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Going Down For The Count!

February 1-14, 2011

Eagles Soar High Thanks To Junior Standout

Kristin Schatzlein

By Tim Larew The Sports Department

East Windsor’s Alex Szymanski gets the upper hand on Enfield’s Bryan Murphy during the Rodney Smith Wrestling Tournament at E. Windsor High last week. Photo by Steve Palmer, The Sports Department,


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Inside The Sports Department Columnist Jon Buzby talks about how you can still get ready for Spring Training in the dead of Winter. See page 3. Ellington graduate making her mark at WNEC. See the college notebook on page 15.

It was a few games into her junior season at Tolland High when the girls’ basketball team made the hour and twenty minute trip to face Plainfield a couple of weeks ago. The Plainfield girls’ team couldn’t have liked the thought of going up against Kristin Schatzlein, but the home fans liked the idea even less. “Our starting lineup gets called out, and as soon as Kristin’s name gets announced, everyone in the gym starts booing,” said Tolland head coach Rocco Sansone, “Here we are, over an hour drive from home, and everyone still knows what Kristin’s capable of doing on the basketball court – you can’t ask for a better compliment.” Like she’s been doing her whole career, Schatzlein showed exactly why opponents and fans know her name well before she steps onto the floor. She pulled down 11 rebounds and blocked four shots in the first half, and despite not attempting a shot until the second half, Schatzlein finished with 16 points in a huge 49-39 road win. “I wasn’t expecting the fans to boo me at all,” said Schatzlein, “but I actually liked it. It got me pumped.” If her performance against Plainfield was any indication of how Schatzlein responds to a little adversity and pressure, future opponents and their fans should probably take note. Coming off a 17-9 year in which they reached the conference and state quarterfinals in their first year in the CCC East, the Eagles are already off to a 10-1 start this season, having won ten straight after dropping a three-point loss to New Britain in the opener. Much of its success has to do with the awe-inspiring play of Schatzlein, who as a junior is already on pace to reach the See “Sister’s Footsteps”, Page 4

The Sports Department


February 1-14, 2011

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February 1-14, 2011

The Sports Department


Spring Training Can Happen With Snow On The Ground By Jon Buzby The Sports Department

While the weather certainly doesn’t feel like baseball season in Connecticut, it does in Florida, especially in Fort Myers (Red Sox), Port St. Lucie (Mets) and Tampa (Yankees) where pitchers and catchers will report to spring training soon, if they haven’t already (wouldn’t you go down early?). And while professional athletes will go through a very strict regimen put together by the finest strength and conditioning coaches to prepare themselves for spring training and ultimately the regular season, now is the time to start thinking about loosening up those arms in your house as well. After all, tryouts are just around the corner (stay tuned to the next edition for spring sports tryout hints). And it’s not just time for pitchers and catchers to get ready, but every player. After all, every position on the diamond requires throwing. Obviously pitchers throw more often and consistently harder than any other position player, but every fielder has to

throw his or her hardest at some point during a game and will be expected to at whatever tryout you are attending and/or those early season practices. One thing often overlooked by kids is the importance of stretching your arms and upper body, not only before throwing, but after and in between throwing sessions too. While the legs are very involved in the throwing process, players tend to naturally stretch them more than the arms. On even the coldest, snowiest days, the arms and upper body can and should be stretched in the comfort and warmth of your home. Weather can’t be used as an excuse not to stretch. You can search the Internet for great stretching exercises. If you are able to throw indoors somewhere, that’s the ideal situation. You can start throwing with softer, shorter tosses and eventually work your way to a “real live” throw. But even if you can’t throw very far where you workout, you can focus on proper mechanics and getting your arm muscles to develop muscle memory. Like with any “new” exercise, ease your way back into it. It’s better to throw less than too much this early in the season. If your only chance to throw indoors is in your house, try your basement or

garage. Even if the ceilings are low, you can squat on one knee and focus on mechanics and over-emphasizing the throwing motion to maximize body movement. Yes, even the pros do this early on in spring training. Throw outdoors when the weather allows. Remember, perfect weather isn’t going to happen anytime soon, but if you get a day where a couple layers and knit hat keep you warm enough to head out for 10 minutes, take advantage of it. And remember, even if you have to wear a winter glove on your throwing hand, you’re still going to reap the benefits of using your arm. Make sure to stretch after you throw, no matter how short or long your session. Like with any program, do some research to find out exactly what stretching is best after throwing, because it is just as important as stretching before, it’s just often overlooked, especially by younger, less serious players. But those “less serious arms” will also get hurt if not taken care of properly. Ice your arm if you feel unusually sore at all, even in the winter. Even if for just 10 minutes. And as you would do with any sportsrelated pain, if it feels worse than just your usual preseason stiff arm, see a

doctor. Get it checked out while you still have time to heal before opening day. Yes, it would be nice to head to Florida for spring training, but since you aren’t, make sure to have your own spring training in Connecticut. And just like the pros, now is the time to start. Reach syndicated columnist Jon Buzby at, and be sure to read his weekly Sports Buzz online at www.thesportsdept. com.


The Sports Department

Following In Sister’s Footsteps

Continued from Page 1 1,000 point milestone sometime within the next two months. She’s averaging 19 points, 11 rebounds, and 5 assists per game, and for Coach Sansone, there’s no better word to describe her play than “efficient.” “Kristin’s only a junior, but she’s by far the best player I’ve ever had,” said Sansone, “She scored 28 points in our win over Bristol Eastern, and she only took 17 shots. She’s just incredibly efficient. She could score 40 points a game if she took more shots, but she’d rather distribute the ball and make sure everyone’s a part of the game. That might be the best thing about her.” Schatzlein is shooting a blistering 55 percent from beyond the arc, but Sansone said she’s an even better passer than she is a shooter. The 6’0” guard/forward has filled a multitude of roles since the first time she donned the Tolland jersey. As a freshman, she played a year alongside her sister Kelly who was a senior and now plays for Merrimack College. The sisters combined for 700 points and 80 percent of the team’s scoring that first year of Kristin’s high school career, and she believes that year was huge in terms of her development as a player. “Playing alongside Kelly my freshman year really brought my confidence up,” said Schatzlein. “She always pushed me as hard as she could in practice and games because she wanted me to be the best player I could be. When she graduated, I took over her role, in a way. I started pushing everyone and being a leader both on and off the court.” Though she was just a freshman at the time, Sansone knew exactly what he was going to get from Schatzlein over the rest of her career. “It may have been Kelly’s team, but you could tell the second best player on the

