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of placebo by chris naughton

The word placebo,

Latin for “I will please,” refers to a medical practice for healing people. This is natural phenomenon has been changing people’s health, emotions, feelings, and outlooks on life since the beginning of time. The form of placebo takes place in any sort of material that makes change in a person but truly does not do anything. A sort of fake confidence, so to say, that makes people have a more positive outlook and makes change for the better or worse in someone’s life. If it is viewed as harmful, it can cause negative effects, which is known as the nocebo effect. Placebos were widespread in medicine until the 20th century, and they were sometimes endorsed by necessary deceptions. Begging in the 1960s, the placebo effect became widely recognized and placebo controlled trials became the norm in the approval of

new medications.Later, researchers became interested in understanding the placebo effect, rather than just controlling for its effects, and in 2011, a program in placebo studies was established at the Harvard Medical School.

As you can see there is

potential in healing people with this self confidence drug and it seems that a person’s perception about something can change their health. “The brain has control over the body processes affected by placebos. Pain, motor fatigue, and fever are directly by the brain. Other processes usually regulated by the body, such as the immune system, are also controlled indirectly through the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system” (Wikipedia). As stated by the last sentence, the brain can have a large impact on the health of a human brain. Since it has this power, the use of a placebo or nocebo can either deteriorate a person’s health or heal them away from a certain sickness. A study of practitioners found that 48% had prescribed a placebo at least 10 times a year. The most frequently prescribed placebos were antibiotics

for viral infections and vitamins for fatigues. When was the last time you had antibiotics for viral immunizations? Most likely in the last five years. It’s very possible that you were prescribed a placebo yourself and that you were effected by that prescription with either a placebo or nocebo.

An expert in the field

of placebo suggested that only 35% of people are actually affected by placebos. Even though not everyone responds to aplacebo, neither does everyone respond to an active drug. The percentage following 4 mg (36%) and 6 mg (50%) of hidden morphine. It is surprisingly close that 39% of people can be affected by placebo and only 50% for a decent amount of hardcore pain reliever. The effectiveness of placebo is determined by these factors. The desire for relief from pain, :goal motivation,” and how far pain is expected to be relieved increases the placebo effect. Another factor increasing the effectiveness of placebos is the degree to which a person attends their symptoms, “somatic focus.” So if you are a person that is desiring pain relief and are constantly attending to your symptoms, then you might as well use pills filled with water as your medical prescription.

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Sleep Log by connor merchant

E l e v e n f o r t y o n e a m : Sleep deprivation for the p u r p o s e o f e d u c a t i o n. I’ m kinda jazzed about having an excuse to stay up for t w o d a y s ;I’m eventually going to look up the harmful side effects of sleepdepravation. I assume most of the interesting writing will be produce by my sleep deprived mind which is why I’m starting the journal now, after being awake for the last 24 hours. I wonder if I will get extra credit for staying up 3 days? Cup of black coffee, glass of orange juice, some gummy vitamins, and I’m not even tired. I don’t know exactly what I’m going to, or supposed to write about, but I guess we’ll find out. 1:09 pm : What am I doing with my life. I’m here being busy with not going to sleep while I should be out writing Top-40 songs about shooting up schools.

5:12 pm : I’m really surprised there’s not some Fox News-esque witch hunt over “Pumped up Kicks” possessing America’s youth and leading “our great country” down a trail of satanism and non sexuality. And half incredibly jealous. 1:37 pm : If there is such a thing as Nirvana, I will reach it in a hot shower. If I was to ever happen into being filthy rich, I can’t really picture myself as a Stark or a Wayne, using my money to become a super hero and flight crime. While that sounds kinda, really awesome, I would just get a house were every room is a shower, and be in a constant state of bliss and cleanliness while at home. One giant shower-house that I could just roam freely in the nude.

3:04 pm: oMG I just yawned

I swear, my dog is 12 pounds of fluffy racism. She’s adopted, so I’m going to go ahead and say her hateful qualities were picked up elsewhere. The quantity and anger of her bark is directly proportional to the darkness of the person’s skin. But she’s really cute so I forgive her. 8:40 pm : This is… way too easy. I’ve been up for almost 35 hours now and I feel… perfectly normal for the most part. And this is barely with the aid of caffeine. I’ve had one duo of coffee this morning and one brisk ice tea (which I feel like had barely any caffeine) which I’m still drinking. Probably has something to do with the fact that I do this regularly. Which might not be too

good for me… still have to look up the health effects of sleep deprivation… But now that I’ve actually went back and read the prompt, I don’t think me doing this will offer any interesting insight into surreal experiences. But there’s still 13 hours left so who knows… not to mention I’m going to have to be awake at least until 3ish tomorrow because of school D: 12:00 am : I demand a refund! My eyes hurt a little from being open for so long, not exactly a surreal experience. Television is just asboring, my cat is just as fat, these chips are just as… chippie. Perhaps I’m a little more grumpy. What I do know is that I do not wish to sit here and attempt to give myself diabetes while watching dateline.

