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“There was a place in childhood that I remember well, And there a voice of sweetest tone bright fairy tales did tell.” ~Samuel Lover (1797 - 1868) Anglo-Irish novelist, songwriter

Police Reports POOLER • Just before 9am, Officers responded to a domestic incident where a man was trying to leave the home to go to work, and his wife was blocking the door trying to talk to him about financial issues. He then tried to leave through the back door, but she again blocked him. Next, he tried calling 911 to get Police to help him out of the home, but she took the phone from him and hung it up. The Officers asked the wife for her side of the story, and she agreed that she knew her husband was trying to call 911 and she took the phone from him, preventing the call from going through. At that point, she was identified as the primary aggressor and was arrested for interfering with an emergency call and with simple battery. (Lots of domestic issues being reported, caused primarily by this lousy economy...) • At 3am, an Officer noticed a Ford Explorer stopped at the traffic light on Parsons Street at Hwy 80 without the headlights on. When the light turned green, the driver pulled through the intersection, and the Officer made a traffic stop. He asked the driver for his license, and the man handed over a North Carolina license that was unreadable. That’s because it had expired in January of 2009. He was then arrested for driving while unlicensed and taken to jail. • Around 5am, Police got several calls from drivers on I-95 about an intoxicated driver in a silver Pontiac that was “all over the road.” They were also advised that the driver had exited onto the Pooler Parkway, and one Officer was near the intersection with Benton Blvd. when she spotted the Pontiac. She pulled in behind it as the driver turned right on Benton. The driver could not stay in his lane, so the Officer activated her emergency equipment to make a traffic stop. The driver then stopped in the middle of Benton, taking up both lanes of the street. A few seconds later, he pulled off Benton onto the side road just past Home Depot. ____________________________________ Continued on page A3

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Telling Tales at Live Oak Libraries By Dollie Gull

Wright Clarkson is a storyteller from North Carolina who learned his craft at home among other storytellers in a time when family gatherings included tales, tall and true. “I guess my grandma was the source of my storytelling abilities, for she had wonderful tales to tell whenever the family gathered for an after-dinner confab or whenever there was a family reunion,” recounts Wright as he prepares a story telling gig at one of the Live Oak Public Libraries in the Savannah, Ga., area prior to Earth Day, 2014. There were always tales that centered around Mother Earth and her denizens, he recalls, unlimbering a Native American wooden flute wrapped in a protective deerskin covering. Beside him, he placed a well worn guitar case and a Native American drum as he prepared to regale very young library visitors at the Hinesville library, located some 30 miles south of Savannah. Later, he would visit libraries in the Live Oak Library system over the next few days in honor of April 22nd’s Earth Day. Besides appearing at the Live Oak Libraries, he made an Earth Day appearance and storytelling gig at Oglethorpe Mall. Known as the StoryGuy, tale teller Wright, a Charlotte resident, has been fascinating children with his tales of the Carolina woods and Southern culture since his daughter was a small child. Thinking back to those early story days, he recounts, “I’d always read to her each night at bedtime and we were visiting her pediatrician for the first office visit when she was quite small. “It was a scary experience for any little girl to be in a doctor’s office at such a young age. To distract her while we waited, I began telling her a story my grandma once told me,” he remembers. “Before long, I was surrounded by a number of young patients and their parents, probably all as anxious as my daughter about the venue and the events about to take place. “It was then that I discovered I had a gift for enthralling an audience with tales from both my grandma and other members of my family who lived in North Carolina’s backwoods’ territories. “Ours had been a simple life, closely allied to the earth and her creatures and, apparently, these topics were of great interest to people, both young and old, and I discovered I had a gift that proved helpful during my years of teaching

in public schools and now beneficial as I have become the StoryGuy full time in my retirement age.” Wright is the epitome of an old time storyteller with his unique homespun yarns, dressed in colorful handmade garments over pairs of well-worn jeans, with buckskin mid-calf boots, topped with an obviously handmade, a rough-hide farmer’s hat with rawhide string. His unique, handmade musical instruments are used to embellish his wonderful tales about alligators, snakes, raccoons and others of Mother Earth’s fabulous creatures, large and small.

(Author Dollie Gull is an octogenarian whose journalism career encompasses more than 60 years’ work in multimedia. Starting out as an Air Force filmmaker and photographer, she covered Dr. Martin L. King Jr.’s decade-long fight against segregation in the mid-1950’s-60’s; then, later, the

flights of Gemini, Apollo and SkyLab from Cape Canaveral between Latin American filming expeditions in the Amazon jungle and Central America. As a veteran television news

correspondent-filmmaker, later a newspaper reporter/editor, she today continues writing, filming and shooting photos from her home in Coastal Georgia.)


When you allow unlawful acts to go unpunished, you’re moving toward a government of men rather than a government of law; you’re moving toward anarchy. And that’s exactly what we’re doing. -- John Wayne All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others. -- George Orwell Tell me why any American should respect the law? Because it’s moral? Not necessarily. Slavery was once the law of the land. Abortion is the law of the land today. Even in a nation like America, it’s not unusual for laws to be unfair, unjust, and even immoral. Is it because laws represent the will of the people? Not anymore. Today, the “law” is often summarily created from murky statutes by unelected bureaucrats who face no consequences for destroying people’s lives. Well, is the law at least equally applied? Absolutely not. Your political affiliation and how well connected you are to the regime in charge can have a direct bearing on whether you’re prosecuted for breaking the law and how serious the penalty will be. So, what’s left?

Respect for the law? Why should anyone respect arbitrary, immoral laws that aren’t equally applied and don’t reflect the will of the people? Under Barack Obama, the “law” in this country has become nothing more than whatever you can get away with and we’re likely to feel the consequences of that for decades to come. 1) Obamacare is whatever Barack Obama says it is: Barack Obama has no more legal right to change Obamacare all by his lonesome than Ted Cruz, Sarah Palin, or for that matter, Justin Bieber does. He simply doesn’t have the legal authority to delay the employer mandate, delay taxes that are written into law, or give subsidies through federal exchanges to places where no state exchange was set up. Yet, Obama has delayed or changed the meaning of the law 19 times as if he were Kim Jong- un, as opposed to the President of a republic. 2) There are different laws for Tea Parties and the Occupy Movement: In city after city, the Occupy Movement was allowed to protest without expensive permits, participants were allowed to illegally camp and in some places they were allowed to break the law with impunity, which is why it’s so

staggering that there were still almost 8,000 arrests by the time all the dirty hippies abandoned their tents and rape-free zones to go home and take showers. Meanwhile, Tea Party groups across the country weren’t given any similar breaks. Tea party activists... accused officials in at least four cities of giving preferential treatment to anti-Wall Street protesters, and one group in Richmond is asking the city to repay $8,000 spent for permits and other needs. ...The Richmond Tea Party said Mayor Dwight C. Jones’ administration sought permit fees, portable toilets and other demands for their events, but has given Occupy Richmond a free pass. The occupation has grown to a tent city, with a makeshift library, a volleyball net and a row of portable toilets. Jones has said that because he is a product of the civil rights movement he has allowed the Occupy protesters to remain since Oct. 17. “He’s sympathizing with them,” said Colleen Owens, a spokeswoman for the Richmond Tea Party. “We would never, as a tea party, have gotten away with not complying with the law.” Tea party organizers had to buy liability insurance, hire police and emergency personnel and even keep a

____________________________________ Continued on page A3

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...Next Thursday, May 1st, is National Day of Prayer. There will be a gathering at the Chatham County Courthouse on Montgomery Street starting at 11:45am. Also, next Monday, April 28th, is Holocaust Remembrance Day. ..Spirit Newspapers is seeking runners from this year’s Boston Marathon to share their experiences. Call Steve at (912) 704-1117 or email starchaserfp@ ...Democrat Billionaire Tom Steyers offered $100 million to the Democrats if they would reject the Keystone Pipeline, and Obama went right along with it. Rather than reading any of the studies that show no damage will come to the environment by building it, rather than considering that the pipeline would be much safer, environmentally speaking, than transporting that oil by truck or railroad, Obama just goes along with the donor and continues to put off making a decision to build it! Jobs for Americans, a guaranteed plentiful oil/gasoline supply that would reduce the cost of delivering newspapers every Thursday! Again, we need a Tea Party sweep in 2014 and again in 2016 to get this country back on sound footing and to rebuild our faltering economy. And that’s not just me saying that. A new poll shows that 61% of Americans want the

T alkin’ O ut Of T urn • Learn from the mistakes of others. Trust me... You can’t live long enough to make them all yourself. I’ve tried!!

pipeline built. ...What do you think of the teenager who stowed away in the landing gear wheel well of the jet that took him to Hawaii? Incredible how he survived the lack of oxygen and the -50º temperatures for the five hour flight! Color me skeptical!

...Things I learned while look-

ing up other things... • Believe it or not, some people can sneeze with their eyes open. • The vote for the Best Actor award in 1927 was won by RinTin-Tin, the dog, but the Academy chose to give it to Emil Jannings, a human, instead. ...In case you missed it, Chelsea Clinton announced this past week that she’ll soon be giving birth to a future Presidential Candidate. And the mainstream media have already anointed the child as American royalty. ...Things that you overhear in a grocery store... I walked by three people in the grocery store the other day... an older man and woman, and a younger, 20-something man... and they were obviously remembering back on the good ole days... I got the idea the older couple were family friends of the young man’s family... and the lady said “That’s right... I caught you peeing in the refrigerator!” I had to stop and make a mental note to include that in this week’s column!

...After 9 gun-related murders

• Why did Kamikaze pilots wear helmets? • A podiatrist friend of mine is stressing out over having to file bankruptcy... He’s gone from healing the feet to feeling the heat!

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in Chicago, one of the most guncontrolled cities in the world, the Police Chief blames the problem on the need for even more gun control. ...Bubba and Bo, two good ole boys, were sitting’ on the front porch when a large truck hauling rolls and rolls of sod went by. “I’m gonna do that when I win the lottery,” said Bubba. “Do what?” asked Bo. “Send my grass out to be mowed,” answered Bubba. ...Got to give credit where credit is due... President Obama, despite questions about his “manhood” raised by liberal New York Times writer David Brooks, finally took action against the Russians for their aggression in Ukraine... he sent Vice President Joe Biden over there! Expect to see the Rooskies pulling out of Crimea any day now! ...I’m still mad about Benghazi... Here are some questions Rep. Trey Gowdy asked the media, pointing out that they should be asking these things about Benghazi... • Do we know why Ambassador Stevens was in Benghazi rather than in Tripoli, the national capital of Libya? • Why did we remain in Benghazi after the British had already pulled out and after even the Red Cross had pulled out? • Why were requests for additional security denied? • Why were no strategic assets deployed once the assault on our consulate was underway? • Why was Susan Rice picked to go on the Sunday talk shows to explain that this disaster was caused by an anti-Muslim video that no one’s seen? ...If your business needs more customers, please consider advertising with The Spirit! We’ve got a ton of readers that are eager to see your business’s message inside these pages. Call us at 748-3567 and let us show you how affordable advertising in The Spirit really is! ...“When you were born, you cried and the world rejoiced. Live your life in such a manner that when you die, the world cries and you rejoice!” ...Take care this week, stay safe, and in the words of the great Red Skelton, “May God Bless.”

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Spirit Newspapers • April 24 - April 30, 2014 • Page A3

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR Regarding Effingham Politics...

Dear Editor, Paul Harvey’s radio broadcast, “The Rest of the Story” told little known facts about some event/ person of his choosing. His voice and manner of delivery plus his information made him a well known and well loved story teller. He ended the broadcast with these words, “And now you know --- The rest of the story!” The unfounded challenge to Vera Jones’ bid for a public office she has held for four years provides the launch for the rest of the story. Effingham Now revealed the

John Hawkins

Continued from page A1 ____________________________________

defibrillator on site, Owens said. When groups all across the country are charged thousands of dollars for permits and liability insurance solely because of their political beliefs while other groups are given a free pass, there is no equality under the law. 3) Illegal immigration becomes legal: Admittedly, George W. Bush did a mediocre job of securing the border and enforcing immigration law. However, as a practical matter, illegal immigration isn’t “illegal” anymore. Obama has illegally passed his own version of the DREAM Act, illegally handed out work permits to people who are breaking the law, and for all intents and purposes, has stopped detaining illegal immigrants who haven’t been charged with other crimes. According to Senator Jeff Sessions, “at least 99.92% of illegal immigrants and visa overstays without known crimes on their records did not face removal.” This is despite the fact that being here illegally is a crime and the people who broke that law did so knowing that the penalty was deportation. Tens of millions of immigrants have been welcomed to this country because as EVERYONE is well aware, we already have a “path to citizenship” for non- Americans and it’s called following the law. 4) The IRS illegally targeted Tea Partiers: If the IRS ever comes after you, try refusing to hand over documentation for years and pleading the 5th Amendment and see what happens to you. If you’re lucky, maybe you’ll end up in the same minimum security prison that Wesley Snipes went to after some advisors convinced him he

Police Reports

Continued from page A1 ____________________________________

She approached the driver and asked him for his license and insurance. The Pooler man spent several minutes trying to find his insurance card, even after he’d handed it to the Officer. He then handed over his license and began looking through his car again. The Officer then told him he’d already given her his insurance card and showed it to him. “I did? ...That’s mine???” Of course his speech was slurred, he had the odor of alcohol about him, and his eyes were bloodshot and glassy. He agreed to take the initial breath test, and blew a .189. She placed him under arrest for DUI and advised him of the charges. That’s about the time he realized how bad this was gonna be for him. He’d suddenly remembered that his commercial driver’s license might be suspended for a DUI, and he became very uncooperative. The Officer was able to call the man’s mother to come and get his car to save him the expense of the towing fee. He was then transported to the Police Department for the paperwork to be processed before his trip to jail. There, he refused to take the state test of his breath and began accusing the Officers of harassment and racial discrimination. He was refusing to provide any information for the booking report, and when the Officer asked for his social security number, he jumped up and stepped towards ____________________________________ Continued on page A4

names of the Effingham Seven who filed affidavits against her candidacy in a one/two dimensional account. The question is why after a term in office and a period of seven years would this group be willing to rehash events they would just as soon forget? Why, indeed? The years ’06 and ’07 were prolific years for Effingham County. Business was booming and subdivisions were springing up everywhere. The questionable and sometimes illegal use of zoning, water, and sewer were the tools that led to the countless bankruptcies that resulted in lawsuits against the county. Maybe you could care less

about the developers, but they were the foundation of the Effingham County economics apart from government employment. Today, we feel the result. Light brings healing; more light on that troubling time would lead to healing the wrongs that are crippling and serve to remind present and future candidates, taxpayers will not protect corruption. Not at any cost. The rest of the story needs to be told. My guess is that it won’t be Effingham Now/Herald/ Effingham Seven who will tell it.

didn’t have to pay taxes. Yet, after the IRS targeted Tea Partiers because they were conservative, tried to refer them for prosecution to the DOJ, and illegally released some of their information to outside parties, the IRS officials have been refusing to cooperate with the investigation. If the IRS wasn’t guiltier than Wesley Snipes, it would be cooperating just like the rest of us are forced to do when we face an audit.

ultimately the moral and legal authority on which attorneys general must depend. ....I fear that refusing to defend unpopular or politically distasteful laws will ultimately weaken the legal and moral authority that attorneys general have earned and depend on. We will become viewed as simply one more player in a political system rather than as legal authorities in a legal system. The courts, the governments we represent and, most important, the people we serve will treat our pronouncements and arguments with skepticism and cynicism. When the “law” becomes little more than politics by other means, it deserves to be treated with the same rich contempt that we hold for politicians in this country. That has already started to happen, it’s not good for the country, and much to the chagrin of the liberals who love this lawlessness as long as they’re in charge, it’s not going to end with Obama.

5) Eric Holder encouraged state attorney generals to refuse to defend traditional marriage in court: In other words, if your state passes a ban on gay marriage, Holder wants state attorney generals to undercut the will of the people in order to further his political agenda. So according to Eric Holder, whether the people of a state get to have a representative in court depends on whether or not liberal attorney generals agree with their opinion or not. As John Suthers, the attorney general of Colorado, said: I have been attorney general of Colorado for nine years, during which time the state has enacted laws that span the philosophical and political spectrum. I personally oppose a number of Colorado’s laws as a matter of public policy, and a few are contrary to my religious beliefs. But as my state’s attorney general, I have defended them all — and will continue to. ...Depending on one’s view of the laws in question, such a “litigation veto” may, in the short term, be a terrific thing; an unpopular law is defanged and the attorney general can take credit — indeed, he can be the hero to his political base and keep his political ambitions intact. But in the longer term, this practice corrodes our system of checks and balances, public belief in the power of democracy and

Carolyn Collins

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Police Reports

Continued from page A3 ____________________________________

her shouting numbers out loud. He was quickly put back in his seat and then taken to the patrol car for the trip to jail. At that point, he began screaming “F” bombs, which led to an additional charge of disorderly conduct. (It’s that moment when you realize your bad choices are going to have bad consequences that you tend to lose it!) • Just before 3pm, an Officer was eastbound on Pine Barren Road near Timberland Gap when he observed a Ford pickup westbound that was passing other vehicles in a no passing zone. He also clocked the pickup at 34mph in the 25mph school zone. He turned around and followed the truck to make a traffic stop, but the driver turned into the middle school parking lot. He then followed the driver as she turned to go into the elementary school parking lot, and passed several other cars on the wrong side of the roadway. She then stopped in the roadway, next to the parking lot, got out of her truck and began to walk away. The Officer called for her to return to her vehicle, and the woman said she wasn’t trying to run from the Police. Her attitude was derogatory and her emotions swung from happy to mad. After the Officer explained the reason for the traffic stop, she claimed she’d only passed one car and had been waved on by the driver. The Officer never saw that. She then indicated she was in a hurry to pick up her son. He asked the woman for her license, and she handed over her ID card. Her license had been suspended for a DUI, but she claimed she had paperwork that allowed her to continue to drive. She couldn’t locate it in the glove box, and then claimed it was at her home and she could get a family member to bring it. The Officer checked the system online and saw no notes that she had a permit to drive, so he placed her under arrest for driving while suspended. Her mother soon arrived to take possession of her truck, and she didn’t bring any paperwork with her. The woman was transported to jail, and her emotions continued to swing from one extreme to another. Further, every time the Officer would explain why she’d been arrested, it was never a good enough reason for her.

