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“We have to go into the despair and go beyond it, by working and doing for somebody else, by using it for something else.” -Elie Wiesel (1928 - ____) Romanian-US novelist, Nobel Peace Price Winner

Police Reports

Port Wentworth

• At 3:30am, an Officer was northbound on Hwy 21 and noticed the slow moving blue Ford Crown Victoria that was weaving in it’s lane and slowing down for the green light at Hwy 30. The Officer made a traffic stop, and the driver finally pulled onto the grassy side of the road, nearly putting the car into the ditch. The man stumbled out of the car with a strong odor of alcohol on his breath. He was arrested for DUI. • An Officer was dispatched to the Welcome Center on I-95 where an Ohio man told him he’d just filled his Expedition up in Hardeeville. By the time he crossed the Savannah River he noticed flames coming from underneath his car. When he got on the exit ramp to the Welcome Center, the SUV was fully engulfed. He was able to get his family and a couple of bags out of the vehicle, which was completely destroyed in the fire. • Around 7:30pm, an Officer was on patrol in a neighborhood and noticed an unfamiliar woman on the front porch of a Bonnybridge Road residence. The Officer stopped and approached the woman, who was trying to dial her cell phone with clumsy motions. The Officer asked her what she was doing on this person’s porch, and she said she’d been dropped off by friends. She was extremely drunk, and the homeowner had no idea who she was, and didn’t want her on his porch, so she was taken to jail on public drunk charges.

Garden City

• Just before midnight, Officers were called to a bar for a customer leaving without paying his bar tab. One Officer recognized the red mini-van now northbound on Hwy 21, and pulled in behind it to make a traffic stop. The driver refused to pull over, however, turning into a residential area instead and not stopping. The Officer stopped his pursuit and followed from a distance, noting that the driver had run two stop signs. But when the driver turned onto street that’s actually a circle, the Officer called for backup to help him block the man’s escape. The van came to a stop, and the Officer approached with his weapon drawn and ordering the driver to get on the ground. The man began ___________________________________ Continued on page 5

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Local Holocaust Survivor Shares His Story By Ashley Engleford

Yom Hashoah is Holocaust Remembrance Day in Yiddish and this year will be held on Sunday, April 11th. This year’s theme is Stories of Freedom: What You Do Matters, commemorating the 65th anniversary of the liberation of Nazi concentration camps in 1945. Chaim Melamad, a Savannah resident, is himself a Holocaust survivor. Originally from the small town of Zelechow, Poland, his story is one of terror, hope, faith, and in the end life. He recalls watching the news in 1933, the year Hitler became Chancellor of Germany, and not liking what he heard and saw. Chaim said that before they could do anything, like leave the country or go into hiding, war broke out. That was September 1, 1939 when Germany invaded Poland. At the age of 15, Chaim was living in the Polish Lodz ghetto with his family. Lodz is located roughly 75 miles southwest of Warsaw. The Germans renamed the city Litzmannstadt, for a German General who captured the city in WW I. The ghetto was surrounded by barbed wire fence and special police units. Some believed this was a good thing, thinking the Germans would leave them alone and others were stricken with fear of what the Germans planned on doing with them. The “Jews were beaten on a daily basis” and were “dying like flies”, Chaim said. “By April 1940 any Jew found outside the ghetto was immediately shot”, he went on to say. Death was a part of everyday life at this point. If they wanted to get any food then they had to work. The work was hard labor and the compensation wasn’t enough food to literally feed a bird. He recalled the Germans coming into the ghetto sometime in ’44 telling residents that the ghetto had to be closed. Chaim, his mother, two sisters and a brother were loaded into a “ghetto wagon”. “When I got in there was a bucket to relieve yourself and we got one piece of bread”, Chaim continued to share. That miniscule amount of food was supposed to last the several days journey. Chaim said that many died along the way because of the horrible conditions. From the Lodz ghetto Chaim and a few other family members were taken to the infamous Auschwitz. Once they arrived, Chaim was called to go to the left and his sister and mother were called to the right. Chaim’s mother was

holding his younger brothers hand and didn’t want to be separated from him but was forced to. “We found out later that line (the one his mother and sister were in) went straight to the gas chamber”, Chaim said soberly. Chaim received his identification tattoo, P53144, thus becoming a number instead of a person. He was forced to work out in the freezing cold with no clothes except the thin “uniform” and often with no shoes. While he has had years to learn to deal with what he and his family went through, it is almost unimaginable for us to think of 15 year olds today, dealing with the heavy load Chaim and many others were forced to deal with at young ages. Chaim was moved to several other camps, the last being Bergen-Belsen, the same camp where

Anne Frank died. Upon arriving here, Chaim was not in good health. When asked how he made it through the days, Chaim replied, “We didn’t think a day at a time. We thought how can I survive the next 20-50 minutes.” Chaim was among many chosen to go on a “death march”, which the Nazis did at the end of the war in hopes of killing as many prisoners as possible, while making them suffer for as long as possible. Chaim, against all odds, made it through it all. God had big plans and a great life ahead of him. On April 15th, 1945, he recalls feeling extremely drained and not wanting to get out of his bunk. A friend came over and picked him up, carrying Chaim out into the yard. Chaim said, “He started singing, “We are liberated, we are liberated…we made it!” then he im-

mediately fell down dead. I can still see that picture in my head.” The British 11th Armored Division was ___________________________________ Continued on page 3


Cancer-Stricken Youngster in Full Remission, Coming Home By Stephen Prudhomme

As he’s battled cancer for nearly a year, 7-year-old Brayden Alleman has been buoyed by the support of family and friends, a remarkably positive attitude and a strong faith. Last week, as people prepared to celebrate Easter and the resurrection of Jesus Christ, the Rincon resident experienced a miracle of his own, one in which he’s gained a “new life.” According to family friend Jennifer Bendetti, doctors last week told Brayden and his mother, Karin, that his cancer, a rare form of leukemia diagnosed last May, was in 100 percent remission. This followed a Dec. 4 stem cell transplant during a fourth round of chemotherapy and a 100-day waiting period to determine the success of this latest procedure. “The doctors say Brayden is six months ahead of his recovery time,” Bendetti says. “They’re just amazed by him. He’s doing well and is off the majority of his medicine.” After months of staying at the Ronald McDonald House in Atlanta, Brayden will soon be able to come home. Although he has to remain in isolation for awhile and won’t be able to return to school, Brayden, required to wear gloves and a mask outdoors, will be able to resume many of his normal activities and return to playing his

Just before Easter, Rincon first grader Brayden Alleman received a cancer-free diagnosis. beloved sports. daily basis and has maintained a “Brayden’s real excited,” Ben- straight-A average in the gifted detti says. “He played baseball, and talented program and is on fished and dyed Easter eggs. He’s track to complete the first grade. looking forward to be a little boy Bendetti says he’s a great student, again.” and is mother, a teacher, is so On Easter Sunday, unable to proud of his efforts under difficult go to church because of concerns circumstances. over exposure to others, Brayden, Bendetti describes Karin, a sinalong with his mother, put on his gle mother with two children, as own service. “He watched sunrise a “rock,” someone who has proon Easter morning and thanked vided tremendous love, support the doctors for his recovery,” and encouragement for her son. Bendetti notes. “He also thanked She notes Karin is excited over her family and friends for the many son’s recovery but faces the realprayers. He’s all about God and his ity of continuing medical expenses faith and believes in the power of while having to stay at home and prayer.” caring for him around the clock Brayden hasn’t attended as far as ensuring he receives his school this year, but he’s worked ___________________________________ with a special instructor on a Continued on page 4

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EVERYONE FORand NG Retreat ETHIFamily Conference Center SOMEbenezer At New

and Heritage, ries: Local History Science, Nature/Environmental By By Ashley Engleford .com There and Character Education. youthministrylite@yahoo packages to are several different classes range of the SaLying near the banks be chosen from and a DNR wildhistorical town in from participating vannah River is the exploring the The Trustees of life workshop to of New Ebenezer. to getting extended an Indian Council House the colony of Georgia Lab. Salzburgers who hands on in an Archeology a large invitation to 300 freedom. Their facilities include were seeking religious Deputy stopped January 8th, classrooms, two • Just after 1am, a on Hwy 21 just main building, The group arrived survived the (which together a black Ford Ranger types of cabins 1734 and those who Province of Road for having the conference/meetsouth of Goshen can sleep 175+), long voyage from day Austria), volleyball light. As he apa defective tag ing rooms, two kitchens,swimming Salzburg (present he noticed in America. proached the driver, and basketball courts, All of this built a new life here continued to chewing gum that the man was a cigarette. The population pool, and a campfire. trees and a War light to in and trying is set on land rich when the Salgrow until the Revolutionary man’s eyes apby the British. to He also noted the He asked the creek, very similar it. when it was burned to learn about Colonial and now Heritage: Opportunity GA. peared very watery. had to drink zburgers first settled The town never recovered remains Living History and touring Historic Ebenezer. largely man how much he’d replied “Not __________ American Living while 275 years later, it _________________________ on page 3 that night. The man I’m the desThe Jerusalem LutherContinued untouched. the Salzburgers too much, considering After failing an Church, where on the land, as ignated sober driver.” the DD was worshiped, remains building his field sobriety tests, well as the first orphanage the museum totaken to jail for DUI. woman has (which is used as • Another Guyton court on truday) and an old homestead. to historic been summoned Mere feet from theseEbenezer her child apparNew ancy charges after landmarks lay the school. (I’m glad ently quit going to and Conference to enforce Family Retreat The center to see them beginning By Stephen Prudhomme in jail and see Center, built in 1977. groups, school this one! Put Momma their little looking for welcomes corporate banquets, if she don’t straightenout!!) Diane Odom is always her thrift using gets groups, family reunions, tails out when she notified Depuways to help people,vehicle of sorts, a and anyone else religious groups, • A Rincon woman someone had store in Rincon as a get away from goods and serwho would like to enjoy nature. headquarters to disperse ties after finding that account to purthe daily grind and organivices to those in need. used her PayPal altruism, non-profit of a is computer, display center laptop latest The In her chase an $800 on the generosforce behind a to Mr. Jakhonzation which relies Odom is the drivingto raise money so which was shipped others who seek Plus Pizza in ity of guests and grassroots campaign gir Umataliev at Steak (No relation up and running. have her own vehito keep the center a local woman can which is Antioch, Tennessee.Umatalievs. Or The Scholarship fund, allows cle. to the Bloomingdale Rincon. And of Grace Unlike you, in Odom is the owner she opened funded by people the Umathurmans which who wouldn’t be Plus Pizza? And in limited Thrift Store, the six months or kids and adults who eats at Steak school group or in Kentucky, last summer. During able to attend their Odom has the words of my buddy Orange!) The cena big so she’s been in business, church retreat otherwise. by selling items nothing sucks like can the community a Deputy was helped countless people reduced prices. her regular customers costs. ter stays active in • Just before 6pm, donations so one of hosting variRoad when from her store at greatly Diane Odom is seeking and cut down on her daily transportation by participating and can’t afford a parsouthbound on McCall Suburban throughAccord If someone says they ask how much ous events and festivities purchase her Honda will ring to the woman. a northbound Chevy headlights as their Annual ticular item, Odom ultimately return the the ring and sell his accepts a dolout the year such diamond ring as a passed by with The event atthey can pay and routinely “I didn’t want to take could see it had an offered Odom her off. The Deputy of the value of the 5K Forest Run/Walk. well as those flashing on and it,” Odom says. “Youher.” lar or two, regardless uncommon for her as down payment. made a trafthe car to tracts avid runners turned around andexplained that Odom wanted to give so he could sentimental value to merchandise. It’s not a good jog. to give up, howTrey, who simply enjoy fic stop. The driver Odom wasn’t about an example to Hand Bells to give the item away. know you care her second-eldest son, but was reluctrouble with his as They also host three intermehe was having “People need to ever. With her serving drive to Savannah Techit has a manual an asked why Odom, who community, Odom festivals, a beginners, During the lights, and the Deputythem before helping out in the about their plight,” explains tant to do so because of raising money and watched her husband I agreed diate, and an advanced. he didn’t try to repair came up with the idea Although others grew up in Mississippi others and not transmission. “My in the dark. AfHeritage Day this Trey a car with a 275th Salzburger for the downpayment. circumstances, getting on the road was arrested mother routinely help we don’t need to give “We want him to sculptors the return. “We need might face more dire past year, they hosted expect anything in people. You give ter all that, the man stick,” Odom explains. road, not one.” license. temper her giving Boltzius statue Odom isn’t about to to see Jesus in other when you can.” have both eyes on the of her customer’s for driving on a suspended of the Rev. Johann asked for a that highlighted When she learned decided to buy spirit. them what they need • A Rincon Officera silver pickup and set up a booth to put my heart,” she program, “Eb“This lady touched Odom had an opportunity dilemma, Odom says car. She deterDeputy to check on convenience their hit education when a regular struggling so hard. program is ofOdom says. “She’s those words into action in and inquired her son another used around $1,500. point of parked at a Rinconpulled in and the enezer Alive”. The to May. at came someone need see When you customer recently mined she would store. The Deputy Accord parked to help them.” fered from Septemberhas attracted her she couldn’t walking towards desperation, you want contact Diane if the brown 1990 Honda and owned by When the woman told agreed to drop This program spotted a man Alabma, got in behind To make a donation, or stop by her next to the thrift store afford that much, Odom the truck. The man students from Georgia,and South that the Odom at (912) 826-3337 Ave. in Rincon. Odom was for sale. Odom she works in the price down to $1,100. ring was apthe wheel, but noticing him, got Florida, North Carolina The woman told Although the diamond she couldn’t store at 317 S. Columbia 48 hour retreats. operation are Tuessays someone $20 a day Deputy was watching Carolina for the Days and hours of 10am to 4pm and by his truck. Pooler and is paying and back. Having praised at $500, Odom visit the cenas part of back out and stood Many of these groups are always day through Friday, to drive her to work said she couldn’t bring it to a car dealership over and asked there was an even The Deputy walked license, which ter annually, but Saturdays, 10am to 2pm. just lost her home, she a down payment. There for Odom to for their first much in transportato see the man’s those who are visitingstay, the kids continue to pay that own car. The wommore compelling reason suspended. He turned out to be tion and needed her time. During their main catego__________ will learn from three

Police Reports

ceive our votes... “Congress shall make no law that applies to the citizens of the United States that does not apply equally to the Senators and/or Representatives; and, Congress shall make no law that applies to the Senators and/or Representa-

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...Too late to classify... We got a call from a distraught family this afternoon that their blue brindle pit bull puppy is missing from Zittrouer Road off Hwy 30 in Guyton. The puppy belongs to this man’s grandson, and the young fellow’s heartbroken. If you’ve seen the puppy, please call him at 728-7094. ...Things I learned while reading about other things... • Police in Ohio say a woman shot her cousin to death because one woman didn’t think the other was dressed properly for the family’s Easter dinner. The woman said her 19 year old sister showed up in jeans shorts and a T-shirt, and she thought she was being disrespectful. So she shot her in the head with a pistol. Unbelievable. ...Thanks for supporting our advertisers! They make publication of your free community newspaper possible. Please pass along any story ideas you have, and don’t forget to send us pictures of your pet, and a picture of yourself holding our paper while you’re off on vacation! ...“When you were born, you cried and the world rejoiced. Live your life in such a manner that when you die, the world cries and you rejoice!” ...Take care this week, stay safe, and in the words of the great Red Skelton, “May God Bless.”

