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Election Commission may come after loan defaulters BILAL ABBAS ISLAMABAD: The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP)’s latest move to check bank and tax defaulters from contesting the polls is being seen as one of the many stringent measures to be announced in the coming days. Sources say the ECP, in the wake of pressure “to do more,” has decided to exercise the maximum leverage that the law and circumstances allow it. The ECP has already called a meeting of the Federal Bureau of Revenue (FBR) and State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) today to focus on the procedure to be adopted to check the defaulters

No permanent loan write-off, SBP to explain laws  Big political families face ouster

from becoming candidates. Estimates say that a huge number of Assembly members have defaulted on loans in the past. But a wrong interpretation of the law, which says that the default liability is permanent and could not be waived, has saved the ruling elite so far. The families of Chaudhary Shujaat, Yousaf Raza Gillani, the Saifullahs, the Khattaks and most of the ruling political parties have waived of bank loans written off at one stage. But they continue to flourish in politics because the SBP turns a blind eye to the law. Former State Minister Afzal Sindhu, while he

was the Law Minister, had actually sought an explanation from the SBP to quote laws under which it was writing off loans permanently. The SBP, in response, could not quote any law and said that it was doing it through SROs. This was one reason that Mr Sindhu was removed because of his over active role against the loan defaulters. When contacted, he confirmed that he did ask the SBP and did not get any satisfactory answer. Mahmood Jan says that if the ECP manages to get the SBP and the FBR to implement “the full length of the law, this might stop half of the

existing members of Assemblies for participating in the elections". For this, he said, the ECP only needs to take a clarification and interpretation of the law. The SBP has released the names of the defaulters many times. Lawyer Intezar Mehdi says there is no such thing as a permanent waiver. What most of these political families do is to continue business and politics using the SBP SROs.” Basically, he says, they close one shop and open another one with a different name. "This does not happen anywhere in the world," he says. The crucial meeting today, among other


Qadri gets a rough ride in SC

CDA drive against a ʻguest houseʼ has more to it Operation conducted by the Capital Development Authority (CDA) against the nonconfirming use of residential buildings hits a mystery as a guest house where a National Accountability Bureau official, investigating a high-profile case of the OGRA scam, was also sealed by the authority, raised questions that whether it was a routine operation or an intentional move to harass the accountability bureau official. Page 02

Editor who embraced facts Ayesha was a quiet presence at first, but as ideas started flowing, she served as a reality checker for the rest of us. We all knew there are no quick solutions to the problems for journalists in Pakistan, so we looked for practical projects that would tackle them in the mid- or long-term, Bob Dietz of CPJ writes in memory of the late editor. Page 03

US launches earth watch satellite The US space agency NASA launched its most advanced earthobserving satellite into space, continuing a fourdecade initiative to track from space the effect humans have on the earth’s environment. Page 08

Terrorism will not stop entertainment: Fariha Pakistan’s singer Fareeha Pervez said that Pakistanis must unite to put a strong front in battling terrorism. She added that we must not close our eyes to the current situation of Pakistan. Page 10

SC orders fool-proof security for Haqqani on his arrival An eight-member bench of Supreme Court headed by Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry directed the Interior Ministry on Tuesday to provide fool-proof security to former ambassador to US Hussain Haqqani on his arrival to Pakistan to appear before the court in the memo case. Page 05

Russia counting on Sharapova, Kuznetsova in Fed Cup Russia's Fed Cup captain Shamil Tarpishchev said Tuesday he is still hopeful that top players – Maria Sharapova and Svetlana Kuznetsova – will be available for April's Fed Cup semi-final against Slovakia. "I need to study the playing schedules of our girls before starting to plan the line-up for the match with Slovakia," Sport Express daily quoted Tarpishchev as saying. Page 11

things, will also review the access to the data of FBR and SBP for candidate scrutiny. Media reports say the ECP has also approached NAB for providing record of the politicians who have cases pending against them or have made pleabargain contracts. This could be bad news for the political parties, particularly for those inside Parliament.The move against tax and bank defaulters will largely hurt the political parties that are part of Parliament. “You see, the political parties as Tehrik-i-Insaf or even the Tahirul Qadri group have to give tickets to mostly new people,”said journalist Mahmood Jan Babar. “The parliamentary parties will have to adjust their sitting members.”

CJ says dual nationals can’t interfere in internal politics  Petition’s maintainability to be decided today  Qadri claims petition already admitted for hearing 

SRINAGAR: A tomb stone for Afzal Guru is seen at Martyrs Graveyard here which reads, “His mortal remains are lying in trust with the government of India, the Kashmiri nation awaits its return.” Guru’s family Tuesday refused to visit his grave in jail.–ONLINE

Pak-Iran pipeline finances finalised Tehran to get $500m after commissioning of gas line  Project to be completed by Dec 2014

SAHTAK BALOCH ISLAMABAD – In an apparent blow to the United States, the two neighbours, Pakistan and Iran, have reached an exclusive understanding to pay Iranian dues of $500 million through the cost of gas after the commissioning of IranPakistan Gas Pipeline Project. Sources in the petroleum ministry told The Spokesman in an exclusive telephonic interaction that the two sides discussed in details the finances involved in the mega $1.5 billion project, mode of payment, terms of condition of loan, interest rate, cost of laying one-kilometre pipeline that includes bridges, compressor stations etc and the mode under which Pakistan would pay to neighbouring Iran that has offered $500 million to help complete the project. The project, to be completed by December 2014, will first bring 750 million cubic feet gas per day through a 781kilometre-long pipeline with a diameter of 42 inches, and later on, the gas flow will increase to 1 billion cubic feet per day. The deputy chief of Tadbir Company headed the Iranian delegation, while the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Resources secretary led Pakistan’s side that also included managing director of the Inter-State Gas Systems (ISGS) and senior officials of the finance and law ministries. It merits mentioning here that cost of

laying pipeline in Pakistan’s territory stands at $1.5billion. Of this, $500million will be provided by Iran whereas the remaining amount would be arranged by Pakistan itself. Online adds: Iranian Speaker Dr Ali Larijani has said that no saner element can think that his country’s nuclear installations can be attacked by the Americans or the Israelis. Addressing press conference in Islamabad on Tuesday‚ Larijani said Iran’s nuclear programme was for peaceful purposes, as he replied to a question. He said Iran had no aggressive designs against any country of the region. Asked whether there was any connection between Iran and North Korea on nuclear issue‚ he said Iran had access to nuclear knowledge and technology and didn’t need any cooperation from countries like North Korea.Larijani said the Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline was a strategic project and hoped that people of Pakistan had the will to go ahead as it was in their interest.He said Iran had opened a credit line to help Pakistan build its part of the pipeline as his country had already completed its portion. He said Iran was rich in oil and gas and wanted to benefit the Muslim Ummah so that it could develop and progress. Iran is already providing gas to Turkey and it would be a great privilege for Pakistan to receive Iranian gas.

Obama to halve troops in Afghanistan WASHINGTON: President Barack Obama will announce in his State of the Union address that 34,000 US troops will be home from Afghanistan within a year, two people familiar with his remarks said on Tuesday. That’s about half the US forces currently serving there. It marks the next phase in the administration’s plans to formally finish the war by the end of 2014. The White House has said it would be open to leaving no troops in Afghanistan, though it’s likely that a small presence will remain, in keeping with the Pentagon’s preferences. Obama discussed the next phases of the drawdown with Hamid Karzai during a meeting in Washington last month. Some private security analysts and Pentagon officials favour a phased reduction in troops over a period of three years, as they worry that pulling out of Afghanistan too quickly will leave the battlescarred country vulnerable to collapse. In a worst-case scenario, that could allow the Taliban to regain power and revert to the role they played in the years before 9/11. –AGENCIES

MASOOD REHMAN ISLAMABAD: Chief Justice of Pakistan Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry Tuesday observed dual nationals could not be allowed to interfere in Pakistan’s internal politics and asked Dr Muhammad Tahirul Qadri how he could ask for reconstitution of Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) in February when he came back to the country only in December. The chief justice was heading a three-member Supreme Court bench to hear a petition filed by Minhajul Quran International (MQI) chief Dr Tahirul Qadri seeking reconstitution of the ECP. Justice Gulzar Ahmed and Justice Sh. Azmat Saeed were the other two judges on the bench. Qadri submitted his reply regarding legal justification and his right to file the petition, and details about dual nationality as well as copy of his Canadian passport. To a court query, Qadri said he used Pakistani passport for visiting Pakistan and Canadian passport for going to Canada or other countries. The chief justice told him that “a Pakistani is one who identifies himself as Pakistani in any part of the world, be it the North Pole.” “You are not a common man, you are known as “Sheikul Islam” you have been giving lectures on religion in 90 countries you took oath of loyalty to the British Queen”, the chief justice remarked while addressing Qadri. “The doors of parliament are closed for you, but your interference in domestic politics is questionable,” the chief justice told Qadri. When the chief justice questioned the basis on which he filed his

petition, Qadri said he was a Pakistani citizen and could renounce his Canadian citizenship any time. He said the Supreme Court had also taken up the Memogate case on a letter sent by a Canadian citizen. The chief justice noted that the petition was filed under a quowarranto, thus it did not fall under the scope of Article 184 (3) of the Constitution. Therefore, he said Qadri should approach the proper forum, which was high court for relief. To court queries, Qadri said if dual nationality holders had divided loyalty, the Constitution of Pakistan should take notice of it. “One who is a voter and knows that he can’t be a member of the parliament, could he still challenge a constitutional institution”, the chief justice inquired. To a query of Justice Gulzar Ahmad, Qadri said he was not going anywhere. Justice Gulzar said, “You have come here to take part in Pakistani politics, which could not be allowed. Any such activities could not be allowed that disturb the entire country.” The chief justice noted said the ECP was constituted after the 20th constitutional amendment. Later, the court adjourned the hearing for today (Wednesday). It is expected that the court will decide today whether Dr Qadri’s petition is maintainable or not. Online adds: Qadri said dual nationality was not prohibited by the constitution. Talking to media, Qadri said he would accept the court decision. According to Qadri, during proceedings the Chief Justice said his (Qadri’s) petition had already been accepted for hearing and notices issued to parties.

Aitzaz seeks ‘justice’ for Gilani OUR STAFF REPORTER LAHORE: President Asif Zardari visited the farm house of PPP leader Aitzaz Ahsan on the outskirts of the city and met his businessmen friends including Iftikhar Malik, Shahzada Monno and Iqbal Ahmed. He stayed there for a while and then left for his political meetings at Bilawal House. After his departure Aitzaz Ahsan spoke to the media on range of issues including president’s visit. “The president came to my place to see me and his friends and it was a private lunch,” said Aitzaz. On the outcome of Swiss letter,

Asks Nawaz to meet Zardari  Swiss cases a closed chapter: Naek

Aitzaz said he knew the response of the Swiss government and he tried to dissuade the bench not to insist on writing the letter,” said Ahsan. “Pakistan has been humiliated by this response of the Swiss government and the government and the prime minister stood with egg on the face,” said he, adding that now the Supreme Court should take the suo moto action on the humiliation that the government had to suffer. He said the stance of former prime minister Yousaf Raza Gilani on not to write a letter stood vindicated and

now the SC should come forward and re-instate the prime minister and his cabinet. “Gilani should be provided justice in this case. His stance proved right,” said Ahsan. Ahsan said President Zardari was not violating any court order by meeting people at his private residence. He said PML-N chief Nawaz Sharif should show some heart and prove himself a true Punjabi because stopping the president from visiting Raiwind to condole was a courtesy that the president should not be denied. He said in the forthcoming

elections his wife Bushra Aitzaz would be contesting from NA 124. Later, the president held meeting with Gujranwala chapter of the PPP and discussed the strategy and political situation in the division. Later in the evening, PML President Ch Shujaat Hussain and Deputy PM Ch Pervaiz Elahi were expected to visit Bilawal House and discuss the seat adjustment. The PML has reservations on seat sharing formula as the party wanted the distribution on the basis of 2008 election results when it won 51 NA

seats. PPP on the other hand wants it on the basis of present party position. Online adds: Law Minister Farooq H. Naek Tuesday said Swiss authorities have declined to reopen cases against President Asif Zardari in money laundering cases. He said as per Swiss Attorney General the cases against President Zardari have been dropped out and it cannot be reopened for any kind of proceeding. “The Swiss authorities’ decision was in accordance to the Swiss laws and Article 248 (immunity clause) has not been cited in the reply of Swiss Authorities.” However, he said Pakistan is yet receive letter officially.


PIMS admin fails to ensure adequate staff for second shift HOMER BALOCH

ISLAMABAD: The patients coming for treatment at Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences in the second shift continue to suffer at the hands of administration, which lacks sufficient manpower for their treatment post-afternoon. A large number of patients can be seen in every section of the hospital, especially outside the x-ray and

ultrasound rooms where only two out of four x-ray machines are operational in the evening due to the fewer number of operators. Haji Mushtaq, aged 65, was also among those waiting for the staff to do his x-ray. He told The Spokesman that “I am waiting here for last two hours but there are many people still waiting who came before me. I am feeling pain in my chest but the staff is working at a painfully slow pace”.

An official working in the x-ray department explained the situation furiously. “At morning times, almost 20 people work in this section but at this time [evening], you can see only two men doing the same job.” He further said that they have requested the administration to provide staff according to the need but to no avail. Another source told The Spokesman that the admin has allocated fewer staff in the evening shift as compared

to the morning because of the misconception that the number of patients is fewer than in the morning. A lady who was waiting along with her daughter told The Spokesman that “The crowd here does not seem to be moving and I don’t know how the staff is treating the patients inside the x-ray room, as they are taking too long to treat just one patient”. When contacted, PIMS Executive Director Professor Riaz Ahmed

Warraich confirmed the shortage of staff in the city's biggest hospital. “We have an issue regarding manpower and we have also published advertisements in newspapers but due to the latest ban on recruitment imposed by the election commission, it was a futile effort. Now again we have requested the election commission to grant us a relaxation in this regard,” Professor Riaz said.

CDA sacks prayer leader appointed by ex-chairman ISLAMABAD: Capital Development Authority Chairman Syed Tahir Shahbaz has cancelled the appointment orders of an electrician as prayer leader by former head of the capital’s civic body. Hafiz Zulfiqar Shah, an electrician in grade 9, was appointed as prayer leader and promoted to grade 11 by former chairman Farkhand Iqbal. Sources said that sitting CDA Chairman Tahir Shahbaz conducted an interview from Hafiz Zulfiqar the other day and cancelled the order of his appointment as prayer leader after finding him not suitable for the post. INP

Slow pace of uplift work in Sector I-16 flayed ISLAMABAD: A Senate committee expressed annoyance over the sluggish attitude of Capital Development Authority for failing to complete uplift work in Sector I16 of the federal capital. The uplift work in sector I-16 was started in 2000 but it could not be completed so far. The committee meeting was held the other day and was presided over by Senator Saeed Ghani. Senator Kulsoom Parveen said that despite passage of 13 years, CDA could not complete the development work. Member Estate of the civic body, Shaista Sohail informed the meeting that 99 percent work on electricity in the sector has been completed. INP

Fruitless police checkposts irk public ISLAMABAD: The police check posts/pickets have added to the miseries of public and at the same time fall short to overcome car lifting in the federal capital. To counter the increasing incidents of car-thefts, a number of police check posts have aggravated the public complaints against conventional police behaviour and money minting tactics from commuters one way or the other. Motorists complained that instead of checking the suspected vehicles almost every second vehicle is stopped and their documents are checked despite the fact that police officials have no special system to verify the documents. INP

ISLAMABAD: Model Colleges and Schools employees demonstrating in support of their demands outside National Press Club. ONLINE

Day of protests in capital as strike culture sets in ISLAMABAD: The everyday protests and sit-ins are shaping a new culture in the federal capital: the culture of strikes. This culture saw at least four different protests on Tuesday. These included a demonstration by the teaching staff of Islamabad’s model colleges, a protest rally by the employees IT Department of Central Directorate of National Savings, a protest by the Mehsud tribe activists of South Waziristan, and an angry gathering of the non-teaching staff of Federal Directorate of Education. The teaching staff of the model colleges was protesting at DChowk and they also blocked

Jinnah Avenue. They were seeking acceptance of their demands. Central Academic Staff of Islamabad President Muhammad Aftab Tariq told media persons that they would continue their protest until the implementation of the PM’s directive regarding grant of time-scale/promotion with related benefits, including monetisation and pre-mature increment, hiring facilities of all employees, establishment of new model colleges, grant of time-scale to non-teaching staff, education allowances for teaching/non teaching employees and a strict action against officers who were blocking an amicable solution of these issues.

In the other protest, 324 employees of the IT Department of Central Directorate of National Savings demonstrated outside the National Press Club for the resolution of their issues. “We are 254 contractual and 70 CPS employees who have not been regularised for the last four years and now it seems that our jobs are going to end,” the Action Committee office bearers said. Their demands include dismissal of CDNS Director General Zafar Shaikh, regularisation and four months’ salary with increments. The youth of the Mehsud tribe who protested outside the National Press Club were demanding that the government

21 properties sealed for evading tax

PTI raises objections against new KP governor

RAWALPINDI: The Excise and Taxation Department, in its ongoing operation against the property tax defaulters, has sealed 21 properties in the area of Gulshan Dadan Khan, New Katarian, Satellite Town and Pindora. According to sources, E&T Rawalpindi Division Director Chaudhry Sohail Arshad has directed Excise & Taxation Officers (ETOs) Sheikh Mushtaq Ahmed and Chaudhry Hanif to take action against the property tax defaulters. Under the supervision of ETOs, the police inspectors launched the operation against tax defaulters and sealed 21 properties. INP

LAHORE: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Secretary Information Shafqat Mahmood has expressed serious concerns on behalf of his party against the appointment of Engineer Shaukatullah Khan as the new governor of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, terming the appointment as a violation of the provisions of the 18th constitutional amendment. In a statement issued here on Tuesday, the PTI leader said that after the 18th constitutional amendment the governor of any province must be a citizen of the same province, whereas Engr Shaukatullah was not a resident of the

province and rather he hailed from the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA), hence, his appointment as governor was in violation of the constitution. Moreover, the PTI leader said that the appointment of Engr Shaukatullah was also controversial as the KP governor is the only governor who also acts as chief executive of FATA and thus would be overseeing the elections. “Since Shaukatullah has been a federal minister of the PPP government, his appointment is politically motivated aiming at supporting the ruling party’s candidates in the upcoming polls,” he said. INP


ISLAMABAD: The capital remembered the genius of Omer Khayyam in an event organised by Aqsh-o-Naqsh (Centre of Art and Design) at the Pakistan National Council of Arts. The event started by the screening of a 45-minute documentary by BBC on the life and works of Omer Khayyam. This was followed by the recitals of some his most loved “Rubayiaat” by Usman Qazi. Finally, an exhibition of the Quatrains of Omer Khayyam was held in order to commemorate the literary and poetic brilliance of the great philosopher. Hailing from Persia, Omer Khayyam was a versatile genius. He was simultaneously an astronomer, mathematician, poet and philosopher. However he continues to be known more by his poetic greatness. He holds claim to having written almost a thousand four-line verses (or quatrains, rubaais). To the oxidant, his poetic genius was introduced by Edward Fitzgerald, an English poet and writer, who wrote the English translations for The Rubayiyat of Omer Khayyam. Omer’s works put forward a message of progress and strength and present a comprehensive approach towards life. The images of horses are used to commemorate the golden period of the Muslims. He is an example of refined brilliance for future generations of Muslim scholars and academicians to revive the tradition of not only excelling in science but also in literary and cultural delicacy. The event was attended by students, academics and a host of other individuals with an inclination towards literature and poetry.

