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• Just before 8pm, an Officer stopped a Fort Steward man for speeding 90mph in a 70mph zone on I-16. A check of his license revealed the man was wanted by the Hinesville Police, and he was taken to jail to await transport to Liberty County. (Nothing like zippin’ around at 90mph when the cops are lookin’ for you...) • Around 2am, an Officer stopped a Marlow man for speeding 55mph in a 45mph zone of Hwy 80. The man was also weaving across the fog line and the centerline. He was arrested for driving while suspended and for another DUI. • Just before 7pm, an Officer noticed two cars eastbound on I-16 at a high rate of speed, clocking them at 85mph. The second car quickly exited onto Bloomingdale Road when he noticed the Officer pulling out behind them. The Officer then stopped the lead car, a white Chrysler 300. The driver, a Brooklyn, New York man, was asked for his license, and began to tell the Officer he didn’t have his license with him, but just stopped in mid sentence and stared at the Officer through his glazed and bloodshot eyes. The Officer asked him to step to the rear of his car to take some sobriety tests, and had to remind him to close the door before it got hit by passing traffic. The Officer explained that he’d stopped him for speeding, and the man tried to tell him he was just following the car in front of him. The Officer pointed out that he was the car in front and wasn’t following any other car. Dispatch soon advised him that the man’s license was suspended, and he was on his way to jail for DUI and driving while suspended. • At 10:30pm, an Officer clocked a silver Chevy Cobalt at 87mph and stopped him on I-16 westbound. The man was soon placed under arrest for driving while suspended. Incredulous, the Montgomery, Alabama man told the Officer “In Alabama, that’s just a citation and you get to drive off!” The Officer politely explained how we do things in Georgia and gave him the details on how he was going to jail for driving while suspended. (And should’ve added “...and you lookin’ mighty cute in them jeans, boy!” just to get him ready for his stay on Chatham Parkway!) • Around 3:30am, an Officer spotted two cars traveling in the right hand lane of westbound I-16. The cars were close together, and moving very slowly compared to other traffic. Concerned due to the closeness of the cars, the Officer made a traffic stop. Another Officer was called to handle the second car while this Officer handled the lead car. The driver explained that they were from Tennessee and had come to take the other car back to Indiana. As the Officer asked more and more questions, the driver told more and more stories, eventually getting confused on what he had and hadn’t told the Officer. When the tag on both cars was found to be identical, both drivers were taken into custody. This driver was also wanted in Dooley County.


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A Mother’s Love Delivers LeBron By C. Edward Wilson

Seven-year-old Thomas Carver knew his mother loved him a lot, but what she did last week even

and touch LeBron and I’m still in shock,” he added. Thomas said he had an awkward moment when he went to the food court to get something to

7 year old Pooler resident Thomas Carver with Orlando Magic star Hedo Turkoglu

LeBron James, Thomas Carver’s hero surpassed both of their expectations. She delivered him an early birthday present. Once he gets older and reflects back on the gift, it will help him understand the significance of the effort put forth to make that gift happen at such a defining moment in his life. Last Thursday, the Savannah Christian elementary school student and his mother went on an adventure of a lifetime and upon arrival to their planned destination of Cleveland, Ohio, things got even better. Stacy Carver, according to her mother Joann Shearouse, “is a very methodical person who very rarely deviates from the norm regarding the things of her family activities.” Not only did Carver deviate from a normal routine, she pulled off one of the greatest moments in sports history that will never be told outside of her immediate family. What set things in motion for mother and son was the gift of two free airline tickets from Carver’s boss at Four Seasons Travel. The next part of the trip depended on what could be accomplished on the internet. Carver went to and found two tickets to a National Basketball Association playoff game pitting the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Orlando Magic. Now the next conquest was convincing her family that she and Thomas were going to a game in another part of the country at a moment’s notice. “When she (Stacy) called, she said Momma I don’t ever do anything special,” said Shearouse. “We told her to go on and do it and everything worked out.” What worked out was an early arrival to the Quicken Loans Arena, the home of the Cleveland Cavaliers. Then one of the public relations young ladies began asking people in the audience if they wanted to come down to the court and Thomas was one of the selection of ten youngsters from the stands chosen to participate in shooting drills with the professional basketball players. “I didn’t really know it (being on the court with LeBron James) was really happening to me,” said Thomas. “I could reach out

eat. Apparently, some of the Orlando Magic players were eating

and Thomas had a chance to take pictures with Hedo Turkoglu and Anthony Johnson. “He didn’t seem too happy that I had a Lebron James jacket on,” said Thomas. “I really enjoyed what my mother did and I wasn’t nervous at all except for the plane flight and riding on the subway.” Stacy Carver knew this would be something special for her son, but the trip was also something special for her. “The atmosphere was unbelievable and was one of the most exciting things that I’ve ever done,” said Carver. “”I just feel great that I could do this for my son.” After returning home to Pooler,

Thomas turned in a paper of his adventure to his teacher entitled, The Great Lebron James – “Lebron James is my favorite player in the NBA. He was born on December 30, 1984 in Akron, Ohio. He began playing basketball at an early age. In high school, he was named the national player of the year. In 2003, he was drafted to the NBA out of high school by the Cleveland Cavaliers. He is No. 23 and his nickname is King James. He has been a starting forward for the Cavaliers for five years. In 2009, he was named the MVP of the NBA. The Cavaliers are playing in the playoffs. I hope they win the national championship.”

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Page B2 • Spirit Newspapers • June 4 - June 10, 2009


(Editor’s Note: Outdoor Truths is a weekly sportsman’s article that appears in newspapers and regional magazines across 13 states in the South, and Midwest. It is a blend of observations and experiences that have come over time from being in God’s great outdoors. We’re proud to offer this column for the outdoor sportsmen in our area.)

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I’ve taken some time out of the last few days to fish the river. This is my sport of choice during this time of year. The weather has been perfect and the fish have been cooperating as well. One morning I felt like Mike Iaconelli who is one of the pros from the Bass Elite Series. Mike is known for his loud screams when he catches a big fish or a fish that gets him in contention to win. He really lets his emotions be seen and heard. I felt the same way, the other day, as I was landing several good fish. The difference in Mike and me is that he is fishing from a fifty thousand dollar bass boat, and I am in my twelve foot, river jon boat. But the thrill is the same. It doesn’t come from what’s above the water, but from what’s below it. It’s that unexpected bite that becomes that unexpected fish, which gives you that unexpected battle. And when it culminates with fish-in-hand, there is nothing else to do, but give a big, bold, unashamed scream or highfive, or anything that celebrates the victory. For some reason many of us are hesitant to openly celebrate. Men are especially reserved when it come to this. Sometimes we think it’s unbecoming to an adult. Other times we fear celebrating now because

of what may lie ahead. It’s the old thought that we shouldn’t get too excited about something until the outcome is certain. And we surely can’t enjoy the good times, because something bad is just around the corner. Now I know I’m speaking (writing) to some of you who fall right into this trap. Some of you catch a five pound bass and shrug it off as if it is commonplace for you. Other times you won’t allow yourself to celebrate because you know there is still a “long way to go.” Let me tell you, you are missing out on some great moments. In life there are too many tough times. We deal with some trouble, problems, or heartaches, everyday. Some are minimal; others are lifechanging. We have no idea what tomorrow holds. We may be woken up by an unexpected phone call, informing us about an unexpected tragedy. We may be met at work with an unexpected pink slip. We may be notified by our doctor about an unexpected illness. We just never know. There is one thing I do know however; I know I can celebrate each and every good moment and good day with a bold and unashamed zest. No one can keep me from celebrating with everything


club is with our hands. Therefore, the hands are the source of control to the club and it is essential to hold the club with a fundamentally correct grip. Following are some ideas that you may want to incorporate into your grip for better control of the golf club. It is written from the perspective of the right-handed player. The butt end of the grip should be up under the heel pad of the hand. (The heel pad is the muscular pad on the same side of the hand as the little finger). Leave about a quarter to a half-inch of the grip protruding past the heel pad of the hand. It is very important that the heel pad of the hand be ON TOP of the grip. As a guide to check and see if your heel pad is in a correct position try this: With the butt end of the grip under the heel pad, crook your left forefinger around the grip. If you are able to lift the clubhead off the ground – supporting the weight of the club only by the forefinger and heel pad of the hand, your hand is on the club correctly. At this time note that the club is at an angle that runs from base of the little finger of the left hand DIAGONALLY across to the second knuckle joint of the index finger. Now, close the remaining fingers around the grip. Lastly, place the thumb on the grip. Allow it to fall slightly to the right of the center of the grip of the golf club. In placing your right hand on the

Gary Miller

I have. And for me, I will choose to milk every present moment of all its praise whether that moment is something as small as landing a bass from the river or something as big as winning the BassMaster Classic. Don’t forget to shoot me an email. I would love to hear from you.

Copies of Gary’s Book, Outdoor Truths, Hunting and Fishing For Answers, are just $10, and are available at Spirit Newspapers’ office.


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By Cindy Jones P.G.A. Professional Savannah Golf School at Henderson Golf Club

There are a number of elements that combine to produce good golf shots and lower scores. Three of these elements are control, power, and consistency. Most students when asked which of these they would most like to improve indicate CONSISTENCY as their number one choice. It is interesting to note that without the element of CONTROL, these golfers can only get to a point in their games where they will only ever be “consistently inconsistent”. As players of the game, we must first learn the CONTROL if we ever hope to become consistently good ball strikers. (Control refers to control of the club throughout the swing and also control of the clubhead through the impact area). The only contact we have with the golf

Cindy Jones

club, hold your hand open and place the club on the middle two fingers - between the base and the second knuckle joints. Allow your right ring finger to fit securely next to the left index finger. Either interlock the little finger of the right hand with the left index finger or allow it to overlap the left index finger. Close the fingers of the right hand around the club. When closing the right hand it is very important that the lifeline of the right hand fits TO THE SIDE of the left thumb. Allow the right thumb to rest slightly to the left of the center of the top of the grip of the golf club. You will now have a grip with no gaps between the hands and both hands should feel unified and able to work together during your hit of the golf ball.


Friday, June 5th 9th Annual Faster Pastor Race, Love’s Seafood Street Stocks,Wildcat Archery & Hunting Pure Stock, Savannah Go Mini’s Mini-Stock, Pooler Pawn & Diamond 440’s

Gates Open at 6pm • Racing Starts at 8pm Five Divisions of Race Cars – 1/2 Mile of the Fastest Clay in Georgia Oglethorpe Speedway Park is located on US Hwy. 80 in Pooler, 3 miles east of I-95 (exit 102). Watch for the Speedway signs on the right.


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• Pooler Recreation Department and Armstrong Atlantic State University Summer Basketball Camp Dates and times: July 6th thru July 9th from 8:30 am till 12:00pm. Ages: 8 thru 13. Boys and Girls. Fee: $75. Register online at or at the Pooler Gym at 900 South Rogers Street. • Henderson Golf Club Junior Golf Camp Schedule - Summer 2009 Junior Novice (Ages 8 – 15) June 15th - 19th; June 22nd- 26th; July 6th - 10th Savannah Golf School’s Junior Golf Camp teaches all aspects of the game including course etiquette and sportsmanship - perfect for beginners to intermediate juniors. Go to www.hendersongolfclub. com - Savannah golf school for

additional informational and printable registration form or call Cindy Jones; 856-4653 or Henderson Golf Club Golf Shop at 920-4653. Email:

• Coastal Empire Baseball/Softball Allstar Classic will be held in Port Wentworth at Mobley Park, June 12th-14th for age groups: 7-8 Boys/ Girls (MP), 9-10 Boys/Girls (MP), 11-12 Boys/Girls all GRPA, 10 Open (LP) and 11 Open all USSSA, 3 game guarantee. Awards include: 1st place individuals and $100 back to winning team if more than five teams enter your age division and 2nd place individuals. Entry Fee $175. For more information, contact Mike at 663-9299, or 772-5407, or by email at

• Pooler Summer Classic... June 4th6th, 2009. Rainout day: June 7th Divisions Available: 8U Boys, 10U Boys, and 10U Girls Age Cutoff Dates: Baseball- May 1, 2009 and Softball- January 1, 2009 Format: Double Elimination Rules: GRPA Rule Exception: No mandatory playing rule Location: Pooler Complex Entry Fee: $150 Make Checks payable to: Pooler Recreation Entry Deadline: May 29, 2009 *Birth Certificates and rosters will be required at check-in For more information please contact Pooler Recreation at 7485776, or by email at and

Spirit Newspapers • June 4 - June 10, 2009 • Page B3


When the Conditions are prefect, what do you do? We all, including myself, are always looking for that prefect fish day. In my case, since I do it for a living, “I am always praying for that prefect day!” Well, as we all know the weather as well as those that predict goes on it’s on route meaning any as well everything can change in a moment. The bottom line is this, “If you plan a fish day, unless it’s a life threaten situation with the weather handed, I suggest following through with your plans.” I am speaking “your boat or mine here!” Last week was a prefect example: We had visitors aka fishermen from all over the United States with “wishing fishing” on their minds. Out of all the days that we booked we ran less than 10 trips inshore. I have excluded the offshore booking, because of high winds producing larger waves that normal. Offshore fishing for the most part of the week was OUT! I would like to take my hat off to those that went anyway. As the week wind down, I had a standard question, “Do you fish in the rain?” Most said, “Yes, the fish are already wet!” This weeks totals as far a misses and catches wasn’t the best, but there was some nice fish caught! The bottom line is this: “Fishing wishes can only be filled if you go!” We appreciate those fishermen that went and hope those that didn’t will return on another day!” Fishing From the Bank or should I say, “Catching from the Bank!” Here are a few tips to get a fish to bite you hook…for those that don’t want to go boating I suggest giving the Tybee Pier, Fort Pulaski bridge, or any other public docks a try…Live or dead shrimp will work on the bottom or suspended…fish close to the structure, the shadows, the clearing on the back side of any breaking waves or the clear side of mud lines…The is where the fish met to eat! Inshore Fishing May 26, 2009 Wednesday Our inshore boats yesterday had what I would call “A bonus catching day!” Captain Matt Williams, Sandy, and her son Pierce caught there caught their limit in spotted sea trout while using live shrimp under popping corks. All trout brought to the dock were pound size plus. The top water fish have arrived to these areas and almost any fish you wish may be found. These areas are great places for a fish to “fuel up!” This boils down to the fact that they know there is a food source and patterns have been formed for years. Here’s the line up of possibilities: king/ Spanish mackerel, little tunny, bill fish, dolphin, barracuda, cobia, and amberjack These fish listed have been at one time or the other caught while just lazily trolling over the artificial reefs areas. The best news is that these areas are not far offshore and you really never know what you might catch. The bottom fishing for black sea bass in these areas has been “slow to none,” but it not due to any fish shortages at this time. The reason is most of the a largest black sea bass have relocated to deeper cooler water, but don’t worry they will be back in the fall/ early winter. Now I’m not saying, “Don’t give bottom fishing a try, I’m just saying the bite is not like it usually is in the cooler months.” The bottom line and rule of thumb especially when it comes to bottom fishing is the fact that you really never know what’s going to bite your hook! The Main Trolling Deal! From the Artificial Reefs located in 55 feet of water to the further offshore bite handed! I have done this type of trip many a time and it has always been quite interesting especially in the catching department. On occasion we have customers that say, “We don’t want to do any bottom fishing what-so-ever, now matter what! All we want to do is “stroll and troll!” With that being said, “My plan would be to drop my outriggers, set out about 6 to 7 lines pulling them at different depths.” As far

as where I would start this trolling event it would be on the offshore side of the artificial reefs located in 55 feet of water. I then would set up a compass heading that would take us over is scattered live bottom, down any formed rips, and under any diving birds. I would watch the horizon for any kind of surface life signs such as unidentifiable splashes, surfacefloating leftover feeding oil, any flotsam or jetsam, and bait of any kind. Unidentifiable Splashes! Some “surface splashes only” that are seen after the fact are identifiable such as dolphin,(mammals) ocean sunfish, turtles, and flying fish. Then there are those splashes that some fishermen call “billfish, king mackerel, or dolphin splashes!” Believe me we fishermen know our splashes! However, if you are not sure what you have just witnessed, please by all means pull those lines directly to the area. You might not only be pleased that you did, but also hooked up! The reason being is that you have to remember fish swim where they want when they want! Surface-floating leftover feeding oils! Not only can you see surface leftover feeding oils on some occasions “you can smell them!” Depending on the down under kill dictates the oils that seek the surface. These oils are from “fish kills” and where you have “fish kills” you have fish! Where you have any sort of feeding activity you have fish causing it. The bottom line is too “fish here!” Flotsam or Jetsam Any flotsam or jetsam floating or right below the surface makes for great places to find fish. Small fish gather around this stuff and larger fish automatically by instincts are drawn to it. So therefore objects “got shadow” and all fish know this! Bait of Any Kind! I can’t drive home enough the fact that where you have fish you have fish! Most fishermen know this, but we sometimes forget. Since I am a fisherman I can say that, because “been there and done that many times!” I can’t tell you how many times that I have stopped at a bait pod with the old gold hook Sabiki rig, dropped down caught some bait, and then watch as a large king fish, jack crevalle, bull red, or etc swim right by. I will give you an incidence that just happened a couple of weeks ago. If you have been reading my reports I am always talking about “bait balls, round up, or tightly formed bait pods. The bottom line to these bait occurrences is the fact that something larger is rounding them up. The baitfishes are actively schooling in circles for just the exercise. The are doing so hoping that those larger fish circling them will think that

they are a large fish and move on. However, all involved from the baitfish to the larger ones know exactly what is going on. With all that being said, “When you come upon a tightly school of bait I suggest before dropping in a bait rig to catch bait that you trying fishing for those fish that are outside looking in! The incidence that I am talking about is a school of large bull reds had a school of baitfish at bay. It didn’t seem like they were feeding at the moment, but there were holding their potential meal until they were hungry. As I was trying to catch bait, I looked down, and there they were in the outskirts just as I have wrote about on many occasions. The bottom line to this part of my report is this “I should listen to myself more often!”