floor was Kristin,” said Sansone, “She could always make the pass, she could always make the three ball, and she was never afraid to step into her role. The hardest thing was trying to get her to understand just how good she could be.” In just a couple of years, Schatzlein has blossomed into a frighteningly wellrounded player and a true Division-I prospect. She earned all-conference awards in each of her first two seasons and is a shoe-in for another one this year. Schatzlein has the Eagles off to a terrific start, but until she achieves her ultimate goals, her work is far from done. “Every game I want to play my best and push myself to be a better player,” said Schatzlein, “Our team goals are simple, to win the CCC East and the Class M state championship.” It’s impossible to know whether the Tolland High girls’ basketball team will make a deep run in the postseason, but they’ve gotten off to the right start. Schatzlein rounds out a core group of four juniors and one senior who have played together since fifth grade, and the group has a lot to do with why Sansone calls this season the greatest coaching season he’s had in his seven years at Tolland. Like any team that has done great things at any level in the past, success starts with its leader. Schatzlein has done it all for the Eagles on both ends of the floor and is the type of player that every coach can only wish to be lucky enough to work with. “She’s a special kid,” said Sansone, “She’s the best player on the floor almost every night, but she’s not the type of player that will pound her chest and signal to the crowd after she makes a shot. She just makes shots and heads back down the other end to play defense. She’s levelheaded, down-to-earth, and just looking to have fun.”

February 1-14, 2011

February 1-14, 2011

Somers Tri-Town’s Justin Locke tries to poke the puck away from Suffield’s Tyler Swanson. Photo by Steve Palmer, The Sports Department, www.


Tri-Town’s Dan Bell flexes his stick as he unloads a shot from the circle against BCL. Photo by Steve Palmer, The Sports Department, www.steve palmerphotography. com

Kelsey Charette tries to get past a defender during a recent game. Photo by Alan Bastarache, The Sports Department, www.

Jayce Haynes tries to dodge the hand of the East Windsor defender during the Spartans 61-42 win over the Panthers. Photo by Alan Bastarache, The Sports Department, www.



February 1-14, 2011

Enfield Enfield Parks and Recreation

Open Swim To Begin In March

By Alison Alberghini-Durler The Sports Department

The Enfield Recreation Department seeks to provide quality leisure opportunities, which contribute to the environment, needs and interest of the people of Enfield. Recreation is recognized as a necessary service to the community and an integral part of Enfield’s health and welfare. A variety of programs are offered for toddlers, youth and adults through the Department. For additional information on any of our programs including the programs listed below contact the Recreation office at 860253-6420. Saturday Open Swim At JFK Pool The Enfield Recreation Department offers open swim hours at the John F. Kennedy Middle School pool on Saturdays, March 5 - April 9 from 1 p.m.-3 p.m. The pool is staffed by Red Cross Certified Lifeguards. Children 10 years old and younger must be accompanied by someone 16 years or older. No more than 3 children per adult. Daily fees apply. Adult Open Gym Volleyball A program designed for recreational play is held on Monday evenings until March 14. No program on Feb. 7 and Feb. 21. The program will be held from 6 p.m. – 9 p.m. at the Eli Whitney School Gym. There is no league play during open gym. Pick-up games are arranged amongst the participants. Proof of age and residency is

required. Participants must have information form and waiver on file at the gym to participate. Forms may be filled out the first night you attend. There is no volleyball when the school is closed. Please note that if the gym gets over crowded, residents will get first priority to play. Nightly fee is $2 for residents and $2.50 for non-residents.

Adult Open Gym Basketball The Enfield Recreation Department hosts Open Gym Basketball time for adults 18 and over. Participants must show proof of age and residency to participate in addition to having a program waiver on site where they participate. There is no basketball when school is closed or there is a conflicting school activity. Please note that if the gym gets over crowded, residents will get first priority to play. Nightly fee is $2 for residents and $2.50 for non-residents. For complete information including program dates, times and locations visit the Town’s website at . Youth Open Gym Open gym time is held for youth at Henry Barnard School and Eli Whitney School. Children 10 and under must be accompanied by an adult. No more than 3 children per adult. Open gyms runs though March 10, 2011. No program on Feb. 10 or Feb, 21. 10 years and under: Thursdays, 6:30 p.m. - 9 p.m. (Whitney)

11 - 14 years old: Wednesdays, 6:30 p.m. - 9 p.m. (Barnard) 15 - 18 Years Old: Mondays, 6:30 p.m. 9:00 p.m. (Barnard) Boston Celtics Bus Trip Here’s your chance to join the Enfield Recreation Department to watch some of the best players in the NBA, don’t miss out on all the action! The Boston Celtics will take on the Washington Wizards on Friday April 8th at 7:30 p.m. The trip includes motor coach transportation and tickets in section 320(subject to change) of the TD Garden. The bus will arrive in Boston around 4 p.m. allowing time for dinner or shopping before the game. Bus departs Enfield Town Hall parking lot at 2 p.m. for Boston. Bus Departs Boston immediately following the game. The cost is $89 per person.

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The Enfield Recreation Department is located at 19 North Main Street in the Angelo Lamagna Activity Center. The office is open Monday - Friday, 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.. To contact the office call 860-253-6420 or visit us on the web at .

