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Publisher’s Introduction by Nancy Mills, Founder of The Spirited Woman

Fantabulous! This is our fourth annual Spirited Woman Directory! We continue to bring women together from around the world in an exciting and compelling new way. As the founder, publisher and creator of Spirited Woman, a leading (and ever-expanding) global women's empowerment community, founded in 2001, it is my mission and the mission of Spirited Woman to deeply support all “women inspiring women.” More so than ever before, women have the opportunity to make a difference, shake it up, wake it up, and step into their unstoppable power. We are the Every Woman Visionaries, changing the world one Spirited Woman step at a time. It is through our minds, our hearts, and our actions that the world is changing. That is why I am beyond thrilled to publish our fourth edition of the Spirited Woman Directory: A Collection of Stories & Resources for an Inspired Life! The purpose of the Directory is to reach and inspire millions of women globally. Recognizing that the time is NOW for women, and that the technology and social media elements are in place to make a HUGE IMPACT - we embarked on a journey to create a Directory that would make history! And that's what we've done and continue to do. Innovative. Informative. Uplifting. We've created a magazine-style page-turning Directory, where women worldwide can share their inspirational stories, resources, and links - in one place together! A Directory which can be embedded on your websites and shared with your friends through social media. Since our first Directory in 2012, more than 250 women from eight countries and over 35 states have participated in this project. From the beginning, these Every Woman Visionaries deeply resonated with the Directory's revolutionary concept and committed to its vision - to inspire and bring women together from around the world and to connect with like-minded souls. This Directory is a salute to you - the Every Woman Visionary - and your spirit! May the force be with us all! Nancy Mills

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Dr. Leslie Hewitt - Speak Your Truth


Tryshe Dhevney - Health & Wellness


Ginette Hunter - Environment


Catherine Mosley - Visual Arts


Liza Braude-Glidden - Sustainability


Ayn Cates Sullivan - Inspirational Products & Books


Lori Lynn Smith - Holistic Lifestyle


Victoria Jennings - Transformational Business


Vicki L. Wolf Dobbs - Sacred Arts & Teaching


Lisa Bain - Non-Profits for Women


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Directory Presenters Lynn Andrews - Authors & Speakers Dr. Leslie Hewitt - Speak Your Truth Tryshe Dhevney - Health & Wellness Ginette Hunter - Environment Catherine Mosley - Visual Arts Liza Braude-Glidden - Sustainability Ayn Cates Sullivan - Inspirational Products & Books Lori Lynn Smith - Holistic Lifestyle Victoria Jennings - Transformational Business Vicki L. Wolf Dobbs - Sacred Arts & Teaching Lisa Bain - Non-Profits for Women

Authors & Speakers Presented by

Lynn Andrews Shaman/Teacher

My Luminous Path by Lynn Andrews

In my earliest memories, I have seen lights around people, an aura of color - green, blue, orange, red - that seemed to emanate from their very bodies. As a child, I had no idea what those lights were and it never occurred to me to ask. As is the way with children, I was certain that my parents saw the same thing even though they never talked about it. It didn't occur to me that not everyone saw what I did. I spent my early childhood on a little ranch outside of Spokane, Washington, an only child who was actually quite lonely until I got old enough to begin school. But even though I was lonely, I never felt alone. From as early as I could remember, I always felt the presence of a great being around me, a golden white glow that I could actually see fill up a room when I was concentrating on something. I had no idea what it was, just an aura of existence, a kindness and goodness, very subtle. Although my father talked to me about God, we didn't attend church. We also never talked about the beautiful radiance I saw, which I did not associate with God until I was much older. I just accepted it and knew that it was always with me. I read everything from Carl Jung to Antoine de Saint-ExupĂŠry, I owned one of the first ergonomic furniture companies, I became an art dealer. But I still didn't talk about my ability to see auras around people, my ability to see and understand their pain. I didn't talk about the great being of light that could actually illuminate an entire room. I knew that I had been given wonderful gifts and I felt I was not living up to these gifts, unlike the artists and musicians I had studied with who had given me so much inspiration, and I didn't feel very good about being me. Until I met Agnes Whistling Elk and Ruby Plenty Chiefs, two shaman women from the far north of Canada, who took one look at me and knew exactly what I was seeing and how sacred it was to them as well as to me. They are part of the great spiritual tradition of shamanism, which sees energy and understands energy and knows how to use energy to heal the spirit, mind and body. Which was the greater epiphany, discovering my ability to see lights around people and understand intuitively what they meant, or meeting the women who would make it all make sense to me and show me how to develop and use my ability in the healing and teaching way I had so longed for my entire life?

Today, I have written 19 books about my journeys with the Sisterhood of the Shields, my teachers; I am grateful for 25 years of annual gatherings with my students and the public and for my Mystery School, where I teach the art of healing and balance.


Speak Your Truth Presented by

Dr. Leslie Hewitt CEO/Founder of The WOW Talks LLC

Speak Your Truth by Dr. Leslie Hewitt, DC

My brother called me and said,“mom died.” One week prior to that, I received a phone call from my mother and she told me she didn't feel well after being put on a prescription medication by her M.D. I told her on the phone to go back to her M.D. and get off the drug immediately. My brother told me that my mother was found in her bed dead. Her death certificate said heart attack. This was the beginning of my life's purpose 20 years ago. Now after 20 years to process my mother's death, here is my truth: it is time that people get informed about their health and listen to their inner guidance. As a Chiropractor in my own practice, my truth is to remind you that healing is an inside job. It is clear to me that the drug companies are targeting women. The increase in heart attacks for women are mis-reported adverse drug reactions. I know my mother did not die of a heart attack. I know she died as a result of a medical injury. It is my life's purpose and mission to remind women to make an INFORMED choice before agreeing to take any medication. Ladies - you are a target market for the pharmaceutical companies because YOU make the majority of healthcare decisions for yourself, your kids, and your families. Did you know that the U.S. population makes up only 5% of the world population and yet we use over 50% of the world pharmaceuticals? People are proclaiming their PAIN in new ways: I’m stuck, I’m stressed out, I’m overwhelmed, I feel an inner calling but don’t know how to access it, my life lacks meaning, I want to express my soul's purpose, who do I trust, I can’t sleep, I can’t lose weight, I am in pain, and the drug commercials on TV freak me out with all the side-effects! And here is what I hear every day from women in my practice, "How do I get healthy without those scary drugs? And where do I get information that is filled with integrity?" The next step for YOUR process in healing and mindfully managing your HEALTH with new metrics that create impact, influence, connection, collaboration - is a cultural shift of self-worth. CELLf-worth comes from your trillions of cells, your emotional guidance, and your inner being. I am so committed to YOU speaking your truth that I launched a company called The WOW Talks. WOW is "women of wellness" speaking up about their healing journeys through drama and trauma. The Dali Lama said, "The western woman will change the world," and I for one take this to heart. I

have made it my life's purpose to remind you ladies to get healthy so we CAN indeed change the world. Join for free at


Health & Wellness Presented by

Tryshe Dhevney Master Sound Healer

My Voice Is My Medicine by Tryshe Dhevney

Somewhere in my young life, I had given up being authentic for being good. No longer was it safe to speak up, speak out or speak truth. Just shy of my 19th birthday, and desperate to escape my so-called “normal” life, I headed for San Francisco. Fantasies of rock and roll stardom gave way to the footlights of The Stage. The Om Theatre Company, a Sufi-based acting company, was the calm at my center, stretching me beyond comfort, and teaching me ancient, sacred, primordial vocal tones. As a spiritually hungry 20-something, I had been entranced by these mystical tones and the infinite creative possibilities I found at Om. Little did I know that the simple sounds we explored as actors were the very same tones that would one day save my life. In 1998 I was diagnosed with chronic hepatitis C and liver disease. By May 2000, the virus was mutating rapidly and I was told to get my affairs in order. There was no medicine to help. To comfort myself, I turned to my Tibetan singing bowl. Each time I glided the striker around the bowl’s rim, the tones coaxed from me songs beyond words - sweet, unfamiliar tones that kept my soul from splintering into a million pieces. I did not fully understand it then, but sound was literally saving my life, and my voice was my medicine. As my vocal tones engaged with the vibration of the bowl, I began to mend the deeper scars I had suffered from swallowing and shutting down my authentic voice – which ultimately and inevitably, resulted in illness. Three short months later, my doctor, stunned by disbelief, explained that my blood tests showed no trace of the virus. It was gone! He called me his “Miracle Girl.” Yet, this was no miracle. Instead, it was solid evidence of the very real power of sound. We’re all endowed with the means to heal ourselves physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. Over the years, my clients have expressed a desire to know how to feel alive, NOW…To experience wholeness, ease, passion, creativity, NOW! The voice holds the key. In the years since my recovery, I have created SOUNDShifting®, a method that uses these same primordial tones to awaken the unlimited potential within each of us.

In addition to my work with voice, I use the rich, pure tone frequencies of gemstone and mineralinfused Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls. The exquisite bowl tones, coupled with an open, resonant voice, create a powerful quantum tool for healing and restoring natural harmony in our often overstimulated daily lives. My passion is to awaken in others, especially women, the voice we are designed to express. This is not about a singing voice, or speaking well in front of large audiences. Instead, this is about tapping in to the organic, biological wisdom we carry every day, encoded in our very cells, and expressed through the resonant, authentic voice with which we have been endowed.


Environment Presented by

Ginette Hunter Feng Shui Practitioner

Finding My Balance by Ginette Hunter

I've been asked this question again and again, "How did you get involved with Feng Shui?" My answer has varied throughout the years, but most often it comes back to my acute need to design a space with balance and purpose, which in turn has helped me overcome my own painful and insecure past. Being raised in an unstable household, one with kind parents who consistently changed their personalities due to alcoholism and depression, I learned at the ripe age of five that I needed to create my own space - to provide me with a sense of security from the sadness within. My bedroom was where I first began placing items and colors that allowed me to feel SAFE, grounded and happy. This practice and my innate need for survival, followed me well into my adulthood years. After high school, I continued with my strong passion for balancing "environment" and my studies led me into the field of Interior Decorating. I thought it was a perfect choice. I became an Interior Decorator enjoying formulas of decorating - mixing furniture, items, and color. My clients were pleased with my ambitions, but personally, I felt there was still something missing as "it didn't feel right." Years later through a twist of fate (but there are no accidents), I was introduced to the ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui where the primary focus is balance of energy in design - something you cannot see but certainly feel. I began to study Feng Shui with an instructor. I learned that design was much deeper than creating an appearance of a space, and that it affected your "mind/body/spirit" when you were in it. I now refer to it as "Environmental Psychology." By observing placement of objects, a consultant is provided with helpful information about her/his clients in relation to many areas of their lives such as health, family, career, finance, love and support. Upon completion of my first Feng Shui course, I had a burning thirst to locate a Feng Shui Master who would provide continued extensive studies. I was told the Teacher will present themselves when the student is ready. While waiting for my next Teacher, I read and practiced everything I could on the topic of Feng Shui.