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there to liberate the prisoners of Bergen-Belsen. At the end of the Holocaust, Chaim emerged the only surviving member of his immediate family (aside from an aunt and uncle who moved to Palestine prior to the war beginning) and the only known survivor of his hometown Zelechow. He was nothing but skin and bones and weighed around 89 lbs, being in very poor health. He ended up marrying a fellow Holocaust survivor, Maryla Krause, in Germany in 1946. The two came over to Savannah, along with their 18 month old daughter, in 1949. The couple was sponsored by the Savannah Jewish Council and was the first of 26 Holocaust survivor families that came to Savannah, most of who went on to larger cities looking for jobs. It was here that they built there life having a total of 2 children and 4 grandchildren. His wife and daughter have passed on, but his son lives in New Jersey. Chaim has shared his story with school children, soldiers, and many others, insuring that the Holocaust is not forgotten and in hopes of preventing another. His memorabilia of Pre-War Jewish life in Poland can be found in the archives of the Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C. He has found solace in writing poetry, much of which centers around his experiences during and after the Holocaust (one can be found below). He remains active in Holocaust remembrance activities and was instrumental in the creation of the original Holocaust memorial which resides in the hall of the JEA in Savannah. You can visit the Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C. at and tune in to the Museum’s national Days of Remembrance ceremony which will be webcast live from the U.S. Capitol Rotunda at 11:3am EST on April 15th. There will be a local remembrance ceremony at 2pm on Sunday April 11th at the JEA located at 5111 Abercorn St. The event is free and open to the public and will provide an opportunity to meet Chaim in person.

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I AM A KACETLER [Inmate of a concentration camp] By Chaim Melamed

I am a kacetler. I have no name, no place. I am all alone, left by the world. I am a number; That’s all I am. 53144 --- that is me. Funny, though hard to understand, I remember distinctly being a son, A brother, Even a nephew; Today I am a number. I remember clearly being Bar-Mitzvah. They called me to the Torah; Chaim ben Menachim Mendel, they called me. Kacetler 53144 I am today! What happened? When did this come about? What have I done? What is my sin? Please, Won’t someone tell me? I can not ask my father; I am sure he asked The same question before he was shot by the wall; For no reason at all, they shot him. My mother, my dear motherNo, she can’t answer me either. She is in a state of haze; bewildered, helpless. No, she no longer can answer me either, She had a respected husband, well mannered... Children and a happy home. She was proud; Full of joy. Today Today her husband, shot; one child died of hunger; One died because of lack of medical care; One lays swollen sick. Her heart’s cut to pieces; Her lips bitten, dried out. She can cry no longer; She has no tears left to shed. NO, she can not answer me either. World, why don’t you answer? Why are you all so numb? Why, why do you let this happen? If nothing else, have pity. I am human. I have feelings, too. I am so young, I want to live, People, what has happened to you? Have you no conscience? Why, why am I ignored? Why are you deaf to my crying? I can no longer shout. I can no longer speak. I can not even cry. I am nobody, have nobody, Just a number. I am cold, frozen, used up, Finished, thrown away. I lay in a corner like trash. My shouting, my crying, all unheard. ALL IN VAIN JUST A NUMBER.

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Page A4 • Spirit Newspapers • April 8 - April 14, 2010

Easter Miracle

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doses of medicine. “Rent still has to be paid, groceries bought, co-payments made,” Bendetti says. “It’s a difficult time.” Donations can be made to the Brayden Alleman Medical Fund at the Bank of America branch in Rincon. Financial challenges don’t seem nearly as daunting, however, when compared to the miracle

of Brayden’s recovery, one that continues to amaze Benedetti. “The Bible says to turn your worries over to God and have faith,” Bendetti says. “They have unwavering faith and hope and rely on God during hard times. “It’s amazing that someone so sick and with the worst diagnosis imaginable could come full circle and be well. I give the glory to God. I’m so proud of the example Brayden showed the community and the lives he’s touched.”


Pooler City Council met Monday night, with all members present. In the Finance Report, Councilman Burke made a motion to pay $221,221 in General Fund bills for March, $6,306 in Splost Fund bills, and $259,112 in Water and Sewer Funds bills for March. Those bills were approved by

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Located just 2 miles off Ga. 21 near Shawnee community which is 10 miles north of Springfield. Follow 21 to Shawnee. Turn right at El Cheapo store on Shawnee Road. At Tee, turn right on Old Dixie Road. Turn right on Burton Rahn Rd. by Rahns sign. Only 1/2 mile to Rahn’s at dead end.


Responsible pet ownership means taking the time to have your pets vaccinated against the threat of rabies. The Savannah-Chatham Metropolitan Police Department Animal Control Unit is offering its second Rabies Clinic for dogs and cats for 2010. Rabies can be 100% prevented with this simple inoculation! That is why SCMPD’s Animal Control staff and veterinarian DVM DeAnna.Douglas are hosting this clinic. WHEN:

Saturday, April17, 2010 from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.


Berwick Animal Hospital @ 5733 Ogeechee Rd. (Across from the Kroger at Berwick)


Only $6.00 per inoculation

Animal Control officers will be on-hand to assist pet owners with their animals and provide a safe environment for all…However To ensure the safety of your pet and others:

All dogs must be on a leash or kenneled, and those prone to biting, muzzled. While your dog may be docile with you and your family, they may not react well in the presence of other breeds and cats.

Cats should be maintained in their carriers. An Additional Service sponsored by Berwick Animal Hospital, will be on hand to provide low cost microchipping. Folks, you cannot beat these incredibly low costs for invaluable Rabies protection!! For more information: Lieutenant Brenda Boulware Savannah Chatham Metropolitan Police Special Operations – Unit Commander – Animal Control Phone # 525-2408 Fax # 525-2470 e-mail –

Council. In Public Safety, Councilman Royal said the Fire Department handled 178 calls in March, a year to date total now of 484 calls handled. The Police Department has handled 1450 calls in the past three weeks, bringing their year to date total to 6,435. Councilman Wall pointed out that Pooler’s Fire Department was the first to respond to a log truck fire in Garden City last week. Others joined in praising the Pooler Fire Department in response to another negative article in the Savannah daily paper. In the Parks, Trees, Streets, and Drainage Report, Councilwoman Benton noted that free mulch is now available at the maintenance shed at the new recreation park on Pooler Parkway. She added that she’s gotten several more complaints that residents of some of the newer neighborhoods never received their Census forms in the mail. She said forms are now available at the Pooler YMCA. In the Water and Sewer Report, Councilman Wall said the department had repaired one lift station, made three sewer calls, and repaired three grinder pumps. The wastewater treatment plant is meeting all requirements. In the Recreation Report, Councilwoman Black thanked Vaden Chevrolet for making some uniform and equipment donations for the baseball and softball program. Those games begin this week. The Senior Center has a new Director, Blair Huff, and has also added three new Dell computers. The Seniors will be making a trip to Guido Gardens on April 7th. They’ve started a new Walking Club which will kick off on April 28th. Also, they will be having a bake sale at Carter’s Pharmacy on April 30th from 10am til 2pm. Councilwoman Benton gave the Building and Zoning Report and noted that there have been 16 new single family permits issued, bringing the number of new homes to 45 this year. There was no Old Business on the agenda, but Mr. Aaron Stewart came forward to say that he should have been on the agenda. He was told he could make his comments during the open forum section at the end of the meeting. In New Business, Council voted to table a zoneing change for 2.83 acres on Dean Forest Road from C-2 Commercial to Light In-

Got Timber To Sell?

Call Evans Blackburn Buyer for Savannah River Timber Let Us Handle Your Timber Needs. (Office) 754-1729 (Cell) 912-682-9239

dustrial at the request of the property owner’s attorney. There was a public hearing before the meeting for citizens’ input, and several neighbors came forward to say they had concerns about the drainage, about the possibility of trucks getting backed up trying to pull into the property, and even about the possibility of low flying aircraft hitting cranes on the site. The item will come back for a vote at the next Council meeting April 19th. The next big item was approval to purchase a new phone system. The low bidder was Total Technology Group who handles all the city’s computer needs. The city saved over $90,000 in the Public Works building expansion as that project came in substantially under budget. Council voted at the last meeting to move those funds into an upgrade for the phone system, and it went out on bid. The low bid came in at $70,716. Unfortunately, Council would not entertain a motion to include that the system would never be programmed to say “Press 1 for English.” In the final item on the agenda, Council passed a resolution regarding a 1998 GEFA loan which has long since been paid back. This was simply to let the folks at GMA clear up their 12 year old paperwork. (Now why would anybody expect there to be problems with government handling our healthcare needs?) In the Open Forum, Mr. Stewart came forward to again complain that there needs to be a left turn signal on Rogers Street at westbound Hwy 80. He’s been told before, and was reminded this night, that Pooler City Council doesn’t make those decisions, and that he needs to contact the state of Georgia Department of Transportation about his concern. At that point, Mr. Stewart began to complain, again, about the stray dog that poops in his yard. He was advised, again, to call the Police Department, and they would have Animal Control come out and try to catch the dog. Ms. Frazier then asked Council for an update on the status of the FEMA flood maps. City Manager Robbie Byrd explained that Council had voted to join with the County in a $110,000 joint study and proposal to FEMA. That proposal has been completed and delivered to FEMA, and we’re waiting for their decision. Hopefully, it will remove several residences and businesses from the newly drawn flood plain and lower the costs of insuring those properties. Ms. Frazier then thanked Council for moving into the 21st century and giving her the ability to pay her city bills online. Council meets on the first and third Monday of every month at City Hall at 6pm. The next meeting will be Monday, April 19th, and the public is encouraged to attend.

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211 W. HWY. 80 (Next to Car Wash)


Spirit Newspapers • April 8 - April 14, 2010 • Page A5


Monday-Friday, 8am-7pm • Saturday, 8am-4pm • Sunday, 12pm-5pm SERVICES:

• Physician Examinations • Workers’ Compensation and Case Management • Minor Surgery • Laceration Repairs • X-Ray Services • EKG

• Audiograms • Pulmonary Function Tests • DOT Physicals • Company Physicals • Sports Physicals • Drug Screens • Minor Illness



queline Caffrey, MD ane Donnelly, MD Paul Liang, MD Jacqueline Caffrey, MD Family Practice Diane Donnelly, MD • Board Certified Family Practice •

Any Additional Testing, X-Rays or Procedures

Walk-ins are always welcome.


Thomas F. Danello, MD

Stephen S. Pohl, MD

4704 AUGUSTA ROAD • GARDEN CITY 912.966.2366


Regarding Fire &  Safety in Bloomingdale....