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Pooler Karate Holds Ribbon Cutting

Pooler Karate held a ribbon cutting for its new location in Pooler on April 4th at 110 Towne Center Blvd. Pictured, left to right (photo attached, courtesy of Pooler Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Bureau, Inc.): Veronica Voisine; Adam Wallace; Billie Dees, Board President, Pooler Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Bureau, Inc.; Mike Lamb, Mayor of Pooler; Carson Fortner, owner, Pooler Karate; Marsa Fortner; Millie Fortner; and Kim Griffin.

EFFINGHAM COUNTY SHERIFF’S OFFICE • Around 10pm, a Deputy responded to the Parker’s convenience store in Springfield for a report of an assault that had occurred earlier. A Springfield Officer was there with the witness, and told him the man wasn’t making any sense. The man couldn’t tell him who’d been involved in the fight or if anyone was hurt. He also told him his car had been stolen, but he was still in possession of his car keys. His mother was on the scene trying to get him to get in her car so she could take him home, but the man was insisting that someone at home wanted to kill him. The Deputy finally asked the man if he would go to the hospital for an evaluation, and the man agreed to do that. • At 2am, Deputies responded to an Effingham neighborhood where a woman told them a man in a red pickup had pulled into her yard and hit her car. She said the man then backed out of the yard and headed elsewhere in the neighborhood. As they were speaking with her, the truck stopped at an intersection just down the road. She pointed it out and the Deputies went after it, stopping the driver at another intersection. As the driver got out of the truck, they could see that he was intoxicated, stumbling to keep his balance and reeking of alcohol. The Deputy told him they were investigating a hit and run, and the man claimed someone had taken his truck and he’d just gotten it back and was headed home. He was soon on his way to jail for DUI. • A Florida man contacted Deputies from a Rincon car wash and told them his Hummer had been damaged while he was cleaning it. The Deputy checked it out and saw that the rear passenger door handle wasn’t seated properly. He also could see that the door handle had been glued in place previously. They glued it in place again hoping it will stay in place until the man gets back to Daytona. (I doubt that State Farm is going to cover that!) • Deputies responded to a home for a domestic dispute and met with a young man who complained that he and his mother had been arguing. He said she always threatens to call 911, so he took the initiative to call before she could. He went on to say that his mother belittles him and he wants it to stop. He went on to explain that he’s been living with his parents for the past eight months, trying to find a job so that he can move out. Then they spoke with Momma. She ____________________________________ Continued on page A7

Spirit Newspapers • April 24 - April 30, 2014 • Page A5

NOTICE OF PROPERTY TAX INCREASE The City of Garden City has tentatively adopted a millage rate, which will require an increase in property taxes by 4 mills. All concerned citizens are invited to the public hearing on this tax increase to be held at the City of Garden City, Council Chambers, City Hall, 100 Central Avenue, Garden City, Georgia, on the following dates and times: May 5, 2014 at 3:00 pm This tentative increase will result in a millage rate of 4 mills, an increase of 4 mills. Without this tentative tax increase, the millage rate will be no more than 0.00 mills. The proposed tax for a homestead with a fair market value of $100,000.00 and a homestead exemption of $40,000.00 would be approximately $0.00, and the proposed tax for non-homestead property with a fair market value of $300,000 would be approximately $480.00.

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Page A6 • Spirit Newspapers • April 24 - April 30, 2014

Let Us Remember... “Blessed are they that mourn: for they shall be comforted.” Matthew 5:4

Christopher Mark Fitzer

Christopher Mark Fitzer, 52, of Savannah, passed away peacefully on Tuesday, April 15, 2014 at Candler Hospital following a prolonged illness. He was preceded in death by his father, Joel Jay Fitzer and a brother, Jeffery Fitzer. Chris was born and raised in New York and attended local school. He relocated to Savannah in 1992. He was a mechanic by trade and owned his own mechanic shop until his failing health forced him into retirement. Chris was of the Catholic Faith. He is survived by his mother, Gail Harper, of New York; six brothers, Joel Jr., Jon, Matthew, Patrick Fitzer, Theodore Harper and Brian Shanley; a sister, Mary Fitzer; his step-mother, Lisa Fitzer, his niece, Trinity Dawn Harper and cousins. A Memorial Visitation was held from 2pm to 4pm, Saturday, April 19, 2014 at Fairhaven Funeral Home, Hubert C. Baker Chapel. Fairhaven Funeral Home, Hubert C. Baker Chapel, was in charge of all arrangements.

Arthur Wesley Howe

Arthur Wesley Howe, 93, of Savannah, passed on to Heaven, through “Jesus Christ” on Friday, April 18, 2014, so he could be with his daughter, Bonnie Elisa Howe, who passed away in 1969, and went to Heaven. He was married to Martha Jo Brewer Howe, and they had 2 daughters, Cindy and Bonnie and a son-in-law, Charlie Barnwell, Jr. Art was a member of St. Michael and All Angels Episcopal Church, where he served for over 60 years.

He served on the Vestry, in the Sanctuary Choir, a member of the Men’s Club and their projects; as a Lay Reader, and in the Bereavement Ministry. Art had worked at Steel Products, Union Camp, Great Dane, and he worked at Atlind Industries for many years as Head Foreman, and Vice-President. He earned, and received his Bachelor’s Degree from Armstrong College; and retired from Savannah Vocational Technical College, as a Professor. Art had attended Georgia Tech before moving to Savannah. He was a World War II Veteran having served in the US Air Force, stationed in England, and he was a Veteran of the Korean Conflict, having served in the U.S. Navy, Seabees. Art and Jo were founding members of The Mighty Eighth Air Force Museum, and he served as Commander of the Mighty Eighth in 1992, and he volunteered as a Guide there for many years. Art was Past Wing Commander of the Mighty Eighth Air Force Historical Society. He was a member of Acacia Lodge # 452, F. & A.M’s, a member of The Sons of the American Revolution, Veterans of Foreign Wars Post # 660, the Savannah Bicycle Club, the Old Car Club, a Scuba Diving Club, a Carving Club, Woodcrafter’s Club, and the Savannah GoKart Club. He owned a Go-Kart in the 1960’s, and organized Go-Kart Races. Art was a Past President of the Savannah Ambucs, and started their Handicapped Bowling Team for children and teenagers, their physical therapy program, helped start Ambuc Park, and also raised funds for physical therapy scholarships. Art is survived by his wife, Martha Jo Brewer Howe, Savannah, Ga; daughter and son in law, Cindy and Charlie Barnwell, Jr., and several in-laws. Funeral Services were held at 2pm Wednesday, April 23, 2014, at St. Michael’s and All Angels Episcopal

Dwayne Duff, Ryan Strickland, Tommy Strickland and Trey Strickland

Church, with Father Kevin Kelly officiating. Interment was in Hillcrest Abbey Memorial Park. Remembrances: St. Michael’s and All Angels Episcopal Church. Fairhaven Funeral Home, Hubert C. Baker Chapel, was in charge of all arrangements.

Mary Kamalakis Page

Faulkville-Mrs. Mary Kamalakis Page, 89, passed away on April 19, 2014. Mrs. Mary was born in Savannah to the late Emanuel & Bonnie Kamalakis. She was a member of The Church at Godley Station and enjoyed crocheting, sewing, reading, and her Bible study. She was preceded in death by her husband, Roy James Page, a son and daughter-in-law, Kevin & Barbra Page . Survivors include four children, Annette Parsons (Chet) of Kingston, TN, Janice Rybka (Alfred) of Harriman, TN, Debbie Rhodes of Faulkville and Keith Page of Baton Rouge, LA; daughter-like sister-inlaw, Elizabeth Kamalakis; 11 grandchildren; 13 great-grandchildren; 1 great-great-grandchild; two brothers, Demetrius Kamalakis (Lavona) of Oologah, OK, and David Kamalakis of Tampa, FL, and a number of nieces, nephews, great-nieces and great-nephews. Funeral Services were held at 2pm on Monday, April 21st in the chapel of the funeral home with burial at Oak Hill Cemetery in Meldrim. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to The Church at Godley Station, 1601 Benton Blvd., Pooler, GA 31322. Friends may sign the online register book at Thomas C. Strickland & Sons Funeral Homes, West Chatham Chapel, was in charge of all arrangements.

Marion Reynolds “Buddy” Hall, Jr.

Marion Reynolds “Buddy” Hall, Jr., 79, of Savannah, died Saturday, April 19, 2014 at Hospice Savannah. He was born in Savannah, Ga., and was preceded in death by his parents, Marion R. Hall, Sr and Miriam Reynolds Hall, sisters, Mary Ruth Dempsey, Betty Prince, and halfsister, Marion Dean, and granddaughter, Shannon N. Joiner. He worked for Atlantic Coastline Railroad, Seaboard Coastline Railroad, and CSX Railroad, until retiring as an Engineer. He was a member of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and Trainmen since 1966. He loved country music, and played Bass in the Ramblin Country Band. He is survived by his wife, Carolyn Jacque Hall, son, Craig S. Hall (Kathy), daughter, Cathy J. Joiner (Anthony), sisters, Eleanor Crosby, and Barbara Dixon (Gordon), 2 nieces, Beth White (Kit), and Diane Leopard (Billy), and great niece, Kira Tucker. Visitation: 6pm-7pm Thursday, April 24, 2014 at Fairhaven Funeral

Home – Hubert C. Baker Chapel. Memorial Service: 7pm Thursday, April 24, 2014 in the Hubert C. Baker Chapel. Remembrances: Hospice Savannah, 1352 Eisenhower Drive, Savannah, Ga 31406; or the J.C. Lewis Cancer Center. Fairhaven Funeral Home, Hubert C. Baker Chapel, was in charge of all arrangements.

Charles Wendell Hodges

Rincon – Charles Wendell Hodges, 28, passed away Sunday, April 20, 2014 at his residence. Charles, also known as Cornbread, was a 2005 graduate of South Effingham High School. He enjoyed music of all kinds, especially Josh Sanders (aka his brother from another mother). He also enjoyed sports, especially the Georgia Bulldogs and the Georgia Southern Eagles. He loved hanging out with his friends and having a good time. He was an Effingham County native and was employed with Lin Phos Chemical. Survivors include his parents, Wendell and Sharon Hodges; siblings, Cheryle and Eric Hartzog, and Michael Hodges; nieces and nephews, Zachary and Devin, Jessica, Gracie, and Lucas Hartzog; great-niece, Meadow Hartzog. Funeral Services were held at 3pm Tuesday in the chapel. Interment was in Springfield Cemetery Annex. Thomas C. Strickland & Sons Funeral Homes, Effingham Chapel, was in charge of all arrangements.

Virginia Bacon Hinely

Virginia Bacon Hinely, 89, of Savannah, died Monday, April 21, 2014 at Candler Hospital after a short illness. She was born in Charleston, South Carolina on July 11, 1924, but lived most of her life in Savannah. She was retired from Savannah Electric and Power Company / Southern Company and was a member of Calvary Baptist Temple. Her keen wit and love for her family will be greatly missed. Virginia was preceded in death by her husband, J.C. Hinely, an infant son, Richard Lee Hinely, her parents, Bertie Hendrix and Virgil Bacon, Sr., brothers, Harry Bacon and Virgil Bacon, Sr., and sister, Genevee Jones. Virginia is survived by her daughter, Susan Hodge, her son in law, Dennis Hodge, and her grandson, Jason Hodge, and a host of nieces and nephews. Funeral Services were held at 11am Thursday in the Hubert C. Baker Chapel, with Rev. Jimmy Shupe, officiating. Interment was in Hillcrest Abbey Memorial Park, 1600 Wheaton St, Savannah, Ga 31404. Remembrances: Calvary Baptist Temple, 4625 Waters Ave, Savannah, Ga 31404. Fairhaven Funeral Home, Hubert C. Baker Chapel, was in charge of all arrangements.

George Boring

Pooler-George Boring, 68, died Monday, April 21, 2014. Visitation: 1pm-2pm on Thursday, April 24, 2014 at Morningstar Community Church, with funeral service following at 2pm. Burial will be at Red Hill Cemetery. Thomas C. Strickland & Sons Funeral Homes, West Chatham Chapel, is in charge of all arrangements.

Selma Tanner Bennett

Port Wentworth – Selma Tanner Bennett, 86, of Port Wentworth and wife of the late Harold Bennett, passed away Monday evening at her residence in Port Wentworth. Mrs. Bennett was born on November 18, 1927 in Alma, Georgia to the late Mitchell and Mamie Tanner. She lived in Alma for several years and moved to Port Wentworth with her husband Harold in 1961. Mrs. Bennett was a homemaker and loved gardening and spending time with her family. Surviving are her son, Ben M. Bennett and his wife, Myrtle, of Savannah; her daughter, Cindy Taylor and her husband, Tommy of Port Wentworth; a brother, Rufus Tanner of Baxley; two grandchildren, Ashley Sikes and his wife, Stacy of Corpus Christie, Texas and Caitlin Taylor of Port Wentworth; two great-grandchildren and several nieces and nephews. Visitation: 12:30pm-1pm Thursday at the funeral home. Funeral: 1pm on Thursday in the chapel. Interment: Hillcrest Abbey West. Thomas C. Strickland & Sons Funeral Homes, West Chatham Chapel, is in charge of all arrangements.

Jonathan Lee White

Bloomingdale – Jonathan Lee White, 47, of Bloomingdale and son of Barbara Jo White and the late Robert Lee White, passed away Monday, April 21, 2014. Jonathan was a generous young man with a kind and loving heart who always brought out the good in people. He loved spending time with his family and enjoyed fishing, collecting comic books, wrestling, Elvis memorabilia, and his pet cat, Tom. He also loved special birthday dinners the family always had and he would always lovingly give you a little pinch on your arm and ask: “When is the last time that you have been to the beach?” He was preceded in death by his maternal grandparents, Archie Lee and John W. Howard, Sr. that he knew as Mammy and Pappy ____________________________________ Continued on page A7

Fairhaven Funeral Homes Garden City Chapel 2794 Highway 80 W Garden City


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Spirit Newspapers • April 24 - April 30, 2014 • Page A7

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Continued from page A6 ____________________________________

and by his paternal grandparents, Gracie and Jessie J. White, Sr. Surviving are his mother, Barbara Jo White of Bloomingdale; his brother, Ricky White of Bloomingdale; his uncle and aunt, John W. Howard, Jr and Delores Howard of Port Wentworth; his aunt and uncle, Lillie Williams and Wayne Williams of Houston, Texas; two special cousins, Jessica Nicole Wargin of Ellabell and Judith Ann James of Bloomingdale; and several other cousins on both sides of his family. Visitation: 6pm-8pm Thursday at the funeral home. Funeral: 1pm on Friday at the graveside in Beulah Baptist Church Cemetery near Pembroke. Remembrances may be made to the organization of the donor’s choice. Thomas C. Strickland & Sons Funeral Homes, West Chatham Chapel, is in charge of all arrangements.

Bobby Jerome Barnard

Brooklet-Mr. Bobby Jerome Barnard age 79 passed away Tuesday April 22, 2014 at East Georgia Regional Hospital in the presence of his loving family. Mr. Barnard was a longtime resident of Brooklet, a member of Trinity Baptist Church in Nevils, had been a member of the Georgia National Guard, and was retired from Union Camp after 42 years in the Mill Technical Department. He loved hunting and was an avid fisherman, and enjoyed gardening. He was preceded in death by parents Benjamin Edgar and Susie Janie Newman Barnard and a son Steve Barnard; brothers Benny, Edward, Wilton, Calvin, Don, Gene, and Jerry Barnard, sisters Wilma Wilkes, Doris Warnell, Edna Mae Fields, and Ann Lewis.

