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MQM bubble about to burst? Tension in Karachi – New wave of violence on the cards?

JF-17 thunders escort Chinese PM’s aircraft

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Chinese PM offers cooperation in power generation 

Reaffirms support to Pakistan’s efforts to defeat extremists  Two sides sign several MOUs in energy, science and technology and space sectors


ISLAMABAD: Chinese Premier Li Keqiang on Wednesday assured that China will continue to firmly support Pakistan in its efforts to uphold independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity and achieving national stability and development by defeating separatist and extremist forces. He also suggested mutual making cooperation in power generation a

priority, as Islamabad seeks to end an energy crisis that triggers power cuts of up to 20 hours a day, bringing the economy to a near standstill. Starting his two day official visit on the heels of a 4-day Indian yatra, the Chinese prime minister was given a warm welcome at Nur Khan Airbase, Rawalpindi by President Asif Zardari, Caretaker Premier Mir Hazar Khan Khoso and services representatives. A cheerful Chinese Premier Li said that

he has selected Pakistan for his official visit to show to the international community that China is committed to consolidate its traditional friendship with Pakistan and deepening the strategic cooperation between the two countries. He was categorical in saying that “no matter how the international situation may evolve, China-Pakistan will always remain each other’s trustworthy partners and reliable brothers.” Apparently, trade and business was

dubbed as the central theme of the Chinese premier’s visit to the region, but first in India he has to delve on Indo-China border dispute and now in Pakistan he had to announce a firm commitment of the new Chinese leadership to take strategic cooperation with Pakistan to new heights. Chinese trade balance exports to India Trade with India is hovering around $61.5 billion last year which both sides have agreed to take beyond $100 billion by

‘Pakistan, China stand together’ OUR STAFF REPORTER

ISLAMABAD: President Asif Ali Zardari greets Chinese Premier Li Keqiang on his arrival at Aiwan-e-Sadr. –ONLINE

Imran Posting and transfers discharged from hospital OUR STAFF REPORTER

ISLAMABAD: After a period of almost two weeks, PTI Chairman Imran Khan was discharged from Shaukat Khanum Hospital on Wednesday. He had received serious injuries in his back bone and head in a fall from a forklift lifting him to a stage in Lahore just days before the May 11 general election. On Tuesday, Imran Khan was fitted with a speciallydesigned spinal support or brace. Following this, he stood upright and unsupported for the first time since his injury two weeks back. According to the statement of hospital management, Imran would continue receiving regular physiotherapy and was likely to need to wear the spinal support for some weeks to come. He will gradually increase physical activity over the next few weeks with a return to his full functional capacity expected in approximately six to eight weeks.

SC suspends interim government’s orders

ISLAMABAD: The Supreme Court on Wednesday passed and interim order to suspend all transfers and appointments made during the period of interim government. It also ordered that no transfer or appointment be made by caretaker government till the completion of hearing of the case. A three-member bench headed by Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry heard the proceedings over a petition filed by Khawaja Muhammad Asif, a leader of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) over a large scale of transfers and appointments by the caretakers. During the hearing, Khawaja took the plea that under the constitution of Pakistan the current interim government does not have the mandate to take such steps. He further stated that the purpose of interim government was just to hold free, fair and transparent elections and not to recruit people and make transfers. Khawaja Asif said the caretakers had limited powers. “The sitting government has made new appointments, transfers and temporary appointments during election days. Appointments were made in sensitive institutions like chairman NEPRA. Member legal was sacked in IT. Contract was awarded in PIA for which the caretaker

government was not authorised. Their mandate is only to hold transparent elections and they cannot formulate policy. They cannot steal the mandate of new government.” The chief justice observed that the duty of caretakers was to held impartial elections, but the government violated its powers. He further stated that transparency should be in each and every step of the government adding that ignoring the transparency creates hurdles in running the system in true manner. Meanwhile, the attorney general apprised the apex court that it was the government’s right to make appointments on the vacant posts, whatever the recruitments were made just to fulfil the requirements of the government to run it and nothing apart from it. He further requested for more time to take dictation from the government over the issue so that he could assist the court properly. The chief justice remarked, “New government should know it well and listen that appointments of choice and against the norms of merit will not be allowed.” Later, the SC while passing the interim order to suspend all appointments and transfers in the tenure of the caretakers adjourned the further hearing of the case for two weeks. –ONLINE

Soldier killed in London ‘terror’ hit 

Two injured attackers arrested who swear by Allah to continue attacks

LONDON: A man thought to be a serving British soldier was killed by two armed men in a frenzied attack on a street Wednesday, in what the government is treating as a suspected act of terrorism. Witnesses told of a gruesome scene in which the man was hit by a car, then hacked with cleavers and his body dumped in the middle of the road. The two suspects in the killing were injured in a confrontation with police and have been taken to two hospitals, where they are being treated. A TV CNN affiliate ITN aired a video showing a man holding a meat cleaver and saying, "we swear by Almighty Allah we will never stop fighting you." The government is treating the gruesome killing as a suspected terrorist attack, Prime Minister David Cameron's office said. Cameron

described the killing as "truly shocking" on Twitter. He has called a meeting of the country's civil emergency committee, known as COBRA, to discuss authorities' response. The man is believed to be a serving soldier who was based at a nearby barracks, Parliament member Nick Raynsford said. The soldier had apparently been on duty in central London and was returning to the Royal Artillery Barracks in Woolwich when he was attacked, Raynsford said. It's not yet known what the motivation is for the attack. UK Home Secretary Theresa May described it as "a sickening and barbaric attack." Commander Simon Letchworth told reporters in Woolwich that two men, who they believed from early reports to have been carrying weapons, were shot by police. "They

have both been taken to separate London hospitals and are receiving treatment for their injuries." Eyewitnesses have given gruesome details of the killing. One of them told CNN that he and friends heard gunshots and when they turned the corner saw a pool of blood on the sidewalk and a trail of blood leading into the road. The man killed appeared to be wearing a T-shirt for Help for Heroes, a charity that helps military veterans, he said. Another witness told a radio station that he saw two men standing by the victim on the floor. At first he thought they were trying to help the man but then saw two meat cleavers, like a butcher would have. "They were hacking at this poor guy, literally," he told the radio station, as if they were trying to remove his organs. –MONITORING DESK

ISLAMABAD: ''Friendship with China is a cornerstone of our foreign policy,'' President Asif Ali Zardari said in a speech Wednesday before a lunch hosted in Keqiang’s honour. The lunch was also attended by PMLN chief Nawaz Sharif who is set to form the next government. The president said that both China and Pakistan have stood together in upholding the principles of justice, fairness, equity and adherence to UN Charter besides enjoying commonality of view on a wide range of global issues. He expressed the confidence that under the wise leadership of President Xi Jinping and Li Keqiang, the Chinese people will add new chapters to their glorious history and attain the “Chinese dream”. The president appreciated China’s economic support and assistance to the economic development of Pakistan and thanked the Chinese government for their continued support to the affected people of Attabad Lake and upper Hunza. The president on the occasion also offered his heartfelt condolences on the loss of precious lives in recent earthquake in Sichuan province of China. The president said that Pakistan is an energystarved country and sought Chinese cooperation to develop hydro, thermal, solar and wind power generation.

2015. Pakistan is also looking for increasing its trade volume from $12 billion in 2012, to $15 billion within next three years. China was handed over operational control of a strategic deep-water seaport on Pakistan's southwest coast earlier this year that could serve as a vital economic hub for Beijing and perhaps a key military outpost. It lies near the Strait of Hormuz, gateway for about 20 per cent of the world's oil.

The two sides also signed various MoUs and agreements including on maritime cooperation, Boundary Management System between China's Xinjiang and Gilgit-Baltistan of Pakistan, border ports and their management system, cooperation for long-term plan on China-Pakistan economic corridor, economic and technical cooperation and the handing over certificate of seismographic network, and others.

Nawaz, Zardari join hands to tackle challenges 

Zardari says Nawaz to get cooperation from President House  Nawaz says bitterness of past to be forgotten

ISL AMABAD: PML-N chief Nawaz Sharif has said it is time for the political leadership and state institutions to join hands for overcoming the challenges being faced by the country. Talking to media after a meeting with President Asif Ali Zardari here on Wednesday, Nawaz Sharif said the policy of reconciliation initiated by Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto will continue to jointly steer the country out of crisis. He said. “we will forget past bitterness and move forward to resolve the problems being faced by the people and the country.” Nawaz said people have elected him to serve the nation and he will make all possible efforts to come up to their expectations. “We have to protect the interest of Pakistan with the support of people,” he said. Earlier‚ the President congratulated Nawaz Sharif on winning elections and hoped the new government will make sincere efforts to steer the country out of crisis. In his brief chat‚ President Zardari said that Nawaz Sharif will enjoy full cooperation from Aiwan-e-Sadr as Prime Minister. The President said that it is the time that all political forces worked together for making Pakistan prosperous and a developed country. He appreciated Nawaz Sharif for his policy of reconciliation and hoped it will lead to address the problems of the country. To a question regarding support to PML-N for Prime Ministerhip‚ President Zardari said he has nothing to do with the politics and it is the job of Makhdoom

Amin being party president to take any decision. However‚ he said that he considers Nawaz Sharif as Prime Minister even now. Meanwhile, addressing a party meeting on energy crisis in Raiwand, Nawaz said all available resources will be utilised to overcome the energy crisis and revive the economy. Mian Nawaz Sharif said serious and swift measures would be taken to get rid of load-shedding and competent officers will be recruited for the purpose. He said that schemes will be launched to bring skilled and professional people back to the country to take benefit of their expertise and overcome load-shedding and power crisis. The PML-N chief said employment opportunities will be provided to jobless youth to accordance the pace of development. Besides other‚ the meeting was also attended by caretaker Minister for Water and Power Musaddiq Hussain‚ former federal Minister Shaukat Tareen‚ senior PML-N leaders‚ renowned economists and financial experts. On the other hand, the caretaker government is actively considering levying taxes to the tune of Rs 150 billion through a presidential ordinance. According to informed sources, the government has decided to levy 5 percent with-holding tax on the purchase of new vehicles, 17 percent GST on sugar, and raise GST to 1.5 percent on all exports. Besides these, Federal Excise Duty on cigarettes would be 65 percent of the retail price. –AGENCIES


“Revel with the Devil” Part-II enom Inc. This should not be held against me in a court of law aˇ I solemnly declare that these a˘e absolute lies, dirty whispers and wild speculation that I have heard while crawling in the dark power corridors of the creepy Capital. You will believe them aˆ your own risk Shh...If you have venom to spill please don’ˆ hesitate to share with ˙ˇ on our blog aˆ ˛˛˛


MQM bubble about to burst?

Tension in Karachi̶ New wave of violence on the cards? QM is going through tense internal wrangling that might lead to a new wave of violence involving infighting among various groups. While the entire media dreads to report or analyze, the party is headed for a big internal crisis. And it is not just about the MQM rivalry with Imran Khan. Nor is it about MQM’s isolation from virtually every group. MQM politics may have come to a full circle, finally. The party stands isolated and does not have a friend among political parties— whether they are religious parties as JUI or JI; nationalist parties of Sindhi, Baloch or, heaven’s sake, Pashtun variety or even mainstream political parties. PML (N) has a history of starting the first operation against the MQM way back in the 1990s. It may still nurture, if not anathema for the bad memories of the May 12 bloodshed. And Nawaz Sharif does not need MQM in his government formation in Islamabad. This might be equally true of PPP also. Asif Zardari might want to take along MQM in his government for the sake of harmony in Sindh--but on his own terms. It’s elementary- he does not need their numbers for making a government in Sindh. He might just leave MQM on a lurch if it tried to haggle over its traditional stance on local bodies or delimitation. Zardari might not mind a little tension to win back his Sindhi voters and activate his Sindh card through some ethnic tension. All of this may have happened at the wrong time for MQM. It is going through a severe internal crisis. Altaf Bhai may have transgressed his moral authority in the party by over-reacting through his aggressive speech last week. The media remains forcibly silenced over the mess that happened at the MQM meeting. Senior MQM leaders were thrashed; journalist beaten and kept hostage the whole night; Things came to a pass when some sector commanders broke ranks and called in their own armed brigades to save their immediate leaders against Altaf Bhai’s orders. This was almost a rebellion. A few names from top MQM ranks are afloat for possible reprisals or target-killings. Those who got beaten up may have apologized publicly but nurse a grudge against the leadership. Some of them are openly feeding information to outsiders. Also, many fear for their life. Tension prevails in the party for a new wave of violence that might be out of control even for Altaf Bhai. The maverick leader fights the toughest challenge to his rule—and at a time when he is also pressured from the British government to mend his ways. The electronic media in Karachi has been pressured not to let the actually happenings come out. Most TV channels are abiding by the rules to save their ratings and businesses controlled by MQM. Others fear for their lives as warnings have been issued. The whole city lives under tension as many media barons have already flown out to Dubai and elsewhere. This can threaten peace of not just Karachi but create new problems for the new governments in Sindh and Islamabad. We keep our fingers crossed.


