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Publisher’s Introduction by Nancy Mills, Founder of The Spirited Woman

Fantastic news! This is our fifth annual Spirited Woman Directory! Every year our Directory gets more compelling. And this year we have an exciting, new compact format. A remarkable 21 transformative women are featured. I'm so proud of this. As the founder, publisher and creator of Spirited Woman, a leading (and ever-expanding) global women's empowerment community founded in 2001, it is my mission and the mission of Spirited Woman to deeply support all “women inspiring women.” More so than ever before and on a global scale, women have the opportunity to make a difference, heal others with their gifts, and step into their unstoppable power. We are the Every Woman Visionaries, changing the world one Spirited Woman step at a time. It is through our minds, our hearts, and our actions that the world is changing. That is why I am beyond thrilled to publish our fifth edition of the Spirited Woman Directory: A Collection of Stories & Resources for an Inspired Life! The purpose of the Directory is to reach and inspire millions of women globally. Recognizing that the time is NOW for women, and that the technology and social media elements are in place to make a HUGE IMPACT - we embarked on a journey to create a Directory that would make history! And that's what we've done and continue to do. Enlightening. Informative. Innovative. We've created a magazine-style page-turning Directory, where women worldwide can share their inspirational stories, resources, and links - in one place together! A Directory which can be embedded on your websites, downloaded as an App on your mobile phone, and shared with your friends through social media. Since our first Directory in 2012, more than 275 women from eight countries and almost every state have participated in this project. From the beginning, these Every Woman Visionaries deeply resonated with the Directory's revolutionary concept and committed to its vision - to inspire and bring women together from around the world and to connect with like-minded souls. This Directory is a salute to you - the Every Woman Visionary - and your spirit! May the force be with us all! Nancy Mills

Table of Contents Publisher’s Introduction


Directory Presenters


Milada Sakic - Energy Healing


Liza Braude-Glidden - Social Visionary


Jeanne Rust - Well-Being


Vicki Dobbs - Sacred Arts & Teaching


Asia Voight - Intuition


Patty Kogutek - Authors & Speakers


Athena Pallis - Peace


Sheila Pearl - Loving Relationships


Elizabeth Golden - Essential Oils


Tori Hartman - Enlightenment


Alisa Savoretti - Non-Profits for Women


Featured Profiles


Sandra Filer - From Heartache to Happiness


Deborah Tray - Breathing in Life


Sunday Larson - The Plucky Advantage


Eleanor Vincent - Swimming with Maya: A Mother’s Story


Barbara Bacon - Seeing Your “AHA” Moments in the Dark


Nancy Leith - Coming Out As an Artist


Eleni McGinty - Dressing From The Inside Out


Table of Contents Featured Profiles (continued) Debra L. Morrison, CFP速, MS, AEP - Empowered Retirement


Susan Kobilarcsik - Living Your Dreams


Kathy Bolte - Coming Home To The Divine Music Of My Soul


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Directory Presenters Milada Sakic - Energy Healing Liza Braude-Glidden - Social Visionary Jeanne Rust - Well-Being Vicki Dobbs - Sacred Arts & Teaching Asia Voight - Intuition Patty Kogutek - Authors & Speakers Athena Pallis - Peace Sheila Pearl - Loving Relationships Elizabeth Golden - Essential Oils Tori Hartman - Enlightenment Alisa Savoretti - Non-Profits for Women

Energy Healing Presented by

Milada Sakic Teacher/Healer/Astrologer

Out of Darkness Comes The Light by Milada Sakic

Born with my umbilical cord wrapped around my neck, I'm saved by an emergency C-section. My mother always points to something blue to illustrate the color of my skin at birth when I almost suffocated. Throughout childhood, my father is severely addicted to alcohol, and for as long as I can remember, there's no peace in our home. I choose to stay by my mom’s side, as if my presence there will help keep her safe. It doesn’t. The only time I experience rare moments of peace is while writing poetry or taking the bus to school. This is also when I communicate with my guides, asking for reassurance and if we'll ever be safe in our own home. Yet, this is only the beginning of my transformational journey. Two months shy of my high-school graduation, a war erupts in my home country - Bosnia. I lived with my family 100 yards from the front line, refusing to leave because I had just met the love of my life - Almir, my soon-to-be husband. A soldier in the army, he could not leave and I chose to stay with him. I also knew from my astrological chart that I would eventually live abroad, but it was not my time to leave home yet. It was not until four years later when we were strongly intuitively guided that we decided it was time to leave. I left through a secret underground tunnel with my baby in my arms, and my husband followed me to Croatia eight days later, escaping through a dangerous and treacherous path. I had relatives living in Canada, and decided that it was going to be our new home with no other place to start a new life that felt so diverse and free. We found ourselves a young couple with a child in a foreign country. I persevered and so did my husband. For 16 years, I had a busy corporate career in Canada, and many opportunities for growth. I could finally see a prospect of fulfilling my life’s retirement. Yet, that was not to be either. It took two physical and emotional burnouts in 10 years to finally realize that I could not emotionally afford to wait until retirement to fulfill my potential.

As scary as the decision was to shift from employee to entrepreneur, after my second healing crisis, I had an awakening. I needed to come back to that young girl who communicated with her guides and was so passionate about helping others embrace their healing gifts. Even though my life had so many unexpected upheavals, they were meant to direct me to step into my own highest potential. I was meant to use my gift of astrology. I was meant to learn and teach the Akashic Records. I was meant to empower and help others heal on a soul level. And ever since then, I have been guiding women healers and conscious leaders on their journey. Out of the darkness came so much light.


Social Visionary Presented by

Liza Braude-Glidden Entrepreneur

You’re a Unique Medicine that Helps Restore the World by Liza Braude-Glidden

I’m 10 years into my fourth marriage. Whew! And then we started a company. That’s a make-or-break proposition, so we’re incredibly lucky! My husband, Reed Glidden, and I founded our “better-for-you” snack company, Beanfields Bean and Rice Chips, five years ago. Soon after, Reed’s brother, Roy, joined us. And, all along, I’ve been writing a book on relationships. I’m an expert, right? One reason Jackson Pollock’s drip paintings are so popular is because our lives and relationships are graceful gestures of spillage. Mistakes become fortuitous through the generosity and love we bring to them. As Reed, Roy and I run a national brand out of our home, billions of gestures of graceful spillage come together. Is there stress? Yes. Is there privacy? Not much. But life happens, and people put up with me. That’s a frigging miracle because I’m shy, odd and outspoken. Reed and I believe mystics, artists, and diverse oddballs belong in the marketplace. We need creative, quirky voices like his and mine. But creatives also have responsibilities: we can’t just push around words, paint and symbols. So I gravitate to places like our company where we move physical objects to places people need them in a form they enjoy. My book, Four Hats: Unique Entrepreneur, Unique Social Networker, Unique Artist, and Unique Hero will come out on Integral Wisdom Press soon. In it, you try on four hats. Each gives you a different approach to relationships at home, at work, at play and online. Painful voices within and around us make relationships difficult: “I don’t give a damn what you have to say, I don’t even care that you exist. Out of seven billion humans, what makes you so special?" And we hear painful messages about being human: “The Earth would be better off without humans, machines will soon out-perform people in almost everything.” My book amplifies better voices, creative voices, within and all around. It celebrates an intuition you may already have: you embody a unique medicine that can help all of us respond to fast-changing times. What if you lived that intuition and based your relationships on it?