Private schools seek review of Education Bill

Teachers demand implementation of PM’s directive IT employees seek regularisation Mehsud tribe youth want end to drone attacks Non-teaching staff of Federal Directorate seeks health allowance SAJJAD BALOCH

CAD remembers genius of Omer Khayyam


should use its power to stop US drone attacks, should provide free education to their kids, rehabilitate the displaced persons, create a business-friendly environment and resolve the issue of CNIC. The non-teaching employees of Federal Directorate of Education Islamabad were protesting for the resolution of their own issues. They demanded health allowances, regularisation of daily wages and implementation of the Federal Services Tribunal’s decision regarding promotion of lab assistants. They also demanded that NOCs of the non-teaching staff should be accepted, salaries of 40 sanitary workers who were appointed in 2011 be released.

ISLAMABAD: The All Pakistan Private Schools and Colleges Association on Tuesday demanded from the federal government for an immediate review on the Private Education Institutions Regulatory Authority Bill. An emergency meeting of the APPSCA, which was held here in chair of Malik Abrar Husssain unanimously, demanded from the federal government that while keeping in view the actual facts, government should ensure such law making, which is implementable in true sense. He was of the view that some elements wanted to abandon the structure of quality education, however we believed upon the policies of present democratic regime.

ISLAMABAD: Students take part in annual funfair of Islamabad Model College for Girls G-10/4. ONLINE

CDA drive against ‘guest house’ has more than what it appears SALMAN ABBAS

ISLAMABAD: Operation conducted by the Capital Development Authority (CDA) against the non-confirming use of residential buildings on Tuesday hits a mystery as a guest house where a National Accountability Bureau (NAB) official, investigating a highprofile case of the OGRA scam, was also sealed by the authority, raised questions that whether it was a routine operation or an intentional move to harass the accountability bureau official. NAB sources told The Spokesman that the operation conducted by CDA with the assistance of Islamabad Police in a particular sector, where the Investigation Officer of NAB Waqar Ahmad Khan who dug out Rs82 billion OGRA scam was residing, seems a move by the government authorities to harass the NAB official. Te sources alleged that the raiding party also allegedly inspected the room of Waqas Ahmed and also did not let the officer to drive the car out from the cottage. However, CDA Chairman Syed Tahir Shahbaz told The Spokesman that CDA had no need to take any such step which was similar to

harass the NAB official. But the car of the NAB official bearing registration number (RIZ 206) was parked inside the premise of sealed guest house shows that, apparently, the move was to perturb the NAB official. It is pertinent to mention here that Waqas Ahmad on Monday presented a letter of Prime Minister Raja Pervaiz Ashraf written to the NAB authorities through cabinet division in which he (PM) asked the NAB to update the cabinet division and establishment division about the developments of RS82 billion OGRA scam in which its former chairman Tauqir Sadiq was allegedly involved. The report hit hard the PM who, according to the SC, is one of the accused in the case for illegal appointment of Tauqir Sadiq. Due to the abovementioned conditions, some circles see the move by CDA as part of conspiracy to harass the NAB official. The CDA chairman said that they have no need to harass the NAB official and it was an operation against the non-confirming use of residential buildings, adding they had already issued show-cause notices to all these guest houses. He dispelled the impression that anyone has directed the civic body to take

action against the guest house where NAB investigator was residing. wner of the said guest house, Malik Waheed told The Spokesman that the CDA had not issued him any fresh notice and sealed his guest house on the basis of an old notice issued in 2009. The press release issued by the CDA stated that the across the board operation has been carrying out against the non-conforming use of residential buildings in different areas of the federal capital and this is nothing to do with the sealing of the house of a NAB officer rather House No 10, St 43, F8/1 owned by Mr Abdul Majeed was being used as a guest house. CDA spokesman said that the CDA has issued a number of notices to the owner of the house to end the commercial activities in the residential building, however, the owner continued to operate it as a guesthouse. The CDA deputy commissioner has also imposed fine to the owner of the said house and a show cause notice was also issued by the Estate Management Wing of the authority during the 2009, 2010 and 2011. The CDA staff never restricted the NAB officer to take his vehicle and his other belongings.




enom Inc. This should not be held against me in a court of law as I solemnly declare that these are absolute lies, dirty whispers and wild speculation that I have heard while crawling in the dark power corridors of the creepy Capital. You will believe them at your own risk Shh...If you have venom to spill please don’t hesitate to share with us on our blog at

Money talks in Balochistan he suspended Balochistan Assembly, including its suspended Chief Minister, Nawab Aslam Raisani, is in deep pain. The Assembly, 98 per cent of which comprises the Cabinet, wants to have the House restored. You know why? Just to receive the last installments of their commission from development funds. Most of them were caught off-guard as they did not expect the Federal government to suspend its own government and impose Governor’s rule. Most contractors pay commission in one, two or four quarterly basis. The annual allocation for each MPA is Rs 300 million. The extent of the commission money is huge, considering the level of corruption in Balochistan. Sheshnag has on authority that the margin of commission in some cases reaches 75 per cent. The completion certificate is sometimes given before the project even starts. In many cases, the project exists only on paper. The issue is that many of the contractors have stopped payments as the new government stopped payments to them. This is the reason why most Assembly members are making so much noise, the most vocal being the Maulanas. In Balochistan, the Maulanas are a class apart. They have been in power for 25 out of the last 27 years. Gone are the days when they came to the Assembly with a lota in one hand and a prayer mat in the other. They come in a fleet of Land Cruisers, live in palatial houses manned by dozens of servants and armed guards, not to mention multiple wives that many of them have. The Maulanas are trying their best to convince the Chief Minister to let them have a new one if this could save the situation. The naïve media is fed with stories that Raisani has handed over the resignation. Sheshnag has from good authority that it’s all crap. Why should the CM give his resignation to the Maulanas? The proper office to hand over the resignation, if he is serious about it, is the Governor. The Maulanas, in the meantime, are in pain as the last big installment got stuck. The legal issue over Balochistan’s Caretaker Chief Minister is also not as big as it is being made out to be. The constitutional situation in the case of the Governor’s rule is that the decision would come to the Parliament, which means that the leader of the House and the Opposition would decide this. The other, more likely, option is that the Assembly would be restored two days before its expiry and the issue will be resolved. And you know who is the opposition leader, one half of the decision-maker, in the Balochistan Assembly. The Governor’s brother. And who appoints the government and will restore the Assembly—the PPP. Now you know how simple is the game in Balochistan at least. Sshhh....


PPP to accept ‘a good’ nominee of PML-N for caretaker setup SHAHZAD RAZA ISLAMABAD: There is a growing understanding among the ruling coalition to accept one of the nominees of PML-Nawaz for the office of caretaker Prime Minister. Insiders told The Spokesman the People’s Party is spearheading this new emerging trend arguing any failure to finalise a caretaker prime minister would enable the Election Commission make the final call. “The best is to develop consensus on one person. If it doesn’t happen, the politicians would lose their prerogative of appointing the caretaker prime minister,” a coalition leader observed. Sources said the PML-Nawaz completely understands the dangers of the dispute. One block of senior leaders within the PML-N favours nominating, at least, one person who enjoys some goodwill among the ranks of the ruling coalition as well. Opposition leader in the National Assembly Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan already stated the opposition would nominate two people for the office. Under Article 224 (a) of the Constitution the caretaker prime minister can only be appointed with permission of the opposition leader. In case the prime minister and the opposition leader fail to develop consensus, their respective nominees would be referred to a parliamentary committee having equal representa-

tion from both sides of the aisle. And if the parliamentary committee falls short of completing the arduous task, the Constitution empowers the Election Commission to choose anyone from the given names. A People’s Party leader said President Asif Ali Zardari ordered Syed Khurshid Shah and Farooq Naek to make sure the PML-N proposes, at least, one “non-controversial or a lesscontroversial” person. “I don’t foresee any dialogue between the two sides once the PML-N announces its nominees. The game plan is to have one good person included in the list of two (PML-N’s nominees),” he revealed. He said the People’s Party representatives cautiously discussed the idea during their informal meetings with

two friendly Senators of the PML-N – Ishaq Dar and Sardar Mehtab Abbasi. Recently, the PML-N included the name of renowned lawyer and activist

Asma Jehangir in the list of its proposed nominees. The move, while appreciated by the liberal circles, incurred a strong ire from the rightwing forces. In the whole ballgame, Chaudhry Nisar has manifested extreme rigidity. He made frequent pledges of not talking to the ruling coalition on the issue. He recently told journalists there was no constitutional obligation on him to hold dialogue with the government. The ruling coalition was disappointed over Chaudhry Nisar’s stiff stance. Presidential Spokesman Senator Farhatullah Babar said they would seek direct intervention of Mian Nawaz Sharif to resolve the possible impasse. He said a committee formed to hold

Remembering Ayesha Haroon

Editor who embraced facts BOB DIETZ he highly respected Pakistani editor Ayesha Haroon first came to CPJ's New York office in July 2011, along with her husband, Faisal Bari who works for the Open Society Foundations. We talked about ways to confront the dangerous conditions facing Pakistani journalists. It was a bad year: Seven journalists would be killed before 2011 concluded, making Pakistan the deadliest nation in the world for the press. The year before, eight had died. It was a great discussion, genuinely exciting, as we talked through possible ideas. Ayesha was a quiet presence at first, but as ideas started flowing, she served as a reality checker for the rest of us. We all knew there are no quick solutions to the problems for journalists in Pakistan, so we looked for practical projects that would tackle them in the mid- or longterm. The meeting ended, the email trails followed, a plan evolved. In the months after, my family lost my 97-year-old mother, and I received gracious notes


from the people who had been at that first meeting. When we met again a few months later, Ayesha was more subdued. But she told me some great stories of her time at The Frontier Post and later at The Nation and

When we met again a few months later, Ayesha was more subdued. But she told me some great stories of her time at The Frontier Post and later at The Nation and The News, where she promoted fact-based reporting. She was frank in her assessment of Pakistani journalism and the propensity for senior journalists to rely on favored sources to deliver analysis rather than dig for facts.

The News, where she promoted factbased reporting. She was frank in her assessment of Pakistani journalism and the propensity for senior journalists to rely on favored sources to deliver analysis rather than dig for facts. It was an uphill battle, she said, to get younger reporters to go to sources for hard facts, rather than resort to their speed dials to plug in quick quotes. She said, candidly, that she wasn't sure that she had been that successful. We met a few more times, but it became clear that she was not winning the battle against the cancer that would eventually take her life. I messaged for advice and perspective about Pakistan, but responses to emails slowed. There was no more mention from her of her illness, but from mutual friends I learned that she was having trouble. On Saturday, Ayesha died in New York. She was 46. Now, I'm reading remembrances from friends much closer to her, people familiar with her admirable career. And I just read her last column on March 2012 for The News, detailing the painful personal details of how her family coped with her failing health. But after a lengthy description of the fear and pain and stress that had been filling her life for months on end, her last paragraph was not a maudlin farewell but a set of recommendations on how medical practices should be improved in Pakistan. She gave the same sort of practical, factbased advice that she offered when I first met her more than a year and a half ago. It's fitting that she would end her career doing exactly the same thing.

—Bob is CPJ Asia Program Coordinator.

One on one contest for NA-156  Smaller factions to tilt votes in favour of Fakhar Imam or Raza Hayat Hiraj AAMIR HUSSAINI A156 is very important constituency of District Khanewal .Mr Raza Hayat had been elected for national assembly at the ticket of Pakistan Muslim League-Q in election of 2008 against Syed Fakhar Imam who was speaker national assembly during Zia-era. The third candidate was Doctor Khawar Shah from Muslim League Nawaz who got very few votes. In this constituency the majority of population is in rural areas where party based politics is weak and peasantry elites are the dominating forces. Traditionally two rival groups are powerful here. One is the Hiraj group that is currently split in two factions. One faction is being led by Mr Raza Hayat Hiraj, a sitting MNA, and other is being led by Zafar Hiraj, former tehseel Nazim of Kabirwala whose son Zafar Hiraj is member provincial assembly from Kabirwala. Both groups claim to be the true heads of the faction after former MNA Haji Iqbal Hiraj who was head of united Hiraj group and defeated Syed Fakhar Imam in 1988,1990 and1993 elections. The other faction led by Haji Zafar Iqbal Hiraj is supporting Syed Fakhar Imam. On the other side, the Syed group is also

dialogue with the coalition partners and the opposition would soon be contacting the PML-N president. Meanwhile, speculations are rife as who would head the caretaker setup during the critical period of transition. A recent addition to the list of probables is Dr Adeeb Rizvi, a wellknown philanthropist and director of Sindh Institute of Neurology and Transplant. The other names in circulation are of Husain Haroon, Shaukat Tareen, Mehmood Khan Achakzai, Attaullah Mengal, Justice (r) Ajmal Mian, Justice (r) Nasir Aslam Zahid, Justice (r) Shakirullah Jan, Senator Raza Rabbani and Senator Ishaq Dar. At least, the 18th Constitutional amendment (Article 224) vanished the possibility of a dark horse that often sprung up in similar situations in the past. “…the care-taker Prime Minister shall be selected by the President in consultation with the Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition in the outgoing National Assembly,” it read. According to the PML-N Chairman Raja Zafarul Haq the PML-N’s nominees would hail from the small provinces. He called for smooth transition of power post 2013 general elections. Whoever is going to wear the hat of caretaker prime minister; one thing is evident that the people don’t have to wait for too long to see that.


split in two factions. One faction is being led by Syed Fakhar Imam and other by Doctor Khawar Shah. Syed Fakhar Imam is in Pakistan People's Party and Doctor Khawar Shah is in Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz. Local political analysts says that split in Syed group is directly giving advantage to Raza Hayat group so some mediators are trying to unite both factions but there is yet to be a breakthrough. Syed Fakhar Imam is trying to make his position better and some experts believe that he has made progress in

this regard and his position is looking stable as compare to Raza Hayat Hiraj. Actually Raza Hayat Hiraj is facing difficulties on two provincial seats. He is now with Jaffar Sargana who is in PML-N and on other side his party PML-Q is going to make an election alliance with PPP and insiders in PPP say that Asif Ali Zardari has decided to open the seat and Syed Fakhar Imam will contest election on ticket of PPP and Mr Raza Hayat Hiraj on PMLQ. At this seat another strong candidate is former provincial minister Hussain

Jahaniya Gardezi who is now in Pakistan Tehreek Insaf and has succeeded to break many local effective groups from the Hiraj Group. It is believed that he will give a very tough time to both candidates. Another factor that is also damaging the vote bank of Raza Hayat Hiraj is the decision of contesting election by Muthidah Deeni Muhaz in which former Sipah-e-Sahaba, JUI(S), JUI(N) and Jamiat-ahel-hadees (Ibtisam group) are included. In this constituency Sipah-e-Sahaba has 10to 15,000 votes and other three religious parties in alliance have 5000 to 7000 votes. In previous election this vote bank was casted in favour of Raza Hayat Hiraj but in coming election it does not seem to be the case. Interesting thing is in Khanewal the sectarian factor is majorly involved in election politics. Mr Raza Hayat on one side is a big financier of Dar-ul-aloom Kabirwala and on other side his mother claims to be staunch Shia. In the upcoming election at NA 156 there will not be a one to one contest but about five candidates will contest the for one seat. Original contest will be between Syed Fakhar Imam and Mr Raza Hayat Hiraj and other potential candidates will play important role in winning of any candidate through split votes.

Happy 102nd Birthday Faiz Sahab The poem which to-date continues to shake the corridors of power, both uniformed and otherwise, and shall one day ensure the prevalence of justice and equality, which Faiz Sahab dreamed of so long ago.

Hum Dekhain Gay Lazim Hai ke hum Bhi Dekhain Gay certainly we, too, will see/ We shall see Woh Din ke Jis ka Wadah Hai that day that has been promised us Jo Loh-e-Azl pe Likha hai Which is written with God’s ink Hum Dekhain Gay We shall see Jab Zulm-o-Sitam ke Koh-e-garaan When the mountains of cruelty and torture Ruii ki Tarah Urd Jain Gay Will fly like pieces of cotton Hum Mehkumoon ke Paun Talay Under the feet of the governed Yeh Dharti Dhard Dhard Dhardkay gi this earth shiver, shake and beat Aur Ehl-e-Hukum ke Sar Uper And over the head of the ruler Jab Bijli kard Kard Kardke gi When lightening will thunder Hum Dekhain Gay We shall see Jab Arz-e-Khuda ke kabay se When from this God’s earth’s (Kaa’ba) Sab but Uthwaaiy Jain gay All the idols will be removed Hum Ehl-e-Safa Mardood-e-Haram Then we, of clean hearts–condemned by zealots those keepers of faith Masnad pe Bithaaiy jain gay We, will be invited to that altar to sit and Govern Sab Taaj Uchalay jain gay When crowns will be thrown off Sab Takht Giraaiy Jain gay and over turned will be thrones Bas Naam rahay Ga Allah ka Then only God’s name will remain Jo Ghayab Bhi hai Hazir Bhi Who is invisible and visible too Jo nazir bhi hai manzar bhi Who is the seer and and is seen Uthay ga Analhaq ka Naara When the anthem of truth will be raised Jo Main bhi Hun aur Tumbhi ho Who I am too, And so are you Aur Raaj karay gi khalq-e-Khuda And the people of God will rule Jo main bhi hun aur tum bhi ho Who I am too, And so are you Hum Dekhain Gay We shall see Lazim Hai ke hum Bhi Dekhain Gay certainly we, too, will see/ We shall see Hum Dekhain Gay We shall see


CM for discipline to fully benefit from bus service

Bar seeks meaningful consultation in judges appointment ASLAM CHANDIO

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Bar Council on Tuesday reiterated its demand for the meaningful consultation of representatives of the Bar in the process of appointment of judges to the superior judiciary. Addressing a press conference vice chairman PBC, Syed Qalb-i-Hassan highlighted the stand of the PBC in respect of the functioning of the Judicial Commission of Pakistan. “PBC is fully committed to getting its due respect and representation in the judicial commission right from the stage of initiation of names for the proposed appointments,” he stated. Pointing to the difficulties faced by the lower judiciary and lawyers’ fraternity, he said that the bar and the bench are experiencing difficulties in respect of disposal of cases in view of strict directions issued under the National Judicial Policy which is often undermines the due process of law. “We shall concentrate to the supremacy of court and real independence of judiciary by all means would be uplifted at any cost,” he claimed. Answering a query regarding the elections, he said that the whole lawyers’ community believes that the forthcoming general elections should be conduct timely and there should be no delay in the election process as the key to all the problems faced by the country lies in the smooth functioning of democratic system. “We have strong stand that the general elections should be held without delay on any pretext,” Hassan said.

