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edition May 2010

edition May 2010


Dear all members of EED,

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First of all, we want to thank Ida Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa that gives us health, creativity and inspiration to publish the new version of The Splash. It is such a great honour of us to present our best writings and creativity in this new publication. As we all know, The Splash was a newsletter, which was firstly published in 2008 under Mr. Hery Santosa’s supervision. The creator was the students of Sunflower Class which are now in the last semester in EED. We would like to thank them for the support and guidance during the process of this publication. We also would like to thank the HMJ for the great support, and for all students of EED who gives great contribution for The Splash. Last but not least, we would thank all of the EED lecturers, especially Mr. Adi as the supervisor and Mrs. Sonia as the Chief Editor. After a long ‘sleep’, finally we come again with new look and hopefully with better information. The only thing we can say, we did the best effort to make this possible. Although we know, we are still in learning process, but we do hope that this publication can be useful and meaningful for the member of EED and other departments as well. Finally, we do hope that the new version of The Splash can give an inspiration for all readers. Comments and suggestions are very appreciated. Regards,

The Splash Team HMJ English Education Department Undiksha


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THE SPLASH edition May 2010



ust like any other department in Ganesha University of Education, this year English Education Department also held its anniversary celebration. The celebration began with sport day, continued with Workshop and English Education Department Debating Competition, English Contest for Junior and Senior High School, Potlight Party, Bake Sale, Bakti Sosial, and it was ended spectacularly by Social Evening or what other people call Malam Gelar Seni. That last event held on April 17, 2010 was awesome. The committee was kind of worry because there was a heavy rain right before the event begun. That was why the


social evening whose theme is Evening in Texas was delayed for almost an hour. Yet, this condition did not make people lazy to come and watch social evening. We could see that there were tens of people waiting for the event to start. They stayed in front of the open stage, standing under the Kamboja tree or sitting on the wet ground. After the representative of the Dean of Faculty of Language and Art opened the event officially, they knew that they need not to wait any longer. Social Evening was started with a wonderful performance of Panyembrama dance by the female lecturers. No other department can have performance like this. This shows that EED lecturers are different that they are multitalented. They have capability not only in teaching students, but also in entertaining people. They can sing, act, and dance just like the real artists. There were also performances from each semester. Second semester presented masquerade performance whose story about the war of love between the Indian male

and cowboy. The fire dance and collaboration from the fourth semester caught the eyes of the audiences. The collaboration between modern music and gamelan in the song of Cotton Field was outstanding that many of the audiences danced following the music. Final Dancetination performed by the eighth semester was absolutely great. They did the relay of many kinds of dances, started from salsa, flamenco, bollywood dance, and street dance. We had no idea about how they could do it like professional dancers. The last but not least event that was Fireworks brought people to enjoy the fantastic night sky in Texas. Everyone felt so amazed looking at the bursting fire in the sky while listening to the last band performed. It was a romantic night that all the audiences were happy because the social evening had been successfully held to close the series of Social Gathering. (Herma Yanthi)


nce in a year, all members of EED, the lecturers and the students get involve in a very exciting event called pot light party. As one of interesting events in EED Social Gathering, this party does not only come to entertain all EED members, but also to give appreciation for students and lecturers in form of awards. There are many types of award that are going to be given. For the lecturers

Actually, pot light party 2010 was inspired by Indian ethnic in America. Therefore, the whole decoration on stage was made to be suitable to the theme. Further, the stage was dominated by color of brown which represented the color of Indian. Beside that, the audiences wore dress code as an Indian or a cowboy. The most important thing that could not be ignored was accessories made of feather. Most students wore dress code like a cowboy. They wore a shirt, jeans, and also a hat of a cowboy with feather on it. It was simple but absolutely nice. The lecturers also wore those kinds of clothes. It was great when Mr. Japa, the head of English Education Department used an Indian accessory which was big and full of feathers

of EED, there are some awards given, such as the inspiring lecturer, the most fashionable lecturer (male and female), and duplicate artist. Meanwhile, for the students, the awards given are the best achieving students, EED’s book worm, every body’s friend, the most fashionable student (male and female), the best couple of the year, duplicate artist, and the high quality jomblo. The nominees of each award are voted by all students of English Education Department. Then, the lecturers and students who get the highest vote will be the winner. Proudly, this year, pot light party was held on 16 April 2010 at Ruang 62, Kampus

Bawah, Undiksha. Pot light party 2010 in title Wild-Wild Indian had something unique and interesting to be enjoyed.

on his head. Then, the rest of the lecturers used head bands with some feathers along their forehead. Moreover, every performances performed were very great and interesting. It made the audiences keep their eyes on the stage. At the very beginning of the party, opening dance came to open the party. The dance was also a welcoming dance for the honorable lecturers of EED. Then, the speech of the head of English Education Department officially opened Pot light party 2010. The awards announcement was a very special part of this party. This year, there was a change that the word ‘award’ was no longer used and it was replaced by the word ‘Totem’ (Indian word) which has the same meaning with award. The winner of each totem was

THE SPLASH edition May 2010

given a medal with a carved of animal, for example a medal with bear was given to the winner of everybody’s friend. There also other animals to represent other totems. Furthermore, modern dance, acoustic music, and drama were the creative performances of EED students. The lecturers also had something to perform at pot light party. Some lecturers sang a song entitle “leaving

on the jet plane”. After singing, they performed a beautiful dance on the stage. Every body enjoyed the show very much. Pot light party 2010 had many interesting things to enjoy for all members of EED. This annual event is always full of togetherness which builds solidarity among EED members as well as the motto of Social Gathering 2010, “solidarity in togetherness, fill in us, show to all”. (Agus Setyawati)



THE SPLASH edition May 2010



THE SPLASH edition May 2010


uys, have you ever imagined how to be a seller? What comes to your mind when we are talking about sale?

English Education Department (EED) proudly presented Bake Sale in the theme of “feel the taste of togetherness in sale”. Umm… bake sale? What’s that guys? Bake sale is one of the events in celebrating EED’s anniversary. On this event, students of EED (SEED) can sell whatever they want. It can be foods (whether it is Balinese foods, sausage, sandwich or other types), handicraft (e.g. frame made from clay), clothes, bags, sandals even services for making a photograph. In this “market”, the payment is not using money. So, how can you buy something then? What you need to do is change your money in the available money changer, and you will be given a number of coupons as many as your money. For your information, a coupon is equal to Rp. 1.000,00. It is really not allowed to do transaction using real money. If it is done, the stand who accepts money will be disqualified.

Feel the Taste of Togetherness in Sale As it is held annually, there are eight stands who had participated in bake sale this year. Those are Texas Ber’AC, Smokey D’Air, Cavaly Country, Western Maliobar, Briliant Indiano, and CFC (Cowboy’s Food Centre). HMJ (Himpunan Mahasiswa Jurusan) of EED divided the parking structure into several parts. Some stands took place in the east side and the rest were under the frangipani tree. All of those stands have their own special things being sold and it had been their characteristics. Bake sale was done in Kampus Bawah Undiksha for three days, starting from April 13th till 15th, 2010. Additionally, whoever can be a buyer on this occasion. It was well-planned that the sale was held during the English contest for junior and senior high school all over Bali. That is why the buyer was not only the students of EED or their lecturers, but also the students of junior and high school accompanied by their teacher who followed English contest at that time. This interesting occasion also go along with an on air radio named EED request on d’air. Through this radio, you are able to request your favorite song and greet your friends surround this campus. There were two categories of competitions on bake sale. They were the most unique stand and the best selling one. Those winners were announced on potlight party. Potlight party is another sequence of events in celebrating EED’s anniversary in which there are many awards will be announced. The most unique stand went to SMOKY D’AIR. Why was this stand said to be the most unique one? It was because the stand was so different from other stands. Its difference is in