Riaz Malik & TK planned to play Russian Roulette The article published by New Times, Miami reveals interesting accounts of how a property tycoon—edging towards bankruptcy—saw Riaz Malik as his last ditch hope to salvage his dwindling life and fortunes. Crediting Daily The Spokesman’s ten-part series on the shenanigans of Malik Riaz, the writer has tried to draw a match between a flamboyant Kramer and an alleged gangster Malik Riaz. Given below is the extract from the article. LERA GAVIN n the weeks after the news, (court ruling) Kramer's two decades of dizzying excess quickly evaporated as he scrambled to meet the Swiss judgment. I spent February, the month before the teary meeting with his staff, covered in paper dust in a small side room with two shredders while helping Kramer eradicate 20 years of his life. I shredded so much that sanitation workers complained about having to haul it all away. Kramer would occasionally pop in. Humiliation welled up in his eyes as he watched his empire being slowly dismantled. As the day of his departure to Pakistan drew closer, he became more depressed. The usual stream of gold diggers that flowed into the mansion now slowed to a trickle, though the occasional bimbo sheepishly clad in Kramer's custom-made shirts reading "Good Girls Go to Heaven, Bad Girls Go to 5 Star Island" would wander around the grounds. I genuinely feared that Kramer might harm himself. The death of his beloved father, Willi, in 2012 had forced him to confront his own mortality, and in the wake of the Swiss decision, he began to talk openly about taking his own life. I worried that one morning I might hear a shot coming from the walk-in safe upstairs where he stored his guns. But Kramer soon announced he'd found one last chance to salvage his career: He was pinning all his hopes on Malik Riaz. The night before he left for Karachi, Pakistan, 200 friends gathered at his mansion to drink champagne and wish him bon voyage. "It's like being present at my own funeral," he told me. The down-on-his-luck businessman had reason to be apprehensive. His plan reeked of


desperation: Riaz, a notorious property tycoon, wanted to partner with him to build Safe Island City, which will supposedly boast the world's tallest building and the world's largest shopping center — all on the outskirts of Karachi, one of the world's most dangerous cities. Kramer had met Riaz in Pakistan in 2010 through a mutual friend in Islamabad. The two struck up a relationship, and after a real estate company owned by the Abu Dhabi royal family backed out of a deal to finance Safe Island City in February, Riaz asked Kramer to come aboard. (Riaz didn't respond to requests from New Times through an intermediary for an interview.) Riaz, who likes to portray himself as Sultana Daku — a Pakistani version of Robin Hood — has been publicly accused (though never convicted) of crimes ranging from forgery and extortion to kidnapping and murder. Last May, a fellow land developer named Dr. Shafiqur Rehman filed a petition with the Supreme Court of Pakistan charging that Riaz, with help from the police, had tried to frame him for the killing of one of Riaz's bodyguards in August 2008. He also claimed Riaz was responsible for the deaths of Lt. Gen. Imtiaz Hussain and Dr. Mansoor Janjua in a dispute over a land deal in Lahore. (Those claims, which Riaz has denied, are pending in court.) Critics, though, say Riaz has skirted convictions only because he's too powerful. In June 2012, for instance, investigators tried to arrest Riaz in Islamabad on the orders of a special anti-corruption court, but the local cops prevented the tycoon from being taken into custody. According to Amir Mateen, the reporter for the Spokesman, the Supreme Court of Pakistan has heard hundreds of cases alleging criminal misconduct by Riaz's company Bahria Township, "mostly involving land-grabbing where [Riaz's] goons forcibly took away land from poor people to build houses, some of which cost as high as 220 million rupees — the Sultana Daku in reverse." Kramer was willing to ignore those dangers. He had no stable income. The businesses he ran didn't bring in much money, and his Star Island mansion was on the market for $55 million, but

without any serious offers in sight. The Pakistani project could either be a glorious final coup for the investor or serious trouble. "The deal better go through," Kramer told me in the kitchen during his going-away gala. "It's either that or a bullet to the head." Just two days after leaving Miami on March 12, Kramer signed a memorandum of understanding with Riaz while surrounded by flashing cameras in Karachi. Kramer told a roomful of journalists that he "is spearheading a syndicate that is planning on investing $20 billion over the next five to ten years." Where would Kramer get $20 billion for such a risky project? Already, Pakistani regulatory authorities have fined Riaz's company for fraudulent advertising and for illegally receiving public money in advance for a project that is still a long way from breaking ground. Still, in a way, the partnership makes sense,

because Riaz wants a sheen of Western backing and Kramer needs his name on a real project. "I think the deal is mutually beneficial," Mateen says. "Malik Riaz wants to use the name of an investor who turned around part of Miami, and Kramer will either make money if the project goes well without spending much or still gets compensated in some ways." Kramer briefly flew back to Miami Beach in early May to oversee the auction of his mansion's contents. The mansion, home to two decades of bacchanals, now sits empty awaiting a buyer. Indeed, he refused to comment for this story when reached by Skype from the Cannes Film Festival last week. "I don't want to talk about my past. You fucking worked for me for a year — you should know all this!" he yelled. Then he softened his tone. "Bye, love you. We'll talk when the article comes out." —Courtesy NT, Miami

Supreme Court reprimands Caretaker Khoso for exceeding his limits SALMAN ABBAS ISLAMABAD: In response to a petition filed by PML-N leader Khwaja Muhammad Asif against high level reshuffling in bureaucracy during caretaker government, the Supreme Court on Wednesday slapped the caretaker government of Mir Hazar Khan Khoso by suspending the appointments and transfers notifications issued during his tenure. However, appointments and transfers of a routine nature remain exempt. Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry, in his verdict, observed that the caretaker setup was formed to deal with the routine matters not to indulge in transfer and postings of bureaucracy at high level. Khwaja’s counsel Syed Safdar Hussain submitted before the court that the caretaker government had exceeded from its mandate by doing transfers and postings in government departments, adding that a number of midlevel staff in corporations/bodies had also been shuffled, transferred or removed.

While citing Federation of Pakistan and caretaker PM Khoso as respondents, the petitioner’s counsel prayed before the court to declare the actions of caretaker

government as illegal and unconstitutional, adding that the mandate of caretaker setup was just to ensure free and fair elections in the country. The postings which were challenged by PMLN leader, in his petition, included the postings of the National Highway Authority chairman, Nepra chief, Sui Southern and Sui Northern MDs, Pakistan Mineral MD, National Fertilisers chairman, OGDC MD, State Life chairman, PTDC chairman, Software Export Board chairman and FIA DG along with appointments and transfers in the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority. A detailed list was also submitted by Khwaja Asif, in this regard, before the court. According to the list, National Highway Authority chairman Hamid Ali Khan was replaced by Sajjad Hussain Baloch on May 16, Nepra chairman by retired Justice Ahmad Khan Lashari on the same day, SNGPL’s managing director Arif Hameed by Amin Tufail on May 15, SSGCL’s managing director by Rahat Kamal Siddiqui on March 15 and Pakistan

Mineral Development Corporation’s managing director Khalid Khokhar was replaced by Saifullah Khan. Similarly, National Fertiliser’s chairman Rizwan Mumtaz Ali was removed on May 9, Oil and Gas Development Corporation’s managing director Masood Siddiqui on May 6 and the State Life Corporation’s chairman on May 16. The Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation chairman’s has reportedly been removed. The chairman of Pakistan Software Export Board has been replaced by Saleem Ahmed Ranjha, who was inducted directly by former prime minister Yousuf Raza Gilani. The counsel for PML-N leader informed the court that, reportedly, the process to replace the Director General FIA, who was appointed a month ago, was also underway whereas several employees of PTA were also removed from their posts without any justification. After hearing arguments, the court suspended the transfer/postings and directed the government to submit its reply over the issue by June 4th.

Massive Corruption in power sector responsible for loadshedding ZEESHAN JAVAID

ISLAMABAD: Brushing aside the strict direc-

tion made by the caretaker chief executive of the country Mir Hazar Khan Khoso to release Rs. 22.5 billion, the finance division released insufficient funds to ministry of water and power 66.6% of the total commitment, which plunged the ongoing power crisis into worst power outages up to 20 hours. Sources in ministry of water and power informed daily “The Spokesman” that finance ministry on Tuesdayreleased Rs. 15 billion out of total commitment Rs. 22.5 billion, while the remaining amount of Rs. 7.5 billion is yet to be released by finance division, which crumbled the efforts to ease power outage in the country. A senior official of power sector informed that the amount of Rs. 22.5 billion, which was planned to buy furnace oil to generate thermal power. A 33.3 per cent shortage of funds from finance division has failed the power sector to operate at its maximum generting ability. Senate's standing committee on water and power has already taken a serious notice of ongoing power crisis and summoned the power managers in the meeting scheduled for May 24. Meanwhile, Zahid Khan, Chairman of the Senate Standing Committee on Water and

Power, said that the committee has summoned officials of the water and power ministry and WAPDA. He said that the committee would recommend action against those who are responsible for current severe load-shedding across the country. According to the reports gathered from different part of the countries, a gradually increasing temperature of scorching summer season increased the misiries of common man due to scheduled and un-scheduled power load shedding. A corruption and mismanagement ridden organ of federal cabinet, ministry water and power has already consumed over Rs. 320 billion in the name of power subsidies but is miserably failing to deliver any positive change for bringing down the power load shedding. The outgoing caretaker federal minister Dr. Musadik Malik on Monday made imprudent statement that the ministry has received the pledged amount of Rs. 22.5 billion and the current situation of power generation will be improved within days. However on the contrary, the power sector institutions particularly National Power Control Center (NPCC) has increased the unscheduled power load shedding up to 20 hours. Officials informed that the Guddu Thermal

Power Plant’s total capacity was 1,650MW, but it was presently producing 775MW, while the Jamshoro Thermal Power Plant had a capac-


ity to produce 1,000MW, but it was generating only 300MW. Moreover, Muzafargarh plant’s capacity was 1,100MW, but it was presently

producing only 700MW. It was also learnt that the deterioration in power production was due to faults in the machines and that spare parts had to be changed, which has resulted in drastically dropping the power generation. Non-availability of oil and gas to the power sector is just adding to the woes of the ministry officials thus worsening the power crises. About the hydroelectric power plants, the said 40% to 30% of their capacity had been decreased, and they were presently generating 3,900MW against total installed capacity of 6249MW. However, officials believe that WAPDA could increase the Hydel power generation volume as the water situation in major reservoirs has been improved by melting glaciers. PEPCO engineer and consultant Raziuddin told that the company and the NTDC needed a fulltime managing director rather a makeshift one. He said that PEPCO had sufficient capability to make the units functional. He said the Gudu Power Plant had the installed capacity of 1,650MW, while it was currently generating 775MW due to fault in various machines, which needed to be fixed. He was of the view that only fixing of one machine could add 100MW of electricity to the system.

THURSDAY, MAY 23, 2013

CDA fails to start development work in Sector I-15 SALMAN ABBAS

I SLAMABAD: Contrary to its tall claims, the Capital Development Authority has virtually failed to carry out development work in Sector I-15 of the capital city which has created feeling of depravedness among the allotees. With an aim to ensure housing facilities for the middle class people and low-rank government employees

residing in the federal capital, the Sector I-15 was approved by the federal government during November 1992 and was launched in 2005 by the CDA but the negligent attitude of the civic body does not allow the timely completion of the sector. “Financial crunch of the civic authority is the main reason behind delay in development of I-15 whereas all claims made by the bosses of CDA regarding development of stalled

sectors just appear to be false promises,� said the CDA official, adding that the authority has not formalised any proper strategy to end the financial crunch and it will not be possible to carry out development of any sector including I-15 until improvement in financial condition of CDA. Sources said that finance wing of the civic body has already spent most of the revenue generated from selling

plots in I-15 over the development of other projects, due to which CDA was unable to start the much-awaited development of Sector I-15. According to the initial plan of CDA, 745 acres of land was covered for I-15 and the land for its development was acquired in 1969. The authority had planned to develop 8,000 economy flats along with 5,560 plots in I-15. However, the CDA official said that now the authority was mulling to

convert the land reserved for economy flats into plots in order to accommodate all the allottees who have not retrieved their money even after delay in development. The CDA had also pay back the money of more than three thousand people who had been allotted flats earlier. The authority has also fixed a 54 percent quota in Sector-I/15 for the general public, 20 percent for the 2005 quake-affected people of

JF-17 thunders escort Chinese PM’s aircraft

Body found, shifted to PIMS for post mortem ISLAMABAD: An unidentified body was found from Sabzi Mandi on Wednesday, which was later shifted to the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences for post mortem. Sabzi Mandi Police Wednesday found a body lying in the green belt near a petrol filling station. ASI Qamar told The Spokesman that the deceased was aged 35 or 36 years and was a drug addicted. “Initially, it seems that the deceased was died of his drug addiction, while his name and other basic information about him is yet to be identified,� he said. He also said that his picture along with his appearance information has been sent to all police stations just to reach his relatives. STAFF REPORT


I SLAMABAD: Six JF-17 Thunder fighters of Pakistan Air Force escorted the aircraft of Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang as it entered Pakistan air space on Wednesday. The formation of JF-17 Thunders was commanded by Wing Commander Ronald Afzal, guided the special Air China Boeing 747 aircraft of the Chinese Premier to the Nur Khan Air Base. To honour the distinguished guest, the same JF-17 Thunders also presented a fly past in two formations of three aircraft each. Two Mirages and two JF-17 Thunder aircraft had also escorted the Former Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao when he visited Pakistan in December, 2010. JF-17 programme is a joint venture between Pakistan and China and is termed as a flagship of friendly relationship between the two countries. JF-17 is a co-designed, co-developed and co-produced aircraft that is being produced at Pakistan Aeronautical Complex, Kamra, through transfer of technology. The programme offers a unique opportunity for strategic engagement between Aviation Industries of the two countries.

