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Police Reports

Thursday, December 17 - December 23, 2009

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County. Once the warrant was confirmed, the Officer took the man into custody and delivered him to Effingham Deputies at the county line. • Officers escorted a probation officer to a Port Wentworth residence to meet with a woman who was required to give a sample breath test as part of her probation. The woman refused at first, but finally gave in. Of course, it registered that she’d been drinking, so she was taken into custody. The Officers and Parole Of___________________________________ Continued on page B2


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Congrats to Mark Ingram on his Heisman Trophy win last Saturday. Weird that it’s the first such honor in Alabama history, considering some of the talent that’s gone through there. Now, I didn’t watch the whole show (of course- because taking an hour to present an award that had something like ten finalists is just retarded) but I had to laugh when I saw the little girl had finished fifth in the voting- behind Ingram, Stanford RB Toby Gerhart, Texas QB Colt McCoy and Nebraska defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh. I didn’t watch long enough to confirm it, but I’m pretty sure he was crying when the vote was announced. Seriously, after listening to all the hype, I can’t wait for the guy to be the monumental bust at quar-

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terback in the NFL that he’s sure to be... In a scene that immediately made me think of the “Return of the Living Dead” movies- or a sitcom- relatives of a Brazilian man went so far as to jump out of a funeral home’s windows after the man walked in on his own memorial service. The funeral home’s manager said he had “never witnessed a scene like this” in his 10 years in business. The supposed dead man was identified as the victim of a car crash and his funeral scheduled. He was alive and well, though (if a bit hung over) because he’d spent the night in question drinking at a bar near the crash. When he found out he’d been pronounced dead, he

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went to the funeral home to clear things up with his family. Comedy ensued. The mystery man in the casket was later identifed as a missing person and turned over to his family for burial...

this year. And I thought the Saints would be the joke of the division. Wow. Of course, who could’ve forseen Matt Ryan’s turf toe, Jonathan Babineaux’s utter and complete stupidity? To quote Richard Marx (yes, I will go so far as to quote an 80’s “hair” guy)- we “should’ve known better.” Being a Falcons’ fan must give you insight on what it’s like to be a Cubs’ fan, perpetually proclaiming “just wait until next year!” The team can spin Sunday’s game as a moral victory, since they didn’t get blown out, but- in reality- the only spin there is the season spiraling down the drain...

UGA fans will have their favorite guy to hate around for a few more years, at least, as South Carolina inked a one year contract extension with Steve Spurrier that will keep him in Columbia through the 2013 season. Hey- way to reward mediocrity SC. Reminds me of Tech giving Chan Gailey contract extensions despite results. Spurrier continues to say all the right things, like pointing out his “core of young players” and his goal of “getting South Carolina to the SEC title game for the first time.” I just wouldn’t hold my breath about that last part... I was doing a little research (I know- it’s hard to believe I actully research this stuff, but I do) and noticed that Tech has lost their last four bowl games. That does not bode well. Here’s hoping uber-coach Paul Johnson can turn that stat around, too... It’s still funny that I thought the Falcons would make the playoffs

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Tom wrote in a few weeks ago and said “I would love it if you could mention the absurd story of Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan getting into a ‘real’ fight before their fight down under.” Consider it mentioned. Tom says the pictures are “even funnier” than the story. I wonder, though. When I was a kid, I went through a phase where I watched wrestling after the 11 o’clock news on Saturday nights on WTOC (and the All Nightmare Movie came on right after wrestling). I outgrew the phase when I was about 8, though. Still, I can ___________________________________ Continued on page B2


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High School Sports

By C. Edward Wilson Lady Rebels Lose To Richmond Hill Effingham County enjoyed the fruits of its labor last year as a star-studded cast hit the court with first-year Coach Karl DeMasi leading the helm. This year it is a different story as the Rebels suffered another loss. Keyed by a 22-point second quarter, the Richmond Hill girls basketball team jumped out front enroute to a 54-29 victory on the road at Effingham County Tuesday night. Richmond Hill was led in scoring by senior Tyler Carlson, who led all scorers with 15 points. Carlson hit three trays, which opened up the defense for the Lady Wildcats. The Wildcats led after each quarter before heading into the locker room with a commanding 31-7 lead. According to Wildcats head coach Elizabeth Bennett, sophomore Aliyiah Johnson was the sparkplug in the game in the second quarter. “She came in and got hot,” Bennett said. “She and (Carlson) obviously have chemistry and we picked it up.” Johnson scored 10 points on the night. The Lady Rebels did fight back, and outscored Richmond Hill 11-6 in the third quarter, but it wasn’t enough to make up for the large halftime lead. “Effingham played a lot better in the second half,” Bennett said. “Coach (Karl) DeMasi knows what he’s doing -his teams are always fighting.” Bennett said it was an impor-

tant win for her team that she called “inconsistent.” “A lot of people don’t believe that because we’re 7-2,” she said. “But every game is big for us.” Richmond Hill will host Tompson on Friday in its first Region 3-AAA competition. BOXSCORE Richmond Hill (54) Tyler Carlson 15, Meyers 4, Goolsby 2, Davis 5, Alyiah Johnson 10, Reynolds 6, Millek 6, Anderson 2, Jennings 2. Effingham County (29) Evans 3, Dickey 3, Roberson 7, Hall 5, Hicklen 1, Williams 4, Stone 2, Boston 2, Smith 2. Halftime-Richmond Hill 31-7 Records-Richmond Hill 7-2, Effingham Co. 3-6, 1-1 region 2-AAAA Basketball schedule Friday, Dec. 18th thru Monday, Dec. 21st Jenkins- Savannah Holiday Classic at various locations: Friday, Dec 18 Groves versus Northside, Warner Robbins Savannah Christian versus Jenkins Effingham County at Ware County Richmond Hill vs. Thomson Saturday, Dec. 19 South Effingham versus Bryan County Richmond Hill at West Laurens Second Round of Games for Holiday Classic Monday, Dec. 21 Finals of Holiday Classic


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(Editor’s Note: Outdoor Truths is a weekly sportsman’s article that appears in newspapers and regional magazines across 13 states in the South, and Midwest. It is a blend of observations and experiences that have come over time from being in God’s great outdoors. We’re proud to offer this column for the outdoor sportsmen in our area.) There is no other time of year that emphasizes giving more than Christmas. The whole Christmas story is one of giving. It is God giving the world, His Son. The picture of the Giver however, is different from much of what is seen today. This Giver gave under no obligation and without expectation of receiving anything. He gave something of so much value that the receiver can only stand in awe, not of the Gift only, but of the heart of the One who would give something of such great personal value. An observant outdoors person can see some tremendous and important qualities of God. First of all we can see His unmerited generosity. This entire natural world has been given to man for his provision and pleasure. None of us deserved such a gift, but it was given to us because the nature of God is to give. We can also see the distinct and impeccable taste of God. By looking at nature, we can see that the Creator wanted to give us something so beautiful and awe-inspiring that

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no mere human could claim its idea or ownership. We can also see the ability of God. If God can create these lands and waters that we enjoy, is there anything that He cannot do? David described those things in nature this way when he wrote in Psalm 19; “They speak without a sound or word; their voice is never heard. Yet their message has gone throughout the earth and their words to all the world.” There is no doubt in the eyes and ears of those who love the outdoors that God is a giving God who loved mankind so much that he wanted to give us His best. However, when God gave us His Son, it was not only because He chose to give us His best, but because there was no other way. God would now have to choose between His love for all of mankind and allowing His own Son to suffer and die. We know which He chose. As you and I enjoy the outdoors, let it remind us of God’s ability and His desire for us to have His best. But as we celebrate Christmas,



let it remind us of His great love; for it was because of this love that He gave us His only Son. Merry Christmas.

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Lady Luck headed home early and left Andrew Smith high and dry on the damp, slippery Silver State Road Course during the World Finals in Las Vegas on December 10-12. During Thursday’s practice sessions, it quickly became evident that the car was “bad fast”, as Andrew described it. He would no doubt be a factor come race time. Friday’s qualifying day proved a little less promising as Andrew found himself qualifying only fourth fastest. In his heat race, in what would prove to be a glimpse of things to come, Andrew was forced off track to miss a pileup going into the first corner of the race. The front end was knocked out of alignment and Andrew struggled to a fifth place finish in the preliminary event.

On Saturday, after making repairs to the car, Andrew lined up in the seventh spot for the start of the main event. A steady drizzle created a slick racing surface which Andrew hoped would put a premium on driving skill and work in his favor. It didn’t. On the first lap of the championship race, Andrew was caught up in a wreck involving two cars spinning in front of him. Andrew’s car lost power and he had to unbuckle to restart the car. Once the car was re-fired, Andrew was able to catch the pack on the long backstretch of the 2 mile road course. As he was carefully making his way through the tricky turns on the slick track, disaster struck when a car just ahead of him lost control and drove right across the

nose of the number 62. Andrew had nowhere to go and rammed hard into the other car. The right front suspension was mangled and Andrew was out of the race before completing a single lap. Another championship race, another disappointment. Once back in the pits, Andrew was clearly frustrated, but not angry. “I could have won that race. I caught the pack in the backstretch and they were sliding all over the place. I was just gonna be patient.” Andrew will now turn his attention back to the East coast as he prepares for an indoor arena event in Charlotte on January 1-3, 2010. You can get all the details when they become available at

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bells? He managed to close out an otherwise great career with three years in Atlanta that produced 10 wins, 11 losses, a 4.53 ERA and just 40 saves. Now, granted, Sutter played for some terrible Braves’ teams- but he was still on the downside of his career. Billy Wagner has been around for 14 seasons now- and is still recovering from ligament replacement surgery in his pitching elbow. What I can’t figure is why the team thought he was a better option than Rafael Soriano- who accepted the team’s arbitration offer and was promptly traded to Tampa for a middling middle reliever. I guess that’s why I’m not the team’s GM. Who knows? In August, I might be cheering the move. For now, I’ll just keep scratching my head...

til I saw the deal included shipping Cliff Lee off to exile in the Pacific Northwest to pitch for the Mariners. The Phillies could’ve had one of the best one-two punches (if not the best) in the game. Instead, they have an ace and a bunch of “well, maybe’s”. At least the Braves have Jair Jurjens and, um, well- Vazquez hasn’t been traded. Yet...


never remember seeing Hulk Hogan until “Rocky III” came out, though Ric Flair was a staple on whatever version of wrestling WTOC showed. Like I said, I wasn’t all that up on wrestling “personalities.” And now I never hear about the guys until they get arrested for something... Okay- does anyone remember the last time the Braves signed a sure-fire Hall of Fame closer? Does the name Bruce Sutter ring any

Speaking of inexplicable moveswhen I saw that Roy Halladay was headed to the Phillies, my first thought was “uh-oh.” That is, un-


Gary Miller


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Police Reports

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ficer then searched her home and found an Oxycodone pill had been crushed on the kitchen counter. The woman said her husband was taking her pills and snorting

Wow- a whole column about (mostly) sports. Who’d have thought I could go a whole week without finding something to complain about?

As always, send your questions, praises, or gripes to BeanSpouts@, or via snail mail to: Bean Spouts c/o Spirit Newspapers P.O. Box 33 Pooler, GA 31322.

God, bless America.

them. The Officers then tilted the woman’s head back and looked into her nose, spotting the white powder residue. The Officers had to contact the woman’s motherin-law to come and care for her child. (What a sad Christmas it’ll be for that child with Mom in jail due to drug addiction...) • Just before 1am, an Officer saw a brown Buick run a stop sign on Frontage Road. He stopped the Buick and asked the Guyton man if he’d been drinking. “Just one large Margarita,” the man replied. The Officer soon had the man taking the standard field sobriety tests. During the instructional phase, the man began walking before the Officer told him to begin... twice. he was arrested for DUI. • At 9:30am, an Officer responded to a local hotel where an employee pointed out the man he was having trouble with. The man works at Bennigan’s, and when he gets to work early, he just goes into the hotel and begins eating from their breakfast buffet and using the guest computer and internet. He’s been asked several

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Spirit Newspapers • December 17 - December 23, 2009 • Page B3

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Dec.

17 Thursday The Constitution Party will

• be meeting at Savannah Joe Coffee House, 920-G Morgan’s Corner Road in Pooler (corner of Pooler Parkway and Pine Barren Road), on Thursday, December 17th at 7pm. The Constitution Party will be meeting to discuss various issues, historical and current events, such as legislation, taxes, education, politics, and will be hosting an Institution on the Constitution. We meet every third Thursday of the month at Savannah Joe Coffee House in Pooler. Newcomers welcome. Don’t miss Thursday, Dec. 17th @ 7pm! For more information/directions, please call Jeff Rayno at 484-5281. For Freedom! Dec.

18 Friday • Richard T. Turner Lodge #116 F&AM is hosting their Annual Christmas Dinner Food Drive at Piggly Wiggly in Pooler. Donations can be made from now thru December 18th. Dec.

21 Monday • “Winter Solstice Program” December 21 from 6:00-8:00 p.m. at the Savannah-Ogeechee Canal Museum & Nature Center, 681 Fort Argyle Road (Route 204) 2.3 miles past I-95. Walk down the historic Canal Towpath with lanterns and flashlights and discover the legends, ghost stories and local lore that surround this special time of the year. The two-hour program will conclude with refreshment around a blazing fire. Dress weather appropriate and bring small flashlights. Cost: $10 Adults, $5 Children 4-12. Not recommended for children under 5. Event will occur rain or shine. Call 748-8068 or e-mail to for information and reservations.

Police Reports

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times to stay out of the hotel, and this time, the Officers served him with a criminal trespass notice. If he does it again, he’ll go to jail. (You’re right man... how could they possibly have a problem with you going in and enjoying a free breakfast and use of their computer? Welcome to the age of Entitlement!) • Firefighters and Police responded to a second floor alarm call at a residence, only to find that no one answered the door. The Fire Chief finally made a forced entry to check for possible occupants, and then made contact with the woman that lived there. The home was checked and was not on fire. Apparently her cooking

• The Few… The Proud… The Marines Continue the proud tradition of our United States Marine Corps- Join the West Chatham Chapter #1326 of the Marine Corps League. Next Meeting: Monday, December 21, 2009. Meal served at 1900 ($13) at Randy Wood’s Guitars, 1304 E. Hwy 80, Bloomingdale. Open to all Active, Retired or Former Marines and Navy Corpsman who have served with the FMF. For additional information, contact Dale Saunders or B.J. Franklin at 665-2082 or 247-1988, or e-mail: mowandhoe@comcast. net. Dec.

23 Wednesday • Tis The Season For Giving... Angel Haven Outreach Ministry Annual Toy Drive You can drop off toys to go to a child in need this Holliday Season. Angel Haven Out Reach Ministry will be giving out the toys on Wednesday, December 23rd, from 6pm to 8pm at 409 South Laurel Street, in downtown Springfield. We will have refreshments and face painting and a Special Guest to read to the children The True Meaning of Christmas. You can drop off your toy or toys at our 2 sponsored locations: BB&T Bank 501 South Laurel Street Springfield or Aaron’s Sales & Lease Ownership 475 Northridge Drive Rincon Just come in and ask their staff where the donation box is for the Toy Drive and they will be happy to help you. Let’s make sure that a child has a nice Christmas this year. Jan.