I found my Master at The Feng Shui and Energy Centre of Canada where I studied seven schools of Feng Shui before being certified in 2008. Today I continue my life studies and practice as founder and proud owner of Harmony In Design, located in the Niagara Falls, Canada Region. Being introduced as a Feng Shui Practitioner is a reminder of my personal transformation with gained respect for the environment and those who live in it. I believe that remaining true to yourself, finding and following your passion is the key. (805) 698-3555

Visual Arts Presented by

Catherine Mosley Artist

Searching for Space by Catherine Mosley

I have been an artist all my life. When I was growing up in Minnesota I wanted to be a fashion designer. I learned to sew when I was eight or nine years old and have loved making things by hand ever since. Now that I have been grown up for many years, I see the connection to my visual art ideas and making clothes as well as working in my father’s sign company, as a sign painter. I think it is very important to be allowed to do real work as a child. I began printmaking in college in Wisconsin, and have made it a major part of my working life. I moved to New York City in the 70's where I continue to live and work. When I was in my early 20’s, I set up a printmaking studio in Soho. I was lucky enough to work with some very well know artists early on, including Robert Motherwell, Dan Flavin and Jules Olitski. I needed to teach myself multiple techniques to solve their printing requirements. For me this was a great opportunity to try all kinds of experiments in the studio. I still use many of them for my own work. I work on my etching press almost daily, making piles of raw material, which winds up in the collages. My current work is based on the grid with excursions into figurative additions. I have been making hand printed monotypes collages for about 25 years. They have evolved from simple painted monotypes to multi panel wall pieces. Four years ago I joined A.I.R. Gallery in New York City. A.I.R. ( is the first feminist gallery in the country and it is still going strong. We celebrated our 40th anniversary last year. The artists of A.I.R. all take feminism very seriously as it is still a BIG issue in the art world. There has to be a support system with writers, curators, galleries and critics in a constant assessment of the visibility/ success of women artists. My work is predominately abstract, so I don’t deal directly with feminist iconography, but there is a strong connection to the work of the women artists, such as Anni Albers who studied and taught at the Bauhaus in the 1930’s and Sonia Delaunay, who is a hero of mine. She was a painter, textile and fashion designer, printmaker, book artist, and a very successful business woman. Following her model allows me to accept having multiple avenues of artistic activity. In 1980 I acquired a beautiful hilltop site in the Berkshires. I spent the next 10 years working with an architect (and friend) designing a house and studio there. Now I spend about half my time working on

large format projects in the studio, which brings me up to the present. I am scheduled to have a solo show at A.I.R. in Brooklyn next fall, so I am in the early stages of creating a new body of work for the exhibition. It is a challenge that I am excited to be taking on now.


Sustainability Presented by

Liza Braude-Glidden Social Entrepreneur/Activist

The Alchemy of My Sustainable Life by Liza Braude-Glidden

As a child of two social scientist activists, I was born into a social experiment and that’s how I’ve lived. My dad was on the economic and political side of social science. My mom was a psychoanalytically trained psychiatrist who practiced psychotherapy for over fifty years. So while they practiced related disciplines, a gaping crevasse opened from time to time between their two perspectives. Inspired by their love of nature, mom and dad moved to California from Chicago and joined the Sierra Club in 1952. They called it “conservation.” Nobody used the term environmentalism or ecology let alone sustainability. Dad was elected to the Los Angeles City Council and served for 32 years. Starting in 1965 he was one of California’s early environmental politicians. From that platform he became an influencer on national media. Our family’s happiest times were spent deep in the wilderness. And each person knew they were born to make a contribution. Mine was to embody the contradiction between the more inward social sciences like psychology and the more outward ones, like economics and political science. To do so literally required mysticism. In the vast mysterious temple mysticism constructs all these voices were able to converse. My husband Reed and I live in the home where my parents lived. The trees they planted tower over us. We are conscious every day of honoring their legacy in the work we do. With Reed’s brother, Roy, we founded our company, Beanfields, in 2011. Now we sell tortilla chips made of beans and rice all over North America, Canada, and Australia, yet we run the company from our home. Our amazing Beanfields' team comes to work here every weekday. Beanfields is a Certified Benefit (B) Corporation on a mission to combine award-winning taste, better nutrition and social good. My activism at Beanfields springs from a spiritual source. I believe, as John Muir did, "that everyone needs beauty as well as bread." As our business grows I stumble upon more and more ways to express my unique legacy through our business. Sustainability is about how we use resources, beginning with a vital resource: one another. Reed and I believe that artists and mystics can and must occupy decision-making roles in order to keep our work fresh, meaningful and innovative. That’s how I became Beanfields' executive vice president of sustainability and culture.

I‘m writing a series of books ( about the alchemy of our individuality and our connectivity. The series is called Evolutionary Kinship, Authentic Connections in a Networked Age. Volume one will be released on Integral Wisdom Press in February 2015. It’s called “Four Hats, Unique Entrepreneur, Unique Social Networker, Unique Artist, and Unique Hero.” I’m a scholar, senior teacher, and board member at the Center for Integral Wisdom, an activist think tank dedicated to evolving global ethics for a global civilization. The quirky combination of a contemplative life lived in the midst of people and commerce has surprised me with its beauty. Now I’m seldom tempted to head off on a spiritual retreat. My deepest creativity emerges in the midst of productive life.


Inspirational Products & Books Presented by

Ayn Cates Sullivan, Ph.D. Color Intuitive/Author

Riding At Full Gallop Toward The Infinite Light by Ayn Cates Sullivan, Ph.D.

As a young woman I went on a quest to find my true calling. I was on a heroine’s journey and there was a fire moving within me that simply had to be expressed. Horses were an early passion and I loved to ride at a full gallop with my arms open to the vast sky simply communicating with a gentle touch of a hand or the slight shift in weight. Ultimately horses can teach us the pulses, energies and songs of the earth. My husband and I still live amongst a herd of nine wise horses. My first attempt at self-expression involved writing poetry. After completing my Master’s in Creative Writing at Columbia University, I was offered an overseas research award and moved to England to study literature and mythology at King’s College London. It was as though the emerald isles were calling me to my ancient home. The stone circles in Britain, holy wells and myths of Celtic heroines and goddesses captured my imagination. I love sharing these ancient tales. I also sought out wise teachers and learned to make flower essences and to read the language of color. My passion became reading, inquiring into and teaching external and internal colors. For over twenty years I have read with bottles of color containing flower, gem and starlight elixirs that I co-create with elementals and the divine. Initially they were called “Awareness Essences” and have since been renamed “The Colors of Infinite Light.” The practice involves selecting your five favorite colors or color combinations and then reading and exploring the messages inherent in the selection. In this deep inquiry there is often a remembering of our true eternal nature. Part of my evolution involved meeting my beloved husband John Patrick Sullivan, who acts as a mirror for loving awakening. He taught me that conscious relationship is a spiritual path and that inquiry can lead to Self-Realization. We often hold space for other couples who are awakening together. Sparkle, who knows how to stay connected to her inner light, became the heroine of many of the stories I wrote for my children. After my daughter went to university she asked me to please publish the books because the messages were needed. That was how Infinite Light Publishing, Inc. was born. The Sparkle series has met with many awards and much success.

In 2011, the entirety of my personality dissolved into the Infinite Light for three days and what I tasted was beyond bliss. It was similar to what many describe as a near death experience. I saw that there is a vast cosmic intelligence that lovingly nurtures and witnesses the birth, unfolding and death of its creations. It was a confirmation that my color work was both accurate and necessary. I returned knowing that we are always cared for beyond belief. We are living into a virtual explosion of consciousness. After 5,125 years, it is time for the full blossoming and expression of the spirited feminine in each of us!


Holistic Lifestyle Presented by

Lori Lynn Smith Mentor

My Permission Slip to Live Life on My Own Terms by Lori Lynn Smith

Can you relate to this: I am a Priestess, a Shaman, a Wise Women, a Passion Diva, I am my Authentic Self. Yet, if you look closely on my desk - you will find little pieces of paper from my past that say, I am a computer networking specialist, an internet solutions developer and service desk manager. I have studied psychology/social work and business management. Fifteen years ago I decided to change my life - from climbing the corporate ladder to following my passions. I had to for my survival. I needed to leave behind the stress of always pleasing others, of doing what other people thought I should do. I decided at that time the only person that had any say in how my life turned out was me. I recall the day like it was yesterday‌ I had just driven into the parkade of my office, I was sitting in my car at 4:30am on a very wintery morning and I started to sob. I was sick and I was tired, I was really at the bottom of a very deep well. The corporate success that I had found just did not fill my soul. I left with this empty pit inside of me that I could not fill from the outside. This started the journey to find my true passion and purpose. Over the next several years, armed with new knowledge and focus on creating a lifestyle that was going be supportive and nurturing I slowly healed my life. Ask anyone who knew me back then, I was a perfectionist workaholic control freak. Now, I am passionate about living life and loving every minute of it, whether it is morning meditation, a walk by the river or quiet time with friends and family. Since my awakening, I have successfully completed a certification in holistic life coaching, stress management coaching and green living coaching. I have written, co-written and published books; I have planned and produced holistic events. I have facilitated master minds groups and coaching groups. I am absolutely blessed to have the life I have today. It is now my personal mission to teach and mentor other women, women who feel lost, confused and overwhelmed by all the responsibility that life sends their way and transforming their lives into the one they have always dreamed of. I like to say, I give each woman a “Permission Slip to Life Live on Her Own Terms.â€?

Teaching each woman to replace the pain, panic and chaos with calm and peaceful moment by moment living. Where she can learn to nurture herself, where she can find pleasure in the simplicity of life, where she can live her passions, where she can create her holistic lifestyle. Is living the dream possible?? DEFINITELY, I live it every day! And I absolutely KNOW that my purpose here on earth is to teach you that you can live the dream too.