Chinese PM to address Senate session today ISLAMABAD: Chinese Prime Minister would address the senate session today (Thursday). In his address the Chinese PM is likely to speak on Pak-China friendship and the regional situation. PML-N leader Nawaz Sharif would also call on the Chinese leader and exchange views on bilateral issues and regional and world issues. ONLINE

JF-17 Thunders escorting Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang in the skies over the federal capital.

Ca reta ker Pu njab Chief Min ister Na jam Set hi talking t o med ia du rin g his visit to t he Nation al Press Club . ONLINE

Environmentalist awarded at American contest ISLAMABAD: A Pakistani student bagged forth position worldwide and got Honourable Mention Award in the International Sustainable World Energy Environment Engineering Project Olympiad (I-SWEEEP 2013), held recently in Houston, Texas. Muhammad Bilal Bhutto, a class 10th student from Khairpur presented his Biology project regarding decreasing air pollution by using common grass in the competition in the 5th I-SWEEEP 2013 to be honoured. His project provided applicable suggestions for cleaning the environment by improving air quality, maintaining higher treatment and decorating the surroundings which was admired by the judges, participants and contestants representing 363 projects from 68 countries and 41 states from the US. The participants were also provided the opportunity to visit Stem Expo, Robotics Contest, NASA field trip and Houston Museum of Natural by the organisers. It may be mentioned that I-SWEEEP is international science fair which has been promoting sustainable energy solutions since 2008 on energy, engineering, and environmental projects. Commenting on his success, his teaching staff including Unal Tosur, Fasih Celik and Director Education Kamil Ture said that participation in competitions was not just about winning; the students gets opportunity to study other projects, participate in workshops, symposiums, cultural events, exhibitions, listen to legendary scientists and interact with brightest young minds. They said that today’s students were the innovators of tomorrow. ONLINE

Islamabad, 10 percent for non commissioned officers of the Pakistan Army, 10 percent for the employees of the federal government from BPS-1 to BPS-15, five percent for CDA employees and one percent for journalists working in the twin cities. It is relevant to mention here that the delay in the development work in the sector has been aggravating the housing shortage in the capital city.

EC asked to show actual polling scheme picture 

President confers Nishan-e-Pakistan on Chinese PM

FAFEN suggests training of polling staff after irregularities and inefficiencies


ISLAMABAD: FAFEN on Wednesday demanded that to ensure transparency and legitimacy of the general election 2013, the Election Commission must release the actual polling scheme of the election day as well as the required documents such as statement of count, ballot paper count and result of the count, before certifying any results. FAFEN representatives while speaking to the media at a press conference to release their key findings and observations of the election said that their organisation has reported irregularities and inefficiencies for which the polling staff needs to be trained. In comparison to the 2008 election, the FAFEN representatives said that no significant improvement was witnessed in the polling station management. “A total of 1492 irregularities were reported from 1181 polling stations, they were reported from all provinces but most of them recorded from Punjab especially were related to change in polling

schemes,� they said. The procedure for counting ballots and votes in polling stations remained chaotic and non transparent. They also said that the results were not tabulated and shared on time due to which suspicions regarding rigging began to prevail in the media and the public. FAFEN has also reported that the number of incidents that reported electoral violence or incidents of terrorism during the pre-election campaigns were the highest in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, the number reaching 52, followed by Sindh with 43 and then Balochistan with 37. Candidates of the Awami National Party were targeted the most, including six times in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and one each in FATA and Sindh. FAFEN also reports 3213 instances of violations of the code of conduct for political parties and contesting candidates set by the ECP. A total of 460 unauthorised political rallies were reported. However the FAFEN team contends that voter turnout has been the highest since the 1985 elections. Moreover it was for the first time that ECP devised a system to release sex-

disaggregated voter turnout data however this was hindered in many places due to the inefficiency of the presiding officers who did not fill out the forms correctly in as many as two thirds of the constituencies. FAFEN has also reported 15 incidents across the country where women were barred from voting under implicit understanding among political parties, religious leaders, and other influential personnel. According to the findings shared by FAFEN, 19% of all polling stations reported irregularities. The irregularities were of a varied nature which included instances of violence, security officials were found to be partisan, interference by security or public officials or complete captures of polling stations. FAFEN’s findings are based on a statisticallyvalid random sample of 9160 polling stations by more than 25000 static observers and about 15000 additional mobile observers. The themes that are included in the report are voter turnout, barriers to women’s voting, irregularities in polling stations during voting and counting procedures, weak election results management.

ISLAMABAD: President Asif Ali Wednesday conferred Zardari Pakistan’s highest civil award Nishan-ePakistan on Chinese Premier Li Keqiang for his services in strengthening Pakistan-China relations. The grand ceremony was attended by leaders from all political parties, including Pakistan Muslim League N President Nawaz Sharif, Pakistan People’s Party Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, head of Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam-F Maulana Fazlur Rehman, Sheikh Rashid Ahmed of Awami Muslim League, Ch Shujaat Hussain of Pakistan Muslim League (Q), Shahi Syed of Awami National Party and senior leaders belonging to different parties. Prime Minister Mir Hazar Khan Khoso, Senate Chairman Nayyar Bokhari, Chief of Army Staff General Ashfaq Parvaiz Kayani and other services chiefs, ministers of the caretaker setup, ambassadors and senior officials were also present during the event. ONLINE

‘Tolerance is Peace’ short films enthrall Islamabad audience I SLAMABAD: Screening of films aimed at promoting tolerance, harmony and spirit of coexistence in society was held at PNCA, Islamabad Auditorium today. The short film contest titled “Tolerance is Peace� was organized by Midas Communications and PNCA. The organisers received a total of 145 entries out of which 10 were short listed for screening. An elite panel of judges comprising media experts ShahidMasood, SyedTafeeq Shah and AzharNiazselected the top 3 at the screening. The winners received prizes including DSLR camera, laptop and aniphone 4s. The prizes were distributed by the chief guest Senator

NuzhatSadiq. Addressing the occasion Senator Sadiq appreciated the initiative and said that such efforts are very essential to raise awareness among the society on this topic. PNCA Director TaqeerNasir also addressed the occasion and said that ours is a very diverse society and this diversity must be celebrated by fostering harmony and tolerance. Mr. ShahidMasood briefed the audience about the criterion of short-listing and selection of films for screening and prizes. The films were judged on the basis of concept, script, production quality and overall impact, he told. Members of civil society, media, students and general public attended the event.

Children playing with water from a water pump at a village in the suburbs of Islamabad. ONLINE

‘Educate a Child’ from 28th English language laboratory at SOS Village ISLAMABAD: Allama Iqbal Open University in collaboration with the Chambers of Commerce and Industry (CCI) will lunch students’ welfare project “Educate a Child� on May 28 to help poor and needy students who could not continue their study due to financial constrains. Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Nazir Ahmed Sangi expressed these views while addressing daylong workshop of “InterProvincial Forum on Education for Sustainable Development (ESD)� here on Wednesday. Under the ‘Educate a Child’ project, the university will provide primary and middle-level education to around one million poor students by the year 2015

through open schooling system, Dr Sangi said. He said that AIOU has already set-up 280 “Fast Track Learning Centres� at Vehari and Chakwal to educate drop-out female students. AIOU is going by all lengths to disseminate education and also utilising its all-available resources to expand and strengthen educational networks through accessible and quality education throughout the country, he said. Dr Sangi said that AIOU was working on a comprehensive plan for constructing its own buildings on countrywide basis and especially in the far-flung regions to provide quality education to needy and poor students. ONLINE

ISLAMABAD: US Ambassador Richard Olson Wednesday said that the US government funded comprehensive education programmes would help millions of Pakistani children. “Our funding of the new English-language lab for the SOS Children’s Village is an example of this assistance. It shows how the US and Pakistan can work together to improve the lives of children,� he said. He was talking to the gathering after inaugurating a new English language laboratory at the SOS Children’s Village here in the federal capital. The English language laboratory at the SOS village is established with a grant from the US Ambassador’s Fund, the new lab will enable the children living at the SOS Children’s Village to improve their English-language skills.

The objective is to furnish the lab, the US government bought 22 computers, furniture, a printer, and special English-language software. When asked about the impact of this language lab, SOS Children’s Village of Islamabad Chairperson Naznin Murtaza said that English has become the common language of business and education throughout the world. However, most of the SOS children are from backgrounds that have not afforded them the opportunities to learn English. The new US-funded language lab will help these children overcome that challenge and equip them with English-language skills so they can rise as far as their talent and hard work will take them. The SOS Children’s Village of Islamabad was established in July 2011, and is

currently supporting 92 boys and girls, along with 13 mothers. Most of these children are from Azad Kashmir and were orphaned by the devastating 2005 earthquake. This initiative is one part of a comprehensive US education assistance programme, which includes building or rehabilitating nearly 800 schools; launching new degree programmes in education at 90 teacher colleges and universities; providing scholarships for 12,000 students to study in Pakistan; and operating the largest Fulbright academic exchange programme in the world. The US Ambassador’s Fund is a $15 million grant programme managed by USAID and implemented under a contract with the National Rural Support Programme. ONLINE

THURSDAY, MAY 23, 2013

THE SPOKESMAN Chief Editor: Huma Ali Resident Editor: Saeed Minhas

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Chinese premier’s visit Chinese Prime Minister Li Kiqiang is in Islamabad on a two-day visit during which agreements on several energy and infrastructure projects will be signed including civil-nuclear technology. His visit to Pakistan is crucial and significant. He would meet Mian Nawaz Sharif prime minister-in-waiting and assure him of China’s continued support to and cooperation with Pakistan. In an interview with Pakistani journalists on the eve of his official visit, the PM expressed China’s firm support to Pakistan in its efforts to uphold its independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity and achieve national stability and development. “This is what China-Pakistan comprehensive strategic partnership of cooperation is all about,” he added. So-called ‘friends of Pakistan” have never expressed their resolve in such unequivocal terms, the way China has done. Li Kiqiang said that China takes its trade imbalance with Pakistan seriously, and will take steps to address this issue by increasing imports from Pakistan. This is very rare, rather unique that any country is concerned about adverse balance of payment of a friendly country, and wishes to address that imbalance. It will not be an exaggeration to say that stability of Pakistan is cornerstone of China’s policy. When Chinese engineers were kidnapped and killed in Pakistan, China remained firm in its resolve to continue with the projects to make Pakistan self-reliant and strong. Pakistan has always appreciated and expressed its gratitude for the continued Chinese help for the progress and prosperity of Pakistan. China has helped Pakistan in a variety of projects including Gwadar Port Project and Saindak Copper Project in Balochistan. Earlier, Machine Tool Factory of Karachi and Heavy Mechanical Complex at Taxila were also established with China’s help. At the present Beijing and Islamabad are involved in joint production of JF-17 Thunder aircraft, which has the most sophisticated avionics. China is, indeed, a peace-loving country and it has neither bullied its smaller neighbours, nor has it ever tried to extend hegemony over other countries. China is more interested in improving its economy rather than engaging itself in any military entanglement, because it believes that economic strength is indispensable to military strength. Despite border dispute and skirmishes on China-India border, Chinese premier visited India, and both countries resolved to solve the dispute amicably. This is also the reason China has hitherto opted to seek political and negotiated settlement of the Taiwan issue although it has left no doubt in any one’s mind that it will not hesitate to go to any extent to retrieve its territory that was separated by Chiang Kai Shek through a conspiracy. Anyhow, China’s policy of having friendly relations with all its neighbours should not be misunderstood, as it has the capability and the resources to give adequate response to those harbouring evil designs. The tolerance China shows to other countries is in fact its strength. Pakistan is proud of China’s unstoppable rise to super power, as China is a trusted friend of Pakistan and has always stood by Pakistan in hour of need. For its part, Pakistan in the past supported China on issues like Hong Kong, Tibet and Taiwan, and continues to support on the issue of Tibet and Taiwan after the Hong Kong joined the mainland.

What's the big deal?