Delimitation of Naushahro Feroze ordered KARACHI: The Sind High Court ordered on Tuesday for the immediate delimitation of Naushahro Feroze’s five provincial assembly constituencies and two national assembly constituencies within 30 days, a private TV channel reported. The court also rejected an earlier reply submitted by the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) that had sought to declare the delimitation before a fresh census as illegal. The SHC issued the delimitation order on a petition filed by Member of National Assembly (MNA) Syed Mureed Ali Shah, an independent political figure who said his relatives had won the general election for the national and provincial assemblies from 1936 to 2002 in the district. ONLINE

India hands over 3 prisoners to Pakistan LAHORE: Indian authorities on Tuesday freed three Pakistani prisoners and handed over them to the Pakistan Rangers at the Wagha border crossing. The prisoners were kept in different jails in India for the last several months over various charges. However, they were released as the good will gesture. These Pakistanis were handed over to the Rangers authorities. It is pertinent to mention that Pakistan and India have exchanged prisoners in the recent months which analysts say aims at bringing normalcy in mutual relations of two nuclear powers of the region. ONLINE

Five more fall prey to violence in Karachi KARACHI: At least five persons were gunned down in fresh spate of violence in separate incidents in this provincial capital on Tuesday In the area of Karachi at Clifton, some unidentified armed persons stopped a car near the Russian Consulate and opened indiscriminate firing resultantly three persons died on the spot. Upon receiving information, police reached on the spot and cordoned off the area and started search for criminals. However, the criminals were not arrested yet. Also, some unidentified armed persons shot dead two persons in Korangi and escaped from the scene successfully. Later on, police registered the case and started investigation. ONLINE

142 cases of measles reported in Punjab LAHORE: The Health Department of Punjab has said that 142 more cases of measles have been reported in the province, a private news channel reported on Tuesday. Out of 142 cases, at least 50 patients were reported from Lahore. The overall toll has mounted to 3,678 in the province so far. Measles is caused by the measles virus, a singlestranded, negative-sense enveloped RNA virus of the genus Morbillivirus within the family Paramyxoviridae. Humans are the natural hosts of the virus; no animal reservoirs are known to exist. This highly contagious virus is spread by coughing and sneezing via close personal contact or direct contact with secretions. INP

LAHORE: A massive traffic jam outside the Ravi Road Metro Bus terminal. (Inset) An overloaded Metro Bus leaves another terminal. INP

Deadlock leaves Pak-Afghan clerics’ moot in jeopardy Underlining distrust, scholars threaten to boycott a peace conference in Kabul ISLAMABAD: Religious scholars from Pakistan threatened on Tuesday to boycott a peace conference slated to be held in Kabul, Afghanistan, after disputes with a visiting Afghan delegation, underlining the persistent distrust that has long marred the relationship between the two countries. Both sides have pledged to step up cooperation in an effort to negotiate a peace deal with the Taliban to end over a decade of war in Afghanistan. But the dispute between the clerics illustrates how hard that may be in practice. The team of eight Afghan clerics was in Islamabad, on a seemingly simple mission to finalise plans for a conference of religious

scholars (ulema) in Kabul next month where they would urge the militants to renounce violence and join peace efforts. The two governments announced the plan for the conference in November as a sign of improving relations. But the talks that ended on Monday seemed to do more to highlight longstanding disputes, especially over the Taliban. Maulana Tahirul Ashrafi, head of the All Pakistan Ulema Council, accused the visiting Afghan clerics of trying to use the upcoming conference to denounce the Taliban and elicit support for the Afghan government. He insisted the Taliban be invited to the event to advance

the peace process. “During yesterday’s talks, we felt that they want to invite us to Kabul for next month’s conference to get an edict against the Taliban and to issue a statement in favour of Hamid Karzai,” said Ashrafi, who led the fivemember Pakistani delegation. He accused the Afghan clerics of being too close to the government and said they announced plans to hold the conference on March 10 without the explicit consent of the Pakistanis on the date. Ashrafi threatened his side would boycott the meeting because of these differences. Aminullah Muzafery, a member of the Afghan delegation, painted the meeting in a more positive light.

Governor puts his weight behind Bahawalpur province MOHAMMED RIZWAN

LAHORE: Putting his weight behind the demand of Bahawalpur province, Punjab Governor Makhdoom Ahmed Mehmood has said that the creation province would benefit the whole province. Addressing a press conference at Lahore Press Club on Tuesday, the governor chided the MNAs from central and north Punjab and asked them to desist from opposing the new province. “I wonder how and why MNAs and MPAs from central and northern Punjab are opposing the Bahawalpur province.” The supporting the call of Bahawalpur province the governor who belonged to Rahim Yar Khan has clearly moved away from the demand of Seraiki province that the politicians from south have been demanding for long time. In fact, the support of the cause, had drifted the governor politically closer to PML-N stand on the issue who are also supporting the Bahawalpur province but

for different reasons. Governor Mahmood also said that the forthcoming general elections were absolutely vital for the interest of the country. “The upcoming elections are mother of all elections as it would pave the way for better, democratic Pakistan,” said the governor who was chief guest at Lahore Press Club Meet the Press programme. He said the government was aware of the energy crisis in the country and soon people would see change for better in their lives. He said the PPP government in the centre was doing its best to provide relief to the people. Mehmood is the son of respected politician late Hasan Mahmood who first championed the cause of restoration of Bahawalpur state. His father was the last prime minister of the state. Recently after contesting elections as independent or on the platform of PML-F, the governor’s sons joined the PPP after appointment of Mahmood as governor of the province.

He said the two sides agreed the conference would be held in Kabul in March and would focus on how to bring peace and security to both Afghanistan and Pakistan. But he made clear that they could not invite the Taliban to the meeting. “We asked them (Pakistanis) that if the conference was in Islamabad, would you invite Hakimullah Mehsud?” said Muzafery, referring to the head of the Taliban militant group that is at war with the government. “They said that would not be possible, so we told them that if that is not possible, how would it be possible for us to invite anyone from the Taliban to our conference in Kabul?” said Muzafery. AGENCIES

LAHORE: Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif has said that vigorous confidence of the people in metro bus system is encouraging and an honor for us, however show of maximum discipline is essential to benefit from this international level travelling facility. He was presiding over the first meeting of the steering committee on metro bus system matters held at Arfa Karim Software Technology Park on Tuesday. Shahbaz said metro bus system is an asset of the nation and if citizens will display discipline during their journey on metro bus, it would create a good image of Pakistan before the world. He said metro buses have been launched for the common man and their upkeep and protection is the responsibility of the people. He said that people have a lot of expectation from this unique and historic project, and it is the responsibility of Punjab Metro Bus Authority and other concerned officials to take all necessary steps to maintain discipline and law and order during operations of these buses. The CM said that a modern transport system has been initiated for the benefit of the people and its splendid infrastructure is an asset of the nation. He said it is a matter of honor that modern buses are plying in Pakistan. He said that metro bus system has been highly appreciated at national and international level. He said this great project of transport sector is exemplary, and by traveling in their lakhs, within two days, people have proved that they have complete trust over the success of this welfare project. He said, after the introduction of new transport culture, we would have to adopt a new discipline of traveling as well, and citizens should prove themselves to be civilized by traveling in these buses in a proper and dignified manner. Meanwhile, the Lahore High Court on Tuesday issued notice to the Punjab government for submitting reply today (Wednesday) about imposition of ban on public transport to use the route of the Metro Bus Service. A petitioner Mushtaq Ahmed filed petition in the LHC and stated that the Punjab government has imposed ban on public transport to use route of the Metro Bus which increased unemployment and problems of the people. He urged the court to issue stay order in this regard. Justice Nasir Saeed Sheikh accepting the petition for hearing issued notice to the Punjab government to submit its reply today (Wednesday). The court remarked that according to which law ban was imposed on public transport to use a certain route.

NA body seeks explanation from govt on Qadri pact ISLAMABAD: The National Assembly’s Standing Committee on Parliamentary Affairs on Tuesday sought an explanation from the government over its agreement with Tehrik-iMinhajul Quran (TMQ) chief Dr Tahirul Qadri. The committee added a briefing on the pact in the agenda for its upcoming session. The meeting was held in Islamabad under the chairmanship of Syed Mumtaz Alam Gilani. During the meet, Shireen Arshad Khan, a member of the committee from the Pakistan Muslim League–N, said even members of the government were of the view that the agreement with Qadri had no constitutional importance. Khan questioned as to why talks were held with the TMQ chief when the accord was of no legal significance. The committee then decided to seek an explanation from the government over the agreement at its upcoming meeting. It also

directed Law Minister Farooq H Naek — who was absent from Tuesday’s meeting — to appear at the next meeting. Qadri had reached the agreement with the government in January after holding a sit-in in Islamabad which lasted four days. The sit-in’s agenda was to obtain assurances for a clean-up of the system, consultation with the army and judiciary and dissolution of the assemblies and the election commission. However, the TMQ chief went back with a vague date for assemblies’ dissolution and a promise that he would be consulted again by the government and that he would suggest two names for a caretaker prime minister. Qadri, who played a role in backing a military coup in 1999, had returned to Pakistan from Canada over a month ago to lead a call for electoral reforms in order to bar “corrupt politicians” from office.

Electricity to remain suspended in many areas ISLAMABAD: Power supply would be suspended in different areas of twin cities due to electricity maintenance, development work on power supply feeders. According to IESCO Spokesman, On Thursday, power would remain suspended from 09:30am to 13:30pm in SPARCO, PAECHS, Rewat, CWO D/Circit, Kallar Syedan, Chowk Pindori feeders, SPARCO, PAECHS, Chowk Pindori, Rawat, Shahbagh, Sagri, CWO & REDCO feeders. From 9 am to 2 pm, power would not

available in S.H Steel feeder, S.H Steel (Independent), and from 10:00am to 13:00pm, Club-1, Mehfooz Shaheed feeders, Margalla Town, Murree Road, Rawal Town, Chak Shahzad, NIRC and surrounding areas maintenance work would be carried out therefore electricity supply would be suspended, from 10 am to 2 pm, Scheme-II feeder, Chak Shehzad, Scheme-II, Thuma, on Thursday and on Friday,from 9 am to 3 pm, Old United Feeder, I-10/3 Industrial area. INP

RAWALPINDI: Women selecting gifts for the Valentine’s Day. ONLINE

NAB chairman summoned in contempt case on 18th SC rejects Fasih Bokhari’s request for hiring counsel in 14 days STAFF REPORT

ISLAMABAD: A three-member Supreme Court bench on Tuesday directed National Accountability Bureau (NAB) Chairman Admiral (r) Fasih Bokhari to appear before it on February 18 to explain his position in the contempt of court case against him. The bench, comprising Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Iftikhar

Muhammad Chaudhry, Justice Gulzar Ahmed and Justice Sh Azmat Saeed, was informed that the NAB chairman could not turn up as he was feeling unwell. Besides, Advocate Naveed Rasool told the court that he was engaged today (Tuesday) by the NAB chief as his counsel to plead the contempt case against him, thus he required twoweek time for submitting reply and preparing arguments.

The court then directed him to file the reply till February 18. The court also directed the NAB chairman to must appear on the next hearing. Earlier on Feb 4, the court had granted seven days to the NAB chairman to engage his counsel to contest contempt of court case against him. The court rejected the request of Fasih Bokhari, who had appeared on notice, seeking 14 days for hiring his counsel.

NAB’s Prosecutor General KK Agha had requested the court to constitute a larger bench to hear the contempt case against Fasih Bokhari. However the chief justice had turned down his request, saying that the three-member bench already hearing the contempt case. The court had issued a contempt of court notice to Fasih Bokhari over an anti-judiciary letter he wrote to President Asif Ali Zardari.

Hearing the Rental Power Projects (RPP) scam implementation case, where the letter written by the NAB chief to President Zardari was reviewed, the court had stated that the letter should not be made the basis for taking unconstitutional steps on the part of the civilian or military institution or even the executive, adding that the parliamentary system was working according to the constitution and law in the country.


SC orders fool-proof security for Haqqani on his arrival 

Rejects Asmaʼs request to defer memo case trial till holding of elections; adjourns hearing till March 11


ISLAMABAD: An eight-member bench of Supreme Court headed by Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry directed the Interior Ministry on Tuesday to provide fool-proof security to former ambassador to US Hussain Haqqani on his arrival to Pakistan to appear before the court in the memo case. At the onset of hearing in the memo case, the court expressed its dismay over Interior Secretary Khawaja Muhammad Siddique Akbar for not appearing despite the notice. The court stopped the hearing and directed him to appear till 11: 30 pm and inform the court about the security

arrangements devised for arrival of Hussain Haqqani to Pakistan. Later, after consulting Attorney General Irfan Qadir and Haqqani’s counsel Asma Jahangir, the court did not wait for the arrival of interior secretary, however, directed him to talk to Haqqani about his arrival to Pakistan, his residence and his security concerns, and hold talks with the government and law enforcement agencies on the matter. The court also directed the interior secretary to report to the court after finalising the security arrangements. The court asked Asma Jahangir to participate in the security consultations to be held between the Islamabad Police

IG and interior secretary for the security of her client. To a query, Asma Jahangir requested the court to hold hearing of the case after the general elections as the Interior Ministry was busy in it. The court, however, adjourned the hearing till March 11. Haqqani was implicated in a scandal in which he had a memo delivered to top US General Admiral Mike Mullen offering greater cooperation against the Pakistan military in the aftermath of the Abbottabad raid on May 2, 2011. On last hearing of the case, Asma Jahangir had showed a letter to the court which was sent to her by her client for submitting with the

Interior Ministry. In his letter, Haqqani had said that he was avoiding travel to Pakistan over security concerns which barred him from appearing in the court. In its short order, the court had asked the interior secretary to explain why the ministry had failed to ensure Haqqani’s safe return to Pakistan. In his letter, Haqqani had stated that “A number of self-appointed guardians of Pakistan’s integrity and ideology have targeted me and routinely send me threatening messages by email, twitter and on phone.” He had added that the authorities in the US had also repeatedly investigated the threats he was receiving.

Minor girl gives her life while saving father

CHITRAL: Lawari Top, which connects Chitral with rest of the country, remains covered with snow for at least four months during winter. INP

HAFIZABAD: In a tragic incident, an eight-year-old girl gave her life in a desperate bid to save her father from the firing of robbers in the Shadiwal area on Tuesday. The victim, Muhammad Asghar, was on his way with his eight-year-old daughter Musarat on motorcycle when robbers stopped him and tried to snatch cash and valuables. Over the resistance offered by Asghar, the robbers tortured him. Asghar’s daughter could not tolerate this and hugged her father, but the cruel criminals opened fire killing the minor girl on the spot and injured her father. It is pertinent to mention that police across the country have remained unable to control the robberies and street crimes, during which criminals don’t hesitate shooting the citizens. The alarming crime rate in both urban centres and rural areas remains a challenge for the provincial governments and the law enforcement agencies.AGENCIES

Olson promises joint fight against extremism PESHAWAR: US Ambassador Richard Olson, while affirming the importance of the USPakistan relationship, said his country was committed to a cooperative and long-term partnership with Pakistan and would continue in their joint efforts to counter extremism and terrorism. The US ambassador expressed these views during his visit to Peshawar. He highlighted US assistance to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and FATA, including projects to rebuild infrastructure and improve livelihoods in the region, and praised US-Pakistan cooperation in countering violent extremism. Ambassador Olson told KP Governor Shaukatullah Khan and Chief Minister Ameer

Haider Khan Hoti that the United States was committed to a cooperative and long-term partnership with Pakistan. “Our assistance to Pakistan is a tangible sign of our long-term investment in the future of this country,” said Ambassador Olson. The United States is currently funding the reconstruction of the Peshawar-Torkham Highway, a vital and historic trade route that will support regional commerce for generations to come, as it has for centuries past. The United States has built over 650 kilometres of roads primarily in the Federally Administered Tribal Areas, completed 2,000 small projects designed by local residents throughout the FATA and KP (including water

system improvements, school rehabilitations, and irrigation canal projects), and pledged to help local officials increase educational and economic opportunities in the region. In these meetings with Chief Minister Hoti and Governor Khan, Ambassador Olson underlined the importance of the ongoing cooperation between the United States and Pakistan to combat terrorism. “The United States recognises the enormous sacrifices made by the people of Pakistan, especially your security forces. We will continue in our joint efforts to counter extremism, combat terrorism, and protect both our peoples from the scourge of senseless violence,” Ambassador Olson said. ONLINE

Jamaat-e-Islami workers protest against the ‘lovers’ day’ PESHAWAR: Supporters of the country’s main religious party staged a noisy protest against Valentine's Day on Tuesday, denouncing it as un-Islamic and calling for a "day of modesty" instead. The student wing of Jamaat-e-Islami rallied outside the press club in the provincial capital, chanting slogans against Valentine's Day, saying it had "spread immodesty in the world". Valentine's Day is increasingly popular among younger Pakistanis, many of whom have taken up the custom of giving cards, chocolates and gifts to their sweethearts to celebrate the occasion. But Pakistan remains a deeply traditional Muslim society where many disapprove of Valentine's Day as a Western import. The demonstrators, who carried a banner urging February 14 to be a "day of modesty", said the tradition encouraged unmarried men and women to live together in sin. "We will not allow holding of any Valentine's Day function," Shahzad Ahmed, the local head of the student organisation, said. "The law enforcing agencies must prevent such gatherings, otherwise we will stop in our own way." Peshawar is a conservative city on the edge of Pakistan's restive tribal belt, where most women go out in public wearing veils and few girls go out alone. AGENCIES

New province debate

Case of Seraiki people have read the viewpoint of some exposed on the issue. In Sindh, Nawaz people who think that the Pakistan Sharif says that he is not in support of Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) dividing Sindh while Zardari is trying has played a masterstroke in the new to divide Punjab. Nisar and Shehbaz province politics and divided the are also giving statements against the people of Seraiki region. But I think division Punjab and it seems that they that the PML-N is playing a dirty are moving again towards Punjabi game, which may result in ethnic riots Nationalism. Nawaz Sharif had raised Punjabi in the region. The PML-N is instigating the nationalist slogans when his alliance settlers and some other migrated Islamic Jamhoori Ittehad was sections of the population against the defeated in the National Assembly Seraiki speaking people due to which elections of 1988. But at that time, he tension and strife between the two was just another symbol of Punjabi communities is on the rise. Firstly, the nationalism and all powerful political PML-N held demonstrations against figures from the traditional Muslim the proposed new province but the league circle were in his camp. But attendance was very poor, while the now situation has been changed and movement for restoration of he is facing opposition from many influential figures of Bahawalpur province Central Punjab - like also could not get Chaudhry Shujaat, viable support even in Pervaiz Elahi and their Bahawalpur, as comrades - on this powerful sections of the issue, who were with settlers also opposing him in 1988. the move. In addition to the Tariq Bashir Cheema, PPP, there are other Javaid Warraich and political parties and others from the settlers groups which are are in support of the AAMIR HUSSAINI supporting the new new proposed province. proposed province and I And after quite some time, the Seraiki nationalists are also think the Central Punjab is not united going to unite and they will show their on issue of dividing the province. With the passage of time, the power on Friday through a gathering of various nationalist parties and people in Central Punjab and groups, student organisations and northern Punjab are now in support youth groups in Multan. The PPP and of making of new provinces in some progressive left-leaning groups southern part of Punjab. The strategy of PML-N on issue of are also supporting the demonstration new province focuses more on and will join them. I think with passage of time, the propaganda and media campaign, support for one province is going to but this approach is producing more grow in the Seraiki belt and different negative effect. Reality is that the sections of society in this region are PML-N facing isolation in the now realising the actual intentions of Seraiki belt and its focus on PML-N. Mian Nawaz Sharif, Shehbaz development in Lahore is creating Sharif, Chaudhry Nisar and other anger in the ignored cities of Central leadership of the PML-N has been Punjab as well.


And now Mardan’s top college attacked OUR STAFF REPORTER

MARDAN: A blast caused by improvished explosive device on Tuesday damaged the lab of the Physics Department on the second floor of Government Post Graduate College Mardan. There explosion was no casualty reported in the incident but the mirrors, doors, walls and other equipment were destroyed in the explosion. According to police officials, about four to five kilogram’s of explosives were used in the blast reported at 1:20pm. The security forces reached the spot and cordon off the college’s surroundings. One suspected man was also arrested by the police and shifted him to some unknown place for investigation. An FIR is also registered

against the unidentified culprits. Expressing his annoyance, the college’s chief proctor said the IED explosion in the presence of security staff raised many questions. It is important to note that the Govt Post Graduate College Mardan is adjacent to the Khan Abdul Wali Khan University’s main campus and the around eight policeman regularly perform duties at its entrance. It is said that four cops were present at the time of incident. Taliban militants have been involved in bomb blasts which targeted girls’ schools in Mardan district and other towns in KP. The terror outfit have so far destroyed hundreds schools in the region claiming that education is prohibited in Islam.

