVFLSOLQHGYHU\WHDP RULHQWHG,MXVWFDQ¡WVD\HQRXJKDERXW WKHTXDOLW\RIWKHJDPH,W¡VDJUHDWIDPLO\ JUHDWNLGV,WUHDOO\WHDFKHVDOORIOLIH¡VOHVsons. If more people realized what good kids are generated through the game, I think more kids would be playing.â&#x20AC;?

J.R. Piretti rips a slap shot for the Rockville co-op team, which plays alongside Bolton, Coventry and Lyman Memorial. Photo courtesy of Lifetouch Photography.

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Boys Basketball

Boys ball t Baske



&RUH7ULR'HSWK%RRVW(OOLQJWRQ V0LG6HDVRQ5XQ %\'DQQ\$WNLQVRQ The Sports Department 7KH(OOLQJWRQ+LJK.QLJKWVKDYHGHPRQstrated the difference depth can make time and time again this season. (OOLQJWRQKDVZRQĂ&#x20AC;YHRILWVODVWVL[DQG is 10-6, 7-5 in the NCCC. The Knights have not relied on any one player to carry them game to game. Instead, they feature a talented and versatile roster that can go 10 deep. Ellington has players who can contribute on both ends at any given time, and this will make the team a force to be reckoned with in the CIAC Class M state tournament. At their best, the Knights feature a core group who can cause nightmares for any opponent they face. It starts with the talented trio of Jon Bassett, Justin Dionne and 0DWW$QGHUVRQ. Bassett, the point guard, has been a terror on offense UHFHQWO\+HLVWKHXOWLPDWHĂ RRUJHQHUDO and an outstanding passer who can also score when needed. )HOORZJXDUG'LRQQHLVDVNLOOHGVFRUHU and solid defender. Anderson is a force LQVLGHHVSHFLDOO\RQWKHERDUGV+HKDV ramped up his energy level as the season has . Guard &RE\+DUQHG has also been HVVHQWLDOWR(OOLQJWRQ¡VVXFFHVV+HLVDQ intelligent and aggressive defender and KDVGRQHDQRXWVWDQGLQJMRERIGHIHQGLQJ

RSSRQHQW¡VEHVWRIIHQVLYHSOD\HUV All of the Knights' strengths were on display in a statement win over NCCC leader $YRQ)HEDWKRPHLQDYLFWRU\ KDQGLQJWKH)DOFRQVWKHLUWKLUGORVVRIWKH season. Ellington played with energy and HIIRUWIURPWKHRSHQLQJWLSDQGMXPSHGRXW to a big halftime lead Avon was unable to overcome. Each member of the core trio recorded a double-double. Ellington coach'RQ)OLQW said unequivoFDOO\WKDWLWZDVWKHWHDP¡VEHVWSHUIRUmance of the season. )OLQWVDLGWKDWWKHRIIHQVHQHHGVWREH more patient and improve its passing over WKHĂ&#x20AC;QDOIRXUJDPHV(OOLQJWRQFRXOGJUDE a favorable tournament seed if it continues to play well during this stretch. The Knights are currently 14th in the Class M point standings. 7ROODQG It has been a tale of two seasons for the (DJOHV  ,QWKHĂ&#x20AC;UVWWKH\ZHUHDQG winning games behind superstar guard 7D\ORU)RUWLQ and a formidable offense. In the second, Tolland has gone 1-6 and VWUXJJOHGWRH[HFXWHDWERWKHQGV7KH Eagles are 5-5 in the CCC East must become more balanced and consistent to contend in the Class M tournament. The Eagles need one more win to qualify. Tolland was ill-served by a schedule that had eight consecutive road games from