16 Saturday • Love dolphins? Come learn about our coastal estuarine Bottlenose dolphins. THE DOLPHIN PROJECT needs volunteers to photograph and collect data on Coastal Georgia

had set off the alarm. (Yeah, my wife somehow manages to make a three alarm cheesy chicken mac!) • An Indiana truck driver told Police that a North Carolina truck driver nearly caused an accident when he didn’t yield the right of way to him while exiting from I-95 onto Hwy 21. They both pulled into the gas station, and the Indiana man went to speak with the other man, who accused him of being a racist and wanted to fight. The Officer arrived and convinced them both to shake hands and let it go. While shaking hands, the Officer noticed the North Carolina man was also smiling and mouthing the words “I’m gonna [mess] you up!” He then took him into custody for terroristic threats and took him to jail. (Way to go!) • Bringing back memories of one of my worst days ever... a Springfield man had just filled his tank and was pulling away from the gas pumps when he was alerted just a moment too late that he hadn’t bothered to replace the

& lower SC dolphins. TDP has been an all-volunteer, non-profit research a& education organization for over 20 years.Captains and their boats, photographers w/ minimum of 300mm lens cameras, team leaders and assistants are needed for research. Enjoy the beautiful coastal waters, amazing dolphins and fun folks! 2 hour basic training is required. Training workshop will be held at Armstrong University, Solms Hall -Room 108, from 10am to noon on January 16. NO RESERVATIONS REQUIRED for dolphin programtraining workshop. All are invited to attend but must be 18 y/o and be TDP member to participate in research. No charge for workshop. For information contact Peach: 727-3177 or or go to


• Want to grow your business? Come visit the Pooler BNI Chapter. Our members have the opportunity to share ideas, contacts and most importantly, business referrals. Wednesday mornings from 7:00-8:30 am at the Mighty Eighth Air Force Museum - 175 Bourne Ave, Pooler, GA. For more information go to: • Pooler MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) meets the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of each month from 9:30am to 11:30am at The First Presbyterian Church of Pooler. The meetings feature speakers, crafts, small group discussions, and great food and fellowship. All mothers of children from newborns through kindergarteners are invited. Childcare is provided from six months and up with younger babies welcome in the MOPS meeting. For more information please visit • The Retired and Senior Volunteer Program of EOA Need Volunteers Share your time and special talents with others, join the Retired and Senior Volunteer Pro-

gram of EOA, we need your help to help others. Through RSVP seniors 55 and older serve in various commnity organizations from 1 to 40 hours per week. Make your choice of where you want to serve from the many local agencies we are affiliated with. Qualification are to be 55, want to enjoy life and have the desire to share your personal talents with others. Savannah VA Clinic, American Red Cross, American Cancer Society and Hospice House are presently in great need of volunteers through RSVP. Remember, “Volunteeers Are The Heart of America.” For further exciting information please call 234-7842 or Linda Fields at 238-2960, ext. 123. • Personal Disability Voice Chat is now meeting every Thursday night from 4:30-8:30pm at Rincon First Christian Church on Hwy 21 South. • Wanted! Caring Hearts and Willing Hands- Odyssey Healthcare/Hospice is looking for Patient Care volunteers. As a Patient Care volunteer you could provide companionship to a patient. Often caregivers need someone to sit with the patient long enough to run their own errands. We also have Craft Volunteers who make things for our patients at home (supplies furnished) and we have a Craft Day at the office one day per month where we all get together to make treasures. To get started, contact Debbie Rhodes, Manager of Volunteer Services, Odyssey at (877) 691-1476 or (912) 330-0460. Donations of yarn gratefully accepted. • Pooler MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) meets the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of each month from 9:30 to 11:30AM at Trinity United Methodist Church in Pooler. The meetings feature speakers, crafts, small group discussions, and great food and fellowship. All mothers of children from newborns through kindergar-


Garden City

• Around 4pm, an Officer noticed the driver of a green Chrysler on Wheathill Road wasn’t wearing his seat belt. As he began to initiate the traffic stop, the driver jumped from the car and took off running. The Officer gave chase and saw the man run into an apartment building. The owner of the car soon showed up, and told the Officer who the man was that had taken his car without his permission. Soon the Officer had a good idea which apartment the man was hiding in. With permission from the man who lived there, the Officers entered the apartment and found the offender hiding underneath a table. He was arrested and admitted his license was suspended and he didn’t want to get into trouble. Now, in addition to the driving while suspended charge, he’s also charged with obstruction by fleeing and auto theft. (Proof that evolution CAN go

teners are invited. Childcare is provided from six months up, with younger babies welcome in the MOPS meeting. Contact Tricia for more info or directions at jayandtricia@ • Take Off Pounds Sensibly, TOPS, is a support group and meets Thursday evenings at Trinity United Methodist Church, 320 Benton Drive in Pooler. Weigh-ins start at 5:15, program begins at 6 PM. For more information, please call 450-3633, 748-3544 or 6635574. • Retired & Senior Volunteer Program Needs Volunteers Share your time and special talents with others... join the Retired and Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP)! We need your help to help others. Through RSVP, seniors 55 and older serve in various community organizations from 1-40 hours per week. Choose where you’d like to serve from the many local agencies we are affiliated with. The Community Cardiovascular Center is in need of volunteers in the medical field. Many other sites need volunteers in many areas. Please give us a call! Volunteers must be 55 years of age or older, want to enjoy life and have the desire to share their personal talents with others. For more exciting information, please call 2347842 or Linda Fields at 2382960, ext.123. “Volunteers are the Heart of America.” • The Shriners can help Free of charge for all services to crippled and burned children. Have 15 hospitals and 3 burn centers available. For local information, call 912-351-7144. • For information on Classes at the Family Health and Birth Center please call 8260764. Classes are free for Birth Center clients, whether planning to deliver at the Center or the hospital. A nominal fee is charged for all other attendees.

in reverse!) • At 1am, an Officer was on Dean Forest Road and spotted a black Isuzu Rodeo moving slowly on the roadway, then veering off the roadway. He made a traffic stop, and the driver said he only spoke just a leetle English. After blowing a .145 on the alcosensor, he was taken to jail for DUI. • A store manager at Piggly Wiggly recognized the shoplifter from several previous incidents, and moved to the front door to prevent him from leaving with more merchandise. The offender was pushing a baby stroller, loaded with a six pack of Heineken, three Pineapple Beers, as well as the baby. The manager stopped the man, who picked the child up, shoved the stroller at the manager and said “You can have the stroller and the beer! I’m not stealing from here anymore!” The manager and another employee blocked the exit, and the offender punched the manager in the face. The other employee somehow

ended up holding the child, and the man fled the store. The Officers then arrived and began their investigation when another man came up and tried to take the child from the employee who was now holding it. That man was a friend of the offender, and before you knew it, he was taking swings at the Officers. He was subdued and frisked, and soon under arrest for possession of marijuana while fighting with an Officer. Idiot! The other man, the one that got away, will be charged with shoplifting, obstruction, and battery. (Not to mention what’s gonna happen to him when baby’s momma finds out he left her baby at the store! I’ve read and written about some sorry people this year in these Police reports, but this guy has got to be about the sorriest yet! Tries using a baby to shoplift a six pack of beer, ...and whatever the heck pineapple beer is... and then leaves the child with the store employees so he can get away! Lock this guy up with baby’s momma for awhile!)

Page B4 • Spirit Newspapers • December 17 - December 23, 2009




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Dear Tom and Ray: I just got married, and last week my new husband and I got into our first disagreement in the car! He doesn’t put his blinker on when he’s stopped, waiting to turn. He waits until he gets INTO the intersection. At that point, he will turn the blinker on for just a moment, until he completes the turn and it automatically clicks off. When I asked him about this, he says that he doesn’t want his blinker bulb to burn out prematurely, so he uses it only when it is a safety concern. My questions to you are: (1) How much does a blinker bulb cost; (2) does his little trick truly impact bulb life; and (3) isn’t this “improper use of a turn signal”? He drives a 2003 Ford Mustang. I told him that it not only is dangerous not to give other drivers as much notice as possible, but it also is “ticketable.” Can you help me win our first married argument? Thank you! -- Mary TOM: Is it too late to get an annulment, Mary? I think you have grounds.

readers. His address is “Auto Album,” P.O. Box 247, Pacific Grove, CA 93950. Please enclose a stamped, self-addressed envelope if you would like a reply. If you would like to be contacted by telephone, please include your phone number, with area code, in your reply.




is too long to go through here, but there was plenty of stuff to choose from. The wrap-over Crown Victoria roof band was of brushed aluminum on the ‘83 model shown here. *** Tad Burness welcomes mail from

Across from Fun Zone

RAY: You may not realize it, but with this argument, you’ve made a very unpleasant discovery: You’re now the wife of an incorrigible cheapskate. TOM: It’s going to be a long, difficult slog with this guy, Mary. If you don’t believe me, ask any of my exwives! RAY: This is exactly why we insist that any couple in a serious relationship drive together before marriage. TOM: Whether what he’s doing is a moving violation in your state or not (I don’t know where “late to signal” ends and “failure to signal” begins), what he’s doing is unsafe and inconsiderate. The purpose of the turn signal is to notify other cars around you of your intentions. RAY: So if your new hubby enters an intersection with his blinker off, the car behind him will naturally assume he’s going to continue straight through it. Then, if your hubby suddenly turns on his left blinker and stops to wait for on-

coming traffic to pass, the guy behind him may be surprised, and may plow right into his rear end.

TOM: And last time I checked, replacing the trunk lid, two rear quarter panels and both taillight assemblies (not to mention hospital bills and insurance surcharges) is a lot more expensive than a stinkin’ blinker bulb.

RAY: By the way, these bulbs generally cost less than five bucks apiece. And they almost never blow out. Lots of cars go to the junkyard with their original blinker bulbs still working. Why? Because they spend so little time lit up compared with other bulbs in the car.

TOM: Your husband clearly needs an intervention, Mary. You can try using humor. Buy him four blinker bulbs for Christmas, and tell him that now that you’ve paid for them, he might as well get his money’s worth out of the old ones.

RAY: Or try showing him how absurd his thinking is by agreeing with him and one-upping him. Tell him that you’re really concerned about all the use the brake lights are getting, and that you think he should stop using the brakes.

TOM: And remind him that headlights are really expensive, and you think he’s overusing his. Especially at night.

RAY: But if humor doesn’t work, you’ll need to simply insist. Let him know that while you appreciate his frugality, you’re going to draw the line when it infringes on your safety. And this is one such case.

TOM: And there will be others. Trust me. So do the intervention now, during the honeymoon period, while you are at the peak of your influence over him, Mary. And if all else fails, remind him -- with a threatening look -- that you prepare his food. *** Get more Click and Clack in their new book, “Ask Click and Clack: Answers from Car Talk.” Got a question about cars? Write to Click and Clack in care of this newspaper, or e-mail them by visiting the Car Talk Web site at

Spirit Newspapers • December 17 - December 23, 2009 • Page B5




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Family, food and fun just seem to be a theme for the holidays. Well, you can add food disposals to this list, and with all that heavy holiday partying, you can end up with one that doesn’t function any longer. Here are a few things to do before calling in a pro to fix it.

Always make sure the switch is turned off before you check, test or do anything else to the food disposal. The first thing to check is the inside of the unit, just under the drain cover. Look for stuck or jammed items. After clearing it out, test it to see if it is now working. If not, try the reset button, located on the side of the unit under

the sink. This switch is designed the cut power to the unit to protect it, should it become overloaded or stuck. If something has become stuck inside the unit and is preventing the impellers from moving, and you can’t free it or find it, most food disposals come with a wrench that can be used on the bottom of the unit to manually turn the blades to free it up. Check for debris again, press the restart button and give it another try. If you don’t have the supplied wrench, you can do the same thing from the top of the unit by putting a broom handle down into the sink drain and pushing against the impeller to see if you can free it. Check for debris, push the reset button and try again. That’s about all there is to unsticking a food disposal, so if it’s not working after you have tried these tricks, you might have to call in the pros or replace it. To avoid all of this, be careful about what you put down it. Put only small amounts of food matter into the unit, and always run water down the drain as you turn it on and continue to flush it out after you turn it off. Don’t put fibrous foods, like celery and asparagus, into it. And once a month you should run it with a few ice cubes and some lemon or orange peel in it. This will keep it clean and smelling nicer. *** Q: We plan to paint our kitchen cabinets. We’ve looked at a vari-

ety of finishes and found what we think is going to look good in our kitchen. The only problem is, we’ve been told to use a shiny paint by several paint dealers. The finish we have chosen has less sheen than most of the paints they recommend. Why do they suggest a glossy paint? -- W.T. A: Most glossy paints are easier to keep clean. But you can use a semigloss or an eggshell finish if you like. Also, regular cleaning with mineral spirits paint thinner will keep airborne grease from caking up on the surface. *** If you have noticed that the pressure in your water supply has diminished over time, especially the hot-water supply, it may be something as simple as mineral deposits clogging up the lines. It’s not a very hard thing to fix once you know a little trick you can play with a dime. This is a very simple thing you can do to help flush out your water lines and get them flowing again. At the very least, it should help, if not resolve the entire problem for you. Send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to us at the newspaper, and we will send you the written instructions so you can try it yourself. It’s well worth a try, and just might do the trick! *** Got a question or a handy tip? Send it to The Super Handyman in care of this newspaper, or visit our Web site at www.thesuperhandyman. com. Those of general interest will be used in future columns.


Spirit Newspapers • December 17 - December 23, 2009 • Page B7


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SAPA ADS Reach over 5.6 million weekly readers with a classified ad in the Southeastern Advertising Publishers Association Regional Classified Advertising Program! Call 748-3567 for more information! ANNOUNCEMENTS Beware of loan fraud. Please check with the Better Business Bureau or Consumer Protection Agency before sending any money to any loan company. SAPA ————————————— WANTED: OLD JAPANESE MOTORCYCLES Kawasaki Z1-900 (KZ900) 1972-1976, KZ1000 (19761980), KZ1000R (1982,1983), Z1R, S1-250. S2-350, S3-400, H1-500, H2750, HONDA CB750 (1969-1975) SUZUKI GS400, GT380, CASH PAID, FREE NATIONWIDE PICKUP. 1-800-772-1142, 1-310-721-0726. ————————————— Attention Veterans/Patriots: While traveling on I-95, visit the Mighty 8th Air Force Museum, one of the world’s most powerful museum experiences, in Pooler, GA, Exit 102. The museum honors our military from World War Two to the present. For hotel information and ideas for other things to do, including nearby Savannah and Tybee Beach, visit the Pooler Chamber & Visitors Bureau site, or call 912-748-0110.

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26. _________________ 27. _________________ 28. _________________ 29. _________________ 30. _________________ 31. _________________ 32. _________________ 33. _________________ 34. _________________ 35. _________________ 36. _________________ 37. _________________ 38. _________________ 39. _________________ 40. _________________

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Found! Cute tuxedo kitten! Black with white toes and chin. FINANCIAL Found in Bridgewater SubdiviBeware of loan fraud. Please sion, right across from West check with the Better Business Chatham schools on Pine BarBureau or Consumer Protection Agency before sending any monren Road in Pooler. Please call ey to any loan company. SAPA 220-2687. tfn012110 ————————————— ————————————— DEBT PROBLEMS. Too many Found... in downtown Sabills? In financial distress? No vannah, near Forsythe Park. need for a loan or bankruptcy. Friendly orange house cat with We can help immediately! Call white bib and paws, one to two A.D.S. 1-888-790-4660. www. year old neutered male cat. Call (Not valid in 224-8683. tfn012110 MS or WV) SAPA ————————————— ————————————— LOST! Springer/Beagle mix off of Sandhill Road. She is 9 years ACCESS LAWSUIT CASH NOW!! As seen on TV. Injury Rain or Shine! Saturday, De- old and is black and white Lawsuit Dragging? Need $500- cember 19, 7am-1pm. House- with a pink collar. We miss $500,000++ within 48 hours? hold items, furniture, toys, her! Please call 728-9470 or Low rates. APPLY NOW BY much more. 206 Willow Brook 398-3811 with any information. PHONE! 1-800-568-8321 www. Lane, Shadowbrook Subdivi- tfn121709 sion, Effingham (off Log Land- ————————————— (Void in NC) ————————————— ing Road off of Hwy 21). 121709 Found... Expensive girls skateEDUCATION GET YOUR CASH NOW- no wait- ————————————— board in a Pooler neighborEARN YOUR HIGH SCHOOL DI- ing. Note Relief. Are you receiv- Musical Garage Sale... Guitars hood. Call to identify, 441-4117. PLOMA at home in a few short ing monthly payments on a prop- at $20, Drums at $99. Gibson, tfn121709 weeks. Work at your own pace. erty you sold? Would you prefer Fender, Leedy Slingerland, ————————————— First Coast Academy. Nation- a lump sum of cash? We also buy Gretsch and more! In Pooler, ally accredited. Call for free bro- houses. Call Today. 1-478-278- on Hwy 80 behind Hardee’s. chure. 1-800-658-1180, extension 9756 SAPA 748-0226. 121709 Diamond ring in parking lot at 82. ————————————— ————————————— Center for Digestive and Liver ————————————— NEED CASH FAST! Guaranteed Huge Indoor Yard Sale! Every Health on Lexington Avenue Heating/Air Tech Training. 3 loans from $3K-$300,000. Bad Saturday, 8am - 2pm. Big Red week accelerated program. Credit. Even Bankruptcy! Person- Barn, Mossy Oak Music Park, in Savannah, Wed. Oct. 28th. Hands on environment. State al Loans Available. NO Fees! Li- Highway 119, West from Guy- Very precious to me. Please, of Art Lab. Nationwide certi- censed, Regulated Lenders. Call ton to Old Louisville Road, Fol- Please, Please call 547-4915 or 754-6025 if you have any inforfications and Local Job Place- TODAY! 1-800-397-1768. SAPA low Signs. Call 912-772-3467 for mation. tfn012810 ment Assistance. CALL NOW: more information! tfn122409 1-877-994-9904. SAPA ————————————— ITEMS FOR SALE ————————————— DIRECTV FREE MOVIES 3 As a courtesy... If you see or call AIRLINES ARE HIRING - Train for Months! Ask How! NO Equip- on an ad and find that the item high paying Aviation Maintenance ment to Buy NO Start Costs! has already sold, please make Career. FAA approved program. Free DVR/HD Upgrade! Other your next call is to Spirit News- Helpful numbers for animal Chatham Financial Aid if Qualified - Housing Packages start $29.99/mo! De- papers so we can take that ad owners/lovers... available. CALL Aviation Institute tails Call DirectStarTV 1-800- out of the paper! Thanks very County Animal Shelter, 3516750; Veterinary Emergency of Maintenance. 1-888-349-5387. much! 203-7560. SAPA and Specialty Referral Center, 355-6113, PALS, 925-7257, Save A Life, 598-7729, 2nd Chance, 748-6097, Humane Society, 354-9515, Statesboro/Bulloch Humane Society, 681-9393 ————————————— Ads for FREE items or items that are white long-haired kitten being sold for $50 or less are FREE!* Free with orange tail and ears. Nice *Per week for 25 words or less. 10¢ each additional word. *Ads for 25 words or less, $50 limit, includes all items in ad. Christmas gift. Call 912-4147101. tfn122409 ————————————— These special pups need a r u We'll Run o home for the Holidays: ell Y rTruck 748-3567 SYour a !n It • Yorkie/Wire Terrier mix (MolC u nly 6 ForWSale e’ll R for ofor ly), female 4 yrs old. Spayed, Sells or until months UTD on vaccinations, HW nega‘Til It it sells tive and fully housetrained. $ for just 748-0490 Molly adores attention. • Chihuahua (Scooter), male 1 yr old. Neutered, UTD on vacSpirit Newspapers cinations, HW negative and housetrained. He weighs apwith a P.O. Box 33 prox. 11 pds and has beautiful Pooler, GA 31322 green eyes. Scooter is a playful little guy. • Pekingese mix, (Bear), male 3 yrs old. Neutered, UTD on Category__________________ Bold Print*__________________ vaccinations, HW negative and *Only $1 per line, 12-14 characters per line. houstrained. Bear is an absolutely wonder dog. 1. __________________ 2. __________________ 3. __________________ 4. __________________ 5. __________________ • Cocker Spaniel (Jake), male 4 yrs old. Neutered, UTD on 6. __________________ 7. __________________ 8. __________________ 9. __________________ 10. _________________ vaccinations, HW negative and housetrained. Jake loves to 11.__________________ 12. _________________ 13. _________________ 14. _________________ 15. _________________ play. 16. _________________ 17. _________________ 18. _________________ 19. _________________ 20. _________________ — Please call 313-3585 for more information, adoption fee ap21. _________________ 22. _________________ 23. _________________ 24. _________________ 25. _________________ plies. tfn122409