Couple gunned down in Quetta QUETTA: A couple was gunned down in the Hub area of Balochistan on Tuesday, as unidentified armed assailants stormed into the house and opened unprovoked firing on Allah Bakhsh and his wife Nasima Bibi. Resultantly, they died on the spot, while criminals fled the scene. In other incident, the Frontier Constabulary arrested five criminals, including foreigners, and recovered a large cache of arms and ammunition from them. The arrests were made from Kali Shadi Khan, Surk Bridge and Mangli Road. The seized weapons, including pistols and rifles, and a satellite phone SIM. ONLINE

Senate body set to propose 14-day scrutiny period for candidates 

Suggestion expected to be finalised in next meeting


ISLAMABAD: The Senate SubCommittee on Election Issues has almost evolved a consensus to set a 14-day period for scrutiny of the candidates contesting the general elections by gathering all the data from the concerned departments. The committee will finalise it on the next meeting to be held on Wednesday (today). This was decided in the meeting of the committee, chaired by Senator Col (r) Tahir Hussain Mashhadi on Tuesday. The committee left the issue undecided because of the absence of members as small number of participants turned up in the meeting. PML-N’s Anusha Rehman opposed extending the scrutiny period for the candidates up to 30 days by pointing out that it would require a constitutional amendment and fixing this period without it was

against the constitution. MQM’s Dr Farooq Sattar also forwarded the proposal through the convener suggesting that if the assemblies were dissolved before the expiry of its tenure, then elections would be held in 90 days and 30 days should be spent on scrutiny of the nomination papers. And if the assemblies complete their tenure then the elections are required to be held in sixty days and 15 days should be given in this regard. However, the panel didn’t show any interest in this proposal and decided that a consensus would be evolved on it following the full participation of all members in the committee during the next meeting. Anusha Rahman noted that committee should not lend air to the calls of those elements staged sit-in for a 30-day scrutiny of candidates and these decisions should be taken by Parliament.

PML-Nʼs Anusha Rehman opposes the move, says only Parliament authorised to do so

On violation of code of conduct of Election Commission of Pakistan during the elections, committee felt that these violations should be declared as office by making code of conduct a part of law. PPP’s Senator Saeed Ghani and PML-Q’s Kamil Ali Agha, however, opposed the view of Anusha that a disqualification threat should hang over the candidate who violates the code by conduct because merely the fine didn’t act as a deterrent. Saeed Ghani and Kamil Ali Agha said that it was too harsh and the disqualification of any candidate is only covered under article 62 & 63 of the constitution. Committee members were unison over security deposit for the contesting candidates by setting it at Rs 8,000 for the national assembly and Rs.4000 for the provincial assembly by making it nonrefundable.

SHC orders delimitation of Naushahro Feroze constituencies KARACHI: The Sindh High Court ordered on Tuesday for the immediate delimitation of Naushahro Feroze’s five provincial assembly constituencies and two National Assembly constituencies within 30 days The court also rejected an earlier reply submitted by the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) that had sought to declare the delimitation before a fresh census as illegal. The SHC issued the delimitation order on a petition filed by MNA Syed Mureed Ali Shah, an independent political figure, who said his relatives had won the general election for the national and provincial assemblies from 1936 to 2002 in the district. The court had issued an order in this regards earlier as well but it was not implemented following which Member of Provincial Assembly Sind Zafar Ali Shah had filed another petition in the SHC seeking delimitation of Naushahro Feroze’s constituencies based on the population. Both the petitioners had said that the previous delimitation of the constituency had taken place to benefit one particular political party. The ECP had said in its reply submitted in the court that according to the constitution delimitation was not possible until before conducting a fresh census first. ONLINE It also agreed to raise the amount to Rs 100 for a person who challenges the vote of any person on the polling day from Rs 10 currently. The interesting aspect of holding

of this committee came during the meeting when it was told that this sub-committee is yet to be notified, which infuriated the Senator Kamil Ali Agha who called it a non-serious

act. He urged that sub-committee should be notified before its meeting on Wednesday to give final shape to its recommendations and proposals.



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The doctors’ dilemma It may seem inexplicable why the crisis of young doctors associated with government hospitals in the Punjab has been allowed to fester with the situation turning as violent as it did on 10 February. The police roughed them up and arrested 27 of them when they threatened to march to the high profile launching of the Metro Bus Service. To be sure, there are those who say the young doctors are out for pecuniary interests, protesting to be regularised instead of being contractual – a demand they share with around 10 000 young doctors in the Punjab and about one hundred thousand paramedics, the Lady Health Workers – demanding better salary structures in government hospitals. The theory of street protests being against the dignity of this noble profession is also sure to be cited at such occasions but it has been several years since the doctors have been protesting, with the movement gaining ground in the last two years. There is a history to this in which the media has a role to play too, explaining why the doctors receive such bad press. Apparently, in 2009, journalists investigating the working of Jinnah Hospital were manhandled by young doctors. Then, in 2011, another team of television reporters investigating the treatment of dengue patients in General Hospital met with similar treatment. Here one is forced to ask why it is always public hospitals that become the target of the electronic media and not the fancier private ones where you cannot get past the guard for any investigative reporting. Politicians, of course, have seen this confrontation as an opportunity to attract a vote bank and political birds of all feathers have been flocking around the doctors expressing sympathy for their cause. One of them, the Deputy Parliamentary Leader of the PPP in the Punjab Assembly, got injured while trying to negotiate with the riot police to back off on the day the situation turned most violent. What may be most telling is the statement made on that violent Sunday by a senior leader of Pakistan Muslim League – Nawaz, Pervaiz Rashid, who accused the YDA of wanting to stop foreign investment in Pakistan in collusion with the Pakistan People’s Party. He said the doctors were not being “friends to Pakistan” and this revealed their intentions. Today, the true face of all parties in the outgoing government subscribe to the well-being of the market, even at the cost of the well- being of the larger section of people. We are witness to the decline of other public sector institutions like the Pakistan Railways, Pakistan International Airlines, and Pakistan Telecommunication Limited that have all but gone to seed. It may well be the turn of public hospitals, with young doctors of government hospitals being denied the possibility of a secure future. They may then leave for better prospects in the private sector and government hospitals can go into drift, turning away patients to spurious medics in private clinics. The casualty of course will be health-equity for the poor.

The anxiety of emancipating others HASSNAIN GHAYOOR ‘I am weary of others’ version of life’, someone proclaims somewhere in Arundhati Roy’s The God of Small Things. It’s not about this proclamation, nor about its context in the novel, but a similar sense of weariness that may take one over when working as a mediator between people and the discourse that claims to represent them. Going out to people to engage them on behalf of a discourse often makes it appear as if it is not the people but the discourse that is important. With this realisation, the task of a mediator becomes quite difficult. Writing about it gets even more so because of a certain obscurity that shrouds such engagements. Having worked on some of these discourses I see the source of this weariness lies, not in obscurity, but the way it cunningly works in favour of the discourse over the people. Before turning to its locale, first a little about obscurity, the source where this weariness arises from. Profiling it with the help of Sara Suleri, it may be said that this is something which was pioneered through the infamous ‘Indian sublime’ of Burke and it probably has managed to seep in through the ages, although it has taken on newer forms. While historically it was the colonial State and its ‘civilizing mission’ in united India, we now have a national State equipped with categories of liberal democracy offering a variety of emancipations. It is indeed an oversimplification of complex historical movements the way Burkean obscurity is revived in current ‘emancipatory’ discourses. Let us enlist a few stereotypes and see how some modern emancipatory discourses play out colonial stereotypes. It may be of some help in understanding the passages of obscurity and also the cunning of ‘emancipation’. Yahan k log jahil hein jee. Hamarey logon mein siyasi shaoor nhe hey. Logon mein nazm nhe hey jee. Logon mein aagahi phelanay ke zarorat hey, waghera waghera (People here are ignorant and unreasonable. They have no political consciousness and are irrational. An awareness campaign needs to be run, etcetera.).

Going out to people to engage them on behalf of some emancipatory discourse often makes it appear as if it is not the people but the discourse that is important. We enlist a few stereotypes and see how some modern emancipatory discourses play out colonial stereotypes Can anyone fail to miss the arrogance and utter disdain this implies and the venom such statements emit! One can go on and on with this list of obnoxious conclusions and prescriptions being dished out almost every day by ideologues and pedagogues of one denomination or the other. The obscurity we are trying to unravel here never becomes as evident and tangible as it does in these stereotypes. All these conclusions about a beautiful people are invariably premised on the set of unqualified assumptions about them being in a state of ‘unreasonableness’, ‘irrationality’, and ‘insensibility’, etcetera. As ideologues or as

people. To bring the point home, let us briefly sketch how such a discourse works. Take for example the emancipation promised by the nation-State. The way our State has internalised a communal position by ‘naturally’ excluding all others from its official narrative. In other words, there is one ‘pure’ national domain and then we have ‘less important’ domains of nationalist societies, cultural communities and religious groups, each embattled with the other and bent on silencing the last-mentioned. In the backdrop of a communal national narrative, how can one describe Sikhs, Christians, Hindus, Ahmadis, Parsis and other peoples as

Yahan k log jahil hein jee. Hamarey logon mein siyasi shaoor nhe hey. Logon mein nazm nhe hey jee. Logon mein aagahi phelanay ke zarorat hey, waghera waghera. Can anyone fail to miss the arrogance and utter disdain this implies? emancipators, somewhere deep down we have a wish - whether we admit it or not - to see these notions as attributable to the people so that we could legitimise our claims for ‘their emancipation’. Isn’t this where the cunning lies? All the emancipator needs is to turn these assumptions into a belief and to engage with people on behalf of a discourse. Now let us turn to another kind of obscurity which may be created by the insistence on compliance with a scheme that a discourse deploys with an intent to represent and emancipate essentially insensible

part of the social and cultural life of Pakistan? The ‘Non-Muslims’ or ‘Religious Minorities’, two terms (read stereotypes) which are used most often to describe people not part of the majoritarian religious and cultural community . When we say ‘Non-Muslim’ we insist on an identity which is defined in opposition to Muslim identity. As a result of this enunciation, the Non-Muslim is robbed of his or her relation with another cultural/linguistic group that is still part of the national narrative but is being denied the status of an indigenous inhabitant. Similarly,

terming a group a minority promotes the tendency to see people only in terms of numerical strength, which is misleading and exclusionary, to say the least. The fact is that we do not really know how to name these others and this question needs to be asked and answered before assuming any representational role on behalf of such peoples. Surely, representation begins with one’s right to be enumerated on one’s own terms, along with the attributes one holds dear, religious or cultural. By definition all those living inside the territorial boundary of a nation are equal citizens, although it is not quite so in the case of Hindus, Sikhs, Ahamdis and Christians living in Pakistan. This is what one can glean from the obscure legal constitutional clauses reserved for those not qualifying as ‘pure’ citizens. What else is the purpose if not to serve as a tool to suppress the representational possibilities of the people so minoritised? O Obscurity! Thy name is Article 2-A!!! And there are other pitfalls of the national narrative. Be it a discourse of the left or of the right, claiming representation on behalf of peasants, tenants, workers, labourers or women - all of them are united in the innate belief in the unreasonableness of the people they claim to represent. Working as a mediator and seeing fellow mediators fall for such clichés can also cause much weariness. After all, it hurts to see friends taking a wrong turn and the kind people we meet in the course of our work being misrepresented – abused, rather, if I dare say so. It may sound dismissive on the surface, but the difficulties being articulated here do not mean we cannot or should not assume the role of a mediator. Rather, it is to plead for a more critical engagement. HASSNAIN GHAYOOR WORKS AS FREELANCE REPORTER, INDEPENDENT CONSULTANT, AND LOVES PEOPLE AS THEY ARE

Rethinking development: the Metro Bus paradigm The first principle of development is to use whatever is available, to live within our means. For the greater public good, transport projects need to be low-cost and capable of running without huge subsidies official extravagance. By 2013, however, disillusionment with Mahathirism became widespread, not least so because of his skewed IMDAD HUSSAIN ideas of urban development. The Punjab government can hardly compete At least in the last two decades, governments in with the Mahatir model since most the Punjab have displayed their fascination for development projects here are undertaken not on official money but on foreign loans. The large and lavish development projects. The recently inaugurated Metro Bus Service is a development paradigm here seems to be, if a case in point. Initially conceived as Lahore project is the biggest one of its kind in Asia, it Mass Transit Project during Pervaiz Elahi’s is the best development project, and if the tenure, a rapid bus service was a good idea for proposed project involves hefty foreign loans, a city deprived of public transport options. then it becomes a real development project. In 2011, lamenting this paradigm, renowned Only sometimes, good ideas do not generate good policies. urban planner, Arif Hasan, remarked: ‘We In Gary Hutswit’s 2011 documentary make fancy projects and then go after banks for loans.’ Arif Hasan was right, but the Urbanized, Enrique Peñalosa Londoño, the government of the Punjab is not alone in mayor of Bogota from 1998 to 2001, recounts pursuing this paradigm. Many other governors how he scrapped Japan International and heads of state follow it too, with hard Cooperation Agency aka JICA’s proposal to lessons to learn from such experiments. For construct flyovers and subways to end traffic instance, Mahathir Muhammad of Malaysia congestion in Bogota. The mayor tells how the practiced this with full force when the tallest proposed 400 kilometers of bus lanes were tower in Asia was constructed in Kaula constructed at the cost of the 25-kilometer Lumpur and Putrajaya, the new administrative subway proposed by JICA. This project capital, was built. But the Malaysian economy initiated in 2000 went by the name of had been on an upswing and could afford such TranMilenio, Bus Rapid Transit System in

EDITOR’S MAIL BOX Historical myths I was going through your pages the other day and I came across this article about Abraham Lincoln being a racist and fascist. At first I thought it must have been a local bloke generating pointless racket, but then when I realised that the article was actually written by an American I was forced to read the entire piece. It was absolutely mindboggling, going through that article. It was a real eye-opener. However, I don’t easily buy anything that is written or said in the media.

And hence I went on to Google the allegations against Lincoln and to my astonishment everything the writer said was spot on. It hit the bulls’ eye with venom. I mean to think all the lies we are fed on a daily basis by the media, extolling figures from the past and painting them as complete opposite to what they are. “Abe” was a racist; it is something the average American should know and acknowledge when he goes to the theatre to watch that new Stephen Spielberg movie. It’s time the US owned up to its shameful past and admitted that it was the hub of the most excruciating racism and discrimination of the time. I don’t even know if I should be using the previous sentence in the past tense. The fact that US President Barack Obama venerates Lincoln is because of the myth that is created about him. And one would have to admit that even here in Pakistan there are a lot of historical figures that weren’t actually what we think them to be. We tend to hide their original identities and promote them as these messiahs that they truly aren’t. What I want to request everyone is that with the advent of the internet and with easy access to information,

Bogota. Peñalosa offers critique and insight because, he argues, if the purpose of a rapid bus system is to provide transport to the public, it should be affordable in the first place. Lahore’s Metro Bus Project is the largest one of its kind in the history of development of Lahore. The project cost has been escalating since it was first proposed and the chief minister has acknowledged how it went over budget. The escalation of costs says a lot about our theories of development whereby cheap things are made expensive and unaffordable except for loans. Both in government and in money- lending banks in Pakistan, high-cost projects are considered worth funding since small loans are a management headache not worth having. The Metro Bus Service could have been completed more economically and without damaging the mobility paths of the city but in the misdirected zeal to construct electric escalators, automatic ticket machines and elevated roads, the project has become highly expensive. Moreover, the escalators and electric ticket machines need sophisticated operations and maintenance and no one has any idea how that will come into effect if traffic wardens across the city cannot channel traffic manually.

we must all do proper research before we buy any fact. History is being distorted all over the world, and the only way to dodge the shroud is by research and through inquisitiveness. ADNAN TAHIR ISLAMABAD

Appreciating Ahmed Saleefiʼs article This is with regards to Ahmed Saleemi’s article, which was a brilliant article. It clearly shows us how branchless/mobile banking is going to completely revolutionise the banking sector as a whole. It's true when they say a bank is no longer somewhere you go, rather it is something you do. Although the "Committee Members" will flip once this revolution takes effect, it is a tsunami that was long overdue. I personally think that it is about time the "Ordinary Members" get to share a piece of the "VIP-OP" cake. Great article Ahmed Saleemi! Keep up the good work! And yes MCB Lite Zindabad! MUSTAPHA ALTAF SALEEM ISLAMABAD

Pamir Festival

The worst traffic jams can be witnessed in the evening rush hour due to non-functional signals. Given this, it is not hard to imagine that escalators and ticket machines are destined to soon become non-functional. Recurrent power outages are likely to be another challenge because with no power, escalators are dead. This means the project is not cost-effective and is likely to run on huge subsidies. The chief minister announced with much excitement how the project signals Pak-Turk friendship. This friendship is laudable but we should not ignore how Istanbul is currently witnessing the worst failures in public transport. Aslihan Unaldi’s 2011 documentary Overdrive: Istanbul in the New Millennium provides some clues to the failure of the mass transit system in Istanbul. Another documentary Ecumenopolis: City Without Limits also offers a critique of the road-based solutions in Istanbul. In 2008, Turkish Prime Minister, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan admitted that the mass transit system faced problems because it was “hastily constructed”. The lessons of monorail projects in Kuala Lumpur can be used as guides. The privatization and re-nationalization of the

monorail in the 1990s in Kuala Lumpur tells the tale of how long-term thinking is needed for a good public transport system. What has been done cannot be undone but there are possibilities of easing mobility in the Metro Bus Service which must be strengthened by planning an effective system of feeder buses and by maximum cost-recovery. The experience of Metro Bus may inform the conceptualization and execution of the next two projects scheduled for the canal and on Multan road. We must appreciate that the first principle of development is to use whatever is available, to live within our means. For the greater good of the public, transport projects need to be lowcost and capable of running without huge subsidies since full cost recovery is daunting. Before the government of Punjab extends the Metro Bus routes in Lahore, it needs to learn from the shortcomings of such projects in Turkey and Malaysia. But would our rulers would be willing to rethink the scale of their development paradigm?

it a little bit difficult for readers to understand especially to laymen and the general readers. Hope you are doing well. I came MASSUB_TEHSEEN@YAHOO.COM across a news piece published in your paper regarding Pamir festival. What the nation needs in judicial Thanks a lot for letting people know representation of minorities as about the rich cultural diversity of Judges to the courts (civil) reflect the the region. diversity of the people (ethically and I am a blogger and have few posts regarding some ignored aspects of the religiously). It's not just Muslim male perspective. If you look at the people inhabiting the hilly areas. I western nations they have judicial have mailed you the link. I hope you systems that have one law for all will find something useful to share people and not like Pakistan where with your readers. specific laws are for minorities Kind regards DIDAR ALI (blasphemy). The West has its issues GULMIT GOJAL HUNZA but they know how to manage diversity. 100 different nationalities work together, and it works. Pakistan is a failed state. I hope you can find Feedback from the web immigration out of this nation for freedom and a better life. CATALYSTTREASURY@YAHOO.COM Very well and detailed geo-social scenario of southern Punjab. I think it’s time we kind of move on and leave Feedback from Facebook the past as it was, reforms in southern Punjab based on administrative roots will endure stability in the region although today Metro Bus Project or historically they always had their I may not be agree with all of you who own identity. On a positively critical are favouring this project. I personally note; the writing needs more brevity. faced the same problem that has The use of ultra modern words makes shown in captioned. Generate

THE WRITER IS ASSISTANT PROFESSOR AT FORMAN CHRISTIAN COLLEGE, LAHORE electricity to create employment so the people may live easily not to build the roads. Its 2nd or may be 3rd priority of public. MAGNIFICENT ROMEO

Dialogue with Taliban Dialogue with Taliban, yes. But keeping in mind that our constitution remains intact and democratic process not hampered as a result of dialogue. It is feared that invisible powers and vested interests will voice through Taliban to reshape our constitution according to their interpretation of Islam and insist on such constitutional amendment which deem fit to their agenda and deprive the people of their basic right to vote. Judiciary might push on to have their own unchallenged role in shape of a coterie of the most pious and self acclaimed righteous individuals. KHALID KHAN NIAZI