SPORT DAY term of its shape. It seemed to be a wagon. The owner of the stand said that they wanted to adapt Kansas situation in bake sale. For the best selling stand was achieved by TEXAS BER’AC. It became a best-selling stand because it could sell much more than other stands. Actually, this stand offered foods like Sausage Senorita, D’Blaya’e, Freezy Flake, Texas Prophecy in Cahya, Freshy Squeeze Limeade and Jelly Cowboy Cooler. They sound yummy^^…! Lastly, bake sale this year was successfully passed. It did really implement the theme of being together in solidarity. It could be seen when everyone was happy and had participated well on the event. GO TOGETHERNESS! BRAVO EED! (Supriyanti)

Comments on the Splash

I think the splash publication is an indicator that students of EED have a great interest in writing. I believe this is actually a good hint , since being able to write is necessary for the students’ future carreer. Many job vacancies require students to be able to speak and write in English well. Also I think having The Splash published may generate other students to write in English more and to learn from other students’ writing . In short, I definitely agree and support the idea of publishing The Splash.

Mrs. Lokita

Social Gathering or simply called Soc-Gath is an annual event that is held by English Education Department (EED). This event is held to celebrate the anniversary of the department. This year, Soc-Gath was held again on 11th – 17th of April where the core committees were students from eighth semester. The first event of Soc-Gath 2010 was Sport Day which was held on April 11th. Many students and lectures of EED participated in this event which was held in Kampus Tengah Undiksha started at 6. 00 in the morning and ended at noon. This event was full of fun sports activities and quizzes. This year, Sport Day was opened in a unique way by Mr. Japa (the head of the department). He officially opened the event by firing a gun to the thirty balloons released by the committee and then it continued by modern dance performance by second semester students. The participants were getting enthusiastic when the event was continued with aerobic activity lead by a sexy instructor. Having sweaty after the aerobic activity, the participants were taking a rest for a moment while enjoying the meals before they moved to the field next to the Math and Science Faculty to join other fun activities. There were many activities done in the second field. The first was a traditional game called Tarik Tambang or pulling a thick rope between two sides. The winner of this game was students from fourth semester who had beaten the students form sixth semester in the final. This game was also followed by the lecturers who played against the committee which finally it was won by the lecturers. The second game of the event was called Tajen Death. This game used water gun. The players had to shoot a circled paper on their rivals’ head from another semester. Players from sixth semester were the winner of this game

after successfully beat the players from eighth semester. Same as the previous game, the lectures also took part on this game and won the game against the committee. The last game of the event was called Mixed Game. This game was a combination of three different games and had to be done in three steps. First, the players had to link themselves or keep in touch using whatever they could use such as their shirts, shoes rope, and even their pants. Second, they were required to get through a hula-hoop from body to body meanwhile they had to hold another player’s arm. And third, the last player needed to run using a sack. The winner was players from eighth semester since they became the fastest team in completing those three steps. After the participants had participated on those three challenging games, the event was continued with lottery drawing. The only students who had paid for the Soc-Gath contribution could draw the lottery. There were many interesting and beautiful prizes provided by the committee and also the sponsors such as a mobile phone, tickets to Bali Bird Park, internet vouchers, tickets for rafting, and the sweetest prize was the picture of EED’s lectures. The event of Sport Day 2010 was closed by praying together lead by Mr. Japa. He and all the participants hoped that Soc-Gath 2010 would be a great success. After all participants had prayed, they ate together in that field. Everybody looked happy and satisfied with the event. Everybody was laughing, had a joke with their friends, and yelled “EED bravo!” enthusiastically. It was a nice moment for all families of EED. A fun and healthy event such Sport Day should be held every year because this event and Soc-Gath in general are EED’s pride. Bravo EED…..!!!!!!! (Fajar Mertha)



THE SPLASH edition May 2010




THE SPLASH edition May 2010





In 13th-14th April 2010, many groups of students were gathering around our beloved campus. In 13th April, white-blue uniformed students were in our campus and the next day was the white-grey uniformed students’ turn. What was going on? Baksos stands for bhakti sosial. This is one of the activities done by the student of English Education Department along the Social Gathering event. The purpose of this activity is to help the school which needs help as well as the moment to share and care to others. This activity was held on Thursday, 15th of April 2010. All of the Baksos committees, students, and lecturers went to the SD Negeri 4 Wanagiri. They left at 7 o’clock in the morning by motorcycles and cars. The road to Wanagiri was challenging but the struggle was paid because the students and teachers of SD 4 Wanagiri welcomed us nicely. The emotional feeling came up because the condition of the school was pitiful. We recorded that some of the buildings were damaged and cannot be used for teaching learning process. But, there were also building which had been renovated. It was good with nice ceramics floor, the table looked new and strong, but blackboard and chalks were still used. There was also computer facility and television. But the student condition was still bad. Their uniform was not proper. They did not even wear any shoes. The biggest problem of this school is the lack of the students. The headmaster said that the total number of the students is 51 persons which includes 10 students in the first-grade, 10 students in the second-grade , 14 students in the third-grade, none students in the fourth-grade, 9 students in the fifthgrade, and 10 students in the sixth-grade. And, the teachers were only 8 persons. One of them was a honorary teacher and one another is a general assistant.


ctually, the English Contest was held in those days in relation with anniversary of English Education Department or well known as Social Gathering. This activity is a yearly event which is held to develop the English ability of senior high school and junior high school students. In 13th April 2010, 14 teams of Junior High School students from all regencies and city in Bali were ready to compete. The competition which was officially opened by Mr. Japa was started with preliminary round in order to find 6 teams who deserved to go to the semifinal round. In this round, the 14 teams had a task to tell a story creatively. Actually some groups were very amazing and entertaining while they were telling the story. These amazing entertaining six teams went to the Semifinal round. In this round, the contestants should solve the problem given in the slide and answered the question about the problem one by one. Their critical thinking was really needed in here. The three groups with highest scores had a right to go to the final round. Final round was a round where the three groups should answer the questions which were given by the MC. At the end, a group with the highest score will be the winner of this competition. In the next day, 18 teams of Senior High School students tried to show their best in this yearly contest. In the preliminary round, these 18 groups tried to reveal what is in their mind in

order to face the problem given. They should be able to criticize the picture given and answered the question of the judges. Six teams whose opinion were good and supported with good performance, went to the semifinal. In this round, the six teams were divided into 3 groups which later on each team in each group would have a debate about a certain motion. In here, they should deliver their argument in a good manner and performance to get a ticket to the final round. The three teams with the highest score among all semifinalists went to the final round. Same as in Junior High School Competition, the final round is also a quiz. The teams who get the highest score will be the winner. Denpasar Domination This year is a lucky year for Denpasar. The title of first winner all were taken by schools which are located in Denpasar. The junior high school competition was won by SMPN 1 Denpasar. This school could beat all of their competitors, SMPN 1 Negara as the second winner and SMPN 1 Gianyar as a third winner, with very striking scores. In the next day, the champion in Senior High School competition is SMAN 1 Denpasar after competing tightly with their rival SMAN 5 Denpasar who must be satisfied in 2nd winner and SMAN 1 Singaraja who went home with the title as third winner. Congratulation for all the winners! (Wiramartha)

Comments on the Splash

However, those condition did not change the happy feelings of the students to start the activity. The first activity began with speeches from lecturer and headmaster in the hall. The students of SD 4 Wanagiri and the students of EED sat together. The next activity was games. The first game was resolving puzzles. The baksos committees and other EED students were permitted to help the students to resolve the puzzles. The students looked very enthusiastic to follow this activity. Then, the committees checked the puzzles and found the first, the second, and the third winner. After that, the committees gave the prizes to the winners. The second game was singing. The committees and lecturers sang first then the students repeated after them. The final activity was the transfer of school equipments for the students. They were given new shoes and stationeries. Finally, they took pictures together as memory of that activity. Everyone was happy and we hope those things will be meaningful and useful for them. (Satya Permadi)

Mr. Hery

Mrs. Karina, Mrs. Sonia, & Mr. Eka

Mrs. Suarsini

“I hope that The splash will be better and better. The idealism to improve the students’ creativity will be expressed through The Splash”

“We wish the best for The Splash. Bravo EED!”