Dear Editor, The Bloomingdale Fire & Rescue Squad are our unsung heroes. We appreciate your super quick response and professional expertise! The Rizas Family

Regarding Stephens Being Right on Tobacco Tax.... Dear Editor,

Police Reports


As a lifelong conservative who supports conservative legislators, I want to voice support for Representative Ron Stephens’ strong stand for a tobacco tax increase. Few legislators have proven themselves to be as fiscally conservative and committed to limited government as Representative Stephens. Indeed, Stephens-Day property tax legislation (along with another great conservative – Burke Day) is just one example of a commitment to reduce taxes by Stephens. Unfortunately, some people are upset with Stephens for daring to support any increase of any tax regardless of the circumstances. Fortunately for his constitu-

ents, Stephens is not only a conservative but a true leader and he has proven that with his sponsorship of HB 39 which would raise the state tax on cigarettes by $1 per pack. Why would a proven tax cutter do such a thing? Because desperate times call for desperate measures. Georgia’s Medicaid program alone faces a 1 billion dollar shortfall in fiscal year 2011 and 2012. A 300 million dollar shortfall is expected in fiscal year 2011, which begins July 1st of this year. Georgia Medicaid serves 1.6 million people, primarily children. The majority of the spending, however, is for care to the elderly and disabled. Unfor-

est Road and told him she was looking for a man who had just left her home “high” on drugs who shouldn’t be driving. The Officer began looking for the car and soon spotted it on Hwy 80. Though it took awhile, the man finally pulled over for the traffic stop, and was arrested for possession of marijuana and a crack pipe.

dispatched to an Eden convenience store where a Savannah Morning News employee filed a report that their newspaper box had been stolen. “It’s white and says Savannah Morning News on the front,” she said. Deputies suspect it was stolen by somebody wanting the quarters put in it by both SMN readers in the area. (I swear I ain’t got it!) • A Rincon woman filed a report just before Easter when someone stole the large 10 foot tall Easter bunny from her yard. (Who’d wanna steal that, and then be responsible for buying carrots by the truckload to feed it?!!) • Deputies assisted agents from the Georgia DNR in executing a search warrant at a Rincon area residence. The search turned up 13 long rifles, 4 pistols, a large amount of ammunition, and a small amount of marijuana. The man at the home was arrested for possession of firearms by a convicted felon, though he claimed the guns belonged to his wife. The guns were found in the man’s closet, not in his wife’s closet, unless they’re both cross dressers. • A Deputy responded to a Guyton home where a young man filed a report that his uncle was harassing him, wanting him to replace a basketball he’d shot with a pellet gun. The man said he told his uncle he’d buy him a new one as soon as he got some money, but then his uncle threatened to beat him up. (“Basketball Jones... I gotta basketball

tunately, due to the recession, enrollment in Medicaid has increased by 9% in the last two years. This huge hole in Georgia’s Medicaid budget must be filled somehow if we are to protect the most vulnerable of Georgia’s citizens. For this reason, Stephens has proposed the tobacco tax, which would raise an additional $300 to $400 million per year. As Stephens has pointed out, we currently spend $537 million per year treating smoking related illnesses in Medicaid patients alone in Georgia. Why should the majority of non-smoking Georgians subsidize the medical costs of smokers? Furthermore, Georgia currently has the fifth lowest cigarette

taxes in the nation. Finally, a recent public opinion strategies poll showed that voters strongly favor the tobacco tax increase. This was true of all income levels. Indeed, even 50% of smokers support the increase. Increasing Georgia’s tobacco tax is the right thing to do at the right time. This issue is not about controlling the behavior of others. It is about finding the most common sense route to solving a huge budget crisis. In these difficult times we need true leaders in the legislature. Ron Stephens is such a leader.

Paul Liang, MD Family Practice

Jessie L. Petrea Savannah

Quality, Affordable Eye Care For The Entire Family!

nday through Friday: 100 OFF 00 a.m. to 423 6:00 p.m. S. Columbia Avenue Continued from page 1 ____________________________________

to argue with him until the Officer’s K-9 partner jumped out of the patrol car and came to his partner’s defense, grabbing the man by his arm with his teeth and pulling him to the ground. After a brief visit to Memorial Hospital for stitches for his arm, the man was taken to jail for fleeing to elude, driving while suspended, theft by conversion and DUI. (I hope it’s okay for us to send this K-9 a pack of treats!) • Just after 7pm, an Officer was dispatched to the coin laundry where a man was sitting in the restroom, not letting customers use it. The man was just sitting on the closed toilet lid smoking a cigarette when the Officer walked in. Since he didn’t have any clothes in a washer or dryer, he was arrested for criminal trespass. • At 11:30pm, Officers were investigating an armed robbery when they spotted one of the suspects on Minus Ave. They stopped the man and pat-searched him, finding four baggies of dope in his pants pocket. He was arrested for possession with intent to distribute. (That’s before, not instead of, any armed robbery charges...) • Around 9pm, a woman stopped an Officer on Hwy 80 at Dean For-

Effingham County Sheriff’s Office

• Just before noon, Deputies were dispatched to Hwy 17 between Hwy 80 and Roebling Road in Faulkville where a Hyundai Santa Fe had struck a deer, damaging the front right headlight. (D’oh!) • That same day, though much later, Deputies were dispatched to I-16 eastbound where a black Ford Expedition had swerved to avoid hitting a deer, causing his passenger side tire and rim to separate. (Doe! They might need to look at relocating some of them deer crossing signs! These deer don’t seem to be paying much attention to them!) • Around 3am, a Deputy was on Midland Road when he passed a black Chevy Malibu that didn’t dim his bright lights for his patrol car. He turned around and made a traffic stop. While speaking with the driver, he noticed the heavy odor of alcohol on the man’s breath and asked how much he’d had to drink. “About a six pack,” the man replied, just before he was handcuffed and hauled off to jail for DUI. • Around 5:30am, Deputies were

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Page A6 • Spirit Newspapers • April 8 - April 14, 2010

From Allison’s Desk...

Preferring Deadlines Over Headlines

Home Of the County Fair Buffet & Bakery

Mon-Fri 11am-4pm $679 Mon-Thurs 4pm-Close $849 Fri. after 4 P.M. $999 Open to Close Sat. & Sun. $999

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I don’t know why, but I’m feeling a little feisty this week. Seems each day the headlines, and people’s behavior in general, are getting more and more  bizarre.  It’s getting a little scary to even leave the house anymore. Here a just a few (out of many) of my traumatic morning moments while watching the news this week ...   Man Charged Posing as Fertility Doc to Molest People Phoenix - Maricopa County authorities say that 40-year old Jeffrey Graybill is being held without bond and is being charged with posing as a fertility doctor so he could sexually molest people while pretending to give them physical exams. (Ewwwwww! I don’t know about ya’ll, but I don’t think my doctor gets any more enjoyment out of these exams than me - thank the Lord they are only one time a year!)   Cash and Carry-On: $45 to Bring Bag on Flight Spirit Airlines will be charging up to $45 for carry-on bags. (Reason # 312 why I will think twice about flying again. I wonder if that applies to your pocketbook, too? Cause it’s getting’ to where that will be the only thing that I take with me on my next flight with all of these new fees!)   Jogger Finds Human Scull in Boston Woods (This is so very sad, and we’re hearing more and more about this type of criminal activity. I’m never going to take up jogging!)  

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Woman spends $47,000 per Year on Hair It was recently reported that the average woman spends roughly $50,000 on her hair over the course of her lifetime (these stats do not apply to Allison’s lifetime). Brandi Irwin, a 28-year-old New Yorker reportedly spends $47,000 in a year on her long locks - an expense that could amount to $1.4 million over the next 30 years, all for an extra 24 inches of hair. Every time the former model steps into the Gemini 14 Salon in New York City, she forks over $10,000 for hair extensions,  which she gets done three times a year. Add to that her color sessions every six weeks at roughly $300 a pop, twice a week blow-outs (what the heck is a blow out?) at $65 each, plus tips and cha-ching! This woman spends as much in one year as most women spend in a lifetime. (This woman spends more in  1 month than I will spend in this century). Singer Lists Malibu Home for $6.1M Josh Groban has listed his 4 bedroom, 4.5 bath, 3,294 sq. ft. Malibu home for sale cause he wants to move to New York (I love Josh Groban but those must be some kind of majestic bedrooms. Break that asking price down to ‘per square footage’ ... And, why move to New York? I know where he can get a great deal on another 4 bedroom home in a real home-town! Those California people have real problems don’t they?)   Evangelist Stands Trial in Wife’s Killing Anthony Hopkins is charged with killing his wife and stuffing her body in a freezer in 2004. Supposedly his wife found him engaged in inappropriate relations with a teenage family member and he murdered her. Another family member who is allegedly currently pregnant with Hopkins child lead authorities to the body. (I can’t think of many more things that could be emotionally, mentally and/or spiritually wrong with this scenario. I wonder if he ever pondered, ‘Practice what you preach’?)   DNA Tells Where Dogs Come From Researchers have determined that dogs originated from the middle east. (Really? I’m guessing somewhere around Mount Ararat.  But, who really cares? What I care about is how much these researchers are getting paid to ‘research’ this useless information while most everyone I know is having challenges with buying groceries). 

Piece of Plane Falls Off During Florida-Bound Flight A JetBlue flight headed to Fort Lauderdale from Newark  Airport returned to Newark after part of an engine cover fell off. (Reason #313 why I will think twice about flying again. Am I the only one who has noticed the many ‘mishaps’ with airlines and airplanes over the last couple of years? I’ll drive wherever I go if at all possible).   3 Navy Seals Accused of Mistreatment of Terrorist (I had to reread this a couple of times - I cannot believe that this would even be a headline in any American publication, print or otherwise).   Woman Gives Birth on Sidewalk After Hospital Refuses to Help India - Even though a woman’s husband rushed into a hospital to ask for help, she was refused medical care and continued to writhe in pain for nearly an hour. The woman finally gave birth outside, but the child did not survive. (How very, very sad. I wonder what healthcare plan is implemented in that country. Even if there is none, where is the humanity?) Note: The hospital denies any wrong doing in this case and has yet to make a formal comment. Hmmmmmm.   The Duggars Take Baby #19 Home From the Hospital Though born on December 10th weighing in at only 1 Lb. 6 oz., thankfully Josie Brooklyn is now stable and at 4 lbs. 9 oz. ready to go home! (Okay, I don’t know how these parents and this family does this, but I know this, at this point in my life it takes me about 10 minutes to actually get out of bed and I’m not fully functioning until after my 2nd cup of coffee. I only raised 3 children and I feel deserving of some kind of national award. I can’t imagine what their Ob/Gyn insurance is ... 19 young’uns? How do they find the time to have another, and another, etc.)   Thanks for letting me rant! Wishing ya’ll many, many blessings in the upcoming week!


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Spirit Newspapers • April 8 - April 14, 2010 • Page A7

Whatcha’ Got Cookin’?

The Coastal Bank Hires Kelley Remler as Mortgage Loan Originator The Coastal Bank is pleased to announce that Kelley Remler recently joined the bank as a new Mortgage Loan Originator at the Stephenson Avenue office. With more than 20 years of executive management experience, Remler will focus on mortgage lending and financing construction of residential properties. Prior to joining The Coastal Bank, Remler served as the Bank Senior Vice President at First National Bank, overseeing all management, loan production and the profitability of the mortgage and construction division in Savannah. Her responsibilities included management of construction loan portfolios, underwriting, preparing

new loans and renewals, compliance, documentation and approval of construction inspections and

draws. Over the years, she also served as Senior Vice President at Riverside Residential Lending, Inc. in Savannah and as First Vice President at Century South Bank in Savannah. “We’re delighted to welcome such an accomplished mortgage expert to The Coastal Bank’s professional team,” said Pam Brandt, Senior Vice President and Mortgage Sales Manager at The Coastal Bank. “Kelley brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to our customer base.” A Savannah native, Remler graduated from Georgia Southern University with a B.B.A. in 1982 and currently resides in Savannah.

ZION LUTHERAN CHURCH HELPS OUR SISTERS & BROTHERS IN HAITI Zion Lutheran church responded to the cries from the Lutheran World Relief agency through the Southeastern Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America for additional health kits to Haiti. LWR kits are unique. In addition to providing comfort and important tools for daily living, these ordinary items are also beautiful expressions of God’s grace and love from one side of the world to the other. We give special thanks to Zion’s WELCA (women of the ELCA) groups who collected funds and organized the packing. Monies collected were used to purchase items for health kits that have been greatly depleted, due to the major need of the earthquake victims. Zion’s congregation was able to collect and pack over 120 health kits with wash cloths, band aids, soap and other various needed items. The congregation at Zion has come to the aid of the people in Haiti in the

Police Reports

Continued from page 5 ____________________________________

Jones... I gotta basketball Jones... for you...”) • Around 2pm, a Deputy noticed a blue Volvo driving recklessly southbound while he was northbound on Hwy 21. He was unable to turn around and catch the driver due to the heavy traffic, so he radioed ahead to Rincon Police, who stopped the man and placed him under arrest for active probation warrants from Chatham County. • A Deputy was patrolling a Faulkville neighborhood when he came upon a Chevy station wagon with it’s hood raised on the side of the road. He noticed the four young men in the car as he approached, and quickly recognized the odor of burnt marijuana. The driver explained that he’d been at a friend’s house and was leaving when his car malfunctioned. The Deputy soon was searching the car and located the bag of marijuana on the rear passenger floorboard. Two of the boys were allowed to leave and walk home, while another was taken home to his parents. The driver was taken to jail on charges of pos-

Elton Brown, Owner

Taco Casserole

1-1/2 Lbs. Lean Ground Beef 1 Cup Chunky Salsa (medium or hot works better) 1/2 Cup Mayonnaise (not salad dressing) 2 Tsp. Chili Powder 1 Tsp. Ground Cumin 2 Cups Coarsely Crushed Tortilla Chips 1 1/2 Cup Shredded Colby Cheese 1 1/2 Cup Shredded Monterey Jack Cheese 1 Large Tomato, chopped Shredded Lettuce Brown ground beef; drain. Add salsa, mayonnaise, cumin and chili powder. In un-greased 2 quart casserole dish, layer half the meat mixture, half the chips and half the cheeses. Repeat layers, ending with cheese. Bake, uncovered, at 350º for 25 to 30 minutes. Before serving, top with lettuce and tomato. Send your favorite recipe along with your name, address and phone number to:

Spirit Newspapers P.O. Box 33 • Pooler, Georgia 31322 or fax to 748-0490

“Upscale Salon Quality Without Upscale Prices!”

past and will do it again in the future. Zion Lutheran Church is located at 121 Noel C. Conaway Road, (corner of Hwy 30 and Hwy 17), in Guyton. If anyone wishes to contribute or help, please contact Pastor Barbara Koch at 728-3430. Our session of marijuana. • A Deputy was alerted to Rincon Police chasing a black Buick with the driver possibly in possession of a gun. The Deputy joined the chase as they turned south on Hwy 21. The driver ran a couple of stop signs as he tried sneaking through a subdivision. He finally stopped and was taken to jail for possession of marijuana, reckless driving, and fleeing to elude. • Deputies were dispatched to a Springfield domestic dispute where two women were doing there best to keep a man from leaving to go find some crack cocaine. There, they learned another man had come into the home and refused to leave, until the crack-craving culprit fired his shotgun into the air to scare him away. When the Deputies realized the man had a felony record, he was arrested for possession of a firearm ___________________________________ Continued on page 13

Take Off Pounds Sensibly Pooler TOPS meets every Thursday at Trinity United Methodist Church on Benton Avenue. Weigh-in starts at 5:30 p.m. Program starts at 6:00 p.m. For more information, call 450-3633, or 912-823-9844.