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Small pawns, big game The people masterminding this racket involving small kids at busy road junctions seem to be well versed in marketing. They certainly have links in the right places to be able to get away with this kind of operation AAYESHA IKRAM

perverts in our society. There are others who, despite being vulnerable themselves, are It’s a proven fact that to sell your product you need a market survey. potentially menacing for the commuters. They have a quick Some high profile organizations may not have accepted this yet, but look into the car, and going by the current law and order situation, the mafia behind the army of people in cars fear that Karachi beggars, toy sellers and windtype times are not far behind, shield cleaners seems to have when people will be held up at adopted this modern tool of traffic signals for their valuables. gauging the market. You cannot These kids are not criminals, but have missed them. As soon as you what is the guarantee that they bring your vehicle to halt at the would not go down that path. traffic signal, they swarm faster There are different sets of kids in than the proverbial locusts. different areas. In F-11, they are Armed with a small wiper and a bottle of soapy water they descend mostly the Afghans. Most of them are not even tall enough to reach on cars with practiced ease. This small army of young boys and girls the window they offer to wash, and are obviously employed solely for will attack your already squeaky clean windscreen whether you like begging. They play in the green belt nearby when the rush hours it or not and then demand money are over. The older ones are those too, even though you honked to wielding the wipers. They know warn them not to touch your screen. They are not begging in the that all they have to do is to motion to the driver with their strict sense of the word, so when wipers and the driver will cough they demand money you have to up at least Rs 10, even if to deter pay them. If you don’t, they’ll knock on your window or stare you them in their self-appointed task. Have you noticed that they are down till you do. smaller in number on Saturdays, You will be met by this mafia on and start their work late in the day, all major roads of Islamabad the since the number of commuters is beautiful. Even though we are all considerably less on weekends? found complaining, we have And they are totally absent on accepted this onslaught quite Sundays. passively. Don’t forget the At other crossings, there are electricity load shedding, the present gas load-management and teenagers who find their way between cars, some chewing gum the endless queues at the CNG in your face and knocking on your pumps all winter; we love to accept the newest challenge that is car window for money even if you don’t want their wares. At times sent our way. But the endless wait one sees them frolicking in the at traffic signals does give you green belts but these children do ample opportunity to observe not have a childhood as such. Their these youngsters; all of schoolgoing age, in good health, the boys parents, or employers, put them in harm’s way, endangering their lives swaggering about while the girls as they make their way between too weave between the cars to moving traffic and deal with all provide that unneeded wash you sorts of people that they come in are trying to avoid so much. contact with. What hits you when you see The people masterminding this these youngsters spending the racket and managing the presence entire day and most of the of these small kids at busy road evenings in this manner, is how junctions seem to be well versed in nonchalantly we are wasting the power and potential of our youth? marketing. They have caught up with the present time and know There seems to be no authority that begging is viewed who can question and control the exploitation of these children who unfavourably while the people have a soft spot for poor children trying also present a traffic hazard. to make a living through hard Where are the children rights work. They certainly have links in activists, the political parties who are adept at ‘guiding the youth’ for the right places to be able to get away with this kind of operation. their own ends and where are the The kids are collected by a van at women’s rights organizations who the end of the”‘day” and taken to should be raising their voice their homes. A rough estimate against the presence of these suggests that the employers of young girls out not on the streets these kids on the streets of but busy roads. It is not only the girls that are in Islamabad make 4 to 5 million danger. Young boys, many of them rupees per month, if the main shivering in the intense cold nights avenues and roads in Islamabad of the recent harsh winter wearing alone are counted. What these a threadbare sweater trying to sell child-workers get is anybody’s guess. some wares, are equally at risk THE WRITER IS A FREELANCER since we have a fair share of

Young doctors: Shahbaz Sharif blunders The Punjab government’s seriousness to resolve the problem can be measured by the fact that the chief minister, who also holds the portfolio of health, has not met the protesting doctors even once FATIMA ALI

behaved sensibly and steered clear of strikes and the resulting chaos, and Young doctors working in the public YDA Punjab that resorted to more sector believe that one of the state-ofrebellious ways of protest like strikes the art buses of Shahbaz Sharif’s Metro and lock-outs. The factions locked horns with each other in the early days rammed into a pillar soon after the but ultimately joined hands a few inaugural because of their curses on months ago. The YDA has been him and his project. The Young protesting for the rights of young Doctors Association (YDA) has been doctors employed by the government observing a hunger-strike till death for quite some time and it is criticised outside the Services Hospital to press for being insensitive to the suffering the government for accepting its caused to their patients. The Punjab demands. They want the government government has assured the doctors of to provide free medical treatment and fulfilling their demands but has not medicines to patients in public taken any practical measures in that hospitals, implement a service structure for young doctors and release direction. It all began in 2009, when a scuffle their colleagues, arrested for thrashing between the journalists and doctors of senior doctors in Gujranwala. The Jinnah Hospital Lahore took place demand for free medicines and treatment is a humanitarian one and it over the negative coverage of some incident there. I still remember the will basically benefit the patients. But chief of the hospital ordering young there is one problem: these medicines doctors to beat up the journalists and would be useless if there were no not to let them go unscathed. I feel that doctors present in hospitals to the young doctors realised their prescribe them. Members of the YDA Punjab, on the collective strength after that incident seventh day of their hunger strike, were and it was misunderstood as a license to be atrocious to anyone. I won’t headed to the site chosen for the blame only the doctors though. The inauguration ceremony of the Metro media persons too behaved Bus service, determined to meet irresponsibly. Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif Another classic example of doctors’ in person to present their demands. showing their immense strength is an However, the Punjab police wrecked incident that happened to me. During their plan and stopped them from the height of the dengue epidemic in reaching there. They were baton2011, young doctors of General charged, several were injured and Hospital took me as a hostage and around 30 protesting doctors were arrested. Young doctors withdrew their confined me and the cameraperson accompanying me, in a room for services from the emergency several hours. They broke the camera departments after the incident. and abused and tortured us. Now don’t There are around 10,000 young doctors working in the public sector in think that I raided that hospital like a famous TV anchor. I had the Punjab, and 30,000 all over Pakistan. permission of the Principal of Post The YDA was initially divided in two Graduate Medical Institute (PGMI) to factions: the YDA Pakistan that

cover the working at the hospital. I must say he was also living in a fool’s paradise. Doctors behaved more violently when I uttered the principal’s name. I didn’t know that his students disliked him so much. I can’t even mention the words they used for him. The weakest part played that day was by the Punjab government. Law Minister Rana Sanaullah called me after watching the news on TV and literally spoke in a harsh tone, telling me to back off because he feared that the dengue patients would be left unattended if the provincial government took action against the YDA. I was not the only one who went through this assault but two of my other colleagues, including a female journalist, were also attacked in the same hospital after that. The Punjab government has mishandled the situation. The doctors came up with their demands and the government made insincere promises just to pacify them, promises that they didn’t care to fulfill. The strikes went on for days, weeks and even months. The most powerful tool young doctors use is the suspension of services in the Out Patients Departments of public hospitals. Serious cases are sent home without treatment. I don’t say that the doctors’ demands are unreasonable but the way they want to get them accepted is surely not justified. There are many doctors who pay for the medicines, food and medical tests of patients in public hospitals from their own pocket. They perform their duties for more than 48 hours in a row. But during protests and strikes, they leave patients unattended for many days. The oath these doctors take at the time of graduation clearly reads, “The health of my patient will be my first

consideration. I will protect human life in all stages and under all circumstances.” Everyday thousands of patients visit different government hospitals in Punjab. Most of them are poor from far flung areas and reach hospitals after spending borrowed money. But, when the doctors are on strike, instead of following their oath, they refuse to treat patients. Readers must be thinking what are senior doctors and professors doing? The YDA Punjab holds a strong influence over their seniors. Whenever they go on strike, senior doctors also vanish from hospitals because of fears about their lives and secrets. It is alarming that the president of YDA asked his members to slap the face of the hospital administrators if they did not allow the media to shoot the strike inside the OPDs. Some of the senior professors in teaching hospitals also back YDA to keep their influence intact. They even sponsor its campaigns, protests and strikes. The Punjab government’s seriousness to resolve the problem can be measured by the fact that the chief minister, who also holds the portfolio of health, has not met the protesting doctors even once. Instead of adopting the middle way, he always orders strict action against young doctors. This has turned out to be a big blunder: 10,000 young doctors have taken an oath that they would not vote for the PML-N, their families are on the same page and they are using social media for their campaign against the party. THE WRITER IS A HUMPHREY FELLOW AT CRONKITE SCHOOL OF JOURNALISM AND TWICE-AWARDED HEALTH REPORTER

From the United States to a police state PAUL CRAIG ROBERTS The Bush regime’s response to 9/11 and the Obama regime’s validation of this response have destroyed accountable democratic government in the United States. So much unaccountable power has been concentrated in the executive branch that the US Constitution is no longer an operable document. Whether a person believes the official story of 9/11 or not, the result is the same: 9/11 was used to create an open-ended “war on terror” and a police state. It is extraordinary that so many Americans believe that “it can’t happen here” when it already has. We have had a decade of highly visible evidence of the construction of a police state: the PATRIOT Act, illegal spying on Americans in violation of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, the initiation of wars of aggression - war crimes under the Nuremberg Standard - based on intentional lies, the Justice Department’s concocted legal memos justifying the executive branch’s violation of domestic and international laws against torture, the indefinite detention of US citizens in violation of the constitutionally protected rights of habeas corpus and due process, the use of secret evidence and secret “expert witnesses” who cannot be crossexamined against defendants in trials, the creation of military tribunals in order to evade federal courts, secret legal memos giving the president authority to launch preemptive cyber attacks on any country without providing evidence that the

Whether a person believes the official story of 9/11 or not, the result is the same: 9/11 was used to create an open-ended “war on terror” and a police state. It is extraordinary that so many Americans believe that “it can’t happen here” when it already has country constitutes a threat, and the Obama regime’s murder of US citizens without evidence or due process. As if this were not enough, the Obama regime now creates new presidential powers by crafting secret laws, refusing to disclose the legal reasoning on which the asserted power rests. In other words, laws now originate in secret executive branch memos and not in acts of Congress. Congress? We don’t need no stinking Congress. Despite laws protecting whistleblowers and the media and the US Military Code which requires soldiers to report war crimes, whistleblowers such as CIA agent John Kiriakou, media such as Julian Assange, and soldiers such as Bradley Manning are persecuted and prosecuted for revealing US government crimes. The criminals go free, and those who report the crimes are punished. The justification for the American police state is the “war on terror,” a hoax kept alive by the FBI’s “sting operations.” Normally speaking, a sting operation is when a policewoman poses as a prostitute in order to ensnare a “John,” or a police officer poses as a drug dealer or user in order to ensnare drug users or dealers. The FBI’s “sting operation” goes beyond these victimless crimes that fill up US prisons. The FBI’s sting operations are different. They are just as victimless as no plot ever happens, but the FBI doesn’t pose as bomb

makers for terrorists who have a plot but lack the weapon. Instead, the FBI has the plot and looks for a hapless or demented person or group, or for a Muslim enraged over the latest Washington insult to him and/or his religion. When the FBI locates its victim, its agents approach the selected perpetrator pretending to be Al-Qaeda or some such and ply the selected perpetrator with money, the promise of fame, or threats until the victim signs on to the FBI’s plot and is arrested. Trevor Aaronson in his book, The Terror Factory: Inside the FBI’s War on Terrorism, documents that the FBI has so far concocted 150 “terrorist plots” and that almost all of the other “terrorist cases” are cases unrelated to terrorism, such as immigration, with a terror charge tacked on. The presstitute American media doesn’t ask why, if there is so much real terrorism requiring an American war against it, the FBI has to invent and solicit terrorist plots. Neither does the media inquire how the Taliban, which resists the US invasion and attempted occupation of Afghanistan, fighting the US superpower to a standstill after 11 years, came to be designated as terrorists. Nor does the US presstitute media want to know how tribesmen in remote regions of Pakistan came to be designated as “terrorists” deserving of US drone attacks on the citizens, schools and medical clinics of a country with which the

US is not at war. Instead the media protects and perpetrates the hoax that has given America the police state. The American media has become Leni Riefenstahl, as has Hollywood with the anti-Muslim propaganda film, Zero Dark Thirty. This propaganda film is a hate crime that spreads Islamophobia. Nevertheless, the film is likely to win awards and to sink Americans into both tyranny and a hundred-year war in the name of fighting the Muslim threat. What I learned many years ago as a professor is that movies are important molders of Americans‘ attitudes. Once, after giving a thorough explanation of the Russian Revolution that led to communist rule, a student raised his hand and said: “That’s not the way it happened in the movie.” At first I thought he was making a witty joke, but then I realised that he thought that the truth resided in the movie, not in the professor who was well versed in the subject. Ever since, I have been puzzled how the US has survived for so long, considering the ignorance of its population. Americans have lived in the power of the US economy. Now that this power is waning, sooner or later Americans will have to come to terms with reality. It is a reality that will be unfamiliar to them. Some Americans claim that we have had

police states during other wartimes and that once the war on terror is won, the police state will be dismantled. Others claim that government will be judicious in its use of the power and that if you are doing nothing wrong you have nothing to fear. These are reassurances from the deluded. The Bush/Obama police state is far more comprehensive than Lincoln’s, Wilson’s, or Roosevelt’s, and the war on terror is openended and is already three times longer than World War II. The Police State is acquiring “squatter’s rights.” Moreover, the government needs the police state in order to protect itself from accountability for its crimes, lies, and squandering of taxpayers‘ money. New precedents for executive power have been created in conjunction with the Federalist Society which, independent of the war on terror, advocates the “unitary executive” theory, which claims the president has powers not subject to check by Congress and the Judiciary. In other words, the president is a dictator if he prefers to be. The Obama regime is taking advantage of this Republican theory. The regime has used the Republican desire for a strong executive outside the traditional checks and balances together with the fear factor to complete the creation of the Bush/Cheney police state. (COUNTERPUNCH)


US envoy reassures Israel on Iran before Obama visit TEL AVIV: A US official sought to reassure Israel this week on President Barack Obama's determination to curb Iran's disputed nuclear program, as the clock ticks on a threatened Israeli preemptive strike. The visit by Rose Gottemoeller, acting US undersecretary of state for arms control and international security, was seen by her Israeli hosts as part of an effort to smooth the way for Obama's spring trip to the region, in which the Iranian issue will loom large. Netanyahu has set a mid-2013 "red line" for halting Iranian uranium enrichment, a process with bomb-making potential, although Tehran denies having military designs. The prospect of unilateral strikes by Israel on its arch-enemy has rattled the USA, which prefers to pursue diplomatic alternatives for now. –AGENCIES

Dhaka burns with war crime protests 

Protesters hurl home-made bombs, attack vehicles with bricks as police fight back with rubber bullets and tear gas

DHAKA: The editor of Bangladesh’s leading daily was injured Tuesday as fierce clashes broke out in Dhaka between police and supporters of the largest religious party which is demanding a halt to war crimes trials. The protesters hurled home-made bombs and attacked vehicles with bricks as police fought back with rubber bullets and tear gas in Dhaka’s busy Karwan Bazaar and Motijheel commercial districts, police and witnesses said. Motiur Rahman, the

editor of the mass circulation daily Prothom Alo, was injured after he was caught in the clashes near his office in central Dhaka, the daily said, adding his conditions was now stable. Police inspector Firoz Ahmed told AFP that a Jamaat-e-Islami supporter was hit by bullet and was undergoing surgery. A woman was also hit by bullet at Karwan Bazaar, the online edition of Prothom Alo said. Protesters hurled more than a dozen homemade bombs in

Motijheel, triggering street battles with police who fired rubber bullets and tear gas, an AFP correspondent at the scene said. Dozens of people including police were injured. The protesters were demanding a halt to the trials of Jamaat leaders for crimes including genocide and rape they allegedly committed during the country’s 1971 war of independence against Pakistan. A senior Jamaat leader was sentenced to life imprisonment last week for mass murder.

Eight other Jamaat officials, including its leader and deputy leader, are also being tried along with two officials of the main opposition Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP). The opposition has called the trials politically motivated, designed as part of a wider vendetta against their leaders. Rights groups have questioned the fairness of the hearings, saying the laws and procedures under which the opposition leaders are being tried fall

US launches earth watch satellite

Border blast was terrorist attack: Turkey ISTANBUL: Turkey's government on Tuesday said the explosion which killed 14 people at a border crossing on Turkey's frontier with Syria on Monday was "a terrorist attack," but cautioned that it was too early to identify the culprit or decide how to respond until an investigation into the blast had concluded. Speaking to reporters in Ankara, interior minister Muammer Guler said many details about the blast remained unclear but the explosion was "naturally, a terrorist attack." Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan told lawmakers from his ruling Justice and Devlopment Party that the government "would wait for the investigation then necessary steps would be taken. –AGENCIES

Former Italian spy chief gets 10 years in CIA case MILAN: Italy's former military intelligence chief was sentenced to 10 years in jail on Tuesday for his role in the kidnapping of an Egyptian Muslim cleric in an operation organized by the United States. An American former CIA station chief was this month sentenced in absentia to seven years in jail after imam Abu Omar was snatched from a Milan street in 2003 and flown to Egypt for interrogation during the United States' "war on terror". The Milan appeals court sentenced Niccolo Pollari, former head of the Sismi military intelligence agency, to 10 years in prison and his former deputy Marco Mancini to nine years. –AGENCIES

Kyrgyz court sentences fugitive leader in absentia BISHKEK: A court in Kyrgyzstan has sentenced fugitive former President Kurmanbek Bakiyev to 24 years in prison for abuse of office, and handed a life term to his brother for murder and other crimes. The verdicts announced on Tuesday give the authorities legal grounds to resume demanding the ex-president's extradition from Belarus. Bakiyev was granted political asylum by Minsk after crowds seized his government headquarters in an April 2010 revolt in which about 90 people were killed when security forces opened fire on opposition protesters. Belarus, run by the authoritarian President Alexander Lukashenko, has repeatedly rejected Kyrgyzstan's demands to extradite the former president. –AGENCIES

short of international standards. The trials have triggered deadly protests by Jamaat supporters across the country, leaving at least seven people dead and scores of policemen injured since last month. The government says the trials are needed to heal the wounds of the nine-month war in which it says three million people were killed, many by pro-Pakistani militia whose members allegedly included Jamaat officials. –AGENCIES

CAIRO: Anti-government demonstrators clash with Egypt's security forces and presidential guards outside the presidential palace in Cairo on the second anniversary of the fall of former President Hosni Mubarak. –WIRE SERVICE