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Student Athlete of the Month Nickname: Holy Moly Accomplishments: School record in 3200M, Scholar Athlete Awards GPA: 11.4/12 Other sports: Cross Country, Outdoor Track How do you prepare for a game: Listen to music, talk to friends/teammates Thoughts on the season: We have a new team, but we are learning to work together Toughest team to play against: Avon Favorite sports memory: Getting the school record for the 3200M Freshman year Favorite memory of high school: Friends/Sports Role model or inspirational person in your life: Friends/Sports Most embarrassing moment: Not sure. Toughest challenge I’ve overcome: Nerves before games/races Favorite athlete: Bob Burnquist Most famous (or near famous) person I ever met: Nobody, yet Person I’d most like to meet: Bob Burnquist

Emily Rund Basketball Favorite way to relax: Go to the beach, skateboard Favorite class: P.E., Band Favorite snack food: Fig Newtons Favorite band: Metallica Favorite restaurant: Outback Steak House Red Sox or Yankees: Red Sox Favorite movie: Austin Powers Favorite TV show: Glee Plans after high school: Attend college and continue cross country and track

Beginning in 2011, Awards & More in Enfield will provide commemorative plaques for The Sports Department Student Athletes of The Month. Awards & More is located at 492 Enfield Street, Enfield.

February 1-14, 2011

Hockey Notebook


Tri-Town Looking To Go Deeper In Playoffs

By Nate Owen The Sports Department

A promising season came crashing to a disappointing end for Tri-Town last year. Tri-Town finished 15-6, but lost to Darien last year in the third round of the state playoffs, sending the team home with extra motivation for this season. “Our whole goal is to make the state tournament,” head coach Paul Dowe said. “Last year it was a game we probably should have won, but we got our butts kicked. We did not play well. With the season we’re having, we [should] be able to solidify home ice and go a lot deeper.” Tri-Town checks in at 9-1 to close January. The team has gotten solid goaltending from Mitch Diresta and has received contributions from all through the lineup from players such as captain Steve Pernal, assistant captains Mike Hanna, Justin Locke, and Ian Leiching, along with Cullen Roberts, Nick Binkowski, and Zach Palmer. ‘We’ve had multiple players step up and score when we needed the big goal,” Dowe said. “The biggest thing has been the senior leadership. The seniors’ contributions have helped out big time. They know what it takes to win.” Stafford Contingent Making Presence Felt Facing a numbers crunch, Rockville-Manchester-Stafford hockey coach Christian Stevenson needed to look for reinforcements for his hockey program. “Both the Rockville and Manchester numbers were down,” he said. “Sometimes we do have people coming through the middle schools heading into some down years, but not this year.” The matter was even more pressing given that the team has nine seniors this year, and would have had trouble fielding a squad next season. Enter Stafford, who has four players in the program in its first year. “We needed to find the best fit that was somewhat local,” Stevenson said, adding

that if he didn’t move quickly, a potential partner could sign on with another program. Matt Roy, Marc Richard and Shawn and John Sellew are the current Stafford players on the team. Richard and Shawn Sellew are still learning as freshman, Stevenson said, while John Sellew has played both up front and the blueline on a regular basis. Roy has teamed with starter Ryan Villanvry in net to give the team solid goaltending options, something they lacked last season, when they only won five games. They matched that mark on Jan. 22, with an 8-3 decision over Rocky Hill-RHAM-Middletown. “[Having solid goaltending] really sparked everyone,” Stevenson said. The team has also been buoyed by the play of captain Travis Mistrella, who could have left to play at a higher level prep school, but stayed for his senior season. Mistrella primarily plays forward, but drops back on defense as needed. “He’s outstanding,” Stevenson said. “He makes us go.”

Enfield Keeping Busy Off and On the Ice As part of a team building activity, the Raiders will travel to Washington D.C. to see the Capitals take on the Pittsburgh Penguins on Feb. 6. Enfield head coach Joe Bonfiglio and Fermi head coach Frank Genovese were both selected to be assistant coaches at this year’s Connecticut High School Junior Select All-Star Game. The game will be held Saturday, March 26 at the Nortford Ice Pavilion. The Junior Select game will start at 5 p.m. The winning coach staff of the game will then select a group of players from both teams to play against an All-Star team from Massachusetts on April 3 at 3 p.m. The Raiders will also participate in the Whalers Hockey Winter Fest. They’ll face Northwest Catholic at Rentschler field on Friday, Feb. 18 at 5 p.m. Tickets for the Winter Fest can be purchased at www. Fermi Sweeps Suffield The Falcons are only 3-6-1 entering the

last weekend of January but were able to sweep the season series from Suffield in a pair of hard fought 4-3 games, according to Genovese. Ryan Guhne, Dan Haber, Joey Rush, and Shaun Kellam have all been solid for the Falcons, Genovese said.

Tri-Town’s Tom McCabe (17) of East Windsor and Stephen Pernal of Ellington battle for a puck against BCL. Photo by Steve Palmer, The Sports Department,

1. Jack Johnson, RockvilleManchester-Stafford, 15-8-23 2. Joe Bonazelli, South Windsor 12-8-20 3. Nate Waldeisen, South Windsor, 11-7-18 4. Mike Hanna, Tri-Town, 15-2-17 5. Tyler Glassman, South Windsor, 9-8-17 6. Angus Deane, Rockville-ManchesterStafford, 6-11-17

7. Dan Haver, Fermi, 11-5-16 8. Ryan Ghune, Fermi, 6-8-14 9. Joey Rush, Fermi 5-7-12 10. Nick Smith, Enfield, 6-5-11 10. Brian Borbas, Tri-Town, 4-7-11

All players listed goals-assists-total points “The Top 10 Area Scorers” are from within the eight town distribution of The Sports Department. TSD is not responsible for any omissions or errors as the data is provided by the respective coaches.



February 1-14, 2011

Falcons Fermi’s Joey Rush carries the puck through the neutral zone during Fermi’s 11-2 loss to CCC East rival, South Windsor. Photo by Steve Palmer, The Sports Department,

Nicole St. Amand controls the tempo for the Falcons. Photo by Steve Palmer, The Sports Department, www.stevepalmerphotography. com

Pat Bordeau goes up for an easy two points against Rocky Hill. Photo by Rich Tanguay, The Sports Department, www.