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————————————— Free kittens... Medium length fur, never been outside, raised and handled by children! Very affectionate, all on solid food and litter trained. Also looking for good loving home for mommy kitty! Call 659-8950, Springfield area. tfn012810 ————————————— Free to a loving family... beautiful yellow lab. His family has moved to Germany. Approximately 3 years old, great with kids! Needs a fenced yard and a family that will spend time with him. Call 450-1816 or 450-2700. tfn012810 ————————————— AKC/CKC Puppies YORKIES, $500+, BICHONS, $500+ (White, fluffy, hypoallergenic, Nonshedding, odorless). Also Toy Poodles, Chihuahuas $350+. CFA PERSIANS, HIMALAYANS, SIAMESE Kittens, $250+. Written Health Guarantee. Call 826-5172. tfn012810 ————————————— AUSTRALIAN SHEPHERD PUPPIES (CKC)… Very intelligent, loving dogs. Great with children and easy to train. Puppies have been wormed. Really nice variety of colors to choose from. Just in time for Christmas! Willing to hold for Christmas. Asking only $300! Call Kellie at 659-5135. 012110 ————————————— AKC Lab Puppies… Yellow, Black and Chocolate. $400 each. 5 males and 3 females. Will be ready the week of Christmas for their new homes! Please call 772-3882. 011410 ————————————— Puppies in time for Christmas! Registered black Labs. Ready December 7th. 5 girls / 2 boys. First shots. $400. 313-4384. ————————————— Lab Puppies... 5 chocolate and 2 black, ready Christmas week! Reserve now, $100 each. Call after 6pm, 754-7262. Before 6pm, call 667-4373. tfn011410 ————————————— Baby bunnies. Healthy and cute! $10. Call 272-6885. ————————————— AKC/CKC puppies… Boston Terriers, Jack Russells, and Mini Dachshunds. $200-$275 or best offer. Call 803-943-6875 or 803625-2767. 122409 —————————————

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Bischon puppies for sale. Ready now! Only 3 males left. Hypo-allergenic. 10 weeks old. Call 748-4499. tfn121709 ————————————— Old McDonald’s havin’ a sale! Ducks, guineas, geese, chickens, rabbits, goats, sheep and donkeys. Call 429-6198. ————————————— Kennel Closing... Chihuahuas, adults 5 females and one male. $150 each. Make appointment to see or see online at www. froggypondpuppies.tripod. com, or call 667-7096. 122409 ————————————— Very cute bunnies FREE to good homes! Call James 8562267. tfnah ————————————— Want a Great Pet? Try www. southerncomfort.petfinder. com/. There are pictures and a brief history of each of these wonderful “rescued” pets.

FOR YOUR INFO To the lady who bought the Karaoke machine at our yard sale on Hope Lane, Goshen Hills, we have found the tapes!! Please call 257-8073. 122409


————————————— Local church for sale, or lease to purchase. Owner financing also available. Fellowship hall is separate from church. Could be used as daycare/learning center with plenty office space. Plenty of parking space. Church is located in very nice neighborhood. Recreation center is within a block from the church. If interested, please call 912541-5508 and leave contact information. tfn0110 ————————————— Wilton Cake Decorating classes now signing up. Will be an eight hour course, four sessions of two hours each. For more information, please call The Cake Corner Bakery in Pooler, 7485952. tfnSH ————————————— Wanted: volunteers for a threapeutic assisted activity and riding program. If you love children and horses you will enjoy helpinging others at Faith Equestrian Therapeutic Center. Volunteering at FETC is mildly physical. You must be able to walk for 30 minutes and jog for short distances. No horse experience is needed we will train you. Come and enjoy a beautiful farm setting and help a child or adult with a special challenge to have the gift of hope and as they build conifdence and new abilities with horses. Call Bonnie Rachael at 912-655-1480. tfnSH ————————————— Tell them you saw it in The Spirit!!

We Do It All! 3 Tire Repairs 3 Shocks/Struts 3 Tires – New & Used 3 Oil Changes 3 Scheduled Maintenance 3 Computerized Diagnostics 3 Tune-Ups 3 A/C Service 3 Brake Service 3 Wheel Alignment 3 Engine Repair 3 Engine Replacement 3 Fuel Injection Service 3 Transmission Service 3 Transmission Repair 3 Steering & Suspension Repair 3 Belts & Hoses 3 Transmission Flush 3 Brake System Flush 3 Power Steering Flush 3 Cooling System Flush 3 Radiators 3 Differential Service 3 4WD Service 3 CV Shaft Replacement 3 Clutch Repair/ Replacement

Come See Us For All Types of Auto Repair!

Local, Short & Long Haul Drivers! Competitive Pay, 401k, Paid Vacation & Holidays

GEMITRUCKING INC. 1-800-905-GEMI (4364)

Locally Owned & Operated


135 E. Hwy. 80 Pooler

Page B8 • Spirit Newspapers • December 17 - December 23, 2009

————————————— The Savannah Ogeechee Canal Museum and Nature Center, a non-profit corp. 681 Fort Argyle Road at Bush Road, Savannah, GA 31419. Phone: 748-8068, Fax: 748-0805. Visitors welcome 9 AM to 5 PM, 7 days a week. Volunteers needed to greet visitors and help with light maintenance. tfn1207

BUSINESS OPPTY. Laundromat for sale... great money maker! $40,000. Call 547-3342. tfn1209 ————————————— Join AVON today ... online! Only $20 start-up fee, up to 50% profit! For more information and to sign up, go to www. Use reference code: CHARTLAUB For experienced team support! tfnah ————————————— For Lease… Barber & Beauty Shop for lease. Fully equipped. Barber Pole on Hwy 80. Call 844-2724.

HELP WANTED Driver trainees needed! Werner is hiring. No CDL, no problem! Training available with Roadmaster! Call now! 1-866467-0060. 012110 ————————————— Owner operators with own tractor needed to pull overweight intermodal containers. Must have three years driving experience, TWIC, and preferably an IRP. Consistent freight and top pay. Apply at Hoover Transportation Services, 430 Grange Road, Port Wentworth. ————————————— Boland & Sons Dry Cleaners now hiring pressers. Apply in person at 6040 Hwy 21 S. in Rincon. For more information, contact us at 826-5597. 010710 LAND FOR SALE 312 Carver Street Pooler, GA .5 Acre - $54,995 3Bedroom/1 Bath House on .25 ac Lot - $124,995 1335 Pine Barren Rd. Pooler, GA 4 acres Frontage Property $200,000 1826 Little Neck Rd. Cypress Point/Residential 2.13ac Beautiful Wooded Lot Soil Test Provided - $79,875 GA Hwy 129, Metter, GA 105.67 Acres/30 nice upland acres Terraces along Canoochee River Great Hunting and Estate Property $135,000 Also Available in Metter 5 Bedroom/5 Bath Mansion on 12 ac $595,000 POOLER HOMES FOR SALE Beautiful 3 or 4 Bedroom/2 Bath 114 Golden Gate Dr. Bridgewater 2300sf - Clean and Well Kept 2 Car Garage on .3 Ac $229,995 31 Fairgreen St. – Godley Park Beautiful Southwest Style & Design 3 Bedroom/2 Bath – 1 Car Garage $156,900 Affordable – Clean – Move In Ready 1206 DJ’s Way, Pooler, GA 3 Bedroom/1 Bath – New Appliances Renovated and Updated – Beautiful $116,000 EDEN, GA 315 Bay Lane, $178,900 Beautiful 2280sf House on .54 acre Small & Private Community Privacy Fence, Huge Den & Bonus Rm COMMERCIAL PROPERTY FOR RENT/SALE Pooler Park Business Center 118 Pipemakers Circle, Pooler, Ga Flex Space/Roll-up doors/ loading dock 5400sf Showroom/Office/ Whse $4500/mos – Great Price 2000sf Flex Space – Shell Negotiable – Lease/Sell

————————————— In need of Full Time LPN to work in fast paced practice at Chatham Parkway location. Prefer minimum two years experience and great patient service skills. Current GA License and CPR as required for position. Must have excellent computer skills for Electronic Medical Records environment Excellent wages and benefits, 401(k), Profit sharing. Apply on-line to www. EOE, MFVD. tfn012810 ————————————— Now Hiring! Full-time and Parttime in house and delivery driver positions available. Delivery drivers must have clean MVR. Part-time position available for a back up delivery driver. Apply in person after 2 PM at Lovezzola’s, 320 W Hwy 80, Pooler. ————————————— Wanted: Someone to help with a handicapped young man. 6 hours/day. First Aid and CPR card required. Call 728-7882. ————————————— Over the Road Owner Operators wanted, Must have a clean MVR and pass criminal background and drug screen and have verifiable employment references. Looking for trucks that are road worthy and drivers that are dependable, professional and have mature attitudes. Please contact Atwood Trucking at 912-964-7210 for more information or apply in person at 434 Grange Road, Port Wentworth. 012110 ————————————— Piano Player needed for Solid Rock Baptist Church, Sunday morning services only. To inquire, please call Wendy or Greg, 728-4890. 011410 ————————————— Huddle House of Savannah, with six locations in the greater Savannah area, is now hiring Managers! Full benefits package includes paid vacation 401 K, health insurance, and much more. Call Karl Scott at 1-678576-1090. tfnSH ————————————— Part-time cake decorator, experienced, dependable. Apply in person, Tuesday thru Friday, 10am-5pm. The Cake Corner at 105 Moore Avenue, Pooler. No calls, please! tfnTM ————————————— Saturdays off! Experienced stylist needed Monday through Friday. Call 964-7528. tfnTS ————————————— Fun Zone now accepting applications for concessions and track attendants. Must be able to work nights and weekends. Apply in person at 1040 Hwy 80 E., Pooler. tfnJM ————————————— RN’s needed to work in a family environment. Work every other weekend. Competitive pay. Also seeking weekend Baylor nurses, 7am-7pm. Apply in person at The Place in Pooler, 508 South Rogers Street. Call for more information, 748-6840. tfnSH ————————————— Need Volunteers to help deliver Meals to the elderly. Takes Only an Hour Every Other Week in the Pooler area. Contact Pam Henry at 772-5767, Meals On Wheels. tfnah ————————————— Pentecostal Church in Pooler in need of a minister of music. 748-5847. tfn ————————————— Bartender needed, prior experience preferred, 4 PM - 10 PM shift. Apply in person to Quail Run Lodge, Dean Forest Road, 3-5 PM Monday - Friday, ask for Dan or Sarah. tfnSH ————————————— Airport motel needs experienced front desk clerks for first and second shifts. Apply in person between 3pm and 5pm, Monday through Friday, at Quail Run Lodge, 1130 Bob Harmon Road. Ask for Dan or Sara. tfnSH ————————————— Drivers wanted, local and regional, container and flatbed. Home most nights and every weekend. Great pay and benefits. Must be 25 years old with Class A CDL, two years minimum experience required. Call 1-800-905-GEMI (4364), or apply online at tfn1209 ————————————— Diesel Mechanic Position available, insurance, paid holidays, 401K, pay rate depending on experience. Call Gemi Trucking, Inc. at 800-905-4364. 1209


Scotti Moore, Realtor 272-8600 Each Office Independently Owned & Operated

Crossroads Pooler, Georgia


Firewood - Removal - Pruning - Trimming - Debris Cleanup… Fully Insured. Senior Discounts. Honest Pricing. Call 401-1873. References Available upon Request. 122409 ————————————— Have a wedding to plan? Bryan Thompson, Pianist, is available for weddings! Call 912-690-7118.



25 Years Experience No Job Too Big or Too Small! Reasonable prices!

Free to good home… 55 gallon fish tank with 5 fish and all the extra stuff. U come get it! Call 658-2404. tfn012810

Painting Services Call 912-272-2949

tfn1209 ————————————— 2 Industrial 5 gallon airless paint sprayers for rent, $60 per day. Call 547-3536. tfn073010 ————————————— A Courtship/Wedding Memory Written to Last - Want a lasting memory of your courtship and wedding that will far exceed the shelf life of flowers and cake? Let an experienced writer create a personalized story, from first date to wedding, usually reserved for the rich and famous. With one click of the send button on the Internet, you can share your story with family and friends. I look forward to making your special day(s) even more special. Reasonable rates. For further information, call Steve at (912) 6046634 or email starchaserfp@ ————————————— Concrete work... Demo and new work. Looking for a new driveway, ...a new patio, ...or a new sidewalk? I can help! Local references available from my 37 years experience. 925-5246. tfnSH ————————————— Tree Removal, big and small! Pruning, Underbrush, Trimming, Stump Grinding, Land/lot Clearing. No job too big or too small. Call Mark at 547-0743. tfn0808 ————————————— Antique and Collectible appraisals... Written appraisals, $250 base fee plus $10 per $1000 over the first $1000 valuation. Verbal appraisals, $50 per item or like set of items. Call Al for appointment and details, 234-1582. tfnSH —————————————

Southeast Technical Associates

We provide computer hardware, service, printer service, and networking for small and medium businesses. For a free consultation on your computer needs, please call 748-8610. tfnSH

CHILDCARE Port Wentworth area, Childcare for ages 12 months to 3 years. Licensed & CPR/First Aid Certified. Discount on 1st week enrollment. Holiday camp, summer camp also available. Please call Ms. Tina at 912-2478238. 011410 ————————————— Cooper’s Learning Academy... Now enrolling 4 weeks – 4 years old. State Licensed & CPR, First Aid Certified. GA CAPS Accepted. Pooler area, off South Pooler Parkway. For more info, call 660-6658. “Not your typical childcare, but a place of maximizing potential!” 122409

