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“I think God is going to come down and pull civilization over for speeding.”

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Trying to Put the Brakes on Speeding

-Steven Wright (1955 - ____) US comedian

commercial rentals

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Vol. 9, Issue No. 37

Parents Using Late Son’s Car to Encourage Young Drivers to Slow Down

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POLICE REPORTS Local Police Reports sponsored by: Home of the 2-Way Communicator

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Bryan County Sheriff’s Department

• At midnight, a Deputy made a traffic stop on a red Mazda pickup that had only one working headlight and a flat tire. He met with the driver and asked about the headlight. The driver walked to the front of his truck... “Whew... wouldja look at that! I didn’t even know it was out!” Due to the man’s swaying and slurred speech, the Deputy asked the man if he’d been drinking. The man said he hadn’t, that he’d just gotten off work. Amazingly, the man still blew a .107, and was taken to jail for DUI. • Around 11pm, a Deputy was patrolling on Charles Shuman Road and noticed a red Dodge Durango moving along at a slow rate of speed. The driver kept hitting his brakes, so the Deputy stopped him to make sure he was okay. The Savannah man couldn’t produce a driver’s license, and was soon on his way to jail for driving while suspended. • Around 10:30pm, a Deputy stopped a Ford Explorer for failure to use a turn signal. The driver couldn’t produce a license, so he ___________________________________ Continued on page 3

By Stephen Prudhomme Kathy Strouse goes out to the heavily damaged gray 1993 Honda Civic hatchback in front of the family-owned Engine Supply Company on East Lathrop Road every day, standing next to it and climbing into the driver’s seat where, surrounded by broken glass, she draws comfort from the memories of its former driver and her only child. It’s been nearly a month since Shawn Strouse was killed in a car crash along Hwy. 204, some three and half miles west of I-95. Kathy and her husband, Tom, are still trying to come to terms with the loss of their son, someone who was part of the family business and a friend to just about anyone he met. Tom draws little comfort from the car, saying it tears his heart out when he looks out his garage window and sees it. Yet he puts aside his own personal grief so he can convey the graphic message to parents and children that driving fast can result in tragic consequences and here’s the car to prove it. The accident that forever changed the Strouse’s life took place on the night of March 13. The 25-year-old Shawn, who worked as a machinist at his family’s shop, was headed to a friend’s house late that night. According to Tom, his son, driving alone, had passed a car, driven by an acquaintance, in a right curve along the two-lane road. Although he was in a straightaway, Shawn lost control of the car and went off to the right of the road, going through some grass before striking two large pine trees. The car was no match for the trees. The first one smashed in the middle passenger side, while the second one knocked the rear passenger tire through the passenger seat. Shawn was killed instantly. “Shawn didn’t have a scratch on him,” his father says. “He died from the impact – internal bleeding. He felt no pain. That’s comforting.” Tom acknowledges Shawn was speeding. He estimates he was driving around 100 mph. What he doesn’t understand is how Shawn, whom he refers to as a good driver, suddenly lost control of the car and “hooked to the right.” Tom also questions why the two trees haven’t been removed even though a number of accidents have taken ___________________________________ Continued on page 3

The car sits now on E. Lathrop Ave. at Augusta Ave.

On the Right Track Relays for Life Celebrate Life While Raising Funds for Cancer Research By Stephen Prudhomme It was a festive atmosphere at the track at Effingham High School last Friday night as people ran, walked, backpacked and scootered around the quartermile oval or milled around and chatted in front of tents pitched along the outer edge. Meanwhile, on the grassy infield, Frisbees, footballs, baseballs and softballs were tossed around, with a spirited game of tackle football among teenage boys highlighting the action. Ostensibly, they had gathered to raise money for cancer research, yet it was just as much an opportunity to show encouragement and support for those battling the disease and remembering those who succumbed to it. The Effingham County Relay for Life featured 30 teams of 8 to 15 participants and raised a record $73,000 plus; teams are required to have at least one member on the track during the relay, which lasted from 7 p.m. Friday to 7 a.m. Saturday. This year’s event featured a shot at inclusion in the Guiness Book of World Records for the largest pajama party, highlighting the theme of this year’s relay: “Cancer doesn’t sleep.” Al-

though the 1,200 came up short of the record 1,625, co-chairman Chris Brundage says it was a “great turnout.” The Kids Walk brought in $7,000, led by Nolan Kress, who raised $1,300. Samanatha Mattox collected $445, and Sean Hightower and Dailey Bilenski raised $400 apiece. Brundage became involved with Relay for Life through her husband six years ago and says she is moved by seeing the cancer survivors and recognizing what they go through. She adds that she wants to continue to fight cancer so “my grandchildren won’t have to face the disease as

a threat.” Bill Fogarty wore a 30-pound backpack as he circled around the track. The Springfield resident is an assistant scoutmaster with Troop 665 and was preparing his Scouts for an upcoming hike and camping trip. At the same time, he wanted to honor the victims, including his 58-year-old mother who was among many remembered on luminaria bags around the track, as well as survivors. Explains Fogarty: “It lifts people’s spirits up to be together. Often, cancer is a battle that is fought alone.” Terrie Collins is familiar with ___________________________________ Continued on page 4

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Page A2 • Spirit Newspapers • April 9 - April 15, 2009

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This week’s quote... The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not. -Thomas Jefferson

stan proved they have retained their sense of humor, as one of them passed this along.

...Well, I’m hoping the cold weather will have finally left us after this most recent spell.

1. You refine heroin for a living, but you have a moral objection to beer.

...Mind Twister for the week: What is black when you buy it, red when you use it, and gray when you throw it away?

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...Please join me and hopefully hundreds, even thousands more, as we celebrate the true meaning of Easter with a Sunrise Easter Service at Tom Triplett Park this Sunday morning at 7am. ... One of my favorite preachers, ...make that people, ...Brother Kenny Harrelson of Central Baptist Church in Garden City, gave me a call last week with an idea for a story, which turned out to be this week’s front page story about the tragic death of Shawn Strouse. I’m so amazed at Shawn’s mother’s ability to take this terrible personal loss, and use it as a message to hopefully prevent any other parent from having to go through what she’s gone through. Please, if you can, take the time to pass that article on to some young person you know and love.

“You May Be A Taliban If...”

2. You own a $3,000 machine gun and $5,000 rocket launcher, but you can’t afford shoes.

The Secret To A Long Life

A doctor on his morning walk, noticed an 3. You have more wives than teeth. older lady sitting on her front step smoking 4. You wipe your butt a cigar, so he walked up to her and said, “I couldn’t help but notice how happy you look! with your bare hand, What is your secret?” but consider bacon “unclean.” “I smoke ten cigars a day,” she said. “Also, I drink a whole bottle of Jack Daniels every 5. You think vests week, and eat only junk food. On weekends, come in two styles: I pop pills, have relations with my boyfriend, bullet-proof and suiand don’t exercise at all.” cide. “That is absolutely amazing! Exactly how 6. You can’t think of anyone you haven’t de- old are you?” “Thirty-four,” she replied. clared Jihad against. 7. You consider television dangerous, but routinely carry explosives in your clothing. 8. You were amazed to discover that cell phones have uses other than setting off roadside bombs.

...You know what I did before I got married? Anything I wanted to. ...The US troops in Afghani-

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The Garden City Easter Eggstravaganza, which took place on April 4th at Sharon Park in Garden City, was a big hit again this year! This popular annual event, sponsored by the Garden City Parks & Recreation Department and Police Department, featured an Easter egg hunt, Fun Time games, miniature fire truck rides, egg toss and raffle for various prizes. Pictured here with the Easter Bunny is Eloradana Carlin.

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Speeding continued from page 1


place at that spot. The accident is still under investigation. The Stouses found out about their son’s death from police officers who came to their home in the early morning hours of March 14. Kathy recalled how she and Shawn were “carrying on,” dividing up a pickle the previous evening. Before he left, she told him to be careful. He responded: “Don’t worry, Mom, I’ll be okay.” Says Kathy: “That was the last time I saw him. Forty-five minutes later he was dead. When the officers came and told us they need to sit down and talk to us, I thought Shawn was in some kind of trouble. They told us he had been in accident. When I asked if he was okay, they told us he hadn’t survived. That totally blew me away. I couldn’t comprehend it.” Kathy says she couldn’t look at her son’s body at the morgue or later at the funeral home. She prefers to remember him the way he looks in pictures and by being in and around his car. “The car doesn’t bother me,” Kathy says. “I feel close to him. I feel a connection.” Shawn was around cars much

Spirit Newspapers • April 9 - April 15, 2009 • Page A3

of his life. From lawnmowers to go-carts, dirt bikes to drag cars, if it had a key in it, he would drive it, says Tom. Even though he did race drag cars, it was on a track and in a controlled environment. Shawn did not race on the streets, his father notes. Adds Kathy: “We’d pass him with our S-10 pickup. He didn’t go that fast.” The same cannot be said for a growing number of young drivers taking part in street racing, according to another friend of Shawn’s. “They gather in the Piggly Wiggly parking lot in Georgetown,” the friend says. “I took a picture of Shawn’s wrecked car out there and showed it to them.” Tom and Kathy are committed to getting the word out about the dangers of driving fast. They say that many people have stopped by to look at their son’s wrecked car. Some young people are visibly moved, while others seem unaffected, perhaps thinking that will never happen to them. The Strouses know otherwise. “When you’re younger,” says Tom, “you think you’re bulletproof and invincible. Shawn was a profession-

Call Steve McElveen at 665-1354

Board on Board Fence

Bryan County Sheriff’s Office Reports continued from page 1 ____________________________________

gave the Deputy his name and date of birth, September 24, 2009. He was soon on his way to jail for DUI.

Effingham County Sheriff’s Office

• Deputies responded to Corral Road in Faulkville where they found a Toyota pickup mudbogging in a ditch. They checked the license of the driver, and he was wanted for child support out of Liberty County. He was taken to jail. (He’d have sunk to the bottom of the ditches in Pooler last Thursday night!) • Just before 3am, a Deputy was northbound on Hwy 21 when he noticed a car approaching with it’s high beams on. He flashed his high beams at the driver, but got no response. He then turned around and made a traffic stop. The Statesboro man was very talkative, and the Deputy noticed the two twelve packs in the back seat, which were missing a few beers. He was soon on his way to jail for DUI. • A Deputy responded to a pasture where a man pointed out a four wheeler and told the Deputy that ___________________________________ Continued on page 4

al driver. We want to show it can happen to you. Once it happens, you can’t take it back. Even if this saves just one child in the city, it’ll be worth it.” He adds that since the Savannah drag strip on Ogeechee Road closed last year, the kids have no place to blow off steam. “It got

kids off the streets and gave them something to do,” Tom notes. Kathy says she wants kids to see her son’s wrecked car. Even if it doesn’t impact them right away, she adds, maybe they’ll have a “flashback” when they’re driving at a fast speed. “Hopefully, they’ll realize it

Like Mama says...


POLICE REPORTS Local Police Reports sponsored by:

Security Systems for the 21st Century, for as little as $25.95 per month

Shawn M. Strouse 04/17/1983 - 03/13/2009


can happen to them,” she says. Tom says Shawn’s car will eventually be taken away. Left behind will be memories of someone who lived a full life and made the world a better place, according to family and friends. His father says Shawn would hear of friends who were drunk and would drive them home. Such was the case with a female friend, who told Tom his son was a gentleman and never took advantage of her. “He was always there for everyone,” Tom says. “He was an angel. I couldn’t ask for a better kid.” Cory Skipper says he knew Shawn since the age of 6. He describes him as a great person who was important to everyone. “You could call him for anything,” says Skipper says, noting that he’s “getting by” in dealing with his friend’s death. “It didn’t matter. He helped me out a lot of times. He was a good guy. He didn’t deserve this.” Kathy says Shawn loved cars and his friends. “He was there for everyone. He was a good-hearted person. It just tears my heart knowing I won’t talk to him again. I really didn’t worry about him. He always came home.”


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Page A4 • Spirit Newspapers • April 9 - April 15, 2009

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Relay for Life continued from page 1


that battle. The 39-year-old Faulkville resident was diagnosed with breast cancer when she was 35 years old. Now 39, she’s been cancer-free for three years and describes herself as “perfectly healthy.” A member of the Marlow Elementary relay team, Collins says she joined the relay more for others than for herself. “I want to give them support,” Collins says. “I want to let people know it will be alright, that it won’t get you down.” Some 20 miles away, people in Pooler were doing their part to fight cancer with the Relay for Life of West Chatham. This year’s event, held at West Chatham Middle School, featured 10 teams and 125 participants and raised $12,254 for the American Cancer Society’s research, education advocacy and service programs.