“If God would have intended us to follow recipes, He wouldn’t have given us grandmothers.” ~ Linda Henley

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106 International Dr • Rincon (Off McCall Road)

Tuesday-Friday, 9:30-5:30 Monday, Saturday & Late Appointments Available


And when the sabbath was past, Mary Magdalene, and Mary the [mother] of James, and Salome, had bought sweet spices, that they might come and anoint him. And very early in the morning the first [day] of the week, they came unto the sepulchre at the rising of the sun. And they said among themselves, Who shall roll us away the stone from the door of the sepulchre? And when they looked, they saw that the stone was rolled away: for it was very great. And entering into the sepulchre, they saw a young man sitting on the right side, clothed in a long white garment; and they were affrighted. And he saith unto them, Be not affrighted: Ye seek Jesus of Nazareth, which was crucified: He is risen; He is not here: behold the place where they laid Him. ~ Mark 16:1-6

Come Gather With Us!

ARDSLEY PARK BAPTIST CHURCH Bull at 56th in Savannah

For more information, please call us at 234-1256

Rev. Sam Khalaf, Pastor

• Sunday Worship at 11am • Sunday School at 9:30am • Evening Worship at 6pm • Prayer Meeting Wednesdays at 6pm

Page A8 • Spirit Newspapers • April 8 - April 14, 2010

Let Us Remember...

Ida M. Kersey

Rincon- Ida M. Kersey, 86, passed away peacefully on March 31, 2010 at Hospice Savannah surrounded by her loving family. The Wilkinson County native was a member of Jasper Springs Baptist Church. She was preceded in death by her husband, Jack Kersey; son, Doye Kersey; and parents, Shambrey and Lucile McCoy. Survivors include her sons, Grady Kersey (Christine) and Billy Kersey

(Kim); daughter-in-law, Donna Kersey; sister, Nina Wheeler; 7 grandchildren; 6 great-grandchildren; and multiple nieces and nephews. Graveside Services were held at 2pm Friday, April 2, 2010 at Greenwich Section of Bonaventure Cemetery. Remembrances: Hospice Savannah, P.O. Box 13190, Savannah, GA 31416. Thomas C. Strickland & Sons Funeral Home, Effingham Chapel, was in charge of all arrangements.

Mrs. Cynthia Gibson

Guyton-Mrs. Cynthia Gibson, 58, passed away on Tuesday, March

30, 2010 at Memorial Health University Medical Center. Mrs. Gibson was born in Atlanta and was one of seven children born to the late Harold & Georgia Jones. She enjoyed sewing and was an avid Bingo player. Survivors include her husband, Tom Gibson of Guyton; son and daughter-in-law, Tommy & Deborah Gibson of Rincon and grandchildren, Jeremy Usry, Kristen Usry and Branch “Peanut” Gibson. Memorial Services were held at 4pm on Saturday in the chapel of the funeral home. The family requests that in lieu of flowers, remembrances may be given to the Shriners Hospital for Children, 12502 USF Pine Drive, Tampa, FL 33612-9411 Friends may sign the online register book at Thomas C. Strickland & Sons Funeral Homes, West Chatham Chapel, was in charge of all arrangements.

Nina Bell Proctor Braddock

In Loving Memory of Our Daughter and Sister,

TERESA DENICE DAVIS June 20, 1968 – April 9, 2008

In our heart we hold you so dear For it’s as if you were still here. It’s been two years since you left that day When God called you home with Him to stay. Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound For our love for you is all around. We know that God’s love shines through the light For we can see your face with a smile so bright. You have a new home in Heaven above Where you are surrounded by God’s great love. As you walk the streets of gold, Here on earth, your story will never go untold. Love and miss you dearly, Mama and Daddy, brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews, family and friends

Nina Bell Proctor Braddock, 81, of Savannah, died Friday, Apr 2, 2010 at her residence under the care of Hospice Savannah. She was born in Swainsboro, and had worked as a Cashier for the former Byrd Brothers Super Market. She was a former member of Morningside Baptist, and then affiliated with Burkhalter Baptist Church, which later became Crossroads Baptist Church. She loved fishing, and was well loved by all who knew her. She is survived by her husband, Cecil Braddock; sons, Edward C. Braddock, Ronald Paul Braddock, and James C. Braddock; 2 daughters, Cecilia Ann Braddock, and Lisa Y. Stokes; a brother, Billy C. Proctor; 3 sisters, Sybil Cribbs, Zira Taylor and Barbara Proctor, 11 grandchildren, 16 great grandchildren, many nieces and nephews, and many great nieces and great nephews. Funeral Services were held at

Look Beyond Today...

Riggs Funeral Home Ben Wages Chapel

1979 Hwy. 119 South • Guyton


Roland (Red) Davis, Sr. April 10, 1939 ~ April 9, 2001

Happy Birthday! I wish that you were here to enjoy it but you are in a better place. I have missed you so much, not being able to talk to you about our children and grandchildren. Please continue to watch over them and me. I miss you every day and I will always love you with all of my heart. I will see you again one day. Love, Frankie Daddy, I miss you and love you. ~David

A Celebration of Life

Sensible. Compassionate. Experienced. Professional. Assuring. Comforting. Thomas C. sTriCkland & sons Funeral homes Family Owned & Operated Since 1971 Ask us about transferring your prearrangements

11am Tuesday at Crossroads Baptist Church (formerly Burkhalter Baptist Church), with Rev. Everett Tumblin, and Ron Hiers officiating. Interment was in Hillcrest Abbey Memorial Park. Remembrances: Hospice Savannah, 1352 Eisenhower Drive, Savannah, Ga 31406. Fairhaven Funeral Home was in charge of all arrangements.

Kalea Stacey Richey

Bloomingdale-Kalea Stacey Richey, infant daughter of Huber Dale Richey and Amanda Lynn Richey, passed away on Friday. Additional survivors include a sister, Kayloni Serenity Richey; brother, Deacon Richey and grandparents, Huber Richey, Tina Richey and Diane Rieder. Graveside Funeral services were held at 4pm on Tuesday at Gravel Hill Cemetery. Friends may sign the online register book at Thomas C. Strickland & Sons Funeral Homes, West Chatham Chapel, was in charge of all arrangements.

Mrs. Dorothy H. Elliott

GARDEN CITY – Mrs. Dorothy H. Elliott, 91, passed away Saturday, April 3, 2010 at Azalealand Nursing Home under the care of hospice. Dorothy was born in Atlanta, GA to the late Harry O. Hall and Katie Mae Thompson. She is preceded in death by her husband Fred S. Elliott. She retired from the Board of Education as Executive Secretary. She was a charter member of Chapel in the Gardens Presbyterian Church and was a member of the Eastern Star and was a volunteer at Candler Hospital for many years. She is survived by her daughters, Joann E. Shaw, June E. Sasser (Thomas A.) and Janet E. Womble (Bernard); grandchildren, Stacey S. Kill (Russell), Stephen E. Sasser, Jennifer S. McDonough (Stewart), Amy W. Conaway (Alan) and Paul F.L. (Rick) Womble (Jacqueline); eleven great-grandchildren and three great-great grandchildren; and a sister, Betty H. Dionne. Funeral services were held Wednesday at 11am at Chapel in the Gardens Presbyterian Church in Garden City with burial to follow at Forest Lawn Memory Gardens. Memorials may be given to Hospice Savannah, PO Box 13190, Savannah, GA 31416. Friends may sign the online register book at Thomas C. Strickland & Sons Funeral Homes, West Chatham Chapel, was in charge of all arrangements.

Katherine Nicoll Lee

band of 58 years, Rudolph H. Lee. She is also survived by a son, Rudolph N. Lee (Nick), and daughter in law, Lee Ann; a daughter, Rosemary Lee (Rosie), Two granddaughters, Katherine Peeples Brewer (Nicki), and husband Joshua Stephen Brewer, and Julianne Lee Peebles, an Uncle, Pleasant L. Rourk and Aunt, Anita Rourk; Niece, Katherine Smith and husband Rick; nephew, Billy Robertson and wife Pam, brother in law, Walter A. Robertson. Funeral Services were held at 3pm Saturday at Trinity Lutheran Church, with Pastor John Hopkins, officiating. Interment will follow in Forest Lawn Memory Gardens. Remembrances: Trinity Lutheran Church, 12391 Mercy Blvd, Savannah, Ga 31419. Fairhaven Funeral Home was in charge of all arrangements.

Mrs. Nell LaRue Johnson

Garden City-Mrs. Nell LaRue Johnson died on Tuesday, April 6, 2010 at the age of 73. Mrs. Johnson was preceded in death by her parents, George Kelly Rogers and Eva LaRue Rogers, her husband, Augustus E. “Gus” Johnson and a brother, George Rogers. Mrs. Johnson lived in Garden City for 48 years and retired from Georgia Ports Authority. After retiring she and her husband enjoyed camping and fishing. She was a wonderful cook and well known for her fried shrimp. She loved going to Church and was a member of the Garden City Primitive Baptist Church for many years. She will be deeply missed by all that knew her. A special thank you to the staff at Oceanside Nursing Home for your kindness and generosity. Survivors include her daughter and son-in-law, Victoria and Kenneth Thomas; brother, Riska Rogers and a sister, Sammie Hendrix. Funeral: 1:30pm on Thursday at the Garden City Primitive Baptist Church. Burial will follow at Forest Lawn Memory Gardens on Bonaventure Road in Savannah. Remembrances may be given to the Garden City Primitive Baptist Church, P.O. Box 7623, Garden City, GA 31408. Friends may sign the online register book at Thomas C. Strickland & Sons Funeral Homes, West Chatham Chapel, is in charge of all arrangements.

Miss Julia Anne Powers

Katherine Nicoll Lee, 75, of Mount Pleasant, S.C., and formerly of Savannah, passed away on Sunday, March 28, 2010 at Hospice Center, in Mount Pleasant, S.C. She was born in Charleston, S.C., daughter of the late Rose Sawadski Nicoll and William Edwin Nicoll. Katherine attended the University of South Carolina and graduated from Pfiffer University in Misenhiemer, NC, with a degree in Elementary Education. She also received her Masters degree from Armstrong State University in Education and Reading. She was employed with the Savannah – Chatham Country Board of Education for twenty six years, working as a classroom teacher and a reading specialist. Mrs. Lee was a member of the Georgia Retired Educators Association. She was a member of Trinity Lutheran Church where she was a member of the Day Lily Circle and The Young at Heart Group. She was also a Stephen Minister. Katherine is survived by her hus-

Garden City-Miss Julia Anne Powers, 46, passed away on Monday, April 5, 2010 at her home. Julia was born in Savannah, grew up in Garden City and taught school at Springfield Elementary for 20 years. She was a member of Good Shepherd Lutheran Church in Garden City. She was preceded in death by her father, Stephen Andrew Powers. Survivors include her mother, Lora Story Powers; two sisters and a brother-in-law, Sarah E. Powers and Carla P. (Randy) McCurry and a nephew, Stephen Edward (Michelle) McCurry. Visitation: 4pm-6pm on Thursday at the funeral home. Funeral: 6pm on Thursday in the chapel of the funeral home. Graveside Funeral: 10:30am on Friday at Forest Lawn Memory Gardens. Friends may sign the online register book at ___________________________________ Continued on page 9

Let their memories live forever remembered by countless generations to come...

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Spirit Newspapers • April 8 - April 14, 2010 • Page A9

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Thomas C. Strickland & Sons Funeral Homes, West Chatham Chapel, is in charge of all arrangements.