Cody Brown draws the foul against Rocky Hill’s Josh Avery in the Falcons first win of the season. Photo by Rich Tanguay, The Sports Department, www. video-grams. biz

February 1-14, 2011


9 Enfield’s Hugh Lindo tries to slip a pass by the Stafford defender. Enfield won the game, 54-46. Photo by Rich Tanguay, The Sports Department,


Enfield’s Victoria Leahy scores two against Fermi’s Taylor Droney. Photo by Steve Palmer, The Sports Department, www.

Enfield goaltender Zach Audent cautiously holds the puck between the post and stick as Tri-Town’s Zack Palmer and Cullen Roberts pursue the rebound. Photo by Steve Palmer, The Sports Department, www.

Enfield’s Tony Romano contests a shot during the Raiders game against Stafford. Photo by Rich Tanguay, The Sports Department, www.


February 1-14, 2011

Boys Basketball Notebook

Tolland Looking To Resume Regular Season After Weeklong Hiatus

By Tim Larew The Sports Department

Tolland will look to get back to basketball after a week-long hiatus following a locker room incident at E.O. Smith in late January which forced the Eagles to forfeit one game and forego nearly a week of practice. The decision to forfeit the January 24th game vs. East Catholic was an administrative one in response to the incident at E.O. Smith. School administrators and the team were scheduled to meet on Tuesday to put a plan in place for immediate resumption of the regular season schedule, according to athletic director Patrick Cox. Prior to the break, Tolland put together a nice stretch of games in January in which it had won three of four, capped off by a 64-63 win at Rocky Hill. The Eagles trailed for much of the game and by as many as five in the waning minutes, but came back and picked up their first road win of the season. Prior to the takedown of Rocky Hill, Tolland had beaten Fermi and Rockville before losing to Bloomfield 75-58. Though Tolland will now have to rebound from a tough week, head coach Mike Lewis has faith in his squad. “We’re 3-3 in CCC East and we’re focusing on improving every day as we head into the second half of the season,” said Lewis, “We know what we are capable of, we just have to put it together.” Senior Andrew Roussey has been putting it together all year for the Eagles, averaging 17.4 ppg to pace the Tolland offensive attack. Also putting up solid numbers for the Eagles are sophomore Taylor Fortin and senior Kris Strobel who are averaging 8.2 and 8.1 ppg, respectively. Ellington It’s been a mix of ups and downs the past few weeks for the Ellington boys basketball team. In its third game back from break, the Knights dropped a tough one at home to Enfield despite a balanced offensive attack in which three players scored in double figures. After that loss, however, the Knights regrouped with a big 59-51 win in Canton that

ignited a four-game winning streak. Following their 55-45 win at Coventry that extended the winning streak to four, the Knights stumbled with back-to-back road losses to Avon and Somers, dropping to 7-5 on the year. Still, the Knights boast one of the most potent offenses in the NCCC, with Gresh and senior wingman Dan Schofer both averaging more than 11 points per game and All-Conference senior center Zack Graves averaging better than 19 points and 12 rebounds per contest. East Windsor For East Windsor boy’s basketball head coach John Cessario, the remedies to his team’s struggles are simple. “I’d like to have more of a commitment on the defensive end and an understanding of how precious every possession is,” said Cessario after the Panthers dropped to 2-9 following a 63-50 loss to Coventry on Friday, January 28th. “It’s difficult to win games when a team averages 19 turnovers per game.” The Panthers have also come up on the losing side of two marathon-esque games so far this new year, including a 73-66 triple overtime loss to Canton early in January and an incredible five-overtime 44-42 loss to Lyman Memorial on January 21st. Rockville The Rockville High boy’s basketball team has been struggling to mount a consistent offensive attack so far this season, but head coach Peter McCann is still very happy with his group’s performance and demeanor as a whole. “Scoring has been an issue for us all season, but the kids’ attitudes have been great,” said McCann. After beating Rocky Hill 42-36 for its first win back in December, Rockville went through a tough stretch of games but regrouped and defeated Fermi 64-60.

South Windsor It took South Windsor High boys’ head coach Brendan McClay ten tries, but at last he got his first win as coach of the Bobcats as his team

defeated Fermi 53-44 on January 25th. South Windsor has struggled as a young team under a first-year coach in a tough conference, but McClay sees that his players are really starting to buy into the new philosophy. “We’re getting there,” said McClay, “Our record doesn’t show it, but we’re seeing a lot of improvement. The kids are really starting to see how the process of rebuilding and improving as a team is going to work.” Leading scorer and senior captain Jordan Jones scored 13 points in South Windsor’s win over Fermi, and then followed that up with a 23-point performance in its narrow loss to Glastonbury.

Somers The Somers boys basketball team has hit its stride, and are just one win away from qualifying for the state tournament. The team now stands at 7-3, with key victories over Coventry, Bolton (twice), and East Windsor. Most recently, however, Somers had a signature win against NCCC rival Ellington, 70-66 on January 28 after being down 9-0 to open the game. The Spartans mounted a comeback as Evan Woicik and Jayce Haynes each scored 20 points to lead Somers. Brendan Coverdill chipped in with 13 points. Fermi It took until its seventh game, but the Fermi was able to win its first game, a 48-47 victory over Rocky Hill. The Falcons had Rockville on the ropes during a January 24 matchup, but fell, 64-60.