Transformational Business Presented by

Victoria Jennings International Entrepreneur

Discover How to Create Your Own Genius Enterprise by Victoria Jennings

Wealth is not about the money we have, it’s about what we have left if we were to lose it! I have always loved teaching. When I was a little girl, I would line up my dolls and play school. When I worked for other people, I was the one that ran the induction programs. I was the “go to” person for answers. I was working in administration and didn’t enjoy it. I dreaded Monday and lived for Friday. So I decided to have a career change and went to enroll in a legal secretarial course. My teacher asked me if I had ever considered teaching adults because she said I had wonderful skills to share with others. This was a critical moment in my life, it changed everything. She became my first mentor and employed me as a business teacher. I also love to learn and I completed my degree in adult education whilst I was learning how to teach. I thrived. I loved it. I couldn’t wait to be with my students. I did preparation all the time. It came easily. I couldn’t wait to get up on stage in the lecture hall – as I later became a lecturer of undergraduate and post-graduate degrees in adult education. I was finally, doing what I loved, and loving what I did. My pay increased as a result too, lots of opportunities presented themselves to me. I was living a wealthy life and so happy! My health improved dramatically and everything was flowing. Since those days I have started my own franchised business college in Australia and I am now expanding into California. Another critical moment occurred when I met a man named Roger Hamilton in 2006. He taught me strategies about creating wealth through my business based on my own unique talents and strengths. I use his profiling tools and strategies in my business because it is the most profound framework I have ever used and now I teach it to others through Dynamic Academy. There is a formula to creating all wealth. Have you ever wondered why millionaires can go bust and build up another business very fast? They understand the wealth formula, and simply repeat it again and again. Why do people who win the lottery, struggle to hold onto their winnings for very long? Why do people attend seminars about how to build wealth, but they never implement what they’ve been taught?

Maybe this has happened to you? How many of us have shelves full of seminar material that we never opened again? The material is great, all learning is valuable, so what happens? These people don’t understand the wealth formula or their own unique strategy for creating it. When I discovered this, my life changed yet again from being a sole consultant trying to do everything, to creating multiple businesses, high performing teams and millions of dollars. There are eight strategies to create wealth, which one is yours?


Sacred Arts & Teaching Presented by

Vicki L. Wolf Dobbs Visionary

Living an Intentional Life, You Hold the Key by Vicki L. Wolf Dobbs

I needed a purpose, a way to live more fully as me, not as a Realtor, mom, wife, daughter, sister, advocate or friend. I needed to know how to truly live. To live intentionally each day - even each moment with each decision I made, moving me through life grace-fully. With that inner-shift, I became aware of my own deepest desires, my dreams, my values and I realized that in all my years of doing, I had never learned how to “just be,” to live with purpose. I had never designed my life for living, it was designed for doing. Recognizing that I was living a reactive life not a purpose-filled one, I made a commitment to try to live each day intentionally. To mindfully choose where I would exert time and energy and what thoughts would fill my mind. I picked up the reins of my own life, moved into the driver’s seat and discovered that I held the key to living intentionally. I began to dream big, designing my own destiny, welcoming resistance as an opportunity. I never stopped learning and I began paying attention to that pull on my heart that said…”there’s more you know, YOU HOLD THE KEY!” It takes COURAGE to make changes. I love what Mary Ann Radmacher says, “Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, 'I will try again tomorrow’.” So, we get up, we set our intentions and we live purpose-fully the lives we design for ourselves each and every day. Is it time for you to write a new story, to change or delete the characters from the old one that no longer supports your journey and embrace the ones that love you and share the vision of your tomorrows? In spite of the difficulties and challenges we have and will face, Dr. King’s words remind us that WE STILL HAVE A DREAM! And YOU HOLD THE KEY! At Sacred Wisdom Workshops, we present collaborative classes integrating ancient wisdom with modern modalities through experiential learning, laughter and love. When you connect with your own truth, that authentic voice inside that says YES, you touch the Divine within you that sparks your passion, ignites your joy and takes you to new levels of living. That is the goal of the events, classes, art and creativity we offer through our Sacred Wisdom Workshops and Falling Feather Creations. Through your own study, inspiration and hard work, you will begin to peel back the layers of what was

so you can see what you want life to be and begin the process of intentionally moving forward into your authentic self. Myself and the other Inspirators (those who instigate inspiration) at Sacred Wisdom Workshops would love to have you join us on this journey.


Non-Profits for Women Presented by

Lisa Bain Humanitarian

Finding Joy in the Journey by Lisa Bain

In 2008, I faced a diagnosis of celiac disease and spondyloarthritis, and was told to put up my running shoes, my running days were over. The same week my mother was diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer. As I sat by the bedside of my mother after telling her she had cancer and that I had received some bad news on my end, we started laughing. My Mom’s reply was ‘Well isn’t this just a hoot!’ At that moment, we decided to make this the journey of our lives. We would make it about laughter and joy. We made a commitment to embody joy throughout our struggle, particularly through chemotherapy treatments. We drew attention wearing chicken suits and party hats in the chemotherapy rooms and realized many other chemo patients could use a dose of joy. My silly bulldog Mavis Pearl brought laughter to the visits. She is a certified therapy dog often dressed in a funny wig and tutu and brings joy wherever she goes. She is quite the comedian and an inspiration. In honor of Mavis's spirit, my mother and I started the Mavis Pearl Project, where we create look-alike Mavis Pearl stuffed dogs. Each outfit on these special dogs is made by hand with love and sent out with a prayer and a blessing. They are delivered to patients in treatment centers and hospitals. These little dogs have been sent world wide and to our troops in Afghanistan. They have brought smiles and laughter to those in need of some joy, and are a reminder that someone cares. It was also my mother’s dream to launch Joy in the Cause, a nonprofit 501c3 charity, that focuses on bringing care, compassion, and joy one personal act of kindness at a time. In addition to making visits with Mavis Pearl, Joy In The Cause helps cancer patients, and those with special needs or life altering illness in practical ways such as providing house cleaning, gas cards, money cards or someone to sit with them during their chemo treatments. Just as each illness and need is different, so is each personal act given to help the patient. My mother passed away in 2013. She had the joy of seeing her dream come true through Joy In The Cause. It is an honor to carry on the legacy we walked together through her cancer journey and my

autoimmune diagnosis. We truly found joy and laughter in dark places. It was through giving to others that opened the doors to great miracles. As she always said “Giving equals Joy, Joy equals Hope, Hope equals Healing.” She was right. I didn’t throw away my running shoes after that conversation with the doctor five years ago, in fact I am on my 10th pair and still running. Laughter truly is the best medicine. If you are interested in supporting our cause with a tax deductible gift, visit our website at, and help us spread the joy!


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Let Your Insights Out! by Linda Linker Rosenthal

Like any four-year-old, I mimicked what I heard from the adults around me, so one evening when I innocently said, “Shut up!” to my parents I never knew those words were unacceptable until my father whisked me away from the dinner table to literally wash my mouth out with a bar of Ivory soap. It was just one of many episodes that eventually “shut down” my voice for most of my young adult life. I was the child who was filled with irrational fears over speaking up, and trembled with anxiety in every classroom. The theme of finding my voice has always been the thread that has woven the fabric of my healing, my life’s work, and my soul's purpose. Growing up in the 50’s-60’s I was hidden in the shadow of my older brother’s successes and being just the ordinary little girl of the family, it seemed that whatever I said really didn’t matter much. While raising three children and realizing I had married a man like my temperamental father, I turned to my journals where I could safely write down what words dare not be spoken aloud. As I poured my thoughts onto the page in selfreflection, I also learned the art of deep listening. I was ‘told’ that I would write, teach and heal. I began having extraordinary conversations with my Higher Self who helped me remember who I was as a unique Divine Being, and my heart wanted to share that with all women who have ever felt ‘less than.’ I learned timeless spiritual truths from this intuitive writing connection with my body, mind and spirit and felt called to get these profound insights out into the world. That’s when I founded Insight Out Visionary Healing Arts Center and dedicated my work to Higher Self Awareness. I’ve spent the last 30 years empowering my voice so that I can fully express all that I AM in every way. Learning to love and accept myself completely has healed those old nagging self-doubts and fears. Now it is my greatest joy to be present with others, offering unconditional love, soul to soul. When we feel safe to express ourselves without self-censoring or being suppressed by others, the sense of FREEDOM is exhilarating! It’s never an option to simply shut up! Like nature that grows toward sunlight, humans must evolve toward their highest potential. Everyone has a wise, guiding inner voice. I listened. After forgiving my father, my deceased

ex-husband, and myself, I have found plenty of creative avenues in which I now delight in sharing my intuitive expressions‌ as an energy and sound healer, spiritual psychotherapist, award winning published author, conference speaker, recording artist, and working with cocreative leadership teams around the world exploring new opportunities for Conscious Evolution. I am free to be me! I celebrate each person who lives into their Greatness without fear. I encourage you to express your own unique voice and uplift the world by letting YOUR most inspiring insights OUT!


The Power of Myth is Amazing by Peg Hubbard

I was lucky to grow up in the 1960’s, a “good” Catholic girl, trying hard to please. Despite being molested by a Catholic priest, I still clung to my faith and beloved rituals. In my 20’s, I had three children in three years. After a disagreement with my pastor over birth control, I left the church, slowly losing connection with my own spirit. For the next 20 years, I raised my children, succeeded in a career, loved my husband, and became the poster-child for “Supermoms” everywhere. Through it all, my love of writing carried me. Despite challenging schedules, I found time to write poetry, to journal, and dream about that Great American Novel I had in me. Almost every job involved some writing – all technical stuff, but it fed my need to write. But then it all began to fall apart. By age 42, I was exhausted - physically, emotionally and spiritually. My health failed, my career ended, and eventually we lost our home, our financial security, and all our dreams. I realized that I had to figure out who I really am, and quickly – that I had lost touch with my femininity and soul. That began an amazing spiritual journey that not only led me back to myself and to God, but has restored my health, and given us many rich opportunities to make and follow new dreams. Today I know that I am a mystic by nature and that my close relationship with Spirit feeds me and balances me. I learned to turn scarcity into potential, to be creative in living, and that I am passionate about learning, and connecting joyfully with other people in loving ways. I choose to step out into the world now as an author and a speaker, sharing stories that offer hope for humanity. I discovered that I am not just a writer, but also an artist, a gifted speaker, someone who cares deeply about nature, a mentor and a guide. I’m asked why I write novels – I see the world as a schoolhouse, and my best learning came through my own and others’ experiences. Stories and myths have always been powerful tools for teaching, and in today’s violent world, good stories can show the way through darkness, and open the reader’s mind to new possibilities within themselves. My books reflect my passion for understanding mankind’s struggle to evolve, illuminate the power of love, the strength and durability of friendships, and how we as people come together joyfully.