Mrs. Mildred Marie Metts

Mrs. Mildred Marie Metts, 89, died Saturday, March 20, 2010 at Effingham County Hospital. Mrs. Metts was born in Houston County and lived in Springfield for a number of years. She was a homemaker and a Baptist. She is preceded in death by her husband, Newell Metts and a granddaughter, Chrissie Metts. Survivors include her daughter, Shirley Saxton (Carl) of Brooklet; son, Daniel Metts; nine grandchildren, Sonia Whitworth, Shelia Ad-




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ams, Carl S. Saxton, Stephen Sax- Stone Co., where she was the secton, Brian Saxton, Amanda Metts, retary and was also a life member 0901136 State Farm Fire and Casualty Company, State Farm General Insurance Company, Bloomington, IL Julie Metts, Erica Adams and Star- of the National Association of Rela Adams; one great-grandchildren tired Federal Employees. and one great-great-grandchild. Mrs. Bennett was predeceased by Funeral services were held her parents, Emory J. and MagFire and Casualty State Farm General Insurance Bloomington, Wilson IL 0901136 State Farm Wednesday, March 24 Company, in the Ben gieCompany, Williams of Savannah; Wages Chapel of Riggs Funeral a brother, Emory J. Wilson, Jr. of Home. Interment was at Westside Richmond, VA; and a sister, Laura Memorial Gardens. W. Darling of Savannah. Riggs Funeral Home in Guyton, Survivors include her husband Georgia was in charge of arrange- of 67 years, Roy L. Bennett, Sr.; ments. a daughter and son-in-law, Ruth Ann (Skeet) and Harvey Varnadoe of Pooler, a son and daughter-inMildred Ruth Wilson law, Roy L. (Jr.) and Janice BenBennett nett of Savannah; five grandchilMildred Ruth Wilson Bennett, 94, dren, Beau (Marsha) Varnadoe, died Tuesday, April 6, 2010, at St. Stephen Varnadoe, Ben Varnadoe, Joseph’s Hospital. She was a lifelong resident of Sa- Jeff (Chanel) Bennett, and Megan Bennett; three great grandchilvannah, a member of Washington dren, Devin Varnadoe and Cole Ave. Christian Church, formerly and Hailey Bennett; and several Chatham Christian Church. Mrs. nieces and nephews. Bennett retired from Cut Art Visitation: 6pm – 8pm Thursday, April 8, 2010 at the funeral home. Funeral Service: 11am Friday, April 9, 2010 in the Chapel of the funeral home with Rev. Tom Keller officiating. Burial: Forest Lawn Memory Gardens. Fairhaven Funeral Home is in charge of all arrangements.

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Page A10 • Spirit Newspapers • April 8 - April 14, 2010


Fruits Vine

By Billy Graham

Q: Does the devil ever give up on us and let us alone because he knows we won’t listen to him? With God’s help, I’ve been able to deal with some really bad problems in my life, but sometimes I wonder if the temptation to fall back into my old ways will ever go away. -- Z.K.

of the

For a more complete listing of churches, visit

Rincon Community Easter Sunrise Service Rincon area churches joined together in celebration of Easter this past Sunday, April 4th. It is an Effingham tradition for area churches to unite at the banks of the Savannah River in the Ebenezer community, at the historic Jerusalem Lutheran Church. There were about one hundred congregants gathered on the brisk, dark Sunday morning at 6:45am. As the service began, greetings proclaiming that Christ has risen indeed came from Rev. John Barichivich, pastor at New Jerusalem. Through the nestled trees, you could hear the Alleluias resounding as hymns were sung. Echoes of a nearby rooster even enhanced the morning as everyone was meditating on the first Easter morning. Rev. Duane W. Logsdon of Cornerstone Baptist Church led in Psalm as a responsive reading declaring that this is the day that the Lord has made. As the responsive reading was finished, young voices came from atop of the hill singing “This Blessed Easter Day.” The message for Easter Sunrise Service was presented by Pastor Bob Rogers of First Baptist Church of Rincon. Pastor Rogers performed

The Presence of God

I’ve felt the true presence of God a few times in my life, so real it seemed that I might reach out and touch Him. Each of those events has been etched solidly into my memory. It’s safe there and I call upon it for renewal of my spirit whenever needed, my own minimiracle. One summer, my husband and I had the good fortune to travel by river cruiser from Amsterdam to Vienna. The trip afforded us many pleasures as we traversed the Rhine, Main, and Danube rivers. Cathedrals and castles, cobblestones and cafes--we savored them all on the land excursions planned for us each day. Early one Sunday morning, our ship docked at the small town of Wertheim, Germany. Here, we were told by our program director, we would have the opportunity to watch a glass blowing demonstration and then visit the retail shop that Hans, the Glass Blower, operated with his family. “I’m so sorry that there are no other shops open since it is Sunday, but you can walk through the town and enjoy the buildings.” Renata told us as she pointed out a Protestant church. “There is a service here at 9:30 this morning, but it will be conducted in German.”

• Gospel Sing at First Baptist Church of Blitchton featuring Homeward Bound on April 10th at 7pm. A love offering will be taken. First Baptist Church of Blitchton is located at 5204 Hwy 80, Blitchton.

a dramatic monolog, performing as the Apostle Peter. The sermon was delivered in costume dress. The revelation of a risen Savior from the perspective of Peter was told. The message was concluded as he walked up through the crowd shouting as the disciples did, “Go tell! Go tell someone that Jesus is alive!” Rev. Wayne Merritt, Rincon Church of God, closed the Sunrise

Service with prayer, and the Apostle’s Creed was recited. The morning service was completed with fresh, home-made muffins and pastries served by the women of Jerusalem Lutheran Church. A joyous time of Easter celebration was enjoyed by citizens of our community. Events such as the annual Easter Sunrise Service portray the values held in Effingham County.

Ken and I attend church regularly in our home community, but, since this service would be in German, we elected to attend the glass blowing demonstration. How much can you get out of a service you cannot understand? Hans entertained us royally with his demonstration and lecture about his art. When we finished admiring the fragile merchandise in his shop, Ken and I strolled through this quaint little town situated alongside the river. The cobblestone streets and the halftimbered houses reminded us of fairy tale books we’d read as children. We admired the architecture of the buildings and stopped to gaze in the shop windows, regretting that none were open for business on Sunday. “It’s a good thing this art gallery isn’t open,” Ken said. “If it was, I’d buy that picture.” Lucky for me, the door was locked, and we had to move on. Turning from the art gallery window, we found ourselves next to the church Renata had pointed out earlier. “Let’s go take a look,” Ken said. “The service is over by now.” We climbed a flight of stone stairs and stepped into the cool interior of the church. No cathedral this one but truly lovely. An ornate altar with splashes of gold dominated the front.

Twenty to thirty people clustered near the front pews, talking softly and milling around. They began to arrange themselves with backs to the altar and facing the mostly empty pews. Their chatter slowed, then ceased as they gazed steadily at a man who faced them. It dawned on me that this was a choir of some sort getting ready to practice. Ken and I slid into one of the back pews, prepared to listen. We were treated to some of the most beautiful music I have ever been privileged to hear. The choir sang three songs, all in German. I could not understand one word, but there was no doubt that they were worshipping God with their music, singing from their hearts. It was as if we were listening to the voices of the angels. Joy and adoration radiated in the faces of the choir members as they sang in the near-empty church. Ken and I moved a little closer together, our shoulders touching. The light from the windows shone on the altar giving the gold leaf a vibrant glow. The choir voices appeared to surround us; melody and harmony blended to perfection. Soft, but clear as crystal, the music flowed from front, back and sides, even though the choir sang directly in front of us.

A: I’m thankful for the difference Christ has made in your life -- and I pray you will continue to rely on Him for the strength you need to resist temptation. We get in trouble when we rely on ourselves for strength -- but when we rely on God, He helps us overcome even Satan’s strongest assaults. No, Satan never gives up and decides to let us alone, because his goal is to draw us away from God -- and he always hopes he’ll be able to do this. And let’s face it: Sometimes he’s successful. This is why the Apostle Paul warned, “If you think you are standing firm, be careful that you don’t fall!” (1 Corinthians 10:12). Never forget: Satan is our enemy in the spiritual battles we face -- and like any enemy, he constantly seeks to find a weak point in our lives where he may attack. Sometimes his attacks are very obvious -- but sometimes he’s very subtle, attacking us when we don’t even realize it. He may no longer attack you where he has before, for example -- but he may try to fill you with pride, or impatience, or fears about the future. The key is to walk with Christ every day, through prayer, obeying His Word, and fellowship with other believers. The Bible says, “Resist the devil, and he will flee from you. Come near to God and he will come near to you” (James 4:7-8).

(Send your queries to “My Answer,” c/o Billy Graham, P.O. Box 1270, Charlotte, N.C., 28201; call 1-(877) 2-GRAHAM, or visit the Web site for the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association:

Prayer of the Week... Dear Lord, I admit that I am a sinner. I have done many things that don’t please you. I have lived my life for myself. I am sorry and I repent. I ask you to forgive me. I believe that you died on the cross for me, to save me. You did what I could not do for myself. I come to you now and ask you to take control of my life, I give it to you. Help me to live every day in a way that pleases you. I love you, Lord, and I thank you that I will spend all eternity with you. Amen As the resplendent voices rose and fell with the melody, I felt the presence of God so strongly that it seemed as if there was nothing else in the world but this church, this choir, and the two of us. I could not have spoken a word at that point as emotion rose high within me. My eyes brimmed with unshed tears. One thought surfaced--that I did not want this to ever end. But end it did. The last notes of the final song floated softly toward us and stopped. The people in the choir moved to the pews, picked up their coats and sweaters, and came down the aisle chatting in German and smiling as they passed us. They were once again ordinary humans, not the angels who raised their voices to the heavens. We sat there a bit longer and finally rose to follow them outside. The choir members clustered at the top of the steps posing for a picture. One of the men stood below on the cobblestone street, adjusting his camera, and we slipped by him to continue our tour of Wertheim. Before we reached the corner, I turned for a last look at the German singers who had given us

a taste of spirituality and perhaps a glimpse of Heaven on a quiet Sunday morning. Minutes passed before either of us could speak, and, when we compared our feelings, we realized we had experienced something very, very special. No, we had not attended the church service that morning, but we found something never to be forgotten. It was one of those rare times when God makes his presence known giving us His love and assurance that He is always with us. What a wonderful way to have it revealed to us— through the voices of this gifted choir as they practiced, singing a tribute to God. When life’s trials and tribulations seem to be closing in on me, I close my eyes and bring the memory of that Sunday morning back once more. I see the golden glow inside the church, hear the angelic voices of the choir, and feel the presence of God. A warm sense of peace envelops me, and I’m ready to meet the rest of my day. By Nancy Julien Kopp and passed along by

The Church Bulletin Board For more information, call Mike at 657-6985. • Saturday, April 10th – Our W.I.L.D. (Walking In Love Daily) Women will be hosting a “Bake

Sale” table at the Ottawa Farms Strawberry Festival beginning at 9am. All proceeds from this sale will be going towards our special “Land Purchase” Fund. Our Revival, featuring Bro. Kenny Grant, runs Sunday, May 2nd (services at 11am and 6pm) through Thursday, May 6th (week night services at 7pm). Please be in prayer for Revival and for Bro. Kenny as he prepares his messages. Thursday, May 6th is the National Day of Prayer. South Newington will open its doors at 6am for those who would like to stop in and pray for our country. A special short service will be held in the sanctuary at noon on Thursday and there will be a special message that evening. In preparation for our Revival, we are having three cottage prayer meetings as follows: April

19th, 7pm at Charlie and Linda Hutchinson’s, 2905 Little Neck Road, Bloomingdale; April 26th, 7pm at Rusty and Robin Morgan’s, 139 Ohoopee Avenue, Meldrim; and May 1st- location and time to be announced! South Newington Baptist Church, Pastor: Rev. Steve McCoy, 453 John Carter Road, Bloomingdale. For more information, contact the church office at 748-4831 or online at • Community Talent Show We are looking for talent to perform in a Community Wide Talent Show on Saturday, May 8th at 4pm in Rincon United Methodist Church’s Social Hall at 107 Savannah Avenue. Register with Leslie Chavez at 667-5281 or leslie@ by April 26th. Four age divisions: pre-k to 5, 6 – 11, 1218 and adult. Registration fee is

NEED PRAYER, DELIVERANCE OR HEALING? Through the Lord, Jesus Christ, we are here for all those in need of Prayer. Send prayer requests to:

House of Prayer Ministries 3104 Courthouse Road Guyton, GA 31312

or email:

$10. Trophies will be awarded.

• Come join the local fans of

the Blackwood Brothers Gospel Quartet as Rothwell Baptist Church hosts the famous singing group on Friday, April 9th at 7pm. There is no charge, and a love offering will be held.

• Trinity Chapel United Methodist Church will be having a Southern Gospel Sing on Saturday, April 17th, featuring The Premier Quartet of Rincon, from 6-8pm. Come see and heart The Premier Quartet, named the New Excelling Artist for 2009 at the Southern Gospel Music Fan Fair in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee! Trinity Chapel UMC is located at 10th and Butler on Tybee Island. For more information, call 912-786-6377. Love Offering collected will be given to the guest group to support their ministry. Coming May 15th: The Holcombes.

• Gospel Sing at Cokesbury United Methodist Church, Saturday, April 10th at 7pm, with very special guests Sons of Liberty, featuring southern, country and bluegrass style gospel music. Cokesbury UMC is located at 5411 Skidaway Road in Savannah. For more information, call 897-2861.

Spirit Newspapers • April 8 - April 14, 2010 • Page A11

Bloomingdale Alpha United Methodist Church 5 East Hwy 80 • 748-4062 Pastor Anna Kelley Ash Street Baptist Church 310 Ash Street • 748-0902 Rev. Carlton Wiley

United House of Prayer For All People 4107 6th Street • 966-5522 Elder Samuel Ransom

Pineora Baptist Church 131 Elkins Street • 772-3044 Pineora (Corner of Ga. 17) Pastor: Bobby Braswell, Jr.