Your unique, restorative voice emerges from what my friend and teacher Marc Gafni calls your Unique Self: “an irreducibly unique expression of the love intelligence that is animating the Eros of the universe.” And your uniqueness, Marc says, is the currency of connection. Your unique qualities are keys to your relationships. Every chapter of my book is full of what I call Sacred Questions. They entice you to focus on your unique and gorgeous voice. A question becomes sacred when it inspires your unique quest. Responding to Sacred Questions helps you discover unique features that connect you authentically with others. That’s the first step in the renewal of intimacy with yourself, your loved ones, your human family and the whole world. Our world is changing fast and we need you. You’re a unique medicine that restores and evolves us all. So stay with your curiosity: What’s the creative act of love that’s emerging in this moment that only you can do? (805) 698-3555

Well-Being Presented by

Jeanne Rust Eating Disorder Specialist

Turning Toward the Light by Jeanne Rust, PhD

It was one of those moments in time that I’ll never forget. While living on the island of Mallorca, Spain - I was sitting in a field of wild sunflowers and poppies next to my old farmhouse, playing with my kitty, Carlos. To this day I can’t explain exactly what happened, but I suddenly became aware that my whole world had shifted. I realized how ill I was from my eating disorder and other addictive behaviors, demons that had consumed more than half my life. As I sat in that field, I clearly received a message from Spirit showing me what I was supposed to do. Was this real? Was I finally going crazy? Or should I listen more deeply? My whole being became desperate for change. It sounds so simple but it was the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life. Somehow I intuitively knew that my recovery was not about behaviors but rather I was to embark on a journey of mind, body and soul. I also knew I was to dedicate my life to saving other women from the hopelessness and helplessness that accompanies these diseases. I left the island of Mallorca to pursue my education, and have devoted the next 25 years finding out how people heal and become well, deep inside at a cellular level. Specializing in eating disorders, I opened my treatment center in 1999 - implementing a truly integrative and holistic approach to recovery. I named the center “Mirasol,”after the Spanish sunflower fields that had brought me so much comfort and inspiration. "Mira" in Spanish means "look at" and "sol" is "the sun." This lovely word translates as sunflower, but I pictured all of my clients leaving treatment holding their heads up as they walked in the sun. My intent was to create a place that would be like a cozy, home-style environment in a setting of great natural beauty. On the outskirts of Tucson, Arizona, I found a traditional territorial-style burnt adobe ranch complete with riding stables that I converted into individual treatment cottages. Over the next 16 years, 1000’s of women would make their way to Mirasol, and the original 10-bed facility would expand to include a teen residence and two transitional living centers (or partial hospitalization.) Mirasol has established an international reputation for leadership in the field of eating

disorder treatment by developing an integrative treatment program combining traditional therapeutic interventions with alternative treatments proven effective in the treatment of chronic stress-related conditions. Mirasol was the first to utilize brain mapping and EEG/Neurofeedback training for the treatment of eating disorders in order to normalize brain wave patterns. We incorporated energy psychology. Instead of suppressing eating disorder symptoms, our multidisciplinary treatment team focuses on identifying the root of the problem, developing new ways of communicating and providing opportunities to practice those skills in a safe environment that supports change. I love the Mirasol program, and I’m very proud of our results. I'm thrilled when I see a woman leave Mirasol with her head held high and her face pointed towards the sun, full of confidence and new self-knowledge that will enable her to succeed in the world. (805) 698-3555

Sacred Arts & Teaching Presented by

Vicki Dobbs Storyteller

The Power of Story by Vicki Dobbs

I am Vicki Dobbs, a connoisseur of creativity and I am a storyteller. When we share our stories, they have the power to inspire others to dream more, do more and become more. Lynn Andrews shared that, “It is so important to realize that story is one of the greatest, most important and valuable ways to find commitment to your process of awareness and enlightenment.” Each day we “write” the story of us; our lives and the interactions we have with the world and all of its inhabitants. When we pay attention to the stories that bring us alive, to the ones that ignite a giggle or bring a tear, they will teach us something. I woke up one morning to a cacophony of screeching birds, went out to see what was up and could find no birds. Instead, in between each of the four trees that grace the front of our home, I found feathers; three sets of one blue jay and one crow feather. That was the beginning of my awareness of the stories waiting for me. When we bring our stories into physical form, they are a constant reminder that we have the power to change, create, transform and enliven them every day. You wind a story into the ties that pull a drum face onto its frame and tell that story when you play the drum. You weave a story into a basket and retell it in the design and decoration. You paint a story as artists have for eons of time and beyond. The stones have ancient stories to share with us as do the trees, the breeze and the ocean. Creativity is the kind of storytelling that can be a bridge between our rational mind and our body mind, sharing the wisdom of intuitive thought versus intellectual concept. This sacred creativity will give voice to our stories by bringing them into a tangible, physical form to share, revisit and remember. Our creations don’t have to be perfect…They are better with their mistakes intact for in that moment, we allow for the imperfection of our own humanity to be present in what we cocreate divinely using our hands as extensions of our ancestors, bringing their stories present in our creations. We can’t run from who we are, but we are defined by our choices and we can choose, at any given moment, to change our stories… to co-create our own destiny. Those times of depression, of shadow

dwellers and negativity, are telling us that it is either time to get out of the story we are in or maybe it is just time to find that piece of our story we have not yet discovered and live it! Your story has power. It may lead someone else to an eye opening aha-moment that changes their own story. Please share your stories and inspire those around you to share theirs. We need more storytellers. Many blessings, Vicki


Intuition Presented by

Asia Voight Animal Communicator

Finally, I Began to Hear The Animals Again by Asia Voight

The ability to communicate with animals and the natural world is essential. For me, holding conversations with my animals went even further - they saved my life. My passion for animals took me on a life-altering journey with a return trip back from heaven. I began communicating with angels, animals and spirit guides at the age of three. I talked to the squirrels in my yard and the neighborhood dogs, easily and joyfully. I felt peace and connection. I thought everyone experienced this same feeling of oneness. It wasn’t until I was playing outside with a neighbor girl I realized this wasn’t true. After being ridiculed, yet validated by her about a local dog, I stopped sharing my intuitive abilities. I wanted to be normal. The voices stopped for many years but without my connection, I did not have a clear sense of direction. It was the worst time of my life because I felt so alone, dead and disconnected. This started to change when I was 23-years-old and a semitrailer crashed into my van. In an instant, a raging gasoline-bred fire held me prisoner. Panicked, I tried each door only to find them unmoving. I struggled to escape as black smoke poured in through the cracks. Choking and on the verge of fainting, my guardian angel appeared. Miraculously, she guided me out of a partially open window. I was severely burned over 72 percent of my body. The ER doctor gave me a mere three percent chance for survival. I was placed on the ICU's most critical list for two months, while I endured numerous surgeries to repair my charred body. I was on a respirator and had a tube in my mouth. One day, the alarms began to go off and I couldn't breathe. I realized I was dying. I felt my spirit body leave. I could breathe again with no pain, no scars and no fire. The struggle was over. I joined a beautiful universe above me - peaceful and content. Three beings approached me and I telepathically heard them greet me. They told me they were Ascended Masters. The two men and one woman gave me various healing and spiritual lessons

about intuitive communication. They showed me that telepathy was our soul’s language and birthright. The beings urged me to come back to earth and told me they would help me heal. I was to re-connect to my telepathic abilities. I was to share the connection I felt as a child with others. They said, "Once everyone is communicating with animals again, it will heal the earth." Finally, I began to hear the animals again. Communicating with my dog, horses and cats saved my life - literally - when I was in pain and wanted to give up, they urged me on. I can't imagine what my life would be like without re-opening by intuition and deep joyful connection with them. The Ascended Masters helped me realize my true purpose in life, to help humans open to their soul's full potential. The animals have pledged themselves as partners to assist us in this journey. When you open your intuitive abilities through animal communication, your life takes on new meaning. My passion is helping others feel that joy and to reconnect and develop their natural telepathic abilities through private sessions, empowerment events and classes. CLICK HERE TO WATCH VIDEO (805) 698-3555

Authors & Speakers Presented by

Patty Kogutek Mentor/Coach

Under the Veil: From Guilt Sponge to Joy by Patty Kogutek

Mother Monica led me through the golden-varnished double French doors. When the convent doors clanged shut, they locked me away from the world and locked me into service as a Catholic nun. The list of rules blindsided me. No talking. Eyes always downcast. No personal possessions. I was allowed contact with my family only once a month, and Mother Monica scrutinized every letter home, requiring me to rewrite one that confessed loneliness. Hair shorn, I dressed only in black and white, hiding my eyes under my veil. The nuns that taught me in high school seemed so happy. But happiness in the convent escaped me. After three months, I asked to go home. My superior, who dismissed my request as an unhealthy addiction to my family, sent me to bed. Like a cowed animal, I obeyed. Being raised to please others and never questioning authority, I made decisions based on the wishes of others. I was a guilt sponge, soaking up the commands of others with blind obedience. Blind obedience drove me to become a nun; blind obedience compelled me to continue serving as a nun for seven years despite my desire to leave the convent. When I finally left the convent, my guilt sponge behaviors accompanied me, coloring my life with black and white rules. In an attempt to catch up with my peers, I leapt into marriage, doomed from the beginning to my lack of personal maturity. I lived to please my husband, family and friends. After 12 years, when ill health took me down, I finally dared to break church rules in seeking a divorce. With two divorces - one to God, and one to man - I moved in with my parents at age 38, a complete failure. My reentry into the world led me through the painful journey of self-discovery and introspection. I sought counseling, healing, and release from my guilt sponge behaviors. I learned to shift my focus to listening to my inner voice. For the third time, I stood in the back of the church waiting to walk down the aisle of marriage. Feeling the gravity of this commitment, I closed my eyes and prayed. A voice deep within me seemed to answer, “ Yes, Patty, I’m here with you, like always.� As God spoke, sheer contentment washed over me.

