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Dies Natalis Undiksha 2012

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the splash • July 2012

Contents HEADLINE 3

News In Soc-Gath: Together We Can!


Success of the First English Debating Contest


Dies Natalis Undiksha 2012

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Dr. Ni Made Ratminingsih, M.A. Grey Collar to White Collar


Made Dewi Suparwati “I Just Want To Improve My Ability, Explore My Skills And My Talent”


korean Style Goes to Campus


Cutie Hair Clip

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Asus Eee Pad Transformer TF 101 My Multiple Lifestyle

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Kadek Sonia Piscayanti, S.Pd, M.Pd

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Drs. I Wayan Suarnajaya,M.A,Ph,D Made Hery Santosa, S.Pd., M.Pd





Hello, The Splasher! In this new edition of The Splash Magazine, we serve the new and the best from ours. With the theme ‘Creativity through Togetherness’, we choose Social Gathering 2012 as our headlines. You can check the euphoria from those events within Social Gathering! Aweseome? It is! We don’t forget to involve other EED students to write in The Splash and it publishes in this edition. There are three short stories and some poems created by EED’s lecturers and students also our friends from Griffith University. Thanks to our beloved lecturers who still supports us and to the members of The Splash for being creative and put much effort to create the fresh news. Remember, not everyone can be creative. The last but not least, we hope you enjoy our creativity in The Splash. :)

Herry “C” Sucahya Ferry Sudantara


Desak Made Indah Dewanti I Putu Arik Budiarsana Ratna Rima Asti Mawar Nurjannah Dodo Ivana Quiko I Gusti Ngurah Arya Pramana Putra Ayu Karlina Dewi Hari Setia Hati Ria Rarasati Pande Resita Wulandari Ni Luh Juniati Ratih Putu Agus Endra Susanta Wahyu Priantini Ni Wayan Adnyani Chyntia Dewi Andelina Veronica Jane Purnama Heny Sayukti Budi Suari


HMJ English Education Department


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Komang Yudistira Adi Nugraha Desak Gede Chandra Widayanti

EED Leadership Training 2012 A Step To Be A Young Successful Leader


Behind The Little Mask

literature 14

Learning About Life With Writing


Book Review: Gandamayu


Short Story - A Story Teller


Short Story - The Death


Short Story - I Do to Me



the splash • July 2012




3. Bakesale

Potlight Party

Soc Gath (Social Gathering) is a series of events covering a wide range of activities, such as sports, social events, various competitions related to English, and so forth, which was held during the week. The events are organized in order to celebrate the birthday of English Education Department. Social Gathering also ‘used’ to show teamwork and togetherness of the family of English Education Department. Thus, the relationship of students from all levels of senior, junior and also lecturers to be more closely such as family ties in social institutions. Hereditarily Social Gathering event takes the theme of the unique culture of a country. The theme of Social Gathering this time is “Trips to Hawaii ‘ so properties are not far from the beach elements and exotic things. The events in Social are packaged for one week which are held from 8 to 15 April 2012 which of course in addition not just for fun but also beneficial to the development of our knowledge. The Social Gathering series include: 1. Sport Day Sport day aims to foster a healthy culture with exercise among students, in English Education Department. Sport Day event began with the spirit of the cheerleaders through dance and music to cheer and beat. Then it was continued by with the report of the Committee Chair Social Gathering and Social Gathering in the opening speech of the Chair-

man of the Department of Education official English Dr. Ni Made Ratminingsih, MA which is officialized by the release of balloons into the air. After the event was officially opened the real sport begins with aerobic exercises which guided by the instructor. There are also many fun games created by the committees of Sport Day event. Participants of these games consist of representatives from each semester. The lecturers also attended took part in the game. Social Gathering goals achieved significantly through these games. Feels of togetherness between the lecturers and students from all semester is created through this event. 2. Poetry Reading Contest Poetry Reading Contest was the second event of the series of Social Gathering which was held on 9 April 2012. PRC participants were the students from primary school. The election of participants from primary schools students due to the characteristic of the kid themselves, who are cute and innocents that made them interesting to be contested, as what Masayu, the Coordinator of PRC said. Poetry Reading Contest or the PRC this time followed by 85 participants from various regions in Buleleng regency. The event was divided into two preliminary rounds and the final round. The jury was drawn from the English Education professors who are competent in their field who would like I.G.A Lokita Purnamika Utami, S.Pd, Ni Nyoman

Karina Wedhanti, S.Pd, M.Pd, Kadek Sonia Piscayanti, S.Pd, M.Pd, Prof. Dr. Ni Nyoman Padmawati, M.A, and I Nyoman Pasek Hadi Saputra, S.Pd,M. Pd. “There are four factors which are, articulation, expression, the integrity of poetry, and performance of participants,” said Mrs. Lokita. Poems that were provided by the committee matched to the theme of Social Gathering such as Trees, Birds, Forests, The Northern Lights, Burning Star, The Night Sky, Light, and Sun. The poems were also very suitable for elementary school students. PRC itself provides a fixed prize trophy, a plaque, dictionaries and children’s ATK for the winners. The first rank went to Andi Kadek Juni Kurniadi from1 Astina primary school, the second rank went to Kadek Losinanda Prawira from SD 3 Banjar Jawa, and the third rank went to Komang Arys Wahyu Urbaningrum from SD 8 Banyuning.


Bake Sale was held from 10 to 12 April 2012 in the open stage area. Bake Sale is an activity that invites students to entrepreneurial training. Bake Sale was followed by a student from second semester, fourth semester, and sixth semester. They were divided into 7 groups in which one group consisted of two classes. Each student group was required to build a stand for the trade. Those stands were built in accordance with the creativity of each without departing from the theme. Two categories of competition are held to encourage students to take part in Bake Sale this time. Categories of race that is held booths selling and best booth. The purpose of this activity is for the Bake Sale fundraising, of which 10 percent of the profits from the sale of each booth will be given to the organizing committee. For Bake Sale at this time each stand got a subsidy of Rp. 50,000, 00 from the committee. On this event, the students were taught about entrepreneurship that needs the courage to take risk, independence, and quickly take the right decision. 4. Go Clean! Go Clean is a new event in the Social Gathering. This event was held on April 10, 2012 in the Ahmad Yani Campus area and was followed by all students of English Education Deparment. Go Clean will be held down because of campus environment didn’t look clean. Campus still looked barren and less well maintained. The Go Clean event was expected to attract students to aware with their environment. This event is an environmentally


the splash • July 2012


conscious action of students with cleanup activities around the campus to create a beautiful, convenient, and sustainable environment. (EDC)

5. English Debating Contest

English Debating Contest (EDC) is an English-language debate competition which was first held in commemoration of the anniversary of the English Education Department Undiksha, Singaraja. The theme of EDC for this year was “Dare to Compete, Step Up to Lead.” This debate was followed by students of SMA / SMK as Bali. EDC was held for two days, 10-11 April 2012, held at the Ahmad Yani campus. The first day, 10 April 2012 was a preliminary round. The second day, 11 April 2012 was the quarter-finals, final and grand final. Each team consisted of 3 students. Thus, the total of participants was 66 students. Here are the winners of English Debating Contest 2012; • Winner 1: SMAK Harapan A • Winner 2: SMAK Harapan B • Winner 3: SMAN 1 Denpasar High School • Best Speaker: Geraldine from SMAN 1 Denpasar 6. Workshop Undiksha aims to produce teachers who have strong character and maintains a strong code of ethics as a teacher. Workshop held on 10 April 2012 in the seminar room Undiksha. The theme was ‘Innovative Learning Development Tool Based Character Education’. Seeing the importance of the implementation of character education, a teacher and prospective teacher should be able to apply national character values in each learning activity. In addition to improving the professionalism and ability to teaching, teachers and prospective teachers should be able to design innovative and interesting learning activities to cultivate the noble values of character education itself. 7. Potlight Potlight Party 2012 was an event where the whole family of EED gathering together. This activity