HANDYMAN Bob’s Home Repair Service

Plumbing, Electric, Painting, Mobile Home Repairs, Windows, Doors, Sinks, Toilets, Pressure Washing Decks and Side Walks, Carports, Clean Gutters, Driveways, Roof Coating, Sealed Coating Driveways, Satisfaction Guaranteed. Ask for Bob,


or 912-429-5227 cell. tfnBob

WANTED The Groves High School golf team is seeking golf clubs for the upcoming season. Presently, only students with their own golf clubs can participate, as the school is unable to provide any interested students with a set of clubs. If anyone has any old and usable golf clubs taking up space in their garage or attic and they would like to donate them to a worthy cause, the Groves golf team will gladly take them off your hands and put them to good use. If anyone has any items to donate please contact Tim Fox, or Dusty Skorich at (912) 965-2563 or 965-2520 or email: timothy. fox@savannah.chatham.k12. tfnah ————————————— We are in need of boy’s clothes, size 3T please. Call 596-2735 or 912-237-1312. tfnah ————————————— We pay top dollar for junk vehicles! Free pickup! Wrecked, Junk, Filthy, Broken Down, we take them all! Sell your car for cash today at Cash-n-Carry 3520725, 500 Staley Avenue, in Savannah. tfnSH

STUFF FOR SALE 2hp air compressor, 115psi, new in box, $150; 18” Pulan Chainsaw, new in box, $150; Daisy BB and Pellet gun, new with scope, $50; Portable battery powered air compressor, $25; New spray gun, $25; 40-yearold bottle of Johnny Walker scotch and 40-year-old Shanley bourbon, best offer. Call 9206334. 012810 ————————————— Treadmill, Nordic Track KC2000, approximately 4 years old. Seldom used. Call after 6pm, 330-0144. 122409 ————————————— Heart Pine Lumber shelving for sale. Twenty pieces 24” wide, 50” long. Eight pieces 8’ long and 6” wide. Lots more pieces as well. Good condition. Cut in 1922. Also, Vintage pump organ... beautiful wood, spectacular piece of furniture, sounds great. $500. Call 912-537-2532. ————————————— Moving Sale... dining room table and chairs, Haverty’s Baker’s Rack, band saw, table saw, lots of tools, dog houses, kennel pens, and much more! Everything priced to go so I don’t have to move it! 1244 Springfield-Egypt Road, Springfield. Call 667-7096. 122409 ————————————— Pageant dress for sale... Gorgeous detail, toddler size 3-5. $89. Effingham. Call 659-8950, leave message. tfn012810 ————————————— Set of three mens (size 8) womens (size 7) GOLD wedding rings. $1200 OBO. Trade for Pickup, SUV or Van. Desktop Computer Windows XP Pentium 40Gb 512MB Full Of Music & Software 17” CRT/ TV Monitor Keyboard Mouse $275 OBO Trade. Laptop Computer 512ram 32gbhd CD Full Of Music & Software, Excellent Condition, Wireless Internet Installed. $275 OBO TRADE. Call 604-2943. tfn012810 ————————————— FIREWOOD for sale… Free Delivery within 25 mile radius! Call 912-323-2650. 012110 ————————————— Sears Nordic Track Treadmill, LIKE NEW, $150. Small wood dinette set with 4 chairs/table, $150. Bamboo glass coffee table, $35. Call 772-6074. 121709 ————————————— Wedding gown... an Andy Anand Couture, ivory, beaded and embroidered, brand new. Size 8. Still has the tags on it. Will take best offer! Call 6594772. tfn010710 ————————————— Firewood for Sale. Larry, 6589296 or 772-5194. Will Deliver. 122409 ————————————— HP Printer 6210 All-in-One, Fax/ Scan/Copier. Excellent condition. $35. Call 401-1403. 122409 ————————————— Safety harnesses... $15 each. Rrames and shields, protection for hardhats, $3. 100’ new air hose, $50. Three air roof nailers, new, $25 each. Three old office desks, $35 each. Three Filing cabinets, $25 each. Six 13” tv, $25 each. Two large outdoor frames and signs, $75 each. 32” Toro mower, $250. Ten new respirators, $10 each. Call 577-1204, or come by 319 Main Street in Garden City. tfn010710 ————————————— Glock 9mm pistol, Model 17. $500 FIRM. Call 754-9992. tfn ————————————— White Tonneau cover for GMC/ Chevy 7ft. bed, $400. Tube steps for standard cab GMC/ Chevy, $75. Sears ProForm treadmill with power incline, $200. Inversion table, Life Gerr, $60. Twin recliner, wine color, $75. 7 ft. stainless patio heater, propane, $75. Bissell Flip-It WetDry hardwood floor cleaner, brand new, $50. Jazzy Jet 3 Ultra Power Chair, never been used, $1500. Call 772-3680. ————————————— Like new! Solid oak entertainment center and armoire, $275 each or both for $500. Make offer! 402-239-7772 or 402-2399611. 121709 ————————————— Wurlitzer Piano... low profile piano, mahogany wood with leather top on back. An excellent piece of furniture! Dates to the 1940’s to early 50’s. Asking $800. Call 772-3667. tfn121709 ————————————— Four sections of pipe scaffolding, $400. Perfect for siding, roofing contractors ande others. Call 547-3342. tfn1209 —————————————


Oak, Fat Lighter, and Hickory. All Split! Call 412-5988. Will deliver long distance for multiple loads. 012810

————————————— Beautiful custom Dining room Table and China Cabinet, table seats 8, chairs and table have iron detail. Like new, $600. Call 667-1198. tfnah ————————————— Ruger mini-14 Rifle, 223 cal. $600 firm. Call Dean, 754-9992. —————————————

Special Sale!

King mahogany 4-post rice post bed, reg: $995, now: $425! King pillowtop mattress and box spring, now $595! Queen size pine sleigh bed, $595! Twin sleigh bed and mattress, $398! Bow front oak china, $795! Double size mattress and box spring, just $119!

Tin House Antiques,

1109 Hwy 80 East, Pooler Commons. ————————————— Old Skool Vans shoes, ladies, size 10.5, aurora pink/fuschia/ white. BRAND NEW! Never been worn!! Wrong size when shipped to me; never returned. $30. Email if interested. tfnLC ————————————— Diamond plated truck tool box, came off of a 2005 Colorado pick-up. $100. Call 412-1801. ————————————— Storage / Shipping Container for Sale... If you have a need for more storage on a job site or at home, we are the answer. Perfect for hay storage, farm and garden equipment storage, tool storage etc. 20’, 40’, and 45’ steel containers available, along with 20’ and 40’ refrigeration containers. Special modifications can be done onsite, such as Lock Boxes, Turbine Vents, Windows, Skylights, Paneling and insulation, and Electrical Wiring. Delivery is available. Please call for pricing, 210-0007. tfnSHCV ————————————— Kroeger Upright Piano, built between 1900 and 1910, not in playing order. Sentiment value, asking $500 or best offer. Call 220-0076 between 8AM - 8PM. tfnah ————————————— Equipment trailer, 6’ x 12’, hauls up to 10000 lbs., electric brakes DOT equipped. $1500. 6’ x 12’ enclosed utility trailer with built in shelves, ramp, $1500. 2003 Takeuchi Mini excavator, TB 135 with 24” bucket, one owner, just 1306 hours. $18,500. Call 912-547-3000 or 925-5246. tfn0609 ————————————— Vintage Comic Books, half price! Also, authentic autographed baseballs and other sports memorabilia! Call Al, 234-1582. tfnSH ————————————— 8N Ford Tractor, engine runs great, strong lift, ready for the summer $3250. 16ft. Hooper Dual Axle Trailer $750. Small Livestock trailer $750. Call 912685-4423 or 912-547-4102. tfnSHRH ————————————— Area rug, burgundy brown color, 9’ 8” x 12’, four months old, $40. Men’s clothes, shirts, 1x to 4x, $2. Please call 925-4392 or 912-713-3522. tfn051409 ————————————— Ann’s & Howard’s Plants offers native plants, that won’t require a lot of TLC and can survive in difficult drought conditions. Perfect for the weekend gardener! Unusual plants at very reasonable prices! On Hwy 204, just 5 miles west of I-95, between River Oaks RV and Joyner’s Corner. Call us at 748-2719. tfnSH ————————————— 33 JBL CONTROL av SPEAKERS; 3 iNSIGNIA NS dvd1 PLAYERS; 1 5-dvd CHANGER; 1 JVC SUPER VHS PLAYER; 1 BI 801I AMP; 5 QSC RMX 1850HD AMP; 1 SPECO PSM 60 AMP; 1 BLONDER TORQUE RMDA 550-30S. Used at local church. Call 912678-3260. tfn0409 ————————————— 1/2 Carat beautiful round solitaire engagement ring, yellow gold, with narrow yellow gold wedding band, size 6.5. Asking $500 for the set. Call 748-2964. ————————————— Authentic Baseball autographs, and other sports memorabilia, now 30% Off at Cobb’s Galleries, 122 East 37th Street at Abercorn in Savannah. Also, Vintage Comic Books, 50% Off! tfnSH ————————————— New solid hand-carved mahogany queen rococo bed, $895; king size, $995. Call 655-0358. tfnTS ————————————— Large Broyhill table with leaf and six upholstered chairs, $500. Writing desk, in great condition, cherry finish, just $100. Call 667-6899. tfn0509 ————————————— Thousands of antique and vintage cut glass and depression flass, now 30% off at Cobb’s Galleries, 122 East 37th Street at Abercorn in Savannah. 90% Off when you pay with pre-1965 silver coins. tfnSH



Sunvision Pro 28LE2F tanning bed, retail $4500, will sacrifice for best offer. Call 658-0094. tfnSH ————————————— As a courtesy... If you see or call on an ad and find that the item has already sold, please make your next call is to Spirit Newspapers so we can take that ad out of the paper! Thanks very much! ————————————— Tell them you saw it in The Spirit!!


Hillcrest Abbey West, 4 burial lots in Garden of Gethsemene. Value at $2000 each. Will take $7000 OBO for all. Call 423-2574675 or email tfn0510 ————————————— Four cemetery lots in Hillcrest Abbey, on Wheaton Street, in the Nadine Section. Buy one for $2500, or two for $4250, or all four for $8000. Call 964-1726 or 657-2853. tfn032310 ————————————— SAVANNAH, Forest Lawn Memorial Gardens, Good Shepherd Section, 4 grave lot, valued at$10,000, sell for $6,000. Call 770-567-0521. tfn011510 —————————————


Hillcrest Abbey East... 3 cemetery lots together in Azalea section. All for only $2500. Call 330-0835. tfn0310 ————————————— 2 burial plots in Hillcrest Abbey’s Prayer Section with vaults, headstones, and bronze markers. Worth $9000, will sell all for $5500. Call 748-8369. tfn0309 ————————————— Four plots at Forest Lawn Memory Gardens, Gethsemane Section. $900 each. Call 8261644. tfn0409 ————————————— Hillcrest Abbey East... On Wheaton Street in Savannah... Nandina, Lot 82, three spaces, $2500 for each. Call 748-0797. tfn1208 ————————————— Three cemetery plots, in Hillcrest Abbey West, side by side in Veterans II Section. $4000 for all. Call 748-8594. tfn1208 ————————————— 1 cemetery lot at Adams Cemetery in Bloomingdale. $1200. Call 748-6436. 0708 ————————————— 4 lots in Forest Lawn, Garden of the Good Shepherd. $3000 OBO for all. Call 912-823-2608 or 912-481-0325. tfn0708 ————————————— 4 Cemetery Lots for sale in Hillcrest Abby West on Dean Forest Road. Will sell in sets of 2 or all 4 for $1600 each. Lots located in a very desirable area. Please call 728-3403. tfn0308 ————————————— 4 Choice Cemetery Lots in Garden of Gethsemane at the entrance of Forest Lawn in Savannah. $2,225 each or all 4 for $8,000. Call 912-842-2792 or 912-690-0066. tfn1008 ————————————— Two mausoleum crypts, $7000, or best offer. Located at Hillcrest Abbey West. Call 7486361. tfn0608 ————————————— Two mausoleum crypts with brass plates, side-by-side, eye level. Located in Hillcrest Abbey West. HALF-PRICE. For details, call Jim Stalnaker: 9648594 work or 842-4858 home. tfn0408


2 beautiful acres in South Effingham. Best of country living while close to everything. Great, safe family neighborhood. 3 minutes from South Effingham schools. Horse friendly. Many trees. Perfect lot to build your dream house. $119,000. Call Bob at 667-1480. ————————————— 5 acres in North Effingham. Good high land. Well and septic tank. Owner financing. $49,900; $410/month. Call 912754-4243 or 663-5587. tfn0310 ————————————— Near Ebenezer Elementary... 2 acre cleared lot. Asking $60,000. Call 754-6890. tfn0210 ————————————— 1.89 acres on 15 acre lake off of Hwy 204 (Ft. Argyle Road), very beautiful, private and secluded. Fair market value is $64,000, asking $62,000. Can be seen by appointment only. Call 7482964, leave message. All calls will be returned. 0510tfn ————————————— South Effingham... 15 acres just off Hwy 30. $150,000. Call 6638588. tfn1209 ————————————— Beautiful 5 Acre lot in Creekwood Farms, Bloomingdale. 1+ acre fenced. Mobile home on property included. $82,000. Contact 912-655-3898. tfn0410

Spirit Newspapers • December 17 - December 23, 2009 • Page B9



Half acre lot with septic tank, light pole, community water. Ready to move on at Collins Lake in Portal, GA. $13,000. Call 843-288-5312. tfn0310 ————————————— 51 Upland Acres only 1 mile off of I-16! Great location for future development! Convenient to Savannah, Ft. Stewart, and Statesboro! Only $720,000! Call Stephen Newsome 6612248/Drake Barber Realty 7568866. tfnSH ————————————— Home site for sale in Marlow. One half acre with well and septic in South Effingham school district. Perfect for mobile or manufactured home. $24,900. 667-1480. tfn0310 ————————————— Affordable mobile home lot located in Cypress Point Subdivision Community. Water and septic system. $29,900. Call Holly Young/Re/Max Savannah, 355-7711 or 748-7778. tfn0410 ————————————— FOR SALE: 1.34 acre lot. Effingham County about 4 blocks from Tuckasee King boat landing on the Savannah River. No mobile homes. For construction of house only. Owner will finance. $30,000. Call 912-7543558. 0210 ————————————— Land/Acreage, Commercial & Residental, Fort Argyle Area (West of I-95 & Hwy 204). For more information, call 912-2725857, or email 0210tfn ————————————— Springfield area... 5 acre lots for sale, Starting at $49,000. Wooded, high, and dry! Good piece of land! Call 663-8588. tfn1209 ————————————— Country Acreage... 10 acres on Hwy 196 in Ludowici! Great location and lots of potential! $106,000. Call Stephen Newsome 661-2248/Drake Barber Realty 756-8866. tfnSH ————————————— 5 acres of unrestricted land in Bulloch County, Close to Canoochee River. Bring your manufactured home or build your dream home. Seller is Licensed Real Estate Agent in the state of Georgia. Call Sonja Anderson, (912) 663-5847. tfnCS ————————————— Wooded Lot in South Effingham, 1 acre. $40,000. Can work on terms. Call 429-8351. tfn091509 ————————————— 2.57 acres, uncleared lot near Ebenezer Elementary School, $70,000. Call 660-0388. tfn0709 ————————————— Rivercrest Plantation, in south Bulloch County close to the Ogeechee... five to seven acre tracts of beautiful land, homes only, horses welcome, starting at just $60,000. Call Matt Cramer for details, 658-5099. tfnSHBW ————————————— 100 ft. by 200 ft. cleared lot at 605 Richland Avenue in Rincon. Located a half-block from Rincon Elementary School. $40,000. Call 754-9209. tfn0609 ————————————— Waterfront lot for sale by owner... .50 acre, deep water, dock, high land (no flood insurance required), community water system installed, landscaped. Isle of Wight, Midway. $330,000. Call 912-884-3332. tfn0609 ————————————— 59+ Acres... Light Industrial - $1,400,000. Large 59+ Acre Tract, zoned light industrial in South Effingham! Near I-16 and the new I-16 Effingham Industrial Site! RARE RAILROAD FRONTAGE! Great location for future growth! Call Stephen Newsome 661-2248/Drake Barber Realty 756-8866. tfnSH ————————————— South Effingham Acreage... Large 9.78 acre tract in South Effingham on Herbert Kessler Rd! Great location and South Effingham Schools! Cleared home site convenient to Rincon, Pooler, and Savannah! Build your dream home! Only $125,000. Call Stephen Newsome 661-2248/Drake Barber Realty 756-8866. tfnSH ————————————— Large Site w/Commercial Potential... 19.45 Acres in Bloomingdale on Hwy 80. High profile site for Potential Commercial! $3,600,000. Call Stephen Newsome 661-2248/Drake Barber Realty 756-8866. tfnSH ————————————— Burnsed Road, off of Ash Branch, 8 acres, perk test done, over 450 ft frontage. Ready to GO! $60,000 or best offer. Call 912-210-0120. 0609tfn

————————————— Lot for sale in Midway, $500 down owner financing, mobile home or house, trees, water, septic tank, electric installed, near boat landing. Call 884-9119. ————————————— 5 acres for sale in Toombs County. GREAT view, you can see for 15 miles! Corner lot with paved frontage. Partially cleared. New utility building with electricity on property. 5 minutes from Lyons. One mile from Ohoopee River. 10 minutes to I-16. $29,000. Call 8260054. tfn1209 ————————————— Taking bids on 155 acres 2,200 feet road frontage on Midland Road, Effingham County, Georgia. Call 912-964-4331 or fax 912964-4337. MAKE OFFER! 0109 ————————————— 100’ X 200’ lot in nice neightborhood, off of Hwy 80, near Chatham Parkway and I-16, $35,000. Call 313-5023 or 964-0574. ————————————— Lots Available in North Effingham, Two adjacent lots, One 10 acres and one 18.7 acres. Timber recently cut. Located on Springfield Highway and Thompson Road, just north of Corinth Church Road. $6000/ acre. Call 912-748-0903 or 770925-9408. 0309tfn —————————————


11.22 acres... Nice large tract for sale located on Hwy 17N in Effingham County. 475 feet of frontage on Hwy 17N. Convenient to Guyton, Springfield and Rincon! Great location and potential for future growth! $110,000. Call 272-7242. 0209 —————————————


Half acre wooded lot with dock site on Savannah River on Stokes Bluff. $89,900. Call Jimmie at 912-663-9836 or 912-7546091. tfn0309 —————————————

Marshfront Lot REDUCED!