POLICE REPORTS Local Police Reports sponsored by:

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Effingham County Sheriff’s Office Reports continued from page 3 ____________________________________

he’d given them a criminal trespass warning in the past. The Deputy got the four wheeler stopped and was placing both men under arrest for criminal trespass when one of them shouted that he wasn’t going to jail, and threw a punch at the Deputy. The Deputy sidestepped the punch, then used a “balance displacement technique” to put the man on the ground, where he was handcuffed and soon on his way to jail. (Or we could just say, “he

Forty cancer survivors were recognized as they made a lap around the track, and 115 luminaria bags surrounding the track honored them as well as those lost to the disease. The Wal-Mart Warriors from the Pooler store were the top fundraisers, collecting $2,951.25. Placing second was Betty Hope-

fuls, with $2,684.49, while The Purple Heartbeats of Port Wentworth brought in $1,655.82 to place third. This year’s sponsors included Gulfstream, Sapp’s Wrecker, Papa John’s Pizza, Westside Rentals, West Chatham Middle School, WTKS, WQBT and WSAV.

tripped him.”) • Among the items reported stolen in Effingham last week... a chain link fence gate, valued at $100. • A Deputy was patrolling on Clyo Kildare Road when he saw a four wheeler pull onto the roadway. He stopped the Honda ATV, and the driver was soon on his way to jail for DUI. (On a four wheeler. Cause he just had to ride in the road. Drunk. Blew a .277.) • A man called Deputies to report a suspicious van in his driveway and a man walking around on his property. When he walked out to speak with the man, he got back in his van and drove off quickly. The man was able to get the license plate number, and Deputies responded to the owner’s home. The man there explained that he’d just parked in the man’s driveway so he could look at the huckleberry bushes beside the

man’s property. • This week’s Unruly Juvenile in Effingham report... Deputies were enroute to another call and were behind a green Ford pickup on Hwy 17 at Hwy 80, waiting on the light to turn green, when the pickup began inching forward in his truck, ultimately running the red light. The Deputies made a quick traffic stop and asked the man for his license, only to learn he was too young for even a learner’s permit. The driver was a 14 year old boy, “just out for a drive” and not going anywhere in particular. The juvenile justice case worker suggested simply turning the boy over to his parents, which the Deputies did. • About half past 2am, a Deputy made a traffic stop on a silver Jetta for having a defective tail light. He noted that the driver had a distinct

___________________________________ Continued on page 4

Spirit Newspapers • April 9 - April 15, 2009 • Page A5

THE MEANING OF WORDS By Cal Thomas Tribune Media Services

statement from Islamic scholars, heads of Islamic states, and people in charge of spreading hate directed at the West that Islam is not at war with America, Israel and Europe. It would also be helpful to hear a pledge that Muslim extremists intend to assimilate in countries to which they have immigrated, embracing the history, language and culture of those nations and eschewing attempts to impose Sharia law, not only on people of their faith, but on others who do not share it. It is always instructive to listen to the words of converts who once were committed to the violent imposition of Islam on others. They have a unique perspective that can serve as a useful warning for those who believe the fanatics mean what they say and say what they mean. One of them is Walid Shoebat, (www.shoebat,com), a former PLO terrorist who converted to Christianity. Shoebat, a name he assumed for his own safety, says the president’s approach to Islam is dangerous: “Speaking in such absolute terms has seemingly limited America’s area of focus on al-Qaida. This plays right into the militants’ hands.” As a former terrorist, Shoebat claims that deception and confusion are the reasons for so many different Islamic groups. “Islam is the banner under which different militant groups share a common alliance,” he says. “When you single out only one of those groups as the enemy, the others basically get a free pass, or at least much less attention.” The president did this when singling out al-Qaida, thus appearing to give a pass to numerous other groups that march under the banner of Islam, including Hamas, Hezbollah and The Muslim

“Words must mean something,” President Obama said in Prague last week in response to North Korea’s missile launch. He was speaking about the numerous resolutions and condemnations of North Korea’s actions over the years by the United Nations and others. It is a standard the president should apply not only to North Korea, but also to the Middle East and the Muslim world. In a speech to Turkey’s Parliament, the president said, “The United States is not, and never will be at war with Islam.” It was a noble sentiment. Such a unilateral declaration may sooth many in the West, but there is a central question that comes from Mr. Obama’s declaration of conscientious objection: What if Islamic extremism is at war with America, Europe and Israel and everyone who stands in the way of its attempt at supremacy in religion and politics? In some Muslim media, in some textbooks produced for Middle Eastern schoolchildren, at some Islamic schools in America and in recruitment films that urge “jihad” and declare martyrdom to be the highest goal of a Muslim person, one might conclude (if words mean something) that a significant portion of Islam is at war with Judaism, Christianity, and strains of its own religion that do not embrace the extremist view of hell on earth for all who disagree. In his soothing words to the Islamic world, it would have been useful to hear President Obama challenge Muslims to put their own house in order and evict extremists from it. The president might have asked for a reciprocal

the odor of alcohol, and the man’s bloodshot eyes and mumbled speech. After failing his field sobriety tests, the man refused to take the state test, and was taken to jail for DUI Refusal. • A Rincon woman called Deputies and told them a man called her on her cell phone and wanted to give her some money, claiming she’d won $45,000. The man spoke broken English with a heavy foreign accent. He told her she could pick up a portion of her winnings at the local Western Union office, and would only be charged $130, which she could pay him now over the phone. This fool called back while the Deputy was there, so he took the call and warned the man not to call back. The man hung up on the Deputy, but then called back and cursed him out. The woman went and changed her cell number

POLICE REPORTS Local Police Reports sponsored by:

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Effingham County Sheriff’s Office Reports continued from page 4 ____________________________________

odor of alcohol on his breath, and asked for the man’s driver’s license. “I don’t have it..., it’s suspended.” And off to jail we go, for DUI and driving while suspended. • Deputies responded to a Faulkville residence where a man told them his truck had been broken into the night before. He was now missing his wallet, which had $1000 cash in it. (Man, I don’t even leave my quarters in the center console overnight!!) • Shortly before 1am, a Deputy was southbound on Hwy 21 inside Rincon when he noticed a red Geo Prism behind the car wash with it’s parking lights on. The driver exited after the Deputy passed, and took off northbound. The Deputy turned around and followed him, wanting to investigate due to the number of burglaries reported in the area recently. He made a traffic stop and immediately recognized

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Cal Thomas Brotherhood. Their charters, statements and actions demand no compromise with Israel or anyone else in the pursuit of a Middle East free of the Jewish state. If they achieve their ultimate objective, the region would be free of all Jews, who are referred to by Sheikh Feiz Mohammed, and other Islamic extremists, as pigs and apes and who, according to a Hamas TV skit, “drink the blood of Muslims.” Do these words have meaning? We ignore them at our peril. In his speech in Ankara, President Obama echoed his predecessor when he praised Islam as a religion that “has done so much over so many centuries to shape the world.” Mr. Obama’s prepared text included the phrase “for the better,” but he did not speak those words. I wonder why? Is it because words mean something and the president didn’t mean those three?

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immediately. (I reckon it only takes one out of a thousand calls to make that profitable, but how can even a scumbag like this guy sleep at night stealing from the elderly like that?) • A man told Deputies he came back from the park with his daughter, and his wife immediately started arguing with him. She ended up throwing a pair of shoes at him, and breaking a flower pot. The Deputy then went and spoke with the woman, and got the same story, except this time it was the husband who threw the shoes and broke the flower pot. • While on patrol on Old River Road, a Deputy found four bags of trash that had been left in the roadway. He searched through one of the bags long enough to find envelopes that identified the owner, who now has a warrant for his ar-

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Page A6 • Spirit Newspapers • April 9 - April 15, 2009

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR Regarding The Loss Of A Loved One....

Dear Editor, The members of the Doris Langford family would like to express our sincere appreciation and gratitude to all of the agencies and volunteers who participated in the search for our Mom, Grandma, Great-grandma and friend. The huge community support, assistance and prayers are what have enabled us to get through this tragic event. We have lost the center of our family and we will feel that void for a long time but are comforted in the knowledge that she is in a better place. The outpouring of love and concern from the Garden City community will not be forgotten by our family. We would like to thank the following: the members of Garden City United Methodist Church who began the search immediately upon being notified that one of their members was missing; Chief Lyons and the Garden City Police Department who searched all night long, never giving up; the Garden City and Pt. Wentworth Fire Departments who called in other fire departments to cover for them while they searched; Jasper Springs Baptist Church who opened their doors and provided shelter and food for those who turned out to assist with the search; members of the various agencies who par-

ticipated in the search including Georgia Fire and Rescue; CEMA; Savannah-Chatham County Metro canine, aviation and communications departments; MedStar; the Georgia State Prison Canine from Reidsville; the Georgia Ports Authority Police; the American Red Cross; and the huge number of volunteers who came to search, who brought food for those searching and who provided comfort to our family during this difficult time. We hope and pray that something good will come out of our terrible experience and others will be spared having to go through this. We are truly grateful for everything that has been done to help our family. May God bless you all. The Langford’s

Regarding Effingham Ball Fields....

Dear Editor, Let us talk Softball and Baseball for a minute; Effingham is the center of fast pitch softball in this part of the Southeast. With this being said, we have a low quality of fields to play on. It’s time we take a look at what our teams have done and what they have to play on. In the past few years, our boys and girls have won the World Series and most people don’t even know it.





Effingham should be able to put on a tournament almost every other weekend. This is open league and recreation league, but teams have come here in the past and will not come back. They tell other people about the poor quality of the fields and they don’t come at all. We are losing money! People should be pouring into Effingham to see what our teams are all about; like I said, when teams come to play, they bring money to our county. We have girls leaving the Rec league to play open league when they are not ready to play and end up sitting on the bench. A year or two more in the Rec league, they would be ready to play open league. All because of better playing conditions. Take Sandhill Complex, one of our four parks. Effingham missed a great chance to build something good. The builder must have put all the money into the concession stand/score keeper area which is not even being used. People would rather have a burger from a grill and a drink out of an ice chest so their child could have a better field; it did not happen here. With all the room out there they didn’t put up a batting cage. The biggest problem is the fields. You can’t tell where the infield starts and the parking lot begins! At a good park the infield is soft clay; we have colored sand and cement. Our girls have already gotten hurt by making good slides in the preseason tournament. It was said at a coach’s meeting that it was a water problem but after three weeks we must still have a water problem .The problem is not the water! It is that we don’t have clay! At other parks, we have grass fields that are made to look like astro-turf. Then where the grass meets the cement there is a hump. We are lucky that players will even stay down on a ground ball. We have some good people at the Rec department, but they don’t have anything to work with. Would someone please help our children and our teams to solve this major problem? In the meantime, I ask you to go to Bluffton, SC and take a look at Frasier Park. Now, they did it right and probably for less money. This is what we should have! Our boys and girls are all we have and they should have the best. Let’s bring the game home. Russell Roberts A Concerned Guyton Parent

Representative Ron Stephens Weekly Capitol Update April 3, 2009 Wrapping up the final legislative day 40 on Friday, we had a full week with many items on the agenda to accomplish. Due to the Georgia Constitution, the legislative session must end on Day 40. In addition, we had many Conference Committee reports that had to be agreed to or amended. This is the process where legislative conferees are appointed and the House and Senate versions of the legislation are worked out. Working into the late hours of the day on Friday, the main issue of concern was the 2010 budget. As Friday afternoon, the House and Senate were still trying to insure that the items in this austere budget were truly needed. As legislators, we are constitutionally required to pass the budget and so there were some tense negotiations on Friday. In an effort toward promoting Georgia to become the number one destination for entrepreneurs, we passed HR 165 on Monday by a vote of 152 to 1. This Resolution would request that the colleges and universities under the University System of Georgia expand their education efforts toward the promotion and support of science, innovation, technology, and energy. The end result would be the advancement and promotion of entrepreneurs in Georgia. We want to encourage entrepreneurship within our districts and across the state. Increasing the number of new businesses in Georgia will not only help our economy, but it will also encourage growth and innovation. Small businesses will be the economic growth engine that helps us grow out of the economic downturn we are in. Relating to the Made in Georgia Program, SB 117 passed the House on Wednesday and was nearly unanimous by a vote of 165 to 1. This piece of legislation requires the Department of Economic Development to create and maintain a website for the citizens in Georgia to be able to be informed of Georgia manufactures and their products across the state. If at least half of the products are manufactured

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Effingham County Sheriff’s Office Reports continued from page 5 ____________________________________

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within Georgia, the companies will be included on the website. This website will be both educational for the people in Georgia and will also provide a convenient place to find this information. On Wednesday, we passed SB 128 by a vote of 167 to 3. This would allow the owner of motor vehicles to have the option to apply for and obtain a permanent license plate for their boat, utility, and/or noncommercial livestock trailers when registering their motor vehicle. Currently the law in Georgia does not give the owner the option of a permanent registration for these types of motor vehicles. Diabetes is one of the fastest growing diseases which affects a large portion of our population. SB 163 passed the House on Wednesday by 171 to 1 and this bill would authorize the Commissioner of Human Resources to appoint a diabetes coordinator who will be responsible for the storing diabetes treatment and prevention data in an effort to properly coordinate the prevention and treatment. This will be beneficial in that it will maximize the diabetes program and will in turn lead to the reduction of health consequences and complications from diabetes.

Please do not hesitate to let me know your position or thoughts on issues that concern you. If you would like to reach me, please call me at (404) 656-5099 or write me at: State Rep. Ron Stephens, 228 CAP, State Capitol, Atlanta, GA 30334 or e-mail me at rest for being a litterbug.