“Keep improving! The splash is very good and meaningful for students of English Education Department”


THE SPLASH edition May 2010




THE SPLASH edition May 2010

A Day


Workshop “The Use of Stories in English for Young Learners”

A “Share your ideas, speak up your minds, and be logical”. Where can you find those words? It absolutely can only be heard in English Education Department Debate Competition 2010, a new program in Social Gathering 2010.


is an event which aims at figuring out the potential of debaters in English Education Department. This debate competition got very nice attention from all members of English Education Department. The lecturers welcomed this event greatly and the students were very enthusiastic in joining this competition. There are eight teams as the contestants in this debate competition who are the representatives of all semesters in English Education Department. Each semester must send two teams as their delegations. Uniquely, there was a debate competition of some classes to get the representatives of their semester before joining the real competition which was EEDDC. It could give us the sense of EED students’ spirit to show their best. EEDDC was held on Monday, 12th April 2010. It took place in four rooms: Faculty of Language and Art Seminar Room -as the main hall where the committee matched up the teams and released the motion-, Aula 62.1, Aula 62.2, and Lab Sal. The adjudicators were 4 lecturers: Mr. Adi Jaya Putra, Mr. Wage Myartawan, Mr. Ramendra, and Ms. Yati Fitria Dewi; and 4 students: Dani Wahyudi (the coordinator of EEDDC), Dian Shawitri, Dudik Widiarsana, and Paramitha Eka Putri. Matching up and releasing motion was done after finishing the opening ceremony of EEDDC which was officially opened by Mr. I Wayan Japa, the head of EED. The contestants said that they were nervous. But, when they debated, they did good job confidently. In a debate session, there will be two teams fighting, as affirmative and negative team. They fought academically by delivering arguments, reasons, evidences, and link back in each speeches. Each speaker was given 5 minutes 20 seconds to deliver their speech, but the reply speaker may only speak until 3 minutes 20 seconds. The contestants who passed the preliminary round were contestants from semester 6 group A, semester 8 group A, semester 4 group A, and semester 4 group B which were chosen from calculated margin they got. Then, only two teams which won semifinal session went to the final round. They were semester 6 group A and semester 4 group A. The final round was greater than what was expected by the committees and lecturers. Although this was the first time holding a debate competition, the atmosphere of debating had been caught up by the contestants. “This final round was just like what I had watched in NUEDC last year”, said Mr. Adi when he gave verbal adjudication at the end of the final round. It means that EED has great

debaters who are ready to be sent to “the war”. Having given verbal adjudication, the moment to announce the winner was coming up. The adjudicators were very hard to decide because both teams presented strong performances. Finally, by considering many aspects, the winner went to semester 4 group A (Rusanti, Wira, and Im). The second winner was semester 6 group A (Canestra, Agus, and Dika) and the third winner was semester 4 group B (Agung, Vera, and Roy). “The unforgettable moment was when we were panic in semifinal round because we did not have enough time to think the best arguments. Moreover, our opponent was semester 8 group A. But, we kept confident to perform. We also did not expect that we would win that we only submitted to our fate. Therefore, we were very surprised when we became the first winner of this EEDDC”, said Rusanti.

day workshop was the second event held in celebrating EED’s anniversary 2010. It was conducted at Undiksha’s Auditorium Building (Kampus Tengah), Jln. Udayana, Singaraja on Monday, April 12th 2010 from 07.30 a.m. until 02.30 p.m. Mr.Japa, the head of EED and Mr. Suarnajaya as the representative of the head of FBS also came to open the workshop officially. “Penggunaan Cerita dalam Pambelajaran Bahasa Inggris bagi Pemula: Sebuah Kajian Teori dan Implementasi di Kelas” was selected as the topic because it is an effective strategy to motivate children (young learners) in learning English. Teaching English for Young Learners (TEYL) itself is a new science in educational sector which develops in last two years and becomes a trend in some countries using English as Foreign Language. Paul (2003) said that English learning strategy for young learners had special characteristic in which the teacher must be a model with deep understanding about children’s character and how they use the language. Learning must be directed into children’s motivation and

This English Education Department Debate Competition was the first step of showing EED students’ potential in debating. Let us show our ability in fighting academically! (Maya Wirastuti)

enthusiasm of study, and also the attainment of simple language competency in the context of children’s daily language. “A day workshop” was addressed especially to English teachers of Elementary School and Junior High School all around Bali. Besides, the committees also opened a chance for EED’s students who are interested in this event because they are going to be teachers in the future and they need to know the newest educational information to enrich their knowledge. On that day, there were 78 participants joining this beneficial event. “A day workshop” had some objectives in which to make the English teachers: 1. have knowledge in selecting simple English story which is appropriate to use in teaching English for children, 2. have an ability in telling the story for children by using appropriate dictions and strategy, 3. have an ability in selecting and making simple media to help the children in understanding the story, and 4. have an ability to determine and implement learning activity through telling story. Dra. Luh Putu Artini, M.A., Ph.D was

the speaker of the workshop. She was graduated from FKIP UNUD in 1987 for her S1 programs. In 1994, she successfully got her Master of Art title in Applied Linguistics from La Trobe University, Melbourne. Next, in 2006 she finished her study of English Education in New Castle University, Australia. She had taught language and culture in Elementary School in Australia for four years. Now, she becomes a core-trainer and consultant of English teachers in Bali, and also a lecturer of S2 program in Undiksha. Besides, in 2008, Mrs. Artini had ever joined short course about Teaching English for Young Learners in Indiana, USA. Therefore, the committees of this event proudly invited Mrs. Artini to be the speaker in “A day workshop”. In her paper and presentation, Mrs. Artini explained the importance of using story in learning language for children is to prepare the children’s readiness socially, emotionally, physically, and psychologically before they step to read at school (Morrow, 1997). The research shows that the habit of reading stories for children before they are sent to school has positive influence to the children’s ability in reading and writing when they are in school. The plot of the story read can help the children to express their experience in form of writing. Besides, reading habit can also lead the children to be independent readers, meaning that they have a willingness to read without being told by the teacher. She had also explained that English learning strategy through the story can be applied in reading and writing course. There are two important aspects involved in reading process: catching the writings automatically and understanding the content. According to Heilman (2002) there are two theoretical models relating to reading comprehension of the children, schema theory and interactive theory. Schema theory emphasizes on the relationship between the comprehension of reading content and the prior knowledge of the children (Harris and Hodges, 1995). The interactive theory stresses on the interaction among the children who are reading, text that is read, and also the context of the reading material. Therefore, based on this theory, reading activity is said as a very active process. In that occasion, Mrs. Artini delivered the theory from Ford and Spaulding (1992) which is said that to increase children’s motivation in reading, teacher should create a challenging task for them. It means that the task given may neither too easy nor difficult. An easy task could make the children lost of interest, while a difficult one would make them desperate. Besides, combination between reading and writing would build a good classroom activity. In one hand, what has been read by the children ought to be written down on their practice book. In the other hand, what they have written can be followed by reading activity which is relevant to their writing material. Moreover, Mrs. Artini had mentioned five famous reading techniques for children: Reading aloud, Shared reading, Paired reading,