Soc-eve party: Recycled sound return

Potlight Party 2012 was an event where the whole family of EED gathering together. was held on April 13, 2012 at Auditorium Hall of Undiksha. The theme of Potlight party for this year was ‘Summer Aloha’. The activity held was very beneficial as a promotional event for all partners (sponsors) who will work closely with the Department of English Education. The event that was held such as: 1. Dance (promo costumes, makeup, dance studio) 2. Awards (products for gifts, plaques, food and beverage, etc.) 3. Acoustic Performance (studio music, costumes, food and beverage, etc.) 4. Talk Show (costumes, food and beverage, etc.) 5. Door Prize 6. Narratorical Drama (promo costumes, makeup, properties) 8. Social Charity This activity was held in SDN 3 Temukus on April 12, 2012. Implementation of the Social Activity is a place of learning and personal develop-

ment of students in various fields so that the students majoring in English Education Department not only has the ability in academics, but also has the ability in non-academic. In addition, this activity is also expected to ease the burden of students who are less fortunate, thus they will also be able to feel the happiness which was given by students from English Education Department Ganesha University of Education. Activities which were conducted were; demonstration of how to brush their teeth and wash hands properly with the bilingual introduction in Indonesian and English. The demonstration was considered to have an important role because it can assist students in maintaining their health. Not only that, they also get a contextual knowledge of the English language in accordance with the activities they do every day. In addition to these activities, the committee also donated books that can be used as reading material for students. Social service participants 2012 was consisted of faculty staff, some active students in English Education Depart-

ment, village officials, along with big family of SDN 3 Temukus. 9. Social Evening The final event of the anniversary series was Social Evening on April 15th, 2012. Social evening 2012 with a theme ‘The Hawaiian Pacific Feast (a tribute to our past, a toast to our future)’ had been carefully prepared by the committee several months before the event. The event was opened by the Dean of the Faculty of Language and Art by opening a treasure box. The event ran smoothly. The differences between the Social Evening 2012 event with the previous year was this the committee launched EED Anthem. The anthem has attracted the attention of the audience to sing along, especially students majoring in English education. Although some shows have moved to stage 2, and there were some problems in a slideshow, but the committee managed to handle it. All schedules went as planned, which could end up before 12 o’clock at night. (Ni Wayan Sugitariani & Rara Utari Dewi)

the splash • July 2012




The first winner (SMA K Harapan)

“This House Believe That Parents Should Be Responsible for Their Children’s Crime Ladies, and Gentlemen” well, that’s the opening speech from the debaters of English Debating Competition (EDC) 2012 on the Grand Final Round. That was an interesting debate competition on 10th until 11th April. Our beloved department was just celebrating its anniversary on the last April from 8th to 15th, and EDC was one of the events of Social Gathering 2012. EDC itself was held for the first time since the last English competition that known as English Contest which is quite similar with EDC.

cessful to attract many participants from all of the Senior High School in Bali. There were 22 teams from 15 schools were joining this Debate competition. It was a huge success that there were many participants joining this competition since our department just held this debate competition for the first time. The first day were the preliminary rounds in which in that preliminary round, it will determine whether the team could get into quarter final or not. The second day was the quarter final round, semifinal round, final round, and grand final round. The Chief of the Committee invited

It was a very tense debate on the Grand Final round, and it was hard for the adjudicator to decide the winner. According to the Chief of The Committee I Gusti Agung Paramitha Eka Putri, This English Debating Contest was held in purpose to make debate activity popular in Senior High school as well as aimed at encouraging the young generation to be more critical and logical in viewing the current issue. This competition used the World Parliamentary System in which the debate will be three people against three people. This system has been widely used in debate competition on the level of Junior and Senior High School, therefore the chief of the committee decided to use this system in the competition. This competition was held for two days since this competition was suc-

about thirty three adjudicators from our lecturers of English Education Department, students of Universitas Pendidikan Ganesha that have experience in debate, and the rest were from Elite Debate Bali. As it is a competition, then sure it has winner at the end of the competition. It was a very tense debate on the Grand Final round, and it was hard for the adjudicator to decide the winner. Eventually, the first winner of this English Debating Contest went to SMA K Harapan (Moudy Alfiana, Joshua Oswald Winslow Junior Huma, Ni Luh Ayu Desi Putri Pratami), the second winner came from SMK Harapan, and the third came from SMAN 1 Denpasar. The best speaker achievement was

The second winner (SMK Harapan)

achieved by Geraldine Vijjadevi Suwangsa from SMA N 1 Denpasar. The competition was finally closed nicely by our honorable Head of Department Dr. Ni Made Ratminingsih, M.A that she wasn’t forget to congratulate all of the participants for they have done a very good job in participating this debate competition also the committees for the hard work made. Everyone was so excited

The third winner (SMAN 1 Denpasar)

and satisfied with the result of the competition. Either the committee or the participants were expecting to join this kind of competition again the next year. So thanks to the committees for their hard work and also our lovely lecturers for their supervision for making this English Debating Competition went smoothly and grabbed its own success. Bravo EED! (Chintya & Rara)


the splash • July 2012



Wow! What a crowd!

May was a very special month that we all had been waiting for. Yup! This month, we celebrated our beloved university anniversary or we usually call it as “DIES NATALIS”. This year was the 6th DIES NATALIS of Ganesha University of Education. This event was organized by the committee from BEM and covered many important and interesting competition for all members of UNDIKSHA. With its amazing theme “Simplicity in Togetherness” DIES NATALIS was successfully held from April, 30th 2012 to May 11th 2012. There was about 25 competitions that were competed by the entire faculty of Ganesha University of Education. The first was sport competition, such as volley ball, basket ball, football, tennis, badminton, chess, bridge, and of course 6.5 km of beautiful hiking. Besides sports, there was also competition in art section. Some of competitions were choir group, vocal group, Pop Bali, Pop Dangdut, and Pop Indonesia, “Kidung”, “Kekawin”, “Geguritan”, Poetry Reading Contest, “Penjor”making, Balinese dance, “Tari Kreasi”, and “Baleganjur”. Last but not least contest in the scientific activities, such as National Seminar, Essay Competition,

“I am the Number Four and I’ll take you down!”

Balinese dance competition 

Don’t worry, I’m professional

and Safety Riding Workshop. Besides the afore competitions, there were also UNDIKSHA Expo, Carnival Parade, “Layonsari and Jayaprana” theatre and Malam Gelar Seni (MGS). UNDIKSHA Expo officially opened the series of DIES NATALIS event. It was held in auditorium of Ganesha University of Education, from April, 30th 2012 to May 3th 2012. For about forty stands from all of the departments, UKM and PMW in UNDIKSHA participated in the event, including from UKM and PMW also. There were a lot of things you could find in the expo, such as photography stand in EED’s ExPo (Extraordinary Port), Prophesy Stand by UKM Mapala UNDIKSHA, Movie stand by Information and Technical Education Department, Biology Stand that displayed human sperm, and a three old month embryo. There were also the Art Department Stand that opened temporary tattoo service also the Japanese Education Department that sold origami, and teru-teru boshu doll (doll which is used to avoid rain), which were very interesting, you could also write your wish in a piece of paper, and hang it on bamboo tree to make it come true (based on Japanese culture named “tanabata”). There were still many things that we can’t say one by one, but

obviously this expo was ROCK!!! While UNDIKSHA Expo was still ongoing, DIES’ schedule moved its next agenda that was the official opening ceremony. It is followed by DIES’ carnival on May 2nd 2012. Started at 09.00 AM, six faculties of UNDIKSHA that consists of their own departments dressed in their culture and took part on this event. They were doing a short walk from the front of Faculty of Sports’ senate building to the front of UNDIKSHA’s library. Not only did take a short walk, the participants from each faculty also presented parades, for instance the Faculty of Language and Art was doing a “sendratari” of Siwaratri Kalpa, and the Faculty of Sports was also presenting a parade of self-defense arts. As for sport activities in DIES NATALIS this year, we could watch volley ball, tennis, and football match. The volley ball match took place in UNDIKSHA’s Sport Stadium and it was held from May 2nd 2012 to May 7th 2012. This match was divided into two sections: male and female. The winners of male volley ball match were the Faculty of Sports in the first and third place, and the Faculty of Education Science in the second place. Meanwhile the winners of female volley match were the Faculty of Sports in the first place, followed by Faculty of Education Science in the second place, and the third place was achieved by Faculty of Mathematic and Science. At the same time, the tennis and football matches were also held in Ten-

the splash • July 2012

nis Court and Football Field of UNDIKSHA. Both of the matches were started on May 2nd 2012 to May 5th and May 8th 2012. For the first and the second champions of the football match were the Faculty of Sports, and the third place was given to Faculty of Education Science. Along with those games, other sports were also started in the following day. One of them was basket ball match that was held on May 3rd-May 9th 2012 in UNDIKSHA’s basket ball court. Also, badminton in UNDIKSHA’s Sport Stadium from May 5thMay 7th 2012, and bridge that took place in seminar room of Faculty of Social Education. It was held from May 4th to May 6th 2012. For male basketball, the first and the third place were dominated by the Faculty of Sports, and the second place was given to the Post Graduate Program of UNDIKSHA. For the female basketball, the first place was still awarded to the Faculty of Sports, the second place was given to the Faculty