Iran may allow UN team to visit key military site TEHRAN: Iran's Foreign Ministry on Tuesday raised prospects that Tehran may allow inspectors from the UN nuclear agency to visit a military site where the country is suspected of conducting nuclearrelated experiments. A ministry spokesman said the upcoming talks with a delegation from the International Atomic Energy Agency could lead to a visit to the site — if a "deal" was struck with the Iranian side. The IAEA inspectors are due for talks in Tehran on Wednesday in hopes of restarting a probe into the country's disputed nuclear program, which the West fears masks ambitions to obtain a nuclear weapon. The agency in particular wants to visit Parchin, southeast of Tehran, where Iran is suspected of testing components needed to develop nuclear weapons. Iran denies any such activity, insisting that Parchin is only a conventional military site. "Discussion over visiting Parchin could be part of a deal" with the IAEA inspectors, Foreign Ministry spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast told reporters on Tuesday. He did not say when a visit to Parchin could take place. "The prospect of reaching an agreement with the agency is bright, if Iran's nuclear rights are recognized," Mehmanparast added. Iranian officials often say that as a

signatory to the 1970 Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty — under whose terms UN inspectors visit Iranian nuclear sites — Tehran has a right to develop a nuclear program for peaceful purposes. Iran insists it does not seek nuclear arms and repeatedly cites a 2005 edict by Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei that called atomic weapons a violation of Islamic tenets, saying it only wants to enrich uranium to make fuel for reactors and cancer treatment. But Mehmanparast said in a veiled warning the IAEA should not escalate the Iranian nuclear case by referring it to the UN Security Council, saying such a move would be "illogical and illegal." Referrals to the Security Council have in the past led to new sanctions against Tehran. Iran has already faced four rounds of United Nations sanctions, as well as stepped-up sanctions and economic measures by the United States and the European Union that have sharply reduced Iran's critical oil exports and blocked access to international banking networks. A senior IAEA official predicted hard work ahead for the UN team in the Tehran talks. The two sides are trying to agree on the rules of how the probe should be conducted, with the Iran resisting an IAEA push that the investigation be open-ended. –AGENCIES

39 arrested in Egypt clashes CAIRO: Thirty-nine people were arrested across Egypt during clashes between anti-Muslim Brotherhood protestors and police on Monday and Tuesday, state news agency MENA has reported. Twenty-one people were arrested at the presidential palace in Cairo's Heliopolis district and referred to the prosecution office on charges of assaulting police forces. They were also accused of attempting to break into the palace. Anti-Brotherhood protests took place in Cairo and several other governorates on Monday, the second anniversary of the day Hosni Mubarak was forced from power. In Cairo, skirmishes broke out in the evening between protesters and Presidential Guards at the palace. The guards used water cannons against protesters after they attempted to tear down barbed wire around the palace. Another 18 people were arrested in Tanta during clashes. An official has said 19 people arrested on Friday during clashes at the presidential palace were being detained in Tora prison, MENA reported. –AGENCIES

WASHINGTON: The US space agency NASA launched its most advanced earth-observing satellite into space Monday, continuing a four-decade initiative to track from space the effect humans have on the earth’s environment. The Landsat Data Continuity Mission (LCDM) “will continue to describe the human impact on Earth, and the impact of Earth on humanity, which is vital for accommodating seven billion people on our planet,” the project’s manager, Ken Schwer, told reporters Friday during a prelaunch briefing. The LDCM satellite is the eighth in the program to enter orbit. The project, run jointly by NASA and the United States Geological Survey (USGS), has been monitoring trends such as glacial retreat, urban sprawl and forest loss continuously since the first Landsat satellite launch in 1972. The $855-million spacecraft was launched at 1:02 p.m. EST (1802 GMT) from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California, mounted on a United Launch Alliance Atlas rocket. The satellite—which is roughly the size of a sports utility vehicle—will eventually enter into orbit and be subjected to a series of tests conducted by NASA over the next three months, reported. If the initial tests go as planned,

operations will then be turned over to the USGS, and the LDCM will then be renamed Landsat 8, the website said. “The Landsat data will allow us to understand why many natural land change processes are occurring, and what those changes and processes mean for life on land and in coastal areas,” NASA’s mission program executive, David Jarrett, told The satellite is equipped with two instruments used to collect images of the earth’s surface. It is expected to capture some 400 photographs a day, transmitting the images to ground stations in Alaska, South Dakota and Norway. The satellite will also deliver more data per day and better-quality images than any of its predecessors, NASA officials said. The spacecraft has enough fuel to last for about a decade, but NASA researchers said they are hopeful the satellite and its instruments will last well beyond its design life. The new satellite is set to work in conjunction with Landsat 7, which blasted off in April 1999 and is the only other Landsat satellite still in commission. Together, the two satellites will orbit the globe and provide a complete view of the earth every eight days, researchers said. –AGENCIES

Qaeda denounces France in Mali DUBAI: The Yemen-based offshoot of Al Qaeda urged Muslims to sacrifice themselves and their money to help fend off what it called the "Crusader war" in Mali, according to a statement posted online on Tuesday. France intervened in Mali last month to check a push south towards the capital Bamako by Islamist forces who seized control of the north of the country in the confusion that followed a military coup in March 2012. Their surprise advance pushed Mali to the forefront of US and European security concerns, with fears the Islamists would turn the country into a base for

international attacks. Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) compared the French intervention to what it called the "Zionist occupation of Palestine". The group said supporting Muslims in Mali was "a duty for every able Muslim, to offer himself or his money, each according to his ability." Formed in 2009, AQAP has carried suicide attacks on Yemeni government installations and military targets in Yemen. It was also behind a December 2009 plot to blow up a US airliner as it approached Detroit and a 2010 plan to send bombs hidden in computer printers on two cargo aircraft. –AGENCIES

Obama – Nobel Peace Prize winning war criminal Given the secrecy surrounding the ‘drone wars,’ who will ever know for sure that the US government is not simply using ‘terrorist’ as a term of opprobrium to target individuals because of their political or religious beliefs, family connections, demands for human rights, or desires to exercise fundamental freedoms? DAVID HOFFMAN POLITICIANS are slime, pure and simple. They are self-serving, venal, conscienceless reprobates, perverse enough to waste millions of dollars seeking offices where they can make life and death decisions, and arrogant enough to believe those decisions are never wrong. The United States Supreme Court's corruption inviting Citizens United ruling (2010) made this slime even more toxic. Governors like Scott Walker in Wisconsin, Rick Snyder in Michigan, Mike Pence in Indiana (and his predecessor Mitch Daniels), and the legislators who do their bidding, have become nothing more than puppets for billionaires. In fact, given the shameless proclivity of American politicians to sell their souls to the highest bidder, there arises a temptation to compare them to prostitutes. But such an analogy would be an insult to prostitutes. I do not say this facetiously.

Whatever one may think of "the world's oldest profession," at least there are no illusions about the transaction. As a rule, prostitutes do not love their clients, and most probably do not even like them. Politicians, on the other hand, incessantly try to pretend they are motivated by a calling to "public service." This hypocrisy is perhaps the most disgusting thing about politicians. They will zealously and unquestioningly embrace policies and actions promoted by members of their own political party, and just as zealously question and condemn identical or similar policies and actions promoted by their opposition. Recently, in fact, questions have been raised about why supporters of Barack Obama do not seem as eager to condemn his war crimes, his lawlessness, his illegal usurpation of power, and his destruction of the Bill of Rights as they did when these actions were perpetrated by George W. Bush. In fact, members of the Nobel Committee, weary of the

warmongering Bush-era, so readily swallowed Obama's con-job that they awarded him the Nobel Peace Prize in 2009 - an impulsive action that now mocks the deeds and sacrifices of past recipients, and taints the award for future ones. Had they but waited a couple more years. I have nothing but contempt for George W. Bush and his fellow torturers and war criminals, and I did not hesitate to say so. The fact that many of them are now making lucrative livings teaching at universities, serving as judges, working at prestigious law firms, making speeches and/or writing books makes all the pontifications about America being a bastion of human rights and justice where "nobody is above the law" ring hollow. I'll admit, I bought Obama's snake oil when he first ran for president. But, early on, I also voiced some skepticisms and suspicions about him. It didn't take long for these skepticisms and suspicions to be confirmed, as the man who many welcomed as the fulfillment of Martin

Luther King Jr.'s dream demonstrated he was not only oblivious to King's philosophy that passive acceptance of evil "is really cooperating with it," he actively sought to ensure that such evil would go unpunished. Wikileaks revealed that Obama strong-armed foreign governments into ceasing their investigations into Bush-era torture and war crimes, while his administration, in the words of the British Newspaper The Guardian, almost immediately began conducting an "aggressive, full-scale whitewashing" of Bush-era crimes, allowing torturers and murderers, and those who facilitated and/or covered up their deeds, to walk free. The question is why? The answer has become disturbingly clear: Obama wanted unbridled authority to perpetrate his own war crimes, human rights abuses, and destruction of the Bill of Rights. Although George W. Bush once opined that the so-called "war on terror" gave the United States government the authority to execute its

own citizens without charge or trial, it is Obama who first did such executions through his use of unmanned attack drones. One of the victims of such an attack was Anwar al-Awlaki, an American citizen who was killed by a drone in Yemen in 2011. Al-Awlaki's death, and the events that preceded it, highlighted the first problem with Obama's "drone war": America's corrupt legal system has made it virtually impossible for a person to challenge his/her placement on Obama's "kill list”. Al-Awlaki's death also demonstrates the second problem with Obama's "drone war": Its arbitrariness, secrecy, and lack of legal oversight are an invitation for cover-up and abuse. When someone, even an American citizen, is murdered in Obama's "drone war," the American people, if they are informed of the killing at all, are simply being told to obsequiously accept the government's contention that the person was a legitimate target. Yet it was just a few short years ago that America's corporate-controlled media, and the majority of America's people, were blindly accepting George W. Bush's assertions that Saddam Hussein possessed "weapons of mass destruction" and bore some responsibility for the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. These assertions turned out to be nothing more than

unmitigated lies, disseminated by corrupt politicians who segued the fear and anger over 9/11 into a war designed to enrich their cronies in the military-industrial complex. Given the secrecy surrounding the "drone wars," who will ever know for sure that the United States government is not simply using "terrorist" as a term of opprobrium to target individuals because of their political or religious beliefs, family connections, demands for human rights, or desires to exercise fundamental freedoms? And, given the dangerous precedent Obama's "drone war" has set, what will prevent corrupt foreign political leaders in the future from granting economic, political, and/or military "favors" to the United States government in exchange for it killing political opposition leaders who have falsely been branded as "terrorists?" It is not difficult to see how the so-called "war on terror," being fought largely in secret with unmanned drones directed against an enemy assimilated into civilian populations and scattered throughout the world, could potentially go on forever, particularly since opportunistic and power hungry politicians have recognized that the fear such a war generates continues to dupe Americans into sacrificing their freedoms and rights in the name of "national security." (Pravda)


Gold 10 Gms

Dollar Interbank

Kibor 6 months

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Crude oil (WTI)





Furnace oil



Automobile manufacturing association releases sales figures

Auto sales decline by 27 percent STAFF REPORT

KARACHI: Pakistan Automotive Manufacturing Association (PAMA) has released auto sales and production figures for Jan-13. In today's Value Seeker, we are presenting an analysis of auto sales performance during 7MFY13. Sales slide by 27%YoY in 7MFY13:

declining trend witnessed was mainly due to i) heavy influx of imported cars ii) discontinuation of government of Punjab taxi scheme iii) increase in the sale prices and iv) suspension of production for Suzuki Alto and Indus Coure in FY13. On monthly basis, auto sales jumped by 52%MoM to 12.8k units. Almost all local auto assemblers posted improved sales owing to seasonal impact as most of the buyers had deferred their purchasing decisions in Dec-12 due to new year registration.

During 7MFY13, auto sales trend depicted subdued performance as total sales of Car, LCV & Pickup declined by a massive 27% to 70.4k units as compared to 96.9k units in the same period last year. In the Cars segment, a similar trend was observed as HCAR posts record sales of 2.2k units in sales stepped down by an enormous Jan-13: During the month of Jan-13, 30%YoY to 62.2k units. Similarly, the LCV HCAR posted a tremendous growth of & Pickup segment sales also slid by an 157%MoM, selling 2.20k units, this immense 31% YoY to 8.2k units. The quantum of sales volume was last

witnessed in Jun-07 when the company sold 2.23units of its cars. Moreover, HCAR was also the only assemblers which posted positive growth during 7MFY13, the company sales registering increase of 50%YoY to 10.5k units. Each of the two models of the company, Civic and City, witnessed robust sales, increasing by 71%YoY to 4.7k units and 37%YoY to 5.8k units, respectively during 7MFY13. However, the other two assemblers, Indus Motor Limited (INDU) and Pak Suzuki Motors (PSMC) both posted a decline in sales, falling by 38%YoY and 31%YoY to 18.3k units and 41.3k units respectively. INDU sold 15.7k units of its corolla variants which is the only car in its fleet.

However, its LCV Hilux posted a meager growth of 6%YoY to 2.5k units. Following a similar trend, PSMC's sales in the cars segment stepped down by 30%YoY to 35.8k units whereas in LCV segment (Ravi) registered a decline of 41% to 5.5k units. Recommendation 'Hold' on all threes:

Currently, Indus Motor is trading at a PE of 6.8x and a dividend yield of 6.5% for FY13. Its competitor, Pak Suzuki, is trading at a PE of 7.5x with a dividend yield of 3.3% for CY13. Moreover, HCAR is trading at PE multiple of 9.1x for March-end earnings estimates. We recommend 'Hold' on all the three auto assemblers, INDU, PSMC and HCAR with Jun-13 target prices of Rs305/share, Rs105/share and Rs23/share respectively.

Nokia protests against Indian tax probe HELSINSKI: Finnish phone maker Nokia said on Tuesday it was protesting against a tax investigation in India, a crucial market, in the latest dispute involving a foreign company's tax. Nokia said it has not yet received any information on potential claims resulting from the investigation that started in January. Last week, Anglo-Dutch oil major Royal Dutch Shell's Indian unit said it would challenge a local tax claim on a share sale, while British mobile phone firm Vodafone is trying to settle a long-running $2 billion tax dispute with Indian authorities. Countries like India are crucial for Nokia's attempt to hold on to global market share. Earlier on Tuesday, it announced an expansion of its Asha line of low-end smartphones and India is widely seen as a key market for such cheaper models. Nokia said the actions of the tax authorities were "unacceptable and inconsistent with Indian standards of fair play and governance." The company objected to officials entering its factory in Chennai, southern India, which is one of its biggest facilities.

LHC suspends petroleum levy on LPG again LAHORE: Lahore High Court (LHC) on Tuesday suspended the petroleum levy on Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) and in this regard issued a notice to the Ministry of Petroleum, federation and the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA). OGRA has re-imposed the petroleum levy on the LPG on February 1. Earlier, OGRA had imposed the petroleum levy on LPG last year but the decision was suspended by the Lahore High Court. The LHC has once again shelved the tax and issued notice to the petroleum ministry, federation and the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) to appear before the court for February 28 hearing. Subsequently, the court adjourned the hearing of the case till February 28. –ONLINE

IMF leaves Ukraine but loan talks will continue KIEV: The IMF, leaving Ukraine with a promise it would return to talks on a $15 billion loan, warned Kiev it faced a second year of nearzero growth and was vulnerable to further shocks due to its high current account deficit. Rounding off a two-week visit to the former Soviet republic, the IMF mission said it would return in March to continue talks with the government on a new stand-by agreement to replace that which lapsed in December. Kiev has been in negotiation with the delegation since January 29 on a new deal to help it service foreign debt repayments set to peak at about $9 billion this year. Money owed by Ukraine to the IMF itself accounts for about two-thirds of that sum. Before the IMF mission left the Ukrainian capital for home its chief, Christopher Jarvis, issued a stark warning that Ukraine faced "serious challenges" in the year ahead. –ONLINE

CURRENCY US Dollar Euro Great Britain Pound UAE Dirham Saudi Riyal Kuwaiti Dinar Canadian Dollar

BUYING 99.20 132.17 154.28 26.90 26.40 349.10 97.46

SELLING 99.90 133.75 156.08 27.17 26.61 352.10 99.24

LAHORE: Acer CEO Ameen Murtazai, Zahid Mahmood and Ali Nemati hold a joint press conference to promote the brand. —ONLINE

Production of sugar decreases, cigarette soars in current FY ISLAMABAD: The production of sugar has decreased sharply by 248,838 tonnes as compared to the first two quarters of last financial year in the country. The data released on Tuesday by PBS revealed that the production of sugar during July to December of current fiscal year remained 733889 tones whereas it touched the 918658 tones during the same period. In only December 2012, the total production of sugar was 694,036 tonnes while in the last calendar month of 2011 it was recorded at the level of 918658 tones. But on the other hand the production of cigarettes has gone up, despite the passage of anti smoking law and efforts made by Health Ministry to prevent smoking as compared to December last year.

Similarly a hike was noticed in the cigarette production in first six months of the financial year as compared to the same time of the last year. According to Quantum Index of Large Scale Manufacturing Industry the production of the cigarettes in December 2012 was 5,615 million, which was 4,639 million in the same month of 2011. The production of cigarettes was 30511 million from July to December 2102-13, while it was 28338 million in the first 2Q of 2011-12 fiscal year. The production of cotton cloth of Pakistan remained unchanged with 85,650 square meter in both Decembers of 2011 and 2012 while a very minor decline was seen in the first six months of the fiscal year

, which is not considerable as the country’s textile mills produced 513,520 square meter in Jul-Dec 2012-13 while it was 51400 square meter in the same period of the last fiscal year i.e. 2011-12. But the production of cotton yarn was increased in the month of December as well as in the first six months of this financial year and last one. The production of cotton yarn was 252,190 tonnes in December 2012 while it was 247,790 tonnes in the same month of 2011. Its production in the first two quarter of FY 2012-13 touched the figures of 1,493,890 tones, while it remained 1,489,240 tones in the period from July to Dec in 2011-12. –ONLINE

‘Building Young Futures’

Barclays, UNICEF renew partnership ISLAMABAD : Barclays and UNICEF have renewed their highlysuccessful “Building Young Futures” partnership for further two years with an additional £450,000 (UK Pound Sterling) investment from Barclays that would be utilised for imparting comprehensive vocational and entrepreneurial skills. The second phase of the partnership launched here on Tuesday with the aims to help tackle youth unemployment by improving the prospects of 6,000 disadvantaged young people in Punjab; strengthening their economic and social resilience against the devastating challenges of chronic poverty, inequality and changing economic circumstances. Speaking at the partnership launch, Barclays Pakistan CEO Shahzad Dada, said, “This partnership between Barclays and UNICEF comes at the right time for the Pakistani youth. He said that Barclays is committed to supporting young people to develop the right skills to fulfil their potential. This programme is yet another way for Barclays to demonstrate the need for Citizenship

to go beyond donations, to social investment that is in line with long-term sustainability of the communities where we operate. The partnership equips young people with the financial, enterprise and life skills they need to achieve economic independence and security.” Building Young Futures is a global partnership between Barclays and UNICEF which was launched in 2008. It has so far given 600,000 young people across 13 countries improved education opportunities; financial, employment and enterprise skills; and support to manage their money. Another 74,000 young people in 6 countries including Pakistan are expected to benefit in the second phase. Ketsamay Rajphangthong, Chief Field Office Punjab, UNICEF added, “Creating opportunities for adolescents to thrive, learn, participate and stay healthy is essential towards their holistic development. Empowering them as rights bearers, preparing them for adulthood and citizenship initiates a cycle of opportunity which can produce positive outcomes for both the individual and the community”. –ONLINE


Irfan Faridi ‒ A logistics champion SHANEL KHALIQ

rfan Faridi heads DLI Logistics which is one of the champions in the Logistics Industry and is the partner of some of the largest FMCG manufacturers, and other gigantic pharmaceutical businesses. The major function of the company is to provide support services to these partner organisations through air freight, road freight, warehouses and distribution. Its CEO envisions his organisation to become a regional leader in the business in the coming few years and to achieve excellence in whatever projects it becomes involved in. He has years of experience in the freight industry and has also served as vice chairman Aviation Committee at the Federation of Pakistan Chamber of Commerce and Industry. He has also conducted a research based survey particularly on the freightforwarding industry and highlighted the challenges faced by those involved in the business. He is well aware of the challenges involved in the supply chain and distribution business. “In order to achieve the highest level of efficiency it is essential to follow rules and to take into account the value of time and this is what DLI follows in principal.” According to him the role of marketing strategies is also supreme in attracting major clients especially with internet based marketing taking place in current times. “A company has to target its audience and then use media as an effective tool to inform your customers and to relate to them”. His company also has the experience of operating internationally and he is aware of the difficulties involved in that. The differences in currency and the varying rules and regulations by each government are also key factors that he feels have to be catered for. Irfan explains that the freight industry has a crucial role to play in the effective and smooth running of all the large multinationals and businesses operating in the country. Emphasis should be laid on improving technology in this sector, training drivers and also researching on environment friendly fuels and methodologies. He is confident that developing further in these fields can make DLI a global player in the coming decade.