The irrational, racist fear of China ANDRE VLTCHEK

In the Middle East, entire kingdoms and emirates are bending over Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, and Libya themselves, competing with each other over who will become the most are in shambles, crushed by the heavy subservient collaborator with Western boots of Western imperialism. But we business interests, who will place more are told to fear China. The entire nations of Indochina were US military bases on its soil, who will bombed back to the stone age, because kill, arrest or torture more people – the Western demi-gods would not tolerate, opponents of global Western dictatorship. and felt they did not have to, tolerate, But it is China, naturally, which is what some yellow un-people in Asia unacceptably endangering the were really longing for. Vietnam, European and North American’s Cambodia, Laos – millions of tons of bombs dropped on them from strategic inherited right, to reign over the world. Or to be precise, the ‘danger’ is shared B-52’s, from dive-bombers, and from among China, Russia and Latin jet fighters. The falling bombs rained on the pristine countryside, murdering America – three places that managed to wrestle themselves from Western children, women, and water buffalo – shackles, and to embark on their own millions of people perished. No apologies, no admission of guilt, and no political, social, cultural and developmental paths. Whatever they compensation came from the tyrantare, but their own! nations. But China is the ‘worst’, because those Indonesia, the leader of the nonRusskies and Latinos still look kind of aligned world, with a huge white, or at least most of them do. But constitutional Communist Party, was to imagine that the world’s most destroyed in the coup of 1965, through important country would be firmly the alliance of Western governments, placed in Asia would be unthinkable, Indonesian fascist military and the unacceptable, and truly sacrilegious. elites, as well as religious bigots from In Africa, which of course does not the largest Muslim organization – NU. 2-3 million people died, including those matter much, as it is, in the eyes of multi-nationals and the Western belonging to the Chinese minority. Teachers, artists, thinkers – all killed or governments, inhabited by the lowest breed of ‘un-people’ (to borrow Orwell’s silenced. Here, imperialism created a lexicon), entire enormous geographical submissive nation with almost no areas and cultures had been plundered, intellectual base; unable even to divided, debilitated, virtually canceled. analyze its own downfall. Ridiculous borders were erected, great But now we are ordered to be people’s rulers like Patrice Lumumba of conscious of China’s rise. Congo, assassinated. Murderous Latin America: raped again and maniacs such as Paul Kagame and again, from Mexico to the Dominican Museveni were groomed in and by the Republic, from Cuba to Granada, West, armed and brought to power, Panama, Haiti, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia and Chile. For years, decades then sent on various missions; to plunder and police on behalf of and centuries. Almost all the countries Western interests. in Central and South America, as well Somalia is virtually no more – as the Caribbean, were ravaged at some forcefully divided, and regularly point in history, by the racist and invaded by Western allies – Kenya and outrageous implementation of the Ethiopia. Europeans are dumping toxic “Monroe Doctrine”. waste near its coast and then appear to The latest coups against the be outraged by the piracy – one more progressive governments in Honduras justification for the continuous and Paraguay were enacted under the militarization of the entire region. The ‘soft leadership’ of the liberal West’s supreme leader and ‘upholder of global proud ‘African Cuba’ – Eritrea – is being democracy’ – President Barack Obama. tortured by sanctions; while the But it is China that has to be deterred, country/military base called Djibouti we are told! Not us – not the West – but has been glorified and pampered, standing as a polluted, frustrated and China.

grotesque symbol of French and US militarism; of Western imperialism, in the region that gave birth to the human race. In West Africa, in Algiers, in Angola and Namibia, in Congo and Somalia, and in dozens of other countries of Africa, tens of millions of people have been slaughtered by Western imperialists in the 20th and 21st Centuries. And the dreadful count was not any better in the preceding eras, with a direct holocaust against native populations, with genocides like the one performed by Germans in what is now Namibia, with slavery, torture, rape and the absolute disrespect for non-white human lives. But would such a legacy make Western nations humble, reflective, and apologetic? Would there at least be some pathos of profound guilt that could give birth to hope for global reconciliation? No – far from that! There is no remorse in London, Paris, Berlin, Brussels and Washington, or in the French countryside, the US Midwest or South. Or if there is some, it is concentrated in small, mainly urban pockets, disconnected from the mainstream. But it is China, which is now blamed for ‘doing business with African dictators’! And it is China whose guilt is being manufactured, inflated and implanted in the brains of people all over the world, by the Western propaganda apparatus, and by local media outlets, owned and ‘trained’ in the West. For instance, a mining accident in Zambia, whenever some Chinese company is involved, the situation gets overblown to tremendous proportions. The result is that dozens of people who died due to negligence are put on the same scale as dozens of millions who perished because of savage Western imperialism, the slave trade, colonialism and neo-colonialism. The same propaganda tactics are used all over the world. For instance, the Goethe Institute in Jakarta, Indonesia, not long ago, arranged a photo exhibition of Polish workers in Gdansk clashing with police, in the Solidarity days. Few people died then. But the Goethe Institute arranges no exhibitions commemorating the millions of Communists, atheists,

intellectuals and Chinese people who died in 1965 and later, in Indonesia! It is almost like saying: “You see, those 3 million Indonesian lives had to be sacrificed, to prevent the scenario in which 30 people were later killed in Poland.” Interesting logic. But supported by mountains of cash, and it works! The foreign aid the US, EU, Australia and New Zealand are donating, is often as damaging as the poisonous gasses themselves. It is habitually being used to corrupt local government officials; to fly them around the world, embedding the so called ‘per-diem mentality’. Tamed and corrupt, the local rulers don’t demand real compensation and real solutions for their suffering countries. ‘Foreign aid’ is also being used to pay for foreign experts to visit, to ‘analyze’ and to write countless and mostly futile reports. All that, just in order to create the perception that something is being done: and just to make sure that nothing ever will! At one point, China began helping, in the spirit of internationalism; the way a socialist country should. It rolled up its sleeves and started to construct schools, hospitals, government buildings, roads, and stadiums, as well as protective walls and other heavy infrastructure, designed to defend endangered populated areas. The West immediately attacked all those efforts, injecting nihilism, dragging through dirt everything pure and decent. The first stage of Western propaganda, the same that has been used in Africa and elsewhere, consisted of the barrage of negative messages that China does ‘nothing altruistically, ever’; it simply follows its dark self-interests and designs. It is rubbish, of course, and even people like Gustav Jung saw Western culture as exceptionally aggressive, as some sort of pathology. But, as was proven many times by Western propagandists like Joseph Goebbels and Rupert Murdoch, if propaganda is repeated 1,000 times, and if we corrupt/pay enough people all over the world to repeat what we tell them to, the rubbish converts itself to shining diamonds of truth, and eventually to unchallengeable common wisdom. THE WRITER IS A FREELANCER

Lahore: A vibrant city CH FARAKHSHAHZAD Living in self-exile for years and years is a harsh reality even for a mercenary. Having spent best part of my youth abroad, it was so delirious to return to the Pakistani soil which lovingly took me back into her bosom once again. As the resentment of leaving my people and soil were deep, I pledged to spend the rest of my life in the lap of Nature in the simple, friendly and rustic environment of my village in Faisalabad. But I could not stand by my words for long. The temptations to educate ‘Kittu’ (my only kid) at Kinnaird College had dominated my pledge. So the time had come to leave the nest again for better prospects. This time I headed for Lahore to enjoy the bounties of city life. Migrating to Lahore was a bitter sweet phenomenon; it is a place where daily woes take the place of dreams but opportunities are overpowered by challenges. It is said that literature and butterflies are the two sweetest passions known to man. In Lahore literature is replaced by overgrown corporate news industry while butterflies are expelled by mosquitoes. A great city is that which has the greatest men and women. In the bustling city of Lahore, men are always in hurry whereas women are in haste (A perfect example of gender equality). But it does not mean that life in the fast lane has a speed of light. No, not at all. Speaking in terms of performance and result-orientation, the fast gear is always pulled up due to city traffic crawling at a snail’s pace. Until quite recently, ‘the mad mad world’ of

Pak-China time-tested friendship We cannot underscore and rate PakChina relationship, which is based on time tested friendship and mutual understanding. Chinese relations

Lahore is blessed with the extra quota of rain as compared to the surrounding districts of Punjab. I like rain because it adds brightness to the colours whereas life is all about colours. Some people walk in the rain, others just get wet; I belong to the first category. traffic was the biggest problem of the city dwellers. At peak times, it looked as if every motorist was determined to crush under his wheels everything that comes on the way. However, the things have changed a lot since the launching of Metro bus. It is no politics that ever since the start of the service, the size and length of the queues at traffic crossings have cut to size. After a lapse of few months, my imagination and curiosity have come to terms with the beauty of Lahore and I feel like having fallen in love with the lanes, parks, ancient architectures, streams and landscapes of the ancient city. I have re-discovered the joys of spring in Lahore. Spring is hilariously unique time of the year when we begin to see the grass grow, the first leaves hanging from the branches and the first flowers opening to show us their colorful petals. Only at the moment when we see the birds return and make themselves new nest we begin to feel that the spring is there and that autumn is nothing more but another bit of our past. Spring is like a morning of a long day. Like a river it can wash away the past. It can make some memories disappear and return the other ones. It can take the sorrow and turn them into joys and hope. It can turn the seeds into flowers and lilies. Spring of Lahore pregnant with hope has all the potentials to

with Pakistan date back since the inception of independence. the great leaders of Communist China has always worked on creating and building close ties with the Pakistan's leadership irrespective of the fact whether it was dictators or democratic leaders. The existing good will between the two countries was further cemented by. A Bhutto, a great visionary leader of Pakistan, who developed personal relations with china's great leaders Mao's Dong, and Chou-en Lie. China has lent support during difficult times in our history, and wars with India. We cannot appreciate the good will in its right perspective. we must admire the courage and bold stand of China for us. It has extended co-operation in agricultural, scientific, shipping, and aero space industry. Our trade with China has grown faster than any

turn the breeze into an air full of romanticism and infatuation. People of Lahore are large hearted and cheerful. Despite being pushed to the abyss of darkness by energy crisis, they have refused to kneel down before the crisis. Allama Iqbal challenged the Creator saying: You created night and I created lamp. Lahorites have found a solace in the lap of nature i.e. the Lahore canal to beat the heat and load shedding. Driving along the Lahore Canal is one of the most pleasant experiences as it is the place where development meets nature in a fine mix of the old and new. What is the good of your stars and trees, your sunrise and the wind, if they do not enter into our daily lives? Here it does. In the cultural capital of Pakistan, sky-scrappers are flanked by tall trees and highways are strewn with boulevards. Lahore is blessed with the extra quota of rain as compared to the surrounding districts of Punjab. I like rain because it adds brightness to the colours whereas life is all about colours. Some people walk in the rain, others just get wet; I belong to the first category. There is never a rainbow without a rain. The rain in Lahore usually ushers in rainbows on the blue skyline. It is a lovely exercise wherein forces of Nature descend on Earth

other nation. The resounding success of S 17 thunder Jets is a brilliant result of joint venture. Chinese PM preferred his first visit to foreign lands by coming to India and Pakistan. We are thankful to his grace for the unique gesture of friendship and mutual interest. President Zardari received him on the airport along with the Prime Minister and three Chiefs of armed forces. He was given 21 gun salute and guard of honor on his arrival. This visit will go a long way to establish greater collaborations and assistance in different fields of activity. These agreements will start a new era of close co-operation between the two neighbors. We greatly value Chinese friendship and wish that it gets further strengthened in the coming years. China has helped us in constructing and building mega projects like, Silk

to give it a heavenly bath. The energy crisis has failed to blow out steam from the anchors of thrill and fervor of Lahore. Come what way, it is a city that never goes to sleep. Lahorites love to enjoy every sip of life and believe that deliciousness is rather a state of mind. Their cup of life is full to the brim despite all civic odds. Lahore is the repository of Urdu prose and poetry as it has been the abode of some of the most prestigious names of literary history. AllamaIqbal and Faiz Ahmed Faiz are just two names unparalleled in their domain. Their towering poetic writings literally captivate the hearts and minds of their readers. Through the prism of their poetic heritage, the mysteries of life can be revealed to those who find a solace in their poetic fortress. Muj se pehli si mohabat meray mehboob na maang; a masterpiece by Faiz has power to set the listener free from the clutches of Time and place. Antiquating the old and welcoming the new is called evolution. It is painful and unsavoury that Lahore has phased out Tonga the traditional means of transport in favour of Chingchee. The comfort and quality of Chingchee service is as complex as the name itself. In order to save our roads from horsedung, we have invited the bigger health

Route Road, and Gawdar Port in record time and inexpensively. Today we entered into many agreements to co-operate and assist each other in many fields, at an impressive ceremony. Hopefully this Visit of Chinese new leader will build the new relations on high level. Long live Pak- China friendship. J.BASHIR ISLAMABAD

Agonizing death by scorching of young rape victim! An innocent fifteen-years-old girl was brutally raped, when she ventured outside her house. The accused rapist forced himself upon her. The depraved man deprived her of her innocence. Another victim of the ravenous rapacious attitude and hostile society.

hazards of air and noise pollution plus the road safety threatened by the freewheeling Chingchee. There is a plentitude of two things in Lahore; beggars and politicians. Prados and begging bowls are common scenes at traffic signals. Both these species are said to be living on the resources of others. The locals say that they come here from other parts of the province for their professional engagements. Price hikes have corroded the image of shopping at the traditional Anarkali bazar. Therefore, window-shopping has become the favourite pastime of the distressed visitors. The popular Punjabi poem on Anarkali by Anwar Masood, written a quarter century before, describes the materialistic atmosphere prevalent all around. The poet addresses a buffalo seen in the market. The translation of last few lines is quite relevant: Oh you poor creature, where have you landed yourself; the dwellers of this avenue are born out of money. Penniless like us return empty handed from here; while giggles outpours if your wallets are heavy. My dilemma is that the echoing sounds of these lines are pressing me to walk out from here but the charms of the city are winking me to stay on. THE WRITER IS A FREELANCER

India being the largest democracy, progressive and secular State, has been plagued with crime against women, and rape has risen in the recent years. The land of Kali, Seeta and Durgha Mata has been profusely bleeding, and women are being raped rampantly and there is no one to stop it. The Indian government has miserably failed to stem this heinous crime. It is time that laws are implemented in letter and spirit. The force of law and police authorities must take action. Corrective measures be taken. Even the tourists are not safe from sexual assaults and rape. Banarsi thugs were famous for their way laying techniques and murdering travelers. It seems that these thugs have been re-incarnated and are having good time. The plight of

women and young girls and their narratives tell the shameful story. The FIR was lodged against the accused and he was arrested, but this incensed the father of the accused. He scorched the girl by pouring kerosene oil over her. She became the ball of fire, and body received 90 pc severe burns. Both these men must be sent to gallows for committing the heinous crimes. Justice must be done to the rape victims. May Allah put her out of this misery and pain. The battle between the good and evil is raging, and presently has triumphed over the good. We need to fight till to the end. JAVED BASHIR ISLAMABAD Please email your letters to or post them to our address in Islamabad.