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said her son doesn’t pay any rent or anything towards the bills, and then insisted that her son doesn’t live there. The Deputy pointed out that if he’s been there for eight months and she’s allowed it, then he does live there and they can’t force him to leave until she has a court order from a Judge to have him evicted. She insisted she doesn’t have to have him evicted

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He is survived by his wife of 47 years Lois Orick Barnard, son Brian J. Barnard both of Brooklet; grandchildren Stacy and Andy Gunter of N.C., and Ezra Gunter, Buxton Gunter, and Selah Gunter. Visitation is 6pm-9pm Friday April 25, 2014 at the funeral home. Funeral services will be 11am Saturday, April 26, 2014 in the chapel of the funeral home with Reverend Joe Eason officiating. Interment will follow in Antioch Primitive Baptist Cemetery. Food and fellowship to follow at Trinity Baptist Church in Nevils. Pallbearers are Barry Barnard, Derrell Lewis, Aaron Barnard, David Barnard, Doug Kangeter, and Ben Fields. Honorary pallbearers are Deacons, Ushers and Security from Trinity Baptist Church. Flanders Morrison Funeral Home of Pembroke is in charge of arrangements.


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and that there is a state law that she can make her son leave any time she wants to. Of course, she couldn’t cite the law or provide any copy of it. The son agreed to get his affairs in order and be out within thirty days. • A Deputy met with two women in the jail lobby, and they described an on-going issue with a man they identified as a “Tier 3 Sex Offender” from South Carolina. They went on to describe some type of hearsay deviant complaints that had earned the man this status. Then they explained that he’d approached them at Keller’s Flea Market, and the business manager refused to have the man removed from the business. Next, they com-

plained that they’ve somehow been harassed on Facebook and by phone. All they wanted from the Deputy was a Miscellaneous Incident information report. They said they plan to check with the South Carolina Sex Offender Registry to see if the man is allowed to be in the South Georgia area. (Gotta wonder what he did to ruffle their feathers!) • A man filed a report with Deputies after a former roommate put two pennies and dirt inside an engine he was working on, and then let the air out of the front passenger tire on the car. Several witnesses told him the man admit____________________________________ Continued on page A8


Walgreen’s, 11509 Abercorn St., Savannah - 9am-10am Walgreen’s, 5701 Ogeechee Rd., Savannah - 11am-12pm Walgreen’s, 409 S. Columbia Ave., Rincon - 3pm-4pm Walgreen’s, 516 Northside Dr., Statesboro - 5:30pm-6pm


Walgreen’s, 125 Johnny Mercer Blvd., Savannah - 12pm-1pm Walgreen’s, 700 E. DeRenne Ave., Savannah - 2pm-3pm Walgreen’s, 2270 US Hwy 17, Richmond Hill - 4pm-5pm

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Page A8 • Spirit Newspapers • April 24 - April 30, 2014

Fruits Vine

The Church Bulletin Board • The 2nd Annual 3G Jubilee, Give God Glory, will be held at New Hope Christian Church, 2550 Courthouse Road in Guyton from Sunday, April 27th thru Saturday, May 3rd. Sunday morning service will be at 9:30am; Sunday – Saturday nightly services will be at 7pm. For a schedule of services, featuring the gospel group Eternal Vision, Pastor Kenny Grant, Kindred Spirit, the Nelons, and many more, please contact Pastor Brad Proudfoot at 912-856-8880.

of the

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The Best News Ever in a World Filled with Bad News By Dr. Michael Youssef

Much of the world will be celebrating Easter this week. Unfortunately, in the West, secular humanism has relegated the Christian Easter to mere “Easter bunnies” and “Easter eggs.” That degeneration can be closely linked to Western society’s replacement of “thinking” with “feeling.” We have replaced the thermostat with the thermometer. We have given up on rigorous intellectual debate of facts and irrefutable truth and replaced it with “that’s fine if that’s how you feel about it.” Perhaps the trend is no clearer than when the media—and consequently, the man on the street—expresses an opinion on the resurrection of Jesus Christ. In the past, people either accepted or rejected Christ’s resurrection as a fact of history. But in today’s post-modern culture— where most of the “thinking” takes place between the nose and the chin—people are apt to say, “Jesus rose from the dead? So what?” That attitude perpetuates apathy about the most important event in human history, which in turn causes people to miss out on the greatest news they could ever personally experience—news that brought about Western civilization itself. For the thinking person, Christ’s resurrection is the best

news ever because the evidence for it is overwhelming: 1. It was recorded by four independent accounts, which accurately reported many small details, such as the number of angels at the tomb, the number of women who went to the tomb, the time of their arrival, and the overall sequence of events. All the accounts are easily harmonized. 2. The removal of the tombstone and the presence of the grave cloth proved that Jesus’ body was no longer in the tomb. In the culture of that day, and with such a dense population, it would have been impossible to hide a body if it were stolen. The authorities could have easily produced it. 3. After Jesus’ resurrection, He appeared to not just a few women in the garden, but to a wide variety of people, including a group of 500. Surely 500 people could not have suffered a hallucination at the same time. 4. The resurrection changed things in dramatic ways, such as the change in the day of worship from Saturday to Sunday. But the greatest evidence of all might be how it changed the disciples and instilled in them a willingness to die a martyr’s death. Surely they would not have been willing to die a decade or two later for a lie or hallucination. As English educator and historian Thomas Arnold once said: “I know of no one fact in

the history of mankind which is proved by better and fuller evidence of every sort . . . than the great sign which God hath given us that Christ died and rose again from the dead.” In fact, some of the best books on the resurrection were written by lawyers (Frank Morison, Gilbert West, J.N.D. Anderson, among others)—some of whom had originally set out to disprove the resurrection. Sir Edward Clark, another English jurist, once wrote: “As a lawyer I have made a prolonged study of the evidences of the first Easter day. To me the evidence is conclusive and over and over again in the high court, I secured the verdict on evidence not nearly as compelling…” That’s why the resurrection of Jesus Christ is the greatest news of all—it is indeed great news, not just a great story. It is the ultimate truth, not just an opportunity to eat chocolate bunnies. And because it is true, every human on the face of the earth must respond to it one way or another. Our individual eternal future, and the future of civilization, depends on it. Dr. Michael Youssef is the author of 27 books including his most recent and timely Blindsided: The Radical Islamic Conquest. His blog: www.

Next Thursday Is National Day of Prayer Christians, Churches, and Ministries in Savannah are joining the President of the United States in participating in the National Day of Prayer. The Theme for this year’s event is ‘One Voice, United in Prayer’. We will be gathering at the Chatham County Courthouse that is located at 133 Montgomery Street in Downtown Savannah. The gathering will start at 11:45am with worship song and

Opening Announcements. For the May 1st observances, Anne Graham Lotz, the 2014 Honorary Chairman, wrote a special prayer to be simultaneously read throughout the nation at noon (EDT). Then we will welcome Pastors from across the region to address and pray for the critical issues of our day, for our city, region, state, country, and world. For more information, visit Sa-

Police Reports

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No one is or ever has been immune from being hurt or harmed by arrows of anger that come from those we thought were our friends. Sometimes the statements that shame and slam us even come from members of our own family. And, unfortunately, some of us may even be guilty of doing to others what they have done to us and caused them pain and sleepless nights. We all know the feelings of pain and panic that come from “word wounds” and the problems they have caused us. David faced the same issues. He spoke of those who persecuted him and wanted to tear him to pieces as a lion destroys it’s prey. They rage and do wickedness, bring iniquity and bear falsehood and caused him trouble. Those powerful words leave very little to the imagination. He was not reporting any secondhand observations or reporting what others told him of their experiences. People were out to get him and he knew it. And, he responded to them in a way that sets the Christian standard for revenge. He turned the matter over to God! He began by affirming his relationship to God by declaring, “I come to you for protection, O Lord my God. Save me from my persecutors.” He knew exactly where to go and what to do to solve his problem and heal his wounded heart: He went to his Lord knowing that only He could save him from the harm that others would do to him if they could. We must do as David did. We must call upon the Lord to be our Defense and Defender in times of need.

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ted to them that he’d done it. The man said the tire repair was going to run about $80, and the engine cleaning, if it’s not ruined, would run around $240. • Just after 10pm, a woman called Deputies about a drunk neighbor that was harassing her and her guests. Deputies had already responded earlier to this complaint, and now they were back again. They saw the neighbor standing in his doorway, and watched as he stumbled outside. The man staggered across his yard toward the common driveway, then had to grab the guide wires of a telephone pole to keep from falling down as he stumbled on towards the woman’s home. The Deputy met with him in the driveway and advised him he was under arrest for public intoxication. The man, call Judith Herren at 912-335-5027, email at or drop by the ministry on Ogeechee Road across from Keller’s Flea Mkt. Harvest Light Ministries has picked up this effort for 2014 and look forward to working with many Christians and leaders for future events.

immediately voiced his displeasure over that, and began to resist the Deputy’s attempts to put the handcuffs on his wrists. Once he was in the rear seat of the Deputy’s patrol car, the man began beating his forehead against the partition and was yelling profanities the whole time. The Deputy got him to calm down briefly and the man said his neighbor had stolen his $600 cellphone and his $1000 radio. The man then claimed he’d been asleep when the Deputy pulled up and that he never left his home. He was taken to jail to sleep it off. • Deputies responded to one of the elementary schools where the principal couldn’t get a mother to understand that she has to sign in to enter the school. The woman insists that her child’s teacher email her every morning to let her know that her child made it to class safely. The principal tried explaining to her that the teacher’s responsibility is to all of the children, not just to her child. The woman went on to explain to the Deputies that ____________________________________ Continued on page A10



INCLUDES CHECKING: Refrigerant Pressure · Temperature Drop · Drain Lines & More

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• Vessels of Honor for God Women’s Conference at Harvest Church of the Nazarene, 5995 Waters Avenue in Savannah will be held on Friday, May 2nd, 7pm - 8:30pm and Saturday, May 3rd, 9am - 12noon (Lunch provided 1 - 3pm). Women of all ages are invited to attend this conference especially planed for them and their own personal relationships with God. Please let us know that you will be sharing this time with us. RSVP: Lorraine Coy, or 912-429-3370. • Faith Harvest Sanctuary will hold a Community Yard Sale on Saturday, May 3rd, 8am to 2 pm. It will be held on church property off of Hwy 280. If interested in reserving a spot to have a yard sale, it’s $20 but you must have your own tables, etc. Your space can be as large as you’d like, there’s no limit on space. We will also be having a Boston Butt sale. 517 Student Ministries will be having a car wash and iGlo will be selling hotdogs and having a bake sale. If you have any further questions, or would like to reserve a spot for yard sale, please feel free to call Debbie Hewitt at 912-659-0509. Any vendors are welcome! • Daniel Baptist Church will be hosting Georgia Baptist Convention state missionary Steve Parr in revival services on April 27th - 30th. Sunday morning worship is 11am and all evening services will be held at 6:30pm. Mr. Parr is a best-selling author of five books. His latest novel is entitled The Coffee Shop That Changed a Church. • Jasper Springs Baptist Church is hosting a Spiritual Renewal May 2nd-4th. Our guest preacher will be Jason Tolbert from Alabama. We will have special music at each gathering on Friday and Saturday at 6:30pm and Sunday at 11am and 6:30pm. The church is located at 62 Smith Avenue in Garden City. Come ready to worship and praise! • Eternal Vision will be in concert at Faulkville Baptist Church on Friday, April 25th at 7pm. The church is located at Hwy 80 and Zeigler Road in Faulkville. No admission charge but will receive a love offering. For more information, please call 748-7332. • Savannah Prayer & Deliverance Ministry along with Dr. A. Gail Ross, Pastor and Apostle Dr. Walter R. Ross, Overseer invites you to their “HALLELUJAH” Consecration/Dedication Service on Saturday, May 3rd at 5pm. Special speaker will be Apostle Dr. Walter R. Ross/CEO/Walter Ross Ministries, Inc. Come out and rejoice with us as God continues to move us in the right direction! Service will be held at 7 Cantyre Street in Port Wentworth. For more information, please call 404-940-5078 or 912-877-7057. • The Nelons Come on Home Tour... The Grammy nominated, 6 time GMA Dove Award winning Nelons will be in concert in Savannah on April 27th at the Bull Street Baptist Church, a FREE concert at 7pm and will be giving their love offerings to The Savannah Baptist Center. • First Baptist Church of Marlow, 2229 Central Avenue, Guyton, invites you to Come and Gather Together and Sing Praises! Saturday, May 3rd, from noon until... Bring a chair and come out for a fun-filled afternoon. We’ll be enjoying the sounds of: FiveSmooth Stones King’s Highway Homeward Bound Marlow Mass Choir If you sing solo or with a group, you are welcome to join us. Just let us know if you’d like to be put in the lineup. We’ll have hot dogs and chili, chips and soft drinks. For more information, please contact Pastor Gene Fail at 912-656-2699 or Rhonda Butler at 912-660-0632. • Rothwell Baptist Church will host their monthly Food Pantry on the 3rd Saturday of each month from 8:30am - 10:30am. Rothwell Baptist Church is located on Rothwell Street off of Hwy 80 (turn right at Skinner Avenue and then left on Rothwell Street) in Pooler. All are welcome. • Rincon United Methodist Church invites you to partake in mid-week Holy Communion at 12:15pm each Wednesday. Christ’s table is open to anyone of any denomination who wishes to participate. This brief service is designed to fit into the lunch hour for the convenience of those who are working. Take a few moments and come and be refreshed and renew your spirit. The church is located at 107 Savannah Avenue. Call 826-5796 for directions and information. Visit us at • Ministry seeking Chaplains and Chaplain Assistants Truckstop Ministries Inc., with headquarters in Jackson, Georgia, is seeking volunteer Chaplains and Assistants to help staff our Chapels in both Port Wentworth and Richmond Hill. We are looking for people to volunteer a few hours a day or more often, if available. If you are mission minded and wish to share the Gospel in this unique ministry, please contact Chaplain Elliott Foss, Savannah District Director, at (912) 552-0426. We provide Chapel services and one on one ministry with Truck Drivers who are away from home, often weeks at a time. If you have a heart for people and would like to find out more information, check out our website at • First Baptist Port Wentworth Youth Fundraiser—Taste and See Cookbook-a cookbook full of wonderful recipes from the members and friends of First Baptist Church. Cookbooks are $12 and will help the youth with their mission trip. Call David Bunton (912) 507-6400 or the church office (912) 964-5811 for your copy today!! • G.L.O.W. Ministries Outreach Food Pantry and Boutique’ hours are Monday, 9-1 and Wednesday, 9-1. Closed all other days. Food pantry and Boutique’ store are open to the public. Donations are always appreciated and can be dropped off during store hours. G.L.O.W. Ministries is located at 1094 Goshen Road in Rincon. 912-826-3966. • Samaritan House Food Pantry, 748-5847, please call for an appointment for food assistance. Open 10am - 12noon on the 1st and 3rd Friday of each month. Helping the Pooler, Faulkville, Bloomingdale and Garden City areas. • The Band of Brothers is a Christian group of men who meet every Friday morning at 6:30am for a delicious breakfast at the Fellowship Assemby of God in Garden City, and on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday mornings, same time, at the Salvation Army office on Bee Road at Washington Avenue in Savannah. Our Westside group now meets at the Fellowship Assembly at 5224 Augusta Avenue in Garden City, next to the old Gaster Lumber, but beginning on Friday, May 2nd, we’ll move to the First Baptist Church of Garden City. located at 35 Nelson Avenue. (From Hwy 21, turn beside Wells Fargo Bank.) With 130+ men regularly attending, we’ve simply outgrown our current location. The next Eastside meeting will be on April 22nd. Pastor Kenny Grant brings an intense Bible Study to every meeting, and you’re certain to be blessed by it. Please join us. Visit Brother Kenny’s website at www.