That wedding ceremony was 23 years ago. Today I share my journey from guilt to joy in my award-winning book, A Change of Habit: A Spiritual Journey From Sister Mary Kateri to Sister Mary Vodka. It relates how I learned the “Seven Secrets to Guilt Free Living,” secrets that gave me the courage and permission to follow my own heart. My story is about searching, change, empowerment, responsibility and love. It speaks to likeminded guilt sponges, offering hope on their personal quests. Through writing, speaking, and personal coaching, I aid others in shedding guilt sponge behaviors. Joy comes in watching others gain their own power and happiness. Let’s kick the guilt! Here’s to your happiness.


Peace Presented by

Athena Pallis Mediator/Social Entrepreneur

My Passion for Peace by Athena Pallis

I am a first-generation American, the child of a Cuban (legal) immigrant mother and a Greek (initially, and for several years, illegal) immigrant father. I think that my experience as the child of a father vulnerable to discovery made me aware of the hatred and distrust that is often directed at strangers. My parents were adults when they met in mid-50’s California; my father had “jumped ship” (he was in the Greek Merchant Marines) in Portland, Oregon, and made his way to Los Angeles, where my mother was spending her vacation visiting her sister. They met while learning English at Hollywood High Night School (I know, romantic, right?). Their fellow students came from various countries; many of these people became a part of the fabric of my young life. Most, like my father, had experienced great hardships in their home countries. I was raised on the story of my father's capture at the age of 13 by the Nazis in a sweep of Piraeus, the port city of Athens, and his subsequent daring escape with the help of a slightly older teen. I also was well aware of my mother's heritage. Though she moved from Cuba before the revolution, relatives who remained there and those who came in subsequent years bore the scars of that particular suffering – children wrested away to work in fields, dissidents held and tortured in prisons, scarcity of food and other necessities. All of that is to say that, from a very early age, and although we certainly lived in a peaceful community without obvious adversity, my heart and ears have always been finely attuned to the suffering of others, and my desire has been, in conversation and in community, to promote peace and connection. This early orientation led to my interests in human potential, development and eventually the evolution of consciousness. I intuitively understood that it is only through applying ourselves to our emotional and spiritual growth that we can develop the capacities of a society dedicated to peace and the alleviation of suffering. My passion for peace and justice is deeply rooted in my past and my family. Over the years I have brought this value into my life as a parent, as a community volunteer, as a mediator, and as a Master Integral Coach ™. Most recently, I’m applying this passion to The Peace Pillow Project, my new for-cause business. I was inspired by travels in Southeast Asia and by reading Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide (a book by journalists Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn) to take action to alleviate the suffering of human trafficking. My

vision for The Peace Pillow Project is that it will bring peace, beauty, and health promotion benefits to thousands, while simultaneously providing income and resources for some of the most at risk and in need populations in the world, domestically and internationally. I’m excited to be creating a product that will help people sleep better and starting a business that will provide economic opportunity to women worldwide. And I welcome you to join me on my journey of peace. (805) 698-3555

Loving Relationships Presented by

Sheila Pearl Relationship Coach

Life is About Making Magic! by Sheila Pearl

I have been to the top of the mountain: married 32 years to the love of my life; getting rave reviews in The New York Times as a professional singer; serving two large congregations as Cantor; teaching hundreds of children in the Hebrew Schools, and now...enjoying being a relationship coach and spiritual teacher. In all the ups and downs of life, I've learned that life is not about spending time, it's about making magic. I've learned how to adapt to life's uncertainties, disappointments and adversities which has brought me to my current status as the wise ageless and sexy crone. How did I arrive in my 70's feeling ageless and sexy? In my 50's, I felt anything but sexy and definitely didn't like the thought that I was getting older. Life's stresses brought me to my knees. I began a journey of self-discovery, reawakening my sensuality and reconnecting with my life force. Years before, in my 20's, I learned that life is about uncertainty: the first time I had sex I got pregnant. I kept my baby. Born with a heart defect, my daughter died at eight months. In my 30's, weeks before marrying, my husband's eldest son tragically died in a car crash. I never gave birth to another child. Since the passing of my daughter, however, I invented ways of “giving birth” to children: they have been my students, mentees, and clients. My most profound experience of “giving birth” was when my beloved husband took his last breath in my arms. Each loss, obstacle, disappointment and breakdown has led to some form of breakthrough: that's how each of us connects the dots of our lives. In connecting my own dots, I have been able to help others do the same thing. My own journey has been the stuff from which novels are written. I've just published my first “novel” (which is a new form of self-help book). It's my story. It's the kind of love story that combines eros and romance with the agape of unconditional love and selfdiscovery. This is what I do. I have conversations with clients about their lives. What is central to each of their lives is their relationships with themselves and others. I have learned from my own personal and professional experience over the past 70 years that every obstacle, every wrinkle in the sheet, every adversity and catastrophe is some form of gift and blessing. I now assist my clients in looking for that gift and using it for growth and awareness.

What gives both you and me the feeling of joy and satisfaction? Personally, I've learned that it's about full-out acceptance of who I am and being present to all of my senses. I teach and coach about being in love as the key: loving Self and others. When you and I live from a place of self-acceptance and ease, life becomes magical: everything expands. Living as ageless and sexy, I feel vital, connected, abundant, creative and awake. So can you!


Essential Oils Presented by

Elizabeth Golden Aromatherapist

Courage in Adversity Creates Healing by Elizabeth Golden

Courage has always been a main theme in my life, starting with my childhood. I was faced with losing my mother at eight-years-old, and a father who was unavailable most of the time. I grew up very quickly and learned to take care of myself at a young age. It’s no wonder that I always felt old when I was young. I remember some of my stepmother's friends saying to me that I was an old soul. I had no idea what that meant at the time. After much adversity in my life, two divorces later and a feeling of lack, loss and "what have I done wrong to have a life like this?" I never really learned to take good care of me. I made bad decisions for myself. My life was always about taking care of everyone else. Finally, I made a decision to heal the imbalances in my life. I felt very strong and determined to create a happy, fulfilling life for myself. I tried many different pathways toward healing and I was always attracted to other healers as my teachers. I had no idea at the time that I was a healer. Then one morning, about 14 years ago, on my daily walk with my dogs, I had what I would consider an awakening to spiritual communication in a visual sense. As we were walking, I saw a perfume bottle floating in mid-air; of course I thought wow, that’s strange. I walked away in disbelief thinking that it’s just hot and I’m seeing things…the beautiful luminous bottle followed me until I looked at it and gave it the attention requested. The message was “create a perfume.” I had no idea how to do that. I took the message to heart and I began to research perfume schools and I found the premier school in Grasse, France. Shortly after, I planned my trip to visit the school. It was a fun adventure but I discovered that I was sensitive to artificial fragrances. A bit disheartened, I returned home to Topanga, California and continued the research, knowing that Spirit would not misguide me. I found an aromatherapy school nearby and signed up right away. After my first class, I knew that this was the gift to me from that spiritual communication. Spirit was guiding me toward my path as a healer. Becoming an aromatherapist would be my first step in the healing arts. It felt right, and I am blessed with having a nose to create beautiful healing scents.