As a writer and speaker, I use stories to help others see their own “Hero’s Journey,” and embrace their worth and value with new enthusiasm and joy. I celebrate spirited women everywhere who get hit with life’s challenges, may feel fear or helplessness – yet find their way, through compassion and love, rediscovering their own passions, stepping out in courage, and creating a world that is filled with the love and spirit that is in their hearts. (805) 698-3555

My First Breath Was At 35-Years-Old by Laura Clark

That breath was really difficult. But now, breathing is easy, light and joyful. I grew up believing in the fairy tale: take the blessings you have been given, work hard, be a ‘good’ girl, go to college, get a job, fall in love and live in the house with the white picket fence. I was blessed. Growing up, I had a good life. I worked hard. I was a ‘good’ girl by any parent’s standards. I went to college. I got a great job. I did not fall in love. Instead, I fell into depression. What I did not realize growing up was that my mom had depression. She hid it well for so long trying to please others and when we achieved something, she would be so happy. After working so hard at fighting it so much, she succumbed to it. I fell into the trap of wanting to please her so much because I thought that would make her happy. So I did more of what the fairy tale told me to do. I worked hard. I was good at my job and my bosses saw that and I climbed up the ladder. And so the cycle began. I worked hard to please my mom. I got more recognition. I climbed the ladder. But, my mom wasn’t getting any better. So, I would try again. But, the more I climbed, the more I fell. I realized that trying to please both my mother and my bosses was not supporting what I wanted in life. What happened is so easy to see in hindsight. I fell into my mother’s path of trying to please others and not follow my own path of joy and happiness. I followed my mother so well that I fell into a deep, long-lasting depression as well. I found myself sitting in my counselor’s office one day. I told him that I would cry so hard at night about how unhappy I was that I often found myself hyperventilating. We began breathing exercises. I took my first full, spiritual breath that afternoon. He made me breathe in different patterns and deeply. It hurt so much that the next day my ribcage was sore. But, something had shifted. It felt so GOOD to finally breathe. That breath, that first spiritual breath, was over 15 years ago now. I recovered from depression by embarking on a spiritual journey. I have learned since then to follow my own path, my own inner wisdom that allows me to live in-joy no matter what. It took some time. I left my career, began a career as a massage therapist and later, a soul coach. I’m blessed to teach others who are facing their own conflicts to listen to their own inner wisdom and discover the inner courage to step forward in their own magnificence ~ their own shining light and to live In-Joy in life!


The Passion Within Is Your Voice by Steffi Jo Kern

I am a woman whose heart’s desire is to express myself. I am the oldest of four siblings. My mother was 17-years-old when I was born. My father was in the military and came in and out of our lives. My mom held the family together and provided for us. I learned how to take care of my siblings and myself at an early age. As a young child, I loved to create. I made perfumes from anything I could find in the bathroom cabinets and set up a “perfume stand.” I built forts outside under the trees along a canal and played for hours. I made-up stories that lasted for days of play with my Barbie dolls. Then I turned seven and my life was turned upside down. I was molested, and I was afraid. I turned inward and asked myself why? I did not tell anyone and I felt alone. I did not want to upset my family, so I became silent. I had lost my voice and my heart’s desire for expression faded. I experienced a childhood not trusting others, or myself. I wanted to change, but felt I was not good enough. I had an intense yearning for happiness, yet I did not know how to express it or my confidence. I did not stop looking for my answers. I knew they were there somewhere. My journey for self-expression sent me on a path of deep understanding not only for myself, but for others. I chose to heal from within (starting at eight!) by cultivating my art as an artist. Then in my 20’s I met my husband, and I went from creating art to creating and building an aviation parts company that took me around the world. It is now 30 years old. Everything I created, art or business, always included an underlying element of selfdiscovery and growth. As my business grew, so did my desire to understand the people around me. I became a certified Quantum Performance Coach, a Relationship Coach, and an NLP Practitioner, amongst others. However, it was when I became a mother that I found my true voice. My passion awakened, I took a stand for my children, their passions and their lives. My youngest had a hard journey as a teenager. He almost died in my arms a few times. Today he is healthy and finding his way as a young adult.

As I helped my son to live, it became clear, I am here to guide others to do the same. I am here to help others realize, embrace and give a voice to their own passions. A voice that their heart recognizes as their true essence. I created Express Your Essence as a context of connecting to true passion within and giving it a way out, in whatever expression is needed to live dreams and passions throughout all areas of life. I invite you to visit (805) 698-3555

Busted! I got caught with my pants down and my Ass hanging Out by Tbird Luv

After my parents' divorced, sometime in between my 5th and 6th birthday - I started to follow in the footsteps of my mother. I learned to bury my feelings, put my needs last and mimicked her “I have to do it all by myself.” Gradually, I became “Little Ms. Invincible Strength.” By the time I was a teenager, making good grades and becoming exceptionally good at playing the flute made it easy for me to hide behind my achievements. I was an overachiever with a charm that could befriend teachers, parents and fellow popular overachievers too. I knew how to work the crowd just enough to keep them close, but not close enough to notice the fragility beneath my charm. I wanted to be needed and most of all - indispensable. It was already extremely painful living without my father. He was the one who saved me from drowning and then taught me to swim. I wanted him back - not living thousands of miles away from us. I couldn’t risk or afford another loss, so overachieving became my strategy to avoid possible rejection or abandonment issues. But the irony about proving my worthiness by attempting to save the world was that it wasn’t winning me the approval or praise that I was looking for. Instead, I ended up burning out and feeling undervalued. Have you ever felt on top of your game – then only to realize that part of your 'bad ass' was a facade to hide your fear of failure? It’s like getting caught with your pants down and your ass hanging out. That's how I felt when a mentor asked me: Tbird, What would you lose of value if you were to actually get what you wanted? Shame began to tighten around my throat as I questioned my choices, behaviors and beliefs. “T, you’re a phony, a failure, a loser. You've tricked don’t know what you’re doing.” I was embarrassed. My biggest fear about getting what I wanted was that I’d fail. It seemed better to constantly try at something then fail and affirm my unworthiness. But the truth is that my capacity to love is far greater then any fearful thought or feeling. My great turnaround happened through that exposed vulnerability. With that awareness I have a willingness to heal the gap between feeling and healing. Relief and wisdom have replaced “I’m

special because I'm a visionary and get a million things done� act. Ease, grace and joy have become my motivating influencers since self LOVE took over. Today, I dedicate my life to a world service of serving as a muse. My intention is to inspire each one of you to take whatever you find beautiful to stand behind it, support it and proliferate it as you promote your subjective beauty to "make the world a better place" from your unique point of view. Love and Light Ladies!


This Student Was Ready by Sherry Dmytrewycz

It has been said that “when the student is ready, the teacher appears.” That is what happened to me. Years ago, I took an interest in a metaphysical program on the local cable TV channel. I went down to be a part of the studio audience. That led to my being asked to operate one of the cameras which I ended up doing almost every week for two years. The show had many guests who were practicing a variety of energy healing approaches. If they were psychic and saw auras, they invariably asked me if I was a healer and when I said, “No” they informed me that I should be since it was in my aura. One of the lovely people, that I met during this time, talked me into signing up for a talk by this “wonderful man” that I just “had” to meet and hear speak. I signed up for the talk not really knowing what I was getting into. After entering, I listened to others chatting, and realized that this was a class for healers and I wanted to leave. The speaker must have intuitively known because he asked me to pass out papers to anyone who came in late. Not knowing how to say, “No” I found myself attending. By the time the class was finished, I decided that I wanted to pursue training to be an energy healer. I told God that if this is what I was meant to do then send me a teacher. Less than 48 hours later I received a flyer in the mail for Intuitive Energy Healing Training. From my time in training, I began to see people who came in repeatedly for sessions and little in their lives had changed from the previous session. I realized the importance of teaching people simple activities that they could do to continue to heal themselves. Thus I created my list of 10 things that I teach each of my clients. After I made a commitment to become an energy healer, several teachers started appearing in my life and I began to incorporate many modalities into my own work. Always seeking new ways to help my clients, I have worked with many healing tools. Recently, I discovered the Sacred Flame Holograms to be one of the most powerful healing tools that I have encountered. I am continuing to train on how to use these wonderful tools for self healing and for working with others. I love the reaction from clients on the amazing shifts they experience in body, mind and spirit when working with the Sacred Flame Holograms.

As my intuitive abilities developed, I am continuing to learn from my spiritual guidance how to heal myself and others. In fact, I have now become a teacher who shares information with my clients and my students on how to enter into a healthier, unlimited life. (805) 698-3555

Writing the Waves of a Perfect Storm by Kathleen O'Dwyer

When a passing ER nurse stopped, looked at my battered face and asked me if I needed to report something to the police, the bottled up emotions of a perfect storm of divorce from an abusive alcoholic, an empty nest, and the recent death of my father erupted in a gully washer that left that poor woman stammering and patting my hand. I walked out of the ER that Sunday bruised, broken, bandaged and bloody from a bicycle accident, but the ache in my heart was the greatest pain. The next morning, it hurt to roll over to snap off the alarm. I reached for the phone to call in to work when a thought slammed into my head: Move or Die. I got up and forced myself out the door. My journey of healing on all levels began. Massage therapy, Yamuna, Quantum-Touch, Reiki, acupuncture, Craniosacral Therapy – for three years I straddled the line between my daytime corporate job and evening studies of body and energy work becoming a licensed massage therapist and Reiki Master. Throughout there was one common thread: writing. As manager of internal communications, I spun the ups and downs of my company’s business to make it palatable for employees. At night I scraped the bowl of my soul, pouring it onto the pages of journal after journal. A retreat at a ranch in Aravaipa Canyon, Arizona in 2008 boiled everything down to one thing: I wanted to write. Not the regurgitated words of a company CEO, but the words simmering and brimming in my heart. When my company reorganized In August 2009, my thoughts turned backed to Aravaipa. On a whim, I sent an email to the owner of the ranch with a unique proposal: in exchange for room and board, this city girl proposed to care for the ranch, its guests, the schedule, and horses. Most of all, it would give me a place to dwell in natural beauty and begin to write. To my surprise, the owner agreed and in January 2010, I crossed Aravaipa Creek to begin a two year journey of self-discovery and nature-based spirituality. My book, "Breathing Blue, Giving My Life to Spirit and Spirit to My Life," chronicles my time on the ranch through short stories and poetry. My immersion into this new life cracked me open, but left me whole and focused on a new path of creative, heartfelt writing. Three years later, this once shy introvert now leads earth journaling and writing workshops to encourage other people to recognize their connection with the elements of spirit and the physical realm and, through that connection,

unravel the secrets of their own hearts. This year I’ve also launched monthly drum circles and lead groups in the exploration of the Native American Medicine Wheel. In addition to the writing workshops, my second book is nearing completion and the ideas for a third loom in my dreams. (805) 698-3555