Gulf Stream Fishing is Good For those of you blue water fishermen that want to go “now is the time!” All fish are being represented…The dolphin better known as Mahi Mahi bite as has been very good…now add Wahoo, tuna, both black fin and yellow fin …whatever you do don’t forget those fish sporting a bill… marlin and sails are being caught and released…The bottom line is it might be a long ride but once you get there, find the bite, believe me it will be worth it! Whatever you do please call me with a fishing report! “430 Hole: (Is not for everybody!) Captain “Whippy Lash” Kirk and Captain Little (now really little) Tommy Williams dropped by with a Gulf Stream story to tell! This past week these two captains along with other crewmembers took the stroll to what might be called “the other side of the stream!” I am always talking about fishing the Triple, South, and Deli Ledge, which are very good places to “stroll and troll!” These areas are located at different degree headings off the Warsaw Sea buoy anywhere from 65 to 75 miles out. Well, these are great spots to blue water fish. However, for some fishermen such as Captain Whippy and Captain Little Tommy “more big fish bite chances means further out!” The next known areas to fish are what I call “226, 380, and 430 holes.” These areas are much further offshore and in some case can add an extra “as the crow flies” about 40 miles to your run. I know you have heard the expression “as the crow files” all of your life. In this case where water and sea conditions play a big part in time traveled this term usually means “only from point A to point B.” So therefore there have been no added circumstances such as wind and wave height conditions, which can slow you down considerably. Added high sea conditions and currents do add extra un-planned miles traveled to your

trip. This all boils down before you go to any of these “75 miles out and further holes” you had better have your serious “Blue water game face on!” (Such as great weather all the way around, the right fuel capacity, file a float plan with someone other then those on the boat with you, and satellite phone.) Charleston Bump Area There is a reason for numbers instead of names for these areas. The 226 hole, is 226 fathoms deep making it around 1,400 plus deep. The 380 and the 430 holes mean exactly the same thing. The 380 hole is around 2,000 feet and the 430 hole is 2,500 feet deep. Yes these areas are deep and a long way offshore! You know the old saying, “The bigger the fish bowl the bigger the fish!” Well, in this case when you get a hit, you might not see the fish and it might just take all your line with it. However, the stories that follow will be very good and there is absolutely no “shelf life here!” And as a fisherman you know stories get better and better! At any rate, with sights set further out the two Captain’s (Tommy and Kirk) head to what could be called “the other side of the stream!” They fished the 430 hole, which in some spots drop down to around 2,700 feet. This area is where the “big boys come to met, play, and feed!” Once arriving to this destination point the trolling lines were put into place. Now, as you can imagine areas this deep hole has what we called “mountain down underneath!” When the waters of the stream cross over the area it’s so affected that the northerly stream direction is changed to east. When turbulence is raging breaking waves can form inside this area. If nothing else you have

to go to know! At any rate, within this area there were commercial long liners catching swordfish, dolphin, Wahoo, yellow fin, and everything that might get hooked up on this “over sized trout line.” According the report there were yellow fin tuna feeding on the surface and sky rocketing in some cases when they missed their feeding mark. I have seen this before and to see a 40 to 80 pound tuna in mid air is truly amazing. I remember this one-day when I was fishing in this area that the yellow fins were driving me crazy. I had put “out every bait” that I had to try to get any “hit interest” from the surface feeding skyrocketing yellow fins. Heck, I even had one tuna jump completely over my bow with tails of baitfish hanging out its mouth. I looked to the stern to see if anyone was watching and of course “no one was!” So therefore I kept that particular incidence to myself, because no would have believed me anyway. When the big fish jumped had the “Miss Judy Too” been 25 feet more ahead, the tuna would have been on my deck! Thanks for reading! Captain Judy

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AN OIL-PAN WHODUNIT make sense to me. I’m not aware of any


Dear Tom and Ray: I have a 2003 Infiniti FX45 that was due for an oil change. I had some time to kill, so I went to a Wal-Mart Tire and Lube Express. I left the car, and when I came back they said they couldn’t do any work because there were guard plates in the way. I thought that was odd, since nobody else has mentioned that being a problem. But I figured no big deal, I’d get it done at my usual spot. When I took it in there, they said they couldn’t work on it because the oil pan was covered with silicone. Apparently, Wal-Mart must have lost the oil plug, used one of their own to plug it and siliconed it all up so it wouldn’t leak. Estimates to get this fixed range from $1,200 to $1,600 for parts and labor. My question to you is this: How do I approach this? I know this is more of a legal issue than a car issue, but it seems like you would have seen these types of situations before. -- Eric TOM: Seen them? We’ve caused them! RAY: This is a mess, Eric. And unfortunately, at this point it’s going to be very hard for you to prove who made the mess. TOM: Typically, what happens is that mechanics overtighten drain plugs. When they get overtightened enough times, the “receiving” threads in the oil pan get stripped and the plug leaks. If it’s not leaking too badly, a bead of silicone can keep you going for a while longer. RAY: But eventually, you’ll either have to use an “insert” to “replace” the oil pan’s threads, or, if that doesn’t work, replace the oil pan itself (it’s $1,200-$1,600 on your car because the engine has to be removed). TOM: A lot of oil-change places will even refuse to work on a car that has silicone around the oil plug because they know it’s going to fail soon, and they don’t want to be blamed. RAY: Wal-Mart’s explanation doesn’t

“guard plates” that block the oil plug on the FX45. Is it possible that they lied to you? It’s possible. Perhaps some guy there has made a bunch of mistakes and tried to cover up this one so he doesn’t get fired. TOM: Or perhaps you misunderstood them. Maybe it wasn’t the guard plates that made them refuse to work on your car. Perhaps it was that there was ALREADY silicone around your oil drain plug. RAY: There’s one way to find out if they’re lying. If you or your other mechanic checked your oil immediately after leaving, and it was brand-new oil, then they DID change the oil, and they’re responsible for the condition of the oil pan. TOM: Right. Obviously, if they removed the plug, the oil would have drained out, and they would have had to replace it. Only then would they have had trouble reinstalling the plug and needed to apply silicone. RAY: But if the oil is still black and dirty, that means they didn’t touch your oil plug, and the silicone came from some previous oil change. TOM: These are difficult cases, because oil plugs often strip gradually, over many oil changes. And since you’re obviously promiscuous about your oil-change locations, Eric (I know, you had time to kill, Wal-Mart looked fetching, one thing led to another), it’s very hard to prove that one particular shop was entirely responsible. RAY: But if your oil is brand-new, then you have a pretty clear case that Wal-Mart is the responsible party, since they specifically told you they didn’t change your oil. TOM: In that case, what you need to do is sit down calmly with the shop manager there, lay out your case and ask him to cover your new oil pan. All shops have “bonehead” insurance for just this type of accident. They may need to invoke their policy.

Spirit Newspapers • June 4 - June 10, 2009 • Page B5

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! June

6 Saturday

• The Effingham County Republican Party will hold its next meeting on Saturday, June 6th at 8:30 am in the Community Room of the Effingham County Hospital in Springfield. For more information, call 772-8437.

of Effingham County High School class reunion is planned for June 13, 2009. We are trying to find some of our classmates, Joyce Moser, Jackson Marsh, Beverly Ann Hall, Lynn Ford and Jimmy Oglesby. Please get in touch; family and friends can also let us know. Call 912-754-6511, 912-772-8956, 912230-0789 or 912-857-6134. June


8 Saturday

• The Bloomingdale History Society will meet Monday, June, 8th at 7pm under the Pavilion at the Bloomingdale Community Center. If rain then we’ll meet at City Hall. June

11-23 • You are invited to an information session. Come for a dessert social and find out about your options regarding “Medicare and You 2009”. Sessions will be held on the following Thursdays, June 4th, June 11th, June 18th, and June 23, 2009, from 2 PM - 4 PM at the Western Sizzlin, Hwy 80 in Pooler. For more information call Diane Hunter, a United Healthcare Advisor, 912547-1197. June

12 Friday

• HAWAIIAN LUAU at the The American Legion Post 184, Rowland Avenue in Thunderbolt will be held on Friday, June 12th at 6pm. There will be Live Music with Charlie Dennison at 7pm; Pulled Pork, Baked Chicken with several side dishes and drink specials. Food is $10 for the General public and $8 for Members. Put on your grass skirts and Hawaiian shirts and support your local Veterans while having some super FUN!! Contact Kathryn Vogel at 398-6732 for further information. June

13 Saturday

• ECHS 50th Reunion! The 1959 class

15 Monday

• The Few… The Proud… The Marines Continue the proud tradition of our United States Marine Corps- Join the West Chatham Chapter #1326 of the Marine Corps League. Next Meeting: June 15, 2009, 7PM at Randy Wood Guitars at 1304 E. Hwy 80, Bloomingdale, GA. Open to all Active, Retired or Former Marines and Navy Corpsman who have served with the FMF. For additional information, contact Dale Saunders or B.J. Franklin at 665-2082 or 247-1988, or e-mail: mowandhoe@ June

15-18 • The Arc of Effingham’s Camp Hollywood will be held June 15-18 and 22-25 at Sand Hill Elementary School and BlandFord Elementary School from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Come Grow With Us and Bloom Where You are Planted. Art, Music and Drama, lunch and two snacks. $50 per family. Designed for school age children with special needs, their siblings and typical peers. Volunteers needed. Please contact Nina Dasher at 748-4415 or June

22-26 • Fort McAllister offers Junior Ranger Summer Camp Fort McAllister State Historic Park will offer Junior Ranger Summer Camp June 22 thru 26, 2009 and July 6 thru 10 for children ages 7 to 14. The camp will run from 9:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. daily. Activities will include nature walks,

BAKE YOUR WAY TO TIGHTER DOWEL JOINTS BY AL CARRELL AND KELLY CARRELL Let’s get cooking! No, we’re not making cookies, but if you are

going to use dowels for your joinery, you can cook them. It might sound crazy, but what this does is bake the moisture out of the dowel. Then when you insert the dowel into the joint with some glue, it will absorb more of the glue and give you a tighter joint. Just place the dowels on a baking sheet and heat them for about 20 minutes at 350 F before using them. They also will be easier to install in the joint, since excess moisture does make the wood swell a little bit. *** Dear Carrells: I have a great tip for your readers about painting. We have shutters on our house, and you have to remove the hardware to paint them. Then it’s hard to get them back up afterward. What I do now is just loosen the hardware

arts and crafts, games, wildlife lessons, kayaking, nature scavenger hunts and learning how to make nature snacks. Call 727–2339 for registration and information. The deadline to register for the week of June 22 is June 15, and June 29 for the week of July 6. The participation is limited to 25 campers for each week. Fort McAllister is located at 3894 Fort McAllister Road in Richmond Hill. July

11 Saturday

• NEW DIRECTORS-GEORGIA CINDERELLA SCHOLARSHIP PAGEANT First Preliminary, Greater Southeast Georgia Cinderella Scholarship Pageant, will be held July 11, 2009 at the Southeastern Technical College-Vidalia Campus. Please call 912-441-9618 or email for info. Will accept “at-large” contestants from other counties.


• Personal Disability Voice Chat is now meeting every Thursday night from 4:30-8:30pm at Rincon First Christian Church on Hwy 21 South. • Wanted! Caring Hearts and Willing Hands- Odyssey Healthcare/Hospice is looking for Patient Care volunteers. As a Patient Care volunteer you could provide companionship to a patient. Often caregivers need someone to sit with the patient long enough to run their own errands. We also have Craft Volunteers who make things for our patients at home (supplies furnished) and we have a Craft Day at the office one day per month where we all get together to make treasures. To get started, contact Debbie Rhodes, Manager of Volunteer Services, Odyssey at (877) 691-1476 or (912) 330-0460. Donations of yarn gratefully accepted. • Pooler MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) meets the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of each month from 9:30 to 11:30AM at Trinity United Methodist Church in Pooler. The meet-

enough so that it’s out of the way and I can paint around it. Then, when the paint has dried, I just tighten the hardware back down. This way, it’s still accessible and not painted over, and I don’t have to take the shutters down and rehang them. -- T.A. *** A SUPER HINT -- If you are going to move, use clothes as packing material, and eliminate the cost of buying it as well as the cost of additional boxes. Bundle paintings, mirrors and other flat items together for more protection during the move. *** Dear Al: I love to cook outdoors on my grill, but I hate cleaning it afterward. My tip for quicker cleaning is to use the foil that you cooked or stored your meat with as a cleaning scrubber. Just wad it up and use it to scrape the grease off the grill before it has cooled all the way down. The grease comes off easily with the foil scrubber, and it will work much better when it’s still warm. I find that if I do this as soon as I can, the rest will be much easier

ings feature speakers, crafts, small group discussions, and great food and fellowship. All mothers of children from newborns through kindergarteners are invited. Childcare is provided from six months up, with younger babies welcome in the MOPS meeting. Contact Tricia for more info or directions at • Take Off Pounds Sensibly, TOPS, is a support group and meets Thursday evenings at Trinity United Methodist Church, 320 Benton Drive in Pooler. Weigh-ins start at 5:15, program begins at 6 PM. For more information, please call 450-3633, 748-3544 or 663-5574. • Retired & Senior Volunteer Program Needs Volunteers Share your time and special talents with others... join the Retired and Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP)! We need your help to help others. Through RSVP, seniors 55 and older serve in various community organizations from 1-40 hours per week. Choose where you’d like to serve from the many local agencies we are affiliated with. The Community Cardiovascular Center is in need of volunteers in the medical field. Many other sites need volunteers in many areas. Please give us a call! Volunteers must be 55 years of age or older, want to enjoy life and have the desire to share their personal talents with others. For more exciting information, please call 234-7842 or Linda Fields at 238-2960, ext.123. “Volunteers are the Heart of America.” • The Shriners can help Free of charge for all services to crippled and burned children. Have 15 hospitals and 3 burn centers available. For local information, call 912-351-7144. • For information on Classes at the Family Health and Birth Center please call 826-0764. Classes are free for Birth Center clients, whether planning to deliver at the Center or the hospital. A nominal fee is charged for all other attendees.

later on. -- L.K. *** Q: Our roof turbine vents are making a loud groaning noise as they turn in the wind. I can’t see how or where to lubricate them, so does that mean they must be replaced? -- F.D. A: From the roof side, remove the turbine from the base. It’s held by a couple of sheet-metal screws. With the top of the unit off, you can let the long spout on a can of aerosol lubricant shoot some of the stuff into the socket where the shaft fits into the bearing. If that doesn’t solve the problem, you can buy just a turbine part to install on the old base. *** Dear Kelly: You both would be so proud of my first caulking job. The caulk in my bathroom was worn and ugly, so I removed it all and put in new grout. I had trouble smoothing it out at first but found a great tool right in my bathroom. I used the round end of my toothbrush to smooth the grout lines. They all look perfectly the same

and very smooth. The toothbrush was easy to clean and, since no grout was on the bristles, it is still my toothbrush. I actually want to do another grout job now, maybe a bigger one. It was really fun. -D.K. *** SHOPTALK -- Sanding to remove rust on outdoor projects is a must before applying your topcoat of paint ... or at least it used to be. Krylon is coming out with Outdoor Spaces Rust Converter. Just spray it right on rust, and the unique formulation chemically transforms the rust into a waterproof, paintable surface that is protected from future rust. It comes in a variety of colors and finishes to match your existing decor. Check it out wherever Krylon is sold, or online at *** Got a question or a handy tip? Send it to The Super Handyman in care of this newspaper, or visit our Web site at Those of general interest will be used in future columns.