1 acre lot, #51, at Spring Cove, near Harris Neck Wildlife refuge. Gated, underground utilities, covenants, homeowners association, ready to build. $159,000. Call Phil West at 7486639 or 312-3388. 1008tfn ————————————— Lot for sale in Westwood Heights, 85’ X 121’. Call 7487632. tfn0708 ————————————— 2 acres in Rincon. $140,000. Zoned R-4. Can be divided into 6 lots, $60,000. Call 657-7074 or 826-2293. tfn0708

COMM. PROPERTY - SALE 4 bedroom house zoned for commercial on Dean Forest Road. Approximately .74 acre, building is 2400 sq. ft., fenced in back yard with large workshop with bathroom and a small storage shed on property. New paint throughout and new roof. $195,000. For more information, please call 6634687. tfnah1209 ————————————— Great Investment Property... Commercial property and shop, also includes house/office. $2500 month rental income potential. Deep well, shop is 1800 square feet, heat and air. Potential to add second floor for 3600 square feet. House is 800 square feet. Off Ogeechee Road, between Chatham Parkway and Dean Forest Road. $250,000, will negotiate. Call Andy, 313-3558. tfn051509 ————————————— Best Deal on Office Space in Godley Station... Approximately 1000 sq. ft. includes four offices, reception area, kitchenette & bathroom. $135k (will consider lease option) Call 7723298. tfnSHMR

VACATION PROPERTY Smoky Mountain Log Cabin

$159,000. Log Cabin is located near Waynesville and Maggie Valley in a beautiful rural agricultural area. Cabin sits on a beautiful 1.1 acre lot with lots of very large trees and a small stream running through the property. The porch overlooks a beautiful fish pond and a beautiful mountain view. There is also a 16’ X 16’ garage. Cabin may be seen on the Internet at (key in 28721) or phone Larry at (912) 667-6040 for further information. tfn0610

HOMES - SALE For sale by owner - Beautiful 3200 sq. ft., 5 Bedroom, 3 Bath home on large lot in quiet neighborhood on Fort Howard Road in Rincon. Like Brand new! $239,900. Would consider lease purchase. Call for more information 897-6850. 0610tfn

————————————— South Effingham, Twin Lakes just off Hwy 80... beautiful two bedroom, two bath home on stocked 25 acre lake! 280’ waterfront with dock. 1.06 acres. All rooms are large, two car garage, appliances remain, gazebo, 3 utility buildings, perfect retirement home! Very private. $260,000. Call for a private viewing, 858-2505 or cell, 6650104. tfn0710 —————————————

Peaceful & Private!

Located in Bulloch County, Southeast Bulloch school district. A beautiful home with loads of upgrades, 3 bedrooms and 2 baths. Exterior of home is hardy planked. Home has cherry wood 42” cabinets with dental crown molding, black appliances, 10’ ceilings with custom wood crown molding and chair rails throughout. Bathrooms have cherry wood sink basin, stone and marble floors. Property also has 30’x144’ commercial grade greenhouse with fans and electricity. Was used to grow plants; could be used for stable, warehouse, workshop, etc. Its use has endless opportunities from your home! Extensively landscaped property with hundreds of azaleas, fruit trees, grape vines, orange and lemon trees. Front of home has 21 oak trees which could be used as a pasture. 300’ of white fence lines the front and back of house. Deep well, 6” submersible pump. Property has 3.62 acres and backs up to a wildlife preserve. $200,000. Call 912-842-5204. 0210 —————————————


FOR SALE BY OWNER. Great investment property. 3 bedroom, 2 bath doublewide manufactured home on .5 acre in Effingham at 117 Eagle Drive in Springfield. 1680 square ft. on brick foundation, some appliances included. $85,900. Currently has tenant. Call 912661-4838 for more information. 0710tfn ————————————— DIY / CONTRACTOR - For Sale By Owner… 1.1 acres of land with unfinished 2-story house, 50x56 ft. Great opportunity! Create your own interior. 1947 Fort Argyle Road (Hwy 204). Call 748-8194 for more information. tfn0510 ————————————— 4 bedroom, 2 bath brick home on cul-de-sac in Garden City, $142,000. Tile in kitchen, laundry room, and bathrooms, new AC and hot water heater, great garden area with blueberries and fruit trees. Located at 4 Crager Court. Call 912-5968870. tfn0510 ————————————— North Bryan County... 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, 1800 square feet. With one bedroom efficiency apartment in back. On two acres of land with pond full of fish! Newly painted, new carpet. Jacuzzie tub in master bath with seperate shower, ceiling fans in all rooms, new hot water heater. Just $149,500. Call 655-7332. tfn0310 ————————————— 513 Herrin Court… 4 bedroom, 2 bath brick home on quiet culde-sac in established neighborhood. Separate LR and DR with spacious kitchen and huge den. Storage building, and shallow well. Call 713-2314. $179,900. tfn0310 ————————————— Flexible Rent-to-Own program for a very nice house in a nice area. Large 4 bedroom, 2 bath newly renovated home in Hunter’s Ridge (Pooler) with 2-car garage, hardwood floors, and large backyard. Please call 404-826-0346 for details. tfntfn0310 ————————————— 104 Rockingham Circle - Auriga Farms Subdivision… 3BR/2BA, 2 car garage. LR with gas fireplace and vaulted ceilings. Large fenced in backyard. Within minutes to Effingham County Schools. $152,000. Call 912-269-4155. tfn0210 —————————————


Amazing 5400 sq ft custom built lakefront home in Richmond Hill on 2.5 acres with DEEP WATER ACCESS NEARBY! Plenty of room in this large 3BR/3BA/2HB home at Demeries Lake for the whole family. Enormous custom gourmet kitchen with island and granite countertops. Commercial grade Viking appliances in the kitchen too! Giant master suite with two walk-in closets, double vanity, whirlpool tub, and separate shower. Very large bonus room over the 3 car garage with full bath, large closet, and pre-wired for home theater. Ogeechee River less than 5 miles away! Priced to sell at $849,900! Call Stephen Newsome 661-2248/Drake Barber Realty 756-8866. tfnSH

————————————— MORE FOR THE MONEY ON THE SOUTHSIDE... Spacious 3 bedroom, 2 bath home with a private back yard including a large screened back porch and large utility building. Other features include large bedrooms, large laundry room, garage, and a large high efficiency Trane air conditioning system. This full brick home also features a brick fireplace in the living room for cozy nights in the winter. Recent upgrades include upgraded flooring and new paint. Priced to sell at only $149,900! Call Stephen Newsome 661-2248/Drake Barber Realty 756-8866. tfnSH ————————————— Beautiful home in the heart of Pembroke, 4 bedrooms, 3 full baths, over 2,100 sq. ft. Hardwood floors, new kitchen, new windows and doors. Screened porch overlooking pond. Fenced backyard. 1 acre of land. Nice landscaping! $174,500. Call 653-4857 or 663-7401. 021510 ————————————— 121 Van Nuys Blvd., Wilshire off Abercorn, Savannah... 3 bedroom, 1.5 bath brick home with living room, kitchen and family combo, fenced backyard, washroom. $120,000. Call 7488549. tfn0110 ————————————— Guyton... Beautiful home on 1 acre with in ground sprinkler system, 2 car garage, long paved driveway, three very large bedrooms, two baths, master bath is huge with Jacuzzi garden tub and seperate shower, large walk-in closets, huge living room, great big front porch, sunroom, back wrap around deck. Fabulous home! Just ten minutes from Pooler and Rincon. Just four years old. Owners bought brand new. Still looks brand new! A steal at just $235,000. Appraised at $270,000+. Call Gerald or Tonya at 658-9887 or 658-2097 or 728-9063. tfn012810 ————————————— Chatham County, Ogeechee River Area, Fort Argyle & Hwy 204 (3 miles from 204 & I-95). Custom home with acreage. Better than new 4 bedroom, 3 1/2 bath home, private & secluded. A must see! Priced to sell! Call anytime (912)272-5856. Alvin Davis Realty, (912)3544900. For pictures of property, visit www.AlvinDavisHomes. com or email ILoveSavannah@ 061109 ————————————— Very nice 3 bedroom, full brick home in Bloomingdale. Approximately 1400 square feet. New ceramic flooring in the kitchen, den and entrance. New chair railing and crown molding. New patio doors and new wall paper in bath. You’ll love the huge fenced in backyard with a 20’X40’ in-ground pool. Beautifully landscaped! $153,900. Call Ron O’Neal, Today Real Estate, 663-4385. 0210tfn ————————————— Sylvania, GA... 3 bedrooms, 1 and a half bath, new flooring, new roof and new light fixtures. Good location in town, and close to shopping! $69,900. Call 912-857-6401 or 912-230-9279. tfn0809 —————————————


Lakewood Subdivision, South Effingham, 3302 sq. ft., custom built brick home on 1.48 acre cul-de-sac. Features split-plan 4 bedroom, 3 bath, great room/ kitchen combo with breakfast bar and fireplace, formal living room/dining room, bonus room, laundry room, double garage. Features include 12’ & 18’ ceilings, crown molding, custom blinds, ceiling fans, porcelain tile floors, carpet in bedrooms, Italian marble in master bath which features Jacuzzi Roman tub, dripless gutters, alarm system, sprinkler systems, mature landscape, tiled veranda and patio area overlook wetlands. This home has it all! Must see to appreciate the quality. Located 4 miles from I-95 off Hwy 30 and Hodgeville Road at 403 Jaguar Drive. Must sell, relocating. PRICE REDUCED! $346,500. Call for appointment, 912-409-9379 or 912-227-5017. tfn010710 —————————————

REDUCED TO $152,900 $146,900

Rincon area... Nice brick home just off Hwy 21 at 123 Lewis Drive. 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, great room, formal dining room, eat-in-kitchen, fenced yard. 3/4 acre lot, utility buildings. $152,900. Call 826-3731 or 1-229-546-8863. tfn1209

————————————— NOW SELLING! LAND/ HOME PACKAGES NOW AVAILABLE IN SOUTH EFFINGHAM! Affordable living in Effingham’s most sought after school district! Pick your home and pick your lot today! Brand new subdivision with large ? acre lots starting at only $39,900! www. Call Stephen Newsome 661-2248/ Drake Barber Realty 756-8866. tfnSH ————————————— Springfield… 3 bedroom, 1.5 bath, completely remodeled on .44 acres. Asking $84,900. Please call 912-754-4243. tfn1109 —————————————


REDUCED AGAIN TO ONLY $222,000! Motivated Seller! Large 3BR/2BA home with an Enormous Island Kitchen, Master Suite with walk in closet, whirlpool tub, and separate shower. Patios on the rear accessed by 3 Patio doors in master suite, kitchen, and Living Room! Double car garage. New energy efficient windows, doors, and new paint throughout. Best deal in Sangrena Woods! Quiet location Near Pooler Senior Center. Owner is licensed GA real estate agent. Need a large home at a really great price? Don’t miss this opportunity… IN SANGRENA WOODS! www.! Call Stephen Newsome 661-2248/ Drake Barber Realty 756-8866. tfnSH ————————————— Must Sell! Desperate! 1543 East 53rd Street in Savannah. 3 bedrooms, 1 bath, den, 1323 square feet. Minor repairs. Tax value $133,000. Will sell for $99,000. Appointments only. Call 4841476 or 484-0187. tfn031509 ————————————— Price reduced $10,000! This large 3 bedroom 2.5 bath house has 2700 sq ft and is located down Fort Howard Road in Rincon. It is a two story house with a large master bedroom and a large walk in closet. The house has brand new wall to wall carpet and has been newly painted. Other features are a two car garage, sprinkler system and new lighting fixtures. Call 660-7811 or 667-4436 today, at $179,900 and the seller paying closing costs, this house will not last long. Lease/Purchase avaialable. Owner financing is available. tfn1209


3 bedrooms, 2-1/2 baths with 2-car garage, fireplace and downstairs master. $1100 per mo. 4 bedrooms, 3-1/2 baths with 2-car garage, formal dining room, den and fireplace. 2000 sq. ft. $1400 per mo.


2 bedrooms, 2-1/2 baths, 2 master suites, one with screened porch. $700 - $775 per mo. 3 bedrooms, 2-1/2 baths, 3 floor plans, 1 and 2 car garages. $950 - $1100 per mo. Some townhomes available with 1st month free on 18 month lease.


4 bedrooms, 3 baths, pool table, fireplace, upgrades galore. $1800 per mo.

Call Ava Lavergne

Pat Hancock Real Estate 843-706-7368 912-450-1851



More For The Money in Pooler! Large 2067 sq ft home on a stocked pond in a great location for only $149,900! 4BR/2BA, Fireplace, new carpet, new paint, two kitchen pantries, attached garage, and bonus room. Move in ready and priced to sell! Come take a look at this great deal with your own eyes...before it’s gone! www.stephennewsome. com Call Stephen Newsome 661-2248/Drake Barber Realty 756-8866. tfnSH —————————————


House FSBO, Springfield, Cedar Creek, 3 lg. Bdrms, 2 baths, lg. 2 car gar. with electric garage door opener, 1 acre, 1/2 wooded with small stream, lots of extras! Great location on cul-de-sac, near Springfield Elementary. Will email pics. $159,999. Call 659-8950, please leave message. tfn091509 ————————————— Guyton Area... at 3764 Hwy 119 South, 3500 SF, 5 Bedroom, 3 Bath on 1.7 Acres with Two Car Garage. Also has Bonus Room, Formal Dining Room, Breakfast with French Doors, Large Family Room with Fireplace and French Doors, Large Laundry Room. IMMACULATE!! Priced to Sell Quickly at $229,900 firm. A must see!! Call 826-5172 or 663-6631. tfn091509 ————————————— SOUTH EFFINGHAM REDUCED TO $150,000. Victoria Oaks off Midland Road. 3br/2bath, sep. dining room, vaulted ceilings, fireplace, recently updated, brick, over 1400 square feet, front porch and back patio. Large lot with privacy fence. Nice above ground pool w/ deep end (salt system for easy maint.) surrounded by beautiful, relaxing deck. Great South Effingham schools. Call 912856-1705. tfn0610

POOLER – PRICE REDUCED! 462 GARDEN ACRES WAY Beautiful 2 story brick home, 3 bedrooms, 2-1/2 baths, 1680 sq ft, new carpet and paint, remodeled kitchen, bonus room could be used for 4th bedroom, fenced backyard, rocking chair front porch and so much more! Walking distance to the elementary and middle school! Great price at $160,000! Call Pat at 912308-2340.

GUYTON 101 GABRIELLE LANE All brick 2100 sq. ft. 3 bedroom, 2 bath home with large bonus room and rocking chair front porch, all sitting on 1.43 acre lot. Master features large bath with whirlpool tub, separate shower and large walk-in closet. Priced to sell at $205,900. Call Pat at 912-308-2340. BLOOMINGDALE 0 JOHN CARTER ROAD Beautiful 3.99 acre lot zoned R-A, horses allowed. Minutes from Savannah, I-16, or Hwy 204. Recently cut for timber, finish clearing and build your dream home. Price Reduced, $90,000. Call Pat Porter at 912-308-2340.