Enfield Through 12 games, the Enfield High School boys’ basketball team has lived up to its projections and is continuing to establish itself as Stafford one of the top powers in the NCCC. Stafford has gotten off to a 2-8 start to begin After holding Bolton to 17 points in a 53-17 the season, with its lone win on the court comroad victory in one of its first games back from ing against Suffield on January 11. The squad winter break, the Raiders defeated Ellington also won a game via forfeit against Stamford 64-58 in a battle of two of the top teams in the Academy. conference. Enfield returned home to handily beat East Granby, but then began a tough three game road trip with a 49-44 loss to Avon. Since the loss at Avon, the Enfield has hit its stride 1. Tre Preston, Enfield, 7. Josh Patsun, and haven’t looked 25.1 points per game Somers, 11.6 ppg back, as the team 2. Zack Graves, Ellington, 8. Paul Lima, Enfield, has won four 19.2 ppg. 11.4 ppg straight games. 3. Evan Woicik, Somers, 9. Dan Schofer, Junior Tre Preston 18.7 ppg Ellington, 10.7 ppg has been outstanding for Enfield, 4. Andrew Roussey, Tolland, 10. Kevin Mocadlo, notching 30-plus 17.4 ppg East Windsor, 9.7 points several 5. Jordan Jones, South times this season Windsor, 17.5 ppg and averaging just 6. Mike Gresh, over 25 per contest Ellington, 12.2 ppg through his team’s first 12 games. The Top 10 Area Scorers are from within the eight town distribution of The Sports Department. TSD is not responsible for any omissions or errors as the data is provided by the respective coaches.

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Reserved - Enlistments 4-6 Years Over 200 job skills available - Regular pay raises Earn part-time paycheck (work 1 weekend a month; 2 weeks during Summer) - College tuition assistance

For more information please contact SGT LEWIS at (860)214-3702 or stop by his office at 155 Hazard Ave. Enfield, CT 06082

February 1-14, 2011

East Windsor East Windsor Parks and Recreation

Panther Plunge Moved To March 5th

By Melissa Green The Sports Department

Please come out and support the 2nd Annual Panther Plunge to benefit the East Windsor Fuel Bank on March 5. The plunge was previously scheduled for January 22. Take the Plunge into the chilly waters of the “RES” for only $15 and receive a Panther Plunge T-shirt. All proceeds will go directly to the East Windsor Fuel Bank to help East Windsor residents heat their homes this winter. Checks can be made payable to East Windsor Fuel Bank. Donations will be accepted from Non-Plungers as well. A small $5 entry fee will be collected the day of the event per car or $10 for a sleeve of raffle tickets. Please also join us for a Warming Party at Broad Brook School hosted by the East Windsor PTO and the East Windsor Booster Club Refreshments will be sold. February Vacation Camp Camp will be held for children in grades K-6 at East Windsor High School from 7:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. Feb. 22-25. Cost for the camp is $90 for residents and $100 for non-residents. Pre-registration by Feb. 16. through the Parks and Recreation Office is required. Mad Science Calling all Future scientists: Mad Science is back! This program is for kids in grades K-4. Classes will be held at the Broad

Brook School on Wednesdays 3:45 p.m.4:45 p.m., Feb. 9-May 18. There will be no classes on Feb. 23, April 13 and April 20. The fee for the 12-week program is $152. Checks to be made payable to Mad Science. Registration through the Parks and Recreation office must be received by Feb. 4. Space is limited to the first 20 students. A parent volunteer is needed for each class. Acting Classes Through Performing Arts Come show off your acting talents with Performing Arts Programs Inc. The Winter class will be held on Thursdays, Feb. 10-March 31, with no class on Feb. 24. Grades K-5 will meet from 3:45-4:40 p.m. at the Broad Brook School, Music Room. Cost of the program is $90. Please make checks payable to Performing Arts. Call Michael Lamb at 860-432-9890 with any questions. Please sign up early. Please contact the Parks and Recreation Department to register today or to get more information at 860-627-6662.

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The Sports Department Call

860-872-0TSD (0873)

E. Windsor

Student Athlete of the Month Nickname: Billy Accomplishments: Making it to nationals for CT Selects, and setting the state record of a 14 game winning streak in the 09-10 season. Other sports: Baseball, Golf How do you prepare for a game:I tend to listen to a certain playlist while stickhandling with a golf ball passing back and forth with my line mates. Thoughts on the season: We’re off to a 7-1 record, but we still have a lot to work on. Now as the season progresses the schedule is getting more difficult so our team is looking to become more motivated and ready for games. Toughest team to play against: Notre Dame Fairfield Favorite sports memory: Scoring my first varsity goal my freshman year on my first shift. Favorite memory of high school: Basically just having fun with friends Most embarrassing moment: I’ve slipped during warm-ups in front of huge group of fans, but there was no criticism, all just laughs. Toughest challenge I’ve overcome: Training for a half marathon during my sophomore year. Role model or inspirational person in your life: My head coach Paul Dowe. Favorite athlete: Patrick Kane

William Chevalier Ice Hockey Most famous (or near famous) person I ever met: Dustin Pedroia Person I’d most like to meet: Patrick Kane, or Sidney Crosby Favorite way to relax: I enjoy listening to music by myself in the peace and quiet. Favorite class: Psychology Favorite snack food: Ice cream Favorite band: Young Money Favorite restaurant: Sofias Red Sox or Yankees: Yankees Favorite movie: The Basketball Diaries Favorite TV show: That 70’s Show Plans after high school: Attend a 4 year college

Beginning in 2011, Awards & More in Enfield will provide commemorative plaques for The Sports Department Student Athletes of The Month. Awards & More is located at 492 Enfield Street, Enfield.


East Windsor



February 1-14, 2011

East Windsor’s Kelly Strba tries to get past the defense of Stafford’s Kelsey Heavener during a recent game. Photo by Steve Palmer, The Sports Department, www. stevepalmerphotography. com

Tri-Town’s Billy Chevalier (left) contemplates his next move on the ice. Photo by Steve Palmer, The Sports Department,

Kevin Mocadlo of East Windsor pops a jump shot while surrounded by Ellington defenders. Photo by Steve Palmer, The Sports Department,

East Windsor’s Jeff Guglielmo tries to start the fast break during a recent game against Ellington. Photo by Steve Palmer, The Sports Department,

February 1-14, 2011




The Stafford boys basketball team huddles during a timeout in a game against Enfield. Photo by Rich Tanguay, The Sports Department,

Stafford’s Megan Zelz drives to the basket past the outstretched arm of East Windsor’s Maira Pantoja. Photo by Steve Palmer, The Sports Department, www.