-DQWR)HE7KHWHDPZDVZRUQ down by the road and saw its energy level fall off late in games. Tolland has been unable to come up with DGGLWLRQDOVFRULQJRSWLRQVEHVLGHV)RUWLQ who is averaging 28 points. Teams conVWDQWO\GRXEOHWHDP)RUWLQDQGWKHRWKHU Eagles have been unable to step up and knock down open shots. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Teams have been pressuring Taylor and its left other guys open for good shots,â&#x20AC;? coach 0LNH/HZLVVDLG´7KH\MXVWKDYHQ¡W been converting them. I think our other JX\VDUHQ¡WXVHGWRWDNLQJVRPDQ\VKRWV DQGDUHQRWFRPIRUWDEOHZLWKLW,W¡VEHHQD big shift for them.â&#x20AC;? 5RFNYLOOH The Rams (3-13, 2-9 CCC East) are 3-4 following a 0-9 start. The Rockville GHIHQVHKDVLPSURYHGVLJQLĂ&#x20AC;FDQWO\WKHODVW seven games, particularly in transition. The team is outscoring opponents three points a game during this stretch. ´,W¡VLQFUHGLEO\GLVDSSRLQWLQJWKDWZHGLG not make the playoffs,â&#x20AC;? coach 3HWHU0F Cann said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;That was our ultimate goal coming into the season, and anything short of that is a failure. There were a number of games where we could have won but made big mistakes at the worst WLPHV,W¡VEUXWDOIRUWKHWHDPWRQRWEH going.â&#x20AC;? )RUZDUG7DUFKHH%URZQ has been the

Girls Basketball

Girlsball t Baske

WHDP¡VWRSVFRUHUDQGUHERXQGHUWKHHQWLUH VHDVRQ+HLVDYHUDJLQJPRUHWKDQ points a game. South Windsor The Bobcats (0-16) are being outscored by more than 25 points a game. South Windsor has allowed at least 60 points in every game but one. )RUZDUGCasey Shoop is an outstandLQJVKRRWHUDQGKDVEHHQWKHWHDP¡VPRVW reliable scorer. Big man 6KDT6PLWK and guard 0LFKDHO.LUE\0F*DQQ have also made a big impact on both ends competing in the tough CCC North.

Dan Vareed drives baseline for the Tolland Eagles. Photo courtesy of Lifetouch photography.


7RXUQH\%RXQG6RXWK:LQGVRU,V$OO,Q %\(YDQ0DF\ The Sports Department 6RXWK:LQGVRU+LJK VJLUOVEDVNHWEDOO team has used a balanced attack all season and has earned its berths into the conference and state tournaments. ,QVWHDGRIKDYLQJMXVWRQHRUWZRVWDUVFRUers, the Bobcats (16-2, 10-2 CCC North) take pride in having so many options that RSSRQHQWVRIWHQGRQ¡WNQRZZKRWRJXDUG â&#x20AC;&#x153;We have four players averaging nine points per game,â&#x20AC;? coach 'RQ/HFOHUF

said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;We have a lot of depth. We play almost 14 kids every game and we have kids scoring across the board. The depth has played a factor and almost all of these NLGVDUHUHWXUQLQJIURPQH[W\HDUÂľ The impressive play continues, even after a block of games postponed because of weather and other issues. â&#x20AC;&#x153;We had a long layoff last week due to weather and a power outage,â&#x20AC;? Leclerc VDLG´6RZHKDYHDVWUHWFKKHUHZLWKĂ&#x20AC;YH games in seven days right before the (CCC) tournament. The girls have been