Page B6 • Spirit Newspapers • June 4 - June 10, 2009



American Veteran Handyman Services

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Spirit Newspapers • June 4 - June 10, 2009 • Page B7


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Page B8 • Spirit Newspapers • June 4 - June 10, 2009


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6 $7.50 per week $

————————————— LAND IS STILL THE BEST INVESTMENT. Stop losing money in the stock market! TEXAS & OLD MEXICO Affordable Hunting & Fishing Property. 100 Acres for $79,000 with 10% down & no credit check. All sizes available up to 20,000 acres. 1-877-77-BIGLAND (1-877-7724452) VACATION/TRAVEL NORTH CAROLINA MOUNTAINS Discounted spring rates available,starting as low as $96 per night! Pet friendly units available. Call now! Foscoe Rentals 1-800-7237341

YARD SALES Garage Sale, Saturday, May 2, 9am until everything’s gone! 118 Laurel Pointe Drive, Springfield (located behind Family Dollar and Laundry Mat). Nice stuff in good condition! From 75 cents! Nurse’s tops (size 2X), watches, nice home décor, household goods, games, CDs, coffee maker, and more! ————————————— The Pooler Lions Club is having a garage sale on May 2nd at 303 Braddy Street, Pooler. The proceeds help support Lions Club projects locally. Also drop off any old eyeglasses, sunglasses or hearing aids for recycling. ————————————— 2 Family Yard Sale, Saturday, May 2nd, 7:30AM - til? 1189 Nease Road (road in front of South Effingham High School), in Guyton. Lots of items, new and used. ————————————— BIG Garage Sale! Saturday, May 2, 8:30-1pm. 102 Wild Turkey Lane, Worthington Estates (next to Gleason Heights). Kids stuff, clothes, pictures, lots of miscellaneous items! ————————————— Yard Sale at 110 Bradford Drive in Faulkville, (right across from the BP in that nice subdivision, look for signs!) Starts at 8am on Saturday, May 9th. Lots of kitchen stuff, microwave, small appliances, clothes, dolphin glass top tables, computer desk with matching chair and much much more! ————————————— Garage Sale... At 2622 Hwy 80 in Garden City from 8am til 2pm, Saturday, May 2nd. (Between Chatham Parkway and Dean Forest Road on north side.) Clothing, furniture, household items, lots of great stuff! 043009 ————————————— Estate/Moving Sale... Saturday, May 2nd, at 10 Bellingrath in Colonial Village, off Mercy Blvd. in Savannah. (From Abercorn, turn at Burger King and follow signs.) Furniture, china, crystal, silver, clothing, tools, tons of bric-a-brac and miscellaneous household items. 043009 ————————————— Huge Indoor Yard Sale! Every Saturday, 8am - 2pm. Big Red Barn, Mossy Oak Music Park, Highway 119, West from Guyton to Old Louisville Road, Follow Signs. Call 912-772-3467 for more information! tfn043009 —————————————

Thrift Store

Great clothes at great prices. 201 Turnberry Street in Port Wentworth, corner of Turnberry and Crossgate Roads. Saturdays, 9 AM until 1 PM. Proceeds benefit the Mission work of Port Wentworth United Methodist Church. For more information, please call 964-4210. tfnah

LOST & FOUND Found Dog... Found April 27th, with collar and leash, in Pooler. Call to ID, 220-0988. 050709 ————————————— Lost... male Pomeranian, last seen 2/25/09, missing from 1404 Zittrouer Road in Guyton. Small reward offered. Call Becky at 7287094 . 032609 ————————————— Lost... On Saturday, in Port Wentworth during the Stand Up For America Day, next to the fire station. Boxer/Pug mix. Was wearing a pink collar with a black leash. Call 912-631-6695. tfn060409

————————————— Please Help! My granddaughter has lost her dog in the Rincon area. George is a Shiba Uni breed (has the features of a wolf and a small husky) dog. He is brown and black with a curled up tail, heart shaped white face. George does not bark, unless really scared. George is also very skittish. Call 912-547-7404 with information please. 050709 ————————————— Found... Lab/Boxer mix, female, black with white markings on face. Isle of Hope area. Call 3560006. 043009 ————————————— Found... Tan, female Chihuahua found on Pine Barren Road near Cross Creek entrance. Please call 748-8805 to identify. 043009 ————————————— 2 Missing Brittany Spaniels. Still missing after 1year. Orange/white male and solid golden brown son. Recently spotted in Pooler. REWARD. Please call 748-4628 or 663-0749. tfn050709 ————————————— Lost... Feb. 14th, between Springfield and Ellabell. Motorcycle windshield off an ‘06 FLHPI being trailered to be serviced. Please call 912-665-1709. 040209 ————————————— Found... Bassett hound on Monday, Feb. 16th, at Boatwright Estates, Hiram Road in Bloomingdale. Call 912-713-6175 to identify. ————————————— Stolen! If you know somebody that’s suddenly come into possession of an air compressor, a Campbell Hausfield Model VT610202, it could be mine. Give me a call and let me let the Police go check the serial number! Call Fred, 728-3391. TFN0309

PETS Helpful numbers for animal owners/lovers... Chatham County Animal Shelter, 351-6750; Veterinary Emergency and Specialty Referral Center, 355-6113, PALS, 9257257, Save A Life, 598-7729, 2nd Chance, 748-6097, Humane Society, 354-9515, Statesboro/Bulloch Humane Society, 681-9393. ————————————— For sale… Albino ferret with large cage. $125 or best offer. Call 912-444-0118 anytime after 5pm. ————————————— FREE to good homes only. Part Pit/part Lab puppies, ready now! 4 males, 3 females. Call 675-0091. 051409 ————————————— Beagle Puppies, just 6 weeks old, registered. $300. Call 661-2088. tfn052809 ————————————— Spotted Miniature Jack $150. White filly quarter horse, $400. 100% Registered Foundation Mare, $1500. AQHA Bay mare, $875. Other horses available.Call 912-685-4423. tfnSHRH ————————————— Chihuahuas Babies... Long and smooth coats. All Colors, $200$300. CKC Registered. Call 6677096 or visit us on the web at 053009 ————————————— FREE PUPPIES to good homes only!!! 10 weeks old, 3 females, 2 males, Husky/Lab mix. Call 7725767. 043009 ————————————— Old McDonald’s havin’ a sale! Baby ducks, rabbits, chickens, goats, sheep, and more! Call 4296198. tfn0709 ————————————— Red Tail Boas, young hatchlings born in November, 2008, $99; Anaconda, baby, green, $129; 2’ green Iguanas, just $49. And of course, feeder mice, $1.50. Convenient Westside location. Call 965-9997. tfnSH ————————————— AKC/CKC Puppies, CFA Kittens... Yorkies, Bichons (White, fluffy, hypo-allergenic, odorless, nonshedding) Toy Poodles, Chihuahuas, Persians, Himalayans, Siamese... Current Vaccinations, Written Health Guarantee, State Licensed. Call 826-5172, Rincon. tfn060409 ————————————— Very cute bunnies FREE to good homes! Call James 856-2267.

————————————— Want a Great Pet? Try www. southerncomfort.petfinder. com/. There are pictures and a brief history of each of these wonderful “rescued” pets.


The largest industry on the planet. You can own an online travel site. We can show you how to turn TRAVEL into Fortune. Call Mesh, 912-429-8991, or send her an email at mmeshiam@yahoo. com. 052109 ————————————— Needed... 30 people to lose up to 30 pounds in 30 days! Call 1-800-221-8756. 043008 —————————————


Any information leading to the conviction of person or persons stealing crab traps in the Savannah River. All information welcome. Call 429-7886. tfn052809 ————————————— Wilton Cake Decorating classes now signing up. Will be an eight hour course, four sessions of two hours each. For more information, please call The Cake Corner Bakery in Pooler, 748-5952. tfnSH ————————————— Canoochee Fishing Club has a few memberships available. Located in the Daisy Ga. area, with about 60 areas of fishing for Crappie and Bass fishing. Contact Paul Fullmore at 912-665-0021 or 912-653-2614. tfn052109

We Do It All! 3 Tire Repairs 3 Shocks/Struts 3 Tires – New & Used 3 Oil Changes 3 Scheduled Maintenance 3 Computerized Diagnostics 3 Tune-Ups 3 A/C Service 3 Brake Service 3 Wheel Alignment 3 Engine Repair 3 Engine Replacement 3 Fuel Injection Service 3 Transmission Service 3 Transmission Repair 3 Steering & Suspension Repair 3 Belts & Hoses 3 Transmission Flush 3 Brake System Flush 3 Power Steering Flush 3 Cooling System Flush 3 Radiators 3 Differential Service 3 4WD Service 3 CV Shaft Replacement 3 Clutch Repair/ Replacement

Come See Us For All Types of Auto Repair!

Locally Owned & Operated


135 E. Hwy. 80 Pooler

Spirit Newspapers • June 4 - June 10, 2009 • Page B9


Local, Short & Long Haul Drivers! Competitive Pay, 401k, Paid Vacation & Holidays

GEMITRUCKING INC. 1-800-905-GEMI (4364)


“SYLVANIA WAY” Assisted Living for a Better Way of Life!

Sylvania Way is located in the quiet town of Sylvania, GA nestled among the pines on five peaceful acres. Our highly qualified staff provides the care you are looking for. All rooms are private with private baths. We provide 24 hour watch, three home cooked meals per day, three snacks in between meals, bedding and laundry washed weekly and as needed, a large great room for visiting with family, weekly Church meeting and much more! We are Medicaid Approved. Please stop in and visit our home or call 912-663-5036 for information. tfnSW ————————————— As a courtesy... If you see or call on an ad and find that the item has already sold, please make your next call is to Spirit Newspapers so we can take that ad out of the paper! Thanks very much! ————————————— Wanted: volunteers for a threapeutic assisted activity and riding program. If you love children and horses you will enjoy helpinging others at Faith Equestrian Therapeutic Center. Volunteering at FETC is mildly physical. You must be able to walk for 30 minutes and jog for short distances. No horse experience is needed we will train you. Come and enjoy a beautiful farm setting and help a child or adult with a special challenge to have the gift of hope and as they build conifdence and new abilities with horses. Call Bonnie Rachael at 912-655-1480. tfnSH ————————————— Riding lessons... Western Pleasure and Beginner English. $30 per lesson. Call 660-4035, Guyton. tfnSH ————————————— The Savannah Ogeechee Canal Museum and Nature Center, a non-profit corp. 681 Fort Argyle Road at Bush Road, Savannah, GA 31419. Phone: 748-8068, Fax: 748-0805. Visitors welcome 9 AM to 5 PM, 7 days a week. Volunteers needed to greet visitors and help with light maintenance.

BUSINESS OPPTY. Unlimited earning potential, MLM opportunity. Low start-up fee to own your own business, no inventory. Call 912-920-0149, ask for John or leave a message. ————————————— For Every Home Candles... Full time, part time, in your spare time. Join the recession proof company For Every Home. Contact us at 925-7657 or email us at (


Sheet Metal Workers

Delta Metals, Inc., is seeking qualified individuals for immediate employment for the following positions: FIELD FOREMAN: 4+ years experience in commercial HVAC duct installation with the ability to efficiently work medium to large crew. Excellent pay and company benefits for qualified individuals. SHEET METAL WORKERS: 1-2 years experience. Pay commensurate with experience. APPRENTICES AND HELPERS: Dependable, career minded trainees with a willingness to learn. Shop and field work available. Excellent pay and company benefits include 401K retirement, health insurance, vacation plan and paid holidays. Apply in person, 8 AM - 4 PM, Monday - Friday, Delta Metals, Inc., 218 East Lathrop Avenue in Savannah. EOE/MF/ADA/Drug Free ————————————— Working mother in South Effingham is looking for a Christian lady to watch her 4 month old son, three days a week, from 6:30AM to 8PM. Must be CPR certified and non-smoking. Must agree to a background check. References required. Call Ingrid at 667-1613. 052109 —————————————

Carriers Needed

Spirit Newspapers is looking for another carrier to distribute our newspapers. Must have reliable transportation, and be available on Thursday afternoons. Apply in person at 1204 West Hwy 80 in Pooler at Sangrena Drive, next to Tipton’s Furniture in Sangrena Plaza.

————————————— NEED EXTRA INCOME? CALL Office Clean Inc. Now seeking PT Cleaning techs for the Pooler (Godley Station.area) Mon-Fri., 2 hours a night. 2 shifts- 4:306:30PM or 6PM-8PM. $8.00 per hour. Clean background, reliable transportation, experience in cleaning. Call 351-9774. 050709 ————————————— Cooks, kitchen help, and counter servers needed... at midtown Savannah restaurant. Experience preferred. Respond by email: 051409 ————————————— Wrecker Operator Needed... Motivated, experienced, full-time wrecker driver needed. Must be able to take calls after hours. Top salary & commission available with paid holidays & vacation. Need current 7 year MVR record, D.O.T. physical and City of Savannah Wrecker Permit. Contact Mark or Bill at Gordon’s Wrecker Service, 354-9322. 043009 ————————————— Marketing Leader... 50 year old company is seeking a self motivated individual to lead a team in “in the field” marketing, base pay plus bonus, flexible schedule and advancement opportunities. Must be a people person with great communication skills, must be drug free and have good driving record. Job requires a large amount of “in the field” walking. Send resume to or call 450-9970 and ask for Will. tfnTS ————————————— HVAC installer... Rapidly Growing cutting edge Company in the HVAC Industry that has been in business since 1959 is seeking a highly motivated, self starting individual with good communication skills and proven leadership ability to work in our installation department. HVAC experience required. Ideal candidate would have 5 years experience with the ability to head up an install crew, motivate others and make sure customer satisfaction is top priority. Need to have CFC certification, be familiar with local codes, be familiar with low voltage wiring, have knowledge of duct work design and the ability to start up after installation is complete. Must be drug free and have good driving record. To the right person we will provide a highly competitive compensation package including: • Salary • Bonus and Revenue Sharing • Paid vacation • Paid Holidays • Health and Dental INS • Paid Training • Paid Continuing Education • Long Term Career Opportunities • Great working Environment • Extensive support system • Team Atmosphere • Proven Work flow system Email resume to or call Will at 450-9970. tfnTS ————————————— CSR... Rapidly growing company with locations that have been in business since the 1959 is a seeking a highly motivated, self starter with a get the job done attitude. Ideal candidate would have great communication skills, the ability to multitask and able to work in a fast paced high energy atmosphere. A minimum of 3 years experience in Customer Service position with a proven successful track record a must. We are a drug free work place. We offer: • Competitive salary • Paid vacations • Paid holidays • Health insurance • Dental insurance • Advancement opportunities • Teamwork environment • Paid Training Please only apply if you are serious about a career and have what it takes to be a team player with a winning attitude. Requirements: • Good communication skills • Team oriented attitude • Proficient computer skills • Ability to multitask • Customer Service Experience Email resume to wokey@ or call Will at 4509970. tfnTS ————————————— Electrician needed... Please call D.P. Joyner Electric at 234-6879. 043009 ————————————— Nursing Assistant for young adult with CP. Experience, references and background check required. Call 667-1198 for more information. tfnah ————————————— Carpenter’s assistant wanted, part-time. Call 398-3896 for more information. tfnah

————————————— Part-time office position available, Monday through Friday 9AM - 4PM (flexible). Must be proficient with Quick Books software, honest, neat in appearance, RELIABLE, and have excellent communication, customer service and telephone skills. Excellent work environment. Please send resume with cover letter and salary requirements to Manager, P.O. Box 33, Pooler, GA 31322 or fax to 748-0490. ————————————— Economy got you down? Need more money? Start your Avon business for only $10! Earn more money than you ever thought possible! Call Teresa at 272-0265. 051409 ————————————— Now Hiring... Licensed Stylist for a busy salon in Pooler. Email resume to parkwaysalon@yahoo. com or call 450-4247. tfnab ————————————— Housekeepers needed, prior experience preferred, 7 AM - 3 PM shift. Apply in person to Quail Run Lodge, Dean Forest Road, 3-5 PM Monday - Friday, ask for Dan or Sarah. tfnSH ————————————— Bartender needed, prior experience preferred, 4 PM - 10 PM shift. Apply in person to Quail Run Lodge, Dean Forest Road, 3-5 PM Monday - Friday, ask for Dan or Sarah. tfnSH ————————————— Need Extra $? Call Cheryl Lyn Hartlaub, Avon Independent Sales Rep/Unit Leader - Recruiter at 748-5295 or 484-7460, or visit 043009 ————————————— Badcock Home Furnishings in Rincon is looking for a salesperson. Experience a plus. Apply in person at the Rincon store, on Hwy 21 between Fort Howard Road and 9th Street. 051409 ————————————— Outside Sales Rep, commission only, vertical markets available, new company to the area. Work your hours. See our website at WWW.FIMFG.COM. Call Melody at 912-704-5458. 042309 ————————————— Service Technician... with HVAC experience needed at Alta Towne Lake Apartments in Pooler. Call Brian at 330-0289. 050709 ————————————— Nursery worker needed... at Port Wentworth First Baptist Church. Please call the church at 9645811 or Lamar Salter at 964-4504. 050709 ————————————— Airport motel needs experienced front desk clerks for first and second shifts. Apply in person between 3pm and 5pm, Monday through Friday, at Quail Run Lodge, 1130 Bob Harmon Road. Ask for Dan or Sara. tfnSH ————————————— Growing contemporary Christian church in Pooler seeks talented keyboardist to play Sunday & Wednesday. Will also lead a praise & worship team. New Roland G-3 (88-key weighted) provided! Call (912) 220-5244. tfn043009 ————————————— Nursery Worker... Southside Church of God is in need of a Sunday morning worship service nursery worker. Background check required. Call the church for an appointment, 927-4408. tfn042309 ————————————— PIANIST NEEDED... Meldrim United Methodist Church is looking for a pianist to play for Worship services on Sunday mornings. Salary negotiable. References required. Please contact 657-2576. tfn041609 ————————————— Drivers wanted, local and regional, container and flatbed. Home most nights and every weekend. Great pay and benefits. Must be 25 years old with Class A CDL, two years minimum experience required. Call 1-800-905-GEMI (4364), or apply online at www. tfn1209 ————————————— Diesel Mechanic Position available, insurance, paid holidays, 401K, pay rate depending on experience. Call Gemi Trucking, Inc. at 800-905-4364. 1209

PROFESSIONAL SVC Nu Impression Beauty & Barber Salon For the entire family! Mother’s

Day Special!

May 1st-May 14th Regular Curls: $45, Wash & Set: $25 and up. Located at 709 Crossgate Road, Port Wentworth (Turn off Hwy 21 by Parker’s, cross the railroad tracks, right across from Deli Mart).

Owner: Christine Jackson.