Put your best grin and smile here since you can’t do that along the street later

Faculty of Language and Art was at rhe third position of Dies Natalis 6th competitions. They have got 6 gold, 8 silvers, and 4 bronze

Let’s go green and make this world stay fresh

of Education Science, and the third one was taken by the Faculty of Social Education. While for the winners of badminton were also still dominated by the Faculty of Sports where they won all games (in the male match, double males, and mingled one). As for the bridge, the Faculty of Social Education won the first position, the Faculty of Mathematics and Science in second place, and the third one was achieved by the Faculty of Technique and Vocational. Beside those competitions, chess was taking place for only one day. It was on May 4th 2012 in Faculty of Sports’ fitness room. The first champion of male chess was taken by the Faculty of Language and Art, the second position was achieved by the Faculty of Sports, and Faculty of Social Education in the third place. For the winners of the female chess, there was the Faculty of Sports in the first position, the Faculty of Social Education as the second winner, and Faculty of Language and Art as the third one. The last but not least the 6.5 km of beautiful hiking was held on May 8th 2012 where the route was from “Kampus Tengah UNDIKSHA”, Udayana Street, Pahlawan Street, Ngurah Rai Street, Pramuka Street, Gajah Mada Street, Ahmad Yani Street, Sudirman Street, and ended in “Kampus Tengah UNDIKSHA”. It started at 01.00 PM and finished around 06.00 PM, where in the first , the second and the third places were taken by the Health and Physical Education department. Apart from that, there were also art competitions that were held from May 4th 2012 until May 9th 2012. The first ones were vocal group, Pop Bali, Pop Dangdut, and Pop Indonesia. Those competitions were held on May 4th 2012 and ended at the same day in UNDIKSHA’s Auditorium. For the winner, of the vocal group were the


Faculty of Sports, the Faculty of Education Science, and the Faculty of Language and Art. Next contest were the poetry reading contest and Balinese dance. They were held on May 6th 2012 in “Wantilan Parahyangan” and Auditorium of UNIDKSHA. The first winner of the poetry reading contest was a participant from Faculty of Education Science. As the Sekar Jagat Dance contest, the Faculty of Language and Art won the first place. For the Cendrawasih Dance contest, the Faculty of Social Education gained the first position. “Baleganjur” and “Tari Kreasi” were the next events on the following day, May 7th 2012. “Baleganjur” was held on UNDIKSHA’s ceremony court and started at 15.00 PM, while “tari kreasi” was started at 19.00 PM in UNDIKSHA’s auditorium. For the first winners of both “Baleganjur” and “Tari Kreasi’, were achieved by the Faculty of Language and Art. The next day, choir group, “kidung, kekawin, and geguritan” contests were also conducted. Choir group took place in auditorium, while “kidung, kekawin, and geguritan” in “Wantilan Parahyangan.” Those contests started at 09.00 AM and ended in the evening. Well, for choir group, “kidung” and “geguritan” were taken by Faculty Education and Science as the first winner. For the “kekawin” contest the first place gained by Faculty of Language and Art. The last event in art competition was the making of “penjor”. This competition was a tight one

that was conducted on ceremony court on May 9th 2012, started at 09.00 AM to 15.00 PM. The Faculty of Education Science was again announced as the first winner at the competition. National seminar was also held as a part of DIES NATALIS this year. The theme of the seminar was “Through DIES NATALIS VI UNDIKSHA, we develop our integrity in educational services” it was held in UNDIKSHA’s seminar building on May 4th 2012. It started at 09.00 AM. Besides, a workshop about Safety Riding “One Effort to Build College Student Character that Concerns about Safety-Riding” also took place in the Post Graduate seminar room of UNDIKSHA, on May 5th 2012. This seminar was held based on the cooperation between BEM and PT. Astra International TBK-Honda, Denpasar. This seminar was expected to give the impact on students’ awareness in riding vehicles carefully. Meanwhile, essay competition was also held on May, 7th 2012 in Post Graduate seminar room. Before the final round, the preliminary round to select some essays that related to the theme and educational issues was conducted. Lastly, the medallions for each faculty were awarded. Come as a first champion of UNDIKSHA’s 6th DIES NATALIS was the Faculty of Sports. They got 11 gold, 7 silvers, and 6 bronze. For the second place was achieved by the Faculty of Education Science. They received 10 gold, 7 silvers, and 8 bronze. The third position was awarded to the Faculty of Language and Art. They have got 6 gold, 8 silvers, and 4 bronze. The fourth place was achieved by the Faculty of Social Education. They received 2 gold, 4 silvers, and 5 bronze. The fifth one was taken by Faculty of Technique and Vocational (1silver and 6 bronze). The sixth place was achieved by Faculty of Mathematics and Science (3 silvers, and 5 bronze). Last but not least, in the seventh position, Post Graduate Programmed received one silver. Well, we hope you enjoy and feel the euphoria of DIES NATALIS. Though all participants couldn’t be the winner, they have competed wholeheartedly for their own faculty. At least we’ve got new experience, new friends, and new spirit from this event. Keep trying harder and see you next year!! (Made Jane Purnama& Dewa Ayu Budi Suari)



the splash • July 2012


Dr. Ni Made Ratminingsih, M.A.

GREY COLLAR TO WHITE COLLAR Teng..teng..teng… Bell had rang out, suddenly tens of red white students came out from that school. But a little girl walked quickly, a basket of ice had waited for her, but it was not for her to taste them. “Wrapping ices had become my routine after school. No wrapping ices, no pocket money.” begin her childhood story. Who knows, this little girl becomes the Head of English Education Department (EED), she is Dr. Ni Made Ratminingsih, M.A.

“I hope my beloved children and also my beloved students become discipline and finally they will reach their success, even more than me”

Many people know that Ibu Ratmi who has two children is a discipline person. Her mother is a person behind it. “Although she just graduated from elementary school, but she is very tough.” Her mother treated her children as discipline as soldiers. Everything had been controlled; wake up, ate, worked and studied. Everything should be done correctly and on time. She used to take a beat from her mother. But she believes, there was a reason behind it. “We live in low economic background, fulfilled daily needs and also school fees by ourselves were not easy. We could not relax even in a minute. We should work together hand in hand.” Life in struggles forced her to work in a very young age. As the first child from four children, she had biggest responsibility to help her parents. After school she should wrap the ice which would be sold. Beside working with ice, this woman who was born in Sukasada, September 8th also familiar with needle and thread. As the children of a tailor, it was a must. “My mother had taught me sewing since elementary school.” She did her first work in sewing since third grade of elementary school. In addition, she also helped his father. “My father who just graduated from vocational school is just a paper man. Although he never asked me to help him, but I had so much pity on him when he was working alone.” She used her spare time to help her father by an old vespa, going through all Singaraja, delivering the newspapers to the costumers. “Helping him and at the same time having fun.” Education is the best way to come out from misery; a principal that was concerned by her parents. “Although they were only grey col-

lars, but they believe that education is considered as the most important thing for their children.” The test result of their children always was kept and they framed then put the academic charter on the wall. “They really appreciated our academic achievement, so that’s why we were always motivated to reach our best achievement.” After graduating from junior high school, Ibu Ratmi who is very active in writing for journal, continue her study at SPG Negeri Singaraja although she never had a dream to be a teacher. Clothes were the first factor which made her reluctant to be a teacher. “Honestly, I was like a boy and