• Officers responded to a local Mexican restaurant on a “found propertyâ€? report. A waitress there handed over a dark blue Samsung cell phone and a Visa debit card. She said the customer, a white man, about 6’ 1â€? tall with reddish blonde hair had been in their bar consuming alcohol for a couple of hours. More specifically, he had two shots of Tequila, a margarita, and five Bud Lights for a bar tab of just over $20. The man said “I’ll be right back,â€? got up, and left the restaurant in a Chevy Avalanche without paying. The Officer hit redial on the cell phone and left a message with the man that he’d have his friend’s cell phone at the Police Station. (And I’m pretty sure they ran his $20 tab and a hefty tip through on his credit card!) • Officers responded to a local fast food business. The manager explained that a man had come in, bought food for himself and another man, and then paid with a $100 bill. While the clerk wasn’t looking, the man stuffed some of his change into his pocket, then told the clerk she’d shorted him. She, of course, gave the man the extra money. The manager thought something was suspicious about it, and reviewed the surveillance tape to see the man stuffing part of his change into his pants pocket. (And if you’ll send us a copy of his picture, we’ll be happy to publicize him around the Westside. Could at least serve as a warning to other restaurants...) • Officers got a call from an employee at a local pharmacy who told them she had a customer trying to pick up Oxycontin with a forged prescription. The Officers arrived and called the doctor, who confirmed that he had not written a prescription to the woman. She was soon on her way to Effingham County jail.


• Around 9:30pm, an Officer drove to a Pooler residence to inform the owners of a Chevy Malibu that their car had been recovered by Effingham Deputies on Old Louisville Road. The car had been aban-

___________________________________ Continued on page 7

Spirit Newspapers • April 9 - April 15, 2009 • Page A7

40 Days At The Capitol – Installment 11 By State Rep. Buddy Carter Day 38 (March 30, 2009): One of the many traditions that I admire about the House of Representatives is our Pastor of the Day program. While we are in session, we begin the day by allowing a representative to invite someone to bring us an inspirational message. While at home, my good friend Rep. Bob Bryant and I attend a weekly men’s Bible study and today we are privileged to welcome our group’s leader, Rev. Kenny Grant, to the Capitol. As always, Kenny does a great job and we certainly need it today as we debate over 50 bills including SB 67 that would require examinations for permanent drivers’ licenses to be administered in only the English language while temporary licenses could be given in other languages. While the bill brings much heated and passionate debate, it passes by a 104-58 margin. Another controversial bill that does not enjoy the same success is SB 68 that would allow counties and municipalities to sell alcoholic beverages within 100 yards of any housing authority property as long as their board approves of such action. The bill would also prohibit cities and counties from authorizing any relocation or new retail package liquor store within 500 yards of an existing retail package liquor store. Viewed as anti-competitive by the many experienced patrons of package liquor stores serving in the legislature, this bill was soundly defeated. Day 39 (April 1, 2009): With only two days left in this year’s session we finally address one of the most important issues that our state faces- transportation. Tensions are high as we debate SB 200, a controversial bill that will change how road projects are decided in our state by shifting power from the Department of Transportation to

POLICE REPORTS Local Police Reports sponsored by:

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Pooler Police Reports continued from page 6 ____________________________________

elected officials. SB 200, known as the Transforming Transportation Investment Act, is supported by the Speaker, the Governor and the Lieutenant Governor and is one of the most significant changes made to the structure of state government in recent memory. Among the changes made by SB 200 is the shifting of direct appropriation to the Department of Transportation (DOT) to an appropriation process that the General Assembly will control. The bill creates a new planning division at DOT and a new position of Director of Planning, who will be appointed by the Governor and ratified by the House Transportation Committee. The Statewide Transportation Plan, a four-year plan that will set forth the goals and strategies for transportation, will be submitted to the Governor for approval and then to the DOT board for approval. From this plan the General Assembly will choose which projects to fund. During the final vote for approval of SB 200, the Speaker holds the voting machine open for an unusually long period of time during which at least five House members are persuaded to change their vote. The final vote is 91-84 in favor of the measure with the Speaker casting the final vote. Another highly controversial bill, SB 164, receives a different fate today. The bill, which would benefit the billboard industry by changing some of the rules of cutting trees and vegetation along roads, is strongly opposed by the Garden Club of Georgia and goes down in defeat. Day 40 (April 3, 2009): It’s finally here- the last day of the 2009 legislative session. Or at least we hope it’s the last day. According to our state constitution the only business that the General Assembly is required to complete is to pass a balanced budget. Talks between the House and

doned and set on fire. When the man opened his front door, he immediately noticed that his car was missing from his driveway. He was given instructions to the tow lot where the Chevy was taken. • Around 2:30am, a Bloomingdale Officer was westbound on Hwy 80 in Pooler and noticed a white Ford Ranger crossing the fog line several times. He notified Pooler Officers,

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Rep. Buddy Carter Senate have been non-stop for the past 48 hours and the three conferees appointed by each chamber are hopefully close to a resolution. Because a printed version of the final agreement must sit on each legislator’s desk for at least an hour and because it takes four hours to be printed, the conferees are up against the clock if we are to adjourn today. Fortunately, a compromise is reached and we adopt an $18.6 billion budget for fiscal year 2010, far short of the $21.2 billion budget adopted only a year ago. Among the many bills to pass today is HB 388 that will allow couples to legally adopt an embryo, making Georgia the first state in the nation to pass embryo adoption legislation. Finally, as the clock strikes midnight, the Speaker and Lieutenant Governor gavel their respective chambers to adjournment sine die and the 2009 Georgia General Assembly that started on January 12th is now history. Representative Buddy Carter can be reached at Coverdell Legislative Office Building (C.L.O.B.) Room 508, Atlanta, GA, 30334. His Capitol office number is 404-656-0213.

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who asked him to go ahead with a traffic stop. A Hardeeville man, employed at a local Mexican Restaurant, had been drinking at the bar before leaving work. He could not produce a valid license, so he handed over his Mexican passport. He was soon on his way to jail for DUI. ___________________________________ Continued on page 14


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CLUES DOWN 1. One and only 2. Seriously injure 3. Spanish unit of length 4. Lower in esteem 5. Cut the lawn 6. Assist in wrongdoing 7. Blackthorn fruit 8. Group of cattle 9. Argentinian diva Peron 11. Yemen capital 13. Lure into danger 15. Indian term of respect 16. Philippine seaport 19. Doctrine suffix 21. Small mountain lake 24. Lasts out 25. An infection of the eyelid gland 26. Sir Samuel John Gurney 27. Possesses 28. Built by Noah 30. R____y: prayer beads 31. Slowly deplete 32. Indian arrowroot 33. Skilled in deception 38. Marten furs 39. English king 994-1035 40. Interprets 41. Boards 45. Global Design Effort 46. Attached for identification 48. Surfeited 49. Chop irregularly 50. Highest male singing voice 51. Aba ____ Honeymoon 53. Concert pianist Elisha ___ 54. Bulk storage bag 55. Border for a picture 57. Showed the way 59. Blar___: Irish stone

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Page A8 • Spirit Newspapers • April 9 - April 15, 2009

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kids. “Too many parents, especially mothers, convince themselves that if children do not directly witness violence it doesn’t affect them,” said Kris Rice, director of the Coastal Children’s Advocacy Center and FVC member. “Tragically, that’s just not true. Whether or not they see the abuse, kids are traumatized by hearing violent arguments and seeing the aftermath of the abuse. They frequently blame themselves, and feel helpless and terrified— because there’s nothing more devastating for kids than knowing that their mom is being hurt.” The Family Violence Coun-

cil sought help for the outreach campaign from the Junior League, which enthusiastically agreed to support the project, according to League President Lynn Brennan. “Our focus this year is women’s and children’s advocacy,” Brennan noted, “so this project dovetailed perfectly with the emphasis our membership had selected.” A committee of League volunteers, chaired by Margie Stringer, has provided expertise and support for the project, including planning the April 16th kickoff event. The campaign will include public service announcements, print and bus ads, and billboards, and will take place the last two weeks of April, during Child Abuse Prevention and Awareness Month and

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815 E 66th St, Savannah

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Crime Victims Rights Week. Brochures providing information on the effects of family violence on children and including tear-off safety plans for kids will be distributed to schools, community centers, houses of worship, and victim service agencies. Ads and brochures will direct those who need help or information to FVC’s new website “We hope this website will become an important source of information and assistance for the Savannah community,” said League volunteer chair Stringer, “and that children and families living with violence will take advantage of the agencies of help that exist locally.”

Spirit Newspapers • April 9 - April 15, 2009 • Page A9





Happy 69th Birthday Grady Pittman!

Happy 11th Birthday Drew! Love, Daddy, Kim, Luke and Leah –––––––––––––––––––––––

Happy 33rd Birthday Jamie Doyle! Love, your Family –––––––––––––––––––––––

Fathers are special and you take the cake (I meant the catch!) Thanks for being my Dad! Love Missy, and all of your family and friends. –––––––––––––––––––––––

Happy Birthday Kelli Ronk! Love, Benji, Kim and the kids! –––––––––––––––––––––––

Happy 82nd Birthday James Allen Helmly, Sr.! Love, your Wife, Buddy and Dana ––––––––––––––––––––––– You have the cutest smile, and most beautiful eyes of huckleberry blue, and this year you are turning 2! Happy Birthday Madee! April 10th We love you! Love, Daddy, Mommy, Papa, Mema and Aunt Missy and Uncle Robbie

Welcome to our world, Zachary Allen Knabb! Born: April 5, 2009 Proud Parent: Jeremy & Melissa Knabb Love, Pepa

Congratulations! Ashley Sanders On winning 1st Place in the 4H Competition at Rincon Elementary School! Love, your Family –––––––––––––––––––––––

Happy 21st Anniversary To My Wonderful Husband and Best Friend, Ricky Kent! I Love you more than words can say. Love, Judy –––––––––––––––––––––––

The Midwife Group of Coastal Georgia & The Family Health & Birth Center would like to congratulate: Stephen & Shalaundra Powell on the birth of Kiera Chanel, born: March 28, 2009


Happy Birthday to ... Cyndy Tabakian, 4/6 Rick Boyles, 4/11 Bill Avila, 4/14 From: The Dozier Family –––––––––––––––––––––––


Happy “Sweet 16th” Birthday Kaneshia Williams! Love, Mama, Daddy, your grandmothers, brothers and sisters and your uncle –––––––––––––––––––––––

Happy Anniversary to ... Matt & Carrie Jane Sparks, 4/7 Wayne & Marta Brantley, 4/13 From: The Dozier Family –––––––––––––––––––––––

Happy 7th Birthday Kailey Hinson! April 12th Love, Mom, Dad, sister, MeMa and PaPa –––––––––––––––––––––––

Happy 2nd Birthday Emily Ruarks

“Lue-Lue” April 17th What a precious gift from our Lord you are! Love you very much! Love, Dabe, Moma and big brother Ben

Looking for a Handyman? Take a look in our

Home Improvement Services section located in Section B.

Happy 8th Birthday Hogan Cribbs!


Pooler Mayor Mike Lamb cuts the ribbon assisted by Ms.Cheri Stokes Keller, daughter of Preston Stokes for whom the drive was named after. by Robert Palmer more. Located on the new street, ground, picnic pavillion and paved Preston Stokes Drive adjacent to parking. The recreation complex Phase I of $7.3 million com- the West Chatham YMCA just off is financed by Chatham County plex, five lighted ball fields, two of Pooler parkway. Thirty six acres, Recreation Authority bond issues combo football/soccer fields and concession stand, restrooms, playand repaid by SPLOST.

Best Little Fresh Seafood House Around!

• Shrimp • Oysters • Frog Legs • Lobster • Calamari • Cooked Crawfish • Snow Crab Legs • Live Crabs • Dungeness Crab Legs • Fish & More!

7.99 lb. $ King Crab .......... 10.99 lb.

Gator Tail ................


Live Crabs

Frozen Cleaned Conch

Two Locations to Serve You!

110 Hwy. 25 North Pt. Wentworth

711 Hwy. 30 (Off Hwy. 21) Pt. Wentworth

(912) 964-4610

(912) 963-9700

Page A10 • Spirit Newspapers • April 9 - April 15, 2009

Let Us Remember...

Charles Thomas Moore

Clyo - Charles Thomas Moore, 73, died Tuesday, March 31, 2009 at Effingham Hospital. The South Carolina native retired from the U.S. Air Force after 23

In Loving Memory Of

Carole Cross

November 29, 1945 ~ March 25, 2009 TribuTe

You can shed tears that she is gone, Or you can smile because she has lived. You can close your eyes and pray that she’ll come back, Or you can open your eyes and see all she’s left. Your heart can be empty because you can’t see her, Or you can be full of the love you shared. You can turn your back on tomorrow and live yesterday, Or you can be happy for tomorrow because of yesterday. You can remember her and only that she’s gone, Or you can cherish her memory and let it live on. You can cry and close your mind, Be empty and turn your back, Or you can do what she’d want; Smile, open your eyes, love and go on. Love, barbara and Suzy

years and having served in Vietnam. He was preceded in death by his father, Hally Moore, wife, Rosa Moore, son, T. Garry Moore. Survivors include his daughters, Vonnie (Danny) Smith of Clyo, Pamela (John) Rivera of El Paso, TX; his mother, Eva Moore of Lake City, SC; grandsons, Daniel (Amanda) Hallisey of Richmond Hill, Troy John Rivera of El Paso, TX; greatgrandchilden, Caylin and Kyleigh Hallisey; brother, Neese Moore of Lynchburg, SC. Private memorial services will be held. Thomas C. Strickland & Sons Funeral Home, Effingham Chapel, was in charge of all arrangements.