912-631-3153 Must present ad to receive discount 043009


Southeast Technical Associates

We provide computer hardware, service, printer service, and networking for small and medium businesses. For a free consultation on your computer needs, please call 748-8610. tfnSH


Lena’s Bridal & Plus-Size Fashions Sizes up to 8XL! Prom Dresses (as low as $69.95) Bridesmaid Dresses Tuxedo Rentals, (as low as $49.95) Wedding Dresses Choir Robes Alterations Thursday-Friday, 10am-6pm, Saturday, 10am-3pm. 709 Crossgate Road, Port Wentworth. ebay: LenasPlus-SizeBridesmaid-Dresses. Owner: Evelina Baldwin

912-349-5657 043009


Now serving the Pooler Area. Call for our $10 roundtrip specials. Doctor Appointments, Shopping, Summer Camps, Work. Rates only apply to Pooler to Pooler. Call (912)376-0069. Checkout our Downtown Shuttle on Friday and Saturday Nights, 8pm-2am, $10 one way. 043009 ————————————— Earl’s Custom Gunsmithing, all makes and models. Call 786-5800, 966-5151 or 247-8885. 061109 ————————————— A Courtship/Wedding Memory Written to Last - Want a lasting memory of your courtship and wedding that will far exceed the shelf life of flowers and cake? Let an experienced writer create a personalized story, from first date to wedding, usually reserved for the rich and famous. With one click of the send button on the Internet, you can share your story with family and friends. I look forward to making your special day(s) even more special. Reasonable rates. For further information, call Steve at (912) 604-6634 or email starchaserfp@ ————————————— Concrete work... Demo and new work. Looking for a new driveway, ...a new patio, ...or a new sidewalk? I can help! Local references available from my 37 years experience. 925-5246. tfnSH ————————————— Welsh Commercial & Residential Repairs, Inc. offers all types of home improvement. Call today, 660-6700 or 429-3059. 043009 ————————————— Southcoast Handyman... I take care of the small jobs no one esle wants! Call Southcoast Handyman, 398-9588. tfnSH ————————————— Bens Pressure Cleaning And Lawn Care Services. Hot and Cold water. INSURED! For FREE estimate, call Ben,(912) 507-6100. 042309 ————————————— Pressure Washing, Interior/Exterior Painting, Ceramic Tile work. 25 years of experience. Call for Estimates, 507-5846, ask for Ron. 042309 ————————————— 99 Year Warranty on Amana Compressor. Service and replacement specialists, licensed and Insured, FREE estimates. Call today, Better Service Heating & Air Conditioning, 826-0261. 040209 ————————————— Tree Removal, big and small! Pruning, Underbrush, Trimming, Stump Grinding, Land/lot Clearing. No job too big or too small. Call Mark at 547-0743. tfn0808 ————————————— Piano Lessons... Learn to read music or play by ear. By professional keyboardist Bryan Thompson. Offered in Guyton, Springfield, or your home. (Greater Effingham) Ages 6 and up, beginner to advanced. Call 912-690-7118. tfnSHBT ————————————— Antique and Collectible appraisals... Written appraisals, $250 base fee plus $10 per $1000 over the first $1000 valuation. Verbal appraisals, $50 per item or like set of items. Call Al for appointment and details, 234-1582. tfnSH

CHILDCARE Now Accepting Summer Applications! Sweet Peas Daycare has flexible hours and we’ll work with your schedule. Meals provided. CPR certified. Licensed. Affordable rates, and we accept CAP. Serving the Rincon and South Effingham area. For more information, call 826-4186 or 695-6462. 050709 ————————————— In-home child care has 2 opening for kids 6 weeks to 10 years old. I am located on Courthouse Road between Little McCall and Midland Roads. I am First Aid and CPR certified. Please call Heather for more information at 484-0959. 050709 ————————————— Julia’s Little Heartbeats Childcare Home, 1st week 1/2 OFF! $75 per week. State Licensed, CPR and First Aid certified, Peach accepted. Located off of Pooler Parkway in Pooler. Some transportation available. For more information or to enroll your little one/ones, please call Jewel at 748-9566. 051409


Miss Pam’s Tiny Tots

has openings for children ages 12 months & up. Located in Rincon. Call today to find out how to get 3 weeks of free childcare.

Call 308-9985.

————————————— In-home after-school care has openings for a Marlow Elementary School student. Summer care also available. Located in Auriga Farms. Call Jen at 748-5072 for more information. 042609

CLEANING SERVICES April’s Spring Cleaning for all of your household needs! Supplies and references are provided. Call April Andres at 484-4441. tfnah

HANDYMAN West Contractor Service

Repair or replace windows, doors, cabinets, sheetrock, carpentry and painting. I love small jobs! Free Estimates. Call 912-5074948. tfn0609 ————————————— Handyman offering all types of general carpentry services. Big or small jobs, reasonable rates. Call 398-3896. tfnah ————————————— EJ’s Wall and Home Services. Free Estimates! Specializing in drywall repair, painting, water damage, carpet cleaning, pressure washing, and more. Call 912-713-4252. EJ’s Wall Does It All! tfnEJ

MEDICAL SVCS When my colleagues can’t help with difficult problems, I reach for the Mayo Clinic, which has never failed me. Ben Hubby MD 352-1088

WANTED We are in need of boy’s clothes, size 3T please. Call 596-2735 or 912-237-1312. tfnah ————————————— Wanted, used church van or bus, any condition. Church is in need of passenger van or bus to do outreach ministry. Can provide tax write off. Please call Pastor Carl at 912-407-0071. We are a 501(c)3 not for profit ministry. 052809 —————————————


I am an independent precious metals investor. I will do everything we can to get you the highest price for your old or broken gold or silver. From one piece to many, all sellers are welcome. HOST A GOLD BUYING PARTY! I will not only pay cash for gold on the spot to your guests, but you, as the host will receive a bonus of 10% of the total amount purchased. If you are interested in learning more about selling your old gold or silver or hosting a Gold Buying Party, go to my web site at: WWW.IBUYGOLD.VPWEB.COM or call me at

308-4908 050709

————————————— Elderly woman needs some help with some limbs being moved from her property. Call 964-6751 if you can help, please. tfn051409 ————————————— We pay top dollar for junk vehicles! Free pickup! Wrecked, Junk, Filthy, Broken Down, we take them all! Sell your car for cash today at Cash-n-Carry 352-0725, 500 Staley Avenue, in Savannah. tfnSH

FREE STUFF! FREE! 10x10 ft. storage shed. 2 years old. Must reassemble or move at your cost. Call 401-4366. 043009 ————————————— Several pieces of concrete cut from the slab of a house. Located in Savannah. Very heavy. Call 912-823-3176 or 912-687-2369. tfn050709

STUFF FOR SALE TANNING BED FOR SALE SunCraze 1600 tanning bed, excellent condition, $800. Call 3086122. 061009 ————————————— Kroeger Upright Piano, built between 1900 and 1910, not in playing order. Sentiment value, asking $500 or best offer. Call 2200076 between 8AM - 8PM. tfnah

————————————— 2 brand new (small) Horse Saddles for sale... Never been used! (Still have tags) $350 each. Saddle Rack, holds 3 saddles, $75, and other misc. horse tack. Make offer. Call 772-3177 for more info. ————————————— 5 piece Entertainment Center, paid $2000, just $600. Hotpoint washer and dryer, $150 for both. Microwave oven, $50. Kitchen wall pot holder, $30. Call 8266876. 043009 ————————————— Equipment trailer, 6’ x 12’, hauls up to 10000 lbs., electric brakes DOT equipped. $1500. 6’ x 12’ enclosed utility trailer with built in shelves, ramp, $1500. 2003 Takeuchi Mini excavator, TB 135 with 24” bucket, one owner, just 1306 hours. $18,500. Call 912-547-3000 or 925-5246. tfn0609 ————————————— Come shop Manna House for great deals on spring and summer clothing. Check out our prom gowns and formal wear. Hours are Monday 12-3, Thursday 2-5, Friday 9-12 and 1st Saturday 9-12. Located on Patriot Park in Rincon across from YMCA. Donations greatly appreciated. 052809 ————————————— Broyhill sleigh, four poster and panel beds in stock... Big Savings! Call 665-0358. tfn052809TA ————————————— Middle-aged ...not old, not new... upright piano in good shape. Needs tuning. Just $350. Call 7283403. 042309 ————————————— Washers, dryers, stoves, all expertly repaired. Washers starting at $75 and up. Dryers starting at $85 and up. Stoves and Microwaves starting at $100 and up. Call Doc’s Appliance Repair, 2247417. tfnSH043009 —————————————

Stump Grinder

Stump grinding machine, new engine, pull behind truck or selfpropelled. Excellent condition, $6500. Call 856-7564. 0709 ————————————— Restaurant Equipment: Booths, Chairs, Tables, Fryers, Salad Bars, Milk Shake Machine, Oven and 2 Glass top display cases. Call 912685-4423, cell. tfnSHRH ————————————— Vintage Comic Books, half price! Also, authentic autographed baseballs and other sports memorabilia! Call Al, 234-1582. tfnSH ————————————— 8N Ford Tractor, engine runs great, strong lift, ready for the summer $3250. 16ft. Hooper Dual Axle Trailer $750. Small Livestock trailer $750. Call 912-685-4423 or 912-547-4102. tfnSHRH ————————————— Area rug, burgundy brown color, 9’ 8” x 12’, four months old, $40. Men’s clothes, shirts, 1x to 4x, $2. Please call 925-4392 or 912-7133522. tfn051409 ————————————— Pressure washing machine, 1500psi, $50. Amana microwave oven countertop, $50. GE cook top range, $50. Kenmore toaster oven, $20. Sears Lawn Mower, $50. Antique brass electrical fixtures, $50 each. Please call 912272-9303. tfn051409 ————————————— 42” round cherry mahogany table with 4 padded chairs, $329; 36”x36” bar table, black finish, with 2 padded bar chairs, $299; pink marble mahogany coffee table with 2 side tables, $349. Tin House Antiques, Pooler, 6650358. tfnTS ————————————— 3 Dale Earnhardt collectible 12”15” tall Bears. $20 each. Call 6586222. tfn050709 ————————————— Planning a Wedding? My daughter just got married and I have loads of stuff from her wedding for sale. 120” Round Linen Table Cloths, Silk Flowers and lots of other things. Email me and I will be glad to send you a list of items available. dellkeeble@yahoo. com. tfn043009 ————————————— Thousands of antique and vintage cut glass and depression flass, now 30% off at Cobb’s Galleries, 122 East 37th Street at Abercorn in Savannah. 90% Off when you pay with pre-1965 silver coins. tfnSH ————————————— Ann’s & Howard’s Plants offers native plants, that won’t require a lot of TLC and can survive in difficult drought conditions. Perfect for the weekend gardener! Unusual plants at very reasonable prices! On Hwy 204, just 5 miles west of I-95, between River Oaks RV and Joyner’s Corner. Call us at 748-2719. tfnSH ————————————— Leyland Cypress trees, $10 each, 4 available. Approximately 4 feet high. Call 826-6064. tfn042409

9120 Ford Avenue Richmond Hill, GA 31324 912-756-8866

Page B10 • Spirit Newspapers • June 4 - June 10, 2009

————————————— White marble-top side tables, $125 each or 2 for $200! 48” halfround pink marble side table, $159; Mahogany bed steps, $89. Solid mahogany 2-drawer night tables, $149 each. Hand-carved mahogany mirrors, $89. 60” solid mahogany buffer, was $795, now only $500! Cookie jars on sale, 50% off! Tin House Antiques, 1109C Hwy 80 E, Pooler, Call 6650358. tfnTS ————————————— Pine Flooring, unfinished, $2.75 per sq. ft., 3/4 x 3 1/4 and 5 1/4. Call 912-210-6128 or 912-344-8185. 041609 ————————————— Pool Cues, name brand, jointed, each with pool case. Reasonable prices. Call 661-3205. 041609 ————————————— Prom Dresses... All sizes! Just in time for prom season! Prices starting at just $100. Some still have tags! Call 912-695-2940. 041609 ————————————— METAL HALIDE BAY LIGHT FIXTURES. 20 available. Priced to sell at $100 each. Will deliver multiples. These were recently removed from a warehouse that was converted into office space. All were working when removed. Guarantee all to work. One is missing the bulb. Will make a package price on 4 or more. 400 watt/ 277 volt. Brighten your space! Pics available. Call Mark, (cell) 660-6275. tfnSH ————————————— Yard Sale stuff... Nice table, large painting, clothes, miscellaneous stuff... All for $50. Call 925-4392 or 713-3522. tfn041609 ————————————— Wurlitzer Organ, church/ home, full pedal board, two full manuals, chimes/ drums/ multi-stops, $1950. Call 231-1497. 041609

RICHMOND HILL 85 SERENITY DRIVE Beautiful custom built all brick home by owner/builder in The Sanctuary. 3 bedrooms, 3-1/2 baths. 2411 sq. ft. with bonus with closet and bath. Too many features to list. THIS HOME IS A MUST SEE! Exceptionally priced at $375,000. Call Pat at 912-308-2340.

————————————— Gas Floor Furnace, 32,000 BTU, 22W X 32L X 29D. Good condition, like new, used about 6 months. $500. Call 748-0772. tfnah ————————————— 33 JBL CONTROL av SPEAKERS; 3 iNSIGNIA NS dvd1 PLAYERS; 1 5-dvd CHANGER; 1 JVC SUPER VHS PLAYER; 1 BI 801I AMP; 5 QSC RMX 1850HD AMP; 1 SPECO PSM 60 AMP; 1 BLONDER TORQUE RMDA 550-30S. Used at local church. Call 912-678-3260. tfn0409 ————————————— 1/2 Carat beautiful round solitaire engagement ring, yellow gold, with narrow yellow gold wedding band, size 6.5. Asking $500 for the set. Call 748-2964. 0709ah ————————————— Wells Cargo cargo trailer, 6’X10’, good condition, $950. Call 3983896. tfnah ————————————— Go-kart for sale. Masters of Motion, red and black, 6.5 hp, Robin Engine. Two seater. Must sell due to medical emergency! Call 6630384. tfnSH ————————————— Authentic Baseball autographs, and other sports memorabilia, now 30% Off at Cobb’s Galleries, 122 East 37th Street at Abercorn in Savannah. Also, Vintage Comic Books, 50% Off! tfnSH ————————————— New solid hand-carved mahogany queen rococo bed, $895; king size, $995. Call 655-0358. tfnTS ————————————— Large Broyhill table with leaf and six upholstered chairs, $500. Writing desk, in great condition, cherry finish, just $100. Call 6676899. tfn0509 —————————————


Sunvision Pro 28LE2F tanning bed, retail $4500, will sacrifice for best offer. Call 658-0094. tfnSH ————————————— As a courtesy... If you see or call on an ad and find that the item has already sold, please make your next call is to Spirit Newspapers so we can take that ad out of the paper! Thanks very much! ————————————— John Deere ‘06 model 3320, 33HP Diesel 4X4, 800 hours, front loader, back-hoe attachment, canopy, e-reverser transmission, 85% rubber, very nice machine! $20,000. Call 631-9559, leave message. tfnah

CEMETERY LOTS RINCON 320 PEBBLE DRIVE Quality constructed home in Stonewalk. 2316 sq. ft. 3 bedrooms, 2 baths with huge bonus. Built by owner/builder with many upgrades throughout. Great location in Rincon off Ft. Howard Road. Great value for the square footage at $222,600. Call Pat at 912308-2340.

RINCON 219 QUARTZ DRIVE Quality constructed home by owner/builder in a great location in Stonewalk. 2073 sq. ft. 3 bedroom, 2 bath with huge bonus room. Home has many upgrades and built with quality construction. Great value for the square footage at $217,300. Call Pat at 912-3082340.

RINCON 115 CRYSTAL DRIVE Beautiful custom built home on .90 acre in Waterford Plantation. Huge master bedroom/bath with garden tub and shower. Minutes from Savannah, I-95 or I-16. South Effingham school district. Reduced to $170,000. Call Pat 912-308-2340.

GUYTON 135 LAUREL LANE Beautiful 3 bedroom, 2 bath, 1509 sq. ft. custom built home with many upgrades with all stainless steel appliances including refrigerator. Lagoon view from huge master bedroom. South Effingham school district. Reduced to $160,000. Call Pat at 912-308-2340. BLOOMINGDALE ADAMS ROAD Beautiful 5.24 acre lot zoned R-A-1 located in a high demand area of West Chatham. Build the home of your dreams! $209,900. Call Pat Porter 912-308-2340.


Hillcrest Abbey East... 3 cemetery lots together in Azalea section. All for only $3000. Call 330-0835. tfn0310 ————————————— 2 burial plots in Hillcrest Abbey’s Prayer Section with vaults, headstones, and bronze markers. Worth $9000, will sell all for $5500. Call 748-8369. tfn0309 ————————————— Four plots at Forest Lawn Memory Gardens, Gethsemane Section. $900 each. Call 826-1644. tfn0409 ————————————— Hillcrest Abbey East... On Wheaton Street in Savannah... Nandina, Lot 82, three spaces, $2500 for each. Call 748-0797. tfn1208 ————————————— Three cemetery plots, in Hillcrest Abbey West, side by side in Veterans II Section. $4000 for all. Call 748-8594. tfn1208 ————————————— 1 cemetery lot at Adams Cemetery in Bloomingdale. $1200. Call 748-6436. 0708 ————————————— 4 lots in Forest Lawn, Garden of the Good Shepherd. $3000 OBO for all. Call 912-823-2608 or 912481-0325. tfn0708 ————————————— 4 Cemetery Lots for sale in Hillcrest Abby West on Dean Forest Road. Will sell in sets of 2 or all 4 for $1600 each. Lots located in a very desirable area. Please call 728-3403. tfn0308


Don’t let this be the deal that gets away! 2955 Hwy. 204, Ellabell 3 bedroom/2 bath home on 1.1 acres. Property has two out-buildings. One is a cabin that can be refurbished to use as rental property. $68,500. Call Tina at (912) 3232541 or Chris at (912) 858-4586.


19 Tammy’s Circle Wow, What a backyard! Lot’s of home for the price! 4 bedroom/2 bath brick home with fenced backyard, covered back patio and carport with garage. Call Tina at (912) 323-2541 to schedule appointment to see this fabulous home.

