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A Hero or Just A Duty?

What will come first in your mind when you hear the word “hero”? There will be thousands of answers to this simple question. This definition may vary based on its contextual use. In education world, hero is defined as an admired person for doing something brave or good because of having quality and skill to make some improvement in education itself. We believe that a teacher is a person who is well-known as a hero without any renown, but is there any same perception for PPL-Real students? Various opinions to say that PPL-Real students become heros both for themselves and the school can be seen as follows.

“Yes, sure!” said Agung Bintang as one of PPL Real students in SMA Baktiyasa Singaraja when she was asked whether she could be a hero or not as the PPL-Real student. She believes that her capability in managing the class is able to change the way in transmitting the lesson. As an illustration, to make the lesson more amusing, she always conduct such kinds of games or riddles that deal with the materials, so indirectly the students will learn by those creative things. As she teaches, she also finds other creative ways in developing the students’ new spirit to learn. One thing to remember, she keeps trying to create a good atmosphere to make the class enjoyable. The first thing that she does in teaching is to motivate the student to learn. It aims to develop students’ self confidence in learning, particularly English. The PPL Real students can become a friend for the students because the topic of their talking is quite the same. Because of that, the students feel closer to the PPL Real Student. They can share anything about the lesson in class or their personal problem which can be shared outside the class. In that time, she can feel that she brings a change to the student and she is proud of her self. Furthermore, there is an additional value about PPL Real students in students’ point of view. Cahyani, a student of LAB SCHOOL, said, “I can catch the point of the lesson faster after being taught by a PPL Real student”. The same thing also happens to her classmates. By being given mnemonic bridge, they can memorize the point of the lesson easily. Also, the students feel more relax in PPL Real student class instead of having their real teacher’s class. It is due to the ice breaker activity in the middle of the lesson, so it keeps their heads fresh.

The last proof comes from the teachers at school. Since the PPL-Real student’s arrival, the teachers’ duty is lighter than before. They can replace the teachers’ job when the teacher cannot attend the class. Besides, with PPL Real student’s success in handling the class, it automatically helps the teacher in changing the students’ habit from paying less attention to be more enthusiastic in joining the class. By having those facts above, it is proven that PPL Real students can be heros both for themselves and the school indeed. Contributed by -Anggraeni, Santi, Susanti-

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Teacher in students’ point of view Teacher is everything...... without teacher we can not learn well. They teach us to be good and succesfull students. Many people get their success because of being educated by the teachers. They realize that they would never be successful if they did not apply the advices of their teacher’s. Besides that, teachers teach their students without asking any recompense. That is why teachers have important role for us and it can be said that teachers are the real hero in this era.

We as students of this era ought to have an opinion about what a good teacher is and what type of the teachers that has been dreamt by the student. Eka Wijaya (XI IPB) from Lab School Undiksha said that a good teacher is a teacher who always cares of the students’ condition. If there is one student who does not understand about the lesson, the teacher should give more explanation to the student. Another opinion comes from Ayu Widhiyani and Dyta. They are 9th students of Junior High School at Lab Scool Undiksha: “Good teacher for us is a teacher who understands how to score the students.” They also said that a good teacher should not be angry easily towards the students. Smile is very important for a good teacher in their point of view. Inovative teachers is also very important to make their students feel comfortable in joining the class. They can make their students feel free from being underpressured in following the lesson, such as by giving games, jokes and singing a song together etc. Those statements are also strengthened by Dewa Putu Nares. He agreed that a good teacher should create a good atmosphere for the entire classroom. Based on those opinions, we can conclude that every student has their own opinion about the characteristics of a good teacher. So, how about you? (Contributed by Dayu Agung, Harthini, Ayu Nurwiyanti, Eka Sekyawati, Aksari, Sudarsini, Widiya Sari).

FROM THE EDITOR: First of all, we’d like to say sorry since our 4th edition is too much late. Now we are talking much about teacher. Talking about teacher, I remember in 1990s, there was a good jingle from TVRI entitled “Guru Jasamu Tiada Tara”. For you who were born after 1993, perhaps you have never seen the advertisement nor heard this Indonesian lyric: Kita jadi pintar dididik Pak Guru Kita jadi pandai dibimbing Bu Guru Guru bak pelita, penerang dalam gulita Jasamu tiada tara… This Public Service Advertisement (iklan layanan masyarakat) was well-known amongst the teachers and also the students at that era. It used to be shown just before the Dunia dalam Berita news program. But unfortunately, since there were many changes in political climate that influenced TVRI as national public broadcasting institution, this ad was off-aired until now. If you want to know more about the song, you can ask your teachers or perhaps your parents. The ad was so inspiring, that teachers should be a “light” for the students, it means that it is not just a matter of a TEACHER, but also a FRIEND, PARENTS, or even A PERSON TO SHARE WITH. As students, too, we must respect the teachers. One small thing to do is to study hard and get away from drugs! (Arya Lawa Manuaba).

The Splash

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Mrs. Padmadewi is one of the great ladies in English Education Department, Undiksha. She started her profession at 1987. In the beginning, she did not like to teach because she was not confident of herself that she was able to make other people happy to study. After teaching for several times, she knew that she could make her students like English. Unconsciously, she came across a fact that all of her burden would disappear as she taught. Furthermore, by being a teacher, she realized that she becomes a useful person for the students. A teacher assists students to know and understand something that they do not know before. Mrs. Padmadewi wants her students to be a good teacher who has good attitude as well as good willing to learn. 1. To be a professional teacher.