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Bloomingdale Alpha United Methodist Church 5 East Hwy 80 • 748-4062 Rev. Tom Carruth

Good Shepherd Lutheran Church 41 Main Street • 964-1649 Rev. Chip Lingle

Pineora Baptist Church 131 Elkins Street • 772-3044 Pineora (Corner of Ga. 17) Pastor: Rev. Brad Boynton

New Life Sanctuary 1410 Pine Barren Road • 433-3819 Pastor: J.S. Hartman

United House of Prayer For All People 4107 6th Street • 966-5522 Elder Samuel Ransom

Countryside Baptist Church 1201 Noel C. Conaway Rd. Pastor Terry A. Wilson

Grace Baptist Church 201 E. Hwy 80 (Hwy 80 & Pine St.) 912-547-5823 Pastor Chris Hannon

Oakland Missionary Baptist 187 Burkhalter Rd. • 236-3439 Pastor Jerry Wright

Lighthouse Baptist Church 109 W. Hwy. 80 Pastor: Dwayne Dasher

Alpha & Omega Ministries 4906 Pineland Dr. Pastor James P. Witherspoon

Ash Street Baptist Church 310 Ash Street • 748-0902 Rev. Carlton Wiley

Palm Grove Primitive Baptist 2207 Shaw Avenue • 964-2080 Elder James W. Kicklighter

Bloomingdale Alliance Church 501 West Hwy 80 • 748-6351 Rev. Ken Otto Church of the Nazarene 1116 East Hwy 80 • 748-9128 Rev. James Jividen First Baptist Church of Bloomingdale Cherry Street • 748-4017 Rev. Darrell Bailey LifeSpring Worship Center 1105 E. Hwy. 80 • 330-0450 Pastor Julie Stanley-Mack Piney Grove Baptist Church Hwy 80 • 748-5966 Pastor Belizaire Joseph South Newington Baptist Church 462 John Carter Road • 748-4831 Pastor Nathaniel Steve McCoy

Sand Hill Baptist 1931 Sand Hill Rd. • 728-3681 Rev. Shawn White South Effingham Community Church 289 Harley Road • 728-3810 Pastor: Steve Canfield Zion Lutheran Hwy 30 at Ga. Hwy 17 Marlow • 728-3430 Pastor Barbara Koch Meldrim/Eden/Faulkville Meldrim Baptist Church 748-5220 Pastor: Chad Eason

Everlasting Life Christian Church 100 Sparkman Dr. • 964-6003 Rev. Van Marie Green, Pastor

Solid Rock Baptist Church 5th Street • Meldrim Pastor: Greg McAlister

Trinity Church of God 2202 Hwy. 80 • 964-8770 Frank Gupton Oak Grove Missionary Baptist 4617 Louisville Road • 964-2683 Mt. Olivet Baptist Church 4285 Ogeechee Rd. • 234-1979 Pastor Robert L. Miley

MorningStar Community Church 2836 Hwy. 80 • Faulkville Pastor Grady Taylor Church of Christ Hwy 80 Faulkville Baptist Church Hwy 80 • 748-7332 Pastor Albert Hill

Silk Hope Baptist Church 18 Tower Dr • 233-8424 Rev. Jonathan E. Phillips

Eden Baptist Church 435 Dogwood Way • 748-2373 Rev. Jonah E. German

Woodlawn Baptist 407 Talmadge Ave. • 964-8676 Gary Johnson, Pastor

United Methodist Church Meldrim Rev. Dr. Edwin L. Willis

Bloomingdale Fellowship Church of God of Prophecy 1501 E. Hwy. 80 • 748-2181 Pastor: Mark Minter Firm Foundation Baptist Church 937 Mixon Road • 865-4505 Dr. Bernard D. Carter Effingham

International Worship Center Hwy 17 in Faulkville • 748-7308 Pastor Parker Darnell Silver Hill United Methodist Church Silver Hill Church Rd. Rev. Donald Clark Bible Lutheran Church 812 Blue Jay Rd Rincon, GA 31326 912.826.2710 Pastor Andrew Krey Clyo United Methodist Church Merion Ave. at Third Street Rev. Donald Clark Corinth Baptist Church 296 Corinth Church Rd. 754-5673 • Shawnee Pastor: Rick West Mizpah United Methodist Church Clyo Kildare Rd • 754-1563 Pastor: Jose Velasquez

Garden City Central Baptist Church 4010 Old Louisville Rd. • 965-0752 Rev. Kenny Harrelson

Reaching For Souls Located in the All American Glass Shopping Center on Hwy. 80 • 478-494-0893 Pastors: Stanly & Angela Abraham Trinity United Methodist Church Corner of North Newton St. & Benton Drive • 748-4141 Pre-School, 748-4410 Pastor: Randy B. Nease Rushing Mighty Wind Gospel Ministries 600 Hwy 80 West 912-433-6210 Apostle Dr. R.L. Rushing, Jr. West Chatham Baptist Church South Rogers Street Pastor Bobby Burgess Savannah First Seventh Day Adventist 50 Godley Way • Pooler • 748-5977 Rev. Mark Pioutrowski The Church at Godley Station Sundays 9am & 10:30am 1601 Benton Boulevard • Pooler 330-8461 Pastor: Earnie Pirkle Port Wentworth Bonnybridge Baptist Church 811 Bonnybridge Rd. • 964-0553 Dr. Dan Hall, Pastor Open Door Ministries at Joel’s Place 13 North Coastal Hwy. at Bonnybridge Rd. • 966-0387 Pastor Neil Bush

Zion Fair Missionary Baptist 4123 First Street • 964-1322 Ronald Smalls Parkway Church of Christ 4360 Ogeechee Rd. • 234-4040 Clay Johnson Silk Hope United Methodist 5212 Silk Hope Rd.

Spirit Life Revival Center 606 Old River Road Pastor: Rev. Walt Sparks

Bible Connection Ministries 410 S. Coastal Hwy. • 965-1101 Pastor: Alex Grant, Jr.

Lord’s House For All People Located off of Hwy 80 in Faulkville in the Woodman of the World Shopping Center, next to the BP gas station 748-0404

First Baptist Church of Port Wentworth Hwy 25 • 964-5811 Student Pastor: David Button

Guyton/Marlow Pine Street Baptist 118 Lynn Bonds Avenue Pastor: Chris Roberson

Powers Baptist Eden • 748-6288 Travis Cowart, Sr. Pooler

Tusculum Christian Church GA Hwy 17 North (5 miles outside of Guyton) Pastor Gary Cubbedge New Vision Pentecostal Church 2355 Hwy 119 • 772-4417 Pastor: Charles Bazemore Pineora Holy Church of God 460 McLaws Rd. • 232-6100 Pastor Ronnie Miles Faith Baptist Church 1951 Hwy 119 South • Guyton Dr. Calvin Bradley, Pastor 772-5269 Elam Egypt Baptist Church Paul Moore, Pastor 2166 Egypt Ardmore Rd • 754-5060 Marlow United Methodist Church Ga. Hwy 17 • Marlow Rev. Dr. Edwin L. Willis Hwy. 30 Church of Christ 1952 Noel C. Conaway Rd. 728-3819 Guyton Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) 301 Pine Street 772-3478 Bethesda United Methodist 3608 Midland Road • 728-3332 Pastor Matt Waldron

Chapel in the Garden Presbyterian Church Daren Russell 93 Main Street • 964-5734

Guyton United Methodist 401 Church Street • 772-5099 Rev. Daryl Brown

Living Hope Community Fellowship 5008 Augusta Rd. • Garden City (Hwy. 21 next to Dairy Queen) 965-0406 Pastor Joyce C. Hall

First Baptist of Marlow 2229 Central Ave. • 772-7438 Pastor: Rev. Eugene Fail

Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church Hwy 25 • 964-0219 Rev. Douglas Clark, Pastor North Salem Baptist 955 Hwy 30 • 964-7933

Beth-El Alliance Church Quacco Road Rev. Michael Owens

Bible Baptist West Pooler Stadium Cinemas 12 425 Pooler Parkway • 988-3677 Pastor: Jeff Hubbard New Life Covenant Church 1105 E. Hwy. 80 • 220-5244 Rev. Rodney A. Sprauve Canvas Church 200 Governor Treutlen Rd., Ste 4 Behind Hardee’s on Hwy. 80 Sundays, 11am (except. 1st Sunday of the month Pastor Doug Garvin, 713-0135 Christ Presbyterian Church Coffee, Welcome with Worship, 10am 1765 Quacco Rd. • 925-6441 Rev. Ken McKenzie The Sycamore at West Chatham Meeting in homes on Wednesdays Pastor Ric Smith • 596-4725 New Birth Savannah 118 Pipemaker’s Circle Suites 202-205 • 748-2969 Pastor: Kenneth K. Law

Wildwood United Methodist Garrard Avenue Pastor Lloyd Dees

Essence of the Cross Ministries Meeting at Savannah Conference Hotel • 912-346-2359 Pastors Phillip and Kathrina Simmons

Port Wentworth Alliance Church 222 Cantyre Street • 964-4495 Pastor John Smith Faith Foundation C.O.G.I.C. 7 Cantyre Street • 964-0019 Pastor, Elder Earl Williams, Jr. Port Wentworth Baptist 231 Grange Rd • 964-0762 Real Life Christian Fellowship 841 Crossgate Rd. Pastor Paul L. Taylor, Jr. Port Wentworth United Methodist 201 Turnberry Street • 964-4210 Pastor: Tom Edwards Rincon Effingham Baptist Church 1007 N. Columbia Ave. • 826-3794 Pastor: Tom Davis Shepherds of Grace Church meeting at Habitat for Humanity Restore (Upstairs) • Sundays 10:45 Bishop John Aguilar

New Life Sanctuary 1410 Pine Barren Road Pastor J. S. Hartman • 572-6001 Heavenbound Baptist Church 1014 Quacco Road • 921-1500 Pastor Gene Alderman

Jehovah Shammah Assembly of God 432 Blandford Rd. • 826-2173 Pastor Jackie Gordon

Pilgrim Missionary Baptist Association Education Center Central (Hwy 17) & Simmons Rd.

First Presbyterian Church Pooler (PCA) 329 Hwy. 80 East • 330-9415 John Fender, Pastor

Fairlawn Baptist Church 4719 Augusta Road • 964-4371 Rev. Harold Edwards, Sr., Pastor

St. Luke’s Episcopal 155 Goshen Rd. • 826-3332 Worship Service, 9:00 am Sunday School, 10:30 am Rev. Liam Collins

Macedonia Baptist Church Central (Hwy 17), Guyton Pastor: Delmons White

Faith Bible Baptist Church 5137 Old Louisville Rd. • 964-7655 Dale Mathis, Pastor

Church of Christ 4506 Augusta Rd. • 964-6443

Safe Haven Church/Mission Central (Hwy 17), Guyton Pastor: Emmett Patterson

Calvary Assembly of God 1007 West Hwy 80 • 748-5847 Daniel Webber, Pastor

Dean Forest Baptist Church 1524 Dean Forest Road • 964-7369 Pastor: Rev. Guy Boyd Fellowship Assembly of God 5224 Augusta Rd. • 964-4243 Rev. Carl Richard First Baptist Church of Garden City 35 Nelson Ave. • 964-0355 Rev. Larry Speir Garden City Primitive Baptist Sunday Morning Services: 9:45am & 11am Sunday Evening Services: 6:30pm Wednesday Evening Services: 6:30pm 126 Smith Ave. • 964-5014 Pastor: Elder Hugh Thompson Jasper Springs Baptist Church 62 Smith Ave. • 964-6864 Pastor: Rev. Johnny Bowen Garden City United Methodist Church 62 Varnadoe Ave. • 964-5780 Pastor: Rev. Ashley Randell Elohim Christian Fellowship 300 Appleby Road • 604-6247 Pastor Leroy R Kirkland III

Abercorn Baptist 500 Old Augusta Rd South 826-4213 Pastor Ansley Harrison Ephesus Reformed Baptist 826-4598 • Pastor Nick Kennicott Faith Presbyterian 2000 Lexington Avenue • 826-6880 Rev. Mary Beene First Baptist of Rincon 201 E. 6th St. 826-5536 New Life Worship Center 5509 McCall Road • 826-3832 Pastor Paul Flippo Rincon First Christian 5835 Hwy. 21 South • 826-2224 Scott Tageson & Eric Owens, ministers Goodwill Missionary Baptist Blandford Rd. • 826-5259 Rev. Jonah E. Jerman Goshen Road Baptist 1323 Goshen Rd. • 826-1826 Grace Community Church 1094 Goshen Rd. • 826-4204 Pastor Charles Hodges Marantha Assembly of God 454 Weisenbaker Rd. • 826-5234 Rev. David S. Riner Northside Baptist Hwy 21N • 826-5346 Rev. Mike Jones

Liberty Christian Fellowship Church 302 Church Street • 772-5522 Scott and Tammy Stringer, Pastors Royal Temple Holiness Church 409 Samuel Small Dr. - 772-3498 Elder Verdie Banner New Providence Baptist Eric Palmburg 772-3590 New Hope Christian Church 2420 Courthouse Rd. • 772-4499 Rev. Brad Proudfoot Trinity Faith International Church 776 Kolic Helmey Road Pastor: Kaye Bell

Risen Savior Lutheran Church 1755 Quacco Road • 925-9431 Pastor Brian Pechman St. Patrick’s, Pooler West Pine Barren Road• 748-6016 Sun: 10:30am (nursery & church school) Wed: 6:00p Bible Study & Compline First Baptist Church of Pooler 204 W. Hwy 80 • 748-7521 Sunday School: 10:45am Morning Service: 9:30am Evening: 6pm Wednesday Service: 6:45pm Pastor: Daniel Norman Rothwell Baptist Church 216 Rothwell Street • 748-7593 Rev. Devin Bell

- God Bryant Temple W. 6th St. • 826-2896 Rincon Church of God Hwy 21, Rincon Pastor: DeWayne Merritt Rincon Baptist Temple 305 Weisenbaker Rd. • 826-5818 Pastor: Bro. Joe Springer Rincon Church of Christ 306 E. 4th St. • 826-5440 Rincon United Methodist 107 Savannah Ave. • 826-5796 Pastor: Melissa Traver Journey Community Church 5938 Highway 21 South • 754-9444 Pastor Michael Bassett St. John’s Lutheran Hwy 21 at 7th St. • 826-5411 Pastor: Rev. Patrick Finley Springfield CrossPoint Assembly of God 703 First St. Ext. • 754-6354 Pastor: Shane Holcombe New Testament Fellowship UPC 307 South Laurel St. • 754-9782 Pastor: Walter Thomas Effingham County Church of Christ 701 Laurel St. • 772-9047 Minister John Wright, Jr. Bethel Lutheran Church 1984 Hwy 21N • 754-6561 Pastor: Rev. Dr. Robert “Bob” LeFavi Holy Samaritan Apostolic Church of the Living God 148 Rawls Drive • 661-1689 Pastor Isiah Brehler, Sr.

St. Mary’s Holiness Church 205 Stokes Ave • Rincon • 826-4525 Bishop Billy Scott Gateway Community Church Meetings at 9am and 10:30am 107 Waterford Court • Rincon Pastor Andy Lamon

Clifton Baptist Church 100 Big Hill Rd. • 964-2335 Rev. Oddie Luckett

Goshen United Methodist Church Hwy. 21 at Goshen Rd • 826-6088 Pastor Chance Ward

“Peace starts with a smile.”

St. John Divine Baptist Hwy 80 Rev. Alphonso Piper Westside Christian Church Hwy 80 • 748-0309 Pastor Leonard Daughtery

South Valley Baptist Church Rev. Barry Jackson Pine Barren Road • 748-0279

New Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church 130 Giles Avenue • Rincon • 826-2431 Solomon J. Roberts, Sr. - Pastor Living Faith Church of God 3789 Noel C. Conway Rd. • 728-8811 Rev. Sean Faircloth House of Prayer of Rincon Fort Howard Road • 826-2570 Services: Sunday 11 AM & 6:30 PM Pastor: Mildred Lake Centerpoint Church Meeting at Effingham YMCA 1224 Patriot Drive • 826-5521 Pastors David Rhoads & Mike Bassett Savannah Christian Church Effingham Campus 810 Ford Howard Road Services available on Saturdays at 4:30pm and 6:15pm and Sundays at 9:15am and 11am Pastor Lyle Wood

First Baptist of Springfield 1435 Hwy 119N • 754-3443 Northside Church of God 273 Church Row • 754-4801 Pastor Reginald Anderson, Sr. Abundant Life Church 1541 Highway 21 South • 754-3148 Pastor Wayne Dawkins Gethsemane Baptist 1102 N. Maple St. • 754-7530 Holy Trinity Lutheran 303 S. Laurel St. • 754-3353 Jerusalem Lutheran 2966 Ebenezer Rd. • 754-3915 Rev. David Rasmussen

Thomas Chapel AME Savannah Town Rd. • 754-1233 Turkey Branch United Methodist Turkey Branch Rd. • 754-0053 Union Springs AME Union Springs Church Rd • 754-9460 Fellowship Bible Church 841 Old Dixie Hwy. • 754-9645 Pastor Robert Quarterman First United Pentecostal Church 1735 Grove Point Rd • 927-0569 Rev. David A. Hodge Southwest Chatham Amazing Grace Baptist Church 5790 Ogeechee Road • 858-4362 Pastor: George Barron The Connection @ New Vision Baptist Church Sundays at 5:30pm 2417 Louis Mills Blvd • 236-4841 Southwest Baptist 831 Little Neck Road • 925-0699 Dr. Robert B. Peacock, Pastor Chevis Oaks Baptist Church 102 Sylvania Rd. • 925-3852 Pastor: Kyle Waddell Bethel Baptist Church 748-9085 Pastor Eddie Deas New Vision Baptist Church 2417 Louis Mills Blvd. • 236-4841 Pastor Gary Bradham Savannah Holy Church of God 707 Little Neck Road • 920-0042 Pastor: Rev. Ryan Ralston Quacco Baptist Church 215 Quacco Road • 925-3885 Rev. Blake Boylston Southside Assembly of God 401 Tibet Avenue Rev. Jack Moon Holy Church of God Little Neck Road Savannah Christian Church 55 Al Henderson Blvd. Pastor Cam Huxford Bethel Missionary Baptist 5863 Ogeechee Rd • 927-8044 Rev. Jerome Baker Coastal Christian Center 1 Canebreak Rd • 925-3166  Ron and Rosie Chambers Holy Church Of God 707 Little Neck Rd • 920-0042 Rev. Ryan Ralston New Mount Olive Baptist 835 Chevis Rd. • 920-1133 New Testament Missionary Outreach 102 Waynesboro Rd • 927-6368   The Lake Church Located on Hwy. 204 • 330-8952 Pastor: Rev. John A. Reyes Spring Hill Baptist 44 Carol Way • 925-7523 Shiloh Missionary Baptist Fort Argyle Road • 927-3169 Rev. Nathaniel Bowles North Bryan County Abundant Life Church of God 119 Wildwood Church Road Pembroke • 653-3696 Pembroke Assembly of God 1514 Bacontown Rd. Pembroke • (912) 704-7469 Pastor Steve Hester Gethsemane Baptist Church 1275 Old Thorn Pond Rd • 660-3708 Pastor: Lonnie Oglesby Olive Branch Baptist Church Olive Branch Road • 858-3216 Pastor Clent Sullens Northside Independence Baptist Church 458 W. E. Smith Road • Pembroke Pastor Jeff Spencer • 653-3088

Laurel Hill/Wingard Lutheran Church Laurel Hill Road • Clyo • 754-6718 Pastor Al Fernandez

Ellabell United Methodist Church 3079 Hwy 204 • Ellabell • 858-2534 Rev. Joe Leatherwood

New Bethel Pentecostal 2402 Old Dixie Hwy • 754-1509 Darrel Childress, Pastor

Christ Baptist Church 3580 Wilma Edwards Road Ellabell • 858-2724 Pastor: Dr. Dean Smith

New Hope Apostolic 525 Ardmore Oaky Rd. • 754-4079 Mount Hope Missionary Baptist 5083 Mount Hope Road • 772-3280 Pastor James L. Williams Sr. St. Boniface Catholic Church 1952 Hwy 21S • 754-7473 Mass: Saturday, 5:00 p.m. Sunday, 8:30 a.m. & 11:00 a.m. Rev. Samuel Aniekwe

Brookstone Community Church 604 Goshen Road • 401-2918 Pastor James Broxton

St. Mathews Baptist 218 Wallace Dr. 754-3143

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Thomas C. sTriCkland & sons Funeral homes ON-SITE CREMATORIUM AT OUR EFFINGHAM CHAPEL “Nobody expects more from us than we expect of ourselves.”