I really didn’t like to wear skirt, high heels or hair bun or something that could make you look feminine.” But still, her parents forced her to continue her study there, economic reason. “I struggled, cried, disappointed because actually I really wanted to go to SMA Negeri 1 Singaraja, the most favorite school at that time. Fortunately, when she always got best achievement in class, it made her enjoyed her senior high life. “I had a boy friend at that time, he was a clever boy and we always challenged each other to have higher rank, but unfortunately we couldn’t continue our relationship.” she cracked joke

“Although sometimes the result is not as what I am expected, as long as I do my best, I never regret it.”

while smiling. “Achievements in senior high school had become an eraser, erased all of bad impression about being a teacher and I really enjoyed it.” When she was asking about her reason choosing EED, the answer was her father. Since childhood her father taught English that made her love English. “English words that I heard were so weird, so interesting for us. Moreover, he always taught while joking by using very simple language.” Graduated from SPG in 1984, she made sure her choice to take EED in FKIP UNUD. “I was really convinced that I will be an English teacher later.” Always focus; studying and praying were basic principal that should be kept in her mind. “I always believe that to get success we should try and do our best, although God will determine the result, thus, I believe in Karmaphala; good effort will produce good result, although we don’t know the time, but surely it will come.” All of her effort finally gave its nice result. In 1986, she got her first achievement in university as the first winner of Calon Guru Berprestasi which was held by FKIP UNUD. A year after, she was succeeded to be Indonesian representative from Bali for Indonesia-Australia Youth Exchange Program. “That was my first time stepped beyond seas, it was an incredible experience.” Actually, there was a unique story behind her success went overseas. Initially, she was asked to accompany one of her friends to have youth exchange selection test to Canada but then he asked her to join the test. “I wouldn’t see Australia if my friend did not force me. I ignored it firstly; I was so pessimistic. Finally I choose Australia. Thanks God, both of us could pass the test.” That experience made her tried to do everything optimistically. “Although sometimes the result is not as what I am expected, as long as I do my best, I never regret it.” she added. Then, chance to reach her goal as English teacher opened widely accidentally with her graduation ceremony. “At that time, Prof. Seken offered me the way to be a lecturer in IKIP Singaraja. She took that chance; collecting all of documents included her achievement charter and finally applied to be lecturer in IKIP Singaraja. Finally, she could reach her goal by receiving SK Pengangkatan Dosen in 1991. Although she had reached her dream, it did not make her to stop studying. In 1991, receiving scholarship, she continued his Master program in DEAKIN, Melbourne-Australia by taking School of Language, Interpreting and Translating department. Life is like a wheel; sometime we are smiling and in another time to be continued on the next page GREY COLLAR... 

the splash • July 2012



Made Dewi Suparwati


Dewi Suparwati as known as “NCUP” is a cheerful girl who puts her interest on theatre when she was in junior high school, exactly in the second grade. As we know that she becomes the leade of Kampus Seribu Jendela’s Theatre Club now. She said that she felt happy about that because her friends trusted her to handle them in organization. At the first time she thought that was a little bit hard to manage between her college time and also her event that should be handled in the organization. But she thought that responsibility can pick her to be more discipline as well as more responsible. Dewi was born in Dili TimorTimur on February 24th 1993. She studied at SD 2 Penarukan and she continued her study at SMPN 1 Singaraja and spent her High School at SMAN 1 Singaraja. She is the second of three daughters from Nyoman from the previous page GREY COLLAR... 

we are crying. The sorrow she felt at the death of her first child was almost too much to bear; it made her falling intomisery. “I should hang in medicine for almost four years; it was very difficult to accept the truth.” It rotated her life, no more spirit, no more hope. But, fortunately, there were always people who support her; her family, her friends became magic way to treat her illness. “Their sincerity in supporting me could get me up back.” In 2007 became the year to prove that she had been back as real Ratmi. “I had com-

Gede Sudana and Nyoman Parmita. She was inspired by her older sister because a long time ago her parents are very often comparing her with her sister. So she thought that she can be better than her. Then she proved it by excellent achievement in academic and non-academic sides. She said about her process to be the leader of theatre club. “Actually there are so many rivals at that time but then I have no target that I should be the leader of theatre club, because whoever the leader, I would help and still in the organization to explore my talent”, she told when we asked about the difficulties being a leader. “I just want to improve my ability but then when I was selected to become a leader of theatre club and then I think I was worth to be the leader because among the others I think I am the one who has the most visible mission to the future to my mitted to myself that I should get up.” Finally, she proved herself by being best graduate with cum laude title in her doctoral program in Universitas Negeri Jakarta in 2011. Although in her rat race being a head of EED and also lecturer, she still has obligation as a wife and also a mother. “Family is everything for me, my life is for my family.” Despite she does not have special time for her family, but still, love, honesty and togetherness are the most important things. “It is very difficult to manage the time for family and work, but I always try not to ignore one of them.

I think I was worth to be the leader because among the others I think I am the one who has the most visible mission to the future to my organization

Fortunately I have a family which always understands about my condition.” She never feels that every task that was given to her are burden. “Although it is hard, but it is not a burden for me. There are a lot of colleagues help me, support me and fill each other. And when I do it then feel the results are useful especially for others; for my beloved people, I really really enjoy my work.” So that’s why, Ibu Ratmi who is often invited as speaker in seminars in regional and also international always concerns on disciplining in her children and also her students.

organization”, she continued. Her love for theatre takes her to winning some competition. She became the 1st winner of Theatre Festival 2008, the 1st winner of Theatre Contemporary Competition in order to celebrate International Aids Awareness Day 2008 and also became the 1st winner in 2009. In 2010 she became The Best Participant Theatre Training and in 2011 she joined “Kereta Kencana” Theatre Parade Bali. She’s ever been a play director of “HAMIL” in Theatre Training 2010. Dewi isn’t only known for her achievement in Theatre. She is a very active student and became HMJ of EED in 2010. This meatball’s lover has a lot of new programs and already made a kind of plans on her theatre club. The most new program of hers is to make a kind of collaboration of performance with all of theatre clubs in Undiksha like Cemara Angin, Puntung Rokok, and other theatre club in Undiksha. So far there’s no competition hold by any organization to raise their ability, but she promised to herself if there’s one or there’s a kind of competition that can build up under the name of theatre, for sure she will join it. Dewi loves to spend her time to reading a motivational book and she just started to write a kind of poetry and any other kind of “Literature”, but still hard for her to write a scenario of drama. The one who usually write the scenario to back up their performance is Ms. Sonia and “Negeri Perempuan” is one of Dewi’s favorite scenario. While we’re asking about her hope to the next leader of theatre club if she’s retire, she just hope that the next leader can make the name of theatre well known not only in Undiksha but also outside and she also hope for the next generation to put their total effort in this organization. (Pebri & Maya)

“I realize that I am a strict person because I hope my beloved children and also my beloved students become discipline and finally they will reach their success, even more than me.” The woman who got predicate as the second winner of Dosen Berprestasi in 2006 also emphasized that effort is the most important thing in reaching our goal. “Success cannot be reached easily, thus, start and do whatever you want to reach because ‘a thousand theories will be nothing than an act’ do it, do it, and do it.” she said while closing the conversation. (Ngurah Arya Pramana)


the splash • July 2012

---------Hi everyone! We are back again in The Splash new version of fashion. We will discuss about popular fashion nowadays. We know, you know, they know, everybody knows Korean Style have become epidemic in Indonesia. Not only in popular city like Jakarta, Denpasar. But Korean style also influence small education city, Singaraja. Undiksha Singaraja has thousands students who has very good looking and of course stylisth. Undiksha students especially “The Girls” always try to updates their style to go to campus. It is why most of them love to buy clothes from online shop because online shop sells many kinds of Korean clothes. They always try to mix max their style in order to look up to date and confident. As a note guys, not all kinds of Korean shirt you can use to campus. I have some Korean style that might be appropriate to wear around the campus. Check this out! ----------

This is one of Korean style. She used cream trousers, and black t-shirt with silver bow. It is simple but really nice clothes. You can add golden bracelet, or tie your hair so it is looks more presentable. Most of us, you and you love to use trousers to go to campus because it is more confident to climb up three floors of stairs using trousers and we are freely to move whatever and wherever we like. Trousers also make us looks more casual. It doesn’t mean using skirt is not good. There are some skirts which are very stylish and cute.