Mrs. Dorothy W. “Dottie” Johnson

Garden City-Mrs. Dorothy W. “Dottie” Johnson, 92, passed away on Thursday, April 2, 2009 at Hospice Savannah. Mrs. Johnson was born in Augusta and had lived in Garden City for the past 30 years. She was a member of Central Baptist Church and she was a homemaker. Survivors include her son, Ricky T. Johnson of Garden City; granddaughter, Christina R. Johnson of Savannah; three great-grandchildren; sisters, Corrie Davis and Katherine Poole, both of Savannah; brother, Jack White of Melbourne, FL and several nieces and nephews. Funeral services were held at 10:30 a.m. on Saturday in the chapel of the funeral home with burial at Hillcrest Abbey West Cemetery on Dean Forest Road. The Johnson family would like to thank Hospice Savannah and Central Baptist Church for the love and care they provided. Friends may sign the online register book at www.stricklandandsonsfu-

THOMAS C. STRICKLAND & SONS FUNERAL HOMES Family Owned & Operated Since 1971

2460 Hwy. 21S 901 Hwy. 80W Rincon Pooler 754-6421 748-2444 Ask us about transferring your prearrangements

In Loving Memory of

Bruce A. Holcombe April 6, 1951 ~ November 28, 2007 Happy Birthday ~ we love you and miss you. Love, Glenda, Children and Grandchildren Thomas C. Strickland & Sons Funeral Homes, West Chatham Chapel, was in charge of all arrangements.

Mr. James J. Kelley

Pooler-Mr. James J. Kelley, 73, passed away on Wednesday at Candler Hospital. Survivors include his wife, Carol Kelley of Pooler; daughter, Pam Morgan of Pooler; granddaughter, Amanda Morgan of Pooler; stepson, Jerry Bohannon of Savannah; step-daughters, Brenda Biddy and Lynn Bohannon, both of Atlanta; sister, Opal Mullins of Valdosta and a number of step-grandchildren. The burial was private. Friends may sign the online register book at Thomas C. Strickland & Sons Funeral Homes, West Chatham Chapel, was in charge of all arrangements.

Mrs. Mildred Futch Carson

Pembroke- Mrs. Mildred Futch Carson, age 87 of Pembroke died Sunday afternoon, April 5, 2009 after an extended illness. Mrs. Carson was a long-time resident of Pembroke and a homemaker, devoted wife and loving mother of 10 children. She was a child care provider, past matron of the Eastern Star, and member of the Christian Womens’s Fellowship. Mrs. Carson enjoyed crocheting, crafts, visiting the North Georgia Mountains, caring for her house plants and being with her family. She is preceded in death by husband of 36 years Charlie K. Futch, husband of 11 years Earl Carson, grandchildren Jason Kangeter and Cindy Futch Pirkle, and twin great grandchildren Grayson and Emma McCoy. She is survived by 7 daughters and 6 sons-in-law Jane and Roscoe Bacon of Waycross, Helen Dickerson of Bulloch County, Janet and Gary DuBois of Hagan, Brenda and Chuck Farmer of Richmond Hill, Wanda and Thomas Kangeter of Pembroke, Charlene and Randall Butler of Pembroke, Vicki and Pat Hughes of Pembroke; 3 sons and daughters-in-law Alvin and Gwen Futch of Pembroke, Calvin and Gail Futch of Savannah, Charles and Barbara Futch of Faulkville; 2 sisters Margaret Sikes Lowe of Brooklet and Barbara Hodges Dowd of Pembroke; one brother Rudolph Gibson of Evans County; 30 grandchildren; 43 great grandchildren and 2 great great grandchildren Funeral services were held at 11 A.M. Wednesday in the chapel of Flanders Morrison Funeral Home with interment in Northside Cemetery. Memorial contributions may be made to Southeast Georgia Oncology Nursing Society or Pembroke Christian Building Fund. Flanders Morrison Funeral Home was in charge of the arrangements.

Mr. William Rabun “Ray” Shaw

Pembroke- Mr. William Rabun “Ray” Shaw age 51 died Wednesday, April 1, 2009 after a very brief illness. Mr. Shaw was a long-time resident of Pembroke and was a truck driver for Express Packaging for over 23 years. He was a collector of baseball cards, sports memorabilia and enjoyed fishing and scuba diving. His greatest love was his granddaughters. He was preceded in death by his granddaughter, Arianna Tompkins. Survivors include his wife of over 30 years Joan Powell Shaw of Pembroke; 2 daughters and son-in-law Nelanie and Sgt. Daniel Tomkins of Fort Stewart and Tabitha Shaw and her fiance Jeremy Burmeister of Hinesville; granddaughters Kara Burnsed, Bridget Burnsed, Makayla Bacon, Marissa Bacon, and Catelyn Tompkins; step father and his wife Robert and Lunelle Winters and several aunts, uncles, cousins,

nieces and nephews. Funeral services were held at 2 P.M. Tuesday in the chapel of Flanders Morrison Funeral Home. Burial wsd in Northside Cemetery. Flanders Morrison Funeral Home was in charge of the arrangements.

Robert Wesley Coffey, Sr.

Robert Wesley Coffey, Sr., 53, passed away Saturday, April 4, 2009 at his residence in Port Wentworth. Born in Waycross, raised and educated in Savannah, a veteran of the U.S. Army, he was employed as a Fireman/EMT by International Paper. Mr. Coffey was a Baptist, was an avid fisherman and hunter and was Past President of the Lauraview Hunting Club. Robert was preceded in death by a sister, Tina Payne and is survived by his loving wife of over 34 years, Mickey Hutson Coffey of Port Wentworth; a son, Wesley Coffey, Jr. of Port Wentworth; his mother Lula Mae Groves of Savannah; 2 brothers, John C. Payne of Rincon and Thomas Payne of McDonough; 2 sisters, Patricia Zinkan of Savannah and Donna Harbin of Sharpsburg; and 2 grandchildren, Katelyn & Alexis. Funeral Services were held at 3 PM Monday in the Chapel of Fairhaven Funeral Home with Rev. Frankie Hodges officiating. Interment was at Greenwich Section of Bonaventure Cemetery. Fairhaven Funeral Home was in charge of all arrangements.

Elnora S. Griffin

Elnora S. Griffin, age 90, died Monday the 6th of April at Hospice House of Savannah. Born in Nashville, Georgia, she resided in Macon, from 1943 until 2004 when she moved to Savannah, to be closer to family. Miss Griffin was a member of Mabel White Memorial Baptist Church in Macon where she was a member of the Faith Bible Class. Most recently she was an associate member of Windsor Forest Baptist Church in Savannah and the LeCroy Sunday School Class. She was retired from Robins Air Force Base in Warner Robins, Georgia and had been a member of NARFE-Flag City Chapter. Miss Griffin was also a member of the Bowden Ladies Golf Association and a lifetime member of the YWCA where she spent many years volunteering of her time. Miss Griffin was a member and former president of the Medical Center of Central Georgia Auxilliary and former Central District of the COA/V of GHA. She gave over 11,000 hours of volunteer service to the Medical Center of Central Georgia. She also was a world traveler having visited such places as Israel, Japan, Holland, Asia and many other countries. Miss Griffin was the daughter of the late Sims G. and Minnie Rowan Griffin Griner. She was preceded in death by her sisters, Molcie Nell Wetherington and Oleta Moore, and her brother, S.P. Griffin. She is survived by nieces Susan Womack (Glenn) of Guyton, Georgia, Marsha Moore (Elton) of Starkville, Mississippi, Sandra Baker (H.L.) of Anderson, Indiana, Sue Hewitt and Nancy Thornton of Macon; nephews James Moore (GeriLee) of Deland, Florida, Terrell Griffin (Jean) of Maitland, Florida, Tommy Griffin (Nancy) of Sanford, Florida; and several great and great-great nieces and nephews. Funeral services will be held at 2 P.M. on Friday the 10th of April in the chapel of Boone-Lipsey Funeral Home in Adel, Georgia with burial to follow in Brushy Creek Baptist Church Cemetery near Adel, Geor-

___________________________________ Continued on page 11

Look Beyond Today...

Riggs Funeral Home Ben Wages Chapel

1979 Hwy. 119 South • Guyton


Let Us Remember... Flanders Morrison Funeral Home Serving Pembroke, Ellabell, Black Creek, Blitchton and Groveland

Large enough to serve; Yet small enough to care.

(912) 653-4531

Locally Owned & Operated

If local ownership and small town values are still important to you; If knowing your funeral director will take excellent care of you; If integrity and compassion are expected from your funeral home; Rest Tommy Perry Flanders assured that we will be there in your Owner, Funeral Director, time of need. Embalmer

gia. Visitation will be held 1 hour prior to the service. The Reverend James Moore (nephew) will officiate the service. In lieu of flowers, contributions in Miss Griffin’s memory may be made to the building fund of Mabel White Memorial Baptist Church, 1415 Bass Road, Macon, Georgia

31210 or Hospice Savannah, INC, P.O. Box 13190, Savannah, GA 31416. Acknowledgements should be sent to Susan Womack, Guyton, Georgia, 31312. Thomas C. Strickland & Sons Funeral Home, Effingham Chapel, is in charge of all arrangements.

There’s Something About The Wind I was trying to explain faith to a man who had no faith. “How can you believe in something you can’t see?” he asked me. It was a fair question. I placed my hand upon my chin like the famous statue, “The Thinker.” Glancing back and forth, I tapped my foot for a moment. Then turning toward him, I pointed my finger as if about to respond. I stopped and returned my hand to my chin. He smiled that kind of smile that said, “I’ve stumped you.” Then looking back I said, “There’s something about the wind.” He shook his head and said, “What? The wind?” “Oh, it’s simple enough for me to explain my faith, but first I’ve got to explain yours,” I said. “I have no faith!” he said. “Sure you do.” “Okay, go for it.” he said. “Do you feel the wind?” I asked. “Sure.” “You can’t see it, but you believe it’s there.” “Ah, but I can feel it.” “You can feel faith, too.” “How?” “Faith was there when I found out both my wife and son had cancer. I felt it in my heart. I touched it when I touched their faces in the last moments before they went into surgery. I couldn’t see it. I could feel it soak deep into my being giving me peace. A peace only a man of faith can have.” “But that was faith in the doctor. You saw the doctor, you heard him speak. That’s not faith that’s fact.” “But I had faith in his abilities. My faith told me to trust the man God inspired to be a doctor and all the nurses who found their place in life helping others.”

“That’s not the same.” “But there’s something about the wind,” I repeated. “Now we’re back to the wind.” “See that tree is moving because the wind is moving it, not because it can move on its own. Now, see that older woman sitting on the porch? She sits there on this hot day so that the wind can cool her, but she cannot see it. She was warm, looked outside her window and saw the tree swaying. She knew the tree could not move on its must be the wind. There’s something about the wind.” “You keep saying that.” “I can’t see it, but I know it’s there. If I were a sailor, I could set my sails and know it would take me where I want to go. Without it, I would be on my own. But sailors know the wind just like people of faith know God. You accept that the wind exists because you can see the tree move, the boat sails bend, and it’s touch upon your face. But there’s something about the wind.” “There you go again,” he said. “Explain the wind to me, then,” I asked of him. He fumbled with his hat. He nervously tapped his fingers on the table and said, “Because I just know.” “But there’s something about the wind,” I said one more time as I smiled. He shook his head in frustration. Placing my hand on his shoulder I said, “My friend, you believe the wind exists because you see the tree move. I believe that God exists because I can see the tree.” By Bob Perks and passed along by

Spirit Newspapers • April 9 - April 15, 2009 • Page A11

The Church Bulletin Board • Homecoming at Meldrim Baptist Church in Meldrim, will be held on Sunday May 3rd, 2009. Sunday School at 9:45 AM and Morning Worship Service at 11:00AM. Special Guest Pastor will be Rev. Robert L. Tice. Afternoon service at 1:30 PM. Lunch will be served in the Fellowship Hall following the morning service. For more information, you may call 748-5220.

May 17: Is traditional marriage just oldfashioned? May 24: Is Hell real? May 31: What is Heaven like? June 7: What good is the church? June 14: What does the Lord’s Supper mean? June 21 (Father’s Day): What is a father’s role in the home? June 28: What does baptism mean?

• Are you waiting for a sign from God? Go to Church on Easter! Join us this Easter at Lighthouse Baptist Church, 106 Pipemakers Circle in Pooler. EXPOSED! Truth Revealed! April 12th, the Truth about Easter!; April 19th, the Truth about the Future!; April 26th, the Truth about Marriage!; May 3rd, the Truth about Church Hypocrites! Worship Service, Sundays at 10:30AM; Family Night Supper, Wednesdays at 5:30 PM; Coffee & Doughnuts served on Sunday mornings at 10AM. For more information or directions, please call 748-1164.

• “There’s Something Growing in Pooler....” The Abundant Life community invites you to worship God this Holy Week! On Thursday, April 9th, Maundy Thursday Worship with Holy Communion at 7 PM. On Friday, April 10th, Good Friday Worship at 7 PM, and our Easter Morning Celebration, Worship with Trumpet Fanfare at 10 AM. We are a new community of God’s People worshipping in the Evangelical Lutheran tradition in Pooler right off the Pooler Parkway just down from the Cancun Mexican Restaurant at 119 Canal St. in Pooler. Visit our site, www. Come, See, Worship and Grow in God’s Grace this Holy Week!