2460 Hwy. 21S Rincon • 754-6421

Springfield United Methodist 209 Cleveland St. Pastor: Dr. Jerry Roe

901 Hwy. 80W Pooler • 748-2444

The Strickland family encourages you to attend the church of your choice.

Faith Harvest Sanctuary 1237 Bill Futch Rd • Ellabell • 858-5446 Tony Hewitt Ellabell First Baptist Church 3425 Hwy. 204W • 826-5003 Pembroke United Methodist 102 College Street • 653-2220 Dr. Larry Sauls Bread of Life Holiness Church #119 Cypress Bay Loop Road Pembroke • (912) 858-3161 Prophet Walter Wright, pastor Holy Church of God at Black Creek 341 Church of God Rd • 858-2883 Pastor: Stan Tyson Church of Christ Hwy 204 • Ellabell • 858-3283 Min. Joseph Holloway, Jr. First Baptist Church of Blitchton 5204 Hwy. 80E • Blitchton 858-3274 Rev. Darnell Barner

Page A10 • Spirit Newspapers • April 24 - April 30, 2014

Effingham Theatre Production of Pride and Prejudice Opens May 2nd EFFINGHAM THEATRE WILL PERFORM 5 DAYS IN RINCON Effingham Theatre’s production of Pride and Prejudice will run May 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 8th and 9th at the Macomber Recreation Building on Lexington Avenue in Rincon. Thursday, Friday and Saturday performances will start at 7pm and the Sunday matinee will start at 4pm. Admission is $10. The Thursday, May 8th, performance will be Mothers Appreciation Day and each mother will enjoy free entry with one paid admission. More information about performances, making reservations

or purchasing tickets can be obtained by calling Tamara at (912) 657-1120. This production of Pride and Prejudice features the talented performances of 20 local actors, many of whom are new to working with Effingham Theatre under the artistic direction of Kate Lanier in her directorial debut. About Effingham Theatre: Effingham Theatre is a nonprofit, community oriented theatrical production company focused on

providing quality entertainment to the citizens of Effingham County. Founded in 2008 with a single summer camp, Effingham Theatre now produces 2 to 3 mainstages, 2 summer camps and 4 education workshops every year as well as various special event performances and classes. To learn more find Effingham Theatre on Facebook or visit their website HYPERLINK “http://www.EffinghamTheatreGA. com” www.EffinghamTheatreGA. com.

Historian Teaches On Longtime Native American Locals ‘IT’S AN EXTREMELY HISTORICAL AREA’ By Leslie Moses

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Stand just off Ford Avenue in Richmond Hill, and imagine people there from an earlier time. Go back before Henry Ford, before Civil War passersbys, and before area rice planters. Go back thousands of years in fact, and meet the Guale, pronounced “Wall-ee,” a Native American tribe living “right where we’re standing, probably,” said historian Danny Brown. Brown spoke in the first Thursdays lecture series at the Richmond Hill History Museum for the Richmond Hill Historical Society. As Brown talked, he’d pick up or demonstrate items from the table in front of him, which included: Skins, pottery shards and arrowheads. “He has an extensive collection of Native American artifacts,” said Christy Sherman, president of the Richmond Hill Historical Society. “The history in this area is just oozing,” said Ron Burns, a board member with the Historical Society who attended the Thursday event. The Guale were tattooed, of average height, wore shell beads and topknots, according to Brown. They likely lived in the area for 6,000 years until 1640, he said. That news that the tribe lived so long locally was a new fact to Richmond Hill resident Elizabeth Hanafin, who heard about the lecture from a friend. “I’m interested in ancient cultures,” she said. When the Spanish came to the area, their diseases helped kill off the Guale within years. They didn’t live long like other tribes, Brown

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Participants in the Thursday lecture series at the Richmond Hill Museum get a closer look at historian Danny Brown’s artifacts. Photo by Leslie Moses said. But when they did live, they were hunters and gatherers, and later, more agricultural. But as hunters, they followed herds for food. They hunted woolly mammoths, and because of finding the animal’s teeth nearby, Brown said “we know that they were here in the area.” Guale also ate crab, alligator and turtles. They made traps of palm tree fibers and turtle bone hooks to catch their food. But the “Wal-Mart” of the Guale tribe was deer, according to Brown. Every part of the animal, from sinew to hide, was usable. Many years later, the well-known question of “You got a buck on you?” would come from traders looking to get things from the deer skins. “It was the amount of hides you would trade for these items,” Brown said. Brown also talked of the Guale’s technology. Pointed sticks came first, used for close-up attacks. An atlatl was their more advanced weapon, which was a throwing stick with removable and reloadable arrows. The Guale also used bows and arrows. Bow-makers in the area would have used oak and deer ligaments, and made arrows of river cane, turkey feathers and chert, which has properties of glass, according to Brown. Flint was not found here, but a large deposit of chert in Springfield was available to the Guale. And as the Guale got more into raising crops, they hunted less, and found more to do around their

Police Reports

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she has a fear of human trafficking. The Deputies explained that she can only drop her child off at the school and leave, unless an appointment has been arranged through the Principal. • A man called Deputies and reported that flowers had been stolen from his family’s cemetery plot at a Rincon area cemetery. (Anybody caught and convicted for doing that should be forced to do some hard labor out in public!) • A Rincon man filed a report after some kook drove past his home and threw a gallon baggie containing a rock and a white supremacist brochure in his yard. Deputies agreed to put extra surveillance on his home. • A man told Deputies he’d gone

homes. They worked deer leather, soaking hides “in the brain of a deer,” Brown said, “and all the hair would fall off.” For gardening, Guale used conch shells on the ends of sticks, “pretty common in the area,” according to Brown. They also used conchs as drinking cups. And as for the plenteous Spanish moss around us, Guale used it in pottery and when building fires. After his lecture, Brown welcomed comments and questions. Several spoke of finding human bones in the area. Brown said that natives say that it’s OK to build on top of skeletons, but “just don’t dig them up.” One local man found and kept a skull, but promptly returned it because of “bad juju,” according to Brown. “He said all sorts of things were happening.” Brown invited his audience of 16 people to the table of artifacts: “Y’all come out and plunder if you like.” “I know it’s an extremely historical area,” said Terry Cole, another Richmond Hill resident at the lecture. Cole attended because of “curiosity about the Indian tribes in the area,” he said. “We have a saying at the museum that history follows the river,” Sherman said. She mentioned the nearby Ogeechee, and all those brought to the area because of the river: Native Americans, rice planters, Civil War soldiers and Henry Ford. “These monthly lectures are just a way to bring people closer to our history,” she said. into a Faulkville convenience store and set a pill bottle containing 90 Xanax pills and another containing 120 Percocets on the counter while he got some money out of the ATM machine. He said he then walked out the store and forgot about his medications. He remembered them a short while later and returned to the store, but the pill bottles were nowhere to be found. The Deputies spoke with the clerk, who remembered the man coming in, but didn’t remember seeing him set any prescription pill bottles down. She added that there were only two other customers that came in the store between the time the man came in and when he returned. • At 1:30am, a Deputy was northbound on Hwy 17 following a small red car that ventured over the fog line and then over the centerline before signalling to turn onto Hwy 30. The driver slowed, but missed the turn, then made a U-turn in the Marlow Learning Center parking ____________________________________ Continued on page B1


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music and wonderful harmonies, performing in 1,000-year-old cathedrals in Europe or, as they did last Saturday, at a church in Springfield. Clark, his wife, Kelly, and daughters, Amber, 25, and Autumn, 17, known as the Nelons, performed at Abundant Life Church. The concert benefited the Treutlen House in Rincon and also featured the Joyful Noise Trio. Ushers collected nearly $1,100. This marked the sixth year in a row the Nelons have done a benefit concert for the Treutlen House, a community-based, ecumenical

ministry for children and families facing various difficulties that was in danger of being closed down by the state before the family stepped in. “We’re very excited it’s worked out,” says Clark, who along with his wife is opening an orphanage for 60 children in Guatemala. “The music is a launching pad for things

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Police Are In Season Year-Round Reports Nelons Christian Family Does Benefit Concert at Abundant Life Church

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lot. The Deputy turned around as well, and made a traffic stop just after the driver turned onto Hwy 30. The man had the strong odor of alcohol coming from him, and spoke with slurred speech. He was wearing what seemed to be a miner’s hat... a hard hat with a flashlight on the front of it. Four other men were passengers in the car, and none would admit to owning the open bottle of Bud Light in the car. The driver exited the car, and admitted that he’d had a few, but he refused to submit to the sobriety tests. He was taken to jail on DUI charges. • A woman filed a fraud report with Deputies, explaining that she’d gotten a call from the IRS. Officer Michelle Brown had instructed her to pay her $1700 debt with a Green Dot Money Pack card or go to jail and lose everything she owned. So the woman went to the dollar store and got the Money Pack card and called the IRS back on the phone number they’d provided. She gave them the information from the back of the card, and IRS Officer Brown then asked how soon she could make another payment. The woman said she told her she had no more money. She said her brother called them back the next day and used several profanities with them wanting his sister’s money returned. They told him to check her bank account and that he would see that the money had been returned. The Deputy pointed out to the woman that they couldn’t return the money to her bank account if they didn’t have her banking information. When the Deputy called the phone number, a man answered and said he was an investigator for the IRS, but he hung up the phone when he heard the Deputy’s radio sound off. • A woman got a phone call from a collection agency claiming that she owed $1400 to Verizon Wireless and they were attempting to collect the debt. The woman told them she’s never been late with her account, and she was afraid this was another scam caller. But turns out it was the collection agency for Verizon, and that someone had used her personal information to open an account. That account has now been suspended. BRYAN COUNTY SHERIFF’S OFFICE • Two men got into an argument while drinking beer outside a convenience store. One man said to the other “I’ll get you,” and the other man told the Deputies he was afraid the man will come and burn his house down. The Deputy told him how he could take out warrants against the man if he felt like he needed to after he sobered up. • The owner of a landscaping company told Deputies someone stole a $300 weedeater and a $300 edger off his trailer overnight while it was parked in his driveway overnight. • An Ellabell man told Deputies he’d left his 2012 ATV parked behind a metal shed so he could work on it. When he returned to work on the suspension, someone had stolen it. The ATV was valued at $9000. • A man told Deputies he was at the Parker’s store in Blitchton around 11pm. He looked outside and noticed a man in his driver’s seat, but figured the man was just looking for some loose change and did nothing about it. Later, he realized his cell phone was missing. The next day, up at another convenience store in Brooklet, he ____________________________________ Continued on page B5

By Stephen Prudhomme

Jason Clark has been around music all his life. He recalls sitting on his grandmother’s porch in Kentucky as a youngster and listening to and playing music with relatives and then, later, maintaining that connection by marrying a woman who grew up performing Christian music with her father. More than three decades later, Clark is continuing the family tradition by traveling around the world with his wife and two daughters and helping spread the word of God through their inspirational

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The Nelons, a family of Christian singers, performed at Abundant Life Church last Saturday evening, helping raise money for the Treutlen House. Photo by Paul Prudhomme.

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Page B2 • Spirit Newspapers • April 24 - April 30, 2014


(Editor’s Note: Outdoor Truths is a weekly sportsman’s article that appears in newspapers and regional magazines across 13 states in the South, and Midwest. It is a blend of observations and experiences that have come over time from being in God’s great outdoors. We’re proud to offer this column for the outdoor sportsmen in our area.) I don’t consider myself computer illiterate but I’m also not a tech expert. I fall somewhere in-between. I used to spend more time learning about new gadgets but now I sort of just maintain until I’m forced to adapt or be left behind. One of the things that I’m trying to adapt to is my digital camera. I know, I know, don’t laugh. I’ve actually had the camera for a couple of years but all I’ve been doing is taking pictures the simplest way I could. I thought all of the buttons where there so they could sell it for more. (I feel the same way about my cell phone. Why can’t they just give me big numbers, lots of volume, and plenty of light?) I digress. I’ve always wanted to take pictures while I’m hunting or fishing but I never knew how to set up the timer feature. So this year I was determined (forced) to learn. I was tired of looking at all my pictures and always having the check-in station in the background. It sort of lost the effect of the hunt. This turkey season I’ve become a picture taking monster. I carry my bipod and my camera and have

taken some really neat shots of me holding a turkey while in the woods. I love it. Now while I’ve really enjoyed the more realistic pictures, they still don’t tell the story of each hunt. Each photo still has only three basic features; me, a turkey, and the woodsy background. The story is up to me to remember, relish, and share. If I were to show you one of these pictures you would simply admire the bird but be clueless to the effort that was involved in getting that gobbler from the limb to the lens. You might have assumed that it was an easy and effortless hunt and you may be wrong or right. When you and I look at each other we often do the same thing. We take a mental picture and quickly add our own story whether that story is accurate or not. We may assume that a person is rude or kind, arrogant or humble, aloof or approachable. However, most of the time, we just don’t know. Life is so much better when we give others the benefit of the doubt. It seems that we all default to seeing the bad and the negative. It’s the first button we learn to use on our

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mental camera. Maybe it’s time we all realized there are other features that may give us a better look. And maybe it’s time we learned to use them.

Outdoor Truths Volumes I and II each contain over 60 articles that have appeared in this publication. Purchase them on my website.

SPORTS BRIEFS • 8th annual Kids Fishing For A Cause, 10am-2pm Saturday, April 26th at Tom Triplett Community Park, Pooler. Children and youth welcome. Register at tournament starting at 9:30 a.m.. adults must register and remain with anglers. $5 donation appreciated with all proceeds to benefit Low Country Down Syndrome Society. Gift bags for first 25 anglers to register. Free bait and loaner cane poles. Concessions will be available. Wildlife conservation displays. education and special guests. Trophies and awards in three classes. Tournament partners, Coastal Bass Anglers, will serve as tournament directors. For more information email us at, phone (912) 308-5605 or 308-3292 and like us on Facebook at Kids Fishing For A Cause.

Police Reports

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saw the same man as he pulled into the parking lot. There were two Bulloch County Deputies there, and they knew that the man didn’t have a driver’s license. They let him call someone to come and pick him up, and said nothing about the cell phone. They told

the victim he would first have to file a report with the Bryan County Deputies. (I can’t believe that! He probably used the stolen phone to call for a ride!!)