Tina Starling

135 Goshen Road Rincon, GA



————————————— 4 Choice Cemetery Lots in Garden of Gethsemane at the entrance of Forest Lawn in Savannah. $2,225 each or all 4 for $8,000. Call 912-842-2792 or 912690-0066. tfn1008 ————————————— 2 choice burial lots at Jesus Kneeling Section of Bulloch Memorial Gardens in Statesboro. Call 912-653-4968 or 912-6826550. tfn0608 ————————————— Two mausoleum crypts, $7000, or best offer. Located at Hillcrest Abbey West. Call 748-6361. tfn0608 ————————————— Two mausoleum crypts with brass plates, side-by-side, eye level. Located in Hillcrest Abbey West. HALF-PRICE. For details, call Jim Stalnaker: 964-8594 work or 842-4858 home. tfn0408

LAND FOR SALE Springfield area... 5 acre lots for sale, Starting at $49,000. Wooded, high, and dry! Good piece of land! Call 663-8588. tfn1209 ————————————— South Effingham... 15 acres just off Hwy 30. $150,000. Call 6638588. tfn1209 ————————————— Country Acreage... 10 acres on Hwy 196 in Ludowici! Great location and lots of potential! $106,000. Call Stephen Newsome 661-2248/Drake Barber Realty 756-8866. tfnSH ————————————— 5 acres of unrestricted land in Bulloch County, Close to Canoochee River. Bring your manufactured home or build your dream home. Seller is Licensed Real Estate Agent in the state of Georgia. Call Sonja Anderson, (912) 663-5847. tfnCS ————————————— Wooded Lot in South Effingham, 1 acre. $40,000. Can work on terms. Call 429-8351. tfn091509 ————————————— 2.57 acres, uncleared lot near Ebenezer Elementary School, $70,000. Call 660-0388. tfn0709 ————————————— Rivercrest Plantation, in south Bulloch County close to the Ogeechee... five to seven acre tracts of beautiful land, homes only, horses welcome, starting at just $60,000. Call Matt Cramer for details, 658-5099. tfnSHBW ————————————— 100 ft. by 200 ft. cleared lot at 605 Richland Avenue in Rincon. Located a half-block from Rincon Elementary School. $40,000. Call 754-9209. tfn0609 ————————————— Waterfront lot for sale by owner... .50 acre, deep water, dock, high land (no flood insurance required), community water system installed, landscaped. Isle of Wight, Midway. $330,000. Call 912-884-3332. tfn0609 ————————————— 59+ Acres... Light Industrial $1,400,000. Large 59+ Acre Tract, zoned light industrial in South Effingham! Near I-16 and the new I-16 Effingham Industrial Site! RARE RAILROAD FRONTAGE! Great location for future growth! Call Stephen Newsome 661-2248/ Drake Barber Realty 756-8866. tfnSH ————————————— South Effingham Acreage... Large 9.78 acre tract in South Effingham on Herbert Kessler Rd! Great location and South Effingham Schools! Cleared home site convenient to Rincon, Pooler, and Savannah! Build your dream home! Only $125,000. Call Stephen Newsome 661-2248/Drake Barber Realty 756-8866. tfnSH ————————————— Lot for sale in Westwood Heights, 85’ X 121’. Call 748-7632. tfn0708 ————————————— Large Site w/Commercial Potential... 19.45 Acres in Bloomingdale on Hwy 80. High profile site for Potential Commercial! $3,600,000. Call Stephen Newsome 661-2248/Drake Barber Realty 756-8866. tfnSH ————————————— 51 Upland Acres only 1 mile off of I-16! Great location for future development! Convenient to Savannah! Only $720,000! Call Stephen Newsome 661-2248/Drake Barber Realty 756-8866. tfnSH ————————————— 4.5 Acres... Hwy 80, Bloomingdale... 4.5 Acres of PRIME commercial property on Hwy 80. High traffic location in a thriving area! $990,900. Call Stephen Newsome 661-2248/Drake Barber Realty 756-8866. tfnSH ————————————— Burnsed Road, off of Ash Branch, 8 acres, perk test done, over 450 ft frontage. Ready to GO! $60,000 or best offer. Call 912210-0120. 0609tfn ————————————— Lot for sale in Midway, $500 down owner financing, mobile home or house, trees, water, septic tank, electric installed, near boat landing. Call 884-9119. tfn0109

————————————— 5 acres for sale in Toombs County. GREAT view, you can see for 15 miles! Corner lot with paved frontage. Partially cleared. New utility building with electricity on property. 5 minutes from Lyons. One mile from Ohoopee River. 10 minutes to I-16. $29,000. Call 8260054. tfn1209 ————————————— Taking bids on 155 acres 2,200 feet road frontage on Midland Road, Effingham County, Georgia. Call 912-964-4331 or fax 912964-4337. MAKE OFFER! 0109 ————————————— 100’ X 200’ lot in nice neightborhood, off of Hwy 80, near Chatham Parkway and I-16, $35,000. Call 313-5023 or 964-0574. ————————————— Lots Available in North Effingham, Two adjacent lots, One 10 acres and one 18.7 acres. Timber recently cut. Located on Springfield Highway and Thompson Road, just north of Corinth Church Road. $6000/acre. Call 912-748-0903 or 770-925-9408. —————————————


11.22 acres... Nice large tract for sale located on Hwy 17N in Effingham County. 475 feet of frontage on Hwy 17N. Convenient to Guyton, Springfield and Rincon! Great location and potential for future growth! $110,000. Call 2727242. 0209 —————————————


Half acre wooded lot with dock site on Savannah River on Stokes Bluff. $89,900. Call Jimmie at 912663-9836 or 912-754-6091. —————————————

Marshfront Lot REDUCED!

1 acre lot, #51, at Spring Cove, near Harris Neck Wildlife refuge. Gated, underground utilities, covenants, homeowners association, ready to build. $159,000. Call Phil West at 748-6639 or 3123388. 1008tfn ————————————— 2 acres in Rincon. $140,000. Zoned R-4. Can be divided into 6 lots, $60,000. Call 657-7074 or 826-2293. tfn0708

COMM. PROPERTY - SALE Attention Investors! For Sale, 5 rental properties, various locations and prices. Rental information available. Call Earl Shaffer, Century 21 Fox Properties, 912247-8885 or 786-5800. 060409 ————————————— Great Investment Property... Commercial property and shop, also includes house/office. $2500 month rental income potential. Deep well, shop is 1800 square feet, heat and air. Potential to add second floor for 3600 square feet. House is 800 square feet. Off Ogeechee Road, between Chatham Parkway and Dean Forest Road. $250,000, will negotiate. Call Andy, 313-3558. tfn051509 ————————————— New home on 1 acre, located on Hwy 80 in Bloomingdale. Great potential in a fast-growing area for a commercial office location. Call Stephen Newsome 661-2248/ Drake Barber Realty 756-8866. tfnSH ————————————— Best Deal on Office Space in Godley Station... Approximately 1000 sq. ft. includes four offices, reception area, kitchenette & bathroom. $135k (will consider lease option) Call 772-3298. tfnSHMR

VACATION PROPERTY Smoky Mountain Log Cabin

Very old, very comfortable log cabin located 7 miles from I-40 at exit 24. The cabin sits on a beautiful 1.1 acre lot with lots of very large trees and a small stream crossing the property. Cabin overlooks a beautiful stocked fish pond. The cabin is about 150 years old and was moved to the current location in 1974. The cabin and property are being sold as is, furnished. There is also a recently built 16’X16’ garage on the property. $178,000. Call 826-3773.


Saturday May 2 2:00 - 4:00 at 422 Cardinal St. Worthington Estates in Pooler


4 Bedroom - 3 full bath Living room, Dining room, family room, large deck, private yard fenced. Beautiful home in excellent neighborhood! Matt Cramer will be hosting Questions, please call Diane Mc-

Connell 912-659-9118

TODAY Real Estate




HALCYON BLUFF... FREE $25 Gift Certificate to first 10 buyers to register! REDUCED TO ONLY $169,900! Immaculate home in Halcyon Bluff with boat ramp and dock on Vernon River! Great location for shopping, schools, and all of your living needs. Hardwood floors, Fireplace, new paint inside and out, new roof, hardi plank siding, and a large sun room overlooking the private back yard. Come see what Halcyon Bluff has to offer! www.stephennewsome. com! Call Stephen Newsome 6612248/Drake Barber Realty 7568866. 043009 —————————————


— Looking for a new place to enjoy your hobby? Gorgeous 3,000+ sq. ft. Low Country style home in Bloomingdale, all brick, 3bdr. 2 bath, huge 26x44 bonus room, large screened porch with hot tub, beautiful upgrades, PLUS 40x60 workshop/ garage. Full bathroom, office, storage, insulated. PLUS 40x50 covered slab and 38x60 pole barn. 1 acre, back yard privacy fenced. $399,000. Call Diane McConnell 912-6599118 or Matt Cramer 912-658-5099

TODAY Real Estate

748-9999 ————————————— Rincon area... Nice brick home just off Hwy 21 at 123 Lewis Drive. 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, great room, formal dining room, eat-in-kitchen, fenced yard. 3/4 acre lot, utility buildings. $157,900. Call 8263731 or 1-229-546-8863. tfn1209 ————————————— Waterfront home on Little Ogeechee River featuring 5 bedrooms, 3 bedrooms upstairs and 2 downstairs. Possible Motherin-law suite. Fantastic views and very private, quiet area. Call Thea, Shore Bell Seyle Realty, 667-2614 or 927-8925. $459,900. tfnTBSBS ————————————— Remodeled home in Meldrim near I-16. Reduced to $109,900! Beautiful corner with huge garden area. Manufactured home on brick foundation for FHA and VA financing. Home is 3 bedrooms and 2 baths, split plan, new carpet, paint, windows. Has both front and back screened porches, outside storage buildings, also has covered area for entertaining. Call Carmen Cribbs, Southern Homes and Land Real Estate, 7726683 or cell, 663-6683. tfnSHCC ————————————— $0 down for Landowners! Call 843-845-6694. tfnTSCH ————————————— RINCON/SILVERWOOD... For Sale. 3.49 acres of quiet, wooded land in the gated community of Silverwood. 4102 SF, a perfect arrangement for that motherin-law suite, wrapped in luxurious interior accents, hardwood floors, a huge gourmet kitchen, and much more! You MUST see! Call 24-hour, Toll-Free number, 1-866-891-7748, for more information and pricing. Enter ID# 2002. ERA Kelly & Fischer. ————————————— Incredible deal on a spacious 3BR/2BA home in Bryan County near Black Creek Golf Course and Ft. Stewart! Large kitchen w/upgraded cabinets, large family room, Vaulted Ceilings, Large Master Bedroom w/tray ceiling, Master bath w/garden tub and shower, Enormous Master Closet, Side entry two-car garage (pre-wired to be enclosed), all of this on a 1/2 acre lot! Community Playground and Community Ponds! Only $139,900! Best deal in Taylor Place! Call Stephen Newsome 661-2248/Drake Barber Realty 756-8866. tfnSH ————————————— NOW SELLING! LAND/ HOME PACKAGES NOW AVAILABLE IN SOUTH EFFINGHAM! Affordable living in Effingham’s most sought after school district! Pick your home and pick your lot today! Brand new subdivision with large ? acre lots starting at only $39,900! Call Stephen Newsome 661-2248/Drake Barber Realty 756-8866. tfnSH ————————————— Rincon area... Home for sale right off Goshen Road. 3 bedroom, 2 bath, fenced 3/4 acre lot, double car garage. $158,000. Call 6589911. tfn113009 ————————————— CLYO... For Sale... Magnificent Home Made of Western Red Cedar! Property fenced-in for horses. Call 24-hour, Toll-Free number, 1-866-891-7748 for more information and pricing. Enter ID# 2003. ERA Kelly & Fischer. ————————————— Springfield… 3 bedroom, 1.5 bath, completely remodeled on .44 acres. Asking $84,900. Please call 912-754-4243. tfn1109



Pooler... Priced to sell! Furnished 3 bedroom, 2 bath plus bonus room in totally renovated home. On big piece of property, 175’ x 210’, fully fenced. Land can be subdivided! With all brand new appliances included. RV access and outbuilding workshop, with seperate electrical, new concrete driveway. No association fees! Near I-16 and I-95 and Hwy 80, in a wonderful school district. Only $159,000. Seller will pay all closing costs! Call 912-220-8868. tfn1009 ————————————— First time Home Buyers Hotline. Call Now !! 843-846-6694. tfnTSCH ————————————— Rincon... 216 Four Oaks Court. Nice 3 bedroom, 2 1/2 bath home in quiet Rincon Subdivision. Priced under recent appraisal , just $142,000. Seller is Licensed real estate agent in state of Georgia. Call Crystal Sanchez, 313-9445, Coldwell Banker Intercoastal Realty, 826-0927. tfnSHCS ————————————— INVESTORS ONLY! Looking for a high return on your money? How about two rentals for only $50,000 that generate $1100 monthly? Thought that would get your attention. This investment property has a 20.52% annual capitalization rate of return. Make 20% APR! Already rented with long-term tenants. Seller needs to free up some cash. Hurry, this deal won’t last long! Seller is GA licensed real estate agent. www. Call Stephen Newsome 661-2248/Drake Barber Realty 756-8866. tfnSH —————————————


SANGRENA WOODS... FREE $25 Gift Certificate to first 10 buyers to register! REDUCED TO ONLY $229,000! Large 3BR/2BA home with an Enormous Island Kitchen, Master Suite with walk in closet, whirlpool tub, and separate shower. Patios on the rear accessed by 3 Patio doors in master suite, kitchen, and Living Room! Double car garage. New energy efficient windows, doors, and new paint throughout. Best deal in Sangrena Woods! Quiet location Near Pooler Senior Center. Owner is licensed GA real estate agent. Need a large home at a really great price? Don’t miss this rare opportunity… IN SANGRENA WOODS!! Call Stephen Newsome 661-2248/Drake Barber Realty 756-8866. tfnSH ————————————— All brick home in Rincon with fenced in back yard. 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, 1 car garage with new flooring, new paint, new air conditioner and new stove. Seller pays 3% towards closing and 100% financing is available. $129,900. Call 912-660-7811 or 912-667-4436. ————————————— Large 2700 sq ft home in Stonewalk Subdivision, down Fort Howard Road. Built in 2006, it is a 2 story home, 3 bedrooms and 2.5 baths with a large living area upstairs and downstairs. Priced below market value. Call for more details, 912-660-7811 or 912-6674436. ————————————— SALE OR RENT... 5 Rooms, 1B, Brick. 1 Block from Myers Middle School. Just remodeled. Large utility room. Large workshop. Many other extras. References, deposit, required. $89,000/$750. Call 754-3138. tfn0909 ————————————— Great South Effingham Home... Large 1712 square foot 4BR/2BA home with Fireplace, Wood Flooring, Upgraded Carpet, Master Suite with Garden tub and separate shower, 2 car garage, gutters, sprinkler system, and a community pool! Great location to raise a family in South Effingham. Move in ready and priced to sell! Only $154,900! Call Stephen Newsome 661-2248/Drake Barber Realty 756-8866. tfnSH —————————————


More For The Money in Pooler! Large 2067 sq ft home on a stocked pond in a great location for only $155,000! 4BR/2BA, Fireplace, new carpet, new paint, two kitchen pantries, attached garage, and bonus room. Move in ready and priced to sell! Come take a look at this great deal with your own eyes...before it’s gone! Call Stephen Newsome 661-2248/ Drake Barber Realty 756-8866. tfnSH ————————————— 32 acres with small farm house, a fixer-upper! 3 bedrooms, 1 bath. 7169 Newington Hwy, Screven County. $150,000. Call 912-6604134. tfn0909 ————————————— House FSBO, Springfield, Cedar Creek, 3 lg. Bdrms, 2 baths, lg. 2 car gar. with electric garage door opener, 1 acre, 1/2 wooded with small stream, lots of extras! Great location on cul-de-sac, near Springfield Elementary. Will email pics. $174,900. Call 659-8950, please leave message. tfn091509

Spirit Newspapers • June 4 - June 10, 2009 • Page B11

————————————— Albany, Georgia... Frame house on two acres. Commercial building, 30ft.X40ft. 10 pecan trees. Near shopping center. Call 912537-2532 or 229-436-9544. ————————————— Richmond Hill • 50 Sabal Drive

Mediterranean style villa. 1.19 acres on marsh tidal creek in a gated community. 5 bedrooms, 4-1/2 baths, formal living and dining room, gourmet kitchen with island. Master suite with fireplace and sitting area. Hardwood, tile and porceline flooring. 3-car garage and outside kitchen. 4264 sq. ft. $679,000. Call Cheryl Pass at 912-667-5888.

Richmond Hill • 45 Meadows Road

Cute! Cute! All brick 3 bedroom, 2 bath home. Greatroom with cathedral ceiling, country kitchen with separate dining area. Media room with 120” screen and stadium seating. Great location in a family neighborhood on a large lot. $174,900. Call Cheryl Pass at 912667-5888.

Black Creek Area • 394 Elm Road

Welcome home in this 3 bedroom, 2 bath on 1.47 acres. Large country kitchen with breakfast area and separate formal dining room. Greatroom with cathedral ceilings and fireplace. Master bath with garden whirlpool and tiled separate shower. Wood, tile and marble floors. New carpet and paint. All brick with porch and patio. Bring your 4-wheeler or your 18-wheeler. $229,500. Call Cheryl Pass at 912-667-5888.


Godley Station in Pooler... 3 bedroom, 2 bath, large great room, large master bedroom, dining room, kitchen with breakfast area, 2 car garage, fenced yard, in great neighborhood, includes appliances. Just $189,900. 153 Village Lake Drive. Call 748-7020 or 507-4848. tfn0609 ————————————— House for sale... Victoria Oaks, in South Effingham school district, over 1400 sq. ft., 3 br/2 bath, sep dining room, pool, large fenced yard, brick. $165,000. Call 912856-1705. tfn0609 ————————————— South Effingham Home – River Access... Spacious 3BR/2BA home located in South Effingham on approx 1 acre! Large family room, Large back deck, Swimming Pool, Workshop, Master bath w/garden tub and separate shower, new flooring, on a Quiet Cul-desac lot! Ogeechee River Landing Too! Only $144,900! Call Stephen Newsome 661-2248/Drake Barber Realty 756-8866. tfnSH ————————————— For Sale by owner, South Effingham/Bloomingdale. 3 bedroom, 2 bath, brick home, large fenced lot, wood floors, fire place, screened patio, storage building, $179,900. Contact Melina 912596-7894. 0609tfn —————————————

Richmond Hill • 803 River Oaks

Approved for short sale. Deepwater condo! 3100 sq. ft. top unit with breath-taking views of the Ogeechee River. 3 bedrooms with a finished bonus. This is a great buy to live your dream on the water with all the amenities. Split floor plan with master suite. Lots of upgrades. Gated community. $274,500. Call Cheryl Pass at 912-667-5888.