Interior Monologues of a Spirited Woman Artist by Gwen Cates

As a Spirited Woman in her mid-seventies, I am exploring my life experiences in a series of abstract paintings called Interior Monologues. I am at the epitome of my skill and creativity as a painter, and I am focused on interior and archetypal images. I am a native Virginian and studied fine art at Virginia Commonwealth University and later at Hollins University where I graduated with honors. My husband, Bill, and I moved to a small ranch in the Santa Ynez Valley of California in 1999. We have three extraordinary daughters and seven terrific grandchildren. I have had gallery exhibits in Charlottesville and Roanoke, Virginia; in London, England; Washington D.C.; Los Angeles and Santa Barbara, California. My most recent gallery exhibits were at Gloria Delson Contemporary Art in Los Angeles and The C Gallery in Los Alamos. I am on the board of the Artist Guild of the Santa Ynez Valley and I help organize exhibits for member artists. My goal as an artist is to create images that are startling, fresh and new. Using ideas drawn from my earlier landscapes, figurative work and dreams, I transform these concepts through vibrant color, collage elements and strong compositions to create powerful images that no one has seen or imagined. Gold leaf, algae from oak trees, feathers, lace and seed heads dipped in gold paint enliven the surface of the canvas. In several of these experimental and playful paintings, my wedding veil from fifty-four years ago is embedded in the composition. My most recent large painting, Fecundmellow Launch, examines the urge of life to reproduce. I began the painting using my earlier small study, Launch to Planet X. Planets which orbit a star outside the solar system are called exoplanets. I considered the possibility that life on earth may have been seeded from another planet or that earth might in some way seed life on exoplanets. Fecundmellow is a word that was coined by the Southern novelist, William Faulkner. It is not in the dictionary. Fecund means capable of producing abundant offspring. The word itself sounds so rich that it brings to mind the extraordinary volatility and power of life on this planet

Linda Foster, a choreographer in Rome, Italy, has proposed a project that will use a digital image of the painting as the focus for a series of dances. Foster wrote, “The uniting element for the work is the painting, Fecundmellow Launch. Each dance is carried forward by the pulsing, flowing movement of the animated painting; original music produced for the project will be inspired by the painting just as each set is based on elements of the collage contained in the work.� Envisioning my painting as the focus of a dance choreographed and performed in Rome makes me feel that I am coming to fruition as a Spirited Woman artist as my Interior Monologues take a leap onto the world stage.


Turning Darkness Into Light by Karen Keilt

Though I lived a fairytale life in a beautiful home, surrounded by wonderful things and doting people, the sounds of violence, anger and fear often permeated my childhood. As far back as I can remember there were “dark” moments. I was born and raised in Sao Paulo, Brazil. My mother, a beautiful outgoing New Yorker, married a brooding Brazilian. Like all South American men, my father ruled the roost and I understood if Daddy was happy, everything was wonderful. When I was 10, Brazil went through a revolution, and the little I could understand as a child left an indelible stain of violence and crime. My family moved to New York to avoid the real threat of kidnapping for ransom or worse. We returned two years later and life as I knew it resumed. Dating was taboo in my father’s eyes and most often met with dire consequences. But love conquers all, and when I was 23 I married the man of my dreams in a fairytale wedding. Three short months later the fairytale became a nightmare. Abducted from our bed in the dead of night, by gun-wielding police officers, my husband and I were a target of corruption. We were imprisoned for 45 days. During that time my husband and I were beaten and tortured on a device called a "parrot’s perch" and I was raped repeatedly. We were starved and forced to exist in vile conditions. The police demanded a bribe for our release. We were never charged with any crime but they falsely accused us of being drug dealers. I didn’t understand then that the strength I had gained from my abusive father had actually helped me to survive. Eventually our family paid $400,000 and on July 4, 1976, we were released. Several days later I attempted suicide. At that time, speaking about those events was also taboo and I was told by my father to buck up and get over it. Three months later I discovered I was pregnant. Sadly, my marriage did not survive. In 1979, Brazil passed a law giving amnesty from prosecution to its government torturers. I could no longer live there. I fled my home of 27 years. Unsupported and alone, I began a new life in California.

Though deeply wounded, I had to be outwardly strong and a nurturing mother. When my son was five, I met a wonderful man and we have been happily married since. Something, though, was still missing in my life. In 2010, I began to practice yoga with great intensity. I heard my teacher say, “Forgiveness is letting go of the hope that your past could ever be different.” Those words unlocked my soul. It was time to speak out and become a human rights activist. I’ve spoken at Amnesty International and the Global Feminine Potential Movement Summit, using my story of horror to become the change agent for others. I wrote my story in my book, "The Parrot's Perch," in hopes of raising awareness and passion. No matter what your cause, it’s time for women to find their own inner strength and become catalysts of change, turning darkness into light. (805) 698-3555

Ready to Begin Anew – The Second Half of My Life by Stephany (Stevie) Levine

In 2002, I found myself more antsy than usual. I needed a change. As a partner with my husband both in life and in business for over 30 years and a mom of two - at 52 years of age, I realized I had fulfilled some of my life’s goals, but not my life's calling. I knew I wanted to empower others to identify and achieve their own heart's callings - I just didn't know how I was going to make that happen. About the same time, a dear friend asked if I had received a good reading lately. “No,” I said, thinking he meant a good psychic reading. He wrote down a number and said, “Make an appointment.” Two years later, I came across it. I decided to call. What did I have to lose? I was still working 10 hour work days. My body that I had once been so proud of was nowhere to be found. I wasn’t any closer to my life's calling. Unbeknownst to me, I was calling for an Akashic Records consultation. That first metamorphic consultation led me to drive hundreds of miles from my home in Jacksonville, Florida to take my first Akashic Records class. During those two-days, many of us were amazed at what we discovered about ourselves. My fear, can I open these Records, went to - yes, not only can I do it I have done this before! It all felt so familiar and I knew these ancient Records would play an important role not only in my own growth, but in other's as well. That New Years Eve, my prayer, was simple. “Please God, help me to continue to bring the joy back into my life.” A year and a half later, miraculously, I was able to take a sabbatical from our business! I re-focused my energy and became a certified Akashic Records Consultant, then a Certified Teacher. I was determined to find others in Jacksonville, who, like me, wanted to know about the Records. What is so AWESOME about the Records? The Akashic Records are a Divine recording of all that is, was, or ever will be. When utilized, the Records can bring a different clarity to just about anything, which in turn can help to resolve issues, clear blocks, find your path or learn about past lives. It is also so much more than this – it is about being in a vibrational frequency which enables one to simply receive and understand.

Today, as our Akashic presence grows in Jacksonville and in the world at large, I realize I have not looked back since 2006. I teach that when life hands us a challenge, to gratefully accept it as an opportunity for growth. With that shift in thought the universe is able to help solve anything. I am more than joyful and grateful, as my mission expands. I now combine my business skills along with information received through the Records, to empower others to find and achieve their own heart's callings! (805) 698-3555

The Journey of Many Unexpected Destinations by Leslie Carrere

I grew up with many rock and roll challenges and became very resilient, resourceful, and independent from an early age. What I have come to learn in looking back at the many rocks I have crossed to move forward, is how “the universe unfolds as it should” in so many unexpected ways. We often don’t see the real gifts until we turn the next corner. Ten years ago a log rolled out of the fireplace and burned our house down. Friends came over and in one week helped fixed up a utility barn on our land that we have been living in ever since. It was meant to be a temporary residence, but we are still there. During that time, I cofounded a NFP Foundation and until recently, my work was primarily focused in the Gulf Coast doing large scale reforestation. This is what I thought I would be doing until I retired out some day. Traveling along another track, my husband, an amazing stone mason artist, decided he wanted to move a barn onto our land after the fire. He found one with a broken back, took it apart, numbered the pieces, and moved it all to our land in three semi-trailers. With tremendous care and vision, he reassembled it on a new stone foundation and built three massive fireplaces within. I watched him for years building this extraordinary expansive place, and while he was sure we should live in it, I knew in my bones it was meant for a higher purpose. In my vision, it was greater than a home. It was a space to be shared with many to celebrate change, incubate innovation and embrace conscious leadership for a more sustainable planet. In the fall of 2013, I came to a devastating crossroads with my foundation partners and chose to walk away from everything. I did not want to waste years and energy in darkness legally battling for what was right or deserved. I had to move into the light and trust I would be guided to where I needed to go next. Betrayal, fear, anxiety, wonder, relief, faith and the support from friends and family carried me through the dark times until I could feel the light coming in again. After months of wandering around the lost and found department, it became very clear to me that the gift of my falling out was the universe letting me know it was time to launch the “Treman Center." A

place where I could use my years of experience and community connections for the highest good. I thought of the Latin saying, “If you build it, they will come,” as it became obvious that my future was right in my back yard. It was time for me to open the doors to this amazing, creative space, designed for inspiration, transformation, education and celebration. Who knew I would be called upon to be the curator of an amazing event space…the universe did – unfolding as it should.


Feel the Love...Sip by Sip by Mimi Lam

I emigrated from China with my parents at just under a year old and find that being an Asian female in Western culture is quite interesting. The only time I received attention from my family was when I excelled at school or worked in my parents' restaurant. I learned to be a "good girl," obeying my elders, culture and society. As a young adult, I continued to work hard and became a successful fashion designer and "supermom" living the "American dream" of marriage, children, house and three cars. Although this kept me busy, I felt empty, living on autopilot. After 25 years of marriage, my husband decided to move back to China. I chose to stay here with my three boys and became depressed. Reflecting back, this pain forced me to turn my attention inward, opening my heart and soul to the excitement of discovering a new life as a spiritual being. I thank the Goddess for giving me the courage to embrace the unknown and to let go of useless, outdated beliefs and learn new ones. I found my true passion in life is to share and care. When I owned Green Bridge Healing Center, I learned many different healing modalities. I traveled to many healing retreats around the world including India where I have been invited back to administer healings. I was not aware that healing energy flowed through me until I was asked to visit a client in an intensive care unit where my energy affected all of the patient's monitors. I recalled that when working in my family's restaurant, customers would tell me that they felt peaceful after speaking with me. My persistence in developing my own emotional healing made me into a vessel for the flow of healing energies. Since for me, life must also be fun, I took up ballroom dancing in my 50s. When I began, I was so out of shape I could not finish a twominute dance. I had painful joints, smoked, was borderline diabetic, hypertensive, had high cholesterol, insomnia and "brain fog." Now, I dance a few times a week. I also found drinking antioxidant-loaded teas assists in slowing down the aging process. I drink tea throughout the day even adding it to my protein shakes as a substitute for almond milk. Tea has had such a profound effect on my healthy lifestyle, I decided to create my own line of organic teas, Mimi's Natural I AM. I blend special teas to be beautiful, tasty and effective. Once I package my teas, I bless and infuse them with my healing energy. Since I began they have helped many people.