PATRICIA PORTER 308-2340 Cell 135 Goshen Road Rincon, GA



3 bedroom/ 2 bath Starting from $500 up to $900 monthly rent Deposit required. 912-330-8151, x-202

Page B10 • Spirit Newspapers • December 17 - December 23, 2009

————————————— For Sale by owner, South Effingham/Bloomingdale. 3 bedroom, 2 bath, brick home, large fenced lot, wood floors, fire place, screened patio, storage building, $179,900. Contact Melina 912-596-7894. 0609tfn —————————————

Short Sale... Now available on approved SHORT SALE for a limited time! Unprecedented investment opportunity! Professionally decorated, 3 bedrooms, 2 1/2 baths, bonus room, 2 car garage, charming new gated community nestled in the country, tons of amenities! Call (818) 445-0779. tfn0509 —————————————

REDUCED Again!!!

Clark Hill, (Augusta area) building lot... deep waterfront lot, 1.39 acres, cleared, ready for you to build on! Just 60 miles from Athens and 40 miles from Augusta! For sale by owner. $199,000, $179,000. Call 912661-0769 or 912-661-4601 or 925-5213. tfn1208 ————————————— 252 Old River Road, Eden/South Effingham... 3 bedrooms, 2 full baths, 1843 sq. ft. on approx. 1 acre. Private floating dock on 25-acre lake. South Effingham Schools. 5 minutes to I-16, 1520 minutes to Savannah. Large master bedroom and bath with Jacuzzi tub. Fireplace, new appliances, new paint and new flooring! ONLY $269,000! Call owner, John at 748-9661. tfn0409 —————————————


Great Buy!! Statesboro Home for Sale... 208 Nesmith Way, near Georgia Southern. 4 Bedroom 2 Bath corner lot. New appliances, wood floors, 10 x 12 storage building, fenced back yard. Community ponds for a relaxing afternoon fishing or a nice walk around the neighborhood. Just $129,900. Call Vicki at 912-687-4882. For additional information, visit tfn041509

ROYAL OAK SUBDIVISION $279,900 Best deal and location! Beautiful all brick 4 bedroom, 3 bath custom built home in South Effingham. Peaceful family neighborhood. Walk to Marlow school. Master bedroom with master bath suite. Extra large country kitchen with sitting area. Greatroom with seethru fireplace into kitchen area. Large landscaped privacy fenced yard. Perfect family home.

————————————— FSBO- Unique 2 story house on 2.6 acres in south Effingham County between Port Wentworth and Rincon on paved road. 2 large bedrooms, 2 full baths, large 2-car garage, central H/A. Approximately 1600 sq.ft. Built in 2001 w/ deep well and septic tank. Located on a large, private, semi-wooded 1.3 acre lot adjoining a similar sized subdivided lot in a very safe, well established, semi-rural community. Room to build 2 more houses. Convenient to Gulfstream. $325,000.00 OBO. Call 925-4263. tfn0209 ————————————— Garden City Home for Sale, 109 Nelson Ave. 3 Bedroom, 2 bath home with fenced yard on corner lot. Hardwood floors, fireplace, stainless steel appliances, ceramic tile in kitchen. Priced low for quick sale at $128,500. Call 912-964-1626. 0209tfn ————————————— As a courtesy... If you see or call on an ad and find that the item has already sold, please make your next call is to Spirit Newspapers so we can take that ad out of the paper! Thanks very much! —————————————

Bulloch County

Home for Sale in Brooklet, Akins Community, one mile from four-way stop at Arcola and Mud Roads. Stilson Elementary and Southeast Bulloch High School area. 3000+ Square Foot Brick Home on 8 acres w/ 15 year old Loblolly Pines. Shop with 2 vehicle covered parking, heat pump, crown molding, 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom, large kitchen with dining area in bay window, sun room, game room, garden shed w/running water, master bathroom has ball and claw bathtub and double pedestal sink on tile floor, carport, heart pine walls, ceiling fans, exposed heart pine beams, heart pine see-thru kitchen cabinets, fireplace with heart pine shelving, cabinets, and drawers on each side, lots of storage space (closets and attic), laundry room with laundry sink, two rooms with DIRECTV connections, lots of outlets, formal dining room, and foyer with coat closet and original, handcrafted, stained glass, raised panel wood front door. Ready to move in! $250,000 or best offer. Photos of interior available at: http://carol-anne.xanga. com/photos/ For appointment to view, call: (912)-687-5081 or (912)-823-3176. 1209tfn ————————————— New home? Save on your insurance! Call 748-3040 for more information. tfnah


BENTON ROAD • PEMBROKE $65,000 Beautiful secluded homesite on 5 acre ot. All utilities on site. 32x64 concrete slab. Stocked pond. Deep well, septic system, garden area, partially wooded with wildlife. Mobilehome ready or build your dream home. Horses and chicks welcome! Enjoy your mini-farm!

DUBLIN ROAD • POOLER $329,000 Zoned commercial. Great location! 1600 sq. ft. home could be used as office with warehouse in back or many other possibilities for your dream business.

SOUTHBRIDGE ESTATE SALE BAYMEADOW POINT $274,500 All brick 3 bedroom, 2 bath with bonus area. Large kitchen with breakfast area. Greatroom with fireplace. Formal dining room, master bedroom with sitting area. Master bath has garden tub and separate shower. 2-car garage. Landscaped yard on a cul-de-sac. Over 2200 sq. ft. A great buy in Southbridge.

Call Cheryl Pass 912-667-5888

South Savannah 756-7653

10122 Ford Ave., Suite 4 Richmond Hill

Rincon... Doublewide mobile home on close to a half acre lot in the city of Rincon. 3 bedrooms and 2 baths, around 1350 sq ft and it has a permanent foundation as well. Asking price is $84,900, owner financing is possible. For more information please call, 660-7811. tfn0510 ————————————— For sale by owner, 2 bedroom, 2 bath, 1995 Bellcrest located in mobile home park in Springfield. No financing available. $9000. Call 665-1275. tfn042010 ————————————— FSBO in South Effingham school district… 1997 Fleetwood Weston 16x80, 2 bedrooms, 2 master baths. 12x16 front porch and utility shed included. Set-up in nice park or you can move. $21,000 OBO. Call 547-1468 or 547-1898. ————————————— For Sale by Owner... 3 Bedroom, 2 Bath Double Wide Manufactured Home on .71 acres in Effingham County at 177 McClaws Road, Guyton. 1680 sq. ft. with brick foundation, appliances included, bank financing available to qualified buyers, discharged bankruptcies OK after 2 years. $89,900. Call 657-3148 or 964-0087. tfnHutch826 2671 ————————————— 2002 28x80ft., 2,026 sq. ft. mobile home for sale. 4 bedroom, 2 bath, all appliances stay. Crown molding, fireplace, wood floors, and more! Asking $64,900. Owners will pay $5000 towards moving and setup. Must be moved. Call 912748-1211. tfn0909

————————————— 3.47 acres on Ziegler Road in Faulkville... 1996 64 x 28 Palm Harbor home. Double carport, with large utility room, workshop, 34 x 13 screened backporch, pool, lots of decking. Just $150,000. Call to see, 7487023. tfn0809 —————————————

Home & Land

12x68 Mobile Home on 1 acre lot, located in Effingham, across from SEHS, $56,900, negotiable. Call 728-5762. 0709tfn ————————————— On 5 Acres! 4 bedroom, 2 bath doublewide mobile home located in Rincon. Large screened porch, 2 car garage and stable. Great for horses. $110,000. Call 912-754-3599 or 658-9439. 0908. 1108 ————————————— 1996 mobile home for sale on 3.84 acres. 4 bedroom, 3 full bath, permanent foundation/ skirting, deep well, 16ftX14ft. covered porch. Located at 3183 Old Dixie Hwy in Springfield. $99,900. Buyer pays closing fees, negotiable. To see, call 912-663-7722 for an appointment. tfn0209

ROOMMATES Upstairs town home available… Loft and bedroom, full bath, all utilities furnished. Kitchen and pool privileges. $600/month. Call 306-9020 or 122409 ————————————— Roommate wanted for nice house in Pembroke. Private room and bath. Access to whole house and in-ground pool. $500 per month includes utilities. No deposit required. Please email inquiries to: 0310 ————————————— Rincon Roommate wanted... $350 per month. Includes electric and water. No animals. Private bath. Washer/Dryer privileges . Call Cheryl, 224-3528. tfn030510 ————————————— Roommate wanted! Private bedroom and bath in large house. Pooler area. Smoker okay. No pets. $150/week includes utilities. Call 596-2735. tfn0210 ————————————— Roommate wanted... Nice Guyton area home, Private bedroom, kitchenette, living room. $130 per week plus half of utilities. Call 704-9964. tfn1209

LAND FOR RENT Jasper County… Land lot for lease for mobile home or camper. Water and sewage at no additional cost! $150 per month. Reference and lease required. Call 843-784-2644. 0310 ————————————— Private lot for rent off Hwy 17. $225/month. Call 313-8250. tfn1209 ————————————— For Lease in Bloomingdale… 250 acres for hunting. $5,000/ hunting season. Call 844-2724. tfn0110 ————————————— Southwest Chatham... Mobile home lot for rent at 102 Burkhalter Road, Lot 51. Apply at the office there. tfn112309 ————————————— Mobile Home lots for rent… Hwy 21 in Garden City at Big Hill Road. Small park with spacious lots. Mostly tree shaded. Singlewides only. Near schools, businesses and churches. Call 843-757-9433 for more information. 0909 ————————————— Jasper County... Mobile home lot on private half acre. Water and sewage ready for hookup. For doublewide. $200 per month. Call 1-843-784-2644. tfn0509 ————————————— Private half-acre lot for mobile home. Bloomingdale. Rent is $228 per month. Call 884-9119. Water, sanitation included. 0909 ————————————— 5 acre lot for rent with option to buy. Located in Knob Creek, Ellabell, Southeast Bulloch County near I-16, Route 80 & 119 on paved road. Long lease possible. Dry land. Good for mobile home. Please call Ada at 912-789-6073 or 912-656-6059. tfn0908

9120 Ford Avenue Richmond Hill, GA 31324 912-756-8866

HOMES FOR RENT Sandfly... 3 bedroom, 2 bath home with fenced in back yard on cul-de-sac, close to Isle of Hope School, shopping, recreation, Hunter AAF. $1050 per month. Call 604-6634 for details. tfn0410 ————————————— Rincon... 2 Bedroom 2 Bath Rental on Fort Howard Road near Georgia Pacific on Large Shady Lot, Very Private. $650 Month, Includes Water. Deposit Required. Call 826-5172. tfn041010 ————————————— 2 bedroom, 1 bath house in the country. Private and secluded on 7 acre wooded lot. All electric. NO Pets. $700 per month plus $650 security deposit. Call Dale at 660-7574 or 772-5033. 0410tfn ————————————— Rincon… 4 bedroom, 2 bath brick home, completely renovated like brand new! $1100/ month, $1100 security deposit. Call 667-5544. 122409 ————————————— Rincon… 3 bedroom, 2 bath brick home with double carport. $925/month, $925 security deposit. Available Jan 1. Call 667-5544. 122409 ————————————— Pooler… 3 bedroom, 1 bath house, recently renovated, with 2-car garage and large yard. $650/month with $650 deposit. Call 964-7986. tfn0310 ————————————— Near St. Joseph’s… Condo, 1000+ sqft., extra large one bedroom, 1.5 bath, washer/ dryer connections, end unit, hardwood floors, $700/month. Call 352-1117. tfn0310 ————————————— Pooler... 14 Longleaf Circle, 3 bedroom, 2 bath, cathedral ceilings, ceiling fans throughout, central H/A, laundry room, fenced yard, garage, $950/ month. Call 748-2988. tfn0310 ————————————— SOUTH EFFINGHAM... Like New 3BR/2BA. 1600sf. Upgrades include security system, garage door opener, recessed lighting, upgraded cabinets, black appliances, smooth top stove. Dining room has bay windows, crown molding. Master has large walk-in, bath w/ double sinks, garden tub and separate shower. Custom paint, blinds, curtain rods. Amenities Center has pool, tennis, fitness equipment, playground, 2 fireplaces, billiards, community kitchen. Excellent schools. 1mi. to Chatham County. $1225/mo. 912-308-3320. tfn0310 ————————————— Clyo... 104 Berry Lane, 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, large yard, new home, just $900 per month. Call 658-2268. tfn0310 ————————————— Rincon... 138 Crossing Circle in Bent Tree subdivion, 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, double car garage, large privacy fenced yard. $1100 per month. Call 658-2268. tfn0310 ————————————— Beautiful freshly remodeled large 3 bedroom 2 bath home, Sandhill Road area (near Sandhill Elementary). Huge yard, 2 car garage, large front porch and deck. Quiet neighborhood, 280 Possum Trail. $800 per month (Negotiable depending length of lease, etc.) Deposit, first & last month’s rent, background check and references required. Option to buy available. 964-1900, Days. tfn032010 —————————————

Gorgeous River House

on the Ogeechee River

Private Area

Gorgeous river house on the Ogeechee River, private area, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, great room with fireplace, riverfront with floating dock and deck. Water and all appliances included. $900/month plus $800 deposit. Please call 912-412-0798. You must see! tfn0310 ————————————— Rincon... FREE RENT SPECIAL! First month rent is free with mention of this ad at Carlisle Village! Large 2 bedroom, 2 bath Townhome, pool, pavilion, playground, single level, no stairs, $795 per month, $550 deposit, credit check. Lease or Buy! Call 826-3153 or 631-2248. tfnAPR ————————————— For Rent or Rent to Own Large 3BR Townhomes in great condition from $875 per month. Town Park Village, close to shopping, doctor’s offices, quiet location. Minimum 1 year lease, flexible terms. Call Carmen, 826-6263. tfn031510 ————————————— South Effingham... 505 Ansonia, in Park West subdivision in South Effingham district, 1,575 sq. ft, 3 bedroms, 2 baths, formal dining, stainless steel appliances, $1,200 rent. Call for photos of home. Please call Heritage Properties, 748-4452.

————————————— Oliver area... 2 bedroom Victorian farmhouse. References required. Fenced yard on one acre of beautiful property. $500 per month, $500 security deposit. Call 925-8940 or 6583093, cell. tfn031509 ————————————— Large 2 bedroom, 1.5 bath duplex in Springfield. Central H/A, refrigerator, stove, dishwasher, washer/dryer hookups. Lots of storage. Available immediately. $600/month, $600 deposit. No pets, no smoking. Credit check and background check may be required. Call 754-3425. tfn0210 ————————————— Rincon… Nice townhome for rent. 1300 sqft., 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath with garage in gated community with pool. $1000/ month, $1000 deposit. Call 6905070. tfn0210 ————————————— Rincon... South Effingham School district, 2 bedroom, 2 baths, newly renovated, $750 per month, deposit and references required. Call 484-2635. tfn022210 ————————————— Westside… Super clean 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath, living room, dining room, den, kitchen with appliances, laundry with washer and dryer, 23’x38’ recreation room, 3-car covered carport, water, dumpster and lawn care furnished. No pets. Quiet private neighborhood. Rent: $1100/ month plus deposit. Call 236-5890. tfn0210 —————————————


South Effingham School District, Southbend Subdivision, 3 bedroom, 2 bath home with 2 car garage. Extra large fenced in backyard. $900 per month plus security deposit. Please call 272-0195. tfn0210 ————————————— Port Wentworth… 203 Providence Drive. 3 bedroom, 2 bath with bonus room. 1430 sqft. Privacy fenced backyard, quiet neighborhood. Nice upgrades. Pet okay. $875/month with deposit, $875. Call 713-2104. tfn0210 ————————————— 3 Bedroom, 1 Bath home, Washer, Dryer, Refrigerator w/icemaker, Stove, Out Building, Carport, Nice Yard. $900, Deposit Required. Call 912-6565588. tfn0110 ————————————— 5663 Ogeechee Road… 3 bedroom, 2 bath, large backyard, includes water and trash pickup, $750 per month. Close to Kroger at Berwick. Call 6582759. 0110 ————————————— 108 Meadowside... South Side/ Pooler... Immaculate 3 bedroom, 2 bath home in great and convenient area with greatroom, fireplace, dining area, kitchen with breakfast area, master bath has jacuzzi tub and separate shower, stove, refrigerator, dishwasher, washer and dryer, large privacy fenced-in yard, pool amentities, 2 car garage. $1,100 month/ deposit with 1 year lease and application fee. Call Heritage Properties, 748-4452. tfnHP ————————————— Midtown… 3 bedrooms, 1 bath, brick, large living room, separate dining room, utility porch, covered carport, fenced backyard, 5201 Habersham Street. $900 per month plus $900 security deposit. 6-month renewable lease. Call 356-1009. tfn0110 ————————————— Springfield... 2 bedroom, 1 bath, central heat and air, wood floors, great neighborhood. No pets! $730 deposit, $730 per month. Call 661-4649. tfn 122709 ————————————— Pooler... Townhouse, off Pine Barren Road, convenient to elementary and middle schools, in gated community, 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, living/dining combo, sunroom, furnished kitchen, washer/dryer, master suite with custom closets, much more! Just $1100 per month plus deposit. Call 3549569 or 667-4993. tfn1209 ————————————— Springfield... 3 bedroom, 2 full bath 2-story home for rent/ sale/lease to own. Home is on 7.75 acres and features an inground pool and 4-car garage. $1700 month. Available immediately. 912-655-0165 tfn1209 ————————————— 104 Kendal Court 3 bedroom, 3 bath town home with pool, playground, 1 car garage, fenced yard with patio. Gated Community. $1200 per month plus security deposit. Call 912596-8388. tfn1209 ————————————— Springfield Duplex for rent: 2bed/1bath spacious unit, in nice, quiet housing subdivision, very clean. $650 per month, plus $600 security deposit. Credit check required. Call 6639908. tfn1209