Reader theatre, and Reading log. Actually, Reading aloud is appropriate for all grade (including children). It is applied to help the children understand that the aim of reading is to communicate the meaning, encourage them

to appreciate the reading activity, and give a chance to listen first before starting to read. Shared reading is a technique in which the students see the text read by the teacher loudly, and then it will be repeated by all students. The advantages are the students will focus on the text while they are listening every single word is pronounced by the teacher and it can develop meaningful reading strategy. Actually, Paired reading is similar to shared reading. But, in paired reading, only one student repeats the text read by the teacher loudly. The benefits are to encourage the children to help each other in reading and provide worthy time to practice in pair. Next, Reader theatre technique aims to let the children to learn cooperatively. Story in form of dialogue is appropriate to be used in this technique. The last, Reading log is a combination between reading and writing activity. It is good for children because it is an independent learning activity where the children are free in rewriting what they have read by using their own words. After the presentation was finished, all the participants enjoyed their lunch which was provided by the committee. And then, the activity was continued by discussion session. In this session, all the participants, both the teachers and EED’s students, were invited to have a little simulation by using the theory. They were divided into some groups and had to make simple teaching media such as puppet and doll that exist in the story. Next, they should present a story using those media. All the participants were excited in joining that activity. A day works this year had given newest educational information relating to Teaching English for Young Learners which is useful and meaningful. Therefore, join another workshop next year! (Sri Dharmayanti)





THE SPLASH edition May 2010

THE SPLASH edition May 2010

“Pucca” Enjoy your music with

why not?


nowledge is not the only one thing that a teacher needs. A professional teacher absolutely needs to be good looking. Because the first thing that the students see is the way how their teacher dresses. According to some small interviews that has already done to some EED’s students, the teacher’s physical appearance can influence the students’ curiosity in learning. Wawan, one of the interviewees said that he felt more cheerful in learning if the teacher is well dressed while coming into the classroom. As we know, EED’s students are rich of inspiring ideas in terms of fashion when they go to the campus. They dare to be themselves when they go to campus. One of favorite fashion styles is wearing colorful outfit, such as soft and bright colored shirt, colorful skinny trousers, skirt, bright colored wedges, bangles, and soft colored bag. These kinds of outfits are worn without neglecting the dress manner. For those who have colored skin, don’t worry! This style is also suitable for you.

Here are some alternative choices of colorful outfits that can be worn to go to campus. These colorful outfits are suitable to be matched with natural make-up which usually applied for going to campus. (Rosmila Dewi)

What do you think when you see this cute little toy? It’s more than just a toy. But you’ll be very surprising to know that this lovely doll is a figure of mp3 player. Unique!! Perhaps it’s your first impression. “Puuca” (model: Pucca Play M100) is the name of this cute mp3 player. It has been introduced by its manufacture, POINTFIVE ( in Korea market. But, really sorry to inform you, it is not available yet in Indonesia. The main character of Pucca is the 10-year old niece of three Chinese noodle house owners. Targeting the youth market, this Puuca mp3 player comes with emotional UI and two LED lights on the front of the player. It supports various equalizer modes as well as MP3 and WMV music files. The interesting thing of this mp3 player is that its battery provides up to 13 hours of battery life. PUCCA mp3 player is currently distributed in the US by The Walt Disney Company. The price of this unique mp3 player for 2GB model is 68,000(KRW) respectively or about 544,000 rupiahs (Sukertiasih)

Watch Out This

Bomb! Smart



for Your

Colorful Style


o you have an old pandanus bag? Do you want to have a cute bag without spending much money? It’s easy. You only need about Rp. 30.000,00 and simple skill in coloring. Your old pandanus bag will be the only one unique bag that cannot be found in any department stores by the others. Here are some steps that you can follow to make your old pandanus bag to be the new one. (Rosmila Dewi)

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Clean your old pandanus bag. Paint the bottom of the bag by using the green paint. Paint the rest part of the bag by using the red paint. Draw the seeds of watermelon by using the black paint Put it under the sunshine until it dry. Decorate the bag by using the accessories. Your new vintage bag is ready to be used for going to campus. Good Luck!

What comes to your mind when you hear the word “bomb”? Terrorist? Victims? Panic? But, this is not real bomb guys! The bomb I want to introduce to you must be beyond your mind. It is a cute speaker launched by iFrogz that can join together to form a ball shape. You may be satisfied with your speaker now, but this Bomb will be able to make you speechless! When they are separated, the colorful speakers look like Yin and Yang symbols. Let’s check what’s inside it. The 50 mm speakers carry 2W each, with a nominal impedance of 4 Ohms. These two speakers are always connected by a curly cord that joins them. These speakers can connect to anything with a 3.5 mm input jack, but they still need power. Power can be accomplished with 3 AAA batteries, or just using a USB internet connection. Moreover, the Bomb will definitely not break if you just throw

it inside your backpack while rushing outside to meet your friends. For more information, they also have “Ear Pollution” label. But don’t worry, the signal to noise ratio is lower than some on-ear headphones, at 89dB with a 3dB attenuation/ amplification across the shallow frequency response. The frequency response restricted between 220Hz and 18,000Hz, so it would be good to be put on ears, and it is not a toxic waste. You should be able to get the Bomb at the iFrogz site for about $39.99 or about 399,000 rupiahs.

(Ayu Mahartini)



THE SPLASH edition May 2010



THE SPLASH edition May 2010

Prof. Dr. Putu Kerti Nitiasih, MA


t was hard enough to meet and have an interview with this successful woman. She has a lot of bustle in many places. Moreover, after she got her degree as a professor on last December. Of course, this highest title in academic was not easy for her to be achieved. Mrs. Titik, what she is usually called, had passed a long way with a hard work to become like now, a great woman that we all as EED’s community know. Mrs. Titik was born in Singaraja, June 26th 1962. As a beloved daughter from Drs.Wayan Sumadra (alm) and Ni Made Nerima (alm), Mrs. Titik grew with a high spirit and lot motivation from them. After passing her elementary school in SD no 8 Kaliuntu Singaraja, Mrs. Titik continued her study in SMPN II Singaraja. Then she spent her senior high at SMAN I Singaraja.

in Undiksha, she becomes a language expert in many universities in Indonesia too. She is still active as a speaker in many seminaries, research and she is an active member in Dirjen Pendidikan Tinggi Jakarta. Mrs. Titik is also well known as a chief of Sekolah Tinggi Bahasa Hita Widya Singaraja. She got a lot of achievements in scientific publications and researches. All of those achievements prove that Mrs. Titik is one of many brilliant women that we have ever known. Teaching is become her soul. For Mrs. Titik, teaching is honorable. By teaching, she could give knowledge for people and makes them become better and useful. She teaches with all of her heart. A chance to teach the students brings the happiness for her, more then when she got a lot of money from his research and works. In addition, becomes a professor is her highest achievement in teaching, the world that she occupied.