THURSDAY, MAY 23, 2013

Pentagon wants $450m for Guantanamo prison Lagarde to appear in court over corruption probe PARIS: International Monetary Fund (IMF) chief Christine Lagarde will answer questions at a French court on Thursday over alleged abuse of office during her time as French finance minister, local media reported on Wednesday. Lagarde is the target of the investigation for "complicity in forgery and embezzlement of public funds." The hearing will be held by French Court of Justice (CJR) on Thursday and Friday, French daily Le Monde reported. She will be questioned over her role in the awarding of financial compensation by granting up to 403 million euros (521 million US dollars) to businessman Bernard Tapie in his dispute with Credit Lyonnais on the acquisition of Adidas in 2008. Lagarde denies any wrongdoing. –AGENCIES

WASHINGTON: The Pentagon is asking Congress for more than $450 million for maintaining and upgrading the Guantanamo Bay prison that President Barack Obama wants to close. New details on the administration's budget request emerged on Tuesday and underscored the contradiction of the president waging a political fight to shutter the facility while the military calculates the financial requirements to keep the installation operating. The budget request for the fiscal

year beginning October 1 calls for $79 million for detention operations, the same as the current year, and $20.5 million for the office of military commissions, an increase over the current amount of $12.6 million. The request also includes $40 million for a fiber optic cable and $99 million for operation and maintenance. The Pentagon also wants $200 million for military construction to upgrade temporary facilities. That work could take eight to 10 years as the military has to transport workers to the island, rely on limited housing

inefficient. It hurts us in terms of our international standing. It lessens cooperation with our allies on counterterrorism efforts. It is a recruitment tool for extremists. It needs to be closed.'' Since his inauguration in January 2009, Obama has pushed for shutting the prison, signing an executive order for closure during his first week in office. He has faced resistance in Congress with Republicans and some Democrats repeatedly blocking efforts to transfer terror suspects to the United States.

and fly in building material. The facility at the US naval base in Cuba currently holds 166 prisoners, and hunger strikes by 100 of them over their indefinite detention and prison conditions prompted Obama to renew his effort to close Guantanamo. The president is expected to discuss the future of the facility in a speech on counterterrorism on Thursday. ''Guantanamo is not necessary to keep America safe,'' Obama said at a White House news conference last month. ''It is expensive. It is

Turkey shuts Syria border after blasts

Militants free 7 Egyptians kidnapped in Sinai CAIRO/ISMAILIA: Seven Egyptian security men kidnapped by Islamist militants in Sinai last week were freed on Wednesday and President Mohamed Mursi vowed to pursue a crackdown on lawlessness in the desert peninsula. The abduction underlined the threat posed by jihadists who have exploited a security vacuum that opened up in the isolated Sinai after the 2011 uprising that toppled Hosni Mubarak. The state has struggled to restore order there since. The militants have launched attacks on Israel and targets in North Sinai, where security problems have been exacerbated by a flow of weaponry smuggled from Libya. An Israeli defense official, speaking after the release of the seven, said it was vital that Egypt succeed in crushing terrorism. "I call on everyone in Sinai who has weapons to turn them in. This nation is bigger than all of us and weapons can only be in the hands of the government," Mursi said after greeting the ex-hostages on their arrival at a military airport in Cairo. –AGENCIES

Four dead as clashes rage in Lebanon's Tripoli TRIPOLI: At least four people have been killed in clashes in the northern Lebanese city of Tripoli, a security source told AFP, as fighting raged into a fourth day on Wednesday. The source also reported that 35 people were wounded in fighting between Sunni and Alawite residents of the flashpoint town on Tuesday. The dead included two Sunni residents of the Bab el-Tebbaneh district, a third Sunni from elsewhere in the city, and an Alawite resident of the Jabal Mohsen neighbourhood, the source said. Local media reported that the overall death toll since the violence erupted on Sunday stood at 10, eight civilians and two Lebanese soldiers. The army has been deployed in the area since the outbreak but has failed to halt the fighting in the town, where clashes have frequently broken out since the March 2011 beginning of the conflict in neighbouring Syria. –AGENCIES

Ahmadinejad to challenge ally's ban from election DUBAI: Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said on Wednesday he would take up the ban of his close aide from the June 14 presidential election with Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Iranian media reported. Iran's electoral watchdog on Tuesday disqualified Esfandiar Rahim Mashaie, Ahmadinejad's former chief of staff, and moderate ex-president Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani from running in the vote, eliminating two powerful and potentially disruptive candidates and leaving the field dominated by hardliners loyal to Khamenei. "I introduced Mr. Mashaie and I know him," Ahmadinejad said on Wednesday, according to ISNA news agency. –AGENCIES

The law that Congress passed and Obama signed in March to keep the government running includes a longstanding provision that prohibits any money for the transfer of Guantanamo detainees to the United States or its territories. It also bars spending to overhaul any US facility in the US to house detainees. That makes it essentially illegal for the government to transfer the men it wants to continue holding, including five who were charged before a military tribunal with orchestrating the September 11 attacks. –AGENCIES

KABUL: Afghan university students attend a protest against the Elimination of Violence against Women (EVAW) law, in Kabul. The protesters said parts of the EVAW law, endorsed by Afghan President Hamid Karzai in 2009, are against Islamic teaching. The law has yet to be ratififieed by the parliament.

Syria rebels call for reinforcements

Afghan youth protest women rights decree

BEIRUT: Rebels fighting for control of the Syrian town of Qusair called for reinforcements on Wednesday to repel forces loyal to President Bashar al-Assad in a civil war which is spreading violence through an already volatile region. Opposition fighters said air strikes and shelling rocked the small town on the Syrian-Lebanese border that has seen some of the fiercest fighting in months in the two-year-old war that has so far cost at least 80,000 lives. The fighting has drawn in fighters from Lebanon's Hezbollah movement, the latest sign of outside involvement in the war and evidence, according to Britain, that Iran and its allies in the militant group are lending increasing support to Assad. After months of warnings from regional and international experts, violence is now spilling overSyria's borders, with clashes between pro- and anti-Assad factions in the Lebanese city of Tripoli and exchanges of fire between Syrian and Israeli forces in the Golan Heights. Alarmed by the prospect of a wider conflict, the United States and Russia have agreed to back international peace talks intended to bring the rebels and Syrian government back to the table, although expectations of a breakthrough are low. Security fears following bombings that killed 51 people in the Turkish town of Reyhanli earlier this month prompted Turkey on Wednesday to close a nearby border crossing with Syria. Turkey has accused Syria of involvement in the attacks.

KABUL: Hard-line Islamist students protested in the Afghan capital demanding the repeal of a presidential decree for women’s rights that they say is un-Islamic. More than 200 male students protested in front of Kabul University on Wednesday against the decree, which includes a ban on child marriage and forced marriage, makes domestic violence a crime and says rape victims cannot be prosecuted for adultery. Protester Fazel Hadi, 25, said the decree was ”imposed by foreigners” and violates Islamic Shariah law. Conservative lawmakers on Saturday blocked enshrining the decree’s provisions in legislation. The backlash highlights the tenuousness of women’s rights provisions enacted in the 12 years since the ouster of the hard-line Taliban regime. The international force that toppled the Taliban is now preparing to withdraw. –AGENCIES

Damascus has denied any role. While rebels are reinforced by foreign Islamists loyal to al Qaeda, the high-profile involvement of Iranian-backed Hezbollah on the government side has been accompanied by a report from a senior US official of the presence of Iranians in Qusair. In a boost to the rebels, a US Senate panel voted overwhelmingly on Tuesday to send them weapons, but it was not clear who would get the arms even if the bill succeeds. The Senate Foreign Relations Committee voted 15-3 for legislation that would send arms to "vetted" moderate members of the Syrian opposition, the first time US lawmakers have approved such military action in Syria. The measure will now be considered by the full Senate, where a vocal group of legislators has been pushing for President Barack Obama to do more to help the rebels. There is less enthusiasm for arming the rebels in the Republican-controlled House of Representatives, so it is not clear whether a Senate bill would ever get through Congress and reach Obama and be signed into law. Assad's forces are intent on seizing Qusair in order to cement their hold on a belt of territory that connects the capital Damascus to Assad's stronghold on the Mediterranean coast, home to his minority Alawite sect, an offshoot of Shi'ite Islam that has largely supported him. Sabra warned that Hezbollah forces in Qusair could enflame Sunni-Shi'ite tensions across the Middle East. –AGENCIES

UN for ending child soldiers in Myanmar UNITED NATIONS: UN SecretaryGeneral Ban Ki-moon said Myanmar's government has made progress in reducing the recruitment of children into the armed forces but still needs to stamp out the practice. Ban's comments came as Myanmar President Thein Sein was making a landmark visit to Washington. The former general met with President Barack Obama on Monday, marking a turnaround in the Asian nation's international acceptance after decades of isolation and direct military rule

Since last year, Myanmar's new government has overseen a wave of political reforms and progress toward democratic rule, though activists accuse Thein Sein of stalling of some commitments and failing to stem ethnic violence. Last June, Myanmar's new civilian government signed an agreement with the United Nations to end the recruitment of children under the age of 18 as child soldiers. While complaints about recruitment of child soldiers in Myanmar declined

to 32 cases in 2012 from 172 cases in 2009, a new report to the Security Council found that the military continued to target unaccompanied children and orphans found in workplaces, streets, bus and train stations, ferry terminals, markets and their home villages. The report said that from April 1, 2009 to Jan. 31, 2013, the International Labor Organization received 802 complaints of underage recruitment into the military, of which 770 cases were verified. –AGENCIES

ANKARA: Turkey has shut its side of the last border crossing with Syria still controlled byPresident Bashar alAssad's government, stepping up security following two deadly bombings this month. Fifty-one people were killed when twin car bombs ripped through the Turkish border town ofReyhanli in the southern province of Hatay on May 11, heightening fears that Syria's civil war was dragging in neighboring states. Turkey has accused Syria of involvement in the attacks. Damascus has denied any role. Customs Minister Hayat Yazici said the Yayladagi gate, some 90 km (55 miles) from Reyhanli, would remain closed for a month, during which only Turkish citizens arriving from Syria or non-Syrians transiting through Turkey would be allowed to cross. Nobody would be allowed to cross from Turkey into Syria. The gate was initially shut the day after the bombings to prevent the attackers from fleeing to Syria. A Turkish official in the region said there would now be time to station bomb-detecting equipment at the crossing. The Yayladagi gate is the only crossing along the 900 km shared border whose Syrian side is still controlled by Assad's government. All other crossings have fallen into the hands of rebels fighting to overthrow him. The Yayladagi crossing serves as the main route to Syria's northwestern coastal area around Latakia, which has a large Alawite population. Assad is also Alawite, a minority sect that has dominated Syria for decades. Turkey says it has detained 18 Turks in connection with the car bombings, 12 of whom are facing formal charges, and that among them were some of the main perpetrators, including the owner of the vehicles used in the attacks. Officials said some of the perpetrators had traveled close to Yayladagi after the bombings to try and slip into Syria. The bombings were some of the

deadliest in Turkey's modern history, although violence from Syria's civil war, now in its third year, had spilled over the border before. At least 14 people were killed in a bombing at the Cilvegozu border gate near Reyhanli in Feb. In October, a mortar fired from Syria killed five Turkish civilians in the frontier town of Akcakale further to the east. –AGENCIES

‘UK seeks to lift ban on arming Syrian rebels’ AMMAN: British Foreign Secretary William Hague said here Wednesday that his country will seek to lift a ban on providing the Syrian rebels with weapons. Speaking at a joint press conference with Jordan's Foreign Minister Nasser Judeh, Hague said "the UK and France seek to end the ban on arming Syrian rebels. Any decision to be taken will be discussed with the Syrian National Coalition and in cooperation with other entities." Hague stressed that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad cannot be part of a solution to the Syrian crisis. "We want a solution without Assad. We do not accept the stay of Assad," Hague said ahead of the "Friends of Syria" meeting slated to open soon in Amman. For his part, Judeh reiterated Jordan's support for a political solution to bring an end to the Syrian conflict and maintain stability and security in the war-torn country. With the participation of Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Egypt, the United States, Britain, France, Turkey, Germany and Italy, the Friends of Syria meeting is expected to discuss the recent US-Russian efforts to revive political options for solving the Syrian crisis, with the focus on coordinating efforts in light of the latest developments in Syria. –AGENCIES

Mugabe signs constitution into law, paving way for vote HARARE: Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe signed anew constitution into law on Wednesday, replacing a 33-year-old document forged in the dying days of British colonial rule and paving the way for an election later this year. Approved overwhelmingly in a referendum in March, the constitution clips the powers of the president and imposes a two-term limit. However, it does not apply retroactively so the 89-year-old Mugabe could technically extend his three decades in office by another 10 years. A beaming Mugabe, flanked by Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai, his main political rival, and Deputy President Joice Mujuru signed multiple copies of the charter at State House in the capital to cheers and applause from aides. The constitution was formed as part of a power-sharing deal between Mugabe and Tsvangirai after disputed and violent elections in 2008. The five-year coalition government formed under the same agreement expires on June 29, and parliamentary and presidential elections should follow within 90 days of that date. –AGENCIES

Hamid Karzai leaves India with an empty hand 

Main purpose of this visit was to garner support in terms of 'purchase of weapons', strengthen their military with greater collaboration with India


VEN as Afghan President Hamid Karzai left India today decorated with an honorary doctorate an Indian university, his “wish list” for which he mainly came for went answered by the Indian government. Karzai, who arrived India on Monday for a two-day visit, came to meet Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to seek an opportunity for a possible arms deal in the wake of the pullout of NATO troops and an impending danger of return of the radical Taliban and the war-lords in the war-torn region, which might pose a threat for the entire


subcontinent. This was Karzai’s second visit to India in six months. The main purpose of this visit was to garner support from India in terms of “purchase of weapons” and strengthen their military with a greater collaboration with India. During his meeting with Singh, Karzai clearly stated his desire for an arms deal which included purchase of military weaponry that included aircrafts, missiles and field-guns the Indian government under the Strategic Partnership Agreement (SPA) that was signed between both countries in October 2011, a senior official told Business Standard on condition of complete anonymity. No

formal joint statement was issued after the meeting. Addressing the media here today before his departure, Karzai said he did give a “wish list” of military equipment to the Indian government and hoped for more cooperation from its ally. Under the SPA India been only supplying “nonlethal’ defence equipments such as communication devices and transport equipments. "We have a wish list that we have put before the government of India," Karzai told reporters here today. He also added that it was now up to the Indian government to decide whether it wants to support Afghanistan on this issue or not.