Oakland Missionary Baptist 187 Burkhalter Rd. • 236-3439 Pastor Jerry Wright

Countryside Baptist Church 1201 Noel C. Conaway Rd. Pastor Terry A. Wilson Sand Hill Baptist 1931 Sand Hill Rd. • 728-3681 Rev. Royce Hendry

Bloomingdale Alliance Church 501 West Hwy 80 • 748-6351 Rev. Ken Otto

Alpha & Omega Ministries 4906 Pineland Dr. Pastor James P. Witherspoon

Church of the Nazarene 1116 East Hwy 80 • 748-9128 Pastor: David Horne

Palm Grove Primitive Baptist 2207 Shaw Avenue • 964-2080 Elder James W. Kicklighter

South Effingham Community Church 289 Harley Road • 728-3810 Pastor: Steve Canfield

Journey Church Meeting at Bloomingdale Elementary, Sunday mornings at 10:30am Pastor Larry D. Wilson 224-6453

Everlasting Life Christian Church 614 Hwy. 80W • 964-6003 Rev. Van Marie Green, Pastor

Zion Lutheran Hwy 30 at Ga. Hwy 17 Marlow • 728-3430 Pastor Barbara Koch

First Baptist Church of Bloomingdale Cherry Street • 748-4017 Rev. Darrell Bailey New Life Sanctuary 1410 Pine Barren Road • 988-3598 Pastor Bryan M. Smith Liberty Pentacostal Church Little Neck Road Life Springs Worship Center 1105 E. Hwy. 80 • 330-0740 Pastor Julie Stanley Piney Grove Baptist Church Hwy 80 • 748-5966 Pastor Belizaire Joseph South Newington Baptist 462 John Carter Road • 748-4831 Pastor Nathaniel Steve McCoy St. John Divine Baptist Hwy 80 Rev. Alphonso Piper Westside Christian Church Hwy 80 • 748-0309 Pastor Leonard Daughtery Bloomingdale Fellowship Church of God of Prophecy 1501 E. Hwy. 80 • 748-2181 Pastor: Mark Minter Firm Foundation Baptist Church 937 Mixon Road • 865-4505 Dr. Bernard D. Carter Effingham International Worship Center Marlow Learning Center • 748-7308 Pastor Eddie Tomberlin Berea Southern Methodist Church 2872 Noel Conaway Road • Guyton (GA 30 near Kolic Helmy Rd) Silver Hill United Methodist Church Silver Hill Church Rd. Pastor Al Fernandez Bible Lutheran Church 4650 McCall Road Rincon, GA. Sunday School 9:00 a.m. Church Service 10:00 a.m. Pastor Andrew Krey Clyo United Methodist Church Railroad St. at 3rd. Ave. Pastor Al Fernandez “The Lighthouse” of Effingham meeting at Rincon YMCA 1224 Patriot Drive • 856-0428 Roland Dann, Pastor Corinth Baptist Church 290 Corinth Church Rd. 754-1338 • Shawnee Pastor: Dr. George Lanier Mizpah United Methodist Church Clyo Kildare Rd • 754-1563 Pastor: Jose Velasquez Garden City Central Baptist Church 4010 Old Louisville Rd. • 965-0752 Rev. Kenny Harrelson Count It All Joy Ministries Highway 17 Michael Tucker

Trinity Church of God 2202 Hwy. 80 • 964-8770 Frank Gupton Oak Grove Missionary Baptist 4617 Louisville Road • 964-2683 Mt. Olivet Baptist Church 4285 Ogeechee Rd. • 234-1979 Pastor Robert L. Miley Silk Hope Baptist Church 18 Tower Dr • 233-8424 Rev. Jonathan E. Phillips Woodlawn Baptist 407 Talmadge Ave. • 964-8676 Gary Johnson, Pastor

Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witness 4869 Louisville Road • 964-1210

It’s Harvest Time Church 409 W. Hwy. 80 • Pooler 748-1560 Sundays at 11am Pastors Greg & Donna Van Gorp West Chatham Baptist Church South Rogers Street Rev. David Stanford MorningStar Baptist Church 131 Canal Street (off Pooler Parkway) Pastor Tom Byerly Savannah First Seventh Day Adventist 50 Godley Way • Pooler • 748-5977 Rev. Mark Pioutrowski Gateway Community Church Now meeting at the YMCA on Pooler Parkway • 220-1074 Pastor Matt Hearn Church of Christ in Pooler Meets at Quality Inn (behind Burger King on Governor Treutlen Drive/I-95) Services: 10AM-Bible Class 11AM-Worship Service Every Sunday Contact 912-966-2071 The Church at Godley Station (Meeting Sundays at 9am behind Home Depot on Pooler Pkwy) Pastor Earnie Pirkle Assoc. Pastor: Steve Dees 220-4440

Goshen United Methodist Church Hwy. 21 at Goshen Rd • 826-6088 Pastor Devin Schultz

Springfield United Methodist 209 Cleveland St. Rev. Ben Martin

Bryant Temple W. 6th St. • 826-2896

Thomas Chapel AME Savannah Town Rd. • 754-1233

Ephesus Reformed Baptist 826-4598 • Pastor Steve Thomas

Turkey Branch United Methodist Turkey Branch Rd. • 754-0053 Madison Morgan – New Pastor

Faith Presbyterian 2000 Lexington Avenue 826-6880 Rev. Mary Beene First Baptist of Rincon 201 E. 6th St. • 826-5536 Dr. Bob Rogers New Life Worship Center 5509 McCall Road • 826-3832 Pastor Paul Flippo First Christian 826-2224 Minister Steve Parker Goodwill Missionary Baptist Church Blandford Rd. • 826-5259 Rev. Jonah E. Jerman

Silk Hope United Methodist 5212 Silk Hope Rd. • 447-5282 Guyton/Marlow Faith Ministries International 51 Central Blvd. (Hwy. 17) 772-4849 Pastor, Bruce Meyers Pine Street Baptist 118 Lynn Bonds Avenue Pastor: Chris Roberson

Port Wentworth Bonnybridge Baptist Church 811 Bonnybridge Rd. • 964-0553 Dr. Dan Hall, Pastor

The Fountain Church International 131 Canal Street, Suite B • 704-1462 Sunday: 8AM and 11 AM, Wednesday’s POWER HOUR @ 7PM Pastor Joseph Clinton

Open Door Ministries at Joel’s Place 13 North Coastal Hwy. at Bonnybridge Rd. • 964-5001 Pastor Neil Bush

New Life Covenant Church 1105 E. Hwy. 80 • 220-5244 Rev. Rodney A. Sprauve

Pineora Holy Church of God 460 McLaws Rd. • 232-6100 Pastor Ronnie Miles

Abundant Life Community Church (ELCA) Sunday School 9:23 AM Weekly Worship - Sundays at 10:30 AM 119 Canal St. Suite 105 Just off the Pooler Parkway near Cancun Mexican Restaurant Pastor Seth Bridger 856-6871

Faith Baptist Church 1951 Hwy 119 South • Guyton Dr. Calvin Bradley, Pastor 772-5269

Christ Presbyterian Church Coffee, Welcome with Worship at 10:00 a.m. 1743 Quacco Road • 925-6441 Rev. Ed Ayers • 713-1276

Elam Egypt Baptist Church Paul Moore, Pastor 2166 Egypt Ardmore Rd • 754-5060 Rev. Peter Vermeulen

The Sycamore at West Chatham Meeting in homes on Wednesdays Pastor Ric Smith • 596-4725

New Vision Pentecostal Church, 2355 Hwy 119 • 772-4417 Pastor: Charles Bazemore

United Methodist Church Ga. Hwy 17 • Marlow Rev. Richard Holt Hwy. 30 Church of Christ 1952 Noel C. Conaway Rd. 728-3819 John W. Wright, Jr. Guyton Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) 301 Pine Street 772-3478

First Baptist of Marlow 2229 Central Ave. • 772-7438 Pastor Daniel Alexander (Minister of Gospel)

Lighthouse Baptist Church 106 Pipemakers Circle • 748-1164 Pastor: Dr. Van Power New Birth Savannah 118 Pipemaker’s Circle Suites 202-205 748-2969 Pastor: Kenneth K. Law New Life Sanctuary 1410 Pine Barren Road Pastor J. S. Hartman • 572-6001 Heavenbound Baptist Church 1014 Quacco Road • 921-1500 Rev. Gene Alderman First Presbyterian Church Pooler (PCA) 329 Hwy. 80 East • 330-9415 John Fender, Pastor Faith Bible Baptist Church 5137 Old Louisville Rd. • 964-7655 Dale Mathis, Pastor Crossroads Worship Center Hwy. 80 at N. Rogers St. • 547-5101 Rev. Joe Hubbard

Grace Community Church 1094 Goshen Rd. • 826-4204 Pastor Wesley Corbitt

Bethel Baptist Church 748-9085 Pastor Eddie Deas

Marantha Assembly of God 454 Weisenbaker Rd. • 826-5234 Rev. Mike Beck

New Vision Baptist Church 2417 Louis Mills Blvd. 236-4841 Pastor Gary Bradham

First Baptist Church of Garden City 35 Nelson Ave. • 964-0355

New Hope Christian Church 2420 Courthouse Rd. • 772-4499 Rev. Brad Proudfoot

Garden City Primitive Baptist Sunday Morning Services: 9:45am & 11am Sunday Evening Services: 6:30pm Wednesday Evening Services: 6:30pm 126 Smith Ave. • 964-5014 Pastor: Elder Hugh Thompson

Trinity Faith International Church 776 Kolic Helmey Road Pastor: Kaye Bell

Reaching For Souls Located in the All American Glass Shopping Center on Hwy. 80 478-494-0893 Pastors: Stanly & Angela Abraham

Savannah Christian Church 55 Al Henderson Blvd. Pastor Cam Huxford

Holy Church Of God 707 Little Neck Rd • 920-0042 Rev. Ryan Ralston

Journey Community Church 5938 Highway 21 South • 754-9444 Pastor Michael Bassett

New Mount Olive Baptist 835 Chevis Rd. • 920-1133

Port Wentworth Alliance Church 222 Cantyre Street • 964-4495 Pastor John Smith Faith Foundation C.O.G.I.C. 7 Cantyre Street • 964-0019 Pastor, Elder Earl Williams, Jr. Port Wentworth Baptist 231 Grange Rd • 964-0762

St. John’s Lutheran Hwy 21 at 7th St. • 826-5411 Springfield Agape Assembly of God 703 First St. Ext. • 754-6354 Pastor: Shane Holcombe

Real Life Christian Fellowship 841 Crossgate Rd. Pastor Paul L. Taylor, Jr.

New Testament Fellowship UPC 307 South Laurel St. • 754-9782 Pastor: Walter Thomas

Port Wentworth United Methodist 201 Turnberry Street • 964-4210 Pastor: Tom Edwards

Bethel Lutheran ELCA 1984 Hwy 21N • 754-6561 Rev. Shelley Nelson-Bridger

Rincon Effingham Baptist Church 1007 North Columbia Ave. 826-3794 Pastor: Tom Davis

Holy Samaritan Apostolic Church of the Living God 148 Rawls Drive • 754-4234 Pastor Isiah Brehler, Sr.

St. Mary’s Holiness Church 205 Stokes Ave • Rincon • 826-4525 Bishop Billy Scott

First Baptist of Springfield 1435 Hwy 119N • 754-3443 Rev. Jeff Rollins

Jehovah Shammah Assembly of God 432 Blandford Rd. • 826-2173 Pastor Jackie Gordon

Northside Church of God 273 Church Row • 754-4801 Pastor Reginald Anderson, Sr.

St. Luke’s Episcopal 155 Goshen Rd. 826-3332 Worship Service, 9:00 am Sunday School, 10:30 am à Rev. Liam Collins

Abundant Life Church 1541 Highway 21 South • 754-3148 Pastor Don Burkhalter

Cornerstone Baptist Church Lexington Avenue Sunday: 10:45am • Wednesday: 7pm 754-9650 Pastor Duane Logsdon Centerpoint Church Meeting at Effingham YMCA 1224 Patriot Drive Pastors David Rhoads & Mike Bassett 826-5521 Brookstone Community Church 604 Goshen Road • 401-2918 Pastor James Broxton Church of the Harvest 434 Weisenbaker Rd. • 826-6461 Rev. Brunson

Gethsemane Baptist 1102 N. Maple St. • 754-7530 Holy Trinity Lutheran 303 S. Laurel St. • 754-3353 Rev. Joe Copeck Jerusalem Lutheran 2966 Ebenezer Rd. • 754-3915 Rev. John Barichivich Laurel Hill Lutheran 530 Laurel Hill Rd. • 754-6718 Rev. David Hendrix New Bethel Pentecostal 2402 Old Dixie Hwy • 754-1509 Darrel Childress, Pastor New Hope Apostolic 525 Ardmore Oaky Rd. • 754-4079 Mount Hope Missionary Baptist 5083 Mount Hope Road • 772-3280 Pastor Leonard Lemon, Sr. Angel Haven Outreach Ministry 409 S. Laurel Street • 407-0071 Pastors Carl and Leslie Canoy St. Boniface Catholic Church 1952 Hwy 21S • 754-7473 Mass: Saturday, 5:00 p.m. Sunday, 8:30 a.m. & 11:00 a.m. Father Wes Lamb

This directory proudly sponsored by

Garden City United Methodist Church 62 Varnadoe Ave. • 964-5780 Rev. Dan Pegram

Omega Steel, Inc.

