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Broadway Critic: ‘In the Heights’ p. 19

For third graders, a play to remember p. 17


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This Valentine’s Day, The SPOKE gave students and staff the opportunity to express their affection for their classmates. Students took advantage of the opportunity to shout out to friends and the special people in their lives. It’s important to note that Valentine’s Day is not only for romantic love; platonic love is as duly important as any fleeting high school relationship. Cherish the constant people in your lives and reflect this Valentine’s Day on their importance to you.

To S Wa hawn gne r

To Jill 1088 days and counting. Love you, and Happy Valentine’s Day. To Kawa Abby Says wussup? Cuteness has a ’lil crush on you! Luv, M. Dubby

To Becca You’re amazing...and stinky...Love you!

WILL you be my valentine? I love you!

XOXO Amanda

Nicole Dillon


Hap py my m Valent in you. eatball. ey to Lov e Lov eM ax

Angela I only w ant to be with you times: n 2 ow and forever. Pat Pinaw in

o Sp





O Weath

You’re my favorite story girl. Will you be my valentine?

m, -no met nom we m ino glad have o Am s you are ent We year - xcitem hing e g is u f h t a o l you d a lot Keep t that e . o s d n e d e v a i r ur l we’ to o iously T ) v ! t b TES e o ( to g BES d r w a e h n our e, y Lov ds! n frie


is G

ran t, Can ’t w be m ai agic t for p rom al. ,


We could try to m ake it w We just ork. can’t let our othe know. rs W.B.



best e my You’r ve you o ! L friend UCH! M THIS anda O Am XOX

ou you De e y gh v u o e l ho s. W en t ssue ev ve i ha 0-3 2 H ar


and nor Con a c Bec my CK RO ! SOX heth an S h o S

To D r

ew B ailey , You are t he c kid on oo can’ crew a lest t n know wait to d I get you bette to r. Ano nym ous

To Connor

Happy Valentine’s Day! Love you!

House and Hyatt, Thanks for being our advisers. Love, Spokies

My love for you is true, if only you would love me too.

Dea r GM S and the S , MLM tory Girl s, Than ks fo mor r m a ning s gre king at! Hou se



The SPOKE staff

To D rest ana, Bri tta, O of M s peri od L . House wen and man it cla ’s 6t the Feed ss, h in in m g the p ig ha y s pu fille wallet, t dah b ole i ut your a hole n my clas Hen ry R h eart. s has ome

Shaw n Wag ner: I am TETV . love th P e wea .S. I ther b Shaw n. oy From :S Wagn hawn er

You’re that piece in my heart that makes me whole again.

Thank you.

and a Si mon my pers favo o wor n in th rite ld! ew hole Soh an S heth

To B etsy , I lov e yo u so muc h the . You’r best e . Han nuk Happy ah. Lov e, A man da

To Henry Rome


it w

s, ter es s in por Re r byl heart . e u r Yo e ou h gle g t k n ma ter wi r bei o t flu nks f e. m a Th weso a so e, v Lo ke o Sp tors i Ed

XOXO Amanda

To our loyal readers:


You our brigh t wit morni en up h n Kis Hugs gs s LO es. W and VE e YO Fro U. m the TV Stu dio

Pat Pinawin


nced Thea ter: I lov ed yo u a l l in th e Lit tle R ed play. Pleas e win at Na tiona l His Day. tory


rs. H

oral r To C eathe the w don’t e p o u Ih e t yo s, bu n to mak hold su e h t need ile. sm you lier Cava From

Matthew Schaff, No matter the miles between us, though the trials and troubles will most likely per sist, I will always be her e for you. When thi ngs get rough always rem ember what we hav e to look forward to and how we have surviv ed. Nothing can take tha t away from thing. You mean so much to me more than I could ever have imagined while I ate with you in the summer or danced with you in the fal l or even after that. I Love You! I hol d steadfast to my pro mise, Alexandra Kralick

Compiled by Jill Holloway, Business Manager

Features FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 13, 2009  
Features FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 13, 2009  

This Valentine’s Day, The SPOKE gave students and staff the opportunity to express their affection for their classmates. Students took advan...