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Spirit Newspapers • April 24 - April 30, 2014 • Page B3

CELEBRATIONS! _______________________

Happy Birthday Sean! Love, Nana and Papa, Danielle, Alle’ and Rory _______________________

Happy 5th Birthday Kinley Grace McCullough! Love, Momma and Daddy _______________________

Happy 60th Birthday Martha Stapleton! April 24th Love, Family & Friends

The Nelons

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like this. We’re trying to be a conduit.” The Nelons do 175 shows a year and travel much of the time in a bus that offers all the comforts of their home back in Dallas, Ga. Later this year, they’ll travel to Sweden and Norway and perform in cathedrals dating back to the early 1000s. Clark acknowledges they occasionally get fatigued from all the travel, especially overseas, but their energy is renewed once they hit the stage. “We watch how the music penetrates people’s lives,” Clark says. “That’s what keeps the passion and fire lit.” For Clark, that passion and fire was kindled when he was growing up on a farm in Kentucky and taking part in the family music sessions. He says there wasn’t a whole lot to do where they lived, and music, played on his grandmother’s porch, brought them together and inspired him to keep him the family tradition. “Music was a way of life for my grandmother,” Clark says. “She taught us all how to play and sing harmony. My grandfather and father were professional musicians. I wanted to be like them.” Clark wrote his first gospel song when he was in third grade. “It was terrible,” he recalls. “My teacher made me sing it in front of the class.” Fortunately, Clark progressed as a songwriter. He says he enjoys writing. “It’s inside of me,” notes Clark, who wrote gospel and country songs for himself as well as oth-


Happy 28th Birthday To my Sweet Twin Daughters, Danielle Mayer Arnold! And Jamie Lynn Mayer! April 25th Love you both! Love, Mom _______________________

The Family Health & Birth Center would like to congratulate: Joseph & Andrea Reed on the birth of Adam Joseph, born: April 21, 2014 Joaquin & Janet Jiminez on the birth of Rebecca An, born: April 22, 2014 er artists and received recognition as a songwriter and performer. In 1993, Clark joined the Nelons, featuring Kelly and her father, Rex, as a producer, arranger and band leader in 1993. Eight years later, he and Kelly married. It was inevitable their two daughters would follow suit. “They were raised on the road,” Clark says. “They could sing before they could talk. They’ve been blessed with beautiful voices and have a passion for music and performing.” Amber did perform on “American Idol,” and her father says she would have likely qualified for the finals if she had been willing to take a more secular approach to her songs. “She dipped her toe into that,” Clark says, “and discovered it wasn’t her thing.” The Nelons’ thing remains performing their music and relying on different styles, based on their locale. Clark, who writes the majority of the group’s songs, says it’s definitely a team effort when it comes to putting a song together. He adds they do little rehearsing and everything is based on harmonies. As to a common theme the songs convey, Clark says every lyric is about love beyond this world. “Me existing, that shows God loves me,” Clark says. “I’ve been trying to write about that ever since I started writing.” During a musical break, Clark told Saturday’s audience that God heals broken lives and all we have to do is trust Him. To illustrate this point, he related the story of Grady, a man from his church in Atlanta


Happy 6th Birthday Jillian Austin! Love, Daddy, Jackson, Reema, Papa, Tina, Jason, and Kinley _______________________

Happy Anniversary Jack & Sharon Brewton! Wishing you many more blessed years! ~ Steve & Allison Spirit Newspapers

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dying of an aggressive form of cancer six years ago. Clark and some 800 congregation members rode church and school buses to Grady’s home and, upon arriving, recited scripture and performed songs, including Grady’s favorite, “I know who holds tomorrow,” in front of his place while Grady watched from his hospital bed that had been brought out onto the porch. “He had no fear,” says Clark, noting that Grady died several hours later. “He had gladness and the joy of the Lord.” Skip Wisniewski of Guyton attended Saturday’s concert and described the Nelons as great, combining elements of country, bluegrass and gospel. “At least they worship the Lord,” Wisniewski says. “Some performers sing gospel and worldly songs.” Clark, who is in his “40s,” says he expects to eventually slow down but not retire. His inspiration remains mentor and Christian musical artist Bill Gaither. “He’s 78 years old and is still going strong,” Clark says. “He has such a drive.”

CLUES ACROSS 1. Comic actor Wilson 5. Dermatitis 11. Agriculture 14. Flyer 15. Assent 18. S S S 19. Capital of Zimbabwe 21. Gas usage measurement 23. False god 24. About some Norse poems 28. Am. steam engineer James 29. “If” singer’s initials 30. Sound unit 32. Envisage 33. Help 35. Payment (abbr.) 36. Abbr. for British postal 39. Ring 41. NCIS star’s intials 42. Unstressed-stressed 44. A supporting stalk 46. Indigo plant 47. Not or 49. Genus syringa shrubs 52. 14th C. 78 card game 56. Classical music form 58. Language of Andorra 60. Seasonal planting changes 62. Hatched insect form 63. Sound unit CLUES DOWN 1. Federal home mortgage dept. 2. Have great affection for 3. Goddess of the rainbow 4. Pesetas (abbr.)

5. Species of interbreeding ecotypes 6. A base person 7. Polish monetary unit (abbr.) 8. 7th Greek letter 9. A lot 10. Blood clam genus 12. A single article 13. Suggests the supernatural 16. Male parents 17. Fall into ruin 20. Other 22. “Beetle Juice” actress initials 25. Female NASCAR driver’s initials 26. Indicated horsepower (abbr.) 27. Describe a sporting event 29. Semi-liquid infant food 31. Last in an indefinite series 34. Former Cowboy __ Nguyen 36. Iranian monetary unit 37. A genus of edentates 38. Perennial mountain rice 40. Atomic #3 43. White (French) 45. Daddy 48. Organized information 50. Astronomer Sagan 51. Greek portico 53. Rodents 54. Beastie Boys EP “Aglio e __” 55. K particle 57. 4th calendar month (abbr.) 58. Postal moving form (abbr.) 59. North northeast 61. Camper

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Page B4 • Spirit Newspapers • April 24 - April 30, 2014


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29 Tuesday

• AARP Driver Education Class Rincon United Methodist Church will host the AARP Driver Education Class on Tuesday, April 29, from 9 AM to 3 PM. Cost is $15 for AARP Members (bring your AARP card to class). Cost for nonAARP members is $20. All ages can take the class, but those 50 years old and above qualify for the 10% discount for 3 years on their insurance. Those below the age of 50 must ask their insurance company if they will honor the discount. Pre-registration is required by April 23rd, by calling the Church office at 826-5796. Bring your bag lunch to enjoy. Rincon UMC is located at 107 Savannah Avenue, Rincon. May

4 Sunday • Effingham Community Orchestra will perform its “Something New and Something Patriotic Too Concert” on Sunday, May 4th, at 3pm at the Effingham County Recreation and Parks Department Gymnasium, 808 Hwy 119 South, Springfield. Admission is FREE. The Orchestra will perform movie themes, rock & roll classics, jazz and Patriotic favorites. Something for everyone! Immediately following the concert there will be a Used Book Sale Fundraiser. Hardbacks will be $1, paperbacks 25¢. Unique, special and rare books will be individually priced. There will be hundreds of fiction and nonfiction books for adults and children. Something for every age and interest! For information visit the Orchestra’s web site www.effinghamcommunityorchestra. org, email or call 912-826-5300 ext. 110.

13 Tuesday

• POOLER LUNCH AND LEARN to feature candidates for school board president Tuesday, May 13th. The Pooler Chamber of Commerce and Visitor’s Bureau, Inc. Lunch and Learn Tuesday, May 13th, 11:30am at Holiday Inn & Suites, 103 San Drive (near I-95 exit 102) will feature candidates for board president, Savannah-Chatham County Public School System. With Pooler’s rapid growth, it has a vested interest in the well-being of the public school system as many current students may one day be filling important jobs in Pooler and the Greater Pooler Area. Cost to attend is $12 for Pooler Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Bureau, Inc. members and $17 for non-members (if register and pay by May 8th). After May 8th, add $10 to cost per person For more information contact office@poolerchamber. com, (912) 748-0110. May

17 Saturday

• You’re invited to ‘DOLPHINS & DESSERTS’ social presented by The Dolphin Project on Saturday, MAY 17th at 6:30pm at Perkins Restaurant banquet room located at I-95 exit #94, Abercorn Street. $10 donation includes dessert and beverage. The topic for the evening will be “Bottlenose Dolphins- True or False”. Optional dinner menu available per Perkins Restaurant. The public is invited. For information and RSVP:

☛ Anytime

• Lift up your voice to help children in our community who have been victims of abuse

and neglect. Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) Ogeechee Circuit, a local nonprofit organization that trains community citizen volunteers to speak on behalf of foster children’s safety and well-being and in their best interests in court, will hold an orientation for our next training session that will begin in January. The orientation will be held on Tuesday, November 27th, from 6pm - 7:30pm. Please email joincasa@gmail. com or contact the office of CASA Ogeechee Circuit at 7644849 for more information.

• YOGA Classes will be held in Port Wentworth on Thursday evenings at 6:30pm at the Ed Young Senior Center, 103 Turnberry Street. Certified Yoga Instructor Lee Ann Manale will work with you on connecting Health, Wellness and Wisdom to help create a better healthier you! Make the connection improve your flexibility, strength, concentration, posture and breathing! If you have any questions please call Leisure Services Department at 966-7428. • The Pooler Senior Citizens Center has a bowling league each Monday morning, starting at 11am at Frames ‘n Games in Pooler. Anyone is welcome to join us, you donot have to be a member of the senior center to come out and have a great time with us. For our group price of $10 you can bowl 2 games (shoes & ball provided) and have lunch. Or if you have your own ball and shoes, you can bowl for $1 per game on Mondays and not eat lunch. It is great exercise for seniors. Come join in on the Fun, Food and Fellowship. For this and other great activities call the Pooler Senior Citizens Center at (912) 748-0912. • Effingham County Navigator Team, a support group for families of Children with Special Needs has their Monthly Meetings on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 6:30pm at The Learning Treehouse, 250 Goshen Road in Rincon.

If your hands or heart is touched by a child with a disability, you need to come. Resources, Education, Recreation. For more info contact: Pauline Shaw at Effingham@p2pga. org. 912-295-5460.

• The Effingham County Alzheimer’s Caregiver Support Group meets on the 2nd Tuesday of the month at 10:30am at St. Luke’s Episcopal Church, 155 Goshen Road in Rincon. This group is open to family caregivers. It provides education and support. These meeting usually run one hour in length. No reservations needed. For more information regarding Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias, please call the local Alzheimer’s Association office at 1-800-2723900. • Have you always wanted to help children? Are you willing to participate in 30 hours of training and 10 hours of Courtroom observation in order to become a volunteer? Then you might be interested in becoming a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA)! A CASA Volunteer is a “Powerful Voice in a Child’s Life®.” After training, CASA Volunteers are appointed by a judge to recommend the best possible outcome for an abused or neglected child’s future. Our goal is to ensure that every child has a safe, permanent home as quickly as possible. Call 912-764-4849 now for more information on our pre-training meet-and-greet or email us at joincasa@gmail. com. • Effingham Civil Air Patrol Squadron Each Monday, the cadets of the Effingham Cadet Squadron of the Civil Air Patrol meet to learn about aviation, aerospace engineering, search and rescue, and leadership. The local squadron meets from 6:30pm to 8:30pm at 226 Goshen Road in building 200. The Civil Air Patrol (CAP) is a volunteer, civilian auxiliary arm of the United States Air Force. The cadet squadron is open to those ages 12 to 21. Member-

High School Sports

By C. Edward Wilson

“How bout those Tigers?” Which ones? Those orange and reflex blues ones of Savannah State University concluded spring practice with their annual spring preview of what is to be expected next fall. The winning offense outscored the defense, 45-13. With the team splitting itself into an offensive and defensive team, the Savannah State University football players went at each other to show off what they had learned from their coaches led by Head Coach Earnest Wilson, III. What the fans came away with is a distinguished reality that a new Wilson is in town, not the head coach, but junior college transfer Ker-Sean Wilson. The junior quarterback completed 11 of 24 passes and got the fans in attendance out of their seats on several occasions with his passing and running, much to the delight of the Tiger faithful. Wilson said after the game

that he still has a long way to go become better at his craft, but overall he was happy with his performance. Wilson came to the Tigers from Eastern Arizona Community College via high school in Columbia, S.C. His statistical line would have been even better if some of his passes could have been caught by a receiving core he is getting to know on a daily basis. The SSU defense got on the board first as defensive back Brandon Jackson-Bell picked off a Leon Prunty pass and returned it for a touchdown. It was the only score in the opening four quarter game. The orange team put up 14 points in the second quarter and that was how the first 24 minutes of action ended. Scoring on runs of three and four yards was sophomore running back Alex Simmons. For the game, the Tigers completed 20 of 56 passes between four quarterbacks with three interceptions on the day. The running back group rushed 54

times for a total of 148 yards. Leon Prunty was the first quarterback to see action for SSU. He was followed by Victorian Hardison. Both struggled, but the ground game set the tone for the offense by gaining a couple of first downs. Transfer student Richard Williams got some bruising rushes and set the tone for Simmons to carry the ball into the end zone. In the third quarter, Wilson accounted for a large rushing total as he outran the defense for a 25yard touchdown run that fueled the fervor of those in attendance. Another bright spot was the kicking duo of Preston McCarthy and John Barron. They kicked field goals in the quarter with Barron kicking through the crossbars with room to spare. All in all the Tigers gave a good accounting of themselves. If hope springs eternal, then the coming 2014 football season that kicks off at Middle Tennessee State University in August, should be the beginning of something special for SSU.

ship is $30 annually for cadets, for adult members it is $69 annually. Joining the Civil Air Patrol gives youth interested in flying significant exposure to aviation as well as leadership training. It also offers scholarships and other programs that cadets can be eligible to receive. We are actively recruiting from ages 12 to adult, and have several staff positions open. For more information, you can contact Capt. Richard Bush at or 912429-8050. • The Diabetes Support Group that meets at the United Way building in Rincon at 711 Zitterour Dr. at 11am on the second Tuesday of each month. Please call Janice Winemiller at 728-8945 or Mary Paul at 7543154 for information or directions. • Foster Grandparent Program Needs Volunteers The Foster Grandparent Program (FGP) is in need of volunteers to share their time and talents in their communities. We are looking for seniors age 60 and older to volunteer their time in educational facilities, Day Cares and other social service agencies 20 hours per week, working four or five days per week. FGP offers a modest stipend and assistance with transportation fee. For more information, call Linda Fields 234-7842 or 238-2960, ext 123. • Retired & Senior Volunteer Program Needs Volunteers Share your time and special talents with others, join the Retired and Senior Volunteer Program, we need your help to help others. Through RSVP seniors 55 and older serve in various community organizations 1 to 40 hours per week. Choose where you want to serve from the many local agencies we are affiliated with. Qualifications are to be 55, want to enjoy life and have the desire to share your personal talents with others. Volunteers are the Heart of America. For further exciting information please call 234-7842 or Linda Fields at 238-2960, ext 123.

How bout those Tigers, you ask. The answer is coming up shortly. Ashley Dearing Award Nominees One of the most prestigious awards will be in the hands of one of many athletes very shortly. The annual award for the best allaround athlete in a three-sport category. The nominees selected by their respective coaches must play football, basketball and participate in a spring sport. Four westside athletes have a chance to walk away with the coveted award. Two of the three Savannah schools in the demographic coverage area of the Spirit Newspaper were selected. Those getting selected either attend Groves High in Garden City and Savannah Christian Preparatory School, also located in Garden City. From Groves: Jerry Davis and Clarence Mitchell. From SCPS are: Nick Bateman, Ben Haeussler. J.T. Mertz and Evan Reese. LaCrosse Savannah’s LaCrosse Club is looking for high school players for the 2014 season, boys in grades

9-12. Come check out “the fastest game on two feet.” New players are welcome. Practices started Jan. 8. Info: Jack Caughron (912) 6605650 or Georginanna Broadwell at (912) 503-8352 or online at Sports Camps New Millinneum Sports Trainers All-Sports Camps, started Feb. 1 through July 27. Training includes nutrition plan, weight training, speed training and position training. Info: Coach Derrick Johnson 912-631-1643 or email johnson15johnson64@ Softball Savannah Indians fast-pitch softball travel club tryouts, 8-under, 10-U, 12-U, 14-U, 16-U, 18-U, Scarbrough Field in Bacon Park (Skidaway Road and Bona Bella Avenue). Practices: Saturday 10am - 1pm for 14-U, 16-U, 18U; 1-3pm for 8U, 10U, 12-U. Bring your glove, batting helmets, cleats, sports drink and water. Info: Edwin Graham savannahindians@ and team webpage youth /astpitch.