Stafford and Somers players battle underneath the hoop for a rebound. Somers won the game, 43-36.

David DeLeon tries to get his shot over Enfield’s Hugh Lindo during an early 2011 matchup. Photo by Rich Tanguay, The Sports Department,

TSD Local Digest

EW U11 Team Receives Trophies On January 6, the East Windsor Boys U11 Travel Team (pictured) received their trophies for winning the league title in the Fall.

team (pictured) took first place in the annual Fred Hammick Invitational Basketball Tournament in South Windsor last month

Pictured in photo: Back row, L to R: Coach Jeff Rodrigue, Derek Lezon, Dejoir Farley, Jordan Garner, Daniel Bell, Quinton Pepin, Deegan Burke, Coach Brian Turley. Front row, L to R: Brandon Coley, Nico Brigada, Tim Rodrigue, Cam Turley, Timur Couture, Seth Gelsomino, and Jeff Rodrigue. Missing from photo: Joshua Paleski. Photo by Deb Brigada

Pictured are: Front row left to right - Jack Zuffelatto, Max Daniel, Kyle Luginbuhl, Mike McGuirl, Colby Unterstein. Back row: Kevin Redler, Ruyan Weitz, head coach Pat McGuirl, Ricardo Papa, Josh Sumisloski Josh Baskin, assistant coach Chad Luginbuhl

Vernon And Rockville LL To Hold Registration Little League Baseball Registration & Softball Registration for both Vernon and Rockville Leagues will be held at Vernon Center Middle School February 7th and 9th from 6-8 p.m. Ellington 5-6th Grade Boys Win Hammick Invitational Tournament The Ellington 6th Grade Boys Basketball

Ellington/Somers Football Comedy Night Fundraiser The Ellington/Somers football team will hold a Comedy Night Fundraiser at The Kosciuszko Club in Vernon on Feb 26 from 7-midnight. It is the biggest fundraiser of the year for the Ellington/Somers Football program. Tickets are $30 each, BYOB, Hot and Cold Appetizers. Tickets can be purchased at

Manchester High School Boys’ Basketball Alumni Night Manchester High School Boys’ Basketball is hosting its first annual Alumni Night to be held on February 7. All former MHS boys’ basketball players are invited to join in Clarke Arena, free of charge, to watch the MHS Indians vs. East Hartford Hornets. The JV game begins at 5:30 p.m. and the Varsity game at 6:45 p.m.. Register by February 1 and player’s admission price is free. Send email to Coach Healy ( with your name and year you graduated from Manchester High School. No discounts offered day of game. Please arrive by 6:30 p.m. for a pregame ceremony and at the conclusion of the varsity game a social reception for players will be held in the Manchester High School cafeteria. Contact your former teammates and encourage them to join. For more information, contact Coach Healy at 860646-0444. SW Resident To Play Softball At Tufts Recently, Allyson Fournier of South Windsor and East Catholic student, has signed a commitment to play for Tufts University next season. During the past summer, Allyson

pitched for the CT Eliminators 94 Black team who played an extensive showcase season competing against the top teams in the Eastern US. Over the summer Allyson posted an ERA of 0.83 that caught the attention of some significant college programs. Coupling Allyson’s performance on the field with her stellar academics, she was highly recruited by Yale, Cornell and Stonybrook University. Fournier maintains a GPA of 4.36 at ECHS. Last season Allyson shared the pitching duties at East Catholic and went 8-2, had an ERA of .96, averaged 16 strikeouts per game, threw two no-hitters and several one-hitters and was selected to Hartford Courant All-State team, CCC All Conference team and named to the CHSCA Junior All Star team. Manchester-Rockville Alumni Game Raises Money For Hockey Program Manchester and Rockville high schools played in their 6th Annual Alumni game (pictured) on Jan. 1 at the Bolton Ice Palace.

To submit an item for the TSD Local Digest please email us at: or call 860-872-0TSD (0873).


Girls Basketball Notebook

February 1-14, 2011

Ellington Girls Qualify For Class M Tournament

By Reid L. Walmark The Sports Department

The Ellington Purple Knights (10-3), who are 8-2 in the NCCC, have won five in a row and have already qualified for the CIAC Class M state tournament. Kelly Conley, averaging close to 19 points per game, has an outside chance at reaching 1,000 career points by the end of the regular season on Feb. 17 “Our defense and rebounding are continuing to improve and more importantly we are getting a lot more offensive help from other players,” said coach Lauren Beeler. Savannah Kresge, Ellington’s third leading scorer, had 17 against Avon. Julie Gage is the No. 2 scorer. Tolland The Eagles (10-3) have lost two in a row after a 10-game winning streak from Dec. 10 through Jan. 19. The losses have come against Manchester (13-0), ranked No. 2 in the state, and E.O. Smith (13-1), 12th in the latest statewide poll. Tolland received votes, the fewest among the 23 schools in the poll. Overconfidence from the winning streak didn’t lead to difficulties against E.O. Smith and Manchester, coach Rocco Sansone said, making the adjustment to stronger competition was the factor. “E.O. Smith put us on our heels. We were down 8-0 early,” he said. Tolland regrouped and lost 50-46. “I like how everyone’s contributing,” Sansone said. “I can play 15 kids and usually everyone has points in the box score.” By the end of the season, Tolland needs to improve its defensive rebounding and cut down on its turnovers, Sansone said.