Every aromatic blend that I create is communicated to me through Spirit, in other words channeled through me. Each blend is healing and has a vibration that promotes overall wellness and balance for living a more conscious, healthy life. Today, I am an entrepreneur, aromatherapist, hands-on healer, intuitive reader and teacher. Golden Earth is the company I created to bring wellness to the world through aromatherapy. My products have been in Whole Foods, T.J. Maxx and other natural food stores and spas in the U.S. and Canada. (805) 698-3555

Enlightenment Presented by

Tori Hartman Psychic/Intuitive Author

The Next Evolution of YOU by Tori Hartman

Like many others, I grew up with alcoholism in my life. My mother drank herself to death when I was a teen. From the time I was five-years-old, my mother told me that I had no command of the English language and she would have to write my papers for school and she did so until she died when I was 15 from alcoholism. That year I failed English in high school. I do believe that this experience is what created the storyteller in me. Because I was not allowed to write, that was my mother’s domain, I would make-up stories and listen to the angels…this is why my sixth sense was developed, I believe. Since I was not allowed to “write” I tapped into another sense. When I was 25-years-old, I had a near-death experience, and when I was revived in the hospital, I was aware of many angels and guides coming forward to tell me stories...these fables would take 25 plus years to get into print, but at the time, I faithfully took the dictation of each story to create what is today the internationally bestselling deck: Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards. I had no way of knowing at the time that it was my personal “wounding” – my mother forcing me to take dictation as a child - that would turn into my greatest success to date: you see, I took dictation from the angels for the fables that would become the card deck and more. I have come to believe that it is often our wounding that provides the gifts we get to share with others. Despite all this success, I woke up one day, depressed and deeply unhappy. I was 52-years-old. The same age as my mother was when she died. That day, I made a decision. I was going to sell my home in California, sell my business and walk away from everything I owned to live in Asheville, North Carolina – to see the seasons and create a new life. It took a year, but I did it. In California I had created a home that was worth well over a million dollars, I had a successful business and yet I was not happy.

It's scary to reinvent ourselves, yet we only have so many chances to reinvent and be the people we came here to be. I gave up everything because I knew, in my heart and in my soul, that if I didn't walk away I would die emotionally. We all have to face our humanity and our mortality, but it's how we re-invent ourselves as we age that truly defines us. I am now the happiest I have ever been. I invite you to step into what is possible for you, to give up other people's idea of what your life should look like. What lies ahead can be new and exciting, if you choose it. Are you ready, for the next evolution of YOU?


Non-Profits for Women Presented by

Alisa Savoretti Showgirl Survivor

Making Women Whole Again by Alisa Savoretti

At the age of 38 my life took a dramatic turn. While working on a new career in home furnishings, I found a lump in my breast. Rather than launching my new enterprise, I was on my way for a biopsy. In early January the news…“Alisa, I’m sorry… you have breast cancer.” An uninsured entrepreneur, our local Social Services program saved my life, paid for my mastectomy and the eight rounds of chemotherapy that followed. During treatment, I searched locally and nationally for breast reconstruction funding, to no avail. Finally, five months post chemo, I returned to the Las Vegas stage and my former career as a professional dancer - this time however, minus one breast. They padded my costume and I billed myself as the "Lop-sided Showgirl" feeling the media may take hold. I shared my personal story and I knew I wasn’t alone. I realized a huge gap existed for “uninsured” survivors looking for funding. As a young woman, I waited nearly three years to acquire my own reconstruction. “I realized how my own self-esteem, confidence and self-worth returned when I could look in the mirror and see my whole ‘physical’ being once again. It was my healing, a restoration in body, mind and spirit.” With the help of members of NAWBO (National Association of Women Business Owners), My Hope Chest (MHC) was formed in December of 2003. MHC is the ONLY “national” organization funding surgery for uninsured and under-insured survivors. Our services “pick up” where the other organizations leave off, providing the “final step of breast cancer treatment.” Most of our referrals come from the largest breast cancer organizations in the country that do not provide funds to MHC or support for breast reconstruction. We ALL hope to find a cure for breast cancer, but there’s a huge population of underserved survivors living with physical and emotional scars and a constant reminder of their disease. As a result, many feel less than whole, and are unable to heal completely and move past their cancer journey.

Breast reconstruction surgery is a complex series of three surgeries that span one year and range from $25,000 upwards of $200,000 for the complex DIEP “tummy tuck” micro surgery. Without health insurance, it is simply not an option for most women. Cancer is a chapter in the book of one’s life, it shouldn’t define their life; our mission is vital. My Hope Chest is all about the happy backside of the disease creating butterflies and transforming lives! I truly believe God picked me for this role. I have no children and no husband yet, so I have been able to be selfless and driven for over a decade. The work is very hard but with each new “Butterfly” we create, I am reminded I am where I am supposed to be. My prayers are that we can help women faster and one day eliminate our wait list. It takes a village.


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Sandra Filer - From Heartache to Happiness Deborah Tray - Breathing in Life Sunday Larson - The Plucky Advantage Eleanor Vincent - Swimming with Maya: A Mother’s Story Barbara Bacon - Seeing Your “AHA” Moments in the Dark Nancy Leith - Coming Out As an Artist Eleni McGinty - Dressing From The Inside Out Debra L. Morrison, CFP®, MS, AEP - Empowered Retirement Susan Kobilarcsik - Living Your Dreams Kathy Bolte - Coming Home To The Divine Music Of My Soul

From Heartache to Happiness by Sandra Filer

Have you ever found yourself in front of a mirror with tears streaming down your face wondering how in the hell you got to this place? After moving all the way from Illinois to Texas, leaving my nearly six-figure income, family, and multitude of friends, for a “new life,” I discovered that my soon-to-be ex-husband was having an affair with a co-worker! It felt as if my heart was breaking into a million pieces. The feelings of shame and unworthiness permeated my being. After all, this was my second marriage. Second! The first husband was a verbally abusive narcissist and the second ended up being an unfaithful cheater. What was I doing wrong? How could someone with an MBA make such poor choices in men? I can vividly remember lying on the floor by the twinkling lights of the Christmas tree, all alone, sobbing until I thought I’d die. Not dying and wishing that I would. And, while this whole experience was brutally painful, it was also incredibly instructive! Something had to change. Fueled by the strong desire to feel better, I immersed myself in personal selfgrowth work. A dear friend shared a Goddess book, Goddess’ Guide to Love by Margie Lapanja that altered my perception of myself. A neighbor handed me a brochure that provided me with the information to experience a transformative weekend that gave me the opportunity to identify and release the deeply stored emotions of anger and deep sadness. Every tear that I shed, pillow that I beat, and affirmation that I spoke, helped. Little by little, I would heal those wounds to regain my self-confidence and ability to trust. One evening, I dug out the Goddess’ Guide and completed an exercise. It was specific to attracting an ideal mate. Having the knowledge of what I did not want, I was able to get really clear on what I did want. The list began with: He must cry at sad movies, hold my hand when we cross the street, and he is trustworthy and kind. The “list” was not so much about physical appearances, it was about character traits. I wanted a man that I could trust. Through fate and determination, I allowed myself to take a risk and 15 years later, I share my life with the man of my dreams.