Check this out! On this style we have skirt and T-shirt. What are the differences with the usual skirt? Of course this skirt is not usual. This skirt is not a black skirt as we usually see. This long skirt can be combined with white shirt or any different color. What makes it different is the way we wear the skirt. We wear the simple way. Put on your shirt first, then put on your skirt around your waist. I am so sorry, for girl who have over weight are not recommended to use this kind of skirt because it is not good for you. You better use the first style of clothes. Haha... I am kidding. Well beautiful, which clothes do you prefer to use? (Veronica)

the splash • July 2012

Are you bored with your hairstyle? Ok, then. If you feel so, you can try to make the cutie hair clip that match to you. Here are the steps! 

This is what we are going to create!


1_____Prepare; scissors, thread, red lace ribbon, red ribbon, flannel, glue, black button, and hair clip.

2_____ Heat the glue while you make two round patterns on flannel and cut it.

3_____ Sew the red lace ribbon with continuous line with stitches.

4_____ If you finish, stick it near the edge of round flannel with glue.

5_____ Make the ribbon shapes and tight them with thread. Stick the two ribbons with black tiny ribbon.

6_____ Stick the ribbon with glue on the flannel

7_____Put the black button upon the ribbon.

8_____ Put the other flannel on the back of the pattern to cover the ribbon

9_____ Stick the hair clip.

It is easy, isn’t it? You can use the hair clip upon your hair bond and change the colour of the hair clip depends on your favourite colour. You can try it from now. Good luck! (supported by Girl’s Stuff )

GADGET: Asus Eee Pad Transformer TF101

My Multiple Lifestyle Hi, guys. If you are hooked in gadgets, let’s check the newcomer from enormous technology corporation, Asus! You won’t believe that this newcomer is different with others Pad. The body is very slim, which is about 12.98 mm and the weighs only 680 g. If we are talking about texture, Eee Pad Transformer serves better tactile sensation. It won’t feel as if it will slip from our hands when we use it. It is great, isn’t it? The other new things are, this Pad is powered by the NVIDIA® Tegra™ 2 dual-core processors, which can help you browse in Web at amazing speed, and better performance in multi-tasking. It also provides the snappier response time and sporting a HMDI 1.3a port which can make the user can enhance the experience in multimedia.

This slimy Pad provides a full QWERTY keyboard that makes this tablet can turn into a full-fledged notebook. Is that all? Nope! There is another amazing side of this slimy Pad. Google’s Android 3.2 Honeycomb (4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich upgradable) is used which well-known to be used as revolutionary operating system and enable the user to communicate in casual computing. The last but not least, Asus Eee Pad Transformer TF101 is supported by Adobe® Flash® 10.2*2. Now, this gorgeous gadget is available in the stores. So, what are you waiting for, guys?! (Ni Luh Juniati Ratih)

This pad is powered by the NVIDIA® Tegra™ 2 dual-core processors, which can help you browse in Web at amazing speed, and better performance in multi-tasking.


the splash • July 2012

EED Leadership Training 2012

A Step to be a Young Successful Leader One day training program that gives self discovery experience; helps to learn about self-confidence and self-discipline. One day amazing training program as a step to be a young succesful leader, EED Leader Training 2012.

The event was held on Sunday, 31st March 2012 at Ruang Seminar FBS. “Through this program, the participants are expected to be able to apply what they get in the training in order to reach the goal; to be a young succesful leader.” said Dr. Ni Made Ratminingsih, M.A who opened the event officially. The training which was started at 8 am was followed by about 50 participants who were representative from each class in each semester in EED. EED’s Leadership Training 2012 is a sensational one-day training program. The event was begun with a seminar on how to improve self-discipline. A Seminar with the theme, “Menumbuhkembangkan Budaya Disiplin melalui Manajemen Waktu” was presented by Prof. Dr. Made Yudana, M.Pd, a successful lecturer from Civic Education Department. The seminar emphasized on building a discipline within our self in order to be impact to the others. “Self-discipline involves, acting according to what we think instead of how we feel in the moment. Often it involves sacrificing the pleasure and thrill of the moment for what matters most in life.” he said. Great enthusiasm came from the participants, it could be seen in the way they share experience and questions during the discussion section. For the next activity, the participants were invited in outbond program. The activity was coordinated by UKM Pramuka. At 2 p.m the participants moved to parking area near parahyangan Kampus FBS. In the outbound programs, participants were made to go through various outdoor activities where they would be required to face challenging situations as individuals and teams. Everyone enjoyed the outbound very much. All the participants confessed that this activity gave them much benefit especially in enhancing their soft skill.

ATTENTION! This is your captain speaking!

“Self-discipline involves, acting according to what we think instead of how we feel in the moment. Often it involves sacrificing the pleasure and thrill of the moment for what matters most in life.” Prof. Dr. Made Yudana, M.Pd This event is very useful to guide the participants to be a young leader. “This event guide the participants to know the important aspects that should be considered in order to be a young succesful leader.” Said Kadek Dwi Puspita Ningrum as the head of organizer commite. This annual event could help the participants to see the importance of communication, leadership, teamwork, planning and delegation.The participants experienced self-

discovery, learn about self-confidence and self-discipline and understand many things about themselves. Moreover, the activity was also emphasized on the importance of communication skill and teamwork. “This event guide the participant to reach their goal through interesting activities. Seminar or indooor activitiy will give them the knowledge or information about how to be a leader. Meanwhile, outdoor or outbound activity will give them the experience of how to apply the knowledge which has been received before.” said Indah Partami as the head of EED’s student community who finally closed the event officially.


image source:

the splash • July 2012

-------------------A couple was eating their meatball in one of the food stalls beside campus. One little touch on the girl’s back shifted their gaze. Apparently there was a little boy who lifted the palms of his hands with a miserable face. The girl seemed sympathetic and looked for her bag, perhaps tried to find money, but her boyfriend forbid her and chased the boy away. Being rejected, the boy moved to the other person near that couple and did the same thing again; lifting hand with a miserable face. -------------------There are so many beggars in the street; either they are young or old. People couldn’t easily judge who is really a beggar or not because actually some of them are having enough money. There are many cases known that some people pretend to be beggars for their own sake. They want to get money instantly without working too much. This situation should become our concern. Is this a reflection of our community now? We could just call him KN, a kid from the second grade of elementary school near Kaliuntu. His mother works at the market as a seller and his father works as a repairer of television. Maybe, KN isn’t a rich kid but at least, the money that his parent have earned could fulfil their needs. At that day, he and his friend were begging on Ahmad Yani Street in front of one drug store. When he was in-

What was the money for?