Responding to a query on the socalled “wish list”, spokesperson of the external affairs ministry Syed Akbaruddin said “some call it wish list others said shopping list I do want to get into that … our assessment is that such visits and regular consultations strengthen our bilateral relations. As Afghanistan moves towards its critical security, political and economic transitions, which are also marked by a draw-down of NATO forces and scheduled Presidential elections in 2014, we feel that the strategic partnership between Afghanistan and India can play an important and crucial role in providing security and stability to Afghanistan.”

Before Karzai’s visit to India, Afghanistan’s Ambassador to India Shaida Abdali had stated that the partnership agreement is ambiguous on lethal and non-lethal military equipments. He had said that Afghanistan is looking for India’s help to get “equipments and weapons to fight." India has invested more than $2 billion for the development of the

region, including highways, roads, ports, hospitals and rural electricity. India, Afghanistan and Iran are also engaged in talks for utilizing the Chahbahar port of Iran for to develop road and rail linkages since India had not been able to access Afghanistan that can act a corridor to reach the larger central Asian market through Pakistan which the shortest route. –AGENCIES

THURSDAY, MAY 23, 2013

UN-supported RAHA Secretariat inaugurated Kidnapped Mengal recovered in Quetta


QUETTA: Former Balochistan advocate general Salahuddin Mengal, who was kidnapped on April 4, was recovered late Tuesday night in Quetta. Balochistan High Court Chief Justice Qazi Faiz Essa had taken suo motu notice of the abduction while Balochistan lawyer had also started boycotting the court proceedings against the kidnapping. ONLINE

ISLAMABAD: The UN High Commission for Refugees inaugurated a newly-constructed Refugee Affected and Hosting Area Secretariat in Islamabad. The building was constructed jointly by UNHCR and the UN Office for Project Services (UNOPS), and the facility was opened in a joint ceremony by the Ministry of States and Frontier Regions and the these UN institutions. Besides UN organisations, German government agencies also attended the event.

consolidating RAHA structures both in Islamabad and in the provinces. “RAHA is the largest component of the Solutions Strategy for Afghan Refugees (SSAR), accounting for almost 80 per cent of donor contributions for implementing that strategy in Pakistan,” he added. The representative lauded the efforts of the government, participating UN agencies and donors in bringing RAHA to its current level of success. He advocated for continued engagement, “If we are to maintain this progress, we must deepen, broaden and

Speaking at the occasion, UNHCR’s representative Neill Wright said that the opening ceremony marks the start of improved national RAHA coordination under one roof during the expansion of the RAHA initiative. “This building will help to bring the RAHA team together to better plan and implement strategies in a well-coordinated manner,” he explained. In order to augment management and implementation capacity as discussed in the stakeholders’ conference on RAHA, the representative noted the importance of

strengthen our partnership with the active cooperation of all stakeholders, under the leadership of the Pakistan government.” Chief Commissioner of Afghan Refugees Dr Imran Zeb said that the government attached utmost importance to the RAHA initiative, stating, “The impact of RAHA has been enormous. The Government appreciates the team work demonstrated by the RAHA programme.” He announced that by June 30, he anticipates the government having in place a new national strategy outlining the future policies regarding Afghan refugees in Pakistan.

New district named Lehri carved out in Nasirabad

CJ takes suo motu notice of HR violations

QUETTA: The interim government of Balochistan has carved out a new district naming it after Lehri in Nasirabad division‚ said a notification issued Quetta. Bakhtiar Abad will be district headquarters of the new district namely Lehri in Nasirabad division that was carved out under Balochistan Land Revenue Act 1967‚ Section 6‚ the official notification said. The new district will comprise of sub-divisions including Tehsil Lehri and Tehsil Bhag except Sorani area. ONLINE

ISLAMABAD: Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry has taken suo motu notice of different cases of violation of human rights and sought reply from chief secretary Punjab, forest secretary Punjab and IG Punjab until May 25. Notices have been issued to these officers on this count. The CJP has taken the notice on the news items published in some sections of press. Among these cases one relates to illegal occupation of forest department land measuring 2500 kanals by land mafia in Rawalpindi division. CJP has sought reply from forest department. CJP has also taken notice of abduction of 12 years old girl from Westridge Rawalpindi. The accused have demanded ransom from the father of the girl. CJP has sought report from IG Punjab with reference to this case. One Shazia Javed, resident of Rawalpindi had appealed to CJP that Margalla police had arrested his husband in a false case and subjected him to violence. His husband had gone to police station to register a case but the police had registered a case against him, she added. The CJP has sought reply from IG Punjab on May, 25 in this respect. ONLINE

Javed Aslam likely to become chief secretary ISLAMABAD: The federal government has made Javed Iqbal and OSD and decided in principle to appoint Javed Aslam as new chief secretary Punjab. A notification to Make Javed Iqbal an OSD has been issued and directives to appoint Javed Iqbal as chief secretary Punjab will be issued. ONLINE

Pakistan, Ireland to meet in Dublin today DUBLIN: Pakistan and Ireland will clash in Dublin on Thursday in the first match of one-day cricket series. Pakistan skipper Misbahul Haq has said that the series will help him select the XI II for the coming Champions Trophy. Pakistan will attend a practice session in this regard. Misbah said: “Ireland will be tough to beat as most of its players have English county experience.” He said that Pakistan would try to give opportunities to every player in order to finalize the best combination for the Champions Trophy. ONLINE

Husband cuts off nose, ears of wife ABBOTTABAD: A man cut off nose and ears of his wife after a domestic quarrel, here on Wednesday. According to police, the cruel incident happened in Khola Khayl area of the city. ONLINE

Rs 7b to be spent on education: Shahbaz LAHORE: President Punjab chapter of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz, Shahbaz Sharif on Wednesday said more than 7 billion rupees will be spent on education during next 5 years as education is our top priority. Speaking in Lahore on Wednesday‚ he said that the PML-N government will welcome opposition's suggestions on every issue. He said Nawaz Sharif 's team has the capability to bring in real change in the country. ONLINE

KP govt tightens security PESHAWAR: The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government has taken strict security measures of all the airports and airbases including Bacha Khan International Airport throughout the province. The administration issued directives to clear the surroundings of airbases and airports including the BKIA. ONLINE

Target killer nabbed KARACHI: A suspected target killer was arrested after a shootout with police in Karachi on Wednesday. The suspect, identified as Babar Hussain aka Chingari, was arrested from the limit of Rizvi Police Station. Chingari is wanted by police in 13 murder cases. He is also allegedly involved in the murder of Allama Syed Baqir Hussain. ONLINE

KARACHI: A plainclothes policeman pouring water on a resident of Aurangi Town who was demonstrating in support of his demands outside Karachi Press Club. ONLINE

TRTA-II plan supports PT Scheme in Pakistan 

LHC takes notice of minor girl’s rape

PT provider to ensure sustainability of services, accreditation and employment generation

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Council for Science & Technology Chairperson Dr. Muddassar Israr on Wednesday said that the establishment of a National Proficiency Testing provider will facilitate numerous accredited testing laboratories nationwide to address requirements for international recognition for their testing service. Addressing a training workshop on ISO 17043:2010, Quality Management System for Proficiency Testing (PT) from 21-22 May 2013 workshop, he said that after establishment of Proficiency testing scheme the cost will not only be reduced, but such a scheme, once accredited, may be offered to other laboratories overseas leading to generation, rather than expenditure of foreign exchange,. The PT provider will ensure sustainability of their services, accreditation and all for growth and employment generation in their respective areas.

June 5 fixed for re-polling OUR STAFF REPORTER

ISLAMABAD: The Election Commission of Pakistan has changed the date for re-poll at selective polling stations in NA-46 (Tribal Area-XI) from May 25 to June 5, 2013. According to the ECP notification issued on Wednesday, the ECP has directed that re-poll at polling station numbers 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 43, 45, 46, 47, 48, 49, 50, 51 and 54 of NA-46 shall now be held on June 5, 2013 instead of May 25, 2013 as notified earlier. Separately, in pursuance of the provisions of sub-section (3-A) and sub-section (4) of Section 42 of the Representation of the People Act, 1976, the ECP has published the names of candidates returned to the National Assembly of Pakistan and all the four provincial assemblies from the constituencies of which official results have so far been announced by the Commission.

The laboratories are participating in international Proficiency Testing schemes funded either by donor programs, such as the TRTA-II, or through the laboratories own funds. As this is an expensive venture, often linked to payment in foreign currency, it is often very difficult for most laboratories to justify this form of payment to their parent departments. Addressing the workshop participants from NPSL, PCSIR laboratories of Lahore and Peshawar, she emphasised the need to establish a National Proficiency Testing Scheme to facilitate the numerous accredited testing laboratories throughout Pakistan in addressing one of the key requirements for international recognition of their testing services. Dr. Israr also encouraged the laboratories, as well as the NPSL, to be more diligent providing their unique services for the

industry, on a commercial basis in line with a coherent business plan. These testing, calibration and PT services will help Pakistan industry to address international requirements and compliance, which ultimately will lead to enhanced export trade. Subadra Jayasinghe, the TRTA II International Expert, conducted the training, consisted of elaboration of the ISO 17043:2010 standard and the key articles within the standard that specifies the general requirements for the competency of PT providers; guidelines for the development of PT Schemes and provides the basis for accreditation of the PT providers. At the end the Dr. Israr presented certificates of participation to all the trainees. The Chief Technical Advisor/OiC of UNIDO, Bruno Valanzuolo and the Director General of NPSL. ONLINE

LAHORE: Lahore High Court on Wednesday took notice of the news published in a section of press regarding rape of an eight years old school girl by son of a landlord in Mangtanwala Area. District & Sessions Judge, Nakana Sahib has been directed to probe into the matter and submit a detailed report regarding steps taken by the local police along with his own comments. Resident of village Mango Taaro of Mangtanwala told police that her daughter, student of class two, was abducted on her way to home from school. He said that he had gone looking for her and heard her cry out from nearby fields. He caught her assailant, Zahid, in the act and handed him to the police. The victim was shifted to Children Hospital Lahore in a critical condition. However, police registered a rape case against accused Zahid, 16, and started proceedings against him. LHC Complaint Cell took serious notice of the news and directed the concerned D&SJ to look into the matter and submit report within a week positively. ONLINE

D2w is best solution to end plastic pollution LAHORE: Environmental Protection Agency KP Director General Dr Muhammad Bashir Khan has said that usage of Oxo-biodegradable plastic technology is the only solution to wipe out plastic pollution from the country. He said that Environmental Protection Agency are using their all the weapons to restrain the country from environmental hazards and significant steps are also carried out in this regard. Importance of using Oxo-biodegradable plastic technology is being highlighted and the services offered by d2w in this regards are commendable, he added. He shared his views while addressing a seminar on the importance of Oxo-biodegradable plastic technology. The participants of the seminar include Deputy Director Environmental Protection Agency KPK Liaquat Ali khan, Representative of d2w Saima Asghar, Amna yousaf Mir, Zeeshan Malik of JP Plastic Industries, Executive member of federation of chamber of commerce Anwar A. Sheikh, samee rehman, Nabeel Rasheed and other notables from political and business background were also present at the event. Speaking on the occasion, DRepresentative of D2w Saima Asghar said that d2w made by Symphony envoirmental UK is the best possible solution to eradicate the hazardous effects of plastic. ONLINE

KARACHI: Vehicles standing in a long queue to get CNG. ONLINE

Aleem Khan says PTI to continue protest

LAHORE: A man using a hand-fan at his stall during electricity load-shedding. ONLINE