Editorial Staff CHIEF EDITOR: Made Hery Santosa, S.Pd, M.Pd. EXECUTIVE EDITOR: Arya Lawa Manuaba, Agus Pramerta EDITORS: Dani Wahyudi, Dian Sawitri Arya Lawa, Mettasari WEB DESIGNERS: Dani Wahyudi, Ari Wiranata Widiantara, Wirayadnya Sukma Julista LAY OUT: Nopi Suardani, Eka Susanti, Yulia Martayani, Ari Yuliati PRINTING AND PUBLISHING: Trisna Dewi, Ari Widnyana Ary Wijaya, Anjani PROMOTION AND ADVERTISEMENTS: Siska Paramita, Dian Indrayani Lismana Dewi, Swari Larasati JK,Dudik, Mettasari, Luh De STAFF: Tisna Endirianti, Dayu Surya Astini, Dhias, Katreni, Priti Arsani, Triani. Dayu Agung, Harthini, Widiya Sari, Aksari, Sudarsini, Ayu Nurwiyanti, Eka Sekya. Sri Darmawati, Istri Wijayanti, Ari Anggraeni, Santi Oktarina, Budiari, Ray Sulyantha. CONTACT: HMJ English Education Department, Undiksha, Jalan Ahmad Yani 67, Singaraja 81116. 085237814391 (I.B. Arya) // 08123658076, 081805355570 (Made Hery Santosa)

According to Mrs. Padmadewi, a professional teacher should know his or her responsibility and right. In other words, just follow the rule and our heart. 2. A teacher should not be arrogant. In this case, a teacher must not employ his/her authority in giving score. The Splash was also wondering about Mrs. Padmadewi’s opinion about today’s education in Indonesia. On one side she feels happy because of good development of ICT even though it only can be done partially. It means that, the ICT development only reaches big cities or towns. In addition, she is also happy that 90% of school buildings have got contribution from government. As a result, most of the school buildings are in good condition that can bear comfortable atmosphere for ... (to page 4)

GUYS, GET READY FOR A DARK DAY! Prepare youself with sunglasses, telescope, or sunblock cream in January 2009! Why so? Hmm..., our sun will be eaten by Kala Rahu on January 2009, and you should see it! Annular solar eclipse (solar eclipse in which the edge of the sun’s surface is not throughly blocked by the moon, so its shape’s like a sickle or ring) is estimated to occur next year and Indonesian people will be able to see it clearly on January 26, 2009! This is a rare event to see!

The commencement of the eclipse will be seen around southern Hindian Ocean at GMT 06.06 (around 14.06 WITA) then moving towards Southern Sumatra, Western-Central-Eastern Kalimantan, and Gorontalo before it is seen to end in the southern Mindanao, Philipina at 09.52 GMT (17.52 WITA). The peak of this eclipse in which moon will block 92.82% of the sun’s surface will be seen lasting for 7 minutes 54 seconds only in one single country: Indonesia! Wow, there will be many tourists, scientists, and astronomers going to Indonesia at that time. For you, prepare your best camera. Who knows, this is the greatest event in your life. REMEMBER, you MUST NOT see the eclipse with naked eyes. (contributed by Arya Lawa Manuaba, as adapted from Beta-UFO Indonesia).

Vol.4 The Splash

MRS. PADMADEWI... (from page 3). ...studying. On the other side, Mrs. Dewi is very disappointed with the quality of English teachers. Why is she so? It is because the teachers are not critical enough in choosing books which are used by the students. According to her, some of the books contain many grammatical mistakes which can affect the students understanding. Also, she said that KTSP cannot be well applied by some of the teachers even though it is a good opportunity to be innovative in teaching. Besides, teachers’ weakness is in managing the class. By the end, Mrs. Dewi gave her advice to the teachers and the students. For the teacher, she said that teacher should keep learning to facilitate themselves to be ready for new innovation in education. Furthermore to the students, she said that they should learn how to adapt themselves, to manage themselves, and to increase their academic achievement.


MRS. DEWI and SUKMA HELEN FLAVEL LEARNING FOUNDATION. Mrs. Dewi is not only a lecturer. She has also established an educational foundation in Singaraja. The foundation has a kindergarten and some English classes, especially for unfortunate people. By establishing this foundation, she also has a chance to help unfortunate people to get better life. She does it by giving donation, dormitory, and other facilities. This year, the fondation has a program of assisting teachers outside Buleleng. If you need further information about this, please visit


There are still two Oxford Dictionaries with us! Come on Guys, answer the quiz and get the Dictionary! FILL THESE IN:

In this quiz, there are three sentences with missing letters. Complete the missing letters so that you can read the messages!

Name : Dr. Ni Nyoman Padmadewi, M.A. Date of birth : Tabanan, 02 Feb. 1962 Education : 1) This sentence is missing the letter A and 1. S1 , FKIP UNUD , Denpasar (1982-1986) letter E. 2. S2, MACUQUARIE UNIVERSITY , Australia _ _ CH Y_ _ R, MOR_ P_OPL_ _R_ KILL_D (1990-1992) 3. S3,Udayana University, Denpasar (2001-2005) BY _L_PH_NTS TH_N BY SH_RKS. Address : JL. SRIKANDI Gg. MAWAR NO 4 SAMBANGAN. 2) This sentence is missing the letter A, E, and letter T. (contributed by Tisna, Aksari, Laras, Trisna).

YOU C_N L_ _D _ HORS_ _O W_ _ _R, BU_ YOU C_N’_ M_K_ HIM DRINK. 3) This sentence is missing the letter N, R, and the S.

A BI_D I_ HA_D I_ WO_TH TE_ I_ THE BU_H. Good luck, Guys! You can send your answer via email to! We are waiting!

HMJ English Education Department, Undiksha Jalan Ahmad Yani 67, Singaraja 81116. 085237814391 (I.B. Arya) 08123658076, 081805355570 (Made Hery Santosa)

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The Splash_Edition 4_August 2008: Newsletter Format

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The Splash_Edition 4_August 2008: Newsletter Format