“Buy some snacks at school”

vestigated, he was wearing a football team’s shirt and pants without using any slippers. Pity, the people might think. His hair was dry and his sad eyes talked to the people around, begged for some money. If people didn’t aware, they could simply be manipulated by his appearance. In fact, ironically, KN was wearing a school pants which’s meant that he was a student. “I’m begging with my friend today,” he said innocently when one of the investigated

“We do not feel ashamed or sad for being beggars. The other friends do the same thing”

team asked him. His friend begged at a place which is not far from him, but KN couldn’t call him to join us. His friend was in the same school and the same grade as KN. They decided to beg at the side of street because of their own will. So, after school, they changed their clothes and started to do their ‘job’ from noon until the night comes. As what have been said by KN, there were lot of his friends who also begged for money. What was the money for? “Buy some snacks at school” he said innocently. Some of his friends even used the money that they got to rent play station or did the other enjoyable things. In one day, KN could get Rp 500,- until Rp 3.000,-. It could be categorized as lot enough to buy some snacks at elementary school. On the other place, the other beggar could gain Rp 2.000,- until Rp 5.000,-. When they were asked either they feel ashamed or not, KN answered “We do not feel ashamed or sad for being beggars. The other friends do the same thing.” In their little mind, begging was not a taboo. They thought that their activity was right and allowed. Ironically, their parents gave permission for them to beg on the street. They let their children asked for people’s sympathy to get money for their own selves. They just didn’t care. Is this one of the result of parent’s unawareness of their children? Or is this an evidence of moral and educational degradation in Indonesia? (rere & desak indah)

Ironically, their parents gave permission for them to beg on the street.


the splash • July 2012

Learning About Life with Writing

10th June 2012 maybe was a usual day for every person, but not for the audience who were sitting happily at RRI Singaraja. Why so? It was a special day for Gallang Riang Gempita, the cute and curly haired girl because it was a day when she launched her first novel titled ‘The Way You Look at Me’ for the first time. This was a common thing for the writers to create a novel and launch it. But, what makes it different is because this little girl is a young student of SMAN 2 Amplapura! What a great surprise! A girl who was accompanied by her beloved parents with a great pleasure has written the novel since she was in Junior High School. She titled her one of the trilogy novel similar with the titled of Christian Bautista’s song,’ The way You Look at Me’ and every chapter of her novel is titled as lyrics ‘The way You Look at Me’. Amazing? It is! Opened by Surya Kencana, a teacher of SMA Lab Undiksha as the moderator at that day, the icy situation was broken. Then the events was started at 9.36 a.m continued with a pray lead by Dayu with using poetry by Chairil Anwar titled Do’a. Special for that day, there were three commentator from Mahima Community there are; Shelvie (student of SMA Lab Undiksha), Kadek Desi Nurani, and the leader of the community, Mrs. Kadek Sonia Piscayanti, S.Pd,M.Pd as well as the EED lecturer. About 50 audiences at that day came to see the launching of Gallang’s novel. Shelvie, as the first commentator, said that her novel is very interesting because there are a lot of surprises. The story is unpredictable, especially at the end when the story reveals the character’s deaths. Desi Nurani has the same opinion about this novel where the triangle love between Phyrra, Kinan and Wibi, the three main characters in the novel is unusual. Phyrra who is falling in love with Kinan finds her new love, Wibi after Kinan left her alone. Who can have an idea that Wibi is Kinan’s uncle? At this point, Desi concluded that love can heal the disappearance. The communicative language use, the unique

names of characters (Deucalion and Apyr) make the novel interesting. The next was a comment from Mrs. Sonia who also made a short paper about the novel which has 250 pages. The novel with conventional themes as love, life, and immortal silent touched her because the characters had the relation with her, too. Bli Budhi, for example, the artist who own Snerayuza Art Studio is her best friend. She also said that the characters in the novel are very strong through the direct and indirect description. The use of first person point of view as the main character has influences the power of story. So, Gallang can explore as well as put her imagination wildly to the character. “Suspense and surprise also becomes the magnet in this novel,” she said. The part that got the more attention to mother of Putu Putik Padi here is the setting of the novel. Gallang seems to have an exact knowledge of places she used in her novel and put some details into it. The discussion session after

Danan, Akar, Tika, Dewa, Wahyu and Pogot from Mahima, the audience were very comfortable at that night. The event was opened by Sutaningrat Puspadewi as the Master of Ceremony. The audience came from many art communities in Singaraja, such as Ilalang Community, Ampas kopi Community, Cemara Angin Community, and students from SMP/SMA in Singaraja. The first sessions were symbolization of the book launching to there of twelve writers of prose and poetry anthology ‘Hadiah untuk Langit’. Then, the event was continued by Kadek Sonia Piscayanti as editor of ‘Hadiah untuk Langit’. She also invited ten writers to speak and read poems, there are; Akar Narwastu, Putu Mas Ayu P.F, Paramitha Eka Putri, Kadek Desi Nurani Sari, Rekha Ad’ha Norvie, I Ketut Manik Sukadana, Shelvie, Ketut Ria Agustini, I Wayan Sumahardika, A.A.A Rahatri Ningrat. Meanwhile, Citra Sasmita and Sayu Qomariah couldn’t come because of some reasons. At this session, Sonia said that this book was created to twelve talented writers who haven’t got much attention from mass media to show their ability to public. But, she wasn’t change the content of every prose and poetry. Sonia just chose what was good enough to be published. Mahima Communnity who has some members of EED students also launched a book of Bu Astuti titled ‘Beri Aku Waktu’ which is the anthology of her poetry. Bu Astuti showed her great performance of reading a poem. It such an amazing time to sit and hear her voice up and down, create a beautiful rhythm to make the poem ‘alive’. The discussion session was conducted for several minutes, same as after launching ‘Hadiah untuk

Langit’. There are some vouchers from Togamas about Rp 50.000,00 special for Mahima’s book only for those who asked the good question. The event that day was closed by album launching and performance from Cemara Angin, Mahima Community and Ampas Kopi. For more information, the books and the album are available in the book store now. The event can be over, but the euphoria won’t disappear because for audiences, they already understood that life can also be learnt through writing. (Pande Putu Resita Wulan)

What a great surprise! SHE has written the novel since she was in Junior High School! was interesting because many people want to ask some questions to Gallang. This session was used to give four free novels ‘The Way You Look at Me’ for those who asked the good question. At the end of the event, Gallang and her father announced that the second novel would be published soon at 17th February 2013, precisely at Gallang’s 17th birthday. But, that day wasn’t over yet. After the great morning with Gallang, at 19.30 WITA also was held a book launching ‘Hadiah Untuk Langit’ by Mahima Community,’Beri Aku Waktu’ and musical album based on the novel ‘Karena Aku Ingin Berlari’ by Kadek Sonia Piscayanti in the same place. Opened by music performance by

the splash • July 2012




War among brothers, where Pandawa and Korawa were struggling for getting the throne. A story about sacrifices and determination from a son, parental affection, self-confidence, self-esteem of a warrior and sincerity of a wife. Gandamayu is a novel written by Putu Fajar Arcana. A novel which tells us about some parts of Mahabharata in which the initial setting of the story is a place called Setra Gandamayu. This place was considered as the scariest spot in the globe. It is the most chilling cemetery to visit, not only by humans, but also Gods. It further tells us about Dewi Uma who had been cursed by her husband, Deva Siwa. She was cursed to be Dewi Durga, the cruelest Goddess and also the Goddess of death. The sincere and beautiful Dewi Uma had to go through her way to be Dewi Durga not because she did something wrong. She had to do it as her token of faith toward Dewa Siwa. When Dewa Siwa cursed her, he told her that Sahadewa, the descendent of Pandu, was the one who was able to turn her again to become

Dewi Uma. Therefore, Dewi Durga ordered Kalika to bring Sahadewa to her. Kalika was once also one of the angels in heaven. However, she did an unforgivable sin because she slayed her own husband and other forty people. Kalika possessed Dewi Kunti, who




Putu Fajar Arcana






190 pages

was once Sahadewa’s step-mother, and then dragged Sahadewa to Setra Gandamayu. Dewi Durga threatened Sahadewa to face the death if he was not able to turn her back. He was about to be killed, but fortunately Dewa Siwa came and possessed his body. He cast a spell that changed Dewi Durga to turn back into Dewi Uma. As Dewi Durga turned back into Dewi Uma, Setra Gandamayu also turned into a beautiful flower garden. This novel then tells us more about the war between Pandawa and Korawa. Pandawa was closely defeated by Korawa because two strong giants namely Kalantaka and Kalanjaya helped them out. Even Bima and Arjunawho were considered as the strongest warriors were kneeling. Afterward, Nakula went to Setra Gandamayu to look for Sahadewa. He somehow believed that he was still alive. We can find so many values in this novel. Reading Gandamayu makes me wondering about so many things. Some of my favorite parts are as follows: “Ketika kebodohan dan kemiskinan membekap kita, maka hanya ada dua pilihan yang mungkin, yakni mengabdi pada penguasa atau sekalian menjadi bajingan.” (page 74)

