The  Spokesman

The Spokesman

Islamabad, Pakistan

We are a small team supervised by some of the most professional and respected journalist volunteers of this country. Most of our limited means have also been pooled in by our friends in the media. The average age of our reporters is 23 and they represent the 65 percent youth of Pakistan.

Why this support? We see it as the idealism of journalists committed to their profession, independent journalists who don’t want to see its standards deteriorating by the day.

In the process, the decades-long struggle of journalists for the freedom of expression and the protection of fundamental rights and democracy has been sold out. Media in Pakistan has been finally hijacked by media-owners and vested interests. Professional journalists get the flak and have to face the public wrath against such charlatans. It is sad and frustrating.

The Spokesman is a modest effort towards a vision that is not modest at all: to bring about a positive change in journalism.