My custom-blended teas and my diet and ballroom dancing have restored me back to good health in many ways. I'm inspired daily to live a healthier lifestyle. I invite you to enjoy a cup of Mimi's Natural I AM tea and "Feel the Love Sip by Sip." (805) 698-3555

Joyful Celebration by Reverend Tanya K. Young

I was fortunate to grow up here, by the Atlantic Ocean on the Outer Banks of North Carolina, with an entrepreneurial family which instilled me with confidence and courage from a young age. I accepted the long hours that my family worked and discovered, as I got older, the gift and freedom this choice allowed. You might say, “we all stepped to the beat of a different drummer’ during those wild days of tourism development on a beach that had yet to be discovered. Looking back, I am in awe as I recall that undeveloped land with its rolling dunes and miles of wind-swept sand. And yet, the discovery of our prestige beaches brought a new niche visitor. One that was searching deep within for life’s guidance and mysteries as they walked our beaches and were stunned by the beauty of our shores. This profile resonated with me and I asked myself, how could I reach these people with a message of kindness, joy and most of all, love? Would I attempt to make a big splash with a book or inspiring articles? No, I did not see that as my path but I did have a strong calling to be a living example of this message and to share it. During this peak experience, Destinations Weddings arrived on the scene and what better way to complete my destiny! I have devoted the last 12 years officiating beach wedding ceremonies for more than 1,000 couples as they marked the beginning of their new life together. I like to think I live well in this place. Couples seeking my services are not usually comfortable with traditional church affiliation and desire a meaningful spiritual alternative. I work closely with these couples in creating a ceremony rich with personal touches reflecting their culture, personality and spirituality. My goal, as the writer, is to create a ceremony that touches the hearts of the bride and groom and their guests and to blend all types of backgrounds into one formal and memorable moment. I strive to hold each ceremony to the utmost dignity without giving up the relaxed celebratory mood of the occasion in our various beautiful outside locations. It is my belief that second marriages and blended families deserve the same care and reverence as the first wedding ceremony. I often add special additions for children, such as the Family Sand Ceremony, which gives then a real hands-on experience and makes them a participant in the actual

wedding ceremony. Vow Renewals, at monumental anniversaries, or just to recommit to each other, are also popular and they deserve the same type of reverence. How fortunate I am to be a part of these joyful celebrations. The close connection to my couples also calls on me to perform ocean-side christenings for their children or more somber occasions of funerals or memorials for their loved ones while knowing it is love that brings us into this world and love that also takes us out. (805) 698-3555

Getting into the Circle of Life, Saved Mine! by Amari Magdalena

Growing up in a home that was dysfunctional and often abusive, I learned to live in fear and silence. I don’t believe we escape unscathed when we have early indoctrination into families that rely on secrets and dishonesty. Surely, I did not. Suicide often looked like the way to peace. There were glimmers in my childhood that offered some spiritual solace. The Catholic rituals of my cousin’s church, fascinated me. Later in Rainbow Girls I found comfort in its ritual. Then came the expected marriage and children. My married life turned out to be a replica of much of the violence of my childhood. By the time I extricated myself from that marriage, I was what I called “The Walking Dead.” Years after the divorce and subsequent marriage, I experienced moments of peace interspersed with quiet despair because I was living a life without spiritual sustenance. When the marriage ended, I was drawn to begin developing a true spiritual path. Exploring metaphysically based centers and churches, I started to find degrees of peace. Yet my personal relationships were still destructive and usury and I did not embrace life. In fact, I was closer to suicide at 46 than ever. A dear friend's suggestions that I postpone my plans to end my life by one day, brought me back from the edge. I began rebuilding. A change of location to New Mexico and an introduction to the shamanic path lead me to the first time when I could begin to appreciate the gift of life. Living in sync with the rising and waning energies of the sun and moon cycles, helped me move past the down times and recognize that we all experience rising and falling energies. Embracing ceremony through learning about cross-cultural Medicine Wheels and sacred ceremonies, helped me manage cycles with much more ease and grace. As I participated in more circles and ceremonies, I found a deepening peace begin to move from the periphery of my life to the core center. I came to understand the need for tribal connection and recognized that in today's world we may have to create our tribes. In 1995, I founded The Institute for Shamanic Synthesis to foster the ancient wisdom of cross-cultural shamanism for healing our modern challenges. This deepened my own sense of inner peace through sharing knowledge. As an interfaith minister I've been able to contribute to the joy of the treasured ritual of union. My home is now a safe and sacred place for people to experience healing, affirming ceremony.

In a sacred circle I find an energy that produces a feeling of tribe for participants; it bonds people at a very deep level. Through these life affirming circles we begin to create community and interconnectedness. Currently, I write about various aspects of the inner and outer Circle of Life with its wonderful healing potential in books and blogs. My mission is helping others uncover their inner light to fully embrace life!


Weavings of Creation – A Celtic Knot by Rhonda Ochoa

If there ever was one symbol to reflect the total essence of my life and journey of creative expression, it would be the Celtic Knot, more specifically the Dara knot – an ancient Celtic symbol for the Tree of Life and Abundance. It is this special weave of knotting that fascinates and speaks to me the most. It is the ins and outs, the ups and downs, the twists and turns…a never ending weave….a perfect metaphor, which holds profound beauty and power – symbolizing the pure magic of life! The Celtic Knot tells my story - all the challenges, heartbreaks, financial struggles, aloneness, loves, successes, joys, achievements, and genuine healing that life has lead me into, over and through. Exploring many beliefs and philosophies, gathering numerous gems and treasures from various master teachers, present day and ancient…I call myself an eclectic Mystic. I hear that quiet voice who lives in my Higher Self. Sometimes I join circles of like minds and sometimes I walk only with Spirit. Raven, a magical bird who deftly carries messages back and forth between the worlds of mysticism and the everyday world, guides my never-ending weave of life. The common thread woven throughout my entire life has been creativity. No matter what situation I was in, there was always a strong stirring of creativity…either at work with my patients, or at home with my children or simply to feed my soul. A year ago, the weave of creativity took another very exciting turn…it took me into a pure leap of faith – I took an early retirement as a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner and started my own business as a Shaman Artist! MYSTIC•RAVEN – Sacred Art Forms, was woven into creation! My daily inspiration and healing comes from nature. My Celtic Knot has woven for me a lovely and simple life in the mountains; I live in an 80-year-old cedar log cabin…rustic and beautiful. Many days when I am creating, I look out my front window and see the seasons pass by, high on the mountain ridge, just above the cabin.

Here, in nature, I learned the powerful coupling of Beauty and Prayer, a weaving of creation, and a weaving of Sacred Art Forms, beautiful and powerful antennas to connect with Spirit. These energetic Sacred Art Forms are hand painted, hand rolled, paper Prayer Beads - all materials are used from natural products - that can be held in meditation/prayer, worn as an empowering necklace, statement earrings, or as a healing bracelet. My work as a Shaman Artist is still in its infancy…being only one year old. Business has successfully grown this year, becoming well known in many circles of like-minded souls, including a workshop at Lynn Andrews’ Sedona 2014 gathering. The Celtic weave never ceases - weaving in and under, around and over, sometimes looping backwards…always creating! I have learned to trust this weaving of creation, the incredible joy it brings to me and to the receivers of these magical beads. Blessings to you, Rhonda Ochoa (MYSTIC•RAVEN) (805) 698-3555

From the Abyss to the Light by Paulette Bodeman

I'm the second oldest of four siblings and the only girl. My parents were first generation Italian Americans living the American dream. They co-owned the two-flat apartment building we lived in with my uncle and aunt. We were a large, loud and loving ensemble. Our doors were rarely locked and kids ran through both apartments freely. Conversation flowed while Sinatra filled the air. Often my father took a broom to knock on the ceiling and quiet down my rambunctious cousins. Quiet and introspective I was a rarity. Seen by the family as just a little peculiar I was still enveloped by love, and encouraged to be me. I was taught to trust in a Higher Power, and myself. At 26, I met my husband, married and moved from Chicago to Phoenix. We created a beautiful life and he supported my need for personal growth. I earned a degree in transpersonal psychology, studied yoga, and began to teach. In love and happiness we started a family. Our son was precious, precocious and life was sweet. The days slipped into years and our son went from infant to boy-man with a life unfolding all his own. On October 16, 2007, our son's best friend, his sibling of the heart, also my best friend's son, was hit by a construction vehicle running a red light. He died from a brain injury five days later. Both boys were 19. In a shattering moment our world was drastically altered. As we swam in a sea of grief this devastating loss began a series of tragedies that felt directly targeted. I didn't know how to go on and fantasized how I might end the pain. Somehow through the fog I sensed a threshold where I could cross over into the abyss, or find my way back to the Light. I chose to examine my beliefs as a way towards the Light. Did I believe in a punishing god, or did I believe in the intrinsic goodness of humanity where random things can and do happen? After a time I re-gained my footing on the foundation of family, a Higher Power, and yoga. I spent countless hours either puddled on my mat washing away the pain with tears, or sweating it out of my

body. Whether on my meditation cushion, driving in my car, or mentally while walking the grocery aisle, I chanted Om almost 24 hours a day. Chanting re-directed destructive thoughts. My life boat of yoga, mantra, and meditation carried me through the rapids of grief and anger, and guided me to the shores of clarity, peace, and joy. I found Grace in the grit. Overcoming tragic tsunamis I not only survived, but my vision expanded. I've gone on to create a breakthrough program, The WORTH System. Now I help others learn they too can overcome hardship, and build extraordinary lives. Based on The WORTH System's methodology, I'm currently co-authoring, "Inside/Out," a book offering strategic life-lines. Visit me where you'll find guided meditations and inspiration.


Celebrating True Alchemy by Catherine Friederich

‘The same hammer that shatters the glass forges the steel.’ Russian Proverb. Born into a large Catholic family, from a very young age as the oldest daughter, I became my mother’s ‘right arm’ and put the needs of the family before my own. I married at 21 and joined the corporate world to become one of the first women stockbrokers in the country. I charted a path that followed my parents' desires rather than my own. I had not been given a message from my family that creativity was a worthy pursuit. It wasn’t until my late 20s that I divorced my alcoholic husband, and walked out of a potential multi-million dollar Wall Street career, breaking the cycle of an unexamined life. I found myself in a full-blown spiritual crisis, the dark night of the soul and I had no choice but to find my way home. With the help of a gifted therapist and trusted women friends I began waking up and finding the quiet voice that whispered from within, urging me that my creativity was calling me and the great gifts I had been given were yet unwrapped. Remarried, with a beautiful son, we moved to Tucson where His Holiness, the Dalai Lama came to teach and I knew that I could learn from this precious teacher who, living in exile from his beloved Tibet, witnessing the genocide of his people, could still laugh from his belly and teach peace. He taught how to turn anger into patience and recognize that we are all a field of merit for each other working through our karma, and consciously or not, contributing to each other’s awakening. He taught that the way to peace is to cultivate it first from within. I learned to meditate and to live life being present in the moment. The cycles of life and nature captured my attention and I found what mattered to me and found my voice. I created a rite of passage program for girls emerging into women that taught them to listen to the path of their heart every month during their moon time so that they would meet their wisdom regularly and practice it throughout their lives. To mark life’s passages and capture the beauty and meaning of a moment in time, I turned to making jewelry, specifically as a metalsmith, seeing the invisible by going within, and embracing the Japanese aesthetic wabi sabi that comes of solitude, observation, and images of feelings embodying

a bittersweet mix of loneliness and serenity, and an awareness of nature and the natural affect on matter by the hands of time. I have participated in and led ritual and ceremony for many years in shamanic work. As a metalsmith I recognize and celebrate life’s passages and take joy in the creation and co-creation of designing and fabricating jewelry as symbol of the passage, the step, the leap, the acceptance, and the realization in life’s journey. It is a marker, a talisman, organic in materials, hammer-formed, with rich textures that mirror the complexity and paths of a life. Melting down outworn jewelry made of precious metals when available, the original piece transforms into something current often including beautiful natural gems, minerals and pearls. Awareness is a pearl of great price. (805) 698-3555