“ I gain this

because I was so painful... ”

Her loving devotion to teach English motivated her to continue her college in FKIP UNUD in 1980. There she got her first bachelor degree in English Education. But, her struggle did not stop at that point. This forceful woman went to Australia and got her Master of Art (MA) in Applied Linguistic at University of Sydney. Mrs. Titik believed that woman could do as well as man, and woman has a right to achieve the highest education. So, she finally finished her Doctor Linguistic Program, in Postgraduate Program at Udayana University. And now, we could call this smart woman with “Professor”. Mrs. Titik is not an ordinary woman. Lot kinds of work have been done successfully by her. Besides teaching

Mrs. Titik said that become a professor is a hard work because she has to learn more to fulfill people’s expectation to her. She is a professor and people think that she knows everything, so she has a responsibility for them. She orders to us that we have to learn seriously. If she as a professor has to learn double, so we as a student have to learn triple. We will not success if we just relax and unwilling to feel the pain of working hard. Mrs. Titik can reach all of her dreams because she is very discipline and endure to feel the hurt. “I gain this because I was so painful. No pain, no gain. So work hard for that, and you go for it….”

Indah Fadlina


We Can

“It was nine years ago. When the other students stood proudly to be the representative of their regency, I was so embarrassed by a million questions about the beggar, arid, criminality, and many others. There was almost no space for having a good question about my village in Karangasem. I had to think for many times before introducing that I am from Kubu, Karangasem Regency.” Ray Sulyantha, 2004


atient, Polite, Natty, and Smart. Those are common impression appeared when you see Kadek Ray Sulyantha. He is now in the last semester of English Education Department. Finishing his paper becomes his target this month. He should be ready without any disturbance in the end of September 2010. It is a very fortunate for him that he has been elected as the representative of Bali as the participant of Ship for South East Asian Youth Program (SSEAYP) 2010. That sounds great, doesn’t it? The opportunity begins by many support and motivation from his family and also Mr. Ngurah Diatmika, his teacher in Senior High School. They trust him to bring “Kubu” village to be well known by wider community. Ray thinks that it is the right time to realize the mission. His friend, I Wayan Madya, has successfully introduced Kubu as the potential area of Sugar Palm Trees Development. His 30th research has brought new image for Kubu as the village that has been surpassed. That becomes a big inspiration for Ray to succeed in SSEAYP.

Since it is a big responsibility as the representative of Bali, moreover Indonesia, Ray has to prepare some performances. There will be Art and Cultural performances in every country he visited. He starts to practice some kinds of dances and traditional songs. Of course, it will be not too hard for him because he has been elected as Bagus Karangasem 2009, tourism ambassador of Karangasem Regency. One preparation that makes him worry is Janger and colossal Kecak. He wishes that he can be a good model for Balinese Youth in general and he promises when other participants ask him where he is from, he will hefty stand and proudly to say, “I am from Kubu, an exotic village in the East of Bali.” (Ayu Sutaningrat Puspa Dewi)

(Desak Indah)

“YES WE CAN !” Is one motivational and inspirational phrase from one of our friends, Indah Fadlina. This phrase has been written in every aspects of her life. This phrase motivates her in running her business until she achieves what she has got now: a big income to fulfill all her needs and her dreamed stuffs : cool QWERTY mobile phone, notebook, black automatic motorcycle, and all unexpected experience. She becomes a beautiful success profile in her young age. So, what is the story behind it?

Started from her dream to be independent financially, she tried to find a promising job for her. Luckily, one of her friend promoted a developing Multi Level Marketing which drives her to be a successful businesswoman. But the way to be like her today, is not as easy as people think. There are many problems which almost make her down. Lucky for her, she has an upline who always motivates, and support her. As a result, even in hardest situation, she can hold it all, and stay stand for her dreams. “My first problem came from my father. My Father prohibited me to join this business. I knew he worried about my health. He did not want me collapsed because of

Another Story from Kubu

my activity. But I tried to convinced him until he knew what I’ve done is positive and I’ll be alright”, said this beautiful Leo girl. After getting permission from his father, she did the first step. She is digging her deepest dream by writing full of spirit sentences and phrases. Then, she stuck them all in every visible place such as her wall, her books, or even, all the simplest things that she has. This action really mean for her. It helps her to give a spirit in all stressful condition. So after the beginning action, she tried to run this business. However, he has another difficulty. It comes from the narrow thought and negative point of view from

other people. Sometimes she must face a painful refusal which made her desperate. But she could pass that gate successfully. So, here is she now, a successful and independent teenager. Even though she is in the top position right know, her personality is still down to earth. She is still a kind girl who always have time for her friends, whether he/she is her downline or just an ordinary friend. In addition she is still a HMJ committee who always be responsible in her task. But she still has responsibility in her education. She can manage all of her activities well. So, do you want to be like her? Just do your best and never say give up!

Comments on the Splash

Gustiana Mettaningrum (Ketua BEM Undiksha) “Keep creative. Be positive and success.”

Putu Ayu Sutaningrat Puspa Dewi “The Splash makes us read so many resources, makes us listen to somebody’s experience, makes us speak our mind.”

Gede Alit Wijaya Saputra (Ketua HMJ) “The splash is very good for improving the creativity of the students of English Education Department.”



THE SPLASH edition May 2010


Let’s Learn

THE SPLASH edition May 2010

A Demonstration Should Not Be

Recently, there are many demonstrations done by university students which most of these demonstrations ended in anarchic way. The tragic history of Trisakti in 1998 is still being an unforgettable history for our nation. The demonstrators who were the students of Trisakti University insisted Mr. Soeharto to leave his position as a president at that time. The demonstration was done in anarchic way. Most of the demonstrators could not control their emotion. As the consequence, four students of Trisakti died and the rest should be taken care intensively in the hospital. The victims were not only the students of Trisakti but also other innocent people who were actually did not involve in that action. Moreover, many public facilities were broken. Therefore, as university students we strongly disagree if a demonstration is followed by anarchic actions because it merely destroys many public facilities, endangers one’s

safety and disturbs one’s right. As we know, when a demonstration by university students is turned into anarchic, they tend to destroy public facilities around them. This action is very bad because the broken facilities can not be used any longer. The demonstrators never realize that what they have done will cause another problem. Who will be responsible to repair the traffic lights, police cars, government’s buildings that they destroy? However, it forces the government to recover those broken facilities, and of course, it costs much money. Then, it will become a new economic problem faced by our nation. Moreover, demonstrations are mostly done in public places where there are many people who do not have any business in it. The anarchic action is clearly dangerous for the whole people

around. The demonstrators usually throw stones or other dangerous things to such a target. But, how if the stone hit a child who is walking around there? There is also a big possibility that some may die because of the action. It is absolutely unfair since it may hurt or even kill innocent people. Actually, demonstration is a part of democracy. Everybody has freedom to show their aspirations. In showing these aspirations, it is often ended in anarchic way. We know that anarchic is a bad or even embarrassing attitude, especially if it is done by university students who can bring this nation to a better future. However, anarchy and violence always bring misery, as what Mahatma Gandhi says “I object to violence because when it appears to do good, the good is only temporary; the evil it does is permanent.”

Bye-bye the old ones One day, a teacher of high school entered his class and said greeting to his students. “Morning class. How are you?” “Morning Sir. I’m fine, and you?” “I’m fine too, thanks you. Who’s absent today?” “No one’s Sir…” “Good…let’s start the class. All of you please read the text page 20 in your module, after that you answer all of questions below the text.” “Okay, Sir...”, said the student with unpleasant feeling.

Taken from ESL Reading and Spelling: Games, Puzzles, and Inventive Exercises by Imogene Forte and Mary Ann Pangle 2001

Two students who are sitting at the back were complaining the activity. “Ouch…..I’m really bored with this activity…”, said the first student. “Yeah, you’re right. He always ask us do it almost every meeting. He should give us more interesting and effective activities to do...”, said the second student.