LAHORE: President of PTI, Lahore, Abdul Aleem Khan has congratulated the party workers on successful protest in city and said that now major protest would take place at Islamabad where Election Commission's mistakes and lacking would be pointed out. He said that those who managed their lead in the night of 11th May have been exposed and now people would not stop to raise their voice on the call of Imran Khan who has taken right instance. Abdul Aleem Khan said that present caretaker set up and Election Commission remained failed to discharge their duties and gave the country a doubted mandate which would never be able to come up to the expectations of masses. He said that the workers of PTI have an

ideological approach and they are out on the streets for the democratic right which provide them space to protest. Meanwhile, Abdul Aleem Khan also presided over a meeting of party workers to review the arrangements of the protest in Islamabad in which it was decided that in maximum number party members would participate in Islamabad. Also, following his discharge from hospital, a delegation of Jamaat e Islami on Wednesday called on Imran Khan at his residence. Led by nominated senior minister for Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Sirajul Haq, the delegation discussed issues of future coalition government. The main agenda of discussion was upcoming budget. Imran Khan gave his input regarding the budget to be presented

next month. Khan was discharged from the hospital this morning with a special jacket to protect his neck and back bones. Meanwhile, the candidate of PTI Wasiq Qayyum for provincial assembly seat from PP-6 Rawalpindi has withdrawn his application from the court against PML (N) stalwart Chaudhary Nisar Ali Khan. Earlier Wasiq submitted an application in Lahore High Court Rawalpindi Bench in which he took plea that according to results issued by Returning Officer, Chaudhary Nisar got 51,473 votes while he bagged 49,259 votes, but the results provided by the polling agents from different polling stations showed different results. In his application he requested the court that to ask ECP to prevent the notification of Nisar’s success from PP-6. ONLINE


Rihanna wants to make out with Miley Cyrus

tusshar Kapoor to launch his own production house

LONDON: Rihanna has given the green light to Miley Cyrus after the latter said that she would kiss her given the chance. When Miley, who topped Maxim’s Hot 100 poll, was asked who she should be at the no.1 spot in her opinion, she said that Rihanna should be on the top because she is sexy, the Sun reported. At the time she was also asked if she would kiss Rihanna is she had the chance, Cyrus played it cool and said that she’ll see. However, she later took to Twitter to declare her passion for the Bajan singer, writing that she had changed her mind and would definitely like to kiss her. According to, the newly single Rihanna was recently asked if she felt the same about the blonde star and whether she would like to have a make-out session with her. She cheekily replied: "Yeah, tell her to call me". -SHOWBIZ DESK

MUMBAI: Tusshar Kapoor, who is basking in the success of Shootout At Wadala, now ventures into film production and will shortly announce the name of his production house along with the news of his first film. Talking about his ambitions with the production house, Tusshar said: "My production house will surely carve its own niche in the industry. It won't be just another addition to the list of production houses which already exist. I won't produce anything that is mediocre". He further added: "I will never make abstract, art house cinema. My films will be offbeat, but will also appeal to a mass audience. A good film eventually becomes commercially viable and that's what I am aiming for as a producer." While details are tightly being kept under wraps, sources reveal that the actor is in talks and is already in the process of short-listing a script. -SHOWBIZ DESK

Anil Kapoor to launch seven actors for home production

JuGnI GIRL’S HoLLyWooD outInG Meesha says that substance is more important than commercial success or fame IQRA AZEEM

MUMBAI: Industry veteran Anil Kapoor is looking to launch seven fresh faces in his upcoming home production titled Saat Hindustani. Anil Kapoor has earlier produced films like Badhaai Ho Badhaai, Gandhi-My Father and Aisha among others. "Now, he is producing a film which is tentatively titled Saat Hindustani. Its not a patriotic film. It is about college students based in America. There is a whole new cast for this film... we will have seven new actors," a source close to the actor-producer said. The casting is under process and things will be finalised soon. The film which is under production is likely to go on floors in September-October. -SHOWBIZ DESK

Sanjay Dutt moved to Pune's jail

MUMBAI: In a surprise move, Bollywood actor Sanjay Dutt was secretly shifted from a Mumbai prison to a Pune jail early Wednesday, official sources said. The actor was taken from the highsecurity Arthur Road Central Jail in south Mumbai in a van around midnight and delivered to the Yerawada Central Jail in Pune early Wednesday. The shifting took place exactly a week after Dutt surrendered before the Special TADA Court on May 16 after his conviction under the arms act. The incarcerated actor is expected to serve the remainder of his 42-month jail term at the Pune jail, the state's biggest in terms of capacity and among the largest in Asia. -SHOWBIZ DESK

LAHORE: Lahore-based Meesha Shafi, a relatively unknown artiste in Pakistan and India till 2010, stormed the Indian music scene by becoming a sensation online. Watching Coke Studio Pakistan on You Tube, one could see that Shafi was different. She was the oomph in Jugni, a famous folk singer Arif Lohar's cult track which has received more than 10 million hits so far. "I was delighted with the way the song had shaped up, and the electric energy on the sets when we performed, but nothing could have prepared us for the response we got. It was already a dream comes true for me to perform with Arif Lohar, but yes, Season 3 of Coke Studio really did change my life. It broke language, age and geographical barriers," says 31-year-old Shafi, whose recent outing in Mira Nair's The Reluctant Fundamentalist is also earning her much appreciation. Shafi, who has essayed the role of Bina in the film and has also sung the track Bijli aye ke na aye, met Nair before her breakthrough track Jugni was released. "When I met her, Mira hadn't seen me anywhere. I think, she could already see the characters in her mind's eye and it was just a matter of who clicked," says Shafi, who plays Changez's (played by Riz Ahmad) sister in the film. According to Shafi, the

character is close to her spirit as her roots, influences, family and lifestyle are all quite similar. "Bina is raised in a house full of books, music and free thinking. Her family puts culture, substance and education before money. Bina is actively involved in the performing arts, singing and acting are part of her life. Much like mine," says Shafi, the granddaughter of famous Pakistani Urdu writer, Hameed Akhtar. But it was her mother Saba Hameed, who introduced Shafi to Nair's cinema and the young girl in Shafi found Nair's style of filmmaking unique. "She translates tales so beautifully and with such compassion and sincerity that the impact is undeniable," says Shafi, who is assured that a director like

Seedlings makes its way to SAARC Film Festival ISLAMABAD: Pakistani film Seedlings starring veteran actors Aamina Sheikh and Mohib Mirza has now made its way to the upcoming SAARC Film Festival 2013 to be held at Colombo from 26th – 31st May, 2013. Film Seedlings was premiered at New York City International Film Festival 2012 and bagged two international awards: People Choice for Best Film and Best Actress in a Leading Role ‘Aamina Sheikh’. Now the movie is scheduled to be screened as feature film on Day 3 of SAARC Film Festival 2013 in Colombo which aims to promote best feature and documentary films from 2010 – 2012 of SAARC Region. The film has not been released in Pakistan yet but it has honored Pakistan at international platforms so as we wish for SAARC Film Festival 2013.

'Great Gatsby' cast comes home with Sydney premiere

SYDNEY: Director Baz Luhrmann brought "The Great Gatsby" home on Wednesday for its Australian premiere, with box-office success for the Sydneyproduced film bolstering hopes for the resurgence of the local film industry. The film, set in 1920s New York and starring Leonardo DiCaprio as Jay Gatsby, is one of several international productions recently lured to Australia by federal government tax breaks and grants. The ambitious third adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald's "great American novel" debuted at the Cannes Film Festival last week and has so far raked in $23.4 million, putting it in third place at the U.S. weekend box office behind "Star Trek into Darkness" and "Iron Man 3. "We can take America's finest book and make a movie here in Australia," Luhrmann told reporters on the red carpet at the premiere. "I think this is our home. The crew, the actors, the state the government, everyone stood behind it." A strong Aussie dollar made Australia an unpopular location for international film makers in recent years, but the government subsidies are burnishing its appeal. "The Wolverine", starring Australian actor Hugh Jackman, recently completed filming in Sydney, while cameras are due to start rolling next on the Walt Disney Studios production of "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea". The last big productions filmed in Australia before that were the Matrix Trilogy and "Mission: Impossible II" in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Luhrmann's wife Catherine Martin created from scratch the sets that evoke 1920s New York in Sydney's Fox Studios. Locations around New South Wales serve as backdrops, while the picturesque town of Mount Wilson in the Blue Mountains, 100 km (60 miles) west of Sydney, stood in for Long Island. -SHOWBIZ DESK

Nair knows exactly what she wants and communicates it to her actors. Her song in the film, written and

time, I didn't want it to be a negative, depressing song. I like keeping my lyrics simple and catchy

I wrote the song’Bijli’ after I felt frustrated because of the power cuts in Lahore studios during recordings. But at the same time, I didn't want it to be a negative, depressing song, it's important that they mean something. I truly believe that challenging circumstances contribute greatly to content, says Shafi who is a self-taught musician composed by her is an upbeat number that shows the range of Shafi's voice. She wrote the song after she felt frustrated because of the power cuts in Lahore studios during recordings. "But at the same

but it's important that they mean something. I truly believe that challenging circumstances contribute greatly to content. When you work against all odds, it can do wonders for your creative juices,"

‘Harry Potter’ first edition fetches record auction price SHOWBIZ DESK LONDON: A unique first edition of "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone" annotated by author J.K. Rowling has sold for a record 150,000 pounds at a London charity auction, Sotheby's said on Tuesday. The 1997 book, featuring handwritten notes, 22 original illustrations and a 43-page "second thoughts" commentary by the author, fetched the highest price to date for a printed book by Rowling, Sotheby's said in a statement. The auction house said the sale room fell silent on Tuesday as buyers engaged in a bidding war for the coveted book, which eventually went to a unidentified buyer bidding over the

telephone. The full sale featured 51 first editions, all unique one-offs featuring annotations and commentary from authors, as part of the "First Editions, Second Thoughts" sale to benefit charity organization English PEN, which promotes freedom of expression. "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone" was the first in a series of seven novels by Rowling, about the adventures of a boy wizard living in a world of "muggles" and magic. Only 500 first editions of "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone" exist, making them the rarest of the series, which has become the best-selling book series ever and was adapted into a multibillion-dollar film franchise.

Peekay to present Bhojpuri speaking Aamir Khan

I haven't known life to be any happier: Brad Pitt LONDON: Hollywood star Brad Pitt says he is happiest right now in life and is more than content thanks to his family. The 49-year-old actor, whose fiancée Angelina Jolie recently underwent double mastectomy, raises six kids with her, reported Contactmusic. "I have very few friends. I have a handful of close friends and I have my family and I haven't known life to be any happier. I'm making things. I just haven't known life to be any happier," he said. The Moneyball star also said he misses his children every time when they are not around. "I always thought that if I wanted to do a family, I wanted to do it big. I wanted there to be chaos in the house. There's constant chatter in our house, whether it's giggling or screaming or crying or banging. I love it. I hate it when they're gone. I hate it. "Maybe it's nice to be in a hotel room for a day 'Oh, nice, I can finally read a paper. But then, by the next day, I miss that cacophony, all that life." -SHOWBIZ DESK

says Shafi, who is a self-taught musician. Some of her earliest memories include playing songs of artists such as Aretha Franklin, Robin S, Whitney Houston, Abida Parveen and Reshma, "till I could hit the notes and work on things like delivery and expression," she says. For quite some time now, Shafi has preferred to pick and choose her projects carefully despite the offers from India and Pakistan. She may have been criticised for not having done a lead role yet, but Shafi is happy with the credits on her portfolio and says that she would like to be extremely selective. "Substance is important to me. More important than commercial success or fame," says Shafi, who is looking forward to three releases this summer.

Kellie Pickler wins ‘Dancing With the Stars’

MUMBAI: Aamir Khan had left one and all awestruck with his dhoticlad village youth Bhuvan in Aushutosh Gowariker’s Oscar-nominated cult film ‘Lagaan’ that released in 2000 and also impressed audiences with his command over Awadhi. And the perfectionist that he is, Aamir has learnt Bhojpuri for his upcoming film ‘Peekay’. A few days back, we had learnt that the actor was taking Bhojpuri lessons for ‘Peekay’. But if latest reports are anything to go by, Aamir will be seen speaking only in Bhojpuri throughout the length of the film. “Aamir has been trying to master Bhojpuri for the last four months. Everyone is wondering why he has been learning a language that is traditionally spoken in east Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, when the film has largely been shot in Rajasthan,” a source said earlier. Aamir’s look in the film is interesting too. A still of Aamir in the film shows him wearing a bright yellow ghagra and a grey coat. A radio is also seen hanging across his shoulder. Directed by Rajkumar Hirani, ‘Peekay’ stars Anushka Sharma and ‘Kai Po Che!’ star Sushant Singh Rajput along with Aamir. -SHOWBIZ DESK NEW YORK: Kellie Pickler may not have won American Idol, but she crushed the competition on Dancing With the Stars! The 26-year-old country singer was named the winner of Season 16 of the ABC reality dance competition on Tuesday, May 21. "I'm overwhelmed with joy," Pickler told Us Weekly after the show. "I'm kind of speechless for the first time! Usually I can't be quiet! Usually I'm just spitting out words left and right, and now I don't know what to say." In the first-ever finale with four finalists, Pickler beat out Disney star Zendaya, Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Jacoby Jones and Olympic gymnast Aly Raisman for the coveted Mirror Ball trophy. "I was shocked to have made it this far," the "Best Days of Your Life" singer explained. "We've made so many memories out here on this dance floor and in the studio. We've all worked so hard to be her, and it's just overwhelming. But in a great way. -SHOWBIZ DESK



Prominent lawyer gunned down in Lahore LAHORE: Zain Ghaffar, a prominent lawyer, was shot dead in Lahore on Wednesday, media reports said. Police said armed attackers fired shots on advocate Zain Ghaffar’s car when he left his home in Lahore’s Defence area Wednesday morning. He was due to appear in a local court. Officials said the victim was in a land dispute with his rivals. Lahore Bar Association has announced to observe strike against the killing of Advocate Zain Ghafar today (Thursday). Lawyer fraternity will not attend the subordinate courts. Lahore High Court Bar demanded of the government to arrest the culprits as soon as possible, media reports stated. –ONLINE

MAY 23, 2013

Outages make summer unbearable countrywide 

Temperature rises to 48 degree centigrade in Sindh, Punjab

LARKANA/ISLAMABAD: Severe heat wave accompanied by loadshedding has gripped several cities of interior Sindh and Punjab. The temperature has gone up to 48 degrees centigrade in Larkana, Sukkur, Bahawalnagar and Rahim Yar Khan. Other areas of Sindh that suffer from heat include Rohri, Saleh Pat, Pano Aqil, Jacobabad, Jamshoro, Tando Mohammad Khan, Matiari and other cities.