New life goal: live only in houses with porches. 1:45 am : Now I am officially tired. I’ve been holding off on the caffeine so it is effective when I need it. But now I can’t decide I want some, or to continue without to see what sort of state that lulls my mind into… hopefully not sleep. 4:00 am : To tea, or not to tea; that is the question. I’m tired enough that I am almost nodding off, but for now I will hold off on the caffeine. Oh the glory when I finally have a cup of coffee. Tired, but that’s probably mostly from boredom… not a whole lot to do at four am on a school night, but still no hyper reality. Unless…

Hyper reality: the state of being grumpy and tired. 7:07 am : Okay time to start the school day, and more importantly, time to get some caffeine up in here. 8:45 am : Caffeinated. Alert. Coherent. I’m going to ignore my fiery hate for mondays and say today is going to be a good day. Keeping this log is more entertaining than physics class work. coffee is getting progressively warmer and now I have goose bumpswhich made me aware of my one mutant arm hair that is 3 times the length of it’s brethren. Fidgety, I am. Listening to everyone talk separately in class, every group with their own conversation, but hearing them all at once, with the occasional clacking of the key board interposing over it. All this means is I

am officially sleep deprived :D Well I attempted, but as it turns out, I’m not mentally here enough to do physics problems, so I will log and slack off guilt free.

back to cat daddy mode. 10:02 am : Mission. Accomplished. 48 hours of uninterrupted consciousness, and I feel great. But I still have the school day ahead of me so… extra credit for extra deprivation?

Bonus Logs! 48 hours and beyond

10:40 am : Uncertain to the amount of energy I have. Going from an uncontrollable urge to cat daddy, to not wanting to move at all, back to cat daddy mode. Personally I am more fond of the cat daddy mode. Gaww! I forgot to eat gummy vitamins this morning. 2:12 pm : 5th period I felt… really high. 6th period I felt like I was going to die, and now I feel normal. 3:11 pm : 53 hours. I’m sure that’s perfectly healthy. Looking back on this, I feel… Really tired. Maybe once I’m well rested I’ll be able to compare this to

feeling normal, just have to be reminded what that feels like first. The problem I see with this idea of logging is that lack of sleep definitely does not help my forgetfulness. So a lot of interesting (or sounded interesting) thoughts are missed here. I feel like I can do a better job reflecting after, you know, I sleep. And while I’d like to part with interesting thoughts of a sleep deprived mind, my bed is kinda right here and sleep is dominating my entire thought process. Good Night. Sleep Deprivation Side Effects : Bags user eyes, check. Memory lapses, check. Yawning, check. Other effects may include, but are not limited to; tremors, hallucinations, increase risk for diabetes, ADHD, psychosis, depression, decrease in amount of growth hormone (oh no! I’ll never grow up to be tall!), increased amounts of mood and sex hormones, casual links to mental illness, trigger of manic episodes, and weight loss.

I forgot how to sleep. I finally got around to looking up the side effects, and I finally got around to sleeping. Ultimately I stayed awake for 55 hours, I know my logs say I was going to sleep at 53 hours, but I happen to be a really good procrastinator. Unfortunately, after being awake for so long, I forgot how to sleep. Went to sleep after 55 hours, slept for 2, woke up to eat which was around 7pm and despite my best efforts could not fall asleep until 3am. What is important is that I remembered eventually.

S u r r e a l i s m

S u r r e a l i s m


Issue Two

This issue is based on the ideas of surrealism, the movement in art and literature characterized by evocative, dreamlike imagery and a general sense of hyperreality. The out of body experience. The traveller from another world. The oracle and the avatar. Alice and the rabbit hole. All come from the world of surrealism. Come along won’t you?

The Bind : Issue 2 Surrealism  
The Bind : Issue 2 Surrealism  

The second installment of The Bind, by the team of Danni Kelly and Jherin Miller.