My strongest desire is for every woman to know her worth. For you to realize and embrace your divine essence - whatever that means to you. To radiate beauty, empowerment, grace and strength. To leave your past behind. Step boldly into your future. Live out your wildest dream. Dance through life and live your soul’s purpose! Through transformative Goddess Retreats, workshops, and one-on-one sessions, I delight in providing the platform of possibility for a woman to reclaim her abundant Goddessness. Reawaken the fire inside. Live, Love, Prosper & Play! It is the way of the Goddess. (805) 698-3555

Breathing in Life by Deborah Tray

I had been living in Nashville, Tennessee; on what I call my “Eat, Pray, Love� journey of healing after leaving my marriage of 29 years. During the years following my divorce, I immersed myself in learning how to bring love, respect and peace into my life, something I had been yearning to create for a very long time. On this journey, I was supported by many enlightened women, who helped me to know God, and to believe that I was placed on this earth to fulfill my divine purpose. I read constantly, listened to spiritual and inspirational teachers, and practiced what I was learning as I embraced my calling as a Holistic Life Coach and Reiki Healing Practitioner. Another life long dream came true too - I went back to college at age 50 and graduated with a Bachelor of Social Work. Recently, as I prepared to start a new life in Pennsylvania with the man I love, I sat sorting through pictures and letters from my past and began to relive all of the old pain from my marriage - and with it returned my old familiar feelings of guilt, shame and blame. I'd struggled for years with asthma, and suddenly I could feel my lungs closing up and realized I'm in serious trouble. Knowing I could not get to the hospital on my own, with the help of the divine angels, I found the strength to call 911. The medics arrived in an ambulance and took me the three short miles to the hospital. After I was stabilized and back home, I realized that I had taken a huge step backward by journeying again into that dark place of self-blame, shame and guilt. How could I work so hard to heal, but then allow myself to walk right back into the nightmare of feeling undeserving of happiness? The old pain of not forgiving myself shut me down - literally took my breath away! In that moment I learned that going back to a past I regret was not the answer. It's merely the ego’s way of keeping us in chains, bound to the past. As I closed the door to my cottage for the final time, I marveled at the courage it took for me to make the journey towards love and light, and to bring peace to my spirit. Now that I've opened my heart to love and forgiveness - I'm breathing in life's joy, peace, and blessings.

I am honored to help empower and support other women on their individual Pathways To Peace. I know you can discover how delightful it is to love yourself unconditionally, knowing you are worthy of achieving great love, light and goodness in your life. You can create a life of inner peace, spiritual connection and align with your divine purpose, welcoming the next chapter of life - healing yourself with a complete sense of freedom, confidence and victory. (805) 698-3555

The Plucky Advantage by Sunday Larson

But for a single word… I thought my good fortune in life had been a matter of luck. That is until a woman named Alice changed my life and my work by describing me as being plucky, a magical, multi-faceted, manylayered, undervalued and misused word. “Plucky is a quality that sparkles with particular delight at simply being alive,” Alice said. “A word that vibrates LIVE LIVE LIVE.” I did the research and found that PLUCK means to select a single item out of many. To be discerning in making choices. The quality of PLUCKY is the foundation for courageous action. And PLUCKINESS is an inspirited, inspired and intrepid attitude. How did Alice know? Without my plucky spirit, I might have withered from grief when my newborn son died. I might not have returned after venturing into the netherworld trying to follow his fleeting spirit. A lightning strike that experts said should have killed me, did not leave a mark. Again, for the third time, I felt the force of pluck just as I lost consciousness for two days after experiencing a severe sunstroke. The Fates and the plucky forces were at their best on April 25, 2015 when Eagle and I met head to head in an incident that could have meant both our demise. I have pictures. Without my pluckiness I might have ignored the call to a mountaintop where a stranger handed me a magical key, the same key that I’d already been given in a dream five years earlier. Literally. Without pluck, I might have taken the prescribed educational path, rather than pursue a liberal arts humanities degree that has served me beyond measure. Without my pluck, my strong and powerful personal voice might have been suppressed by my covertly cruel and duplicitous mother. I might have succumbed to my need to rescue those perpetually in need, rather than sever the toxic relationship with my sister.

Because I was young and a newcomer on the scene, without my crazy plucky courage, I might have declined the job in the Tiffany & Co. where my jewelry design career was launched. I might not have gone out on a limb and plucked an acre of real estate that became the canvas for my art, the alchemist of my life experiences, the foundation for my financial security, and the subject of my memoir-in-process on the attributes of plucking wisely. I’d rather have pluck than luck, thereby foregoing dependency on outside circumstances. It’s a matter of knowing and owning your voice. And I’m here to say that the cost of holding fast to your pluck and your pluckiness is never too great. I call your intrepid, inspirited and inspired pluckiness your IT Charm. And if you’ve got IT, your charm of charms, you’ve got it all. Thank you, Alice, for describing the theme of my life story. (805) 698-3555

Swimming with Maya: A Mother’s Story by Eleanor Vincent

After my 19-year-old daughter died, I knew I had been handed my writing assignment for the rest of my life. I did the only thing I could. I wrote one hard word after another to tell the story of our life as mother and daughter. That’s how Swimming with Maya: A Mother’s Story came into being. Early in my career I had been a newspaper reporter, trained to take detailed notes. And I had always been a devoted journal keeper. At the time Maya died in 1992, I was in graduate school working on a master’s degree in creative writing. I put away the novel I had begun a few months before Maya’s accident. Instead, drawing on my journals, photographs, and vivid memories, I wrote the true story of Maya, and my struggles as a single parent. I also began to research transplantation, trying to understand the outcome of my decision to give my daughter’s organs away to save the lives of strangers. Ultimately, an article I published in the San Jose Mercury News about our personal experience of organ donation wound up in the hands of a man who knew Maya’s heart recipient. He realized the person I described in my article as “a Chilean businessman” could only be his friend Fernando. After Fernando read my article, and learned the details of his anonymous donor’s life, he was determined to meet. Through my writing I not only began to heal my grief, I also brought into my life a man who had every reason to want to know everything he could about Maya. Fernando felt my daughter as a mysterious presence in his body. He was intensely curious about her. As I poured out our story to him, I simultaneously experienced it in a new way. I began to record my insights. Those early writings about Maya – and then about Fernando – ultimately became the heart of my book. Since it was reissued by Dream of Things in ebook and paperback, Swimming with Maya has twice appeared on The New York Times e-book bestseller list. People often ask if writing Swimming with Maya healed me. Honestly, I have to say that working with other grieving parents to share our recovery, going to

weekly therapy sessions, journaling, walking, attempting to be a good parent to my surviving daughter, having long talks with family and friends – these are the things that healed me. I did my grief work. And in between I wrote like a banshee. I retired from my corporate editing job recently and I’ve been celebrating my creative freedom. I’m working on a novel as well as a screenplay of Swimming with Maya, eager to make my vision of a film a reality. When the worst thing I could ever imagine happened on that spring afternoon in 1992, resilience, creativity, and radical generosity saved me. Each word I wrote lighted the way to the next word, and ultimately, to a new life.


Seeing Your "AHA" Moments in the Dark by Barbara Bacon

As strange as it may sound, it was the diagnosis of Stage 3 Ovarian Cancer in 2012 that would offer me the opportunity to open a magical crystalline door to an amazing life I had no idea was even possible. The night that I was diagnosed I noticed a strange exhilarating energy that had filled not only our home but myself as well. The irrational and unexplainable want-to-dance rush threw every fiber of my being. All I could feel was freedom…So right now you are probably thinking, “Poor thing, she is in shock? Right??? Not even close!" For the previous 10 years, I had spent my energies learning healing modalities - this would become the driving force in my life. Ultimately giving me the deepest sense of inner peace, teaching me all about my own personal divine gifts. With this journey came a vast community of amazing women who were also on a quest of self-discovery. Each were healers in their own right, and all from different walks of life - nurses, college professors, and accountants - with one common thread, we each knew that we were “people of service.” This was our Higher Calling. It was from these foundational teachings that I was able to draw upon during my illness and find extraordinary insight, inner strength and peace. With the relief of my chemo treatments behind me it was time to start rebuilding my life. That thought terrified and exhilarated me at the same time. My life didn’t resemble anything familiar and neither did I. Realizing through this whole ordeal I had been given an opportunity and a choice on how I was going to look at this experience. The cancer had stolen almost everything from me; I was not going to let it win! No way no how! In trusting the healing process, I asked my amazing husband for advice, “So what do I do now?” With ease of words and a deep love in his tone he replied, “Honey do what makes your heart sing and do what you love!" Without giving it a single thought the word CRYSTALS echoed loudly in my head! WOW…This insight made so much sense to me - crystals had always played such an important part in my own healing

process - and my students and my healing consultations always benefited from their divine abilities. It is in this magical blending of the crystals, healing work and my professional training as an Interior Designer that my company “Aura� came to be. I have waited my whole life to be this happy. Try and remember that you are being divinely led to people and experiences that will help enrich your life. You don’t have to be happy about what has happened yet, instead, allow the lesson behind the veil to lead you to your inner wisdom. Love and happiness is our divine birthright, it is all about how we get there. Joy & Happiness to you, Barbara Bacon (805) 698-3555