Elohim Christian Fellowship 309 Main Street, Suite F • 966-5005 Pastor Leroy R. Kirkland III

Hwy 80 West, Just Outside Bloomingdale

Good Shepherd Lutheran Church 41 Main Street • 964-1649 Rev. David Rasmussen

Holy Church of God Little Neck Road

Rincon United Methodist 107 Savannah Ave. • 826-5796 Sr. Pastor: Rev. Larry Bird

North Salem Baptist 955 Hwy 30 • 964-7933 Pastor Phil Hudson

House of Prayer of Rincon Fort Howard Road in Rincon Services: Sunday 11 AM & 6:30 PM 826-2570 Pastor: Mildred Lake

South Valley Baptist Church Rev. Barry Jackson Pine Barren Road • 748-0279

Ft. Argyle Gospel Fellowship 909 Ft. Argyle Road (Hwy. 204) Pastors Robert and Renea Jordan 748-4339

Coastal Christian Center 6073 Ogeechee Rd • 925-3166  Ron and Rosie Chambers

St. Patrick’s Episcopal Church 1285 Pine Barren West • 748-6016 Sunday Worship 10:30am Rev. Dr. Robert LeFavi, Vicar

Rothwell Baptist Church 216 Rothwell Street • 748-7593 Rev. Devin Bell

Southside Assembly of God 401 Tibet Avenue Rev. Jack Moon

Rincon Church of Christ 306 E. 4th St. • 826-5440

Living Faith Church of God 3789 Noel C. Conway Rd. Rev. Sean Faircloth 728-8811

New Providence Baptist Eric Palmburg 772-3590

Northside Baptist Hwy 21N • 826-5346 Rev. Mike Jones

Quacco Baptist Church 215 Quacco Road • 925-3885 Pastor Barry Minsky

Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church Hwy 25 • 964-0219 Rev. Douglas Clark, Pastor

Risen Saviour Lutheran 1755 Quacco Road • Pooler Worship: 10AM Pastor James Borgwardt

Fellowship Assembly of God 5224 Augusta Rd. • 964-4243 Pastor Gary Smith

Bible Based Lutherans of Effingham Blandford Elementary School 4650 McCall Road 1 1/2 Miles from Harold’s Body Shop Pastor Andy Krey

Savannah Holy Church of God 707 Little Neck Road • 920-0042 Pastor: Rev. Ryan Ralston

Rincon Baptist Temple 305 Weisenbaker Rd. • 826-5818 Pastor: Bro. Joe Springer

Macedonia Baptist Church Central (Hwy 17), Guyton Pastor: Delmons White

Royal Temple Holiness Church 409 Samuel Small Dr. - 772-3498 Elder Verdie Banner

Southwest Baptist 831 Little Neck Road • 925-0699 Dr. Robert B. Peacock, Pastor

First Baptist Church of Port Wentworth Hwy 25 • 964-5811 Rev. John Ashworth

Calvary Assembly of God 1007 West Hwy 80 • 748-5847 Daniel Webber, Pastor

First Baptist Church of Pooler 204 W. Hwy 80 • 748-7521 Sunday School: 10:45am Morning Service: 9:30am Evening: 6pm Wednesday Service: 6:45pm Rev. Otis Hill

Southwest Chatham Amazing Grace Baptist Church 5790 Ogeechee Road • 858-4362 Pastor: George Barron

Rincon Church of God Hwy 21, Rincon Pastor: DeWayne Merritt

Pilgrim Missionary Baptist Association Education Center Central (Hwy 17) & Simmons Rd.

Liberty Christian Fellowship Church 302 Church Street • 772-5522 John Tanner, Pastor

First United Pentecostal Church 1735 Grove Point Rd • 927-0569 Rev. David A. Hodge

Bible Connection Ministries 410 S. Coastal Hwy. • 965-1101 Pastor: Alex Grant, Jr.

New Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church 130 Giles Avenue • Rincon • 826-2431 Solomon J. Roberts, Sr. - Pastor

Safe Haven Church/ Mission Central (Hwy 17), Guyton Pastor: Emmett Patterson

Fellowship Bible Church 841 Old Dixie Hwy. • 754-9645 Pastor Robert Quarterman

Chevis Oaks Baptist Church 102 Sylvania Rd. at Chevis Rd. 925-3852 Rev. Eric R. Carpenter – Your Online Church Directory Pooler Beth-El Alliance Church Quacco Road Rev. Michael Owens

Union Springs AME Union Springs Church Rd. • 7549460

Goshen Road Baptist 1323 Goshen Rd. • 826-1826 Rev. Frank Hodges

- God Parkway Church of Christ 4360 Ogeechee Rd. • 234-4040 Clay Johnson

St. Mathews Baptist 218 Wallace Dr. • 754-3143

Abercorn Baptist Baker Hill Rd. • 826-4213

“Compassion is difficult to give away because it keeps coming back.”

Dean Forest Baptist Church 1524 Dean Forest Road • 964-7369 Rev. Larry Strickland

Jasper Springs Baptist Church 62 Smith Ave. • 964-6864 Pastor: Rev. Johnny Bowen

Eden Baptist Church 435 Dogwood Way • 748-2373 Rev. Jonah E. German

Powers Baptist Eden • 748-6288 Travis Cowart, Sr.

Guyton United Methodist 401 Church Street • 772-5099 Rev. Rick Holt

Clifton Baptist Church 100 Big Hill Rd. • 964-2335 Rev. Oddie Luckett

Faulkville Baptist Church Hwy 80 • 748-7332 Pastor Albert Hill

Zion Fair Missionary Baptist 4123 First Street • 964-1322 Ronald Smalls

Chapel in the Garden Presbyterian Church Daren Russell 93 Main Street • 964-5734

Church of Christ 4506 Augusta Rd. • 964-6443

Church of Christ Hwy 80

United Methodist Church Meldrim Pastor: Rick Holt

Bethesda United Methodist 3608 Midland Road • 728-3332 Pastor Matt Waldron

Fairlawn Baptist Church 4719 Augusta Road • 964-4371 Rev. Harold Edwards, Sr., Pastor

Solid Rock Baptist Church 5th Street • Meldrim Pastor: Greg McAlister

Woodlawn United Methodist 2502 Hwy 80 • 964-0787 Sanford Brown

Wildwood United Methodist Garrard Avenue Pastor Lloyd Dees

Living Hope Community Fellowship 5008 Augusta Rd. • Garden City (Hwy. 21 next to Dairy Queen) 965-0406 Pastor Joyce C. Hall

Meldrim/Eden/Faulkville Meldrim First Baptist 748-5220 James Carlisle – Pastor

Trinity United Methodist Church Corner of North Newton St. & Benton Drive • 748-4141 Pre-School, 748-4410 Pastor: Randy B. Nease

Steel Fabricators and Erectors


Bethel Missionary Baptist 5863 Ogeechee Rd • 927-8044 Rev. Jerome Baker

New Testament Missionary Outreach 102 Waynesboro Rd • 927-6368   Southside Church Of God 50 Henderson Blvd • 927-4408 Pastor John A. Reyes Spring Hill Baptist 44 Carol Way 925-7523 Shiloh Missionary Baptist Fort Argyle Road • 927-3169 Rev. Nathaniel Bowles North Bryan County Abundant Life Church of God 119 Wildwood Church Road Pembroke • 653-3696 Gethsemane Baptist Church 1275 Old Thorn Pond Road 660-3708 Pastor: Lonnie Oglesby Olive Branch Baptist Church Olive Branch Road - Ellabell Pastor Clent Sullens (912)858-3216 Northside Independence Baptist Church 458 W. E. Smith Road • Pembroke Pastor Jeff Spencer • 653-3088 Gospel Baptist Church 5126 Wilma Edwards Rd. 690-1066 Pastor John Whitaker Ellabell United Methodist Church 3079 Hwy. 204 • Pembroke Pastor: Rodney Body 858-2534 Christ Baptist Church 3580 Wilma Edwards Road Ellabell • 858-2724 Interim Pastor: Travis Cowart, Jr. Faith Harvest Sanctuary 1237 Bill Futch Road • Ellabell Tony Hewitt 858-5446, church Gospel Baptist Church 5126 Wilma Edwards Road Ellabell • 690-1066 Pastor John Whitaker Ellabell First Baptist Church 3425 Hwy. 204W • 826-5003 Pastor Keith Perdue Pembroke United Methodist 102 College Street 653-2220 Dr. Larry Sauls Bread of Life Holiness Church #119 Cypress Bay Loop Road Pembroke (912) 858-3161 Prophet Walter Wright, pastor Church of Christ Hwy 204 • Ellabell Min. Joseph Holloway, Jr. 858-3283 First Baptist Church of Blitchton 5204 Hwy. 80E • Blitchton Rev. Darnell Barner • 858-3274

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The Midwife Group of Coastal Georgia & The Family Health & Birth Center would like to congratulate: Tony & Rachel Cantrell on the birth of Lily Katherine, born: April 3, 2010 Brandon & Jessica Carmen on the birth of Embir Eadie, born: April 4, 2010

Happy 83rd Birthday Julia Ennis! We love you! ~ Your Children, Grandchildren and GreatGrandchildren



Congratulations Danny and Angie Brazell, On your new Baby boy! Love, Sandy, Jamie, and JT Holt –––––––––––––––––––––––

Congratulations Brandon & Jessica Carmen On the birth of your new daughter! Embir Eadie Carmen Born April 4, 2010 6 lbs. 11 oz. ~ 19.5 in. long Proud Maternal Grandparents: Gil and Charlene Patrick Proud Paternal Grandparents: Harry and Janie Carmen We love you! Love, MeMa and Papa –––––––––––––––––––––––

Happy Birthday William Ennis! I love you! ~ Your sister, Flo –––––––––––––––––––––––

Mr. & Mrs. Barry A. Aultman, Sr.

Happy Birthday Paul Lanier! We love you! ~ Nana Flo & Papa Donnie ––––––––––––––––––––––– Miss Landon Lace Castro and Mr. Barry Andrew Aultman, Sr. were married on Saturday, March 27, 2010. Landon is the daughter of Steve and Allison Hartley of Pooler and Larry and Margarita Castro of Mexico and is the granddaughter of Luciano T. and Elfreda Castro of Savannah and Ms. Mary E. Dickerson of Savannah. She is the great-granddaughter of the late Allison and Daisy Dickerson of Savannah and Sible C. Whitley and the late Willis T. Whitley of Savannah. Barry is the son of William G. and Faye Fron of Cedartown, Georgia and is the grandson of T.J. and Eloise Hatcher of Mableton, Georgia. They were joined together in marriage, with their son and close family in attendance, at Central Baptist Church in Garden City. The Reverend Kenny Harrelson officiated. Barry, Landon and Barry, Jr. live in Savannah.

Happy Birthday Josh! I hope this Birthday is Special! I miss You MORE! Lol Love, Brittany –––––––––––––––––––––––

Happy Birthday Bobby Hinson! April 4th Love, Kailey, Kayci and Michelle

Happy 8th Birthday Kailey Hinson! April 12th Love, Dad, Mom, Kayci, MeMa and PaPa –––––––––––––––––––––––


Happy 3rd Birthday To our Little Princess! Madelaine April 10th Love, Mommy, Daddy, Baby Jamie and Aunt Missy –––––––––––––––––––––––

Happy 3rd Birthday Micheala! April 9th Love, Maw Maw and Papa and Kristin –––––––––––––––––––––––

Happy 15th Birthday Jeremy! April 10th Love, Nana and Papa and Kristin

WOMEN’S HEALTH ALL ALL WOMEN’S HEALTH Announces NewPooler PoolerOffice Office Announces New Appointments Available Appointments Available

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Congratulations Barry, Landon and “Little Bear” Aultman! Love, Nan, Pop and family THE

Cake Corner Bakery

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Christine Cope MSN, FNP-BC * Amanda McVay, C.N.M.

Most Insurance Accepted

Most Insurance Accepted


5354 Reynolds St. Suite 303 5354 Reynolds St., Suite 303 11909A McAuley Dr. Plaza C 11909A McAuley Dr., Plaza C 114 Canal St. Suite 503 Pooler

114 Canal St., Suite 503 • Pooler

105 MOORE AVENUE POOLER Just off Hwy. 80 between Wendy’s and Lovezzola’s


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Lovezzola’s n Italia


t estauran Family R




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by a convicted felon. • Deputies responded back out to the Hatfields and McCoys place after a report that Mr. McCoy had threatened the Hatfield woman and her children with a pistol, and had fired it into the air three times. The Deputies confronted McCoy and located his pistol, which they determined had not been fired recently. Once again, Deputies could not determine who was telling the truth, so they left the scene. Two hours

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Police Reports


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5548 Ogeechee Road

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Hunter’s Pride Barbeque


later, the Hatfields called back, complaining that McCoy was now riding up and down the private road they share shooting his pistol from his car window. The Deputies were parked nearby for over an hour and never heard or saw anyone firing any guns. • Around 4:30am, a Deputy was taking a report in Springfield of a stolen Mercedes SUV. Another Deputy heard the report broadcast by dispatch, and spotted the vehicle pulling a trailer as it turned off Hwy 21 onto First Street near the hospital. The trailer was not secured properly and sparks were flying from the roadway. The Deputy began to follow and the driver quickly accelerated, at which point he struck a parked steam roller with the Mercedes, causing the trailer to become unattached. The driver headed to

Any Meal, Any Time Big House Platters Just


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Standard Lane, then fled from the SUV and hid behind a residence. He was soon located hiding in a parked tractor trailer. The Mercedes belongs to his uncle. He was arrested for DUI Refusal, obstruction, fleeing to elude, and running a stop sign. Unsurprisingly, this moron was also wanted on an active warrant for failure to appear. • Something smells like Porkulus... Around 6am, a Deputy was southbound on McCall Road near the power line easement when he spotted a green Crown Victoria pulling off the easement onto McCall. Due to the time and the fact that the car had been on private property, he made a traffic stop. The driver handed over an expired Michigan driver’s license and said the car belonged to a friend of his, but he couldn’t provide the friend’s name. About that

$1.99 Kid’s Meals!