Call Cheryl Pass 912-667-5888

Office: 756-9727 ————————————— Guyton Area... at 3764 Hwy 119 South, 3500 SF, 5 Bedroom, 3 Bath on 1.7 Acres with Two Car Garage. Also has Bonus Room, Formal Dining Room, Breakfast with French Doors, Large Family Room with Fireplace and French Doors, Large Laundry Room. IMMACULATE!! Priced to Sell Quickly at $229,900 firm. A must see!! Call 826-5172 or 663-6631. tfn091509 ————————————— 829 Barnsley Road, in Port Wentworth... Nice brick home, over 1700 square feet, 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, living room, dining room, family room with fireplace, screened porch, double car detached garage, fenced yard. Call Diane Jones, 657-7074, or Southern Homes and Land, 772-6683. tfnAH ————————————— Very nice 3 bedroom, 2 bath home with eat-in kitchen, garage, privacy fenced back yard. In Cedar Creek subdivision, approximately 1 mile from heart of Springfield on Hwy 119. Call Diane Jones, 657-7074, or Southern Homes and Land, 772-6683. tfnAH ————————————— Millions in Government Home Loans. Get Your piece of the stimulus package now... Call 843-8466694. tfnTSCH ————————————— Sylvania, GA... 3 bedrooms, 1 and a half bath, new flooring, new roof and new light fixtures. Good location in town, and close to shopping! $69,900. Call 912-8576401 or 912-230-9279. tfn0809 —————————————


South Effingham School District... Jamestown Sub-division, 1/2 acre lot, 1,790 square feet, 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, formal dining room, eat-in kitchen, family room with fireplace, 2 car garage. Asking $179,500. Call 912-704-4694. tfn0709 ————————————— Garden City, Camellia Avenue, approximately 1800 sq. ft., 3 bedroom, 2 bath, living room, kitchen with lots of cabinets and all appliances, dining room, hardwood floors, sun room with fireplace, deck, 5 car garage, extra storage, central heat & air. $199,500. Call 507-4880. 0709tfn

Short Sale... Now available on approved SHORT SALE for a limited time! Unprecedented investment opportunity! Professionally decorated, 3 bedrooms, 2 1/2 baths, bonus room, 2 car garage, charming new gated community nestled in the country, tons of amenities! Call (818) 445-0779. ————————————— 252 Old River Road, Eden/South Effingham... 3 bedrooms, 2 full baths, 1843 sq. ft. on approx. 1 acre. Private floating dock on 25-acre lake. South Effingham Schools. 5 minutes to I-16, 1520 minutes to Savannah. Large master bedroom and bath with Jacuzzi tub. Fireplace, new appliances, new paint and new flooring! ONLY $269,000! Call owner, John at 748-9661. tfn0409 —————————————


Two Homes... New 3 bedroom, 2 bath, double garage with bonus room, decked attic, large living area, numerous upgrades, 1900 sq. ft., 219 Quartz, Stonewalk subdivision in Rincon. $192,000. New 3 bedroom, 2 bath, double garage, bonus room, decked attic, large living area, large walkin closet, numerous upgrades, 2300 sq. ft., 320 Pebble Drive, Stonewalk subdivision in Rincon. $199,000. Call 844-1825. tfn0809 ————————————— Blue Ridge Mountain home on 1.95 Georgia acres. Cozy 2 bedroom, 2 bath with loft. Beautiful landscaped yard. Great area and location, with friendly people. $179,900. Call 912-685-4423. tfnSH ————————————— 1518 Nease Road... Effingham... In Law Suite! Excellent condition, 4/5 bedrooms, 3 baths, approximately 3900 square feet, oversized 2 car garage, workshop, gourmet kitchen with custom cabinets and stainless appliances, hardwood floors and more. In Law suite features living room, kitchen, bedroom and bath with whirlpool tub and seperate shower. Wheelchair/handicap accessibility. One acre lot with deck overlooking pool in a gorgeous wooded setting. Call Thea Blanton, 927-8925 or 667-2614, Shore, Bell, and Seyle Realty, LLC, 3561653. tfnSBS ————————————— Great Buy!! Statesboro Home for Sale... 208 Nesmith Way, near Georgia Southern. 4 Bedroom 2 Bath corner lot. New appliances, wood floors, 10 x 12 storage building, fenced back yard. Community ponds for a relaxing afternoon fishing or a nice walk around the neighborhood. Just $135,000. Call Vicki at 912-687-4882. For additional information, visit Zillow. com. tfn041509 ————————————— House for Sale in Rincon in Picket Fences Subdivision. Like new! Only 2 years old, excellent condition, cottage style home! 3 bedroom, 2 bath, 1480 sq. ft., separate 2- car carport with breeze way with 2 utility rooms. Sprinkler system, nice yard, fireplace, 9+ foot ceilings with crown molding, chair molding in dining room, spacious kitchen. Garden tub in master bath, trey ceiling in master and dining room. All appliances stay and wood blinds. Safe and convenient neighborhood. Available immediately. Call 912667-3866 for more information or appointment to see! 0308tfn

————————————— Must Sell! Desperate! 1543 East 53rd Street in Savannah. 3 bedrooms, 1 bath, den, 1323 square feet. Minor repairs. Tax value $133,000. Will sell for $99,000. Appointments only. Call 484-1476 or 484-0187. tfn031509 ————————————— FSBO- Unique 2 story house on 2.6 acres in south Effingham County between Port Wentworth and Rincon on paved road. 2 large bedrooms, 2 full baths, large 2-car garage, central H/A. Approximately 1600 sq.ft. Built in 2001 w/ deep well and septic tank. Located on a large, private, semi-wooded 1.3 acre lot adjoining a similar sized subdivided lot in a very safe, well established, semi-rural community. Room to build 2 more houses. Convenient to Gulfstream. $325,000.00 OBO. Call 925-4263. tfn0209 —————————————


Guyton! .93 acre lot with 3 bedroom, 2 bath, brick home in Victoria Oaks. 2 car attached garage with 2 car matching detached. Privacy fence in back, matching utility shed, real wood floors, neutral colors throughout, kitchen appliances convey. Sprinkler system, floored attic with fold away steps, 8 yrs old, move in condition. FSBO, just $165,900, firm. Priced below tax value. 912856-3859, can be shown anytime. ————————————— Garden City Home for Sale, 109 Nelson Ave. 3 Bedroom, 2 bath home with fenced yard on corner lot. Hardwood floors, fireplace, stainless steel appliances, ceramic tile in kitchen. Priced low for quick sale at $128,500. Call 912964-1626. 0209tfn ————————————— As a courtesy... If you see or call on an ad and find that the item has already sold, please make your next call is to Spirit Newspapers so we can take that ad out of the paper! Thanks very much! —————————————

REDUCED Again!!!

Clark Hill, (Augusta area) building lot... deep waterfront lot, 1.39 acres, cleared, ready for you to build on! Just 60 miles from Athens and 40 miles from Augusta! For sale by owner. $199,000, $179,000. Call 912-6610769 or 912-661-4601 or 925-5213. tfn1208 —————————————

Effingham County... 4,042 square foot Low Country Home. 5 bedrooms, 3.5 baths, on 11.5 beautifully wooded acres, just 4.5 miles north of Springfield off Old Dixie Highway. Best floor plan ever! Wrap around porch. In-law/guest quarters. Please call for appointment. Priced to sell at $485,000. No Real Estate agent fees. Save thousands!!! Call 754-7529 or 665-0752. tfnSH —————————————

Bulloch County

Home for Sale in Brooklet, Akins Community, one mile from fourway stop at Arcola and Mud Roads. Stilson Elementary and Southeast Bulloch High School area. 3000+ Square Foot Brick Home on 8 acres w/ 15 year old Loblolly Pines. Shop with 2 vehicle covered parking, heat pump, crown molding, 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom, large kitchen with dining area in bay window, sun room, game room, garden shed w/running water, master bathroom has ball and claw bathtub and double pedestal sink on tile floor, carport, heart pine walls, ceiling fans, exposed heart pine beams, heart pine see-thru kitchen cabinets, fireplace with heart pine shelving, cabinets, and drawers on each side, lots of storage space (closets and attic), laundry room with laundry sink, two rooms with DIRECTV connections, lots of outlets, formal dining room, and foyer with coat closet and original, hand-crafted, stained glass, raised panel wood front door. Ready to move in! $250,000 or best offer. Photos of interior available at: http://photo. For appointment to view, call: (912)687-5081 or (912)-823-3176. ————————————— New home? Save on your insurance! Call 748-3040 for more information. tfnah

MOBILE HOMES For Sale by Owner... 3 Bedroom, 2 Bath Double Wide Manufactured Home on .71 acres in Effingham County at 177 McClaws Road, Guyton. 1680 sq. ft. with brick foundation, appliances included, bank financing available to qualified buyers, discharged bankruptcies OK after 2 years. $89,900. Call 657-3148 or 964-0087. ————————————— LIKE NEW! 2005 Very nice 16X80 Mobile Home 3br/2ba, located in Bloomingdale, just 2 minutes from I-16 and 5 minutes from I-95. Selling for PAYOFF, just $33,000. Call 660-6585. tfn0709

————————————— For Sale by Owner... 5 BR/3BA Doublewide M/H in Effingham Co. 1960 sq. ft. on .77 ac. at 117 Indica Place in Azalea Point. Large deck on front of home. Brick foundation, all appliances included. $92,900. Bank financing available for qualified buyers. Discharged bankruptcy OK after 2 years. Call 657-3148 or 964-1818. tfnHutch ————————————— 2006 Clayton Mobile Home... 16x70; 3 bed, 2 bath, fireplace, master bath has separate shower and double vanities, great condition, neutral colors throughout, currently in Bluffton, SC, but must be moved. $ 43,000. Can email pictures. call 656-9843 and leave message or email ————————————— 2002 28x80ft., 2,026 sq. ft. mobile home for sale. 4 bedroom, 2 bath, all appliances stay. Crown molding, fireplace, wood floors, and more! Asking $64,900. Owners will pay $5000 towards moving and setup. Must be moved. Call 912-748-1211. tfn0909 ————————————— 3.47 acres on Ziegler Road in Faulkville... 1996 64 x 28 Palm Harbor home. Double carport, with large utility room, workshop, 34 x 13 screened backporch, pool, lots of decking. Just $150,000. Call to see, 748-7023. tfn0809 ————————————— Home & Land... 14X80, 3 bedroom, 2 bath, large living room/ kitchen combo, Cathedral ceilings throughout. Some appliances stay. Outside building wired. Large corner lot, 1.25 acres, partial fenced. Located at corner of Broomstraw Trace and Sommerside Drive in Bulloch County, near Blitchton in Eldora Farms. Selling AS IS due to health issues. $42,500. Call 912-823-9206. 0809tfn —————————————

Home & Land

12x68 Mobile Home on 1 acre lot, located in Effingham, across from SEHS, $56,900, negotiable. Call 728-5762. 0709tfn ————————————— On 5 Acres! 4 bedroom, 2 bath doublewide mobile home located in Rincon. Large screened porch, 2 car garage and stable. Great for horses. $110,000. Call 912-7543599 or 658-9439. 0908. 1108 ————————————— 1996 mobile home for sale on 3.84 acres. 4 bedroom, 3 full bath, permanent foundation/ skirting, deep well, 16ftX14ft. covered porch. Located at 3183 Old Dixie Hwy in Springfield. $99,900. Buyer pays closing fees, negotiable. To see, call 912-663-7722 for an appointment. tfn0209

ROOMMATES Mid-40s – 50s... Must be tidy and willing to clean up after yourself. Half rent and utilities. No Pets. Call 631-6201. 042309 ————————————— Roommate wanted to share 3 bedroom, 2 bath home in Pooler. Just $550 per month. Must like dogs! Call 429-9974. tfnPHRE ————————————— Roommate needed to share clean 3 bedroom mobile home off Quacco Road near Hwy 17. Washer, dryer, dishwasher, private bathroom, utilities included. Just $340 per month. Call Wes at 704-9016. tfn061909 ————————————— ROOM AVAILABLE FOR RENT, ASAP, in beautifully large peaceful house, Guyton. Close to highways. Non-smoker. $500 per month plus 1/2 Utilities. $500 Security Deposit. Call (912) 6659658. tfn0609

LAND FOR RENT Jasper County... Mobile home lot on private half acre. Water and sewage ready for hookup. For doublewide. $200 per month. Call 1-843-784-2644. tfn0509 ————————————— Private half-acre lot for mobile home. Bloomingdale. Rent is $228 per month. Call 884-9119. Water, sanitation included. 0909 ————————————— 5 acre lot for rent with option to buy. Located in Knob Creek, Ellabell, Southeast Bulloch County near I-16, Route 80 & 119 on paved road. Long lease possible. Dry land. Good for mobile home. Please call Ada at 912-789-6073 or 912-656-6059. tfn0908

HOMES FOR RENT Newly Renovated 3 bedroom, 3 bath brick home in Springfield. 2000 square feet, separate dining room, den, new kitchen appliances, washer/dryer hook-up, carport and 2 “out-buildings”, on 1 acre lot. $900 per month plus security deposit, references required. No Pets. Call 754-6031. ————————————— Enjoy country living! Spacious 2BR, 2 Bath home, fully equipped kitchen, Washer/Dryer, screened porch. North Guyton area. Available June 1st. $800 dep/ $800 mo (includes water). Call 772-3177 for an appointment. Landlord is a licensed Real Estate agent.

————————————— Southside... 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, great room with fireplace, TV room/ enclosed garage, fenced back yard. $1000 per month, $1000 deposit. Call 844-1825 or 844-1812. tfn 083009 ————————————— Stonegate Subdivision... Gorgeous 3bedroom 2 bath 1430 SF Home in lovely sudivision. Available June 1st. Effingham County schools. Lovely floor plan includes all amenities. Just 2 minutes from 1-16. Call 330-0710. tfn083009 ————————————— For Rent or For Sale... 3 bedrooms/ 2 bath, fireplace, fenced in yard with double car garage, 3/4 acre lot. For Rent $950 a month, deposit required, available June 1st, or for sale for, $156,000. Call 658-9911. Located in Goshen Hills. tfnSH ————————————— Springfield... 1012 Ash Street. 3BR/1B Brick home with storage building. Stove and refrigerator included. $825 per month. Call Teresa at 912-429-6033. tfn082309 ————————————— Guyton... 231 Pound Road. 1420 square feet, 3 bedrooms, 2 baths with a triple carport on 5 acres of beautiful property. $800 Security Deposit, $800 per month. Pets negotiable. Call Deetie Rahn, 912667-0300. tfnDR ————————————— Springfield... 307 Hickory Street. 2BR/1B Brick Duplex with large yard in quiet neighborhood. Easily accesible to main highway. Stove, Refrigerator, Washer & Dryer included. Landlord holds a real estate license, GA R.E. LIC.#276786. $625 per month. Call Teresa at 912-429-6033. tfn081609 ————————————— Pooler... In Sangrena Woods, available May 1st. 3 bedroom, 2 bath, 2800 square foot home on five acres with storage building, $1500 per month. Lawn care paid by landlord. Call 210-6823. tfn081609 —————————————


Brand new 3 bedroom, 2 Bath with Bonus Room and fireplace in Savannah Quarters. Solid surface countertops, stainless steel appliances in Kitchen. Ceramic tile in kitchen and baths. Large private lot on a lagoon with sprinkler system. $1200 per month. Call 6314725. tfn0709 ————————————— Guyton, downtown... 92 Futrell Lane, 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath, brand new home for rent, with option to purchase. Fenced in backyard, concrete patio, brand new appliances, 2 story, carpet and ceramic tile throughout, won’t last long at $1000 per month plus deposit. Call 912-429-3597. tfn071009 ————————————— Pooler..., 3 bedroom, 2 bath, brick home, living/ dining room combo, huge family room, fenced backyard. Just $1300 per month. No pets, please. Call 912-6606658. Deposit required. tfn0809 ————————————— FOR RENT beautiful, 1400 square foot, energy efficient, 3 bedroom, 2 bath home. All new inside. Huge lot, huge porch & huge kitchen, detached 2 car garage. Quite neighborhood, country setting. 280 Possum Trail Sandhill Road area of Effingham County. $850 per month, negotiable long term lease available if desired. First and last month’s rent, security deposit and background check required. Call 964-1900 Monday - Friday, 233-0250 on the weekends. 0809 ————————————— House for rent in Bloomingdale, 3 bedrooms, 1 bath, fenced in back yard with storage building. $800 per month plus $800 security deposit. Call 663-3385. tfn0809 ————————————— 2 bedroom, 1 bath home for rent in Meldrim. Living room, dining room, furnished kitchen, completely remodeled, fenced yard. $700 per month plus $700 security deposit, call 657-5474 or 2366949. tfn0809 ————————————— South Effingham County... Faulkville, brick, 4 bedroom & office, 2 bath, living, den with fireplace, large kitchen, lots of storage. Newly renovated. $975 per month with 6 month renewable lease, plus $800 security deposit. Available now. Subject to credit approval & references. Shown by appointment only. Call 356-1009. tfn080509

————————————— Rincon... 3 bedroom, 2 bath home with 2 car garage. $975 per month plus $975 security deposit. 224 Oakwood Court in Rincon. Call 604-7631. 0809 ————————————— For SALE or RENT… 3 bedroom, 2 bath home in Cedar Creek subdivision in Springfield, GA. Appliances furnished, hardwood floors, bonus room over two-car garage. Very nice home! Call 7541895. ————————————— Available Now... rental house, 2 bedroom, 1 bath, large dining room, kitchen, and living room. Very large fenced yard, large garage workshop. Central heat and air, carport. $725 per month plus deposit. Call 748-1735 or 748-4331. ————————————— Pooler/Hwy 80... Three bedrooms, 2 baths, garage, patio, fenced yard, alarm system, 1300 sq. ft., pets allowed (deposit required), new carpet/ paint/ blinds, attic for storage. $1100 per month. Call 598-0960. tfn0809 HOMES FOR SALE 1344 LaVista Circle Sangrena Woods 2558sf, 4br/2.5ba 1 ac, fenced yard $289,900 17 Hidden Creek Dr. Guyton, GA .37ac 1430sf, 2 car garage $146,000 530 Cobblestone Cr., Stonegate Bloomingdale/Effingham Side Beautiful 1663sf/3br/2ba .37ac, fenced yard, garage $225,000 INVESTMENT PROPERTY FOR SALE 22 Roberts Street, Garden City Duplex – 1 Unit Currently Leased $69,000 HOMES FOR RENT 48 Bushwood Dr., Godley Park 1412sf/3br/2.5ba – Townhome Fenced backyard area Very Nice - $1000/mos $800/dep 22 Roberts Street, Garden City, GA Duplex – 3rms, kitchen, bathroom On Bus Route $430/mos $430/dep