Rockville Rockville (0-11), with only senior in the starting lineup, has continued to improve, although the results aren’t showing up in the won-lost column. Coach Craig Archambault sees progress within the young players (Courtney Joubert, Wendy Weston, Daphne Botteron, Danielle Wemmel) and in the team. In a 55-33 loss to South Windsor on Jan. 25, the Rams were blitzed in the second quarter. Take away that quarter, Archambault said, and it was essentially a one-point game. “They pressed a lot in the second quarter and we didn’t handle it well. We led by one after the first quarter, then we threw the ball away in the second,” he said. Senior Melissa McCann had 12 points against Tolland on Jan. 11 and has remained a steadying influence on the younger players. South Windsor The Bobcats (7-7) have been victimized by playing a brutal schedule, with five losses coming against teams in the poll. Discount those games and South Windsor’s record would be 7-2. Coach Don Leclerc acknowledges that the school snow days and postponed games have disrupted the rhythm of all teams but he feels interruptions hurt younger teams, trying to develop routines and habits, even more. South Windsor is young. Leclerc has been impressed with senior forward Emily Johnston, who is now drawing the assignment of guarding the opposition’s main scoring threat. “She’s limiting their scoring,” he said. “In the

Manchester game, she covered [All-State] Ashley Perez and shut her down in the second half.”

Somers The Spartans (4-10) have lost three in a row, after a two-game winning streak, and need to finish 4-2 to qualify for the Class S state tournament, the team’s season-long goal. Coach Alan Walker has seen signs of the offense reviving. “Our scoring is more balanced,” Walker said. “We’ve been able to increase our scoring opportunities with more consistent rebounding and minimizing turnovers, and each game our efficiency has improved.” The play of point guard Ashley Kinney, the Spartans’ leading scorer at 17.4 points per game, has been “instrumental” in the offense’s improvement, Walker said. East Windsor The Panthers (4-9) have lost six in a row. They need to win four of their last seven games to qualify for the Class S tournament. The culprit during the losing streak has been unreliable defense. “Until the team is able to pick up its defense, it is going to be tough to win game,” said coach Bob Lengyel. Lengyel is doing a lot of teaching on team defensive concepts. Opponents see the Panthers’ hesitancy in rotating defensively, Lengyel said, “and they are able to pick that apart.” Lengyel has been impressed by the growth of junior Maira Pantoja, a first-year starter. Her offensive output is becoming steady, he said. “And she has become a much stronger defender.” Fermi The Falcons (1-11) received a boost when Toni Alexander returned from torn ankle ligaments that kept her sidelined for three weeks, coming back Jan. 11 against Bloomfield. “The offense has more of a flow to it now,” coach Sean Sweeney said. “There was a stretch there where we were struggling to score 25 points as a team. We have to keep working at it. We need to play consistently for 32 minutes.” Fermi has hustled but gives up height to nearly every opponent. Sweeney says Alexander has a calming presence. “She really is that important to us. She was dying to get back. She’s worth 30 points for us, in scoring and just in directing the offense and her with her defense.”

1. Kelly Conley, Ellington, 18.8 points per game 2. Ashley Kinney, Somers, 17.4 ppg 3. Kristin Schatzlein, Tolland, 17.0 ppg 4. Brianna Heald, Stafford, 12.6 ppg 5. Julie Gage, Ellington, 11.5 ppg 6. Toni Alexander, Fermi, 9.0 ppg

Enfield The Raiders are 0-12. The team is having problems scoring for coach Bruce Hargraves, who is satisfied with Enfield’s defense. “With everyone continuing to progress offensively, the scoring has been improving. Everyone continues to work diligently in practice and give their best efforts during the games,” Hargraves said. He has emphasized improving the ball handling and that has resulted in fewer turnovers than 2009-10. Rachel Kaliff, the leading scorer, and Victoria Leahy, Summer Smith and Kendell Martin have been the reliable rebounders. Emily Rund, Wendy Paul and Hannah Richards have helped the defensive effort. The most impressive among the 11 firstyear players have been Taylor Maier and Maggie Richards. Stafford The Bulldogs (3-9) have lost seven in a row, last winning on Jan. 4 against Enfield. Senior captain Brianna Heald has been handling most of the scoring responsibilities, coach Erin Clark said. She is averaging 12.6 points per game. “Brianna’s been seeing a lot of boxand-ones and getting a lot of pressure put on her. She keeps fighting through it. Brianna’s not just a scorer, she’s a tough rebounder and a good play-maker who distributes the ball well.” Junior Lauren Shaw, in her first year as a starter, is moving from a role player to becoming a productive target on offense, Clark said.

Briana Heald of Stafford and Megan Zelz of Somers fight for a rebound.

7. Kerry Davis, Fermi, 8.8 ppg 8. Savanna Gray, South Windsor, 8.3 ppg 9. Melissa McCann, Rockville, 8.1 ppg 10. Rachel Kaliff, Enfield, 7.7 ppg

The Top 10 Area Scorers are from within the eight town distribution of The Sports Department. TSD is not responsible for any omissions or errors as the data is provided by the respective coaches

February 1-14, 2011


The Sports Department

Ask The “ATC” Certified Athletic Trainer

Certified Athletic Trainers (ATC’s) are allied health care providers trained in the prevention, evaluation and rehabilitation of sports injuries. They work under the direction of a physician and they are board certified nationally, and licensed in CT. Visit for more information. Certified athletic trainers at Enfield and Enrico Fermi high schools are provided by Eastern Rehabilitation Network ( ), a department of Hartford Hospital ( Eastern Rehabilitation Network (ERN) and The Sports Department have partnered to bring readers a monthly column on sports medicine topics. Readers may submit questions related to injuries, training advice, rehabilitation or any other sports medicine topic. Submit questions to: Ben Stralka, ATC (Enrico Fermi High School) – bstralka@ Kyle Hicks, ATC (Enfield High School) – Wendy Nichols, Physical Therapist (ERN Enfield) – This month’s question comes from Enfield High School: Dear Kyle: I am currently a junior on the hockey team and I’m looking to play at a higher level. Several people have told me that I need to increase my on-ice skating speed in order to get to the next level. So, my question is, how do I do that appropriately?