“Nafsu amarah yang setiap saat keluar menjadi aura tidak menyenangkan pada alam sekelilingnya.” (page 87) “Rasa hanya berhubungan dengan ketulusan, terimakasih kita atas anugerah makanan yang diberikaan hari ini oleh alam.” (page 89) Although Gandamayu is a literature-based novel, but PutuFajar Arcana has successfully narrated the novel with a simple and interesting style. Hence, the reader will enjoy this novel even by words. However, everything in the world is not truly perfect, though. This novel also reveals some weaknesses, especially in terms of point of view. It is obvious that the writer is not really consistent because he uses first person point of view when he tells us about Sahadewa, but he uses third person point of view in the other part of the story. Although this novel has some inevitable weaknesses within the construction of the story, I personally think that this novel is really great despite of the fact that I rarely read an epic like Mahabharata. If someone insists me to give score to this novel from 1 up to 10, I will give it 7. (Komang Yudistira Adi Nugraha)

A story about sacrifices and determination from a son, parental affection, self-confidence, self-esteem of a warrior and sincerity of a wife


the splash • July 2012

Fear, scar and love, and the healing of hunger of laugh will be delivered through my tales, through my whispers of imagination that’s wild, that’s dancing with the grass and weed. Don’t you see the roots of the trees? Which are strongly keeping the earth’s heart. They are growing from my tales, from my fairy tales… *** “Son, if you’ve already grown up and become a man, what are you going to be?” Father asked. I, who was asked that question, was not stopping my current activity: reading an illustrated story book. “Son, listen to me. In the future, what are you going to be?” Father repeated. I starred on the Father’s eyes for a moment and answered, “I’m going to be a story-teller.” “A story-teller?” “Yes, Pa. A story-teller, that’s it.” I came back to my story book and cut the connection off. Since that short conversation, Father became uneasy. He was a cold-silent-man, but he had changed. He was frequently mooning in the living room, and then sitting on the table, starring at his own feet, and then standing up again, mooning again, and going out to veranda with his cup of coffee. On the veranda, he would think for whatever in seconds, and then would walk to my room. He would back to the question again. “Son, in your future, what are you going to be?” “A story teller, Pa.” “Is it a story teller who always tells stories, fairy tales to child, to everyone else?” “Yes, Pa. It is.” “It is only that you are going to be?” “Yes, Pa.” I cut off the connection again. Father was failed reaching me back. He was turning to madness. He screamed and called Mother. “Ma! Ma!” Mother came with her knife. She was in the kitchen when father called. “What’s going on, Pa?” “Just ask your son! Ask him what he is going to be in his future!” Mother took father’s challenge to ask me. That was another frustrating conversation. Father and Mother left my room bringing their disappointment. I was not moving from my first answer. I was going to be a story-teller. Being a storyteller was all what I want. They said that my future plan was totally nonsense. A child should have a high dream. I should say that I want to be anything that belongs to the list of ‘ideal-profession’: doctor, pilot, policeman, lawyer, and civil-


story-teller?” I was still in silent. I knew it, I knew it well. When I answered that question, Father would cut it off with his thinking that being a story-teller was not prospective, was not prestigious, and would not bring my life to a proper place. He thought that being a story-teller was nonsense. I knew his scenario. I know it well. I know it well, that Father had not understood me yet.

illustration: Childhood Dream by skema9

I want to live on what I believe as my soul, my passion. Forgive me, Father, for not being what you want. servant. Of course, story-teller was not in that list. According to Father and Mother, story-teller was not even a profession. It was not deserved to be in any child’s dream. I had been in eighth grade. I still loved the time of mine when dreaming together with my story book, my imagination. Father still loved to come to my room and ask me the same question for years. “Son, what are you going to be in your future?” he asked. I took a

deep breath. I didn’t want to answer anything. He was too stubborn. “Son, listen to me. About your dream, are you sure that you only want to be a story-teller?” he asked again, with a higher pitch. I took one more deep breath. I was sick of answering these kinds of question again and again over time, for years. Didn’t he understand my unchangeable answer and just stop asking? “Well, I will ask another question. Why do you really want to be a

*** Father comes, with Mother. It is a visit. He holds a big bag in his hand, and put it on my desk. “Open it, Son,” he says. I open it and find that lots of books are smiling at me from the opened bag. “Read it for your children, Son. Bring a light for them through those books,” Father says and it blows the grass in my chest instantly. I am weeping, happily. They request a school tour without me as the guide. They are going to go after greeting all of the teacher and children. That is what they have planned. They give me a letter in an old envelope. After they have gone, I open it and read. “Father, I want to be a storyteller. I want to be a world-traveler through my stories, through my tales. I want to say ‘I love’ through my voice of telling tales, through my works of bringing imagination to the real. Father, does a proper place only mean that I should have enough money, good clothes, and two acres of house for live happily? I want to live on what I believe as my soul, my passion. Forgive me, Father, for not being what you want.” O, this was what I wrote when leaving home, before I found myself living on the pavement with lot of waifs and telling them a story of Hansel and Gretel. This was what I wrote before I worked with the dead imagination of children who grow up too fast. They grow faster since the time now is a fast runner. This was what I wrote before I began to come to schools to deliver my tales, and then finally built my own once. Ah, it was far before that time. Roots, earth, and grass, have been woven to my tales. My life has been in a proper place. Bring me nothing, except water and air. Yes. This is the way, The way I want for living. *** “Good morning, Sir,” a student of grade four greets me nicely. “What tales will you tell in my class today?” She smiles. Those two big round eyes are wet, but not weeping. Ah, my days are always this warm.

the splash • July 2012



Mey Mirah Mahadewi

My heart’s beating fast. I’ve been running for an hour but still I couldn’t see lights from the camp. My cell phone had no signal so I used it only to brighten my sight in this darkness. It’s only 6 pm but I couldn’t see anything. I think it was because the weather, it’s been raining since yesterday. It is drizzling right now. I tighten up my hoodie because it’s getting colder. The ground is so slippery; thank god I’m wearing boots. I only had a small pocket knife to cut some branches in my way and a bottle of water; which I’ve finished them just now. How can I end up like this? At first, everything was under control. We went to Lamayan Forest in the morning to celebrate our last day in orientation time as a new college student by camping together with the seniors and some lecturers. We started to cook and prepared our tent together in groups. At 3 pm we did tracking to the middle of the forest and saw a beautiful lake down there. Not only the trees, but the lake is also green. It was very smooth and shiny from the outside. Some places in the middle of the lake were moving. The water was splashing. Maybe there was something -or someone- trying to dig up the surface. No flowers there, only bushes and some strange plants with brown color. I tried to asked seniors about those plants, but no one knows. I feel hypnotized with the view and started to day dreaming. “Hari! What are you thinking about?” asked Sandra “Nothing, just some melancholies things in our life. The lake is hypnotizing. Don’t you think so?” “No, I don’t think so. It’s just a plain lake, nothing special from It.” she said. On the way back to the camp, I still had those imaginations. About college, about mother, home, work, future husband, childhood, and many things which sometimes you thought about them just to kill the time. I wondered what I will be in the next five years, ten years from now. Will I be rich? Will I be success? Or will I be ended up in some places that I don’t even dare to think about? My brain started working; thinking about future and day dreaming. It didn’t sounds like a fatal thing to do in the forest, which actually it did. When I woke up from my day dreaming, everyone was gone. Everyone. Including Sandra. I’m alone. I didn’t even see the trace of them. What was I doing back then? Where am I now? I couldn’t even remember. Now, it’s only me, mist and the pocket knife. The rain has stopped, but it didn’t mean that it will be easier to get out from this situation. It’s getting darker and darker. The mists haunted me and chill my body. I started to feel afraid. I did afraid

I moved my feet faster than before, until I saw something swished next to me... from the first time I got lost, but now the feeling has grown bigger. I heard someone was stalking me. “Crack!” a branch creaks behind me. I looked back. Nothing was there. I tried to walk faster. I was too exhausted to run again. I checked my cell phone on my left hand; the signal still SOS. While my right hand still grabbing my pocket knife and actively cut the bushes to prevent me from being scratched by them. “Crack!” a branch creaks behind me. I didn’t dare to look back. I moved my feet faster than before, until I saw something swished next to me; a black shadow that I couldn’t see clearly. I decided to think that nothing happened and just continued my wandering in the forest. “Whoosh!” a black shadow swished again.