Returning to Our Senses – Thriving in an Uncertain World by Lee Klinger Lesser

When I was 19-years-old, my mother gave me a gift that changed my life. She introduced me to Charlotte Selver, who became my teacher until she died at the age of 102. Charlotte taught a mindfulness practice called Sensory Awareness. I have had the privilege of sharing this practice around the world for over 35 years, including with returning veterans. I am also a Zen practitioner. I became a mother, and buried my mother while living at Tassajara Zen Monastery. Now, I lead women veteran retreats and Sensory Awareness workshops at Tassajara and once gave a lecture, titled “An Appropriate Response," that describes the heart of this work. Sensory Awareness practice brings me home over and over again. When I am agitated, feeling lost or uncertain, I can pause and allow my mind to settle as I return to my senses, as I rest in breath. Connection with our sensations cultivates belonging, right here in this moment just as it is. I know and trust the power of this. I see how it makes a difference in the lives of veterans who have been left to carry so many burdens in isolation, so much pain alone. More than 22 veterans commit suicide every day. After over 40 years of Sensory Awareness and Zen practice, I have learned that there is no place to run, no way to get away from pain or uncertainty. I have tried many times. I grew up thinking that this was the way to survive. However, it has never been the way to thrive. When I was 21-years-old, I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. It was terrifying. I remember lying in my hospital bed, while my parents sat across the room in silence, their fear pouring off of them in waves.Yet we did not talk about my cancer. It was so lonely to be in that bed with them so close, and yet so far away. Years later, I reached out to my mother to talk about cancer. I said, “I had been so frightened.” She interrupted me saying, “You are fine! Everything is okay.” I became livid. I said, “Stop it! Don’t try to take away my pain! I just want you to feel it with me.” She did. She began to cry. Then she held me, and we cried together, connecting with our open hearts in the midst of uncertainty.

This ability to meet, to bear witness, to connect is at the heart of Honoring the Path of the Warrior, the organization I co-founded in 2008, to support veterans to build a healing community, to return to their senses and to thrive. Veterans inspire me with their commitment to service, to each other, and to living a life with purpose and meaning. In the midst of our uncertain world, veterans have a lot to teach all of us about finding peace, about not leaving anyone behind and having the courage to step up to meet what is there. (805) 698-3555

Seeding the Gardens of My Life by Marilyn Ashe Wilson

Writing is my mainstay. My portal connecting the dots between my inner and my outer world. I am able to hear the voice of my divine feminine telling her story, my story - as plentiful as the paths I have walked on my Heroine's Journey. Now, as I step into my Crone years, I find myself at those curved and cobblestoned passages called the intersection of My Life. But how did it all start? Raised in a strict Catholic and military family in the 50’s, long term friends were fleeting, rules were to be followed, and no attention was paid to my needs or desires. I attended a new school every two years; and, community for me was Sunday Catechism Class. By the time I married in 1966, my bridal party consisted of women I had known for less than a year. It was then that I began noticing my need for deeper connection, a need to know others and for others to know me .. the real me .. my ups and my downs, my challenges and successes. I did not want my life to pass unnoticed and forgotten like an untended flower garden - full of richness and color - but unseen. As always, I turned inward. My writings and poetry were the indicators of my emptiness. The words gave form and truth to my life events and cried out for someone, somewhere to mirror these passages and stages of growth. I was blooming, I needed nurturing, yet no one noticed. Only in my writings did I watch the seeds bloom and unfold into the flowers of my life. Looking back now, I easily see the path that led me to becoming a LifeCycle Celebrant, a ceremony officiant dedicated to providing ceremonies and rituals that mark life's passages. These ceremonies seed, nurture, and honor life transitions. Bearing witness to magical times, feeling the support of others as transitions occur, and weaving the ancestral and family stories into each of those moments, is the difference between a life happening and a life being lived. Being a Celebrant allows me to bring to others what I so desperately craved, and still do: a witness, a supportive space, and a sacred gathering as we transit life’s natural rhythms. Now, not only do I bring

ritual to my transitions and transformational moments; but I also create ceremonies honoring and witnessing those moments for others. I can only imagine the different ways I would have moved through my life, if I had received at an early age, the message that my life did make a difference. With my self-image intact, those transitional times would have been so much easier and more purposeful. Officiating Flower of Life Ceremonies is my way of creating community for myself and others, so that we all know that we do count, our life has meaning, and we are one. I’m so lucky and grateful to weave words from the heart that nurture the seeds of life, love, and purpose, as we create our very own flower of life garden. (805) 698-3555

No Longer Asleep at the Meal by Sue Ann Gleason

I have a confession. You see, before I set off to study every form of mind-body-health nutrition I could get my Type-A hands on, I was simply a happy, healthy food lover. Or so I thought. And then I lost my health and found it again through a deep, introspective look at not only the food I was eating (or not eating) but the lifestyle I was living. Non-stop, copiously compulsive, Type-A overachiever. My calendar was color-coded. I was proud of my resourcefulness; I was an accomplished multi-tasker and it even earned me the distinction: Teacher of the Year. Taking on a health crisis was, for me, just another project. I attacked it with tenacity. I started studying things like cellular rejuvenation through raw food nutrition and climbing into bed with "The Autoimmune Epidemic" instead of my favorite memoir. My body became a human laboratory. And I healed. But old habits die hard. Even in healing mode, I found a way to live life in the extremes. It started with my raw food journey. Instead of reveling in the vibrant colors and textures of homegrown tomatoes, crunchy cucumbers and glorious greens, a meal became a contest. Anything less than 100 percent raw was somehow considered less nourishing than its cooked counterpart. Even the most beautiful array of steamed vegetables drizzled with a miso-lemon vinaigrette could not pass my lips. One day I paused. There I was - immersed in my new career with more degrees, studies, certifications, awards, and endorsements than I knew what to do with surrounded by healthy, like-minded nutrition gurus and healers, when I came to the striking realization: I wasn’t having any fun. I found myself longing for the companionship of food-loving friends who appreciated gorgeous meals, beautiful wholesome food, and ‌ CHOCOLATE. So, I tried a little experiment. What happens when you take away all the fear-based notions around food and health and you just focus on the blissful benefits of consuming clean, colorful, vibrant foods?

What happens when you slow down and savor the food you're eating? What happens when you make a commitment to engage in at least one delicious activity each day that makes you laugh? What happens when you start eating chocolate for breakfast? I can tell you, my life changed. I didn't throw away my credentials or the library I had accumulated on biochemical imbalances and nutritional theories. I still know a whole lot about food-based strategies that can help alleviate the symptoms associated with stress, adrenal failure, autoimmune epidemics, bone disease, hormone imbalances, and inflammation. But, I also have a unique gift that can transform even the most contracted eater on the planet. I know how to laugh. I know how to use my creative powers to get to the heart of your nutritional story, and I am passionate about my work as a culinary nutritionist, because embedded in this work, is a heartfelt mission: that we take back our plates, one luscious bite at a time.


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Lynn Andrews Author/Shaman/Teacher, Lynn Andrews Production Author of the internationally acclaimed Medicine Woman Series, Lynn Andrews who has spent the last 25 years studying with shamanic women on three continents. Lynn brings spiritual tools and compelling techniques for healing from the spiritual realm to the modern everyday physical world. E-Mail: Website:

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Amari Magdalena Founding Director, Institute for Shamanic Synthesis Amari Magdalena founded the Institute for Shamanic Synthesis in 1995 to promote cross-cultural shamanism and foster attitudes of unconditional love, acceptance, brotherhood and peace. She has conducted ceremonies, performed healings and taught shamanic techniques nationally and internationally. Magdalena has authored several shamanic books and regularly writes: Nagual Woman Blog. E-Mail: Phone: (520) 260-6098 Website:

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Steffi Jo Kern Personal Growth Strategist, Essence Coach, Express Your Essence LLC An artist, businesswoman and transformational coach, Steffi Jo is passionate about helping women connect, create and cultivate their essence. Resulting in expanded goals of success and abundance, she helps you express your unique voice from within, by bringing it out into the world. E-Mail: Phone: (480) 993-8291 Website:

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Catherine Friederich Jewelry Designer/Metalsmith/Activist, Catherine Friederich Designer Jewelry Recognizing jewelry as symbolic of significant passages and primary relationships in life, I create and co-create with clients. Organic, hammer-formed, textured, often patinated pieces inspired by nature, and the aesthetic of Japanese culture and art, I see my jewelry as sculpture for the body and witness of the spirit. E-Mail: Phone: (520) 449-9800 Website:

Tbird Luv Fearless Creative Expression, Ridgely Productions TBird is a Weaver of Souls. With melodic music, divine humor and the eloquence of the Heart, her gifts evolve us towards living more harmoniously, happily and with a zest for life to make things better for ourselves and everyone and everything around us! E-Mail: Website:

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Rhonda Ochoa Owner, MYSTIC•RAVEN - Sacred Art Forms Artist, Shaman and Intuitive. Combining the healing energies of color with the subtle power of prayer, is a passion for me. I make beautiful and energetic Prayer Beads that can be worn as jewelry or held in meditation/prayer. Each strand is an original work of art, made to order. E-Mail: Phone: (909) 794-3647 Website:

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Ginette Hunter Feng Shui Practitioner, Harmony In Design Ginette Hunter, Feng Shui Practitioner and owner of Harmony In Design guides you to interact with your home connecting you with your inner aspirations. Ginette's approach to Feng Shui is creative, practical, informative, respectful and fun. Welcome this age old wisdom of design for modern living and experience a balanced lifestyle. E-Mail: Phone: (289) 876-8751 Web:

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Nukhet Hendricks Intuitive Services, Angel Communicator I work with those who are seeking to gain clarity to live their most inspired lives. I love assisting my clients on their path to Divine Love, Light, Truth and Wisdom. I see myself as the conduit that connects my client to their innermost wisdom, to the divine spot within. E-Mail: Phone: (701) 238-7227 Website:

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Stephany (Stevie) Levine Creator/CEO, Empowering Evolution Akashic Records Consultant and Teacher. Through a Divine Prayer, I am guided to open your Akashic Records. I receive answers to your life's questions and guidance for situations you are working through. E-Mail: Phone: (904) 545-2447 Website:

Linda Linker Rosenthal Creative Director, Insight Out Visionary Healing Arts I AM embodied spirit! I live with passion for peace and gratitude as I write, teach, heal, soothe, listen, share, create, inspire, encourage, and deeply love. As an author, Lightworker, sound healer and energy therapist, my greatest joy is awakening others to the Genius and Miracle of their own life! E-Mail: Phone: (219) 322-5562 Website:

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Marilyn Ashe Wilson Ceremony Officiant, LifeCycle Celebrant As a LifeCycle Celebrant, I weave your life story into a ceremony or ritual marking those memorable life transitions. Flower of Life Ceremonies range from Seed to ReSeed and include Mother and Baby Blessings, Coming of Age, Commitment Celebrations and Memorials, including pets. Creating special moments just for you. E-Mail: Phone: (904) 334-5290 Website:

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Tryshe Dhevney Owner, SOUNDShifting Vibration is at the heart of sound healing. Tryshe Dhevney’s innovative SOUNDShifting® method uses the innate power of your voice to create a direct link to vibrant health and wellbeing. Want to de-stress, enhance learning, reduce pain or change the direction of your life? Allow Tryshe to show you how. E-Mail: Phone: (520) 440-7820 Website:

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Lee Klinger Lesser Return to Our Senses/Workshops in Sensory Awareness/Healing for Veterans In our turbulent world, we can return to our senses with the allies of breath and sensory experience that ground us in the present moment. Lee leads Sensory Awareness Workshops in English and Spanish, and co-founded Honoring the Path of the Warrior to share these tools of healing with veterans. E-Mail: Phone: (415) 307-6043 Website:

DeeAnna Nagel Essential Oils Educator, Online Aromatherapy Institute I specialize in Essential Oils, Aroma-Reiki, Distant Healing and Distant Tech Interventions! I mentor people in the essential oils business. I founded the Online Aromatherapy Institute to educate people about essential oils and their contribution to health and wellness and support people on their path to wholeness. E-Mail: Phone: (877) 773-5591 Website:

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Jeanne Rust, PhD CEO/Founder, Mirasol Recovery Centers My mission has been to bring healing to women and girls who have struggled with eating disorders and other mental health disorders. My philosophy is that everyone can heal, everyone can learn to be creative, and everyone can live a life of passion, gratitude, integrity, and beauty. E-Mail: Phone: 520-425-1522 Website:

Lisa Young Independent Business Owner, Q Sciences Q Sciences started with the idea that if we did the right things for the right reasons, we could truly make a positive difference in people’s lives. Q Sciences Health and Wellness will help people everywhere Live Life exponentially! E-Mail: Phone: (425) 615-9299 Website:

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The Alchemy of Self Healing by Jeannine Wiest “This book will gently help you understand the value of creative noticing to all aspects of life,� Jane Wagner and Lily Tomlin. Alchemy is a process by which something ordinary is transformed into the extraordinary. Take the Inner Alchemist Quiz, dive into the sensory exercises, revel in the essays. Change your perception. Reconnect. Heal. E-Mail: Phone: (818) 990-5260 Website:

LISTINGS - Non-Profits for Women Lisa Bain Founder/Directory, Joy in the Cause Joy In The Cause is a 501c3 non profit charity focused on providing care, compassion, and joy one personal act of kindness at a time. Your cause matters! E-Mail: Website:

LISTINGS - Radio & TV Shows Nancy Ferrari Radio Show Host, The Nancy Ferrari Show on W4CY Radio, K4HD Radio & iHeartRadio "The Nancy Ferrari Show" airs live every Monday and Tuesday on W4CY Radio and K4HD Radio within Talk 4 Media Network and streams on iHeartRadio. Nancy features dynamic guests who share their life experiences and expertise focused on how to live an empowered life - awakening to life's purpose. E-Mail: Phone: (714) 469-1782 Website:

LISTINGS - Sacred Arts & Teaching Vicki L. Wolf Dobbs Owner, Sacred Wisdom Workshops Gathering in safe and sacred circles, we connect with the power of your intent through our conversations, journeywork and creativity. We present collaborative workshops and classes designed to assist you on your spiritual journey, integrating ancient wisdom with modern modalities in an environment of experiential learning, laughter and love. E-Maill: Phone: (559) 269-7653 Website:

LISTINGS - Speak Your Truth

Dr. Leslie Hewitt, DC CEO of The WOW Talks LLC Dr. Leslie Hewitt is the CEO and Founder of The WOW Talks LLC. The WOW Talks reveals her commitment to CREATE a new cultural authority and social proof to affect national change with the feminine archetype in the healthcare industry, corporate policy, education, legislation, and government. E-Mail: Phone: (925) 708-2320 Website:

LISTINGS - Spirited

Dolores J Gozzi Owner, Healing Thru Bodywork & Nature's Cycles Dolores J. Gozzi guides women to follow their heart and lead with their wisdom. Her nature-inspired programs, oracle readings, women’s retreats and creation coaching are designed to empower participants to connect to their unique sacred essence. Dolores’s mission is to support women in reconnecting with their inner strength for transformational change. Email: Phone: (239) 826-6960 Website:

Nancy Mills Publisher/Founder/Creator, Spirited Woman A global women's empowerment community founded by Nancy Mills, the Creator of the Spirited Woman Approach to Life. Known for Spirited Woman Blogger Team, the Spirited Woman Directory: A Collection of Stories & Resources for an Inspired Life! and the Sisterhood of the Sacred Scarves. Mills is a frequent radio/TV guest and speaker on women's empowerment and the Every Woman Visionary. E-Mail: Phone: (805) 698-3555 Website:

LISTINGS - Spirited

Reverend Tanya K. Young Officiant A non-denominational officiant offering non-traditional ceremonies touched with scripture or prayer, as well as non-religious ceremonies that are focused on love and commitment. I will assist in creating a ceremony rich with personal touches reflecting the couples culture, personality and spirituality and will listen carefully to what has meaning to you. E-Mail: Phone: (252) 423-0099 Website:

LISTINGS - Sustainability

Liza Braude-Glidden Co-Founder and Executive Vice President of Culture and Sustainability, Beanfields Liza is a mystic in the marketplace who delights in networking with women in a way that brings out their unique passions. Her book, "Four Hats: Unique Entrepreneur, Unique Social Networker, Unique Artist, and Unique Hero" (Integral Wisdom Press) will be released February 2015. E-Mail: Website:

LISTINGS - Transformational Business

Leslie Carrere Co-Founder/Curator, The Treman Center The Treman Center is a custom-designed and constructed unique meetingperformance-creative space outside Ithaca, New York. The Treman Center invites visitors to celebrate change, incubate innovation and embrace conscious leadership for a more sustainable planet. It is a creative collaborative space designed for inspiration, transformation, education and celebration. E-Mail: Phone: (607) 351-8827 Website:

Victoria Jennings President and Founder, Dynamic Academy I am transforming business strategy and the education system. This new paradigm is based on the I-Ching where everyone can love what they do, do what they love and be rewarded! Leveraging the genius within each of us to impact the world through our unique talents and strengths more productively. E-Mail: Website:

LISTINGS - Visual Arts

Gwen Cates Artist, Calavira Studio My goal in painting is to have an adventure that I can share with others. Often people who view my abstract work interpret the images in a totally unexpected but authentic way. Experiencing my paintings through the eyes of others is, for me, an integral part of the creative process. E-Mail: Website:

Catherine Mosley Artist I am an artist living in New York City. I show my work at A.I.R. Gallery which was started in 1972 and is the first all woman run non-profit gallery in the U.S. We also have a fellowship program for young artists and a national artists' exhibition program. Our website is E-Mail: Website:

The Spirited Woman Foundation Finally, finally - after being in business for over 12 years and connecting with women worldwide, our dream of establishing The Spirited Woman Foundation has come true. The purpose and mission of the Spirited Woman Foundation is "To help heal and support women through actions of empowerment." As many of you know, Spirited Woman is one of the leading women's empowerment communities in the world, and we are so pleased to carry our mission one step further - by helping others who deeply need our help. And we couldn't have done it without YOU: the Spirited Women who have continually supported us through our various activities. A large portion of our Foundation money continues to be raised through our Sisterhood of the Sacred Scarves program. It is by purchasing these "Spirited Woman Prayer Scarves" that a portion of each scarf's proceeds is donated by Spirited Woman into the Spirited Woman Foundation. To date, there have been 12 scarves, each representing a different theme more than 1400 have been sold worldwide, connecting women together energetically. Through this outpouring of support, the foundation has donated to a variety of non-profit organizations. I encourage you to visit The Spirited Woman Foundation and the Spirited Woman Prayer Scarves to find out more. And I personally invite you to become involved! Nancy Mills, Founder/Creator

Testimonials From the Heart

"I am thrilled to be in the Spirited Woman Directory with women who have made the journey to their spiritual essence and claimed greater self-acceptance.” Catherine Friederich, Jewelry Designer

“Having the opportunity to be a part of this directory is such a blessing - and I jumped on it! I write for the kind of people who are listed in this directory, and for those who are curious enough to read it. This is my "tribe" - women who celebrate life and are passionate about creating the kind of change that will ultimately heal this planet.” Peg Hubbard, Author

“I am so excited to be featured in The Spirited Woman's Directory 2015! Nancy Mills finds the hidden potential in each woman and provides this open door to let it shine! What an excellent way to meet, connect and co-create with inspiring women from all walks of life.” Linda Linker Rosenthal, Founder, Insight Out Visionary Healing Arts

“It is wonderful and inspiring to be in the company of such Spirited Women who are making a difference in their own lives and those of others who benefit from their important works. The directory is evidence that women are rising up to the challenges of the 21st Century and making huge contributions in all fields of endeavor.” Amari Magdalena, Founding Director, Institute for Shamanic Synthesis


I’d like to thank all the women who participated in this Directory. You are a spirited visionary with a heart. And you eagerly shared the power of your wisdom with women worldwide.

You are helping to inspire other women and to make a difference.

A BIG THANK YOU goes to Peg Hubbard and Lori Lynn Smith for helping with the marketing and behind-the-scenes support of this project.

And to you - the Every Woman Visionary - you are changing the world one Spirited Woman step at a time. And I say, “May the force be with you.”

My heartfelt thanks, Nancy Mills, Publisher

Spirited Woman 2015 Directory: A Collection of Stories & Resources for an Inspired Life!  
Spirited Woman 2015 Directory: A Collection of Stories & Resources for an Inspired Life!  

The Spirited Woman 2015 Directory: A Collection of Stories & Resources for an Inspired Life! features Every Woman Visionaries changing the w...