• Come be a part of the ground floor of planting a New Church in Rincon! Angel Haven Ministry in the chapel at Habitat for Humanity building, 3605 Hwy 21 South in Rincon. Sunday morning have a cup of Joe with the pastor, 9:30 AM; worship service at 11 AM. Pastor Carl Canoy and Pastor Leslie Canoy. • St. Boniface Church, Springfield, will hold its annual Divine Mercy Sunday devotions on Sunday, April 19th, at 3 PM. Everyone is cordially invited. For more information contact the Parish Office: 754-7473. A parish International Pot-Luck Supper will also be held on that day at 5 PM and all are welcome. Please bring a dish of your favorite ethnic food. • Guyton Holy Week services... April 9, 7pm, Maundy Thursday communion, Guyton Christian Church April 10, 7pm, Good Friday service, Guyton United Methodist Church April 12, 7am, Community Sunrise Service, Caboose on Central Avenue • Everyone’s welcome to Free Family Fun at Solid Rock’s Spring Fling! We’ll have food and drinks, games, prizes, a Moon Bounce, face painting, and a dunking booth! Saturday, April 18th, from 11am til 2pm. Turn onto Meldrim Road from Hwy 80, about 2 miles down, Solid Rock Baptist is on the left. • The adult celebration choir of Chevis Oaks Baptist Church located at 102 Sylvania Road in Southwest Chatham County will present their 2009 Easter cantata entitled “In the Presence of Jehovah” this Sunday, April 12th during their 11:00 a.m. morning worship service. Prior to the Sunday Easter presentation, the church will also have a “Good Friday” service tomorrow (April 10th) at 7:00 p.m. For more information call 925-3852 or visit their website at • The Master’s Quartet will be in concert at Trinity Chapel United Methodist Church on Tybee Island at 10th and Butler on Saturday, April 18th, from 6pm til 8pm. The public is invited, and a love offering will be collected for the group’s ministry. • Easter Services Bethesda United Methodist Church, 3608 Midland Road, invites the public to attend Easter Sunrise Service at 7:30 a.m., followed by breakfast. The Easter worship service will be held at 11:00 a.m. Rev. Matt Waldron, pastor, will lead both servies. Call 728-3332 for more information. • A special Easter Sunrise Worship Service will take place in the Outdoor Pavilion at Tom Triplett Park beginning at 7 AM on Easter Morning, April 12th. This Worship Service is being hosted by several Pooler area Churches. All are invited to come and worship in the outdoor setting of Tom Triplett Park and give Glory to God on Easter Morning! Questions or want to be involved? Call Seth at 856-6871 or e-mail • Good Friday Cantata The Choir of Jerusalem Lutheran Church , 2966 Ebenezer Road in Rincon, will present “Come, Touch the Robe” at 8pm on Friday, April 10th. For more information, call 754-3915, or visit • FBC Rincon worship services for Easter FBC Rincon will experience the passion of Christ on Easter Sunday, April 12 during two morning worship services at 9:00 and 10:30 a.m. Both Easter morning services will highlight the events of the Last Supper, the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ. The service will begin with an observance of the Lord’s Supper, accompanied by live actors portraying Jesus Christ and the disciples. Worship will then continue with dramatic scripture reading, music and sermon to unfold the meaning of the cross and resurrection of Jesus Christ. For more information, call the church at 826-5536 or visit the website Here are the planned sermons for the next several weeks: April 12 (Easter): Did Jesus really rise from the dead? April 19: Can I lose my salvation? April 26: Pastor gone on mission trip; sermon by Associate Pastor Dr. Bill Gammon May 3: Is my salvation already predestined? May 10 (Mother’s Day): What is a mother’s role in the home?

• Free Pancake Breakfast, hosted by Powers Baptist Church, 1104 Hwy 80 in Eden (just West of Old River Road), will be held on Saturday, April 11th, 8 AM - 10 AM. Please come and join us! • New church start up in Rincon is in need of musicians and singers and sound and video people. Come and be a part of a new and exciting ministry in Rincon. Opportunity to tour down the road. Contact Pastor Leslie at 7541335. • Maundy Thursday Service The Rincon United Methodist Church will present a Cantata in observance of Maundy Thursday, April 9th. The program will begin at 7PM in the Sanctuary at 107 Savannah Avenue. The public is invited to join with us as we prepare to celebrate the death and resurrection of our Lord. For information, call the church office at 826-5796. • “A Time To Revive Your Faith” Join us for a dynamic revival at Clyo United Methodist Church April 12th14th with Kenny Grant. Come! Hear one of the most dynamic evangelists of our time. April 12th, 5:30pm for meal, service at 6:30pm. April 13th&14th service at 7pm. • Holy Trinity Lutheran Church will observe Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter. Maundy Thursday Service with Holy Communion will be held at 7PM on April 9th. Good Friday Services will be observed at 12 o’clock noon and at 7PM on April 10th. Easter Vigil is scheduled for 7AM on April 12th with breakfast to follow. The Easter Celebration will be held at 11AM with Holy Communion. All are invited to attend these meaningful services that lead up to the Resurrection of Our Lord. The church is located on Laurel Street, Springfield. For more information, go to, or call the church office at 754-3353. • Piney Grove Baptist Church in Bloomingdale is presenting an Easter Cantata, entitled “At the Foot of the Cross.” Pastor Belizaire Joseph is inviting the public to witness “The Ultimate Miracle of Love” that was displayed on the cross over 2000 years ago. So on April 12th, at 6pm, come and join the members of Piney Grove located at 6 Highway in Bloomingdale for the event of the year!

For more information, call Pastor Belizaire Joseph at 748-5966.

• St. Boniface Church, Springfield, will begin its observance of Holy Week with Palm Sunday Mass on Saturday at 5 PM, and on Sunday at 8:30 and 11:00 AM. The solemn procession will be held at the 11 o’clock Mass. The Mass of the Lord’s Supper will be celebrated on Holy Thursday at 7:00 PM with prayer and adoration at the Altar of Repose until midnight. The Liturgy of the Lord’s Passion will be observed on Good Friday at 7:00 PM. This includes the reading of the Passion Narrative, the Intercessions, Veneration of the Cross, and Holy Communion. The Easter Vigil will be celebrated on Holy Saturday at 8:00 PM. There will be no 5 PM Mass. The Mass of the Resurrection will be celebrated on Easter Sunday at 8:30 & 11:00 AM. An Easter egg hunt for younger children will be held following the 11 o’clock Mass. For more information please contact the parish office at 754-7473.

• RINCON HOLY WEEK SERVICE SCHEDULE SET Rincon United Methodist Church will host the annual Rincon Community Holy Week services Monday through Friday, April 6th-10th, at 12:05 p.m. each weekday. Each service will be followed by a light lunch in the church social hall at 12:30pm. The theme of this year’s Rincon Holy Week services is “Faces Around the Cross.” Speakers and musicians will be: Thursday, April 9: “John, the apostle” – Rev. Duane Logsdon, Cornerstone Baptist Church Solo: Cindy Rushing, Goshen United Methodist Church Friday, April 10: “The centurion” – Rev. Frankie Hodges, Goshen Road Baptist Church Solo by Lewis Miles, Faith Presbyterian Church The annual community Easter sunrise service will be hosted by Jerusalem Lutheran Church on Sunday, April 12th at 6:45am at their outdoor amphitheater near the Savannah River. Rev. Larry Bird, pastor of Rincon United Methodist Church, will be the guest speaker. Refreshments will be served afterwards, and the historic Jerusalem Lutheran Church will be open for visitors.

• Guyton United Methodist Church and the Effingham County Methodist Campground are sponsoring a GOSPEL SING featuring Tony Gore, The Galloways, and The Premier Quartet on Saturday, April 18th from 5-10PM. Come and enjoy fun and fellowship!

• Ron Blackwood and the Blackwood Quartet will be in concert at First Baptist Church of Garden City on Friday, April 17th, at 7pm. The Blackwood Quartet is from Sevierville, Tennessee. For more information, please call the church office at 964-1448.

• Becoming the Crown Jewel Conference 2009, “Walking with Grace”. All middle-school and high-school girls who want to learn who they are as a princess of God and have fun should join us April 24th-26th, 2009 at the Savannah Baptist Assembly in Pineora. We will learn about royalty, purity, loyalty, and for this year, grace. We’ll have wonderful food, great worship, games, skits, talks, small groups, t-shirts, and movies! For more information, visit or call Jennifer Johnson, Director, at 912657-0992. God bless! Cost: $75 (part and/or full scholarships are available).

Take Off Pounds Sensibly Pooler TOPS meets every Thursday at Trinity United Methodist Church on Benton Avenue. Weigh-in starts at 5:30 p.m. Program starts at 6:00 p.m. For more information, call 450-3633, or 912-823-9844.

NEED PRAYER, DELIVERANCE OR HEALING? Through the Lord, Jesus Christ, we are here for all those in need of Prayer. Send prayer requests to:

House of Prayer Ministries P. O. Box 1924 Springfield, GA 31329

Page A12 • Spirit Newspapers • April 9 - April 15, 2009

Fruits Vine of the

The Story of Edith Easter Edith Burns was a wonderful Christian who lived in San Antonio, Texas . She was the patient of a doctor by the name of Will Phillips. Dr. Phillips was a gentle doctor who saw patients as people. His favorite patient was Edith Burns. One morning he went to his office with a heavy heart and it was because of Edith Burns. When he walked into that waiting room, there sat Edith with her big black Bible in her lap earnestly talking to a young mother sitting beside her. Edith Burns had a habit of introducing herself in this way: “Hello, my name is Edith Burns. Do you believe in Easter?” Then she would explain the meaning of Easter, and many times people would be saved. Dr. Phillips walked into that office and there he saw the head nurse, Beverly. Beverly had first met Edith when she was taking her blood pressure. Edith began by saying,”My name is Edith Burns. Do you believe in Easter?” Beverly said, “Why yes I do.” Edith said, “Well, what do you believe about Easter?” Beverly said, “Well, it’s all about egg hunts, going to church, and dressing up.” Edith kept pressing her about the real meaning of Easter, and finally led her to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Dr. Phillips said, “Beverly, don’t call Edith into the office quite yet. I believe there is another delivery taking place in the waiting room.” After being called back in the doctor’s office, Edith sat down and when she took a look at the doctor she said, “Dr. Will, why are you so sad? Are you reading your Bible? Are you praying?” Dr. Phillips said gently, “Edith, I’m the doctor and you’re the patient.” With a heavy heart he said, “Your lab report came back and it says you have cancer, and Edith, you’re not going to live very long.” Edith said, “Why Will Phillips, shame on you. Why are you so sad? Do you think God makes

mistakes? You have just told me I’m going to see my precious Lord Jesus, my husband, and my friends. You have just told me that I am going to celebrate Easter forever, and here you are having difficulty giving me my ticket!” Dr. Phillips thought to himself, “What a magnificent woman this Edith Burns is!” Edith continued coming to Dr. Phillips. Christmas came and the office was closed through January 3rd. On the day the office opened, Edith did not show up. Later that afternoon, Edith called Dr. Phillips and said she would have to be moving her story to the hospital and said, “Will, I’m very near home, so would you make sure that they put women in here next to me in my room who need to know about Easter.” Well, they did just that and women began to come in and share that room with Edith. Many women were saved. Everybody on that floor from staff to patients were so excited about Edith, that they started calling her Edith Easter; that is everyone except Phyllis Cross, the head nurse. Phyllis made it plain that she wanted nothing to do with Edith because she was a “religious nut.” She had been a nurse in an army hospital. She had seen it all and heard it all. She was the original G.I. Jane. She had been married three times, she was hard, cold, and did everything by the book. One morning the two nurses who were to attend to Edith were sick. Edith had the flu and Phyllis Cross had to go in and give her a shot. When she walked in, Edith had a big smile on her face and said, “Phyllis, God loves you and I love you, and I have been praying for you.” Phyllis Cross said, “Well, you can quit praying for me, it won’t work. I’m not interested.” Edith said, “Well, I will pray and I have asked God not to let me

go home until you come into the family.” Phyllis Cross said, “Then you will never die because that will never happen,” and curtly walked out of the room. Every day Phyllis Cross would walk into the room and Edith would say, “God loves you Phyllis and I love you, and I’m praying for you.” One day Phyllis Cross said she was literally drawn to Edith’s room like a magnet would draw iron. She sat down on the bed and Edith said, “I’m so glad you have come, because God told me that today is your special day.” Phyllis Cross said, “Edith, you have asked everybody here the question, “Do you believe in Easter but you have never asked me.” Edith said, “Phyllis, I wanted to many times, but God told me to wait until you asked, and now that you have asked...” Edith Burns took her Bible and shared with Phyllis Cross the Easter Story of the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Edith said, “Phyllis, do you believe in Easter? Do you believe that Jesus Christ is alive and that He wants to live in your heart?” Phyllis Cross said, “Oh I want to believe that with all of my heart, and I do want Jesus in my life.” Right there, Phyllis Cross prayed and invited Jesus Christ into her heart. For the first time Phyllis Cross did not walk out of a hospital room, she was carried out on the wings of angels. Two days later, Phyllis Cross came in and Edith said, “Do you know what day it is?” Phyllis Cross said, “Why Edith, it’s Good Friday.” Edith said, “Oh, no, for you every day is Easter. Happy Easter Phyllis!” Two days later, on Easter Sunday, Phyllis Cross came into work, did some of her duties and then went down to the flower shop and got some Easter lilies because she wanted to go up to see Edith and give her some Easter lilies and wish her a Happy Easter. When she walked into Edith’s room, Edith was in bed. That big black Bible was on her lap. Her hands were in that Bible. There was a sweet smile on her face. When Phyllis Cross went to pick up Edith’s hand, she realized Edith was dead.. Her left hand was on John 14: “In my Father’s house are many mansions. I go to prepare a place for you, I will come again and receive you to Myself, that where I am, there you may be also.” Her right hand was on Revelation 21:4, “And God will wipe away every tear from their eyes, there shall be no more death nor sorrow, nor crying; and there shall be no more pain, for the former things have passed away.” Phyllis Cross took one look at that dead body, and then lifted her face toward heaven, and with tears streaming down her cheeks, said, “Happy Easter, Edith... Happy Easter!” Phyllis Cross left Edith’s body, walked out of the room, and over to a table where two student nurses were sitting. She said, “My name is Phyllis Cross. Do you believe in Easter?” Passed along by Earline Havey, of Rincon

Thursday, April 9th @ 7PM: Maundy Thursday Worship and Communion Combined Worship at the Richmond Hill Presbyterian Church in Richmond Hill Sunday, April 12th – Easter Breakfast @ 8:30AM Everyone Welcome. Easter Worship Service @ 10:09AM

MY ANSWER By Billy Graham Q: I’m a cancer survivor (for which I thank God), but to be honest I live in constant fear that the disease will return. My daughter tells me I need to quit worrying so much about this, but I just can’t help it. Maybe you have some suggestions. - Mrs. A.W.