————————————— Bloomingdale… 3 bedroom, 2 bath home on large 1 acre lot with screened porch, two-car garage, wood-burning fireplace, and jetted tub in master bathroom. Completely updated kitchen with all new appliances. Available NOW! Close to I-95 and 16, and easy access to Historic Savannah. $1250/ month plus deposit. Call 843345-1921. tfn1209 ————————————— Springfield… Spacious three bedroom, 2 bath, 2-car garage, great neighborhood. Close to schools. $1095/month plus $1095 security deposit. Call 7544243 after 6 PM. tfn1209 ————————————— Flexible Rent-to-Own program for a very nice house in a nice area. Large 4 bedroom, 2 bath newly renovated home in Hunter’s Ridge (Pooler) with 2-car garage, hardwood floors, and large backyard. $1400/month. Please call 404-826-0346 for details. tfn1109 ————————————— Rincon... Ebenezer schools, 3 bedroom, 2 bath, double garage, almost new! No smoking, no pets. Large lot. $995 per month, $1000 deposit. Call 5471364. tfn1109 ————————————— ————————————— Pooler... Townhouse in Savannah Quarters, 3 bedroom, 3.5 bath, end unit with gourmet kitchen, washer/dryer, screened porch, two car garage, private yard, lagoon view. 307 Lake View Drive. $1400 per month. Call 856-8602. tfn112309 ————————————— Pooler… Hamilton Grove subdivision. 3 bedroom, 2 bath, single-car garage, access to swimming pool and children’s playground. New, built in 2007. No smoking, no pets. Excellent school area. $1200/month, plus $1200 deposit. Call Kim Murphy at 234-1311, 897-3799, or 6675255 or kimm@southbridgesav. com. tfn1109 ————————————— Beautiful 2 bedroom, 2 bath condo for rent in Newport subdivision in Port Wentworth, right off I-95 and Route 21/30. Available immediately. $750/ month, 1 month down payment. Call 912-313-0957. tfn1109 ————————————— FOR RENT- LEASE, Newly remodeled 3 bedroom, 2 bath home, approximately 1100 sq. ft. in Richmond Hill (31 Egrets Nest Lane East) on quiet cul-desac. Great schools. $850 month, references and deposit(s) required. Call 912-964-1900 for more information. 1109 ————————————— 39 MOONLIGHT TRAIL, PORT WENTWORTH… Beautifully appointed 1500 sq. ft. condo. Stainless steel kitchen appliances. 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath. Washer and Dryer included. Carpeted floors throughout first floor with ceramic tile flooring in kitchen and baths. Blinds on all windows and doors. Phone, cable, internet, yard maintenance. Full use of community amenities in Rice Hope’s beautiful Lakeside Community. Call 312-5265 or 312-4795. tfn1009 ————————————— 2 bedroom, 1 bath house in Ebenezer School District. Overlooks Ebenezer Creek. $800/ month, $500 deposit. References required. Call 656-5353 or 313-9960. tfn1009 ————————————— Southwest Chatham... In gated community with pool and amenities. 4 bedroom, 3 bath, two car garage, very nice and practically brand new! $1650 per month. Call 826-7388. tfn1209TS ————————————— South Effingham... Large home, 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, bonus room, formal dining room, on 2 acres on quiet culde-sac. $1600 per month. Call 826-6358. tfn1209TS ————————————— Rincon... Spacious 3 bedroom, 2 bath, washer and dryer hookups, yard maintenance provided, great family neighborhood! $850 per month, plus $850 security deposit. Call 826-7388. tfn1209TS ————————————— Rincon... HICKORY KNOB, 108 Cottonwood, 2100 SF, 3 BR, 2 Bath, Sep DR, Large Kitchen, Glassed Sunroom, Wood floor, Fireplace, 2 car garage, office. Rent $1200 per month plus dep. Call 657-9888. tfn092109 ————————————— NEW CONDO!! 2 BR/ 2.5 Bath, Fully loaded kitchen. Washer/ dryer. Community gym and pool. Easy access to I-95 & I-16. Rent: $975. Call (912) 272-4378. tfn091509 ————————————— Southside... 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, great room with fireplace, TV room/ enclosed garage, fenced back yard. $1000 per month, $1000 deposit. Call 844-1825 or 844-1812. tfn 083009

Spirit Newspapers • December 17 - December 23, 2009 • Page B11

————————————— Stonegate Subdivision... Gorgeous 3 bedroom 2 bath 1430 SF Home in lovely sudivision. Available now. Effingham County schools. Lovely floor plan includes all amenities. Just 2 minutes from I-16. $1200 per month. Call 330-0359 or 2472513. tfn083009

APARTMENTS - RENT Springfield… Duplex apartment for rent. 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, living room, dining room, equipped kitchen, washer/dryer hookups and patio. $625/month, $625 deposit. Call 754-7067. 0310 ————————————— Port Wentworth efficiency apartment, $120 per week, quiet location. Call 927-3595 or 656-3595. tfn0310 ————————————— Southwest Chatham... Off Chevis Road, near WalMart, furnished 2 bedroom, central heat and air, quiet area, $525 per month, $500 deposit. Water included. Call 927-3595 or 6563595. tfn0310 ————————————— Apartment for rent in Ellabell area. 1 bedroom, 1 bath. New condition! $800 per month. Security deposit: $800. Contact Lisa at 912-547-6896 or Thomas at 912-657-1359. tfn0110 ————————————— Furnished Rooms for Rent and camper for rent. All utilities included, color TV, cable, washer and dryer, near bus line. No Pets, No Drugs. Starting at $100 per week. Call 547-3536. tfn063010 ————————————— Beautiful 2 bedroom, 2 bath condo for rent in Newport subdivision in Port Wentworth, right off I-95 and Route 21/30. Available immediately. $750/ month, 1 month down payment. Call 912-313-0957. 1109

————————————— Now Leasing in Rincon! 509 W. 9th St (Blue Jay Rd.), 2BR/2BA apartment. Only $750 per month. Call 912-728-5097 for additional info. tfn1209 ————————————— I bedroom, 1 bath cottage for rent in the Thunderbolt area. Kitchen is furnished. $550 per month plus deposit. References required. Call 655-8767. 1009

MOBILE HOMES - RENT 3 bedroom, 2 bath doublewide in Bulloch County. Great school district. 2.5 acres. $800 deposit, $800/month. Call 748-2991. 011410 ————————————— Southeast Effingham County, 2 bedroom, 1 bath. Located on 1 acre private lot in the country. Central H/A. Call 826-2325. ————————————— Pooler... 3 bedrooms, 2 bths, private lot on Pine Barren Road. Close to Pooler Parkway, I-16 and I-95. Pet under 25 pounds okay. $650 plus deposit. References required. Call 507-1118. 121709 ————————————— Springfield... 3 bedroom, 2 baths, Private lot in nice, secluded place on 2.3 acres off Hwy 119 (mile marker 14). Good neighbors. $650/month. Section 8 or housing voucher accepted. References required. Please call Angie, 912-308-0912. tfn0210 ————————————— Doublewide mobile home with 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, refrigerator, stove, dishwasher, front and back decks on private lot. Stilson area. References required. $800/month, $800 deposit. Call 912-823-3751. tfn0210 ————————————— 2 bedroom, 1 bath mobile home in Pooler on private lot. $500/month plus deposit. Call Edwin at 272-3611. tfnLC



Country living in the city, 2 bedroom one bath mobile home on a one-acre fenced in lot. New carpet and vinyl. No inside pets allowed, $600 a month and deposit required. No smokers, please. Call 658-9911. Located on Fort Argyle Road. tfnSH ————————————— 1-, 2- and 3-bedroom mobile homes for rent. No pets. Call 844-2724. tfn0110 ————————————— Springfield ... 3 bedroom, 2 bath M/H at 103 Dove Lane in Countryside Village MHP in Springfield. Appliances furnished. Call 657-3148 or 9640087. ————————————— Hardeeville… Large mobile home, private, clean, furnished. Requirements: references, quiet lifestyle, no pets, non-smoking. Two persons-$450/month, one person-$375/month. Security deposit. 843-784-6840, leave message if no answer. ————————————— 3 bedroom, 2 bath mobile home. Pond on property. $750 security deposit, $750/ month. Ask about discounts! Call 912313-0115. tfn1209 ————————————— 3 bedroom, 2 bath, 1100 sq.ft., $650/month, $650 security deposit. Call 450-3010. tfn1209 ————————————— 3 bedroom, 3 bath mobile home on 1 acre lot in southwest Chatham County. Great schools. No pets. References required. $750/month plus $750 deposit. Call 927-2806. 1109 ————————————— South Effingham... 392 Shellie Helmey Road, approximately one mile from South Effingham High School. 14 x 70 two bedroom, 2 bath, central Heat and Air, on one acre lot with fenced in yard. Two car carport and workroom. $700 per month. Call 772-3136 or 856-1971.

————————————— Will be available Jan. 1, 2010... Retail/Beauty /Doctors office 5125 Augusta Road, Hwy 21, space on Pooler Parkway in Garden City, Georgia: 849.6 Goodly Station,1500 sft. & sq.ft. office space, 31’8”X26’7” 1000sft, low rent, convenient and bath; 2,299.1 sq.ft. steel to Savannah Quarters, shop- building with overhead crane, ping, airport, and residential 2.5 ton 31’8”X99’; 5,288.2 sq.ft. fabrication shop, 54’8”X100’2” areas. Call 272-9303. 122409 ————————————— with 5 ton overhead crane, 22’ 1711 Dean Forest Road… 1500 lift. Total: 8,436.9 sq. ft. Call sq. ft. of office and warehouse, Ted at 964-4331 for price and 3000 sq. ft. of office and ware- a copy of lease. Zoned Heavy Commercial. tfn1109 house. Call 925-8165. tfn0310 ————————————— ————————————— Now leasing space in a brand Office and shop space for rent new shopping center in Bloomin Garden City on Hwy 80, beingdale. For more information, tween Dean Forest Road and call Ron “Bogie” Walker, Today Chatham Parkway, behind Real Estate, 748-9999. tfnSH Pope’s Landscape. Perfect for storage/office, etc. 1200 square feet. Call 748-6361 or 313-7027, cell. tfn 011710 ————————————— 2006 Crossfire... Convertible For Lease… Trucking Terminal sports car! Like new condiat 122 Raymond Road in Pooler. tion, just 12K miles. Crystal 3 acres of land, 7” fenced with red. $18,500. Call 547-3342. 72’x10’ office, 3 office spaces, tfn041509 one bathroom and break room. ————————————— 60’x71’ shop, 20’ eve, 8 rollup 2000 Chrysler Cirrus, 150k doors (2- 12’x16’, 4- 10’x16’, and miles, good condition, $2000. 2- 8’x12’). 500’ concrete landing Call 272-2949. tfn0310 pad. Call 964-4331 or 313-2594 ————————————— for more information. tfn1209 1999 Mercury Sable... Auto————————————— matic, A/C, 6 cylinder. Just 308 Carolan Street, Savan- $1995. Call Bobbie, 826-1071. nah… + or – 6 acres, 2.5 acres tfn0110 have 7’ fence. Zoned Industrial. ————————————— Call 964-1127. tfn1109 1997 Mazda Miata... lot’s of ————————————— fun! Runs and drives great For Lease... Zoned Commer- with air conditioning, power cial… 5028 Augusta Road, windows, factory alloy rims, Garden City, GA. 1,000 SF of- am/fm/cd. Only 115k miles. Pics fice, 1,400 SF storage, 2,361 SF available. J. Martin Auto Broopen space. Lot size: 118’x276’. kers. Call Mark at 660-6275. Paved yard. 7’ fence. Call Ro- tfnmjp mine Enterprises LP, 912-964- ————————————— 1993 Infiniti J30 Touring Se4331, for details. tfn1109 ————————————— dan... Excellent condition, only HIGHWAY FRONTAGE... 1 acre 137k miles, fully loaded, with with office building and some leather, and all power options. furniture, car wash and utility New timing belt, pulleys, and building. Used to be a car lot. tensioner. Ready to drive luxLocated on Hwy 21, downtown ury for only $2475. Pics availRincon. Call Brad for details, able. J. Martin Auto Brokers. Call Mark at 660-6275. tfnmjp 912-663-1461. tfnSHRT




We Have Financing Available!













2001 SATURN L200

2002 MAZDA B2300























EFFINGHAM AUTO SALES HWY. 21 at GOSHEN ROAD • RINCON (The former Springfield Ford location)

826-1071 or 663-5016 Cell, Joe Pope, (Owner)

————————————— 2004 Mercury Grand Marquis – Clean, excellent condition, 47k miles, 4 dr., V8 4.6 liter, beige w/leather interior, automatic transmission, rear wheel drive, A/C, power steering / windows / seats, automatic door locks, tilt wheel, cruise control, AM/ FM stereo, CD and cassette player, dual front air bags, ABS brakes, traction control, alloy wheels, locking gas cap. Never smoked in. $9,500. Call 6630127. tfn041510 —————————————


1973 Volkswagen Super Beetle convertible, new floor pans and top. $4500. Call 748-7533 or 658-1929. tfn0110 ————————————— 1988 Mustang Convertible, new tires, new top, new paint, all power, cold air, $4500 or best offer. Runs good, very good condition, car show winner. Call 429-0567. 0210tfn ————————————— 2000 Ford Crown Vic Police Interceptor. Good condition. $2500. See at Arbor Motel, 3314 Ogeechee Road, Savannah. Call 770-655-0890. tfn0310

BOWYER MOTORS Low Down Payments

(Partial Listing)


Minute Financing

GENERAL MOTORS 03 Chevy 1500 Ext. Cab ....... $10,995 04 Chevy Impala LS ..............$8,995 02 Chevy Monte Carlo SS .......$8,995 04 Chevy Malibu LS..............$8,995 03 Chevy Impala .................$7,995 03 Pontiac Grand Prix LTD......$7,995 04 Chevy Impala .................$7,995 00 Chevy Camaro ................$6,995 02 Buick LeSabre ................$6,995 00 GMC Jimmy....................$6,995 99 Chevy Tahoe ..................$6,995 99 Chevy 3500 Pickup ..........$6,995 00 Chevy Monte Carlo SS .......$6,995 04 Chevy Classic .................$6,995 00 Pontiac Grand Am GT ........$6,995 02 Pontiac Grand Am SE ........$6,995 99 Buick Park Avenue...........$5,995 01 Olds Aurora....................$5,995 01 Pontiac Grand Am ............$5,995 94 Chevy Caprice ................$5,995 04 Olds Alero .....................$5,995 91 Chevy Caprice ................$5,995 04 Chevy Cavalier................$5,995 00 Pontiac Bonneville...........$5,995 01 Pontiac Sunfire GT ...........$5,795 02 Buick Century.................$5,395 93 Buick Park Avenue...........$4,995 87 Olds Cutlass...................$4,995 00 Olds Alero .....................$4,995 01 Pontiac Grand Prix ...........$4,995 97 Buick Park Avenue...........$4,995 99 Pontiac Grand Am SE ........$4,995 96 Pontiac Firebird ..............$4,995 96 Pontiac Bonneville...........$4,995 96 Buick Skylark LTD............$4,995 99 Buick Lesabre LTD ...........$4,995 95 Olds Cutlass SL ...............$4,995 93 Buick Skylark .................$3,995 98 Buick Park Avenue...........$3,995 96 Chevy Cavalier................$3,995 95 Olds Ciera SL..................$3,995 94 Pontiac Firebird ..............$3,995 98 Chevy Cavalier................$3,995 96 Chevy Monte Carlo LS .......$3,995

IMPORTS 03 Honda Odyssey ...............$9,795 01 Mercedes C320 ...............$9,795 02 Toyota Camry LE .............$8,995 04 Kia Sorento LX ................$8,395 05 Kia Optima LX.................$7,995 95 BMW 525i .....................$6,995 00 Saab 9-3 Convertible ........$6,795 99 VW Passat .....................$5,995 97 Volvo 850 ......................$4,995 94 Volvo 960 ......................$2,995

FORD/LINCOLN/MERCURY 03 Ford F-150 Supercrew ..... $12,995 03 Ford F-250 Ext. Cab........ $10,995 04 Ford Explorer .................$8,995 03 Ford Mustang .................$7,995 00 Ford Expedition...............$6,995 02 Ford E-150 Cargo Van .......$6,795 02 Ford Ranger Pickup..........$5,995 98 Lincoln Towncar..............$5,995 04 Ford F-150 XL .................$5,995 02 Ford Explorer Sport ..........$5,995 99 Ford Taurus ...................$4,995 96 Lincoln Towncar..............$4,995 98 Mercury Sable ................$4,995 98 Ford Contour GL ..............$3,995 92 Ford Explorer .................$3,995

CHRYSLER 05 Chrysler Sebring..............$8,995 06 Dodge Grand Caravan .......$7,995 03 Dodge Grand Caravan .......$6,995 05 Dodge Stratus SE .............$6,995 00 Dodge Dakota Pickup .......$6,995 04 Dodge Stratus SE .............$5,995 01 Chrysler Town & Country ...$5,995 00 Dodge Intrepid ................$4,995 98 Dodge Grand Caravan .......$3,995

232-3725 714 Montgomery St.