Guys, have you ever experienced something like that in your school? Maybe some of you will say yes. Some teachers still teach their students by using conservative way of teaching, like the teacher writes the lesson on the blackboard and the students will copy it, the teacher asks the students to hear the cassette or maybe something like above case or the teacher asks the students to read and answer the question. All of them are not really effective ways of learning , especially in learning English. Those ways of learning can only improve one of our skills in English. For example when we just hear the cassette, maybe after that we answer some questions which is given by the teacher, it just improve our listening and writing skill, and when we are asked to read the text and answer the question we just improve our reading and writing skill. So, we cannot improve all of our skill in learning English simultaneously. Those way also can make you get bored. When you feel bored, it can make you difficult to understand in learning English. By using the conservative way of teaching, there is a lack interaction between the teacher and the students. The teacher is a main actor to control whole class and the students are like robot because the students only do what the teacher asks to do. It make them less of creativity in learning English. They cannot find out how to solve their problem

in learning English or maybe they have some problem in learning English, but they don’t have initiative to ask their teacher or friends. So they can’t solve their problem. There should be a way of teaching that can help the students to improve all of skills in learning English. One of them is by watching a movie about a particular subject. By watching a video or movie, they can learn their best because they develop skills in listening as well as to enrich their social and cultures background. The students will have a good model of how to pronounce English from the native speakers. After that the teacher will give the students some questions based on the story of the movie and asks the students to present their answers in front of class. Those help them to improve their speaking skill. Not only speaking, they can also read related literature about culture and write their opinion about the culture in the movie. So, they can improve four skills in learning English; listening skill, reading skill, writing skill and speaking skill by using this technique. So, by using this new strategy, the students will learn English effectively. Bye-bye the old ones…….



THE SPLASH edition May 2010

Special Report

Short Story

THE SPLASH edition May 2010

Celebration of Singaraja Birth in 406th

Parade Ogoh –

Ogoh 2010

The Woman who was born on Thursday -Putu Nopi Suardani-

Bumi Panji Sakti, Singaraja had already celebrated their 402nd birth. Many kinds of agenda had been conducted, from such kind of competition, entertainment, display of paintings, and parade ogohogoh.


Kesadaran Hare Krsna (SAKKHI) and Rare Beratan performed an Ogoh – ogoh as well.

There was also Napak Tilas held to memorize the journey of Ki Barak Panji Sakti. There are many participants from Junior High School, Senior High School, etc. It started from Tri Yuda Mandala Statue and finished at Taman Makam Pahlawan Curastana. After that, they performed a drama. The theme of the drama was The Journey of Ki Barak Panji Sakti from Klungkung to Den Bukit (now is Buleleng Regency).

As a cultural parade, it did not leave the group of spiritual people behind. Spiritual life is the inspiration of the cult. If there is no spiritual in life there will not be a good culture and civilization.

ne of the competition is bicycles contest which is decorated by the contestants. They rode their bicycle around Singaraja. The other competition was climbing whose contestants were students. It was held in Taman Kota Singaraja.

There were also Parade Ogoh – Ogoh, Gong Gebyar Anak Mebarung, Jodeg Mebarung, and Gong Gebyar Dewasa Mebarung which had been held to celebrate the birth of Singaraja and Bali Art Festival Buleleng Region 2010. The most interesting agenda was Parade Ogoh –Ogoh which was definitely attracted people’s attention. In the year of 2010, Ogoh-ogoh parade was held on Tuesday, March 6 2010. The theme of this parade was Buana Kerti or Cleaning the Universe. In that parade, there were nine Ogoh-Ogoh took apart from different region of Singaraja. They were in various forms such as goddess, demon, kings etc. Besides Ogoh - Ogoh performance, it was also followed by the parade of drama performance. There was also music called gamelan Bale-ganjur accompanied the procession of almost every part. They showed their performance in front of the Regent of Buleleng Regency. Many people watched their performance. All of the Ogoh- Ogoh successfully got appreciation from viewers. They walked in the road all around the town. The mark was given according to how nice the Ogoh - ogoh and how it was connected with the history of Hindu. Not just making it as what they like but it should be closely connected with some history from the scripture. Based on the mark given by the judges, the contestant from Buleleng Region got the first rank, followed by Sawan Region on the second rank, and Tejakula region was the third rank. Besides the members of the competition, there were also some other participants to make the parade more interesting. These other participants were not the competitor. Ogoh – ogoh which they performed was glorious. Beside got contribution from the government, they also got the fund from themselves. SDN 3 Banjar Jawa showed their Marching Band performance, SMKN 1 Sukasada performed dance in the beginning of parade, IHDN Denpasar, Jagaraga Vilage, Sampradaya

Sukayasa, the leader’s committee of IHDN Denpasar said “We have followed this parade for three times; twice as a competitor and now as a participant, we got the fund from our institution”.

The parade also gave the chance to different spiritual group to take part on this parade. Probably it was the first time happening during the Ogoh - ogoh parade in Singaraja that hundreds of Hare Krsna devotees took part on the parade, bringing wonderful form of Narasimha, half lion and half man form of incarnation of God as their Ogoh - ogoh. Different from the other participants, this group had their combination of Balinese and Indian traditional music and followed by their bhajan (prayer in the form of song) accompanying the parade. Ketut Mario, the leader of SAKKHI said, “The purpose of following the Parade is to clean Buleleng’s atmosphere by chanting Hare Krsna maha mantra (Sankirtan) repeat again and again while Narasimha Ogoh – ogoh is brought. A picture of God who killed a cruel giant named Hiranyakasipu who considered himself as God. Narasimha as Avatar killed Hiranyakasipu by his sharp nail. So by the existence of Narasihma it was hoped that Snkirtan be able to neutralize bad atmosphere in Buleleng. For the people who live in Singaraja, this event was extremely wonderful. Besides for relaxation, this parade also gave the chance for some sellers to sell their goods. Some people who watched the parade said that this parade was wonderful, free of charge and enjoyable. Some said, “No ticket is required, just come and enjoy the performances”. Not need to wait one year to see Ogoh - Ogoh, now we can see it in every festival”. Such sentences were spoken by thousands of people who came to watch the parade. Bali has many kinds of art in its ancient culture. Ogoh - Ogoh is just one of them. We hope that this kind of parade and festival will be able to maintain the ancient Balinese art and culture. Especially for the young people who should take responsibility to guard this aim before these wonderful cults disappear. (Rimba Walmiki )

"Why haven’t you married yet?" The woman in front of me asked it again in every meeting at the dinner table. If there were three hundred and sixty five times dinner we spent together, means that already more than three hundred sixty-five times I heard the same question. "When will you introduce your girlfriend to me?" her first question as she ladled rice. I said nothing. I didn’t want to repeat my answer. What a waste of energy and patience because I knew she was never satisfied and wanted a new answer from me. "Your cousin who just newly appointed civil servants will marry in a week. Yet just six months ago he graduated. Instead, he is much younger than you," she said, swallowing her food. She spoke so offhand. As easy as swallowing water spinach and fried chicken but seemed nothing more than a fish bone stuck in my throat. I remained silent. What a fucking answer I could say. "Just you my only child. I want you to get married soon..." I knew that. Mom wanted me married soon. Mom wanted me to look for a woman who can cook, diligently rake leaves, wash clothes, iron, and water the flowers. I knew Mom also wanted to be like the neighbors when gathering together telling their grandchildren. But Mom did not have the same story because there was no grandchild to be told. I knew all because Mom repeatedly expressed Mom hood desire that I knew from reading Mom’s diary that she put at my desk. "Do I need to find a mate for you?" Mom asked me one day. SOUL MATES? I screamed inwardly. I knew from childhood Mom would do everything for me. Mom had to find a long-tailed kite in a small shop near the market. Mom also sought to grasshoppers in the fields for my biology experiment in school because I was afraid of snakes pecked fields. At that day, Mom would get me a mate. But I did not ask Mom to do that. "I have a friend who has a daughter, she is kind of pretty and nice ..." "I will only marry a woman who was born on Thursday." Finally I found the answer that was really new, without quoting from the book or the words of others. That answer finally made her silent for a long time. Hopefully she's satisfied that I have ended my reply that sounds monotonous. She should be satisfied because my answer was just indicating that I would be married. That was the conclusion of all Mom’s questions at the dinner table that evening. A few nights after, she never asked about my marriage. Maybe she's still digesting and analyzing my statement. At first I was calm because there was no more terror at the dinner table. But I got to think that what I said could be considered a promise of a child to Mom. Mom might be secretly preparing for my wedding day. She had just waited for me to set the date. Perhaps she was ranting on her neighbors. Lately