Yen steady, euro rises after G7 fires warning LONDON: The yen hovered near three-year lows against the dollar and the euro rose on Tuesday after the Group of Seven industrialized nations urged countries to refrain from competitive devaluations. The G7 statement said it remained committed to "market-determined" exchange rates, reacting to weeks of concern that the new government of Japan's monetary easing policy, which has also weakened its currency, could trigger far-reaching currency wars. "We reaffirm that our fiscal and monetary policies have been and will remain oriented towards meeting our respective domestic objectives using domestic instruments, and that we will not target exchange rates," the group said. The message offered little to suggest that Tokyo is going to come under serious pressure when G20 finance ministers and central bankers meet in Moscow at the end of the week, not least because the United States is employing similar policies. Japanese Finance Minister Taro Aso welcomed the statement, saying it recognized Tokyo's policy steps were not "aimed at influencing currency markets". The dollar edged up to 94.21 yen, from around 94.16 yen before the statement was issued and just short of Monday's 94.465 yen, which was the highest since May 2010. <FRX/> U.S. Treasury official Lael Brainard also said on Monday that while competitive devaluations should be avoided, Washington supported Tokyo's efforts to reinvigorate growth and end deflation. The euro, the main riser among major currencies over the last few months as confidence in the euro zone has rebounded, fell after the G7 statement but was quickly on the rise again after Switzerland's central bank said it was ready take further steps if needed to keep a lid on the franc. As afternoon trading gathered pace, the euro was up 0.3 percent at $1.3430, its highest for three days. There had been a brief rise earlier after ECB Vice President Vitor Constancio said the bank's employment growth and inflation forecasts next month were likely to be close to the December figures. The comments doused rate cut hopes, re-kindled last week when the head of the bank, Mario Draghi, said it was looking to see whether the euro's recent rise risked pushing inflation below its comfort zone. France has called for a "medium-term" target to prevent the euro becoming too strong, but the country's Finance Minister Pierre Moscovici made little headway with the idea at a meeting of euro zone finance ministers on Monday. "There had been some growing suspicions that maybe, just maybe, the euro zone could potentially attempt to weaken the euro ... so this (G7 statement) helped counteract that," said Jane Foley, a senior currency strategist at Rabobank. –ONLINE

Another bull parade takes KSE up 62 points ANIS SHAIKH

KARACHI: Story of every session seems to be the same these days. Market opens optimistically and surges over 100 points, retraces a bit and closes at a record level as it did with an increment of 62 points to conclude at 17,611 points. Only three of the so called blue chip companies were in the top ten. Weakening rupee adds to the profitability of IPPs, hence the expected surge in prices. Potential monetary tightening would be beneficial for heavily invested banks, and such stories benefited NBP during the session. The 50 billion default story was also categorised as normal and ignored by the investors as stock surged by 4.59 rupees to close at 234.62. Volumes remained at a respectable level of 252 million.

Result Preview

Dawood Hercules Corporation DAWH is due to announce its CY12 financial result today. MMSPL research expects profitability of the company to decline by 55% to PKR 1,315mn translating into per share income of 2 rupees and 73 paisa. In same period last year the income was PKR 2,893mn. The KSE 17611.40 massive expected decline in ISE 3243.43 profitability of the company LSE 4254.41 is mainly due to lower urea production, higher financial charges and lower contribution from associated companies during the year. Furthermore report expects company to announce cash dividend of PKR 1.0/share for the year end.

Engro ENGRO is expected to post PAT of PKR1.0bn (EPS: PKR1.98) for CY12, representing a ghastly 88% decline. For last quarter of the 2012 BMA research expects ENGRO to post an after tax profit of PKR1.5bn per share earnings would be around 2 rupees 84 paisa, down 41%. The company would not +62.86 0.36% be able to make any cash +38.72 1.19% payout for CY12. Engro -19.73 -0.46 Fertilizer reported loss of PKR2.9bn for CY12, compared to PAT of PKR4.6bn in CY11 as the gas supply to the company’s new plant from SNGPL was restricted to mere 33 days. EFOODS PAT rose by 193% YoY in CY12 to PKR2.6bn thanks chiefly to 25% volumetric

growth displayed in UHT milk business. BMA expects ENGRO’s earnings to rise significantly from last year due to 1) full year operations of the new plant from diverted Mari gas, 2) improved DAP trading margins and 3) growing contribution from foods business. Predictions for next session

Only one company out of the top four volume leaders has the stock price in excess of 10 rupees. In real terms the index reading may still be a little misleading though healthy volumes suggest the contrary. Volatile political situation and unfavorable law and order situation are possible dampeners at present. Technical analysts are growing restless everyday though the momentum of the market tends to continue for a while in over bought/sold zones. But still optimistic can be appreciated when there is a long term view.


Sonakshi Sinha charges '5 crore' to act in a Telgu Film

Imran and Sara star in Lollywood flick Anjuman LAHORE: Imran Abbas and Mona Lizza now Sara Loren will be starring in the new Lollywood flick, Anjuman. Talking to Lollywood Café, Sara Loren said “Anjuman” will be released in late February 2013 after a screening.” Anjuman, a remake of the Pakistani classic which originally starred the late Lollywood legend Rani and in which the title character played by Sara is a courtesan. Sara says “Begum Rani was very pretty and talented and we are very different and so I didn’t attempt to recreate Rani’s way of acting or gestures.” The film’s narrative is buoyed by a love triangle with actors Ali Khan and Imran Abbas vying for Sara’s character’s attention. Directed by Yasir Nawaz, the film includes two songs sung by Indian playback singer Sunidhi Chauhan which will no doubt add appeal. Loren and Abbas are amazingly beautiful actors with a lot of talent, so the combination would be great start to the Lollywood movie, ‘Anjuman.’ -SHOWBIZ DESK

NEW DEHLI: Bollywood actress Sonakshi Sinha has reportedly demanded 5 crores for a Telgu film by Krish Jagarlamudi in which she will be seen opposite Mahesh Babu. According to reports, the 25-year-old Sinha had limited dates but she liked the script and was also keen to do a period film, so she gave her consent. Apparently, Jagarlamudi, who began writing the film three years ago, wanted to narrate the story to her back then, but at that point of time the actress was not interested in doing South films. Sonakahsi has given couple of hits in bollywood such as Dabang series and Rpwdy Rathore. SHOWBIZ DESK


The surprising moments and shocking omissions from this year’s British Academy Film Awards







Tim Burton’s ‘Frankenweenie’ loses out

Roger Deakins for ‘Skyfall’

Emmanuelle Riva wins Best Actress

‘Lincoln’ mostly ignored

Thomas Newman wins for ‘Skyfall’ music

‘Zero Dark Thirty’s shut-out

The ‘Sweeney Todd’ helmer was odds-on to win for his brilliantly stopmotion effort, which was hailed by many as a return to form. But somehow ‘Brave’, a decent effort from Pixar but, let’s be honest, far from their greatest work, scooped the prize.

‘Skyfall’ is by far the most beautiful ‘Bond’ film ever made. In fact, it’s one of the prettiest films ever full stop, thanks to ace cinematographer Deakins. Claudio Miranda’s breathtaking work won for ‘Life of Pi’, but it would’ve been nice if us Brits had honoured Deakins instead.

Perhaps the 85year-old star of ‘Amour’ didn’t expect to win as she wasn’t there to pick up her award. She was stunning in Michael Haneke’s masterly but depressing examination of old age, but Jessica Chastain and Jennifer Lawrence were tipped and actually in the building.

Lincoln was nominated for 10 awards, but nabbed only one, Daniel almost obligatory Best Actor win. In every other category that didn’t feature the British award magnet, Lincoln was given shrift by BAFTA judges, giving the impression that this Film was too American to actually win prize.

In a heavyweight field including composing giants Alexandre Desplats and the mighty John Williams, it was a surprise to see Thomas Newman pick up the Original Music prize for his work on ‘Skyfall’. He wisely paid tribute to Monty Norman and John Barry in his acceptance speech.

The other losing Best Film nominees ‘Lincoln’, ‘Life of Pi’ and ‘Les Mis’, all won at least one other award as consolation for losing out to ‘Argo’. Except Katherine Bigelow’s Bin Laden assassination flick that is, which went home with nothing, despite five nominations.

Sonam spends money on diamonds

Angelina makes first red carpet appearance in nearly a year SHOWBIZ DESK LOS ANGELES: While Jennifer Lopez was “Jolie-ing” at the Grammys, the originator of that pose was grabbing her own attention. Angelina Jolie attended the American Society of Cinematographers Outstanding Achievement Awards in Hollywood, her first time on a red carpet in nearly a year but the buzz was not over her gorgeous face. It was focused on her left hand. And the question that everyone wanted answered was what was on her ring finger? Although Brad Pitt proposed with a 16-carat $500,000 diamond last April, the jewelry decorating her hand at the ASC ceremony – her first red carpet event since March 8, 2012 looked somewhat like a band at first glance. But after a better look, Jolie, 37, was indeed wearing the bauble


her beau designed especially for her. She was also dressed pretty conservatively for the woman who gave us all that leg at last year's Oscars. For the ASC event, where she presented the Lifetime Achievement Award to Dean Semler (the director of

photography on her directorial debut "In the Land of Blood and Honey"), Jolie was very demure in a long-sleeved cashmere wool cocktail dress designed by Atelier Versace and a simple ponytail. So, when are Pitt and Jolie going to walk down the aisle? It’s been

Beyonce calls Blue Ivy her ‘Best Friend’



nearly a year since he put a ring on it, and it still seems like there are no wedding plans on the horizon.

SHOWBIZ DESK LONDON: If the last month has been any indication, Beyoncé is on the path to world domination in 2013. After stealing the spotlight at the inauguration, shimmying her way through the Super Bowl halftime show, announcing the Mrs. Carter world tour, and surprising style watchers by wearing a pantsuit to the Grammys, the 31-year-old star – whose HBO documentary “Life Is but a Dream” airs February 16 covers the March issue of Vogue and gives readers a glimpse into her home life with husband Jay-Z and their daughter, Blue Ivy. “She’s my road dog,” Beyoncé says of the 1-year-old tot, who is already developing her own fan base despite the fact that she is rarely seen. “She’s my homey, my best friend. And there is no doubt she gave birth to Blue. Addressing the rumors that she faked her pregnancy while a surrogate carried the baby as not to disturb her famous figure, Beyoncé tells, “That was very odd. Who even thinks that?” And because of what she describes as her “very strong connection with my child,” giving birth was an especially enlightening experience in which she and Blue worked in unison.

NEW DEHLI: They say diamonds are a girl's best friend and the adage holds true for Bollywood actress and fashionista Sonam Kapoor who spends a huge amount of her income on real jewellery. Sonam, 27, who is the brand ambassador of Gems and Jewellery Export Promotion Council, said she loves antique neckpieces and never thinks twice before buying a new one. "I never invest in property, rather I spend a huge amount of my income on diamonds. I feel they are one's assets. I love antique jewellery and in my films also you will see I wear a lot of them. I don't buy junk jewellery," said Sonam, who was in the Capital to announce the first edition of India Gems Jewellery Fair (IGJF) here starting from April 6. Clad in a beige saree and a diamond necklace, Sonam also expressed her displeasure over the 12.36 per cent service tax levied on actors. "We are being bullied by the Government. They are taking an extra amount of tax from us but I don't know where they are using it. I would love to give my money to a charity rather than

this Government," she added. The actress will be seen in 'Bhaag Milkha Bhaag' next opposite Farhan Akhtar. She is also shooting for three films 'Ranjhanaa', an untitled Yash Raj Film and the remake of 'Khoobsurat'.

Terrorism will not stop entertainment: Fariha LAHORE: Pakistan’s singer Fareeha Pervez said that Pakistanis must unite to put a strong front in battling terrorism. She added that we must not close our eyes to the current situation of Pakistan. She then went on to say that one day, things will change and she prays that Pakistan will revert back to being the old Pakistan of the 1970 s where music, art, acting and concerts took place openly. Pervaiz said that her song “Patang Baz Sajna” is her true identity and she that hopefully she will release more music for her fans soon. -SHOWBIZ DESK

NEW YORK: Much flapping in New York when Marc “Star of the Schedule” Jacobs postponed showing his mainline collection until Thursday, after Nemo caused the delivery of key fabrics to be delayed. This meant his “second” line showed first, a volte-face that felt odd, since it usually serves as a diluted, more wearable footnote to Jacobs’s mainline. Worse, he showed it at the Lincoln Center, the “official” venue of NYFW, yes, but one whose corporate atmosphere felt poorly matched to Marc’s credibility.


Violation of POA Constitution and IOC Charter

POA suspends athletics and netball federations 

NOC General Council bans interim committee members for 10 years

IOA disaffiliated


LAHORE: The Pakistan Olympic Association (POA) in a major crack down against officials of various sports federations involved in the formation of a so-called interim committee of the national Olympic committee banned them for ten years besides disaffiliating the Islamabad Olympic Association (IOA). This decision was taken at a general council meeting of the POA which met here on Tuesday under the chairmanship of its president Lt Gen (r) Syed Arif Hasan. Out of a 103-member house, 72 attended the meeting to show their confidence in the POA chief. “The house unanimously decided to ban the members of the interim committee to safeguard the interest of the Olympic Movement in Pakistan to ensure the integrity of the National Olympic Committee,” said Arif at a news conference after the meeting while informing the decisions of the meeting. He said all eight members of the interim committee headed by Asif Bajwa, president of the Pakistan Basketball Federation (PBF), were banned for ten years and would not be eligible to take any office in any national sports federation. “By forming a so-called interim committee they have violated the Olympic Charter and also participated in the formation of a parallel Olympic association which is against the Olympic spirit and movement and harmful for the cause of sports in Pakistan. We were left with no option but to take disciplinary action against them,” he maintained. He said the Islamabad Olympic Association had been disaffiliated as they had played a major role in the formation of a parallel POA and

Senate Committee wants TV ban on spot-fixing trio MIRZA KHURRAM SHAHZAD

ISLAMABAD: A Standing Committee of Senate on Monday recommended a ban over three cricketers, accused of spot fixing, from participating in TV talk shows. The Senate Standing Committee for Ministry of Inter Provincial Coordination (IPC) met under Senator Farah Aqil Shah and discussed the matters relating to cricket and the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB). While chairing the session, Senator Farah recommended that none of the three players Salman Butt, Mohammad Asif and Mohammad Aamir should be allowed to appear in TV talk shows because it displayed them as heroes despite their grave act which defamed the country. She also advised the PCB that none of them should be allowed to play cricket even after the International Cricket Council (ICC) lifts restrictions imposed on them after their act of spot fixing was proved. She directed the PCB to take an action against former PCB chairman Ijaz Butt for his negligence over the spot fixing issue and other mismanagements during his tenure.

Briefing the committee, PCB chief operating officer Subhan Ahmad said that the board was making all out efforts to improve the game. He said that Pakistan won six Tests, 30 ODIs and 18 T20s during the last 18 months. Subhan also briefed the Senators about the delay in the Pakistan Super League and said that it would be organised in befitting manner. Subhan said that the appointment of former ICC chief executive Haroon Lorgat had been very successful for the league. Javed Miandad, the PCB director general, said that the board wanted to organize PSL in the best manner and that was the reason behind its delay. He said the board had faced challenges like match fixing previously but now its affairs were improving.

Mushtaq Ahmed set to join Delhi Daredevils STAFF REPORT

POA president Syed Arif Hassan addresses a press conference on Tuesday. AGENCIES were issuing false directions to the Pakistan Sports Board (PSB) and other national federations to contact them as they were running the affairs of the POA. “The Pakistan Athletics Federation and Pakistan Netball Federation has also been suspended for the time being for their role in involving themselves in a negative campaign against the POA. They have been asked to explain their position in writing after which their views will be thoroughly examined by the POA in consultation with their respective international federations to take a final decision,” he added. The POA chief said the house has formed a committee to have a

dialogue with all the stakeholders including officials of the Pakistan Sports Board (PSB) and those sports federations and officials working against the interest of the POA to find an amicable solution of the present crisis. The committee comprises Shoukat Ullah, Syed Aqil Shah, Chaudhary Muhammad Yaqoob, Shoukat Javed, Asif Saeed, Hafiz Salman Butt, Idris Haider Khawaja and Fatima Lakhani. “The committee has been given the task to hold talks with all of the concerned individuals to know their point of view and to highlight the POA stance on the current issue and to reach a final decision, if all the stake holder agree on it,” he added.

Arif said the general council granted affiliation to the Pakistan Archery Federation on the recommendations of the POA constitution and affiliation committee while the case of granting affiliation to Pakistan Snooker and Billiard Federation was deferred as the concerned federation did not fulfill some conditions laid down in the constitution. He said he would be flying to Switzerland on Thursday to attend a meeting summoned by the International Olympic Association to listen the point of view of the POA and the Pakistan Sports Board on the implementation of the National Sports Policy. AGENCIES

LAHORE: Former Pakistan legspinner Mushtaq Ahmad is on the verge of joining the Delhi Daredevils as a spin-bowling consultant for the 2013 Indian Premier League (IPL) season. Mushtaq signed the year-long contract recently, and is now waiting for the final paperwork to be delivered. “I have been offered a one-year deal,” Mushtaq was quoted as saying on a website. “I have accepted it but the deal is yet to be finalised and is in process as written documentation is currently being exchanged.” After retiring from the game in 2008, Mushtaq has been the spin-bowling coach with the England team. The ECB employed him on a consultancy basis so he is free to work for other organisations when not busy with England. The Daredevils, who missed out on the finals last year after losing to Chennai Super Kings in the playoff, wanted to beef up their support staff. Before the auction, they had identified the lack of quality slow bowlers as a perceived gap in the squad. South African offspinner Johan Botha and Sri Lankan legspinner

Jeevan Mendis were duly bought to join the unheralded Shahbaz Nadeem, the leftarm spinner, who was impressive last year. Mushtaq will pair up with Eric Simmons, the former South Africa bowler, who is the head coach at the Daredevils. He will also be the second Pakistan player to be involved in a coaching role in the IPL; Wasim Akram has been working with the Kolkata Knight Riders as a fast-bowling consultant from the first season.

Russia counting on Sharapova, Kuznetsova in Fed Cup

MOSCOW: Russia's Fed Cup captain Shamil Tarpishchev said Tuesday he is still hopeful that top players – Maria Sharapova and Svetlana Kuznetsova – will be available for April's Fed Cup semi-final against Slovakia. "I need to study the playing schedules of our girls before starting to

plan the line-up for the match with Slovakia," Sport Express daily quoted Tarpishchev as saying. "Of course Sharapova would strengthen our team a great deal, but we should never forget about her personal interests. We must try to minimise any losses for those who are battling for

the top places in the rankings." Russia's top player Sharapova has played just three Fed Cup ties in her career so far, making her debut in 2008 to help satisfy Olympic Games qualification criteria. After playing again in 2011, she also featured in the quarter-final win over Spain in 2012 in the run-up to the London Games. Tarpishchev said that Sharapova had expressed her desire to play for Russia in this season's Fed Cup campaign, and that he had been keen to call her into his squad for the later stages of the competition. "If Masha (Sharapova) has a relatively simple tournament schedule ahead without a series of top-class events in America we will call on her," he said. "But otherwise the transAtlantic flights and time zone changes can seriously harden the battle for the top spot in the WTA rankings. We're not going make her life even tougher." Tarpishchev said he had an agreement with Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova and Vera Zvonareva, who had both said they were available to play for Russia this season, adding that he could also call Kuznetsova into his team if need be. "It was very important for Svetlana (Kuznetsova) to improve her individual ranking at the beginning of the season and she asked me to release her from playing against Japan," Tarpishchev said. "She wants to be in the world's elite and we definitely respect her desire." AGENCIES

PESHAWAR: State Minister for Inter-Provincial Coordination Malik Azmat Khan receiving soveniour from Syed Ali Nawaz Gillani, the trustee member, during his visit to the Saad Trust.