Coming Out As an Artist by Nancy Leith

I’ve sung in choirs all my life, from being a tree in the Wizard of Oz as a child, touring Egypt, Russia and Chile, singing for Yeltsin, and now in a women’s choir, Mirinesse. Singing has always been a way to express myself and to touch others with beauty. Dancing too was something I enjoyed, from summer recreation programs dancing hula and jazz, modern dance in high school and college, and returning to hula as part of a halau, where I learned much more about Polynesian culture, grace and beauty. So I had lots of opportunity for creative expression growing up, but never considered myself an artist. I thought artists had to be able to draw, to paint, to visually represent something on paper. Artists to me were people with a unique way of seeing things, who had something they wanted to express, something special. I didn’t feel special or talented. But I loved being around those artistic types. They actually created things and put them out in the world, things that captured your eyes, that made you think, that touched your heart! For years I’ve been part of a dream group, where we talk about our dreams. The facilitator always considered me an artist; said I had an artist’s sensibility, a unique way of looking at things. I liked being thought of as an artist, but didn’t think I deserved the title. Yes, I was creative. Yes, I was intuitive. Yes, I was quirky and colorful and had a different perspective, but I had no formal training and what art had I actually created? I did have a brief stint making jewelry with buttons and bows, but that was it. Then a few years ago, I was working with an insightful coach about what to be next. She had me make a visual reminder of a colored light meditation. Not being a drawer, I decided to use fabric and ribbons and sequins to capture their essence. And voila, my first mandala! Now I was hooked. Mandalas drew me in, as they’re meant to do, taking us in and leading us out too, in endless spirals. The circle of life. Their rich symbology, their appearance in all kinds of culture and in nature, their link to our cosmic consciousness touched a chord in me. Finally I had a way to express myself coming up with creations that were unique to me, three-dimensional pieces using vivid colors, lush fabrics and textures, incorporating the treasures I’ve collected over the years. Whether used for spiritual enlightenment, personal growth or simply

objects of divine beauty, mandalas provide a window to our soul, reflections of our true nature. My intention with my art is it will help people to see their own inner beauty. Now when people ask what I do, I say I’m an artist. Still a bit hesitantly, but I’m saying it out loud more. After all, it’s who I am. So I say, come out, come out, wherever you are! The world needs you in your full power.


Dressing From The Inside Out by Eleni McGinty

My earliest memories of the “rag trade” takes place in the inner suburbs of Melbourne, Australia where I sat under the watchful eye of my mother who was the well-respected “first sample” maker in a busy clothing factory. She taught me to sew. I loved watching everyone discuss colors, styles and fabrics. From a young age, I fell in love with fashion and it was a natural choice for my profession. Later, I expanded my love of dressing others by becoming a makeup artist too. This way, I was able to inspire women from head to toe. It was my fulfillment and joy to help each woman express their authentic, inner beauty. In fact, it became the key to my own "spirited" journey. In life things change, and my mother's passing was a big turning point for me. After grieving her loss, I was pulled much more strongly to the "mind, body, spirit" qualities of beauty. I was "led" - for a lack of a better word - to a much more holistic approach about styling. From the inside out - instead of the outside in. I wanted to advise on style and dress my clients from their core, so that they could feel more authentic in their fashion choices. I researched and asked myself, "Why is it, that in some outfits, we feel amazing?" The answer, like style itself, comes from within. Your vibrational essence of success may be invoked by a pair of jeans, by a tailored suit or by a flowing black dress. We are all unique. In time, I became a certified consultant in "Flying Star" Feng Shui. This was an awakening which enlightened me to unite my makeup/fashion experience with the harmonizing qualities of Feng Shui. My life changed when I discovered the brilliant work of Evana Maggiore. Her book is Fashion Feng Shui: The Power of Dressing with Intention. Today, I incorporate her concept into my style consultations and workshops as I am a Fashion Feng Shui® Facilitator. We all express energy to the world through dressing. Even a lipstick has an energy. If you think of red lipstick, what is the vibrational accord to you? Glamour, fun, passion… that’s right, the element is FIRE. Each of the five elements - Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water - has a corresponding color, shape and texture. They appear in fashion through color, texture and design and in our personal appearance through our hair, skin and eyes.

I ask clients to do some homework, including a mini-closet audit and vision board. I can see eyes light up when they "connect" and suddenly realize why they are attracted to certain colors or styles. Yes, dressing is a basic daily practice. Understanding how to do it mindfully is empowering. Shopping becomes streamlined as clients choose what suits them and new purchases represent what they want to attract into their life - The Law of Attraction! In a Fashion Feng ShuiŽ consultation you’ll learn about dressing to honor your spirit, body and mind. Fashion for the whole you.


Empowered Retirement by Debra L. Morrison, CFP®, MS, AEP

I was raised on a 100-acre beef cattle farm where we learned myriad life lessons experientially. This fostered my always having a ready Plan B which I find helpful even today in serving my clients. My grandfather gifted us kids with three stock certificates to help pay for college. I felt a sense of reverence that was reignited years later when I toured the New York Stock Exchange, where traders scrambled through calf high finished trade papers, en route to place their next hot one. That energy was palpable; I KNEW I wanted to be involved with investments. With my Master’s Degree in Retirement Planning and now 37 years’ experience, I empathize with mature women whose socialization and familial money messages were damning. I seek to educate and empower them through common sense analogies, not financese. After 9/11 I gave pro bono service to seven widows, one widower and an orphan for a year; providing snippets of hope, strategies to put one foot in front of the other, and eventually financial plans and investment portfolios to ensure they could buy more choices especially in the face of such unspeakable, horrific loss. While I prefer to meet and plan with women before they are grieving, nonetheless I became Grief Coach Certified in 2012 and I wrote the Amazon Best-Selling book, My Husband Died, Now What? A Widow’s Guide to Grief Recovery & Smart Financial Decisions, which is ½ grief coaching, ½ financial strategies for those thrust into a survivors’ club they never wished to join. While I satisfy 2-3 times the requisite annual continuing education courses, most of the value I bring is highly intuitive and deeply personal. I have delivered the eulogy and planned funerals for four clients between five-days-old to 88-years-old, represented clients in court, held the hands of 14 dying clients as well as implemented clients’ tax saving strategies totaling well over $2,830,000 as a Certified Financial Planner™. Our investment results afforded clients to pay for grandkids’ education, retire three years early, make major philanthropic gifts, all the while providing security and peace of mind that additional cash flow was only a phone call away.

While I have done a whole lot right, I also have made some pretty huge mistakes - chief among them investing $214,000 of my IRA in Mantria, purportedly a Recycling Business which turned out to be a Ponzi scheme! I got $12,000 back, period. Couldn’t even write if off since it was IRA money! “Stupid” didn’t BEGIN to describe my self-loathing chatterbox, yet ultimately this pedigreed CFP® forgave herself and recovered from that and each of my mistakes, such that I am an authentic, scarred-yetcertainly-not-defeated cheerleader for all investors who have made what they deemed bad or horrible investments. I have known money/ investment shame and embarrassment first hand, and thankfully, I have also experienced and reveled in a purpose-filled life since then! It’s NEVER too late to invest for a hopeful future! I look forward to hearing from you to set up your noobligation, 15-minute complimentary interview.