Page B12 • Spirit Newspapers • December 17 - December 23, 2009

Dave Myers Sales

Gary Cox Sales

David Johnson Sales

Tony Harley

Sales, Ret. Military


J.J. Dixon

Lonnie Legree

Lisa Leach

Lewis Wilson


Here’s hoping your holiday is blessed with the perfect combination of peace, harmony and joy. We look forward to seeing you again next year.


Merry Christmas! 5905 OGEECHEE ROAD AT HWY. 17 & HWY. 204 920-5414

————————————— ’04 Buick LeSabre, leather, CD, power seats, custom wheels. $9,988. (912) 349-1047. tfnTM ————————————— 1999 Honda Accord EX Loaded! Just 78K miles! Power Moonroof, CD, Leather, excellent condition. $7995. Call Bobbie, 826-1071. tfn0110 ————————————— 1998 SATURN SC2 COUPE... Great car at a great price! Only 112k miles, loaded with air cond, auto transm, power windows, power locks, tilt wheel, cruise control, alloy rims, am/fm/cd. Great shape in and out. Ready to drive, just $1975. Please call 660-6275. tfn0310 ————————————— 2001 BMW Z3 Convertible 3.0, black on black, garage kept, show room condition, 48,000 miles, $15,000. Includes car cover. Please call 912 748-5474 or 912 657-5474 or 912 2366949. tfn0310 ————————————— 2004 Toyota Camry, silver in color. Excellent condition, like new. Looks just as good now as it did brand new! Leather. All power. CD/cassette player. $12,000 OBO. Call 823-9034. ————————————— ’02 Cadillac STS, 36k original miles, loaded. $10,988. (912) 349-1047. tfnTM ————————————— ‘86 Dodge 600 Convertible, in excellent condition, just $3500. Call 748-7296. tfn0210



Mike Walsh


Used Car Mngr


1996 DODGE RAM 1500

30K Actual Local One Owner Miles


10,995* Includes $449 Administration Fee. *Plus tax and title.


Manager’s Specials!









Includes $449 Administration Fee. *Plus tax and title.





Everything Must Go!

MP3/CD Player




Includes $449 Administration Fee. *Plus tax and title.




Quad Cab, V8, 22K Miles




Includes $449 Administration Fee. *Plus tax and title.



Last Markdowns Before Auction!


24,361* Includes $449 Administration Fee. *Plus tax and title.

2008 DODGE CARAVAN SXT 3rd Row Seating



Includes $449 Administration Fee. *Plus tax and title.

Hwy 21 • Springfield



5629 Hwy. 21 • Rincon

1-888-796-9593 (Near Kroger)

————————————— 2004 Ford Mach1 Mustang. 32 valve V-8, 47,000 miles. JLT Ram Air intake, high flow Cats, Prochamber Box, 40 series flowmasters, and flowmaster tips. Black, with Black Leather interior, (IUP). 18” Hot Wheels Rims, with 275/35 ZR 18” BF Goodrich tires. This car is FAST and Road or Track ready. $14,500. Please call 912-704-0741 to schedule an appointment. Ask for Harry. tfn0210 ————————————— ’05 PT Cruiser convertible, great car, great shape! $9,988. (912) 349-1047. tfnTM ————————————— 2003 Saturn Ion, 5-speed, A/C, full power, very good condition. $4800. Call 330-9858. tfn1209 ————————————— 1996 Chevy Baretta, AS IS, 200K miles, needs T.L.C and some minor repairs, $900 or best offer. Call 220-4857 or 596-8737, after 4 PM please. tfnah ————————————— New car? New Insurance! Call for a free quote today! 7483040. tfnah ————————————— Crown Victoria police interceptors. Located at 3314 Ogeechee Road, Arbor Cottages. Call 770655-0890. tfn0909 ————————————— 1990 Acura Integra, 2-door, 5-speed, new tires, new battery. Body in good condition. Needs a lot of work under the hood, but a perfect fixerupper! BEST OFFER!!! Call 7135627. tfnLC

Spirit Newspapers • December 17 - December 23, 2009 • Page B13

————————————— 2001 Ford Mustang GT Convertible... One owner, 98,000 miles, Gun metal grey with NEW convertible top. 6-disk CD changer. $8000. Call 912-6563044. tfn091909 ————————————— 2001 Saturn L200... Automatic, A/C, PW, PL. $4850. Call Bobbie, 826-1071. tfn0110 ————————————— 2004 Toyota Corolla LE... One owner, excellent condition, very clean. New tires and new battery. 115K miles, with regular maintenance. Great car for just $7,500. Call 912-884-4797. tfn1209 —————————————

Price Dropped On Camaro!

2002 Convertible 35th Anniversary Edition, red with black top, 43k miles. Excellent condition. Great DAWG car! $8,000. Call 920-2670. tfn0709 ————————————— 1999 VW Cabrio convertible, 185,000 miles, new vinyl top, runs good. $2200. Call 3081729. tfn0609 ————————————— 1993 Chevy Sport Van, Automatic, Runs good! Asking $1500. Please call 912-220-2919. tfn0609 ————————————— 2002 Nissan Altima, silver, 4 door, just 75K miles, power sunroof, in very good condition and well maintained. Original owner. Great gas mileage! Just $8000. Call 667-9491. tfn0409

————————————— ‘98 Ford Mustang Convertible... Needs a little body work, but runs! My very first car, and I just don’t need it anymore! First $3500 takes it! Would be perfect fixer-upper for young person! Call 667-9491. tfn0409

TRUCKS/VANS/SUVS 2004 Dodge Ram 1500 SLT Quad Cab... power everything, factory bedliner, super sound system, 4.7 liters, well maintained. $8500. Call 754-7499. ————————————— 1995 FORD CARGO VAN... only 63,000 miles. Runs and drives great. 4.9L engine, air cond, automatic transmission with overdrive, factory am/fm stereo. Ready to drive. Pics available. Priced to sell at only $2475. Call Mark (cell) 6606275. Richmond Hill Auto Mart. ————————————— 2002 Dodge Dakota SLT Quad cab pickup. A/C, automatic. Just $8995. Call Bobbie, 8261071. tfn0110 ————————————— 1993 Chevy S10 Crew Cab, good condition, runs good, new tires, seats 4. $4500 negotiable. Call 667-1198. tfnah ————————————— 2007 Mazda CX9, loaded. Black with tan leather interior. DVD system. New tires. 44k miles. Asking $21,500. Call 728-5926. ————————————— 2001 Nissan Pathfinder... Loaded! Red with black leather interior. Just $9850. Call Bobbie, 826-1071. tfn0110

————————————— 2004 Dodge Quad Cab.. Hemi Sport, 92.5K miles, great shape, $12,000. Call 912-4334019. tfn041510 ————————————— ‘03 Chevy Suburban C2500 LT, loaded, rear steering, good miles, $12,988. (912) 349-1047. —————————————

11.1 Detroit, 11 x 24.5 Rubber, 9 Speed Transmission, Sliding 5th Wheel, Year 1998. $8,000. Choice of 10 trucks! Call 904866-7658. tfn0310 ————————————— 2002 Mazda B2300... Automatic, PW, PL, Cruise, 4 cylinder. Just $6875. Call Bobbie, 8261071. tfn0110 ————————————— ‘04 Ford Explorer XLT, loaded to the max! Only $8988! (912) 349-1047. tfnTM ————————————— ‘02 Jeep Liberty LTD 4x4, loaded, must see! Only $8988. (912) 349-1047. tfnTM ————————————— 1998 Ford Windstar Automatic, A/C, power windows and locks, cruise control, tilt wheel, 6 cylinder. $2995. Call Bobbie, 8261071. tfn0110 ————————————— Must Sell!! 2007 Nissan truck, loaded with only 8k miles. Garage kept. Must see to appreciate! Like new. Will sacrifice. Call 748-6089 or 658-8791. tfn0210

————————————— 2003 Chevy Trail Blazer, power locks & windows, tinted windows, ext. 3rd row, leather seats, CD player, automatic, tires are 1 1/2 yrs. old and in great condition, 100k miles, $14,000 OBO. Great SUV, must see! Please call 507-0292. ————————————— 2007 Silverado W.T., extended cab, black, 4X4, 24k miles, step rails, towing package, spray bedliner. Warranty: 5 year/60,000. Never been smoked in. $16,000. Call (912) 748-5474 or cell, (912) 531-3810. ————————————— 2003 Ford Ranger XLT... Red Flareside, automatic, A/C, 4 cylinder, toolbox. Just $5975. Call Bobbie, 826-1071. tfn0110 ————————————— 1995 Ford F450 super duty, 12’ flat bed, electric dump, 4 speed automatic transmission, 7.3L Diesel, A/C, stereo. Won’t last long at just $10,500. Call me at 912-547-3000 or 925-5246. ————————————— 1984 16 seat white GMC church Bus with large luggage space. Only 13k miles on the engine and new brakes. Great for churches or working groups. If interested call SouthSide Church Of God 927-4408. $5,000. tfnSH —————————————


2007 Dodge Ram 1500... 6 cylinder pickup, automatic, a/c, full power, really good shape, like new! Only 25.7K miles! Asking $14,500. Call 728-3065. tfn1209

————————————— ’03 Ford F-150 Super Crew XLT, loaded with options, red. $11,988. (912) 349-1047. tfnTM ————————————— HUNTING TRUCK!! ‘99 Ford F150 Reg. Cab, 4x4, Line-X bedliner, New Tires, Automatic. $4500. Call Ryan at 912-3983334. tfn093009 —————————————


1999 Ford F-250 Triton, V8, XLT, 4 door, extended cab. Tow package, bedliner, seats 6 with center fold down console, cruise, tilt, power steering, seats, windows and locks, A/C, automatic, AM/FM/Cassette, keyless entry, tan exterior with tan upholstery, no tears or stains, good tires, tinted windows. Excellent condition! Small ding on tailgate. $5999 or best offer. Effingham/Springfield, 659-8950 or 754-1455. tfn0809 ————————————— Freightliner M2 Hauler, 330 HP, 1000Lb./Torque, air ride & brakes, crew cab, leather, DVD, back-up camera, air ride hitch, bed has 7 storage compartments, sound system, Garmin 7200 GPS, Silver Leaf engine monitor and more! $94,500. Call 912-964-7474 or 912-6568800. 0409tfn

MOTORCYCLES/ATVS 2005 Honda TRX 250 Recon, yellow, low miles, like new! $1750. Call 665-1997. 122409

Page B14 • Spirit Newspapers • December 17 - December 23, 2009

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SUPRA PREOWNED.COM 349-1047 7409 Abercorn Street (Next to GreenFrog) *Certain restrictions apply. Call for details.

————————————— (2) 2007 model 4-wheelers, one Honda Foreman and one Honda Rubicon. Very low miles. Call 754-9035. 012810 ————————————— 2007 Honda 50 Dirtbike, like new! $800. Call 912-604-7631. tfn0510 ————————————— 2007 Arctic Cat 500 4x4, automatic, very low miles, like new! $4550. Call 695-3591. tfn0410

————————————— 2005 Suzuki GSXR 600... black and silver, Yoshimura pipes, frame sliders, power commander, only 6,000 miles. Garage kept! $5500. Call 210-2352. ————————————— ‘08 Suzuki GSXR, 1600 miles, $6999. ‘07 Suzuki C50 with extras, $5999. ‘03 Suzuki Intruder with extras, $5499. ‘06 Yamaha VStar 1100, loaded! $6495. Call Hub, 234-6446. tfnTS



2003 Harley Superglide, 100 Year Anniversary, black, 16” Ape Hangers, chopper light, lowered, chrome and extras, $9,000 or best offer. Call 912313-3060. tfnahlw ————————————— 2001 Honda American Classic Edition VT750, less than 3000 miles, like new, $3500 OBO. Call 210-7577. tfnJM

CROSSGATE MOTORS, INC. 5990 Highway 21 • Port Wentworth

CHRISTMAS AUTO SALES SPECIAL Low Downpayments on Affordable Autos priced at:

$900 and Up, plus We Finance You! Quality Pre-Owned Cars, SUVs, Vans and Trucks

Call DOCMILLER at 964-8835

————————————— 2006 Yamaha V-Star 650, 900 miles, New condition, garage kept, helmet and gloves included, $4,500 OBO. Call (912) 6573185 or (912) 213-8037. tfn0310 ————————————— 2006 Harley Davidson Ultra Classic, 4100 miles, like new! Some extras. Clear title. $18,500. Call 912-966-1874. ————————————— 2006 Honda 1100 Shadow, only 5,500 miles, $5000 CASH only! Call 398-3636. tfn0210 ————————————— 2006 Honda TPX 500 4-wheeler, yellow in color, good condition. $3500. Call 313-8250. tfn0110 ————————————— 2007 Suzuki 800 BLVD, red with matching saddlebags, $5995. Financing available with $0 down, $149 per month. Call Hub at 234-6446. tfnBKTS

CAMPERS/RVS/TRAILERS 1993 Dutchman Classic... 26’ Travel Trailer in excellent condition.. new tires and carpet.. non smoker. Asking $6800. Call 728-6832. tfn011510

————————————— 2003 5th Wheel Advantage, 29’, queen bed, double bed, ceiling fan, gas and electric, hot water duct heat & air, Domatic refrigerator automatic, used only 3 times. Must see to appreciate! Pay off loan! Call 7723858. 0410 —————————————


2006 33’ Fleetwood Travel Trailer, double slide, king size bed, fully equipped with everything needed to start camping. Too many extras to mention! Asking $19,000 or best offer! Call 450-3831. 0709tfn

BOATS/JET SKIS 2007 RPX Supercharged Seadoo. Take over payments. Please call Jason 912-306-0933. tfn0610 ————————————— 1986 Wahoo 18.5’, center console, depth finder, 140hp Evanrude, galvanized trailer with new axels. Boat and trailer in excellent condition. Motor needs minor work. Asking $4000. Call 748-0025. tfn0410

————————————— 24’ pontoon houseboat with accessories and trailer. With 60hp Johnson outboard motor, grill, potty, and two bunk beds go with it! $4000. Call 577-1204. ————————————— Bass Boat... 16 Foot (needs work) & Trailer, No Motor or Title, Notarized Bill Of Sale Provided $475 OBO Trade. Call 604-2943. tfn0510 —————————————


2006 17.5 foot Bayliner Ski boat, 7 seater, Bimini Top, Fish/ Depth finder, 135 HP Mercrusier engine- inboard. Less than 100 hrs of use. One owner. Excellent conditon. Includes-7 life vests, 2 ski jackets, skis and Big daddy tube and rope. Asking $6900. Call 912-313-3827. ————————————— 2003 19 foot Carolina Skiff semiv with 70hp Yamaha and aluminum trailer. Very low hours. $7200. Call 772-3465, Guyton. ————————————— 1999 21’ Carolina Skiff with 150 Yamaha and galvanized trailer. All good condition. $10,000 or best offer. Call 748-1735 or 3983454, ask for Bobby.


Spirit Newspapers, Section B, Dec. 17, 2009


Spirit Newspapers, Section B, Dec. 17, 2009