she seemed busy with a loyal neighbor. They may have to prepare a place for wedding receptions. Or they may have design my wedding dress. I would feel very guilty if I just play around with my own words. I didn’t want Mom would be ashamed of her friends. What should I do? The only way was to look the woman who was born on Thursday. Then express my love and marry her. *** *** I sat in a city park with a camera that I carried everywhere. Photographing every beautiful woman I saw. I looked at the pictures. They're pretty, fair-complexioned, slim, with long hair. Hey, how come I choose the prettiest? The only criteria was to marry a woman who was born on Thursday, no matter how pretty or not pretty, slim or not slim, smooth or not smoothskinned, and so on and so forth. One by one I asked the ladies. "Excuse me, on what day were you born?", "Sorry, were you born on Thursday?", "Sorry to interrupt, just want to know whether you were born on Thursday or not?", "Hello, still remember the day you were born??” "I was born on Sunday, what about you?" I came home with photographs of women that do not necessarily born on the Thursday and the pain of girls’ replies. They all said that I'm crazy. I was so obsessed with the woman who was born on Thursday. My search did not stop in the city park. I opened the memories book when I graduated from high school. There were pictures and data of my friends. It appeared that many of my friends were beautiful. I had not noticed. “Where are they now? Are they still beautiful?” I saw the date of birth next to their photos. However, it is written just the place and date of birth. No one wrote the day of birth. Then I searched in the internet. I typed 'women born on Thursday'. I was interested in horoscopes that mention the future of the man who marries a woman who was born on Thursday. I amused myself. It is stated that she would give the man many children. "Should I look for her everywhere ..." I complained to my father's photo. "Who?" father’s photo asked as if he listened my complaint. "The woman who was born on Thursday." I answered, looking at his mustache and his face. But his face had not changed, still smiling. His mustache was not moving. Then I heard a voice, "Why should be on Thursday?” *** *** Father’s photo never gave me a clue about the existence of the woman who was born on Thursday. I decided to see a shaman who was recommended by my friend. I then went there. He's a magic shaman. I haven’t told anything yet, he had guessed right what I want to ask. He immediately told me to go into a small room separated from the waiting room. I just sat there

and did not have to say anything. After muttering a few minutes, he said, "Go! See her in a city park this afternoon. She is sitting beside the fountain, reading a book, and smiling beautifully when you come." I quickly left the shaman's house after giving fifty thousand and hundred of thanks. I hurried to the city park. It was true, right next to the fountain there was a woman with shoulderlength hair, read a book. I was increasingly amazed by the shaman. I went up to her. I just stood in front of her, didn’t say anything because I still didn’t believe what I experienced. She closed her book and turned to me. And she glanced very beautifully. 'Wayan," she said in a voice that was still as soft as before. "Rani ..." I said sheepishly. I could not imagine my dark face skin became red. She pleased me to sit next to her. Book on her hand was a farewell gift that I gave to her twenty years ago. "Your book," she said, "I take everywhere because it's funny. I don’t expect to see you again here. Yesterday evening I took a plane from Jakarta. Hmm, are you married? " I shook my head. She laughed. He had never changed laughing at me. "Hey Wayan! Are you still waiting for a woman who was born on Thursday?" I said nothing. "I think you have fallen in love with another girl and forgot about me." How could I forget you? When I said I would marry a girl who was born on Thursday in the back of the school, you whispered very clear that you were born on Thursday. Then you said ridiculous promise that you will marry me. I remembered it. "I am wondering, what are you doing here? Somewhat awkward, but I'm glad to see you again. " "I'm here to meet a woman who was born on Thursday and I will marry her," I said firmly. She was silent. I saw her face turned to red-complexioned. Beratan, May 26, 2009



THE SPLASH edition May 2010


THE SPLASH edition May 2010

The Contenders of

FIFA World Cup 2010 Spain- they are the team which won EURO 2008 and has stable performance during qualification. Matador team has qualified for the FIFA World Cup for twelve times but never won the competition. It is time for Fernando Torres to prove that they deserve to hold the golden cup.

Argentina- Albiceleste performs unconvinced in the qualification, but it does not mean that

Brazil- they are the only team which is never absent in FIFA World Cup championship from the first time it was held until now. They are also the they do not have chance to become the winner. Moreover their strikers are on fire with their club: Lionel Messi in Barcelona, Diego Milito in Inter Milan, and Carlos Tevez in Manchester City. They are ready to continue and show their attractive play in FIFA World Cup 2010. On the 11st of June 2010 there will be a big party in South Africa. Yes, a celebration of FIFA world cup 2010 will be held there. 32 teams from five continents will fight to be a winner in that once in four years event. They are South Africa, Mexico, Uruguay, France (Group A), Argentina, Nigeria, South Korea, Greece (Group B), England, USA, Algeria, Slovenia (Group C), Germany, Australia, Serbia, Ghana (Group D), Netherlands, Denmark, Japan, Cameroon (Group E), Italy, Paraguay, New Zealand, Slovakia (Group F), Brazil, North Korea, Ivory Coast, Portugal (Group G),and Spain, Switzerland, Honduras, Chile (Group H). It is difficult to determine who will be the champion because they come with very good preparation. For that reason we give prediction of five teams which have the biggest opportunity.

team which have won the most this competition; for five times (1958, 1962, 1970, 1994, 2002). Brazil has high talent squad such as Kaka in midfield and Louis Fabiano at striker. England- It was surprising that England failed in qualification of EURO 2008, whereas they had many great players. What was wrong? Perhaps Germany- they do not meet any difficulties in passing the qualification. Their consistence makes all players sure that they can attain to bring the trophy home. Germany always has good achievement in every participation in the tournament and they have won three times. The captain, Michael Ballack, will lead the team to bring the cup home. at that time they were trained by inexperienced coach. But now the three lions are architected by a well-known coach, Fabio Capello. England which always plays offensively unites with the strategy which is implemented by Don Fabio. He also has ability to combine the younger with the senior players to create a strong team.

Those are the teams which have the capabilities to win FIFA world cup 2010. The first thing that those candidates should do is to win each match in the group phase. Playing consistently during 90 minutes is very important but sometimes they need fortune as well. All contestants of FIFA world cup 2010 that come to South Africa want to be a winner and of course they will show their best. (Suardika Dwipayana)

The Lost

Jules Rimet In the history of world cup, FIFA has 2 trophies. The first is called Jules Rimet and the second is FIFA World Cup. The first trophy, Jules Rimet actually has another name. It could also be called as Victory. But finally, FIFA decided to name it as Jules Rimet in 1946, as an appreciation to Jules Rimet, the pioneer of World Cup and president of FIFA at that time. Jules Rimet trophy was a Goddess carrying a goblet. The model of this cup uses the image of Nike Goddess with her wings. Greeks believe that Nike Goddess is the goddess of victory. This cup was created by Abel Lafleur, a sculptor from France. It was 35 cm height and 3,8 kg weight. The head of the trophy was made of silver and gold, while the below part is made of semi valuable stone and layered by lazuli. The Jules Rimet has got a lot of ordeals. Along the Second World War, Jules Rimet was saved by Ottorino Barassi, the vice president of FIFA. He secretly moved the cup from a bank in Rome and hid it in a shoe box so it would not be founded by NAZI.