There are a variety of different offseason workouts from which to choose. The three most important things that will increase your on-ice skate speed are leg strength, appropriate level of body fat and explosiveness. Test yourself before you begin the workout series to get a baseline measurement and then again upon completion of your workout regimen to gauge your improvement. The baseline measurements can include a 40 yard dash, a few on-ice sprinting tests, standing broad jump and a maximum leg strength test (leg press, squat, etc.). In order to gain as much speed on the ice as possible, you should have a body fat and weight that is at an acceptable level for your body type. If weight loss is indicated, a diet and exercise program should produce a weight loss of 1-2 pounds of weight per week. Your diet should include a higher protein ratio than either carbohydrates or fats because you are trying to build lean muscle and burn fat. You should also try to eat 5-6 small meals a day to help keep your metabolism going and burning calories. While you are working out you should look to eat about 2,500 calories depending on your body type, gender, and activity level. Make sure you check with your doctor prior to starting any exercise or nutrition program. To improve leg strength, you should first learn about the muscles that make up the leg. The main muscle groups are the quadriceps, hamstrings, adductor and

abductor groups. Each of these groups serves a specific function and movement such as knee flexion (hamstrings-on the back of the thigh), knee extension (quadriceps-on the front of the thigh), bringing the leg towards the body (adductors-on the inside of the thigh) and pushing the leg away from the body (abductors-on the outside of the thigh). Exercises for leg strength include squats (front, back, etc.), lunges, hamstring curls, single leg exercises for balance or anything on an uneven surface. The best way to improve explosiveness is with a plyometric (jump training) program.

This part of your program would consist of exercises such as box jumps, depth jumps, broad jumps, 180 jumps, 360 jumps, skipping or hopping. You can also use different sprint distances (10 yards-40 yards) to help with quickness of getting off the line. Plyometrics, if not performed and progressed correctly, could cause injury. To avoid this, consult your athletic trainer, coach, and/or strength coach on correct technique and progression. If you utilize these tips and strategies you will increase your skating speed in no time and be prepared to play at the next level.

College Notebook

Tolland Grad Putting Together Solid Season At Merrimack

Compiled by Reid L. Walmark The Sports Department

Kelly Schatzlein, a 2009 graduate of Tolland High School, is leading the Merrimack College women’s basketball team (8-9) in scoring and rebounding. The 6-foot-1 inch sophomore forward is averaging 13.3 points per game and 7.2 rebounds per game. She has been the Warriors’ team-high rebounder in seven games and the teamhigh scorer seven times. Schatzlein is averaging 27.4 minutes per game, fifth most on the team. Her season high in scoring was a 20-point effort in a 62-57 home win over St. Anselm on Jan. 2. Schatzlein, who has started all 17 games, grabbed a season-high 11 rebounds in a 64-55 win at Southern Connecticut on Jan. 25. Schatzlein, a CIAC Class M All-State player in 2007-08 and 2008-09, is the leading shooter from floor among teammates averaging more than six minutes of playing time per game. She is 97 of 196 for 49.5 percent. She has the second most defensive rebounds on Merrimack but leads in offensive and total rebounds. Schatzlein ranks third in assists (32) and fifth in steals (9). She is the Warriors’ leading shot blocker with 25. She was named to the all-rookie team last year by the Northeast-10 Conference. Schatzlein was named Freshman of The Week once during 2009-10, in which she paced Merrimack in rebounds per game (7.6) and blocked shots as well as earning three double-doubles. “The coaches have asked me to step up more as a sophomore,” Schatzlein said. “They told me not to be afraid to take the ball to the basket more than I did as a freshman.” One of Schatzlein’s high school rivals, Emily Savino of Ellington, is leading her college team in scoring, too. Savino, a 2009 Ellington High graduate, is averaging 12.4 points per game for Western New England College (10-6), the only Golden Bears’ player to average in double figures. Savino, a sophomore guard, has played in all 16 games, having been a starter in 13 of them. Savino is third in field goal percentage

for WNEC (44.1), No. 1 in three-point fieldgoal percentage (40.5) among players with a meaningful number of attempts, tied for second in rebounding (4.43 rpg), third in assists (26) and second in steals (21). … Kelsey Daniels, a 2010 graduate of South Windsor High, is a freshman forward/ guard who has played in seven games for WNEC, averaging 6.9 minutes. Sophomore Samantha Schoeneberger, a graduate of Rockville High School, is a forward on the Connecticut College women’s ice hockey team. She has two goals for the Camels (8-8) in 16 games this season. In 41 career games, she has five goals and four assists for nine points. Schoeneberger scored a goal in a 2-1 loss at Trinity on Nov. 28 and in a 4-3 win over Bowdoin College on Jan. 16. Freshman Chelsea Alves is a transfer guard for St. Joseph College in West Hartford, after attending UMass in 200910. She was an academic All-State player in 2008-09 when she was a captain at Ellington High. Alves has played in 15 of 16 games and has been the Blue Jays’ team-high scorer twice, both off the bench. She scored 17 points in a 74-46 win at Mitchell College on Dec. 2 and she was one of three players with 12 points in a 78-40 win over Albertus Magnus on Jan. 15. Alves is averaging 5.5 ppg, sixth best on St. Joseph (11-5). She is ninth in minutes played. She is shooting 41.3 percent from the floor, fifth most accurate among Blue Jays with more than 10 shots attempted. Alves is fourth in three-point field-goal percentage at 30.0 and ranks third in foul shooting at 64.3 percent. She is sixth in assists, tied for sixth in rebounding, seventh in steals and tied for third in blocked shots. University of Rhode Island junior Cheslea Jubrey, a 2008 graduate of Rockville, placed second in the 200-meter dash in a time of 26.89 and in the 55-meter dash (7.37 seconds) at the URI Sorlien Memorial Invitational on Jan. 14. On Jan. 22 at the URI Invitational, Jubrey finished third in the 55 in 7.38 and placed fifth in the 200 in 26.58. Freshman Marcos Rodriguez, a 2010 graduate of Tolland, recorded a time of 2:01.74 in the 800 at the Sorlien Invitational on Jan. 15 for the URI men’s team.


The Sports Department

February 1-14, 2011

The Sports Department Enfield Edition Feb 1-15  

Local sports for Enfield, East Windsor, Somers and Stafford Connecticut. High school sports, youth sports

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