A: The most important thing I can tell you is that God knows all about your future, and nothing will ever happen to you that catches Him by surprise or is outside His love and concern. In other words, just as God was with you during your past struggles with cancer, so He will be with you in the future - no matter what happens. This is why the most important thing you can do is to learn to trust Him for the future. The Bible says, “Those who trust in the Lord are like Mount Zion, which cannot be shaken but endures forever” (Psalm 125:1). Jesus said, “Do not let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God; trust also in me” (John 14:1). If you have never done so, ask Christ to come into your heart and life today, and trust Him alone for your eternal salvation. Then ask Him to help you turn to Him every day and trust it into His hands. If you can trust Christ for your eternal salvation, can’t you also trust Him to be with you every day? Of course. Does this mean your cancer will never return? I wish I could promise that - but of course, I can’t. But I can promise this: No matter what happens to us, when we know Christ, we know He is always with us - and ahead of us is heaven. Put your trust in Him, and your fears will begin to fade.

(Send your queries to “My Answer,” c/o Billy Graham, P.O. Box 1270, Charlotte, N.C., 28201; call 1-(877) 2-GRAHAM, or visit the Web site for the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association:

Prayer of the Week...

Our Father, (and what a privilege it is that, as Christians and Children of God, we can call you Father), Which art in heaven, (where, as believers in the death and resurrection of your son Jesus Christ, we’ll join you one day), Hallowed be thy name (the name above all names), Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven (and help me Lord, to be an instrument of your will). Give us this day our daily bread (we are grateful, Lord, that you meet our every need). And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil (for the Evil One is always after those that are drawing closer to you, Lord), for thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, forever and ever, Amen.

How Cool is That? Do we realize what an honor it is to be able to share the hope of Jesus Christ with the world? Think about it. The gospel message is the truth that sets people free and gives us access to the eternal life that rescues us from the pit of hell... and God lets us share the news! Not that we ourselves do the saving, but we relay the message with those who need it most - the world around us. God is glorified as we tell people how He has changed our lives and rescued us from sin, and ourselves. How cool is that?

Think I’ve checked out of reality and hit the category of complete nut? Maybe, but imagine. Take a moment to really consider the thought here. God, the Creator God who made everything out of nothing, who needed no help from anyone to form Adam out of dust, loves us. He cares about us so much that He provided a way to right relationship with Him through His Son. With that right relationship, He offers us the chance to share our testimony, and His testimony in the form of the written and spoken Word of God. The words we share with others are absolutely, positively life changing. They are sin-shattering, transformational, powerful words that bear witness to the Savior who came as our Redeemer. And, just because, God blesses our lives by letting us speak forth those words with power. In this season of being grateful and letting our minds and hearts dwell on the blessings in our lives, I have a challenge. Let’s be equally grateful to our Almighty God for using us, even in our weakness, sinfulness, and feeble humanity. Even in our toughest trial, God is able to shine through us as we tell others how Jesus is helping us through that very situation. In our joys and triumphs, we have the honor of giving God the glory for the great things He has given to us, and done in our lives. As a living witness, a light in the darkness, we are a constant reminder to the world around us that we are different. We are changed. We are His. And, we can share. Again, I ask... how cool is that? By Jennifer Devlin and passed along by

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105.7 Springfield • 330-4127

Spirit Newspapers • April 9 - April 15, 2009 • Page A13

Bloomingdale Alpha United Methodist Church 5 East Hwy 80 • 748-4062 Pastor Anna Kelley Ash Street Baptist Church 310 Ash Street • 748-0902 Rev. Carlton Wiley Bloomingdale Alliance Church 501 West Hwy 80 • 748-6351 Rev. Ken Otto Church of the Nazarene 1116 East Hwy 80 • 748-9128 Pastor: David Horne Journey Church Meeting at Bloomingdale Elementary, Sunday mornings at 10:30am Pastor Larry D. Wilson 224-6453 First Baptist Church of Bloomingdale Cherry Street • 748-4017 Rev. Darrell Bailey New Life Sanctuary 1410 Pine Barren Road • 988-3598 Pastor Bryan M. Smith

United House of Prayer For All People 4107 6th Street • 966-5522 Elder Samuel Ransom

Pineora Baptist Church 131 Elkins Street • 772-3044 Pineora (Corner of Ga. 17) Pastor: Bobby Braswell, Jr.

Oakland Missionary Baptist 187 Burkhalter Rd. • 236-3439 Pastor Jerry Wright

Countryside Baptist Church 1201 Noel C. Conaway Rd. Pastor Terry A. Wilson

Alpha & Omega Ministries 4906 Pineland Dr. Pastor James P. Witherspoon Palm Grove Primitive Baptist 2207 Shaw Avenue • 964-2080 Elder James W. Kicklighter Everlasting Life Christian Church 614 Hwy. 80W • 964-6003 Rev. Van Marie Green, Pastor Trinity Church of God 2202 Hwy. 80 • 964-8770 Frank Gupton Oak Grove Missionary Baptist 4617 Louisville Road • 964-2683 Mt. Olivet Baptist Church 4285 Ogeechee Rd. • 234-1979 Pastor Robert L. Miley

Liberty Pentacostal Church Little Neck Road

Silk Hope Baptist Church 18 Tower Dr • 233-8424 Rev. Donnie Brannen

Life Springs Worship Center 1105 E. Hwy. 80 330-0740 Pastor Julie Stanley

Woodlawn Baptist 407 Talmadge Ave. • 964-8676 Gary Johnson, Pastor

Piney Grove Baptist Church Hwy 80 • 748-5966 Pastor Belizaire Joseph South Newington Baptist 462 John Carter Road • 748-4831 Pastor Nathaniel Steve McCoy

Effingham International Worship Center 2836 Hwy 80 • 748-7308 Pastor Eddie Tomberlin Berea Southern Methodist Church 2872 Noel Conaway Road (GA 30 near Kolic Helmy Rd), Guyton Silver Hill United Methodist Church Silver Hill Church Rd. Pastor Al Fernandez Clyo United Methodist Church Railroad St. at 3rd. Ave. Pastor Al Fernandez Corinth Baptist Church 290 Corinth Church Rd. 754-0032 • Shawnee Pastor Jeff Self Mizpah United Methodist Church Clyo Kildare Rd • 754-1563 Pastor: Jose Velasquez Garden City Central Baptist Church 4010 Old Louisville Rd. 965-0752 Rev. Kenny Harrelson Count It All Joy Ministries Highway 17 Michael Tucker

Parkway Church of Christ 4360 Ogeechee Rd. • 234-4040 Clay Johnson

United Methodist Church Meldrim Rev. Peter Vermeulen

Silk Hope United Methodist 5212 Silk Hope Rd. • 447-5282

Powers Baptist Eden • 748-6288 Travis Cowart, Sr.

Guyton/Marlow Faith Ministries International 51 Central Blvd. (Hwy. 17) 772-4849 Pastor, Bruce Meyers

New Life Covenant Church 1105 E. Hwy. 80 • 220-5244 Rev. Rodney A. Sprauve

New Vision Pentecostal Church, 2355 Hwy 119 • 772-4417 Pastor: Charles Bazemore

Abundant Life Community Church (ELCA) 119 Canal St. Suite 104 Just off the Pooler Parkway near Cancun Mexican Restaurant Weekly Worship - Sundays at 10 AM Pastor Seth Bridger 856-6871

Pineora Holy Church of God 460 McLaws Rd. • 232-6100 Pastor Ronnie Miles Faith Baptist Church 1951 Hwy 119 South • Guyton Dr. Calvin Bradley, Pastor 772-5269 Elam Egypt Baptist Church Paul Moore, Pastor 2166 Egypt Ardmore Rd • 754-5060 Rev. Peter Vermeulen United Methodist Church Ga. Hwy 17 • Marlow Rev. Peter Vermeulen Hwy. 30 Church of Christ 1952 Noel C. Conaway Rd. 728-3819 John W. Wright, Jr.

Guyton United Methodist 401 Church Street • 772-5099 Rev. William A. (Chip) Strickland

Dean Forest Baptist Church 1524 Dean Forest Road 964-7369 Rev. Larry Strickland Fellowship Assembly of God 5224 Augusta Rd. • 964-4243 Pastor Gary Smith First Baptist Church of Garden City 35 Nelson Ave. • 964-0355 Rev. Ken Sharpe Garden City Primitive Baptist 126 Smith Ave. • 964-5014 Pastor: Elder Hugh Thompson Jasper Springs Baptist Church 62 Smith Ave. • 964-6864 Pastor: Rev. Johnny Bowen Garden City United Methodist Church 62 Varnadoe Ave. • 964-5780 Rev. Dan Pegram Elohim Christian Fellowship 309 Main Street, Suite F Pastor Leroy R. Kirkland III 966-5005 Good Shepherd Lutheran Church 41 Main Street • 964-1649 Rev. David Rasmussen

Pooler Beth-El Alliance Church Quacco Road Rev. Michael Owens

Pine Street Baptist 118 Lynn Bonds Avenue Pastor: Chris Roberson

Chapel in the Garden Presbyterian Church Daren Russell 93 Main Street • 964-5734

Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witness 4869 Louisville Road • 964-1210

Church of Christ Hwy 80

West Chatham Baptist Church South Rogers Street Rev. David Stanford MorningStar Baptist Church 131 Canal Street (off Pooler Parkway) Pastor Tom Byerly Savannah First Seventh Day Adventist 50 Godley Way • Pooler • 748-5977 Rev. Mark Pioutrowski Gateway Community Church Now meeting at the YMCA on Pooler Parkway • 220-1074 Pastor Matt Hearn Church of Christ in Pooler Meets at Quality Inn (behind Burger King on Governor Treutlen Drive/I-95) Services: 10AM-Bible Class 11AM-Worship Service Every Sunday Contact 912-966-2071 The Church at Godley Station (Meeting Sundays at 9am behind Home Depot on Pooler Pkwy) Pastor Earnie Pirkle Assoc. Pastor: Steve Dees 220-4440

First Baptist of Marlow 2229 Central Ave. • 772-7438 Pastor Daniel Alexander (Minister of Gospel) Pilgrim Missionary Baptist Association Education Center Central (Hwy 17) & Simmons Rd. Macedonia Baptist Church Central (Hwy 17), Guyton Pastor: Delmons White Safe Haven Church/ Mission Central (Hwy 17), Guyton Pastor: Emmett Patterson Liberty Christian Fellowship Church 302 Church Street • 772-5522 John Tanner, Pastor Royal Temple Holiness Church 409 Samuel Small Dr. - 772-3498 Elder Verdie Banner New Providence Baptist Eric Palmburg 772-3590 New Hope Christian Church 2420 Courthouse Rd. • 772-4499 Rev. Brad Proudfoot Trinity Faith International Church 776 Kolic Helmey Road Pastor: Kaye Bell

Christ Presbyterian Church Coffee, Welcome with Worship at 10:00 a.m. 1743 Quacco Road • 925-6441 Rev. Ed Ayers • 713-1276 The Sycamore at West Chatham Meeting in homes on Wednesdays Pastor Ric Smith 596-4725 New Birth Savannah Meeting at West Chatham Middle School Gym 800 Pine Barren Road • 233-6755 Pastor: Kenneth K. Law New Life Sanctuary 1410 Pine Barren Road Pastor J. S. Hartman • 572-6001 Heavenbound Baptist Church 1014 Quacco Road • 921-1500 Rev. Gene Alderman

Port Wentworth Bonnybridge Baptist Church 811 Bonnybridge Rd. • 964-0553 Dr. Dan Hall, Pastor Open Door Ministries at Joel’s Place 13 North Coastal Hwy. at Bonnybridge Rd. • 964-5001 Pastor Neil Bush Bible Connection Ministries 410 S. Coastal Hwy. • 965-1101 Pastor: Alex Grant, Jr. First Baptist Church of Port Wentworth Hwy 25 • 964-5811 Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church Hwy 25 • 964-0219 Father Michael J. Kavanaugh North Salem Baptist 955 Hwy 30 • 964-7933 Pastor Phil Hudson Port Wentworth Alliance Church 222 Cantyre Street • 964-4495 Pastor John Smith Faith Foundation C.O.G.I.C. 7 Cantyre Street • 964-0019 Pastor, Elder Earl Williams, Jr.