Spirit Newspapers • April 24 - April 30, 2014 • Page B5



Giveaways and Giveaways and Items that are Items that are $100 or less $50 or less are are



SAPA ADS Reach over 5.6 million weekly readers with a classified ad in the Southeastern Advertising Publishers Association Regional Classified Advertising Program! Call 7483567 for more information! ANNOUNCEMENTS Beware of loan fraud. Please check with the Better Business Bureau or Consumer Protection Agency before sending any money to any loan company. SAPA ————————————— DONATE YOUR CAR - FAST FREE TOWING 24 hr. Response - Tax Deduction UNITED BREAST CANCER FOUNDATION Providing Free Mammograms & Breast Cancer Info, 888-7599782. SAPA WANTED TO BUY CASH for unexpired Diabetic Test Strips! Free Shipping, Friendly Service, BEST prices and 24 hour payment! Call Mandy at 1-855-578-7477, or visit Espanol 1-888-440-4001 SAPA COMPUTERS & TECHNOLOGY My Computer Works: Computer problems? Viruses, spyware, email, printer issues, bad internet connections - FIX IT NOW! Professional, U.S.-based technicians. $25 off service. Call for immediate help. 1-888-582-8147 EDUCATION NEED YOUR HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA? Earn it from home in a few short weeks. Work at your own pace. First Coast Academy. Nationally accredited. Call for free brochure. 1-800-658-1180, extension 82. SAPA ————————————— AIRLINE CAREERS BEGIN HERE - GET FAA APPROVED MAINTENANCE TRAINING FINANCIAL AID FOR QUALIFIED STUDENTS - HOUSING AVAILABLE JOB PLACEMENT ASSISTANCE. CALL AVIATION INSTITUTE OF MAINTENANCE 1-866-724-5403 WWW.FIXJETS.COM. SAPA EMPLOYMENT $$$ GETLOADED $$$ Experience pays - Up to 50cpm. New CSA friendly equipment (KWs) CDLA Required. 1-888-592-4752. ————————————— ALASKA CRAB FISHING Jobs: $7K-$15K a month + Full Benefits. Food, Housing, Transportation Provided. Apply online today! 1-620-200-0312. SAPA FINANCIAL Beware of loan fraud. Please check with the Better Business Bureau or Consumer Protection Agency before sending any money to any loan company. SAPA ————————————— $$$ACCESS LAWSUIT Cash Now!! Injury Lawsuit Dragging? Need fast $500-$500,000? Rates as low as 1/2% month. Call Now! 1-800-568-8321. Not valid in NC SAPA HEALTH & MEDICAL Canada Drug Center is your choice for safe and affordable medications. Our licensed Canadian mail order pharmacy will provide you with savings of up to 90 percent on all your medication needs. Call Today 1-800265-0768 for $25.00 off your first prescription and free shipping. SAPA ————————————— AFFORDABLE DENTAL PLANS. 10-60% savings! 30 plans Available. Enroll online NOW (using code 41168.dp) to get 3 Extra months FREE! dpbrokers. com/41168.dp or Call Today: 1.800.219.7473 (give coupon code 41168) MISCELLANEOUS Dish TV Retailer -SAVE! Starting $19.99/month (for 12 months.) FREE Premium Movie Channels. FREE Equipment, Installation & Activation. CALL, COMPARE LOCAL DEALS! 1-800-351-0850.

Got a bicycle to peddle? A washer to unload? Place your classified items today, and watch them get

Moved by the Spirit!


Items Less Than $100


6 weeks


No Charge

25 words or less, only $

(Includes Public Service Announcements such as Garage Sales For Churches, High School Reunions, Volunteers Needed, etc.)

Stuff For Sale weeks Run It Til It 66Sells! Homes for sale months Cars, ................ Homes for rent vans 4 months$20 Cars,trucks, trucks, vans.........$15 Cars 6 months Boats ................................... $25 Boats...........................$20 Trucks 6 months Homesforfor rent............$20 Homes Rent ................... Motorcycles 6 months$25 Campers/RV’s 8 months Homesfor for Sale............$35 Homes Sale .................... $35 Boats/JetPrivate Skis Party 6 months ads only, please. Anything Else 1 Week

————————————— DISH TV Retailer. Starting at $19.99/month (for 12 mos.) & High Speed Internet starting at $14.95/month (where available.) SAVE! Ask About SAME DAY Installation! CALL Now! 1-800-351-0850 VACATION/TRAVEL CAVENDER CREEK CABINS Dahlonega, GA GAS TOO HIGH? Spend your vacation week in the North Georgia Mountains! Ask about our weekly FREE NIGHT SPECIAL! Virtual Tour: Cozy Hot Tub Cabins! 1-866-373-6307 SAPA

YARD SALES Estate Sale, Saturday, May 3rd, 8am - 2pm, 12 Hickory Drive in Garden City (off of smith Avenue). Furniture, Golf Clubs, Bicycles, Scooters, Baby items, Home furnishings, and more! 050114 —————————————

Furniture Sale!

Saturday, April 26th, 8am - 2pm, 9 Ashwood Court in Pooler (Ashwood Subdivision, off of South Rogers Street). Antiques, Hickory chair, European furniture, artwork and more. Cash and carry! 042414 —————————————


Saturday, April 26th, 7:30amAll Day, at 2637 Evergreen Ave. (between East Victory Dr. & 43rd Street)... Unique items, from hornets nests to 13 oriental rugs. Coke & Black memorabilia. Contents of house. Lots of antiques from furniture to paintings. Also Sunday afternoon. Ken 042414 ————————————— Faith Harvest Sanctuary Community Yard Sale... May 3rd, 8am to 2pm. It will be held on church property off of Hwy 280. If interested in reserving a spot to have a yard sale, it’s $20 but you must have your own tables, etc. Your space can be as large as you’d like, there’s no limit on space. We will also be having a Boston Butt sale. 517 Student Ministries will be having a car wash and iGlo will be selling hotdogs and having a bake sale. If you have any further questions, or would like to reserve a spot for yard sale, please feel free to call: Debbie Hewitt, 912659-0509. Any vendors are welcome! 050114 ————————————— Pooler Yard Sale... at 736 Pine Barren Road, just East of South Rogers Street. Clothes... name brands for ladies and kids! Furniture, toys, and much more! From 8am til 1pm. Saturday, April 26th. 042414 ————————————— The Pooler Senior Center will be having their annual YARD SALE on Saturday, May 31st, They are in need of donations from the public to help make this sale a success. If you have anything that you would like to donate for the sale, or you have left overs from your yard sale (no clothes please), call Susan at the Senior Center at 912-7480912. 060514 ————————————— Saturday, April 26th... Autumn Lake at Berwick Plantation (off of Hwy 17) Community Yard Sale! 8am - 12 noon. 042414 ————————————— YARD SALE... 32 Warren Dr. in Port Wentworth. Saturday, April 19th, starting at 9am. Clothes, knick knacks, household items and more. 041714 —————————————

Bloomingdale Flea Market

On Hwy 80 in Bloomingdale, 1/4 mile West past Hwy 80 & Hwy 17 intersection. The Train Man is there with used trains and other items. We have a wide variety of inventory including furniture, appliances and collectibles and more. Come visit us. Vendors welcomed. Competitive Daily and weekend rates. Call for more information and hours 912-655-0105. 050114

LOST & FOUND Lost Cat... Male black long haired cat with graying collar fur missing from yard in Gordonston neighborhood (Gwinett/Skidaway/Pennsylvania) since Thursday, April 3rd. Light green eyes, fangs stick out with mouth closed, skittish/slightly feral, vaccinated, neutered, has microchip. Sick, wheezing/panting when last seen. Please call or take to Eastside Animal 800 Ash Street in Savannah. Please call 401-8564 if you have any information. 052214 —————————————

Reward Offered!

Missing since April 7th near Garden Acres Mobile Home Park in Pooler. Small, female Shih Tzu with a cone around her head. Call 912-508-5886 please. 051514 —————————————

Missing! REWARD!

American Pit Bull, brindle with white chest and two white paws. Last seen on March 26th at Little McCall & Courthouse Roads in Guyton. Call 772-7381 or 220-2891. 050114

PETS/LIVESTOCK Helpful numbers for animal owners/lovers... Chatham County Animal Shelter, 3516750; Veterinary Emergency and Specialty Referral Center, 355-6113, Save A Life, 598-7729, 2nd Chance, 748-6097, Humane Society, 354-9515, Statesboro/ Bulloch Humane Society, 6819393, Spa Neuter Alliance Clinic in Ridgeland, 843-645-2500. ————————————— Pets R Luv! PetSmart Charities National Adoption Weekend is being held on Saturday, May 3rd and Sunday, May 4th from 11am to 4pm. Come on down for a lifetime of love. Find that purrfect buddy you’ve been longing for at one of your 3 neighborhood PetSmart stores: Southside/11132 Abercorn, Midtown/1821 E. Victory Drive, and Pooler/262 Pooler Parkway.


Important Numbers

Emergency - 911; Al-Anon (family groups) - 598-9860; Alcoholics Anonymous - 212-870-3400; Child Abuse - 800-244-5373; Crime Stoppers - 234-2020; Domestic Violence - 800-334-2836; National Suicide Hotline - 800784-2433; Poison Control - 800222-1222. tfn —————————————

Class of ‘68

Members of the Effingham County High School Class of 1968 will gather for a “dutch treat” lunch at noon, Saturday, April 26, 2014 at Carey Hilliards Restaurant at 198 Pooler Pky., in Pooler. Purpose of the lunch is fellowship and “catching up.” To be sure there is sufficient room, please reply to: or call Robert Williams at 912-281-5438. 042414 ————————————— The Savannah Baptist Center is always looking for outstanding volunteers. Check out our website to see what we’re about. Background checks will be run on all volunteers. tfnsh —————————————


The Pooler Senior Citizens Center will be having a team in the March Of Dimes Walk-A-Thon this year and we are looking for senior citizens who would like to come and join in on our team to help fight birth defects in babies. The walk will be held at Daffin Park, in Savannah on Saturday, April 26th. If you live in the Pooler/Bloomingdale area and would like to come and be a part of our team, please call Susan Edwards, Center Director at (912) 748-0912. Or if you feel you cannot walk and would like to make a donation to help out our team goal, it would be greatly appreciated. 042414

$25 25 words or $35 $30 less, only $25 $25 $25 $35per week $25 per week $8

$25 $35 $30 $25 $25 $25 $35 $25 $8

6 $7.50


Savannah High School Class of 1974 Reunion

Grads and friends from Savannah High School Class of 1974, join fellow classmates for an evening of dinner, dancing, cash bar, door prizes and special guest appearances on Saturday, June 21, 2014, at the Johnny Harris Banquet Center on Victory Drive in Savannah. The cost is just $40 per person if you sign up and pay by May 1, 2014. The cost goes up to $50 if you wait until after May 1 but don’t wait too long because the cut off to pay is June 1st. So, don’t delay. Sign up and send your payment today! Make checks payable to SHS 74 Class Reunion, P.O. Box 13932, Savannah, GA 31416. Please write your name (and your guest’s name) in the memo section of your paper check or account section of your eCheck. Your reunion committee is Debbie Eason, Carmel (Garvin) Hearn, Tommy Holland, Kathy Redding, Mark Redding, Tony Stanford, Judy Wilhite-Mincey and Betsy (Brogdon) Woodard. Website: Phone number: 912-388-6747 Mailing address: SHS 74 Class Reunion, P.O. Box 13932, Savannah, GA 31416 Email address: ————————————— Wanted: volunteers for a threapeutic assisted activity and riding program. If you love children and horses you will enjoy helpinging others at Faith Equestrian Therapeutic Center. Volunteering at FETC is mildly physical. You must be able to walk for 30 minutes and jog for short distances. No horse experience is needed we will train you. Come and enjoy a beautiful farm setting and help a child or adult with a special challenge to have the gift of hope and as they build conifdence and new abilities with horses. Call Bonnie Rachael at 912-655-1480. tfnSH —————————————

Compassionate Care Hospice Needs Volunteers

5 Ways to Place Your Ad: Phone in............ 748-3567 Fax in.................748-0490 E-Mail us: Mail in: P.O. Box 33, Pooler, GA 31322

Or:in: Drop in: Drop Submit at: St. 1113 South Rogers 1204 W. online Hwy. 80 Pooler, Georgia Pooler, Georgia ————————————— Second LIFE, located in Guyton at 308 Central Avenue is now open for business on Saturdays. ————————————— Want a Book Written? Would you like to have a book on the history of your family, company, career, house of worship, or other memorable subject? Have you always wanted someone to help you write your autobiography? Do you have a story you would like developed into a novel or nonfiction work? I’m Your Man! I write for seven of the best publications in Savannah and I can write your book. Books, Articles, Ad Copy, Websites, Presentations, Promotional Materials, etc. See some of my periodical works at http://savannahnow. com/authors/clark-byron All work done on a fee-for-service basis. You retain all royalties. Give me a call... Clark Byron, at 912-484-3936 or I accept Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. tfnCB

BUSINESS OPPTY. Choose Your Own Hours!

• No Territorial Limits • Get Paid Daily • See details at: www.CreateWealthParttime. com. tfnLS

HELP WANTED YRC Freight is hiring PT Combination P&D drivers/Dock Workers in Savannah, GA. CDL-A w/ XT or HTN endorsements req. Must be 21 YOA w/truck driving exp. and able to lift 65lbs. Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer/ Minorities/ Females/ Persons with Disabilities/Protected Veterans. Apply online: ————————————— Part time Mechanic needed at Effingham Auto Sales. Call Joe at 826-1071 for more details. —————————————

Personal Assistant for Executive Family

Compassionate Care Hospice is in need of volunteers to join our compassionate team. There are opportunities to assist in the office, as well as provide respite and run errands as needed for caregivers of our patients in Bryan, Chatham and Effingham counties. For more information or to apply, please contact Renee Gresham-Crawford at 912691-5755 or go to www.cchnet. net to apply. You can also visit our Facebook page. tfn0514 ————————————— The Savannah Ogeechee Canal Museum and Nature Center, a non-profit corp. located at 681 Fort Argyle Road at Bush Road, Savannah, GA 31419. Phone: 7488068. Visitors welcome Fridays, 10am til 4pm, Saturdays,9am to 5pm, Sundays, Noon til 5pm, and Mondays, 10am til 4pm. Volunteers needed to greet visitors and help with light maintenance.

Executive needs a Personal Assistant to manage family household, events and as personal driver. Requires supervising home projects, shopping, laundry pickup, drop off and pick up of children, monitoring properties, maintaining cars. Full time position, five days a week, some weekends if special events. $14.00 per hour. Must have experience related to position, good driving record. Send resume plus four references to: or mail to Gretsch P O Box 1187 Pooler, GA 31322 041714 ————————————— Experienced Heavy Equipment Operator must have clean MVR, own transportation to work, must be able to pass background check for working on military bases and pass random drug screening. 912-213-1256. 041714

————————————— Experienced Dump Truck Driver... Experienced Class A or B Dump Truck Driver. Must have clean MVR, own transportation to work, must be able to pass background check for working on military bases and pass random drug screening. 912-2131256. 041714 ————————————— Entry level positions available for Apprentices and Helpers. Seeking dependable, career minded trainees willing to learn a trade. Apply in person Monday through Friday, 8am – 4pm. Delta Metals, Inc., 218 East Lathrop Avenue in Savannah. EOE/ MF/ADA/Drug Free tfnDM ————————————— Pest Control Tech Needed... No experience necessary. Must have valid driver’s license. Must pass drug test & background check. Call Monday - Friday, 10am - 4pm. 236-0123. 040314 ————————————— The Effingham County Sheriff’s Office is currently seeking applicants who are interested in a jail officer position. People who are motivated and looking for a career in law enforcement are encouraged to apply. An application is available online at or at the Effingham County Sheriff’s Office. Please contacted Sgt. Travis Dailey at 912-754-3449 for additional information. 041714 —————————————

Hiring Today!

Housecleaners wanted... Pay is $10 to $12 per hour plus tips. No weekends/nights, car with insurance required. Must submit to a record check. Apply at MaidPro, 930 Morgan’s Corner Road, Pooler, behind Jalapeno’s. tfmMP ————————————— Nursery worker needed at Alpha United Methodist Church in Bloomingdale. Sunday mornings from 9:15am to 12 noon and on Wednesday evenings from 6:15pm to 8:30pm. $10/hour. Call the church office 749-4025 or Nancy Hammond at 7489134. 050114 ————————————— Choose Your Own Hours! • No Territorial Limits • Get Paid Daily • See details at: www.CreateWealthParttime. com. tfnLS


Cleaned, blued, stock refinishing, minor repairs. Bought ~ Sold ~ Traded. Springfield. Call 912-547-0758. 050114 ————————————— Experienced runner and consistent age group top three finisher who has run two marathons, some dozen half marathons and hundreds of shorter distance races offering personal training for general fitness and races. Excellent interpersonal and motivational skills. Reasonable rates. Call Steve at (912) 704-1117 or email starchaserfp@ tfnSP

Sheet Metal Fabricators & Welders • Must be able to accurately interpret blueprints, CAD drawings and field sketches • Experienced working with various shop equipment including shears, punches, rollers, press brakes and other miscellaneous metal fabrication equipment. • Must be proficient with MIG and TIG welding light gauge sheet metal including aluminum, stainless steel, carbon steel & galvanized steel. • This full time position is Mon-Fri with the requirement to work overtime and weekends as needed. Pay depending on experience. Benefits include health insurance plan, 401(k), vacation & paid holidays. Apply in person 8am - 3pm: Delta Metals, Inc. 218 East Lathrop Avenue Savannah, GA 30415 Email Resumes to EOE/MF/ADA/Drug Free work place

Page B6 • Spirit Newspapers • April 24 - April 30, 2014

————————————— Want a Book Written? Would you like to have a book on the history of your family, company, career, house of worship, or other memorable subject? Have you always wanted someone to help you write your autobiography? Do you have a story you would like developed into a novel or nonfiction work? I’m Your Man! I write for seven of the best publications in Savannah and I can write your book. Books, Articles, Ad Copy, Websites, Presentations, Promotional Materials, etc. See some of my periodical works at http://savannahnow. com/authors/clark-byron Give me a call... Clark Byron, at 912.484.3936 or tfnCB ————————————— Guitar Lessons... at Randy Woods Guitar, Hwy 80 in Bloomingdale. Give us a call for more information, 748-1930. —————————————

Alcohol Problem?