Living Your Dreams by Susan Kobilarcsik

I grew up in a small town in Minnesota. On our family driving trips I remember passing through big cities. The night lights mesmerized and electrified me. As a young girl, I started to visualize myself living in a big city, as I knew I wanted more than what my small town had to offer. Once in college, I never went back to live. Throughout my life, I have continued to dream and create visions for myself. I did not know if my dreams were attainable, but as I grew into myself, I knew this was my gift. My dreams have kept me alive and moving forward. My mother said I always had a dream within me and supported me with her encouragement. I learned the importance of keeping supportive people close when going after my dreams. When I was 10-years-old, I participated in a contest at the local movie theater to win a large slowpoke sucker by collecting the most wrappers. I believed I could win. Confidently, I went to the theater knowing I had the most wrappers. When it was time to turn them in, I froze. I was too afraid to stand up and be noticed. I watched as someone else received the prize I had earned. I realized, not only did I need to have the desire to achieve my dream - I needed to take action even if afraid. Decades later, it was time to act on another dream of moving to an even larger city. I had no idea where I wanted to go - but my inner voice brought me to Los Angeles. Together, my mother and I traveled across the country in a U-Haul truck pulling my car on a trailer. The trip was filled with adventure and laughs. I faced a big city not knowing anyone well, yet I knew this is where I needed to be. My alarm rings at 4:10 a.m., and I drag myself out of bed two to four times a week to row in the marina with my crew. Gliding through the water, with the silence and peacefulness of the early morning, the lights in the far off distance or the moon’s reflection on the water, I am reminded why I do this - I love this vision. Pay attention to what you love. For over 25 years, I had a wonderful career as a teacher and principal. I had a profound passion to make a difference in the lives of children and teachers helping them grow and achieve their goals. I attained these positions by visualizing and taking action. I didn’t love being a principal. I listened to

my discontent. I retired at 55 giving up a comfortable pension to create a new career in coaching women. After having strong women role models and hopefully becoming a strong role model myself, I realized it was time for me to give back. I wanted to serve other women helping them to actualize their dreams and to create their visions of a life they truly love. (805) 698-3555

Coming Home To The Divine Music Of My Soul by Kathy Bolte

I have always been led by The Divine. That’s how I live my life. As I moved away from childhood and into my adult years, I became the altruistic flower child who believed that love was the only thing that would save the world. The trajectory of my life path has changed several times throughout my life. This circuitous path was never something I planned. My journey has always been that of following yet another road to which I’ve been guided. I’ve followed this Divine Calling several times in my life. When I was just 26, I was a newly divorced mother of two; working, going to college, trying to learn to be a single parent. I “dropped out” as they say. I quit my job, quit school, sold most of my belongings and moved myself and my children 25 miles deep into the Redwood forest. We were there for two years. I followed that calling again when I was 48. I left Corporate America, where I held a six-figure job as the VP of a regional staffing company. I left to become a yoga teacher. Everyone thought I was crazy. Through all the iterations of my life, music and the resonance of sound has always been a constant nurturer of my spirit. I’d grown up singing, playing the piano and the guitar. I always found joy in music. But it was my yoga practice that introduced me to an even deeper relationship with sound. I felt a deep calling to play the harmonium and began the practice of kirtan and chanting mantra. Kirtan is the practice of putting ancient mantras to music and chanting them in community. It is the yoga of sound, a vibrational meditation. Kirtan takes us out of our head and into our hearts. I fell in love with this practice. Now, at age 65, I’m fully embracing the music in my life. I’m a yoga teacher, a mantra teacher, a singer/song-writer, a kirtan musician, a facilitator of women’s wisdom circles. I lead kirtan concerts in community, and I teach individuals how to apply specific mantras to make changes deep in their psyche. Mantra practice can be the catalyst for making profound life changes like removing unseen obstacles or opening to our most glorious expressions of creativity. I’m also working with other gifted musicians who are supporting me in making my first solo CD, to be released early in 2016.

Divine guidance has visited me again and is calling me to another adventure of the spirit. This coming spring, I’ll travel to India to spend two months living in an ashram where the Ganges flows down from the Himalayas. I’ll be studying the Heart of Sound, and I’m pretty sure that this practice will take me home to the sacred music of my soul. I’d love to help you explore the music of your soul.


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Lynn Andrews Author, Shaman, Teacher, Healer A New York Times Best-Selling author, Lynn Andrews brings us the ancient, shamanic wisdom of a Sacred Circle of Indigenous Women from around the world and shares it through her mystery school, writing school, online courses, books, worldwide classes and public events. E-Mail: Website:

Barbara Bacon Owner & Founder, Wellness by Intuitive Design, LLC, DBA - Aura People will naturally choose the crystals they most need in their lives. Aura offers exquisite crystal and mineral fine dĂŠcor that are exceptional quality, artistic and energetically pure. Restoring vibrational balance to our homes is one of the most powerful tools for healing. E-Mail: Phone: (859) 983-2530 Website:


Kathy Bolte Kirtan Musician, Storyteller, Yoga and Mantra Teacher, Wisdom Circle and Retreat Facilitator I believe that everyone has a story and that everyone’s story is important. With music, mantra, story, movement and community, my passion is to guide people back to their own unique story and help each person learn to open to their full, whole-hearted potential. E-Mail: Phone: (951) 660-5131 Website:

Liza Braude-Glidden Co-Founder and Executive Vice President of Culture and Sustainability, Beanfields Snacks, Scholar and Senior Teacher, Center for Integral Wisdom Liza is a mystic in the marketplace who delights in networking with women in a way that brings out their unique passions. Her book, Four Hats: Unique Entrepreneur, Unique Social Networker, Unique Artist, and Unique Hero (Integral Wisdom Press) will be released soon. E-Mail: Website:


Vicki L. Wolf Dobbs Owner, Sacred Wisdom Workshops Gathering in safe and sacred circles, you will connect with the power of your intent through conversations, journey work and sacred creativity. We present collaborative workshops that integrate ancient wisdom with modern modalities in an environment of experiential learning, laughter and love. E-Mail: Phone: (559) 269-7653 Website:

Sandra Filer, MBA Proprietress, The Happy Goddess “Happie G� is an author, retreat creator/host, empowerment coach, and co-creator of the Self-emPOWERment PlayShop for Teens. In addition to her Goddess Retreats, she teaches workshops on radical self-care, creativity as a spiritual practice, and Divine Feminine. E-Mail: Phone: (713) 201-2020 Website:


Elizabeth Golden Aromatherapist/Healer, CEO, Golden Earth Golden Earth aromatherapy products are made intuitively with love. They are uplifting, healing and beneficial in many ways. Elizabeth uses her gift of healing and her fabulous “nose” to create the beautifully harmonious scents that have delighted many of Golden Earth’s fans, scent enthusiasts and spiritual seekers for many years. E-Mail: Website:

Tori Hartman Intuitive Author, Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards Tori Hartman is a world-renowned intuitive author, and spiritual teacher. She is passionate about empowering individuals to trust their intuition to make decisions. Using the Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards along with books, courses, and seminars, Tori continues to promote intuitive thinking on the path to living one's life purpose. E-Mail: Website:


Susan Kobilarcsik, ACC Transformational Life Coach, Susan Kobilarcsik Coaching My passion is to help people discover, design and achieve a dream to create a life they LOVE living! As a transformational life coach, passionate teacher and speaker, I offer vision workshops and in-depth coaching programs to help individuals reach new heights of success and spiritual aliveness. E-Mail: Phone: (310) 780-2075 Website:

Patty Kogutek Author/Speaker/Coach Award-winning author and speaker, Patty Kogutek, chronicles her journey as a Catholic nun moving from religion to spirituality. In her book, A Change of Habit, Patty shares her “7 Secrets to Guilt Free Living� to help others kick guilt to find happiness. Soon-to-be-released her new book, G-vites: Everyday Invitations from God. E-Mail: Phone: (406) 885-2225 Website: authType=name&locale=en_US&id=164133792&trk=ppro_viewmore&pvs=pp&authToken=O8m1


Sunday Larson Story/Book Mentor, Writer, Speaker, Charm Lady Productions, LLC Story Mentoring is Life Mentoring for Sedona author Sunday Larson. Her method, “Write Like a Woman - Author Like a Sage� guides women through the alchemical process of re-vitalizing the IT Voice of their seasoned creativity by reclaiming their inspirited, inspired and intrepid plucky selves. E-Mail: Website:

Nancy Leith Artist, Emerald Heart Flying Nancy creates vibrant fabric mandalas and inspirational art. Her mandalas are used for healing, for meditation, as focal points of creativity, abundance and passion - or simply as objects of divine beauty. Each piece is designed with intention, varying in color, texture and vibration to resonate with the viewer and uplift them. E-Mail: Phone: (206) 282-4591 Website:


Eleni McGinty Fashion Feng Shui速 Facilitator, Stylist/Makeup Artist, Feng Shui Styling Eleni combines her work as a Personal Stylist, Makeup Artist and Feng Shui Consultant. Her personalized consultations and workshops are a unique way for women to discover their style from within. Learn a mindful way to choose your fashion so that you look and feel authentic and attract your desires. E-Mail: Website:

Nancy Mills Publisher/Founder/Creator, Spirited Woman A global women's empowerment community founded by Nancy Mills, the Creator of the Spirited Woman Approach to Life. Known for Spirited Woman Blogger Team, the Spirited Woman Directory: A Collection of Stories & Resources for an Inspired Life! and the Sisterhood of the Sacred Scarves. Mills frequently speaks on women's empowerment and the Every Woman Visionary. E-Mail: Phone: (805) 698-3555 Website:


Debra L. Morrison, CFP®, MS, AEP Fee-Only CFP® Certificant, Empowered Retirement, Inc. Debra uses her wit, sincerity, finance and lifestyle savvy to empower mature women to break out of their bag-lady fears about money as a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Practitioner, speaker and author. I share strategies to build confidence and energize women to dream big in the second half of their lives. E-Mail: Phone: (973) 709-2244 Website:

Athena Pallis Social Entrepreneur, Mediator, and Master Integral Coach™ Athena has years of experience in the field of personal development, and a passion for fostering insights and awakenings that promote peace and understanding. Her new for-cause business, The Peace Pillow Project, promotes rejuvenating sleep, while providing income and resources for communities vulnerable to human trafficking. E-Mail: Website:


Sheila Pearl Relationship Coach, Spiritual Alchemist, Author, Speaker, Singer, Wedding Officiant I have learned that every challenge, difficulty and adversity in our lives has within it some form of gift and blessing. In my work, I guide, support and assist others to transform the leaden load of their pain to the light gold of blessing and spiritual/ emotional growth. E-Mail: Phone: (845) 542-6057 Website:

Jeanne Rust, PhD CEO/Founder, Mirasol Recovery Centers My mission has been to bring healing to women and girls who have struggled with eating disorders and other mental health disorders. My philosophy is that everyone can heal, everyone can learn to be creative, and everyone can live a life of passion, gratitude, integrity and beauty. E-Mail: Phone: (520) 425-1522 Website:


Milada Sakic Transformational Teacher, Healer, Astrologer Milada Sakic is the founder of the annual Energy Healing Immersion virtual event. She teaches advanced astrology courses for the Canadian Association for Astrological Education (CAAE), as well as the soul-level healing modality The Soul Journeys ® Akashic Records Certification Program. E-Mail: Website:

Alisa Savoretti Survivor, Founder, CEO My Hope Chest My Hope Chest, a 12-year-old Florida based not-for-profit and the ONLY national social service organization funding breast reconstruction for uninsured and under insured breast cancer survivors. Their services “pick up” where other organizations leave off, providing the “final step of breast cancer treatment,” making women whole again. E-Mail: Phone: (727) 488-0320 Website: %3A3764282%2Cidx%3A1-1-1%2CtarId%3A1444692389969%2Ctas%3Amy%20hope%20chest


Deborah Tray Holistic Life Coach, Your Pathways To Peace Women who long to embrace a life of Divine purpose and peace will be gently guided by Deborah as she guides them into the healing energy of Divine Love. Utilizing her PEACE process, women will journey on their path to bring healing and wholeness to their soul and spirit. E-Mail: Phone: (215) 767-7163 Website:

Eleanor Vincent Author, Swimming with Maya: A Mother's Story Eleanor Vincent is an award-winning writer who lives in Oakland, California. Her memoir, Swimming with Maya: A Mother’s Story (Dream of Things, 2013) has twice appeared on The New York Times e-book bestseller list. She writes about love, loss, and grief with a focus on resilience and recovery. E-Mail: Phone: (510) 304-1212 Website: id=AAIAAAGN4NEBwU785sjGfgYdpvNS_onv8Wd5wbA&trk=nav_responsive_tab_profile


Asia Voight Animal Communicator & Intuitive For People Since I was a child I've communicated with animals, spirit guides and angels. A near-death experience in my twenties opened up my intuitive abilities even more. For the last 18 years, I’ve assisted animals and their guardians to clarity, love and connection in every aspect of their lives. E-Mail: Website:

The Spirited Woman Foundation Finally, finally - after being in business for close to 12 years and connecting with women worldwide, our dream of establishing The Spirited Woman Foundation came true. It is now three years young. The purpose and mission of The Spirited Woman Foundation is "To help heal and support women through actions of empowerment." As many of you know, Spirited Woman is one of the leading women's empowerment communities in the world, and we are so pleased to carry our mission one step further - by helping others who deeply need our help. And we couldn't have done it without YOU: the spirited women who have continually supported us through our various activities. A large portion of our Foundation money continues to be raised through our Sisterhood of the Sacred Scarves program. It is by purchasing these "Spirited Woman Prayer Scarves" that a portion of each scarf's proceeds is donated by Spirited Woman into The Spirited Woman Foundation. To date, there have been 14 scarves, each representing a different theme - more than 1800 have been sold worldwide, connecting women together energetically. Through this outpouring of support, the Foundation has donated to a variety of non-profit organizations. I encourage you to visit The Spirited Woman Foundation and the Spirited Woman Prayer Scarves to find out more. And I personally invite you to become involved! Nancy Mills, Founder/Creator

Testimonials From the Heart

"I'm thrilled to be featured in the Spirited Woman Directory 2016 with so many inspiring women. Nancy Mills encourages all women to shine by giving our gifts to the world, and supporting each other on the journey. I feel blessed to be in such good company.” Eleanor Vincent, Author

“My inclusion in the Spirited Woman Directory has been similar to actually turning a key and opening a door to a clear view of my calling in life. What I once thought was ordinary has become extraordinary and I now help others see this in themselves too through their dressing style. Thank you Nancy Mills for the opportunity and this gift.” Eleni McGinty, Feng Shui Styling, Australia

“Nancy Mills is a leader in the women's potential movement. She's meticulous in creating her projects and goes to great effort to reveal each woman's special gift. Participating in the Spirited Woman’s Directory is one of few group promotional efforts that I've felt were worthwhile, and that is because of Nancy's integrity.” Sunday Larson, Story/Book Mentor, Writer, Speaker, Charm Lady Productions, LLC

“In the world of charity work, a thank you goes a long way. What a surprise and honor it was to be featured in the Spirited Woman Directory for 2016, I couldn't believe it! Nancy is an angel, inside and out and her accomplishment with this Directory will surely help many discover wonderful resources and inspiring stories to live a better life. Kudos!” Alisa Savoretti, Survivor, Founder, CEO My Hope Chest


I’d like to thank all the women who participated in this Directory. You are a spirited visionary with a generous heart. And you eagerly shared the power of your wisdom with women worldwide.

You are helping to inspire other women and to make a difference.

A BIG THANK YOU goes to Angelika Boehler for creating the beautiful cover art and to artist Kay Kemp for offering to feature her glorious image: Spirit of Oneness.

And to you - the Every Woman Visionary - you are changing the world one Spirited Woman step at a time. And I say, “May the force be with you.”

My heartfelt thanks, Nancy Mills, Publisher

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Spirited Woman 2016 Directory: A Collection of Stories & Resources for an Inspired Life!  

The Spirited Woman 2016 Directory: A Collection of Stories & Resources for an Inspired Life! features Every Woman Visionaries changing the w...

Spirited Woman 2016 Directory: A Collection of Stories & Resources for an Inspired Life!  

The Spirited Woman 2016 Directory: A Collection of Stories & Resources for an Inspired Life! features Every Woman Visionaries changing the w...