I stopped. I moved my cell phone to see what it was. Something like a death angel with his long black gown appeared. He stared at me. I couldn’t see his eyes; a hollow was there in replace for his eyes and mouth. He stopped, floating with his gown waving by the wind. Only for seconds, and then swished again. I couldn’t move my leg. Damn. Realizing that he’s gone, I pushed myself to run again, cutting bushes and lighten up my way in this surrounding mist. The ground below me was so slippery because of the rain. It’s hard to run over it. My breath was so heavy, my head’s hurt and I almost couldn’t feel my legs. I just kept running and tried to ignore the black shadow. “Whoosh!” he appeared once more. I was scared. I thought about God.

I thought about my day dreaming, my parents, friends, my future; future child, future work, future husband. I wished God would help me here. I need Him! “Whoosh!” the death angel swished in front of me. “Crash!” I got shocked and fell down to the ground. I hurt my arm. My hoodie was ripped and I dropped my pocket knife. My heart beat faster. I tried to get up on this slippery ground and pulled my self together again. I continued to run and run and I still could hear swishing from behind. “I’m not gonna die here. Not like this.” I talked to my self. I kept running with my cell phone on my right hand now, replacing my pocket knife. I didn’t care about the scar on my arm and ignored the bushes which hurt my body and my face. I just wanted to go home and saw my parents again. The more I tried to run, the more I prayed to God. The swishing black shadow sometimes still appeared, but finally, I started to see lights from the camp. The feeling to see the lights was so absurd, like when you were running through tunnel without knowing how long the tunnel is but finally manage to see the end of the tunnel. I rushed to the light and seek for help. “Help! Help me!” People still didn’t realize my presence, and then I tried to approach them closer and yelled louder. “Help! I’m hurt! Please help me!” “Hari! What happened to you?!” someone reached and hugged me. I couldn’t remember who. He helped me to walk and brought me to some place warmer. “Why do you come alone? Where’s the others?” he asked me. “I don’t know, I got lost. I thought I will be the last person to arrive here.” I answered his questions. “They all stuck in the forest and couldn’t go back right now because of the landslide. How could you go back here by yourself?” he asked me in a shocked tone. As shocked as my face to know that fact too. *** Far there behind, came a sound from a person talking through a walkie-talkie: “Coming headquarter, coming. This is BetaOne. We still stuck in the forest, the landslide is getting worst. But we find a pocket knife covered under the landslide. There’s Hari’s name on it. Is Hari there? We can not find her in our group! Is Hari there, Headquarter? Roger please! Is Hari there? ...”


the splash • July 2012


I Do to Me Indah Partami Putri

The world looks the same to me everyday. The trees, the winds, the rain, the dusts, the sun, they always look the same tone everyday. What is wrong with them. Nothing. What is wrong with me. Nothing. It was just the same things, the same objects, the same story over and over again. Not much can be change. Not to change them. Not to change me. Besides, what to change, who to change, how to change. “One step? No no..” One step to back, see my feet. I am confuse of my self. I was in green zone. The place where I was comfortable. Do not affraid with something. The place where I was confident with my self and smiling when people welcome with me. The place where anything in a good situation. Nothing tears, nothing sadness, only happiness. But now I am in yellow zone. See my feet again. It looks like a sturdy pillar. The sturdy pillar that planted in comfortable zone. It makes me doubt to take some step. To move my self into challenging zone. It felt so heavy. Yes! Because of my doubt. The doubt on my mind. What happen with me? Nothing What is wrong with me? Nothing Hi you! Who is that? Me? Yes! You are.. My body! My mind! Look at your self!” Too morning stuck in the middle of this life. Do not see feet only. Look at the future. Just go ahead. Doing something, and move on. Silent. Keep silent, and calm. These lips can not say something, although one word. This mind is frozen and still confuse in doubt. Poor!. The wind blowing so boisterous, passing my body. The sun still devoted at east

Should I required to perform a new breakthrough? Although it previously has been very well received by those around me? horizon, and paying attention to me. Planted in this condition is like you lay on your bed and drift with freshment of this situation. “Oh.. mama, I am fine. I am happy. I am confident with my self. This present. Everything is already

happened according my plan. I am success mom!” sream in my mind, because my lips is silent and keep silent. “Í dont wanna move from this place, mom! I am scare, I am affraid if a new step will fail.” mumble in my mind.

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Just realize that it is already in red zone. Stuck. Stop. No movement. No change. Because I feel satisfied in a good situation. This self drifted into the conflict between thought and feeling. deep into the conflicts that make this self-concerned. Should I go and make changes? though I've been in a comfortable zone? Should I required to perform a new breakthrough? although it previously has been very well received by those around me? Suddenly, the bravery is coming and spliting this situation, such as lightning strikes during the day. This head is lifted. This body re-built. This hands clenched. Conflict had resulted in a determination. Great determination and strong. I up this leg from the red zone. A brave step, 2 step, 3 and it turns out I can afford. I can. I go the next step to get out of this zone, I do a change. I start from the mind, determination and spirit. I am doing for myself. I would not be carried away in a monotonous zone. I will prove it to them, the wind, the trees, the rain, the sun, and the dusts. Yes.. I can! I can do something new. I could do something with these hands and feet. My world no longer look the same every day. I would change myself, on my way. This was during my morning, and not too late to do so. I begged for in, get out of your comfort zone if it is not to make you comfortable again. and do a change. but in this change, I remain, only the determination, spirit, and a mind more advanced changes. for something more challenging and useful. I still was I Hi my self! Welcome to my new adventure. In a new zone. My face to the sun.

the splash • July 2012



-You See Day When I See Nightby Emelie Franc I see the moon and I wonder if she’s watching you She may seem half to you but she’s hiding in the light She needs the darkness to shine, like you sometimes Hiding in delight Hours go by in conversation With the world between us Your distant words travel through my morning When you say before you go to sleep, “This is the best end of the week” We are framed by the same sky But the moon is shy in your direction She will shine for you when I’m dazzled by daylight You see day when I see night I see day when you see night

When I Say It’s True, It’s True by Kadek Sonia Piscayanti Hi dear, are u lonely. Yes, why. Just asking. Don’t ask. I am ok. I know u’re not. Shoot. It has nothing to do with you. You said. I think I have something to do with you. Nothing Yes. What. Love Shoot. Why Nope. I know. Yes, it’s true. It’s true. Silence. Both. Silent. Cold. Bitter.

The Evening .

The Little A

by Lokita Purnamika Come to my thought Along this two years I realize what I sought Not the A, also not the praise more But the self-identification core That makes me right where I belong That makes me right doing things I get along

by Mey Mirah Mahadewi The sun sets. Burning. Everything is red including my eyes. The sky reflected in red and so does the clouds. The sun gives beautiful goodbye for the day before he sets. The sky gets dark. Calm down. Everything is black including my eyes. The sun has gone and the world is silent. I could hear my breath; and his too. The moon comes out. Smooth and shine. Everything is shining including his eyes. We taste each lips slowly under the moon. And everything red, black and white melted into one.

Alone in Lifeless World by Chintya D He was little and blank She was fragile and innocent They are prisoners of Hades Kingdom, That none dare to in, none………….. The sun has turned to grey As they are crawling on the corner Waiting in fear for angels would come But none come, none………. The light has been fading since ages Only the darkness was their veil The scream, cry, and blood is left With piece of hope they have on their blurry vision Looking on the lifeless world they live And none care, none…………

The Splash_Edition 9_July 2012  

Welcome to the 9th edition of The Splash. Stroll through the success story of the first Debating Contest in EED. Or, don’t you want to know...

The Splash_Edition 9_July 2012  

Welcome to the 9th edition of The Splash. Stroll through the success story of the first Debating Contest in EED. Or, don’t you want to know...