ZRUNLQJKDUGDQGLW¡VDWUXHWHVWDPHQWWR how they have been working in the offseason and in practice.â&#x20AC;? 7KH%REFDWVUDQNHGQLQWKLQWKH+DUWIRUG DUHDE\WKH7KH+DUWIRUG&RXUDQWKDYH improved their win total impressively since last season (12-8) and its solid regular VHDVRQSHUIRUPDQFHLQWKHGLIĂ&#x20AC;FXOW&&& North can only be a good sign as the postseason begins. The Bobcats' only losses are to Glastonbury, ranked 10th in the New +DYHQ5HJLVWHU VVWDWHPHGLDSROO ´7KHJLUOVKDYHNHSWWKHLUIRFXVDQGLW¡V

a good thing because in our conference every game is an important game.â&#x20AC;? 7ULROHDGLQJ7ROODQG With center and senior captain -DFTXL Foreman out for the season, Tolland team has barely missed a beat, thanks to the contributions of three key starters. Senior 6DP2OVRQ is averaging over 12 SRLQWVMXQLRU&KHOVHD'RPLDQ 12 points and senior $VKOH\&ODZVRQ nine points 6HH´7ROODQGÂľ3DJH - Print Edition




DQGVL[DVVLVWV:LWKVHYHUDOVRSKRPRUHV also stepping up for the Eagles, Tolland (15-4, 10-3 CCC East) is playing good basketball heading into tournament time. â&#x20AC;&#x153;We hope that some of the younger players who have practiced and played well all year can contribute at a higher level than they have all year,â&#x20AC;? coach 9LQQLH&LDQID raniVDLG´,W¡VEHHQDVHDVRQZKHUHZH have played some tough competition and we are well prepared to make some noise in the state tourney and league tourney. (YHQWKRXJK-DFNLHZRQ¡WEHZLWKXVZH have enough to make some noise in Class L and the league tournament.â&#x20AC;?

(OOLQJWRQORRNVWRFRQWLQXHOHJDF\ )HZDUHDJLUOVWHDPVKDYHKDGDVPXFK success in recent memory as Ellington, which is getting ready to contend in another postseason. ´,WKLQNZH¡OOHQGXSIRXUWKLQWKH1&&& a drop from last year when we won it,â&#x20AC;? coach /DXUHQ/RYHWHUH%HHOHUsaid. â&#x20AC;&#x153;We won the tourney the last two years and we have a lot of pride going into it. We have to prove we are the same team we were last year, and from a coaching perspective I use it as a tune-up for the state tournament. Though Ellington does its best not to focus on the pressure that comes with a stoULHGSURJUDPOLNHWKH.QLJKWV¡WKH\KDYHD

South Windsor Parks and Recreation

/HDUQ7R)HQFH,Q South Windsor %\3DWULFN7HOPDQ 6RXWK:LQGVRU5HFUHDWLRQ During the four-week fencing beginner course starting March 6, students will learn to wield three distinctive fencing swords: )RLO(SHHDQG6DEHU(DFKVZRUGKDVLWV unique technique and purpose. Come to OHDUQDQGDSSUHFLDWHWKHĂ&#x20AC;QHVVHRIWKLV XQLTXHH[FLWLQJDQGWHFKQLFDOO\PRVWFRPSOLFDWHGVSRUWLQWKH:RUOG,QWHUPHGLDWH Advanced classes will build upon the skills learned in the beginner classes. Classes are taught by Marc Ganych, Gold MedalLVWRI)LUVW-XQLRU*DPHVDQGQDWLRQDOO\ UDQNHG)HQFLQJ0DVWHU All equipment provided by the instructor. )HHFODVVUXQVXQWLO0DUFK -XNLGR-XMLWVX Jukido is a style of the Japanese Martial $UWRI-XMLWVXWKHWHFKQLTXHVRIZKLFKZHUH founded centuries ago. The techniques learned includes throws, takedowns, arm locks, and pressure points. Safety and doing one's best are emphasized in class. $IUHHĂ&#x20AC;UVWWU\RXWFODVVLVDYDLODEOH1RWH $IWHUWKHVWXGHQW¡VĂ&#x20AC;UVWVXFFHVVIXOWHVW