New Zealand down England by 55 runs to level T20 series HAMILTON: Captain Brendon McCullum led the way with the bat while his bowlers produced a disciplined display to beat England by 55 runs in the second Twenty20 international at Seddon Park on Tuesday and level the three-match series. McCullum had anchored New

Zealand's innings to power them to 192 for six with 74 runs from 38 balls as he plundered England's attack for six boundaries and five sixes. Mitchell McClenaghan, who took two wickets in successive balls in the second over, Trent Boult and Ian Butler then put the power-packed England batting

line-up under constant pressure with aggressive pace bowling. Butler finished with two for nine from four overs, while McClenaghan had two for 24. James Franklin mopped up the tail to finish with 4-15 off 3.3 overs. Jos Buttler produced a cameo of 54 but received little help as

England's Stuart Broad (R) attempts to field the ball as New Zealand's Martin Guptill looks on during their Twenty20 match at Seddon Park in Hamilton on Tuesday. AGENCIES

England were dismissed for 137 in 19.3 overs. England had won the first match at Eden Park in Auckland on Saturday by 40 runs, which was their sixth successive victory over New Zealand in the shortest format of the game and McCullum said he was pleased his side had put that behind them. "It was good. The other night was disappointing and England blew us off the park," McCullum said in a televised interview. "The boys are very happy with the performance (and) ... to bounce back from the other day. We knew we were short (on Saturday) and today was a really good performance from us." Unlike Auckland, openers Hamish Rutherford and Martin Guptill kept the run rate above nine before Rutherford feathered a catch to Buttler off Luke Wright for 40 to leave the hosts well placed at 75-1 in the ninth over. The run rate however dropped markedly after Rutherford fell as England's bowlers varied their length and pace with Wright and Jade Dernbach adept at disguising their slower deliveries. Guptill (47), Ross Taylor (four) and Colin Munro (seven) all fell when they failed to pick slower deliveries and lofted mistimed shots into the deep, while Grant Elliott (four) was bowled by a

SCOREBOARD NEW ZEALAND INNINGS M Guptill c Hales b Tredwell 47 H Rutherford c Buttler b Wright 40 B McCullum c Lumb b Dernbach 74 R Taylor c Bairstow b Wright 4 C Munro c Bairstow b Dernbach 7 G Elliott b Dernbach 4 J Franklin not out 6 N McCullum not out 0 EXTRAS (LB 3, B 1, W 6) 10 TOTAL (6 wkts, 20 overs) 192 FALL OF WICKETS: 1-75, 2-105, 3-124, 4-139, 5-154, 6-188 BOWLING: Tredwell 2-0-20-1 Broad 4-0-53-0 Finn 4-0-33-0 Dernbach 4-0-38-3 Wright 4-0-24-2 Patel 2-0-20-0 ENGLAND INNINGS M Lumb b NMcCullum 17 A Hales b McClenaghan 5 L Wright c Guptill b McClenaghan 0 J Bairstow c McClenaghan b Butler 8 Dernbach delivery that was 30kph slower than the previous one. McCullum, however, took 22 off the 19th over from Stuart Broad, which included three sixes, before he became Dernbach's third wicket on the penultimate delivery of the innings. The series decider will be in

E Morgan c Munro b Butler 13 J Buttler c Taylor b Franklin 54 S Patel run out Boult 6 S Broad c Guptill b Franklin 1 J Tredwell b Franklin 22 S Finn not out 5 J Dernbach c Butler b Franklin 0 EXTRAS (W 3, LB 3) 6 TOTAL (all out, 19.3 overs) 137 FALL OF WICKETS: 1-9, 2-9, 3-24, 4-43, 5-47, 6-62, 7-80, 8-115, 9-137, 10-137 BOWLING: Boult 4-0-40-0 McClenaghan 4-0-24-2 Butler 4-0-9-2 N McCullum 3-0-26-1 Franklin 3.3-0-15-4 Elliott 1-0-20-0 Result: New Zealand win by 55 runs, levelling the three-match series 1-1 Umpires: Gary Baxter (NZL), Derek Walker (NZL) TV umpire: Chris Gaffaney (NZL) Match referee: Roshan Mahanama (SRI) Wellington on Friday. "It was obviously a disappointing performance throughout but Twenty20 cricket can be like that," Broad said. "You can be fantastic one day and then things don't go your way the next day. So credit goes to New Zealand they outperformed us in everything." AGENCIES



Consensus on caretakers will be developed: Zardari LAHORE: President Asif Ali Zardari says consensus will be developed over the interim government and date for elections. In an interview to BBC‚ he said interim government will have no controversial people so that no one can question its sincerity. He said polls will be held on time and the interim government will have absolute authority under the Constitution to hold free and transparent elections. On his son's political career‚ President Zardari said Bilawal Bhutto is still young and it will take some time before he assumes all the responsibilities for running the party. He said being a front line state in the war against terrorism‚ Pakistan has faced economic complications besides loss of human lives. The president deplored that war in Afghanistan for the past 40 years has created a number of social and economic problems for Pakistan. –AGENCIES

Cameron to visit Pakistan in summer 

PM says assemblies to go within weeks  Seeks military hardware from Britain

LONDON: Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf and British Prime Minister David Cameron on Tuesday discussed matters of mutual interest and ways to enhance trade relations between the two countries. The two leaders held the meeting here at the 10 Downing Street – the official residence of Prime Minister Cameron, on the invitation of the latter, and reiterated their desire to further strengthen bilateral bonds and cooperation in diverse areas. PM Raja was accompanied Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani Khar and Pakistan High Commissioner Wajid Shamsul Hassan.

Thanking the British Prime Minister for his keen interest and proactive role on the issue of Afghanistan, Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf sought military hardware from the Britain. He reiterated that Pakistan desires a peaceful and stable Afghanistan. “Pakistan is working closely with Afghan High Peace Council so that all stakeholders are on board and the steps taken, are beneficial and reinforcing.” The prime minister stressed the need to build up the Afghan security forces during the transition period so that they can take up responsibilities.

During the talks, the British prime minister reiterated “your friends are our friends, and your enemies are our enemies”. PM Raja thanked his British counterpart for his country’s support on the issue of securing GSP plus status for Pakistan from the EU countries. He also appreciated the assistance being extended by the UK in the development of health and education sectors in Pakistan. Expressing satisfaction over bilateral relations between the two countries, both the leaders expressed confidence that they looked forward to a far greater cooperation during

transition in Afghanistan. Commenting on improving ties between India and Pakistan, Cameron observed that “there was need to open market to harvest economic bonuses”. David Cameron, hailing the recently concluded trilateral meeting, said that Pakistan’s role was constructive and he would be visiting Pakistan this summer to carry the process forward. Earlier addressing a gathering of Pakistani Diaspora at a dinner, PM Raja said national and provincial assemblies would be dissolved within few weeks, paving the course for

holding free, fair and transparent elections. The PM said the future of Pakistan lied in impartial and fair elections and unfettered democracy. Eulogizing the much-needed contribution of the overseas Pakistanis in the development and prosperity of the country, he said the present dispensation would again introduce a bill in the parliament to give right to Pakistani diaspora of participation in the general elections. The government brought this piece of legislation some time back in the parliament but it could not muster support of all allied parties and the opposition rather tried to politicize the issue.” –AGENCIES

Meeting with Zardari!

Condolence offered on phone: Nawaz

ECP orders 103 parties to hold intra-party polls ISLAMABAD: Election Commission of Pakistan has directed 103 political parties to hold intra-party polls, Geo News reported. In its order, the ECP asserted that those parties could not participate in general elections who did not hold intra-party polls. ECP directed Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), PML-Q, Pakistan Awami Tehrik of Tahirul Qadri, BNP, Pakhtunkhwa Awami Milli Party, Qaumi Watan Party and others for holding party elections. –ONLINE

Demands early caretaker setup


Shahrukh's brother, buddy charged as well

LONDON: Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf meets British Prime Minister David Cameron in his office at 10-Downing Street. –INP

KARACHI: Two more suspects have been charged in the murder case of Shahzeb Khan. Arrest warrants for Sharukh Jatoi’s brother Nawab Ali Jatoi and a close friend Khurram have been issued under the Sections 224-225 of Pakistan Penal Code. Both the suspects have been charged with conspiracy to commit murder and rendering criminal assistance. Police parties have been fielded to bring the suspects in. Moreover, in another development, the travel agent who booked Shahrukh a flight to Dubai under a fake name is also interrogation. He, in his early statement, disclosed that he broke the law for only Rs3000. –AGENCIES

World shaken over North Korea’s N-test

Singh taunts at Pakistan’s instability, uncertainty

Pyongyong warns hostile US  UNSC summons emergency meeting  Obama calls it highly provocative

NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Tuesday said India wanted peaceful existence with its neighbours but the recent incident of beheading by Pakistani troops was “against the norms of civilized international behaviour” and “unacceptable”. Addressing a conference of governors, Singh said there is a need to recognize that India’s neighbourhood is “characterized by growing instability and uncertainty” and that capabilities of armed forces and police are being “constantly strengthened” to meet the entire spectrum of security challenges. “We remain committed to working for good relations and peaceful existence with our neighbours. However, we are also firm in our resolve to deal effectively with any threat to our country,” he said. Referring to the security challenges facing the country, Singh told the conference that capabilities of armed force and police are being “constantly strengthened” to meet the entire spectrum of security challenges. “We are also undertaking infrastructure development programs in the border areas to enhance mobility as well as connectivity,” he said. –AGENCIES

Reserved seats for disabled proposed ISLAMABAD: National Assembly (NA) standing committee on parliamentary affairs has unanimously endorsed the recommendations on allocation of seats for disabled persons in NA and provincial assemblies. Committee met under its chairman Syed Mumtaz Ali Gillani Tuesday. Kishwar Zohra from MQM presented an amendment bill carrying recommendations for allocation of four seats for disabled persons each in NA and provincial assemblies. –ONLINE

Sindh renamed Sind KARACHI: The official spelling for the province Sindh will now be Sind. The provincial assembly approved Sindh Laws Amendment Bill 2012 which removes the letter “H” from the province’s spelling. The name was reportedly derived from the Indus River which was known to the Arabs as al Sind and as Sindhu in Sanskrit. The Greeks changed the name of the River Sindhu to the River Indos in 125 BC under Alexander the Great - hence, the modern name, the River Indus. –AGENCIES

PYONGYONG: North Korea Tuesday confirmed it had carried out its third and most successful nuclear test yet which triggered an artificial earthquake near the underground explosion site. The test was an important step toward its goal of building a bomb small enough to be fitted on a missile that could reach United States. North Korea made clear that the explosion of its third atomic device which it claimed was smaller than the ones in its previous two tests - was a warning to what it considers a 'hostile' US. Its actions drew immediate condemnation from Washington, London, the UN and others - even its only major ally, China, voiced opposition. The state news agency said it had used a 'miniaturised' and lighter nuclear device, indicating that it had again used plutonium which is more suitable for use as a missile warhead. Official state media said the test was conducted in a safe manner and is aimed at coping with 'outrageous' US hostility that 'violently' undermines the North's peaceful, sovereign rights to launch satellites. North Korea was punished by UN sanctions after a December launch of a rocket that the UN and Washington called a cover for a banned missile test. Pyongyang said it was a peaceful satellite launch. The United States Geological Survey said earlier Tuesday that it had detected a 4.9 magnitude earthquake in North Korea. The UN Security Council scheduled an emergency meeting to discuss the

possibility of imposing new sanctions on Pyongyang. This morning UK Foreign Secretary William Hague 'strongly condemned' the nuclear test calling it a 'violation of United Nations Security Council resolutions.' Mr Hague said: 'North Korea's development of its nuclear and ballistic missile capabilities poses a threat to international and regional security. It’s repeated provocations only serve to increase regional tension, and hinder the prospects for lasting peace on the Korean Peninsula.' President Obama's team released a statement condemning the tests. 'The United States remains vigilant in the face of North Korean provocations and steadfast in our defense commitments to allies in the region,' he said in a released statement. These provocations do not make North Korea more secure. Far from achieving its stated goal of becoming a strong and prosperous nation, North Korea has instead increasingly isolated and impoverished its people through its ill-advised pursuit of weapons of mass destruction and their means of delivery.' UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon condemned North Korea's test, saying it was a 'clear and grave violation' of UN Security Council resolutions. The nuclear test is North Korea's first since leader Kim Jong Un took power in December 2011 following the death of his father, Kim Jong Il. It marks a bold statement for the young leader as he unveils his domestic and foreign policy for a country long estranged from the West. –AGENCIES

think condolence has been done.” Sharif ’s reply was in line with media reports (exclusive to The Spiokesman) that Sharif was not interested in receiving the president because what he thought there was no political agenda to discuss. When his comments were sought on the hanging of Afzal Guru, Sharif replied that it was a sad day as India made the decision in haste. “The decision to hang Guru was not justified. We want friendship and normalization of relations with India but only on the basis of equality,” said Sharif. Sharif said that the current “Zardari government has pushed the country on the bank of bankruptcy and disaster and in the last five years the government has not done anything for the relief of people. Elections are near and now Zardari government is afraid to facing the people,” said Nawaz. When asked about TMQ chief Tahirul Qadri’s petition for the reconstitution of the election commission, Sharif said that the questions Supreme Court was asking from Qadri were the same that PML-N had been asking from the cleric ever since he returned from Canada.

LAHORE: PML-N chief Nawaz Sharif has said that early dissolution of assemblies and immediate formation of caretaker set-up is vital for the progress of democracy in the country. Speaking to media outside the residence of Brig (retd) Inamul Haq who paased away Monday, Sharif said that the delay in announcement of election could prove detrimental for the democratic process and forthcoming elections. He said that PML-N parliamentary committee had completed its home-work on the caretaker set-up and it is now up to the PPP and its coalition partners to move forward on the issue. The former prime minister said that NA Opposition Leader Chaudhry Nisar had been instructed to convey to the PPP and its allies the finalization of names for the caretaker set-up and now it was up to the ruling coalition to grab the opportunity and install the caretakers. On the issue of President Zardari’s desire to call on Sharif to condole the death of his brother Abbas Sharif, Sharif replied tersely. “After 10 days of death, Zardari had condoled the death over the phone. I

Malik sees conspiracy behind Quetta unrest

Surrender arms for talks, TTP told Tauqir Sadiq’s arrest and putting his (Tauqir Sadiq) name on Exit Control List (ECL), the minister said Tauqir Sadiq’s name was put on ECL within 24 hours. “A team would be sent to Dubai today (Wednesday) to bring him back to Pakistan.”He said foreigners will not be allowed to overstay in Pakistan after the expiry of their visas. They will have to get their stay regularize in 15 days. He said there will be heavy fine of $100 on three-day overstay onwards. “A task force is being established to check foreigners staying in the country illegally.” “If any terrorist comes in the garb of student‚ action will also be taken against sponsors.”

ISLAMABAD: Interior Minister Rehman Malik Tuesday said Afghanistan is not cooperating with Pakistan on border control management system. Addressing news conference, he said any kind of free movement at Pak-Afghan border will be banned from March 1, 2013. Malik said unrest in Quetta was part of an international conspiracy. “Foreign elements were involved in creating law and order situation in Balochistan.” About talks with Taliban, he said the government is ready to hold dialogue with Taliban but they will have to surrender arms. About

Babus give false oath for residential plots FAKHARURREHMAN ISLAMABAD: Top bureaucracy has got hundred ways up their sleeve to grab prized postings, residential plots and lucrative perks and privileges as an affidavit or oath is just rubbish for them. In a latest scandal, as many as 588 top federal bureaucrats have laid their hands on valuable residential plots at Officer’s Housing Scheme on Kurri Road, Islamabad, in clear violation of their oath and affidavit submitted with the relevant departments. A classified document available with The Spokesman reveals these bureaucrats submitted fake affidavits of having no residential plot in the federal capital to grab another one while the documents say majority of them have

already got two or even more than two plots from the special incentive scheme. The big-wigs range from grade 20 to 22. The beneficiaries include Supreme Court registrar, Federal Public Service Commission chairman, Auditor General of Pakistan and federal secretaries to the current Federal Tax Ombudsman. The government had allocated two or more than two plots to 123 bureaucrats under the PM’s special incentive scheme. But later, the scheme was extended to judges of the Supreme Court. A total of 15 Lordships have benefitted from the scheme. FPSC Chairman Malik Asif Hayat has acquired a plot in the scheme and paid Rs 2.63 million while Rs 4.83 still needs

588 top federal bureaucrats grab valuable plots to be paid. Former Petroleum secretary Imtiaz Hussain Qazi also grabbed the plot and paid Rs 3.2 million while Rs 4.83 million are yet to be paid. Auditor General Akhtar Buland Rana, who has never missed an opportunity to plead for his plot, has also grabbed a residential plot. There has not been a single Public Accounts Committee proceeding when he has not asked for the plot of his share. He always asked the PAC chairman to recommend for a plot for him as he has not acquired even a single plot from the government but he also has misled not only the most powerful committee as he already has acquired a plot in the Officers’ Housing Scheme. The auditor general acquired the plot

when he was deputy auditor general but till his elevation as the auditor general he kept wailing for not getting a plot from any government scheme. Federal Tax Ombudsman Shoaib Suddle is also among the beneficiaries and acquired the plot by paying only Rs 1.5 million while Rs 4.2 million are yet to be paid. Former Foreign Affairs secretary and now Pakistan’s High Commissioner to New Delhi Salman Bashir who has already acquired two plots under the special incentive scheme has also acquired the plot from this scheme. Zafar Iqbal Qadir, secretary of Information Technology, Agha Sarwar Raza Qazilbash, Aziz Ahmed Bilour, Gul Muhammad Rind, Raja Lehrasib Khan, Tariq Iqbal Puri, Shuja Shah,

Ghiasuddin Ahmed, Rana Asad Amin, the special adviser to Ministry of Finance, Saeed Ahmed Khan, Nayyer Agha, Asif Bajwa, Samiul Haq Khilji, Raja Ikram-ul-Haq, Javed Iqbal, Ahmed Nasim, former Inspector General of Punjab, Arif Azeem Secretary, Railways, Najeeb Ullah Malik, Qamar Zaman Chaudhry, former Interior secretary, Saeed Ahmed Alvi, Shahid Ahmed, former Railways secretary, Tariq Pervez, former FIA DG, Shahab Anwar Raja, Faqir Hussain, additional IGP, Sheikh Aleem Mahmud, former federal secretary, NAB Director General Brig Muhammad Musaddiq, former IG Police Syed Irshad Hussain, former FIA DG Wasim Ahmed, Wajid Ali

Published by Ahmad Waleed from Yasmin Majeed Printing Press, 69-Cricket Stadium, Rawalpindi

Khan Durrani, former IG, Muhammad Ramzan Channa, chairman of the Anti-corruption Establishment, Javed Anwar Khan, former secretary, Muhammad Ali, former IG Police, Mian Waheeduddin, Member Environment Capital Development Authority (CDA), Inam Ghani, FIA director, Shaukat Hayat, additional IG Police, Muhammad Ashfaq Khattak, former Railways general manager, Ghulam Mustafa, Military Accountant General and many more in the list have acquired plots under this scheme. When contacted, Housing Secretary Nasar Hayat said he has no information about this. Asked if he knew the language of affidavit submitted by the bureaucrats while getting the plots, he said he do not want to say anything about this issue.

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