Springfield United Methodist 209 Cleveland St. Rev. Ben Martin

Bryant Temple W. 6th St. • 826-2896

Thomas Chapel AME Savannah Town Rd. • 754-1233

Ephesus Reformed Baptist 826-4598 • Pastor Steve Thomas

Turkey Branch United Methodist Turkey Branch Rd. • 754-0053 Madison Morgan – New Pastor

Faith Presbyterian 2000 Lexington Avenue 826-6880 Rev. Mary Beene First Baptist of Rincon 201 E. 6th St. • 826-5536 Dr. Bob Rogers New Life Worship Center 5509 McCall Road • 826-3832 Pastor Paul Flippo First Christian 826-2224 Minister Steve Parker

Grace Community Church 1094 Goshen Rd. • 826-4204 Pastor Wesley Corbitt Marantha Assembly of God 454 Weisenbaker Rd. • 826-5234 Rev. Mike Beck

Northside Baptist Hwy 21N • 826-5346 Rev. Mike Jones Rincon Church of God Hwy 21, Rincon Pastor: DeWayne Merritt Rincon Baptist Temple 305 Weisenbaker Rd. • 826-5818 Rev. Ron Hand Rincon Church of Christ 306 E. 4th St. • 826-5440 Rincon United Methodist 107 Savannah Ave. • 826-5796 Sr. Pastor: Rev. Larry Bird Journey Community Church 5938 Ga. Highway 21 South Pastor Michael Bassett 754-9444 St. John’s Lutheran Hwy 21 at 7th St. • 826-5411 Springfield Agape Assembly of God 703 First St. Ext. • 754-6354 Pastor: Shane Holcombe

Bethel Lutheran ELCA 1984 Hwy 21N • 754-6561 Rev. Shelley Nelson-Bridger

Port Wentworth United Methodist 201 Turnberry Street • 964-4210 Pastor: Tom Edwards

Holy Samaritan Apostolic Church of the Living God 148 Rawls Drive Pastor Isiah Brehler, Sr. 754-4234 First Baptist of Springfield 1435 Hwy 119N • 754-3443 Rev. Jeff Rollins

First Presbyterian Church Pooler (PCA) 329 Hwy. 80 East • 330-9415 John Fender, Pastor

Jehovah Shammah Assembly of God 432 Blandford Rd. • 826-2173 Pastor Jackie Gordon

Life Baptist Church 1541 Highway 21 South • 754-3148 Pastor Charles Powell

Faith Bible Baptist Church 5137 Old Louisville Rd. • 964-7655 Dale Mathis, Pastor

St. Luke’s Episcopal 155 Goshen Rd. 826-3332 Worship Service, 9:00 am Sunday School, 10:30 am Rev Dr. Bob LeFavi

Gethsemane Baptist 1102 N. Maple St. 754-7530

Risen Saviour Lutheran 1755 Quacco Road • Pooler Worship: 10AM Pastor James Borgwardt St. Patrick’s Episcopal Church 1285 Pine Barren West • 748-6016 Sunday Worship 10:30am Rev. Dr. Robert LeFavi, Vicar First Baptist Church of Pooler Hwy 80 • 748-7521 Rev. Otis Hill Rothwell Baptist Church 216 Rothwell Street • 748-7593 Rev. Devin Bell South Valley Baptist Church Rev. Barry Jackson Pine Barren Road • 748-0279 Reaching For Souls Located in the All American Glass Shopping Center on Hwy. 80 478-494-0893 Pastors: Stanly & Angela Abraham

House of Prayer of Rincon Fort Howard Road in Rincon Services: Sunday 11 AM & 6:30 PM 826-2570 Pastor: Mildred Lake Cornerstone Baptist Church Lexington Avenue Sunday: 10:45am • Wednesday: 7pm 754-9650 Pastor Duane Logsdon Centerpoint Churct Meeting at Effingham YMCA 1224 Patriot Drive Pastors David Rhoads & Mike Bassett 826-5521 Acts III Global Church 604 Goshen Road • 826-2981 Pastor, Al Usher Church of the Harvest 434 Weisenbaker Rd. • 826-6461 Rev. Brunson

Bethel New Testament Christian Church 1295 Little Neck Road • 412-4995 Pastor D.M. Nelson New Vision Baptist Church 2417 Louis Mills Blvd. 236-4841 Pastor Gary Bradham Savannah Holy Church of God 707 Little Neck Road • 920-0042 Pastor: Rev. Ryan Ralston

Real Life Christian Fellowship 841 Crossgate Rd. Pastor Paul L. Taylor, Jr.

Living Faith Church of God 3789 Noel C. Conway Rd. Rev. Sean Faircloth 728-8811

Southwest Chatham Amazing Grace Baptist Church 5790 Ogeechee Road • 858-4362 Pastor: George Barron

Chevis Oaks Baptist Church 102 Sylvania Rd. at Chevis Rd. 925-3852 Rev. Eric R. Carpenter

Northside Church of God 273 Church Row • 754-4801 Pastor Reginald Anderson, Sr.

Calvary Assembly of God 1007 West Hwy 80 • 748-5847 Daniel Webber, Pastor

First United Pentecostal Church 1735 Grove Point Rd • 927-0569 Rev. David A. Hodge

Goshen Road Baptist 1323 Goshen Rd. • 826-1826 Rev. Frank Hodges

New Testament Fellowship UPC 307 South Laurel St. • 754-9782 Pastor: Walter Thomas

New Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church 130 Giles Avenue • Rincon • 826-2431 Solomon J. Roberts, Sr. - Pastor

Fellowship Bible Church 841 Old Dixie Hwy. • 754-9645 Pastor Robert Quarterman

Southwest Baptist 831 Little Neck Road • 925-0699 Dr. Robert B. Peacock, Pastor

St. Mary’s Holiness Church 205 Stokes Ave • Rincon • 826-4525 Bishop Billy Scott

Crossroads Worship Center Hwy. 80 at N. Rogers St. • 547-5101 Rev. Joe Hubbard

Union Springs AME Union Springs Church Rd. • 7549460

Goodwill Missionary Baptist Church Blandford Rd. • 826-5259 Rev. Jonah E. Jerman

Port Wentworth Baptist 231 Grange Rd • 964-0762

Rincon Effingham Baptist Church 1007 North Columbia Ave. 826-3794 Pastor: Tom Davis

St. Mathews Baptist 218 Wallace Dr. • 754-3143

Abercorn Baptist Baker Hill Rd. • 826-4213

- God

Bethesda United Methodist 3608 Midland Road • 728-3332 Pastor Matt Waldron

Clifton Baptist Church 100 Big Hill Rd. • 964-2335 Rev. Oddie Luckett

Fountain of Life 2836 Hwy. 80 • Faulkville • 704-1462 Pastor Joseph Clinton

It’s Harvest Time Church 409 W. Hwy. 80 • Pooler 748-1560 Sundays at 11am Pastors Greg & Donna Van Gorp

Goshen United Methodist Church Hwy. 21 at Goshen Rd • 826-6088 Pastor Ricky Rushing

“He has risen, just as he said!”

Wildwood United Methodist Garrard Avenue Rev. Rick Bishop

Church of Christ 4506 Augusta Rd. • 964-6443

Solid Rock Baptist Church 5th Street • Meldrim

Eden Baptist Church 435 Dogwood Way • 748-2373 Rev. Jonah E. German

Wilder Memorial Baptist 1 Gamble Road Rev. Tom Keller

Fairlawn Baptist Church 4719 Augusta Road • 964-4371 Rev. Harold Edwards, Sr., Pastor

Meldrim/Eden/Faulkville Meldrim First Baptist 748-5220 James Carlisle – Pastor

Zion Fair Missionary Baptist 4123 First Street • 964-1322 Ronald Smalls

Guyton Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) 301 Pine Street 772-3478

Living Hope Community Fellowship 5008 Augusta Rd. • Garden City (Hwy. 21 next to Dairy Queen) 965-0406 Pastor Joyce C. Hall

Zion Lutheran Hwy 30 at Ga. Hwy 17 Marlow • 728-3430 Pastor Barbara Koch

Faulkville Baptist Church Hwy 80 • 748-7332 Pastor Albert Hill

Westside Christian Church Hwy 80 • 748-0309 Pastor Leonard Daughtery

Firm Foundation Baptist Church 937 Mixon Road • 865-4505 Dr. Bernard D. Carter

South Effingham Community Church 289 Harley Road • 728-3810 Dr. Charles G. Cooper, Jr.

Woodlawn United Methodist 2502 Hwy 80 • 964-0787 Sanford Brown

St. John Divine Baptist Hwy 80 Rev. Alphonso Piper

Bloomingdale Fellowship Church of God of Prophecy 1501 E. Hwy. 80 • 748-2181 Pastor: Mark Minter

Sand Hill Baptist 1931 Sand Hill Rd. • 728-3681 Rev. Royce Hendry

Trinity United Methodist Church Corner of North Newton St. & Benton Drive • 748-4141 Pre-School, 748-4410 Pastor: Randy B. Nease

Holy Trinity Lutheran 303 S. Laurel St. • 754-3353 Rev. Joe Copeck Jerusalem Lutheran 2966 Ebenezer Rd. • 754-3915 Rev. Elanor Russey Laurel Hill Lutheran 530 Laurel Hill Rd. • 754-6718 Rev. David Hendrix New Bethel Pentecostal 2402 Old Dixie Hwy • 754-1509 Darrel Childress, Pastor New Hope Apostolic 525 Ardmore Oaky Rd. • 754-4079 Mount Hope Missionary Baptist 5083 Mount Hope Road 772-3280 Pastor Leonard Lemon, Sr. Freedom Christian Center 409 S. Laurel Street Pastor: Cynthia Streeter Sundays@11AM • Wednesdays@6PM St. Boniface Catholic Church 1952 Hwy 21S • 754-7473 Mass: Saturday, 5:00 p.m. Sunday, 8:30 a.m. & 11:00 a.m. Father Wes Lamb

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Chatham Parkway Baptist 1950 Chatham Pkwy. • 644-7447 Pastor Van Power Quacco Baptist Church 215 Quacco Road • 925-3885 Pastor Barry Minsky Southside Assembly of God 401 Tibet Avenue Rev. Jack Moon Ft. Argyle Gospel Fellowship 909 Ft. Argyle Road (Hwy. 204) Pastors Douglas & Glenda Lane 748-4339 Holy Church of God Little Neck Road Savannah Christian Church 55 Al Henderson Blvd. Pastor Cam Huxford Bethel Missionary Baptist 5863 Ogeechee Rd • 927-8044 Rev. Jerome Baker Coastal Christian Center 6073 Ogeechee Rd • 925-3166  Ron and Rosie Chambers Holy Church Of God 707 Little Neck Rd • 920-0042 Rev. Ryan Ralston New Mount Olive Baptist 835 Chevis Rd. • 920-1133 New Testament Missionary Outreach 102 Waynesboro Rd • 927-6368   Southside Church Of God 50 Henderson Blvd • 927-4408 Pastor John A. Reyes Spring Hill Baptist 44 Carol Way 925-7523 Shiloh Missionary Baptist Fort Argyle Road • 927-3169 Rev. Nathaniel Bowles North Bryan County Abundant Life Church of God 119 Wildwood Church Road Pembroke • 653-3696 Olive Branch Baptist Church Olive Branch Road - Ellabell Pastor Clent Sullens (912)858-3216 Northside Independence Baptist Church 458 W. E. Smith Road • Pembroke Pastor Jeff Spencer • 653-3088 Gospel Baptist Church 5126 Wilma Edwards Rd. 690-1066 Pastor John Whitaker Ellabell United Methodist Church 3079 Hwy. 204 • Pembroke Pastor: Rodney Body 858-2534 Christ Baptist Church 3580 Wilma Edwards Road Ellabell • 858-2724 Interim Pastor: Travis Cowart, Jr. Faith Harvest Sanctuary 1237 Bill Futch Road • Ellabell Tony Hewitt 858-5446, church Gospel Baptist Church 5126 Wilma Edwards Road Ellabell • 690-1066 Pastor John Whitaker Ellabell First Baptist Church 3425 Hwy. 204W • 826-5003 Pastor Keith Perdue Pembroke United Methodist 102 College Street 653-2220 Rev. Ricky Bishop Bread of Life Holiness Church #119 Cypress Bay Loop Road Pembroke (912) 858-3161 Prophet Walter Wright, pastor

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Church of Christ Hwy 204 • Ellabell Min. Joseph Holloway, Jr. 858-3283


First Baptist Church of Blitchton 5204 Hwy. 80E • Blitchton Rev. Darnell Barner • 858-3274

Hwy 80 West, Just Outside Bloomingdale

Page A14 • Spirit Newspapers • April 9 - April 15, 2009

Gun Safety For Pre-K OBAMA’S BAILOUT FOR THE DESPOTS By Jonah Goldberg Tribune Media Services

Sergeant Ramsey Mannon, along with Eddie Eagle, from Effingham County Sheriff’s Department takes time away from fighting crime to educate Pre-K students at Effingham County High school Pre-k about gun safety. “What do you do if you see a gun?” Sergeant Mannon asked. “Stop! Don’t Touch! Leave the area! Tell an adult!”