5710 OGEECHEE ROAD In the Kroger Shopping Center at Berwick Plantation

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time, the Deputy recognized the strong odor of... (I’ll bet you thought I was gonna say alcohol!)...swine. He also saw what appeared to be hog feed and feces on the man’s shoes, as though he’d just got done sloppin’ the hawgs. Knowing their was a hog lot off the power line, the Deputy got in contact with the lot’s owner’s son-in-law, who went and counted sheep, er, hogs and decided none were missing. The porcine perp was arrested for loitering and prowling, criminal trespass, and driving on an expired license. • Sad to report that some lowlife creep stole two granite flower holders from Rincon Cemetery, discovered when a family member went to replace the flowers for a loved one. (If they catch this guy, he oughta be locked up with the hog lover above for a long, long time!)


• An Officer responded along with EMS to a residence for a report of a sick person. Since both EMT’s were needed to work with the patient, the Officer drove the ambulance to the emergency room. (Multi-tasking...) • An Officer was dispatched to WalMart for a report of a shoplifter, but the thief managed to get away from the security personnel by the time he arrived. While taking the information from the manager, they noticed another woman in the store who had been served with a criminal trespass notice from her own shoplifting misadventures some time earlier. The Officer spoke with the woman, confirmed her identity, and

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The ReStore exists to help Habitat for Humanity of Effingham County meet its ultimate goal of eradicating substandard housing in Effingham County. This takes a lot of money, and a lot of volunteers! Your donations of good, usable items are a great way to help our community! Call us at 826-1476 to arrange for pickup of your items, and we can help our county by diverting several tons of materials from the local landfill. For the Do-It-Yourselfer, ReStore is the first place to visit for your home renovation needs! You’ll find everything, including cabinets, light fixtures, doors, windows, hardwood, tools, furniture, and even the kitchen sink!

Your Surplus Can Be A Window Of Hope For A Family In Effingham!

3605 Hwy. 21 • Rincon Call for Pickup!


Tuesday & Saturday, 9-2 • Wednesday-Friday 9-5

How Much Taxation Is Enough? By Jonah Goldberg Tribune Media Services Congratulations! This is your last week working for the man -- at least for this year. The Tax Foundation calculates that Tax Freedom Day for 2010 is April 9, which means that by Friday, Americans will have spent nearly 100 days working just to pay their taxes. If Democrats have their way, Tax Freedom Day will keep getting later and later. Hold that thought. Imagine for a moment that Tax Freedom Day was Dec. 31. In other words, picture working 365 days a year for the government. Now, the government would “give” you a place to sleep, food to eat and clothes to wear, but all your income would really be Washington’s income to allocate as it saw fit. Some romantics might call this sort of arrangement “socialism” or “communism.” But another perfectly good word for it is “slavery,” or, if you prefer, involuntary servitude. No one is proposing any such arrangement. But it’s an important point conceptually. A 100 percent tax rate would be tyrannical not just because you have a right to own what you create, but because the government would necessarily decide what you can and can’t have. Reasonable people can of course differ about where a tax rate becomes tyrannical, and we’re far from that line in historical terms. But any amount of taxation can be unjust if it is being used for bad reasons, is applied discriminatorily or if it’s taken without representation. (That’s how the American

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M-F, 8am-4:30pm

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Revolution started, after all.) Individual liberty is far from the only concern, either. The kind of country we want to be is deeply bound up in taxation. The Tax Foundation estimates that some 60 percent of American families already get more from the government than they pay in taxes (and the top 10 percent of earners pay more than 70 percent of the income taxes). If all of President Obama’s plans are enacted, that percentage will increase. We are heading toward being a country where instead of the people deciding how much money the government should have, the government decides how much money the people should have. Only after they passed “ObamaCare” did Democrats clarify that this was one of their motives. ObamaCare’s appeal has less to do with saving money -- which it won’t do -- and more to do with spreading the wealth around. Senate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus, D-Mont., recently admitted that alleviating the “maldistribution of income in America” from the haves to the have-nots is one of the legislation’s real benefits. Of course, this will fuel the national debt, which has soared on both parties’ watches ($12 trillion now and heading for $20 trillion in a decade), choking liberty in another way. We are levying tax obligations for generations to come. Our grandchildren didn’t have much representation in that taxation. There’s also the simple fact that taxes impede growth, and low economic growth curtails the pursuit of happiness for everyone. Democrats are increasingly skeptical about this transcendently obvious point because they have convinced themselves that since government is better than the private sector when it comes to spending money wisely, it only makes sense to take money from the dumb private sector and let the smart government sector decide what to do with it. Well, no matter how dumb America’s wealth-creators might be, they’re smart enough to respond to incentives and disincentives. Indeed, since 1950, no matter where their tax rates have been, from as low as 28 percent to as high as 91 percent, the government’s take has held at about 19.5 percent of GDP, suggesting that squeezing taxpayers harder doesn’t necessarily yield more juice. Personally, I have never understood liberalism’s blind spot for liberty when it comes to taxation. A 24-hour waiting period before a teenager can have an abortion is an allegedly grotesque violation of individual freedom, but a fed-

Police Reports

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took her to jail for criminal trespass with a $1000 bond. (Hey, when you’re banned from WalMart, you’re banned for life. From all WalMarts.) • An Officer responded to a local shoe store where the District Manager turned over paperwork regarding the local employee who had given away over $1000 worth of shoes and pocketbooks since February of 2009. She admitted she’d given away “a minimum of two shoes a month to family and friends” for over a year. She also admitted stealing over $200 cash through fake refunds. The company has decided to prosecute. (I should hope so! I’d go after her family and friends too for theft by receiving stolen property!!) •  Police were suspiciously quick in response to a vehicle fire at a local convenience store, arriving on the scene at 4:49am. Turned out the vehicle was a Krispy Kreme doughnut truck!


• Around 10:30pm, an Officer was westbound on Hwy 80 when a pizza delivery woman pulled out from

Jonah Goldberg

eral government that takes vast amounts of your money -- the means by which you exercise your every freedom -- to distribute as it sees fit is “progressive”? The USA Patriot Act, whose threat to privacy was somewhere between entirely theoretical and nonexistent for the overwhelming majority of Americans, shocked the liberal conscience. But our income tax system -- made idiotically complex by both parties -- that demands countless hours of preparation and requires law-abiding citizens to reveal (and document!) many of their most private decisions to government inspectors every year is “reasonable.” Yet many liberals even think complaining about this is a sign of right-wing dementia. Now, under ObamaCare, the IRS is going to branch out into the field of health care, enforcing mandates and collecting fees. Perhaps it’s not entirely paranoid to fear that this will make the IRS’s past intrusions of proctological exactitude even less metaphorical. I bring this up because many in the Democratic Party and in the news media have a hard time understanding what the “Tea Party” crowd is talking about when it complains of incipient tyranny and intrusive government. This might be why much of the media keep making up motives for the tea partiers rather than taking them at their word (as when a CNN reporter told viewers that the tea parties were driven by “anti-CNN” passions). Again, reasonable people can disagree with where the line between necessary taxation and injustice lies. But the line exists. Tax Freedom Day is going to come later and later, no matter what. Maybe we should figure out now where on the calendar we should mark down that line.

(Jonah Goldberg is an editor-at-large of National Review Online and a visiting fellow at the American Enterprise Institute. You can write to him in care of this newspaper or by e-mail at

Sheftall Street without stopping for the stop sign. He made a traffic stop and was advised by dispatch that the woman didn’t have insurance on her Charger. She was cited for running the stop sign, and the car, and the pizza, were towed from the scene. • Why is this paper free? ...Officers responded to Dublin Road where city workers found a USA Today newspaper rack while cleaning out the drainage ditch. The door to the rack was broken off where the crooks went inside to steal the coins from the box. • At 10pm, an Officer was stopped on Foxfield Way at Benton Blvd. at the little shopping center across from Home Depot when he heard vehicle tires squealing. He looked across the street behind the Home Depot and saw a Tundra fishtailing, doing doughnuts and laying drag, and scaring employees who were operating fork lifts in the area. The Officer stopped the driver and the man explained that he’d just had his truck worked on and was testing it out. He was arrested for reckless driving. (I thought everybody knew you can’t do doughnuts with a cop around!) • Just after 5am, an Officer was westbound on Hwy 80 and noticed the red Camaro that would slow down to 20mph, then speed back up to 40mph, then slow back down. When the driver crossed the fog line, he made a traffic stop. The driver claimed he didn’t speaky no English to try and avoid taking the field sobriety test. He was arrested for DUI anyway. • Around 11pm, an Officer was northbound on Pooler Parkway when the car ahead of him made an abrupt lane change without using his turn signal. The Officer quickly realized the reason as he saw the headlights on the Camry coming towards him. He turned around and

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West Chatham Middle School participated in the FCCLA State STAR Events Competition this year in Athens, Georgia. London Delks, WCMS FCCLA Chapter President, competed in the Career Investigation event junior level. She chose Career Coach as her topic of research. London earned a silver medal for her hard work and hours of research and practice. Mrs. Brooks, WCMS FCCLA’s Advisor, London, Mrs. Delks, and Lindsey Delks stayed at the Foundry Park Inn and Spa in downtown Athens, next door to the UGA cam-

Police Reports

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pus for three days and had a lot of fun! We attended all the Leadership Conference Sessions, Recognition Ceremonies, Career Expo, Gala Reception, and toured UGA’s campus with Mrs. Brooks son, Zachary Callaghan, who is a Freshman at UGA. We had an early dinner at UGA’s, The Village Summit, and then attended an Art Exhibition. Participating in the FCCLA State STAR Events Competition and experiencing UGA’s campus life was a lifetime experience never to be forgotten for all.

got the Camry stopped. The man claimed he was knew to the area and was lost. He was soon on his way to jail for DUI. (I reckon they let you drive the wrong way on a one way road where you’re from...) • Around 4:30pm, an Officer responded to a restaurant parking lot where customers had found a woman staggering and falling to the pavement. She was unresponsive and in a stupor when the Officer arrived. He searched her pocketbook to find some ID while EMS treated the woman. Inside, he found 9 Xanax pills in the prescription bottle that had been refilled with 90 pills just five days earlier. • Just before 9am, an Officer was monitoring traffic on northbound I-95 and clocked a Nissan Altima at 94mph in the 65mph zone. He made a traffic stop and the Queens, New York man was unable to produce a driver’s license. He was taken to jail. • Keep your eyes open for the chumps that are stealing brass, copper and aluminum. Most recent victim was Rothwell Baptist Church, where a young man stole a 5’ and 10’ section of railing along with the brass inserts from the front of the church, then went to the back of the church and yanked 75’ of conduit down to steal the copper wiring around the air conditioning unit. (Gonna need lots of air conditioning where you’re headed. and I ain’t talking ‘bout the county jail!) • Here’s another chump who’s picture I wanna put in the paper, so we’ll all know a chump when we see him... A Pooler man told Officers he’d purchased two moneygrams at

WalMart, one for $500 and one for $581.55. He somehow managed to lose them in the store while he was shopping. When he contacted the Moneygram people, they found out the money orders had been cashed the next day, by a Rincon man. They were able to provide the Police with a copy of the thief’s driver’s license information and photograph. • An Officer responded to the security gate at the mega site where a Guyton man told the guard he wanted to cut through the property. The guard, of course, explained that he couldn’t go on the job site unless he had official business there. The man then drove past him onto the property, and the guard called Police and closed the gate behind him. The man returned a short time later and told the Officer that state money had paid for the road and he hadn’t left the road, so he hadn’t done anything wrong. The Officer explained how wrong he was and how he had, in fact, broken state law. He turned the man over to Georgia Port Authority Police. • A man showed an Officer the claims notice he’d gotten in the mail, telling him he’d won a grant for home improvement for $26,000. The letter included a check for $3,680, and all he had to do was deposit that check in his bank account, and then mail certified funds to a Kentucky man in order to claim his winnings. Luckily, the man recognized a scam when he saw one. • Neighborhood Watch Works! A little after 9pm, a man noticed two unidentified men in his neighbor’s yard, loading items from the yard into the back of their Ford pickup. He called Police and then followed the F150 as the men drove away. The Officer got the truck stopped nearby, and one of the men took off running. The driver tried saying they had permission to be removing the items, but then his partner told him they didn’t have permission and took off running. The driver was ar-

rested for driving while unlicensed, having an expired tag, and theft by taking. (And like a Good Neighbor, the Policeman was there...) • A Savannah woman was arrested for shoplifting at WalMart when she tried leaving with a pair of flip flops, a set of kids’ clothing, and a pair of men’s shorts without paying for them. (Less than $50 worth of crap and she’s in jail. Was it worth it?) • At a quarter after 2pm, an Officer was westbound on Hwy 80 near Triplett Park when he clocked a maroon Chevy pickup at 89mph in the 50mph zone. He got the truck stopped at Yancey Cat and the Pooler man was soon on his way to jail for DUI. • Officers were advised by a bank employee that a woman had called, upset about the bank’s overdraft fees, and said she was “going to the bank, closing her account, and was going to shoot someone.” Apparently the bank, and the police, take that kinda thing pretty seriously. They were knocking on the woman’s front door just a short time later. She said she’d said that in the background out of frustration, and wasn’t speaking to the bank employee who overheard her. She was told to contact Police for an escort to the bank to close her account and not to go there by herself.


• An off duty Effingham Deputy happened to be in the convenience store when the clerk asked a customer what he had in his pants pocket as he was leaving. The Deputy had the man stop, and soon removed an energy drink the man was trying to shoplift. He was given a criminal trespass notice and will now have to walk to Pooler to visit a convenience store. • A little after 6pm, an Officer responded to a traffic accident on Cherry Street at Hwy 80 where a

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