On the 20th of March, 1966, the next ordeal came. Four months before World Cup’s kick-off, Jules Rimet was stolen when it was being exhibited at Westminster Central Hall. Fortunately, 7 days later it was founded by a dog named Pickles in a garbage bin near a tree, covered by a sheet of newspaper around Upper Norwood, South London. Since 1973, Jules Rimet had lost. It was stolen again and dissolved by a thief. At that time, Brazil had become the permanent owner of Jules Rimet for winning the game for 3 times, the last time was in Mexico in 1970. As their responsibility, Brazil made the imitation. FIFA made the new cup for the World Cup in 1974, because Jules Rimet has belonged to Brazil since the 9th World Cup. There were 53 designs from 7 countries that came to FIFA. FIFA had chosen the design

of Silvio Gazzaniga, an artist from Italy. The new trophy was 36 cm height and 4, 97 kilogram weight. It was made of 18 carat gold. The base consisted of 2 layers of valuable stone, malachite, and became the place for 17 names of the winner until The World Cup in 2038. This trophy was finally called World Cup, although there was an idea to immortalize the cup of Sir Stanley Rous, the president of FIFA in 1961-1974 periods, which did not get any agreement. This new trophy could not belong to the winner permanently. The winner will just save it until the next World Cup is held, and they only get the imitation of it, that is just layered by golden. (Dodo Ivana Quiko)

The official Stadiums of

FIFA World Cup 2010



THE SPLASH edition May 2010

Movie Review

THE SPLASH edition May 2010



ow To Train Your Dragon is a comedy adventure set in mystical world of wild Viking which was taken from the book written by a British Author, Cressida Cowell. This movie is about the adventures of Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III (Jay Baruchel), an eleven-year-old boy, the son of the Viking chief, Stoick the Vast (Gerard Butler). He must capture a dragon as a part of rite. Set on the small island of Berk, a group of ten youths of the Hooligan are being led by “Gobber the Belch” (Craig Ferguson) to perform their first military program; to catch their own dragon up.


SOCIAL NETWORKING Love, Inspiration, and Crime


rom a small idea to make a connection between friends, Facebook and twitter have been becoming a trendsetter of social networking. It is not only because of its function but also the convenient and the simplicity of the concept that have made both sites very popular among the other social networking sites. Moreover, many stories are existed because of Social networking. Love, inspiration, and Crime will be revealed in the next sentences. Since the existence of Social Networking has affected people’s life style, there is no need of match maker anymore. The reason is simple, because the Social Networking itself has become the match maker. Even a soulmate searcher is able to find his or her soulmate directly based on their own criteria. Nevertheless, only some of couples make it to the end—the marriage. One of the stories comes from Florida where a couple got marriage because of facebook. The story begins when a woman named Kelly Hildebrandt, she was bored and then did something silly in

one night. She tried to search on Facebook whether there was a person with the same name with her. She searched it, and found a man with the same name. The chatting via message was started then after that “accident”. And as the time goes by Love came into both of them, they got married and planned to settle a house in South Florida. Social Networking is a place where people share their ideas, opinion, and feeling. This phenomenon makes social networking as a place where an inspiration can be taken. There is no way of success besides wanting it and pursuing it with all of your heart. A lady has believed it and makes her dream become a reality. She is just an ordinary college student, but her effort to reach her dream has made her a wonder woman. Indah Fadlina has started her multilevel marketing bussines from zero, from nothing. She has faced barrier and arduous path of her career which have forced her to think twice of continuing her business. Nevertheless, she still walks on her track, she never gives up even

many complaints, rejections, envies, and troubles come to her. Moreover, that attitude has made her achieving a wonderful path in her career. In just only one year since she run the business she has become Senior Manager 21% where usually people achieve it between two until three years. Unfortunately, Social Networking also reveals his bad side. There is a sad story when people feel the euphoria of Social Networking. A kidnapping case happened because of facebook. This news was becoming headline in past months. In Bekasi, a girl was kidnapped by her friend whom she just knew from facebook. This case makes people more careful to meet a friend from a social networking. All above, Social Networking is just a media where we can make the relation of friendship closer and borderless. However, as a user of social networking people should be more wise in using it to minimize the bad effect. (Paritranaya)

dragon. He put together a list of things that can ease him in training the dragon. The tricks were also failed. He is even dominated by his dragon. At the last of his lists, he was forced to have ‘jokes and riddles talk’.

At the eastern part of the Berk Island, there was an area known as “Wild Dragon Cliff”. Hiccup and his friends Fishlegs (Christopher Mintz-Plasse), Tuffnut Jr (T.J. Miller), Speedifist, Wartihog, Astrid (America Ferrera) and Hiccup’s enemies; Snotlout (Jonah Hill) and Dogsbreath the Duhbrain were given a task to capture the dragon. Anyone who could not catch the dragon will be exiled. Then, they entered the cave one by one. Hiccup met a dragon of Night Fury species, the most dangerous species of dragon. No one was able to kill Night Fury. Hiccup called his dragon Toothless because it had only one tooth. The wings on the tail were not perfect, so it couldn’t fly like other dragons.

Later, on Thor’s Tuesday, during the final part of the rite, Toothless offended Fireworm (Snotlout’s dragon) and there was a fight between all of the dragons. This means that they are failed and will be exiled. But due to the huge storm, Stoick delayed it. During the storm, there was a big dragon monster named Green Death. Gobber’s book was useless. All the Viking people look toward Hiccup for advice on the sole condition that the boys are no longer exiled. Hiccup comes to the Green Death but the monster need all the Viking and dragons died. Hiccup and all the dragons brought hand-made feather bombs and dropped it to Green Death to give an asthma attack. The plan seems to be working but Green Death won, although dying. Green death revenged by swallowing Hiccup but he landed on a spear jammed in the monster’s throat. Toothless helped Hiccup by making the Green Death sneeze. Before Hiccup is sneeze out, he put his helmet in the Green Death’s fire-producing orifice. When Green Death tried to breathe, he exploded. What happened to Hiccup and Toothless next?

Gobber, then, advised the youth to train their dragons using How to Train Your Dragon book from the Hooligan library. Unfortunately, the book only has one page saying “Yell at it; the louder the better.” It doesn’t help anything for Hiccup so, he used a new approach and left the traditional ways of Vikings of training the

In making a spectacular animated “How to Train Your Dragon”, DreamWorks Animation using several technologies from HP. It also used DreamWorks Animation Render Farm which consists of a collection of computers to support the process of animation sequences. The most advanced rendering

farm is currently used in the studio where the production animated films are produced by computer. To create a new look in lighting, DreamWorks in coorporation with a leader of cinematographer, Roger Deakins, ASC, BSC. By using HP Z800 to control the composition of the HP ProLiant, Deakins succeed to design and explored the lighting interactively in final full-frame with supervision of DreamWorks Animation, VFX, and CG. This movie that was released on 26th March, 2010 is a good film to watch. Chris Sanders and Dean DeBlois as directors made this film in 3D format. Images are displayed as if out of the screen. The visual effects are very awesome and amazing. All animations are made for the perfection so that the characters are seemed “real”. This movie tells us about friendship between human and dragon. The tribe doesn’t need a hunter of the dragon. What can be done is to make friends with the dragon with the right approaches!! We highly suggest you not to miss this movie. (Ratna Rima Asti)



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