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It’s President Obama’s worst bailout so far. He’s going to rescue the U.N. Human Rights Council. Now admittedly, the council wasn’t on the verge of going out of business. Heck, if there were a nuclear war, the pinstriped thugs of the United Nations’ “human rights” bureaucracy would probably be all that’s left to keep the cockroaches company. But although the effete goons of the UNHRC aren’t going bankrupt, Obama has bailed them out in another way. He’s given the repugnant cabal that dominates the council a fresh injection of political capital. President Bush refused to cooperate with the agency. Obama, on the other hand, feels it is vital to work with the organization from the inside. The old U.N. Commission on Human Rights was a travesty, recognized -- even by U.N. leadership -- as a Petri dish of moral decay and political corruption. It was the foremost, though far from the sole, U.N. agency dedicated to the defamation, demonization and destruction of Israel. It was closed down in 2005, only to be replaced the following year with the Human Rights Council. Not surprisingly, the transformation was as superficial as it sounds. Once the ink was dry on the new stationery, the world’s worst human rights abusers flocked back to run the council. Initially, reformers had the wacky idea that the new human rights body should have as members only countries that actually care about human rights. Prepos-


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terous, responded diplomatic flacks for dictators from Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Then there was the idea that the council should regularly review the human rights records of every U.N. member, not just Israel. But the “universal periodic reviews” became a joke, as countries such as Egypt and Russia received glowing reviews that might as well have been written by their tourism bureaus. The council’s membership is determined by region, which has allowed the Muslim countries from the African and Asian blocs to hold majorities, while most European nations have been too scared to block their agenda. This means that when the U.S. does get a seat at the table, it will merely replace a Western nation that already respects human rights. Anyway, the old crew scurried on board the new ship as the old one sank. Joining the Muslim countries are such stalwarts of human rights as China and Cuba. The only reason Mordor didn’t make the list is that J.R.R. Tolkien forgot to have Sauron denounce the “Zionist entity” in “The Lord of the Rings.” Perhaps such glibness seems out of place, but it is hard to take the complaints of some of these women-oppressing, homosexualexecuting, free-speech-banning countries seriously. Just last week, the Arab League, which constantly condemns Israeli “genocide,” welcomed Sudan President Omar Hassan Ahmed Bashir to its summit. It was intended as a way to chastise the International Criminal Court for bothering to indict the Butcher of Darfur when it could be putting Jews in the dock. At the UNHRC, Israel’s defensive war against Gaza was treated as history’s greatest crime, while the deaths of 16,000 Somalis at the hands of invading Ethiopians were ignored. Since 2006, the council has opted to shut down investigations of Congo, Cuba, Liberia and Belarus. The agency hasn’t even been a speed bump on Zimbabwe’s descent into hell. It passed a nonbinding, Pakistan-sponsored resolution condemning “defamation of religion” that 180 groups from around the world cautioned could

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Pooler Police Reports continued from page 7 ____________________________________

• An Officer stopped the driver of a Lexus ES300 for not wearing his seatbelt while westbound on Hwy 80 at Sheftall Street. The man was taken into custody when the Officer learned his license had been suspended in February for failure to appear. (Why do people think they don’t have to show up for court, and nothing’s gonna happen to them if they don’t?) • Just after noon, an Officer was taking a report at Courtney Station Apartments when a man walked up and told him about a silver vehicle driving erratically on Pooler Parkway. He said the car had turned onto Park Avenue, and was now headed down dirt road at the

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dead end of Park Ave. The Officer left and went to the dirt road, and made a traffic stop as the driver, a Savannah man, attempted to get back to Pooler Parkway. The driver’s eyes were red and bloodshot, and his pants were wet from where he’d spilled beer on them while riding down the dirt road. He was soon under arrest for DUI Refusal. A pat search then turned up a pair of lady’s underwear, and the man refused to say who’s they were or where they’d come from. The Officer then put out a lookout for any potential sexual assaults in the area through dispatch. (Nah, I’m thinking the guy’s just a prevert, of them sexual weirdos.) • Speaking of pervs... an Officer responded to a neighborhood just before 4am, where a man, dressed only in his nightrobe, was walking the street knocking on doors. He told the Officer he’d been walking the neighborhood for about an hour and realized he was lost. He added that he was staying with a friend, and his state of confu-

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help Islamic theocracies crush dissenters in the name of protecting Islam from insult. And it has condemned Israel more than it has condemned all other U.N. member countries combined. The Obama administration, which passionately believes in the U.N. as a force for good, thinks it can change the council simply by being on it. “We have a record of abject failure from having stayed out. We’ve been out for the duration, and it has not gotten better. It’s arguably gotten worse,” Susan Rice, the U.S. ambassador to the U.N., told Politico. “We are much better placed to be fighting for the principles we believe in ... by leading and lending our voice from within.” But such thinking is only possible if you think the U.N. is a democratic, deliberative body. It isn’t. Some of the member nations are liberal democracies. Some are backward, cruel regimes with well-coiffed front men who only do their masters’ bidding. Valuing villains as equal to democrats is a recipe for moral rot. No doubt the U.S. will “succeed” in tempering the UNHRC’s actions. But such victories will pale in comparison with the unearned validation we grant the council by our participation.

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Spirit Newspapers • April 9 - April 15, 2009 • Page A15

BUSINESS BRIEFS nition. The strength of survivors inspires others to continue to fight. We also remember loved ones lost to the disease, and those who have survived and are currently battling cancer with our Luminaria Ceremony. At Relay, people who have walked alongside those battling cancer can grieve and find healing. Finally, we fight back against cancer because we want to put an end to the disease. Relay helps individuals make a commitment to save lives by taking up the fight. For more information about sponsorship opportunities for your local Relay For Life, please visit or call Amy Patrick, American Cancer Society staff at 355-5196. Mark Covington and Randy Woods of the Pickin’ Pig Barbecue world as fast-paced as it’s become, • Randy Woods and Mark Covingthis will be a chance for people ton have teamed up to open the to slow down and say ‘Hey’ to a Pickin’ Pig Barbecue next to Randy’s Guitar Store and Music Hall neighbor. That used to be pretty common, but you don’t see it so on Hwy 80 in Bloomingdale. The business is open from 11am much these days!” Best of all, the food’s great! Stop til 8pm, Tuesday through Saturday, by and see Mark and his crew, and and features pulled pork barbecue, treat yourself to an extra large BBQ slow cooked St. Louis style ribs, sandwich, just $5! and fresh smoked chicken, whole or quarters. All side items and des• Summit Cancer Care Signs On serts are homemade and fresh. As Sponsor for the Relay For Life “This ain’t no health food of Savannah store!” Covington exclaims. “We The American Cancer Society sell comfort food, all made here in would like to announce that Sumhouse!” Covington’s well known mit Cancer Care will be presenting for his talents with a grill. The sponsor for the Relay For Life of man was formerly with the SavanSavannah. The 2009 Relay For Life nah office of Claxton Poultry, and then served as the Vice President of Savannah will be held on May 8th, 7pm - May 9th, 7am at Benefor Krispy Chic. He’s just recently dictine Military School. retired as a top notch boat captain. Relay For Life began with “I thought I was retiring in two months to draw social security, un- one man in Tacoma, Washington til my wife Becky, of 39 years, talked in 1985 and is now a worldwide movement to end cancer, with to Randy Woods!” Randy’s power of persuasion has brought the cook 4,960 events across America that back to business in Bloomingdale, raised a total of $420 million dollars in 2008. These funds help the a welcome sight for the Westside. Randy Woods expects the res- American Cancer Society achieve their mission of eliminating cancer taurant to do well, particularly in as a major health concern. conjunction with his Saturday conIn honor of those who battle certs at the business. “We have people coming in from all over... Jack- cancer 24 hours a day, team members typically take turns walking sonville, Charleston, Saint Simons, the track throughout the day and and they need a place to grab a bite night. For those not walking, there to eat. When Dennis closed, we is constant action to keep everyone saw a noticeable difference in our busy. From entertainment, food concert crowds because we didn’t and games to touching ceremonies have a place for them to eat here!” and stories of inspiration, there is he said. something for everyone at Relay Woods also believes the restauFor Life. rant will be a great place to hang At every Relay For Life event, out before the concerts begin. In we celebrate the lives of those who the future, he sees outdoor conhave battled cancer through our certs where local groups can come Survivor’s Lap and survivor recogand get exposure. “Mostly, with the

Westview Residents Enjoy Easter Events

• Effingham Hospital Board of Trustees Meeting A regular meeting of the Effingham Hospital Board of Trustees was held on Tuesday, April 7th at 7:15 p.m. in the Community Room on Effingham Hospital’s Main Medical Campus at Springfield, Georgia. During the course of the meeting the Trustees were informed that the History of Medicine in Effingham County 1734-2009, being prepared by Effingham Historian Betty Ford Renfro, is scheduled for completion in August for the celebration of the establishment of Effingham Hospital’s 40 years of Medicine and Service to the Citizens of this County. The Hospital Choice Award was also frame-displayed by the Trustees to mark Effingham Hospital’s selection as “One of America’s Most Patient Friendly Hospitals.” At that time a letter was read from Georgia State Representative Earl L. (Buddy) Carter congratulating the entire Hospital and stating therein that “This is a well deserved honor! I commend you, the doctors, nurses and staff of Effingham Hospital for having saved countless lives, and for the superior health care you provide our citizens.” The Trustees each expressed their warm appreciation for the letter of praise from Rep. Carter. Then the entire Trust openly saluted the Emergency Department Team for putting emergency level patients first in medicine, and dramatically reducing routine and usual emergency visits in the ED to half the national average. There being no further business to be brought before the Trust the meeting was closed in due form.

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75% OFF Abercorn common Abercorn At White bluff Linda Moye, talented Westview resident hosted the first annual Easter bonnet party and parade, along with Assistant Activity Director, LaVerne Taylor. Easter bonnets were crafted for each lady at Westview Nursing & Rehabilitation Center, and events included a party and Easter bonnet parade.

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Pooler Police Reports continued from page 14 ____________________________________

sion was due to recent surgery. He provided the Officer with a phone number to the friend where he was supposed to be staying. The woman admitted he was supposed to be at her house, but the line about the surgery was bull. He was simply drunk. The Officer took the man back to the woman’s home with a warning to stay inside the rest of the night. • A Pooler business reported that ___________________________________ Continued on page 16

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Page A16 • Spirit Newspapers • April 9 - April 15, 2009

Strawberry Festival

This year’s Strawberry Festival had a very special opening ceremony. After the opening prayer by Pastor Steve McCoy, West Chatham’s American Legion Post 322 conducted a special presentation of our flags. Post Adjutant Joe Garcia stated “Today we are giving our respect to the other flags of our nation’s history. They are sometimes misjudged, but they are still part of our history.” He then acknowledged the members of the Camp Davis ReEnactors, who presented the original Confederate flag and the 1956 Georgia state flag. After the Star Spangled Banner was presented, Joe introduced Lee Greenwood’s rendition of Dixie. At the retiring of the colors, The Battle Hymn of the Republic was played. 14-month-old Isabella Giaquinto from Pooler enjoyed watching the older kids ride the ponies! Photo by Earline Havey.

Elaine Havey of Rincon passed along her thoughts about the Strawberry Festival, which she apparently loved! “The Strawberry Festival blessed me tremendously yesterday! The entertainment was awesome... such talented singers and musicians. The home-made ice cream was terrific, and I heard the chocolate-covered strawberries were a big hit! And the Festival was truly a “slice of real America!”

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Pooler Police Reports continued from page 15 ____________________________________

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a $24,300 John Deere tractor with a front end loader attachment had been stolen from their business. The theft was realized as they were taking inventory on their lot. • Just after 7pm, an Officer clocked a Chevy Equinox southbound on Pooler Parkway at 66mph in the 50mph zone. As he closed in on him, the driver made a quick Uturn at Pine Barren Road, then accelerated to over 70mph. The Officer caught up with the Alabama man and explained why he’d been stopped. The man explained that he was simply trying to keep up with traffic. The Officer pointed out that there was no traffic in front of him, and the quick thinking (for an Alabama man) driver replied “See how far ahead of me they are!” The Officer soon had the man under arrest for DUI. • An Officer stopped a Savannah woman for speeding 37mph in a 25mph school zone on Pine Barren Road just after 8am. The car was towed when the woman admitted she didn’t have any insurance on her car. Later that day, after apparently going and buying insurance, she went to the tow company to pick her car up. She quickly called Police to the scene to file a complaint that there were warning lights on in her dash that weren’t on when she was stopped that morning. She soon admitted that her Check Engine light had been on, but maintained that her ABS warning light had not been on. She had the tow truck driver that she was complaining about tow the car to the dealership to have their mechanics look the car over. • An elderly Watkins Glen, New York woman told Police she was gassing her Buick up with her back to her car, and never noticed when someone reached inside and stole her purse, which contained about $300. • Just a little after midnight, Officers were dispatched to Hardee’s where a clerk pointed to the Ford F250 parked in the drive-thru line. The Officer walked out and noticed the driver had passed out while waiting to be told to pull ahead. (They usually tell me to “Drive around, please,” and I always wonder how long they want me to do that!) The Officer knocked on the window several times trying to wake the man up, and finally had to reach inside and rattle the man a bit. The man was still mostly asleep when the Officer asked him where he was. “Upstairs,” was the man’s reply. “Upstairs where?” the Officer asked. “The Quality Inn,” the man answered. The Officer asked the

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Spirit Newspapers, Section A, April 9, 2009