There’s help! Effective medication with Vivitrol with counseling in private Doctor’s office. Call today, 507-5225. tfnah

HANDYMAN Retired Carpenter and painter is offering services for house painting and small handyman jobs. Pooler area. Call 912-9881559. References available.

WANTED Soda Cans and Metal Wanted... We are trying to raise money for a foundation the “Wish To walk” foundation. All people interested in donating metal or soda cans should contact me at 912-508-4558. All of the money raised goes to help people in this area. If you are interested in learning more about Wish to Walk please contact me at the same number or email me at Shaw_B ————————————— Buying phonograph record collections. Larger quantities preferred. 45’s, 33’s and 78 rpm. All types of music wanted. Local private collector. Top prices paid. Dan, 912-313-9099.


Office Furniture For Sale

Springfield... Former Attorney’s office furniture consisting of Desks, File Cabinets, Bookcases, Board Table with Chairs, Misc. Chairs. Call for complete list, prices and pictures. 912-7544243 or 912-663-5587. 060514 ————————————— Betsy Lynn Upright Piano... Excellent tone. $250; Sofa, with pillows across top, in excellent shape, great upholstery, clean as a whistle! $300. Call 912-8447041. 052214 ————————————— 96-98 Ford Mustang Hood... Cowl Hood. Forest Green. In good shape. Cowl is approx 10’ tall. $275. Call 912-247-9781. 052214 ————————————— 2 Dryers... Kenmore and Whirlpool, $70 each; Small chest freezer, $70. All in good working condition. Call 912-508-5889. ————————————— 3 Round Iron & Glass Deck Tables, $30 each. Call 912-6650696. 051514 ————————————— Sofa and Love Seat... very nice, practically new! Asking $175. Call 912-661-0825. 051514 ————————————— 1953 Crosley Shelvador Refrigerator, still operating. $500 or best offer. Call 912-826-6262.

————————————— Ladies Harley Davidson leather gloves, medium, trimmed in lavender, $50; Bricks and blocks, $25. Call 659-9870. 050814 ————————————— 2012 Harmar Electric Vehicle Swing-away power lift for chair or travel scooter. $1700. Call 912-489-3731. 042414 ————————————— Walker/Rolliator... $75 or best offer. Call 988-3006. 041714 ————————————— Dining Chairs, need refinishing, $50 each; Computer desk and chair, $35; Glass table, $25; Steel desk with chair, 5’ long, $125. Call 858-2746 or 661-3879. ————————————— VERY CLEAN TORO ZERO TURN MOWER... Timecutter 16-42Z, looks almost new. Garage kept. Engine will not turn over. WON’T START. Was $2995 new. may be repairable. 16hp Briggs engine. Many others will fit. Priced to sell. Bring $800 and take it. Pics available. Call 912660-6275. tfnMJP ————————————— Mattresses... King and full size mattresses in good condition. $75 and $50 per set. Call Mr. Dan, 912-964-1421. tfnqrl ————————————— Microwaves/Refrigerators... apartment size, two door, beige, some with ice makers. Excellent condition, $100/$125. Microwaves are 1000 watt, brown, just $50. Good condition. Call Dan, 912-964-1421. tfnQRL ————————————— For sale: Size 2 wedding dress. covered with beautiful lace and beads, can be worn with straps or strapless, floor length, excellent condition. $100. Call 6671995. tfnsp ————————————— New 7 x 18 Car Hauler Trailer... 2-3500 lb. axles, electric brake, full steel floor with tiedown rings, ramps, $2425. Call 912234-3348. tfnbbb ————————————— New 7 x 20 5 ton trailer, 2-5200 pound axles, brake axle, spring assist ramps, $2600. Call 912234-3348. tfnbbb —————————————


Call Eddie for FREE pickup, 4292248. tfnEd

CEMETERY LOTS HILLCREST ABBEY WEST... Two lots, two vaults, in the Garden of The Last Supper. $6500 Value; asking $4000. Call 912-6638885. tfn0314

LAND FOR SALE Guyton... 2 acres on Gracen Road in Guyton. Some road frontage, some wooded, some cleared. Zoned for home or mobile home. Close to all schools. $12,500. Call 912-429-1744. ————————————— Bryan County, 3.9 Acres... With 3 bedroom fixer-upper mobile home and 2 bedroom apartment on property, as well. 2 septic tanks. Park-like setting on Lake Lorraine. $75,000 or best offer. Call 912-414-4441. —————————————


Rincon... 3.47 acres for sale by owner. Close to schools, deep well, septic tank and power. Ready to move on. $50,000. Located off of Old Augusta Road. Call 754-3131. tfn0114 ————————————— Effingham County... 8.05 acres in North Effingham County. Deep well, septic tank, mostly wooded, good high land. $59,900. Owner financing, $495 per month with down payment.. Call 912-754-4243. 103014

————————————— Real Estate for Sale... Call 912233-3012 or 912-663-9685. —————————————

Investment Property

175’ frontage on clean Satilla River in Camden County. 3 bedroom, 1 bath, kitchen, large front porch, floating dock. Ideal weekend retreat! 100 miles from Pooler. Only $165,000. Call 912-667-1697. 071814 —————————————

Attention Investors!

Seven (7) acres of undeveloped land for sale in Guyton. $35,000 or best offer. Please call 305318-0100. 041714 —————————————

Investment Property for Sale

One Doublewide and one single wide mobile homes, on 2 separate lots with well and septic tank on both. Would like to sell, $100,000. Owner financing possible with 10% down, $1000 per month payments plus 3% interest. Call 210-6342 or 386-961-9558. —————————————

Land... Affordable

Guyton... 1.5 acres, $10,000, Zoned AR-2 Clyo... Hwy 119 North... 10 acres... $53,680. Clyo... 4 bedroom mobile home 1.1 acres, landscaped. $24,900.

Snooks Realty Call Jimmie! 912-663-9836



118.27 Acres - 1000’ frontage on Lower Ebenezer Creek. Timber and hunting tract. $130,000 ($1,099 per acre). Timberland - 30 acres and up! Call for details!

Snooks Realty Call Jimmie! 912-663-9836

————————————— Rivercrest Plantation, in south Bulloch County close to the Ogeechee... five to seven acre tracts of beautiful land, homes only, horses welcome, starting at $30,000 to $60,000. Call Matt Cramer for details, 658-5099.

COMM. PROPERTY - SALE Building for sale/lease... at 2760 Hwy 80 in Faulkville. 5,000 sqare feet, perfect for store/warehouse. Call 912-657-2224. ————————————— Springfield... Office building for lease, lease/purchase, or sale with owner financing. At 505 North Laurel Street, downtown Springfield. 1600 square feet with paved parking lot. 3 offices, board room, waiting room, two restrooms. $850 per month. Call 912-754-4243 or 912-663-5587 for details and pictures. 081414 ————————————— Guyton, Georgia... 8000 square foot metal building, formerly a Dollar General building, suitable for many uses. $150,000. Call 912-233-3012 or 912-663-9685.

HOMES - SALE Pooler... Garden Acres Subdivision. 4 bedroom, 3 bath home with new paint and carpet. Separate 20’X20’ garage, fenced yard and 2 driveways. Only $110,900. Call 912-665-0555. —————————————


2 bedroom, 2 bath home in Hinesville, close to military base, 5 minute walk to retail/grocery stores. New tile, carpet, interior paint, water heater and new appliances. $8000 in upgrades. $55,000 negotiable. Email: armyranger72076 for more information or call 660-723-4044 for more information. 061914


New Ad By Owner

Peaceful and private... 3.61 acres, a beautiful Craftsman house with 3 bedrooms and 2 baths, kitchen with 42” Cherry cabinets and black appliances, bathrooms have furniture style vanities, cherry crown moulding throughout the house, with lots of upgrades, 21 oak trees, fruit trees, grapevines and lots of azaleas, wood fence across front and side of property, an added plus for property, a professional Stuppy greenhouse with fans and floor and electricity, 4,320 square feet, can be used for workshop or anything you like. Property backs up to a wildlife preserve. Has a Statesboro address, but is just 3 miles to Oliver and 17 miles to Guyton. $158,000 firm. Call 912-8425204. 100914 ————————————— Looking For a Good Investment? Here’s one! 1.5 acres with quaint home. Fenced in yard, outside storage buildings. $45,000. Call 912-858-5454. 091114 ————————————— Rincon... 3100 sqft 4BR 3 1/2 BA Custom Red Brick Ranch w/ huge attic could convert to 2nd floor. All light color Hardwood flooring throughout; Remodeled kitchen ($10,000), Remodeled Master bath ($20,000); Inground fiberglass saltwater pool with computerized pump, cleaner/sweeper, lights with huge patio and Tiki Hut bar; Surround sound speaker throughout house with Theater Room/ Sunroom. 3M tinted windows for energy efficiency; 2 new 14 Seer heat pumps. Extensively landscaped with lighted curbing, outside outlets on timer, upgraded sprinkler system. ADT Alarm system. This 1/2 acre home appraised in 2008 at $420,000 before remodeling. Agent protected. Call 912-8266866 for appointment; serious inquiries only. Home can be viewed on 199 Chimney Road in Rincon. tfnSH ————————————— Springfield brick home... 2 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, enclosed garage and breezeway, on a one acre lot, on Hwy 119 South. Asking $153,500. Call 912-655-4555. ————————————— Beautiful South Effingham, 6 year old, home in Southbend Sub/next to Eff HS and MS; 125 Buckskin Ct, 3BR/2BA, 1273 sq ft, Cathedral ceiling, open floor plan, 2 car garage, over-looking woods and lagoon, appliances remain, Great Deal at $123,500. Call Holly Rolfes, ERA Southeast Coastal Real Estate, 912-2723092, or 912-927-1088. tfn0314

ROOMMATES Looking for Someone to share apartment. Private bedroom with queensize bed, triple dresser, 3x4 mirror, chest of drawers, private closet. Shared TV room with Dish connection, bathroom, washer/dryer, free parking and access to fishing lake. No smoking, no drugs. $125 per week or $500 per month, deposit negotiable. Call 912-655-0095. 052214

HOMES FOR RENT Richmond Hill... 3 bedrooms, 1 1/2 baths, living room, kitchen with eating area, furnished range, refrigerator, dishwasher. Exterior storage building. Available June 1st. $850 per month plus $850 deposit. 912-844-7039. ————————————— Springfield... 2 bedroom, 1 bath home, central heat & air, great schools, great neiighborhood. Available now! No pets. $700 per month plus $700 security deposit. Call 912-661-4649.

————————————— Bloomingdale house for rent, 3 bedrooms, one bath, fenced in back yard, $800 month and deposit. Call Ricky, 912-665-3707. —————————————


Rent or Lease with option to buy (owner financing available with credit check and down payment). 2 bedroom, 2 bath home in Hinesville, close to military base, 5 minute walk to retail/ grocery stores. New tile, carpet, interior paint, water heater and new appliances. $8000 in upgrades. $750-$800 per month plus $750-$800 security deposit. Pets allowed with a $300 nonrefundable pet deposit. Email: armyranger72076 for more information and to send references and personal information or call 660-723-4044 for more information. Background and credit check required. 061914 —————————————

Large 3 bedroom 2.5 bath home with fenced yard and community pool, playground, and tennis court. Great family neighborhood. Asking $1400 per month. Please call for more information. You wont be disappointed. 912-441-6129. 052214 ————————————— Rincon 3 bedroom, 2 bath Brick House w/ Fenced Backyard. Spacious house, great condition, quite neighborhood. Central Heat/Air, total electric. 1 Pet Okay, $300 non-refundable pet fee. Close to airport and Gulfstream. $1,100/mo + $1,100 sec. deposit. Call (912)826-6263. ————————————— Rincon... 3 BR/2BR, All electric, W/D hookup, quiet, safe neighborhood, great retirement area, close to downtown Rincon. $850/month. Call 912-826-1073. ————————————— Rincon... 3 BR/2BR, All electric, W/D hookup, quiet, safe neighborhood, great retirement area, close to downtown Rincon. $850/month. Call 912-826-1073.

APARTMENTS - RENT Garden City... two bedroom garage apartment, eat-in kitchen, stove and refrigerator furnished, garage with washer/dryer connections, gas heat, stove and water heater. Convenient to Gulfstream and other westside businesses. $550 deposit, $550 per month. Call 728-4101. ————————————— Springfield Duplex... 2 bedroom, 2 bath, refrigerator, microwave, dishwasher, stove, W/D hook-ups. Lots of cabinet and closet space. $625 per month plus $625 security deposit. Available now. Call 912667-0203. 073114

MH FOR RENT Effingham County, Courthouse Road... 4 bedrooms, 2 baths, great room, living room, all new carpet. $900 per month plus $850 deposit. Call 912-658-2961. ————————————— Bloomingdale... Large mobile home for rent, available May 1st. 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, walkin closets and appliances, on private lot. $750 per month, $750 deposit. $250 pet deposit for inside pets, no large dogs. Call 748-2785. 081414 ————————————— Eden... about ten minutes from Pooler off Hwy 80. 2 Bedrooms, 2 full baths, brand new carpet, nice covered front porch, on a private lot with a fenced-in yard. $600 per month. 912-663-6409.



Kenwood KDC-152 In-Dash MP3/WMA CD Receiver Installed $


155 Reg. $195

(Parts May Be Needed For Certain Vehicles.)

1202 West Hwy. 80 • Pooler • 748-1116 (Behind RH Fitness and Tipton’s Furniture)

————————————— Garden City... 3 bedroom, 1 bath mobile home for rent. Large fenced yard. Outside pets only. References required. $600 per month plus $300 security deposit required. Available May 1st. Call 748-0353 or 330-4486. ————————————— Mobile homes available in Bloomingdale, 1, 2, and 3 bedrooms, no pets. Rent starting at $500 with $150 deposit. For more information, please call 912-658-2961. Equal Housing Opportunity. tfnPO

COMMERCIAL RENTALS Building for sale/lease... at 2760 Hwy 80 in Faulkville. 5,000 sqare feet, perfect for store/warehouse. Call 912-657-2224. ————————————— Springfield... Office building for lease, lease/purchase, or sale with owner financing. At 505 North Laurel Street, downtown Springfield. 1600 square feet with paved parking lot. 3 offices, board room, waiting room, two restrooms. $850 per month. 912-754-4243 or 912-6635587 for details and pictures. ————————————— Rincon Office Space... Columbia Avenue/Hwy 21. 600 sq. ft. office space. $600 per month, $600 security deposit. 826-5363. ————————————— Pooler... 150-185 sq ft. office spaces. Four units available. Can combine to create larger space. All utilities included. $300-400 per month. Immediate occupancy. Call 596-5173 for viewing.

TRUCKS/VANS/SUVS 2004 Chrysler Towne & Country Van... Loaded, $128K miles (wife’s van). Excellent condition. $6800. Call 912-844-7039. ————————————— 1998 Dodge Ram Quad Cab... V-8, automatic, power windows, doors, locks. CD/AM/ FM. One owner. Very low miles, 42,100. Too many options to list. Call 748-1581 for price. ————————————— 2008 Trail Blazer... Silver, 4-door, well maintained, mostly highway miles. Asking $7999 or best offer. Call 912-704-2680. ————————————— As a courtesy... If you see or call on an ad and find that the item has already sold, please make your next call is to Spirit Newspapers so we can take that ad out of the paper! Thanks very much! ———————————— NICE 2001 Chevy Tahoe LT. LOADED, with leather, third row seats, front and rear air cond, power heated bucket seats with memory,factory tow package, power sliding glass sunroof, side air bags, 5.3L engine, recent oil change, good tires. Runs and drives great. A few (normal) cosmetic blems. Priced below kbb private party value. Ga title in hand. $4975 pics available. Call 912-660-6275.

ATV’S/MOTORCYCLES 2007 Honda VTX 1300 R... Excellent Condition, low mileage, 14,600, windsheild, saddlebags, crash bar, mustant seat, rear seat & sissy bar, floor boards (front & rear), extra V & H exhaust pipes, new battery, good tires. $5500. For more information, please call 912-748-7184.

BOATS/JET SKIS 2004 Carolina Skiff J12 with center console, 2004 Honda 2HP, 4-stroke, low hours, runs good. Trailer and everything only $3200. Call 706-400-9810.



Specializing in:

• Custom Exhaust with Flowmasters • Brakes • Tires • Alignments

PAUL’S AUTOMOTIVE Hwy. 21 in Rincon Plaza • Rincon





Front End Alignment

Four Wheel Alignment

$59.95* $69.95* Open Saturdays! A/C Check *Most cars




Includes 1 lb. Freon


Elton Brown, Owner/Operator

1722 E. Hwy. 80 • Bloomingdale (Next to Ann’s Thrift Shop)


Call 748-3567 For Information on Advertising In This Section!


Spirit Newspapers, April 24, 2014


Spirit Newspapers, April 24, 2014