The people are compelled to stay home, while the number of students in schools and colleges across the provinces has also declined. The patients in the hospitals are also facing torments due to heat wave plus load shedding. The sale of ice and cold drinks is on rise as the temperature increased in the provinces. The current heat wave conditions will continue in most parts of the country till end of the week and

chances of thunderstorm with isolated rain are expected on Friday night or Saturday. An official of Met Office said the heat wave conditions are likely to continue in plain areas of the Punjab, Sindh and Balochistan during the next 24 hours. Seasonal low lies over Balochistan and central parts of the country, Met Office reported adding, a shallow westerly wave is also prevailing over Kashmir and its adjoining areas.

KARACHI: The Awami National Party (ANP) has announced to make political reforms within its tiers from its organizational forum so as to make it more dynamic‚ having its roots in the masses. This was stated by ANP Sindh President Senator Shahi Syed while addressing the party leaders at the Mardan House in Karachi on Wednesday. He said‚ ANP would not leave any space for the political rivals and make efforts to strengthen itself. –ONLINE

Olson says dialogue with Taliban prerogative of Pakistan government

Former kP minister arrested from courtroom

India test-fires supersonic cruise missile NEW DELHI: India on Wednesday claimed to have successfully testfired BrahMos supersonic cruise missile off its Goa coast. Exactly two months back, the country for the first time had tested the 290-km range BrahMos supersonic cruise missile from under water. The submarine-launched version of the missile was "successfully" tested near Visakhapatnam coast, Indian media reported. BrahMos flies at the speed of Mach 2.8 and is a strike weapon. –ONLINE

PmL-N plans roundtable conference on karachi unrest LAHORE: Pakistan Muslim League-N (PML-N) has decided to convene a roundtable conference in the wake of poor law and order situation in Karachi. According to sources, PML-N has ruled out the option of military operation to restore peace in the country’s commercial capital. Sources add that peace could be restored in Karachi only through dialogue. –ONLINE

PTI’s NA-125 re-polling plea rejected, Saad winner ISLAMABAD: The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has rejected the plea of Pakistan Tehreek-eInsaf (PTI) leader Hamid Khan for re-polling in NA-125 (Lahore). According to the ECP website, PML-N leader Khawaja Saad Rafique won the NA-125 seat by securing 123,416 votes while Hamid Khan was the runner-up with 84,495 votes. –MONITORING DESK

10-party alliance observes strike in Sindh KARACHI: The 10-party alliance observed a shutter-down strike across Sindh on Wednesday against rigging in elections. According to the announcement, the political workers and supporters would hold protest demonstration across the province and in the second phase a protest would be held in front of the Election Commission's office. Education Board Mirpurkhas announced postponement of Examination papers of H.S.C part I and II scheduled to be held on 22nd May due to strike call given by 10-Party Alliance against alleged rigging in the election. Meanwhile, Sindh National Party (SNP) Chief Ameer Bhanbhro has opposed the strike call and said that the alliance is taking revenge of its defeat from the people of the province. –ONLINE

cities, as shortfall is going out of control in Lahore region. Sources in Lahore Electric Supply Company (LESCO), the power shortfall widened beyond 1800 Megawatts in Lahore region, as region’s demand bulged to over 3000 MWs but the supply is meagre 1200 MWs. Lahore region is suffering from the load shedding of two hours every second hour owing to the mounting shortfall. –ONLINE

Pak role must for Afghan peace: Karzai

ANP announces reforms in party

CHARSADDA: Former Khyber Pakhtunkhwa minister Arshad Abdullah, along with his 18 aides, was arrested from a courtroom after his interim bail extension plea was rejected. The former minister had been charged in five different cases including intervention in official work, in which he had been granted bail till Wednesday. On Wednesday, he appeared before the court to get extension in the interim bail; however, the court dismissed his plea and ordered his arrest. Complying with the court orders, police arrested Arshad Abdullal along with his 18 companions. –ONLINE

In Khyber Pakhtunkhwa heat wave likely to continue in plain areas of the province during the next 24 hours. However, thunderstorm light rain is likely in Hazara division. In Sindh and Balochistan heat wave conditions likely to continue in most parts of province during the next 24 hours. While in Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan, hot weather is expected in most parts. Meanwhile, the power crisis aggravated in the Punjab

HYDERABAD: Peasants recovered from the custody of a landlord protest outside Hyderabad Press Club. –ONLINE

Judges’ detention case

Musharraf ’s bail plea rejected 

Gets release orders on bail in Benazir murder case


ISLAMABAD: While one anti-terrorism court (ATC) on Wednesday sent the orders to jail authorities for releasing former President Pervez Musharraf on bail in Benazir murder case, but another rejected his bail plea in the Benazir Bhutto murder case. ATC Judge Kausar Abbas Zaidi after hearing the arguments from both sides rejected the bail petition in the judges’ detention case. During the course of hearing, public prosecutor Amir Nadeem Tabish adopted before the court that Musharraf should not be granted bail due to the sensitivity of case filed against him. “Clause 780-A pertaining to terrorism had been added to the list of charges against Musharraf, making the case against him even stronger,” he said. Tabish adopted before the court that the accused has detained the families of apex court judges for couple of months and the case filed against Musharraf in this regard was of strong nature and, therefore, he should not be granted bail. He stated that Musharraf had imposed emergency in the country on November 3, 2007 which was not only determined towards judges but for the public at large. The counsel for Musharraf submitted before the court that there was no evidence present against his client due to which he should be granted bail. The public prosecutor informed the court that the charge sheet against the accused could not be submitted yet as he was appointed only to deal with the case related to his bail plea. Judge expressed annoyance over the issue and asked the inquiry officer as to

when would the charge sheet against the former military ruler be finalised. Upon which the IO told the court that three institutions had been approached in this respect but all of these departments has so far failed to submit their responses. On the other hand, ATC Special Judge Chaudhry Habib-ur-Rehman accepted the application of Barrister Salman Safdar, lawyer of Pervez Musharraf in which he said that his client wants to deposit two million rupees cash instead of surety bond in the Benazir Bhutto murder case. After the permission granted by the court, the lawyer submitted the National Bank’s deposit receipt of Rs 20,000,00 , whereas the guarantor of Pervez Musharraf , Mumtaz Hussain accepted the responsibility of guarantee . After the completion of legal proceedings the court directed the jail authorities top free Musharraf, if he is not arrested in any other case.

Malala gets award in US OKLAHOMA CITY: Malala Yousafzai and her father Ziauddin Yousafzai were honoured Monday at the memorial for Oklahoma City bombing victims, as they received the annual ‘Reflections of Hope Award’. The award is given by the Oklahoma City National Memorial and Museums in honour of the 168 people who died in the 1995 bombing of the Oklahoma City federal building. Yousafzai accepted the award on his daughter's behalf during his first trip to the US since the Taliban's assassination attempt on Malala. In a recorded acceptance speech, she said the Oklahoma memorial's recognition served as encouragement to continue being an advocate for the right of girls education. –AGENCIES

N EW DELHI: Afghan President Hamid Karzai said on Wednesday he had given a "wish list" of military equipment to India during a visit this week, presenting a conundrum for New Delhi as it weighs whether arming the Afghan army is in its interests. Karzai also said that no peace deal was possible in Afghanistan without Pakistan's involvement because of its influence over the Taliban, who are fighting to expel Western forces, topple Karzai's government and establish Islamist rule. "Pakistan cooperation is key to a politically successful peace process and key to the end of violence in Afghanistan," he said. He said that at a meeting with Pakistan Prime Minister-elect Nawaz Sharif last year the latter had acknowledged the danger that "terrorism and radicalism" posed to Pakistan. "I hope the new prime minister will be able to deliver what he so much wishes to achieve," Karzai said. Sharif has said he aims to boost ties with India.On the other hand, US

Ambassador to Pakistan Richard Olson said holding dialogue with Taliban is prerogative of Pakistani government. Talking to media in Islamabad, Olson said holding dialogue with Taliban is prerogative of Pakistani government. However‚ he said‚ any reservations regarding these proposed talks will depend on terms and conditions of the dialogue with Taliban. Terming recent general elections as big success of Pakistani nation in which democratic forces emerged as victorious he said a historic turnout was witnessed in the elections‚ which reflects that the people have confidence in democracy. He said these elections proved to be a defeat for those who are against democratic values and holding of elections. Earlier‚ inaugurating an English language laboratory at SOS Children's Village in Islamabad today‚ he said the United States is rehabilitating the buildings of 800 schools affected by the 2005 earthquake in Pakistan. –ONLINE

PPPP formally invites MQM to join Sindh govt ISLAMABAD: President of the Pakistan People’s Party – Parliamentarians (PPPP) Makhdoom Amin Fahim said on Wednesday that his party had formally invited the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) to from a coalition government in Sindh, DawnNews reported. The senior PPP leader said that the people of Sindh had given a heavy mandate to the PPP and MQM,

adding that his party would form the provincial government in Sindh and continue the people friendly policies. Meanwhile, MQM leaders when contacted said that the party’s role in provincial government would come to the forefront in a few days adding that the party leader ship would not disappoint the mandate of the people of Sindh, especially Karachi. –MONITORING DESK

Army’s support resulted in huge turnout: COAS RAWALPINDI: Army Chief General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani on Wednesday said that army provided full support to the Election Commission for maintaining security on the polling day. In a brief chat with media‚ he said there were apprehensions regarding holding of elections but the people proved that they only want democracy in the country. General Kayani said army provided full support to the Election Commission for maintaining security on the polling day which resulted in a big voters’ turnout. Meanwhile, the ECP said the turnout in the general elections held on the 11th of this month remained 55.02 per cent. According to data released by the Election Commission‚ in all over 46.2 million people cast their votes. PML-N secured the highest number of votes of over 14.8 million. PTI was in second position by begging over 7.6 million votes. The commission also issued the official notification of 808 elected representatives for the National Assembly and four provincial assemblies here on Wednesday. According to the notification, the commission out of 849 candidates issued the names of 808 elected representatives. However, the ECP did not issue the notification of 41 candidates due to several reasons which include repelling and recounting, non-availability of statement of expenditure and pending cases regarding polls. They include 14 MNAs‚ eight MPAs from Punjab‚ nine from Sindh‚ eight from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and two from Balochistan. –ONLINE

Altaf announces ‘reformation’ within MQM ranks K ARAC HI : Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) chief Altaf Hussain on Wednesday announced the instigation of a ‘reformation’ process within the party ranks, DawnNews reported. Speaking to members of the party’s Rabita (coordination) Committee via telephone from London, the MQM chief prohibited collecting any sort of donations from the general public. He said there is a ban imposed on funds collection, adding that the basic party membership of culpable worker/workers will be revoked upon any such complaints. Hussain said the MQM follows “zero tolerance policy” when it comes to “China Cutting,”

settlements and land-grabbing. “There is no room in MQM for people involved in these unlawful activities,” he added. The MQM chief urged any party activist, involved in land and property grabbing or sale/purchase of houses, apartments or plots, to voluntarily resign from the party membership. Otherwise, he added, upon receiving any such complaint, party membership of the guilty worker will be terminated. On Tuesday night, Altaf Hussain had also disbanded his party’s Karachi Tanzeemi (organising) Committee citing ‘hooliganism’ during his speech on Sunday morning. –MONITORING DESK

SC puts off Altaf speech case for a week ISLAMABAD: The Supreme Court on Wednesday took up a case regarding controversial remarks of MQM leader Altaf Hussain. During the short hearing of the petition, the bench pointed out several technical errors and omission in the petition and directed the petitioners to re-submit it. The SC also directed the petitioner to verify the status of MQM with the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) to know that who was the actual head of the MQM and adjourned further hearing of the case for one week. During his speech in Karachi last week when PTI workers were holding a demonstration at the Teen Talwar area of Clifton, Hussain made some remarks that created controversy and prompted many Pakistani and British citizens to file complaints at London Metropolitan Police, media reports said. Heading a three-judge bench, Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry remarked if there was any government or law enforcement agency in the country and wasn’t it there job to take notice of Hussain’s speech. The petition was filed by the Watan Party. Advocate Barrister Zafarullah, who represented the petitioner, read out the excerpts of Altaf Hussain’s speech published in newspapers. Zafarullah accused Hussain of giving a statement to break Pakistan. Justice Chaudhry asked why the petitioner did not make Altaf Hussain as respondent if he had objection to his (Hussain) speech. The apex court directed the petitioner to prove the maintainability of the petition. “I have made MQM’s chairman as a party in my petition,” he replied. The chief justice said that MQM was not probably registered in the name of Altaf Hussain in the record of Election Commission, as it had been registered against the name of Farooq Sattar. –ONLINE

Published by Ahmad Waleed from Yasmeen Majeed Printing Press 69 Cricket Stadium Rawalpindi.

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