Scotti Moore, Realtor 272-8600 Each Office Independently Owned & Operated

Crossroads Pooler, Georgia


POOLER AREA RENTALS POOLER HOMES Savannah Highlands 3Bd/2.5B, 2 car garage Screened porch, lagoon lot June rent free $1100 Godley Park 3Bd/2.5B, 2 car garage Master downstairs $1175 4Bd/3B Formal dining room, fireplace, one bedroom downstairs, Balcony off master suite. 2 car garage. 2345 sqft $1600 Godley Park Town Homes 2Bd, 2.5B $900 3Bd, 2.5B $950-1000 4Bd, 3.5B $1100-1200 Fully Furnished Home in the Farm 4Bd/3B home with bonus. $2000

Call Ava Lavergne

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3 bedroom/ 2 bath Starting from $500 up to $900 monthly rent Deposit required. 912-330-8151, x-202

Page B12 • Spirit Newspapers • June 4 - June 10, 2009

————————————— South Guyton (Effingham) Hwy 30 (Southbend)... Three bedrooms, 2 baths, 2 car garage, patio, fenced yard, 1300 sq. ft., pets allowed (deposit required), new carpet/paint/blinds, community playground & fishing ponds, next to South Effingham High/Middle School. $1100 per month. Call 598-09690. tfn0809 ————————————— 2 bedroom, 1bath with large dining room, kitchen and living room. Very large fenced yard, large Garage workshop. Central heat/air - carport - $725 per month with deposit. Call 748-1735 or 748-4331. tfn073009 ————————————— Pooler... 4 bedroom 2.5 bath former Model Home in Godley Park. Gated community with many parks and rec center with gym, pool and playground. Home has wood, tile and carpet floors. Also has surround sound, granite countertops, jacuzzi tub, two car garage. Located on main park. $1295 per month. Call 912-884-4495. ————————————— Pooler... 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, washer dryer connections, garage, fireplace, in beautiful Gleason Heights neighborhood. $1000 per month, plus deposit. Available April 1st. References required. Call 748-5994. tfn0709 ————————————— Country area, near Springfield, 2 bedroom, 2 bath home with large kitchen with dining room area, large living room and deck, nice yard. $750 per month plus $750 security deposit. Available March 15th. NO pets. Call 754-6713. ————————————— Historic Guyton... 2/3 bedrooms, 1bath, large corner lot with privacy fence around backyard. Double-car garage, additional storage in back. New paint & carpet inside; all appliances included. $800 per month; $700 deposit. Call 772-3566. tfn0709

————————————— Rent or Rent-to-own, beautiful 3 bedroom homes in Rincon and Springfield, in quite areas. Flexible terms. From $875 to $900. Serious inquiries, only. Call Carmen 912-826-6263. 0609 ————————————— South Effingham... 3 bedroom, 2 bath home on 1 acre lot. Nice neighborhood, small subdivision. Excellent schools. $950 per month. $950 deposit. Call 4298351. tfn051509 ————————————— Springfield... $725/month + $725 sec. deposit. 2 br/ 1 bath cottage, c/h/a, hardwood floors, great schools and neighborhood. Background check required. Call 912-661-4649. Available April 1st. tfn0509 —————————————


Savannah... 3 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, 2 story home on a lake in a nice community off Hwy 17. Fireplace, patio, pets okay! $1250 per month plus deposit. Must See! Call 954-242-9522, cell. tfn0509 ————————————— Pooler... Totally renovated 3 bedroom, 2 bath home on 1 acre of land with all brand new appliances. Great neighbors, close to the county’s best schools! Convenient to I-95 and I-16 without being too close. Reduced to just $1050 per month plus deposit. Call 220-8868. tfn0509 ————————————— Bloomingdale, 3 bedroom, 1 bath, fenced in backyard, central heating and air, $800 per month, $800 deposit. Call Ricky, 6633385. tfn0509 —————————————

HALF OFF Special!

Condo for rent. Available immediately. Right off of I-95 in beautiful Port Wentworth. 2 bedroom, 2 bath. $825 per month. Call for more information, 912-313-0957. tfn0509

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————————————— Bloomingdale... 4 bedroom, 2 bath, large yard, 11 total rooms, new appliances, central heat/air $950 per month. Pets okay with deposit. Available February 1st. Please call 748-4331 or 748-1735. ————————————— Georgetown... 2 bedroom, 2 bath, garage, rent includes pools and fishing lake amenities. New paint, new carpet, new floors! No pets. $850 per month plus deposit. Call 912-507-4704. tfn051509 ————————————— Guyton Area... at 3764 Hwy 119 South, 3500 SF, 5 Bedroom, 3 Bath on 1.7 Acres with Two Car Garage. Also has Bonus Room, Formal Dining Room, Breakfast with French Doors, Large Family Room with Fireplace and French Doors, Large Laundry Room. IMMACULATE!! $1500 per month. Call 826-5172 or 663-6631. ————————————— Hickory Knob Subdivision Rincon, 2100 squre feet, 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, sunroom, office, seperate dining room, 2 car garage. $1200 plus deposit. Call 657-9888. Pets allowed with deposit. tfn041509 ————————————— Somersby Subdivision, Pooler... Excellent condition, 3 BR, 2 Bath, 2 car garage, private backyard. Only $995 per month plus amenity fee. Call Thea, owner/agent, 667-2614. tfn051509 ————————————— 3 bedroom, 2 bath home in Bloomingdale. Central heat & air, hardwood floors, privacy fence. $900 per month plus $900 security deposit. Call 313-0115, ask about discount. 0509 ————————————— Two bedroom, one bath house in Guyton on 7 acres of land. Quiet and secluded. No pets. $700 per month, $650 deposit. Call Chuck at 659-9908 or Dale 660-7574. tfn0409 ————————————— Rincon Ebenezer Schools... New 3 Bedroom, 2 bath with double garage, 1200 square feet, no smoking, no pets, $995 per month, $1000 deposit. Call 5471364. tfn0409 ————————————— Condo in Gated Community for rent. 2 bedroom, 2 1/2 bath, washer, dryer, refrigerator. No pets. $900 per month plus $900 security deposit. Call 748-6600. 0309tfn ————————————— Great home for rent in Hickory Knob Subdivision in the heart of Rincon. This home is a 3 bedroom, 2 bath home with huge living room. Dining room, eat in kitchen with tile floors, big laundry room and a newly added office. Two car side entrance garage makes this rental a must have. Huge fenced in backyard with a swing set and lots of mature trees to enjoy your privacy. It also has a shed for storage with electricity. French doors lead to the back deck. It is a steal for $1300 monthly plus security deposit. The home is 1700 sq. ft. Call today! 912-313-0528 or 912313-0527. 0309tfn ————————————— As a courtesy... If you see or call on an ad and find that the item has already sold, please make your next call is to Spirit Newspapers so we can take that ad out of the paper! Thanks very much!

L U X U RY A PA RT M E N T H O M E S Luxurious Interiors and Unparalled Amenities 1, 2 and 3 Bedrooms HOME DEPOT


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1265 Benton Blvd. at Pooler Pkwy. Pooler


Email: *Limited time only. Restrictions apply.

APARTMENTS - RENT Furnished Rooms for Rent and campers for rent. All utilities included, color TV, cable, washer & dryer, near bus line. No Pets, No Drugs. Starting at $100 per week. Call 547-3536. 042310 ————————————— Large 2 bedroom, 1 bath duplex in Springfield. Central H/A, refrigerator, stove, dishwasher, washer/dryer hookups. Lots of storage. Available immediately. $575/ month, $575 deposit. No pets, no smoking. Credit check and background check may be required. Call 754-3425. 0809


HALF OFF Special!

Condo for rent. Available immediately. Right off of 95 in beautiful Port Wentworth. 2 beroom, 2 bath. $825 per month. Call for more information, 912-313-0957. ————————————— Near St. Joseph’s Hospital... Super large one bedroom, one and a half bath, large living room, dining room, kitchen furnished, end unit, hardwood floors, washer and dryer connections, 1000+ square feet. $700 per month. Call 352-1117 or 507-4880. tfn0409 ————————————— Quacco Road Efficiency apartment, one bedroom, all utilities furnished, no pets. $100 deposit, $175 per week. Call 925-5948 or 925-4060. If no answer, leave message. tfn0309

ROOMS FOR RENT $110/week, everything included. Room in private home. Nonsmoking. Call Ms. Zona, 912-6550095. ————————————— Completely furnished home in Effingham, includes utilities, with central heating and air, Dish Network, washer and dryer, stove, refrigerator, microwave, and shared kitchen and shared bath. Call for details, 210-0181. ————————————— Bloomingdale... room for rent. No pets, no smoking.$130 per week plus one third of utilities, which aren’t much. Call 748-6901. ————————————— Room for rent in a new home. All amenities included (swimming pool, tennis court, basketball and more!). Each room contains a queen size bed, and is completely furnished with cable, TV, and phone line. Stonebridge subdivision in the Berwick area off of Hwy 17. $150/week. Non-smokers. Call 912-234-6892. 0809 ————————————— Bloomingdale... furnished room in quiet area, includes utilities, television, washer and dryer, stove, refrigerator, microwave, high speed internet, and Comcast cable. Near Gulfstream, I-16, and airport. Shared kitchen and bath. Call 210-0181. tfn073009 ————————————— Rent Weekly... Large 2Bd/1Bath efficiency apartment in home. Private entrance. Close to Gulfstream, Dixie Crystal, and Weyerhauser, in Port Wentworth. $180/ wk/single or $235/wk couple. Call Gary, 912-665-2393. tfn071909

MOBILE HOMES - RENT 3 bedroom, 2 bath doublewide mobile home for rent with front porch and screened in back porch, double garage on private lot. $850 security deposit plus $850 rent, water is included. No inside pets. Call for more information, 925-2227. tfn0809 ————————————— Country living in the city, 2 bedroom one bath mobile home on a one-acre fenced in lot. New carpet and vinyl. No inside pets allowed, $650 a month and deposit required. Call 658-9911. Located on Fort Argyle Road. tfnSH ————————————— 2 & 3 Bedroom manufactured home for rent in Springfield. Close to hospital and schools. Central heat and air, stove and refrigerator furnished. Reasonable Rates. Call 754-5855. tfn082309 ————————————— Mobile Home for rent, $600 per month plus deposit, 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, private fenced yard. Includes water. Located near Guyton. No Pets. Call 772-3524. ————————————— Available mid-April... 3 Bedroom, 2 bath doublewide Mobile home in Guyton. At 105 Indica Place in Azalea Point subdivision. All appliances included. $750 per month, $750 deposit. Call 912-657-3148 or 964-0087. tfnHutch

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100% financing to qualified buyers. $8000 is a tax credit for buyers that have not purchase a home in the last three years.

————————————— 1-, 2- and 3-bedroom mobile homes for rent. No pets. Call 8442724. tfn0709 ————————————— 3 bedroom, 2 bath mobile home on private lot in Savannah, off Highway 17 near Wal Mart. $800 month with Deposit. Call 3138250. tfn0809 ————————————— Bulloch County... Off Hwy 119, close to Blitchton, Doublewide on 2.3 acres, 3 bedroom, 2 bath with new appliances, new carpet, new heat and air unit. Great school system. $800 per month, $800 deposit. Call 748-2991 or cell, 656-1884. tfn071509 ————————————— 3 bedroom, 2 bath, 1180 square foot mobile home for rent in nice community in Pooler. Nice front deck and back deck. $725 per month plus $725 security deposit. Call 450-3010. 0609 ————————————— 3 Bedroom, 2 bath 2001 Fleetwood MH in Riverbluff s/d at 113 Baldpate Road. Just 3 miles from I-95. All appliances included. Available immediately. $850 per mo/ $850 deposit. Call 912-6573148 or 912-964-0087. tfnHutch ————————————— 3 Bedroom, 2 bath MH in Cypress Point subdivision at 15 Teal Court. All appliances included. Available immediately. $850 per mo./$850 deposit. Call 912-657-3148 or 912964-0087. tfnHutch ————————————— Private land on Hwy 80 in Eden. 2 bedroom, 1 bath older mobile home remodeled. $550 deposit. $500 per month. Central heat and air, water, stove and refrigerator included. Ten minutes near all schools. Call 912-428-2662 or 912323-5278, after 6 PM. tfn0509 ————————————— Garden City... 2 bedroom, in quiet park. Water included. Coin laundry nearby. Requirements: 2 person max., steady job, references, quiet lifestyle. No pets. $550/month, $550 deposit. Call 912-507-9918, 9am-5pm. tfn0509 ————————————— Pooler... Mobile Home on large private lot. 3bedrooms, 2 baths, Living room, and den. $900 a month/ $900 deposit. Call and leave message, 912-667-1930. ————————————— Tell them you saw it in The Spirit!


POOLER RENTALS: Office, church, restaurant, dance studio on I-95. Move right in. Call 7487070, ext. 209. PV Shopping Center, 200 Gov. Treutlen Road, Pooler. 052109 ————————————— For Lease… Trucking Terminal at 122 Raymond Road in Pooler. 3 acres of land, 7” fenced with 72’x10’ office, 3 office spaces, one bathroom and break room. 60’x71’ shop, 20’ eve, 8 rollup doors (2- 12’x16’, 4- 10’x16’, and 2- 8’x12’). 500’ concrete landing pad. Call 964-4331 or 313-2594 for more information. tfn1209 ————————————— 308 Carolan Street, Savannah… + or – 6 acres, 2.5 acres have 7’ fence. Zoned Industrial. Call 9641127. tfn1109 ————————————— Pooler... Retail/ Office/ Beauty salon, 1500 square feet at Parkway Plaza on Pooler Parkway. Low rent! Call 272-9303. 043009 ————————————— For Lease... Zoned Commercial… 5028 Augusta Road, Garden City, GA. 1,000 SF office, 1,400 SF storage, 2,361 SF open space. Lot size: 118’x276’. Paved yard. 7’ fence. Call Romine Enterprises LP, 912964-4331, for details. tfn1109 ————————————— Commercial Property for rent on Highway 80 in Pooler, former location of The Pooler Crossroads Chamber of Commerce. Available soon! $900 per month. Call Tim at 507-7252. tfnah ————————————— Office/shop space... 1200 square feet, in Garden City, on Hwy 80 just east of Dean Forest Road. Call 313-7027. tfn0509 ————————————— Commerical lot in Garden City for sale or lease, or lease/purchase. Perfect for small utility/construction company. $650 a month. ————————————— Land, Office/house, and shop... shop is 1800 square feet with air and heat, two 10 x 10 roll up doors with glass storefront. Built in 2005. House/office is 800 square feet. Off of Ogeechee Road, between Chatham Parkway and Dean Forest Road. $2500 per month. Call Andy, 313-3558. tfn051509 ————————————— For rent, Westside: 5 stall horse stable, barn, fenced pastures, riding arena, trails and more. $700 per month. Call 748-9000. tfn0409 ————————————— Rincon next to WalMart... 1002 Lisa Street, 900 square feet retail/office space, 980 square foot check cashing setup, will change to suit. Call 547-1364. tfn0409 ————————————— 1711 Dean Forest Road... Building G, 1500 square foot office and warehouse. $1200 per month. Call 925-8165, 713-2800 cell. tfn0409

BOWYER MOTORS Low Down Payments

(Partial Listing)


Minute Financing

GENERAL MOTORS 06 Chevy Equinox LS ............. $12,995 04 Cadillac Deville ............... $11,995 07 Chevy Impala LT .................$9,795 04 Chevy Malibu LS.................$8,995 02 Buick Park Avenue..............$7,995 03 Pontiac Bonneville SLE ........$7,995 00 Chevy Monte Carlo SS ..........$7,995 03 Pontiac Grand Prix LTD.........$7,995 01 Buick LeSabre LTD ..............$7,995 04 Chevy Impala ....................$7,995 99 GMC Yukon SLE..................$6,995 87 Olds Cutlass Supreme ..........$6,995 04 Chevy Cavalier...................$6,995 05 Chevy Cobalt.....................$6,995 99 GMC Jimmy.......................$5,995 96 Chevy Silverado Ext. Cab ......$5,995 00 Pontiac Bonneville..............$5,995 97 Pontiac Bonneville..............$4,995 02 Pontiac Sunfire..................$4,995 94 Pontiac Firebird .................$4,995 99 Chevy Monte Carlo LS ..........$4,995 99 Buick Century....................$4,995 96 Pontiac Grand Am ...............$4,995

IMPORTS 01 Toyota Sequoia LTD........... $11,995 01 Mercedes C320................ $11,995 03 Toyota Camry LE ................$9,995 02 Toyota Camry LE ................$9,795 00 Toyota 4-Runner LTD ...........$8,995 00 Nissan Maxima ..................$8,995 01 Toyota Camry LE ................$7,995 05 Kia Optima LX....................$7,995 95 BMW 525i ........................$6,995 01 Isuzu Trooper ....................$6,995 03 Kia Sedona LX ...................$6,995 01 Nissan Altima GXE ..............$6,995 95 Toyota Camry LE ................$5,995

FORD/LINCOLN/MERCURY 03 Ford F-150 Supercrew .....$12,995 04 Ford F-150 Supercrew ...... $9,795 01 Ford Expedition EB.......... $8,995 05 Ford Freestar Van SE ....... $8,995 02 Ford Escape XLS ............ $6,995 04 Ford Freestar Van ........... $6,995 98 Lincoln Towncar............. $6,995 06 Ford Taurus SE .............. $6,995 95 Lincoln Towncar............. $4,995

CHRYSLER 07 Dodge Magnum .............$11,995 01 Dodge R1500 Pickup ....... $8,995 05 Chrysler Sebring............. $8,995 02 Dodge Durango SLE ......... $7,995 06 Dodge Grand Caravan ...... $7,995 05 Dodge Stratus SXT .......... $7,995 04 Dodge Neon SXT ............. $6,995 03 Chrysler Concorde LXi...... $6,995

232-3725 714 Montgomery St.