there is an additional annual association IHHRI8QLIRUPVQRWPDQGDWRU\)RU more information about Jukido and Master Betancourt please visit the IKA website 'HWDLOV6XQGD\VSPSP DW6RXWK:LQGVRU&RPPXQLW\&HQWHU )HH /HDUQWR6NDWH3URJUDP A beginning ice skating program at South Windsor Arena that is challenging and rewarding - but most of all, fun. Participation will enable beginning skaters of all ages and abilities to learn the fundamentals of ice skating while teaching them the necessary skills used for their further skating advancement. The fee for all classes is $80; Skate rentals available for an additional $10 for each four-week session; skaters must wear helmet (not provided). Classes $JHV)ULGD\VSPSP $FWLYity #156902) ; March 1, 8, 15 & 22 Ages 3-6, Tuesdays, 10am-11am (Activity #156902M); March 5, 12, 19 & 26 Ages 15-plus, Tuesdays, 7:30pm-8:30pm (Activity #156902N); March 5, 12, 19 & 26

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good chance to go deep in the CIAC Class M tournament. â&#x20AC;&#x153;I know most of them know what it felt OLNHWRJRWRWKHĂ&#x20AC;QDOIRXUIURPODVW\HDUÂľ the coach said, â&#x20AC;&#x153;and they want that feeling DJDLQ%XW,¡PQRWVXUHWKH\IHHOWKHSUHVsure to do it.â&#x20AC;? 5RFNYLOOHVWURQJWRĂ&#x20AC;QLVK )LUVW\HDUFRDFK,VUDHO&DEDQKDVQ¡W had the best year as Rockville will miss SRVWVHDVRQSOD\EXWWKHWHDPLVĂ&#x20AC;QLVKLQJ strong as it tries to establish momentum IRUQH[WVHDVRQ7KH5DPVDUH LQFOXGLQJDZLQRYHU+DUWIRUG3XEOLF )HE

Sarah Allen keeps the ball away from Rockville's Hannah Steed. Courtesy of: Lifetouch Photography

SOUTH WINDSOR Student Athlete of the Month

1LFNQDPH)RRW\ $FFRPSOLVKPHQWVThree-sport athlete all four years of high school (also plays soccer, lacrosse); Completed three half marathons *3$ 3.8 +RZGR\RXSUHSDUHIRUDPHHWUDFH" The week of a meet I normally do a series of harder workouts and take the day before a meet easy. Before a race I listen to songs that help me mentally prepare. 7KRXJKWVRQWKHVHDVRQThe season ZDVUHDOO\VKRUWWKLV\HDU,¡PJRLQJWR PLVVLWQH[W\HDU )DYRULWHFDUHHUPRPHQW I changed my events this year. So when I passed about three people at the end of the race and set a new personal record for that event it was nice because I knew my hard work was paying off. :KDWDUHDZHUH\RXVWURQJHVWLQ" What area did you improve the most LQRYHU\RXUFDUHHU"After running so much long distance in the past year, I found out that longer distance races were my strong suit. In this season, I improved my time and endurance. /RRNLQJEDFNZKDWDUH\RXJRLQJWR PLVVWKHPRVWDERXWSOD\LQJIRU\RXU WHDP"2YHUDOOZKDWDUH\RXJRLQJWR PLVVWKHPRVWDERXWKLJKVFKRRO"One WKLQJWKDW,¡PJRLQJWRPLVVDERXWWKLV

Lauren Futtner ,QGRRU7UDFN sport is seeing teammates cheer for me during a race. It really helped me to not die off at the end of a race. Something WKDW,¡OOPLVVDERXWKLJKVFKRROLVSOD\LQJ sports all year. :KDWLVWKHWRXJKHVWFKDOOHQJH\RX¡YH RYHUFRPH" Keeping grades up while balancing work and school 5HG6R[RU<DQNHHV"<DQNHHV )DYRULWHEDQGPRYLH79VKRZ" )DYRULWHW\SHRIPXVLFFRXQWU\0RYLH Marley & Me; TV Show: Pretty Little Liars 3ODQVDIWHUKLJKVFKRROCollege


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