————————————— Office Space for Lease... Westside office approximately 1,700 sf, immediate occupancy. $1950/ month, partially furnished, great location next to Southbridge. Please call Rose at 236-2240/appointments. tfn0309 ————————————— HIGHWAY FRONTAGE... 1 acre with office building and some furniture, car wash and utility building. Used to be a car lot. Located on Hwy 21, downtown Rincon. Call Brad for details, 912-663-1461. tfnSHRT ————————————— Available Now: Restaurant for lease in high traffic area in Effingham County. Optional equipment package available. Send email to: tfnSH ————————————— Now leasing space in a brand new shopping center being built in Bloomingdale. For more information, call Ron “Bogie” Walker, Today Real Estate, 748-9999. tfnSH ————————————— Attn Contractors: Landscapers, Electrical, Plumbing, General. Ideal office and parking facility available. Located on Blue Jay Road next to the new Mighty Mike’s. Call 912-685-4423 or 658-5773. tfnSH


Spirit Newspapers • June 4 - June 10, 2009 • Page B13

! New2009 COROLLA



Factory Rebate . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$1,000 Savannah Toyota Match . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$1,000 EXAMPLE: COROLLA, AUTOMATIC, MSRP $16,572 AND PRICE AFTER REBATES, $14,572.




Factory Rebate . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$1,000 Savannah Toyota Match . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$1,000




w! Ne2009 CAMRY







6 880

7 880

$ ,

$ ,


8 880

9 880

$ ,





9 880

$ ,


$ ,


9 880

$ ,

9 880



$ ,







18,880 $19,880



9 880

9 880

$ ,

$ ,

9 880 $10,880 $10,880 $10,880 $13,880

$ ,






2008 DODGE RAM 1500












19,880 $20,880



13,880 14,880 14,880 14,880 14,880 14,880 15,880















2005 CHRYSLER 300 C















20,880 $22,880







17,880 17,880 17,880 19,880 20,880 20,880 21,880









33 HWY

28 HWY

29 HWY

22,880 $23,880


















1-800-633-8805 11101 ABERCORN STREET • SAVANNAH, GA



————————————— Will be available Jan. 1, 2010... 5125 Augusta Road, Hwy 21, Garden City, Georgia: 849.6 sq.ft. office space, 31’8”X26’7” and bath; 2,299.1 sq.ft. steel building with overhead crane, 2.5 ton 31’8”X99’; 5,288.2 sq.ft. fabrication shop, 54’8”X100’2” with 5 ton overhead crane, 22’ lift. Total: 8,436.9 sq. ft. Call Ted at 964-4331 for price and a copy of lease. Zoned Heavy Commercial. tfn1109

CARS 2000 Hyundai Tiburon Sports Coupe... Nice! Loaded, with a/c, pwr moonroof, leather, automatic transm, pwr windows and locks, tilt wheel, cruise control, factory alloy rims, rear spoiler, and am/fm/cd. looks, runs, and drives great! Ready to drive. Priced to sell at $2975 Richhmond Hill Auto Mart. Call Mark (cell) 660-6275. tfnMJP

————————————— 2006 Buick Lucerne CXL... Leather interior, just 45K miles, gorgeous car, new tires. Must sell! $14,500. Call 925-4392 or 7133522. tfn0909 ————————————— 1996 Chevy Baretta, AS IS, 200K miles, needs T.L.C and some minor repairs, $900 or best offer. Call 220-4857 or 596-8737, after 4 PM please. tfnah ————————————— Crown Victoria police interceptors. Located at 3314 Ogeechee Road, Arbor Cottages. Call 770655-0890. tfn0909 ————————————— 1990 Acura Integra, 2-door, 5-speed, new tires, new battery. Body in good condition. Needs a lot of work under the hood, but a perfect fixer-upper! BEST OFFER!!! Call 713-5627. tfnLC ————————————— 2001 Ford Mustang GT Convertible... One owner, 98,000 miles, Gun metal grey with NEW convertible top. 6-disk CD changer. $8000. Call 912-656-3044.

————————————— 1999 VW Cabrio convertible, 185,000 miles, new vinyl top, runs good. $2200. Call 308-1729. ————————————— 2004 Toyota Corolla LE... One owner, excellent condition, very clean. New tires and new battery. 115K miles, with regular maintenance. Great car for just $7,500. Call 912-884-4797. tfn1209 ————————————— 2001 Mercury Grand Marquis... 97K miles. Good condition. $4500. Call 748-0799. tfnSH —————————————


2005 Buick LeSabre, one family owned, evangelist driven, 54k road miles, very good condition, 29mpg highway, $9,000, firm. Please call 925-4392 or 713-3522. ————————————— ‘03 Mitsubishi Eclipse, pearl white, low profile tires and rims, killer stereo system! In good/ great condition. Daughter had baby, car is too small. Asking $4500. Willing to trade for SUV. Call 658-2097 or 658-9887.


A Steal of a Deal!

Silver 2007 Toyota Corolla LE. 23,850 miles, automatic transmission, multi-CD player, like new! One owner (non-smoker, seats always covered). New mats. Retail, $15,100. Will take $13,500!! Call 748-6853. tfn0809 —————————————


2002 Convertible 35th Anniversary Edition, red with black top, 42k miles. Excellent condition. Great DAWG car! $12,000 OBO. Call 9202670. tfn0709 ————————————— 1993 Chevy Sport Van, Automatic, Runs good! Asking $1500. Please call 912-220-2919. tfn0609 —————————————


1990 Chrysler LeBaron GT convertible, like new, showroom condition, always garaged, only 26K original miles. White exterior, white leather with burgundy trim interior, turbo 4 cylinder, 30 mpg. $5995. Call 658-2268. tfn0409

————————————— 2002 Nissan Altima, silver, 4 door, just 75K miles, power sunroof, in very good condition and well maintained. Original owner. Great gas mileage! Just $8000. Call 667-9491. tfn0409 ————————————— ‘98 Ford Mustang Convertible... Needs a little body work, but runs! My very first car, and I just don’t need it anymore! First $3500 takes it! Would be perfect fixer-upper for young person! Call 667-9491. tfn0409 ————————————— 2000 Lincoln Town Car, one owner, 100k miles, very clean, new tires. Can be seen at 134 Raymond Road, Pooler. $5000. Call Ted at 964-4331. tfn0109 ————————————— 2000 Lincoln Continental... Loaded! Maroon with all the options! Won’t last long at only $8,880. Call Abram, 398-2232. tfnSTSH ————————————— New car? New Insurance! Call for a free quote today! 748-3040. tfnah

————————————— Motor.... ‘89 IROC-Z Camaro L98 350 Chevy motor, complete-rebuildable. $350. Same as ‘89 Corvette motor. In Southside Savannah. Call Kevin at 912-667-2379. tfnSH —————————————





All vehicles can be viewed at



Dual A/C, 7 Pass., CD, PW/PL, Quad Seats


2005 KIA RIO

5 Speed, CD, 4 Door, No A/C











4 Door, CD, PW/PL, 5 Speed, A/C

Auto, V-6

Please Ask For:





V6, 5 Speed, CD/Sat. Radio, Luggage Rack

Auto, A/C, Power Options

Charlie Rahn Bobbie HaydonMyers


V6, Auto, A/C

Dual A/C, V6, Quad Seats

6014 HWY. 21 SOUTH AT MCCALL RD. (Across from Springfield Ford, between Lovett’s & Enterprise Rentals)


663-5016 Cell

Page B14 • Spirit Newspapers • June 4 - June 10, 2009

the Garden City Police Department. Sealed bids accepted through May 15th, 2009. Bids can be hand delivered or mailed to Garden City Police Department, Attn: Dee Norris, 100 Main Street, Garden City, Georgia, 31408. Be sure to indicate which vehicle you are bidding on. Vehicles sold “As Is” with no warrantly. 050709

TRUCKS/VANS/SUVS 2000 Toyota Tundra Limited Edition, 2WD, double cab, 4-door, 4.7 liter, good condition, $5000. Call 656-0880. 1208 ————————————— 1995 Ford F450 super duty, 12’ flat bed, electric dump, 4 speed automatic transmission, 7.3L Diesel, A/C, stereo. Won’t last long at just $10,500. Call me at 912-547-3000 or 925-5246. tfn1009 ————————————— 1984 16 seat white GMC church Bus with large luggage space. Only 13k miles on the engine and new brakes. Great for churches or working groups. If interested call SouthSide Church Of God 927-4408. $5,000. tfnSH ————————————— 2007 Dodge Ram 1500... 6 cylinder pickup, automatic, a/c, full power, really good shape, like new! Only 21.6K miles! Asking $15,500. Call 728-3065. tfn101609 ————————————— 2004 Lincoln Aviator Ultra... gold lettered, V-8, black, beige interior, 55K miles, $13,875. Call 9258165. tfn101609 ————————————— 2000 Oldsmobile Silhouette, clean, leather interior, VCR, AM/ FM/CD player, cruise, power windows and locks, recently replaced motor with only 70k miles, has new water pump and belts. Priced to sell! $2500. Call 748-0754. ————————————— HUNTING TRUCK!! ‘99 Ford F150 Reg. Cab, 4x4, Line-X bedliner, New Tires, Automatic. $4500. Call Ryan at 912-398-3334. tfn093009 ————————————— 1995 Ford E350 Cargo Van... Cold a/c! Just $1500 cash. Call 2478047. tfnTS

————————————— 2004 Dodge Ram 4x4 Hemi Engine, low mileage, toolbox and running boards. Call for price, 748-0560. tfn0809 ————————————— 2002 Chevy Tracker... 4 Door SUV, clean! Loaded with automatic transmisssion, air cond., power windows, power locks, tilt wheel, cruise control, factory am/fm/cd, and factory alloy rims. Fully serviced and ready to drive. Pics available. Just $4775. Richmond Hill Auto Mart, call Mark (cell) 912-660-6275. tfnSHMJP ————————————— ‘99 Chevy Tahoe... Loaded and in great shape! $5400. Call 6632924. ————————————— 1996 Dodge Grand Caravan... runs great, Just $2000. Call 667-3704. —————————————


1999 Ford F-250 Triton, V8, XLT, 4 door, extended cab. Tow package, bedliner, seats 6 with center fold down console, cruise, tilt, power steering, seats, windows and locks, A/C, automatic, AM/ FM/Cassette, keyless entry, tan exterior with tan upholstery, no tears or stains, good tires, tinted windows. Excellent condition! Small ding on tailgate. $6500 or best offer. Effingham/Springfield, 659-8950 or 754-1455. tfn0509 ————————————— 1994 Ford Ranger XLT Extended Cab, 4.0 automatic, AC, power windows, power locks, runs good. Call 748-8074 for more info. tfn0509 ————————————— 1986 Ford F150, 6 cylinder with 300 motor, runs good! Blue. $1500. Call 704-4156. tfn0609 ————————————— 2005 Dodge Durango Hemi... 65K miles, clean and very well cared for! New tires! $15,000. Call 7487023, or cell, 661-0637. tfn0609 —————————————


REDUCED! 2004 Toyota Tundra SR5, step bars, loaded, including leather seats, tonneau cover, spray in bedliner, 49K miles, asking $16,400. Call 772-8276.

————————————— 1995 Volvo/GMC, Class A, stand up sleeper, all new tires, white with blue stripes, Detroit engine, 10-speed transmission. $9000. Call 658-2268. tfn0409 ————————————— 2004 GMC Envoy SLT: Black on grey leather with wood accents, sunroof, premium audio... Just 37330 miles! Real nice. $13,000. Call Justin at 912-660-7496. —————————————


2004 Ford Freestar Van, good condition, keyless entry, power windows, cruise control, CD player, fold flat third seat, towing package. $4500. Call 352-1117. 0209tfn ————————————— 2007 Chevrolet Colorado, 4 cylinder, extended cab with deluxe cargo cover and sprayed liner. Excellent condition. Less than 1500 miles. One owner. Call between 6-10PM, 667-2011. $17,000 FIRM. tfn0409 ————————————— 1993 Ford Pickup F-150 Extended Cab, new engine with about 500 miles, new radiator, 32” tires. Asking $6000 OBO. Call 9662588. tfn0309 ————————————— ‘97 Jeep Wrangler... 6” lift kit, Warn 8,000 pound Wench, new Mickey Thompson tires, very good condition, $7500. Call 6679959. tfnSHLF ————————————— ‘96 Ford F-150, 6 cylinder, new engine, 5-speed, $3000 OBO. Call 657-1433. tfn0109 ————————————— 2006 Chevy Silverado 1500 LT3, 5.3LV8, 52K miles, 4X4, crew cab, sunroof, DVD, leather, new tires, all power, loaded! $21,900. Call 912-547-0147. 0209tfn ————————————— Freightliner M2 Hauler, 330 HP, 1000Lb./Torque, air ride & brakes, crew cab, leather, DVD, back-up camera, air ride hitch, bed has 7 storage compartments, sound system, Garmin 7200 GPS, Silver Leaf engine monitor and more! $94,500. Call 912-964-7474 or 912656-8800. 0409tfn

————————————— 2003 Chevy Trailblazer, black with gray interior, great condition, automatic, A/C, CD player, 4 door, towing package, must sell! $5900. Call 912-659-2126. 0209 ————————————— 2000 Toyota Tundra Limited Edition, 2WD, double cab, 4-door, 4.7 liter, good condition, $5000. Call 656-0880. 1208 ————————————— 1994 Toyota extended cab 4X4, 4WD, white, brand new transmission and clutch. Lift kit, 33” mud tires, spray-in bedliner, cold A/C, dual exhaust. Runs great! $4500. Call 596-2663. tfnah —————————————— 2002 Ford 150 Extended Cab, 58K miles, ice cold AC, excellent condition! $8,995. Call 585-259-9272. ————————————— ‘87 Chevy Silverado C-20 with service boxes, new fuel pump, brakes, tune-up parts, transmission, etc. Runs sweet! $2300. Call 856-8135. tfn1208

MOTORCYCLES/ATVS 2005 Suzuki GSXR 600... black and silver, Yoshimura pipes, frame sliders, power commander, only 6,000 miles. Garage kept! $5500. Call 210-2352. tfnGub ————————————— 2007 Suzuki 800 BLVD, red with matching saddlebags, $5995. Financing available with $0 down, $149 per month. Call Hub at 2346446. tfnBKTS ————————————— 2005 Kawasaki 1500 Vulcan Classic, 3200 Miles, All Extras, Must See to Appreciate! Call David at (912) 657-2174 or 653-4633. $6400. tfn091909 ————————————— ‘04 Harley Davidson FLSTCI- CC 1450- Glacier white, very low miles. $14,500. Call 658-1382. —————————————


’98 Harley Davidson Dyna FXDSC... Full chrome, 10K miles, one owner, garage housed, excellent condition, $10,500. Call Larry at 826-4267. tfn0909

————————————— ‘99 Harley Sportster 83 Hugger, forward controls, Just 9,000 miles, loaded! $5,500. Call 6573482, Jerry. tfn0609 ————————————— 2004 Honda Shadow, 1100cc, 2300 original miles, candy apple red, garage kept, excellent condition, $5700. Call 912-657-5288. 0509tfn ————————————— ‘02 Harley Davidson Dyna Lowrider 1450, good condition, silver and chrome, asking $11,000. Call Larry, 429-0653 after 5pm. tfn0509 —————————————


2000 Harley Davidson 1200 Sportster, 6500 miles, $5000. Lots of chrome! Call 754-4311. tfn0309 ————————————— 2003 Harley Superglide, 100 Year Anniversary, black, 16” Ape Hangers, chopper light, lowered, chrome and extras, $10,000. Call 912-313-3060. tfnahlw ————————————— 1991 Honda ST1100, in good condition. 53k miles, garage kept, new tires, Corbin and original seats, clear-view windshield, Givi top case, $3900. Call 912-484-5265 or 912-748-8981. 1108tfn ————————————— 2003 Harley Davidson Screaming Eagle Deuce, 1550. 294 miles, kept indoors, flawless condition. Must see to appreciate! $18,995. Serious inquiries only please. Call 667-0018 or 748-7035. tfn1208

CAMPERS/RVS/TRAILERS Fifth Wheel camper... 27’ 2002 Dutchman Lite with large slideout and bunks. Excellent condition. $10,000. Call 658-3226. tfn1109 ————————————— 2005 31’ Potomac 5th-wheel RV with 2 slides, top of the line interior, has washer and dryer, deluxe restroom. Never any pets or smoking on the inside. Immaculate condition. $24,500. Call 912657-0319. 0709tfn



2006 33’ Fleetwood Travel Trailer, double slide, king size bed, fully equipped with everything needed to start camping. Too many extras to mention! Asking $19,000 or best offer! Call 450-3831. —————————————


1995 Winnebago Adventurer, 35’, sleeps 6, queen bed, 454 Chevy drive train, Michelin tires, awnings and lots of extras! $18,000. Call 658-2268. tfn0409 —————————————


2002 Dutchman 26’ lightweight camper. Like new, never been pulled! Has a slide-out living room, sleeps 6! $11,000. Call 912988-6254, or 912-308-4823.


2006 17.5’ Bayliner Ski boat- 7 seater, Bimini Top, Fish/Depth finder, 135 HP Mercrusier engine inboard. Less than 100 hrs of use. One owner. Excellent conditon. Includes 7 life vests, 2 ski jackets, skis and Big daddy tube and rope. $8900. Call 912-313-3827. ————————————— 2003 19 foot Carolina Skiff semi-v with 70hp Yamaha and aluminum trailer. Very low hours. $7200. Call 772-3465, Guyton. tfn093009 ————————————— 1999 21’ Carolina Skiff with 150 Yamaha and galvanized trailer. All good condition. $10,000 or best offer. Call 748-1735 or 398-3454, ask for Bobby. 0609tfn ————————————— Jet Ski For Sale- 2007 Seadoo GTI SE w/Comfab Trailer. Like new, less than 40 hours. Yellow/Black in color. All maintenance documentation available. Learner & Fast Key included. $7600. Call 912655-8894, ask for Mark. tfn0509 ————————————— Boat motor, 15hp, Yamaha 4 stroke, electric start. Used only 3 or 4 times. (I upgraded to a larger motor!) $2000. Call 234-3348. tfnTS

179mo. mo.



Spirit Newspapers, Section B, June 4, 2009

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